Friday, February 22, 2019

Gathering up Those Shattered Pieces of Sleeping Divinity.

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This is something I will never have to apologize for. First off, cause I'm not a coward, a money junkie or a money whore and secondly because the truth is antisemitic. Thing is that I admire and seek the truth in all circumstances and I don't mind being slandered; only what God thinks of me counts, period. The truth tells me that a certain group within a group; that uses the one group as a cover for bad behavior, is responsible for more torment, horror, mayhem and incredible lies, over the course of recorded history (when one measures the population of the evil doers against the larger world population) than all the rest of humanity on this planet. That's a fact. You can argue against it, you can stamp your feet, you can howl and shriek but you can't alter a single line of it in the book of the recording angel.

As far as antisemitism goes, let's consider what Shulamit Aloni had to say about it. I realize that in this time frame I killed my chances at being recognized as an artist at a wider reach but I don't care about that. I'm still an artist and the audience I was really after, heard and read my work.

If I were a whore or a shrinking violet, I would have played the game but I would have tarnished my soul in my own eyes and I only care what God thinks about me. Some things are just more important than others. I don't mind having been poor all my life. I'm actually more wealthy than people who have a hundred times what I have because there is very little I want that is for sale. What I value is priceless and I got it for free, just like I do everything that I enjoy. Once I got my keyboard, guitars and computers, there wasn't anything else I needed or wanted. God always takes care of my food and shelter needs so... I've pretty much got it all.

We're only on this planet for a short time as we are now. Of course, the vast majority of us come and go countless times because we have appetites and desires that haven't been assuaged. What if you only desire one thing? What if you don't have to keep coming back here over and over (and you don't); unless you are here of your own free will to lend a hand? What if ( and there are ) lands of far more refined substance where the enjoyments and amenities are well beyond the reach of the general human imagination?

Look at this fellow Smollet. He staged a slanderous false flag hate crime because he was dissatisfied with his salary. Even exposed with evidence that cannot be denied, he denies it. I don't even have a salary and I'm not dissatisfied with it. People are poor because their desires outstrip their income and even when they can afford anything, they're still not happy. Wander through the swank sections of any urban crime scene, which is what I call their neighborhoods, you don't see all that many smiles. I've been there. I've seen it. Wander through most third world villages and the people are smiling and far more naturally generous than you will ever see in the upscale crime scene locations. I've been there.

Why is it that people are often happier with next to nothing than are people with more shit than they can keep track of? It's a mystery, except it's not.

Here's another thing that is considered a mystery, except it's not. People make themselves sick if they get sick. People who get flu shots get the flu or something else and people who don't get flu shots (like me and some of you) don't get flu or something else. Everything happens in your mind. That's where it starts and the way you feel begins to determine how you feel. That last may seem confusing but it's not. People talk themselves into everything that happens to them. It starts with a conversation that occurs, to begin with, below the radar. Then it becomes a conversation they can hear in their heads and then; inexplicably or... explicably, they find themselves in some place or situation they talked themselves into. A lot of the time they let someone else talk them into it. Someone told them that if they dressed like this and acted like that, then certain things would happen for them. It could be they were right but the reality of it turned out to be very different from the commercial.

I'm sure there are a lot of men who find Ariana Grande attractive. What they see is not what I see; which is a high maintenance twit with the IQ of a pigeon and the personality of a mink.

Now there are going to be people who think it was mean of me to say that, even though the examples were kind by comparison with the reality. That song is one of the most popular tunes going at the moment and she broke some record held by the Beatles.

Here are the most popular Instagram accounts;

Cristiano Ronaldo: 148M.
Selena Gomez: 144.5M.
Ariana Grande: 138.8M.
Dwyane Johnson (The Rock): 124.4M.
Kim Kardashian: 121.9M.
Beyoncé: 121.4M.
Kylie Jenner: 121.2M.

Here are the most popular Facebook accounts;

Cristiano Ronaldo - 122.1 million likes
Shakira - 104.6 million likes
Vin Diesel - 101.6 million likes
Eminem - 90.4 million likes
Leo Messi - 89 million likes
Rihanna - 81 million likes
Justin Bieber - 78.7 million likes
Will Smith - 75.4 million likes

And (drumroll) here are the most popular Snapchat accounts;

DJ Khaled (@djkhaled305)
Kylie Jenner (@kylizzlmynizzl)
Gigi Hadid (@itsgigihadid)
Blac Chyna (@BlacChynaLA)
Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)
Frankie Greek (@WTFRANKIE)
Logan Paul (@LoganPaul)
Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny)

I haven't even heard of some of these people and I know next to nothing about the rest, except maybe the actors cause I watch movies. I still don't know anything about them but then, neither do they.

What you see in this world is the outworking of Karma. Some people earned what they are presently enjoying; if they are enjoying it. Some are paying their dues for future dream lives. Everyone is experiencing what brought them to that moment and the meter is always running. Sooner or later it is gone. In most cases, what the rich and powerful and famous have, in many cases, the only thing they have, is the illusion that they are better off than you but... the wheel is always turning and who knows what waits ahead? What celebrity brings you, generally, is a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes that follow you everywhere you go. What riches brings you is an environment of people who want what you have and a family that is waiting for you to die. In all of these privileged cases, the players never know how anyone really feels about them. I've been among these people and seen a thing or two; like J.K. Simmons in the Farmers Commercials.

Why I am writing the way I am today is an attempt to tell you that no one really has it better than you. They just have it different. Even when they have all the things you wish you had. It will be gone in what seems to be a much shorter period of time on the back end than it was on the front end.

What most people, especially in Western Culture do not get is that God is the Supreme Enjoyer and God lives in you. He might be hardly noticed or off in the corner, as is generally the case in Times of Material Darkness but God is most definitely there or... you wouldn't be. In this culture, people usually have a very skewed idea of what God is like. Mostly you have an anthropomorphic God.

Here is something to remember. The more intensely you seek the divine, the sooner you come into the presence and that is a state of endless joy and bliss. If you don't have it right this moment, that SHOULD BE Job One until you do because everything else is strangely hollow and nothing like it looked like it was before you got it. If you put everything you have into finding the ineffable, you will have everything you desire and oh so much more that you didn't even know existed. Once you realize how absolutely true this is you will see that you live in a world of crazy people who are chewing off their own foot and telling you how good it tastes. This might seem like an extreme example but it won't be when your eyes are opened.

Until you find God you don't even know what anything is, including yourself, which is your biggest mystery. The kicker is that God is actually there. This is not a lie. Everything else may be but this is not and no matter how many years and lives you pour into variations on the theme of suffering, it will all prove to have been meaningless. The one thing that is not meaningless is the divine and it is all that remains when everything else is gone.

A long time ago, God shattered himself into countless pieces. Following that event, he has spent the rest of his time gathering up those scattered pieces. You can literally head him off at the pass. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Talking Bout that Mean old Devil Dancing, Jeff Bezos Blues ...and other Songs of Material Darkness.

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Here are the eyes of Jeff Bezos as they are transformed over time, according to the exponential increase of his fortunes over time (with no end in sight). This is one of the ways he amassed his fortune. You can find all kinds of stories if you are of a mind. Note the increasing difference between the eyes.

Jeff Bezos

The transgender bending swarm of Tiny Tim Zombies are blotting out the sun, as they swirl around the cuckoo's nest. You know it's alarming at a wide reach when Feminists on both sides of the Atlantic are roused into a 'don't go there' mode. Only a fool or a troglodyte is unaware of the fact that this is an epidemic of managed discord; as are all Loony Tune beneath the sheets antics, as are the efforts of race war creations that are less about the concerns of color than they are about linking the concerns of color with the most adept of professional victim cabals, as one can't help but note all through this malicious propaganda film.

The root cause of what they are now calling gender dysphoria, specifically among the young is about popularity. The pandemic of transgender insanity = the pursuit of popularity, due to the population explosion that drives the youth to seek individuality, within the crushing press of uniformity, where the usual avenues for being celebrated are wealth, sports and entertainment, as well as being good looking for a few years. Previously it was tattoos and piercings, now it is gender bender exceptionalism, which isn't going to be exceptional for long. Suicide cults, long waiting in the wings, along with cannibalism and recreational murder for kicks are on the event horizon menu along with spontaneous violence.

Suddenly Lorena Bobbit is everywhere in the news, much the way Monica Lewinsky shows up at intervals. Someone calling herself Cardi B, appeared out of nowhere, with no talent whatsoever and (fingers snap) just like that she was everywhere that was anywhere, with her own clothing line and flavored designer straws. People like Ariana Grande have tens of millions of followers. Jesus Christ has much fewer if you eliminate the lip servers and by the book practitioners, who will also rake you with their nails if you get outside the lines of their own personal Jesus Land. For no reason I can think of, Michael Jackson is in the crosshairs again, due to the actions of those who know that all they have to do is claim abuse and poof, it's abuse.

As I have said previously, I don't care who one cohabits with. I don't care what race anyone is, whether they are rich or poor, emaciated or obese. I don't favor the young over the old, the rich over the poor; I know they'll be changing places in the next go round, except for those committed to many more lives of suffering, which is sometimes the cost of a single lifetime of opulence and excess.

Far too many people have lost both the objective reasoning gene and their personal courage, which would make it possible to see what is going on in Hollywood these days and anyone who reads novels can't fail to see that almost every well known author is compelled to make a mention, or two, or three, or four or many more mentions of the professional victim cult in every book they write.

This can't be accidental or the result of some angelic force from above, informing their conscience that the ones behind just about every culture war going on, are more deserving of our sympathy and understanding than is any other group of people on the planet, most especially themselves. When the government of a country (where you live) takes its marching orders from a country engaged in the systematic genocide of the native inhabitants of a land they stole from those inhabitants

Shrinking Palestine

and... when the country where you live has 'freedom' and 'individual rights' as the watchwords of its existence and the government of that country has lawmakers so corrupt and... where that corruption is in CinemaScope on videotape held over their heads forcing them to make laws that punish creatures of conscience seeking to do the right thing, you're in trouble.

Edmund Bernays is alive and well in today's brainwashing extravaganza, one of which is constant examples of race mixing TV commercials, some of which are more than passing strange, like the Humira commercial with the little black girl and white man snuggling in an ice cream store. As much as half of the commercials presently playing employ some form of this. Then there are the very public adoptions of Madonna, Angelina Jolie and others who are the faces of an enforced trend in the culture. This has nothing to do with compassion of any kind. Then there is the very public exhortations of celebrities in support of organized migrations, caused by wars and states of want, manufactured by the people creating the migrant crisis for their own purposes and none of which are taking migrants into their own homes.

Meanwhile we have women in poultry plants wearing diapers because they don't get bathroom breaks.

It reminds you (once again) of how Amazon treats its employees. It is amazing how certain psychopathic personalities are celebrated and courted by most when their behavior is across the board dehumanizing. It takes a deal of integrity to not genuflect your way into some sycophantic posture in hopes that one of them will recognize you.

We've had some number of whistle blowers in recent times, from Asange to Snowden and- of course- Wiki-leaks. They all purport to reveal the hard truth. We are told ad nauseum that they are wanted by law enforcement hither and yon. There is one glaring truth, an observable truth, a truth that's inarguable and multi-faceted, with examples that stretch across the lurid and pornographic reach of history and yet... and yet, we hear not a word from these heroic oracles about it (or any of the other outrages, present and historical, carried out by the same servants of Satan). Surely there are many, aware of the Hegelian dialectic, as well as terms like; 'the controlled opposition'. The rank and file are being played like a musical instrument, in the hands of a microcephalic amputee and they don't notice anything. I thought at different times that this was caused by one thing or another and I've finally narrowed it down to a hypnagogic state, brought about by the veils of karmic samskaras and it seems clear to me now that these are all a version of eternal and endless danse macabre, which are performed on a dream stage; the dancers move on and off stage over (in some cases) a fantastic period of time; each coming and going being a designated lifetime.

In every generation there are some few who, for one reason or another, awaken to the truth of manifest existence and want no further part of it. To them it seems that all the attractions that fascinate others are a pointless waste of time. There is no way for them to communicate to the wider population the utter meaninglessness of all the usual pursuits. If one gets too dramatic about it, the mob could well hurt them. I liken it to shaking the shoulder of a sleeping person you don't know and insisting that they wake up.

I've noted in recent times that people in general are more and more likely to become upset when you don't act toward them with the proper deference. I've seen so called 'spiritual people' turn on others in a flash when they don't get their way, or when you say something that their inflated image of themselves finds unacceptable. I really began to notice, when I got to the point where I no longer got upset at anything. I don't know how many lifetimes or periods of relentless suffering I had to pass through to get to this point but, thank god, I did. It was a simple trick of the mind that did it for me. I started thinking and speaking and acting as if the divine were doing it through me. I was at it for a long time before I gained any consistency at it. It became the greatest blessing in my life when it started doing it by itself; when I no longer had to think about doing it, because the pattern of behavior came into an existence of its own and... it will do the same for anyone else who will put the necessary amount of time into it and acknowledge it to be more important than anything else. That is ALL IT TAKES.

You don't have to be royalty, or rich, or famous, or important, or temporarily beautiful. These possessions mean nothing to the one who confers it. I know this is real and if it can happen for me, it can happen for you and nothing that has been spoken of in this posting need have any meaning at all. All of it only has meaning to those who invest meaning in it. To everyone else it seems crazy (and it is). The only thing that doesn't seem crazy to people is what they are doing.

I've gone on long enough about all this. I've only done so to point out how bat shit it is all getting. Yes, that is really happening! There are entire political parties devoted to evil. We get so used to hearing litanies of outrage about Trump, we fail to see what the alternative would be like. I don't know what to think about the man but I do know what could happen in other hands and I appreciate a viewpoint like this. I can't remember the last time I read something like it.

I'll close on a positive note. I've been trying to buy the collected works of Swami Vivekananda for awhile now. It's not been easy. It seems like I might finally have hard copies of his work shortly. I've been at it for months now and I'm not even going to try to illustrate how many ways my efforts have gone South. Meanwhile I found this and I am pleased indeed. Vivekananda is one of the most articulate writers of spiritual truth that I have ever encountered. At that site you can also get a treasure house of spiritual writing. Perhaps the best things in life are free. I will say this. There are few things one can acquire that have the value of never becoming upset. There is a timeless poise there which no words can do justice to and... like anything else, whether it is shooting pool or ballroom dancing, all you have to do is keep doing it. How do you get the dedication and energy to do that? Love what you do. For some reason that takes no effort at all and if it is the right thing, you'll find, after whatever amount of time is required in your particular case... you'll find someone else, more timeless, some forever better version of you, is doing it through you and that is guaranteed to open your life to possibilities hitherto not imagined.

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