Wednesday, March 1, 2023

"Oh The Blessed Wonder of Having It Happen and Being Aware of It... So that You do Not Piss on Your Own Legacy."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As you can see, major changes are on the doorstep of the moment. The Queen of Incompetence is gone in Chicago; ♫ a Hell of a town ♫ Certain chief bobbleheads and knob polishers are gone from places of importance in the nearly... entirely... corrupt government houses of America that are... unfortunately... too often replaced by a different version of the same old same old.

Observe what the massive ZATO failure in Ukraine has caused in the backrooms of high finance and low character. Russia did not fall. It prospered. By some law of physics having to do with tuning forks in near proximity... China is rising too. The Belts and Roads are going everywhere. The United States is losing its mojo. Why? Because they are no longer united... and because depravity and social decay; a specialty of The Usual Suspects wherever they land... are consuming the youth.

Some want to loot and pillage. Some do it with guns and some do it with lawyers. Some want to control and enslave, and they do that with superficial entertainments replacing education... and by fabricating crises. They do that by lowering the common morality under the banner of freedom of choice and express yo'self. Diversity is a death knell for national autonomy. The barbarians have long been inside the gates.

Dumbass has become a fashion statement. Sam Smith is the poster boy for clueless embarrassment. He and his kind are shepherding an entire generation into The Pit.

Be not deceived by appearances. Great change is upon us! Positive change, that will... to some minds... be onerous and intolerable, BUT.. to others, is a sign from Heaven that God has not left us at all. God is most industrious when you can least see evidence of his presence.

Now that Brazil and India are more and more inclined toward the East, and... keeping in mind the enormous natural resources of Russia and Brazil... AND the growing inclination for smaller countries in South America... Africa (talk about natural resources)... and The East to bend with The Prevailing Wind... that is created and controlled by The Sun... The Fall of Empire becomes more and more certain and... they did it to themselves. The love of comfort and convenience did it to them. They got fat... lazy... and stupid.

They got over-confident on a diet of kicking the asses of the smaller children on the playground. Those other children are getting bigger... or joining together... and fat... lazy... and stupid... do not answer the bell... not at all.

While Fat... Lazy... Stupid... and the fourth mouseketeer, Complacent were doing bong-hits on the couch and ordering in from Dominoes and KFC, people who... through poverty... have been forced to eat healthy food... have been able to maintain that “lean and hungry look” of yon Cassius who “thinks too much.”

You can LITERALLY... if it is possible to open your eyes... see all of this in the glaring light of an unwelcome dawn, as you stumble from the latest Babylonian warehouse rave... by looking around you or... just looking in the mirrors. You'd know what the trouble was if you could see the numbers on the scale you are standing on, but... you cannot.

What truly astounds me is the lack of outrage from powerful players who... it seems... have been compromised by the threats and intimidation tactics of the people who print the money. Look at the awful perversities being visited upon the youth of this country!!! Everything is acceptable... and soon... if certain factions have their way... protected by law.

I am Jazz-hands; how do you say, totally fucked in sign language?

Who is it that has stilled the voice of righteous and informed protest? Will no one stand up for Reason and The Rational Mind? Yes... I see the odd individuals here and there who've had enough, BUT... in the corridors of power... in the worlds of high finance... in the churches and community centers of the country... there is a sad and tragic stillness... a freezing of the will... an unraveling of moral fiber... a terrible cowardice... a paralysis of thought, and... I know not what to call it.

People have become zombies, transfixed in a state of material possession; their hearts and minds possessed by advertising and the woo-woo bullshit of feckless leaders shoehorned into power, according to their levels of obeisance to The Prince of Darkness in their minds.

♫ and in the end... the laws you break... are equal to the laws... you make ♫ I love The Beatles. They spoke to me, and they spoke for me. I'm not interested in the speculations of dark-conspiracy bots. I know the feeling of angels communicating through human agency... OFTEN UNAWARE THAT IT IS HAPPENING. Oh!!! Oh... the blessed wonder of having it happen and being aware of it... so that you do not piss on your own legacy through selfish behavior and by malign intent. No... my friends... the angels do not stay where they are not welcome or... made unwelcome by selfish behavior.

I follow Lady Nature's laws. I do not follow the laws of men. I have paid the price for that more than a time or two. I might pay it again... GLADLY. I fear the possibilities of that less and less often now; since the true power and might of The Almighty continues to make itself known to me.

What I am saying is, DO NOT BE FOOLED BY APPEARANCES! Good things are coming to good people. Simply enduring is the larger part of success. We are being deliberately tested by Heaven to see the temper of our metal. Those who are sold out are being showcased before the eyes of The World, and receiving their due. Things are not what they seem. God is ALL POWERFUL!

Major positive technology is coming into being, though it is not as dramatically celebrated as the digital stupidities of the time. They'll soon figure out electro-magnetism (though not entirely). They will learn about the principles of magnifying glasses and Sun Power. Bluetooth is coming to the human mind and heart. Teachers are soon to appear as step-town transformers for The Celestial Realm. The Protectors are making their presence known to the interlopers and privateers.

You have to be in for the long haul. Few people commit to the long haul. They get all excited about spiritual possibilities. Then they hit the doldrums. Then they fade away. I have watched this for the whole of this span of existence... soon to no longer be demarcated in the traditional fashion. Wonders beyond the imagining are coming to the eyes of those who have prepared themselves to see. Some will choose The Eagle, and some will choose The Scorpion.

I do not know why Grace comes to some and passes by others. I am told it all has to do with investments made in former times, BUT... you can become a smart investor now. Consider the implications of compound interest in God's Spiritual Bank! Consider also that a great wave of Grace is soon to wash over the righteous AND the unrighteous. Indeed... it already does, every day... courtesy of The Sun. The critical point is... will it register? Will it be acknowledged?

The World... as we think we know it... is being created and destroyed simultaneously... and it is the same substance in all cases. … transformed by adaptation. Soon... the sunken treasure chests of Metaphysics are going to become buoyant and rise to the surface, and physics... physics will make a great deal more sense.

You are a creature of light, having a dream of material culture in a vehicle of frozen sunlight. EVERYTHING... over the long haul... is going to be transformed into the totality of light that it was in the beginning. This is no time to be making arrangements for a trip to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon.

It's not all bad, and in some cases... implies a series of wonderful terms of existence, BUT... my advice is to reach for the highest. You may not get there all at once, BUT... you will get much further than if you had not aspired at all.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Life today. AIM FOR THE LOWEST DENOMINATOR! See how that works out. Ask anyone in the ghettos. Poverty, crime, livin' on the edge, a slow suicide that makes scaphism and bein' put in a gibbet cage a walk in the park. Or maybe not. I dunno. Then again, ain't 3 to 14 days of suffering better than a lifetime? However long that lifetme is. Good luck makin' it to 30.

Poverty forcing us to eat better. Well, we've had to give up al restaurants, and junk food from the store is very rare these days. In the ghettos, not so much. Processed toxic garbage is more the norm. It's subsidised so everyone kills themselves faster or becomes more money for the pharma industry, paid for by de gubment. . .some times.

As for this world, feck it to Hell! I have no use for it anymore, and am just sittin' here waitin' for the Western Gate to open to me. And the demiurge can go buy a bloody Tesla.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Les, you're appreciated by many.

0 said...

Soon to be demarcated differently eh? Are you feeling your oats? Ready to check out?
I often wonder about death. If it is a doorway or a cessation of form connected to senses that are no longer needed. I wonder if the difference depends on the one transitioning across the doorway. If ones be-come something while in iteration of form or if ones pissed it all away just happy to be sensing whats sensible while not sensing the senility of not seeking to understand. What is be-comes something huh. Does increasing focus and concentration lend a binding arbitrary force to the Self when no longer encased in flesh? I don't know, but I've sorta made my bet that it does.

I guess I'll see when I get there. I'm curious about your take on the next transition tho.

Take care pal,

Visible said...

You are the second person to make that observation (not about that same statement) AND... one of the more careful readers here. One does not need to die... in the physical sense... to achieve the continuity that endures beyond the appearing and the disappearing... and the reappearing. This is a time of remarkable opportunity for those paying attention.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"The Divine Mother ... in All Her Endlessly Changing Colors and Shapes... is What Obscures The Divine from Our Sight."

0 said...

Yep agreed, but without the direct experience of what comes next, its kinda like going by feeling. To Die in the flesh while living sets one free of desiring useless things but one desires still nonetheless, tho perhaps desiring understanding will always bring such to the one centered and still with such a will.

From my perspective, being freed of senses for a time might be nice, tho it would be a period of a sort of relaxation of self, versus concentration of self.

Its been bizarre to be paying attention and tell those local to me about whats what and then see them go do as told by the seeming authorities instead of think for themselves. Now that consequences of that obedience are showing up, I wonder if they'll still be as blindly obedient, presuming they don't experience an acute side effect of death from the jab.

I leave it to the All which has seemingly looked after me all my life.

I ever tell you about the time I was an 18 year old and trying to remove a wooden bench from a concrete porch at my parents? I was digging at the embedded post with a screwdriver and got impatient so went and got a half filled 5 gallon can of gas and a lighter. I tried to get the wood to burn but it would barely keep the flame, and instead of putting the flame out before adding the Gas, I was kneeling there my head about 2 feet from the flame and I brought the gas can forward to start to pour and I heard a sucking sound followed by a huge ball of fire exploding as the gas can itself sucked the flame up its vapor and ignited the rest of the fuel inside. Since I was kneeling there, I was completely engulfed in the fireball that resulted, and a friend who was standing a few feet behind me ended up with his pants totally doused in gasoline which was on Fire.

I remember dropping the metal handle I was still holding and putting my right hand to my head and felt my head on Fire, and since this was all directly adjacent to my parents pool I dove right in and put myself out.

As I came up out of the water my friend was still standing on the concrete patting at his legs wildly and I had to yell at him to get in the pool to put out the GAS fire which isn't gonna go out any other way. He did and he managed to do it before it burned thru his legs to give him any burns. Me, I had some singed hair on my head and a part of an eyebrow was missing but it all came back and I have no marks left on me from That event. Thats not usually how such simpleton thinking ends up tho. There've been other events in my life where I would have died, but somehow didn't. Its why I think the All looks after me and I've learned to think since then so I stopped doing stupid shit that got me in those predicaments.

The all is everywhere in everything, what can't it affect immediately should the need arise?

Glad to hear you are seemingly enjoying the transition as it happens. And many thanks for keeping up the postings, I still hear the words with emphasis when I feel they are meant for me via the inner bell that seems to ring when such is taken in. Given that I take in pretty much no social activity it makes it easier to feel and recognize such.


Visible said...

From my experience on such matters, you were VERY fortunate. I've similar inexplicable saving graces. It's good to have spiritual currency in the bank. It is the only investment I attend to while not paying attention to it in terms of personal gain.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Utterly profound commentary, and in need of poetry.



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