Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good News and Bad News and the Voices in the Wind.

I went without sleep for four nights until early Sunday morning. Once a year or so this happens to me and I turn into Goofy. It’s some kind of energy thing that just grows and grows until I crash. Then I sleep for about eighteen hours and the world turns all bright and bushy tailed again so...

Now that I am feeling near human and refreshed I said to myself, “Let’s find some good news that with match the tenor of my inner state. Do you have any idea how hard that is these days? I’m not talking about wishing and hoping and trying to believe in good news. By example, an Obama supporter might think the world is going to be fine again and the cornucopia is going to appear in the sky and everything anybody ever wanted is going to pour out upon the planet and we’ll all go dancing over the mountain tops on clouds of joy and... well, more joy?

Then if we were really lucky, the cornucopia would suck up everything we ever didn’t really want including all of the religious fundamentalists, bankers and politicians; nothing but serendipity going in both directions but...

Obama isn’t president yet, nor even his party’s candidate. Furthermore, all we have are the things he says he’s going to do and no one knows what he’s going to do once and if he becomes president. So that’s more of the ‘maybe it’s good news and maybe it isn’t good news’ kind of thing.

George W. Bush, -head and shoulders above any other possibility- by an enormously wide margin as the worst president America has ever seen, is going to be leaving office in about eight months and that... that will be one of the most wonderful things to ever happen in America but... it hasn’t happened yet so that can’t be good news either. Since that stone-cold evil, ambulatory dog turd had the White House stolen for him there’s been almost no good news of any kind. This post prelapsarian nightmare has gone on and on and on. It has been the longest eight years of my life at a time when time should be moving faster but isn’t. I guess I should be grateful to him for making me feel like I am living forever but I’m not. So that’s not good news either.

World situation; lots of words from unnamed sources indicating that things aren’t as bad as they seem, similar to someone telling me it’s rain when they piss in my ear. Actual world situation seems to have that SNAFU hi-lighting patina. No good news there... just words and according to George Soros, who definitely knows what he is talking about, the bottom is going to drop out of the economy and look like Rush Limbaugh’s ass in the shower; sorry about that image. I expect you’ve seen it often enough though; after all, it is the face he shows to the world. That doesn’t seem like good news.

Psychotic leaders and their handlers are all behaving like young marines in a Navy bar at 2:00 am. I used to hear that word realpolitick a lot... now I see it everywhere. The prevailing philosophy has become self-interest at any cost. This is amplified by manufactured scarcity of critical elements to world harmony where, in fact, there is no scarcity at all. That doesn’t qualify as good news. It is good news that things are not scarce and that they only seem to be, so that incomprehensibly rapacious, refugees from The Treasure of Sierra Madre can steal everything that isn’t nailed down and then come back with crowbars for the rest. No, that’s not good news.

Culturally, half of the world is walking around with earbuds and performing arcane rituals with their cell-phones that are breeding millions of brain tumors, the throbbing of which will provide a backbeat to the brain rape music in their heads. Everybody is looking in the mirror. The guys want to know if that David Cook hairstyle, which looks like rats shit in it and then Krazy-Glue was applied on top, is the bomb or not. The other half of the world is hungry and frightened and canon fodder for conflicts that are being manufactured for them by the people who make money off of this sort of thing so... once again, no good news.

I go to MSNBC and, let’s see... Bush lied. No? Really? Obama doesn’t know Auschwitz from Buchanwitz. Man that’s a really big issue in a mountains out of molehills sort of a way. There’s the usual collection of meaningless crapola for the McInformation Age but no good news I can see unless you’re a Laker fan. Nobody saved a baby from a well, world hunger is still a growth industry and Jesus is coming soon to a shopping center in your neighborhood.

FoxNews still looks like used and unflushed toilet paper. One of the many gifts bestowed upon us by the most evil man on the planet. Hmmm, that’s a hard call. Yes that’s a hard call indeed and certainly not good news.

Looking at America from a distance of time and years, I can only say that the most astonishing thing is the speed of the decline. It’s been about as fast as one of the World Trade Center buildings coming down and for reasons equally as ambiguous. Then there is the strange irony of an epidemic police presence increasing at the same rate as the value of what they are protecting is decreasing; still no good news.

I guess we’re going to start getting good news when the quality of the personnel on the planet improves. It’s hard to imagine good news in a place where the pressure from the top tells us that it’s every man for himself. There’s a mysterious law in the universe which says if there doesn’t appear to be enough of everything to go around then it’s musical chairs with baseball bats. When it appears that there is plenty to go around, which is the truth, natural generosity at all levels becomes more apparent.

I guess you get good news the way you get bad news. You create it based on the collective viewpoint of the people in the world; based on what they’re told and how they respond. We have got to do something about the small minority of powerful vampire bats that are de-harmonizing the world. We can’t do that until the few who aren’t walking around with their eyes taped shut can convince those who are to remove the tape.

Somehow we’ve got to motivate collectively for a finer expression. We seem to have lost touch with what is important as we scramble for the meaningless. As life becomes increasingly trivialized, the value of it and the consideration given to it, in respect of each other diminishes. It’s been said that the best way to forget about your own problems is to help somebody else. As hard as it may be to believe at this time, most of us want to do the right thing. Most of us are more than half-way decent people. It’s the compromising with the evils of the day that rob us of our humanity and we’ve got to stop that compromise. Somebody convinced the majority of us that the wrong way is the right way. As a result of that you are going to get bad news and lots of it. We have to reverse that process. The moment we stop making those ancient mistakes that our weakness and fear demands of us ...everything, everything changes.

We have to tell ourselves within the quiet of our own hearts that we are no longer going to cut deals with our oppressors so that they can keep on oppressing. We have to tell ourselves and convince ourselves and then we have to tell others. I’ll let you in on a little secret. It is actually harder to go along to get along than it is to stand up for the principles you believe in and you’re going to feel a lot better about it too.

We’ve got some powerful weapons. We have the conviction within that tells us what the right thing is and we’ve got the internet where, before that, we weren’t getting heard at all. When you do find some good news and when you hear the right thing start to consider it your new job to make sure that everyone else hears it too. Once we can manage the revolution within, the one without will take place automatically. That will be good news. That will be the best news of all.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

On a personal note I would like to apologize for my dreadful performance on the radio Sunday night; if you were unlucky enough to catch it. I hadn’t slept in days and then made the mistake of drinking way too much Valerian tea which made me sound like I belonged in the back of a police car or should be chased by men in white coats with nets.

I try to be on and do my job but accidents do happen. I shouldn’t have done the show when I could hardly sit up or keep my eyes open. Many men have learned to their great cost that you can erase years of good work in a very short period of time. This is a lesson to me and I’ll not soon forget it. Thank you for your understanding as well as the ongoing great support. I am much indebted to the reader for the inspiration and fine commentary that is one of the hallmarks of this site.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Here be Psychopaths and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Every now and then you see blinding clear evidence that some people, some nations, some systems are pure evil and this is such a one. You can’t spin this. You can’t morph it. You can’t put a smiley face on Count Dracula when you’ve got the video of his fangs going into a neck. Come to think of it, Count Dracula is probably smiling but it is unlikely that you are.

What kind of conscienceless creatures could bulldoze the farms of a people already in such desperate straits? If you said Israel, you get a thousand dollars at Free Parking and you can proceed directly to Go.

Sure... you may know that they’ve shut off the power to such an extent that the sewage can’t be processed (nor anything else) and have made damn sure that the sort of thing that happened in Katrina could happen again in Gaza in spades; step by step, inch by inch. You know that they routinely take target practice on small children and then confirm the kill. You know that settlers beat and kill Palestinians without provocation whenever they fucking well feel like it.

You know that they control American domestic and foreign policy by controlling the banks that issue the currency that they release and withhold in order to force compliance so as to... make sure that America will fight her battles. You know that they, without a doubt, control the media and whatever the Donald Duck media wants the Elmer Fudds of the world to believe. You, the reader, probably know most of these things and are as helpless as I to prevent them.

After all, we’re up against the cartoon characters who were born out of Britany Spear’s head as if she were the Mother Alien in Alien 2 and we’ve now got a world half (or more) filled with Nimrods, text messaging the divine and expecting the McRapture to lift their cottage cheese asses up into some eternal Heaven where they, according to me, are welcome to enjoy a fellowship equally as numbing as one of those Protestant hymns they love to excruciatingly bring forth in their ponderous way for the enjoyment of God whom, I do indeed know, has far, far better taste than that. I can’t stand that shit and I’m sure God has a better ear than me. Does any reasonable person think that God, much less any of us, wants to sit around and listen to some stiff-necked, bloated, fast food recovery system, belt out “Faith of our Fathers”? ;...or any of the rest of the awful badly written peans to anthropomorphism?

Here’s your Starship Enterprise -well, they can’t possibly really mean this because that would just mean they would all go to Hell the sooner. No one can tell me that Bush does not know he is a Satanist. He certainly does. Bringing on the end times; which do not exist because there is no end, just new beginnings, is a load of crap even bigger than the one St. Peter will find in Bush’s diaper when he shows up at the gate.

People... I would like you to pay a little more attention than usual. I know that is asking a lot because a lot of you pay a lot of attention anyway. However, this needs to be said and it needs to be said hard and direct and with all the clarity the speaker can muster. God is not a dim-witted Kentucky Fried Chicken eating fool. Could this remarkable universe have come into being through the technical agency of a retarded God? Think about it.

And if you think that intelligence is the result of evolution then you are sadly mistaken and history shows this to be true. Evolution is the result of intelligence and that is why they call what some few know to be true as, "ageless wisdom". It doesn’t change. It just is. Some few in every generation get it and the rest enjoy the vampire antics of the facsimiles. I have the rare pleasure of having met an agent of this energy and I can tell you that, for all your meandering about secret societies and one world governments, the matter is firmly in hand and always has been; therefore the prefix, ‘ageless’.

I don’t know anti-Semitic from soft ice cream. All I know is that some people are nasty characters and some people want to know if you’re okay and if there is anything they can do. That’s what it comes down to. Anyone who is reading this and anyone who is not that thinks it is okay and justified to destroy the food source of a people displaced by the party of the first part is an ugly and indifferent creature and I... yes, I, hold you to account.

You may have the upper hand in this temporal movie at this time and you may think that you can kill and rape and plunder with impunity but I will tell you that there have been others before you and they have thought what you think now and they became the veritable scum beneath the dead leaves in the gutter as a reward for their presumption and mischief. I WILL see you in Hell and it won’t be as a resident.

Yeah, things and terms change to suit the conditions. No asshole ever rocks the Casbah and you certainly do not; not in any cosmic sense and I will say what I have said many times before. You are going down. You will feed on the filth of your own being. Today, you control the press and the banks and so much that we all once enjoyed. You have made rules to forbid our pleasure while you have increased your own. You have murdered our children while your own have fed on their flesh but that was then and this is now and no one knows what waits down the line.

Anyone who knows me knows that I consider compassion the first indication of humanity in anyone. Any of them will tell you that no one without compassion can be my friend. Don’t mistake that for weakness. I can dispassionately watch you go down. I do not interfere with choice and free will. I might mourn the loss but I will not interfere.

You have made Heaven cry. You have blotted out the sun. Your coarse antics have shit not only on your own humanity but upon that of all of those deceived who have followed you into perdition and beyond. I speak as an expression of the one who brings the Tandava. You may take this as Gospel;

No one... not one...can approach the throne by words and empty gestures and allowing the torment of others. Your master told you very clearly everything you need to know to be a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew and you don’t know the text written upon your heart for the lack of its vibration anymore than you can find the hole in the ground you will be buried in.

Don’t talk to me about The Rapture. I won’t say this often but I know what that is and you don’t. What you get is a purgatory listening to all of your fellows who can’t dance and who can’t sing and you absolutely, unequivocally, don’t know how to make love and you are welcome and invited, RSVP, to kiss my ass all the way to nothing at all.

Destroy people’s farmlands? It’s personal now, you vile shits. Talk about your rapture when you are the last people the God I know will ever take up. Think about it this way... selfless service and a warrior like certainty against injustice motivated by the one who seeks it more than you will ever know... that is the ticket to Heaven and... without it? You are going nowhere at all... or worse. Mark my words.

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lizards and Vultures and Swine... Oh my!

This isn’t going to be easy to accomplish. If I have to think about it I’ll wind up in a personalized version of the Okefenokee Swamp without an airboat, or mucking through the Everglades looking for the Tamiani Trail; use your imagination and you’ll come up with something.

Before I get sucked back into specializing on one topic after another, which often makes me feel like a monitor with an 800 by 600 resolution, let me paint my idea of the big picture and throw in a little creative visualization, all at no cost to you except for the time spent to consider it. You’ve got time. You’ve got nothing but time. No matter what time you think you don’t have and however much you think time is running out, you have more time than you can possibly imagine. To explain this I have to get a little metaphysical.

As long as you’re running around in the world of time, which is part and parcel of the terra you walk on and made possible by the possession of a physical body, you will never run out of time. You may go through transitions and bodies but time will be a constant companion. When you are not in the realm of time you have forever, literally so... any way you look at it there’s a big stretch of something to either move across or be perfectly still within as you expand exponentially in all directions.

Time is a little like gravity. It has weight. It presses down. Compare in your mind the relative time awareness between being in a prison cell and having sex or watching a movie. Compare sitting in a sauna to lying on a beach. Compare being a lawyer to being a musician. If time is a construct of the mind then- it goes without saying- the first place you should address anything is in your mind. This is your control sphere and either you are running the show here or the world is running the show.

You see... either you possess an objective mind and a capacity to be detached from an emotional connection to trivial and ever changing phenomena or your head is going to be copped by the world around you and you are going to be the plaything of lizards and swine. It’s a matter of degrees of torment and bondage or degrees of clarity and freedom; it all begins and ends in your head and that’s what makes the media such a powerful force. That’s what makes the control of the flow of information such a high priority for lizards and swine.

Let’s talk a little about lizards and swine and vultures too. Animals are living embodiments of qualities we see exercised by people every day. You can see the animal characteristics in people without much difficulty if you are capable of this sort of thing. Human characteristics are less easy to spot- and a surprise when you see them- because they aren’t in evidence as much.

Most of you know who David Icke is and have read about the lizard people who may, or may not be in control of much of the phenomenal world. This idea didn’t originate with Icke. He just assimilated it from much older texts that stretch beyond recorded time. The terms ‘atavistic’ and ‘reptile brain’ should be familiar to you. Icke postulates that there are shapeshifters in our midst who can turn into bi-pedal lizard people. He’s got people who allege to have witnessed Daddy Bush doing just this. It would explain a great deal.

I’m not concerned with whether some portion of the psychopaths among us can actually do this or not. For me, if someone behaves like a flesh-eating lizard then they might as well be one. The same goes for vultures and swine. There are people among us who gladly trade their humanity for animal and reptile characteristics in order to profit according to the appetites of these creatures. It is in the satisfaction of certain appetites that you can see what is predominant in anyone. What you want and what you strive for determine who and what you are.

People like Donald Rumsfield and Dick Cheney; the Bush Crime Family, Rupert Murdoch, assorted neo-cons and various and sundry are all human equivalents of lizards and vultures and swine. Think of a lizard that can walk on two feet and who has hands that can open your icebox, operate a firearm and sign a piece of paper and you get some idea of the sort of monsters you are dealing with.

I know that it is difficult to imagine that a person can do the kinds of things that David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger do because... you’re not like them and you could never do these things so... it just seems incomprehensible. This puts you at a disadvantage because you’re always thinking there have to be reasons; reasonable necessities, needs, requirements that compel them to behave as they do. It is impossible to imagine that members of the banking community actually get together and bankroll wars for no other reason than profit; which they reap from both sides of the battlefield.

War creates debt which creates profit made from money that is printed out of thin air by bankers. Debt grants control over policy and resources. That’s all there is to it except for one thing. They enjoy doing it. They do it because it also makes them hard. You have to understand this. There is no secret wisdom that these men and women possess that requires them to behave as they do. There’s no hidden charter that says they have to perform difficult acts that are for our own good but we can’t know why. They do these things because they delight in evil and practice it for the sheer joy of doing it.

Around every two thousand years the world goes through a tremendous upheaval and transformation. We are present in such a time. What the universe does in the beginning of each new age is a certain amount of spring cleaning. Much of what the lizards and the vultures and the swine have been up to and the creatures themselves are about to pass away. You need to know this and to be calm and aware. Otherwise it is not difficult to get sucked away with them when they go down. Think of what happens when an ocean liner goes down and you are trying to swim away from it. You need to get distance from that liner or all of your swimming is to no avail. It’s better not to be sailing on that liner at all.

You have heard that it is “always darkest before the dawn.” Just so... We are being separated out according to our treasures and will be having our cosmic passports stamped at the customs station for points up and down; evolving and de-evolving. New heroes and villains, opportunities and challenges are this very minute being manufactured for the coming age; for the next movie. But this isn’t your ordinary 2,000 year cycling. This is a 25,000 year cycling and so the ocean liner and the whirlpool and the re-cycling is going to be impressive indeed. You don’t need to believe in any of these things to see that insanity is loose in the world. Lots of people want a piece of it and some don’t want any part of it.

I’ll say this much. Belonging to a particular religion isn’t going to make any difference whether you make the quantum jump or not, no more than belonging to a particular political party, or having brown hair or no hair. Certain qualities are being awakened and carried forth and others are being composted and discarded. Depending on what you identify with determines where you go. Love and compassion above all; a capacity for selfless service, the acquisition of wisdom and a connection with the source of what all religions are based on will be your most valuable possessions. Not much else is worth much.

I don’t care if Bush can really change into a lizard because if it walks like a lizard and talks like a lizard and acts like a lizard it must be a lizard. The same goes for vultures and swine. I don’t care about the reports of vampires and werewolves because you can find both of them from Hollywood to Bangkok any day of the week. I don’t care about Christians and Jews and Muslims banging each other upside the head. All of that is on its way out. There is an entirely new world on the horizon and it won’t be all cream and gravy either.

We’d all be a lot better off working on ourselves and staying out of mischief than getting overwrought about the actions of dark forces seemingly and temporarily triumphant over our lives and circumstances. They cannot last and their only power lies in making you believe they can. Their power is in making you forget to be human and act like them in kind. They are on their way out; the Zionists and the neo-cons; the illuminati and the lizard kings, the fascists and the communists, the materialists and the con-artistes are going down. Nothing can stop this. It is natural and supernatural law. It’s best not to get caught up in the circus unless you want to be part of the act.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Next time I’ll be back to bang on one drum or another but the only drum I’m ever really banging on is the drum I was banging on today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Part Two; Are you Drunk, Stupid or Asleep?

Every day I take a little stroll through the internet to see if the world has woken up yet. Every day I see that it’s the same world bent out of shape into the contortion of the moment. It reminds me of a man trying to escape back pain by adopting some posture that would be sure to make his back hurt if it didn’t hurt already.

For some the sleep is dreamless and they lay motionless. For many others it is a restless dream that involves twisting and shifting and flailing about, hitting the bodies of other sleepers, all of them caught up in the total subjectivity of their own being. Millions of dreams bouncing off of each other like a runaway pinball machine attended by flashing lights and sound effects with a robot voice over the top announcing the ever changing circumstances that, though they possess an infinite variety of possibilities, are forever confined to the table until they go down through the bottom chute. There’s one way in and one way out and only the one table. No one knows what goes on during the time when the ball is off the table. The ball never says anything about it. It just comes back and starts bouncing off of the bumpers, shooting through the gates and sliding in the aisles.

It’s a real trick to walk through this world going in the opposite direction and managing to sidestep all of the people going the other way who are walking with their eyes closed.

I don’t mean to be critical because, you see, I’m dreaming too. I’m dreaming that I am awake and in a certain way I am but I’m still dreaming. Given that, I think it is the context and quality of our dream that defines us. This is the sort of dream that I wish I was having. I’m glad that someone is having this dream and I’m sad that there are so few. This dreamstuff that envelopes all of us is manipulated by various forces; the forces of industry and enterprise, the forces of religion and politics, the forces of desire to possess and acquire. Some forces are inimical to humankind. They feed on human flesh and they drink blood. They sacrifice children; not just the lives of children but their innocence as well as their hopes and dreams. You could say, “Well, after all, they are only dreams. We are only dreams, what does it matter?” Stick a pin in your hand and tell me how it feels. Maybe the pain is only a dream too.

Why are some of us content to live a life of total self-indulgence and vanity? Why are there so many Paris Hilton clones feeding off of the dream assembly lines? The march of the Ken and Barbie dolls goes on. There is nothing more for them than to be admired in the reflected lenses of their own eyes as they stare into the mirror; to be important and successful and unwilling to trouble their beautiful minds with considerations upon the world in front of us. Others see an opportunity for service in every circumstance. Some desire only to be served. The greater body gravitate from one to the other and depending on how deep is the materialism of the age; upon that depends where the majority of their attention will remain.

Alas Babylon... we could have had so much. We could have done so much but we got lost in a masturbation fantasy and stood hypnotized in a field of Narcissus flowers. When I see the work of a man like Jacque Fresco I am galvanized to be, to try to be, a better person. When I hear about Dean Kamen it makes me want to try harder and do more. Whenever I hear about someone who is making the world a better place, I am inspired. Then I always think, “too few... too few”. I don’t want to complain and scold. I don’t want to rain on the parade of your vain and pointless posturing to stand out as the object of desire among tens of thousands of frogs in sequined jumpsuits sitting on tens of thousands of lily pods in all of the small ponds across the planet.

I look at men like Ron Paul and Jessie Ventura and I think to myself, “Why wouldn’t most Americans want these men in the highest office in the land instead of the sold out whores we have to choose from?" I could criticize Jessie Ventura I suppose. I could criticize anyone if I were so disposed... but behind the brusk and bristling persona I see an honest man. Jessie Ventura cares what he is about. He’s the sort of man who couldn’t live with himself if he were to behave like “Old Yellow Streak 1” or “Old Yellow Streak 2”. I believe that President Jessie Ventura would ‘try’ to do the right thing and that he would seek to know what was true and not casually compromise the truth to fit his will. So he was a professional wrestler; what was Ronald Reagan?

I believe that Ron Paul would ‘try’ to do the right thing. Is he a reptile in disguise? Does he make funny hand signs and belong to secret organizations? Anyone who wants to do away with The Federal Reserve can not be one of the bad guys. Anyone who wants to cut off foreign aid to Israel which adds to all of the holocaust blackmail cash that pours into weapons that are used to murder a population armed with sticks and stones is on the right side of the equation.

But not even Ron Paul will touch the 9/11 question. Maybe he knows better and maybe he will when he can. Jessie Ventura calls it for what it is. He can’t be one of the bad guys. Sooner or later you have to stop thinking that anyone and everyone is a member of the elite. It could hardly be ‘the elite’ in that case.

Ron Paul is still running for president but you wouldn’t know it. Yet... a very large portion of the American public supports him. All you have to do is vote for him. Is that too much to ask? Somebody out there please... bring these two men together into a room. Bring Robert Kennedy Jr. into that room. Bring together some small group of men and women who are at least halfway honest men and women and see what the opportunity to lead will do in terms of the angels of their better nature. Damn it!!! Make it happen.

I’m getting sick and tired of watching an indulgent nation wacking off to porn and stuffing Cheetos into their fat cheeks like retarded Chipmunks. I’m getting sick and tired of having to wake up every day and encounter the same shit for brains treadmill walking hamsters who are marching through the chutes to the killing floor. We could have and achieve so much and you are content with this? You make me want to puke.

Well, there went any lyrical integrity this post might have had...

People, look around you. There are a lot of decent caring people who would gladly share the same dream. You are capable of marching off to die in a corporation war but you aren’t willing to march off and die for the only things that make life worth living in the first place? What? The former has an official imprimatur and the other is a risky proposition? Crossing the street is a risky proposition if you’re not paying attention. Many a dead chipmunk could tell you so.

All I ask is that you wake up enough to see that you are dreaming. Once you can see that you are dreaming you can dream along with Jacque Fresco and Dean Kamen. You can dream along with Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Right now you’re sitting by the riverbank in one of those stories at the end of Magister Ludi. I just want you to wake up and realize that you are sitting on the river bank. From that point we can set out upon that river or walk inland toward the shining city on the hill that we never got to build.

What can I or anyone do? I’ve got “Blue Jay Way” playing as loud as my speakers can manage but they can’t even hear it in the next block. You have to wake up. You have to.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Are you Drunk, Stupid or Asleep? Part 1.

To those for whom this post may seem strange I ask that you just ponder what's here and it will all come clear (one hopes) in Part 2 tomorrow.

When I was younger I had a burning desire to know what was going on. I think that it came in part from a desire to know why I had been born into such difficult circumstances. I know there are some horror stories out there but the entire time I was growing up I never encountered anyone whose story was as brutal as mine, unless you count my brothers.

Part of it came from the instinctive awareness that things were not what they should be. It just didn’t seem to me that life was supposed to be the way it appeared to be. It was impossible to fit in. I thought for a long time that I was crazy and actually institutionalized myself to find out. This was even before the government decided to institutionalize me later on. All I discovered was that the doctors and the staff were crazy and that the patients were just more obvious about it. There was no help for me there so I left.

While I was in this institution I read a magazine article about someone called Dr. Timothy Leary. What the article had to say fascinated me. I’ve never forgotten how I felt while I was reading it. About a year later I was living near Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. with some early prototypes of a new consciousness. I took some Sandoz LSD and I can remember (who could forget?) looking around me and how it dawned on me that I wasn’t crazy at all. The wealth of information that passed to and thru me during this single event would take a long time, if it were even possible, to tell. I saw, clearly and unequivocally that not only was I not crazy but that the world most certainly was. Nothing I have seen since has changed that.

Along with a multitude of supernatural and occult experiences, I came to see that the world was just phenomena that recycled in the process of repeating itself. The people of the world looked to me like toy soldiers that got wound up and marched off until they walked into a wall and fell over and then they made rotating circles on the floor until there was no crank left in the key.

Governments and religions all looked like what they were; experiments and assumptions. The experiments ran from very, very bad ideas to occasional good ideas that wound up in bad hands. In every society there are those who seek power, control and fortune and eventually they control the experiment with money, guns and lawyers. As for religion, it always came out looking the way certain people decided the incomprehensible, inexplicable, unexplainable ought to look. This necessitated a holy book and a priesthood and a great deal of money to be the gas that powered the car and the oil that lubricated the engine. Somebody always had to be in charge and, because it was always impossible to get the man himself to show up in person, somebody had to stand in for him and you can see what happened after that.

There’s only one good government and that’s the one whose purpose is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The less aware that you are of its presence the better it operates. Sooner or later the people I was talking about before show up and it goes through a variety of stages until it becomes an object of fear and ridicule (that’s where you are now). There’s only one good religion and that’s the one where everyone behaves like the person upon whom it was founded in the first place and which was the reason everyone thought it was such a good idea to begin with. It’s that simple. When it becomes complicated ...any of it... it’s always for the same reason, “What’s puzzlin you is the nature of my game.” Whenever something is wrong with any human collective system that usually works (and then stops working, or starts being badly worked) it is always for the same reasons. A certain handful of individuals have gotten together to steal and control everything in sight. That’s where you are now. Fascism is defined as a state where the corporations control the government. That’s where you are now.

Revolutions shouldn’t have to be bloody but they almost always are. Even when you take a guy like Mahatma Gandhi and all that he practiced and all that his followers practiced, it was still a hard road to travel. The same was true of Martin Luther King. You need a revolution. I don’t know what shape it’s going to take but it’s unavoidable unless you want to see what it’s like to be a Palestinian.

It’s a curious thing about America. You should probably watch this video about now. That’s pretty interesting isn’t it? All over the rest of the world people know about Ron Paul and are supporting him. It’s hard to understand how they even heard about him but somehow they did. He’s got websites in most countries that are put up by residents of that country.

Like you, I don’t know what the deal is on Ron Paul. I do know what the deal is on the other people. It’s possible that Obama has some hope of being a square shooter but anyone who feels the need to continuously kiss Israel’s ass in public makes me nervous. Ron Paul doesn’t do that. I can tell you right now that if you all got together and decided that you were going to vote for Jessie Ventura for president with Ron Paul as his running mate that you would have gone a long way toward correcting your situation. I suggest it this way instead of the other way around because Ventura is much more the sort of man that needs to be the front guy while Ron Paul is a specialist who shines in areas that are less understood by the public though certainly as important as anything could be.

The people of America (at this time) remind me of the kids in the back of the bus who always get smacked in the back of the head by the bullies and don’t do anything about it. I know something about bullies and there are very few options to choose from in terms of dealing with them. It might take some work to get yourself into a position to do what you have to do but you have certainly got reason for personal initiative. In terms of a government you are supposed to have LAWS that protect you from bullies both foreign and domestic. You’ll note that it is your laws that are under attack due to an attack by someone. This got blamed on a rag tag assortment of members of a so-called terror group that according to high ranking CIA agents doesn’t even exist. Now, your LAWS are being altered to protect you from a danger that has been orchestrated by elements in your own government with the assistance of a foreign nation that is supposed to be your best friend. That’s what all the evidence says. That’s what the evidence says.

Jesse questions 9/11. He has publicly said so. I can’t imagine how you would want to elect anyone who isn’t willing to cop to this. Jesse Ventura says the right things. Jessie Ventura would be a good president because he wouldn’t want to let himself down, much less you.

I don’t know what’s wrong with you people. Are you that stupid? Are you that drunk or stoned? Are you asleep? What is wrong with you? It’s not suddenly going to get better. The people responsible aren’t going to stop what they’re doing and say to each other, “You know what? This is wrong. Let’s do the right thing.” They’re psychopaths... do the math. This is why you ‘had’ LAWS in the first place. Laws are there to protect you. When laws become selective in application and open to whim and caprice and the interpretation of the law becomes the province of those whose position and livelihood depends on corporations... you’re screwed.

Let’s work on the concept of Six Degrees of Separation. Everyone reading this knows someone who knows someone and someone knows someone who is in a position to make the right thing happen. Everyone talking to everyone will soon find that everyone pretty much agrees that criminals have taken over the government. The only people who don’t agree are part of the operation or too stupid to be part of yours.

This essay is just a portion of the continuous, unavoidable necessity to keep asking the American People to pay attention and tear their asses away from the flesh/plether bonding of their ass to the TV chair.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sixty Years of Bloodshed, Treachery and Terror.

I am probably as tired of writing about Israel as you are hearing about it. However, today is supposed to be the big day when Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence. I thought the link was appropriate. I don’t know why he declared independence because there was no Israel to liberate from whatever forces of darkness they conjured out of their manipulated histories. But declare he did and today we celebrate 60 years of genocide against the Palestinian people who were living on the land- and had been for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years- and whom they murdered, exiled and slandered without pause until this day. In the process they wiped out all signs of Palestinian occupancy and changed the names of all of the towns.

As I resource “Visible’s Compendium of Rules for War and Legal Engagement”, I see on page 364, paragraph 2; “It is understood that when a people are attacked and driven from their country, they have the right to engage the aggressor by any means necessary in order to regain their homeland. This can be considered a universally agreed upon constant similar to the right to self defense and a space cushion.”

Until Palestine has been restored, Palestinians have the right to use what weapons they may possess to drive the invader out. If all they have are rocks and sticks and suicide belts, then that is perfectly legitimate as well as an indication of a courage that the invader does not possess. It is the commonly shared and oft-repeated belief of the mad-dog settlers and large body of neo-con Israelis that there is no such thing as a Palestinian or Palestine. However, believing something doesn’t make it so. One might ask Galileo. And... one needs to keep in mind that the truth is no defense against those who like to ask how many divisions The Pope might have.

There is one big and incessant, brain-rogering monkey that screams and throws dung from the trees upon one and all. That is that the Jewish people suffered the worst and only holocaust in history and therefore they shall be allowed to practice bloody murder for perpetuity. This was the intention of the Zionists who aided and abetted this holocaust to just this end.

No one knows how many native peoples died in the Americas during the several hundreds of years of plunder and genocide. I cannot remember where I got this from now but since it refers to published documents it can be checked; apologies to the source for not remembering who you are (if I ever knew).

“Coe, Snow and Benson, Atlas of Ancient America (1986). Total pre-Columbian population: 40M. Mexico: Original population of 11M to 25M ("lower figure commands more support") fell to 1.25M (1625). Peru: Pop. fell from 9M (1533) to >500,000 (early 17th C). Brazil: Original population of 2.5M to 5.0M ("recent commentators favoring the higher") fell to 1M.Massimo Livi-Bacci, Concise History of World Population History 2d (1996).Mexico: Population fell from 6.3M (1548) to 1.9M (1580) to 1M (1605). Peru: Pop. fell from 1.3M (1572) to 600,000 (1620). Canada: from 300,000 (ca. 1600) to <100,000 (ca. 1800); USA: from 5M (1500) to 60,000 (ca. 1800) [sic. Probably means 600,000 because he cites Thornton]. R.J. Rummel estimates that 13,778,000 American Indians died of democide in the 16th through 19th Centuries: Total dead among native Americans in colonial era: 49.5M out of pre-contact population of 55M. Democides in this: 5M. Democides among Indians, post-colonial era: 8,763,000. Democides in US: 15,000.Skidmore & Smith, Modern Latin America (1997). Mexico: Population fell from 25M (1519) to 16.8M (1523) to 1.9M (1580) to 1M (1605). Peru: from 1.3M (1570, forty years after Conquest) to <600,000 (1620); Panama, 1514-1530: 2M Indians killed. Mexico. Central: Population fell from 25.0M (1519) to 1.3M (1595). SE: fell from 1,700,000 to 240,000.North: fell from 2,500,000 to 320,000.Peru, 16th C.: between 8.5M and 13.5M people destroyed. Fredric Wertham, A Sign For Cain : An Exploration of Human Violence (1966): South American death toll of 15,000,000.” Between ten and twenty eight million blacks were transported to the New World to be slaves. One can use any of several mathematical disciplines to calculate the added number of those born into and killed in captivity. I need add no further examples (although there are many) except to mention that in The Congo the number of dead is now approaching six million.

Given the irrefutable proof that connects Israel to the 9/11 attacks as well as various circumstantial connections to the attacks in the London Tube and Madrid and watching the terrible march of the numbers of dead and maimed and displaced from Afghanistan to Iraq and Lebanon, one would have to say that Israel is unique in the degree of suffering caused across the span of its existence. Given that all of the conflicts mentioned were engineered by Zionist neo-cons in the US and Israel one can only stare in dreadful awe at this terrible engine of death and destruction that is called Israel.

Everything I have said here is based on a great deal more than opinion. Much of it is incontrovertible fact that has been published in the very media controlled by this sinister force.

I grow weary of talking about this inhuman nation of thugs. I grow weary of reading the thousands of news items that add further weight to the things I have said. I cannot be amused at public pronouncements by the catamite troll in the White House who declares that Olmert is an honest man; who has given up golf as his personal sacrifice for the war and who wishes he could be fighting alongside the troops because it looks so damn video game exciting. It’s the thought that counts.

How the American people can continue to endure and even support their criminal government makes me wonder whether there are actually any limits to servility and stupidity. How allegedly intelligent and informed men and women can ignore the 800 pound stinking armpit of their continuous hypocrisy and willful distortion of the truth, as they serve the interests of a foreign power against the interests of their own nation, is incomprehensible to me. How people can turn away from what the reasonable mind and all inquiry shows to be true is unfathomable. What is this psychopathic disconnect between the murderous activity of their leaders and their own shameful conspiracy of silence?

Today I celebrate the ongoing evidence of Palestinian courage and their capacity to endure against all odds. Today my heart joins with the heart of Palestine in the fervent hope that one day these things will not be. Today I cry out, “For shame!!!” to the merciless annihilators of life and human decency; a decency they long ago murdered in themselves. Today I cry, “J’accuse”, just as history will when this horror is summed up by those with enough distance from it that the fear of censure and loss will no longer silence their pens and their tongues.

As a human being with open eyes I condemn you Israel. As a human being I stand as one more witness to your awful crimes against humanity. The abomination which you are shall not forever endure. All tyrants have their date with destiny and yours will come apace. Those who celebrate and support this travesty of the human estate are welcome to their share of what awaits. Palestine, your day will come.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lying, Murdering Scoundrels and the People who Believe Them.

Before I go on to whatever it is that I say today and... I usually don’t know what that’s going to be, I want all of you to read this fine article from one of the better and more courageous writers going, Israel Shamir and then I want you to read this article on Ted Olsen.

These articles aren’t connected except that they are both to be found on The Truthseeker. Across the space of the internet there are all too few sites where you can get real and truthful information. Others are What Really Happened also Signs of the Times and The Peoples Voice. Prison Planet and others also tell us things we usually don’t find anywhere else but you probably know about them and you probably go there. If you don’t then you should visit these sites every day because they will tell you what is going on rather than telepathically invade you with messages crafted to form assumptions in your mind; assumptions that have no connection to the truth.

I try not to get angry and usually that’s not difficult. I’m not an angry person generally... I do have a problem with injustice. As much as I know that karma is a reality and that everything is under control, no matter how it looks, it still seems to me that we are required as human beings to protest and speak out against injustice. It is less important that we succeed in any particular mission than that we tried. You have to ask yourself what your life is about and what is important to you.

In these days the navel-gazing, self-absorption and pursuit of personal gain is epidemic. Even when people take the high ground on bad behavior, the motive is often the pursuit of their own celebrity rather than giving a damn.

Speaking the truth feeds an oxygen tank that allows you to breathe in an ocean of lies. Compassion is a protective device that defends your life. Love is a power that, when truly possessed, makes one invulnerable. Courage is the reward of conviction. I could go on and on about what these things mean to me, making up pithy phrases; Les Visible sound-bites that came out of one place and head off into another without either location ever being known. We’re traveling through dimensions and environments that we don’t understand and either we are trying to make sense out of it or we are trying to make money off of it.

Anybody who is paying attention knows that if the neo-con weasels and their banking backers want to hit Iran they have to do it before January 20 of next year. This is because no matter how much they think they know and no matter what steps they take they can’t be certain that the same evil process will remain intact after the election. I’m not a Barrack Obama supporter but I will give him a chance. I want/wanted Jessie Ventura and Ron Paul as the ticket. Obama is not likely to assault Iran so they have to get to it before the deadline.

This assault is the brainchild and desire of Israel. America is no more than the dog being wagged. Here are a few truths that are not being said except by those of us who are motivated to do so. Iran cannot and will not have a nuclear weapon by the end of the year. This is being said so that the attack can take place according to a fabricated desperate need. Israel is a rogue nation with nuclear weapons which does not cooperate with the IAEA. Israel doesn’t want Iran to have nuclear power or weapons because Israel, possessing these weapons, can act with impunity in the neighborhood and go on practicing genocide (Palestine) and mass murder (Lebanon 2006). If Iran were to have such a weapon then pressure could be brought to bear on the Nazi regime in Israel. Balance of power is not a bad idea and certainly Iran and her people are not crazier than many of the belligerent countries who are presently waging war around the planet.

Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorist organizations. They have a right to exist and defend their homeland against terrorism. What is being practiced in Palestine is terrorism. What happened in Lebanon in 2006 was terrorism. Bombing non-existent nuclear facilities in Syria is terrorism. What happened on 9/11 was terrorism as was what happened on 7/7 and 3/11. When you connect the dots it becomes very apparent who the real terrorists are.

Here are some other truths. Israel massacred a lot of Palestinian people back in the late 40’s and continues to do so until today. They drove 700,000+ of these people off of their ancestral homeland. Israel does not have a right to exist so long as they deny the Palestinians a right to exist. Israel has profiteered off of an intricate manipulation of the facts concerning events that took place during World War 2 and the Zionist movement aided and abetted these atrocities. They have fashioned a slur called ‘anti-Semitism’ to defend against any criticism of their pathological behavior and they keep pressing to have this word redefined until it includes every thought word and deed of which Israel disapproves. Although Israel makes up a very small part of the world’s population they are very highly represented in the neo-con movement. They were the motive force behind the 9/11 attacks, the Afghanistan invasion, The Iraq War and the orchestration of political and media pressure to attack Iran.

Israel’s celebration of 60 years of existence is actually a celebration of 60 years of bloodshed practiced on her neighbors. The facts given for the ’67 war and ’73 war are lies. Israel caused these events and hard data backs it up. Take the trouble to look into it. Take the trouble to find the last war that Iran ‘started’. Compare Iran’s warmongering with Israel’s.

It appears that telling the truth is anti-Semitic. Telling the truth is anti-Semitic. Looking for the truth is anti-Semitic. Finding the truth is anti-Semitic. Disputing anything that Israel says or does is anti-Semitic. The word neo-con (according to Paul Wolfowitz) is anti-Semitic. Not being Semitic is anti-Semitic. Breathing and having a free mind appear to be anti-Semitic unless you are one so defined as Semitic and which does not include Palestinians but does include Ashka-Nazis who are NOT Semitic. Personally, I think an enormous wall should be erected around Israel’s ’67 borders. It would be better if it were a dome. This is not with the interest of protecting Israel from the rest of the world but rather the rest of the world from Israel.

There are some wake-up calls coming for Israel and one of them is China down the road. Israel ought to be relocated in Myanmar where there is not only space but a political predisposition that dovetails with their own.

The two articles that I gave you in the beginning of this essay point out some significant truths. One of these truths is that a war is being fought through cultural manipulation with the intention of changing reasonable laws into unreasonable laws in order to create international police states so that the few can live at the expense of and upon the backs of the many. The other article shows blatant and certain lies which further indicates that there are other lies about the 9/11 attacks.

My feeling is that we are all looking at a long hot summer which shall prove to be anything but metaphorical. Maybe you have no interest in the truth. Maybe you would not recognize it if you encountered it. Maybe you don’t care what happens to other people and maybe you do. Whatever the truth of that may be will be clearly shown by what you say and do according to what you believe. When enough people speak and act from their conscience, psychopathic, reptile behavior will naturally diminish. So long as you do not speak and act from your conscience you are a contributor to the conditions of the times.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The 9/11 Psychopathic Merry, merry Month of May.

Softly... softly... stepping carefully among the possibilities of critical hours; I have been thinking about the bombing of the Madrid Train Station on 3/11. I have been thinking about the bombing of the London Tube on 7/7 and the Mac daddy wack on 9/11 and I ask myself; what about May? You have a 3 and a 7 and a 9 but you have no five. I guess it’s foolish to wonder about things like this but that’s how the mind works sometimes.

You might well have expected 7/11 more than anything else and it may be why you didn’t get it. 5/11? Who knows? It’s like the lines to that West Side Story song, Something’s Coming... “Something's coming, I don't know what it is, But it is, Gonna be great!” It probably won’t be great, not in the sense that the song implies but it wasn’t so great in the play either as it turned out.

We’ve got hanging Madam’s and back-shot CIA agents and you might want to read what that link has to say and maybe do a little deeper research into connecting the dots. It’s all there on the internet if you want to look for it. It’s getting to be like it was in Marathon Man after Zell’s brother got killed in that NYC car crash. “Is it safe? Is it safe?” No, it’s not safe. That’s life. Watch your step.

The Democratic primary continues to lurch along like a drunk trying to maintain his balance and find his car keys at the same time. Clinton rakes in most of the white voters and Obama rakes in most of the black voters, while the party whoops it up like the cash flushed whore that the drunk left back at the lap dance emporium. The whore didn’t do anything about the war. The whore didn’t do anything about impeachment. The whore didn’t do anything that Israel told it not to do and all the tapes and Polaroid snaps are breeding in a box at your local Mossad franchise. The whore has whore concerns and no time for anything else.

Strange things are going on in Lebanon and lots of people know it. Given that Israel has a birthday on the 14th, celebrating 60 years of Palestinian extermination; it goes without saying that they are going to want to be able to celebrate in a fashion that exemplifies the reason for their existence... blood in and blood out baby.

America needs water for Las Vegas and all kinds of other places and they’re not shy about getting their hands on it. They weren’t shy about Afghanistan and the opium shortage. They weren’t shy about Iraq; only the real reasons behind it and they aren’t going to be shy about Iran either, not with Israel telling them what to do. Now the opium is flowing again and the pipeline from Iraq to Haifa green-lighted because of all the support Israel gave America during the war; no one’s saying what that support was but apparently it was large. If you ask me the biggest support came from the neo-con dual nationals that lied everybody into the war in the first place.

If you want to know why everything is the way it is, why the world resembles a PCP infused mosh-pit at a Black Sabbath concert instead of the world according to Jacque Fresco, you have only to read this book, Political Ponerology. Most people have never even heard of this book. What it took for this book to find its way into publication is as torturous a tale as you will ever encounter. Do you want to know what is really going on and what really should be going on? Get your hands on the book “Political Ponerology” and see the film “Future by Design”. I would wager that most people have never come across the name Andrew M. Lobaczewski or Political Ponerology any more than they have come across the name of Jacque Fresco. The works of both of these men are indispensable to being in the state of knowing what is going on and what should be going on.

There is an alien race among us and they are scary powerful. They are not scary powerful because they are that much smarter than the rest of us. They are so because there are no moral constraints upon their behavior. They do not have the self-limiter of conscience. They are without conscience altogether. They are psychopaths. No doubt you have asked yourself how certain men and women could do the things they have done; how could they kill and torment millions of people with no regret whatsoever? Study a bit about Ponerology and you will not have to ask this question again.

These men and women account for six percent of the population. They move among us as one of us but they are in no wise human. They are veritable demons in human flesh. All the ancient tales about shape-shifting lizard men; werewolves, vampires and similar creatures from the dark side of being are based on these individuals. Until we can identify them and root them out we shall have no prosperity and no peace. They are the single most pressing problem that faces the human race. Your concerns about fascism and concentration camps, war and pestilence, lack of food and water and any and all of the myriad fears that assail the human mind and condition are most often the result of the efforts of these men and women.

For a long time, these sinister and shadowy figures have tormented the human estate. They are an ancient race. They are at work in the political and religious theaters. They are at work in the media. They are at work in the business and banking communities. They are in the entertainment and sports world. They are everywhere. They are white and black. They are Christian and Muslim. They are Arab and Jew and portions of everything else and they are bad news.

For far too long we have reacted to conditions instead of causes. We have been confused and befuddled by the whys and the wherefores. We have looked at the thing instead of into the thing. Our eyes have been upon the chessboard and not upon the players moving the pieces. These creatures are in the prisons and in presidencies. They are moving in the traffic in the streets. They are our single most pressing concern and until they are identified and called to account there is no point in wasting time on anything else. Nothing else will prosper or come to pass because they are there in the workings.

Courtesy of a link in the comments section I would advise EVERYONE to read this article and you will see what we are up against.

It is unfortunate that you need a mind and must possess the ability to concentrate in order to be able to read and comprehend Political Ponerology. With the passing of time, intelligent awareness is being bred out of the human condition. The majority of us were never that bright to begin with but de-evolution is making it worse than it has been in a long time.

It’s not all bad news. We are talking about it and we haven’t done that before. We are isolating it. We are seeing it; some of us are seeing it. Nothing these psychopaths do can halt what is coming. It is truly unfortunate that so much harm must come to pass before justice can be done.

They know that we know and they are not unaware of forces more powerful than they. This is why there is so much chaos and international criminal activity at this time. Fifteen hundred words are not enough to address the implications of this problem. Read the book, if you have the mind to accomplish it and see the film of what could be ours and remember that the problems are not what they appear to be. The problem is behind the appearances. The problem lies in those who are manifesting the appearances.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pick up Your Magic Wand and Let's Do some Magic

No doubt most of us have heard of a factor called ‘home court advantage’ in relation to sporting events. In some sports this is a bigger factor than in others. That it is a truth is undeniable. It’s an interesting fact that if a smaller dog attacks a larger dog on its home turf that the larger dog will generally be driven off. We’ve seen this in war zones like Vietnam and the present day Middle East conflicts where more superior armed invaders have been driven back or had their advantage neutralized because they were fighting an ‘away war’. I was thinking about ‘home court advantage’ earlier and in the process a number of things came into my mind about it.

We’ve all got a home somewhere, though lately, more and more of us don’t. We’ve all got a body and we’ve all got a mind, though lately, more and more of us don’t. I took half an hour this morning to run through a number of pages at the Perez Hilton Hollywood gossip site because I wanted to see what was going on with the latest screw-ups and publicity games among the pathologically ego-driven. Every now and then I do a little slumming at locations I wouldn’t ordinarily visit because it gives me some view into the lives of the people who fascinate the minds of the people who pay attention to them. It helps me to understand how this potentially beautiful world has been turned into such a plastic shit-shop filled with culturally engineered refugees from The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Recently I’ve been serializing an on line book at this location. The last two chapters have dealt with the ‘reactive mind’. Controlling the public reactive mind is something the media does. Schools do it. The military does it. Religions do it. Scientology has made its fortune off of it, though they, instead of you, wind up at the controls. Your parents tried to shape your reactive mind so that you would be a normal or better person, according to what they thought was ‘normal’ or ‘better’, which is how so many of us wound up as examples in this Phillip Larkin poem. Personally, I’m with Bruce Cockburn; “the trouble with normal is that it always gets worse.”

I’m going to get a little philosophical in this posting and the point of it is maybe to get more of you to use certain weapons that you have at your command and that you use reflexively already a la the reactive mind in your day to day walking round the endless corner of life in search of whatever comes next.

The ‘home field advantage’ that I want to talk about is your mind. You’re stronger, or should be, than all of the thoughts, impulses and survival concerns moving in and out of your mind and generated by all sorts of things like appetite, boredom, television commercials, day dreaming, car horns and some endless expanse of naked leg. The world of the media and the other criminal gangs of government and religion and the marketplace; those manipulating life into a migrating slasher flick that serves popcorn and everything else in every shop window in the whole world- have to first control the minds of the majority of people in order to get the interest and participation necessary to involve you in watching this cosmic train wreck while you wait for your turn in the barrel.

They do this by creating a fabricated message and a middle elite of managers who run their portion of the scam according to directives from the head office. If anybody doesn’t play, then they fire them or kill them or put them in jail; not necessarily in that order. All the priests and politicians; all the talking heads and entertainers, all the corporation heads and varieties of suits control whatever little pond they are swimming in and all the frogs and other life forms go along with the program or wind up sleeping in the alley, or dead or in prison; not necessarily in that order.

Now, there’s a reason they don’t want a bunch of people to hold hands and levitate the Pentagon. There’s a reason that they don’t want you to wear shirts that say “9/11 was an Inside Job.” Or “Bush swallows Gannon Yogurt” but will allow you to wear shirts that say, “I’m a dirty little slut”, or “blow me” even if you are only twelve years old. The fact is that if you get enough people together to levitate the Pentagon something is going to happen because the cats at the top are in to magic (for a reason) or they wouldn’t have all those secret handshakes and symbols and they wouldn’t be drinking the blood of children out of gold cups during secret ceremonies. Look at the secret and occult history of the world and see how much of this sort of thing has been/is going on.

As for the t-shirts... well... the medium is the massage... messages have power. It’s all about control and since we can’t just march into the White House and strip Bush and Cheney naked and then roll them in pig-shit and whip them up and down Pennsylvania Ave (yet) with all of the rest of the neo-con psychopaths, we need to look into things that we can do.

Do a little experiment for me. Pick a really stupid show on TV; something you wouldn’t ordinarily watch and sit down and watch it. Note that for the first few minutes you are aware that you are watching. Your objective mind might be pointing out to you how inane and mind-numbingly stupid it is but... sooner or later you are going to forget that you are watching. You will have been sucked in. This is what happens. It happens when you read a book. It happens when you are day dreaming. It happens when you are engaged in routine tasks. You have moved from the objective to the subjective, from the conscious to the automatic. From here your reactive mind can be manipulated according to the intentions of the puppeteers. You’re actually in a state of hypnosis. It’s like what happens when you stare into a fire.

They have to be able to get inside your head- they have to make you believe in war and famine, fire and plague and Madonna’s talent before they start to whip it up in the kitchen. They have to sell you the product before they fill the shelves with it... or empty the shelves of it. They have to get inside your head. It is at this point that you can do something about it. You can turn it off or you can consciously react. I would like everyone here to start practicing a conscious reaction to the lies of the day. Begin to say, “This is bullshit.” “This is a lie.” Say it out loud. Say it in your head. Say it to your fellows and explain to them that this is guerrilla action. If all of us get together and join hands around the world we’d be like Archimedes with a mental lever. The mind is magic and all magic comes from it. They have to get inside your head before they can motivate your form.

The key to freedom is to be able to see what hypnotizes you. If enough of us can short circuit the hypnosis then the power moves away, just as it is moving from mass media to the blogs, just like it went from network to cable... just as it can move from the nasty and trivial of this moment to the more refined and deeper presence of which we are capable.

It is a unity of mind and purpose that causes us to collect and protest against the confines of our prison warders and which can lead to a collective turning away from the machinations of those whose intention is to get inside our heads. The meaning of the word ‘Adam’ is ‘namer of things’; what we identify things as... are what they become to us and there is a venal and murderous operation at work to do the naming for us. You can’t get free in your life until you become free in your mind.

The movie, “Monsters Inc” has some penetrating truth to it.

We have to collectively agree that we are being lied to and call it... turn away from it and the power goes out of their cable. Our attention is their fuel. You are feeding your prison masters with the juice they use for that purpose. I suggest a world movement in which we constantly say, “bullshit”, “that’s a lie” I suggest we put clown noses on all these leaders and use the fun house mirrors of our minds to make them ridiculous and laugh at them. They can’t abide scorn. We’ve got to start somewhere and no matter what you choose to do it has to stop... and start... in your mind. Use your home court advantage.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Bumps under the Blanket and the Suicide Flu

Sometimes it is hard to know what to talk about. You come to that point where you feel like you’ve talked about everything you could think of and you don’t know where to go next. There’s some kind of massive cleanup operation going on recently. A number of British policemen were found dead. A hooker and a madam wind up hung- the latter said she would never commit suicide. A CIA man gets shot to death by police. There’s some kind of Danny Casolaro virus going around.

Underneath the covers of this brave new world are unidentified bumps traveling back and forth as if there were a rat orgy going on beneath. All we see are bumps. There are no faces and no names, until you read about somebody stabbing themselves in the back thirty times and then caving in the top of their head with a hammer in a frenzy of suicidal depression. The bumps keep moving and the bodies keep appearing somewhere else.

It’s hard to imagine this is all about some kind of exposure of the major villains. Everybody knows that Dick Cheney and his associates are a pack of whores so why would anyone be surprised that they hang out with whores? Who could imagine that the mass media which massages the common mind would ever print anything that the big whores wouldn’t like? If you told me that Dick Cheney raped and murdered pre-pubescent school girls and then barbecued and ate them I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I imagine that the only reason he wasn’t doing something like this on a regular basis is that he was getting a much better body count in his other efforts.

If you told me that Bennie Netanyahu and the Likudnicks celebrated Seder by dressing up in the skins of Palestinian women and danced around singing Hava Nagila while trampling the skinned and dying women underfoot, I wouldn’t bat an eye. They wouldn’t bat an eye doing it, unless it was part of the vamping. And if they did it as part of a promotion for a Tel Aviv supermarket opening it would be a big hit but you wouldn’t hear anything about it because no one would report it so... what gives?

After the murder of JFK thirty some people connected to the case died under mysterious circumstances. Books have been written and films shot that juggled the incidents in various ways and it didn’t come to anything. A lot of people have died in mysterious ways. Vincent Foster remains a curious mystery as does that of Dr. David Kelly. Here’s a little list and you might enjoy this excerpt. It’s my favorite.

April 10, 1987: Shani Warren, 26

--Expertise: Personal assistant in a company called Micro Scope, which was taken over by GEC Marconi less than four weeks after her death.

--Circumstance of Death: Found drowned in 45cm. (18in) of water, not far from the site of David Greenhalgh's death fall. Warren died exactly one week after the death of Stuart Gooding and serious injury to Greenhalgh. She was found gagged with a noose around her neck. Her feet were also bound and her hands tied behind her back.

--Coroner's verdict: Open.

(It was said that Warren had gagged herself, tied her feet with rope, then tied her hands behind her back and hobbled to the lake on stiletto heels to drown herself.)

Then there’s the rather longer list of those who appear to have died mysteriously because of some connection to Bush or Clinton. Then there are all those dead microbiologists and there’s even that babysitter for Marvin Bush complete with other mystery connections.

Now... I’ve got other lists besides these and, no doubt, you- the reader, can find even more. People are getting wacked or experiencing spontaneous insanity resulting in strange and fatal behavior. Maybe the deaths are a warning to others. Maybe it’s some kind of flu. Maybe it’s necessary to protect our freedoms from those who hate our freedom.

My favorite coincidence is the fact that two Bush Brothers presided over the two states with the highest number of executions and who diligently went about seeing them done and, on occasion, yukking it up, as Bloody George did with Karla Faye Tucker.

I keep hoping for a military coup and a special Ceausescu moment for the administration but that doesn’t appear to be among the bumps moving under the covers. I keep hoping some world leader will stand up before the U.N. and dramatically accuse the real perpetrators of 9/11 with the evidence we have and maybe some of the evidence that we don’t but that doesn’t’ seem to be a bump under the covers either. I keep hoping for an international sit-down strike that stops the engines of the world and continues until what needs to be done gets done... not much happening there either. Every now and then some organization proclaims a day to step away from the machine and maybe some people do but nobody notices and nothing gets reported.

Some strange shit is going on behind the stage. We know that high government officials around the world are engaged in large pedophile rings. We’ve seen the evidence in The Franklin Coverup. We’ve seen the evidence in The Dutroux Case. We’ve seen evidence of high government officials in Britain involved in the same. We’ve seen it all over with more links than in all the chains they wrapped around all of the children before they tossed them into the sea.

With all these wars that have been proven to have been based on lies and the myriad connections of various governments in the distribution of Afghanistan opium; made possible by the Afghanistan war and with the broad daylight genocide of the Palestinian people it’s a no brainer to assume that some really evil people are running the world.

Of course, the general public is daily treated to ongoing variations of Liebowitz porn and the subtle molding of a nation of Jon Benet’s all sexed up for the apocalypse. High schools hold proms with ‘pimps and ho’s’ motifs while decrying the breakdown in moral fiber which amounts to so much roughage passing through the cosmic colon. The Walrus and the Carpenter aren’t going to run out of oysters or tears.

People are getting fat and slow and stupid. Every little tic and twist now has a pharmaceutical remedy and a support group to nurture and glorify their tribulation. It’s a world of dysfunctional Jesus clones weeping with Oprah and saving the world.

Something is going on and it’s hard to get a handle on exactly what it is. Did bad aliens take over? Is Satanism the new Christianity? Is there something in the water or the air? Is it the GWEN system? Is it a combination of all of these and more? It’s suffocating and like a heavy narcotic dream. It’s not having any effect on the bumps moving under the blanket but we don’t know what those are. The bodies keep showing up and the subway to Hell keeps running while the sidebars on the car say Disney World.

It doesn’t look like everybody is going to wakeup before the usual horrible result occurs. I’m at a loss to think what anyone can do besides hunker down under the radar until the harvesting is over. I wish it looked more like we were about to turn the corner into a healing and long awaited light. It could happen I guess but there is no light where those bumps are moving and not much hope that anyone is going to rip the covers off.

I don’t like having to end something like this with such a mournful tone. I know it will straighten itself out because it always does, if only for awhile. Something tells me though that we are on the verge of terrible events; events more terrible than we have seen before.

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