Friday, October 31, 2008

Putting Eye Shadow on a Reptile.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile but a comment from one of the Smoking Mirrors readers made it even more clear in my mind. I’m going to try to sketch this out in my limited fashion and hope that you will give me your thoughts about this.

To a certain degree it makes a great deal of sense and it’s come into my mind over the recent months... glaringly... up close... fine German lens-like... “crystal” as I like to say, either when understanding someone’s negative attention ...or when I had to impress someone with their need to understand me in ways that I , thankfully, don’t encounter that much anymore but which residence in the former United States used to make necessary on occasion. Except we’re not talking about negative attention here and “crystal” only gets said in reply so... never mind.

Some of you may be familiar with the game of “Risk”. I had that game around for awhile but it was never easy to find enough people to play it with because it requires getting several really smart and informed people into the same room to do it and that’s a commodity that is increasingly rare as time passes. It’s a little like Chess but... I think you get the idea and you can google it if you don’t. It might help to encourage you to look at the way Napoleon liked to wage war. Even though he was one of history’s biggest losers he was also one of the great military tacticians of all time. He revolutionized certain facets of combat.

Those of you who have been paying attention... and I suggest that that is about as many people as are available to play “Risk”, or who understand how “Go” works have probably noticed a most curious thing. To illustrate this, I have to take you back a little. Remember how over the last eight years, the collective media was in a mosh-pit... “Going out of business!!!” frenzy at a major department store/ $200.00 laptop, CLOSEOUT! ...customer trampling mood to stick their snouts up Bush’s ass when there was only one hole, first come first served’ kind of a thing? And... they assisted in selling the 9/11 ‘bend over and wait’ scenario and gave that big time ‘reach around’ when The Supremes were showing us how it is that you do that thing... beforehand down in Florida? And... how they packaged all those wars and did all that “no knock” on the economy and shoehorned all those legislators into their Peter Principle follow the leader slots?

Did you notice how, no matter what the offense was... no matter how criminal or treasonous the act was... that is was okay and “Can I have another Sir!” You saw that... right? And... have you seen how all the odious sleaze balls who used the blood of dead Iraqi’s and Palestinians; Papuans, Afghanis and sundry as printer’s ink suddenly did a one eighty and now are hanging mistletoe over Obama’s ass? Have you seen how every McCain misstep is screaming in ten foot letters from your TV set? Have you not wondered at the crucifixion of Palin and the strange affair of the hundred and fifty thousand dollar wardrobe and not wondered who was directing all of these photo-ops?

I’ve been wondering about this... see, the way I remember it... the people manufacturing the news and delivering it to you were some of the worst, low to the ground shit-weasels that I’ve ever seen and integrity and anything virtuous... if it got anywhere near any of these people... there would have been cases of spontaneous combustion going off like it was a Chinese New Year... now... step by step... all of a sudden... now you see it now you don’t... here today... washed in the blood tomorrow... these whores and their pimps have found themselves a new Teflon angel?

How come... after eight years of “Please... please screw me in every unnatural way in front of a live audience and then give me a Golden Shower so I can go home to my wife.” reporting... all of a sudden... but step by step... we’re seeing the new Camelot bondage apparatus machine go on sale everywhere when it wasn’t even around in the first place to begin with? Don’t try to understand that sentence, you’ll just hurt yourself. Oh... wait a minute... maybe that’s the point. Maybe somebody did go down to Compton and find themselves some pipe swinging Calypso singers to get medieval on your ass.

Oh... trust me... that wasn’t a racial slur it was just me at “the spinning wheel, baby.” doing the “Hip Ghand” by way of Lord Buckley and the Zionists are going to love it cause as much as “the lady doth protest too much.” they are creaming in their blood-stained jeans over this.

You notice how Obama banana dana is starting to look like that South American dance craze that I can’t even remember the name of right now but that I even saw happening in baseball stadiums during it’s brief illustrious career? Man... didn’t the video feature a couple of old white guys demonstrating it? You can look for Brzezinski on Dancing with the Stars right around Valentine’s Day.

This isn’t to say that Obama isn’t or wasn’t or couldn’t have been one of the good guys if he had opted for something else while he was being fast-tracked to one more betrayal of the human race... everyone has a little Raskalnikov in them even if it is after the fact. Yeah, people... haven’t you noticed how Obama has more money behind him than the last cat that wailed in the alley on your miserable, “I can endure this.” ass? ...which followed another “I can’t Believe this isn’t Hugh Masakela” ...and no... that’s not a sax ...playing cocaine snorting Bush (Daddy Bush) Buddy? Tell me you saw that. Tell me you’ve been watching. Or at least tell me you want to come to my house for a little informal game of Backgammon for money.

I don’t know how many times they are going to play the ‘bait and switch’ game on you before you wake up. I do believe you like it. That’s been my mistake all this time. I thought you were like me... a little twisted but strictly Vanilla... as the ads in the sex personals go... Don’t tell me you like it. I can’t take losing my dog and losing you at the same time.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I wouldn’t care all that much what these nasty reptiles get up to if it weren’t for all the dead body’s stinking in our foreign dump sites. Sure... it’s karma and the people dying are quite possibly the people who were doing it last time but... as it goes... when you keep on playing “an eye for an eye’ you wind up with a lot of blind people gumming each other to death.

I’ve got a point... and that point would be you. Level the playing field or wind up as part of the pavement. It’s too late this go around but I hope it won’t be too late in 2012. Let what should be a lesson actually be a lesson for once. Realize that... if they had wanted it that way that everything being said about McCain and Palin could just as easily have been said about Obama. All it would take is a change in the lighting and the staging. If they had wanted it that way then Obama would look like one more John Kerry and McCain would be Reagan like it had eyes all over again.

It doesn’t matter in respect of my life and... as I said... I wouldn’t maybe care that much except that I know they are using real people and destroying real lives and I’ve got this problem... I’ve got this terrible problem that’s like a bad tooth in Calcutta. I can’t block out the screams and the grief and the suffering hearts. They are part of my own heart and the truth is that I would not have a heart if I could not feel these things and you are all responsible for turning your head and playing make-believe in a real world. It’s one thing when you see it on TV. It’s another thing when it happens to you and it will. Mark my words. It will.

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Anonymous said...

"They are part of my own heart"

You've identified the main problem. People don't see that, what that sentence means. And it takes time and other things, too, to realize it.


notamobster said...

Well, vis....this one's definitely going to be a 2 or 3 time reader. Gotta let it marinate a bit. Hope the day is going well.

As for standing up and putting an end to this, fear... my friend. Fear is the name of the game. Also known as delusion. People are afraid to stand together, I think, for fear that there may not be enough numbers. I would hate to die for, or be the lone party to a revolution. That'd just make me one crazy person. Everyone has been so compartmentalized, and isolated from one another. This is by design, of course... The writers of this play are very good planners, and patient, to boot. Each man in his own bubble, enraptured by his own concern and his microcosm of the world in which we live. We're just too damned disconnected.

Anonymous said...

I know what you're saying but I think, or have some hope, that something real is going on here in Babylon that even the media can't spin around. Maybe the forces of the universe are at work that even the Money Masters are powerless to thwart.
I think that the financial crisis that has exploded a month before the election has "awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve". I think that the crisis was long in coming and they couldn't stall it off until after the election and thereby almost insuring a MCCain/neocon victory- he was ahead in the polls before that. People got really pissed off over the bailout/sellout and flooded the congress with angry threats about not expecting re-election if they voted for this sellout. Well it eventually got passed, people are still pissed, and with no alternative except voting ( and stocking up on cash, food, guns and ammo, etc) they went out and registered in record numbers to vote- against the party that has brought us so low.
I think the original idea was to get Obama nominated since they figured that no way a majority of voters would elect a black man, especially since the media could spin him around after the nomination and chearlead McCain. Then the collapse hit, Obama proved to be a pretty smart guy, and McCain acted like a lost sheep who didn't know what to do when his script was suddenly irrelevant. Even the media couldn't gloss over his behavior and Palin showed herself to be a "whack job".
So as we speak, 4 days from the election, Obama is way ahesd, probably too far ahead for the electronic voting machines to reverse and all the voter suppression to supress.
So brace for a November suprise- I hope it's too late - but i think and hope that Obama will be elected since the alternative obviously would be an extended train wreck.
He might be beginning of a Kennedy-like change. As Confucius says," A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Anonymous said...

Vis, you have impressed me many times and in many ways but never so much as now. Every time I think you can't get any better you prove me wrong. This is one for the ages. This lays it out and uses so many reference points that people will be searching for the associations for a while. I got all of them by the way. Haven't even heard Peter Principle in 20 years. You absolutely fucking rock!


Anonymous said...

It's not just the american people that don't get it, it's the politicos--
Hillary and John and anyone else they want to fuck with and use. All the back room assurances and winks...and then bitch-slapped, punk'd, humiliated, bent over if necessary or killed. They think they are at the top of the food chain and making decisions but they are what they are...disposable actors in a black comedy that someone else is writing.


Anonymous said...

I weep for those in the embrace of "Somebody Else's problem" denial of responsibility. PayBack is a bitch and one thing is certain PAYBACK is fair.

Choose your path Very carefully in the days to come. Your path IS going to judge you. The choices are the test and nobody skips any of Gods required tests.

This one is OLD and important. Fuck it up and fire is a bitch.

Or just plain....

Palestine is FREE! Make it so.

Anonymous said...

"Mark my words. It will."

that's the sentence that lingers.

vanilla, sure lots of people got vanilla but they got their heads in the sand.

we have a plethora of slow moving disasters to crash the titanic, financial tsunami mega world depression, atomic mishap, police state EU soviet, world war, haley's comet if they can get hubble to work again, so much evil in so few hands its quite dramatic, and the great fear (unfounded) that evil wasn't vanquished on the cross, amen. (it was vanquished)

the key as i see it is a horrible lousy term called 'voluntary' which in down to earth speak means 'fooled into volunteering servitude, slavery, war and stricly (factual) speaking damnation of the witless greedy lazy ambitious snakes and rats.

who needs religion when the new priests are POLITICIANS !!!

so we have a monster that has the world suckered into agreement and it hurts so bad, so very very bad

i'll say it once - with all the fancy hardware in space, sea, air and land - if you can't find a rogue nuke or nasty death ray beam you are either totally losers, deluded or simply so moronic to realize that if you bust that door down YOU will have the controlls to all of that cool equipment to keep the free world safe - but no... a million excuses to the contrary.

the truly serious threat that has legs if they SARS toronto everyone

if they dare nuke the west, the chaos created will create 'can't let the demons hold the controls any longer' - hence instant karma payback WHIPLASH

thank god there are real men everywhere in every nation who see past the demons

by the way - looking into giants and haley's comet - both Aruthur and Nick Drake were that tall and big.

why on earth would anyone be THAT into Atlantis and the Pharohs WHEN GOD

THAT GOD, the almighty GOD, amen

actually took a nation of people out of egypt, OUT OF EGYPT - right out

so they could go back... !!!

UN- fricken - UN believable - UN couth - UN holy - UN grateful

so Darwin is either keeping humanity safe from the truth or he was fooled into thinking that what he was doing.

i'll say it once - the germans in their U-boats all those years ago where listening to Glen Miller orchestra getting high on fake oxygen being pumped into their bubble rooms underwater and when the periscope went up, uber commander shise for brains proclaimed that feighter boat got weapons onboard and ALL IT WAS was a passenger liner with lots of toursits, women and children. [thousands of ships went down at sea, thousands]

I'll say it once and only once: scottish submarine base that got WHACKED U-boated looked also like an inside job - don't ya think they had u-boat detectors in SCOTLAND for GODS SAKE.

Kind of like 911, don't you think they had HIJACK detectors - DON't ya think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kind of like right now, fake oxygen in the fuher bunker or the banker bunker - TAKE YOUR FUCKING PICK of the lot

that bad - keep up the good work

i have had enough of the experts to last FOREVER


... (douchebag too many douchebags)

and if i had a dollar for every man i met who shouted how tough he was I would be wealthy and AND we would be free - but it doesn't work that way - you have to think your way out of it - LOTS OF LUCK

get smart folks - keep the constitution and keep the free republics of the world: free

when they took the free-mason bait - they lost their souls - mildly put their very soul went evil heroin high - so don't ask a viscious dog to stop barking; OK. chivalry was put on it's head a long long long LONG time ago. more douchebags

and don't go by their GAME PlAN - make your own - have some fun in your lives for once - shake things up, c'mon

Anonymous said...

"playing make-believe in a real world"

The problem is, now they're saying the real world isn't as real as it was originally portrayed on our reality tv programming, so now we have to create a new, realer, reality program that better reflects the, um real world?

I just hope reality is properly vetted before it shows up at my door.

Enough already.


Anonymous said...

just an observation but even among the "enlightened" herein, there are as of this post 783,129 hits at smokingmirrors and 78,094 at Visible Origami. Guess more people like to watch a train wreck approaching than having a peaceful and thoughtful day in nature.


Anonymous said...

Well, sir, this one got to me.

They (you) are a part of my own heart. Sometimes I feel like there's cotton all around me, keeping my sensitivity buffered, and I don't like it. I appreciate it a lot when something breaks through. Usually it is an act of kindness in this shitstream of cruelty, whether I'm giver, recipient or more often than not witness.

Friends of mine were in meditation after the Tsunami of December 2005. They heard thousands of moaning cries and surprised anguish of those decimated there. I admit to feeling . . . something. But it wasn't as immediate as their experience.

Still, I understand that we are all vessels of the divine shards from some original divine cosmic orgasm that continues to give and to give and to give.

I have been feeling strangely pressured, and while there's a lot going on around me--work's busy, I'm putting together a new play festival, I have 2 new kitties to take care of, and (?S)election day happens to be my 8 year "sober birthday"--I sense that this pressurized feeling is not really related to all that. It is and it isn't. There's more to it than that.

Reading this post, I feel a little of that has lessened. So there's some hidden emotions here. Perhaps more will come out in a torrent. I think I'd really like that.

Anonymous said...

Nail a golden spike whee that cat wailed! This is a masterpiece. It heals and wounds and picks your pocket all at the same time. It's a real pleasure to come here and I wouldn't unless it was. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

i have been following all this happening in the world and learning about the world and wonder...i could go the total dark route and just give up, get ready for the final days, write apocalyptic tirades against the machine...but part of me feels this wave potential is not yet collapsed into our time stream. i guess i am wondering what happens when enough people awaken to the positive field potential of the future where we shake off what ails us and the evil being peretrated just does not work.

call me what you want all you fans of this writer, all you buried-in-your-holes clinging-to-your-computer-screens and your bibles...pagans in the woods or right wing christians in your super strip mall churches praising the coming war in israel for your ancient book of tribalism, what is the future being created. so much disinformation out here in the intertubes it is hard to tell what scenario represents the truth. so much lack of wonder and sadness and fear, perpetrated over and over...the antichrist will be a mass movement with fear and confusion at its core, and hate like a djinn for the human race.....all you christians who do not seem able to emulate your christ why do you keep praying? do we really need any of this negative writing,,,i mean how many ways can you write a poem for a skinned cat. we know there are f-ed up people running the show and we know these are dark times, but really, what would jesus do? all this writing falls under the realm of the antichrist model in its tone of suffering, its suffocation of vision...what have we to offer the Light?

RML said...

You know, homes, this/yours is three-dimensional thinking. Like Indra's Net -- or like us guys who used to go to barber-shop with the opposite facing mirrors -- that give you a first-hand look of your head disappearing into infinity. It's like "hearing"/listening to Shakespeare, but if you get lost in your left-brain analytics trying to figure out what the hell he's saying, you never catch what he means. Keep riffing, bro, they'll get it.

I love the old Taoist saying that succinctly defines Life: i.e., Life is getting on a boat that sails out to the sea and sinks. When you take your last breath, and look back ... that's what it was. In other words, Life basically has no meaning, no meaning at all, except for what we input into it. [this IS NOT saying that Life is meaning-less, far from it.]

The only way that there can be God or Love or Peace is if WE live it, if we "be" it. As a species, we've had our pants on backwards for longer than they've been recording history.

We've collectively (moving along at the limping pace of the weakest link) bought every side-show lie that the manipulators have fobbed off on us. When did any bona fide Avatar, Christed One, Prophet or Saint ever promote the concept that we were separate and far removed from the Creator? That we were powerless and must obey our rulers no matter how corrupt? That the Kingdom of heaven was in some far away place that you had to tithe and die to get to it?

What you say is your problem is in fact what describes who and what you are. Feeling the “grief of all the crying hearts” is what the Buddhists call Compassion, the Bodhichitta, the open heart. That this motif has fallen out of favor over the last few decades has been a sorrowful thing for all of us who are not the manipulators, the retardants, the promoters of death.

The thing that gives me the greatest comfort -- while we’re strung-out here stuck on someone else’s fly-paper – is the Law. The Laws of Nature/Physics… that all life is vibrational and cyclical. They can manipulate for a season, but it will all collapses on them… even when they are capable of controlling space and time.

“There is no such thing as a permanent trend.”

Anonymous said...

Ah big green pea brain. SoMeThInG fur you to consider. What makes you think the light needs anything? Sounds to me that you are an idiot and should be chanting nom myohho regaykeyo with a crucifix up your ass.

just saying.

you sound like the kind of person that gets people killed and then blames it on other people.

Hey Les! stopped in to see what you were up to and saw this kitty litter and thought I'd put some yellow plastic tape around it until somebody could clean it up.

Give me a call.

Long time no comment eh?

Been busy trying to stay clean but you know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Obama is just another puppet, his strings being pulled by the same demonic masters that pulled the strings on Bush, on Blair, on Regan, on Thatcher, on them all. It's been a long journey but they are finally closing in on the final stages of the agenda. Their puppets are in place and the masters are getting ready to pull the strings in one last great showdown before we plunge into eternal darkness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, Firstly I can't fathom the shit, "select profile" thing.

What you say makes a lot of sense in a dramatic, aroogarhhhh, aroogarhhhh, dive, dive, dive, cut the blue wire sort of way, yet you strike me as not that sort of person. You come across as a caring, kind sort, and I don't think this latest rant does you justice.
Ok McCain and Palin are vermin, as are every last one of the political "elite" and the treacherous media whores.
They fear us greatly which is why they want to wire tap, internet tap, and any other tap they can get on us. One day, a leader will appear amongst us, a leader who will stir us to rise up, ala French revolution, and rid our countries, "I'm British" of the verminous cretins who currently control us and lie to us via the death ray box tvs that control our lives.
You have it sussed, but don't Bogart the joint big guy, pass it over to me. Way to go Les, love ya to bits.

Ian McKenzie ,Scotland, UK.

Anonymous said...

This one was kind of obscure, Les. Lot of very dark statements and pithy images leading where ? I dont quite get what the point is. That they - the rulers of US politics/media are taking us for the biggest con game ever - in which they write the rules, dictate the outcome and the sheeple are so dumbed down, weary, apathetic, psychotronically burned out - that they accept their on going destruction without a murmur ? not sure what youre getting at.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bruce, ya really aint the asshole u portray to be, now apologize to Mr green pea, go and sin no more,,,,OK fella?

Anonymous said...

You know Les.....I have been reading most of your blogs & every time I read it a strange feeling comes to me & I have said that earlier too in one of responses to your blog post. I still think & believe those "reptails" you mention in most of the blogs are nothing but that "greedy" part of ourselves no matter how good we think we are. Being good is different than living good. Let me try to explain in whatever little english I know......Lots of people understand whats happening & who's behind all that, believe me people are not that clueless or idiots as some of us think are, but the biggest point is to force a change one has to sacrifice a lot & that is what many people are not ready. When I say sacrifice I don't mean giving up one's life or starving to death but living with basic amenities as much as possible. People are so used to comforts & can't keep their desires in check & when you let loose one's desire this is what results (the current mess). I know it's always easy to blame on something else than to do a self-reflection & think less is more & spare some time of philosophical thought or dialogue. We are all so caught up in this materialistic world & it only leads to thing & that is hell. Though I'm born into a Hindu family, I never cared to understand to give some thought about Hinduism or its philosophy, but now that I'm in my early middle age & being heavily into IT industry all these years & of late trying to understand the meaning of life & its finer linings & the universe in general. I'm not trying to market Hindu philosophy here.....I'm sure all other religions have something similar......since I happen to have more impact as I was born in that religion....I started understanding the world in that color. Anyways, IMO one needs to go out of the boundaries of religion to understand the basics & fundamentals of this universe. I never understood the simple words of Gautama Buddha "desire is the cause of all miseries". Its pretty simple sentence....but IMO it has some very deep meaning in it. You can see desire is what drives man to achieve great heights, innovate new things, discover amazing things etc, but when the desire become an obsession it definitely leads to hell. What I'm trying to say here is we all understand what is going on.....but feel powerless to do much. But, I think the greatest weapon to fight these reptiles (don't forget that they are made of images of our own teeny tiny desires) is to try live a simple life as much as possible. In a way I have started this & every time I think of buying something new, I think do I really need it, can I live without it......for eg...everybody at my work place have junked CRT TVs & have bought flat panel TVs. Its so tempted for me to buy one as its so cheap now....but I, I don't need one, my CRT is working fine...I'll use till it dies...then I have a reasonable computer & I can always upgrade it, but "why" as long as its working...let me use it. You might wonder what I'm talking about. See, since I decided not to buy that flat panel TV or upgrade my system....its a lost business to the "BIG BOX" sellers....& that in turn a lost of the "BIG Investors" & to the "Speculators". So, by keeping my needs to the minimum, I should be in a good position to weather a downturn...not only that it also removes that much more money in the market to gamble. I can go on & on like this....but the point is we have to make sacrifices & not use the stuff that these people are desperately trying to shove onto our lives to make big money....& big money leads to all kind of mess. Its time to get back to simple lives & sort of "boycott" the excess modernism. Got to remember that materialistic life don't bring any content.

Les, lots of people read your blog & its my opinion that you along with trying to wake the sleeping people also tell them how greed in us no matter how small is ruining the world we live in & this greed is helping those reptiles do to us what they are currently capable of doing. No reptiles & it can be a peaceful & happy world to live in & that is when we reach great heights in mental & philosophical knowledge & understand the universe that we live in.

Anonymous said...

I really need to spend more time on here. Great article. Your style reminds me of my favorite poet, Charles Bukowski. I"m done trying to wake people up. Been doing my best for 4 years. I"m through. To hell with the ones with their heads up their ass. I'll give information if pressed but in the little time I have left before this whole thing implodes I'm trying to screw the young tight red head down at the coffee shop... Proud also to admit I haven't spent 10 mins. watching this fucking circus for the last two years... I already know the endgame...

Anonymous said...

As much as I liked this bit of writing I have to say that I was most intrigued by the comments.

It seems that a lot of people didn't get what he was saying and that was the point of what he was saying so- Not bad. When a writer can make what he's talking about appear in front of you he has done his job.

Long time reader, first time respondent.

Kit Kimmery

Anonymous said...

used to coming here and being massively entertained but I will admit that the comments section is easily as much of a draw. I love reading what jj and notamobster have to say. I watch Tony try to tweak notamobster. It's like watching an episode of The Office. I thijnk I'm in love with Nina and a couple of other people and it would scare the shit out of me if I found out they were guys. I get a kick out of Kikz and Nobody is always amazing. I like how Greg has more modesty than a nun. Every now and then you get a visit from RML or the Village Idiot and I stand up on my chair and applaud. It's a win win situation. You do your thing and that's as cool as it gets but the best thing you do is to attract people who are probably as talented as you are but they don't know it yet.

Bust a move my friend and props all around.
Gerald from Idaho

Anonymous said...

Funny thing called fate. There's no stopping it. You lived for it, whether you thought you did or not. It lives for you, whether you thought it did or not. The puppet masters pulling their strings didn't realize as many here don't that those same strings are the ones they will hang by. It's coming, and it won't be pretty for the VAST majority of you, but fear not, for the world is not in it's death throws. This is not the end, but a new beginning, and you will all be quite surprised what this new beginning brings. One last not go quietly into the night. Now is your time to shine, and shine you will. Good luck, and see you on the other side.

Anonymous said...

"I can’t block out the screams and the grief and the suffering hearts. They are part of my own heart and the truth is that I would not have a heart if I could not feel these things and you are all responsible for turning your head and playing make-believe in a real world."

I had the same problem. Could'nt understand why, this blindness, deafness. I felt like Roger Waters who shouted and no one seemed to hear (brain damage, Pink Floyd). I felt rage in me, trying to wake people up for 30 years. But one day I looked at it from a different view, a quantum approach.

People are not waking up because they don't want to. They fight not to wake up because to them, they are wide awake! Why? They have surrendered their rights to evaluate their environment for themselves. They let others decide for them, what are the meanings of the events happening in the world. And to them, it is the best thing to do, rely on "experts" to learn the "tru" meaning of life. The lesson to be learned here is precious; what is the value of real knowledge? And the human race has to answer once and for all on this if it wants to evolve beyond this shit hole we're in.

Maybe there is nothing for us to stop, because it is ment to be, for the greater good of everybody. But how can that be? Lets look at that quantum approach. At this point, a usefull read would be this:

There is some sense to it. We could just be sitting down in one of the most prestigious school in the universe, learning the tru meaning of good and evil. In this school, they link you with a computer that will simulate a vivid experience in a world dominated by evil. A world run by crooked banksters and politicians, keeping slaves all over the world for their little fancies and wars. A planet where people follow their leaders and are trained to refute any logic. At the end, the crooks blow up the planet, because nobody gave a damn, they all thought it was ok for their gods to play with their little nukies.

Back on your seat, you will realize that no one should ever give to anyone else the power of defining reality for ourselves, and that the truth must prevail at all cost.

Could it be that simple?

Anonymous said...

The point made about why people know but don't respond due to fear brings to mind that religion and schooling has placed into the mind that someday, somehow, the bad guys are get what coming to them. They will be punished eventually. Like crap, they will! These people have always run over others because they know what the 'sheeple' believe. After all, the 'bad' guys taught the 'sheeple' what to believe. Religion like education, always involves some degree of submission from the student/neophyte. What is being submitted is the sense of self, that which we are born with, but soon lose, to misinformed parents and other so-called authority figures. Until one reclaims that awareness of self, by whatever means, the individual is a slave.

Anonymous said...

Jesus stood alone when all around Him run.

A. Peasant said...

Vis, I disagree. I've been around this block one thousand times, and you might be right; but I have a feeling that the big machine is just a little too tired and strapped and distracted by other matters to micromanage this election, especially given what they have to work with on the republican side.

Everyone has grown tired and bored with this game. I think they threw their lot behind Obama *after* it became clear that it would be too difficult to arrange for McCain to win. They chose the path of least resistance, that's all. These are shallow people. It's easier for them at this point in time, and of course, they always assume they can take care of any problems which may arise down the road. They're just winging it, a reckless attitude common to the arrogant and over-confident who lavish themselves with all sorts of unfair advantages.

As for what Obama will really do, we have to wait and see. He could be mind-fucking them all right back, which is what I hope for. In any case, there's no shame for anyone who has honestly tried to conduct due diligence in this disinfo/misinfo/psyops environment. Whatever conclusion any one of us draws, you can be sure we've each been mind-fucked to reach it. So just do your best to discern the way forward in love. God uses everything -- even our mistakes.

Anonymous said...

"playing make-believe in a real world"

great words... wasn't it one of the Bush folks who spoke of creating their own reality? and as us mere folks were observing that reality they would move on and create more realities?
well I think they're in for a 'reality' check when they're sitting in front of the Hague being brought up on war crimes and crimes against humanity. and hopefully after the last conviction the judge would say something like, 'we've just created a reality for you behind bars for the rest of your lives. and while you observe that reality we'll move on to create more realities based on justice and equality.'
Dan Murphy, NY NY

Anonymous said...

"Choose your path Very carefully in the days to come. Your path IS going to judge you. The choices are the test and nobody skips any of God's required tests."

masher1 - you remind me that is so true what you say. thank you

to Ian - all props to you, i raised my voice about the self defense of the nations.

and to those who come to this website in utter hostility - remember the Creator made us all, calling on God's mercy when you have shewn none won't impress The Lord.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Vis,

It literally pains my heart to see you so worked up. I think I know where you're coming from, though. I get the same... "frustration" doesn't begin to do it justice... sometimes it's so palpable it's a physical sensation in my chest. But 2012 isn't that far away after all...
and I'd play Risk with you anytime!


Wow, where do I begin? I think you misunderstand those of us who spend time here. Religious/metaphysical beliefs seem to run the gamut here, and most aren't overly judgemental. I'm not about to jump on your back. In fact, I'm going to compliment you. When you write things like:

this wave potential is not yet collapsed into our time stream. i guess i am wondering what happens when enough people awaken to the positive field potential of the future where we shake off what ails us and the evil being perpetrated just does not work.

it tells me that you get it (or at least part of it, but do any of us REALLY get it?) I love the way you've put that. I'd love to have a totally geeky physics/metaphysics conversation with you. As to "what have we to offer the Light?" What is the Light? What are we/you? I'll spare you the Zen koans, but let that stew for a while. There's an answer there.

Anonymous said...

One of the many wonderful things about this blog, Vis, is the line that is displayed after clicking the "post comment" button:

Your comment will be visible after approval.

That's just fucking wonderful!

Randall said...

Yeah. great piece Les.

I haven't had one comment on what has to be
one of, if not the, photos of a fucking ufo
that has ever been recorded
I came by this thing by accident, almost.
Could someone please know this is not a lie? I stand for truth?
I'm sick.Literally. I tried to post this at ATS
and just got the Bullshit.
This was recorded by OUR OWN Gov's cameras!
Jeez! A country the size of Mexico, and I happened to get this!
Please, someone check this out, it's a big story, and I can't even get Rense to run it, because it's too Real I guess!

Anonymous said...

Like tiny gerbils shivering in the corner of their cage. Nota nailed it, it's fear. Dumbness from lack of practice too, but fear is what keeps them dumb.

Was talking to my buddy downstairs at his place today. He had the big screen on with Fox news blaring as usual. Palin on the screen reading some script and morons cheering. I can't take much of that and had to leave but it was enough to get me going before I left. I got pissed and started off about how tired I am of stupid. Stupid doesn't question much but that's not really it; lots of that stupid is an act. Play stupid and no one expects much from you. Play stupid and no one will guess that you are afraid. That's when I started on the frightened gerbils thing, and he said (he just got back from two weeks in the States) no, they just don't know what's going on.

Like hell they don't. I try to talk with them about something real and I see that little tightening around the inside corner of the eyes and they wish I wasn't so loud and wouldn't talk about stuff like that. Over the past eight years you've lost everything, all of your rights, and you let them pass the f*king Patriot act, twice, and Homeland Security and lost habeas corpus. Scared of the government and the cops and especially the IRS. Frightened gerbils shivering in the corner of the cage. So scared that you wish I'd go away or quiet down and let's talk about something else.

Palin's still on the blare box, something about raising taxes, the bad candidate would do that, the morons cheer. I'm still pissed. You/they have lost all of your rights and are too f*king scared to even talk about it. Little shivering gerbils in the corner of the cage! Finally got a rise out of him: "Well we still have our freedom of speech!"

Oh yeah? Why don't you try raising your voice at the airport? You would be disappeared, no record of where you went, no habeas corpus, no charges they'd just take you away and no one would know.


The silence of the gerbils.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign it. The gerbil baiter was


Anonymous said...

I agree, lots of people know what's going on but they are in denial and don't want to look too closely or to talk about it 'cause it's being "negative". At least, that's what I'm told if I even go near the truth of the shit that's happening all over this planet. Anyway, there is a lot of truth to the comments on greed. Not only greed but also attachment as in "my life, my family, my friends, my home, my country, etc. It's a big step to have the same level of concern for all sentient beings but that is what is necessary if things are ever to change for the betterment of this planet. Is it too much to hope for?

Anonymous said... for the lesser of 2 evils...and yet evil is evil no matter what. Is there really such a thing as a lesser evil? I never vote, because there has never been a candidate worthy of a morally correct person's vote. I know someone who says "If you don't vote then you can't complain". And to that I say BULLSHIT. If I vote for a person and they wreck the joint, I can only bitch at myself for being ignorant enough to believe the lies I was spoonfed from birth, in effect hating on myself. I will say this much, I completely hate the species I am unfortunately a part of, because humanity has effectively wrecked the ecosystem of this planet and has effectively duped itself. Humanity is a plague to this planet and an utterly flawed design, which is why I can never believe that the true God created us in its image, for if that were true then God would be as screwed up and imperfect and insane as we all are with our stupid rules and unethical guidelines. All the praying in the world is not going to save us from ourselves or those whom guide us from behind the scenes.

This world is filled with bullshit human propaganda in all its forms. Religion is propaganda. Politics is propaganda. War is propaganda. Propaganda is brain-washing. Propaganda is LIES.

"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."

That was an actual quote from ADOLF HITLER, one of the greatest killers in human history. Here's another of his quotes that fits well with what is going on now:

"He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."

Sounds like what Barack Obama has done doesn't it? Suckered today's American Idol followers. Think of all the idiot kids who follow this guy. How many of you actually knew who the fuck Obama was 5 years ago? Barely over a hundred days in office and now he thinks he can run a whole country? I live in Illinois, I know the dirt on this bastard. Illinois is perhaps the most corrupted state in the Union right now, thanks to Blagojevich. "Let's fix Springfield" is what I've been seeing in commercials for years. Yeah, Springfield got "fixed" alright, like that new dog you just brought home from the local pet shop that is.

But before I digress too much from that pro-babykilling Barack "Yomama" (he voted for live-birth abortion 3 TIMES), think of it like this: You've been working for 25 years busting your ass doing the best job anyone could possibly do in your line of work, only to have some shit-ass snot-nosed punk kid become your boss overnight (and I know someone whom this has happened to), wouldn't YOU be PISSED OFF? It's like a kid with no PHD walking into a doctor's office and spending 3 days observing things then proclaiming "I know it all, make me the boss". FUCK THAT. When the fuck did the USA suddenly become rampant with shit like this?

In all honesty if I were to vote, I would pick McCain, not because he is white, but because the man SERVED HIS COUNTRY AND ALMOST DIED IN THE PROCESS in a bullshit war that we were never meant to win to begin with, and also because he knows the ins and outs of government a lot better than Obama does.

History has proven time and time again that through experience, wisdom is gained. And for all you gamers out there, this simple truth is expressed in such games as Final Fantasy and other RPGs, where a character can "level up" after going through so many fights and scenarios.

Would Obama stick his neck out and die for a country he wants to be president of? I seriously doubt it. He says he "considered it" but his excuse was that Vietnam was over by the time he graduated. Oh, and the first Gulf War wasn't good enough for him to enlist? (even though it was another bullshit war, but still).

This entire election has become a mere popularity contest just like that crap show American Idol. Oh doesn't Obama look cute dancing with that faggot-ass lesbian Ellen "Degenerate" in front of her live audience.

So let's see so far Obama supports gays, won't join the military to fight for his country, and approves of LIVE-BIRTH ABORTIONS, and that last one in particular just makes me absolutely fucking sick. He may as well say that MURDER is okay. Even though I am not a Christian one thing I can believe in is "THOU SHALT NOT KILL", especially the killing of a life that has no say in the matter.

I mean what kind of sick and twisted reality is this? Honestly, I'd rather lay down and go to sleep and die in the process than be awake to this bullshit.

Anyway, let's see. McCain has his dirt too. Let's see, the Keating-5, he cheated on his first wife, he buried documents related to MIAs that never came back from Vietnam.

Seems to me that both these bastards are pretty even in the evil department, but at least one was willing to die for his country-McCain. Yeah he fucked up along the way, but hopefully he learned his lessons, for with age and experience comes wisdom. He may be a grumpy old man but I'd rather have him running things than a snot-nosed know-it-all kid.

Unfortunately it probably won't really matter in the end.

For one thing, we need to do away with money and government. We need to dismantle and remove all things nuclear, like bombs, missiles, power plants, etc. Radiation is bad. And shoving nuclear waste into Mother Earth is really bad.

Would you inject poison into your life-giving mother? Earth is our only home, why are we poisoning it? Nuclear waste is radioactive for thousands of years and depleted uranium is radioactive for BILLIONS of years. The middle east could well be poisoned long after humanity is dead and gone, and on the pace we're going now, it won't be long before we are, and I won't shed a tear if it happens because we deserve it for being so foolish.

One thing I know for sure, I'll be damned if I die over some other shitheads ideas. I'll die on my own terms, far away from all this bullshit. I'd rather die marooned on an island in the middle of uncharted territory than in the middle of this mess.

So "enjoy" yourselves and your petty bickering over money, power, greed, land, and other things that are basically needless and senseless. It's a fuckin shame, 6.5 billion people in the world and only a small handful with any real sense.

notamobster said...

Anonymous 10:51 - I have ignored you in the past. Not because your comments were not cogent, but because I didn't want to hear what you were saying. I have been trying to do these things. Although incrimental, they are being done. I have turned off the thought cultivator. CONSUME LESS. Brilliant! I have been propagandizing my entire family with a more minimalist lifestyle, and they don't even know they're along for the ride... :)
You're absolutely correct! Stop being that which we despise, and it will cease to be...

Gerald in Idaho - I'd much rather be there in the peaks and plains of Idaho, than here in Lousy-anus, but... the best laid plans, don't always get you laid the way you planned. As for kikz... if she were to be availed, she'd be mine! I'm in love with her already. (kikz, resistance is futile, this is my fantasy... ;)

The process of reindoctrination is slow. Weening from the teet is a rough process. It takes time; and much pain...

As for Tony... I love him. He's an ass to all of us Mericans, but he challenges me...and that, I love!

(Tony)Inre: "You're wrong nota, Greed Capitalism is the cause of our/your problems at the moment. Socialism works- do an honest assessment of socialist countries, past and present; if you can recognise same. I don't believe you can as your bias and your life of indoctrination overwhelms any honesty you may have. All you wish to do is create more of the same- won't work!! Proof's in the pudding mate."

You'd be surprised what a strong mind and a pissy attitude are capable of, Sir!(honesty, etc...)

Socialism works in limited form, Sir. Not as a wholesale process. There has yet to be a truly socialist society, so the science is still out. Do these socialist societies not allow their citizens to spend their "excess*" revenue in any manner they see fit(*excess = what's left after taxes)? Thomas Paine, (I know...I belabor the man's name) was just such a socialist. I have a tendency to agree with him - sometimes. I truly believe the old, infirm, and children must be taken care of in a civilized society. In this regard, Islam is quite efficient (cast aside your bias for a moment), the old and infirm are required to be taken care of in an Islamic society. One's parents are never cast-off, in an old folks home. My biggest concern (inre: socialism - Nina, you're right again...just like w/ the underpants) is those who are too lazy to work; i.e., me being ripped off. Simple.

I grew up in the ghettoes of Detroit (we moved to the U.P. in my teens, when my Dad got custody) and I know many, many, many, many who grew up on the gov't teet - not unlike myself - who are perfectly happy getting tax money and free housing, and utility assistance, and WIC, and foodstamps to get by. It breeds a sense of entitlement, and any man who tells me that that is okay; is a FOOL!

Neither I; nor anyone ese, owes anyone - anything!!!! No man owes another, except that which he has borrowed, or stolen! Neither you -nor, anyone else - is entitled to the fruits of my labor!!!

I have worked my arse off to get the minor pittance I have. I made the decision to go in the military, because I didn't come from money (Crackhead mother/Cop father), but I learned a trade. I then, used that trade for Delta Airlines. When my daughter died, I moved (to be closer to the other one). I got a new job; which exploited the trade I had learned. I don't want to live here in the arm pit of the world! I am here because it feeds my kids. I guess I could have moved back to Michigan (socialist/democrat state) and gone on welfare, but that's not my style. I decided to fight. That's my style!(We were, at one time, the only "white" family for 10 blocks - white being... mexican/black/white)I chose to stand up and fight! I have moved. I haved adapted. I have overcome. I have...and will always continue to... adapt. I will meet and challenge any obstacle which confronts me because I am a FREE man! I WILL SURVIVE!!!

GREED is the problem, sir - not capitalism. GREED! So long as GREED and a hunger for power, exist, the problems will exist; whether in capitalist form, socialist, communist, or otherwise.

Good day!

Parfer DeCourse said...

I can’t decide if this is real or dis-information. Get a load of this from Homeland Security:

Feed: Homeland Security National Terror Alert - Homeland Security News_Posted on: Friday, October 31, 2008 1:46 AM_Author: national_Subject: Iranian Nuke Scientist: Weekend Quake was a Nuclear Test

A weekend 5.0 Richter earthquake in Iran was actually a nuclear bomb test, says an Iranian nuclear scientist claiming to be working on the project.
This past Saturday night, southern Iran experienced what was reported as a significant earthquake - a seismic event measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale. Its epicenter was just north of the strategic Straits of Hormuz, which separates Iran from Abu Dhabi and Oman and which is the gateway to the Persian Gulf.
The report quotes an Iranian nuclear scientist who claims to be working in uranium enrichment for the project, and who said that the “quake” was acutally an undergound nuclear bomb test.
Israel Insider adds that the test/quake was actually the second in a series. Nine days ago, a 4.8 Richter scale event occurred, with its epicenter only five kilometers away from the weekend tremor.
The Israel Insider source reports that two nuclear rockets are currently ready - and are intended for use against Israel in the coming months.
If the report is correct, it would belie previous speculation that Iran would not begin nuclear testing until it had more nuclear-bomb production capability.
The geographical location of the test has several advantages. It is exposed to significant seismic activity, which could serve to mask nuclear tests; it is believed to be close to Iran’s nuclear development facility; delivery and transport of material and personnel can be effected easily through the Hormuz Strait; and Iranian enemies would hesitate to bomb the area because that would threaten the flow of a substantial percentage of the world’s oil.
Reuters reports Thursday morning that Iran has begun building a line of naval bases along its southern coast and up to the Straits of Hormuz.
This story comes to us via Homeland Security - National Terror Alert. National Terror Alert is America's trusted source for homeland security news and information.

Also, I’ve have heard that the Homeland Security in Atlanta is expecting a riot on election day regardless of who wins. What do they know and what makes them suspect this? Is it pre-planned? (i.e. CIA/Mossad instigation?). Is there a real and immediate use for the 500,000 caskets staged in the Madison area of Atlanta?

Hang in there gang, this is going to get real interesting pretty damned quick!!!


jbpeebles said...

What the hey people! Let's all whine about the coming End Times rather than get off our butts and get Obama elected. Apathy is a tool of the Establishment Right. Now we can be lost like Hemingway after WW1 and wax poetic about all our failures, but we need to put in our dues to get to the point we're disillusioned with life and dead on hope.
I can't go on with my optimism perpetually if y'all don't think change can happen. I do admit we're all oversold--TV audience-like--on the endless potential of achievement which in the end will be reserved to a very lucky few (or designated "made" men.) Someone has to do the little dirty jobs but can't they dream too?
I don't think we've come to a new low water mark just because we've a fair number of big challenges to our Republic recently. We can't wear any badge of honor like the peace warriors during Vietnam or the civil rights struggle. We give up careers and income, they gave up much more and they weren't the marginalized people that we are, so their isolation, abuse, arrest by the authorities were all the worse. In this Gilded Age we can oppose but we need to trust in the power of change. I guess it's simply a question of faith--can we achieve great things simply by wishing for them? No. We do have to put our faith into actions/works.

Anonymous said...

Look, we can all go about our lives as pessimists. Everything that happens can be attributed to some conspiracy theory or another...and life can continue to suck.

There might be another way...? I mean, sure, Obama could be another one of the freaks that's been leading us since Kennedy was killed, or he could be another MLK/Gandhi/Lennon figure. We won't know until the proof is in.

Keep pressure on him, but also, find the truth in what he's said...this election is not about him, the future is not about him, it is about you. Yes, Obama actually willed the people to look inside of themselves for power...this is totally outside the bounds of fascism, and we should take the bait. This is our life, these are our streets, this is our country and planet, as human beings, sharing it, of course, with plants and animals of great variety.

Take control of your lives, I mean, how many lives do you get? Look at Obama...he's a guy that grew up in an extremely fucked up situation, and still, he's running a tight campaign for POTUS. YOU can do better, you have nothing to lose! You are the driving force behind your great idea. Imagine what it would feel like to be Obama, as a human like yourself, moving toward such a hue responsibility, then take that feeling and apply it to your own life. For now you are free to do as you like...Do.

Life is too short to allow others to tell you what to believe. Find yourself quickly, understand human emotions and life in general. Hold, in your mind, some sort of philosophy as to what this life means, then make that move toward improving it. It's your life...use it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks nota- you wouldn't be here if you were a fool.

kikz said...

'Even though I am not a Christian one thing I can believe in is "THOU SHALT NOT KILL", especially the killing of a life that has no say in the matter.'

but, you want a killer to be president of your country?

'fighting for one's country' most naturally entails massive killing of people who have no say in the matter...that is what a soldier does.

maybe you should've put a qualifier on the end of that...

...except foreigners?

Anonymous said...

I'm just peacefully waiting until Christ comes to get us. There's nothing you or I can do to fix the problems that we plainly see. Satan won't allow that. The best thing we can do is to get on our knees and pray for our redemption provided for us if we believe in Jesus Christ and follow his commands.

Anonymous said...

Here is my fear of what is going on. I have noticed how it seems like Obama is going to win -- not by a little, but by a rather large margin so there won't be any down to the wire moment. I also see where the media is picking up stories of voting problems, fraud, etc. Where do I see all this going?

Obama clearly wins -- but just as clearly and openly, they still the election anyway. The media tries to blame closet racism. People get angry -- especially the black community who sees the election (and this historic moment of a first black president) being stolen in plain sight.

People are pissed, take to the street. Things turn violent, race riots erupt (at least that is how it will be portrayed by the media -- they'll make sure the camera shots only include angry black voters). President Bush declares marshal law and sends in troops -- and the election doesn't matter. Ever again. Once enough rabble rousers have been rounded up and the white people are frightened enough by "violent black people" (who no doubt will be hired guns to instigate such violence) -- they'll be willing to accept any leader as long as they can go back to the status quo.

I think they hoped that they could steal the election again -- but knew that enough people were angry (and the info was spreading on the internet) that they couldn't control the election like they could before. So, this is plan b. Ideally, they wanted Guiliani and Clinton (a win-win for them). Obama is too big a risk. And I actually think that the powers that be are so racist that THEY can't accept a black president, no matter how much he grovels before them. If you look at Zionism in action, even dark colored jews (sephardic and ethiopian) are treated as only a step above an arab -- but certainly not on the same level as the eastern european light skinned jews.

notamobster said...

Would someone else like to issue my usual diatribe, this time - inre: "nothing you or I can do to fix the problems..."?

here's some cliff notes:
-all generations have thought they were the last and thus, endured horrible maltreatment awaiting Jesus' return
-religion sucks!
-the end may NOT nigh upon us
-what if you're wrong?
-etc, etc, etc...

Visible said...

Hi People... a few thoughts. Once again I want to thank you for coming here and giving this blog real authenticity due to the high level of intelligence and articulation. You make me look good.

You know I can't respond to the replies generally. It would look dumb and gratuitous and any one that really needs an answer can email me; this is not to suggest I have answers, just that I will answer but it might take me a little while cause there's a lotto do.

A very well known and gifted astrologer just did my chart forecast and I got it in the mail a couple of days ago. You know, I've been doing this and all of the things I do which take up most of every day and I do it for just about nothing and he knew all about that. he knew a lot of things in a very uncanny way. He says that beginning at a certain point next year I'm going to start getting paid in a big way and that's not a bad thing because it's been years now and years before that. Should the scene lighten up in America I'm going to be coming back for a visit and traveling around once this happens and maybe visiting with some of you if you would like... so I put that out there now to see where the interest is. I'm looking forward to it.

He said some pretty astonishing things to me and I don't know quite how to take them because they are so positive and it hasn't been that way through most of my life but lately it gets better and better.

I notice a lot of Christians come around here and I want you to know I'm fine with that. I not only believe, I KNOW there's a God. It's in the matter of interpretation that we may vary and I'm not much for scripture that isn't written on my heart; which it is.

I want to offer something new here that will then start to happen occasionally. If there's something in particular that you want me to write about, let me know and it might happen.

Anyway... I really just wanted to thank you for coming here and being so high end like no readers anywhere that I've seen anywhere. Something is going to come of this and I think it will delight all of us who wind up participating in it.

Anonymous said...

I made a comment early yesterday and it seems to be one of those broken vending machine tricks. No other place do I choose my bag of sunflower seeds so carefully, but the hole was empty when I went to pick it up.

I am delighted to see the brilliant m-astera again, learned man of soil nutrients and Colony Collapse Disorder, as well as wonderfully clever parent, geographer and knower of the sins in the Central Valley, as well as art enthusiast par excellance. m-Astera, I send my greetings! Still, I admit to having stared in awe at a photo of Hugo in front of his crowds flanked by a woman of the poor class breastfeeding her baby.

Gerald from Idaho, what an interesting comment. Very amusing and huggable. A delicious up on a rainy morning in the mountains.

Tony, its NOTA, not Nota, I was warned previously and his caps are well deserved.

The comment that is stuck in the bowels of the vending machine pretty much said something like:

I think voting age Americans have taken too much LSD for too long and are too easily swayed by seeing too many sides of the big picture. To see that big picture may just be impossible because everything we see carries input from our own experience. When we actively argue and debate we are trying to convince others of our correctness, placing our judgement as the judgement of the high road. The high road for me is easily the low road for you and vice versa.

We like to think our lives have meaning and take actions to forward that self-meaning so we can look back and appreciate our own good little stories. If you ever had a bad story, you'll know what I mean by how much more love you get when you finally create a better story.

In my good story, I vote as a member of the larger community. While I am not voting for satanic foreign policy or hypnotizing myself into system participation, in my true story, I am actually voting for the opportunity that must present itself to the Jeremiahs and the Louie's and even the Kimbo Slices to have featured, speaking roles.
In our best stories, starring our golden intentions, most of us gloss over the knowledge that everything dovetails via Nature, because we can't control Nature. There are no accidents, no coincidences, no inexplicable happenings. When an opportunity, no matter how shabby or tainted, comes along to give the truth a voice, its better to follow your heart with eyes wide open.

Love, nina

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to this majority of Americans.

Anonymous said...

i write what i write sometimes to flush out folks like bruce. since i live in america and have been watching and learning these last 8 years especially i am of the mind our cynicism may be part of our problem. we think we are so smart in how we can slap back at any and everyone. but i wonder, if the real answer came along would we know. i am not a christian but i feel that if jesus ever does come along he would be cut right down. "if the real jesus christ were to stand up today, he'd be gunned down cold by the CIA..."(from THE THE) forget the CIA, i think a redneck christian from alabama would be just as likely to get rid of the man teaching intent is not always to just agree with Les but to add to his thoughts as I do not feel he and I are in complete agreement, though i sense we are brothers in arms. America and the world are staring down the on-coming locomotive of (insert favorite bogey-event)...and I think after all I have read the greatest danger in America comes from the right. a total propaganda campaign most resembling the resume of anti-christ.

oh and Bruce, no need to apologize. folks like you are everywhere in the intertubes and have nothing but negative input to add. if you didn't have someone to insult and bash on-screen you'd be out in the world causing real damage. even if you are really a preacher in the world or a nun with penis envy your thoughts are purely toxic...

Thinker....more like a's okay if you are confused about what the truth is, that was the point of the whole strategy from the right wingers, the neo-cons.....

Anonymous said...

This entire election is one of a schism between two sides of the Financial Elite: The Rockefeller camp has been the funding source for McCain (and was also supporting Hillary). The Brezezinski side (representing the foreign financial power brokers) is the primary impetus behind Obama.

Has anyone examined the deliberate media blackout of the two candidates of integrity during the primary season: Ron Paul and Dennis Kuchinich?

Hmmm, Dr. Paul has no skeletons in his closet by which he can be puppet controlled. The congressman from Ohio does have a few skeletons (such as being mayor of Cleveland when it went bankrupt), however he is also Not Puppet controlled by the Financial Elite.

Note the new Ron Paul website:

Dr. Paul strongly recommends that as many as possible vote against both "corporatocracy" parties, and choose their own favorite 3rd party candidate.

Those with left leaning propensities can select from Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader.

Those with right leaning inclinations can
choose among Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin.
Dr. Paul himself has endorsed Chuck Baldwin.

Recognize that both major parties are fully
controlled by the major world financial elite, and that it is in one's best interest to vote opposite to this hypnotic media manipulation.

A. Peasant said...

biggreenpea, that's pretty much the conclusion I've come to as well - re: the cynicism. Politicians lie - granted - but *which* lies are the lies that count? That is the question, an inscrutable question to be sure.

If you drop out for caring about this question, and for drawing a cynical conclusion from its study, do they win? Or, should you just vote the original impulse in the end, exactly like all the unthinking people (eew), which is what they tried to prevent you from doing in the first place with all the tantalizing rumors designed to peel you away? The "secrets of the internet" play to ego, in some sense.

They play politics in the margins, after all. If the manipulators can peel 'the smart ones' off via the internet, that makes their life so much easier. Except this time, it didn't really work so well after 8 years of GWB.

I guess it comes down to pride. Personally, I can live with myself for being wrong about Obama, if that turns out to be the case, because I tried to do the right thing and expended very considerable effort to make my decision. I have looked it all over many times. But in the end, the message that I (as an alternative news junkie) *not* vote for him seems a few clicks too strident for me, and therefore suspicious, mostly because it keeps tracking back to the usual suspects. Your results may vary. But in any case, all thoughtful people automatically WIN the 'game' by virtue of being thoughtful, of caring, of trying to do the right thing out of love for humanity and the future, regardless of what they conclude from the sea of lies.

God recycles. He can do something with *every* decision made from love, even if it turns out to be the wrong decision at the time. So don't be afraid, and go with your gut. That is my message to all people of good will.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget this :
Could it just be that the eventual "plan" is to take Obama out to have a Zionist sitting in the WH?
Just a thought...

Visible said...

Bradley... I'm not going to add anything to that but you have to have faith. I'm thinking you probably copped something tonight and you are getting a little up close and personal. I don't have any problem with that. Truth is always good even when it hurts but leaving out the backstory kind of puts people's imaginations on trial. Non?

kikz said...

'should be obvious to anyone with a brain that sooner or later you'll break and they hope to be part of it but I'm not sure they actually care about you as much as they realise...'

i wish les all the luck in the world, and can even appreciate your wish to protect his flank.

however i'm less than impressed with your assumption and accusation that i seek a ride on his magic carpet to the big time.

i appreciate his gracious tolerance of my presence here, and his allowance of vox.

in vino veritas...
your buzz has exposed a third face...bradley

Anonymous said...

MSM is of course completely controlled by the psyops divisions of CIA/Northcom. This is why the MSM is a pretty useful tool to filtering the lies from the truth. If they all pretty much sing the same tune, or in the case with Fox with Obama, pretty much being as ineffective as they can in trashing him, then you know that what they are selling is not going to be good for you, and you need to dig deeper for the truth. Not everyone has the time or inclination to do so though, so most accept one or more of the choices on the menu of the consensus reality.

Obama seems to be the key to them in finalizing the coup in the US and could be groomed as a Global President with his multi-racial, multi-cultural background. He must show his loyalty to the Globalists by sacrificing US interests for the greater good as American President.

I believe he has been groomed by Brzezinski and his TLC cronies who are behind much of the madness of the last 40 years, starting from their time spent together at Columbia University in 1981-1983, covered by a shroud of secrecy. Brzezinski wrote a book in 1970 entitled Between Two Ages. This is a must read if you want to see why Obama is his chosen one. In it he discusses Americas 3 revolutions, the last being started in 1968. He also mentions how the American blacks got left behind in the last revolution, which was the Industrial Revolution, and his hope that blacks could be assimilated via the 3rd, named the post-industrial revolution obviously did not come to pass. So I would conclude Obama is meant to lead the 4th revolution (green fascism?)and bring the equality the previous 2 revolutions did not bring to the black people.

Thats not necessarily a bad thing, the equality part anyways, but Brzezinski has a way of disguisng his real agenda which is One World Totalitarian Government, so this 4th revolution will be the key one, his last hurrah.

All revolutions and civil wars are driven from the top down, but require a grass roots support on the side of the agressor. After 200 years of slavery and discrimination and inequality, a vast base of angry young men are primed to follow a charismatic leader, and there are many young urban poor whites and hispanics who will follow. Germany of course had the injustice of the unfair Versailles Treaty and 15 years of humiliation at the hands of the British, French and Americans to unite their base.

Anglo American bankers financed Hitlers rise and rebuilding of Germany, not to mention Stalin and the Soviet Union, to set the stage for WW II. Much like we have done with Russia and China over the last 20 years BTW. Confilct with China and/or Russia is the End Game needed to bring us One World Government under terms dictated by Anglo-American interests.

Bush set the stage for Obama by developing the fascist system at the higher levels and setting up the police state apparatus (actually, it started in 1978 with Carter- the first TLC President who set up FEMA by Executive Order). To take us to the next level, hard fascism, a necessary step to Global Communism, we need a leader like Obama who can develop a cult following and a civilian security force and youth corp like Hitler and Mussolini were able to do.

McCain could not possibly do what Obama will be asked to do, although he would try, which is why he is running to lose. Nobody would believe another false flag attack under a Republican leader, and he does not inspire even his own base . Obama would be given a 2nd chance. Bush did not require sacrifice after 9/11, but Obama will demand it, perhaps even universal conscription or mandatory national service.

Over the last 60 years, the screams and the grief and the suffering hearts have been prevalent through much of the world, except in Western Europe and North America, and more recently Northern and Eastern Asia. Elsewhere there is regime change, revolution, financial crisis, genocide, famine, ethnic cleansing, drug running, sex trade, etc, and the Illuminati elite, using the Anglo-Israeli-American militant and financial arm is behind it. In order to make the world a better place of course. LOL.

All this sounds like madness, how can these people justify their conspiracy to do great evil?. Simple, the end justifies the means. As the God-like beings they believe they are, they can do no evil, since God created evil to do good, so they believe. You see, they think the religous, and I am not one of them, chose the wrong God, and so they are the enemy (at times they are partners and disguise themselves in one of the religions for political expediency).

For the secular, they have created the pseudo-religion of environmentalism and neo-malthusian beliefs where man is a sinner against Gaia and her creatures, and needs to be restrained. These poor creatures have been brain washed into embracing poverty and social controls for the greater good and do not know it is all an organized deception to enslave them. Man and not Evil is the new enemy in the New World Order.

They have contempt for all religions but their own, where man, the ruling elite, is God. Many of the wars over the past century have been designed to eliminate as many of the most religious as possible, and the Communism they spread helped in this regard. No matter who, Torah following Jews, church going Christians, Muslims, etc.

It is frustrating trying to understand how people can disregard the overwhelming evidence of a conspiracy, especially transparent since 9/11. Despite being an expat for almost 25 years, I still have close ties and family in the US. My observation is that many people are just in denial. Others see it but figure it is safer to keep their mouth shut. And still others who are aiding and abetting because they have been sold a bill of goods that it is a necessary evil needed for the greater good. They do not really know that the final destination is not what is stamped on their ticket. It will be a surprise to many of them.

What many do not seem to realize, is their consent, and decision to stand aside as spectators has emboldened the elite, and has made this projected reality more probable than it otherwise might be. The simple act of waking up could possibly stop the worst case scenario. The elite have a lot to lose, they are not risking it without the certainty of success. This is also why a civil war among the elite is unlikely, thats the surest way to risk losing it all.

The neocons and the green fascists do not agree on everything, but they agree it seems, that they should take turns every 8-12 years so people do not grasp that they are really playing the same game. So they share the power, compromising when needed. There likely is an upper echelon of the elite who mediate between the opposing factions.

Again, the mutual goal, the end towards which people like Brzezinski work for with a religous fervor is a global totalitarian government, perhaps with an illusion of freedom or democracy, at least to start, and only the path for reaching that goal is contested. Once reached, they may impose their Eugenics programs and end traditional religion and replace it with theirs where man worships their leaders as Gods.

I like to think that the simple act of being aware of what is to come is like what happens when quantum physicists observe a quarks wave form function; it immediately disappears.

Poof-be gone conspiracy.

Nope, still there.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the game is, I’m sure it is several layers above whatever I can discern with my puny talents. What I am sure of is that the current ‘economic distress’ has been very carefully planed and is being carried out with speed and precision. Real economic assets on a vast scale are being sequestered into very secure and powerful hands.

The next assigned president will have to guide this country through the straits of tough times. There will have to be at least a rudimentary functionality to the economy for the game to have any real meaning. The next assigned president has the job of making the game field playable.
People will be out of work, out of money, out of their homes, and out of food. The next assigned president will have to try to make acceptable explanations for all the issues that come with martial law. The next assigned president will have new definitions for the word ‘sacrifice’.
The ‘choices’ offered to Americans in this presidential election are equivalent to ‘salmon’, or ‘chicken’, at a low budget wedding dinner. No one gets into the race without a thorough grounding in the rules.
Paul, Kucinich, Huckabee, Romney, all were not able to take the bitter potion necessary for the transformation into presidential material.

The two that survived the process are now before us. The two year charade has come to it’s end and it really matters not who wins. The game is set and is being played. The next assigned president has his playbook and he will follow it.

The way I see things, until Americans themselves self-select a lower profile, demand less of their government, and each other, and become more responsible for their individual actions and choices, this game can and will be played in perpetuity.

As long as Americans want to play ‘Me first, Where’s mine, and Up your’s’, we will have this awful power residing in government, and we will have to deal with the kind of people who want to control that power.

When the elections and who is president have as as little meaning and bearing on life as who the manager of the local McDonalds is, then we will know we have achieved true independence.

I really enjoy reading the thoughts here and on Visible’s other blogs. While I may not be as spiritually grounded or as articulate as others here, I am none the less grateful for the chance to sit at ‘the big peoples’ table’ for such intensely nourishing discussions.

Anonymous said...

I was feeling somewhat melancholy and reflective this evening after reading the comments section. I have to say that I blow past the jesus this n’ that pretty quickly these days and have for quite a while. Won’t hang my hat on the rack of any one-man show, especially an invisible man who tells me he appoints the rulers and that I should render unto Caesar what is Caesars—WTF- (Side note: Caesar is dead and has been for a while)

More flimflam from the control factory, and it started long before FOX news--. Haven’t we all learned to read since the dark ages? I know that Les doesn’t go down this route, but I do. I just find it interesting that those who claim to see so many of today’s lies can’t see The Greatest Lie Ever Told—don’t read the book, the movie is better.

I don’t have any hope in the new president of the asylum over here in La-La Land and I found it interesting that the best news I have heard in a while comes from Les’s astrologer. I don’t know if it’s any more believable than anything else we get these days—but I did smile.

I have pretty much gone into hibernation as far as internet news goes these days. All of the names of people and countries and the stories have been so interchangeable for so long that the details only seem to matter to the poor fucks who are getting dead.

If I hadn’t read a thing since 911, would I be any better off than I am now?

Really, that is a no shit question.

We have more “knowledge”, but how much actual wisdom have we gained? Are we better off, or just better prepared in our minds for whatever comes next? Does “whatever” always come next, or is “whatever” just another bullshit smoke and mirrors, now you see it now you don’t illusion that we allow to bore into our souls thinking we’re somehow special?

I mean no disrespect in saying this but when I read of others who have been waiting for 30 fucking years, or longer, for the “real” shit to hit the fan, well, I don’t want to be changing out the rounds in my stockpile of mags every month for the next 23 years and think that I am accomplishing something. Something tells me that I should stay prepared (whatever the fuck that means) but is that something just me?

Are there more of the me’s who have faded from keeping the candle lit in the window and have found contentment somehow? Does what we seek find us or do we have to find it? Nice Catch-22 huh?

If I described my external life to you, I think many of you would take it. It’s pretty good.

But there is more elsewhere, or within, and I want it. Anybody see an instruction manual lying around or is it like the Holy Grail or Atlantis…or Jesus?

Oh well, I got a guy with a cross coming over soon, we’re going to build a bomb shelter and wait on different things---or not.


Anonymous said...

Nina, I blush. The "brilliant" m_astera has been reading this blog for a couple of years but only figured out this week where the cookie block was that prevented him from posting. :-) I'm sure that's all to the good.

Greetings to you as well, fine artist, from a fan of your beautiful work.

Les, agreed, "Something is going to come of this and I think it will delight all of us who wind up participating in it." The quality, the compassion, and the originality conspire to make it so. It is ours to create the new world and to discover and hold tight to the vision of beauty that lies the other side of the abyss. If an abyss could loom, this one would.

I too have been doing what I do for practically nothing for the past few years, but I was warned that things would get crazy and the only remedy would be for some few to hold tight to the vision through all the chaos. I have to keep reminding myself and re-asking the question what is the purpose, what is the goal you are doing it all for? It never has been about the money, but about getting the message out and the best rewards come in those letters that say "thank you, I get it!" (I don't aim to be mysterious, only cautious where I am a guest and a newcomer. I raised enough hackles with my first post. Suffice it that politics are not my main concern.) Still, it would be nice to not have to charge two packs of cigs at the corner store like I did tonight. Perhaps I need my horoscope redrawn as well?

Love to you all-

Visible said...

In all fairness to Bradley, he did write me immediately and ask me to please delete, "my deranged shit and not post him next time I'm howling at the moon."

Onward we go from the overalls of Oshkosh to the shores of Kokomo

Visible said...

Sorry, that should be

"my deranged shit and not post me next time I'm howling at the moon."

Anonymous said...

Jj, 'I found it interesting that the best news I have heard in a while comes from Les’s astrologer'
I'll go with that!!

Anonymous said...

Notamobster,I to agree with you.I am from canada and we have many of the same problems as the states.our leaders are puppeteers and we the puppets.It is time for change.You may be in another country but it is a thin line that separates us and our problems effect one another.People need to wake up and see whats going on around them ,i must be mad too because i feel that im one of very few people who actually care.Everyone is so wrapped up in the next best toy or piece of clothing or that that new model of car that they come out with every one sees the big picture,we're all check out the blog World gone mad and Freedom of speach not enabled



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