Monday, March 30, 2009

Blood and Excrement... the Movie. Coming Soon.

{The graphic that was formerly here has been removed due to a temper tantrum by (what I assume to be) the alleged author who accused me of attributing it to myself and ripping him off. He's some kind of a psychic who claims to have predicted all of the major events of the previous years although no one has ever heard of him. I'm not going to mention his name but you can follow some of the commentary in the comments section.}

April is almost here. The day after tomorrow is April Fools Day. I hope we don’t get fooled again… as the song goes, more or less. There are great stinking piles of excrement all over the place. The world has become a marsh of hog lagoons and you’ve got to watch your step. The problem is, when people are watching their step they tend to notice shit; pun intended. That’s not good for the people who put it there and nothing will take the mind off of the smell quite as well as the smell of blood.

Blood and excrement; it sounds like one of those BBC miniseries like Buggery and the Lash; “an award winning adventure on the high seas, in three parts, brought to you by Roto Rooter” or… well, I think you get the picture though you might rather not. Yes, the smell of blood and the news feed of large structures burning in the distance will surely take your mind off of watching your step and it might not take all that much to convince you that the hazards you are negotiating around were actually placed there by the people serendipitously named as having spilled the blood and started the fires.

I don’t want to be an alarmist. I do want to keep mentioning something because it is only a matter of time and opportunity after all. The means and motive are in place and… we’ve already been here a time or two; have we not? I can hear conspiracy theories spinning like silent, road apples in space. What always fails to get mentioned is that conspiracy is an inseparable part of business, government and religion and they could scarcely operate or profit without it. We are all of us, for the most part, conspiring all of the time after one thing or another.

The fact of the matter is, when certain elements have activated the FUBAR machine it is only a matter of time before they have to orchestrate something to blame on someone else so that they can hunt them down and kill them. Someone has to come on stage with buckets of raw meat and toss portions out to the slavering crowd. There is the added benefit that any measures which need to be taken for protection and defense get the automatic rubber stamp and… we’ve already been here a time or two; have we not?

I’ve mentioned this before but it bears mentioning it again. What you are seeing in the MSM does not reflect what is going on behind the scenes. What you are being told about the G-20 is not what is going on with the G-20. What you have been told about most anything does not reflect what is going on about most anything if it has anything to do with the manipulated swine who left all those hog lagoons behind them as they marched back and forth from the trough.

They’ve gotten themselves into a bit of a bind you see. They went just a tad crazy with the greed and the feeding frenzy and it’s that bad that you can’t hide it very well. They would like to blame it on the elephant or the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room but both of them look pretty small next to the enormous hog that broke the scale and so we can’t really give you any dimensions at the moment.

This unveiling… revealing… uncovering thing is proving to be a real pain for the miscreants and that great sleeping beast of a public is getting somewhat wrought. I’m guessing you can hear the rattling of the rakes and pitchforks in the dawn’s early light.

Some perspicacious reader sent me the interesting graphic, of unknown provenance, which you see above. You will remember my mention of Chicago and Seattle and it’s a curiosity to find Chicago dead center and Seattle on the precise tip of the upper left hand point. This probably doesn’t mean anything but you know how we conspiracy nuts tend to latch on to anything in reach that adds some sensation to our claims and insinuations.

It’s not a good thing, those Iranian Jews being all comfy in the home court and it’s not a welcome thing to have the Turkish authorities nail the Israelis for land theft. Of course, when your intelligence agency gets caught plotting the murder of the head of state it’s likely to cause a little bad feeling; eh wot? After that, it can be assumed that Bob’s not your uncle any more.

I don’t know if it’s my tinfoil hat or all those sessions I had with The Leary Gang over the course of the millions of years of experiences that took place in the wink of an eye but… I feel things. It doesn’t seem to me like the same things you feel when you’re drunk in someone else’s house and feeling for the light switch. It’s more like things arriving down a thin column of light and making pictures in my head. Then someone or other, I can’t see who, connects these pictures into a story line and off we go making all kinds of connections. But I’m not the Lone Ranger am I?

It’s the nature of the psychopathic personality to be unable to control the impetus to do really nasty things and then blame them on a convenient target. We’ve already seen that a time or two; have we not? I’ve a vested interest in it not being the Iranians because of my extremely fond regard for the pistachio nut and, I’ll have to admit, I don’t want anyone killed for someone else’s bad behavior. I probably should have sequenced it the other way but I’m out of pistachios at the moment.

The signs are telling me that as one day follows another the pressure is going to increase. The massive effort being given to propping up the stock markets each day is a seriously draining affair. Then there’s the goat factor. You may or may not know that when goats get into rut that they piss all over themselves in the excitement but that is true. So on one side you’ve got a major problem with an artificial picture of the world’s economy and on the other hand you’ve got a particular nation with a priapean hunger for blood. AND… you’ve got that ticking clock that’s counting the minutes until the wrong evidence becomes widely public. As I said… what’s going on behind the scenes is quite different from what is going on in front of you.

See, there’s another kind of pressure that exists in the rat culture which guarantees that a number of rats are going behave like rats and turn on each other in hopes of surviving the fallout from a long period of rat behavior.

Public opinion is not going the way that the wolves in their sheep jackets want it to and, for some reason they can’t fathom, their control of the news is not controlling the news. Nothing frustrates a psychopath more than the sense that he is not in control. When that happens he’s all about forced compliance so… like the sergeant says at the Hill Street Blues, briefing sessions, “Let’s be careful out there.”

I think I’ve been obscure enough and wack enough for today and I hope some amount of what I am trying to say will filter down through the syntax. My guess is that things are going to start to heat up the same way the coming season brings a welcome rise in temperature, although this one may not be as welcome as that one.

So… mind the rats and the goats as you negotiate the blood and excrement and I’m hoping we can meet up at that Japanese Garden just past the mine field. We were born with the map in our head so it shouldn’t be that difficult to make it through if you don’t forget the reason you came this far in the first place. They may not be done yet but neither are we and there’s the added comfort of knowing that we are headed to different destinations so, let’s just see if we can soldier on for a little bit longer. Much love to you all in these interesting times.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Usury Vampire Game.

We’re going to stay along the lines of the boxwood maze and the pecking order for this next sallying forth into that Balaklava... that Crimea of the mind known as the internet. I can just hear Stalin asking, “How many divisions does Visible have?” However neither of these have anything to do with each other and Stalin is drinking shit through a straw in his own private inferno so... onward we march across the glue traps of this sordid era in which we find ourselves and others, for the most part, lose themselves.

The Zionist Empire is something like those enormous trawling and drift nets that are up to 40 kilometers long. This net, which is a net of woven darkness, covers the Earth like Sherwin William’s paint. First, I’m going to say it flat out and then I’m going to toss a lot of examples out and you can decide if I’m just being mean to these poor oppressed victims who get criticized for the routine, cold-blooded murder of women and children, whose land they stole and who don’t have the good sense to leave... or anywhere to leave to for that matter. The Zionist movement is indeed no different from that of the Nazis and they and their supporters are bloodthirsty predators whose intent is to enslave the human race.

You’ve seen the T-shirts. You’ve heard the stirring, genocidal speeches of the military rabbis. You’ve noted the iron fisted control of the media and the banking industries. You’ve seen the evidence linking them to 9/11. You know about the U.S.S.S. Liberty and The Lavon Affair. You have observed what took place in Gaza and you know about the recent, unprovoked mass murder in Lebanon and the bombing of the Iraq nuclear reactor and the bombing of the imaginary nuclear site in Syria and the bombing in Sudan a couple of months ago, You know about the faked rescue in Entebbe and about all the phony holocaust memoirs. You know that there was something like 100,000 Jewish survivors (scroll down to 1946) after world war two but that now there are 350,000 of them because they are reproducing through some kind of ectoplasm precipitation process.

Let’s look at some of the things they are up to in present time. They want to make it a crime in the European Union- across the board- prohibiting any criticism or diminishment of THE Holocaust, punishable by 3 years in jail. They want this because they are concealing the truth about it. Let’s be clear, precise and brief. Something is wrong with the official version and this is why they are doing it.

They want to stifle criticism in the U.S. They don’t want you to see things like Pat Oliphant’s cartoon because it also reveals the truth and the truth, as we know, is anti-Semitic. Their own soldiers are admitting to intentional genocide. They’ve got false flag terror cells all over the place pretending to be members of the Al Qaeda boogeyman that they created and which doesn’t exist just like the one they were caught red handed at in Palestine. They kept George Galloway out of Canada with a piece of legislation created by the Zionist Occupied Government of Canada. They want to suppress public justice for acts of treason by them on American soil. The list goes on and on and on. They are doing bad things to the gentile side of humanity 24/7 and I suppose most of you have read those pithy quotes from the Talmud about the less than human who are not members of the ‘self-chosen’ race.

All of these things are a matter of public record, just like the recently made available acts of land theft through fraud via the good offices of the Turkish government. The Red Cross Holocaust figures are also a matter of public record as are their comprehensive findings on the matter entire. And someone please tell me why the population figures for Jews remained relatively unchanged from before the war to after the war. Day by day this pernicious, truth-eating virus of Zionism seeks to impose its will upon the world while it kills without conscience and ruthlessly suppresses all dissent in every form.

Okay... we know that these are the bad guys but there is something that might not be clear and that is how they achieved such power and how they have managed to control the behavior of world leaders as can readily be seen at this time. What I am going to tell you also ties directly in to the effort to make war on Islam. It is all about USURY.

When you are able to put a nation into debt you can control the policy of that nation and thereby the leaders of that nation as well. When you control the money supply, by creating debt through principal and the interest added to it- because of your ability to print the money- you can gain a terrible grip upon what happens in every nation where this applies. This is why the Federal Reserve is in place and why all attempts to end it’s stranglehold on money ends in assassinations and failure. Islam opposes the charging of interest on money loaned. Let this thought sink into your head. It is all about the money and the control it gives.

It should come as no surprise that Zionists exercise great control on the availability of money through their control of the central banks and are thereby in a position to control the legislations that get passed in the various governments. It all goes back to Amschel Rothschild’s comment about controlling a nation’s money supply.

This is the essence of the beast and the lever of control. You don’t need hidden nukes or Samson options. This is what is happening and this is why the bank bailouts are taking place to ensure a greater consolidation and control of the destiny of planet Earth.

All the needlessly generated wars are about creating debt. Throughout the Third World one can see glaring evidence of it as well.

What is going to happen when all of this has become fully exposed to the view of the world is anyone’s guess. It’s coming day by day. Each day reveals new information and each day we see some further horror that has been generated by this bandit nation. Israel was created for only one reason and that was to siphon away the wealth of the world and to gain control of it entirely. It’s not going to happen though and that makes for some interesting speculation about what the future holds.

Bernie Madoff was all about this and you can be sure that the majority of the scams and double dealings are all about theft for the benefit of Israel. It should be as clear as the nose on your face.

There are solutions to this problem but, when you look at who is in control of the various agencies in America and who the people are who are managing policy in the Obama administration it should be even more clear that help is not going to come from that direction.

These feckless fools in leadership positions around the world think themselves untouchable. Look at Gordon Brown’s face as some of his more eloquent critics put it to him here and here. This is the same kind of self-satisfied arrogance we saw in Bushligula, whenever he was confronted with his evil ways. It’s the “you can’t touch me” persona. This is what they believe. They believe they can act with increasingly callous disregard in all things because they are in charge. Well... time will tell and just like no one has ever conquered Afghanistan, no one has ever conquered the world.

I’ve maintained for some time that everything that is happening is part of a life play, moral lesson for the people of the world. It is as if we are living in something written by Shakespeare. Who the author of this may be doesn’t matter since history is littered with examples of the same. You are watching a movie and you are in the movie at the same time. Consider well the part you play and play it with all you have. Sooner or later the curtain is going to come down and then... the curtain is going to come up.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Boxwood Maze and The Pecking Order.

Most of us get our news each day from some source or sources that report to us about things that happen in places near and far. Since a great deal of the news that gets made, gets made in restricted government and business locations, we don’t have access to what actually gets said and done. Often they don’t even tell us what that is. They tell us what it means and in government, business and religion they have divisions that shape the appearance of what they say and do, then they hand it to the media who shapes the presentation.

There’s a metaphorical table that appears in places all over the world and the same sort of people are sitting at that table. They make the decisions that affect the lives of the rest of us and you only have to look at the state of your lives to see how these decisions affect you. You don’t really need anyone to tell you what got said or done and you don’t need anyone to shape it. All you have to do is look at the quality of life and you can see the essence and shape of it. If there’s less money than there was, they decided that at the table. If there’s less food or it costs more, they decided that at the table. If the police are more brutal and there is unrest at home and abroad, they decided that at that table.

There is other news that concerns itself with climate and disasters; hurricanes and flood, air crashes and crimes. There’s the new of the society of our betters and there’s the human interest angles of those special stories where one or another of us has shown themselves to be exceptional in some acceptable or unacceptable way. There’s sports and entertainment and there’s always more. They shape that at the table too. They shape the way we feel about the climate and the disasters; the accidents and crimes, the behavior of the chosen few and what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

Pedophiles have a process called ‘grooming’ which operates in stages to convince the child that what is going to happen to them is okay. There’s no difference between this and what happens to society as a whole. You could say that the actual business of business, government and religion is child abuse. The only difference between it happening as a child or as an adult is that, as an adult, you’ve gotten used to it and you might even like it at that point. Most people accommodate it and explain it to themselves in some way that allows them to live with it... otherwise, business, government and religion could not operate and profit with any consistency. Those who don’t go along with the program are outlaws and criminals and that perception gets the shaping treatment as it is embraced by the public at large. There’s an old story that seems to relate to how we see things when we don’t really see them. Outlaws aren’t necessarily outlaws and so on and so forth.

It could be that more people would do more about their situation if they knew how to get out of the boxwood maze. Part of the problem is that they were born there and all they know about getting around, they learned from their parents and the official guides. If you’ve ever been in any of the large caves around the world that are tourist attractions, you will notice that there are the permitted routes and then there are the routes that are closed off with some sort of a barrier and posted with warning signs. Of course, you wouldn’t need to post a warning sign if you couldn’t get past the barrier and that provides some food for thought to those disposed to think.

The permitted routes in the caves are well lit and nicely enclosed for the benefit of the terminally clumsy and distracted. The un-permitted routes are dark and forbidding. It’s a strange dichotomy that the road to slavery and freedom are much the same. One is well lit and appears safe. One is not well lit and does not appear safe. Even though life itself is a risk, most people will avoid risk except during those times when some predator plays upon their greed.

For centuries the cultures of this world have been defined by a pecking order. Some of us, from birth, are allowed into parts of the maze that are prohibited to everyone else. It is an absolute truth that there is more than enough of everything to go around and that no one needs to go without shelter, food or medical care at any time. There are countries today where the example is there to be seen, even if they aren’t as perfect as they easily could be. The world is not like this because of The Pecking Order. The world is not like this because of the atavistic fear and appetite of those at the top of the pecking order. The rich and powerful are actually more frightened than anyone else and that is something else to think about.

There is another feature which enters into the mix and keeps you in your allowed portion of the maze and in your place in the pecking order. The satisfaction of having something just isn’t as great without the knowledge that many others do not. This is a key feature of why life is unfair. It is also a given that power has no greater savor than when it is over the lives of others.

The people at the top of the pecking order are not there because they are better; more industrious, smarter or better looking than you. They have what they have because, usually, they stole it. A study of what went on during the period of the aptly named Robber Barons tells the tale. They are also where they are because they have no conscience. If you study what happened at Bhopal and the aftermath, if you look into the Ludlow Mining disaster you will find a certain behavior commonplace among those at the top of the pecking order. These are a couple of examples out of countless occurrences perpetrated by The Pecking Order and enforced by those who serve it.

9/11 was orchestrated by The Pecking Order. Wars, famines and financial ruin are orchestrated by The Pecking order with few, if any, exceptions. Due to the restrictions of The Maze and the voices from the hidden speakers there are few people who know what is really happening. As for the story about the bird linked earlier, I would add a caveat, “not everyone who covers you in shit is your friend either.”

What I want to say to you is critical to your time here in the maze and possibly to conditions that may exist beyond the maze and the pecking order. One should ask themselves why it is possible to go into the unexplored regions of the cave. You might ask yourself about the impact of the internet and the possibilities that it has granted you. You might wonder if there is some mysterious force somewhere, somehow, that has made it possible to escape the maze because it appears that this has happened for some who were willing to chance the possibility. Yes... you don’t know what’s out there but you do know what’s in the maze, as far as you have been allowed to see. Maybe all you want is to rise in The Pecking Order. That seems to be the goal of the majority. It’s present every time they buy a lottery ticket and it entertains their daydreams from the cradle to the grave. You have to understand how The Pecking Order operates before you can reasonably assess your chances.

The boxwood maze isn’t any different than the mazes of the clinical psychologists in laboratories around the world and their concern for the mice is a great deal less than it is for the results they achieve in order to reinforce the will of The Pecking Order.

For the first time in a very long time, the will of The Pecking Order is in trouble. How I come to know this is not important. All I can say is that there’s never been a better time to start thinking about unexplored locations inside you and outside you. Among those trapped within the maze there is going to be a grand confusion and it is likely that a great deal less attention is going to be paid to you in the process. Maybe you get this and maybe you don’t but it isn’t going to hurt anything if I have a little something to say about it which is going to end right here for the moment.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Greetings from the Starship Visible.

Greetings to my friends from Earth; this is Starfleet Commander Visible and I’ve been transmitting in these recent times from the body-bot that my techs put together so that I could move among you and take in the sights and sounds of your present turmoil. Although I would suppose that I am human too, given my circumstances, in all honesty, I have to say, I don’t come from Earth and I know that some number of you don’t either because I have encountered you here and there in my travels.

It’s usually something about the eyes that tips me off and of course there’s the unmistakable vibrationary pulse which activates my sympathetic, translation center. It’s good that we can recognize each other and even better that ‘they’ can’t recognize us but, those of you who know what I’m talking about will know what I’m talking about.

In my last posting I tried to clarify a few things and from some of the responses I got via comments and emails, I would have to say that I didn’t do all that good a job of it. Some of you see all Jews as parasitical aliens and I would guess that some of you see members of other races, religions, color and cultures as being some sort of a collective threat as well. Some of you feel this way about Muslims. Some of you feel this way about Asians and some of you feel this way about the darker races, lighter races and, I guess there’s no end to that given how many of you there are.

Where I come from, reincarnation is a fact. We understand this process the way you understand binary math and the elements of whatever language you use. You take it for granted that you can add numbers and speak in a medium that is understood by others. For us, reincarnation is just as familiar and... I should add... so are a few other things that I won’t be getting into today.

According to the way ‘we’ understand it, everyone gets reborn, at some point along their impossibly long journey as; a man, a woman, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a black, a white, an Asian and possibly everything else too. A sure guarantee that you will be born into a particular schematic is due to how much you like, dislike or treat any one of them. You can think of life as a very complex school whose curriculum is directed toward ‘understanding’ and... there’s no better way to understand something than to become it.

A sure fire guarantee that you might be reborn as anything under the sun is directly connected to whether or not you abused that life form in the past. This is also part of ‘understanding’. Your state of bondage or freedom is determined by degrees of ignorance and your attraction for the material realm. The deeper you go into material attraction the more confined you are. The more detached you are from it, the freer you are. That’s just how it works.

Therefore... where I come from, it make no sense to hate any group of people because you are just going to wind up there in order to see why it’s not a good idea. We understand that, in any given period of time, there are going to be members of particular groups who are doing unpleasant things because they’ve attained to a particular, temporary supremacy in one area of life or another. As I said in my last post, in one period it was the imperial Romans. For a long time it was the Catholic Church. For a couple of centuries it was the English. These days it is primarily Israel and America. The oppressor is always the same but appears in a different presentation depending on the time and location of the appearance. At the moment, the Zionist Jews are the main source of dark doings on planet Earth but they are handily assisted by an assortment of fellow travelers who are not Zionist Jews.

The majority of Romans and Catholics, English and Jews were not engaged in the various acts of oppression. Most people are living their lives without the need to victimize their fellows and this needs to be understood because things get hot and heavy on a regular basis and when that happens there comes a certain madness in which mobs arise with the intention of wiping out all of the members of a particular group and the inherent problem with this is that the main troublemakers have already disappeared back into the wood work. You could say that it was their original intention that their fellows should take the blame. History gives you many clear examples of this.

If you’re going to be a part of the interstellar network of the understanding and awakened, you have to wake up and you have to understand. Where I come from, which is in the general area of Arcturus, we sorted this stuff out a long time ago. We know that if you set off on course to a particular place that you are going to get there. You’ve got a song called “Kansas City” where it says, “I might take a plane, I might take a train but if I have to walk I’m gonna get there all the same. Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come.”

See... if you set out for Kansas City you have to expect that you are going to arrive in Kansas City. Why is it ...that people are always so surprised when that happens? Why should you be surprised if you beat your wife and wind up married to a guy just like yourself down the road? Why should you be surprised if you were a witchburner to find yourself accused of being a witch on down the road? Why should you be surprised if you lived like a cheap and selfish person to find that you arrived somewhere where everyone you ran into was just like you? That’s how it works.

I know that you probably don’t believe this. After all, you can’t see reincarnation can you? Even though Nature does it every year all through the year and even though all of the planets and stars follow predictable courses and even though everything you encounter gives you some indication of this, you just can’t get your head around it can you? Even though everyone says what goes around comes around, they still act as if it’s not going to come around... heh heh... Earth people are crazy and I have to keep that in mind all the time.

I realize that I’ve been called an anti-Semitic because I oppose what Israel and her sympathizers are up to and I realize that even though my criticisms are very specific and also on the money that I’m going to get that label regardless. However... there’s not much I can do about that but... ‘I’ will know whether it’s true or not and that is all that matters and the people at Reincarnation Central will also know.

I knew before I came here that telling the truth was going to get me into trouble. The truth is not welcome most places and when it interferes with ‘business’ as it often does well... truth had better watch it’s ass, so to speak. But... even though I can’t get my books published now and even though my musical career is doomed, I am not going to let such unimportant side issues cause me to judge any group of people at any place or time for the crimes of the few. Even though I and others will be labeled regardless and so it probably wouldn’t matter... it matters to me. Anyway... this is only going to last so long and then I’ll be on to something else ...according to whatever I got up to here. Directly according to whatever I got up to while I was here.

This is not an enviable position at this time. On the one hand I’ve got people angry at me for saying anything at all because, no matter what time period you do it in, it’s always going to be a problem for you to criticize the master race and on the other hand, I’ve got people angry with me for not going far enough so that they think I’m too soft on the master race of the moment. Yeah, I know you can’t please everybody but sometimes you can’t please anybody.

I came here to do a specific thing and I can’t allow myself to become distracted by how other people think I should be doing it, especially when ‘they aren’t doing it’. I just can’t go contrary to my essential nature and what the evidence tells me is true... and in any case, I’m much more concerned about pissing off the people at Reincarnation Central than I am about pissing off you.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Just a Little Something that Needed to be Said.

Every now and then I feel the need to clear the air about something and today is one of those days. Before I get any further into what I am going to say, I would like you to read this. You have to register at the site to read the whole article but I picked this one link for reasons that should be obvious to anyone paying attention. In any case, the thing itself is not in doubt so... as one particular maestro said, “Get thee behind me Satan.”

I live in Europe. I used to be an American and even endured being thrown in jail and sent to prison and certain famous locations for the criminally insane for exercising my constitutional rights which; did not involve causing anyone or anything physical harm, did not involve me actually breaking any real laws and so on and so forth. It involved me speaking my mind in a sort of ‘bully pulpit’, stage and street sort of a way. You could say I must have had some sort of faith in my country to have kept on keeping on. Finally I realized that this was not, ‘my country’ and that I needed to find Kipling’s “cleaner greener land on the road to Mandalay”. I didn’t go to Mandalay but it looks like I am going to have to sooner or later.

I want to clear the air about my real and actual position in relation to Zionism and Jews. From my own personal position, I want to make my position clear and it’s not the same one that you saw in Pulp Fiction when Bruce Willis comes through the door and all that stuff about “pipe-swinging” and “getting medieval” got said and no... I don’t know what happened to the guy in the box.

I don’t care one way or another about ‘Jews’. Quite frankly, I would like to believe that race, creed, color and national origin doesn’t mean squat to me. I take people as I find them and I keep or lose them according to what they are as a person and not whatever outfit they got themselves self-described in. I have no problem with any group of people related to what they were born into. I sometimes have a problem with where they’ve gone with it since. If this were a few hundred years ago I would have been talking about the Catholic Church. Take me back a few more centuries and it would have been Imperial Rome. Even further back... someone else.

A few things matter to me and everything else comes a distant second; truth... liberty... justice and awareness in no particular order. There are many other things attached to these and I like them too. I do not like the suppression of these things. When, in my opinion, based on my observations, this is happening then... well then... I’m probably going to speak my piece and I don’t care if you like it or not. I am going to do that. It is the only reason I left a perfectly good everlasting environment, where everything works, in order to put on this cumbersome suit for this limited engagement.

I have never said that bad things did not happen to Jews during the Second World War. I have never disliked a Jew just for being a Jew, no more than I have done for any other group of people.

However... when you can’t ask certain questions without being thrown into prison AND when you never get any reasonable answers to those questions then... then... someone is hiding something and... by extension... using it for their own advantage and worse, as it appears now... using it to cause harm. I also have a problem with people turning their suffering into an international cloak of mourning for profit when the evidence clearly shows that they were involved in several other holocausts where the numbers were even larger only... in these cases, they were not on the receiving end.

I don’t know anything about gas chambers or fictitious memoirs except for what gets reported. I don’t know anything about what happened at that time because I wasn’t there. What I do know is that there is something wrong with the numbers vis a vis official agencies who were there and with those who have turned this event into an industry and who have manufactured a golden cash cow machine for profit whereas... no other holocaust has gotten anything at all. There is an injustice here. Am I supposed to be quiet about this? When this is used as an excuse for PRESENT DAY genocide... am I supposed to be quiet? It’s not going to happen.

You can lock us up and you can make us disappear but you cannot make what we are disappear. You can’t lock up liberty and you can’t make the truth disappear. However many of us you lock up; you only set more of us free in the streets. However many of us you disappear, even more will appear to replace us. It doesn’t matter how it works. What matters is that it does. Today you sit at the top of the rubbish heap. You are King of the Dump. You own the garbage and you process it into news and entertainment. You have armies of sewer rats who march through the landfill and enforce your will. You might well think yourself untouchable but you are going down. All the institutions and bad intentions of the passing age are headed for the recycling plant to become the stones and mortar of the coming new age.

Here is the key point. We are not the one’s doing all of these horrible things. We are the ones pointing it out. We are not manufacturing wars under false pretenses. We are not putting history under lock and key along with those who question certain aspects of it BECAUSE it is being used to justify genocide ...and we are not committing the genocide. You are. This is the key point. You are doing massively evil things and no amount of spin can change this fact. We are pointing it out. If that’s a crime then baby... I’m an outlaw.

I don’t care if you are a Zionist Jew, a Jesuit or a Babylonian cocktail waitress. I don’t care if it’s 10 BC, 1000AD or today. Neither I nor the majority of people like me are anti-[insert misdirectional catch phrase here] anything except for what is universally considered bad behavior. I don’t care what particular cover you are operating under and I don’t care how many guns and prisons you have. You can’t kill the impetus for truth or the natural impetus for liberty which rules the human heart.

I’ll tell you what. You stop doing these things and turn the force of all that material power and political influence into doing good and I will sing your praises. Until then, it’s my job and the job of others to tell you, you are going down the wrong highway. It is especially our job given the constant efforts of the armies of hacks that you employ to justify and spread confusion for a paycheck and a seat at one of the smaller tables at The Dark Lord’s Midnight Ball.

You cry out in pain when you strike others. This Walrus and Carpenter act is coming to an end. The sleeping world is awakening and it is past time for the truth to be known and nothing and no one is going to stop this. My advice is to get your house in order and do something about the minority among you who are going to bring doom upon you all.

I realize that this will serve as nothing for those who will not hear. I realize there is nothing one can say or do, short of total submission to what is unacceptable. Still, it needed to be said. Nobody hates you as much as you hate yourself and that is the source of your problem.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monsanto and Corporate, Jail-House, Gang Rape.

One of the ugliest things to be manifesting in the Obama portfolio in these first 50 days is the war against small farmers; against farmer’s markets, alternative and organic growers of produce. There’s more but I don’t want to spend my time laying out what you can get from the link. You can get some nice details in the preceding site’s forum about Congresswomen DeLauro and her husband Stan ‘the man’ Greenberg who pimps for Monsanto. And... you can learn all you need to know about Monsanto in this video.

Those of us who have followed the predatory operations of this evil empire know about Monsanto deliberately seeding farmland they want to seize; their powerful law firms and helicopter spy ships. When you factor in what genetically modified foods do to the human body well... it becomes apparent that there is some kind of plan by a collection of corporate and government interests to make humanity as stupid as the livestock they consume and to reduce their numbers by a frightening amount.

It doesn’t matter if you believe there is a devil or not if... there are entities that behave in all the ways that we have been told that the classical devil of religion and myth is alleged to behave... something... something... a rose by any other name might well be a Venus Flytrap plant.

There’s a war on and it is a different kind of a war than the usual wars that these same bloodthirsty Morlocks usually sponsor. It’s a war of corporation owned governments against the rights and freedoms of the individual. If you read the news listed at What Really Happened and The Truthseeker each day then you will see many examples of this each and every single day.

What is happening as a result is that individuals who still possess objective reasoning skills, along with a certain amount of dignity and honor, are banding together to fight back against this aggregate of soul eating larva. One might well assume that part of the effort of these larvas is to flush these people out into the open so they know who they are. Let’s face it, when you are as stone cold evil as these larvas are there are no limits to what they will do or to the hubris and greed that drives them.

There’s a tight little hotbed of incest between the bankers and the corporations and their ‘main bitch’ is whatever government is bending over in the shower for them. You don’t have to tell these public servants not to drop the soap. They drop the soap on purpose and then they bat their eyes and talk like Mae West.

Organized religion, which is the tranny in the mix, likes to camp it up in the mess area or the prison chapel. They’re usually pretty loud and festive and all sit at the same table during meals. It really puts them in the mood to wear those long robes and funny hats. I know some of you have heard about the government’s recruitment of pastors who are going to help herd their flock during times of civil unrest. Heck, the government even gave them appropriate Bible verses. If you don’t know about this particular feature along with many others it’s... because you don’t want to or... you’re deep asleep in a burning house.

The Department of Homeland Insecurity is now labeling all kinds of ordinary citizens as ‘terrorists’. Sure, I’m making this up, just like I made up and printed the official documents that you can ‘full size’ and read for yourself at the click of your mouse. You will note the ultra-heavy emphasis on the dangers posed for the ‘self-chosen’ who, of course- no brainer- had nothing to do with this showing up in the first place.

Basically what this intends it what H.R. 875 intends. If you can’t put this together with the bank bailouts and the radical fleecing and aggressive policing of citizen ordinaire then you aren’t going to have any problem existing in tighter and tighter quarters; with less food and comfort than you thought was possible. You’re going become an official resident of Gaza Global. You’ll want to make sure you stay in line at all times and, from what I hear, neither the TV or the lights ever go off so you’ll be able to stay entertained and also never have to be afraid of the dark again. You never know who might be out there. It could even be one of us growing illegal vegetables or herding contraband goats from which we are making psychedelic cheeses.

Alright, let’s move on to the next false flag terror attack. Our people in Vegas are doing some serious handicapping and the same people from the 9/11 short-selling extravaganza (gee, I hope that’s not an Italian word) are already putting in their bids as well. You might remember that the first serious foray into this win-win area of commercial enterprise, which puts the profit margin of the private prison industry to shame, took place in The Heartland of Oklahoma City. You can’t get more main street, USA than this. You can’t get more Red State than this and if you can’t be safe there, where can you be safe?

The next step was to hit the largest, liberal collective of lock-step, urban individualists in New York City and this had the added benefit of being seen as an implied assault by one of the largest religions on the planet against one of the smallest. This put as much good will as one could imagine into the neo-con coffers which they weren’t cheap with in the aftermath, if Afghanistan and Iraq could stand as examples.

The next step was to go ‘internationale’ and take the show on the road to jolly old London town and Madrid. After all, isn’t it the dream of any corporation to have offices all over the world? So let’s go back to the Vegas handicappers. The latest odds give us an 8 to 5 edge for Chicago which gets a real bump for being Obama’s home turf AND, it’s close to Canada AND the distance between Chicago and Toronto is only 441 miles AND, they have airports... yeah baby. This also gives that ‘internationale’ thing and speaks to the porous borders problems and helps out the Canadian arm of the whole shebang.

We’re getting 7 to 2 with no ‘over, under’ for both San Francisco and Seattle. The smart money says it’s because they’re both on the water and also it looks good on a chart if you draw a line from New York City through Oklahoma City and then to either of these soft targets. You’ll have to call the Vegas handicapping line for the rest of the odds which have to do with things like Phoenix and the Mexican problem, as well as other possibilities. My guy in Vegas tells me that wherever it is, it’s got to have an Iranian connection so, ...keep that in mind.

I’m glad you could come with me today on my little space/time journey. Every now and then it’s good to get out and stretch your legs and, if you’re a regular Smoking Mirrors reader, you know we like to stretch your mind as well. Some might argue that we like to stretch your credibility and I’ll have to agree that it is a real bummer that so many facts and curious coincidences tend to muck up that particular perception. How about I throw in a little something about UFO’s or Saddam being alive in Paraguay down at the Bush mega-hacienda?

I love the smell of genetically modified, breakfast foods in the morning! While I’m looking out the window, I can merge together the sounds of the Rice Krispies crackling in the milk from the Monsanto-enhanced cows with the sonorous oratory of our great leaders they call us forth to face the mighty challenges that the people who own them ...slipped into our early Christmas stockings.

Well... as the ass and mind bandits of the airwaves- and your local authorities- like to tell you... “Remain calm’. If you panic, you’ll just seize up and it will hurt that much more. Keep in mind that all good things must also come to an end and that’s why I’m going close today’s missive with a hearty “Hi Ho Silver” and I’ll see you next time we come around if there is one.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dick Cheney and Murder Internazionale

...and continuing to unveil... uncover and reveal we now find that America’s Fischer-Price version of Darth Vader... that porcine, shit golem extraordinaire, our very own Dick Cheney was running his own Murder, Inc Internazionale. The fact that it is Sy Hersh who is revealing it gives it a most plausible air. Even though Sy skates around certain major events of the last decade out of an understandable reluctance, still... thank you Sy.

In Canada they want to either bar from entry or arrest George, ‘the clown’ Bush. Interpol is working on arrest warrants for present day, Israeli war criminals and, if you can believe it, Bernie, ‘the lizard’ Madoff is in jail. I’ve only the lying media’s say so on this so, for all I know, it’s one of those Body Double things.

As I have been at pains to say, this apocalypse thing; whether it be mere planetary aspects or that ‘unseen hand’ we hear about in respect of both temporal and metaphysical force; whatever it may be, it’s all coming out and my take is that this only the overview of the tip of the iceberg before it has even stuck it’s nose out of the waves.

Wasn’t it Mineta who was in the war room with Cheney when Cheney kept getting updates about the plane headed to the Pentagon? Cheney was being asked about when to scramble the interceptor jets as the plane got closer and closer and closer and stalwart Dick continued to say... “Take no action” or something like it. I won’t go into who was in and what was happening at the particular part of the Pentagon that got hit. Heck, I won’t even bring up Rumsfields’s statement the day before about Dov Zacheim’s missing trillions.

The weight of evidence, by this time, that 9/11 was an Inside Job is overwhelming, as is Dick Cheney’s participation in it at the behest of his masters in a small Middle Eastern country, who’ve got some kind of pictures and video with Dick in a starring role. Knowing what I know about Dick by this point, I think I can assume they contain dead children, ritually displayed like a salmon mousse centerpiece at one of those parties he attends. Let’s don’t be cheap with the dill sauce.

Those of us who care enough to see for ourselves, rather than to be told what to believe have known about most of these things for a long time... just as we know who was behind Charles Freeman withdrawing from the offered post. Heck, we can even see the irony that it was AIPAC spy, Steve Rosen who was leading the pack.

Listen up people, as much as mainstream America and the rest of the world are suffering from this engineered economic downturn, the ‘greed is good’ crowd has seen their money disappear as well and they lost a lot more of it. There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth these days among the ‘coke and fine wine’ crowd. So let’s remember, even though a certain doom has come upon us all, it is the one’s who love money the most that are most greatly injured by its loss.

Yes... I’m all over the map again but it’s the map itself and not any of the locations on it that is the point of this particular issue so, if I can but sketch out the boundaries then the picture becomes clear; except to those who cannot or will not see.

We’ve got this summer of rage coming up and the villains are being dramatically rendered before our eyes in all their loathsome ways. The scrambling behind the scenes must be amazing as they seek to seize final control over that which no one has ever controlled before and... neither will they. The fact is that it is anybody’s guess what is going to happen but... whenever corruption completely takes over the ruling classes then some adjustments get made.

You know what ‘a perfect storm’ is. That’s when various forces come together to create a situation in which they all contribute to the perfect conditions for what follows and without which it wouldn’t have happened. Those conditions are present today and the revelations about Cheney; the arm-twisting over Freeman, the economic uncertainty along with Nature acting funny along with... well, it’s quite a list. All of these things are driving humanity toward an unpredictable destiny because... behind the scenes has a great deal to do with what happens in front of you and behind the scenes is turmoil.

It’s not going the way they want it to. They’ve got all of these conditions in place and strange things are happening that are out of their control. It is the nature of those in control to use any means necessary to maintain control so... what does that mean?

In one sense it has to do with former, high riding insiders being thrown to the wolves but there’s a grave risk in that and that is that more and more is going to be coming out... unveiling... revealing.... disclosing. Then public perception begins to shift and new awareness’s emerge. Following this come large polarizations and you begin to hear Yeat’s saying something about, “the center cannot hold.”

The dominoes begin to fall and many things tangential to Dick Cheney and all of the rest of those being exposed also emerge. Were it not for the remaining sheen on Obama much more would be upon us already.

Dick Cheney has got to be more than a little concerned at the moment because if what Hirsch says is true then he is an enormous liability to those to whom he gives fealty. He is also guaranteed to face criminal charges should what has been said be proven true. Those connected to Dick must be very concerned. The boys in the backroom are sorting their options.

Of course, what we are learning about Dick is only a part of the story and the rest of the story is on its way out as well. I sense legions of whistleblowers firing up their instruments. Some of them are being driven by fear and some of them by self-interest and some tiny handful by a late blooming, righteous indignation.

Consider the massive outpouring of revelations and expect more to follow. You know as well as I that when too much focus goes on to things ‘they’ don’t want us to hear about that it is time for a massive distraction or two. I would take this information about Dick as being a bad sign of things to come.

There are several ways that you come upon information. You might find particular evidence like tracks in the sand, a piece of cloth on some sagebrush or... someone might tell you something. The rats are getting a bad sense about the welfare of the ship. There is no honor among rats.

As for Dick, whatever happens, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow. Though I suspect the onset of heart troubles and a plausible demise, you just never know. Every passing day this whole circus gets weirder and weirder. Meanwhile, some percentage of the man on the street is going nuts as recent headlines have shown. Money is getting tighter and the fear of this is making the money tighter still. Pakistan is in revolt and all across the world we are seeing similar situations brewing. What does it all mean?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Apocalypse... Revealing... Disclosing and Unveiling.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t reflect on the definition of Apocalypse. Once again, here it is... “uncover, reveal, disclose, unveil” and there are others as well but not applicable to my purpose and in some cases there is also the implication of concealment and covering. Revelation is also an interesting word and shares quite a few of the definitions of Apocalypse. Then there’s whether you look at it as ‘The’ Apocalypse with the four horsemen and all the attendant special effects or, ‘the’ Revelations from the New Testament. I’m supposing any number of people can spend their whole life studying these things and still not know much about them in the end. Well now... you know what? Now that I think about it, I am sure that is the case more often than not.

I am guessing it is always the minority that wants to ‘really’ learn about hidden things and archetypal truths. A greater number just wants to expound on them once they’ve got some order to their collection of data. I note the extreme predominance in numbers of people collecting money in connection with these things and those who give it away for free. Of course nothing is free. You always pay; in experience, in effort, in personal transformation, in various disappointments and by having to discard what may seem valuable to others but proves only a burden to the sincere in heart.

I’m digressing but I find it useful and hopefully so does the reader. Many of us have known for some time about Israel’s involvement in the staging of the 9/11 terror attacks and here’s a nice collection of only a few of the interlinking associations. More is ‘revealed’ as time passes and I suspect this is an apocalypse of some sort. Some of you are familiar with Time Monks and the Web Bot Project. I don’t know what sort of accuracy to ascribe to their endeavors but one thing they harp on is that a lot of things are going to come out. A lot of things are going to be revealed. Things that have been hidden for a long time are going to become public.

I’m not much for psychics. I don’t have the time to get into the reasons but I suspect the reader knows how compromised a lot of the information is, given the wide possibility of sources. Still... I took a couple of hours the other day to check out a variety of money collecting psychics as well as an assortment of financial, talking head prophets and it was really something to see how uniformly misinformed they all have been; not that that stops them. There are a few exceptions as there always are and even they weren’t right half the time. The Time Monks have a better track record than most but they’re not consistently right either.

Moving right along... we now come to the huge mass of conflicting evidence and lack of evidence about ‘illuminati’ and ‘masons’; reptiles, your assorted UFO collectibles and even D.C. Hookers talking about hi-powered clients possessed by demons. You can get lost in this shit and people do. This is why I personally advise that you live your life according to a personal code which, for some reason, can possess a magically protective capability and... cultivate friends in high places. This has worked for me though it hasn’t spared me the spin cycle in the semi-precious rock tumbler on occasion.

Finally... we are hearing all sorts of things about mysterious asteroids soon to wipe out 90% of the human race. We hear about underground cities in Norway where the psychopaths plan on waiting out the immediate devastation. We hear about coming revolutions and riots over food and necessities. We hear about the world-wide, total crash of the financial system. We hear about government control of the weather and the conditions of the ground beneath our feet. I could list a lot more areas of interest from the GWEN system to FEMA concentration camps but... that way lies madness.

What we do know is that something is up. We know that powerful interests are looting the world’s money supply for their own benefit and we know that they have set into place a variety of crowd control measures. We know that ‘something’ has gone freaky with the weather and I mean both our external and internal climates. I’ve noticed that what the majority of people are feeling has a direct effect on the things that happen. I’ve noticed that the feelings and thoughts of the majority are manipulated by the minority for reasons with which we are familiar.

Something is on the way. Myself... I’m mostly an optimist because that’s the way I’m made. I’ve noticed in my own life how things have a way of turning around in the darkest moments. Right now a lot of people are having a very tough time and it looks to be worse down the road.

At the same time... all this financial skullduggery and blatant theft of the people’s money is based on an economic smoke screen about money that never existed in the first place. In the meantime... the buildings and offices are still there and so are the supermarkets and all sorts of other infrastructure. The roads are still there and decent people are still going to work and getting the job done all around the globe.

A truly ominous sign of Obama’s being a tool is this new effort to hamstring the small farms and farmer’s markets as well as the entrepreneurs in the health food business and most of the organic produce growers. You couldn’t do this in Europe. There’s a lot you can’t get away with over here that Americans seem complacent enough to allow without must resistance at all. Well... I’ve seen enough of Obama by this time to make him a figure of suspicion; especially now that Joe Lieberman likes him.

I realize this treatise is a bit disjointed but... so is life at this time and that may be my point. But my real point is what kind of hash and eggs I can make out of the ingredients list. Israel put a lot of time and trouble into finessing themselves into that location in order to have a sovereign base from which to loot and control the world. This has always been the purpose of bankers and money lenders and control of the press and entertainment industries provides for a control on information. Unfortunately, this internet thing happened, along with this apocalypse thing and the whole world is getting a good look at these genocidal psychopaths.

Israel is losing her grip on the control of the world’s mind and that is troubling for them after having reaped so much swag from so many lies and false flag efforts. Along with her enablers in Washington, D.C. London and sundry, they are engaged in a multi-pronged effort to maintain control and failing that to create a chaos great enough to make the world forget their nasty behavior by putting the focus on personal survival. That’s how it looks to me. None of this has happened by accident any more than the last depression did OR... the forming of the Federal Reserve and the ending and re-establishing of the Federal Reserve and the murder of anyone in a position to break the stranglehold. You could call this anti-Semitic; if we were even talking about Semitics but its more likely just true and which... reflexively, automatically makes it anti-Semitic.

We do not... any of us know how this is going to shake out but I subscribe to the joker in the deck principle, meaning, ‘they’ don’t know either. Things are just going to go on... unveiling... uncovering... revealing and I need to keep repeating those words because we are in the midst.

As I said, I’m an optimist and so I don’t believe it’s going to resolve itself as ‘they’ intend. I think they’re going to get caught with their pants down and all those Polaroid’s in the wrong hands. I do believe there are some great tragedies ahead but I think they are counter pointed by a tremendous leap in imagination and industry of all sorts with great promise for the future. I tend to believe that we ain’t seen nothing yet... in every sense of the phrase.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Friday, March 6, 2009

Somewhere a Wing, no Bird is Flying.

Sometimes it can be hard to crank one of these out. Except for going to What Really Happened and the Truthseeker I don’t think I’ve seen any news at all. I haven’t been answering my emails. I leave my house on quick runs to the store for dog food. I don’t talk to anybody.... Thousands of black birds landed on my lawn a few minutes ago. It was an impressive sight. I’ve got a whole lot of lawn and that was a whole lot of birds. Last year seven white doves used to land on my lawn. Then there were fourteen of them and then there was twenty one and I haven’t seen them again. I don’t know what it means. Maybe it’s one of those, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” or birds will be birds. I don’t know. I think that’s the key feature. I don’t know.

I’ve been the beneficiary of a crushing weight lately. I feel like Atlas without the shoulder muscles. Sometimes I catch myself all slouched over and I have to make myself straighten up. I don’t like slouching. I don’t like it when my posture is not straight.

The weather has been wack. They say they haven’t seen anything like this last winter for over forty years. The rains were incredible. I had some problems that I won’t go into but they were major and it took some time to restore order. If you’ve ever lived in the desert and seen those large dry washes and what can happen to them with very little warning then you know what I mean. It wasn’t that bad but it was that kind of thing. I’ve got a dry wash that bisects part of my property and then I had a river... well, river is an exaggeration but it sounded like one.

Last night I had an extremely lucid dream. I was in a city somewhere and the water was rising. This is one of those dreams that just kept right on going the whole night long. At one point I got up to take a leak and then went back and it picked right up again. It was as plot detailed as a good feature length movie. I was always moving to higher ground. Sometimes I was in a tall building and the building began to go. Somehow I always managed to continue on. I lost companions along the way. There were times when there seemed to be no higher ground and then higher ground would always appear.

At the end... the higher ground was some sort of a park with ancient buildings and then there was no higher ground and the water which had kept on coming all along the torturous series of events finally stopped coming and I was in this place with these ancient buildings that were ruins for the most part and there was greenery everywhere and no other people... no animals and no birds... just me moving through the area and not knowing what any of it meant.

Due to my more that casual psychotropic journeys in the past, I experience some outrageous dreams in full blown color and I’m always glad to go to sleep because I don’t know what might happen and it’s nearly always enjoyable even when it scares the shit out of me... I like it. This time it had a lot more than the character of a dream. I could see details in people’s faces and there was a complexity of emotions that I don’t usually encounter. There were a lot of people trying to save themselves and they always seemed to go the wrong way. Often I couldn’t do much more than to stay focused and usually in dreams I am not concerned with focus. There was something very different this time.

It brings me back to why it’s been difficult to write another one of these. I told myself it didn’t matter if I did or not anyway because there are about seven hundred of these things in the different blogs and that really ought to cover at least my personal take on anything and any one of them could be tarted up as something new.

It’s got something to do with April coming. For me personally, April has often been “the cruelest month”. I got sent off to prison twice in April and there was that military thing and a couple of other episodes though, April has been kinder this last decade; at least so that I can’t single it out for anything. Life isn’t as hard for me as it is for so many people now because I have nothing to lose anyway. I don’t play the stock market. I don’t have a 401K and I am unlikely to claim Social Security when that time arrives. I retired on nothing years ago and I live by invisible means. You may not believe in such things but I’m living proof. Of course, it helps if you don’t want anything either. Lao Tzu said it well as he said everything well, “cut down on useless craving”. You’re only poor if you want shit you don’t need. The universe seems to be inclined to take care of everything else.

I read somewhere (wish I had saved it) that this April there’s a near exact configuration as existed at the start of one of the last World Wars and I’m getting this antsy thing and all sorts of premonitions about the period between April and June of this year. I don’t think it has anything to do with the birds on my lawn during either period or that dream I had last night which was mega powerful. I don’t think it has anything to do with my recent Jeremiads at that public toilet of a forum called The Best of the Fray. On the other hand, I don’t know. I do know that I feel this weight which I think is somehow connected to the pressure so many are feeling and to the general mood of gloom as we watch everything being stolen by certain psychopaths that no one seems willing to identify as such except for a few brave souls upon whom scorn and derision are heaped.

Listen up children... very few people want to hear the truth. The truth is not welcome in their homes; in their churches, in their communities, in their places of employment, in their romantic engagements, on their lips and even when it starts to pound them in the least desirable part of their anatomy they are going to pretend it isn’t happening and they are going to go to the pharmacy and the liquor store and they are going to deny and deny and deny.

The truth is an outcast. The truth is an enemy. The truth is something to crucify and you can be sure that has happened and will again. It doesn’t matter if the particular well known historical event occurred or not. The symbolism of the thing is a real archetypal fact that you see happen every day in small and great ways around the world as tribute to the lie that rules the conditions of this and all preceding lives.

Whether you believe in the historical reality of this person it is hard to imagine that any sane person would disagree with the message yet we violate it reflexively, automatically. We push it aside because it interferes with business and Caesar has never been more powerful than he is today.

I’m not a Christian or a Muslim though I have served in these capacities as I have made my way. I decided that I liked the guy with the elephants head. It’s no more absurd than any of the others and if your God can walk on water and rise from the dead then my God can have an elephant’s head. I don’t think it matters what image you choose and for those who believe in nothing well... think about that for a moment and tell me if it is even possible. We know so little about the meaning of life because we know so little about ourselves. All I know is that whatever God there may or may not be he has always used human hands.

Well... there’s any number of people will tell you I don’t know what I’m talking about and I’ve no problem agreeing with then. The plus side for me is that I know full well that they don’t know either. Something is coming up in the first part of this year and I do not know what to tell you about that. What I know is that this weight is a really heavy thing and I could not imagine that I have the power to continue to move under it but somehow I do. I know that many of my readers feel this because you tell me.

If you see the water starting to rise I want you to think about green things growing and ancient ruins on high ground because somehow the key to our continuing is contained there. I want you to think of this and not think of the marketplaces and the never ending lies we are surrounded by that crucify the truth. There’s nothing religious about this. Not many people know that the reason the Templars were exterminated with extreme prejudice is because they said you didn’t need priests to intercede on your behalf. That was the kicker and because it’s all lies all the time it’s something you don’t get told like so many things you don’t get told.

Those black birds are gone now but I’m still here. I guess you are too. Keep your weather eye out because there are some heavy bears lumbering through the landscape and the sugar they are looking for is you.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Snake Dancing Broadcasting Mind Control.

These times in which we live become increasingly more surreal. It could be that things have been strange for a long time but we are just seeing it more now. Of course, a larger percentage of us are not seeing it at all but even they know something is wrong. They just assume it is for the obvious reasons because that is what they have been told. They’ve been told it’s because of the terrorists and that “Oceana has always been at war with Eastasia.” They’ve been told that all of the problems are due to somebody else and that the new people are going to fix the problems now. They’ve been told a lot of things.

There’s a pervasive hypnosis that floods the rooms in which we live. It drives down the street with us. It says hello to us like a Wal-Mart greeter when we enter a store and it vibrates under the bird songs in the parks and it only fades when you walk far enough into the desert or sail into the middle of the sea. Because it is happening every day and because everyone just goes about their business as usual there is the general understanding that it’s not hypnosis, it’s just the color of life; a natural thing.

We’ve been subjected to this mind control for so long that we find it hard to imagine what life might be without it. Everything that torments us comes out of the lies being broadcast across the airwaves we move through. They slip through the earphones inside the music that they allow us to hear. They travel inside the words of the people speaking out of your television and radio. They move inside the words on the newspaper and then open up inside your head and create for you the understanding that they want you to have.

We’re told that certain people are our enemies but our real enemies are the people telling us this. We’re told that certain things are bad for us but these things aren’t even as bad as the things they tell us we can have and which they make and sell to us so that we can hear the lies better and to put us in the mood to agree with the lies which cause us to injure ourselves and each other. The people who tell us these lies all went to school together and they learned to speak a certain language so that they can say things to each other that we won’t understand. While they were in their special schools they had their humanity removed so that they could do things that no human being would even consider because they have no conscience to inhibit their behavior. They have been compared to reptiles because that is the part of the brain that they act out of.

There was a movie where you could put on a pair of sunglasses and you would see things the way they really were. Back in the beginning you didn’t need sunglasses to see how things were but that was before the subliminal broadcasts began. After awhile... after a couple of generations... after the broadcasts started, the illusion was complete. From the time you were children... when you were learning to walk and to speak you also learned what was real. Even though it never has been real, it is real enough because there is nothing else to compare it to, unless you take a certain kind of mushrooms or you go away into the forest and practice things that neutralize the sounds and images that control the magic show.

This kind of behavior was made against the law for this very reason or it is made to appear abnormal and the practitioner is marginalized to the fringes of society. These people who do not conform are made into objects of ridicule and whatever they try to tell others is laughed at and generally ignored. None of the conforming multitudes want to be seen in this way. It can be hazardous to their livelihood. It can bring shame on their families and friends and they might lose both as well as their income and their standing in the community.

It is a curious question as to why there are some people who are immune to the broadcast. There always have been. History records many incidents of people revealing the existence of the broadcasting and image making force. We read that these people have warned humanity through the ages and we also see that humanity has paid no attention. Even with all of the examples that history shows about the ugly circumstances that are created by a mass belief in the broadcast, people still do not learn and each day they rise to the hope that the broadcast is going to lead them into the Promised Land but they die in Gary, Indiana, Calcutta or London town.

The broadcast tells them that consuming poison will grant them good health and that going to war will bring them peace. The broadcast tells them that bad men and women are the heroes of their time and that those who want to liberate them from the broadcast are villains. They routinely imprison, defame and kill these messengers but for some reason there are always new ones to take their place. There are never very many of them and that might be one reason that people do not come to see the true nature of the broadcast. Fear is another reason. This is why intelligent people, who know in their hearts what the broadcast is, will deny that they know. They will even encourage others to continue to accept the broadcast because there is no profit to the alternative which can get them into a lot of trouble.

A few years ago some men, who couldn’t even fly small planes, flew several big airliners into large buildings with a skill that even some experienced pilot's lack. Not only did they do this but very shortly after two buildings were hit, these buildings collapsed at the speed of freefall and a neighboring building that wasn’t even hit by a plane also fell down into its own footprint at the speed of freefall. A television station in London announced that the third building has collapsed twenty minutes before it happened and most of the world saw nothing strange in any of this. Now... of course... plenty of intelligent people know that the explanation given for why these things happened the way they did is a lie but... they are going to tell you it did happen the way the broadcast says it did because they don’t want to get pointed at by their fellows and maybe have a run of really bad luck.

A major war happened because of this event. It is a war that cannot be won and the only thing that is different there- except that a lot of the people are dead- is that the opium trade is booming. It had been shut down before the war happened. Then another war got started based on a similar broadcast but without any planes or falling buildings and a lot more people died in that war which also can’t be won and now they are broadcasting about yet another war, which was the main target all along and which is why the countries that were the previous targets just happen to border the main target.

The broadcasters planned all of this a few years before they set to work. It’s a big project, a project for the new American century and it takes a while to complete. They had a particular president for the first part of the operation and now they have a new one for the next stage. It will seem that what follows will be based on new decisions by new people but it will just be another step in the same operation. It’s happening right now and people are learning what the broadcasters want them to know about why it is important for a lot more people to die.

There’s a small place called Gaza where genocide and casual murder is taking place on a daily basis. Hideous weapons are being used on people with no capacity to defend themselves. It’s a new weapons testing area that uses real people in order to study the effects so that these weapons can be used in other places. The broadcast has convinced a lot of people that terrorists are living in this over crowded little ghetto but the real terrorists are the ones testing the weapons. On an island off the coast of America some other well to do terrorists are torturing prisoners for information that only they possess because they are the ones who did the things that they have accused the prisoners of. This is an interrogation testing laboratory but the broadcast says otherwise.

Because all lies must eventually fail, some of the countries responsible for the majority of the lies are falling apart. The broadcast says they are going to fix it. The only country that isn’t falling apart and where a great many of the lies are being manufactured has actually been looting the countries that are falling apart. They are supposed to be really good friends with these countries but... you know how it goes... or do you?

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