Thursday, March 30, 2023

"As Soon as I Ruffled The Lake's Surface with Thought or The World with Movement; Za-Zoom! He Was Gone."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My mind is empty almost all of the time. It's a true blessing for me. It turns me into a landing zone for invisible travelers and luminous entities passing by... passing thru. This is also the case for those who live below the midpoint of The Dial. Like attracts like. That's the good news and the bad news. When The Mind is empty and my heart soars. It is often as if angels were lightning bugs on a Summer evening.

The Moon... shining on a still lake... renders my state both full and empty at the same time since The Lake is my mind. People talk about illusions as if they were a bad thing. Well... most of the time they are because The Separated Mind seeks to be attached in its pursuit of Unity. Everyone in separated-mind is hot for Unity, but that is like trying to grab The Moon through the surface of The Lake. You can't do it, can you?

You don't have to. You already have The Moon.

Illusions can actually be fun and entertaining as long as you are not attached to them. Anything can be amusing if you have no attachments. This is the biggest discovery (except for The Divine) of my entire life. If you want to be free... you must be unattached, BUT... life is constantly creating and providing vehicles for attachment. Some seekers get radical about handling this and they tear others in their efforts to be free.

These situations are easy to get into and sometimes very difficult to get out of.

You have to sit in the middle of it and let it all come and go as it wishes. If you don't try to hold on to it, it won't go anywhere, or... conversely, it won't stay around. (grin)

I'm sure people look at Ho-Ti and wonder why he is laughing all the time; the statue anyway. It's the same with those crazy Zen Buddhists, always saying incomprehensible things and laughing about it. Sure... in Times of Material Darkness there are plenty of pretenders and poseurs, BUT... The Genuine Article is laughing from not being attached. If you are not attached you can't help laughing. It appears on its own accord.

As much as people are told that Life will provide EVERYTHING you want and need, and... that you don't have to go looking for it, most people don't trust that; “But what if it doesn't? What if it doesn't?” I only wish it didn't a lot of the time but I know from my own experience that you don't have to go looking for anything. The trick is to make sure that only what you really want is looking for you, and that can only be one thing for any of us. Heh heh.

Insecurity breeds insecurity. Repeat... after... me... insecurity breeds insecurity. Like attracts like. REALLY... anything you want (making sure that you want it) you have only to go and speak to The Divine Mother about it. That IS her department. How is she going to refuse you? She's your mother!

This is how people get themselves into trouble, over... and over... and over again. STOP WANTING!!!

That's the ticket. I'm not saying anything new. This has been true for longer than Time has been around. It is one of the basic tenets of Ageless Wisdom.

I went looking for God early on. I had no choice. At first, it seemed that I was the most wretched of souls. Little did I know. Anyway... God showed up, AND... as is usually the case, unless it had already happened at a previous time, he turns everything upside down, IN... ORDER... TO... make it right side up. So... it continued to look like I was the most wretched of men for quite some time.

God also does this to see if you are serious; if you are willing to stay the course... if you are along for the whole process. Most fall away at some point... unless God really wants you to come along, so he keeps you miserable for a while longer. You know what happens when you give a child too many toys. The child starts taking it for granted real quick... and gets a permanently disappointed look on its face from being spoiled.

I'm not the only one to run into God. It happens more often than you might think, but most people don't recognize it when it happens, AND... most people have compelling, and competing pedestrian interests. You are truly fortunate if God ruins this for you, as he did me. I can't get excited about anything now... except for God.

Bad people... well, let me say, misguided souls, also run into God more often than you might think. In those cases, God is The Devil the way The Wicked see Him. God is endlessly present and incredibly elusive.

I remember the times when I was in some extremely peaceful state and he would slip into me without my notice, and the whole of my being would turn to liquid ecstasy. As long as I didn't move or didn't think, he would remain. As soon as I ruffled The Lake with thought or The World with movement; zazoom! He was gone, and there was no calling him back.

Other times... the surface of my skin and the area beneath my skin would turn to that goosebumps sensation... in rolling waves. Low thrumming sound would fill my form and it could get scary when you don't know what the Hell is going on. I haven't had either of those in a long time. These days he uses The Sun to lift my spirits high above the clouds of ominous portent that is The World of the moment.

Otherwise, he appears whenever it pleases him now, in my heart and mind, no matter what I might be doing; getting a cup of tea... making a meal... sitting here... going there. Some days there is a lot of activity and some days next to none, BUT... very seldom is there no action at all, and that is only because I can't see it.

This is all that concerns me. I don't care about anything else. Everything else is just noise and I have learned to tune that out. There's nothing there for me anyway, I've looked. I looked longer than I think I needed to. I think most of us do. It's hard to believe there's nothing there. It only looks like something, and then it disappears or turns into something else that isn't there either; chim-chim chimera!

All of our desires (save for one) are like this and that is why all satisfaction is temporary. Pleasure seekers are inevitably headed for an unpleasant end. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy pleasure, as long as The Supreme Enjoyer is around.

More and more I think Krishna and Christ are the same person, modified for each culture. Then I think, well... Christ is really Ishvara; dwelling in his own mystery. Then... as is usually what happens, I realize I don't care, and none of that matters. God is my playmate, who just likes to have fun and adventures. He doesn't care about all that formality. That's for The Priests. It gives them something to do, while they pay the penance of that lifetime for something or other they did earlier.

Most of the time, God is brimming with laughter, not taking anything seriously. He doesn't have to; he's God! I wish I could tell all these fundies to just enjoy their life, BUT... that doesn't work for them. Muslims frown on singing and dancing. (Sufism gets it).

That... I REALLY don't get. Jesus! Make a joyful noise for Christ's sake. Heh heh. Whatever happened to The Singing Planets, rubbing against one another, or... The Sons of God dancing for joy on the mountaintops of The World when it was young? Isn't The Witness forever young? Isn't The Mind constantly renewed for those who love The Divine? When you get old and bitter and filled with regret, you took a wrong turn somewhere.

Whenever you get low and the clouds of The World close in, read a little Kahlil Gibran. That should lighten your mood.

End Transmission.......

Here are some things that may provoke interest in some of you. They did in me.

Yesterday I found this audio book of Patanjali's Aphorisms. Wow!!!

I have read The Alice Bailey translations more than a dozen times for sure and... in just half an hour of listening to this version, I got more than all those other times put together. This is serious goosebump territory.

Go to the source page at Internet Archive and just scroll down to the download options on your right. I took the first selection= 128KBPS MP3. You click on the down arrow at the right where it says, "4 files," and there you go. You will need WinRAR (or similar software) to decompress the files. If you don't want to download, you can simply listen to the book online.

There are five versions available. I haven't listened to any of the others.

Oh! Do any of you readers have any facility with this sort of thing? I've been given a temporary dispensation if it is made possible.

Once... years ago, I knew these two brothers. One of them was a mycology researcher AND real doctor, and he was a cutting-edge Owsley type who used to write for High Times. He created something called Camote or Kamote... something like that. He grew it in brown rice. It was unlike anything I have experienced elsewhere... peals of laughter and all that... all through.

He was... unfortunately killed by a junkie for refusing to write a script. I lost contact with his brother, Michael, which was unfortunate because I still owed him a small amount. (grin)

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Monday, March 27, 2023

"You May Not Believe in God, but God Believes in You. You Are Real in His World, Even if He is Not Real in Yours."

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I am aware of the political theater. I give it cursory attention. I try not to watch too closely or care too deeply because all of the players that I have seen into... to any depth... have feet of clay and turn out to be badly drawn caricatures of what they ought to be, but once Integrity has fled, a caricature is all that remains.

There are things to like about Donald Trump, but there is also the glaring evidence of a buffoonish lack of Gravitas and petty vindictiveness; not to mention his support of The Killer Vaccines. His attack on Governor DeSantis is puerile and immature.

He seems incapable of taking The High Road. Apparently... according to him... DeSantis is part of The Rhino Herd. This may be the case in a backroom sort of a way; him being promoted by The Bush Machine, but there are other courses one might take to get the point... besides painting him with tears in his eyes while seeking support from The Donald.

The real question is... who is pulling the strings on all of these puppets?

Like I said... looking deeper... I always find feet of clay. This includes Donald Trump as well, but I am more concerned about the stupidity that comes as the offspring of his Vanity. Vanity blinds a person to what is going on around them. It's how his enemies were able to deny him a second term. Either he just wasn't paying attention OR... this is all part of a long-con where The Big Guy, who is a poster-boy for corruption, was shoehorned into the presidency.

Once Brandon got into office, already compromised up to his hair-plugs, it was no problem for him to be jerked every which way but loose... by rapacious foreign and domestic... criminal interests. This has caused the country to circle the drain throughout his entire residency. It's still uncertain whether the country will survive his serial malfeasance.

What if this was all planned earlier on? What if that was the point; to have Smokin' Joe Weasel trash the place and set the stage for Trump to return as Savior? Then... circumstances being what they are, martial law becomes a fait accompli.

Obviously... if The Perversity Train is not derailed, the country will go under in less than a decade. If The education system is not cut loose from that Satanic harridan from The Teacher's Union, all Hell will break loose... once the present generation is set free on The Streets. Unless higher education is cleansed of its present agenda, the markets and science are doomed. At every level of society, the dry rot has reached such a degree that parts of the house could collapse at any moment.

Let's talk a little about who is in charge at the moment. What do the top three officials at the State Department have in common... along with the top two members of National Security? What do the Director of National Intelligence, the Deputy Director at the CIA, and the president’s Chief of Staff all have in common with these people? What about the head of The CDC? How about the head of Homeland Security? If I ran the whole list for you... whoa!

Who runs the WEF? Who is behind all of the powerful sexual organizations that are ramming their obscenities down the throats of the American public?

I do not wish to paint a dreadful picture, BUT... I know what I am looking at. Barring Divine Intervention, the cities will burn. The Criminal Element is running wild and free. This is because The Uptown Criminal Element is in charge of the government in nearly every major city.

You can't make everyone equal (not that that is their actual intention). It is not possible. It was the same argument that fostered The Bolshevik Revolution and The Cambodian Nightmare. We are most definitely in The Weimar Republic Redux right now. How bad might it get, considering how bad it already is? Pandemic depravity ALWAYS leads to the destruction of The State. You can only push Lady Nature so far. Then she pushes back.

I don't have any heroes that work the temporal circuit. Neither can I justly criticize anyone, but walking The Forgettable Highway of The Perpetually Recycled is not for me. Fame is usually as transitory as the lifetime it appears in. I don't see the point in celebrity among The Walking Dead. The only place that temporal fame has any currency is in the minds of the people who buy into it. Maybe you can eat out on it. A lot of people do.

When you die, you are taken to a place where you are given a period of time to view your life. Mikhail Aivanhov says that every event in our life is recorded on tiny spools that are taken from us, and projected on a screen where we can view it. He says that these spools are mere atoms on which the whole of our life is recorded. He compares it to the ribbons in a cassette, which... when placed in the machine constructed to play them, shows whatever has been recorded there.

Then there are the allegorical accounts from The Egyptian and Tibetan Book of The Dead. I surmise... I assume... that the process goes through a filter that matches up with a person's religious beliefs, and I am sure there is one for those who had no beliefs at all. You may not believe in God, but God and those who work for him believe in you. You are real in their world, even if they are not real in yours.

We appear here as actors who play a role defined by our Karma. So long as we desire or aspire to anything here, there will be a Karmic Scroll that unrolls in the expression of it. That role plays out along some resonating portion of life's highway, with its exits and entrances.

There is another road. I call it The King's Highway and it leads to The Land of The Immortals. Few are the ones who find their way upon it. All along that route are the lights of the cities that glisten below in The Dark Splendor. It is the force of attraction that pulls us down.

One must attain to The Desireless State to stay on course OR... one must weave all of their desires into a single cable that ends in The Promised Land. Nothing that Trump or any other temporal ruler does will facilitate your progress beyond the borders of the land they rule across some tiny gasp of time, like a fart in a thunderstorm.

Fortune comes to everyone in their time, and it lasts for as long as there are coins in the meter. Then another kind of fortune comes into play. There is no escaping the up-and-down motion unless you stop bouncing.

Here are a few simple questions that lead to a simple point; Who is inciting black-on-white hatred and violence? It is The Media. Who owns and manipulates The Media that facilitates this? Who runs the NGOs that are driving the migrant hordes? Who controls The Global Circus and the concession stands? Who are the ringmasters of sexual depravity? Who is trying to make it against the law to say these things?

It looks pretty grim right now with orc bands roaming the streets and assaulting the residents? Believe me... it's been worse... BUT... it only applies to those it applies to. What did you sign up for? What did you invest your time and your thoughts and feelings into, so... that... they... might... become... things?

Time is heavy ONLY when it is unoccupied. Right this minute you are headed somewhere based on the direction of your thoughts and feelings. They are responsible for the weather you run into up ahead. They create the templates that precipitate into form, and into the areas of your body affected by them.

Every thought, every glance you direct at anyone or anything has power in it. It causes a reaction in the weather up ahead. You can't go wrong blessing everyone and everything. That DOES NOT MEAN you are in favor of it, or supportive of it. It means you bless with the power of transforming Love that shapes your world. Your world is built from the love you extend, and also by the love you do not extend, based on whatever is there instead.

I hope Trump turns out alright. Indications taken from his character do not indicate this in his pending weather... nor in the meteorological projections of most of the players I observe, but then... I am not a meteorologist.

Greater than the implications of ANY appearances is the invisible hand of Heaven in our lives. Those who work WITH that intelligence will get one kind of weather. Those who work against it will get another.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis just posted a new video on this recent Origami posting.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

"Divide and Conquer. Separate and Catalog. Itemize and List; Never Stop Looking for The Parts that You Missed."

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Divide and conquer... separate and catalog... itemize and list; I say... never stop looking for the part that you missed. These are all actions taken by The Mind. It is why The Separated Mind is The Devil, and The Unified Mind is harmony with The One Mind, which is Heaven. This is how you only save your life by losing it, the same way that you never find yourself until you lose yourself; “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”

It's like wack a mole; keep sticking your head up and it will get knocked down. It's like pop-up targets on a shooting range.

Now... about that Divide and Conquer... separate and catalog thing that the mind is always doing; sorting, measuring... identifying, and comparing. I'm not saying these are wrong. They are intrinsic to the drama of life. They are intrinsic to the historical record written by those in the pay of The Bankers. It's how they get away with murder by rearranging the facts, BUT... no one gets away with anything... EVER.

I see that I am talking at cross purposes. I'm saying one thing and meaning another. That's how it works when you try to tell the truth in a world of deception. This is why religion has little, if anything, to do with God. I'm going to add a little Mikhail Aivanhov again; see if I get that baking soda action. Baking soda is a marvel, isn't it? However... if you don't know all the ways you can employ it... it won't be a marvel for you; will it?

This is from “Truth; Fruit of Wisdom and Love.” (pg 161-62)

“The great failing of scientists is to believe that the methods they use in studying the physical world are universally valid and can be applied to every area of life, and as they have never seen God through their microscopes or telescopes, they say that he does not exist. Their studies and researches never cease to show them evidence of a sublime intelligence that governs the movements of the heavenly bodies, the passage of the seasons, the functioning of living organisms – plants, animals and human beings – but as they have never been in a position to argue the question face-to-face with their Creator, they deny that he exists and declare creation to be the work of chance. Well, let me tell these scientists that it is not in Nature that there is a lack of intelligence but in their heads. They are incapable of reasoning and drawing the right conclusions from their observations. They chop the universe into bits and then proceed to reason on the basis of the separate bits. This is why they will never find the truth.

“If you want to find the truth, you must rise to a higher conception of life. The higher point of view will not only enable you to reach a fuller intellectual understanding of reality but will set in motion a process of regeneration deep within your being simply because you will come again to be united with the whole. You will be in touch with the subtle currents of the universe, immersed in the womb of cosmic life, and as you share more fully in that life, in communion with all creatures visible and invisible, so will the scope of your consciousness be enlarged.

“The Broader conception of science is also true religion. What is the use of repeating that the word religion comes from the Latin religare, meaning to bind, if you spend your time separating things? You will say the bond of religion is a bond with God. No doubt, but what is the value of a bond with God if it is accompanied by a separation from everything else? The bond that links The Creator with his creatures must also link all living creatures with each other and all the elements of creation. True religion is the comprehension of this bond. True religion, therefore, implies true science. The divorce between science and religion, in which some people take so much pride, is senseless. Those who separate science and religion are simply too narrow-minded; they understand neither the one nor the other. Is all this clear to you now?

“Far from alienating us from God, the study of the physical world should bring us closer to him. This is why genuine initiates do not reject The World. For them, it is a laboratory, and they make use of all the elements it contains, for they know that it is these elements that will enable them one day to produce The Philosopher's Stone. Those who want to sever all ties with The World are in error. God has endowed The World with unbelievable wealth, but we need the light of Initiatic Science to teach us how to use that wealth, instead of being overwhelmed by it. The important thing is to possess this light in dealing with The World, not to cut ourselves off from The World. Those who cut themselves off from The World are signing their own death warrant.”

God lives forever. Want to live forever? Come into union with God by doing those things of which Heaven approves. Become resonant with all things divine... and you will. It's as simple as that. Yes... it is a process. It comes in stages. Sometimes they are called, 'stations'. These are all progressive states of consciousness. This is what they mean when they talk about being in the same mind as Jesus the Christ. The Christ Mind is a station. It is an awareness of perfect unity brought into being by the exercise of a higher love. It is not for wimps and weaklings.

As you ascend The Mountain, the force of the winds increase. Vayu will let you know he's around. It is by these trials that you build strengths. It is by building these strengths that you gain the ability to channel power, as you learn to work in accord with The Divine Will. It eventually brings you into harmony with all life. Who then remains to oppose you? If you are opposing no one else, there is none of the resistance that is needed to set up a conflict dynamic.

You are either resident in Accord or... Discord. These are actual places of residence. Yes, they are also the names of towns. (grin) They are also states of mind. If you are at war with yourself then you are at war with others. If you are not at war with yourself, Peace will travel with you and do her work as well. You will attract The Virtues as your companions. These are invisible companions. These are invisible friends.

There are two kinds of invisible friends and you can tell who has which by the effects of what they do. We Dial-Up these companions. Perhaps I should not call them friends because some of them are no friends of yours or anyone else. They follow in the wake of certain behaviors. Do you wish to attract angels? Behave in the manner that accomplishes this. Do you want to attract Demons? Same rule applies.

After a time, when people regularly behave in a certain way, it will begin to appear in their countenance and posture. They will begin to look like what they are. You might ask why it is that people who look beautiful can behave in such an ugly fashion. They were granted this appearance from previous lives or... by... arrangement. They can lose it the same way. People are often making bargains with invisible forces without even realizing it. So they are given certain qualities and abilities for a period of time. If they squander that investment in riotous and profane living, it will appear in their bodies.

Your body is a farm in which you sow the seeds of future conditions. This is the origin of abandoned lots filled with weeds and garbage. It is also where beautiful gardens come from. Every single day of your lives... you are working in your garden. This is how The Garden of Eden was lost, and this is how The Garden of Eden is regained.

Presently we live in a dog-eat-dog culture. This accounts for the epidemic cancers that proliferate. It is the evidence of modern life in which people consume themselves and others. This is the cause of all the stress that leads to the cancers. Yes... environmental conditions can trigger them as well. Who made those conditions? Who made all those processed foods? Who generates these urban nightmares of crime and depravity? Do these conditions have to do with you or not? If they do then you share in the harvest. If they do not then you do not share in the harvest.

Right in this moment, you are working your way to a harvest of some sort. Right in this moment you can change what you plant and the manner of cultivation. Right in this moment you can set your sights on any destination you are capable of imagining. This is inarguably true. The reality of it can be seen all around you. You can see what people persist in, and what they reap in outcome.

Yet again, the skies here have been closed off by a multitude of chemtrails I observed crisscrossing the sky PREVIOUS TO the present condition. I've yet to test out the Electroculture I intend to employ. I have all eternity to play with, and The Eternal to emulate as I play. My friend said to me this morning; “no wonder they call it Climate Change cause they are the ones who are changing it.”

There are those thoughts... and words... and actions that Heaven blesses, and there are those which do not result in a blessed state. In these times, some divide your mind against itself with convoluted arguments that lead to states of confusion... one can see these close up and at a distance. They will not prosper nor long endure. It is a passing stretch of weather, and their sorcery is limited. Sooner or later a greater sun will break upon The World, and they must flee to the dark places of The Earth.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 17, 2023

"AND You Won't Be Sailing Long on The Ocean of Nonsense... Unless You Have a Bicycle Pump Attached to Your Nipples."

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We really don't want to wind up on The Ocean of Nonsense in a tipsy rowboat. The wind and waves can be very unpredictable. Nonsense is unpredictable. You never know what sort of crazy shit dysfunctional minds are going to come up with. One day it's something about the Earth being flat. The last time that was popular, most people everywhere were uniformly stupid and there were a lot fewer people.

Anyone with any sense, meaning those who are not stupid, also knows that it is pointless to argue with stupid people. Why? Because they are stupid, which makes them intransigent and unreasonable. Recently... I heard one of them say, “I never said The Earth was flat. What I said is that the oceans are flat.” Heh heh... riddle me this; if The Earth is not flat then how can the oceans be flat?

You have to assume that these people are messing with you because... no one can be that stupid, right? Color me newly awakened because... I've been watching a lot of Clown World lately and... I've had to adjust my perspective.

Mentally ill people who are sexually confused have been saying, “trans-women are real women.” This is nonsense. I KNOW this is nonsense. What they can say is that “trans-women think they are real women.” Is that pretty much the same? No. It's not.

I'm not surprised that people believe things that are not true. Look at the millions who think Russia started a war with Ukraine. Russia did not start a war with Ukraine. Ukraine started a war with Russia. Actually, The International Bankers, who use ZATO as a private army, and Ukraine as their private porno palace, started that war because they want to bring the whole world under their submission. This won't happen. This has NEVER happened. It's not possible for ANYONE to rule the whole world.

Millions of people bought into the legerdemain where COVID was grafted over the seasonal flu and the common cold. Then these same dimwits bought into The Killer Vaccines. Despite people dropping dead all around them because of The Killer Vaccines, they still believe The Killer Vaccines are a defense against COVID, but... vaccines of any kind are not a defense against the common cold or the seasonal flu. Your immune system is your defense against these maladies and vaccines COMPROMISE your immune system.

Now we have millions of autistic children, due to ridiculous amounts of early childhood vaccinations. Now their immune systems are compromised, and even if they do continue to live for a little while, it... won't... be... pleasant. I haven't had a cold or flu in decades and I get no vaccines at all.

I grew up in a rough-and-tumble world playing contact sports without equipment. I grew up when dirt was good for you... when early exercise built strong bones and bodies. It took a lot of work on my part to break a few bones late in life by having stupid accidents that would have ABSOLUTELY killed most people. This was due to my being stupid, temporarily. I am no longer stupid. It was a phase.

When you regularly eat bad food, and you also eat it all day, and your only exercise is walking back and forth from the refrigerator, and you turn into a Pillsbury Doughboy who is 5'2 and weighs four hundred pounds, and you are screaming that you are living your own truth, and getting pissed that a regular-size actor played an obese fruitcake in a wretched film... you are mortally delusional, AND... you won't be sailing long on The Ocean of Nonsense unless you have a bicycle pump attached to your nipples.

People believe in Climate Change. Well... that is partially okay because it is true. The Climate does change now and again over protracted periods of time. Where it is not okay is believing that you can do anything about it... or that gas stoves have any connection to Climate Change whatsoever. I realize that most dingbats do not cook, but those of us who can and do, are not going to give up our gas stoves.

A certain collective of Satanic mindsets know that one of the surest ways to destroy a country is to send confusing messages to prepubescent children about sex. They want us to believe... that kids who believe pretty much anything they are told... are going to grow up into sane and balanced adults... if you program them into believing they can change their biological sex OR... that they have no stable sexual identity, to begin with.

Plandemics of global stupidity may flourish during times of revolutionary transformation. It may be that countless numbers of people can believe toxic nonsense for a little while, BUT... one thing they cannot do is convince Lady Nature to buy into it. Lady Nature doesn't play that way. Lady Nature weeds out the weak and stupid... and doesn't mind doing it. It's... her... job! Lady Nature is indifferent to whining and convoluted bullshit.

Lady Nature does not look kindly on pathological eating machines with Chronic Masturbation Syndrome. Lady Nature is not kind to alcoholics and drug addicts. I tried the waters in both of those areas, but it was a Purpose of Demonstration exercise between me and The Divine. I consumed all manner of poisonous substances in my reckless pursuit of God and... for... some... reason... it has little or no impact on my health. There's a moral here.

Whatever you do, if you dedicate it to The Divine he will work it out in your favor, BUT... and this is a very important BUT... you had better be absolutely sincere and offering your life up with no strings attached. There have been many cases of similar kind over time. Let me recommend The Aghora Trilogy by Robert Svoboda.

What a ride those books are; mostly concerned with his guru, Vimalananda, who was an Aghori.

The human body is a remarkable instrument and can LITERALLY be rebuilt... refurbished... renewed... revitalized... restored... rejuvenated and... whathaveyou. God's power is ONLY limited by the degree of your faith in him. This is ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Jesus... if people only knew. The saddest feature of contemporary existence in Times of Material Darkness is all the wasted lives. What a dreadful sorrow it is, AND... The Divine will gladly rework you this very minute starting now... if you should be so inclined.

Even if you don't have the fortitude or faith needed for the whole regeneration in this go-round... it can be arranged that you return in more fortuitous circumstances for your next round. The servants of Heaven gladly turn their gaze upon and direct their attention to the truly sincere.

Yeah... all that nonsense that people believe, AND... I might ask; what good does it do them? These are the same people who think I am talking nonsense now, well... time will tell and we shall see.

The total bullshit that the mentally ill believe in order to support their fantasies is a sad... sad thing. Here you go.

You can't tell them anything. Only a greater suffering and a deeper sorrow await them.

I have suffered in terrible spiritual fires for long reaches of time, BUT... at least my suffering paid off. All of it was a worthy investment; thank you, God!

Don't let anyone tell you that awakening Lady Kundalini is a pleasure cruise. She burns you from the inside out. She consumes everything you thought you knew... you thought you loved... you thought you wanted... you thought you were.

Ultimately, should you persist and endure... she leaves you as a clear vessel... a transparency through which the light of Heaven shines, BUT... you will be scoured with interior pumice stones. Your temporary world will be turned to ashes. You will be tormented and tested to the limits of your endurance. You will lose all sense of your separated self. You... the temporary self... will be no more.

Personally... I believe... I truly and profoundly believe that every other course... over time... hurts a great deal more, and leaves you with nothing but a sense of loss... regret... and exhaustion in the end. Even worse... it doesn't end. It just starts all over again.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

"We are All Transmission Devices for What Passes Through Us, and That is Determined by The Point of Focus."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Maybe it was around 3 years ago. There was a Blood Moon eclipse. The astrological chart for the event in The U.S. was a mirror image of the chart for France... during their head-rolling revolution in the eighteenth century. Since that time, we have seen the shadow of the hammer of political correctness-cancel culture fall upon the country. We are experiencing a revolution here too. So far it is relatively bloodless, but that could change.

I know I've mentioned that before.

Recruits for the new thug armies are coming across the borders like waves of Brazilian army ants. They are being waved in by eraser clappers and hall monitors in the employ of The New Jacobin dream-weavers. Anything could happen, but... the possibilities of Anything do not trouble me. Things have a way of working out, even when the worst intentions are on the rise; depending on your relationship with the one who works things out. If you've got that ACTIVE, you'll be alright.

As Ageless Wisdom teaches us (should we care to learn) bad intentions usually fall back upon those who harbor them. If you take a pot of water and cause it to slosh to one side, it automatically sloshes back to the other. If you set it down, it will... soon enough... become a still surface. The only time it sloshes in any direction is when something... or someone... disturbs it.

What does that... should that... teach us? If you want water to be disturbed, you have to disturb it. What about the ocean, visible? Who's asking, and... more importantly... why? Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be at all times; sloshing... not sloshing... what's that got to do with you? Ah... yeah, that's the ticket; did you slosh it?

In recent times... courtesy of my invisible friends, I have learned some truly remarkable things, having to do with... the way things work. I wish I could share them with you, and I do... in telepathic fashion; the same way I received them. We are all transmission devices for what we permit to pass through us, which is determined by our area of focus.

We've all heard that if something is really important to you, perhaps you shouldn't share it with others if you want it to remain important to you. At least not right away. Not until you've gone some distance to manifesting it.

We have all experienced what happens when you try to tell someone about an idea or an event, and you are unable to communicate it effectively, and... the person you are sharing it with does not have the same value placed on it that you do. The telling of it diminishes it... colors it with doubt or disinterest and makes it irrelevant. Suddenly, it is no longer important to you either. You feel cheated. You... lost... something... vital.

It's like the vampire phenomenon. Although there probably are vampires of the classical variety, generally... they are more likely energy vampires who siphon away your prana... your vital life energy. This is what keeps you young and enthused. It is what keeps you healthy. It's not just human-appearing entities that can steal this force. Perverted lifestyles also steal this force.

Several times... I have run into vampire covens from another plane. Once Lord Ganesha arranged for me to wander into The Devic Realm unattended. I had a fantasy image of what was to be found there. I learned rather quickly that bad things live there too. He told me to mind where I travel unattended and that he would take me there at a later date but not to attempt it beforehand. It was an important lesson for me.

Dead-end, mind-numbing jobs steal this vital force. Oppressive religions... governments, and educational systems also steal this force. They feed on it. Possessing a bleak outlook, for whatever the reason... causes this force to leech away to... somewhere. Living with someone you do not love or... who does not love you will steal this force, BUT... many people covet stability and comfort over quality of life. It's kind of like sacrificing freedom for security, and you wind up with neither one.

By living for and submitting to a state of advancing Materialism, you are headed for a dreadful end. It doesn't have to be like that. If you are living with Fate. If you are living with Providence, well... which of those conditions you dwell in is up to you.

You CAN somewhat alter your self-constructed Destiny and that can affect the quality of your Fate (they are not the same). The fact that most people do not bother to inquire more deeply into forces like Destiny... Fate... and Providence is a matter of Karma, and a lack of interest... which is also Karma.

Much of this has to do with The Will. Most people have a divided personal will. In many cases, due to Materialism, the will can even be splintered. These are the people that bob like corks upon unruly seas until... they sink. Some people appear to have a much stronger will and that can be for more than one reason.

Let us comment on the only reason that interests me. That is because sometimes people with unusual force of will... possess it because they have aligned themselves with The Divine Will. You... can... do... this.

Why is it that more people do not align themselves with The Divine Will? It is because that can compromise their desires and appetites. It is because they are selfish, BUT... I can tell you. If you know how to facilitate this, a remarkable freedom comes with it. You might not think so, BUT... I assure you it does.

God likes to do most of the things that people do. The difference is that he knows how to do them the right way, and never... never has to or is compelled to. God is actually able to enjoy himself. He is the driver. He is never driven. AND... how does The Divine do these things? He does them through us... those of us that are willing to make the great sacrifice of self-abnegation (which is no sacrifice at all).

Some might wonder how it is that I am able to talk to members of The Devic and Angelic Realms. Some might think I am deluded in this regard. I am not concerned with what people think. I will explain how I manage this. First off, I have been seeking communion with the higher spheres through all of my life, and... no doubt before that too. Here is what you must know if you expect success. Want NOTHING but communion and the desire to be shaped to a higher purpose. Do not go in wanting anything except to be of service.

Be humble. Be respectful. Be determined; so determined that the possibility of failure never enters your mind. Be committed! Be ready to seek until the seeking pays off. Even if it means years... decades. You are in for the long term. That mindset resonates with those areas in The Blessed Spheres. Most important; want NOTHING more than to learn, to serve, and... exhibit true humility. Sooner or later; you cannot fail.

Remember that the residents of The Blessed Spheres can see right through you and know you better than you do. Those with pedestrian carnal appetites are not communicating with The Blessed Spheres. They are being worked by The Lower Regions. Eventually... this makes you insane. In these times you can see the truth of this all around you unless you... yourself... are under their spell.

If you could only see The Hungry Ghosts that haunt the fast food outlets, the public bathrooms, the porn theaters, and ALL locations of disrepute, AND... not only these, BUT... The Halls of Power and all those places where the so-called high and mighty live and work. If you could see the invisible spirits that come and go in the places where they spent so much of their time while they were alive... you would soon tremble with fear to remain there.

On the other hand... there are places where the opposite is true. They are few and far between.

Of course... we all know these things already. We simply close our minds to the implications, due... to... self-interest. We don't want to hear about it. This is called Denial. What... in the end... are they left with? Regret... resentment... and an ever-increasing fear of the relentlessly approaching unknown.

In conclusion... let me also say, with GREAT EMPHASIS... this pursuit can involve a great deal of suffering. No one gets in who is not vetted, and the degree of suffering required is different for each of us, depending on our in-place-attachments, and what it takes to release them. Sometimes... this can really hurt. Don't even think about it unless you are willing to let go of everything. Then again... that's all going to go anyway; makes you think... or it should.

End Transmission.......

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(Earth really is special, according to the science end of Gender Stupid Physics. Everything else in space is round... except (5/4 drum-roll...) Earth! My question of the moment is... why does a bead of water on a flat table have a curved surface??? Why were soap bubbles round when they came out of Lawrence Welk's bubble machine..?)

Thursday, March 9, 2023

"Soothing Their Dark and Bloody Meditations with The Anguished Cries; Like Sweet Music to Their Ears."

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To all those who idolize Reagan, please remember that he is the one who emptied out all the mental institutions in the first place. Bring them back and you will empty the streets of at least fifty percent of the homeless. Put them in treatment centers. If they won't respond to treatment, keep them until they do.

WHY!?! Why are they running loose? It's no good for them and no good for anyone else either. It's a hell of a lot more cost-effective than the present state of unmanaged, street-side, chaos for the purpose of the downfall of civilization. Oh! Right. That's what it's about, isn't it? Bringing the system down so that the people behind the chaos and disorder can implant their own even more Draconian systems of control, and cradle-to-grave the whole she bop-she bop... poor baby woo... woo.

Is it The Chinese? Is it The Usual Suspects? It's not The Russians. That's just who the people behind it want us to think it is. Whoever it is... is a collective of sexual deviants because that is their number one promotional effort.

Here's what I think... not that I would know, but... through a combination of intuitive... logical... thinking... it appears that POSSESSION has a lot to do with it. Where did all these Gender Stupid people come from? They weren't anywhere in any kind of numbers until now. Where did all these crazy people come from? There were never so many of them before. Where did all the seething racial hatred and class warfare come from?

Of course... the aforementioned... and some that I've left out, (but might include further on...) are involved at some level because, it... serves... their... self-interest... so they can make more money greasing the wheels of enterprise with the blood of their victims, and soothing their dark and bloody meditations with the anguished cries that are like sweet music to their ears. It's true... some of them do it because they like it. It makes them sexually aroused. You can take that to their banks.

Due to the mechanics of my own thought processes, I ALWAYS look behind the obvious... to the inobvious... to the invisible. I must always remind myself that NOTHING happens without the permission of the prime mover, via The Heavenly Hierarchy. If they are not initiating it... they are permitting it because they are guiding it to a conclusion other than that intended by everyone involved.

Many do not believe in the concept of The Avatar. They prefer the distorted dogmas of their own five-and-dime religions that are ALSO manipulated by The Oppressors. The Oppressors do not like the idea of an avatar unless they can shoehorn their own pretender into the post as a ceremonial figurehead. They are more interested in distorting the message for financial gain AFTER The Avatar has come and gone.

Regardless... The Avatar is a fact. The Avatar is a routine and predictable occurrence that happens every two thousand years... give or take a couple of hundred. This has been going on since time out of mind. Let me see if I can allegorize it to the satisfaction of the reader. The World is a continuing entertainment and education extravaganza. Every now and then there is a really big performance. After that... the entire atmosphere of existence is altered for the purpose of spiritually clarifying a specific quality, like Sacrifice... like Brotherhood... in The Hive Mind of Humanity.

There are 7 root races of Humanity, with intermediate sub-root genres... according to certain metaphysical perspectives. We are... allegedly in the 5th stage at the moment and moving into the next. It's all a number's game and only a small amount of us know what the numbers actually are.

ANYWAY... let's say that every performance on The World's stage that has a counterpart in the evolution of The Human Mind... begins with a construction crew coming upon the scene where The Show is going to take place... all over The World... in a different fashion... depending on who happens to be in that locale. Sometimes entire locales are wiped out. That is also part of the process.

ANYWAY... these construction workers come in and they build the stage. Upon that stage there is then demonstrated whatever the life lesson may be, and... it could go on for years and years. At a certain point... the performance ends and... another crew comes in and dismantles the stage... packs it up... and heads to the next construction zone. Simple... right? This is what you get when I start allegorizing (yes... that's an actual word).

These performances go on through the whole of the life experience at all times in any case. It is the slow... agonizing... haul... of conscious evolution en masse. Individuals are ALWAYS running ahead of the pack, but... most people huddle together in their own demographics, for safety AND companionship- or... so... they... imagine. They usually wind up being dragged... kicking and screaming into what's best for them, which terrifies them because they don't recognize it.

People... unfortunately... have a natural inclination toward a kind of stagnating entropy. It's a Tamasic-torpor stupor of which Materialism is probably the best example. HOWEVER... now and then... there comes a collective push from The Supernal Pushers that presses humanity in a group cluster-shove for their own good. We are in that stage of the game, right this moment.

You see all around you... civilization collapsing... people reverting to brutish... appetite-driven fevers, coupled with an emergent class of Stupids. This could be very disheartening if this is all you see, BUT... this is not all of what is going on.

Like we have been saying here, The Avatar is coming, and before he materially arrives, he is doing some of his most important work, pushing out the principalities and powers of wickedness in high places from the inner planes. They are being pressed forward... broomed out into manifestation for Judgment via The Purpose of Demonstration. They turn into metaphorical car-theft rings that POSSESS the minds of those who have... already... given themselves over to the appetites favored by the demonic intelligences arriving on the scene.

Why does this have to happen? It's above my pay grade and not my department. It is what is happening and you can see it, IF... you permit yourself to. IF... you have not placed the blindfold of denial over your own eyes. Most of the possessed don't even notice anything, cause they were already up to similar activities... just not in such an exhibitionist fashion... and not in such numbers. That... that is the difference.

Certain powerful infernal entities are seeking to take advantage of this... by legitimizing these behaviors, which accounts for all the powerful... sexual-deviant organizations, lobbying on their behalf. FYI... it's not going to happen. They are not going to be allowed to get away with this rampaging depravity, BUT... the powers that really are, are letting them freak freely for a bit... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Once The Avatar's influence becomes more present and pervasive, all of this nonsense will fade away, or be done away with by mysterious means... and not-so-mysterious means. He will be coming in the human heart in places presently being prepared for him, and there will be MANY more examples of righteous behavior apparent... once the mindset precipitates into the collective consciousness. In many cases it is going to make the crazy even crazier, and... accelerate their self-destruction.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, for those of you who were thinking it would just get more gender-stupid-fluid and legally permitted... and enforced... as the perversity continues to proliferate; then I realize none of them are reading this. They're probably having Tupperware and Onan parties, while binge-watching The View. Now that... that really is sick.

Take heart, my friends... and be of good cheer. Sometimes it gets really wack for periods of time, and one can forget that there is a benevolent ruler who slips about unseen, and who is constantly perfecting his creation from within. If you don't want to go down with The Ship, then don't get on The Ship in the first place.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 6, 2023

"Those Dedicated to The Performance of Evil Upon Others... Often Arrive at a Form of Compulsive Autophagia."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes there is very little difference between Evil and Ignorance, but... when they come together, it can be exponential. I don't want to focus on The Negative, but... we will have to start there.

The Ship of Perversity has gone to warped-speed in recent years and spread in so many directions that it will... soon... come... apart... That is what happens when you get spread too thin and become too diverse. It's math! It's math if you turn your thinking cap on... and then the headlamp as well.

As you should be able to see by now, you can only push so far before one of the laws of Nature pushes back. In this case, several of them have gone into operation, and... the time of The Horror Show Freak Circus is going to come to an end in the larger sense, and remain concentrated only in a localized sense. Watch for it. You are going to see it happen.

Perhaps you know that in The Bhagavad Gita; notably in Chapter 9 (The Royal Path) it is illustrated that Krishna comes to replace the whole pantheon of deities. What is interesting is that the same thing happened with Jesus Christ replacing the pantheon of Roman Gods, who replaced the pantheon of Greek Gods. Who are... in actuality... each... particular attributes of The One God.

It is quite odd that the names Krishna and Christ are so similar. Many scholars attribute The Gita as being written around 200 BC... which puts the last avatar's appearance= Christ and Krishna... in relatively the same time frame.

It's said that it was the sage Vyasa who transmitted The Gita. Another tale is that Lord Ganesha broke the end off of one of his tusks and wrote the Mahabharata and The Gita. The real truth lies in obscurity... as it always does. Shakespeare and all similar and enduring works of divine inspiration are written by The Initiatic Brotherhood... and the real entity behind the actions dwells in anonymity.

Neither Christ nor Krishna is the Christ and Krishna known through religion, AND... it is more than likely that they are the same person. He just puts on a different face in The West than he does in The East. I would say that I am convinced of that, but... what do I know?

In this same area of interest, I was talking to one of The Almighty's roving ambassadors from The Invisible Hierarchy recently and he said... “Look... all you have to do is ask me for it... no matter what that is, and... with absolute faith assume I am handling it.”

“Then... whether it happens or not, you will know it is what I want, and... by extension, what you REALLY want too. This is one of the reasons your prayers for others work so well; you believe, and there is no personal desire driving you, but rather a channeling of my desire that wishes well for everyone. Where this does not work out in positive fashion... is where people do not wish well for themselves and others... and you might then say... the same rules apply.”

“I am not denying anyone anything, but when something is not good for one and they ask me for it, and their love for me is strong, I will often deny it to them, but there will ALWAYS be something in its place of a less harmful nature... unless there is a necessity for them to experience it, AND... nothing is fixed in that regard. It may be that... most often... that is the way it works out, but that is just the nature of Karma, however... Divine Grace ALWAYS neutralizes Karma.”

I was talking with my friend today who said, “Lots of people are talking about angels lately.” Immediately I thought about the severity of the times and how present angels are in those times... and then I thought about all the intentional harm directed at children. I KNOW this is something that sets Heaven in motion more than most subjects... as scripture says, “It would be better for them if a millstone were tied round their neck and they were tossed into the deepest part of the sea.”

The corruption and defilement of innocence are DEFINITELY something that will get Heaven's attention, and there... are... all... kinds... of... angels with various job descriptions. Some of them... you would hope and pray NEVER to encounter, but some insist on doing so.

You see so much of what was once in fashion thousands of years ago, with offerings made to modern versions of Cronos... Moloch and Baal... starting to appear again; with Satanism going mainstream. They may not seem like offerings, but... they are, and so are many of the orchestrated mass murders... from the Murrah Building to The Killer Vaccines.

Some have never left off the worship of certain old gods who are demons in disguise. This is because specific human behaviors that span the generations, are either a timeless virtue or vice of humanity, and are always represented by archetypes, whose power is as strong as the collective belief in it; Supernal or Infernal. Fear works the same way. Each of these gods and archdemons often demands sacrifices in order to fulfill blessings and curses.

This latest iteration of Satanism= The Satanic Temple... declares that they don't believe in any supernatural forces like The Devil... heh heh. The Devil believes in them though. The Devil is in the Mind. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. That is what The Devil is; God through a distorted lens.

Believe me, The Devil... as so often illustrated in caricatures... may not exist, but a force of that sort is most definitely prowling about and looking for whom it might devour... and he resides in the human mind at select frequencies.

More than 50% of their parishioners are from the bent-alphabet penitentiaries of LGBTQwhatever departments of sexual self-abuse.

We are all representatives of God in human form, BUT... when we work consciously contrary to The Will of Heaven... we become the embodiment of that Satanic force. Some of the time, if we are more fortunate, we are simply clumsy impersonations of The Higher Self... learning as we go.

One day we will have learned to be bullfighters with a scalpel. We will have learned to cut away those parts of us that obscure the light of God, or God will have surgically done so, and maybe... they are the same thing. In the end, it is the results that count... determined by the means employed.

Those dedicated to the performance of Evil upon others... often arrive at a form of compulsive autophagia. They just can't help themselves.

All of this non-binary crap is a form of contagious delusion... based on self-absorption... caused by the compelling pressure of Materialism that creates alienation and isolation. In these cases also... the person devours themselves through a self-generated cannibalistic mindset... caused by misdirected navel-gazing.

The more far-out and unique one can become... by seeming to be far-out and unique... the more likely they will get a wider notice among the people easily as disturbed as they are. It doesn't help when society is compelled by its evil manipulators to indulge these types of infantile narcissism. It used to be something people grew out of.

Now with parenting in the hands of The Scientific Community... arrested development is frozen in place. They don't grow out of it. They are sculpted into personalized shrines for the worship of perversity.

The Mind is your worst enemy... or your best friend. It will drag you to Hell and it will also compel The Dragon to roll over on its back so you can scratch its tummy. It will lift you to heights unimagined or it will crash you into The Pit of Despair. You can see the literal evidence of this all around you in these times, though... mostly the latter. Even when the former is to be seen... The Media will conceal or distort it.

Those who run The Media took it over for specific reasons, and operate it for specific outcomes. The Media is the enemy of Truth and a worldwide stable of self-indentured whores.

People lie for money and self-gain. Some part of them knows what they do. The other part rationalizes what they do. They are hand in glove with the worst executioners in history. They are the cheerleading squad in bondage chaps with no pants... lined up for the servicing. They have no self-respect, and no respect for anyone else either... unless it is compelled. They operate under the whip of fear, but... remember... they always lie to themselves first.

None of this concerns you unless it does concern you.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

"Oh The Blessed Wonder of Having It Happen and Being Aware of It... So that You do Not Piss on Your Own Legacy."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As you can see, major changes are on the doorstep of the moment. The Queen of Incompetence is gone in Chicago; ♫ a Hell of a town ♫ Certain chief bobbleheads and knob polishers are gone from places of importance in the nearly... entirely... corrupt government houses of America that are... unfortunately... too often replaced by a different version of the same old same old.

Observe what the massive ZATO failure in Ukraine has caused in the backrooms of high finance and low character. Russia did not fall. It prospered. By some law of physics having to do with tuning forks in near proximity... China is rising too. The Belts and Roads are going everywhere. The United States is losing its mojo. Why? Because they are no longer united... and because depravity and social decay; a specialty of The Usual Suspects wherever they land... are consuming the youth.

Some want to loot and pillage. Some do it with guns and some do it with lawyers. Some want to control and enslave, and they do that with superficial entertainments replacing education... and by fabricating crises. They do that by lowering the common morality under the banner of freedom of choice and express yo'self. Diversity is a death knell for national autonomy. The barbarians have long been inside the gates.

Dumbass has become a fashion statement. Sam Smith is the poster boy for clueless embarrassment. He and his kind are shepherding an entire generation into The Pit.

Be not deceived by appearances. Great change is upon us! Positive change, that will... to some minds... be onerous and intolerable, BUT.. to others, is a sign from Heaven that God has not left us at all. God is most industrious when you can least see evidence of his presence.

Now that Brazil and India are more and more inclined toward the East, and... keeping in mind the enormous natural resources of Russia and Brazil... AND the growing inclination for smaller countries in South America... Africa (talk about natural resources)... and The East to bend with The Prevailing Wind... that is created and controlled by The Sun... The Fall of Empire becomes more and more certain and... they did it to themselves. The love of comfort and convenience did it to them. They got fat... lazy... and stupid.

They got over-confident on a diet of kicking the asses of the smaller children on the playground. Those other children are getting bigger... or joining together... and fat... lazy... and stupid... do not answer the bell... not at all.

While Fat... Lazy... Stupid... and the fourth mouseketeer, Complacent were doing bong-hits on the couch and ordering in from Dominoes and KFC, people who... through poverty... have been forced to eat healthy food... have been able to maintain that “lean and hungry look” of yon Cassius who “thinks too much.”

You can LITERALLY... if it is possible to open your eyes... see all of this in the glaring light of an unwelcome dawn, as you stumble from the latest Babylonian warehouse rave... by looking around you or... just looking in the mirrors. You'd know what the trouble was if you could see the numbers on the scale you are standing on, but... you cannot.

What truly astounds me is the lack of outrage from powerful players who... it seems... have been compromised by the threats and intimidation tactics of the people who print the money. Look at the awful perversities being visited upon the youth of this country!!! Everything is acceptable... and soon... if certain factions have their way... protected by law.

I am Jazz-hands; how do you say, totally fucked in sign language?

Who is it that has stilled the voice of righteous and informed protest? Will no one stand up for Reason and The Rational Mind? Yes... I see the odd individuals here and there who've had enough, BUT... in the corridors of power... in the worlds of high finance... in the churches and community centers of the country... there is a sad and tragic stillness... a freezing of the will... an unraveling of moral fiber... a terrible cowardice... a paralysis of thought, and... I know not what to call it.

People have become zombies, transfixed in a state of material possession; their hearts and minds possessed by advertising and the woo-woo bullshit of feckless leaders shoehorned into power, according to their levels of obeisance to The Prince of Darkness in their minds.

♫ and in the end... the laws you break... are equal to the laws... you make ♫ I love The Beatles. They spoke to me, and they spoke for me. I'm not interested in the speculations of dark-conspiracy bots. I know the feeling of angels communicating through human agency... OFTEN UNAWARE THAT IT IS HAPPENING. Oh!!! Oh... the blessed wonder of having it happen and being aware of it... so that you do not piss on your own legacy through selfish behavior and by malign intent. No... my friends... the angels do not stay where they are not welcome or... made unwelcome by selfish behavior.

I follow Lady Nature's laws. I do not follow the laws of men. I have paid the price for that more than a time or two. I might pay it again... GLADLY. I fear the possibilities of that less and less often now; since the true power and might of The Almighty continues to make itself known to me.

What I am saying is, DO NOT BE FOOLED BY APPEARANCES! Good things are coming to good people. Simply enduring is the larger part of success. We are being deliberately tested by Heaven to see the temper of our metal. Those who are sold out are being showcased before the eyes of The World, and receiving their due. Things are not what they seem. God is ALL POWERFUL!

Major positive technology is coming into being, though it is not as dramatically celebrated as the digital stupidities of the time. They'll soon figure out electro-magnetism (though not entirely). They will learn about the principles of magnifying glasses and Sun Power. Bluetooth is coming to the human mind and heart. Teachers are soon to appear as step-town transformers for The Celestial Realm. The Protectors are making their presence known to the interlopers and privateers.

You have to be in for the long haul. Few people commit to the long haul. They get all excited about spiritual possibilities. Then they hit the doldrums. Then they fade away. I have watched this for the whole of this span of existence... soon to no longer be demarcated in the traditional fashion. Wonders beyond the imagining are coming to the eyes of those who have prepared themselves to see. Some will choose The Eagle, and some will choose The Scorpion.

I do not know why Grace comes to some and passes by others. I am told it all has to do with investments made in former times, BUT... you can become a smart investor now. Consider the implications of compound interest in God's Spiritual Bank! Consider also that a great wave of Grace is soon to wash over the righteous AND the unrighteous. Indeed... it already does, every day... courtesy of The Sun. The critical point is... will it register? Will it be acknowledged?

The World... as we think we know it... is being created and destroyed simultaneously... and it is the same substance in all cases. … transformed by adaptation. Soon... the sunken treasure chests of Metaphysics are going to become buoyant and rise to the surface, and physics... physics will make a great deal more sense.

You are a creature of light, having a dream of material culture in a vehicle of frozen sunlight. EVERYTHING... over the long haul... is going to be transformed into the totality of light that it was in the beginning. This is no time to be making arrangements for a trip to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon.

It's not all bad, and in some cases... implies a series of wonderful terms of existence, BUT... my advice is to reach for the highest. You may not get there all at once, BUT... you will get much further than if you had not aspired at all.

End Transmission.......

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