Monday, September 27, 2010

The Queen and Sexy Sady need some Heat.

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It doesn’t get much better when you can find out that the Queen of England wanted to tap the money set aside for the poor to heat her palaces and dwellings. It’s certain to make a heart feel glad that her Royal Shitstress need not be concerned about the temperature in any of those, oh so many rooms that might happen to be empty at the time. It’s a possibility that any of a number of her lingering and occasionally visiting ghosts of departed ancestors might get the notion to move through some of those rooms and we wouldn’t want them inconvenienced if there were a chance that temperature might have an adverse affect on these wraiths.

One of the first things that came to mind while writing this was an immediate concern that the coffin of the gin-soaked dead Queen Mother might be lying in an unheated coffin. I hope they took care of that from the gitgo, while making sure that conditions were all that much worse in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib and all those other lovely haciendas where those who did 9/11 have chosen to imprison and torture all those people they paid warlords a bounty to snatch off of the battlefields of the wars they engineered as a result of the 9/11 attacks that they orchestrated so that they might extract information from these hapless insurgents who didn’t know nothing about nothing in a sort of sardonic, travesty of a Kafkaesque burlesque of a “You must confess, sign ze papers or I shoot ze dog and sell your daughter to Israel to have sex with a camel on Hebrew National reality TV”.

They can have a soundtrack done by Madonna and kill Palestinian’s in their hovels that get to watch it happen to them. Am I lacking compassion? Am I not attentive enough? I apologize for being clumsy and useless in serving you tea, while you enjoy yourselves. Did you break a nail! Ah... let me attend to thar right away. Let’s put hunger, disease and common human need aside for a moment because; not only did you break a nail but it was your favorite one; my apologies for not having done something sooner. I hope you will let me make it up to you.

I suppose it’s always like this when this long term situation approaches its climax. You’re going to see your share of Marie Antoinette types and all the other surfacing scoundrels, as this chapter, this age, is brought to its summation. It’s only fitting that we see them in all their glory acting just like one would suppose they would act, if one still possessed enough of a mind to be able to come to that conclusion.

The day has arrived and all the bad things that can happen to all of the bad people are about to happen. One might wonder about that, given that they have been getting away with all of this for so long but… sooner or later, the time comes and the moment is there and it all begins to outwork itself according to pure mathematical design, if you prefer or according to the will of some mysterious, unknown agency, if that makes you feel better. One might rightly assume that either infers and proves the other but that’s a personal matter you can sort out for yourselves.

What’s about to happen may even be enough to drag some of you away from your TV’s. You might actually get up off of the couch and walk outside and look around because I suspect it will be dramatic. The idea of ‘as above, so below’ should apply in all cases so if you’ve seen drama and spectacle on your television or in some theater or staging area concerning awards and performances and that sort of thing, you can expect a much higher degree of that in the cosmic working out of things.

It’s the funny thing about being asleep and waking up. Just moments before you were in a dream and then you awaken and… unless the dream was a profound one, it fades quickly away and here you are. You come to yourself and it’s you and you go on as you doing what you do. That’s karma in a way. Karma compels you to go through it and denies you the ability to see a way to transform it because you committed some kind of a crime against someone else and at the same time committed a terrible crime against yourself. That defines insanity to me.

It’s the same thing with being rich and being able to afford whatever you want but someone has more than you do so you should try to have more than them and even go to the extent that you will injure and abuse others just to accumulate what you won’t even use in order to prop up your own sense of self importance. What kind of people are these?

These are also the sort of people who will laugh about it when they think about it because they think it’s funny. That’s a good description of the psychopathic personality. I guess that is where their enjoyment lies. For them, the idea of having a friend or caring about someone else looks like something stupid. Why should you actually help someone else if you don’t get any benefit out of it?

This is how evil destroys itself. You go against your own best interests sooner or later and you get tagged by the very scheme you engaged in. You can see it as math. You can look at it in the sense of sporting competitions where there are rules and violations; penalties and so on and so forth.

People should keep in mind that when you hide things from yourself, because you know what you do is wrong, but you are going to do it because it advances your chances for what you want, then you have put yourself at risk in all kinds of ways sooner or later.

You are playing against yourself. Why is it that people don’t get this? No matter who you are, in a game like that, you win or lose, degree wise, according to what you value and appropriate to the means, methods and so on and so on that you engage in. Am I talking to myself? Yes, I am. You get what you bring, sooner or later. That is the real system and we all live in it. Those who control perception want more than their fair share so they manipulate it to their advantage.

Maybe they think they can outsmart the thing like a poker player, maybe they think luck will happen and maybe they don’t care. The system is not affected by this. This is why short term gains are stupid when they result in long term pains. Simple people can know these things but complicated people have increasing degrees of difficulty about it. Most of the time you can explain this to people and they will nod their heads and do nothing about it because to some degree they are also compromised unto themselves.

As it so happens, this is the time of the awakening and so we are now being able to see a lot of this... if you want to, are willing to, care enough... have earned the right and so on and so forth. You should take advantage of this splendid opportunity to get a clue and more because the chance for personal advancement at this time is very great. You have no idea.

The punishment end is equally so.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Elite and Chosen People Laughing Business Game.

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Yes... they are revving their engines. A plane from Canada was diverted to Sweden, which coincidentally just had some changes in policy not favorable to The Self Chosen Official Olympic Games Victims and it was on its way to Pakistan. This happened because a woman called on a payphone to say that there was a man on board who ‘might’ be carrying explosives. I guess this means that anyone can, at any time, call the police and say someone is on a plane with explosives and get the plane brought down and have a large news flash in the main stream fecalatorium press. (insert- now it says they let him go) Details are unimportant. Reality is unimportant. Perception is important and off we go.

We should have a pool with a prize to predict the next Israeli false flag because it really can’t be that far off now. I’m going to pick this very Monday. If I’m right I suppose everyone is going to want to know how I knew and... if I’m wrong, I get to pick again. Somebody is going to win something. You can have your choice of Atlanta or Seattle. Wait a minute. You can pick whichever you like. The odds are it won’t be in Mozambique.

You can be sure they have all kinds of side bets going, accompanied by hysterical laughter at how stupid everyone else is. It will be just like all those put options on 9/11 that got traced to Israel and immediately diverted (just like this plane) to another subject.

It’s bad enough that they do these things but they also think it’s funny. It occurs to me that some of us know more about what’s going on than they do. Some of us know it’s not funny what they do. Some of us know that they are going to get their butts kicked soon but they don’t. They actually think they are going to come out on top.

It makes you wonder. If they are in control of so much and so confident, why do they pause and hesitate? If it is at the point where they can laugh in public and do outrageous things for their own amusement, why should they be concerned about opposition? These are the kinds of thing that occupy my mind on occasion.

I’m beginning to see that I have been wrong about a few cardinal issues. It was my assumption, or maybe it’s the general assumption (grin) that the wise guys in The Elite and Chosen People Business know all about everything. Lately I am coming to think that they are in a dream just like the people they have been selling their dreams to, so that they can put them to sleep and then kill them or do whatever else it is that they want to do.

All day, this guy on a plane has also been on the front page of, along with a no credentials starlet and what looks like a used car lot but is actually a bunch of shot up vehicles from the Mexico drug war and we are being encouraged to have compassion for cars. They are laughing at you. They think you are a joke and nothing more than sport. Basically they are saying they can do anything they want to you and laugh at you and get you to laugh along with them. Isn’t that cool?

It goes without saying; since nothing short of cartoon characters appearing on the sidewalk, as if they were real, will convince you that you that you are fish in a barrel, they just have to blow some shit up. It pisses them off that you won’t catch on and call them on it but... of course, if you do, you will have to pay the Kosher Tax. This consists of one more digitized, flesh insertion of the mark of the beast into that bar code on your wrist. Reacting to them requires an apology for having pulled a Mel Gibson.

I’ve been exploring some mainstream media sporting events lately and looking at the crowds in the stands and there you are. You got your face painted like a tiger and the camera is catching the wife of the owner in the skybox or some collection of lives that stand as an example of some kind of success and there’s a whole lot of money and normal seems to be working.

Lots of different guys in shoulder pads and helmets are running into or around each other and that also varies depending on the sport, the location and so and so on. It looks like everything is hunky dory. I never met hunky dory. The name does not suggest a successful blind date but I don’t go on dates and I’m only half blind.

How am I going to feel about being right? I’ll probably feel the same way I would if I were wrong because I’m not in the game or ‘on the game’, except if watching it counts; if thinking and watching and wondering and …maybe some things I’m not going to talk about count then maybe ...but I don’t know.

Big headline; all day long “Police detain man on diverted bomb threat plane” is what I see. They are laughing at you. They can’t believe you are that stupid but you are. Someone goes to a payphone and makes a phone call and by now you would think there was some kind of names or reasons but all I hear is laughter and all I see are the busted, shot-up cars of the world they took from you. Are you laughing? Is it funny? Someone goes and sells substandard body armor to the American military which means it’s not Dragon Skin and then goes and spends ten million dollars on a Bat Mitzvah for his daughter and Tom Petty comes and plays. Bono probably would have been there but he was too busy suing his hairdresser for not returning some jeans and a jacket of his. Don’t ask.

What part of “it’s the apocalypse” don’t you get? It’s either the shower scene from Psycho or a naked body in a next door window, depending on your preference and… you can’t see it? They took a trillion dollars of your money and they took money from people all over the world too and they gave it to the bankers, because the bankers were playing Monopoly with imaginary money and fucked it up and now you have to give them your real money because otherwise it won’t be a good thing and they need the money so they can loan it back to you and you give it to them and now they won’t loan you the money and they are laughing about it. Can you blame them?

When protesters hit the streets in London; there in that square mile of reptile excess, the stockbrokers were waving handfuls of money in the upstairs windows and mocking you. They were laughing. Did you think that was funny too? It didn’t hurt? Is it still hurting? I don’t know.

I didn’t spend my time accumulating shit and I haven’t bothered to go running after money because the money doesn’t even mean anything. They change what its worth and they take it away when they want so, what’s the point?

I’ve got a pretty good sense of humor but I’m not laughing at you. They throw people like me in jail just for talking about this kind of thing, at least they used to.

Maybe they know something I don’t and maybe you know something I don’t because I can’t figure it out at all. Maybe somebody is singing, “I don’t like Mondays” and they’re laughing.

I’m not good at technical things and some of you are. Some of you are professionals at all kinds of levels and you go right on contributing to this and I just can’t figure it out. I’ve been writing this for four or five hours because I keep stopping to do something else and now I see they have finally changed the headlines at I don’t suppose that means anything. So you can save Soviet Jewry and win valuable prizes or you can pick the day when they do one more really nasty, vicious act and maybe there will be a prize if you are right. All I know is that someone will still be laughing. I can only hope it’s not the same people.

Laughter is not what we need but somehow it's funny? It's a joke and it hurts and you are laughing at it while they put you on ice; so to speak ...and I am still wondering... does it hurt? Is it still hurting? Will it start to hurt? Wake up! or...

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Does it Hurt Yet or Does it still Hurt?

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The truth is the part of the garden that isn’t manicured. No matter what your business is, for some reason there, are codes and guidelines. Speaking truth directly, affects advertising and presentation; the whole world no matter what you do seems to depend on those things that allow things to continue but just about everything has some portion of going along to get along except for anarchy and chaos which are and are not, depending on, if you are you or you are going along to get along. Myself; there isn’t anything left to want but self realization.... even while the ancient and eternal hungers exist in me like everyone else.

Some people make a lot of money and they can buy what makes their animal happy. I’m not a cannibal, but; to each their own; is that ironic? Like Lloyd Bridges, I picked the wrong time to stop huffing glue. Because I am going to make a particular point, maybe, let me say that I have nothing but respect for the people who help me get heard; even when, through inexplicable circumstances I have estranged from one or two for awhile, I don’t criticize them. I’m glad they are there. But all of them are operating an industry along with an ideal. I’m not even operating myself... so without even thinking about it, I understand when something I do only appears to the eyes of the people who go out of their way to read me. No harm, no blame. This isn’t about me and them and you; it’s about us. Ergo; the name Les Visible.

On several occasions visitors brought me a bottle of whiskey, that I have no use for but no harm done. I think they think I have more Hunter Thompson and Bukowski than I do and whiskey is the darling of the ‘take no prisoners’ ‘warts and all’ idea that the ugliness of life is actually it’s beauty. I’m only a very occasional, drinker, more and more rarely;  Baudrillard is probably a better fit but that’s not it either, nor Terrance McKenna. These are zones where types ply their trade and I don’t think any of them share my naked adoration for the author of this experiment that keeps making the same points over and over, as the people who sold the whores at the party become the whores for the next party which is how reincarnation works and what Karma is about.

When I was the electronic guy who wrote that poem about The Pope, I had enjoyed Hunter’s work, now and again, and Bukowski could do things with words but that is no guide book for me. And I would not have gotten along with either of those guys and I cringe at the idea that people might hang on what I have to say, as if I knew anything at all. It’s especially ignorant when people are inspired to paint portraits of how ugly everything is, that they are unaware that there is a point to the whole affair and that the whole thing is completely under control. Nobody argues about whether the devil exists or not. It’s the God part that is difficult, well we are large personalities who are pumped up with our own importance or we are just an employee. I’m an employee and my pay grade reflects my ability, my entertainment and loose canon; seeming unstable perception. If memory serves me right, I’m still. Is that more irony. I don’t know.

I’ve read some Henry Miller and William Burroughs and I don’t know those people. They sing the blues, cause it’s what it is. I’m the only one of these who allows that the divine is the maestro.

I’m interrupting this ‘already in progress’ blog posting because of some major revelations that have come my way. I can’t actually talk about them (grin) but they deal with several, key deceptions that appear in the human mind and which, most of us, are seemingly prey to. I won’t talk about it but it will come out in my work. For me the events are of major significance. The deceptions, although simple, have been around a long, long time and talking about them is not a good idea for certain reasons. I’ll continue with my general thought because all of this connects and it will make its own connections in the reader’s mind in its own way.

I sensed that no one who links or publishes my work would print that poem I wrote about The Pope, at The Petri Dish. I was correct. I am at pains to say that I well understand why. It should be seen, right in our faces, that The Pope is a caricature of something. The Halloween/occult symbology of the garb, coupled with the sexual offenses, hints at a number of things. The people not printing my work, on this occasion, hint at a number of things. I have some number of fiery rants of this order that I have not published for various reasons and I guess that hints at something too.

Recently I have seen some things that exist behind the veil of appearances and it is diabolically clever to say the least. It is frighteningly simple and yet it escalates in complexity according to the capabilities of the individual mind. To be as frank as I can, I have seen the ancient enemy of humanity and the actual process of application.

For much of this life I have pondered over something in the human estate. It has troubled me that I could be looking at something and it would continue to cloud my ability to see it even while I was looking at it. This hints at much deeper realities (if you can call them that); deceptions and explanations, languages and symbols all connect into a warp and woof of atomic hum. Most of us know or at least sense this but it still operates. I looked right at something, while it was happening... and has been happening and saw and knew and then did not know and did and did not understand the process, as it continues to engage the human state. To some, it will seem stupid, matter of fact, predictable; and turn out to be pretty much what it always is and was and then it will go on happening again!

There is this intricate interlay that is operating at one level after another just as it is demonstrated in video games. The arming of Syria with certain missiles, the assemblage and approach of the strategy game in ‘real timing’ what’s right in front of your eyes; you see it but you don’t see it ….and you just continue on… this is cracking. It is breaking open like an egg. Have you noticed anything unusual in the misted and misting skies? The game is as old as time itself. It ups its game as you do and most certainly is rigged, while at the same time it is wide open as well.

I am getting near to the end of this posting and so I must fade out. It doesn’t make any difference how you define your enemy as long as you have one. The trick played on the human mind is a process; like any process, it can be processed and that is happening. Games of the mind are one thing. Games in the flesh are another. The point of this- going back to the beginning (in every sense?) is that no matter what names you call anything, it’s still there. It doesn’t matter what defense you use if it isn’t the only defense that works. This may seem strange or tantalizing and it might even make sense to some people. The important thing to remember… and you won’t have to. It will remind you. The important thing is; does it hurt? Does it still hurt? We’ve had all we need of popes and politicians. They have their uses but they are never as useful or important as the credit assumed to them.

What is happening is happening around the world. The suspension is getting heavy and the shifting is large. The integrity of the ‘actual’ thing, which supports- or ‘allows’ the relative thing is shifting in its bed in the night where it sleeps with its partner in dream. This is bringing about real time effects and you have to be able to determine if it hurts yet or if it still hurts or not. This is information. One could say that pain is informative. It’s an indication of misdirection. It could seem that this is all very easy to understand (and it is) but if that were the case you would have figured it out a long time ago.

I read the other people in this process; mainstream, alternative and whatever else I may run across. Telling the truth can be a difficult art. It can be costly, depending on what you find valuable. Apparently the truth does have value so maybe that is an area to explore but, the thing is… just as we go along to get along and just as nothing is actually the way it seems and… we all know that in a certain way. They teach things in schools. You learn things in life. Telling the truth and living the truth are not what we may imagine it to be at all. It might not be about simple as opposed to crafty or ugly to beautiful and even more than a single life/lifetime might depend on it and a great deal of pain as well

We say we hold certain truths to be self evident but that’s somehow not entirely evident to me (grin)

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gotter and Dammerung on the Horizon.

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Some of us are big picture people and some of us are into the details. I’m a big picture person myself. What I tend to notice are the major forces that account for the present state of being. The foremost condition I am noticing is the revealing and unveiling powers that are at work in the world of the moment. The mass media is a lying disinfo machine that props up, apologizes for and promotes the agenda of corporate fascism. This is countered by an amazing amount of internet and street level chatter that is in direct contradiction to carefully woven and globally repeated lies. 9/11, like June, is “bursting out all over”.

You have to be capable of a wide and objective perspective in order to see with clarity, the operations of the predatory liars and banking interests, which run counter to the greater good of the people. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to be in a position to say. “I don’t want any position, power or influence in this shitstorm of murder, oppression and lies.” When you can do that it comes clearly into view. It’s very tough for those with families and occupations that are required to support them. You can’t be a fearless crusader for truth if you have too much to lose. You also can’t be a fearless crusader, unless you know what the truth is, because the truth won’t support you otherwise and so the first thing you have to say is, “I don’t know” and then there is a possibility that you will be informed by the truth, which takes the statement of personal limitation of knowledge to be the right starting point for a relationship with it.

This strikes the ordinary mind as extremely contradictory. How can you not know and then know? It seems that you have to have certitude that the truth exists and that it has certain characteristics of a living thing which acts upon falsity with a corrosive effect. You have to be able to see that we are in a period of tremendous change, which demarcates the passing of the old world and the emergence of the new. This can also be extremely difficult because the old world is enraged. It put so much time and trouble into thieving, lying, mass murder and global crowd control, making it near frantic, that all of its activities are now being exposed to an ever greater degree, as time speeds up and exposure becomes exponential.

You can’t turn over a rock anywhere it the world today without seeing a Zionist plot underneath it. It doesn’t matter to me whether there are Masons, illuminati’s or whatever else engaged in the global oppression and deceptions. Get rid of Zionism and their agents and tools and you will have gotten rid of the underpinnings of all of the rest. The central banks have to be destroyed. The media has to be wrenched from the hands of the corporate vampires, the corporations have to be dissolved; principally concerns like Monsanto, BP and Rothschild, among others. Every Zionist organization needs to be criminalized and disenfranchised and named as enemies of greater humanity. The world has to rise up and name them as agents of a world wide, murder incorporated. This can only come about when they are more and more exposed and more and more caught out in the operation of their business as usual. They have to go, period. Israel has to go; its residents scattered to the winds and the land returned to the Palestinians. Jerusalem has to be declared an international city state, like The Vatican and The Vatican needs to be cleaned from the top down.

The great lies upon which Israel are based must be exposed to the eyes of the world. Their role in the Bolshevik Revolution and their murder of the German people must be set before the world as well as their role in 9/11 and the murder and displacement of millions in the Middle East. This is all going to happen and is happening. If the winds of positive change are at our backs, tomorrow is going to be a bad day for Israel. If not, another bad day will appear. This loathsome murder factory of a country has to be expunged from the world stage because it is carrying out false flags all around the world and then blaming it on the people they wish to attack and destroy. The press spins the lies and public opinion follows. 9/11, The London Tube, The Madrid Train Station and Mumbai are all Zionist false flag operations. Somehow they have seduced the world’s leaders into going along with the program and I can only assume this has to do with a control of the world’s currencies and global blackmailing operations, along with threats of murder and mayhem in boardrooms, homes and small airplanes.

They have gotten control of phone systems all around the world and are the owners of security companies that are in charge of a great many of the sensitive and dangerous sites around the world. The beginning of restoring order to the emerging new age is in having Zionism declared an international criminal organization. The agendas and actions of Zionism must be declared criminal so that it is seen as the Nazis were portrayed at the end of World War 2. Zionists and Zionism must be expelled from every country in the world and put somewhere that they can’t harm the rest of us. They founded and own Monsanto. They own a controlling interest in BP. They are the Rothschilds.

They own 96% of the world’s media. They own the entertainment companies, publishing and music industries and a whole lot more. They own the American congress. .2% of the population on Planet Earth did not come by these possessions and level of control through honest industry. They got this by gaining control of the money supply, which they manipulate to their own ends. The founding Rothschild announced this practice and policy a long time ago. They have manufactured lies to make themselves out to be victims when they are the chief victimizers on the planet. What they have stolen must be taken from them and it will, whether humanity can come into accord about it or not. Powerful, unseen forces are at work toward their destruction. It is a fait accompli. It doesn’t matter what anyone does, their time has come and they must go. The universe is outraged at their behavior and you will see it happen while you are still here. It’s over and it’s marching to completion now.

I am not afraid of these people. My fate is not in their hands and they can do nothing without permission. You should not be afraid of them either. You will never get free of them as long as you fear them. Their power is over and being withdrawn by the moment. Goldman Sachs needs to be torn apart by massive hands and scattered like polluted confetti over the brokerage houses of Wall Street. It’s in advance of a parade of free and marching people, taking back their own rightful possessions from the demons who defrauded them of what was theirs. The sick and sycophantic cowards in governments, religions and businesses need to be called what they are, ‘enablers in global suffering and misery'. Their doom is upon them.

They cannot harm you. Align yourself with the changing course of the tides of transformation. Walk away from their world. Do not buy their crap. Do not pay attention to them. Do not pay taxes. Work as a subversive and revolutionary in your jobs against the intentions of your employers. Drag your feet. Don’t vote in their elections. Drop out of helping to prop up the engines of your persecution and watch the whole thing come down around their ears. Plaster the bus kiosks and lampposts; telephone poles and every available surface with the truth about these bloated swine.

They are making it illegal to grow your own food, while even animals won’t eat what they are forcing upon you. Are you okay with this? Are they suddenly going to change when they have never ever changed before except when they were forced to? This is not like all the other times. This time they can’t just migrate into control of what replaces them. This time they pay.

If you don’t step away from the whirlpool of the old world being sucked away into the invisible recycling machines, then you are going to go with it. For many there is no escape as they would choose no other exit even if one were offered. Like someone said recently, “Even if they proved that 9/11 was an inside job, I still wouldn’t believe it”. Some of you can see and some of you know there’s more to what is going on than you can see. We need to act upon our faith in greater possibility and let our ideals become something more than words we trot out to make ourselves look good around hypocrites who do the same. We are not the same. We have the ability to find the way out because we have not lied to ourselves to protect our places among the contemptible of our times.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time for that Old Time False Flag Redux.

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Get ready people because they are at it again. Yes, those wild and crazy, zany Marx Brother’s typos posing as art students, without palettes, brushes or berets are back on the scene. We’re hearing from people in B.C. and maybe we’ll even hear from people in A.D. that... Israelis with vans and pickups are modifying their rides for the mini-monster truck, explosive competitions. They’re hot and heavy. They’re in a hurry. They got to get it online, on time and never mind, it’s coming to an urban area somewhere in the great gentile, murder land of the not so United States, Canada or wherever there are a lot of you useless breeders and eaters.

Why are they revving up now? Well, folks, the bottom has dropped out on the 9/11 concealment industry. The Apocalypse is going nova with getting the truth some new walking around shoes. Everywhere you look now there’s a new group that’s hammering on that old 9/11 side walking, side winding blues. They know that ‘some of us’ know that they know that we know that they know that we know and they got to get the focus off the truth. Truth is a hot, scalding discomfort for the Zionist world conquest tour. Who knew that Zionism actually meant the entire planet? Go figure. It doesn’t matter what you figure because they got a Chinese abacus that says, “You lose”.

So, what will the U.S. and international intelligence services do about this; zilch and less than zilch? They know which side their bread is buttered on because they helped these psychopaths steal their bread and butter and sell it back to them at twice the price which is still what they can get for you wholesale, somehow and... cheaper than stolen.

Well, let’s pause a moment and list a few things; Zionista, Nazi propagandists own the world media and all the entertainment businesses. Zionista bankers and Wall Street traders made huge mistakes, betting on your future and then stole your future to pay for it. Zionista, rat fucked reptiles, plunged your countries into unwinable wars, based on a fly paper strategy of getting, yet to be created terrorists killed and or placed into rendition programs, so that they could confess to acts which were carried out by the Zionistas. Zionistas compose a certain percentage of a .2% demographic of some sort of killer human virus that condemns you for inquiry into fabricated history, which makes up fantastic stories about non events AND destroys you for saying they have the power to destroy you, which is Anti-Semitic. They aren’t Semitic but the people they are genociding out of existence are and you can’t say that. I don’t care what it is, you can’t say it.

Let’s go on with that theme. These genetically engineered vultures have been performing total mayhem upon a so called gentile world; that’s you pilgrim. They come out of a mix of people who are more silent than the silent they accused everyone else of being when they were wiped out with no population change. The single most informed entity on Earth stated their figures and no one paid attention. Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower and a whole lot of other war time, memoir making famous people wrote thousands and thousands of words and never mentioned death camps and gas chambers. Oh, don’t bother to look it up; stupid will defend itself until its last, gasping ignorant breath.

Let’s keep going; a country got formed out of a myth, for a people who don’t exist, for a land without people, once they had driven the people off of their land, so that a crime family could have its own nation in order to have certain sovereign protections against prosecution. Then they took control of the money supply of major nations in order to compel a selected group of crack whore politicians to support their right to bugger them- and you- into insensibility; probably because they liked it and you do too. These whores represented your interests but you weren’t all that interested, because they were right about something; you are so incredibly stupid that you read, absorb and accept things that didn’t happen because you were too lazy to check.

They controlled the pornographic empire because that is one of the forces that militate against your having the energy to check anything. They own everything they want to own and they own you too and you don’t have the balls or the intellect to protest because it couldn’t be exactly the way it looks, because these vultures who are raping and killing with impunity couldn’t be doing the same thing to you now, could they?

Meanwhile there’s a larger group of the same group that doesn’t say a word and is therefore, somehow, kind of innocent and now you have a few, self styled representatives of hope and change from this same group, who are courageously speaking out but none of whom will admit that their own genetic misanthrope cousins did 9/11. Clarify this for me because I might be missing something, which members of the tribe have come out and said that Israel did 9/11? Which writers or spokesperson, who is a member of the tribe and who you see being published at these alternative news sites is coming out and declaring this; no, don’t tell me, not a single one? So am I to believe that they are just the advance guard of the table turning, “we’re the good guys now”; representatives of your next select group of incoming slavers?

Aren’t these the people who are most pushing the idea that there is some kind of shadowy cabal of mostly Wasp, Catholic, Masonic-illuminati puppet-masters who are just using history’s biggest, self-proclaimed victims as scapegoats once again? Ah… those victims. You just want to slit your wrists in protest against the injustice. It doesn’t matter what you hear about who controls Las Vegas; the banks, the media, the entertainment business, the arms trade, the slavery trade, organ trafficking and it doesn’t matter how many times you see it because it can’t be real because you, you are too stupid to live and the good news is you probably won’t be living for much longer.

I’m not like you. I can’t live with a fucking, self denying lie. I don’t care what prisons they put me in or what kind of crap they get away with for a little while. I have to live with myself. You do too, but apparently that’s no big deal, for you.

Now they are back again and there is no arrogance like theirs. They are even running the same ‘shuck and jive’ artist students thing again. They got black people trying to live in harmonious accord with them, when they are the ones who put them on the ships and killed far more of them than even what they claim happened to them and don’t get me started on the Bolshevik Revolution. I hope I go down in history as an example of anti-Semitism to the max. I’ll feel like I did the right thing. I feel like maybe it’s the truth.

I know how this whole thing sorts out for the Synagogue of Satan. I could delineate it for you and lay it out; as you will see it happening when it gets shown to you. Yeah, I’m that deluded guy who talks to angels he can’t see and has all kinds of invisible friends because normal people won’t hang out with him; thank god for that. I’m a chemical taking, moonwalking on the ceiling, trying to get away from you, kind of a guy, who knows my chemicals beat the hell out of what you are taking to keep yourself even more stupid than you actually are and that is a reach, since you are already at zero on the yardstick.

You’re the real problem, you teabagging, liberal calling, no neck troglodytes from the Planet Nothing. Here’s your real problem. You see the truth. You know what I’m talking about but you got no faith in the truth and you purport to live by it. You’re the worst kind of hypocrites. You are the ones who murdered your savior because somebody with money looked more powerful to you than the force that makes existence possible. You piss on the sunlight of your own survival. You sell your children into slavery because you believe what you can see is more powerful than what is holding you in place so that you can see it in the first place. That makes you stupid and it makes me free. I can see where the power lies, because I do not presume to know, nor do I hide what is evident to a child from my willfully blinded eyes.

These tools of the darkness are only what they are; limited and allowed access, dependent on your fear of them. One who does not fear them has nothing to fear as will be demonstrated shortly. Yes, they are going to Hell but Hell for them is nothing more than the impossibility of escaping from the eternal cycle of shooting fish in a barrel …but you, you could have had a soul and you spent your time felating your abusers in order to live insignificantly and in fear of a death that is guaranteed by your worship of what despises you the most. Well, they’re back again and you’re still sure you can pick the queen in that Three Card Monte game you call your life. You disappoint me but that is nothing like the disappointment you are going to experience when it all gets revealed to you.

End Transmission.......

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'When Darkness Falls' is track no. 5 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
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God in Country by Les Visible

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monsanto must go into Saddam Hussein's Shredder.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I an occasionally stunned by some piece of news that comes to my attention but nothing has hit me quite like this. When my friend Yuka told me about it last night I thought it couldn’t be true, could it? Monsanto needs to go into Saddam Hussein’s plastic shredder. We found out that this story was a lie but I suspect the shredder is real. Those who own Monsanto and those who serve its agenda and those who operate it should meet the proper fate and the shredder seems fitting. It should be on network TV and it should be sponsored by Monsanto. I didn’t feel that Saddam Hussein was any better or worse than anyone else in his position in a country like Iraq. He was probably just what the country needed and he was certainly the type of leader that the residents expected and respected. That’s how it is over there. Saddam had a sensitive side that is not well known to the rest of the world outside of his country. I corresponded with him, while he was awaiting trial by his Zionist neo-con enemies and translated some of his poetry for posterity.

Iraq was better in every respect before the Zionist controlled, American government invaded the country under the orders of their banker bosses. Years later there have not only been no improvements but life is measurably worse than it was for the Iraqis before the occupation. Things were better under Saddam.

Monsanto has some kind of power that is not immediately apparent. It has the backing of major political figures around the world and people like Al Gore and others lobby for and argue for the products and policies of this corporation. Like the global warming scam with the carbon tax credits and the aftermath of the BP murder of the Gulf of Mexico, it has heavyweight influence in the right circles of the upper echelon of satanic world control.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Monsanto is a vicious enemy of humanity and should be put out of our misery. If it takes a French style revolution with an industrial plastic shredder in place of the guillotine, then so be it and the sooner the better. The guillotine is not an appropriate instrument of justice in this instance. The plastic shredder is not even adequate but it will do. No one is destroying human health and ruining personal independence in terms of diet and food production like they are. They are the primary force behind making it illegal to grow your own food. They are the ones forcing genetically modified food upon the world’s populations. They are an authentic representation of the darkest evil known on Earth. The destruction of Monsanto would be a remarkable victory for the human race.

I would like to ask everyone who reads here to affirm in their mind that it is a fait accompli that Monsanto and all those connected with its agenda are to be destroyed ASAP by any possible means. Just drop the thought into your subconscious that something terrible has been ordained for everyone engaged in the agenda and promotion of Monsanto. Take a moment and say, “Hmmm... Monsanto is going to be completely destroyed in an agonizing and terrible manner. That’s good news for the rest of the world.” Believe it to be so and let the mysterious forces of the universe act upon the certitude in all of our minds. You would be surprised how effective such practices can be.

It is the usual order of things at this time that corporations have become more powerful than governments. They purchase the governments and control who is elected and what those elected officials act and do not act upon. Years ago, United Fruit and Coca Cola were routinely murdering people in South and Central America. Union Carbide wiped out and/or blinded thousands of people in India. BP has destroyed the Gulf of Mexico fisheries and is responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths that have yet to occur.

Prostitution can occur in a free lance manner but it seldom remains so. Politicians are no different than the woman who leans into your car window, with the exception that you won’t be getting any pleasure or release from the exchange. It’s the pimps who operate the prostitution rackets and if you want to eliminate the racket you have to eliminate the pimps. Of course there will always be fat and ugly, old white men who need sex and can get it no other way. I don’t know what to do about that end of the equation. Not surprisingly, Israel is the main human trafficking nation on Earth. They funnel the ladies into Tel Aviv with lies and then keep them prisoners, while they sell then to the orthodox men and settlers and anyone who wants them. They have the highest population of female sex slaves on Earth per capita and that is in keeping with what Israel is all about. They are also the main traffickers for the same thing in countries around the world.It’s anti-Semitic to say this because it is true and the truth is anti-Semitic. Things like this are the truth and a record made by the one official organization that was in a position to know the truth.

The entire country of Israel should also go into Saddam’s shredder. I can assure you that arrangements have been made on the virtual plane to bring some justice to this planet in real time. This is that period that comes in every age when justice gets dispensed on site instead of in the Karmic Return mode that is the usual manner. Few of us notice that this is different than usual because few of us even know about the inflexible law of Karmic Return mode. I can hear gnashing of teeth from the know-it-alls who will now be screaming for me to prove the reality of the Karmic Return mode. They are official experts on its non existence because they haven’t researched it whatsoever. I will say that you are an example of Karmic Return mode right now. You are what you are based on the continuance and reinforcement of previous ignorant actions and flawed assumptions.

Those who have been continued in their ignorance and those who are waking through a surrender of false knowledge and a willingness to be taught are both what they are in this time, due to however many bonus points they did or did not get due to the intensity of their ‘jerk factor’. Jerk Factor can be measured on a scale of degrees where you put people who use the word ‘liberals’ at one end and the ability to say, “I don’t know” at the other. One of the worst things one can be stuck with is arrogance. It feeds a sense of supremacy in those who possess none and is maintained by a steady stream of force generated by ignorance of the truth that supremacy over self is the chief effort of any worthy soul. Those lacking this seek supremacy over others and believe it is achieved by force or deceit.

This kind of thing leads eventually to employment by companies like Monsanto and a great deal of the time to a business or a law degree. Monsanto is about control of the world’s food supply. Coca Cola and other corporations are seeking control of the world’s fresh water and drive their trucks into rural communities from Maine to Oregon and suck the water from the streams and lakes and have the lawyers to protect their right to steal the water without paying a cent for it. You might want to see the movie Tapped.

Corporations want to control every area of human life, no matter the cost to you and no matter what lengths they have to go to, to enforce your compliance. Corporations are monsters; not all of those who labor in the market place are monsters (not by a long shot) and business is a reality we cannot avoid but… there is the fair profit of able dealing and then there is Hell on Earth.

Monsanto and those like it must be dealt with in the most dramatic and public way. They are committing mass murder on a global scale. They are the enemy of life and anyone apologizing for or protecting them is a criminal or a fool. There’s no wiggle room here.

The mining corporations and so many other criminal and murderous enterprises that are destroying and poisoning the Earth must be brought to justice. I am okay with permanent exile to an inescapable island of rock, where the employment of the inmates is crushing the rock to powder until it is gone; subsisting on basic necessities with no contact to the outside world. I look at this as the compassionate option but I leave the final decision in the hands of those most affected.

I command the universe to see that all of what is necessary here is expeditiously carried out to the fullest possibilities of what justice requires. Let it be the outworking of cosmic forces and let the karma for it be attributed to that which can acquire no karma. So be it.

End Transmission.......

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Last night’s radio show is now available for download.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 9th Anniversary of Israel's Attack on the United States.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“Number 9, Number 9” to quote one of The Beatles. It’s the 9th anniversary of Israel’s attack on the United States and things are finally moving at a pretty good clip toward exposure of the truth. People are collecting money to put ads on television. Individuals around the world are doing what they can (Time Advert) to bring reality out of the darkness of suffocating materialism and cheap glamour. You can feel it. Critical mass has been reached in respect of 9/11. There’s no way to hide it any longer. This is somewhat troubling at the same time because it means that those who did 9/11= Israel, portions of the American intelligence community, M1-6 and certain strategic fellow travelers abroad; such as Michael Ledeen, are at it again, racing against an invisible clock, to distract the world from their being dragged into the light of day.

If you’ve been asleep for the last nine years; drunk on Sterno under a bridge abutment, or formerly brainwashed but getting suspicious, then I’m going to recommend two sites, where you can get all you are going to need to know to convince yourself beyond all possibility of doubt that 9/11 was not done by Bin Laden and a small cabal of Stone Age Arabs.

Drum roll please; those sites would be, “Israel did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World” and “It wasn’t Muslims”. I’m recommending that everyone who reads here send this posting to at least one friend or associate who is still wearing their jock strap on their heads or still in deep denial about what these pages conclusively prove and ask them to go to these links and then spin it as they can. I heard where someone said, “Even if it were true, I wouldn’t believe it” the other day. Now that is denial. Some more info from the redoubtable Michael Rivero can be found here, here, here and here.

All my sites have been experiencing serious attacks of late. Most people can no longer comment (if you want to comment then send them to and various other anomalies are surfacing as well. My mail isn’t even arriving in some cases. It appears that certain parts of the world are blanked out in this respect, while others are allowed some limited access. Google owns Blogger and all you have to ask yourself is who owns Google. Like the world media and certain other critical industries around the world, insane representatives of a group of people who account for .2 % of the world’s population, have been using counterfeit money to purchase certain vehicles for world conquest and control.

Zionist agents like the Rothschilds have control of the world’s central banks. “Number 9, number 9”; those banks are; the Rothschild banks, Lazard Brothers, Israel Moses Seif, The Warburg Banks, Lehman Brothers (they’ve morphed into something else, I suppose), Kuhn-Loeb Bank; presently known as Shearson American Express, Goldman Sachs, National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust and Hanover Trust of N.Y. You can argue about this but fat lot of good it will do you. Until recently, every single member of the Federal Reserve Board was Jewish. You can argue about that too, while you deny that the sky is blue (actually it isn’t- grin) and proclaim that the grass is not green.

On a fairly regular basis, I have apologists who come in here and tell me that these folk are just tools and that there is some shadowy and sinister group of Masons, Illuminati’s and Catholics behind them. Whatever… I don’t care how you slice it; they are neck deep in the global cesspool of the New World Order. Some would say that there were other forces behind the Nazis but that didn’t stop the blame from being apportioned to individual Nazis and when they ran out of real Nazis they started creating them. Their control of the publishing and entertainment worlds allows them to spin history and indoctrinate the young into whatever fancy and myth serves their purposes.

The first thing that has to be done is that the Federal Reserve must be abolished. This is the force that fulfills the pronouncement of Amschel Rothschild; “Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws”. When someone like that Gila Monster, Larry Silverstein can purchase the lease on the WTC, mere weeks before the attacks and then take out enormous insurance policies on those asbestos laden nightmares AND THEN reap near 5 billion dollars in the aftermath, you know that your world is effectively under the control of very bad people.

We might all be screwed if it were not for The Apocalypse. This mysterious time zone appears like clockwork every so many thousands of years and all temporal systems of control go haywire. It’s as if some lever gets thrown in the invisible and the truth about everything begins to surface, like long sunken corpses, formerly held down by cinder blocks and chains.

They are going to spare no calamity and expense to keep their evil plans and activities hidden from the general public. We are in the final countdown toward the critical phase that is going to seek to shift the world into chaos and disorder. The stock market is going to crash, once they’ve looted all they can get their hands on. The dollar is going to be in the basement; food shortages, urban panic, wild eyed people with ipod cords dangling from their ears are going to be streaming through the streets, each of them with their own soundtrack. Serious war is going to break out, while massive communist, Mexican-style murals begin to appear on billboards and walls around the world. Huge loudspeakers will be announcing, “Remain calm and line up in an orderly fashion in front of the paddock gate”. This will be similar to Mick Jagger, saying “Peace brothers and sisters”, while slamming his studded belt down on the stage at Altamont during a rendition of “Street Fighting Man”. I was right there, up close.

How it is going to go down and what the result is going to be, none of us know. My suspicion is that the plans of evil are going to inexplicably go haywire. Nothing they try to do is going to go according to the schematic. Every effort they make will only serve to expose them further. Don’t ask me how this works but it appears to be a universal constant at certain times. It may even happen that they get caught in the act of their most important false flag. I’m very positive about the belief that they are going down, way down, right into the bottomless pit.

A mini golden age is coming to the planet. Even in dark periods, like the Kali Yuga, there are examples of all of the other three Yuga types in miniature. We are entering an age of brotherhood and this, perforce, cannot occur if slimy, psychopathic reptiles remain in charge. This is why they are being pushed to the forefront of negative celebrity. This is why they are being named and caught out in so many things. Everything they do, from Operation Cast Lead to the Flotilla Massacre, is turning out the opposite of their original intent.

Quite some numbers of ironies are counter-pointing each other in these times. People are becoming more and more stupid as they ready themselves for the birth canals of another 26,000 years in a grim and grimmer landscape. Other people are waking up and finding out that the stupid pills don’t work anymore. Religions have become a travesty upon all that they purport to teach and represent while something powerful and magnificent approaches.

Mother Nature has gotten her powers back and there’s gonna be a “whole lotta shakin going on”. Cataclysmic events like the BP murder of the Gulf of Mexico will become commonplace, as the villains of the age snare themselves in their own webs and alert that massive and fearful spider who is going to drain them dry. Their dead husks will blow across the poisoned farmlands of Monsanto. Goldman Sachs is going to be torn to pieces and the morally compromised governments of the world are going to be exposed and crash under the weight of their own greed and lies.

When the great ship of illusion begins to sink beneath the waves, there will be many who are going to be caught in the whirlpool. They couldn’t let go. They believed too strongly. They had to save the toaster oven and the Sunday joint. Whatever their reasons may be, don’t let those be your reasons.

Day by day we inch closer to the watermark. Day by day the denouement approaches. It’s going to hit like lightning and thunder in the tropics, seemingly coming out of nowhere. In an instant the world will be changed beyond anything that was expected and the warning signs have been there all along. The metrosexuals are not going to fare well. This is the Bad Day at Black Rock for the bad hats. You can be magnetized in one of two main directions. Now is the time to tune your strings to that long awaited symphony. “Give it your best shot. Give it everything you’ve got. Right now is the time to start if you’re willing and able.”

We’ll close with my 9/11 poem;

9/11 dreaming in a world of flesh


in a world of flesh

sees flesh only

the heart and the mind may suspect
but still too often
flesh only

back of the flesh in the world of gears
manipulated triggers pull at the limbs
that dance in the world of flesh

and the high art of fraud
are an easy task in the world of flesh

and the tumbling bodies hit
and the dust rolls in clouds from the streets
but another dust comes
from the smoke machines
and the mirror exchange of the press

some say the Arabs were angry that day
some say there's more to the ruse
beneath the veils are a number of things
that SOMEONE has put to bad use

other intentions have come through the fire
and now they would burn the world

the convenient timing

the fabulous deaths

the great down winding
diminished regrets

in the unseeing world of flesh

now comes the junk and the tedious songs
on and on
ad nauseum

the Twin Towers Watch
the speeches and banners

"on Comet and Cupid"

and Tiny Dancer

the peacocks are fanning

the demagogues struttin'

the survivors are jostlin'

through cables and grips

very important envelopes of flesh will
inflate their gills
with the shimmering scales of eminence

and gravitas

and their importance as flesh


remind you of that

and... remind you... of that

it goes on forever

it lasts for an age



for the flesh

that encompasses space in a world of flesh

forget Rwanda, Sierra Leone

the Congo?

where that's at?

I lost my cell phone

where's my goddamn latte?

is this lettuce fresh?

it's so hard for mein this world of flesh

no one understands what it's like for ME!

no one understands!

I don't understand

"why can't we all just get along?"

in the world of flesh
in the world of flesh

flesh expands and presses out over the clothing
and all restraint

flesh billows with the fruit of appetite

the soft melting encapsulated lardof chewy TV goodies

and somebody


blew up the church of the flesh

the goalposts of the empire of flesh
came down

the towers of flesh motivating upwards

the upwardly mobile flesh


the lightening struck tower



now walk with me...take a walk with me...

behind the world of flesh

back into the gears

back behind the tech's

behind the bankers

behind the money

behind the images

behind the ideas

behind the numbers

and behind the initial divide

far from the world of flesh you have

the uninvited guest

the forgotten lover

the fruit of desirous quest

someone forgot


a lot of fragmented flesh puppets forgot

a whole lot of somebody
seriously forgot

to invite the divine into the world of flesh

and the divine showed up anyway

like the sword-as the spirit-informing matter of it's presence

but it will never do to look for truth in the rubble

it will never do to think in termsthat flesh cannot accept

it will never do to considerthe absolute precision of the act

the fluid grace

that caught everyone flat footed
with a stupid look on their face

things can only be a certain way in the world of flesh

the impermanent flesh demands it

the vanishing melting vulnerable flesh is trumpeting

and cannot hear beyond it's own noise

the flesh is God unto itself

in the land of stuff

where stuff is God

there is never enoughthere is NEVER enough...

just the wanting of the fleshin a landscape of desired things

the temporary paradise on disappearing wings

rage on flesh


wrap yourself in the colored images of dream

wrap yourself in the vain exhortation

wrap yourself in the clamoring clanging detuned symbols
of the empire of flesh

and laugh

and weep and carry on

it is never a moment too soonin a world that is too soon gone

one should never disturb the dangerous dreams
of the lords of the kingdoms of flesh

the heart and the mind may suspect

but they can't get there yet

the tiny voice in the silence may speak

but cannot be heard

not in the world of flesh

sometimes a greater noise is needed

from the lover you have forgotten

the loverwho has not forgotten you...

I know you're in there....


I know you're in there...

hidden in a world of flesh.

Buried in a world of flesh

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Songwriter by Les Visible♫ Iridescent Dreams ♫
'Iridescent Dreams' is track no. 10 of 10 on Visible's 2006 album 'Songwriter'
Lyrics (pops up)

Songwriter by Les Visible

The New Shangri-La

(Okay people, I’m waiting for you to show up and make this place jump again. I know it’s been a year in slumber but the time wasn’t right then. Now it is.)

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey Buddy, You want to Buy a Watch?

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is true that we should probably be more concerned with “who put the bomp in the bomp she bomp she bomp and who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong or... even more trenchantly “who wrote the book of love”. I don’t think it was these guys. Yes, the mosque at the WTC site is not at the WTC site and Zio-Nazi, Pamela Geller is not going to be played by Pam Grier in the made for TV movie but you can still watch “Machete” if you want to.

Little Georgie Sorrows; shit! I keep misspelling his name; Soros, that’s it. He gave a bunch of money to ‘the’ Human Rights watch. You won’t hear about the behind the scenes fighting between Cartier and Rolex about the rights to make the watch but you couldn’t afford one anyway. So what are you doing here? I don’t appreciate having to do this every day when you still want to know what time it is and All Along the Watchtower is not playing at a theater near you. It’s time to wake the fuck up but that’s just my version. Everybody is talking about “seven come November” and “baby needs a new pair of shoes”. Keep rolling them dice people, sooner or later you are going to get ‘snake-eyes’. September marks the fall. November is an addendum.

It’s not like we need a schedule. These things tend to repeat themselves, while weird, inexplicable shit keeps right on happening. Let’s see, major earthquake and nobody dies... okay and moving right along. Where was I? Who am I? No one will be seated during the last ten minutes of their life. Maybe Paris Hilton will break into The Wax Museum and drive an ice hammer into the head of the display dummy at the Trotsky exhibit. Yes, you can count on it getting even weirder than that. I’m in the unenviable position of having something to do with it and being one of those guys that asks, “What are all those dials for”?

Well those people from Dove; I can’t figure out if they make gourmet ice cream or bar call hand soap. I do know that the Holy War thing is ratcheting up. 0.2% of the world’s population is making war on a quarter of the population AND using a third of it to do their work for them. It’s got to be time for another Nobel Peace Prize. Yom Kippur is coming up, right inside the time zone of that critical period I was just talking about over at Reflections in a Petri Dish. Now there’s a rare event, actually linking my own work.

This constipation thing that I’ve been talking about; this waiting thing; is becoming more and more clear. There are a handful of very bad people propping up a dead system and they are doing it the way a male black widow spider goes about its mating ritual. Let’s hope they are unlucky. Of course you can’t hold something up that gains exponentially more weight as it loses value for very long so… look out below!

I don’t know what the Fox-holes are saying but I know there are no atheists in them. However there is a line of true believers that runs around the block and they are “waiting, just anticipating” (as Otis Redding might say) for their big moment in the privacy booth. They got a condom in one hand (scratch the faith angle) and a gun in the other. It was either cooze or food and cooze won.

It literally blows my mind off the hinges, or it would if there were walls and doors containing my mind. I dressed up as a suicide bomber inside my own head, some years ago, and took care of all that window dressing.

Keep cranking them out visible, remember, you’re getting $0.00 a word so it’s got to be adding up. It’s the thrill of engagement, that’s what it is. Yeah somebody told me that the future was dead but me I never believed them, I caught a seat on the inward bound and trailing the future behind me ...and so it goes. You can’t pack bullshit beyond the limits of its compression. It will explode into flames and... that’s what we got. As the unreal has to grab more and more air and force it into a smaller and smaller space in order to give the semblance of real to the few bits of inert matter willing to remain, it becomes ever more explosive and combustive as it proceeds. The irony is that most people will think its confetti when it goes.

Well, I’m still trying to sell that watch idea. It only keeps time in the dead zones but that’s where all the action is. That’s where all the things you don’t want to be late for are happening; reason you need a watch. You get one of these watches and the shaved head muscle boys at the velvet ropes will be coming down in person to lead you in; just show them your wrist and tell them you’re with the color revolution. It’s either teal or puce this time. Tell them you’re with Little Georgie Sorrows.

Bo boma, banana Osama, gangbang Obama. Yeah, Rawhide!!! So it goes and t’was ever thus. Our forefathers landed on this yet to be plasticized wilderness and said, “Here is the country of my dreams. I’m going to juice it up with freedom and human rights because that is the only sure guarantee that tyranny will follow. Nobody likes the Teletubbies anyway and they are all that’s going to be left in the end.

There are many crimes against humanity and there must be a pecking order somewhere. I tend to think, ‘in your face hypocrisy’ is at the head of the line and it’s wearing the biggest watch of all. I couldn’t tell you where it’s headed because these are truly uncharted waters and I wouldn’t know a sextant from a gyroscope, except I do know what a gyroscope is. I keep seeing people like Jerry Lewis collecting money for something that I haven’t seen a single cure or benefit for yet and I see Little Georgie Sorrows giving away money. I know there’s going to be all kinds of philanthropic insanities as the hours grow shorter.

It would only stand to reason if that guy they crucified came back the way it was promised, with a kick ass persona and started right in with his biggest most self-professed followers. I don’t know how many good deeds it takes in the final hours to ward off judgment but I expect its more than any of these wonderful humanitarians possesses.

We’re just peering out of the undergrowth because the whole landscape is shaky and getting more tremulous with every moment. The sheer, ever increasing speed of it all, is breathtaking. My idea of going outside is to open the window of my office up here and stick my head out. Last night I was having one of those cosmic conversations and every time something meaningful got said there were great big peals of thunder in accompaniment. You really had to be there. It didn’t happen every time but each time it did happen it sure felt like it was part of the act.

Will Jessica Simpson and Joan Rivers get stuck in an elevator at that appointed moment? Will Barry Manilow be singing during the closing credits? When this whole thing blows there are going to be a lot of people dancing with the stars in a whole new way. I’m hoping I’ve done what I could, even if I don’t get done what I wanted to. I probably won’t be playing “Grand Theft Auto 4” when the trumpet sounds.

All you fine folk out there in the wilderness and pariah land, I want you to know that my heart is with you and if you can get here or I can get there, then one of us probably will. I’m thinking an authentic Japanese Tea House might be the right environment. There would be early morning mists shrouding the evergreens that ascend the mountain and the sound of a nightingale or a whippoorwill. Poetry and redemption will find its way to some of us in the process and I hope it finds me in that tea room, just like I said.

Give it your best shot and give it everything you got. Right now is the time to start if you’re willing and able. Hitch your wagon to a star. You’re a whole lot better than you think you are and... so it goes.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Rocks in the Stream by Les Visible♫ Rocks in the Stream ♫

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's send British Petroleum into the Fires of Hell.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When you talk about British Petroleum you have to talk about the Bride of Dracula, the original noxious, bat cave, the Queen of England, also the head of the Black Nobility; or close enough. My favorite picture of this slithering reptile is when she goes around on Christmas Day or New Years and dispenses season’s greetings to the junkies and homeless on the street. After a heartfelt, “Merry Christmas!” and a brisk handshake, it’s on to the next affair of state, which usually involves a senior cabinet member porking his chauffeur.

When you talk about British Petroleum, you also have to talk about the true vampire elite, The Rothschilds. They employ the Chinese Boxes style of accounting and operations fronting. I remember that photo of Warren Buffet, the mere piker of an investment entrepreneur from America, standing with Schwarzenegger and Jacob Rothschild prior to his investiture as Governor of California.

Not a day goes by when I don’t hear about British Petroleum doing something they are not supposed to do, denying it, being caught at it and… not a damn thing being done. They continue to pour Corexit into The Gulf at night, to keep the oil from the surface, or whatever the intricacies are, in order to avoid having to pay for their evil actions, which will inevitably lead to the deaths of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands; who knows?

All during the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, private security and public police forces, were employed by British Petroleum, to keep American citizens off of their own property on behalf of a foreign multi-national. They were threatened with jail and fines based on no existing laws that I know of besides the, “I have a gun and you don’t” law, which is a little like the Texas, “sumbitch needed killing law” but not really.

That jumped up pimp in the White House has been crying out behind the rodgering extended by BP to give it to him, “harder, faster and deeper”, in simulation of BP’s actual intentions and activities in The Gulf of Mexico, which seems to have resulted in at least one piece of good news. It might have affected a planned attack on Iran; delayed it more likely.

The control of the corporations is now official; it became official when the Supreme Court declared that it was perfectly legal for them to purchase the presidency or any other political office they desired. It became even more official when BP demanded that the American Government, sworn into office to represent the best interests of the citizens, immediately represent the interests of a pack of nationless scoundrels and get out there and lie like a Southern Baptist preacher about swimming safety; tasty and nutritious fish, cool healing rains and a chick at your door with a bag of pot. I think I got that last homily wrong. It might not even be a homily.

They said you should be catching and eating that fish because the government guarantees that its Long John Silver approved, except if anything goes wrong it’s your fault. People are finding chemicals in their swimming pools that are doing things to their skin. How did it get into their swimming pools? The same way it’s getting everywhere else. There’s no mention in the Zionist owned media about the terrible conditions that are manifesting down on the bayou because they are in the same club with The Rothschilds and the Queen and all the rest of the vicious, bloodthirsty pirates who run most of the show or... for the moment, as far as they know.

I want British Petroleum destroyed. I want it broken up into pieces and parceled out and sold and every dime sent in the direction of their victims. I want a tornado to pick up a house in Kansas or Kensington and drop it on the head of the Queen of England, while she’s wearing one of her stupid hats. I want a wooden stake driven through the heart of every Rothschild on the planet and I want to see the smoke curl, while the body bursts into flames and the jaw cracks open and the darkness screams from the mouth, as it rises above the stinking corpse and carries whatever residue is masquerading as a soul right down to the lowest bowels of Hell. I want all those blood stained clowns that assisted in this affair turned over to a howling mob of enraged fisher folk so that they can be used for bait or to chum the waters of the Gulf in case there are any fish left that want a piece of the action.

On behalf of this I am offering a visualization which should be directed at British Petroleum. You start with a BP logo and you imagine that it is the vibrational matrix of the physical integrity that holds the company together. You imagine the entire logo to be composed of something like ping pong balls held together by the magnetic glue of unbridled greed and you imagine the power of the collective Love of decent people, melting that glue with a sound like bacon frying on a griddle. The ping pong balls separate, burst into flames and the logo breaks apart as you directly see that all the physical assets of the company are breaking apart as well, except for those critical features that, by some serendipitous accident, actually protect well heads and so on and so forth. You see huge mountains of cash burning like an enormous garbage dump outside of Manila. You see this as the assets of BP and you keep saying all through it all, “BP is finished. BP is destroyed. Make it happen. Make it real. Make it happen right now, right here.”

Next you move on to the Queen of England and The Rothschilds, lined up like sardines in a can and you imagine the main demons of Hell reaching up from the ground, with hands of fire and pulling them down into the pit. You see them reaching out in all directions and grabbing their accomplices as they go. These accomplices grab other accomplices and you see the whole connected train of them being sucked down into the darkness of their own being, which is the original basis of Hell, as a self created destiny forged from individual acts. You affirm in your certain knowledge that this is an inescapable reality and you applaud and confirm it as the will of the universe, acting on the behalf of all life contained within it.

If this doesn’t work for you because you are some kind of a weak sister who thinks that Love has thin arms and might have the vapors at any moment, after which it falls into Fabio’s arms on the cover of a romance novel, then I want you to think of those sea creatures covered in that black death; turtles, dolphins, pelicans, manatees, all manner of birds and fishes and common working people, who are dying as you read this and being told it’s not because of BP and that it is certainly their own damn fault for coincidentally catching something that is, no doubt due to their being stupid enough to believe anything they are told. I want you to think of the compounds created by benzene, Corexit, methane and all the rest and understand that this was all brought about for the single purpose of hiding the extent of the crime, while having no concern at all for the collateral damage made a thousand times worse, because these evil beings were trying to shave dollars off of what they might be compelled to pay.

If a few hundred or several thousand of us try to remember to do this every day, when it is noon and six PM in New York City, I am pretty sure they are going to be feeling it. This is why the police attacked the people who were attempting to hold hands and encircle the Pentagon in order to levitate it. The one mind is all powerful. Physicists have already proven that the universe is thought born. Don’t think they don’t know about this kind of thing. They have people practicing it on you at all times. Remember to visualize a mirror alongside your head that reflects back everything the governments and black ops from any location or dimension are radiating out on any given day. That mirror sends their focused vibrations back at them. You make that automatic and autonomously operative.

Let each of us affirm that BP has the corporate form of bone cancer and that it is 100% terminal. Let’s accept it as a reality that is seeking its own end, even faster than we are. Let us accept it, as if it were one of our own hands in front of our face that everyone involved in this unspeakable crime against humanity and Nature, are inexorably and with all possible speed, being confronted with and punished for their crimes. Close your imaging with a sense of clean sea air and calm optimism; frolicking laughing dolphins and sea birds aloft in a cloudless azure sky, which you just realized you haven’t seen in a long time and shake your head and say, “Something dark and evil isn’t here any more. I can feel it”. Believe it. Know it. Let it go and do its work, secure in knowing it’s done.

End Transmission.......

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