Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Hidden Enemies who Pose as Friends.

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“Every dog has his day”.

I’ve looked over the headlines to see if there was something I wanted to talk about and since I know that several of the really large events approaching aren’t in the windshield yet, though they will be soon, my inner voice is telling me to continue talking about what I brought up yesterday at Visible Origami. As a result of having made this post, a reader sent in the link to a spirited conversation taking place about me over at SOTT (Signs of the Times). There are a number of comments that are made about the night I visited them and there was a party for Joe, the Irish editor of SOTT.

I came there with REDACTED with whom I had been corresponding and had decided to visit with Susanne. REDACTED and SOTT are down in the extreme south of France. REDACTED lives in a modest little house in the countryside and SOTT lives in a huge, outrageous chateau that is reminiscent of something out of the Gormenghast trilogy. REDACTED is a very interesting character and a hell of a decent guy. I genuinely love him and am putting myself on the spot here, in case the pressures from SOTT don’t work in my favor with him.

My regular readers know that I go out of my way to come across as a regular guy. I used to even do stupid shit to counteract the pedestal well meaning people were putting me on. That’s counter-productive though and I am not doing that any more. Readers also know that I like to get high, predominantly on K because it treats my clinical depression. It’s been legalized in Sweden for this very purpose and it suits me like a charm but... as the readers know, since no one ever sends me any, I have to do without most of the time. Occasionally I take something like Ayahuasca, Mimosa Hostilis or mushrooms; you can catch me at that if you come to the big solstice celebration in June. This doesn’t happen every week or every month. It doesn’t even happen every season. That is the extent of what I take, until the divine gets inclined to let me have a look at his Top Secret cabinet.

I have, like everyone, imbibed alcohol and like the t-shirt says, “instant asshole, just add alcohol” can apply. There’s a fine line between having a good time and others not sharing in it. I blame the location of the moon for the uncertainty feature that can appear. We’ve all gotten out of sorts and even landed in the fire once or twice. This is not about me doing that because that didn’t happen.

At the time of my visit to REDACTED, Laura invited me over for dinner and Karaoke; they do that a lot, even though, as I remember, Laura is the only one who could sing. I got there and was seated at Laura’s left hand. We had a very nice chat. Laura can be very engaging when she wants to be and humanly fun. I liked her. There was a lot of wine and scotch around and I’ll admit that I got lit like everyone else. Some were more lit than I, which I was able to note at the time, which means I wasn’t so lit I couldn’t see what was going on.

We had a great time (I thought). I sang a few tunes as did Laura and I even harmonized with her on some of them. Her husband was there and I liked him too. He’s very sharp. You wouldn’t want to game that fellow. He played the piano, as I remember. I used to be and probably still am to some degree, a stand-up comedian. I was pretty good at it in a Lenny Bruce, George Carlin sort of a way. At least the audiences thought I was, or maybe they were being kind. One of the things I can do is take any popular song and change the lyrics. In this tedious thread over at SOTT, someone says I got really lewd and started talking about penises. Well, here’s exactly what happened. I did Wild Thing and changed the line “you make my heart sing” to “you make my thing sting”. That was the extent of it and everything else I have been reading from the SOTT forum ( a reader sent me a compilation) was like this, either terribly exaggerated or it didn’t even happen.

There’s a comment on there that ‘someone’ followed me into another room and observed me partaking of a substance. They don’t go into any details, probably because there weren’t any. I didn’t have anything to get high on that evening and was asking REDACTED earlier about the possibility. There was pot around but I don’t care for pot. So I drank like everyone else, as God is my witness, I had no drugs, except I might have smoked a little pot at REDACTED. Why would they lie like that? I admit to taking things to begin with.

I went back to SOTT the next day in the afternoon. A lot of the people were hung over and some mentioned it. When we were in the main living room again, I said something about let’s contact the Cassiopeans to Laura. So she got her Ouija board and... here I’ll admit that I expected nothing to happen and nothing it was. Somehow or other we got around to talking about the martial arts and it was a group back and forth and I wound up demonstrating, in slow motion, a few things. While this was happening, Laura’s youngest daughter started saying, over and over, “I can kick your ass”. I wasn’t comfortable demonstrating anyway so I sat back down. She kept saying it. I probably said, “Go ahead”. She didn’t. Susanne was with me the whole time and let me tell you; when I’m not behaving properly, Susanne WILL let me know. That didn’t happen once. She was as mystified as I by the growing undercurrent.

Someone at the forum said I didn’t know anything about the martial arts and someone said I did. There wasn’t much to get any real idea from anyway. Someone said I was being lascivious with Laura’s daughters. Have you seen them? Do you think I do inappropriate things right in front of Susanne; never mind that; whether she’s there or not? I might have been too casual through the whole affair. Instead of watching my every move, in hindsight it seems like I should have, I let myself enjoy these people and they looked like they were having fun too. What I have said here is the extent of the visit and all the rest of this static is lies and slander.

Afterwards, slowly, I noticed they didn’t print my work any more. I asked about it and was told it was because of a change in editors. I let it slide. One thing I noticed at this forum thread was that the fellow I was referring to in the recent Visible Origami posting showed up. How about that?

I haven’t always been on the mark with my behavior and this event was some years ago. I am a very much changed person since then but that’s immaterial. For some reason they are trying to paint me as a sinister and dark force. Why would they go public like this? Over the space of time, Laura and I have engaged in lengthy email exchanges. I’ve explained myself to her and pointed out that their use of alcohol makes them different from me only in the selection of their substances. Now it’s being said they don’t drink anymore, so they found Jesus. Good for them.

I haven’t gone after SOTT in my postings. I’ve got my feelings about this Cassiopeian thing but at the end of the day, I don’t know and that’s my stand on it.

I’m becoming more widely read and that’s going to accelerate too. It’s to be expected that different people will have different takes on me. I’m doing the best I can and I’m a work in progress. I don’t think badly about the SOTT people. I am disappointed that they would exaggerate and in some cases even lie. I don’t see they payoff with this. I don’t promote substances for others. My life is my life, you don’t like it, don’t be part of it.

It’s not necessary to make up things about someone. It’s okay not to like them. It’s not necessary for Laura to say I recommended Macrobiotics to her and that it nearly killed her, like I was behind that intention. I told her to begin with that she needed a competent advisor in respect of it. We’ve had extended email exchanges out of the blue and mostly initiated by her and they were friendly and informative. Meanwhile, I’ve always known about this other thing in the background. It surfaces every so often for no reason I can think of. We’re on different paths and all of us in the business of communicating to a larger public should keep that in mind. We are serving in our own way.

The reader has, by this time, got a pretty good idea of where I’m coming from and people are welcome to visit me and they do, without events of the order of what is being reported by this group, with the addition of that other fellow I mentioned. I’ll leave it to you to judge the reality of things and know that you, like myself, realize that the truth is usually somewhere between the conversations.

SOTT is a wealthy operation and shouldn’t be concerned with me, especially since I’m not concerned with them. Maybe I’m getting too popular for their tastes, since the readership keeps going up and all these new projects are about to be released. I suppose once you get to a certain level, this kind of thing is going to happen. It’s why I’ve always run from it before. Fame and fortune aren’t what they crack up to be. There’s a certain kind of disorder running around at the moment that is affecting various people in respect of what goes on here. Some of it is being engineered. I only hope they will develop some new love/hate interests and leave me be. There’s no future in hammering someone for no apparent reason. It can often come back on you in surprising ways, especially in these times.

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Patrick W does it again: There is no Injustice.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Desperate Dreams of the Demon Spawn.

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‘Be kind to the dogs. The Tibetans say that dog are the reincarnation of monks who didn’t make the grade’.

When I look at a situation, I like to factor in the variables and what I intuit about trends and players. So, until I hear ‘definitively’ otherwise, I’m one hundred percent assuming that Israel did the Jerusalem bombing in order to gear up to pound Gaza yet again. They’ve been launching bottle rockets into their own territory again (my considered assumption) and the circumstantial proof of that is that they rarely hit anything, much less anyone. Then they go and exterminate children on soccer fields. They just arbitrarily kill without conscience. If you are a committed and compulsive thief then... stealing is like breathing and they are determined to steal the greater Zion of ‘ersatz’ Israel.

A lot of things are going on off the screen of the mass media; Egypt has entered into dialogue with Hamas and supplies are flowing into Gaza again. In May there is supposed to be (millions?) a whole lot of Palestinians marching to Gaza. Flotillas are being engineered and the corresponding changes in the Arab world do not bode well for Israel, no matter what they get up to in attempts to manage it. They’re on the wrong side of history and my projection is that they are ‘screwed, blued and tattooed’. Well, they’re not a country in any case, as I never tire of saying; they are a criminal enterprise of the satanically spawned, Rothschild dynasty.

A lot is going on in the background off camera. World leaders are being threatened and intimidated. Attempts are made on their lives. The truth about despicable historical revisionism is coming out into the light of day and it is accelerating. That’s the key. This is all speeding up and it is all under the aegis of a conscious authority. You can believe what you like in this regard but I’ve had to trust both the seen and unseen worlds through my whole life and the unseen world wins, hands down. The only place I have any problems with the unseen is in the matter of timing. I always expect things to occur sooner than they do. I hear things in one time frame and expect them in another... my own.

What you have to do in order to survive and even flourish, is to enter into a particular mindset. You have to tell yourself that you are living in the new world and that everything around you is plastic and transforming. You have to convince yourself that what you see are mere appearances and often not an indicator of what is coming. We’ve all been wrong a lot of time, certainly I have and we’ve expected and predicted things that didn’t show up on time. Maybe the USPS handles that end of it (grin).

There can be no doubt that there are a variety of pincher movements directed at the mass of humanity. Huge psychopathic lobsters are herding and dividing humanity for their purposes and they’ve got the lawmakers and law interpreters in their hip pocket. Witness the recent Supreme Noahide Court’s ruling in favor of the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention their making it legal for corporations to buy elections. That crew of Zionazi vultures has got to go.

This herding involves cutting off natural remedies for the public suffering under pathologies created by those cutting them off. They are making it illegal to grow food unless you are a vampire squid. They are groping the travelers coming and going and whose purpose is intimidation alone. Napolitano and Pistole are direct employees of Rothschild Inc, just as Skull Chertoff was earlier and, of course, Lieberman heads the committee. They want to put the public in a state of desperation so they can control the answer to, “Who’s your Daddy”?

When these fiends seek to intimidate on this scale it means they are softening up the public for some very bad activity, resulting in schlecht schmerz. Cosmic cans of whoop ass are being created and the house is buying the rounds. There can be only so many possibilities in the minds of the Demon Spawn; population reduction, marginal living conditions, global controls brought about by engineered events, poisoned foodstuffs, epidemic maladies treated by bad pharmaceuticals and all of this is a portion of the ongoing chemical and media, mind control efforts of the Demon Spawn.

The only practical way to look at all of this is to convince yourself it’s a movie. The collective dream is the film and... just like in a theater, the people watching are getting different things from what’s taking place on the screen. Some people miss all kinds of details and some very few. Some interpret them correctly and some don’t. That’s an important thing to remember; just because you spot something doesn’t mean you understand it. However, that’s what the intuition is for. Kick the perception inward and see what comes back. The more you do it, the clearer it becomes. You can’t gain the facility of anything you don’t practice. That is why all the problems you have in the world start with you because you are (supposed to be) in control of how you react. Eh?

If you look at it as a movie, you realize it has been scripted, cast and is being directed. Few of the players are viscerally aware of the implications of their behavior, or where the movie is going. They are aware of where they want it to go and... depending on their position of authority, on that depends their certainty of result; the best laid plans of men and mice. Most all of those in a position of authority, consider themselves the emperor of destiny. They are not. This means that, regardless of their intentions, the film is moving toward a prearranged conclusion. They’re kept in the dark about this (for the moment).

The movie is a moral tale. It’s an Aesop’s Fable writ large. If you can see it as a movie and if you can get the concept that the director is benevolent (despite appearances), then you can have resilience and confidence concerning what’s incoming. This is very important, not just in quality of life but in results. There’s a certain ‘dinner theatre’ looseness to the film, which includes the possibilities of a degree of improvisation. Your knowing that help is always available, makes for a greater sense of well-being. It also depreciates the potential for stupid action. Good judgment is the direct result of bad judgment. We’ve all been that route and would prefer the alternative.

I have good reason for saying these things today because, if you see a lot of scary and inexplicable events, you can get it in your mind that snafu and ‘we are all doomed’ are operative mindsets. If you take if for granted that everything is under control, you might just start to get shown to what degree that is true. If you’re looking for something, you often spot it when you might not have. Some people are detail oriented and some people are big picture guys. I’m a big picture guy. Big picture guys have long fingers. Detail people have short fingers; a little anecdotal digression.

We’re waiting on a Sarajevo moment. Global conflict seems inevitable but... you never know. All of the players are making ready in the event of it. You can imagine the conversations going on behind the scenes, with the diplomatic agents of the various powers. You can also imagine what many of them know, without their coming right out and saying it. The worst of us fully intends to have it their way; intends to genocide the inhabitants, whose land they are stealing and to let all of us know they will take the whole house down with them if they have to. They can’t actually do this but they can cause a lot of mischief, as they already intend to and have been. Principally they have to be stopped. That immediately changes the political climate all over the place. They have to be stopped, not only in their central location, but in all the realms where they are exerting undue influence.

You’ve got two factors at work, the socio-political considerations that are acting out and... Mother Nature. She’s the active side of the director. The other side of the director is working within the minds of those who believe they have the wind at their back. Maybe they do but there is the question of the rudder. In tandem with these two larger external forces comes the general awakening of the populations. That is also accelerating. The time is coming when not a day will pass without startling events, outer and inner. The outer is just a projection of the inner anyway. Consider the workings of your eyes.

I just want everyone to know that no matter how bad it gets, there’s more than one way to perceive and respond to conditions. The best thing you can do is to look within and identify the things that can get you into trouble and get rid of them. You know what these things are because it’s already happened before (grin). Our concern has to be with monitoring ourselves and, of course, being helpful where we can. The bad news is the news we haven’t gotten yet and the good news is that we’re a lot closer to it being over than we were. Just keep in mind that you are always at a railroad crossing so... stop, look and listen.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

One of The Darkest Evils the World has ever Known

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“If Israel were by the side of the road somewhere, every dog in town would roll in it’.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't it Israel that sent 50,000 African mercenaries into Libya? So... aren’t the NATO coalition now bombing, strafing and tomahawking Israel’s mercenaries? Meanwhile, isn’t the reason that the assaults didn't stop (possibly Gadhafi doesn't have control) is because Israel is in control of them? There's a whole lot of irony here. Someday, lambs will suck in vengeance at the teats of irony.

Now... it's been acknowledged that Israeli security was in charge of the Fukishima nuclear plant. The plant didn't automatically shut down as it should have. The Stuxnet virus has been found at Fukishima and the US and Israel have publicly taken credit for inventing it? Please correct me if I am wrong.

If this is true then the two major negative events, presently taking place on this beleaguered Earth are both, likely Israeli instigated disasters. Israel did 9/11. Israel was the driving force behind all the major conflicts of the last decade and Israel is the main bass drum behind the march to attack Iran. Israel is bad news.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange are at the back of the bus these days. It’s time for Andy Warhol lite (-0% percent of everything) to break another condom or release the news that Jonathan Livingston Seagal (rhymes with Sméagol) was written by the CIA.

The madness that is Israel is patently more dangerous than the fallout from the nuclear reactors, which they may likely be responsible for and... if HAARP was involved and, inasmuch as they control the US, top to bottom, they most certainly were behind the whole mess. Since Israel is radioactively evil and plugged in to occult modalities that give them a degree of insight about what is coming, one might speculate on any number of possibilities concerning what Israel has in mind. 94% of the Israelis eagerly supported Operation Cast Lead. Now... since Israelis are the smartest people on Earth (just ask them), it can’t be that they are deceived about the motive and intent of their genocide. Of course, it’s all about Zionism.

Historically, whenever a nation (usually a large nation with a willing coalition) threatens everyone and everything and is driven by the sole purpose of material gain, some collection of the remaining world forces joins together to shut them down. The case of Israel is unique. The very cultures and nations that Israel is most actively engaged in destroying- outside of her neighbors and the previous and legitimate owners of the land they occupy- are the very nations and cultures that most actively support her.

One of the most insane criminals of the past, Napoleon, bled his country white in gratuitous wars, just so he could look good on a horse and show how competent he was at playing Risk on the big board. Waterloo finally came up in the windshield, although it was what was happening in the rear view mirror that did him in. This was also a dramatic moment, a fortune changing moment, for The Rothschild Crime Syndicate. The biggest coup for these international footpads came when they engineered the holocaust and then used it to gain possession of Palestine. The icing on the cake was the holocaust denial laws. Here's graphic truth of what was really going on in Germany at that time. If you factor in the Zionist refusal to let aid packages into the camps AND the fact that the Red Cross was permitted to enter and inspect the camps AND that this was not permitted in the Zionist gulags of the Soviet alliance well, it is stunning to contemplate all of this.

Tamerlane, during one of his military excursions, built a concrete wall out of human skeletons and also put living men in it as well. He wiped out Baghdad, during which time he ordered each of his soldiers to bring back two severed human heads. This is the sort of evil we are dealing with and also some of the genetic strain of Khazar/Ashkenazi converted to Judaism during the rule of King Bulan in the mid- 700’s A.D. No, I am not saying they were directly descended from Tamerlane, except spiritually.

Something dark and evil runs through these people. It's there to be seen in the footprints of history but... any reference to this, brings down a hailstorm of slander claiming slander and they are defensed by fundamentalist Christianity, which they are Hell-bent on the destruction of. They’ve written themselves into the Bible as indispensable progenitors of both the Christian and Muslim faiths, which are two of their biggest chosen enemies. Modern archaeological discoveries have shown that the history they claim actually belonged to others. It may all be a mystery but what is not mysterious are the results of their activity here.

The cosmos is presently shaking up the scenery on the planet. It's only just started to do this and there is no telling how dramatic the changes are going to be. That is dependent, I surmise, on what it takes to wake people up. At times like these, the cosmos never does anything halfway. The point of the whole thing is the resulting change of consciousness brought about by The Apocalypse. Although the intent is to transform the landscape and drive the dream of shake and bake materialism out of the minds of the general population; whatever part is destined to remain, the intent is also to expose and reveal the causes of human distress, over the course of previous ages for the purpose of a lasting lesson.

This is going to have a lot to do with the fate of Israel, whose days are definitely numbered and who is going to feature in some of the biggest drama ever seen. Samson options and outright assaults on humanity are not going to count for much as deterrents against possibilities of a collective response out of the fear and confusion of the afflicted. The cosmos is the player here and the cosmos will get the job done one way or the other.

Everything happening right now is setting the scene for what is to follow; the upheavals in The Middle East, the increasing economic gap between the predatory rich and the poor and middle class, the banker bailouts and corporate tax loopholes, the incredible thefts by the politicians and the fealty of all to the Rothschild dynamic, are all going down so that when the curtain comes up from over the eyes of the populace, there's not going to be any question about what is what and who is who, or what got done and who did it.

It’s ludicrous in the extreme that anyone would take any of what is said here as being (snicker) anti-Semitic, whatever the hell that means. These things are true. The document at the beginning of this article shows what was offered and available in Germany and there are many, many more. History shows what did and didn’t happen by virtue of what didn't get mentioned by any of the major players of the time. History shows that certain tales appeared years after certain events, while nothing got said at the time. We know that in ’48 an architect was brought in to build crematorium/gas chamber relics. Why would something like this have to be done.

To quote a man whose eyes were opened to most of what's being discussed here, “history is bunk”.

My take on things is different than those who are always looking for material causes for conditions and events. Going that route, it’s difficult to explain or justify a great many things, even if you could get at the truth, which is the great enemy of the paid historians who write their fictions for the little school kids, who turn into the brainwashed adults that spend their lives working for the bankers. I see it all as a living movie with an actual director who is always several steps ahead of, behind and to the side of it all, while being in the middle as well. Most times this director is sleeping and we are players in his dream. At certain times he awakens and it is then that the lesson is in the process of being demonstrated. That's where we are now.

The good news is that it's all under control. The bad news is that far too many people don’t get this and even worse, a lot of the Fundie minds, who have their own take on that, have made the dreamer into a bigger version of themselves; a horrifying thought. Every day not spent digging deeper into oneself where the real history lies, is one more day of being dug under by the heavy equipment that builds the historical lies. Well, correct me if I'm wrong. I can change anything written here to something closer to the truth.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Things that You see When You're Riding out Here.

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‘May the scent on the wind remind you of the long forgotten dreams of an earlier search”.

The latest and most ominous news is that they have had to abandon the Fukushima nuclear plant because of a surge in radiation and the danger to workers. The Japanese are fleeing Tokyo but I cannot get any idea on the numbers. This is what Jack Welch is up to lately. Some of us are curious about what runs through the mind of Mr. Irascible. Is there anything that can make you stop and think about what you are doing in the moment?

I see the world is in full dress protocol and that means it is important and impressive and the mufti and the military presence enhance the dimensions of this reality TV theater of the absurd, in all the venues where it is playing, moving from theater to theater, person to person, country to country; revolution sweeps across the Middle East and nuclear radiation is a condiment on your Caesar Salad, here at the Ides of March.

Let’s go back to; what are you doing at the moment? What are you thinking? If you missed the link in contemporary Jack Welch; where is he these days? This grants a mindset into that and then you check the pedigree of the source for the article and you get an idea of whatever ‘shuffle off to Buffalo’, misdirect, pose and dispense, watered down with pure pervasiveness of chipmunk chatter on global, radioactive dead log, cut down by Weyerhaeuser and maybe... maybe... you see that the real problem in the world is that we have let bad people do what they wanted to do, in exchange for the illusion of a life filled with promises that turned out to be lies. It appears that Jack and G.E. and all the rest have been operating under an umbrella company called Lies R Us.

Half Past Human made a prediction about some kind of a cloud that goes around the world nine times and looking at the world presently you can almost see that Half Past Human appears to be more than half past right. The biggest marriage of the season is not the pending union of the reality TV prince at Westminster Abbey, but rather the marriage between the BP/Rothschild/Crown Colony Gulf of Mexico disaster and the Japanese reactor disaster. Forget Will and Kate because this is the marriage that will give new meaning to ‘be fruitful and multiply’, in reverse.

The absurdity of the British Crown is amply displayed in Prince William’s, egalitarian intention to “pack Westminster Abbey with children, volunteers and the homeless in a unique People’s Wedding”. It really is touching, “Those likely to receive an invitation could include destitute teenagers from the homeless charity Centrepoint. The prince spent a night sleeping rough on the streets of London in support of their plight last year.” Well, you can see why the world is in the state it’s in by scanning the right hand menu of links where I got this from. But will these new friends, from this one night stand, be invited to tea with the queen this summer? Uh huh. I can honestly say that given the opportunity, I would decline out of fear of terminal, vicarious embarrassment. I would probably ‘freak out’ and start to satirize the environment. I REALLY would not be able to help myself. Yes, mum.

This is just one of the selections from that right hand menu at that online pseudo-Murdoch (next up for Profiles in Evil) rag and it qualifies as kiddie porn along with criminal writing and all kinds of assorted abuses. This kind of thing will kill you just as surely as nuclear radiation and that is my point. We here, are working with the divine’s, product placement plan ...and that is a bit different than whatcha see on the telly. I do believe I am speaking in tongues (grin).

What is the template for a better world? Is it this or is it this?

Well, I think it is this, which puts me world’s apart from others but in a common field with many of you. The terrible misfortune in Japan is either the result of intentions and cultures, previously mentioned, coming in contact with a reinvigorated Lady Nature, or it is the result of someone playing the HAARP in concert with the rest ...but something I know with a degree of certitude is that higher forces come into play, whenever you try to play with higher forces. Higher forces like to play. I know this from experience. Once I was in Joshua Tree National Monument with a couple of people and on about five orange barrel drums of that magnificent Brotherhood of Love acid from Idyllwild and... enormous cobra serpents appeared, towering forty or fifty feet in the air, coiled and raised; holographic visible presence, sitting on the sands.

They sucked the sand and the atmosphere up into their forms and then snorted it out into wind dervishes that we danced with. These were extremely powerful, as one of my associates discovered. You danced ‘with’ them, toreador style. If you dance with them you can spin and leap and sail across spaces not possible in ordinary time/space dimensions. I was there and I kept doing it all day, frolicking. The energies of the universe are beyond comprehension and the idea that it’s not conscious of itself is an interesting delusion, which I leave to every individual to sort out for themselves, because that part is up to you. I reference the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. You have to extend your hand for the hand extended.

Given what I have personally been through, I have no doubt that the maestro is just warming up and has everything in hand and... it will certainly get even spookier as we go. Think about it... here’s your planet; seven continents, seven oceans, seven tones, seven octave planets, seven chakras, seven come eleven and all kinds of other seven something’s. There is the material plane and then there are the esoteric planes with an ‘as above, so below’ kind of way, meaning dark and light side as well. You have players on the material plane and some select few are in the service of a certain someone and then there are gradations of decreasing selectivity, going down the ranks.

The light density of the times makes it so that there is a disproportion between those who serve their true best interests and those who serve someone else’s interests and in many cases, mistake the result as freedom or profit, when it is neither. We are seeing and experiencing what happens to the world when the wrong people are allowed to have their way with her (for a time). Everything that is happening is an example of greed and lust unaccompanied by integrity and restraint.

Is someone playing on their HAARP? I have no idea. I know they would if they could and I know that doesn’t change the dynamic. It is fashionable to say that the universe inclines toward chaos. I submit that that has to do with the perceptual abilities of the one viewing it and the timeline they use. I don’t see chaos generally, unless myopia is a factor and I think it has something to do with self interest. Self interest skewers ones visioning according to its own intentions with indifference to truth.

I remember a Sufi tale about how someone comes in and sets a stage, a drama is performed and then the stage is dismantled and set up again somewhere else. That’s what is happening. This is the fulfillment of the myth invested in. It is now encountering reality. Everything does encounter it eventually. Better to encounter it sooner rather than later and even better to have it carry you there willingly and in support of it.

I don’t know which details go where. I do get some idea of the picture being presented. My position is to watch and learn and turn my energies to positive courses. If I know it all works out for the best on every level then the only thing remaining is to adjust myself. That’s usually where the problem lies. As I said in an earlier post, which a reader said should be highlighted, “What needs to be understood is that people who behave like this should be dealt with as soon as they appear ...and the inability of society to do so, is its biggest failing”. Even more certain, is to arrange to catch the appearance of what is undesirable, by virtue of laws and constitutions designed to protect against these things. The best situation is when the public itself is aware of the need to police itself as job one. Of course, you are talking about Sattva Yuga, not Kali Yuga.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dark Side of the Devic Realm Rising

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'May your noses be hoses for shimmering lines of the divine's finest comestible'.

I guess I have to speculate a little. The reason for that is that a significant portion of people do not believe in Mother Nature as a conscious force. Of course that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you believe in werewolves or not, if you happen to get torn apart by one. It didn’t affect the actual operation of The Sun and Earth when The Pope had Galileo tortured for proclaiming it did what it did (one of my favorite images), as opposed to what ‘they’ said it did; Earth revolves around Sun, Sun does not revolve around Earth.

I picked a fanciful example and a real example. I believe in werewolves and vampires. I just don’t think they are the same as what movies tell us they are but...if you hang out in Hollywood for any length of time, you will run into werewolves and vampires; the real ones. You can get torn to pieces in a number of ways and you can have all the life force sucked out of you. You need to get the metaphor end of it to see what I’m talking about. Hollywood is one of those places where vampires and werewolves live. Las Vegas is another and so are most of the large, glittering cities on the planet.

Vampires and werewolves are very active in politics and in the corporate arena. They have their chosen turf and you have to go there to run into them. It’s the same as with ghouls. You have to go to a fresh battlefield, or anywhere that large numbers of dead bodies show up, to see them.

We celebrate these creatures on Halloween and they are all part of the dark side of The Devic Realm, which is why you don’t want to go wandering around in there without a guide or the permission of my friend, Ganesha. If you put ‘The Devic realm’ into a search engine, you don’t get much. That’s surprising when you think of it. This area of existence is where all the spirits of Nature live; the elementals, chimerical creatures, devas, elves, fairies and many curious entities. It is also populated by a dark side as well. It is a parallel world to our own. The two interact; more at some times than at others, less so in times of darkness, except for the darker side, which is how it is now. They are still around; you just can’t see them as well. Clairvoyants and mystics see them, now and then.

When I was living on Maui, at one point I was managing a resort out toward Hana. This was a very small resort in the jungle and it was not unusual for there to be no one there but me. I was the only employee. One day, while walking about, I saw a silver shimmer; a brilliant electronic weaving object that looked like a short scarf. It was undulating and moving right along side me as I went, a few feet away. I could hear it speaking to me. I was thrilled. Whenever I went outdoors it was there. One day, I happened to tell a former girlfriend of mine about it. She’s very new age, I might add. I didn’t think anything about it and I told her in town. When I got back, my companion was gone and never returned again. You can imagine my dismay. It’s hard to know when you are supposed to keep quiet about certain things and when it’s okay to talk about them.

I’ve been saying for some time that your real concern should be the activities of Mother Nature as opposed to the geo-political fortunes of the time. There’s a good reason for this. Although there are some number of us who are partially awakened and more who are coming awake, due to the release of certain forces into the human dynamic. A large portion of us, refuse to wake up; are determined not to wake up and snarl and lash out in somnolent anger at any intrusion into our dreams. Because of this intransigence, it is necessary for the whole structure of manufactured, shared reality, to be shaken to its core.

Last May and June, I was involved in a continuous supernatural experience, where the gates of The Devic Realm were opened and a hyper-realistic drama with a complex plot, unrolled before me. I came to the edge of death finally, in this, oh so powerful, series of events. At one period I didn’t sleep for two weeks and felt no need for it. Other times I didn’t eat or sleep for a week. You can imagine how this amplified what I was going through. The climax of this series of experiences was two days with Mother Nature in which she got her powers back. I can’t remember a lot of the details now but...the crux of the matter seemed to be that she had been placed under a spell by the architects of our extended, manufactured reality. Through a Byzantine series of steps in an intricate ritual, everything was changed and I was told that we were soon going to see dramatic examples of Mother Nature’s returned abilities. This is what we are seeing now and this is merely a prelude. There is no implication on my part that the Japanese are any more asleep than anyone else. Volcanoes and earthquakes are going off all over the place and they are going to intensify. You haven’t seen any real tsunamis yet; not hardly. The venerable Edgar Cayce predicted this. You can find plenty more on your own.

The pending meltdown of the Japanese nuclear reactors is especially troubling and, as usual, humanity, in its arrogance, never thinks to build these structures away from the reach of certain forces; of course an earthquake can appear anywhere and simply swallow the reactor whole but you would think the ocean could be guarded against to some degree.

I’d like to say here that, although I have a role in this whole matrix, so do many, many other people and the fact that I had a particular experience does not cancel out the very real possibility that others have had even greater experiences and communications. I’m just one small player in this huge affair and never want to give the impression that I think otherwise. The information and your own internal awareness, are both more important than I am and I have the unenviable position (grin) of being informed immediately, whenever I overstep my boundaries.

I can be a reckless sort and I attribute all of my recent health difficulties to the state of extremis that I was brought to last year. That seems to be passing away now, I sincerely hope.

Some of us are aware of what has taken place at Findhorn and other locations. Some of us know what light workers in the heart of darkness and the far reaches of rustic locations are up to. All of the darkness that has been swirling about is counter-pointed by light, breaking through in a thousand locations and we will be seeing things that dwarf what took place at Findhorn, as the new epoch comes upon us. Along with an age of brotherhood, we are going to see direct interactions between humanity and The Devic Realm and it is from The Devic Realm that all sorts of surprising knowledge, wisdom and technology are going to appear.

Sure, HAARP may have some role to play in what’s going on and we can clearly see that the governments, banks and corporations are making war on the public. They are just as much under control as are the ‘seemingly’ uncontrolled forces of Nature, presently at work. When I walk outdoors now, I can feel the invisible electricity crackling in the air. Don’t worry about the man behind the curtain. He’s going to appear on YouTube shortly, along with hard and irrefutable evidence of what he’s been up to. I am afraid that some of it is going to be very embarrassing.

I looked at the huge pictures of what was taking place in Japan; the videos of massive waves, tossing houses into each other and cars by the hundreds pouring over falls and...I had no feelings that I could connect to feelings I have had in the past, when I have witnessed such things. I don’t feel apprehensive. I don’t feel uncertain or shaken at all. I can’t account for this. It’s like I’m watching a newsreel but something else is taking place behind the events that I am watching, but which I cannot see. Whatever it is, it calms me and I know it’s about to get much more suspenseful, exciting and thrilling (if I can put a positive spin on it) than it has been. Until now, events and conditions have always stopped a little short of being truly world changing; like the big tsunami of a few years ago, the Haitian earthquake and the various false flags and political chicanery that’s been pro forma for the last couple of decades. We haven’t had events that left millions missing, or whole countries changed beyond recognition. We are about to.

I can’t really speculate about numbers and I’m not a prophet or a seer. My occupations are in a related and different field but...I can say, you’re right in it now and things like this are all you are going to be seeing, except for brief respites here and there, including things that will be off-the-charts mystifying and awe-making. I keep saying it; go within and make contact; operators are standing by (grin). Be well and strive, strive, strive.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio show Sunday night at 7:30PM. Our good friend, Martin, should have a ‘small’, heh heh, banner ad for feet2thefire radio, over in the right hand menu before then and all you have to do is click on it to get there. Otherwise, click on the radio show button, up in the masthead, from Monday on to download it.

I’m going to break with the tradition of putting one of my songs down here; working to record a lot of new material and that will begin showing up in early Summer. Meanwhile, as spectacular as Patrick Willis has been in bringing life to some of my works and imbuing it with a power greater than anything I put there (grin), I think he really outdid himself on this one. If you don’t get what the piece is about, just ask and I will say something in the comments section but I can’t imagine not tumbling to it.

Patrick Willis narrates:
The Big One

I don’t know why it feels like I should keep writing. I want to give you words of comfort and virtual hugs. It’s like I can really feel you out there but, maybe just saying this is enough.

If you do find you can’t access sites or can’t comment, hang in there. Apparently they can’t do much except briefly (so far). Send me your comment by email and I’ll put it in. Try to include it with your squawk about not being able to comment.

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jacque Fresco, on Behalf of Humanity; I Call him Friend

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Jacque Fresco is a good man, but he is more than that. He is a great man and one of the most powerful visionaries of the age who has never received his due. He’s spent his life serving the public, tirelessly and under the radar, now he is under attack by people who are suspicious of him. It’s not like they have anything real to hang their slander on. It’s not like he’s remotely similar to the Neo-Pharisees, the Zio-Ogres, the banking and corporate vampires, the politicians, the majority of religious leaders and sundry. You have only to listen to him speak to know his heart but if you don’t possess one, or it has been made inactive, then I guess you can’t hear can you?

They’re really down on him for his perceived anti-Christian position. You can add me to that list. You can add lovers of truth and beauty from over the last age to that list. What isn’t being said is that he’s not opposed to Jesus Christ, whoever that was and he’s not opposed to anything real but he is opposed to propaganda and mind control and the mass murder of hundreds of millions; burning at the stake, inquisition and torture chambers; the suppression of natural and ancient wisdom, the selling out of the ineffable to the dreadful, the use of Crusades mentality to exterminate the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, vicious religious intolerance, riding shotgun with the military industrial complex to murder the innocent ...and a host of other crimes, like milking the impoverished of the undeveloped worlds for the benefit of bankers and fat cats in drag, worshiping a god of malevolence, instead of a God of forgiveness, understanding, generosity and peace. I stand with Jacque and note that he must be close to the truth to draw such rancor.

When you look at the detractors you can see the level of ignorance and headhunting going on. When someone’s headline screams “absolute proof” and you don’t get any, I think that is an indication of something far more important than insinuation. It usually means they went to school at Fox News. Nowhere have I discovered Jacque or Roxanne engaged in anything nefarious. What you have is insinuation by association. This becomes ludicrous when you consider that Jacque is seeking to change the world. How do you do that without engaging it? You can’t judge someone’s desire to change the world, prior to their ever having an opportunity to do it, unless their associations are long term, deep in with the known planetary pond scum and for some reason the wardens of righteousness never seem to catch or halt the real bad guys like Stalin, Bush and you know the lineup.

I suggest that one see the film Future by Design and remind yourself that his detractors are probably extras in the film Drive Angry 3D.

Something that rarely gets discussed is the strange internet contingent of ‘all things negative’ conspiratists that label every single Mason, as if they were every single Muslim, as being evil. They lump in all the Theosophists, including Krishnamurti and the bevy of illumined occultists, who work for the good of all ‘behind’ the background of events. All I have to do is say that “not all Masons are evil” and invariably people pop out of the woodwork to accuse me of working for the New World Order. They claim that The Rosicrucians are evil without the slightest knowledge of what Rosicrucians actually do. I should point out that one must never confuse an existing external order with a less visible esoteric aspect.

I am myself working for ‘a’ new world order. It just happens not to be the same new world order as, possibly some other new world order. I definitely want a new world, which is a revamping of the old world and I definitely want it orderly in a natural, as opposed to an enforced, way. EVERYONE IS NOT EVIL. Everyone who ever met any Pope, which would include Michelangelo (no doubt a pre-illuminati agent, whose paintings conceal all sorts of arcane symbology that operates as pre-cursors to the Proctor and Gamble sigil-grin), are not evil. Everyone who had lunch in the same restaurant with Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin or shared a cab with Tottie Fields is not evil.

Here is how it works. This is the truth and whatever opinion differs, is influenced by superstition or ignorance of cosmic forces; this is a dark age and evil has the upper hand, appearance wise. It is altogether possible that a larger number of the members of any organization may be operating out of self interest or generic stupidity. However, there is a less obvious and generally unseen side of the equation that comprises other groups and sometimes includes members of all sorts of groups, who are tirelessly working for human freedom and enlightenment. There are two kinds of secret societies on the planet and always have been. One serves the darkness, knowingly or unknowingly and one serves the light, consciously.

Whenever an organization becomes corrupt, due to certain planetary arrangements, which are part of the cosmic plan, the selfless servants for the greater good, depart and re-form elsewhere. The whole spectrum of life is a movie, an outplaying of a timeless lesson that repeats over and over again and is always summed up in an Apocalypse, where the truth is revealed in stages and by degrees. Apocalypse is another word for Revelation. We are in a time of uncovering, of revealing and you are going to see what is what, whether you like it or not.

Jacque Fresco and his tireless friend and assistant, Roxanne, are working for a better world. It is entirely possible that they don’t have all the answers. It is entirely possible that they are in the position I am of, ‘learning as you go’. One thing I know about Jacque, or think I know, from observing him, is that he is into ‘what works’ in terms of the greatest good.  He lives simply and modestly. He entertains ordinary people and puts on no airs. He is a humble, inspired and wonderful human being and those calling him a fraud don’t know what they are talking about.

We’ve all got some kind of warts during an incarnation. We wouldn’t be here otherwise, unless we were some kind of a bodhisattva and those come with intentional warts, more often than not for the purpose of humanizing themselves in order to get some work done. Jacque would be the first person to tell you he is not without flaws, though they would not be the flaws his detractors are so casual at dispensing.

Are we never supposed to have a world that works? Is all technology bad? How quickly would your mind change about all that once you lose what you have and most of that isn’t even good technology. I would love to live in Jacque’s world, though I tend to prefer to remain on the outskirts of any world, including Heaven itself. I am sure that in Jacque’s world, I could do that. No matter how you analyze or parse it, Jacque’s world is better than the one we are in, by a long stretch. See the damn movie. Visit the Venus Project. Meet the man before you cast aspersions. Look at what he has accomplished in his life, not at what ‘you think’ he will do in some unknown future. Could Jacque’s vision be compromised by the same forces corrupting the world we are presently in? Jacque's world is designed to militate against that very possibility.

Everyone trying to make the world a better place is not working for The Devil. However, everyone who gains a little prominence in any effort immediately becomes suspect. Anyone who succeeds at anything is suddenly a sell out. I watch people sling mud at my friend Jim Coor, with whom I have spent enough time to know the man. They sneer at him because he made a few million dollars as a recording artist. He has abandoned that career to work for the good of his Irish brothers and sisters and the world at large. He is tireless in his efforts. He’s a genuinely humble and beautiful human being. I speak from personal knowledge of the man but he’s routinely assaulted because he has money. I could give a lot of examples but far fewer than I wish there were and they all catch it for their efforts to assist the unseeing.

If you are going to criticize something or someone, I suggest you be informed about it or them. Don’t go ranting around like a lunatic about illuminati, Masons and secret societies. There will never be a time when those are not in residence, because both the kingdoms of good and evil have their agents on the planet at all times and there is always some kind of a structure in which they meet; from caves in the deep Himalayas to an unpreposing townhouse in a large city. There is always a tradition and a teaching that is maintained by these organizations (the good ones) against dark ages when they have all but vanished from human affairs. I have offered The Secret Teachings of all Ages, several times; it describes in detail for those who are willing to be instructed. Oh right, he was Mason, shudder. You want to live in the dark that’s fine with me. Keep in mind that a lot of the time you are cursing the light and biting the hand that feeds you.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Weirder it Gets, the Stranger it Looks

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

We can’t see where the increments of change begin and end. All we can garner from the affair is that one day we are in another one, different than the one before. Sometimes the differences are dramatic and sometimes they are subtle but no one can argue against the fact that things are changing rapidly and no one can predict accurately what is going to happen next. This is due to the X Factor of the invisible side of things that plays into the field of action. Most feel they have no control over any of it, outside of their small sphere of influence. Then there are those who believe they have a great deal of control, followed by those who think they are in control. Every one of these groups are wrong, one way or another.

Several major newsgathering sites link to my work, or used to link to my work, on a regular basis. One of them hasn’t posted anything by me in several days and hasn’t responded to any of my emails. A couple of years ago, this same newsgathering site did not print my work for about one year. This happened after repeated efforts on my part to reach the person in charge, until I finally quit trying. At the end of the year I am referencing, I noted that this particular newsgatherer was experiencing some difficulty in disseminating his work. I wrote him to say that despite how he may feel about me, I wanted to give him some assistance. He wrote back to tell me that he had no idea what I was talking about and would like me to explain what I meant about the way he feels about me. He said he loved my work and that was all there was to it. Boy am I glad I never blamed him or spoke out against him (grin)

I had noted that my work would sometimes get linked at this site over that year but that was mostly due to a member of the newsgathering site, taking it upon himself to see that it was linked. I don’t know what happened but I assume it has something to do with Google mail and then with Yahoo mail, which I was using to inform newsgathering sites of a new posting.

Everything appeared to straighten out with this particular newsgathering site and I began to get linked there again. Then, recently, several times I was not linked and I inquired and was told that he hadn’t received any email from me. Now, I can’t get through at all again. I just heard from him at the most recent Smoking Mirrors before this, so... as you can see, something is afoot.

Meanwhile, another newsgathering site has begun to not receive my emails and when I inquire, I am told it didn’t get through. As it stands now, I haven’t been linked at either of these sites most recently and inquires that I have sent out have not been replied to. I just visited one of these newsgathering sites and I find that one of my recent posts has now gone up, along with a Patrick Willis rendering of my piece, “Should the Japanese apologize for Pearl Harbor. The latest Profiles in Evil has not gone up but that could be for any number of reasons.

Someone or several someone’s, with sophisticated access and abilities, is shutting down my ability to communicate with the people who account for the larger portion of my internet traffic. I am recommending that, if you want to keep following my work, you become a ‘follower’ with Google Friend Connect (irony alert). You’ll see the list and icon of followers in the right hand column of any of my blogs. I believe this means you get informed when I put something up. If that is not the case, then I hope some reader will suggest a medium by which I can inform the reader of new content. All of the blogs have been moved to ‘secure’ backup sites, in case the Zio-Ogres who control the media and most areas of information sharing, decide to employ some of the strategies that they took over or invented the mediums to control.

I will go on trying to stay in communication with these newsgathering sites but there’s no guarantee that I can pull this off. You’re on your own in terms of staying in touch with what I do, should that interest you. If some of you are receiving regular, automatic updates, I would appreciate your comment explaining how you do this.

A reader wrote me yesterday to tell me that it was getting really weird everywhere. He said that an old friend just unloaded on him with no explanation whatsoever. Yesterday I had the same thing happen but it was more subtle.

Humanity has a very serious enemy and that is whoever is behind the violent superimposition of the false country of Israel, over the former land of Palestine. This enemy has been behind all sorts of horrible events through history, including the World Wars, the slave trade, the millions of dead in the Russian gulags and the Ukraine, plus Armenian holocausts as well as some number of other holocausts. They were even behind the creation of their own holocaust, which they have presently turned into a religion of death worship. They control your politicians around the globe. They control the banks. They control the media and entertainment industries, Wall Street and many other things. They control the curriculum in the school systems and they control the record and perception of history. They make up a very small percentage of world population. They and those who serve them, make up a tiny minority of the population.

Israel has to go and she will be going fairly soon. The banks have to fail and they will. Control of the various industries must be removed from their hands and this is going to happen too. They are behind just about every major injury and insult against the human race at this time. They are the chosen offspring of the Prince of Darkness and it being a dark age, the appearance of their power is great. They are going down in every sense of the word and we are in the midst of the process that is bringing them there.

They lie about everything, while creating false flag events that they blame on those they seek to destroy. They are controlling Governor Walker and everyone like him and they also control the democratic side of it too. The unions are screaming out with another degree of self interest, not unlike those who operate the robot Governor Walker. Mostly they just want their pay checks and don’t care about who did 9/11 or all of the wholesale mass murder, being done around the world in the name of America and the UK/Crown colonies at the order of their controllers in Israel. Now the Pedophile Pope has just made more extensive changes to the content of the Bible, in favor of those who falsely represent themselves as the actual people of the book, which is all the proof you need that it has been altered to suit certain agendas, since soon after it was written. Anyone, who isn’t a Gnostic or an Essene, or someone of similar simplicity and character, is a dupe; a fool and a worshipper of The Dark Throne. This goes for all of the religions on the planet, which each have a splinter of truth buried in the midst of the bullshit.

At present there is no such thing as a democracy and no real difference between any of the representative political parties. The judiciary is uniformly corrupt, especially the higher judiciaries. Corporations rule the world in tandem with the bankers and these are the kind of people who will keep a kitten alive on life support, so that they can continue to stab it with a fork. These are the sort of people who will ask you if you know the difference between a whore and an onion. Then when you say you don’t, they will tell you that the onion made them cry when they were cutting it up. It’s not a joke and they’re not waiting around for you to laugh. If they’re laughing, its not because they think it’s funny. They’re laughing because the awareness of evil fills them with mirth.

These alien entities are about to get what’s coming to them. This is going to happen because there is no alternative. There is no medical treatment for hydrophobia, after a certain stage of the process.

While there is still the opportunity, I suggest that the reader make arrangements for when my work will no longer be readily available in the places where you may have been accustomed to finding it. I can easily understand why any number of people may have no interest in hearing what I have to say, I am not addressing you and never have been.

Over the course of my time on the internet I have been excoriated by a number of information dissemination sites. One person felt I was teaching forbidden information. One group of people, claiming communication from other dimensions in time, trounced me for occasional use of psychotropics, while having no problem with alcohol use. I get regular letters from people, telling me about actions taken against them by this group of altruists. I’ve had large sites appear out of the blue, soliciting my material and then making me jump through hoops to get it to them, as if they were doing me a favor by making my work available, when I never asked them to. This is why I’ve never done this for money. The ad for ayurvedic treatment of kidney stones, newly on my sites, is because I believe the fellow has a cure. He doesn’t even know I put it up, although he may by now. People make all sorts of strange demands on me, as if I was employed by them and people say they don’t trust me when I never asked them to. People tell me I’m a Zionist agent; no doubt I will soon hear that I mistreat my dogs. Furthermore, I don’t debate, I state. I don’t argue or feel the need to prove my points. Take it or leave it.

I have also not mentioned the names of any of these sites and I don’t malign them, even though I could. I could say plenty. I don’t. I’d like to think I have more class than that. You know who the enemy is and, if you don’t, you’re under their spell or afraid of them. Neither of these applies to me. I wish all of you a good day, sincerely. The day will come when we shall all see with a great deal more clarity. That day is not yet here.

Much love...

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

The publication of my books and other items has been delayed due to health concerns. At the moment, those are over and you will see all of these things soon, should that interest you. I apologize for inaccurate time predictions. This month should see some results.