Saturday, December 29, 2018

Come and Taste the Living Waters of the Eternal and Conscious Light.

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Never have I seen an American President under fire like I see Donald Trump, in the cross-hairs of The Deep State. Given the cartoon-buffoon caricature of George W. Bush and his clown faced and smirking mass murder persona and depleted uranium, birth defect pandemic, across the Middle East; his gratuitous mocking of Karla Faye Tucker, on the eve of her execution... Trump comes nowhere near the psychopathic horror of George W. Bush.

I'll grant that Trump has become an over the top satire of himself but... much of what he wants to do is all on the right side of what is good for The Republic and is also much more similar to the will of the people than is the Liberty is License Left. On that side is the committed Satanic cabal that is dedicated to the destruction of the country, economically and morally. This last part they need like they need the perfume wafting from Satan's bowels (it has a narcotic effect on them) because they are mostly engaged in the most depraved behavior imaginable and unimaginable.

One could point to many different sources and points of origin for the spreading darkness of the time; bad people in powerful positions because of their philosophical proximity to International Bankers. One could say it is all a part of the Fall of the Culture, due to Materialism, sexual depravity and a near religious fixation on comfort to the exclusion of compassion for all other lives and a fatal collective blindness to the fixed results of cause and effect.

Let us consider the Kingdom of God, where all is as it should be forever and ever; regardless of that 'as above so below' maxim. Once one has had a glimpse of the hidden gears behind the activities of the world, they know that the conscious light of divine luminous wisdom rules all things.

The world has gone haywire and off its axis due to unbridled appetite and ignorant desire and these states of being are manipulated by Satan and his lieutenants; Mammon, Baal and others. This does not take place because of some greater power of darkness usurping divine rule, this is permitted so that the ineffable and his righteous angels can measure the status of the human soul. If you don't show up on God's mirror there is no reflection.

There is no need for endless links to illustrate what is taking place and one does not have to be in possession of high intellect or piercing vision to see what the likely end of present behavior is going to conclude in.

No matter what composted darkness the world may organically burn in, each soul has the potential, the right and the certainty of Self Realization and the inherent destiny of soaring to the heavens, should they possess the necessary amount of Faith, Certitude and Determination. Seek these as absolute necessities ...and ask the divine for the loan of his qualities! Demand these qualities! They are your birthright! Come and taste the living waters of the eternal light.

You KNOW that God is real! You know that Love can conquer and endure all things. Your faith may waver. Seemingly excruciating tests may come your way but if you hold to the awareness of the indwelling deity, you will be carried home. This is a promise from before the suns and planets were set in space.

I hear from many readers about the challenges which come upon them and the occasional overwhelming sense of despair, as they trudge up the slippery slope of the literal Sisyphean hill of these desperate hours. Be done with obscure yoga's and, alternatively... all the New Age fix it quick scams of the present crop of false prophets. First off; none of this is something you do yourself. You surrender to the primal self within and you are led to the one who resides at the beginning and end of the course at all times. God is everywhere at once, according to the singular and peculiar nature of God in any place at any time.

When life is not going right, you are going wrong. You believe you know better than the one who has been there and done that.. You presume that you can read a blueprint better than the Supreme Architect. You can't. You are permitted this error in judgment so that you can learn this. You are given the opportunity to make mistakes so that the following wisdom in the aftermath can manifest in your consciousness. Here is a maxim that must be true; every master had a secret life of shame. We all climbed up out of or descended from somewhere. We may have all been perfect before the fall of desire into the sensitive life. For some reason, all that happened was meant to be. We may not like it but we need not come to our wits end arguing about it and getting angry with it. Believe me, if that worked I would have been in much higher realms much earlier than now.

It seems that I am supposed to be doing what I am doing and that would be okay were I not Charlie Brown and were not God; Lucy with the Football. The one thing I don't like to do here is to complain, or get off on some rant about my being God's personal punching bag. It always occurs to me that I'm simply blind, concerning certain critical issues about my life. I grant that. If I know next to nothing and God knows everything then that doesn't leave me with any kind of a leg to stand on.

I added that previous paragraph because I know there are many readers who feel the same way sometimes.

The interesting thing about expressing your thoughts in a public way and attempting to do it in the clearest and most concise fashion (as in the Charlie Brown paragraph above); even when you follow up on, possibly troubling statements, with simple explanations and even when it should be apparent that the statements are for the purpose of illustrating states of being, common to us all, at one time or another, there are people who like to argue, or don't like your style of presentation, or are prone to create a competitive atmosphere because, through insecurity, they have to keep reminding themselves that they are better than you are, or... they are sure they can do it better, even though they never attempt anything as an example.

Sure... there are people who can do what I do better than me. That has zero impact on my doing it, or my place, in my own mind, on the grand staircase of achievement. It never crosses my mind to think about it because; “that way lies madness.” I don't think about being better or worse than anyone at anything because I am already fundamentally convinced that God AND some number of his reflections and servants are far better than I and especially so where God is concerned and- in my opinion- anyone who is not humbly allowing the inspiration of the ineffable to pass through them is not someone I am going to give any more time to than it takes for me to establish that being the case.

I am completely immune to anonymous attacks on me or my work because... as I said, compared to the original artist, I am less than an ant in the afterbirth.

There are people who will object to what you say for philosophical reasons (which kind of defeats the meaning of 'philosophical' in the first place). There are people whose hackles go up like they would on a rabid wolverine, the moment you mention the word, God.

People who object to the mention of God have a problem with religion, which only incidentally has any connection to God and which is often simply a mechanism to set off a cash register reflex in the public mind. Then there are those who object to the use of the word because it goes counter to an agenda they have about creating a more easily manipulated culture, which is what Communism had in mind and that was so effectively demonstrated in the last century and best represented by Stalin-Mao and Pol Pot. These are the same people that want to outlaw the use of “Merry Christmas!” These are also the people who fund things like Isis, the White Helmets, Antifa, The Southern Poverty Law Scam and much of the vast umbrella of increasingly strange sexual behaviors, which have a political and social aspect, designed to diminish the perception of normality in heterosexual behavior and the importance of The Family Unit as the cornerstone of civilization.

The antics of the Anti-Christ acolytes and their shell game organizations, as well as their deluded wind-up foot-soldiers are a Keystone Cop, comedy of errors that... unfortunately... lead to inhuman behavior and often to wide devastation and a creeping terror that dances outside your window at the forest's edge, like Halloween caricatures. They are no more than the false fronts on a Hollywood House and are as materialized as your Fear can make them. Laugh at the Devil and he will flee from you. He can't abide scorn, nor ridicule and it is the devil within us that reacts to scorn and ridicule when they are visited upon us. Otherwise there would be no reaction.

If God- the ineffable- the divine- the Lord of Hosts- whatever you want to title it, is the primary inspiration and guidance system in and of your life, you and your life, will eventually reflect this. If The Devil (which happens to be God as he appears to the wicked), or any of the expressions of material darkness, manifested in consciousness and then in thought, word and deed is your inspiration, your life will eventually come to reflect this. However you might think you understand the former, if you are sincere, dedicated and teachable, you will be informed by visible and invisible means as you progress through the events and experiences designed for you according to your faith; due to which it is being done unto you, because it is the inspiration and guidance system in and of your life.

And I see I've been going on a bit here and exceeded my usual size of post so... on to other things for me. May God richly bless you in the interim.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Tawdry Dark Doings of The Self Damned and The Way Out.

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You may have seen 'here' in recent times past my observations about the Army injecting steroids into its recruitment advertisements. As soon as I saw Geraldo Rivera's gangsta sibling, John Bolton, get his hands on the NSA, I knew that another Zion-Puppet, Donald Trump was going to be the next face-plant leader to channel turmoil into the world we know: or have some personal impression of.

It takes a deal of doing to be a highly placed stooge. It also takes a lot of background; like being born with a few hundred millions, going to the best critical man, recruiting stations, like Wharton in Philly, for post and passe graduate awareness of how to make money from building things AND destroying things in Banker Wars.

Brainwashing is done at every level of personage. Brainwashing is a combination of Karma (already been brainwashed and carrying on accordingly, even though no actual memory of it remains) and educational systems, which, the more exclusive they may be, the more brainwashing takes place, appetite and desire brainwashing- meaning, what 'drives' you, regardless of whether you might have mistaken what you really wanted for something else and finally, depending on your importance, who is pissing in your ear and telling you, “it's rain”.

Originally I liked Trump because I know that The Office changes people and since I believed he would do what would make him look good, there was a good chance that he would do good. Fool I. Of course, there is still time. If he glides away from war and defies the bankers he will have done good. If he gets overwhelmed by the swarm of psychopathic hornets then... what Victoria Neuland set in motion will get its finest blood-soaked hour.

She is truly a Satanic piece of work. John Bolton and Victoria Neuland are on the same page of tanned and stretched human skin that screams when you unroll it.

Now there come allegations, not proven from my perspective, about Mike Pense and his wife being engaged in human sex-trafficking. My first impression when I saw him (hadn't heard of him before) was that he was a dark and sinister looking character. It is hard to present a declarative certainty without a smoking penis. There are more and more claims that are being made. I have a problem with New Age sources. I've got no “yea” or “nay” about it but it troubles me when their sites are covered with advertising for their benefit and also their history of outrageous claims about everything, of which I have seen no proof so far of any of them. I advertise on my site but not a dime comes my way from them.

I received notice of this subject from a reader today without an attendant link. What I have to say on the matter is that I DO NOT DOUBT that the highly placed and powerful are into this sort of thing. Their master, who greased the wheels of their ascent, expects certain blood sacrifices and the despoliation of innocence is right up there on the chief preferences of The Prince of Darkness. He was set loose at a point earlier and he has been industrious. His power is all of the shadow. He can only influence where belief and fear are present. On the other hand, he can't even take me down, or anyone who has put themselves under the protecting wings of the everlasting lord of all things.

The unfortunate truth is best made clear and succinct by Manly Palmer Hall. If you want more on this maestro at a greater length you have these options and many more. White magic may be “only foolish” as Arthur Edward Waite once said but the one aspect of magic that goes unnoticed by most and may probably go unnoticed for that very reason is... Gray Magic. Gray Magic, from my perspective is unconscious black magic. It means that those under its influence tend to evil without knowing. Knowing, truly knowing, is among the most difficult of arts. My great master, unnamed to me as yet, said, “I don't know” more than anything else he said to me.

Concerning times of Material Darkness, one can say authoritatively that it has never been, in recorded memory, greater than it is now. When I say, “recorded memory” I am alluding to the brief evidence we have in this latest go round, which followed whatever form of destruction was visited upon the last go round, of which little is known, except in the hard to access libraries of Occult History, which I have had only short visitations in. There are some sources that purport to possess insight into these obscure affairs. They may be well intended and, in this case, sourcing Dion Fortune, is on the right track but you need to know the right oracles to get any clarity at all. In that case you are given visionary insights into what has been present in the far off, OR... you are directly informed by one who is in possession of material and spiritual facts. Otherwise is usually devolves into some form of 'he said, she said', OR, “I found it there.” OR, “I heard it from so and so.”

I have found in my decades of searching; research, meetings with remarkable souls, elevated lucid dreaming and chemically enhanced experiences that I prefer DIRECT CONTACT... Period. My experiences with others has nearly always resulted in my being presented with a pastiche of whatever amalgam of desires for... what they wish to be true, juxtaposed with what they read and heard and what they think is right and which fits in with not obstructing their desires. As we 'should know' by now, everything we have read and heard and seen and experienced, needs to be put under a microscope and seen with an impartial and objective eye. I don't take anything as true that hasn't been authoritatively transmitted to me by a really trustworthy source. This is why I recommend and mention with the greatest frequency that one aspire and work toward an enduring contact with a bonafide agent of the ineffable. Anything less than that is most assuredly going to be less than that.

The problem with most people is that their interests and their drives are all based on material desires. This leaves them blind to the will and in the face of the invisible rulership of all things. It also leaves them open to manipulation by pernicious influences who are all about soul bondage for reasons you might imagine but which I am not going into.

You don't have to fall under the sway of dark forces if you place yourself beneath the wings of the force of light which is a brilliant and unqualified light and which, once refracted through the prism of this world, turns into the archetypal qualities of that light. Occult sources say there are three grades of the indefinable light but I am not going to mess around with attempting to define the indefinable. I will leave that to others with the courage to not care whether they get it wrong or not. I prefer to be told rather than to tell and I demand that what tells me knows what it is talking about.

This is available to every seeking soul. It is always there, brimming in the reservoir of its immeasurable depths. The sad truth is that this is not attractive to those who have yet to wring all of the temporary satisfaction they can harvest from temporary things. They are on a carousel to nowhere, going round and round. The rides may change but it is still going in circles. Only spirals work for me. I once got into a dialogue with a Wicca aficionado as I was trying to get the difference between that and what I was engaged in. He said, “don't confuse a spiral with a circle” For some this works, over and over and over again. It does not work for me. I have come to realize the emptiness of material experience, except for the wisdom gained and born of the suffering experienced in the pursuit and possession of these things.

Please, my friends, if you take nothing else away from my persistent efforts to describe the indescribable, take away with you this... seek God! Love God! Make God the centerpiece of your life and avoid religious institutions when it comes to setting your course. Go directly to the source. The presence and person of God is available to ANYONE who puts in the due diligence. Because of reading, “Autobiography of a Yogi” again and MOST ESPECIALLY, Chapter 33- Babaji, Yogi-Christ of Modern India and Chapter 34- The Christlike Life of Lahiri Mahasaya, I now find myself repeating the name of Babaji 108 times before I sleep and sometimes through the day. A couple of nights ago I did this in three segments of 108 with both names. I should point out that this is a nudge to read those two chapters and note what is possible if we persist in our effort toward Self Realization.

Why am I not doing the same with the name of Jesus Christ? I am, it varies. My approaches vary but my intention and direction do not. All of these sources of infinite and undying truth, originate from the same mysterious wellspring. We are here on this little planet placed in an immeasurable universe and the same source made and maintains all of it; manifesting and gathering it back into itself at regular intervals. Identify with what is timeless and you will be timeless too. Choose the variation that most fits with what works for you and you will be led and guided to the unspeakable splendor of what cannot be named or defined. Don't get hung up in dogma and cant. Only direct experience will reveal the truth of this and the truth of you.


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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Crocodile Tears of Dead Man Departing and set to Song as in the Silence God Waits.

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My God! The ghastly spectacle of the proud and famous, as they come to bury one of their own. They will all meet again and it will not be 'by that beautiful river'... not for a long, long time. Here they come, in rotund disorder, their porcine features that give the terrible promise of swallowing the whole world, or rather, the vulpine cleverness or lupine ravenous; saying, “the better to see you with.” The eyes of appetite with their red corona; the feral aspect of Nature in its perversity of seeming human form. The crocodile tears of the unrepentant mass murderer.

I see the awful legacy of birth defects and epidemic cancers; the fruit of the tree of evil and the poisoned apples of terrible legacies have fallen directly to the base of the tree. “The horror!!! The horror!!!” Human offspring of the Mustelidae line; born to the stage of politics, the vampires in camouflage. drink the blood of dreaming populations.

For days... the pompous and imperious, flock to the internment of one of the criminal master minds of the last century. The dark doings are like the tip of an iceberg, with the greater mass, concealed from the eyes of the world, who mostly want to know; what's for dinner and what's on TV? From the mouth of the man itself came these words;

"If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."

That vile website, Snopes, goes out of its way to pour confusion and doubt over the verity of the statement. It's what they do. The liars know the power of lies. They have seen the efficacy of them in the historical record, which turns out to be no more than a press release, periodically updated by whatever liar is on duty at that moment. The great lies of history, such as The Holocaust, Bin Laden being blamed for 9/11, the sinking of the Lusitania and the Maine, the attack on the USS Liberty. More recently we have the conflict in Syria, the latest chapter in the toxic Circus of Endless Banker Wars.

We've said it a dozen ways already. We've said it backwards and forwards. Why do we say it again and again when our readership has again been cut to a quarter of what it was ten days ago? While our sites are now named dangerous and malicious; even the poetry site? Yes even the poetry site. I have since deleted the poetry that was inserted here. There is no reason to subject you to the raging fire of verse that was my response to the speech and action of this family of psychopaths. I will leave the songs and let them be what I have to say on the matter.

So... we'll make this posting a collection of odds and ends of what we were inspired to say about this lineage of sociopaths and mass murderers.

I'm not going to let all this pomp and ceremony go by without at least one person trotting out a different perspective on these indifferent, murderous psychopathic, death dealers who are Charlie Manson and Ted Bundy to the 10 thousandth power and behind them in the shadows are many an archetypal and conscious darkness of The Deep State Satantic Pedophile and Endless War Syndicate.

Let us not forget his complicity during Israel's attack on the United States; 9/11.

So then we will turn to some music where the Bush Family History gets detailed...

...and followed by The Bush Family Manson...

...and then is culminated in the Ballad of Kenny Lay, appropriately titled; Oh Kenny Boy (my personal favorite).

I apologize because I could not let it go by. I should have kept my mouth shut and stayed in my own lane but this is my world too, even if I am 'in it but not of it'.

Over the last few days, some of the biggest degenerates and criminals in history, have gotten together to celebrate the passing of a monster, in this time of monsters and child killers and diddlers and stampedes of Lemmings, chasing the cliff edge in the distance; busy thumbhumping their cellphones, texting about bacon burgers and their Tinder and Grindr accounts. I mentioned in a recent post about people leaving their apartment doors unlocked, while they kneeled naked and blindfolded on the other side of the door awaiting some kind of epiphany. We are watching the impress of Materialism as it concentrates and demonstrates the mass insanity that is the product of the twisted love that is a little like temporary unity in chaos.

I've no use for any of it and I thank my lucky stars, although it has nothing to do with luck. Your fortune and fate are the direct outcome of whatever you have invested in and given your heart and mind and time to. I celebrate the indwelling ineffable, the master of all things on all planes and I know that this Season of Madness will pass. I have no idea of what God intends for this sad spectacle. Dear Lord, if there are even ten righteous souls will you not destroy this city? We are in an apocalypse and it will do what is does and it will do what it must and I have no idea what this implies. I wait upon and rely upon the heart and soul of the world as it shines in invisible splendor on all sides for those with the eyes to see and whose faith is equal to the challenge of whatever the illusion is that is ultimately swallowed up in the Love and Power of the one who has given life to us all and who sees and directs all that passes between the beginning and the end.

Let your hearts not be troubled. Despite appearances, I am convinced of the Mercy and Compassion of the indefinable and incomprehensible author of us all. Seek the indwelling with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind. There will come an awakening for you and you will see, in truth, that no matter what the appearance or condition that you come up against or find yourself in, that which lives in you is greater than anything that ever was, or is or ever shall be. Fear not;

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.”

End Transmission.......

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