Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Can't be There if You're not Here

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Remember when you used to walk into a bus kiosk or a subway station and you needed to figure out where you were before you tried to go anywhere? There used to be these maps that had an arrow pointing at a spot, with a little dialogue box next to it that said, “You are here”. I think it’s ‘safe to say’ (poor choice of words) that you are now here. Here is the place we’ve been talking about for a good, long while. This is the place, quite possibly somewhere outside Cairo, where that specific camel finally breaks under the weight of the last, unforgiving straw. This is the place where the most unstable domino, finally tumbles into its neighbor and begins to operate like the Gulf Stream used to.

All over the Arab world, as a precursor to, all over the world period, the psychic locks that have held the populations in stasis have now been broken. We are standing before the walls of a metaphorical Jericho. The sound of magical trumpets fills the air but no one is directly aware of them. They’re hearing something but they can’t identify it. The effect of the sounds, is to open areas of awareness and action that do not depend on the reflection and judgment of the people involved. It’s always like this when the world goes into one of its dramatic change modes. All of a sudden everything is happening, as if it were detailed on a blueprint or in a book and no one questions it because they are in the middle of it. Suddenly, all the things they’ve been feeling, for longer than they can remember, have all come together in a defining moment.

Somewhere in the mystery of this process, which no one can delineate without losing some of the parts, lays the apprehension of the warp and woof, attended by the meaning, but it always slips away like sand through your fingers when you try to understand it. Life is like that. It seems we should have always known where we would wind up by where we were going but we never do. Later on, down the road, in the place where they decide which history we are supposed to remember, they add in the details the way they add the nutritional features and vitamins to the while flour they got removed from, so that the rats and cockroaches wouldn’t eat it. It’s a similar principle. They don’t want any inquisitive vermin rooting around in the evidence so… there shouldn’t be any evidence until they add the evidence later.

Looking at the initial mayhem, prior to the greater contagion, one might opt for the promise of positive change or… an indication of serious shit-storms on the horizon. There’s probably going to be a good amount of both. Whatever the damage done by whatever is taking place, it’s not necessarily going to be worse than what was happening before it burst upon the scene. There’s always a chance that we will be presented with various enduring icons, like Little Georgie Sorrows, hanging from a colored scarf in his closet. There’s an implication that the monsters, which have herded the willing and the stupid to this pass, are going to get theirs.

I keep thinking of Vladimir Putin, rotating a pair of Chinese stress balls in his hand, as he considers what to do about Israel bombing the Domodedovo airport. The fall of Egypt is close to some of the worst news that Israel can get. As we know by now, bad news for Israel is very good news for the rest of the world; to reverse paraphrase Netan-yahoo commenting after 9/11.

So, for myself, in this time of momentous transformation, soon to be joined in concert by Mother Nature, I look for positive signs of human potential, evolving up from all fours into something more observably humanoid. I think of bankers hanging from lampposts and the sacking of Goldman Sachs by an angry mob of thousands; we’ll never know what all those files contained, before Building 7 went down. As history and the moment will both prove, we don’t need no stinking paper. The guilt and culpability are written into the atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what crime you want to prosecute or what injustice you seek to adjust, if you locate an international banker, ...that will do for just about any crime or injustice presently extant.

The idea of the whole boards of directors of BP and Monsanto, doing stationary, facedown, water ballet in the Gulf of Mexico, creates an image that I am reluctant to let go of. The Queen of England and The Pope, chained to the wall of a Newark crack house, as the filmmakers from the San Fernando Valley set up their equipment, makes me wish I had been a little kinkier in my life, so that I could get a greater degree of satisfaction from the event. Oh, look, here come their co-stars. Now that’s impressive. As long as nobody calls PETA, we should be able to get the money shot in one afternoon.

This is why I made the decision to call for quarantine and permanent isolation among their fellows, for these viruses, masquerading in human form. I don’t like violent revolution and I don’t like the show trials being produced by the same people that do American Idol so that, while you are watching the entertainment, they are fabricating the back story that goes with the version of things they want you to live with after the tables are turned and the same people are still sitting there. This time that is not going to happen.

I understand that some heads have to roll and I understand that unless you tear something to the ground (Goldman Sachs?) they’ll just Hoseme, Hoseyou, Mubarak the thing into a ‘let’s all play nice now’ scenario, where they go right back to doing business as usual with new faces. You can’t put the fox in charge of the henhouse. The fox is a clever guy. He replicates too. He’s in and out and in and out, so that it looks like sex is what it is that he’s having. What you have to ask yourself is, “Am I having sex with the fox but I am unaware of it? It’s no surprise that they called the enterprise Fox News. It’s all Animal Farm, anthropomorphically speaking.

What’s happening today is like a chapter in a book. Tomorrow (metaphorically speaking), there will be new character development and possibly the more critical aspects, or even the original target might come into the crosshairs.

What is happening now is going to impact on the lives of everyone living. The force is on the move and everyone is going to have to consider what sort of adjustments they are going to make to the force. You might be looking at it like an offensive tackle and you might be looking at it like a defensive end. Heck, you might even be thinking you’re the quarterback, in search of a wide receiver. These are just postures and positions from which one can have a perspective and you may be sure there are any number of people looking at it in very similar ways. It translates into soccer, or Rugby; lawn tennis, badminton, possibly even croquet, with the aforementioned, rolling heads. Alice in Wonderland is not a bad fit for describing the transliteration of The Devic Realm into an active feature of the times. There were all sorts of beautiful landscapes and interesting magical creatures in wonderland. There were very interesting potions (something I might have a little curiosity about) available but, there was also a batshit crazy queen and an executioner with an axe. The point seems to be that they were just a pack of cards anyway. Is that what this is? Are we just a pack of cards?

Its happening right in front of your eyes and it’s no big deal, right? Can you imagine what is going on behind the scenes at the moment? Given that this is a cosmic event, everything TPTB does, will be the wrong thing and work to their disadvantage. Everything they don’t do, will be the right thing, mostly, but they haven't engineered themselves for that yet.

We are officially in operational mode. Don’t forget that all kinds of super-natural potencies and possibilities are also operational too. You’ve going to get the game you are watching. You’re going to get the game you are after. You are going to get the game you are playing, unless you change your game and that’s always an option and the one most people, most consistently forget. It’s a little cliché but, “May the force be with you and may you be with the force” because the alternative makes you something for demonstration purposes only, or does it just go on?. Deepen your love.

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You Can't Be There If You're Not Here

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One More Litmus Test for the Strong, Silent Types.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet.’

I admire some people, not a lot of people to be sure, but some people have done their job with modesty, courage and consistency. One of those people is Webster Tarpley, who just wrote a fantastic article on Wiki-Sneaks. I communicated with Webster in the long ago and he showed himself to be a humble and decent man. I’m glad he’s out there. It’s a difficult thing these days to say you like someone because you never know what might be the real truth, or when it might surface and make you look a fool.

I really like what I hear from Wayne Madsen. He’s one of those, like Paul Craig Roberts who crawled out of the belly of the beast and stuck around to point a finger at it. So far, these men, as far as I can tell, meet my litmus test needs (given their situation). I met David Ray Griffin and Niels Harrit in Lucerne a year and a half ago, when I was invited there to speak on 9/11. Both of these men came across as tireless workers on behalf of 9/11 truth; self-diminishing and earnest. They’re not exactly electrifying speakers, being academics and I was champing at the bit somewhat to do my kind of ‘getting to know you’ thing.

I might have been a little more circumspect in hindsight but, you can’t fix the past. All you can do is lie about it or deny it. Someone lit me up with some seriously potent Swiss pot. I don’t usually smoke pot and I hadn’t slept much on the long train ride in. By the time I went on stage I was off on Planet Visible, which is on the other side of the sun. You can’t say who did 9/11 in Switzerland. Well, you can say it but the promoters might get into trouble. So I went up and wailed into an unscripted 15 minutes of doing everything but flat out saying it and then sailed off the stage and out the door with a couple of dozen people following me. This caused some amount of confusion before I could dispense with these people and Freddy, the promoter, could get them back in the door. Freddy wasn’t very happy with me and for good reason. Let’s face it, I’m a loose canon; not anymore but back then I was.

I do regret having been a wild and crazy guy, however entertaining it actually might have been for the moment. I don’t hear from Freddy anymore and I doubt I left Niels and Dr. Griffin with a warm and cuddly feeling. I’m not properly house-trained, I admit it. I’m a lot better than I was, which is the only reason a lot of my personal works are being allowed to pass out into the world of opinions and reactions now. I’m trying but it is very difficult for me to sit around and listen to endless facts and figures that skirt the ‘who done it’ end of the spectrum. A lot of these people know and tell most of what we know about 9/11 but they pull up short at the cliff’s edge when it comes to naming names.

Israel did 9/11, along with the assistance of treacherous and traitorous elements in the American intelligence community and the administrative branch. This includes assorted felons and psychopaths on the international stage. If you don’t name the perpetrators and skells involved, not only are they free to do it again but further emboldened as well. When the more powerful examples of western rule, refuse to indict the crime syndicate of Israel for heinous murder aboard relief ships in international waters, you are handing them an imprimatur to do it again. Were these times sane, Israel would be under house arrest and prohibited from traveling out of the country and everyone who already was would be sent back there. It would be a protective quarantine for the good of world health. Every Israeli would have to wear an ankle bracelet that started playing “Every Breath you Take” whenever they got within ten feet of one of their victims, which is anyone but them.

I’m developing a new litmus test to go with the 9/11 denial and Assange supporting litmus tests and that’s the, ‘you haven’t gone far enough litmus test’. See, within certain parameters you can say almost anything, as long as you don’t point the finger at the right people. Once you actually, correctly identify the cause of the condition you are writing or talking about, things change. A vast sea of web sites won’t link to or reprint my work simply for this reason; sites like Anti-War dot com and all the other sites that represent the self righteous, so called liberal left, that talks in convoluted, highly intelligent circles; dancing around, like something’s up with the prostate, so they don’t get any shit on their golf shoes, cause they want to still get invited to all those talkathons and important dinners financed by the people doing all the bad shit they don’t want to talk about and… it’s a wonder they don’t step in any of it, considering the close company conditions of their ‘indirect employment’ by the people they should be unmasking.

If you go to any of these sites you see they’ve all got each other linked on each others sites in a perpetual motion, circle jerk machine. It’s there that you will find people talking about what a courageous and elegant reporter Greg Palast is. You should know better than to ask Greg about 9/11 though because Greg gets his money from the people who did it. Greg and everyone like him should also have to wear an ankle bracelet that plays “You Lied to Me”, maybe the Chuck Colbert version since he’s one of them, every time they get near any of the people they are lying to, which would be everyone but them. Still, I guess they lie to each other too, just like they lie to themselves. That song can alternate with, “What Kind of Fool do you Think I Am?”

I don’t care if there was thermate at ground zero. I don’t care if the buildings went into free fall, which could not have been accomplished except by controlled demolition. I want to know who did it. All these other facts are something you present to the jury once you have these criminals in the courtroom.

I recognize that you wouldn’t be getting invited to speak at too many places, wouldn’t be getting to go on TV and you wouldn’t be getting fancy grants and donations from the people who did 9/11 if you did this. Jessie Ventura wouldn’t be on TV for very long with his woo woo content if he said what I am sure he knows. I’m not knocking Jessie. He’s the best of the bunch but… people, that little thing called integrity… what’s it worth to you?

The people who did 9/11 control the money supply for most first world nations in the west. This was their intent from long ago. If you control the money you can buy all of the information and entertainment outlets and then control what people hear and see about what happened at any given time. You can buy politicians and important academic, cultural, social and entertainment figures that will lockstep toward ignominy because short term gain is more important than long term gain, their principles and even their asses. I don’t suppose I have to mention their souls?

Just about everyone knows that 9/11 was an inside job at this point and the number of people who know Israel had a big hand in it is increasing by the day. It doesn’t matter. Those entrusted with telling us the truth, keep right on lying in order to maintain the right to lie while they pretend it’s the truth.

Everyone’s waiting for something to happen. Awakened souls are waiting for the cosmic appearance of the one who rips the covers off of the lies and deceits. They keep waiting and wondering what is taking so long. It’s taking so long because of the length of the rope being played out for those who intend to hang themselves upon it. It’s taking so long in order for it to get to a level of absurdity where there can be no doubt as to what is what and who is who. It’s taking so long in order for nations and individuals to mess things up so bad that the only recourse is going to be what follows and you can use your imagination for that.

So, we’ve got another litmus test. It’s the Crimes of Omission Litmus Test. It’s there to turn blue, every time you stick it into someone’s material and a critical element is missing. You can stick it into George Galloway’s speeches. You can stick it into the copy of certain bloggers who think the sun shines out of Julian Assange’s ass. That’s not the sun, that’s a flashlight that’s being used by a returning CIA team in scuba gear, who went in to make adjustments to the circuitry.

I don’t know that I would mind being invited to speak at an important function, or attend some of those nice dinners. I don’t know that I would like it either. I just don’t know because that never happens to me. I could wear my ‘Visible World Tour’ t-shirt which has a dotted line at the belly level and reads, “Only authorized personnel allowed below this point”. Heck, I now know better than to smoke a joint with someone before my time in the rotation comes but I’m mostly troubled by what happens at the entrance, where the security insists that I check one more item along with my coat and hat. They want to give me a plastic chip with a number on it. They tell me I’m not going to need it in there anyway so I might as well let them hold on to my integrity until I’m ready to leave.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

An Empire of Lies, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I realize I don’t care much about the news any more; same shit, different sewer. No matter where I get the news I have to listen to people who don’t know what they’re talking about. They get the details right but the timing wrong. They give the details and provide the timing and it doesn’t happen. I’m a philosopher and a mystic (anyone can be one, so I’m not the Lone Ranger and both he and Tonto are dead), what am I doing around news sites to begin with? There isn’t any news, there’s just yesterday’s bad behavior repeating itself.

I’ve been seduced by the news off and on; mainstream, alternative and batshit uncredentialed. Not only are they a bad lay but they predict all kinds of things and haven’t been right yet; they’re going to bomb Iran, another false flag is coming, the dollar is going to crash, the E.U. is going to break up and on and on and on. This caused me to make predictions too. They have been as wrong as the people who got me to believe you could make predictions. It’s all a carnival of enticements, looking for suckers who want to win a Kewpie doll.

I am hoping my saying this will somehow, through some kind of cosmic irony, cause something to happen and we can move out of the impacted, colon phase. Still, I note whenever I go around reading all of these news items, I feel like I had dinner in a bad restaurant. It makes me tired and sick to my stomach. I think I’m going to go on a news fast and if the end of the world shows up, someone can email me. Here’s a good indication that it may not be so far away.

Here’s what I have begun to notice, apart from everything I’m being told and which seems more likely to me than everything I’m being told. There will, of course, be massive riots and die offs in large urban centers. There will be major catastrophic change because of what ‘they’ did in The Gulf of Mexico. There will be a tremendous rise in the costs of fuel and food with all the attendant results but... a lot of places will go on like they always have. Rural agricultural zones around the world will go on doing what they do, in some cases; bartering with each other when they have to and generally maintaining a social construct, without a lot of the crap they never needed flowing in.

The changes will be dramatic in some cases and slow moving in others. Life will go on as death marches across the landscape. The world is going to be transformed, not destroyed. The biggest concern is what Mother Nature is getting up to, not socio-political and economic change. There will be mass migrations of people toward the borders of other countries and there may or may not be massive military engagements. This last is an unknown. It’s been threatening to show up for awhile but has confined itself to selected locations. The motive for this was for resource and geo-political control but, soon enough, other concerns are going to pre-empt earlier plans.

How and where the coming changes will surface is anyone’s guess. Regardless of the chaotic appearance of it all, there’s a force at work, arranging circumstance and events toward a specific goal. A new world is coming and wiser minds should focus on this, not upon the destruction of the old. As the old world goes, those attached to it will follow. As the new world emerges, those connected to it will follow. We are involved in a dynamic, not something haphazard and random. There is a method to what appears to be madness.

One has to understand the often secretive laws that govern what we collectively define as ‘good and evil’. All societies are based upon an aggregate agreement of what that is. This is why laws come about. Good laws are useful, until the point where lawyers get involved and then it’s hard to tell what good and evil are anymore. However, what has generally been understood as good and evil, through the ages, have cosmic laws that attend to their practice. These laws are as inflexible as the law of Karma and are part and parcel of it. As Hamlet said, “There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will”.

For the people of our times, it all comes down to what you put your faith in. It also comes down to how connected you are to it. What I mean by this is that there are people who say they believe in something. A time comes when that belief is tested and you find that most people do not actually believe in what they say they believe in. They immediately fall back upon trying to work it out according to personal knowledge and their wits. Beliefs are as easy to state as ordering from a restaurant menu. Lip service seems to be the order of the day. Everyone is going to find out just what this means.

It’s like those who profess to believe in God and set themselves up as representatives of one faith or another, practicing the forms and conventions but ignoring the essence. It’s as if going to church on Sunday is the fulfillment of what is required of you and the rest of the week is covered. My suggestion is to practice something for one hour a week and see how that matches up against someone who practices at every opportunity. The problem is that the more you practice certain things, the more difficult it can become and that is too much for most of us. We want some personal breathing room. The jury is out concerning what we accomplish during this breathing room. I suggest, not much.

There are two main kinds of suffering that attend life on this sphere. One is the general ‘catch all’ suffering that attends every existence by varying degrees. The other is the suffering that attends the effort to achieve something and wanting it more than anything you get put through on the way. This is why there are so many seemingly easy solutions to complex problems and why savvy entrepreneurs make so much money off of them. It’s like popping some processed food into a microwave or making something from scratch. You get the benefit of your industry and this applies across the board with everything.

It’s not hard to meet up with minor officials. It’s more difficult to meet with a senator than a congressman. It’s near impossible to meet the president. It’s pretty easy to talk to the members of a local band and much more difficult to talk to a member of a major rock group. It’s easy to talk to local theater actors and so on and so on. How easy then is it to meet up with the be all and end all? As the I Ching states, “perseverance furthers”.

It’s a little researched truism that we make our greatest progress under the pressures of adversity. There are many examples of people who have risen to great heights as a result of some terrible trauma or persistent misfortune, because the benefits are persistent as well. Everyone is going to get their share of understanding this, sooner than they may expect. It looks like I’m predicting here (grin). Actually, all I’m doing is parroting the guarantees of human destiny, as it has expressed itself over the course of time. You now live in ‘interesting times’.

Any of the rapidly disappearing, well informed students of human history, can tell you that there are long periods where life goes on in a fairly normal fashion in most places around the world. Then there are other times when normal has left the building. This is one of those times. Usually there is some incident that ignites the brushfire madness that has been smoldering for awhile. It goes from trails of smoke into an incendiary conflagration in no time. It’s been building for a long period and all the necessary features are in place. All the opportunistic and deadly assistants are in their spots. It’s as if it was choreographed and it is.

I had some thoughts about personal preparation but that hasn’t gotten me very excited. How am I to know what I will need when I need it? Sure, there are the basics but what about the things I need most? What about the things inside me? So, that’s where my focus has been. I can hardly build an ark if fire is coming, or head for the seashore if it turns out to be water, especially when I don’t know which one it is and especially when it’s going to be some combination of all of them, as we have already seen taking place.

We spend so much time planning and preparing to protect ourselves and our loved ones from pending disasters, without having taken the time to make ourselves into what we will need to be. Nothing may happen. It may just go on and on like it is, only getting worse but that defies all the laws of physics and metaphysics that I have ever seen besides entropy. Maybe a stagnant swamp is our destiny but I can’t seem to accept that and there are still tigers in The Sundarbans.

I was a Boy Scout. I was one merit badge shy of Eagle Scout. That was the Lifesaving Merit Badge (grin). I still believe in ‘be prepared”. However, the question remains; be prepared for what? What do you prepare? Everything on the outside is controlled by the inside.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Empty Suits and the Darkness that Moves Them

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I’ve used the phrase ‘empty suit’ on occasion but I wouldn’t want the reader to think that I meant the suit was actually empty. In fact, the suit is filled with something other than what it presents itself as. Obama and Biden are empty suits, filled with the presence and intention of evil. Maybe they believe they are working for the common good (doubtful) but if so, they are so deluded that they should not be holding office. On the other hand, they are conscious ministers of the enemy of humanity. Most of these types are.

If Mother Teresa was what they said she was, she wouldn’t have been going around doing photo-ops with most of the dictators on the planet. She wouldn’t have been punishing those she was supposedly helping. She wouldn’t have forced them to exist under Draconian regime and we would know where all that money went, but we don’t. People like this should not be made into saints.

Billy Graham presents himself as a ‘man of God’. I can’t see where a man of God would brag about what a good friend he was of The Bush Family and speak of them in flattering terms as if they were agents of good. This smacks of ‘serving two masters’, which is a direct antithesis of what one would expect from a genuine article, public figure- committed to serving humanity. Such people should not be accorded the respect conferred on them by the world (the world?).

9/11 is a litmus test and anyone who diminishes or denies that it was a staged event, not done by Arabs, is either too deluded to pay attention to or working for the forces that made it happen. Julian Assange does this and that makes him an empty suit and also another litmus test. Anyone defending Julian Assange should also be suspect. Here’s an article sent to me by a truth outing site. You’ll note that nearly everyone quoted in the article is a ‘member of The Tribe’. You get the feeling that The Tribe makes up a population factor equal to the Chinese or the citizens of India. They don’t. World wide, their entirety makes up a little more than the population of the state of Illinois. This truth outing site sends me a lot of unsolicited news links that add up to a party line. The same applies to most alternative sites. They are intentional servants of the enemy of humanity.

Maybe some of you want to play nice because that means you’ll be hassled less or get a better job working for the very people who don’t play nice. I could care less if The Tribe ran everything that they run, if the world were a better place for it. The world is not a better place for it. Take a look around you and watch the news they manufacture. I could care less about manufactured banking empires, disguised as countries, if that country were not genociding the original inhabitants AND trying to enslave the rest of the world.

If someone presenting themselves as a defender of the rights of oppressed people is defending Julian Assange, then something is wrong with their picture. Something is so or it’s not. There are no shades of gray about it. A lot of people opt out for a certain level of deception, as if it were some kind of comfort zone, whose maintenance was guaranteed by embracing a certain amount of darkness and confusion in order to not make waves. You can’t make deals with deception. It won’t stay where you put it and it won’t remain at a controllable level. It will turn on you and drop your ass into a deeper well of deception. Of course, history may remember you as a great defender of the people (or it might have in the past) but you won’t have been. You will have been an empty suit, just like all those people who promote victim’s needs at disaster sites, where the money goes into escrow accounts for bankers, who use charities as a part of their investment portfolios.

It’s like a lot of these new age gurus and convention speakers who produce all these books and DVDs and create seminars and whole philosophies out of the cobbled together teachings of the genuine article from times past. This is what they’ve been doing for awhile. They cull all these teachings and perspectives and turn them into a kind of junk bond spirituality and they figure all they need is a white outfit and a cosmetic makeover and they become the genuine article. Presto! Just add water and you’re an instant messiah.

The fact is that presenting yourself as something is not the same as actually being it. In order to be this thing you pretend to be, you have to walk a certain road that involves a great deal of sacrifice and hard work; not to mention a few lifetimes of it. You can be a spiritual empty suit but it won’t be what you think it is that fills you. You won’t have the authority to speak and actually change lives in a dramatic way. All you will accomplish is to make people think they’ve been changed, like those healers that can raise someone out of a wheelchair for a few minutes (who often never had a problem walking) for effect. Later they get wheeled out the way they came in.

People tell me I shouldn’t be so hard on people working at jobs they do to support their families, yadda yadda. I’m not that hard on them and I’ve never singled them out. I will say this, your job is to protect your family and if you are living a lie while you are doing it, then you are also opening the gates for them to be exposed to all sorts of dangers that you cannot protect them from because you aren’t doing it. Doing it would require your being truthful with them and you can’t do that if you sell your ass to maintain a status and state in which you sell off the most important part of yourself.

I imagine that some people think that because I don’t have a ‘real job’ and whatever else it is that people unfamiliar with my life think, that somehow I have no perspective on what it takes to get through this world. I’ve had and done most of the things people have done to maintain and until a few years ago I was never more than a paycheck from the street and had very little of anything. I don’t have much now. Somehow I manage to do things for free because I don’t want much and that is the key. Many people arguing about having to support their families have the idea that they are doing it to give their family the good life.

They want their children to attend these false information mills called colleges so that they can get a job working for the forces that manipulate them from cradle to grave just so all of you can get together on the holidays and celebrate something you don’t have and then degenerate into a drunken screaming match. Now, mind, I know some people do possess the real thing. The point is, don’t tell me you can’t live outside all of this and survive because I’ve done it and so have a lot of other people. You want your integrity or you want some illusion in its place? You want your family to realize their potential or do you just want them to fit in and function at some level as cogs in a matrix?

A lot of people are concerned about the ‘guaranteed’ coming political and social upheavals, not to mention soaring food and fuel prices, as well as crashing currencies. These are things to be mindful of but I would be more mindful of Mother Nature if I were you. That’s where the most intense drama is going to come from. Why is this going to happen? Because people have gotten further and further away from their essential core and further and further away from the balance and harmony needed to maintain a collective existence here. The situation has gone beyond self correction, because the mass of you let the psychopathic few take over and they are not likely to make the needed adjustments. They are going to accelerate the problems. Look at the ongoing behavior of the financial institutions in the face of what has been exposed about them, with their mortgage fraud mills, their massive bonuses and their endless excesses and aggressive contempt for the rest of us.

The food and fuel shortages and many of the dire social conditions are being manipulated by them simply for greater profit. This is how business is done in that arena. It’s Mother Nature who has to step in and kick some collective ass in the hope it leads to collective awakening. When I say Mother Nature, I mean just that but I also mean other invisible agencies in concert with visible engines of change.

Take the time to tell people, who present themselves as respected members of ‘the truth movement’ what you think of their weaseling about over what is obvious to most of us. Take the time to check yourself, as I try to do every day, and see if there aren’t some changes you can make. You benefit the whole world when you do this because we are all connected. Every transformative and self corrective act changes the whole world. Every unselfish act and effort at self scrutiny sends ripples across the face of all the oceans on the planet. Each of us possesses the power of the sun so... shine. Don’t darken your countenance just to make it through something you are perpetually free of, so long as you do shine.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Somewhere Down a Dark Road.

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Somewhere down a dark road where few people go, unless they have no choice which, kind of explains what they are doing there... like I said, or started to... somewhere down a dark road are far more people than the few who would go and they got lost or mislead. Now it seems like there are more people down that road than there are out here playing in traffic or looking to do each other’s children; who have become the new after dinner mints for the after party crowd.

I guess the hottest game in town now is “Jews in Jeopardy”. As everyone should know or, if you don’t, someone will point it out to you, one Jewish life is worth about one hundred thousand gentile lives on the open market; then again, who controls the market? Okay, I got it.

It’s like that thing about holocausts. It doesn’t matter if it did happen or what the facts are when the people making all that money off of it, managed to kill ten times, a hundred times; I don’t really know but... way, way more than they claim to themselves. It’s no longer a matter of six million but rather the tens of millions they’ve killed. The real point is that they owe a lot of lives. So, now it’s “Jews in Jeopardy” and probably Jews playing “Jeopardy” but that’s a jeopardy that they just seem to court. These are the end times though, the summing up of an age and more than an age; a complete 12 age cycling of time, longer than most minds can register, or imagine. Right, go mix yourself another glass of Slim Fast: while you ponder the imponderable of your ponderousness and lie to yourself. That’s a talent that is rarely mentioned but universally celebrated, sans cerebration. Party down!!! Why do we never party up?

Someone shot a congress-something who- big surprise- turned out to be a member of The Tribe. Don’t they compose the entire congress already? Aren’t there so many of them now that they have to use WASP names, while they get out of the shower to take a leak? That is, unless they are already pissing on you. It makes it an intricate physiological problem, whether to orgasm or abuse and... why can’t we do both? It’s probably why they need all those organs unless; they really are bad aliens and simply wear them out with greater frequency.

And then, lo and behold... the killer turns out to be a Tribe member from the matriarchal side, while the victim had only a patriarchal end. I’ve been told Fox News is doing all sorts of things, doing what they do best, eating shit and then turning it into commentary. Yes, men and women can both be whores. They give up the same thing after all so, why should one’s sex matter? For that matter, why should sex matter at all? It doesn’t matter to me but... when you’re getting it from a ‘party up’ sort of thing, mere human flesh is not the source of comfort that it appears to be for everyone else; accent on ‘appear’.

“Send lawyers guns and money dad, get me out of this”

Seeing as I have actually studied the occult, instead of commenting on it without any greater resource than the fact that someone said these are elements of an occult ritual, I have to take exception to decaying oranges and skulls. I’ve got some tangerines on my front table right now and unless I keep eating them at a great rate (which I do), they will decay. What kind of grade school moron of a non student of methodologies, that they probably can’t even pronounce, much less have any awareness of, says that oranges and skulls mean anything in the occult? I doubt most people know anything about the hidden side of things, which makes it okay for ‘unnamed sources’ to ‘Hollywood’ something with oranges and skulls. I’d like the lubricate J. Assange with orange pulp and stick Henry Kissinger’s head up his ass. Ah, excuse me someone else preceded the operation.

Really people... how stupid are you??? Pretty fucking stupid and pardon my French and why does it have to be French to begin with? Don’t most of you curse in your own language? God’s not dead, he’s merely hiding and you can see him in the morning when the sun is rising. That’s as much god as you are ever going to get. Like I said, I have studied the hidden side of things. I have read Cornelius Agrippa and Jacob Boehme. I have read The Sacred Magic of Abremelin the Mage. I’ve read The Golden Bough and pretty much everything that’s out there. My occult library would dwarf your expectations. I know the difference between Santamaria and other forms of voodoo... and hoodoo according to John Fogarty. I know what the Sepher Yetzirah and The Zohar are; oranges and skulls? Good luck with that.

I’ve read two books worth reading in my life and those are The Way of Life and the Bhagavad-Gita. I don’t include the others for my own reasons... oranges and skulls? That sounds like Fox News to me. I don’t much care about congress-somethings getting shot. There should be more of them but please... get the bankers first. Please, please, bankers first; to the white courtesy phone, to the VIP lounge. I think VIP is just the short form for vipers or... is it, Very Important Pronouns?

Dark roads and dark minds, led and mislead and going on their own. I know Jack Shit, Jack Shit was a friend of mine and you are no Jack Shit. Confused? Gee, that’s too bad.

Most of the time I feel like I am talking to myself but... there’s so much of myself out there that I can draw a crowd if I just stick to something besides skulls and oranges. The people who come here aren’t stupid, or else they haul ass in a hurry, because they have to expend most of their energy on hauling their asses. Some of us ride on them but this isn’t two thousand years ago. This is now and payback is coming. A dead congress-something is not the worst thing that can happen. The death of an ordinary person is much more significant as far as I am concerned.

You are seeing the tip of the iceberg, or Goldberg or Goldman with his sacks. People are pissed and, as usual, it is presenting itself in surprising ways, because the people starting it are the people behind it. This victim thing is worn out and the more they push it, the more it gets ridden hard and put away dead. Even a moron can catch a clue if you hit him in the head with the same two by four often enough. Intelligence can be beaten into you. I am living proof of that.

You people just keep on doing what you’re doing and that will work with speed against the collapsing center. Irie!!!

Remember, dead babies don’t grow on trees and it takes a strong man to bring a camel to his knees. Everything else is borderline. I had a reader send me an email telling me that I might have a borderline personality... heh heh... maybe one of them is. I had another reader ask me, saying, “I hear you talk to God. I just want to ask you, does God ever recommend any books?” I did not know how to answer this person. Can you figure this out?

Well, the bad guys will keep doing bad things and the rest of us will try to hang in there but time is short now. The whole house of cards is coming down and God help those standing nearby. How screwed up does it have to get before people start thinking about what is important? How messed up does it have to get before we stop helping it mess up? How far do we have to go before we realize we are headed in the wrong direction and how long before we stop confusing a hardon with an erection?

It’s not my problem and I should never have come back here but it’s too late for that now. All one can accomplish at this point is to keep on keeping on. Bodhisattva work isn’t what it used to be.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

You are Invited to the Wedding of Stupidity and Vanity.

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As the times get more intense, as the result of the shit we’ve been fed having expanded to such an all encompassing buffet of deviant taste sensations, running the gamut of every possible combination of shit, presenting itself as whatever we used to enjoy but now only go through the motions of, because... well, because it’s shit and not what we originally were attracted to, we find that the shit has expanded to encompass our entire universe and is forced to compress itself for want of space. It keeps reproducing itself so that it has to keep compressing and the more it compresses, the denser it gets.

As it continues to compress, because it is on a rampage of reproduction, it starts to heat up because, intense compression creates heat. Will this 'first matter', steaming under the silver chaffing dish of Paracelsus, ignite into a flambé of culinary surprise or... will it cause the whole world to catch fire and teach us the meaning of flaming shit? Will we find that the boat of our bright promise is nothing more than a flaming dumpster, surfing the dead waters of dying oceans or, will the compression yield a diamond in the end, despite all our efforts to set ourselves on fire, because we are dumber than a rock and certainly dumber than every woman who believes in rocks and thinks wearing one will make the claws that she calls hands somehow attractive, under the false light of the eminent domain of immeasurable vanity, waiting at the alter for stupidity to make its way before the pedophile priest; there to be joined in unholy matrimony?

Stupidity and vanity is a great match. Together they can easily turn the whole world into shit and retarded Blade Runner replicants, whose singular calling is to make shit into God and work over the face of beauty with box-cutters, until Picasso is the babysitter and Edvard Munch tells you what you’ve done. Don’t worry; you’ve got eternity to enjoy it in. Let me explain to you the meaning of Heaven and Hell. You get to live forever in a world of your own creation, depending on your inspiration. Looks like stupidity and vanity are going to have some interesting holiday get-togethers. I imagine it as something like The Fockers taking the brown acid at Altamont, with the Hell’s Angels, at their getaway in Yucca Mountain, Nevada, forever and ever, with The Stasi, The Cheka and the Khmer Rouge working the door, serving the guests and doing the lap dances.

I’ve got a new litmus test. You may remember that I authored the original litmus test of measuring a person’s integrity, truthfulness and honor against what they have to say about 9/11. It seems like a lot of people who managed some kind of a ‘false positive’ with that one are now bigging up Julian Assange. Julian Assange failed the 9/11 litmus test but somehow that’s okay in the eyes of our new emergent Chomskyites. I suspect the Palestinians really are in trouble when their most lauded and highly paid defenders among the enemy, turn out to be the enemy too. I’m not going to link anything here and I don’t play the sax. I’ll leave it to you to suss it out.

I can’t say I always like my job or the odds, but I’ll be damned like they are if I don’t say what needs to be said, even if I do it a tad obliquely. If you’re not bright enough to get what I’m saying, then I guess you are already thinking about what you are going to wear to the wedding reception. For all I know, you’re a relative. Everyone defending Assange is either in the wedding party or one of the people chaining the exit doors before they set the rented hall on fire.

I’ve been a student of arcane modalities for most of my life. That includes phrenology and a lot of other things that all tend to meld with each other. This is how I can look at someone and decide if I want to talk to them or let them get anywhere near me. I’ve got an astrological chart that shows the presence of camouflaged enemies, all up and down the pike. When I was younger and had my own flings with stupidity and vanity, I was meat, simply because a big heart and a trusting nature can get you into a heap of trouble when you’re one of the people God likes to watch on TV for his own entertainment.

If you are defending Assange and you are being hosted on alternative news gathering sites, you are part of the wedding party. Whether you are sitting on the bride’s side or the grooms doesn’t matter. Generally I would suspect you are with the people who chain the exit doors. Basically, you are a vitriolic HIV mutation that pretends to be the thing pretending to be the thing that is intent on killing others while offering them lunch. There’s no wiggle room here and the good news is that you are outing yourself with every move you make. It gives new meaning to being ridden hard and put away wet.

It’s a wonder of divine precognition that I started getting emails from people a few weeks ago that were telling me that someone I’ve never even mentioned before was a really okay person. Why go through this trouble unless something was coming up that might make me think about it? Baby, I’m thinking about it now and you lose. Anyone defending Andy Warhol lite is deep disinfo and you can take the A train till doomsday’s break but you’re not going to 5/4 yourself into my good graces any time soon. You can take five with Brubeck and you can play at the wedding but you can’t come to my house for the after party no matter how many mansions may exist in my father’s house.

Let me tell you a little secret about the kabala and world rule. Way back before history started getting written, before and after the fact, and wound up being the kind of record you have to play backwards to understand, there was a culture that was ruled by The Chaldeans, they came out of a Sumerian context which came out of something that preceded it and they had a flame alphabet and a magical understanding that you can study in the Sacred Magic of Abramalin the Mage. The whole thing about magic is that it involves intercourse with angels and demons. You’ll find this to be true no matter where you start your inquiries. You’ll also find that it all takes place in your mind and the whole intricate schematic of Ceremonial Magic is just window dressing for The Will, as it enforces and manifests itself. I’m talking from experience; not that I need magic anymore, or ever did. I had it given to me and threw it away; smart move. It won me friends that no fortune on Earth can buy.

Anyway, magic runs in two directions. It’s an abacus and much like the kundalini is can reverse itself. It can accomplish the alchemical marriage or become a calculated butt-fucking for personal profit; forget the pleasure angle, though that is included, it’s not the actual focus, except for the domination of the ones being buggered. Our world today is an expression of what happens when a group of people get their hands on the most efficient means of making anything happen and degrade it into something ugly and profane. It wasn’t theirs to begin with. They stole it and now they’re using it on you 24/7. The good news is that there are representatives of the right application present and the right application beats the wrong application every time; no contest. Patience is the hallmark of those who possess it. Patience has done its job. Remember not to ask God for patience because he will give you something to be patient about. Anyway, the time is at hand and though I’m talking in riddles, kind of, the ones who aren’t in the wedding party are getting it, I hope.

You’ve heard that in 2012 the Earth will reverse its rotation. You’ve heard that the sun is rising more and more to the side of what it was used to doing. You’ve heard a lot of things and most of them are lies but not all of them. I could mention some Biblical statements about false prophets deceiving the very elect but I suspect you know that, unless you are in the wedding party and remember, there are a number of people who think they possess droit de seigneur. This is going to turn out to give a whole new meaning to “go fuck yourself”.

I’m tired of liars and false representatives of the good of the people. I’m tired of people sucking the air out of the room with their own celebrity and all the calculating, preening spokes-ogres for something we don’t even see anymore but we are assured is intact just like the virginity of stupidity and vanity. They are endlessly virgin and standing at the top of the stairs repeating, “Hello Sailor” like one of those pull cord, Mae West dolls. Sorry, those don’t exist except in real life.

You think Assange is legitimate? That means that you are not. You’re defending this albino, Tavistock enhanced, toad because you learned something we already know and didn’t find important, except that it exonerates the people reversing the kabala? Good luck with that. I call them as I see them and there’s no degree of difficulty with that, unless you’re with the wedding party. Well... you party down, cause down is the direction and Mother Earth is waiting to show you how she feels about all the deep respect you’ve shown her.

As I have said a number of times, be very careful about how you treat the feminine principle because that’s the medium that bears you into each new life. The actual definition of karma should be, payback is a bitch”. She doesn’t have to be and she doesn’t want to be. It’s your call. She’s the be all and end all of everything I love and I expect to see her at my own wedding party in the Sahasrara. If you want to see her in the Sahara, since you think you know all about letters and numbers and can’t be fooled, even while you are fooling others, or you want to see her in The Congo or have mistaken punishment for love then, you be my guest and fail the litmus test. Go ahead, make my day.

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