Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's all about the Madmen Exposing Themselves.

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I’m thinking I ought to tell the reader a couple of things but it would be premature; notably about the Dog Poet thing. It would be premature. Sometimes what is, is the what of the isness not present. I am a little pressured by the emails and the commentaries at certain forums where, as usual, speculation and assumed reality take the place of truth. Nobody knows, myself included but... there are no accidents. Let’s leave it at that and see what happens? If you’re cool with that then, I am cool with that. If not… you’ll have to wait anyway because certain things haven’t happened yet. As for credentials, I think I’ve made an impression in that regard, though I’m just a horse or a dog if you prefer. In the one case I carry and in the other I give unconditional love. Both are quite true. In no case is it about me and if the time should come when that ever comes into question, I promise to take off all my clothes and dance in the street to invisible music. I realize music is more often to be qualified with audibility and not visibility but I am Les Visible and so that is a factor.

Now let’s get to the reason I’m writing this and stop annoying me with things I can’t explain to you. Why not let life in conjunction with time and events prove the point? Okay? Okay.

Irrespective of Steve Shane’s smokescreen of an article in the New York Times and irrespective of the debate that... ALL OF A SUDDEN HAS APPEARED... out of nowhere about how the Iran question is so much like the Iraq situation, I am asking the reader not to be deceived by what’s ticker-taping through your head via the crack-whore media. Just as Saudi Arabia had most definitely NOT cut a deal with Israel, all of this other smoke and mirrors is the sort of thing pickpockets’ work in public venues. It’s a form of bump and grind that is more bump and less grind. On the elemental level of the world’s appetites; whether it be in Atlantic City or Monaco; Bangkok or Gstaad, Hollywood or Bollywood, the whole game is about picking your pocket. Sometimes it can be a rough engagement if you happen to be in Marseilles or Tangiers. Sometimes they use mink gloves when they violate you. It depends on the comfort zone you can afford.

We won’t be dealing with the Greco-Roman Polanski here- that’s for the next Petri Dish. On that matter I will only say that, since Whoopi Goldberg says it’s okay it probably is, after all, I’ve never been on Hollywood Squares. Look, that whole Manson thing was orchestrated and I can tell you with some authority that you would be surprised about what was actually going on. I’m not going to address the satanic cabal that performs things like this all the time. I’m not going to talk about who may or may not be involved in these gatherings that take place in a very regular way. I’m not going to flash pictures of John Travolta or Sammy Davis Junior... no... that’s coming up shortly and the bad news for some is that some oracles can’t be stopped... after all... if there’s a bad guy there must be a good guy and we know how that works out in the end.

The assault on Iran appears imminent. When I start hearing unreasonable people talking like they are reasonable I know one of their friends is coming up behind me with a sap. One thing you must ALWAYS keep in mind is that we are dealing with psychopaths. If you don’t know what it looks like on the inside of their heads then you better school yourself. If you would like it presented in an ntertainment format, I will send you a PDF novel that explains it for free. Just email me.

Any time you see a sudden shift in the way that formerly consistently lying sacks of shit present the news, you can be sure the word came up from below to switch the program because snakes were about to be slithering under the theater seats and it’s necessary that the public has their eyes on the screen.

Most people who read here get their news from the alternative media. I do to a degree but I also get my news from Asia and the Russian press so... a lot of you might have missed where Putin (who is definitely in charge in Russia) said very directly that Iran is not afraid, not even a teensy weensy little bit about Israel coming after them. There’s a reason for this. This is a point I want to make with serious impact. Iran is not afraid of Israel at all and there’s a reason for that but I’m not going to spoil the surprise. I just want to say that Bibi and Ehud are in for a big surprise.

Personally I don’t hate anyone. If someone is in that sort of state with me, I am generally watching their body language and I have that palms forward, knees bent sort of thing. Of course people like to do long distance romances with guns and scopes and this and that. It’s funny how things go haywire sometimes. It’s actually beyond amusement how twisted people can get. I know I’m talking around things I can’t explain... but why don’t you read between the lines? The people who read here are gifted individuals so, use your intuition and see where that takes you.

Israel has gone to the well so many times that they think they can do it without even caring what the world thinks. They control the information flow for the rank and file so what’s the problem? Heh heh… sooner or later everyone learns that one should never over reach themselves. Alexander who was the very spirit of the gods of war on Earth learned this lesson and what was that? Something went wrong with his stomach. Evil really does destroy itself and it is about to show you that. Life is truly a Shakespearean play and the devil always does take the hindmost.

Were I you, I would take a lesson from these earthquakes because, as I have said many times here, Nature is going to be playing a large part in the presumptive and arrogant affairs of the insects who somehow got the idea that they owned the place. You are playing with things beyond your imagination. If you are a bad guy and you are reading this... you had better get a clue because you have tripped the wire; you have set off the sirens, you have brought yourself to the attention of those whose attention no mortal wants.

There is a poem called The Hound of Heaven. You can find it. Words never do justice to events. Words are just words. It is the rare artist that can get the world to remember what they said. It is the supremely great artist that gets to be buried in Mozart’s grave.

A lot of you are wondering and worrying about your families tonight. I was in an email exchange with a reader today about this very thing. Keep this in mind... whether you call it the angel of death or random chance or the reason you thought you should get more ammunition... the director is more aware of you than you will ever be of yourself. What I would tell you; the core issue that I would bring to your minds is this. What can you afford to lose? What do you care about? What is important to you? On that hinges your fate.

My friends, many of you are long time readers and you have accorded me a certain veracity and I can tell you that was not in vain but... I cannot make that leap for you. I cannot be you while you are trying to be yourselves. What I can do is hum Les Marseilles inside your head and tell you that this time, even though heads may roll, they will not be yours. Hold on friends. Do not despair. You have friends in high places. Stop paying attention to the ones who do not have your best interest in mind.

And for the people at those forums and the ones who want to send me messages, I have only this to say; how come I’ve been doing this all this time? Do you see me at Sardis? Am I screwing starlets? You got your criticism machine full bore but what have you ever done to make this world a better place? How many hearts have you touched? You know what I do before I criticize someone? I look at what they have accomplished first and I am very generous in that regard. Maybe you ought to take a page from my book.

There is no end transmission.......

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Curly, Moe and Larry got Game.

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It slips through the jungle like a jaguar in the night. It climbs out of the caverns that lead to the air-vents that sustain the illuminati in their castles underground. It leaks into the glaciers like sleep, slipping from the mouth of Albert Gore. It walks through Paris and waltzes through Vienna. It has a beer at the Oktoberfest and thinks about beer trucks filled with bombs. It wears a condom in Vegas and goes bareback in Salt Lake City. It dreams and it wonders, as it greets the sun in Samarkand and we are riding alongside on the doppelganger express. It’s the future and its possibility. It’s that indefinable something that you can taste in Chinese food and it’s a warning and the witness cause... Santa knows if you’ve been good.

Some of us can feel it when we can’t feel anything else and some of us are fast asleep in the kindling of a burning bed. Some of us have a bone in our nose and some of them are wearing loincloths and some of them are in designer clothes and it just goes to show you that everything is everything now and some part of everywhere is a part of everywhere else. It’s in the water supply. It’s like the gleam in your daddy’s eye except that he’s not laughing and you’re not smiling.

For quite some time it was only a vague sense of uneasiness. There was the feeling that conditions and events were not going in the right direction. Some line had been crossed. We chalked it up to stress or paranoia. Finally something happened and fear became a shimmer over everything we touched... everything that touched us. Then we found out that the original bad guys were windup dolls and that somebody else did the whole shebang. The fear increased. By increments it became apparent that the government itself was behind it. Later it became even more clear that agents of a foreign government had turned our government into a jailhouse punk. Our government was even ordering makeup and making denim skirts for itself. It liked it. Even when it became clear what the public role involved there were people lining up for the opportunity.

The people behind the people behind the people came out of the closet and leered into the eyes of the world. It was some kind of Mae West, Charlie Manson hybrid of a thing. It was some combination of “hello sailor” and “watcha gonna do about it”. Nobody knows what’s happening behind the Hollywood front. What could it possibly be that was powerful enough to make nearly everyone shut their mouths and... open their mouths depending on the demands?

You might say that a lot of people know what happened... or some version of it. You might say it is only because of the nearly complete control of the media that it isn’t sorted by this time. Still... think about it. Think about all the goons that magically appeared like Triffids in public office; on the TV and radio, in uniforms, in universities and behind the counters of the places that deal with paper. I don’t know about you but... the whole thing and all the little pieces of the thing are seriously uncanny.

Here’s a brief outline. A cabal of highly placed government officials, in tandem with foreign intelligence services and most especially... a particular intelligence service, launched a false flag assault on their own country, the most powerful nation on Earth. They used this event to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. They used this event to launch an even more serious assault on The Constitution and civil liberties of the people. They used this event to dramatically alter the way people move about. They used this event to make the world what you see today.

Just before the event a man entered the White House by means of vote fraud and then it was accomplished a second time the same way. Just last year a new president replaced him with the promise of hope and change and a determination to end the conflicts abroad. In short order he dashed the hope, turned change into more of the same and expanded the conflicts abroad. Now it involves Pakistan as well and Iran is in the gun sights.

For nearly ten years, the lies that justified the invasions have been revealed to the public. For nearly ten years we have watched the same lies being used to justify each new outrage and now... now we are seeing it in real time once again. Even though we have seen exactly the same thing before, several times, we are seeing it again and they are doing it with a straight face. If this were a movie it would be a satire. It would be a black comedy. It’s not a movie however- even though it is a movie- it’s not a movie and it’s not funny.

Iran sends a note to the IAEA to inform them that they are constructing a new enrichment facility. The rules require you to inform the IAEA six months before your facility goes on line. This new facility won’t go on line for eighteen months so Iran was well within the guidelines with lots of room to spare.

Suddenly a thousand tympanis begin to rumble. The stage explodes with pyrotechnic effects and the fog machine- especially the fog machine- goes to work so hard you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Even if you can no longer see them you know the pyrotechnics are still happening. Like magic the fog begins to part on the stage and Curly, Moe and Larry descend from the rafters on plastic quarter moons. The band starts playing “Where or When” Moe pokes Larry in the eye and Larry swings at Moe and hits Curly instead. The crowd goes wild.

They must have had a full facial Botox treatment before they came out because they didn’t even crack a smile when they began to tell the audience that Iran had just violated not only the females of every household represented but also the males and the family pets. It was a stunner ladies and gentlemen. The stooges who front for three powerful nations came out before the eyes of the world and lied like there was no tomorrow and- if it were up to them- maybe there wouldn’t be. They stamped their big clown feet. They howled in outrage. In the wings, Bibi Netanyahoo wiped a tear from his eyes. “Now that’s acting”, he said to Barak who stood near him at a control panel.

Shortly after the stooges had left the stage, following a medley of their routines, the media airwaves lit up like Las Vegas having a Grand Mal seizure. Dogs, ponies, hookers and ping pong balls went flying in all directions. Headlines streamed through print media and across the internet. Somehow, Iran’s full compliance with all of the IAEA’s requirements had been transformed into an unspeakable, international gang rape of war orphans. I guess I don’t have to tell you where those war orphans came from but... I digress.

The level of hubris cannot be measured. People, it is officially off the charts. What power, what motive, what reason can there be for world leaders to present themselves as they have just done in the face of so much hard evidence to the contrary? Here is a mystery. We’ve all got our theories but still, it seems like there must be even more than whatever we may suspect. This brings us to the curious case of The Big Brzezinski and the interception of Israeli planes when the fait accompli goes down.

You’re reading the text to our once a month Smoking Mirrors Radio Show and this is the end of the blog segment. You can listen live here tonight and catch the second half of the transmission or you can download the show when it appears in the archives Monday or Tuesday. So be there or be square. This is the Dog Poet signing off on the blog portion of our show and sending out a collective ‘big up’ from your homies in the Sirius Cluster. Keep in mind that it’s only castles burning and none of us has one at the moment.


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Any Day Now, as the Song Goes.

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The Perfect Storm approaches as reptile leaders Netanyahoo, Barak and Peres plan out the critical false flag event that they will need to force America into attacking Iran for them, just as they did with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Iran has no nuclear weapons program, Israel does and Israel lets no weapons inspectors into their facilities. They are not a signatory to the nuclear arms pact while everyone else in the world seems to be. Meanwhile Israel practices daily genocide upon the indigenous residents of the land which they have forced into ghettos that are ringed by murderous settlers who use them for target practice

The boogeyman is appearing everywhere all of a sudden. The dead Bin Laden is making speeches, moon-walking like Baron Samedi or an Egyptian mummy if you prefer that image. Ayman al-Zawahri is broadcasting from an undisclosed location as an unidentified Mossad or CIA agent and the non-existent Al Qaeda is marching over mountains and across the seas and even walking in sky as they trot out their state of the art communications system that has everyone in the non-existent organization in constant contact with all their non-existent associates.

The FBI keeps getting caught running false flag operations and had the misfortune of lying to the New York City Police Commissioner who swept into the ‘setup’ and found... wait for it... nothing at all. Now the FBI is leaking all sorts of embarrassing information about New York City cops as a payback.

The economy is in the toilet. The Federal Reserve says they are not going to let investigators look at their cooked books. Apparently, the Rothschild’s, who own the Federal Reserve and J.P. Morgan and maybe the whole world (who knows?) aren’t happy with the demands that they show the world how much they’ve been stealing and for how long. The last time there was pressure for transparency with The Fed, ‘somebody’ shot the president.

The stock market is a marvel to behold. There’s no reason for it to be going up and so on and so forth, so we have to assume that Goldman Sachs and their kindred from the deep places in Mordor are artificially stroking the market until they can get to the point where they can unload all that useless paper on the public yet again.

Mikhail Shashkavili is swaggering around like a belligerent drunk at 5’2” and a hundred and twenty pounds, making noises like he’s going to have a cage match with a 900 pound bear. Georgia is one big Zionist summer camp so it’s no surprise what’s going on there.

Over and over the crack whore press repeats the lie that Ahmanedijad has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Over and over they get busted for lying and they’re still at it. We’re hearing the usual lies about thousands of people being tortured and murdered in secret Iranian prisons. We’re hearing about how the election was fraudulent but it wasn’t. We’ve heard that Ahmanedijad is more dangerous that Hitler and yadda, yadda.

There’s only one predator nation that is responsible for all of the Mid-East chaos and that is Israel. They casually murder Palestinian women and children in front of the world; you are not allowed to believe your lying eyes. The Palestinians are squeezed into ever smaller areas while being denied medical treatment, food, well... anything they need they are denied. They are harvesting the organs of these captive people as if they were livestock and there was a demand for sweetbreads. It could be a culinary thing. It doesn’t have to be transplants. You have to analyze what would be the most evil thing and then you pretty much have it.

Anyone who can drop a million cluster bombs on the people of Lebanon AFTER peace had been agreed on is capable of anything; Bombing UN outposts? No problem. Driving large extended families out of their residences and machine-gunning them down in the streets? All in a days work. Strapping children to the hoods of their vehicles, while they look for people with white flags to assault with white phosphorus and DIME weapons, it’s a piece of cake.

This is the time of unveiling so we are seeing it all. The psychopaths are exposing themselves by their behavior each and every day. The whole world is coming to see what’s happening. An arrogant moron who was not legally elected once is replaced by a Mr. Slick who was going to put an end to the warmongering and... he expanded the operations.

High ranking members of the CIA went on record and said there was no Al Qaeda. It was a creation of the neo-cons that acted as a straw man for a public with straw in their heads. Members of intelligence services around the world; in Italy, Japan and other locations have all said that 9/11 was an Inside Job. Moving right along...

Like I said, this is a time of unveiling. This ‘is’ The Apocalypse and time is getting short for the long time miscreants who have visited so much suffering and terror upon people around the world. They’ve got thirty balls in the air as well as some chainsaws and flaming bowling pins and they’re coming down the street talking about Swine Flu; Al Qaeda, Pakistani insurgents, Iranian nuclear weapons programs and anything they can think of in a desperate attempt to get you to believe that they are not the responsible parties behind just about every bad thing going on anywhere at any time.

It seems to me that you have to be honest to see the truth. If you are not honest then your perspective is skewered by your dishonesty and denial. This is why they can’t tell the truth and why a certain portion of the public can’t believe the truth. Every day the magnitude of the lies and the dreadful behavior of the few are being seen more widely and more deeply into.

Given all of the things I’ve pointed out here it seems pretty certain that any day now… any day now they are going to launch a series of violent actions that can be blamed on the people they want to destroy because... because that is what they do. They kill and maim. They bankrupt and release diseases and toxins. They’re made differently than you or I. They aren’t human. They wear the mask but a beast is behind the mask. It’s an ancient thing that has moved through the human herd for centuries and centuries. It’s coming out now and they don’t know what to make of it. They managed well over the years as they set traps and practiced treachery, accusing whomever they pleased of the actions they committed themselves. Things aren’t going according to plan though.

Wherever you are is wherever you are. I don’t know what to tell you about that. I’d stay out of the cities though. These people are serious and completely devoid of conscience. Look at what they have done in previous decades. When you can print the money you can call the tune. When you can print the money you can decide who gets the money. Since no one can see what you are doing you can do anything you want. It’s a nice setup.

I don’t know how it’s going to shake out but it’s coming to a head. I can’t lose the feeling that they are going to shoot themselves in the foot. The cat’s been out of the bag for awhile now. The awareness of the sleeping public increases every day. They’ve got away with it for a long time. Maybe they will continue to and maybe they won’t. I’m thinking there’s more going on than they or we know about. We’ll see.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Truthseeker's Imprisoned in Rothschild Castle

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I’ve been patient. Each day I go to The Truthseeker web site and find that it’s gone- or still gone- as the case may be. It seemed that What Really Happened went down at the same time. This proved to be the result of a clerical error and then... very soon after, What Really Happened has come under persistent attack. Jeff Rense is also under attack. The forces behind the attacks are not a secret. It’s also not a secret who owns J.P. Morgan and a great deal of the rest of the world including the major mining and banking interests. The information is out there if you want to look. It all comes down to Rothschild which explains why you hear people say they take their orders from Henry Kissinger.

The creation of the state of Israel had nothing to do with creating a Biblically authorized homeland for Jews but rather for creating a nerve center for the control of world currency and assets. There are things you can do as a nation that you can’t do as a criminal cabal. One of those things is to make criminal activity legal.

The simple answer to most of what is going on everywhere is that humanity has an enemy whose intent is to enslave and torment it and all roads lead to The Rothschild Castle. The intention is clearly stated in the founder’s own words. The solution is for humanity to storm the castle and take back what has been stolen. No matter how you reason it. No matter how you strategize or brainstorm, there is only one solution. The people of the world must overthrow the overlords and they will. They will.

The Truthseeker web site has been a thorn in the side of the ruling elite. The other sites mentioned are also annoyances whose intent is the single most dangerous action that can be contemplated by the psychopath bloodlines; waking the populations up. I would have thought that whatever has happened to The Truthseeker, Rixon Stewart would have found a way to travel to an internet café or a friend’s home and, at the very least, notify me or some other contributor so that the many readers who are concerned about the situation might have some news of what is going on.

It’s a given that whenever the Zionist owned media starts trotting out the dead guy, Bin Laden, that they are on the verge of another outrage against humanity. When you factor in the recent surge in public awareness concerning 9/11 and the obvious perpetrator which is Israel and western intelligence services AND when you begin to see calculated assaults on the alternative media which is presenting the truth about what they have been up to well… it seems pretty clear that they are about to perform some new acts of terror.

This time the false flag, terror act is going to involve assaults on several nations at the same time. Israel is rapidly running out of water and they want the Litani River in Lebanon. Israel hates Syria because it’s called Syria and hasn’t yet become a renamed portion of Ersatz Israel. Israel wants to destroy Iran because the presence of Iran obstructs their intention of controlling the majority of the world’s oil resources. It’s got nothing to do with nuclear weapons of which there are none except in Israel.

It is quite simple when you hose away the disinformation of Zionist media and just look at the players behind present world conflicts and the crashing of the world economies. You look at the players and you look at the organizations and corporations that they play for and then you look at who owns them. You look at the attacks of 9/11, the London Tube and the Madrid Train station and you look at who was in control of security at those locations when they were attacked. You look at who was in charge on security of the WTC in the time period before the attacks and you see who had access to all points of the buildings.

If you can’t gain a pretty clear picture of who was and is involved in turning the world into a terror zone for the purpose of world domination then you are already behind the concertina wire and don’t even know it. Otherwise you are so incredibly dense or distracted that you could be laid out in a vegetable bin and it would be impossible to distinguish you from your companions, or… you’re involved.

A seriously formidable portion of the public knows what’s going on. We don’t know all the details and we don’t have to. Visit any S&MSM news site and look at the comments that follow any disinfo article on 9/11; Bin Laden, Israel or related matters and you see what people actually think. Check any poll. What people think and what it is reported that people think (if it is reported at all) are two different things. Most people know that 9/11 was an Inside Job engineered by agents of a foreign government who are in control of the government and the press of the nation that was attacked.

It should have been a slam dunk but it wasn’t. Even as day follows day and the reality of what is taking place is manipulated by the media and ignored by those whose job it is to investigate what happened, all is not as it should be; as it was planned to be. How is it that the dancing Israelis were spotted? How is it that so much that wasn’t supposed to come out has come out? Why is so much information coming out about the laboratory manufactured flu and vaccines? Something is causing the truth to appear to the confusion of the lies that are orchestrating the chaos in which we find ourselves.

This says it all. This cannot be refuted or spun into something else. This is what is responsible for the news that you get and the news that you do not get. This is what is responsible for the world in which you find yourself and this control of the flow of information -and what information flows- determines the general impression of what is and is not so; what did and did not happen. This control is mirrored in AIPAC which decides who will and will not be appointed or elected. When the government and the media are under the control of the same agenda which is being controlled by a nerve center for world domination that is centered in a rogue nation whose only concern is a pathological hegemony and repression of all things which are not of itself, then everyone else is in trouble.

How did those who are in control get into control? It’s quite simple. They got control of a nation’s money supply just as the quote suggests and then it is a simple matter of determining who gets money and who doesn’t. When you can print the money you can control who gets the money and that money can then be used to purchase the infrastructure that administers the nation as well as the information centers that manufacture the news that tells you what to believe. You can purchase the politicians and you can influence legislation. This is why they don’t want The Federal Reserve audited. This is why enormous sums of money have disappeared and no one knows where it went. Uh huh.

Life has been turned into a horror movie because the principle players are all characters from a real life horror film. The castle has to be stormed by the villagers. That’s a movie too. Remember... this is what we are dealing with.

It seems to be an impossible feat. It is hard to imagine how what needs to be done is going to get done but somehow… all through history we see that this has been accomplished over and over and it will be again. I can’t tell you how it is going to happen. All I can say is that it is going to happen.

The Truthseeker was shut down by those who oppose the truth and whose profit and control rests upon the relentless manufacture of lies. Other alternative news sites are under attack by agents employed by those who own the S&MSM as well as the governments and the banks and most of everything else. Apparently we have been successful in our work.

Brace yourself and open your eyes because it’s all about to go up a notch and it’s not going to be long in coming.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering the Villains, Seven come 9/11.

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“Seven come 9/11, baby needs a new pair of feet!” “Yeah roll dem bones. Sift me out some bone flour and bake me some 9/11 Victory Bread.” “Oh Yeah, I got to make eleven the hard way.” That’s when you roll snake eyes and convince everyone it was an eleven. “Check it out people. One and one is eleven. Take this here paper and write down a one and then another one next to it. See? That’s eleven.” Next...

I see where Rupert Murdoch’s Fox-Scat news service is going to be having a homage to the heroes of 9/11 on their virtual upchuck site. No sooner had they printed “never forget” than AIPAC sent a lawyer around with a ‘cease and desist’ for copyright infringement.

Certainly there were heroes around the WTC game-board on that fateful day. There were people like William Rodriguez and various emergency personnel who heard the various explosions and saw the controlled demolition of the towers and told their tale. There were others who just did their job and had no idea of what was going on but whose memories lit up afterwards like a K-Mart Blue Light Special with flashbacks and various incongruities that all said... “That ain’t the way that it was.”

Oh, there will be those audio/visual presentations that will fill us with the remembered shock and awe of that day and silverfish from the sewers will crawl up into the news casting booths in suits and ties with blow-dried hair and a Halcyon glare and talk about what happened. They’ll have their little cameos and vignettes as the dutiful graduates of MKUltra and Tavistock share their recovered memories. So… they’ll be doing that and I thought I would do a little something too and that would be to remember the villains of 9/11, the people who planned and carried out the attacks and give them a little face time.

Therefore, in no special order and with a few facts and figures missing here and there, we will name some of the major players. There’s ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein who purchased the lease on the WTC a few months before 9/11 and promptly took out big time terror insurance and who knew all about the asbestos problems in the towers. Here’s a humorous puff piece from Haaretz mourning the loss of all of Lucky Larry’s good work. They make mention of how he’s a good friend of Netanyahu, Sharon and Barak. That’s no surprise since 9/11 was planned and carried out by Mossad with the help of American intelligence services which means that Nettie, the Pillsbury Coma Boy and Parrot Squawk were manning the phones at their home base, that ‘just add blood and larceny’ Instant Levittown, Medellin of the Middle East.

There’s Little Georgie Bush who was reading “My Pet Goat of Mendes” to a group of his intellectual peers on the day he lied about seeing a plane crash into the towers. He was attended by one of his handlers, ‘Slippery’ Andy Card who, coincidentally will be on Fox-Scat News today. Another villain of 9/11, one of the big villains would be ‘Dick’em’ Cheney who made sure that all the fighter jets stayed on the ground as he assisted in his role in the treasonous attack on his own country.

There’s the neo-con fun bunch over at PNAC who drafted the charter and floated in the think tanks and fast-tracked and vetted many of the principal players who had to be in place for the festivities of 9/11. There’s ‘Money Honey’ Dov Zakheim who misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars and worked with remote plane technology and who hot-tubs with many of the names already listed. There’s Donald Rumsfield who announced the missing 2.3 trillion dollars on September 10th and who was wearing headphones and laying in a leather sling being procto-scoped by Condoleezza Rice on the 11th.

There’s the Five Dancing Israeli’s who got shipped back to Israel so that they could appear on television to say that they had been shopping for their moms. There’s the cop who found Mohammed Atta’s passport. There’s Rudolph Giuliani who mysteriously got called away from where he was so that he wouldn’t be where the action was. There are all sorts of sidemen like the people who snatched all the video tapes and destroyed the air traffic control CDs and a host of players that you can read about here. And if that wasn’t enough you can go here. I’d skip the video which I find annoying.

There’s “I can’t keep it in my pants’ Paul Wolfowitz who along with Richard Pearle and Douglas Feith were Jonathan Pollard’s spy caper buddies and who left a trail of hissing, radioactive green slime everywhere he went and who chowed down over at the World Bank and leveraged his girlfriend with a forklift into cush city before he got canned and is probably now working in the illegal organ trade.

On this memorial day that serves to remind us about how bad things can get when you let vicious, murdering psychopaths ascend into the realms of government policy, so as to have the opportunity to blame their actions on a particular religious group which they set up as the fall guys, let us remember the people who actually did the deed.

Yes, I’ve left people out and it’s your job to add them to the comments section. There are two groups of people I would like to mention before I head into epilogue country. One group is that large body of the public who actually believes it was a rag tag band of Stone Age Arabs that pulled all of this off. One of my favorite lines that I have heard is, “I was in New York City on 9/11, I know what happened (snicker)". This group has lowered the bar for stupid so that not even light can pass under it now. The other group is those who know that the official story is bullshit but who are restrained from action and comment out of cowardice and fear. The two of you have helped immensely and you need to be recognized for your contribution to the enduring lie that is 9/11.

On this day of remembrance, let’s showcase the actual parties who were instrumental in making your world the place it is today. Let’s not forget who was in charge of security at the WTC in the time leading up to the attacks and let us not forget who was in charge of security at all the 9/11 airports as well as the London Tube on 7/7 AND the Madrid Train Station. (Whistling past the graveyard) Yes, it’s all a series of impossible coincidences. “Seven come 9/11 baby.”

We know who did it. We don’t need the videotape from the crime scene and what thoughts were passing through their heads or what they said to each other. We have the smoking gun and the fingerprints. We have more than enough evidence to prove the conspiracy, after that it is just connecting the dots. It’s time for the Ceausescu solution to be applied across the board.

Take a moment on this day to reflect upon the villains. Across the polluted airways of the captive and lying western media you will be allowed to wallow in the tacky send-ups and reminiscences of pointy headed mynah birds as they trot out the tattered bunting and rain damaged backdrops for yet one more gigantic disinfo extravaganza. Observe these mindless robots as the message flashes over their heads with the words, “sold out whores.”

Finally, take a moment to feel the gratitude that you are none of these people and groups that have been mentioned here. Let your heart swell with thanks that you can see what really happened and that you are not a mesmerized farm animal awaiting your pending date with realities axe. Be mindful of how lucky you are that you can see and think and reason for yourselves. You have retained your humanity and you have not sold out your integrity and conviction for the comforting, crowded darkness of those who have embraced the impossible lies.

Let us remember the villains and the accessories during and after the fact. The unveiling continues, day by day. Critical mass approaches. The collective mind is awakening. Whatever these villains have planned for the future will not be enough to conceal what they have done in past. They are marching to their doom as they imagine triumph within their reach. Nothing can shield or save them from the judgment within. Their judge and executioner has marched with them every step of the way and recorded their words and deeds with their own eyes and ears. The dice are loaded and will perform accordingly at the appointed time.

Note, The Truthseeker has been offline for some days now and not even emails are being delivered. Does anyone know anything?

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We'll all be Rewarded when the Shit Hits the Fan

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When the proverbial ‘first matter’ hits the blades of the cosmic fan it is not going to be preceded by general news announcements delivered via radio and television. It won’t be coming in the form of an official letter from some government agency delivered in your post. Bob won’t be telling you at the neighborhood bar that the shit is going to hit the fan at 9:00 AM on this Friday morning. It’s just going to happen. Some will have early warning and that will be the ones responsible for the event.

It is possible to have some ball park awareness of when the shit will hit the fan by observing the sequencing of world events. If you are the sort of person who does pay attention to things like this, then you know that the fleet of ships, trucks and railcars required to transport the shit have already left the various docks, warehouses and stations where it has been stored against the day.

You’ve probably noticed that the Mossad/CIA official terror department, known as Al Qaeda, has announced that they have smuggled nuclear weapons into the U.S. This, of course, is as easy as the apple pie that used to be the national dish before it was replaced by cowpie and before Mom became a crack whore. It’s easy because Mossad and her jailhouse punk, the CIA, are in control of American security and no nukes need be smuggled since they are manufactured on site.

You’ve probably noticed that Mr. Brass Balls, Hugo Chavez, is going to be exporting gasoline to Iran and that Hong Kong is going to be doing something with gold that is likely to have an adverse effect on currency values very shortly.

You’ve noticed the recent appearance of major, talking shitheads like Tom Brokaw; Rudolph, the brown-nosed Giuliani and a host of other lying sacks of shit are going nova about the blogs corrupting the minds of the public with information concerning the government’s role in the 9/11 attacks and making the official line look like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

You’ve noted the cries for legislation against truth tellers and the association of truth tellers with terrorists and you’ve seen the damning evidence of nano-thermite at all ground zero locations, which proves once and for all that the government and their exploding shit-golem front men are just what they are; road apples for the cosmic fans of history.

You’ve noticed the relentless and sustained attacks against What Really Happened and The Truthseeker which have put them off the air for the last several days and which are being orchestrated by American and Israeli intelligence cyber-hit squads. When they get this dead earnest, it is an indication that a shitnami is on the way.

NOTE; What Really Happened did not go down because of enemy action. It was just the result of a garden variety clerical error. That doesn't mean they aren't out to get him though (grin).

Alex Jones has just announced that he is about to reveal something today that is supposed to be huge. It’s some kind of shitnado; some kind of shitinferno that appears to involve some important figure revealing some important shit. I’m guessing that the shitmeisters at Shit Central are none too happy about this, whatever it turns out to be.

The news of Israel deliberately killing Palestinian youths in order to harvest their organs is rocking the globe. It wasn’t enough for them to mass murder the citizens they’ve sequestered in their Gaza death camp. It wasn’t enough for them to burn them with phosphorous and shoot them down like dogs in the street. They are actually harvesting them like livestock in ways that would make Dr. Mengele blush.

They’ve actually managed to make the Nazis look like good guys. We don’t have a word to describe what they are at the moment. Some new definition needs to be minted but the lack of anything to compare it to has made the job difficult. Add to all of this the daily revelations about false historical records; slave ships, false flags, international crime organizations and the world wide pressure exerted by media and economic cabals and you’ve got more revelations than a thousand St. John’s eating mushrooms on a Patmos Island bigger than Teddy Kennedy’s funeral.

All this and much, much more is a sure sign that some massive wind farm of fans is about to come into contact with something larger than the life long output of those who have brought us to this point and are composed of the same substance.

It’s official, the shit is about to hit the fan.

I’ve presented a simple over view that is easily fleshed out into the visible form of a gigantic shit-monster who stands astride the globe, ten thousand times larger than the Colossus of Rhodes. Ozymandias on steroids with projectile diarrhea is an incontinent child by comparison. All of this has been engineered by an army of shit-soldiers composed of shit, whose every effort is the manufacture of more shit until the Earth is covered a kilometer deep in shit.

You can factor in the economy vis a vis the job market. You can add in the various wars and the disparity in wealth between the few and the many. You can add in the state of the culture and the witless comatose state of some large portion of the public and you’ve got the makings of the perfect shitstorm. Mr. Lahey is tongue tied. The magniturd of shit is beyond shitulation.

The weight of the shit is so great that it is compressing itself against itself and creating the sort of heat necessary for spontaneous combustion. It’s not going to be just the hard and soft shit that is stacked like bricks of opium in Rothschild banks and issuing in swirls like some godawful Dairy Queen machine with King Kong’s thumb on the full speed ahead button. It’s a precipitation of Shit from Outer Space drawn to the gigantic shit magnet of Planet Earth as homing beacon to the stars.

Prepare yourselves for the hour has come. This rough slouching shit is lumbering toward Bethleshit and it’s got a gasoline can in one hand and a Zippo in the other.

Yes, we’ll all be together. Yes we’ll all make a stand. Yes, we’ll all be rewarded, when the shit hits the fan. Full raingear is definitely recommended.

I’m watching all of this from my shitproof saucer, K-1 as I orbit the globe. I’d do something about it but the incredible technology and far future weaponry of my advance saucer has yet to be activated. I can only observe and report. Maybe my superiors will turn on the power. I’ve asked them to but I am told it has to play out the way it was written. There would be no lesson learned if I were to be empowered to wash the planet and hose the bad guys at the same time. My hands are tied.

The Dog Poet’s nose is in a perpetual wrinkle and not all the poets that have ever lived- and they are few enough to begin with- can weave this abondanza of shit into the majesty of immortal lines required. There is no shovel large enough; no boots deep enough and no mountain high enough to move, traverse or stand above what looms over us now.

As Van Morrison predicted long ago, “Yes here it comes… da dum da dum dum” and so on and so forth. The wind turbines of destiny are rotating with enough force to burst the locks of Doomsday’s gate. What can I say except to say, “Back on your heads, coffee break is over.”

End Transmission....... (ahrooooooo...)

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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Walk in the Park means Watch your Step

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Civilization, you gotta love it. Some say it’s been here for some time. I’m with the group that’s waiting for it to arrive. The other day someone bit off a man’s finger at MoveOn health rally. Half a day later the missing digit was at a Tel Aviv hospital awaiting transplant to a settler who had spent so much time giving the finger to Palestinians trying to cross a checkpoint that it had frozen in place. Doctor’s at the hospital said that the frozen finger was the result of anti-Semitism.

In more MSM news (or would that be S&MM news?), the guy who invented deep fried Coke and deep fried cookie dough has now invented deep fried butter. The Tin Woodsman’s daughter, Laura T. Coffey wrote this sterling piece of puff journalism in praise of the dish which tastes not unlike an MSM article if you roll it in shit and deep fry it. This makes it sort of like a double chocolate cake due to the redundancy of the ingredients. I can’t link to the story because I don’t link to the S&MM anymore but you’ll probably come across it in your travels.

Gates says, “It’s not the time to leave Afghanistan” and that the conflict is, “only now beginning”. Cue the Chicago song for accompanying soundtrack. There’s a heart rending photo of a young marine kneeling by some objects in the sand. The dead soldier (not present in the photo) was killed in a Taliban ambush. You remember the Taliban? They’re the ones that the U.S. is funding now. They’re the people who stopped the opium trade which got them invaded in the first place so that the opium trade could be restored and man, has it been restored. There’s now so much opium that there’s too much opium for people to buy. It’s only a matter of time before we begin to hear about deep fried opium.

The Zionist controlled western powers are rattling their sabers, because the bankers are bayoneting them in the ass from behind, and demanding that Iran come to terms with addressing what it is that they haven’t been doing. So Iran agreed to talk about it and openly discuss the west’s concerns. The west responded by saying that there was nothing to talk about. What’s implicit here is that it is impossible to stop doing what you’re not doing and that attempts to muddy the water by the people not doing these things is bad form. It didn’t work with Iraq and it isn’t going to work with Iran.

I guess I should mention, on the other hand, that certain things didn’t work for Rome or The British Empire but that was then and this is later. It’s never right now unless you are attending a seminar where they never talk about actual conditions but only about inner convictions. It seems that these two things can exist in separate envelopes and not affect or be affected by each other.

It’s always at the funerals of the famous that you notice everyone who also wants you to know that they are famous. This is the moment for them to give those great speeches that are most noteworthy for containing very little in terms of what actually happened. I’ve often maintained that the bigger the limousine, the bigger the funeral, the bigger the asshole. I’ll suspend that when it comes to entertainers because that’s usually the result of a certain mass hysteria that I call Orpheus Flu but when it comes to politicians the rule applies across the board.

Generally when I look at the legacy of public figures I do not look at what they are purported to have accomplished because that is usually, without fail, business as usual. It goes without saying that all of them accomplish business as usual so it’s not even worth mentioning. When I look at the legacy of public figures, I look at what they didn’t do but could have done. I look at what they could have said but didn’t say. I look for where they stood apart from their fellows and said what needed to be said amidst the clamor of outrage by those who consistently maintain that, “You can’t say that”. I look to see whether they were able to make a fashion statement on The Emperor’s new outfit. If they are not able; were not able, could not find the opportunity to be able, to speak the truth in the face of the frozen finger of tradition then they are empty suits and cowards all.

I didn’t buy into the Kennedy fantasy for one minute. My biggest Kennedy memory was Robert Kennedy assisting Roy Cohn and company. Roy Cohn used to like to go out on Cardinal Spellman’s boat and frolic with naked altar boys in the service of his country. I will allow that ‘maybe’ John F. Kennedy did try to do the right thing now and again because, after all, they shot him didn’t they? So I might give JFK a certain special pass but that’s not my province. There’s a higher court for that sort of thing.

I’m not the Lone Ranger but the prairie is wide and so one can go for long periods without seeing the other rangers. My heroes are not the usual heroes, with a few exceptions because... there have been some real heroes. I have had to walk in this world but that hasn’t inclined me to believe in it because it all turns out to be deep fried butter or deep fried opium but mostly deep fried shit that has been flavor enhanced. Ah the bouquet.

People view dogs with distaste for sniffing at asses and showing an inordinate amount of curiosity in curbside and walkway droppings and never seem to realize how they do exactly the same things themselves. We are conveniently blinded to this reality by the camouflage of collective behaviors given meanings other than the ground zero meaning they actually have. You strip away the cultural colorations and the costumes. You strip away the various veneers and the social games and you’ve got dogs doing what dogs do but everything means something else because we hoodoo the doodoo. We voodoo the obvious and it becomes another thing and by collective repetition, over time, of agreed upon beliefs about what something all means something else.

This is why patriotism gets wrapped up in the creation and performances of war. What actually happens is that a group of bankers have determined that they can make money six different ways by initiating a conflict between two or more nations. They create the lies and tensions that lead to whipping up the publics anger at a manufactured boogeyman then they lend counterfeit money at interest to all parties; they sell them the weapons and supplies needed, they run the black market operations, they steal the resources and they provide the financing and companies that carry out the rebuilding of what they destroyed but there’s a lot more than that. You would be surprised.

Meanwhile, the public view is all about these brave young men who have gone to defend their country and their way of life against flesh eating barbarians from across the water or over the hills. These young men with their shiny eyes and hopes of heroic engagement, destined to rot on some field in Flanders, which is routinely recreated under a different name and then immortalized in song by whatever Toby Keith kind of whore is responsible for the awful lyrics.

A walk in the park, that we know as Life, is a beautiful image but you’re going to step in a lot more shit than you ever will in the wild. The status of civilization can be seen in the life that inhabits the park at night ...and what it gets up to.

The enduring lies of patriotism are just a few of the lies that we encounter in every area of life from the battlefield to the bedroom. These lies become crystallized into established truth and become the traditions written into the stone over the public buildings and it is no different in the religions and educational systems. If you want the truth you’d better look inside yourself because it might still be there. You can see it in Nature, where the rape artists have not yet been at it and in those special moments of twilight and dawn when she pulls apart the curtains for those brief moments in the hope that someone might be watching.

All that heartbreaking beauty is on display but off to the side on seldom traveled roads. One might find a direct parallel to the hidden beauty within ourselves and come to the same conclusions about what we have spent our time on and what we have ignored. Quo Vadis, humanity? Quo Vadis...

End Transmission.......

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