Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poetic Justice in the Kingdom of the Blind

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Maybe one of the reasons that people don’t see what’s coming when its coming is that it doesn’t look like what it is on the way in. Maybe it’s because its only one of the preliminaries and people don’t make the connection that it’s leading to something else. It’s like having flu symptoms but it’s not the flu, or that rash that looks like an allergy but it’s not an allergy. It’s the first appearance of a terminal situation.

The situation in Thailand and the situation in Arizona may seem like anomalies and momentary imbalances that are part of the usual self correcting mechanism of life. One could say that war; plagues and natural disasters are also permanent accessories of this self correcting engine.

Looking at the crime situation in Chicago, where it’s illegal to have a gun and so only the people who really shouldn’t have them have them well, that’s probably self correcting too and calling in the military is the best answer. One might well wonder how the situation got the way it did in the first place. One might well wonder how anything got to be the way it is. For some reason this is not often focused on by the media.

The crash of the American financial system at the hands of those in control of the money can surely be considered a major cause in the growing social unrest. It seems that the population is being intentionally squeezed until it riots outward from the pressure. All the financial systems in the world are connected to each other and when you place simultaneous attacks upon all of the major hubs, it doesn’t take an expert to tell you trouble is on the wing. Strangely enough, few experts seem to be presenting very much expert opinion. Instead, they seem to be reading from carefully prepared texts.

When one looks at the Iraq and Afghanistan wars it is difficult (if not impossible) to see what the benefit has been. There hasn’t been any reduction in terrorism because all the main terror acts were carried out by government agency. Then there were the terror acts that were prevented in those carefully staged events that involved shoe and crotch bombers. The pipeline hasn’t been built in Afghanistan and doesn’t look like it will be. Other that the government sponsored looting of antiquities in Iraq, I can’t see any profit there either except... except for the profits that have been realized by international drug dealers, arms merchants and bankers so... it must be that these were the only reasons for the conflicts to begin with. If you can point me to something I’ve been missing I will be grateful.

Of course, the subjugation of the Muslim religion can be considered a motive, given that it was Israel who engineered the conflicts to begin with. This crime syndicate is also heavily connected to the international drug dealers, arms merchants and bankers so, that makes sense.

Over two thirds of the United States Senate fired off a letter of support for the Middle East crime syndicate which controls it. These are powerful men and women who appear to owe their allegiance, not to the country they are sworn to protect but... to a crime syndicate that has played havoc with the lives and fortunes of the American people. It appears that these men and women cannot get elected without the permission of the crime syndicate. How did that happen? Why does it continue to happen?

This brings us back to the media which controls the public perception of what is happening and why it is happening. 96% of this media is owned by agents of the crime syndicate. Well, that explains that. You’d think that after awhile the public would catch on but it appears that the public is extraordinarily stupid. This appears to have been achieved by control of the educational system and by the massive proliferation of banal entertainments, as well as a control over the quality of the food and drink that is consumed by the masses. It seems that way to me but I could be wrong.

This leads to an interesting situation. Since those in seeming control of world events are mostly self serving criminals, it seems unlikely that they would exercise good judgment and work toward restoring an acceptable balance before revolution becomes a necessity on the part of those most abused by this system. Instead, they are encouraging the need for revolution as if that were their primary objective. Since they would be the natural target of any revolution is makes you wonder what’s actually going on. We see that the teabagger phenomenon is being engineered through government agency and we wonder if they simply intend to control the revolution.

There’s a lot to think about. These criminals can observe the evidence of history and bank on being able to continue along, while adjusting their positions and persona to the needs of the moment and directing public outrage in whatever direction they intend it to go. I’m guessing they think that the more things change the more they remain the same and are confident that when the tables are turned, the same people will still be sitting there.

It’s a given that those who are supremely confident in their own powers are the most likely not to believe in powers other than their own. They mouth the usual convictions about religion but probably put no credence in it whatsoever. One thing that has become increasingly clear to me is that these are not human beings in any sense but appearance.

I’ve personally observed a greater power at work than that of human agency. It’s very real to me and I am convinced there is no human agency without it. My sensation is that this power sleeps in humanity and awakens occasionally for the purpose of instruction and example. My feeling is that this power can awaken to any extent that it wants to whenever it wants to and... just because it doesn’t appear more often is no indication of what it may or may not do whenever it feels like it, at the given time of its choice. Since it is resident within the human mind and circumstance and also composes the environment as well, it can alter or adjust anyone or anything in any way it pleases.

So, what I see happening is the actions of a band of international criminals with the idea that they are operating according to some plan of their own with a particular outcome in mind. At the same time I see this greater power as the actual controller, which is directing this criminal enterprise to a much different outcome than they are anticipating. While this criminal enterprise is working through their agents around the world and sitting back in relative invisibility, they are also being operated and controlled from a location invisible to them. It would be a fine poetic justice and one I am strangely confident about.

I would look at present time as that period of grace, extending the possibility of change to any who might be inclined to take advantage of it. I believe there is a pressure within the collective human mind to awaken to the meaning of their deeds and the opportunity to correct their course. Those who persist, despite the increasing warnings they are receiving will be allowed to continue to wherever that leads. Those who do awaken will be shown other ways to go, depending on where they find themselves, at the time it occurs to them how very lost they are. It can be a startling moment when you find that everything which was familiar is no longer familiar at all.

It could be that I have no idea of what I’m talking about. I’m hearing voices and this is the sort of thing they are telling me. I’m aware of the general view of people who hear voices. Interestingly, members of the crime syndicate also hear voices but those would be different voices with different information. Whose information is correct? I suppose only time will tell in that regard. What I do know is that the information they are getting is resulting in what looks to me to be truly insane behavior, with no redeeming merit except feverish self interest at the expense of everyone but themselves. This seems wrong to me. It also seems to add to an increasingly imbalance all around.

You would think that any sane and rational person would see the danger in the sort of things the criminals are engaged in. These are supposedly very smart and well educated men and women. It doesn’t seem reasonable that they wouldn’t be able to see themselves as they are. There must be something at work that has blinded them. They have been hard at work blinding their victims and all the time something has been at work achieving the same condition in them. It makes you wonder.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whatever May Happen. Everything's Under Control.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What is happening? Surely you are going to hear all kinds of explanations from all kinds of people. Their explanations will be generated from various perspectives, depending on how people sort their information and depending on their concept of reality. It is what we think is real that has a lot to do with how we formulate our understandings. The irony here is that none of us know what is real but some of us are closer to the mark than others. You’ll have to be the judge of who that is and in time, things will play out and you can compare events to what you’ve been told.

My position on everything is based on my belief that we are living in special times and the usual rules do not apply. My position is based on my belief that this is The Apocalypse and it is manifesting in multiple juxtapositions between Nature, human affairs and the approach of the divine in the form of the coming Avatar. This energy that I am calling The Avatar could be understood in purely scientific terms, if one had that ability. Ultimately the divine is a matter of pure mathematics; not the most romantic way to see it, so we personalize the energy and give it a human aspect. The truth is that it exists as both.

What are we to make of the target being painted on the back of Goldman Sachs? Is there a more hated entity in the business world than Goldman Sachs? Hardly. They are the scum de la scum of that area of human endeavor which is all about screwing everyone for the purpose of self-enrichment. You might call them the Catholic Church of business firms. What I mean by this is that they are the biggest in their field, as is the Catholic Church which... brings us to The Catholic Church which is undergoing its own scrutiny that is shaking its very foundations.

Let’s move along to the state of Israel or more appropriately named MagogkeNazi Nation. Is there a more hated nation on Earth? No, there is not. Is there a nation anywhere behaving more badly that this crime syndicate posing as a country? No there is not. Is there any country that has exposed its bad behavior and intentions more than this country? No there is not. The irony here is that the power that controls that country controls most of the world media and yet... and yet... the news of their mendacious antics is reaching everywhere. Certainly they did not plan on this. They gained control of the media with funny money for this very purpose of concealing and spinning their acts and... it isn’t working. An interesting fact is that the more they are exposed, the worse they behave. This isn’t rational.

One of the features of The Apocalypse is that it amplifies the madness and sanity in the minds of everyone living in these times.

Let’s move along to this Icelandic volcano and the shutting down of plane traffic all over Europe. This volcano is not going to be a solitary phenomenon in a solitary location. Of course, there are indications that the flights weren’t downed by volcanic ash. They were downed by people manipulating the situation for reasons of their own. Many attempts are in the works to manipulate a great many things but it is the manipulators who are being manipulated. It doesn't seem to have had any effect on the Bright Mariner, military exercises.

Now is a good time to employ your objective reasoning and use it like a vehicle to move back and further back until you can use your wide angle lens. Look at all of these seemingly unrelated conditions and events. Now, how you arrange this in your minds, how you label and sort it all is dependent on what I mentioned in the first paragraph. How I see it is explained in the second paragraph.

Another thing that is happening right now is that one’s sensation of being is undergoing severe transformations and transitions and that is going to increase. There is a large body of people on this planet, at this time, that lack the sensitivity to register this but... in a fairly short period of time, they too are going to become aware that something really weird is happening. Hopefully, by that time, those of us who are really feeling the impact of it at the moment will have managed to integrate into a higher awareness and have some sense of harmony as a result.

We’ve mentioned here many times that evil destroys itself. That’s in the process at this very moment and that is why, behind the scenes, they are all looking to cut deals while betraying one another at every opportunity. You’re seeing the result of this in the things you are hearing about each day. You are not seeing the events taking place behind the scenes that are generating them but... each of us possesses some degree of intuition; depending on how often we have exercised and depended upon it. This determines our level of access to it. One can intuit a good deal concerning external events by utilizing the intuition. One can also learn something important by deconstructing the word and seeking a more complete understanding of its meaning.

Someone of immense power once told me that, “everything is under control”. He told me a number of things over the course of one fine afternoon and in the years that have passed I have seen the power of this individual as it operates in my life at different times. I’m not going to name the individual. I didn’t get a name and anything I might say here about what I believe at this point would seem fantastic to some and I don’t feel the need for hyperbole. Your world is already speaking in hyperbole every single day.

What I consider the key to understanding these times is somewhat concealed in the phrase, “everything is under control”. One of the meanings that I take from that is that everything everyone is doing is under some form of control depending on what they are doing. No matter what anyone thinks they are doing or what they intend to realize from their actions, everything is under control from a location other than themselves, while still being a part of themselves. They are being guided, led and directed to a specific end that is determined by quality of their actions. Various people think that they are in control of what they are doing but they are not. It is their presumption that they are in control that is inexorably leading to their downfall.

Please note the announcement of Al Qaeda leaders killed in Iraq, do a little research on the personnel and you’ll find some curious features; keeping in mind that there really isn’t an Al Qaeda except what gets waved around to justify a lot of nasty behavior.

This is an ageless morality play and it has been going on since human life has been operational. It has always been under control and it is precise and perfect all along the way. As I have said, some part of the cosmic justice in existence takes place out of sight and just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

In the time of The Apocalypse conditions change. Things happen in front of your eyes for a specific purpose and that is explained in the meaning of the term, ‘apocalypse’. Most people don’t want to accept this but that has no impact on the reality of it. It continues irrespective of whether you believe in it or not. It’s better to come to terms with it and align with it than to use your disbelief as a defense against it. The people and nations we are already aware of, that are operating according to their particular brand of insanity, are now going to find that their madness is ratcheting up. It will seem to them that it is a greater determination and sense of purpose. What it is is insanity amplified. The weather forecast calls for all kinds of outbreaks of madness in concert with natural phenomena behaving unnaturally. Actually it’s all perfectly natural.

Everyone has the opportunity to catch on to what is taking place, according to their abilities and desire to understand. Some are just going to turn up the volume on the television in the hope that it will drown out the voices in their heads, or focus on all sorts of distracting fascinations in the belief that what is happening will just pass them by. It is kind of like an animal burrowing into the Earth to escape the threat of danger above. Everyone is going to be awakened to some degree, willingly or unwillingly.

What you are seeing in front of you are the opening acts for the transformation of the world. This logically involves your own transformation as well. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, so one is best served by standing in the light and embracing it. Otherwise the light is going to shine upon you and everything else soon enough... possibly in a less flattering way. That’s just how it is.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holocaustianity and the Rape of Palestine.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I sit here encompassed by bare sheetrock and plaster walls; formerly covered by Hollywood wallpaper, intended to cover the ugly truth beneath. Now I can see the mold and the unprimed surfaces that did not have to be primed because; who looks under the wallpaper? You have to wait for what’s under the wallpaper to come through to you and... Nature will accomplish that in her time.

The reader knows that, though I may hold an occasionally unspoken opinion, I tread lightly when it comes to ugly truths and profitable myths. Far be it from me to question the existence of Santa Claus or The Easter Bunny. You might injure the fragile belief of a child. You would certainly piss off the retailers who have enough trouble with their version of Billy Bob Thornton. ♫Deck the halls with greenback music, fa la la la la, ka-ching! ka-ching!♫

The reader knows that I don’t like to link to the laM(e)ass Media but today will be an exception because several interesting patterns of wallpaper are at work and they compliment each other in a way similar to the behavior of dogs getting to know each other. Here’s a lovely example in lurid purple. It’s counterpointed in this elegant frottage de pissoir and, for the kitchen, might we suggest something in porcine pink? The whole ensemble is marvelously complete with this shit brown brocade in bas relief by the Prime Sinister of MagogkeNazi Nation.

Most of you, who are not interior decorators, may at first be startled by the combination of seemingly disparate themes, seeking a harmony of presentation that is not immediately apparent to the untutored eye. Well, it grows on you (dawns on you?), like the incipient mold I can see through the doorway on the opposite walls. The Prime Sinister of MagogkeNazi Nation, Bin-liner Nits (make lice) ‘n Yahoo has it growing inside his head so he sees it every time he closes his eyes.

The perceptive among you might think;

Hmmm... It seems what visible is trying to say is that, on the one hand you have a gratuitous and cynical manipulation of an artificial stage set, followed by a cynical manipulator, playing to the lowest common xenophobic and demagogic denominator, who is making way more money than I thought. This is followed by an example of the collective suicidal behavior of a ‘painfully’ dying culture where the insanity is presented as nothing more than a delightful indulgence. This is followed, full circle, to the motivation behind the first link which is used to justify the, still continuing, genocide of 60 some years upon a defenseless people and the links in the middle indicate supporting mechanisms that assist in the ongoing bloody charade. Did I get it right Mr. Visible?

Very good grasshopper!

We are being told that tens of thousands of holocaust survivors are living in crushing poverty in Israel (Israel is a copyrighted Trademark of the Rothschild banking industry). What I want to know is; what happened to the billions and billions and billions of dollars that were squeezed out of every possible location for the support of these people? Isn’t there some kind of twisted irony at work here? Why are these people living in crushing poverty in the very land that was forcibly appropriated for their care? It looks like Israel is treating the holocaust survivors like... like Palestinians. Israel is claiming to now be one of the richest nations in the world so... what happened to the money? Is this how she got so rich? Wasn’t this the country that kicked 700,000 Palestinians off their land just so they could have a “land without people for a people who can never have enough other people’s fucking land?” did I get that quote wrong?

No, this particular holocaust never ends for the mentally ill survivors and that means all the rest of us who have been driven insane by having to hear about it over and over and over again, while the damning truth of the much larger Soviet Holocaust stands as witness to what these ‘victims’ are capable of. They were actively engaged in this holocaust ‘before’ this other holocaust came along. This fact is indisputable. These are the same people who populate present day MagogkeNazi Nation.

Without batting an eye they then went directly to another land and began exterminating an entire indigenous population and they are hard at it still today.

Here’s the point. I don’t personally know what happened in Germany and neighboring nations during the Second World War. I wasn’t there in this present incarnation. I don’t spend a lot of time troubling my head and wondering where they got another 3 million dead from, after they lowered the death count at Auschwitz. I’m not saying 3 million new corpses didn’t materialize as needed, in much the same way that there are more holocaust survivors now than there were when the war ended. I’m not puzzling myself about how the world Jewish population actually increased during the period of World War 2. I don’t know. I am going to be having dinner with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny sometime in June and I’m going to get them to explain it to me.

The point is not what the real details were. Let is be so that all of what they say is true. Let it be so and let it be said they acquired a certain currency from that; leaving out what they did in the Bolshevik Revolution. The point is that that currency is now exhausted. The world owes them nothing more.

Since World War 2, this nation of former Soviet secret police; leaving out what they did in the Bolshevik period, has been engaged in systematic genocide; has ‘initiated’ numerous wars against her neighbors, has engaged in continuous land theft and has ghettoized the former inhabitants of this land without people, has assassinated world leaders and taken control of the world’s money supply and media, has attacked its biggest benefactor, both at sea (U.S.S. Liberty) and in her own country (9/11), has caused her biggest benefactor to engage in two financially ruinous wars on her behalf and caused the death and displacement of millions of people, is busy pressing and arm-twisting for yet another war and is routinely killing, slandering and imprisoning people who violate self serving laws that they ramrodded through legislatures around the world.

The reality of what happened in World War 2 is unimportant. Let is be exactly as they said it was. Regardless of whatever may have been, the cosmic well is now as dry as the bones of their victims; leaving aside what happened during the Bolshevik Revolution.

While people eat their bacon laced obscenities, the crimes continue. While Glenn Beck engages in cranial rectosis under the patronage of Rupert Murdoch, the crimes continue. While morons send yellow roses to the Bin-liner in Chief, the crimes continue. While the world in a rapture of cranial rectosis, inhales its own excrescences, dreaming of bacon milkshakes, the crimes continue.

Whatever one may have done in the past; leaving aside what happened in the Soviet, Socialist Republics, it matters far more what you do than what you did; if redemption is possible, if hope springs eternal, if we can be better than we were; unless we are irrevocably as bad as we are. The burden of rectifying this plague of darkness rests squarely upon the shoulders of their kindred who turn a blind eye to the psychopaths in their midst. It is they who need to speak up against those who are operating as their representatives.

Do they not pride themselves on their liberal and humane efforts on behalf of the human race? Do they not make endless points about their contributions and philanthropies? Well, here’s something you can do that will prove more important than anything you have ever done. Speak out against these murderous thugs. When judgment comes it will come for those who were silent as well as for those they permitted to prosper in their name.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ride the Apocalypse on the New Ship of Seeing.

[Please note that there will be no radio show for the next two weeks but... what would have been the shows will be available for download at the beginning of this week (if there is one). With that said and- given whatever confusion may arise- we will excerpt a portion of the radio show for this Smoking Mirrors.]

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Ahrooooooooooooooooo! The Dog Poet is back in his saucer after being downed by intense electro magnetic waves being focused on the craft. We’d been running without all shields in place which wasn’t smart; hadn’t figured on inter-dimensional assault but apparently we’ve reached the attention of certain long surviving entities with an interest in maintaining the Earth as a zone of darkness... or at least that’s how it appears at the moment. We’re hovering over Kyrgyzstan, observing the American neo-con murder base that’s likely to go condo in the near future, courtesy of some outstanding chess on the part of Vladimir Putin. It looks like there may be fewer dead Afghanis; at least for a little while in the future. Let’s hope the opium industry of the west isn’t going to experience too much downsizing in production given their all out efforts to addict a large portion of the Russian population along with financing global mass murder.

All this is going on and I know about it and many others know about it but... President Obama doesn’t know about it? Senators and Congressman on the foreign relations committees; Homeland Security and other related political brothels, operating in the interests of Rothschildlandia don’t know about the black bag, nation destabilizing operations of the ...ridden hard and put away wet, land of the free... used to be? Never was?

Despite the awesome evil being perpetrated by the crime family pretending to be a simple, genocide performing ...just add water... shake and bake nation in the middle east and despite the conversion of men and women without principles into coke hanger whipped crack whores, masquerading as public servants, I am feeling more and more confident about the future because this really is The Apocalypse. Hallelujah for that! Can I get a witness! People, we are all witnesses in our own awakening, as the veils are torn away from the heavy B&D, real life, snuff film ...that is the pleasure and the livelihood of those who seek to tie us to the rack..; video at 11, courtesy of Fox Goblin news, bringing you all the latest information as soon as it comes out of the oven. “We make news so real you can’t believe it isn’t” but if you taste it, you won’t have to think for a moment about whether it’s butter or not. Butter doesn’t taste like the money shot from Pink Flamingoes and neither does margarine with added fat.

Where was I? Actually I was in the saucer sauna only a few minutes ago, receiving a heated light bath with penetrative rays. It’s done wonders removing the effects of the electro magnetic, mania ray. It actually converts the residue for other uses the way your body processes sugar. Neat, huh? You won’t be getting one of these at Wal-Mart.

Let’s dwell on The Apocalypse tonight. Let’s dwell in it. Let’s bathe in it because it has penetrating rays of light just like my sauna except it’s got more of them, of considerably more power. I always thought The Apocalypse was a negative event, like Armageddon, but now I know it’s a wonderful thing... well, not in all cases but certainly for the good of the planet we are on. The confinement pods are opening. You can feel the life giving oxygen flooding into the pods as the gases of illusion are hissing back into the breathing tube canisters.

Expect to feel drowsy and off balance at first and also expect that you will experience irritation and impatience as a whole new array of sensory tools come into operation. It is exactly like a snake shedding its skin or... perhaps you prefer identifying it as a chrysalis stage? Most people have difficulty with serpent imagery and that is because it has an atavistic component and reaches far back into our unremembered past. Perhaps the Garden of Eden allegory helps in some way. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and hid from the divine because they interpreted something shameful about their nakedness. Previous to this they were also naked, were they not? It had no shameful connotations then did it? That which tempts us into an awareness of the phenomenological world is the same force that frees us from it by bringing us through stages of understanding to a state of regenerated innocence.

Our perception of a dual world is what has caused us to be manipulated by fear and uncertainty. This is what is capitalized upon by those who have been preying upon us and stealing the fruits of our labor. This is why they made the premier guilt producing substance the accepted escape mechanism on this plane; that would be alcohol. They have rendered the rest illegal because some portion of the rest tend to put the mind into position to see what has been happening to it. This is not an accident. This is all calculated. The lures of the world through the urgings of appetite are designed to destroy your health and your balance in relation to Nature.

We knew much more about healing health problems in generations past and now we see newly manufactured health concerns and sweeping epidemics that did not exist before, made by certain vested interests, plying the senses with attractions that slowly kill the host ...and sometimes not so slowly. You could say that the world is the throne of the dark lord as well as the footstool of the luminous divine. The dark lord, inasmuch as he is understood to exist, is here for the purpose of trapping those disposed to evil in their own webs. He creates certain constantly repeating conditions and the divine directs the human intelligence through a series of challenges, whose purpose is to free the beings from the conditions they find themselves in or... to further trap them if that is their intent. The most terrible of roles are those being played by those whose intent is to harm and enslave their fellows.

It is in those times known as The Apocalypse when the ones doing the dark lords work are exposed to the awakening minds and also to themselves; rightfully do they tremble when they see what they have become. Before it dawns on them, they thought themselves all powerful and untouchable. They could not imagine that there actually was a force monitoring every single event of existence in the universe. Many of them cloaked themselves in the garb of priests and ministers because... since there was no God, they might as well make a fortune representing him... not to mention getting laid with the prophet. What a surprise when it is revealed that the whole of the dream of life was always completely under the control of the one will.

This revelation dawns individually upon various pretenders every day but... during an Apocalypse it dawns en masse. A good image to remember is when Gandalf and Aragorn and the rest of the crew from the battle for Minis Tirith were before the gates of Mordor, surrounded by Sauron’s army and despairing of the victory ...and then? And then the ring of power was dropped into Mount Doom and Sauron’s mind was taken off his armies. When that happened, Sauron’s armies lost their will, their focus and their sense of purpose. In blind panic they ran off in all directions, without knowing why or where they were going. No doubt many of them could not explain to themselves what they had been doing just moments earlier. This is very much what is coming. The will is going to be removed from the operations and intentions of those bent on evil and those who are serving them... in many cases under false assumptions without knowing at all the real intent of their masters. They were just following orders. It all seemed to be the right thing to do until the blindfolds came off.

Celebrate The Apocalypse. It’s a fair wind blowing. This wind is carrying the eagles of your salvation, like the eagles that came for Frodo and Samwise. Some of you might also know that the eagle represents the spiritual sight of the awakened Scorpio who has taken the venom of its lower scorpion totem and distilled a healing tincture from it. The same is the case of the risen serpent. This is the primary secret that is concealed by organized religion that presents the serpent force as an agent of the devil... it is your liberator in disguise. The secrets of our true nature and heritage are distorted in the teachings of organized religion for the material profit of those concealing the truth for their own benefit. “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment. Be not deceived.” This quote from the Bible has been all but removed from the scripture. Where it has not been removed, it has been deliberately misinterpreted to continue your enslavement to a lie.

Fear is a faith killer. Lies are designed to compromise your heart and weaken your will in service to something that has no power except what fear and lies provide it with. If you are not swayed by fear or deceived by lies then it has no power over you at all. It is why some of us can walk in this world seeing and the rest are wandering blind. When you cannot see, you cannot accurately interpret what is taking place around you. You have to rely of the reports of those claiming to see.

I realize how difficult it is to wake up to the fact that the whole world which you believed to be true is actually a lie. Even when you know this must be so, its sheer overwhelming presence is enough to make you doubt what you suspect to be true. But now your new best friend, The Apocalypse is exposing the lies... every day the influence of the media is being compromised by strange accidents that they can’t control. Every day politicians and religious leaders are being caught in scandals and that process is accelerating. As you can see in the case of the Pope; as you can see with Israel’s vicious mistreatment of the Palestinians and their international organ trafficking; as you can see in the sudden mass media revelation that Israel does indeed have nuclear weapons..; Turkey and Egypt were going to confront them at the nuclear arms talk, so Nitwit-yahoo couldn’t even attend. I suspect he went to a private buffet composed entirely of missing children. When your power starts to run low you have to perform more evil to get it recharged. Unfortunately that’s not going to work any more.

The Apocalypse also has a seriously ironic sense of humor so the method of exposure is going to start taking on some really comic characteristics in a kind of, pants down caught on camera, sort of a way. Some of it is going to be dreadful; much more dreadful than the recent Wikileaks release of the killer Apache helicopters.

Ride the Apocalypse my friends. Sail on the new ‘ship of seeing’. This ship is an ice cutter and it is breaking up the frozen intransigence of our misguided past and returning it to flowing water and the promise that entails. The frozen sunlight is also becoming liquid; reshaping our being into something nearer to the heart’s desire. Let the dead bury the dead and let the living walk into the new world opening before us.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shades of Gray and the Abattoir Stench.

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Sucking up to Israel and messing with the balance of world harmony- inasmuch as such a thing exists- comes at great cost. Sarkozy got hammered in his regional election and now he’s a duck with a big cast on his leg. They went after Berlusconi and Berlusconi won his regionals. I don’t know if Berlusconi and I could sit down for a glass of Campari- like the one I’m having right now- but he’s a good friend of Putin’s so it could be I don’t get certain things and that’s what I want to talk about today.

Unlike some amount of readers here and many, many more people everywhere else, I understand the dimensions of Realpolitick. There is no question in my mind that most people need to be led and governed. The absence of government is chaos, until government comes back in anyway, after a lot of bloodshed and torment. I understand the basic corruptions of government and the kind of taking care of business that leads to the rewards that first attracted people into government in the first place.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t mind people lining their pockets a little, if they also see to the general welfare. When I worked in the restaurant and bar business there was always a degree of theft. My personal margin was ten percent. I’d let people steal ten percent and that created a kind of lassez faire situation that worked. I could always add ten percent to the cost of food and drinks to even it out and... let’s face it; the good people who work their asses off in the trade don’t make much. This is not an excuse for theft but merely a way of dealing with reality. Meanwhile, the people at the top of the food chain are stealing a lot more and killing people while they do it.

What I’m trying to say and, speaking only for myself, is that I like to keep a certain amount of tolerance in the works and close my eyes to various elements of human frailty because, “there but for fortune goes I”. Don’t ever get in the habit of being too harsh a judge of your fellows. It WILL come back on you.

If someone starts to steal more than I already let them steal, then a conversation could take place. The thing that most thieves don’t get is that there are only so many ways to steal and there are professionals who can identify the who and how.

What I’m getting around to is that, regardless of what we tell ourselves, we accept a certain amount of lying media info. We are also hamstrung by what we don’t know and that is a lot more than we do know. You try governing a large country and see how you do. For this reason I am warm toward Putin. As far as I am concerned, things could be a lot worse right now if not for him. There are a few other world leaders that are doing their job as well. They might be a little heavy handed at times and they might be feathering their nest a bit but they are doing the right thing most of the time.

The true art of governing is to keep the opposing forces focused on each other and not on you. The true art of governing makes sure that the people at the bottom are not in an awful state. Certain limitations exist in the lives of the poor and they have to live with that. There should always be food, housing and medicine though. These basics should be there because they can be there and because it is the right thing to do. I’m poor by most standards but I don’t want anything, so I guess I’m actually rich.

Most people are poor because of too many desires and the inability to concentrate on necessary things until some excess appears; don’t go giving me some liberal lecture now. It’s all fine and good to wish for and work for a better world but only a fool doesn’t recognize the world they live in. The number one problem for most people is an inability to see reality. They are enamored of the ideal to the distress of the real. Of course, none of it is real but that’s a metaphysical construct and only applies to a few of us and even fewer actually live with the understanding.

This is not meant to be an apology for wrong doing. I have to repeat myself because some people just won’t get it. There is no white and black in the relative, phenomenal world, only shades of gray. There is a white and black that broadcasts from other zones into this world and that accounts for why some people are better than they might have been and worse than they might have been. When I look at the world, I see a magical war in operation. The outcome is always the same and the outcome is never in doubt but the time frame makes us despair of justice. Justice gets done. You don’t always see it getting done because all of it doesn’t get done here.

Why I am writing about this is because I have been thinking about the UN Security Council and Iran as well as what is going on behind the scenes. The news reports that so and so said this and that. The news reports that certain countries are going to do this and that. The news reports these things because the people controlling the news want public opinion swayed in a certain direction in order to pressure the policies of various nations. This is why you see these useless phony polls that never go away. They state that public opinion is such and such by so many percentage points. It’s all a load of horseshit but people read it and believe it.

I’m okay with the lies of this world up to a point. I’m okay with the greater freedoms of the rich and the closer confinements of the poor. These two shift positions via reincarnation, so maybe they learn their lessons and maybe they don’t. That’s how this world is. This world is not a paradise and even in a golden age there are problems and places you would rather not be. One can live according to the highest standards they can imagine but... they cannot expect the world to follow.

We don’t know what the ruler(s) of Russia and China are actually thinking and saying to their western adversaries or to each other. You can be sure of one thing though, they are not going to endanger their country by bending over for the worst excuse for a super power since I don’t know when. The irony is that this turned-out super power is under the control of a criminal enterprise, masquerading as a country. It shouldn’t go unnoticed either.

In the final analysis, Rothschildlandia is the enemy of every other country on Earth and an enemy to humanity in general. The walls they are building around their ever expanding empire should be built much higher and completely encircle them; not to protect them from non existent threats that are fabricated by rockets fired into empty lots by agents of Rothschildlandia ...but to protect everyone else. Every country in the world should cut off diplomatic relations with them and refuse to trade with them period. This might wake their psychopathic asses up and keep in mind that nothing that is done to them will make things any worse because they already intend the worst. This is a, foaming at the mouth, mad dog that requires quarantine. They orchestrated and carried out the 9/11 attacks as well as the London Tube bombings and I’ve little doubt they were also behind just about everything else. Their involvement in human trafficking, pornography and hard drug trafficking is well known.

It’s time the world woke up to the fact that the world’s greatest victims, heading the world’s biggest victim industry are not victims at all. Everyone else is the victim of this outsize crocodile looking to swallow the world. Now we have to watch, yet again, as they pummel Gaza for no reason at all, while the usual cowards stand mute. Like I say, I can tolerate a certain amount of play in the moral compass of planetary enterprise but I draw the line when it comes to bloodstained murderers burning, pillaging and then crying out in pain as if it were the real victims fault. Whatever the real truth of their historical excuse for acting like vicious beasts, they exhausted any currency there might have been long ago. The world owes them nothing... except withering contempt.

Sooner or later the worm is going to turn and there will be no sympathy anywhere for these despicable creatures. Sooner or later they’re going to find there is a divine being, besides the vampire, cannibal demon they serve. It’s clear who their god is. Every time they have a religious holiday, they attack and murder defenseless people as a sacrifice. It’s happened too often to be coincidence by now.

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