Monday, March 6, 2023

"Those Dedicated to The Performance of Evil Upon Others... Often Arrive at a Form of Compulsive Autophagia."

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Sometimes there is very little difference between Evil and Ignorance, but... when they come together, it can be exponential. I don't want to focus on The Negative, but... we will have to start there.

The Ship of Perversity has gone to warped-speed in recent years and spread in so many directions that it will... soon... come... apart... That is what happens when you get spread too thin and become too diverse. It's math! It's math if you turn your thinking cap on... and then the headlamp as well.

As you should be able to see by now, you can only push so far before one of the laws of Nature pushes back. In this case, several of them have gone into operation, and... the time of The Horror Show Freak Circus is going to come to an end in the larger sense, and remain concentrated only in a localized sense. Watch for it. You are going to see it happen.

Perhaps you know that in The Bhagavad Gita; notably in Chapter 9 (The Royal Path) it is illustrated that Krishna comes to replace the whole pantheon of deities. What is interesting is that the same thing happened with Jesus Christ replacing the pantheon of Roman Gods, who replaced the pantheon of Greek Gods. Who are... in actuality... each... particular attributes of The One God.

It is quite odd that the names Krishna and Christ are so similar. Many scholars attribute The Gita as being written around 200 BC... which puts the last avatar's appearance= Christ and Krishna... in relatively the same time frame.

It's said that it was the sage Vyasa who transmitted The Gita. Another tale is that Lord Ganesha broke the end off of one of his tusks and wrote the Mahabharata and The Gita. The real truth lies in obscurity... as it always does. Shakespeare and all similar and enduring works of divine inspiration are written by The Initiatic Brotherhood... and the real entity behind the actions dwells in anonymity.

Neither Christ nor Krishna is the Christ and Krishna known through religion, AND... it is more than likely that they are the same person. He just puts on a different face in The West than he does in The East. I would say that I am convinced of that, but... what do I know?

In this same area of interest, I was talking to one of The Almighty's roving ambassadors from The Invisible Hierarchy recently and he said... “Look... all you have to do is ask me for it... no matter what that is, and... with absolute faith assume I am handling it.”

“Then... whether it happens or not, you will know it is what I want, and... by extension, what you REALLY want too. This is one of the reasons your prayers for others work so well; you believe, and there is no personal desire driving you, but rather a channeling of my desire that wishes well for everyone. Where this does not work out in positive fashion... is where people do not wish well for themselves and others... and you might then say... the same rules apply.”

“I am not denying anyone anything, but when something is not good for one and they ask me for it, and their love for me is strong, I will often deny it to them, but there will ALWAYS be something in its place of a less harmful nature... unless there is a necessity for them to experience it, AND... nothing is fixed in that regard. It may be that... most often... that is the way it works out, but that is just the nature of Karma, however... Divine Grace ALWAYS neutralizes Karma.”

I was talking with my friend today who said, “Lots of people are talking about angels lately.” Immediately I thought about the severity of the times and how present angels are in those times... and then I thought about all the intentional harm directed at children. I KNOW this is something that sets Heaven in motion more than most subjects... as scripture says, “It would be better for them if a millstone were tied round their neck and they were tossed into the deepest part of the sea.”

The corruption and defilement of innocence are DEFINITELY something that will get Heaven's attention, and there... are... all... kinds... of... angels with various job descriptions. Some of them... you would hope and pray NEVER to encounter, but some insist on doing so.

You see so much of what was once in fashion thousands of years ago, with offerings made to modern versions of Cronos... Moloch and Baal... starting to appear again; with Satanism going mainstream. They may not seem like offerings, but... they are, and so are many of the orchestrated mass murders... from the Murrah Building to The Killer Vaccines.

Some have never left off the worship of certain old gods who are demons in disguise. This is because specific human behaviors that span the generations, are either a timeless virtue or vice of humanity, and are always represented by archetypes, whose power is as strong as the collective belief in it; Supernal or Infernal. Fear works the same way. Each of these gods and archdemons often demands sacrifices in order to fulfill blessings and curses.

This latest iteration of Satanism= The Satanic Temple... declares that they don't believe in any supernatural forces like The Devil... heh heh. The Devil believes in them though. The Devil is in the Mind. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. That is what The Devil is; God through a distorted lens.

Believe me, The Devil... as so often illustrated in caricatures... may not exist, but a force of that sort is most definitely prowling about and looking for whom it might devour... and he resides in the human mind at select frequencies.

More than 50% of their parishioners are from the bent-alphabet penitentiaries of LGBTQwhatever departments of sexual self-abuse.

We are all representatives of God in human form, BUT... when we work consciously contrary to The Will of Heaven... we become the embodiment of that Satanic force. Some of the time, if we are more fortunate, we are simply clumsy impersonations of The Higher Self... learning as we go.

One day we will have learned to be bullfighters with a scalpel. We will have learned to cut away those parts of us that obscure the light of God, or God will have surgically done so, and maybe... they are the same thing. In the end, it is the results that count... determined by the means employed.

Those dedicated to the performance of Evil upon others... often arrive at a form of compulsive autophagia. They just can't help themselves.

All of this non-binary crap is a form of contagious delusion... based on self-absorption... caused by the compelling pressure of Materialism that creates alienation and isolation. In these cases also... the person devours themselves through a self-generated cannibalistic mindset... caused by misdirected navel-gazing.

The more far-out and unique one can become... by seeming to be far-out and unique... the more likely they will get a wider notice among the people easily as disturbed as they are. It doesn't help when society is compelled by its evil manipulators to indulge these types of infantile narcissism. It used to be something people grew out of.

Now with parenting in the hands of The Scientific Community... arrested development is frozen in place. They don't grow out of it. They are sculpted into personalized shrines for the worship of perversity.

The Mind is your worst enemy... or your best friend. It will drag you to Hell and it will also compel The Dragon to roll over on its back so you can scratch its tummy. It will lift you to heights unimagined or it will crash you into The Pit of Despair. You can see the literal evidence of this all around you in these times, though... mostly the latter. Even when the former is to be seen... The Media will conceal or distort it.

Those who run The Media took it over for specific reasons, and operate it for specific outcomes. The Media is the enemy of Truth and a worldwide stable of self-indentured whores.

People lie for money and self-gain. Some part of them knows what they do. The other part rationalizes what they do. They are hand in glove with the worst executioners in history. They are the cheerleading squad in bondage chaps with no pants... lined up for the servicing. They have no self-respect, and no respect for anyone else either... unless it is compelled. They operate under the whip of fear, but... remember... they always lie to themselves first.

None of this concerns you unless it does concern you.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This asking for others has worked for me. I also found the perfect broom once for work, and a box cutter that the store never carries when I needed one for another job, and there were other instances. Once my former boss asked me for a 'reality creation' favour, and it didn't work. She called me her 'little witch', which is technically WRONG. But sometimes you gotta wonder. One time I ended up with a Monkey's Paw like incident. I asked for my super to be promoted to manager. He did get the promotion, but after he literally found the manager who had blown his own head off with a gun.

Ouch. I did find out later the suicided manager was a jerk, but I never saw that side of him; and I only get requests the Nose-iverse approves of, so. . .it's like you said.

Autophagia? Hmmmmm. Sounds like a great meme topic. THE ULTIMATE RECYCLE.

Also wondering if PURINA MOLOCH CHOW will ever become a catch phrase?


M - said...


"Evil has to be chosen."

robert said...

Gratitude for Visible and the One!

After a weekend pause, we are blessed with more well-written witness from the well!

In these cases also... the person devours themselves through a self-generated cannibalistic mindset... caused by misdirected navel-gazing. It doesn't help when society is compelled by its evil manipulators to indulge these types of infantile narcissism. It used to be something people grew out of. They don't grow out of it. They are sculpted into personalized shrines for the worship of perversity.

Summarizes the parade of the "edgy" we are force fed through coprolitic corporate media.

"Edgy" is how the powers that will soon no longer be, have been programming madly to normalize their demonically possessed minions!

First you have to train the human mindset to suspend disbelief of the mediated narrative show, to get into it and stay distracted from basic feeling and reality.
Then you introduce ever more ugly, stupid and narcissistic actors throughout media

In less than 2 decades, passive media believers have been rendered allergic to:
noble character in any form

All so that the degraded could "identify" with the degraded temples, including permanent graffiti on the skin, and feel/huddle in the group with the vain and famous!

The Mind is your worst enemy... or your best friend.

So that the minds of the captured provide all the virtual chains to keep giants asleep!

These virtual chains have to be camouflaged by the compulsive virtue signaling pattern:
"Look at my groupthink virtues! Are we not free to be idiots together?"

Let us re-language narcissism, to push back on all the hijacking of language used in the current psyop mind control!

Narcissism is not self-love!
Not even love of the false little self!
Another truth inversion!

Narcissism is obsession with an internalized entitized golem of the "Devil"
It is the primary sign of the opposite of self-possession, the dispossession of being possessed by a group mind polarity point.

Obviously also a clear indicator of DISCONNECTION from soul, spirit, higher self, the Christ light shining in the darkness of the mind which knows it not!

Why worship a subjective delusion when Creation the Magnificent is everywhere, including all the people sharing this experience with us?!

Narcissism is an insectoid mind-set, subject to being swatted by any natural force!

Why be an annoying gnat when we can be at least a butterfly? (grin)

Let us stop diluting the word "love" by associating it with self-hatred with a most ancient tradition?

Can we say that any ritual which insists on mindless repetition is but narcissism with a small hat?

Turning our love outward in flow while keeping our source focal point coming from the ultimate neutral center is how a parabolic lens of a lighthouse functions!

Shine upon creation or be dined upon!

We get to choose how we spend our life force
All we must do is become lit up lantern wicks, burning out anything blocking brilliance from being!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"It's Quite Simple. This World is Barely Managed Chaos... Maintained in that State by Runaway Appetite and Desire."



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