Monday, October 31, 2022

"However, It's not Going to be All Roses and Romance Everywhere. Life Makes a Balance Between Good and Evil. "

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Different personalities have to be disciplined in different ways. It's not the same for everyone. There are 36 personality subgroups, and all the variations that come out of them are proof positive that it takes tailoring, and a skilled hand to shape human destiny. The disciplining is personalized to the specific personality. The closing thought here... should be... ALL PERSONALITIES GET DISCIPLINED, no... matter... what. It's best to go along with the program, and not have karmic law enforcement loosed on your tracks.

When they say... you can't run from yourself. There's more than one way to understand that. One might also say... you can't get away from yourself. What if you weren't yourself in the first place? Would you be getting away from something that did not exist? No matter where you go. You're still there. That is the part that needs attending to, and until... you... do... mechanical LIFE will be attending to you in all your encounters and experiences. I find it far more preferable to go... with... God, and bypass machine karma.

Mr. Apocalypse is ON A ROLL!!! Because I do not know if the link is banned across social media, I will put it in the comments section. Remember... we said that he is going to start coming for the big players in EVERY AREA?

I look at these huge crowds in the sports stadiums and I see that the bread & circuses are an enormous cultural Titanic headed for an iceberg called Reality.

When you see the link it should be evident that one of the ways that Mr. Apocalypse is getting people... is through their weaknesses and obsessions. He is also driving people mad... in all kinds of directions... as they come to that part in the film where the point is getting made. IF a point is getting made. Most films lack that these days, and... I'm just guessing here... most lives too.

When superficiality and trivia becomes the operating mindset of the culture... there is no sustaining virtue in it. This is how cultures die. The will to live departs BECAUSE life... has... lost... all... of... its... meaning. Though many imagine themselves to be trapped, no one has to wallow in The Sties of Perversity. Life is much cleaner and finer when you move up the vibrationary scale. It is certainly true that one can rise to the conscious level of angels AND... interact with them.

Raise the level of your thoughts. Let your heart soar, and you WILL come to The Blessed Spheres.

Once The Voice of Voices awakens in you... everything becomes possible. That voice... hard as it may be for many to believe... is speaking in you this very moment. We put buffers and blocks between ourselves and The Voice of Our Self. Materialism draws a curtain. Attentive and Focused listening will burn through the barriers. Love will MOST CERTAINLY burn through the barriers.

So... about this event that is linked in the comments. The thrones of temporal power are being shaken to their foundations. The Almighty is directing the courses of all the players... to their appointed resolution or conclusion. It is not yet apparent at a wider reach, BUT... those seated on the thrones of temporal power, for... whatever... reason... ARE being shaken, not stirred, this very moment. As the force of it increases... and I assure you it will... it is going to become apparent at a wider reach that they are trembling in their boots, as... well... they... should.

Let me share with you a fragment of the many blessings that Mikhail Aivanhov has been gracious enough to share with me; "When the people of a country improve, Heaven sends them enlightened rulers who bring them well-being and prosperity, but... when they sink into evil ways, Heaven sends a tyrant to rule over them. This is a law. It is important to know there are laws."

Let's explore The Land of Shadows from a far perspective... as if we were on a high hill and looking down at a city... down into The Dark Splendor.

From one perspective, it's the corporations that want to control everything. They are the ones that tell the governments what to do, AND... where do the corporations get their money? They get it from The Banks. The Banks control the corporations. Who then, if... I... may... be... so... bold... as... to... ask... controls The Banks? Some might say Kubera. Some might say Satan. Some might say Mammon, but... Mammon works for Satan. Like Astaroth... he is one of The Archdemons of Hell. What's the good news, Visible? The good news is that they all work for God. The Infernal Realm is ALWAYS subjective to The Supernal Realm.

Conditions AND... the nature of change... have been fairly predictable for centuries, insofar as people's behavior toward one another in The Marketplaces of The World. That is undergoing a new and profound genesis. I know that... at the moment... it seems deranged, especially among certain age groups, BUT... once the hysteria subsides... and the radicals are pushed to the sides, and marginalized... in whatever place their pathology puts them... there will be a much greater equality among us, AND THAT WILL NOT MEAN, utter license, and living your own truth, no matter how false and twisted it is.

It does not mean the kind of bullying tactics... that those crying out as victims... are employing for their personal gain. It does not and will not mean the wider sexualization of children... and the despoliation of innocence. It will not be one color or creed trying to lord it over the other... as we now see those who haven't been victims of anyone besides themselves for a really long time... are seeking to destroy and enslave their imagined oppressors. This is all a confusion of darkness.

The same can be said for miles and miles of bad plumbing and wiring that has been installed in the minds of wayward generations by helicopter parents, BUT... a new equality and sense of fair play is coming. COUNT... ON... IT!!!

However... it's not going to be all roses and romance everywhere. Life makes a balance between Good and Evil, at... the... levels... they... operate.. on. The Wise know how to come from one direction, and use the other as fuel. People will get the wardens and shepherds they deserve, according to the quantity of Love and Mercy in their hearts.

Right now... the specific angels of God... who are called to this specific purpose... are assisting Mr. Apocalypse in his efforts around The World. As The Awakening makes it possible... people are seeing what they did not previously see. This is not going to shake itself all out next year. This is a work in development across a greater span of time. That.. does... not... mean... you cannot live in this consciousness Right Now! It means that the larger and wider world has its own speed of change. You do not have to be limited to that.

There are higher bandwidths and... more enduring locations!

It has ever been the case that those who go first get there first. Seems like that should be self-evident. Sadly... for many... it is not. Far too many people feel that all this convenience and personal freedom to express yourself, no... matter... how... REALLY... crazy... it.... actually... is, is their due, and... a permission slip to do whatever The Hell they want. This... THEY WILL FIND... is not so. Certain behaviors... come with terminal maladies that are built right into them. Jesus! Look at the consequences of certain behaviors as we see them over the years.

I have dived into many of these things in the process of my own awakening. Fortunately... I had a dispensation for much of it and walked right out of them with little harm done overall. I am sure this would come as a surprise to those who were expecting a different outcome. Loving God has perks that many do not imagine. Once we know the power and possibilities of The Divine... even in a small way, which is about all we're going to get... no matter how wise we become... our Faith/Shraddha gets hard to shake, unless... God... has... his... reasons... to.

Sooner or later you have to get on the road to your better state of being. Sooner or later... The Suffering will drive you to it. The earlier you start, the sooner you arrive. Right now would be neither too late, nor too soon.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

"Every Detail of Our Lives... No Matter How Seemingly Insignificant... IS... A Special Dealing of God with Our Soul."

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Yesterday... I said, One of the contenders for the role of Anti-Christ just got appointed Prime Minister of The UK. What I mean by that can best be explained by certain imagery. Visualize ranks of men and women marching through a continuum. This extends over a fantastic reach of time. Some of them are wearing military uniforms. Some of them are wearing priestly vestments. Some of them are wearing 3-piece suits. Some are wearing costumes... personality-lit Halloween costumes that have to do with entertainment, whether it be clown suits or heavy-metal hair and chain mail leather.

Some of them are wearing the outfits of their professions, like chefs... sports figures... police... firemen... and so forth. These continuums are interwoven with other continuums like suspension bridge cables. They move through the material culture of their times out of memory. Along the way... their intentions orchestrate their interactions with what seems... to... be... matter.

This creates plot-lines of Karma... and depending on the amount of ambition... focus and persistence... ruthless disregard for the well-being of others, on that depends the outcome. This is a consistent theme in the live(s) of specific character types. Some trend in a direction that most of us would call... Good. Some trend toward what most of us would regard as... Evil.

It... just... so.... happens... if you persist in particular directions, YOU WILL ENCOUNTER emissaries and wardens of that continuum, AND... you will be compelled to make an arrangement OR leave what you acquired and aspired to until that point. You have to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Those who aspire to areas of temporal control, be it president or minister... religious leader... marketplace magnate... controller of Vice... and so on... do come into the company of The Man of Shadows. They eventually move into the area of archetypes. The Anti-Christ is such a position and different aspirants fill the post for different lengths of time. It is the same with The Sun regent who serves for 400,000,000 years. The Anti-Christ would not have a longevity like that. He might only exist for a single life.

So... when one sees a person who worked for Goldman Sachs... married a billionaire's daughter... attained to Minister of Finance, and then to Prime Minister of Rothschild Industries... AKA The UK... they would be a prime candidate for any number of heavy-weight roles that serve The Dark Side. The same applies to Elon Musk, and there are others that come to mind but that's not the point of this posting.

We are all in a continuum. You could also call it a ray. Each of these has a collection of personality types, which include all the costumes and uniforms... roles... objectives... and results that are consistent with that continuum or ray. Each continuum or ray has an upswing... a downswing... and a straight-ahead level. Each of these subsets has exit routes in and out of each other. One might have been a long time on a certain road, in a certain continuum, and then encountered epiphany... the lightning bolt on The Road to Damascus... a confrontation with Truth.

That changes everything.

Also... the reverse might happen as a result of a trend in actions that lead into some subterranean underpass where the new light now casts a different meaning and appearance on EVERYTHING formerly seen in another light.

There are 36 basic, personality types. All of the countless variants you see... are hybrid combinations of these 36 types. Each of these falls into groups of 3 that represent the primary... middle... and transitioning states. If you pay careful and informed attention, like any professional whose job it is to pay attention and be informed about specific concerns; like detectives... therapists... scientists of many stripes... you can see and identify what goes right by most people. Some use the usual pedestrian elements found in the systems that teach these disciplines, AND some rely on insight and intuitive readings.

Personally... I use physiognomy, vibrational awareness, and The Intuition. They serve me well. They resonate with the particular type that I represent. When I had my initial Kundalini experience about 60 miles outside of DC, in the hinterlands of Virginia, and which lasted for several years at an unrelenting level, at one point...I wound up in front of a mirror where I saw all of my previous personas to the present. I saw Egypt... Persia... China... India... as well as cultures previous to all of them.

It felt to me like whoever was behind this transformation, had sucked these identities right out of my being through a straw. I was left as no one but the self behind the self. I know that I have mentioned Jivanmukti here before. I have also mentioned that once the transition goes into operation, NOTHING can hinder it, BUT... The Mind continues to spin like a top. This can go on for years. In my case, it has done so.

Once your personalities are pulled from your being you become a mirror to others and... because many people do not like what they see in the mirror, they... don't... like... you.

There is a long period of burning up the garbage, and pulling The Mind again, and again, and again, and again... over and over and over... millions of times to brief... sustained moments of focus, BUT The Mind keeps on spinning. One can be plunged into The Carnal Theater. Whatever is required for closing your personal account has to go down... If you were too good or too bad, you get a real taste of the other. Everyone gets their noses rubbed into pedestrian sleaze... so that NO ONE... NO ONE can claim a purity they do not possess. All masters have a secret life of shame. You can bank this.

All are revealed to themselves as cowards. The grab-bag of unfinished business that was filled up over the course of God-only-knows-how-many-lives... can be impressively varied with all kinds of diverse events and inexplicable situations, coming and going. One is certain to look like a crazy person to others... now and again.

Eventually... the spinning mind stops, and Jivanmukta comes about. This is on the menu for an... as yet... indeterminate number of people, depending on how bad they want it, and whether they can stay the course. For most of us... our interests are focused at the bottom three stations, with concerns for survival... sex attractions dressed up as romance... and personal ambitions and influence from a power perspective. The Awakening is testing and changing all that. Some are finding The Heart Zone and further points up the road.

Meanwhile, the draw of The World, the magnetic pull of all its enticements and attractions is... formidable. It can be like trying to swim out of a whirlpool. It makes a big difference if you are sailing on The Sea of Serenity or... circling a drain. You HAVE TO pray for strength and guidance BECAUSE... you... cannot... do... it... on... your... own. You are actually your own worst enemy; one might say you are your only enemy because you are the one who lets... the... wrong... one... in.

It is near impossible to talk about these subjects, BUT... one must try, due to the prevalence of Suffering, and the looming specter of far greater suffering that The World of the moment inclines toward. This is the time to empty The Mind and appeal to The Divine to be present. Every detail of our lives... no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with our soul.

Surely... you can see the crumbling of long-standing institutions and the corruption of ideals, that were once more common than they are now. The trivial and the superficial, predominate in the minds of the self-centered appetite-chasers. Material Culture is a swallowing void.

A quantum leap of spiritual transition beckons the willing at this time. The rest is going to be allowed to grow to term... until harvest time, and some will be cut down and bound up and tossed into the fire. Some will be put away in the barn. At least that is what a specific scripture had to say.

God's power is immense. He can carry you where he will. He does... in fact... do this simultaneously with every... living... thing. Raise your sail and let The Winds of God carry you across the ocean of birth and death. You will get only so far on your own borrowed power... before you are plowed under and returned again... and again... and again... and again, ad infinitum... ad nauseum... ad ham-hoc.

Gate... gate... para-gate... some gate, and... some don't gate. Flippant it may seem, but it is so. A great wave of change is coming. It would be good to catch it and ride it in to shore, rather than be tumbled to ruin on the rocks beneath.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 21, 2022

"Life is ONLY Uncertain When You are Out of Your Dharma. Discover Who You Are, and... There You Are!"

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People develop criteria and expectations as they go... as they are raised and mentored... as they are programmed. Often... they bring nothing but their expectations for particular criteria with them. Many people feel that life... The World... other people... owe them something. There's more of them in the cities than there are in the Campagna. Some locations build selfish and competitive mindsets where... the weak are killed and eaten.

They see people running around in uniforms of all kinds... in the military... in corporate culture... in religions. They see people going around wearing robes and waving paraphernalia. They think that this is how people associating themselves with war... or business... or God should present themselves. If you're not wearing the magic decoder ring, then... you're not in The Club. Apparently... in the minds of those who make the rules for The Man Upstairs... you got to fit the protocol. Well... no... you don't.

God has no interest in the bones of saints or people who collect money in his name; that's the province of fetishists and bankers. God does... not... need... any... of... that. Through programming, people expect to see religious authority dressed a certain way... and talking a certain way. Religion and Spirituality are often mutually exclusive... like... say... Fear and Love.

I look at Religion and I see a cumbersome... weighty... bag of contradictions that people carry around with them. I see many religions, few of which agree with each other, AND... I assure you that God has got better things to do than hang out in a stuffy church, temple, or otherwise, with a bunch of people who don't even want to be there. Where is the life! Where is the living presence?

However... people in religions have the appearance of security... and company... and sameness... and conformity. If you don't conform to their agreed-upon limitations... you're not in The Club.

That's not how spiritual people are. Spiritual people are real... above all, and that means being silent often. I am not having a conversation here in a social setting. I don't have to watch what I say. I don't say much around other people. I'm not interested in chit-chat. People get resentful of me here because I don't chit-chat. I don't meet their expectations. How did they become my landlords?

I need to tell you that there is a big difference between those who went into The Howling Unknown and found God and those that go and visit him in some rest home religion where they put old relatives. There is a big difference between people who live the reality of God's Presence, and those who pretend to be in it according to some commonly agreed-upon delusion.

It's... all... delusion and programming. Certain big organizations, like... Government... Religion... The Marketplace... seek control over everything else. They want to mold the way you think to their standards of acceptable group-think and fealty.

That might cut it in Material Culture OR... at least give the appearance of it. That does not cut it with God. With God, it is... get real... or go home. God seems to be an absentee landlord, and the only one people see with any routine is... The Devil... who is playing all those roles. This is a hoodwinking. This is a magical performance. God is VERY MUCH present, though OFTEN shy and retiring. You have to make a Determined Effort to see him or... he won't come around.

People take umbrage occasionally, in a certain purse-mouthed kinda way... because I use the very occasional expletive. My spiritual master used such words and I can't hold a candle to him; not that he needs one, given the power of the Impersonal Sun he's got shining through him. I do what I do for free and don't have to answer to anyone. I don't have to meet anyone's expectations except God, who is not shy about letting me know what they are.

When I was quite young, I used to see the lady with the glowing torch that appeared in the very beginning of film productions by Columbia Pictures. She's dressed in white with a blue shawl, which are the same colors as The High Priestess in the 2nd trump of Tarot. She seemed to me as The Divine Mother holding The Lamp of Truth. She's like Lady Liberty too... a symbol of freedom, AND... as we should know... “The truth shall set you free.”

Maybe you were wondering about that extemporaneous poem near the end of yesterday's Visible Origami? The lady that went missing, that the detective and press were engaging over... is Lady Truth. She's gone missing. I hear she is being held hostage along with Lady Nature. Well... I only mention this because some of you were probably thinking WTF when you read that and wondering about context. All you ever need to remember about coming here... is that anything that seems mysterious... elusive... not comprehensible... it is about The Almighty or The Divine Mother in one or another permutation on this plane of identities and action.

Some things are impossible to put into words. That is the reason for allegories... parables... fables... koans... etc.

Life is only uncertain when you are out of your dharma. Discover who you are, and... there you are!

When I was a child, I was a very good baseball player. I grew up on military bases so... I was fairly proficient at every sport. If I was not playing sports, I was reading books... and wondering about the greater world. My abilities came to the attention of a baseball coach who offered me the opportunity to try out for the varsity squad at an elite high school a year before I attended. I was elated. My father shut it down. He said I had to work at the commissary over the summer so that I could buy my school clothes.

So... this I did. I saved up $150.00 and... come September, my father took it to pay a poker debt. My early life was filled with such moments. I don't need therapy. It's the therapists who need therapy, and... I've met quite a few psychiatrists. Dear God! Being telepathic provided me with many a gruesome insight into the minds of those so disposed. This was all The Breaks of The Game. It led me to where I am. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anytime I see that lady with the torch at the opening of a movie, it rocks me still. She is the love of my life. Then there's Paramount. One day... decades ago, I was watching the opening trademark moment where a circle of stars appears over Majestic Mountain or Ben Lomond Peak, and suddenly, I thought... hmm... I watched it in slow motion and saw that there are 22 stars. That is the number of The Major Trumps. Yes... the people who created these industries know about the occult underpinnings of the phenomenal world.

There SEEMS to be a war taking place between Good and Evil, and it OFTEN... and especially lately... SEEMS that Evil is winning. Without Evil, there would be no good, and ALL PATHS lead to The Divine. As Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita... “As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.” Few of us know what is Good or Evil. To that... let me say, “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” That was Lao Tzu.

It's a fool's gambit to worry about Good and Evil. Simply do Good through impersonality and selfless service. I may not know much, and that's a given, BUT... that much I do know... about true success in life; be impersonal... love all... serve as you go, without thinking about it. Let it become second nature and you won't even be aware of it as a labor or a chore.

Some very self-important people are going to get a very big surprise, shortly. Every one of us is going to get a surprise, one way or another. NOTHING happens by accident. There are no coincidences, simply associations you have not made. The deeper you go, the deeper you are. Those who are able to concentrate within... will generate the necessary compression to transform into a star. Either you are shining or... you... are... blocking... the... light.

Either you are getting brighter or darker. There are two kinds of light; true light and false light. You do not get brighter on your own. You become more transparent so that a greater amount of light can pass through you. Everything is God. Your job is to find the resonance and come into harmony with The Will of God. You do have a choice and one of them comes with ever greater degrees of suffering.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

"The World Wants The Refined Sugar ... Bad Alchemy... Potato-Chip Facsimile of The Philosopher's Stone."

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The Great Awakening, which is rumbling like a herd of tympanis... across a desert landscape at dawn, and... also... putting on its makeup... for those who don't want to wake up... is also dancing in angelic sign language in The Event Horizon. I know we may seem to be a little colorful here, BUT... that is exactly what I mean and what I see.

We have said in numerous ways that this FORCE is going to affect us each in different ways, here in The World of Shadows and Shades. Some will be dragged kicking and screaming to epiphany. Some will ride it like a perfect Pacific curl that just keeps breaking round and round The World. Some will rise and feel the aether shimmer on their forms, as... the... conscious... light... comes... down... the... planes. Some will flee in panic, as The Light appears in their former halls of darkness... palpable as flowing water.

It will come by degrees and it will come by gradients. It will express freely to the despair of those attempting to restrain it... it will be a sort of, “out of the mouths of babes” event. They will be convicted or confirmed by their own voices. Some will find salvation in The Inner Voice, which is a spiritual guidance system of high-end sonar. This is how like attracts like.

Temporal science, like temporal religion, is due for a BIG retrofit; a refurbishing right... down... to... the... foundation. A new wave of irresistible spiritual force is going to wash The World. Some of us are not going to enjoy being washed, given what we have fouled ourselves with over such a course of time.

New religions will appear, and they will go the way of the previous religions after a certain amount of time. It only took less than 300 years until Christianity met Constantine. The True Faith had to go underground or hide as something else... like Tarot cards... for instance... Ageless Wisdom preserved in code. Still... The World is going to change... is changing... and you are seeing the worst of it at the beginning, as... always... seems... to... be... the... case.

Yes... a new age of Brotherhood is coming, but the same hypocrisies will attend it... just as they did for The Age of Sacrifice and Love. This does not mean you have to miss out on the real thing... you don't. Just don't imagine that the whole world will show up in willing fashion to be cleansed in The Light. The World entire does not want to be cleansed in The Light. The World wants to manufacture and celebrate its own version of what it pretends to be, and it will return as soon as possible to its upchuck of the previous bacchanal. (that's a reach of a paraphrase, Visible)

The last World Teacher said that he had two different teachings for two different groups of people. One of these groups is very small and the other is very large. The World does not want the concentrated and unrefined truth (grin). The World wants the refined... high fructose corn syrup... preservative fixative... bad alchemy... potato-chip facsimile of The Philosopher's Stone, and... it wants to win the lottery so that it can buy an endless ration of shit it doesn't want other than to look like it has it.

This is Celebrate Breast Cancer Month. This is when those making a living from a disease they have NO INTENTION of curing, and which is caused by bad lifestyles, start raking in the swag from their clever psychopathic scam. Of course, it is a creation of The Usual Suspects. The cure for cancer and every other disease has been known for a very long time. However... just like the religion scam, the temporal science scam has created protocols welded to law, which preys upon the pain... and hopes... and fears of humanity FOR... MONEY.

If you show up with a cure, they... will... kill... you. You kinda have to operate on the QT, and be mindful of time... and place.

The World of Enhanced Material Darkness has sewn shut every door and will not let you pass unless you get their brand on your ass; “This ass is property of Amalgamated Asshats Inc. Drop in any mailbox and postage will be paid.” If you want to enter into the religious scam market, you have to study the protocols of whatever contending religious doctrine you are interested and invested in. You have to learn the ways and the means, and wear the funny getups... as you are elevated into the ranks of the high-end bloviators. You... have... to... stay... on... script, UNLESS... unless you are a degenerate of the protected classes. Then you can fellate The Devil on Easter Sunday, before the whole congregation... as if it were a communion service, AND... well... I guess it is just that.

If you want to enter the political scam market... the entertainment scam market... the educational scam market... the bad science market... whatever market catches your fancy... you have to abide by the rules and regs. A certain latitude is given in each area, for the particular sins and wayward behavior that are germane to the generic. There is a lottery in every field for who is to be thrown under the bus, and there is one particular crime that you dare not commit, and that... is... to tell the truth.

In most cases, the truth is completely unknown, so... it won't come up anyway. In these times of the celebration of mediocrity, trivia, and fluff... you might find anyone doing anything; Jeffrey Dahmer's restaurant chain... John Wayne Gacy's daycare centers... The Joe Biden School of Economics... These are all certified and papered over. They're legit! Thank God, I'm not legit.

I should make brief mention of Kanye West and his latest tirade. As much of a simpleton as this fellow is, what has just happened is going to make BIG... BIG waves in The Black Community BECAUSE... what he says is true. He's gone off the reservation and this is causing deep rumbles in that demographic of the disenfranchised. It is common knowledge who are the slumlords... and much else upon which a large segment of this population depends. The facts about the slave ships and who owned them are common knowledge. Who stole all the musical royalties right up to the present day, is known. A whole lot is known and provable.

On the heels of all this comes... The Great Awakening. The awakening happens inside you. It is not dependent on outward corroboration... even though it has a sympathetic resonance with it. When the awakening comes... there will be information you suddenly have... and certainties that you know... which rise up out of visceral awareness, without needing to hear it on the news. There are new hums and a new humming coming to The Hive Mind. They now see who once were blind. They now hear what was not previously heard.

There is no way for the movers and shakers of The Temporal World to hijack or revise what is coming. There is no way for them to intimidate the messenger when the messenger is within, AND... IN... THEIR... OWN... HEADS... AS... WELL. Get out of my head! Get out of my head!!! Aye... they will cry for relief and escape but there will be no palliative nor exit. Those who refuse to change... WILL BE CHANGED.

At the moment... the entire circus cast of The Loony Tunes cartoon poseurs... is dancing through The Media. So many people are making complete fools of themselves at this moment that one could never count them. Like one under the spell of a hypnotist... they are going to awaken... right in the commission of whatever dreadful acts were born from the snapping of the weakest links in their chains, and oh! Oh! What a moment they will have.

Moments of awakening come in every life, if only during the stages of passage from one phase to another. This is on a much grander scale. It's going to hit from the top down. Kanye and others like him are the conductors on particular trains. They may not know where they are going but what they say is... going... to... be... heard across certain planes of awareness and this can bode no good for the oppressors being exposed.

I know that there are many good people from every race... color... and creed. For some... their religion is Materialism and they become predators upon their fellows. This is all about to come out in ways that cannot be suppressed or diverted. MEANWHILE... certain basic elements of physical life are going to become much more dear. This is ALL arranged by those who imagine they will be able to control the narrative and the aftermath... just as the manufacturers of The Killer Vaccines imagine. They are so swept up in their megalomaniac fevers that they... LITERALLY... do not see what it is that approaches them.

I take no joy from what I know to be on the way. I have no schadenfreude because... there but for fortune goes I. One thing I do know... is that none of the soothsaying prophets of Media have any idea what is on the doorstep. These billions are not here by accident. I feel sad for those destined to play the villains in these times. I imagine that many do not see themselves as such. They are of the realpolitik mindset. They think they do what must be done.

Some think they can grab the reins entire... like Bill Gates, and Little Georgie Sorrows, who fronts for The Rothschilds. This awakening is outside the control of these people. Some will be swept up. Some will be caught up. Some will disappear.

The whole world went sideways on bad wine and cheap narcotics. Sex has become a vaudeville act performed before distracted audiences... thumb-humping their cellphones. Will they find what they are looking for there? They will not. Will it come upon them without warning? Yes... it will. Will they handle it? We shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, October 13, 2022

"Kinda Like a Dwarf Star, Sucking its Stomach in To Impress The Girls, Until... It... Turns... Into... One."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The 24-7 Traveling Kanye Soap Opera, and... Ego-dancing Conga Line has been... shudder... debanked by the Professional Victim Industry of The Most Put Upon and Blameless Among Us. Those who you are NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE... because everyone is mean to them, for... no... reason, have now gone after one of their own puppet creations for not kissing The Divine Clefted Shrine of his betters. You know... the people with The Slaveship Franchise; one of the first prototypes of McDonald's??? Only they don't serve you hamburgers. They turn... you... into... hamburger, and your children into sashimi. Word!

Kanye, whose level of talent couldn't make the top ten of America's Least Wanted, did not... in my opinion, (and... let me reiterate once more with feeling) have much more than marginal talent in an industry based on venomous treacle-vomit... turned into Soylent Green.

This... is... just... my... opinion, cause, you (the reader) might also have never read a book in your life or heard The Beatles... or Pavarotti... or Perry Como... Frank Sinatra... or Elvis Presley; people... who... could... sing... is what I mean. He can't write. He can't sing. He can't dance. He's not funny. Have you read the lyric sheets to his work?!?!?

Maybe I am being a snob. Maybe I bought myself a membership in The Intelligentsia... or some group of people who debate the value of what is supposed to pass for art, BUT... I don't get it. I don't get that whole area of painful, throbbing, incoherent perversions of noise and nonsense. Am I a Luddite? Am I an anachronism? I don't know. Let me apologize for, possibly, having insulted the greatest thing since sliced bread. (No... I am not saying what kind of bread (it rhymes with Wonder Bread)

Anyway... this isn't even about Kanye. I long ago said my few words at the grave site of his mind. I even tossed my cuppa dandelion tea into the hole that was supposed to contain something that went missing and has never again been seen... since. This is about The Financial Censure coming down on him from... those... we... are... not... allowed... to... criticize.

I'm not intimidated. I just wanted to say that.

Despite my lack of appreciation for him as an artist, Kanye is FINALLY doing something useful AND courageous with his celebrity.

As a recording artist, I have had my share of bad encounters with these hoodlums. In fact... those are the ONLY encounters I had with them, and their treatment of me was worse than the usual treatment given out by those we call The Usual Suspects (which I notice all kinds of other people are now using).

They took my recordings and ran them through certain processors and rendered them unintelligible. You could not hear what I was saying, and then... this vampire who owned his own record company and had been ripping off black jazz artists for decades, through his ESP-Disk, then used his connections with CBS-Sony and Rounder Records, to release two albums of mine into the Tower Records system internationally. They sank like a stone.

A fellow who was involved in the engineering, and had previously worked for The Jefferson Airplane and a number of other popular bands contacted me to apologize. He said that was what the producer, Bernard Stollman asked for. His brother was head of Columbia Records in the UK. When I contacted Bernard's wife, Flavia, she said- he said- it made the music sound more authentic; the words are the whole point of what I do. There have been other offenses. AS... GOD... IS... MY... WITNESS, I bear no hard feelings. The Grace and Mercy that God has shown me wipe out, forever, any rancor I could ever feel for anyone.

Now they own and control Social Media, where they have birthed Cancel Culture and widespread programming of The Hive Mind... with ever-more-depraved sexual perversities. They KNOW what's coming, so... they are determined to head themselves off at The Pass. Cry On Babylon! Tick... tick... tick... people. There is NO EXIT without tagging and branding. The marks go on your soul, AND... neffah forget... Evil destroys itself... so do those acting as a medium for it.

They've been hanging out in Google's Mother's basement. Of course, Google doesn't have a mother; No! Wait! Shelob is Google's mother, and her basement is a web. It's an internal viscosity that adheres to every effort made in the direction of freedom... and eventually crystallizes into something like Concentrate of Petroleum, resulting in a substance that resembles black amber. I guess you know I'm talking about Materialism again. It is a dense darkness. It gets hotter toward the core; kinda like a dwarf star sucking its stomach in to impress the girls, until... it... turns... into... one.

Gone beyond the reach of pronouns; he found himself in a foreign land of dangerous adjectives and verbs that never stop moving... where everyone sounds like John Fetterman doing Shakespeare. I speak of The Apocalyptic Metrosexual; those doomed to the hard highway of Materialism, and the emptiness of Material Joy; of... which... there... is... none.

Mr. Apocalypse is the hardest-working man in the revelation business. Everywhere THEY are being exposed to the eyes of The World. I'm talking about the ones who used to get away with lying because no one knew what the truth was. The Awakening is taking care of that in LA... and Chicago... and New Yawk... and larger and smaller concentrations of humanity in concrete wonderlands, devoid of all wonder... far and wide.

Every... single... day... now, we are hearing about this poor unfortunate, and that poor unfortunate... who got their tits caught in the dead ringer of pretending to be what they are not, and pocketing everything they could steal that wasn't nailed down. Then they went out and bought crowbars.

Materialism comes to a point of its highest possibilities. That was probably around Ozzie and Harriet Time as drawn by Norman Rockwell. Then there is a long and progressive slide downwards into Babylon... and all that willing (and unwilling) flesh. The Eat – Drink – and be - Merry crowd has hit town, and they are looking to get way... down.

Stupidity is celebrated. Kardashian and her Reality-Hell tagalongs are The Royal Family of 3-D printed stool sculptures. Human hippos... the poster-children of unbridled excess... dance and cavort as the new sex symbols. Flesh is God! they cry. God is Sex AND Sensation! All you see is all there is! Consume until you explode like Mr. Creosote.

Well, that was a little travelogue through my mind, which happens when I wander into the blasted landscape of zombies who don't know they're dead yet, or... that they ever lived. This is not an area I enjoy talking about. I did plenty of that in The Early Days here, when satire and sarcasm were more my cup of tea. It's still going to happen now and again until my Reactive Mind is stilled by the angel appointed to that task.

I started with Visible Origami because I wanted to talk about God and metaphysics. As my readers became more widespread, the other blogs came along. Traffic got pretty high for a few years until I decided to talk about God more often than I had. The traffic got shot down... minimized, and... it made no appreciable difference from what I can see. Never mind... ancient history.

You ain't seen nothing yet. I think I can guarantee that. What is about to go down in the next few years is... beyond my desire to talk about it. I can't give you details. I can see the broad strokes and also the inevitability of certain Trends and Patterns. As your own Karma melts away, it is much easier to see what is going on... since you are no longer a part of it.

It's like taking steps back... many... many steps back, and as you do, the land is rising behind you... the panorama stretches out and... you get a view. This naturally expands the more you internalize. That seems to make no sense, but... that's as close as I can get to saying it.

We are all in motion. Because of The Gunas, we cannot fail to stay in motion, whether we want to or not. We are whirled on karmic tracks like slot-cars. The Mercy and Compassion of God free us from this. It causes The Divine Mother to... let... you... go. Then... your unspeakable joy at your great good fortune causes you to be compelled to tell others about it.

Sometimes... in early days or... because of a wider reach, people you probably shouldn't be talking to, come upon your efforts, and coals of fire appear virtually upon their heads, and they become very angry with you. I think this is where I say... it comes with the territory. Ageless Wisdom is in extreme disrepute with The World. Religions get very antagonistic. Governments have concerns about how it might play in Boise. The Media gets hemorrhoidal indigestion, which is a heartburn reversing its course. The Truth is ALMOST NEVER going to win a popularity contest, BUT... what do I care? Everything... is... Under... Control.

Believe it or not... it is so. Tick... tick... tick... people.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 10, 2022

"It's More Than That; A Kind of Gestalt in The Mind Where The Thoughts are More Than The Sum of The Words."

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Corporations are mostly Satanic, and so... by... extension... is advertising... which celebrates itself at 666 Madison Ave; literally and metaphorically. This explains the commercials AND... the way the medium approaches social issues. It's about control of the object of your desire. Governments are about the control of your mind. Religions are about the control of your heart, and sometimes the poisoning of your mind.

Remember when corporations got personhood?

When your whole motive for existence is material profit realized by the sale or transport of material goods, you are on the mercantile wavelength, and... that is the realm of Mammon, one of Hell's generals. He goes by other names, and he is an archetype of what feeds and maintains The Infernal Realm.

I am not here to say, Heaven good. Hell bad. That is as simplistic as the manner in which I just expressed it. They are both legitimate planes of existence where entities engage in what is real to them. There are many levels to both of them. AND... they are paralleled within our being, AND... connect within our being.

The World's not black and white, no more than it is a chiaroscuro kaleidoscope of everything coming at you at once, inside your head or... outside your head. By the way... what is the difference between inside your head, and outside your head? What happens when you sync the two of them up?

Heaven... or Hell... or any of the levels of either are simply where you go... depending on your state of mind, and you stay there as long as you are of a mind. However... sometimes, by your own measurements, your guilt has not been expiated in your head, so... the meter is still ticking. It's the same with Heaven(s)... as above so below; yes, of course, but you need to know what that means. People repeat all kinds of things without even knowing what they mean.

Why are so many really smart people so angry... fearful... obsessed with chasing their tails around convoluted arguments that lead nowhere? Why do people... who should know better... get sucked into what they are told? They let someone else tell them what is happening, and then... interpret it for them. They let their lives be shaped by the very thing they hate, and a... part... of... them... knows this. They see through it, BUT... they don't see through it. You have to see through yourself with the eyes of the angel before the whole of it becomes clear.

Then... there's the sense of helplessness... impotence in the face of forces, seemingly so much more powerful than themselves. That really makes them angry. They cannot see that all the shapes taken by those forces... are temporary expressions that have no real existence, and... THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY TO FINDING THAT OUT! It comes down to trust... and that is why you must become as a little child.

You have to trust The Supreme Commander to work it out for you. He's RIGHT THERE... waiting for the opportunity to do so. ALL you have to do is let him. All you have to do is not get in his way. Keep this in mind... as a prelude to your every thought... word... and action. After awhile, it... becomes... second... nature.

Let us return to an extract from the first meditation at the end of “The Way to the Kingdom;”

“why not have done with your foolish, anxious
striving to be that which you are now, always
were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection?

Why not then let go completely and
let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway
in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein
you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.
Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My Word abide in you,
everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass,
in blessed richness and abundance.”

People say nice things to me at these blogs, now and again, and... I almost never respond. That is because... I KNOW who is responsible for anything of value that I do. I know this in a way beyond my power to tell it to you. It is a fundamental tenet of my being. It is visceral to the red-line of the possibilities of visceral. I don't want to be celebrated above my fellows. That is how we got The World we are presently in, under... the... curse... of... celebrity. I don't want notoriety or credit. Credit can get you into trouble, and then you have to defend yourself to all the people who didn't get any credit. There are reasons for that, BUT they... don't... want... to... hear... them.

This is not some kind of pretend humility. I have met The Guy. I am around The Guy often. That puts it in perspective for me. ANYONE who is around The Guy for any length of time... has a certain reserve concerning their own importance. When you come face to face... on this plane or other planes, with the step-down transformer version of God-man, man-God (as Bawa would say), you get Humility as a part of the gift basket that comes with meeting him. AND... I am not talking about Guru Bawa here. I am talking about The Guy.

I take nothing away from the power and presence of Guru Bawa. He is a living saint, but... as he said about me when I was in prison... facing a life sentence, “Oh... he'll be alright. He's just taken a different path.”

We take ourselves so damned seriously, AND... it damns us... sorta... for a time. Unless you are living in Grace... living in The Presence, you are in some degree of Purgatory; Karma being the reason you are here in the first place, be that Good... Bad... or Better, which is somewhere in between, BUT... it is too difficult to explain what that means. It's more than that; a kind of Gestalt in The Mind where the thoughts are more than the sum of the words.

Man! I wish... I desire with my whole heart that I could... speak and transmit... the utter wonder and beauty of The Kingdom of Heaven, which... is... within... you. I am on the mere periphery, and it is like an ocean liner of Klieg lights coming down The Mind's Highway. The true magic is that it... is... real... Nothing else may be real, but it is... more real than the one perceiving it. It makes the one perceiving it real by association from... way... back... in... the... day, back to The Morning of The World... when it all began again... for the zillionth time.

The situation here... on The Ground, is about spiritualizing your matter into The Body of Glory. This process goes by different names. The Great Work... The Operation of The Sun... The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel... The Philosopher's Stone. “Terms may be used, but none of them are absolute,” so says Lao Tzu.

I like the Jesus the Christ that is metaphysically referenced in The Fama Fraternitas, and in The Gnostic Tradition. I find most other points of reference to have been twisted to serve the interests of the priest class. I generally rely on The Bhagavad Gita... and The Way of Life. I find NOTHING to differ with in either of them. Still... I'd be adrift on a Styrofoam cooler in the middle of the uneasy seas of my own ignorance, were it not for The Indwelling Voice of The Intuition, which explains to me what I might otherwise have taken wrong or... out of context. Perhaps I am still on those seas. It's the Styrofoam cooler that no longer applies.

I compare it to having a flashlight in the wild. Without it, I... would... be... lost... in... the... woods. Even with a flashlight, there are moments of pause. The World is a wild place. It can sweep you off your feet. Dangerous currents run on The Surface and in The Depths... rip tides and undertows. These are only some of the obvious dangers. Who could be foolish enough to try to navigate The World on their own? Many do, but... not I. I've seen the wreckage of mislaid plans. I have NEVER yet seen The Exception.

Well... yet another step-up in intensity over in Khazaria. However it turns out, there will be much to regret, and many to regret it. Here is what a Russian general said about the matter; “For the enemies of Russia, the morning does not start with coffee.”

Oh well... angry... covetous... jealous... and vain children contending for what is not worth having. We have seen how that has worked out in the past. We feel confident that Justice will appear... like magic... when the time is called for. These are not like other times.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, October 6, 2022

"Now... Traditions are Breaking Down All Around Them... and Being Replaced by Advertising for Glittery Shit."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I remember... decades ago now... when Trivia appeared as a game and then went on to become a collective perspective on the high value and celebration of temporary things, along with superficial people, conditions, and events. If you think that sentence was a mouthful... there's more to come.

Previous to Trivia becoming a philosophical guidance system for modern life, due to Comfort and Convenience co-parenting the American family, and supplying them with Lego-Helicopter-Parenting-Kits, designed to siphon childhood from the young, in order to perpetuate arrested development in the parents that refuse to grow up, there came fast food modules and suburban malls. This was so that the attention could become fixed on glittery shit. T-Shirts began to appear as promotional devices that were given away by radio stations, on behalf of whatever glittery shit was being hawked, and then... a year or so later, you were able to BUY these same shirts with advertising at the glittery shit-shops.

It went from them giving it for free... to you paying them for the privilege of wearing their name on your billboard body.

Tommy Hilfiger came to town to sell jackets and junk with his name emblazoned over the entire surface of the garment, cause he noticed that designer labels were catching on. Peyton Manning turned his life into a NASCAR jumpsuit of a never-ending commercial. Now people are having corporation insignias tattooed on their bodies... soon it will be holographic skin-screens that rotate the advertising like the billboards on Times Square. Retards like Post-It Malone are in the vanguard.

Body morphing for sexual identity shifts, and body morphing to mimic the faces and forms of reptiles... vampires, and werewolves... whatever the poisoned imagination can give birth to, are now the rage. Humanity, in great numbers, have lost their way; “where there is no vision, the people perish.” As we have been at pains to communicate... for decades now... people are getting crazier, and crazier, and crazier.

Materialism draws the heart and mind away from God, AND... as the heart and mind, like Hansel and Gretel, are lured deeper and deeper into the trackless woods, they... go... mad. They ate the wrong mushrooms... The further from The Central Core that you travel... the more your persona will unravel.

Let us say that God is absolute sanity BECAUSE... God... inasmuch as God can be defined... is defined by the varieties of force he expresses himself through, which are Love, and his/her qualities. The personality of God can be seen in all the permutations of his/her material representations; The Sun and Moon and sundry. These represent the basic relationship between The Light and the reflection of The Light, which defines the seeming material reality we find ourselves in, AND... continuously gives birth to it.

When you depart from God, you can ONLY be headed deeper into The Howling Unknown until you turn about and head home again. The Unknown endlessly reproduces the physical expressions of your hopes and fears as designed by The Imagination. You sow the seeds of future adventures through every thought, word, and action, all of which are driven... by... desire.

None of what is happening should be surprising, AND... it is all for The Purpose of Demonstration. Because so many of us have separated from our true nature... and assumed deceptive costumes and behavior patterns to gain our daily bread... we tricked out our personality and pimped her in the streets. We've been told not to worry about what we will eat or wear... or where we will stay, BUT... the fearful and insecure mind will ALWAYS hedge its bets because... it... is... going... the... wrong... way.

Materialism is the province of demons OR... call it the negative inspirations of your lower nature. It's all part of you OR... what you are turning into as a result. You are CONSTANTLY receiving pulses of stimulation from your lower, AND... your higher nature. As Materialism intensifies, the stimulation from The Lower Nature is amplified to the point that it is the ONLY thing you are aware of. You don't hear the other side at all. This is when God is compelled to come down and give us a chiropractic adjustment... metaphorically speaking.

It takes some time for us to get really deep into the guano, so... God shows up in a big way at rare moments. In between times, he sends his emissaries and shepherds at regular intervals. When he comes in a big way, he is referred to as... Avatar. This is the FULLY EMPOWERED model. The Avatar has access to the complete range of the powers of God. It should go without saying that his material body has been constructed to channel that level of force, and is not like our bodies, but more what our bodies can be. He is The Spiritual Sun God, shining into the darkness of human ignorance.

Most of The World is populated by rude and fearful adults, with all the childish attitudes and behaviors that we see demonstrated every day. They kill to acquire. They plot to deceive. They conspire to overthrow, but what that is... they do not know. The Shepherds have no problem getting around these childish adults, but when you don't know what up and down are, they... can... be... a... problem.

Criminals are soldiers in The Army of Darkness. They may not wear a uniform, but they are... by their nature... in the ranks. They serve who pays them, and that puts them at the behest of the ones who print the money. All of the social disorder that you see is intentionally created. None of this happened by accident. Because those who have the gold make the rules, you can figure out who the paymasters are.

Progressively, day by day, year by year, people are being made more and more stupid. They are bought off with glittery shit, and if you don't play by the rules, you don't play at all, AND... that would actually be the case except... there... is... a... God. It is a sad affair for so many good people who just don't know this in any impactful way. Now... traditions are breaking down all around them, and being replaced by advertising for glittery shit. Glittery shit WILL NOT keep you warm in that place where you most fear the chill.

It's a trial indeed, as Europe is about to discover. The people of Europe have been held hostage by the ZATO alliance, and forced into compliance with feckless rogues... who set the policy that has directly led to what they are about to suffer. Because Trivia became a lifestyle, people stopped paying attention to the important things. Maybe they never knew about them to begin with. Maybe they just took them for granted. Well... like they say... you don't miss your water till your well runs dry.

Of course... Celebrity worship came out of all this. They're also known as The False Gods... and False Prophets... so... you would expect the celebrities to become increasingly more, and more superficial and air-headed, as well as more vile and depraved. Thousands of people are being entranced by transsexual, cosmetics influencers, and now... the biggest celebrities are people with no other talent than a penchant for being famous, and the willingness to do ANYTHING to maintain it. Reality TV is now the driving force in entertainment.

As this continues, the political divide has become an impasse and an abyss, so that entertainment is now nothing more than social engineering and political programming. The force of the Satanic pressures is extreme, and nearly every celebrity in every field of endeavor is being leaned on OR... fed and watered. People with more money than they can ever spend are kneeling down before the altar of their own ignominy BECAUSE... the farce is with them.

I am not confused. There is ONLY one God, though there are two distinct ways to see, depending on whether you are looking out... or looking in, based on whether your carnal nature or your spiritual nature is in charge. Of course, there are infinite increments to this. That's why we have The Dial.

Mr. Apocalypse and The Great Awakening are forerunners of The Avatar. They are heralds of his approaching light. Others, in supporting roles, have also appeared to play their part in the tumultuous changes on... their... way... now. The Avatar will make himself known in the hearts of all who are preparing... or have prepared a place for him.

This is a time of tribulation because it is also a time of growth and awakening, and such events come with some degree of pain. Think of it as something like teething. As rapid and astonishing (and shocking) as recent developments may appear, what is coming is going to be swifter and far... more... startling. (and shocking)

The temporary surfaces of life... shed themselves like seasonal leaves falling from the trees. It is FAR MORE advantageous to reside at a deeper level, where such shifts in conditions do not so routinely displace and discomfit you. Given that, it might be good to point out, yet again, that God is eternal and unchanging.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 3, 2022

"With Words, You Can Only Talk Around The Point. Hmm... Even Though You Have Forever, It is Later than You Think."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

How does Winning and Losing mesh up with Karma? It's something every single one of us deals with, and it has a great deal to do with shaping our operating attitude. Here's a simple fact for you... no one has to be a loser. Everyone can be a winner, even if it seldom works out this way, except on planes of being above this one, BECAUSE... we have programmed ourselves to lose by the Karma we generate through the actions we make.

Karma is an interesting thing. It is MOSTLY misunderstood by most of the people who think they understand it. First off... Karma is NOT absolute, eye for an eye nonsense. That it OFTEN works out that way has little to do with alternative possibilities.

ALL of your Karma COULD be wiped away in a heartbeat. Selfless service... exercising any of the qualities of God... specific meditations and austerities gobble up the sin... the ignorance... the bad programming... the veils and blinders... and assorted blockages and hassles... in the same way that Pacman eats Pac-Dots. These disciplines devour Karma; some more quickly than the others. Sincerity and passionate intensity are key.

Your Karma... as yet unarrived, DOES NOT have to play out the way it is written. Usually... it does because people are often not proactive about something like this. Most people don't even believe there is such a thing, except in some amorphous, intangible fashion, BUT... you can catch many things before they arrive.

One who appeals to Heaven with unflinching focus and determination can unlock Grace. A master can assume Karma... so can others in The Hierarchy. EVERYTHING requires God's permission. Some have God's ear. Promises of service are to be addressed to Heaven's Savings and Loan. Demonstrations of service will also come to the attention of The Heavenly Bank.

Karma puts you into specific circumstances of birth. These conditions do not have to continue. Conditioning is a powerful influence, BUT... it can be overcome. Karma shapes inherent attitude. It forms character at inception. These, also... do... not... have... to... continue. You must seek help in your struggle.

Just because conditions are a certain way does not mean they have to stay that way, BUT... it is human nature to go along with The Program, except for... usually... a brief period of rebellion before falling into line. However... there is pedestrian programming, and... there is divine programming. Stop fiddling with the dials.

I have learned, through direct experience that the deeper one looks into themselves, the deeper they can look into others. Many people... especially those who practice deception as a way of moving through The World, think that others cannot see them. I can tell you, not only can some see into you, but they can see a great deeper into you than you can.

Before I reached a certain stage of awareness, it would sometimes bother me that people said negative things about me or were dismissive and contemptuous. (Nearly all of us are affected by this). Then... some events that I can't put into words occurred, and now it mostly makes me laugh... or empathetic. It is possible to read even a few words of a comment by anyone and have formerly guarded information ping right back at you.

When you know that everyone is like you, except that they are on a different landing of The Never Ending Stairs, you have ONLY to go to the place in yourself that they occupy to see what their real intentions are. That is also the manner in which healing works.

People are an open book. They... may... not... think... that... they... are, but... they are. They show you without being aware of it, everything that is driving them to the form their actions take. This is why one who is realized sees... the... same... person... in... everyone... they... meet. It's not that they are unaware of all the BAGGAGE being carried. It's just not relevant to the task at hand, which is to bring out the best in everyone.

Thinking the dull-witted will somehow realize that people are dying everywhere from The Killer Vaccines, is a bit dull-witted... given that fast food and soft drinks have been killing people for decades, and... nothing has been done because... MONEY drives the culture, AND... Materialism is innately hedonistic. It's the same thing with The Holocaust Nonsense... 9/11... and... there are quite a few others, that keep slipping under the radar to mess with the infrared. That is now due to... finally... change.

Promotions are coming for everyone who shows up for them. This, you accomplish by having been headed there all along; sleet... hail... and snow... be damned. Otherwise, you won't know where you are supposed to be... unless you're already there. It was your separated mindset that insisted you knew where you were going. Did you? Each of our lives is summed up by the degree of our possession of Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Without them, you... don't... get... very... far.

These promotions may cause no hoopla in The World, BUT... they're a big deal on The Other Side. You need to understand the spiraling of The Helix Factor. "Going up? Going down?" The elevator operator is asking you. You'll have to say something. Everyone stops off on their floor of interest. Staying there is what FINALLY brings Doctor Death calling. There is NO REST for The Soul outside the borders of its natural home. You CANNOT stay somewhere just cause you want to. You can keep coming back for endless visits, but it... will... never... be... what... you... are... looking... for. Otherwise, you wouldn't have to keep coming back.

There's also that other elevator operator; “going in? Going out?" This elevator controls the other elevator that goes up and down.

The Soul has an eternal home... until it is in residence, there... is... no... rest. The Personality and The World of the Personality are transitory. They are both the substance of a dream... images of heat lightning... a fever in The Mind. Most are like a fugitive lost in a swamp chasing Will-O-The-Wisps. There is no arriving at them... like the source of the rainbow. There is a source, of course, but it is not where it is advertised to be. That accounts for the litanies of disappointment that cycle through human lives until... mercifully... death takes them.

God is REAL. Find this out now or... take millions of years. That's up to you. The way people look at Heaven and Hell is not unlike the way they look at life and don't actually see it as it is, BUT... through the lenses and filters of their desires. It isn't real and neither is what they are after. Demons are the angels of Hell. ALL kingdoms of being, serve... the... will... of... God.

Heaven is impersonal AND personal. All of the residents shine with the light of God. Some that are in Heaven are also present on Earth. Sometimes they travel to Hell on Family Business, dispensing Grace. Jesus the Christ went there and walked away with The Keys to the City. One will rules all things animate and inanimate, but... lack of animation does... not... mean... an... absence... of... life. God can bring anything center stage into a full-throated Tandava by less than the blink of an eye.

Here again... people have little idea of The Power of God. He shines through millions of suns, and in us as well, should... we... choose... to... allow... it. He is present in the wink of an eye... the tremble of a leaf... a sigh in a forest of falling trees, where there is ALWAYS someone to hear it. He is intimately engaged in EVERY ACTION that EVER takes place... ANYWHERE. He is the aether and what makes it tremble and produce an endless... series... of... element fusions called... Things.

Maybe people think of thunder and lightning, earthquakes, and tsunamis as examples of God's power, and they are, but they are of little account relative to the actual power, and what is in reserve, which is far more than that. He sent the universe forth in a breath!

He holds EVERYTHING in place and moves everything on its appointed circuits. He makes and unmakes everything F-O-R-E-V-E-R, AND... he is both your father and your mother by turns, and far... far... far... beyond that, AND... he is present, right... this... minute... within you, AND he is approachable!!! He is brimming with love for you, but... many got better things to do.

Yeah... Visible... okay... why are you making such a big deal out of it? You sound like a crazy man, waving his hands in the air like an Italian shopkeeper. Well... let me see. I can't say it directly cause it won't be on point. With words, you can only talk around the point. Hmm... even though you have forever, it is later than you think.

End Transmission.......

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