Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We Hold These Truths and These LIES to be Self Evident

In the midst of the chaos and the greed; the mismanagement and the incompetence, the fascism and suppression of rights and the general loss of legal dissent and self-expression- which has been the hallmark of this illegal American administration- it is easy to be distracted and confused by the machinations of the press and the government in their efforts to convince us that all is good in this best of all possible worlds; cue Dr. Pangloss.

Day by day the engine of malicious dysfunction rolls on. Day by day the catamite Soviet-model press chugs out an altered reality that bears no resemblance to the actual events that it reports on. Day by day people are tortured in secret prisons in the name of freedom and a democracy long gone. Day by day neo-con think tanks draft new plans for the control and enslavement of the human race. Day by day, inch by inch under a Niagara of lies we are led into a new world of fear and confinement under the watchful eye of the formerly farcical Big Brother. Big Brother the Reality Show has become real. And the contestants who compose the collective humanity within the enclosed environment match their television counterparts in stupidity and complacency. What time is dinner? Guess who’s coming to dinner as the main course; you and everything you ever held dear.

Let me go on record as a former resident and citizen of the once free and seemingly democratic United States of America and say, “George W. Bush, you are a lying murdering sack of shit and I oppose you to my last breath. Dick Cheney, you are a murdering lying sack of shit and I oppose you to my last breath. Members of the American Congress and Senate, you are a pack of cowardly, murdering, lying shitbags and I oppose you to my last breath. Zionists of the world- casual, indifferent murderers of Palestinian children and oppressors by extension of the whole of the physical Earth, you are Nazi’s, you are hegemonic pigs, you are murdering lying sacks of shit embarked on an agenda of new world disorder and I oppose you to my last breath.

”Let me say to the disinfo mass media. “I see through your bullshit. I declare you liars and willing accomplices of murder worldwide.” To every soulless hack who writes what he is told, without regards for the results; who writes from ambition, for the sake of a paycheck, who have no conscience, who know that they are lying and do not care- who will blame others for their lies afterwards- I call you liars and cowards and accomplices to murder.

Tony Blair; “You are a lying murdering cowardly sack of shit.” Jack Straw; you are a lying, murdering cowardly sack of shit.” To every suck ass Iraqi politician and every bought off Arab mouthpiece who justifies with lies and excuses for lies and murders done for a proclaimed greater good; “You are all lying sacks of shit.

”May you be damned as you surely are; all ministers of bogus religions, all sold out entertainers, all writers and artists and statesmen; “may you be damned for your silence.” May history record your names with the names of the despicable collaborators and traitors and cowards of history.

May you be damned Hillary Clinton and all of the rest of the spineless, opportunistic Democrats who greased the wheels of fascism with your consent. May you have a special place in history among the ugly twisted specimens of treachery to the human race.

To all of the corporate slugs who turn the wheels of industry to their own profit and never mind the consequences of their actions and back door dealings, which doors swing open to the screams of your victims and are greased with the blood of their victims; “May you burn in Hell.” To the rock musicians who showed up to play for money at a ten million dollar Bat Mitzvah thrown by a man who made his profits from body armor for the Iraqi war, “May the world know and hold you in the contempt that you deserve.” Halliburton; “May it please the coming destiny of the world that all of your officers and representatives be hung from lampposts and stoned by the populace.

”My heart and my support are with the insurgents. I actively wish for American defeat in the Middle East. I celebrate each setback. I cry out against you as do the mothers who have lost their children, the husbands who have lost their wives, the wives who have lost their husbands and their families, the children with no parents, the common Iraqis with missing limbs... blinded and burned- the widespread fear and anguish that fills the air throughout that tormented country.... “May the fat assed, indifferent Americans who support this war of lies and murder have the same come upon them with a vengeance!”

Goddamn the British and American and Israeli mercenaries and black-op specialists who set car bombs in camouflage and blow up mosques in order to orchestrate civil war among the population. “May you reap the whirlwind. May your lives reflect some greater portion of the misery you bestow.

”Damn every selfish, indifferent man and woman who goes on about their business of pleasure and profit and does not question and speak out against the outrages of our time. May the whole of the rest of the world rise up against you and may your shame be recorded for generations to come.

I would rather die in a prison myself than live as a willing or silent supporter- or a supporter by default as a result of my silence- of this carnage, this ugly, ugly consistency of machine like murder and torment of others for the sake of a wasteful lifestyle.

No American or Israeli life is worth any more that the meanest or impoverished Palestinian and Iraqi life. Wealth and status do no confer a greater value to one life over another.

You are not like us, you stinking and depraved swine. You are not human. You have shit upon the espoused ideals of your own country. You have sold out your soul and your conscience for profit. You have swallowed convenient lies that justify anything and everything you desire to be proven true. You orchestrated an attack on your own country and blamed it on those you would subjugate and eliminate. There seems no limit to what you will do. There seems no limit to the blood you will spill. There seems no limit to the lies you will tell. There seems no limit to the selfish and evil ends to which you give your attentions and energy.

I know you intend another fraudulent terror attack against yourself to justify the coming assault on Iran. I know you intend to attack Syria. I know that you will do anything to convince the stupid and selfish and frightened among us that you are right in your actions and your course. I am not deceived. Others are not deceived. You are murdering, lying scum and you will go down. I know that you will go down and the spirit of what is free and good and noble in all of us will dance on your grave.

May we never forget what our ignorance; our fear, our selfishness, our greed, our ambition and our lack of conscience has cost the world. We must never again let men and women such as this any where near the corridors of power. I oppose them with every breath in my body and I do not count the cost.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some Clarification of what this Blog Stands For

You will have noted the “Comments” section recently and some of the comments about Jewish control of the world banking system as well as a propensity for global troublemaking. It could happen that new and occasional readers of this blog might come to associate comments made with the mind set of the writer of the blog and I feel the time is at hand to clarify what I think and what I stand for.

Politically, if you read The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights you have my political position in a nutshell, probably a coconut shell given the size coordinates. Socio-politically I am mostly a Libertarian Socialist. It seems obvious to me that things like universal health care and a dispensation to assist the troubled and unfortunate should be the hallmark of any great nation or nation intending to be great. It also stands to reason that the individual bears a responsibility to the welfare of the whole. I’m just letting my words come as they come. With whatever ease a man may write his thoughts, to that degree he is probably telling the truth insofar as he knows it about himself.

Spiritually I know there is a divine order and that there is only one mind in which we all share. I know that everything is made out of mindstuff and that the universe is conscious; physics has already proven this. To the degree that any man or woman makes that one mind their own mind, to that degree they are in harmony with the whole. This is something I know, not something I take on faith. Along with that I am personally convinced of reincarnation. It isn’t something I have a degree of faith in or a hope for its reality as a process. I know it is so because I have experienced evidence of it on a number of occasions. I know there is one divine origin of substance and being. The confusions of religions are veils that trap the ignorant and fearful. There’s only one source, one regent. The ‘appearance’ to the contrary is the fundamental illusion that is the source of all conflicts.

Within the order and disorder of humanity our chief problem is our perception of differences between us. This is why I hold racism to be an indication of base ignorance and one of the chief dangers of civilization. Zionism is racism and it comes out of the Talmudic perception that Jews are superior to other human beings. The Talmud in many locations states that gentiles are not human and are inferior to Jews. This is my problem with Zionism. I have no problem with Jews. I brought up reincarnation and my conviction of its existence for a reason. We all get the opportunity to be man and woman, black and white, Muslim and Jewish and Christian and Buddhist, rich and poor and so on. So what you are doing by scoffing at and opposing one system of beliefs is that you are scoffing at and opposing yourself at another location in time. Sometimes that is necessary. Sometimes we are here to transform the ignorant acts of our past.

I single out Zionism on the occasions when I do because it is the biggest problem in its sphere in this world today. It is the primary cause of all other unrests. Terrorism, as it exists in the Middle East today, is a reaction against Zionism. Zionism is an insanity that is supported by a certain segment of the Jewish population. It is comparative to Wahabi Islam and Luddite Christian fundamentalism. I group them together as examples of human ignorance. They are example of the ancient karma of repression that takes one shape or another, just as the shadow in Mirkwood took the shape of Sauron in Mordor after it was driven out of there.

I want to be clear that I have no grievance with Jews per se. I’ve met some contemptible representatives in my travels this time around and I have met some truly good representatives too. The same goes for blacks and Asians and all the rest. There’s good and bad in all of our collections. Of course, good and bad are relative to the mind of the person interpreting it, so good and bad may quickly reverse according to perception and circumstance. Ethnic jokes come out of observations of individuals within certain groups and then become definitions of the group itself by those inclined to make those sorts of judgments. There is some amount of truth in nearly everything or you wouldn’t be able to perceive it at all. The irony is that the essence of truth cannot be seen.

I don’t know who controls the Federal Reserve and I haven’t given it much thought. I do know that Zionists have far too much influence in American politics and I know that they lied and connived America into the Iraq war with the assistance of ‘other’ fascists who wanted it that way. I know that they are behind the push against Iran and Syria. I know that they murder Palestinian children and, as one commentator said, use them for target practice. Zionism is another expression of materialism. Materialism is the key evil of existence. Zionism is fascism. Zionists also have a working control of a large portion of world media and they use it to legitimize their terrorism and to paint all else as an evil threat. The truth is that all of these other threats continue to exist because of Zionism. It is an absurdity to say that God has decided that you should have such and such a landscape when you are the ones reporting what God said. Did God say to the Muslims that the Israelis were chosen people and granted all this real estate by divine imprimatur? Did God go to any other religion and say this? No. God apparently told these other religions something different. Bullshit is bullshit and this is bullshit.

When Theodor Herzl created Zionism after the Dreyfuss affair some hundred odd years ago he made it clear that the Jews should use the tag anti-Semitic as a club. He said that it should be used whether it was true or not. It has become a powerful slur, far worse than comparative slurs. It has become a weapon for suppressing criticism of any kind. It has become a powerful tool for the blackmailing of nations. It is a bankrupt term that no longer has any meaning except to render the opposition mute. Criticize anything that goes against Zionist interests and you are an anti-Semitic. It is anti-Semitic to criticize the Israelis for shooting children hanging up their laundry or walking to school. It is anti-Semitic (according to Paul Wolfowitz) to use the term neo-con.

Today, armed gangs of Zionist mercenaries roam through Iraq blowing shit up. British soldiers are routinely caught in camouflage on their way to set off bombs. The Americans are busy at this as well. Two of the most evil men on the planet ( I will have a separate article on them in the near future) are not Jewish. They are David Rockefeller and Rupert Murdoch. David Rockefeller may be the individual most likely to be said to head the Federal Reserve. It would probably be best to say that a small group of fascist vampires, ‘some of whom’ are Zionist Jews, are actively working to enslave the human race.

Jews, like people from all walks of life, have made enormous contributions to the well being of us all. No group can be singled out as evil by nature. Zionism, like fascism, like racism, like Stalinism and other deranged schematics are always evil and never good and they are all fundamentally the same. That is what I believe. You err if you think I hold any other opinions here. I am for the greatest good for the greatest number of people and I oppose exclusivity; the possession of great wealth by a minority, artificial class systems, draconian laws, injuring people for gain, lying media organs and the suppression of dissent. I cannot, within the framework of one small essay, cover all of the available ground but I can give some idea of where I stand. I’ll take whatever licks there may be for what I have said here. I believe these things to be true and I believe the greatest threats to world peace and the biggest terrorists are based in Washington D.C. London, England and Tel Aviv, Israel.

I want what is noble in the American and British and Israeli hearts to overcome the darkness that presently runs their foreign and domestic policies. These three were behind the 9/11 attacks, no other. These are the enemies of humanity and their time will come. It is up to us to have the courage to stand and tell it like it is, to refuse to submit, to encourage what has been called the better angels of our nature so that sooner, rather than later, the dawn will break and the darkness will be sent away to gnaw on its own entrails until it surfaces again.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

They Will not go Gentle into that Good Night.

If you are not one of those people on the Australian TV poll conducted in the US

See it here

Then you know, as I know, that the neo cons presently involved in running the ship of state on to the rocks are not going to go away easy. You know that they took the 2000 election through voter fraud. You know that they did the same thing in 2002 and in 2004 and they will be at it again this year.

You know that they were behind the 9/11 attack. You know that they are behind all of the fascist tactics that presently plague the former Land of the Free. You know that there is an international consortium of stone evil sonsofbitches who have it in mind to enslave the human race. They can say that we need our tinfoil hats and they can attempt to marginalize us and discredit us but the facts are there for anyone to see. If it is possible to see the facts then you know two things; the evidence is strong indeed and they don’t care if we know. They only have to control the rest of us through our fears and our appetites.

I’m going to go on record here and say that as long as I live and breathe I will never tire of pointing out what craven and vile scum these reptiles be. Sometimes it seems that the light is breaking and at other times it is hard to imagine how it could get so dark. I’m optimistic. I have to be. Humanity has weathered worse. If humanity does not awake however, these coming times will be a poster child for the worst.

One of the key things to remember is that these neo-cons and their agents have broken many laws. They have committed treason against their own country. They can ill afford to have the evidence of their behavior exposed and it will be exposed if they lose. This is not to say that things will be suddenly better if the democrats win. They have proven themselves to be spineless cowards. Further, if the influence of Zionism on American political life is not curtailed then you will learn what the Talmudians mean when they refer to you as insects and not human.

There is no greater threat to American freedom than Zionism. There is no more powerful enemy of your rights guaranteed under The Constitution than Zionism. Too many of you believe that as long as you have some small footprint of land to stand on that things will be okay. Too many of you think that the erosion of your rights is somehow connected to your safety. You do not see that the engineers of this horror show create the appearance of danger on one hand and then promise to protect you from it with the other. It is a game of bait and switch. It’s action, reaction and solution. They create a problem, they react against the problem they have created and then they solve the problem.

The problem is not one thing. It is not the war in Iraq and the coming assault on Syria and Iran, all of which are being pushed and manipulated by Zionist interests. It is not the economy in the toilet; the loss of good jobs, the Katrina response, the blowing of the New Orleans levies to drive the blacks out and the real estate deals that are going on now, the shakedowns, the NSA spying, the phony terror alerts, the phony Bin Laden videos, the whore media disinfo game. It’s all of them and a lot more you don’t know about. Your country is in the hands of criminals, worse than criminals because even The Mafia would do a better job and be more reasonable about it.

Far more people die from car wrecks each year than have died from terrorism in the last century and this one combined; quite possibly in all of recorded history. Terrorism is not a problem except as an excuse for the real terrorists to continue in their work. If you can’t see where you are headed then it is time for you to get out of the vehicle now.

If these swine are allowed to continue at their agenda you are looking at becoming an indentured serf to a permanent privileged overclass. As I have said before, you cannot fight them with guns and the media is unavailable to you. You have to strike. You have to sit down and stop. You have to refuse to cooperate or contribute at all. Someone has to stand up and rouse the populace to sit down because IT IS later than you think. College and high school students need to refuse to attend class. Teachers need to refuse to teach. This is the key location. Churches need to pray in public for salvation from public evil as an example of their faith and as evidence of their opposition.

I tend to repeat myself here, although I try to say it in different ways, because the same thing needs to be said over and over. If I were to break it down to one word it would be “Wake Up!” All over the country people are becoming increasingly aware of what is happening. You need to rise up en masse and demonstrate and you need to step away from the machine. The machine cannot operate without you. If you step away it will come to a halt. It is time for REVOLUTION! These men and women must be removed from the seats of power and they must be arrested and brought to trial. Neither Saddam Hussein nor Milosevic were as bad as these people are. They mean you no good. They mean to enslave you. They are criminals and they belong in jail or on the gallows.

It’s time to stop mincing words. It is time to stop appeasing and hoping and going along. It is time to stick bubblegum in the gears. It’s time to say, “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” It’s time to get some balls. It’s time to realize that it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

A certain portion of this country are like ticks on the belly of a pig. They are in lockstep with their jackbooted leaders. Another portion of this country is so incredibly stupid that I could not begin to describe them. Another portion of this country is being buggered by a non-existent Jesus who is leading them through the Judas Gate. A majority portion of this country knows what is right and correct even if a lot of them are confused and afraid. It is a great tragedy that they cannot see how it is possible for their leaders to be as bad as I say they are. Open your fucking eyes!

You are being turned into a servant class. You are being closed out. All of the negative conditions in your environment are being engineered to keep you distracted from the real issue. None of us wants this to be the time where we have to stand up and be counted. We would all rather it happened in someone else’s movie in some other lifetime. But this is the time. This is the time to step away from the machine. This is the time to join with your family, your neighbors, your town, your state and with all of the as yet uncorrupted among you and take back your rights.

The stink rises to the Heavens and you cannot smell it? The lies are patently obvious and they laugh at you when they tell them and you cannot hear it? They are at war against all that makes your life worth living and you can’t see it? You can hold your nose and close your ears and eyes for only so long. Sooner or later your world will pass a point of no return. I am ashamed that so many of you support these evil ventures; further ashamed at the rampant cowardice on all sides. I am amazed that common criminals have found their way into the White House and the Congress and the Supreme Court. Bush’s Supreme Court is his ‘get out of jail free’ card.

You mock and deride those who seek to protect and free you. You jeer at your liberators from behind the bars of your master’s prisons. You let it happen inch by inch and day by day and you applaud when others are tortured and murdered in your name. What kind of human being are you? I cannot understand your composition. I cannot understand that you do not see. One thing you can count on, “What goes around comes around.” Oh yes indeed.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Future Nobel Peace Prize Winner- Nonie Darwish tells it like it is

Please note that this essay is SATIRE. Apparently Nonie is all hot and bothered about it. Satire, as far as I know, is not yet a crime. If you think about it the real tragedy is that it doesn't read as satire when measured against this woman's actual words and actions.

Zionist front lady...

No, really?

...and Beverly Hills “Peace Activist’ Nonie Darwish sipped at a cup of warm Palestinian children’s blood and talked with us today about her plans for peace in the Middle East. We asked her about her protest against the film “Paradise Now” and why she feels it shouldn’t be shown anywhere.

Beautiful as always

She replied that Arabs were never meant to be equal in any respect to Israelis and that it is their refusal to accept their lot as a lesser life form that has contributed to all of the problems in the world today. In a direct quote she said, “It would probably be better for everyone if the Palestinian people were exterminated from the face of the Earth, the Israelis need the land and God gave them the land including all of Syria and most of Iraq and pretty much anything that they want because God also told the Israelis that they should rule the Earth and that everyone else should serve them.” We asked Nonie where she got this information and she said the Israelis told her, so it must be so.

“Paradise Now glorifies suicide bombers. Suicide bombers don’t have uniforms. They don’t march in tight ranks and they don’t have the kind of corporate connections that legitimize an army, therefore they are violent insects and must be exterminated.” Nonie smiled when she said this and shifted coquettishly in her seat, giving us a warm motherly smile while attempting to give a flip to her polyurethaned hair. She further told us that when Israel attacked her own country of Egypt that they were entirely in the right because ‘certain’ Egyptians were thinking bad thoughts about the Israelis. “It is perfectly fine for the imported Khazars to take over Palestinian homelands because they wanted them and that should certainly be reason enough. The Israelis refused to recognize any rights by the Palestinians for anything because they wanted Jerusalem, which was their right, so they murdered their families and drove them into the desert and then poisoned their ancient wells. And what happened? These Palestinian insects refused to recognize Israel as if that were some kind of a reason. Can you not see the criminal nature of a race of people who behave in this manner?” Once again she gave us that warm embracing smile that makes her such a powerful spokesperson for Arab causes.

We asked her if the Palestinians, often having no other weapons but rocks, with nowhere to live weren’t using the only thing at their disposal to defend themselves against genocide. “Hah!” she said, "and why should they be allowed to defend themselves at all? It is their destiny to serve a master race. Is it moral or legal to resist the commands of your betters? I think not.”

I remember the day of our interview so well. Before I talked with Nonie I had had all sorts of conflicting ideas in my mind. Somehow I had gotten the mistaken idea that Palestinians were people. Talking with Nonie helped me to understand that they weren’t people at all and it didn’t matter what happened to them. She explained to me that the Palestinians served an important purpose in the Zionist game plan and in that regard they did have a certain amount of value. “When an IDF soldier shoots a Palestinian child we have to consider all of the collateral benefits that accrue as a result. The soldiers are able to test their weapons. They are able to improve their targeting skills. Israeli munitions companies benefit and the economy is made more robust. In this way the Palestinians do provide an important service. They’re not all bad, these Palestinians. Israel is working for peace all over the world. When the apartheid government was having trouble with their own insects in South Africa, Israel was right there to assist them tactically as well as with interrogation techniques and weaponry. It is truly unfortunate that the communist agitator Nelson Mandela was released from prison. At that time, though it grieved the hearts of the compassionate Israeli government, they chose to withdraw and have no further connection with the South Africans. Many of us still grieve over that.” Nonie crossed her sleek legs and gave us that seductive eye contact that has made her an object of desire the world over.

She’s a beautiful woman, no question. I had to constantly adjust my trousers because of the increasing tumescence caused by my proximity to this fabulous woman and tireless worker for world peace. She seemed to me of equal parts Mahatma Gandhi and Veronica Lake. How can I describe to you the powerful magnetism of this fascinating woman? I cannot.

“You see how clear it is.” she continued, “everywhere in the world Israelis are working for peace, In PNAC, in AIPAC and many other organizations. They even created their own Al Qaeda cell in a Palestinian area in order to spread peace. They assisted in the wonderful attack on the World Trade Center that has made so many peace initiatives possible the world over. Consider the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and the coming carpet bombing of Syria and Iran. Everywhere you look Israel is in the vanguard of the universal peace initiative. We must now stop this filthy film from receiving any attention at all. I’m sure you agree that it will only serve to agitate and possibly injure our collective effort to make this world what it has always been destined to be, one world under Israel.”

I could only nod my head and sit in awe of this woman’s clear and lovely understanding of how it should all be. I imagined myself as a dog curled at her feet, hoping for any sign of attention; a kick or even only harsh words; it would not matter to me.

“Zionism should be the first concern of honest Arabs everywhere. It is such a tragedy that all Arabs do not yet comprehend that their first duty is to see that all of Israel’s needs are met. What does an Arab life matter anyway?” she gave me a sultry moue and handed off her cup to an attendant for a refill.

“You’re a Christian aren’t you?” I asked. “She gazed off into space for a moment as her eyes took on a luminescent deliquescence. A look of child like wonder came over her face and I was reminded of the icons of early Christian saints that I had seen in museums and diplomatic pouches during my days in the Russian immigration service. “Yes, I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart. It is the teachings of Jesus that I use as a guide in all that I say and do. Jesus was the first Zionist. He believed in Israel first and always told us to look in our hearts for the Star of David that is tattooed there by God.”

Like those few exceptional people before her I could see that Nonie had been chosen to be one of those select few in that small club of, “God is on MY side.” I could now see Jesus as a divine hood ornament on the Israeli bulldozers in lands stolen by the Palestinians. I could see Jesus rising up with a flaming sword over the craven form of that communist agitator Rachel Corrie. I could see Jesus everywhere, riding in the American war planes, working in newspaper offices, his hands stained with printers ink as he pasted cartoons into the print master, smiting everyone and everything that stood in the way of humanity’s glorious future. Jesus marched through the corridors of Congress. He learned over the shoulders of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as these righteous heroes marched at the head of conquering armies. He sat at the boardroom table of the corporations of Carlyle and Halliburton. He ate at a McDonalds in Baghdad’s Green Zone.

It is far past the time for all of us to realize that we are and have all always been Palestinian insects of one type or another. We are drones with a destiny. We are here to serve the interests of our masters and world peace can only come when we fully realize that it is not what happens to us that matters but how well we sacrificed ourselves in the process.

I left with renewed hope and a greater sense of purpose. Nonie Darwish had awakened me to a higher and nobler cause. May the dream and sacrifice of Nonie in Beverly Hills awaken all of us to a finer understanding. May all of us join together to crush Palestinians wherever they may be whether they are in front of us, behind us, or inside us.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Shitheads and Shiteaters

A point seldom made and a contradiction often missed is the ironic similarity between fundamentalist Islam and the ongoing putsch of the Christian right. The fundamentalists on both sides want to regulate human behavior to the inth degree and if you don't think Christians are every bit as capable of draconian enforcement as the Wahabi Muslims then you missed the inquisition, the witch-burnings and the Iraqi War. This is a clash of cultures and any other arguments are incidental. At a deeper level it is about the basic appearing differences between East and West- even to a deeper level of that between morning and night. These two cultures come at each other in the middle; the Middle East. Although people are basically the same everywhere they appear different.

It’s true that the pig cultures of the West want the oil to fuel their excessive pig lifestyle; hmmm, I wonder if there’s a connection there in respect of Muslims not eating pork? It’s true that the repressive cultures of the East fear the rise of feminine power. It’s true that the West glorifies her as a whore who gives fantastic head. You have to see what seems to be happening in terms of what is really happening. Just as certain plants tend to grow around other plants, terrorism is a natural outgrowth of Western culture.

A lot of the power of the luddites presently in charge of America and the solid block of robot voters that reflexively support them no matter what is the constant fear that seeming decadence will overpower their neighborhoods and homes; drugs, sexual diversity and licentious behavior, street violence and the general breakdown of the moments moral codes- according to the good girls and boys who grew up to be their parents. These people don’t seem to get the message of Deadwood or know much about 17th century London, or how it was in New York at the beginning of the last century; alcoholism and the general brutality of the system toward others. Even though the liars and thieves and assholes continue to be among us and in many cases plague our lives with their mischief, things improve slowly while getting better or worse in a cyclic bio-rhythm of forces most people don’t understand.

The shitheads in charge of the American government at this time are evil motherfuckers. It doesn’t matter if they know this and do it consciously, like Cheney, or are just too stupid to tie their own shoes, like Bush. The suffering given is the same. Behind the scenes major arm-twisting is taking place. Domestically the shitheads have control of the media, the military and the money. Most of the manipulation is taking place from London (which never did give up control of the colonies) and Tel Aviv. Money makes power happen. People in charge always want to be more in charge. The mind set that made them shithead control freaks in the first place hasn’t changed. It’s like watching The Treasure of Sierra Madre over and over again and it always ends the same way.

The world is going through major birth pains. It is the end of one age and the beginning of another. New visions are coming forth while old forms of ignorance are dying out. New ignorances are coming too. The ancient enemy of humanity doesn’t go away, he just shifts his tactics. It is easy to fall into fear and despair at this time. Don’t let that happen. Some good things are on the way but there is going to be some major housecleaning too.

Those who read here know that the shitheads were very likely behind the bombing of the golden dome mosque. Everything that is happening is being orchestrated for effect. But not everything is going their way and they aren’t writing the ending either. Notice how China and Russia have come into play.

The heads of state everywhere know what happened on 9/11. They know what happened in the Florida vote count and they know that the American electoral system has been hijacked. Why don’t you hear about it? That’s not how they play the game. You know about it though.

This nasty ugly mess that has been brought about by the corporations who run the governments is a frightening affair. Besides the oil there are other interests too. There is an enormous population with pocket change that looks damn good to the shitheads at McDonalds and all of the companies that sell shit to the shiteaters. Muslims don’t want to eat shit and there’s a problem all by itself. Western culture is trying to stuff their products down their throat. Meanwhile Bush is skullfucking Gandhi’s legacy in India while behaving in all ways contrary to everything Gandhi stood for. The fact is that the shiteaters are stupid. You would have to be stupid to eat shit wouldn’t you?

In America most people can’t tell because they eat shit all day long and have for years. They eat shit from the TV and they eat TV shit. They are entertained by shit and they especially like shit when you put colorful wrappers on it and add a lot of confection. When people collectively eat shit for long periods of time they turn into shit. But shit is good. Shit turns into nitrogen and it makes nature abundant and colorful. These people are compost for the new age.

The biggest danger is the trivialization of life. Everything is tending more and more trivial and superficial. The luddites are correct that a cancerous agenda is at work to subvert the values they hold dear and the shitheads are at great pains to let them know this. Those roomy camps that Halliburton is building in the US will seem realistic when the people who don’t exist on a steady diet of shit object to being tormented under increasing restrictions and fascist efforts that are ‘for their own protection’.

Why am I writing this? It is a little different. I just want you to play with some of these ideas. The shitheads are a logical progression that appears when a culture has entered a certain phase. The shitheads are always around but their numbers aren’t so great. You will note that the number of people engaged in certain lifestyles and forms of behavior are also increasing.

Karachi has almost 20 million people now. A plague could go through there like a wildfire. All these massive urban experiments are totally unprepared for the logical result of a bad experience. Did you think Katrina was bad? How about the response and the followup? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Life corrects itself. When life gets way out of balance it sets certain forces in motion.

It’s important to realize that Muslims are not a bunch of inflamed ragheads. Islam is, in its finest expressions, a powerful and beautiful thing. So is Christianity. In their essence these things contribute much that we all value without knowing its source. But just as the governments have been hijacked by shitheads, so have the religions too. On the one hand are the growing numbers of extremists and on the other hand are the mealy mouthed cowards who won’t stand for anything. Right now it’s a shithead’s world. Are you a shithead or a shiteater? Are you?

Right now the best thing anyone can do is to think about where they are and what they’re doing. Think about what you value and what you don’t mind losing. Think about your proximity to large numbers of shitheads and shit eaters. Eating shit is bad. It will make you sick and it might be contagious in a sudden and wild way. You don’t want to be there if you’re not a shit eater. Heads up.