Friday, October 31, 2008

Putting Eye Shadow on a Reptile.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile but a comment from one of the Smoking Mirrors readers made it even more clear in my mind. I’m going to try to sketch this out in my limited fashion and hope that you will give me your thoughts about this.

To a certain degree it makes a great deal of sense and it’s come into my mind over the recent months... glaringly... up close... fine German lens-like... “crystal” as I like to say, either when understanding someone’s negative attention ...or when I had to impress someone with their need to understand me in ways that I , thankfully, don’t encounter that much anymore but which residence in the former United States used to make necessary on occasion. Except we’re not talking about negative attention here and “crystal” only gets said in reply so... never mind.

Some of you may be familiar with the game of “Risk”. I had that game around for awhile but it was never easy to find enough people to play it with because it requires getting several really smart and informed people into the same room to do it and that’s a commodity that is increasingly rare as time passes. It’s a little like Chess but... I think you get the idea and you can google it if you don’t. It might help to encourage you to look at the way Napoleon liked to wage war. Even though he was one of history’s biggest losers he was also one of the great military tacticians of all time. He revolutionized certain facets of combat.

Those of you who have been paying attention... and I suggest that that is about as many people as are available to play “Risk”, or who understand how “Go” works have probably noticed a most curious thing. To illustrate this, I have to take you back a little. Remember how over the last eight years, the collective media was in a mosh-pit... “Going out of business!!!” frenzy at a major department store/ $200.00 laptop, CLOSEOUT! ...customer trampling mood to stick their snouts up Bush’s ass when there was only one hole, first come first served’ kind of a thing? And... they assisted in selling the 9/11 ‘bend over and wait’ scenario and gave that big time ‘reach around’ when The Supremes were showing us how it is that you do that thing... beforehand down in Florida? And... how they packaged all those wars and did all that “no knock” on the economy and shoehorned all those legislators into their Peter Principle follow the leader slots?

Did you notice how, no matter what the offense was... no matter how criminal or treasonous the act was... that is was okay and “Can I have another Sir!” You saw that... right? And... have you seen how all the odious sleaze balls who used the blood of dead Iraqi’s and Palestinians; Papuans, Afghanis and sundry as printer’s ink suddenly did a one eighty and now are hanging mistletoe over Obama’s ass? Have you seen how every McCain misstep is screaming in ten foot letters from your TV set? Have you not wondered at the crucifixion of Palin and the strange affair of the hundred and fifty thousand dollar wardrobe and not wondered who was directing all of these photo-ops?

I’ve been wondering about this... see, the way I remember it... the people manufacturing the news and delivering it to you were some of the worst, low to the ground shit-weasels that I’ve ever seen and integrity and anything virtuous... if it got anywhere near any of these people... there would have been cases of spontaneous combustion going off like it was a Chinese New Year... now... step by step... all of a sudden... now you see it now you don’t... here today... washed in the blood tomorrow... these whores and their pimps have found themselves a new Teflon angel?

How come... after eight years of “Please... please screw me in every unnatural way in front of a live audience and then give me a Golden Shower so I can go home to my wife.” reporting... all of a sudden... but step by step... we’re seeing the new Camelot bondage apparatus machine go on sale everywhere when it wasn’t even around in the first place to begin with? Don’t try to understand that sentence, you’ll just hurt yourself. Oh... wait a minute... maybe that’s the point. Maybe somebody did go down to Compton and find themselves some pipe swinging Calypso singers to get medieval on your ass.

Oh... trust me... that wasn’t a racial slur it was just me at “the spinning wheel, baby.” doing the “Hip Ghand” by way of Lord Buckley and the Zionists are going to love it cause as much as “the lady doth protest too much.” they are creaming in their blood-stained jeans over this.

You notice how Obama banana dana is starting to look like that South American dance craze that I can’t even remember the name of right now but that I even saw happening in baseball stadiums during it’s brief illustrious career? Man... didn’t the video feature a couple of old white guys demonstrating it? You can look for Brzezinski on Dancing with the Stars right around Valentine’s Day.

This isn’t to say that Obama isn’t or wasn’t or couldn’t have been one of the good guys if he had opted for something else while he was being fast-tracked to one more betrayal of the human race... everyone has a little Raskalnikov in them even if it is after the fact. Yeah, people... haven’t you noticed how Obama has more money behind him than the last cat that wailed in the alley on your miserable, “I can endure this.” ass? ...which followed another “I can’t Believe this isn’t Hugh Masakela” ...and no... that’s not a sax ...playing cocaine snorting Bush (Daddy Bush) Buddy? Tell me you saw that. Tell me you’ve been watching. Or at least tell me you want to come to my house for a little informal game of Backgammon for money.

I don’t know how many times they are going to play the ‘bait and switch’ game on you before you wake up. I do believe you like it. That’s been my mistake all this time. I thought you were like me... a little twisted but strictly Vanilla... as the ads in the sex personals go... Don’t tell me you like it. I can’t take losing my dog and losing you at the same time.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I wouldn’t care all that much what these nasty reptiles get up to if it weren’t for all the dead body’s stinking in our foreign dump sites. Sure... it’s karma and the people dying are quite possibly the people who were doing it last time but... as it goes... when you keep on playing “an eye for an eye’ you wind up with a lot of blind people gumming each other to death.

I’ve got a point... and that point would be you. Level the playing field or wind up as part of the pavement. It’s too late this go around but I hope it won’t be too late in 2012. Let what should be a lesson actually be a lesson for once. Realize that... if they had wanted it that way that everything being said about McCain and Palin could just as easily have been said about Obama. All it would take is a change in the lighting and the staging. If they had wanted it that way then Obama would look like one more John Kerry and McCain would be Reagan like it had eyes all over again.

It doesn’t matter in respect of my life and... as I said... I wouldn’t maybe care that much except that I know they are using real people and destroying real lives and I’ve got this problem... I’ve got this terrible problem that’s like a bad tooth in Calcutta. I can’t block out the screams and the grief and the suffering hearts. They are part of my own heart and the truth is that I would not have a heart if I could not feel these things and you are all responsible for turning your head and playing make-believe in a real world. It’s one thing when you see it on TV. It’s another thing when it happens to you and it will. Mark my words. It will.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How can You be in Ten Places at Once when you are Nowhere at All?

Three Card Monte is a simple game that’s based on deception and greed. No one comes down the sidewalk and wins at Three Card Monte unless they work for the people running the game. The point of that is to give the impression that winning is possible. This game has been going on for a long, long time and still, people are routinely sucked into it. This game is a simple street version of much more complex games that are run on the public every day. There’s the ‘disinfo game’. This is where you give people a certain amount of information and leave out other information which completely changes the meaning of the information they were given. Another is to rework the information or manufacture it. Another is to give the information a headline which is not reflected by the information in the text.

Information is key to understanding conditions and one’s place in the midst of them. People are made rich or ruined, live or die, each day according to possessing or not possessing the right information or for believing things that aren’t true. It’s like faulty highway signs... or missing highway signs. One of the key ingredients in this is whether the public, with any percentage of real or fabricated information is out to gain a personal profit from it, as in, “There’s one born every minute.” I’m not talking about survival here, that’s an acceptable motive... most of the time.

Let’s look at some big examples of this over the last decade. We’re told that Bin Laden planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks and then we’re given an exceedingly brief and mostly false resume on Bin Laden. We see where the one group of people who profited least from the event was the group Bin Laden represented. Then we see who it is, if we’re looking, that did profit from the event. These are the people dealing the cards. The shills that draw the suckers into the game are members of the press and those speaking for the people who are dealing the cards.

We’re told that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and model airplanes that could carry chemical weapons over the American landscape. An assault is launched on a sovereign nation without provocation and no weapons are found. Then we see, if we’re looking, that private companies connected to the administration, along with arms merchants, mercenaries and bankers are the people who profited. The game is exposed even by those shilling for the dealers; it’s that blatant and then... they move the table down the street and set up the same game about Iran and the same fools are lining up to put their money down.

We can apply this to the recent elections; the financial crisis, the Katrina affair and to just about anything that has happened for the last decade and beyond and it becomes glaringly apparent that criminals are in control of America and most of the governments of the world who operate with impunity because the public wants to be where they are or believes that the queen is wherever it looks like it is supposed to be or the pea is under the obvious shell.

How the public was groomed like a ten year old girl by a neighborhood pedophile is easily seen in the daily operations of the way information is presented and in the image of the culture as it is presented in the entertainment venues, the fashion industry and the advertising media to shape the general view about what is right and wrong; about what is desirable and beneficial. What happens is that the parents of the ten year old girl become willing assistants in the prostitution of their daughter and the next thing you know the whole family has a reality TV show.

The existence of a so-called Al Qaeda has been roundly debunked and discredited by the people who created it. High ranking members of the CIA have flat out stated that there is no actual Al Qaeda. It was created for the purpose of launching wars for corporate profit and for creating a climate for corporate rule which is known as fascism. This is why Bin Laden, who has been dead for years, can suddenly appear all over the map and how “high ranking members” of Al Qaeda can be killed on a weekly basis.

It’s all part of a plan but the full scope of that plan is not apparent to most people. Meanwhile something unexpected has been happening. I won’t go into what that is because it enters into the realm of metaphysics; an area as real as physics but not as readily available to the senses. One could learn a great deal by studying the nature of bandwidths, waves/rays... radio waves, x-rays, gamma rays. Once could learn a great deal looking into something like that. I’m going to give you a link as an example of things that may or may not be going on behind the scenes. I also want to point out that the attack on Syria is much more monumental than the people standing around the Three Card Monte table may imagine.

The point of the Syrian attack is to set the stage for a reaction by false flag operatives posing as Syrians or Iranians. This is to be accomplished by the actual bad guys who are the Israelis, the Americans and The British. A lot of people know about this and according to this article, that “may or may not be” completely accurate or comprehensive, there’s a lot going on behind the boarded up storefront behind the Three Card Monte game. It is a certainty that all kinds of shit is going to hit the fan shortly. There’s a power struggle going on now between two forces that want control of the table. Neither of these forces may have the general public’s best interests in mind but one of them is a great deal more evil than the other.

This Syrian incursion that killed mostly children didn’t have anything to do with stopping militants from crossing the border. It’s about hiding the missing queen who may not even be on the table. Another thing is that Israel is seriously pissed about the good things going on between Lebanon and Syria. You have to remember that it was the Mossad who killed Hariri according to French Intelligence and many other sources and you can find detailed follow-ups that lay it all out... if you want to look. The Syrians had to leave Lebanon and then Israel committed mass murder on Lebanon.

Now you’re going to get one of the prime architects of the 9/11 attack back in charge of Israel, Bennie Netan-yahoo. That can’t be good. But as I said... something’s going rogue in the mix. There’s no telling what’s likely to happen or who’s watching now. There’s no telling who’s going to cooperate or not in the chilling operations presently underway. It’s half, “Seven Days in May” and half “Dr. Strangelove”. The thing about ‘evil’ is that it doesn’t only contend with ‘good’; whatever that may be. It contends with itself as well.

I’m going to leave this as it is right now. I don’t want to say any more except to wish each and every one of you the best of fortune and safe location. When you see what isn’t real popping up all over the place when it was never there to begin with, just remember the nature of the game itself.

For those of you who missed my recent radio broadcast you can now hear it along with the others by clicking on this link. There’s a new link in the side menu as well, called “Visible’s Radio Shows.”

Watch closely and remember... at no time does the hand leave the arm.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

This Election is too Important to Allow for Oversight

That is what certain election officials are saying according to this article. It says that “Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” Ponder that sentence my friends. Turn it around and inspect it. The article also says that the new Associated Press poll from the greater Zionist media lockdown now shows the election to be a dead heat. Their reasons for this are as shabby as their conduct.

No, the Zionistas probably do not want Obama to win because he’s not as likely to be a dumbshit lap dog for their murderous intentions which have been amply demonstrated on 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the shrill and nasty cries to bomb Iran; a country that hasn’t attacked another country in eight hundred years. He’s probably not going to be as easy to manipulate as McCheeks and Palindrone. He’s certainly not the scabrous psychopath that Yellow-Streak George the Drunken Fool is. Is he bought and paid for? Probably not entirely... I don’t think he’s gotten the bad news yet. That will most likely come after the election if he wins which is no sure thing at the moment, given what the neo-cons are up to.

As I am looking at this thing shape up, here is how it looks to me. Some mere days before the election there’s going to be an event designed to close the gap between Obama and McCain. They need to close it. It’s too wide for what they pulled the last several times. Whatever happens, Bush will then declare martial law and the election and the election results will remain in doubt and not be cleared up for some time. This seems to be the likely scenario. I’m not rooting for anything like this; it’s just how it looks to me. Now, I’m not Nostradamus. He had a beard as I remember and I don’t. So what I’m saying is that something like this looks like a high percentage given. So wherever you are, if something doesn’t look or feel right, be on your way.

The incredible hubris of the swine at the helm and the swine in the financial theater is testimony to the fact that they think they can do anything they want. They’re compromised your basic rights in a systematic gang rape and now they’re looting the country. They caused this and now you’re going to pay them for the unreal money they lost with your real money.

Let me get back to that phrase... “are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard the like. I can’t imagine what others must make of it. It seems to me that they are saying that if some sort of oversight is instituted they won’t be able to get the results they are after. I think it goes without saying that these people, whoever they are, should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Their homes and vehicles should be taken from them and they should be marked in some way so that people can see them coming once they get the tar and feathers gone and attempt to go right back to what they were doing before.

These people are something different than you and I. I’m not sure what to make of them. They aren’t human. What are they? They seem to be some kind of mythic creature, half pig, half alligator and half shit Gollum. Yeah, I know, I do creative math.

It’s clear they’re going to try to steal this election. Right now I can’t see how they might accomplish that except through some permutation of what I presented earlier. Even then, I don’t think the American public is going to go for it, not after the 850 billion dollar theft. It certainly looks like the Republicans are going to lose a lot of seats in both houses and if the Democrats get 60 in the Senate, which they might, if the votes get counted ...well, that would not be something the neo-cons would like at all. I’m sincerely hoping that poisonous, viper Nancy Pelosi gets tossed out. I know she’s supposed to be a Democrat but you can take my word for it, she’s a neo-con.

You have my sympathies, all of you who are resident there among the purple mountain’s travesties above the looted plains. I’ve told you this before and I’m going to tell you again. You don’t have the guns and the organization to take back your country by force but there is a way to do it. Don’t go to work and don’t buy anything except food. Gather with your neighbors in communities across the land and congregate in public places as a statement that you’ve had it and that’s it. Justice gets done, your rights get returned, the criminal suits get thrown in jail or everything stops and stays stopped. This you can do and this will work.

Tell me people, do you really have a choice? Day by day your situation becomes graver and day by day you contribute to the machinery that is causing it. When Barclay’s and AIG can spend between half a million and three quarters of a million to get their porcine frames stuffed and stroked after your leaders bailed them out it should tell you what contempt they hold you in. No one should be returned to office who voted for this and since hardly any Republicans under any circumstances should be returned to office at all you may have to get creative. If millions of you decide to write in Donald Duck or Snoopy that’s got to make some kind of a point.

Now, I know and you know that Bush’s numbers are probably closer to ten percent than what they give him. Congress is near zero. However, as long as you are content with bread and circuses and don’t mind seeing your fellows go down one by one; and don’t see that sooner or later you are going to be next, well then, I’m not sure what help there is for you.

All over the country and especially in battleground and bell-weather states, voting machines are doing very strange things. How can this be happening after all this time if it isn’t the result of people causing it to happen? There isn’t any other answer for this. You don’t count. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter what you think or what happens to you. That’s how it is.

I’ll say it again... don’t go to work. Don’t buy anything but food and congregate in public places to show your displeasure. One brigade of soldiers and all the police in the country can’t do anything about this. You will effectively shut it down. This kind of a revolution will stop them in their tracks. There are not enough FEMA camps. There are not enough enforcers and, for the moment, there’s no law that says you have to go to work or buy things or that you can’t congregate in public places. That’s why they call them ‘public places’.

Even the dumbest of you, who seem to increase in number every year, should know by now what’s going on. It really comes down to how much you can be squeezed before you do something. You’re in a strange kind of disconnect. Your world is crashing down around you and you’re hoping you get to go to Las Vegas or Disneyland next month. You just want to grab a beer and sit on the couch and watch the World Series or... something darker perhaps? “How about those Rays, hey?”

One more time with feeling... ““Already states such as New Jersey are refusing to allow election experts to monitor voting because they claim it is “too important an election.” Well, there you are. There you are. I’m going to Rome for a few days but someone will post your comments and maybe I’ll find an internet café while I’m gadding about. The clock is ticking, people. The clock is ticking.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have Fun Bending Over for the Catch 22.

Tap, tap, tap..... Hmmmm... finger drumming on the table top... restless stretching and reaching... got an itch under my shoulder blade... confusion... a little I guess. Like ‘tells’ in poker, I’m getting some reads but the betting doesn’t reflect the hands I’m seeing when I call. What’s going on? I guess I can’t ask Marvin Gaye. You know what? I think I’m just going to take a little walk through my head and see what the ping pong ball has to say. I know it’s used to going back and forth and then there’s the spin thing. I’m pretty good at ping pong and the other things you learn growing up on military bases and being locked up for long periods of time. I’m not the sort of person you want to play Nine Ball with.

Having your head handed to you since before you could walk will make you scared of everything for awhile. Sooner or later you get angry and people die, maybe you die too or you learn to channel it. I guess I’m lucky that way. As erratic as I have been getting to where I am... I think it’s safe to say I learned on the way or I wouldn’t be here now.

Here I sit in beautiful weather with the sun shining as it has been for some time now. The temperature is in the 70’s and there’s a breeze most of the time but not like the South Pacific trades that are the best in this world. Still... a man could do worse but... I’m uneasy. I’m not comfy. I’m looking over my shoulder and it’s not a personal thing. It’s just that apprehension of no definable origin.

Colin Powell endorsed Obama so you can stick a fork in McCain. This puts the final imprimatur on the thing along with Brezinski bitch-slapping the insufferable Morning Joe. Hey, Joe... that dead girl in your office... what’s up with that? I don’t have a problem with Powell and My Lai... that sort of thing happens in every war and we’re doing it again and much worse. The trailers in Iraq were a bad moment and it made Powell look like a worked whore but... in the military you follow orders even when you don’t want to. All things considered Powell’s not the worst of the lot and I will tell you this... a lot of Americans... more than you would suspect, really respect Colin Powell.

The thing is... it makes the ongoing voter fraud- Joe Stalin- American system much harder to work now. I don’t care how slick they think they are everyone is going to smell a rat if McCain somehow wins. But he’s a legacy... as they like to say in the fraternities and his dad did a nice little arabesque blow-jobbing the Israeli’s about the cold blooded murder of American sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty. And given McCain’s tendency to backfire/flame-broil his mates, why... you could almost call him “Tail-Gunner Joe.” Nah... that probably didn’t happen and neither did the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.

I look at Obama speak and I think, Jack Kennedy. He’s the sort of guy you just wish would be president and not only lead but re-integrate the nation in ways that can’t really be talked about but would really make the day and if only the Zionist controlled Black Music World would let Sam Cooke reincarnate we wouldn’t have to feel like Richard Pryor’s pet monkey was humping our ear with a jackhammer every time you turned on the radio. That’s ‘you’, not me. I don’t listen to the radio or music period. I wouldn’t even listen to my own except I have to when I’m recording and mixing it. I like the quiet. If I could, I would get on a plane tomorrow and fly to India and just start walking into the Himalayas. I really would and I think about it all the time but people count on me. My dogs count on me. They wouldn’t understand. That’s the hard part about loving people and other creatures. That’s why attachment is the big no-no. Well, I’m not completely screwed. I do draw the line at, ‘things’. You can take everything I own, which isn’t much and I wouldn’t care. Five hundred tons of dust lands on the Earth every day; no matter what, things show up.

You can find the inauguration speech that I wrote for Obama in the archives or you can google it. Here’s the sticky wicket... here’s the catch 22 (I will actually conclude with this). Obama might be for real and he might not. I don’t know... do I? No... I don’t know but... there are a few things anyone who is for real has to do. Here are those things and if you don’t do them you are a whore. You are a nasty, nasty perversion because it’s not just you getting screwed but all the people who believed in you get screwed too. That’s what it is so let’s call it what it is. Let’s not mince words. Mince is for pies.

Any man or woman who becomes president must do these things or they are a whore. They might as well give it up on national TV. They might as well host a reality show where they do it for the thrill of being watched. Don’t you love that term...? “Reality Show”? That says it all. That about sums us up.

Here is what you have to do. You have to abolish the Federal Reserve. You have to cut Israel loose... period. Neither of these entities are your friends. In fact, they are your worst enemies and they are the same thing, so to speak. You have to double the taxes paid by the top ten per cent earners in America and you have to reduce the middle class taxes by the same degree. When I say ‘middle class’, I mean from 50 to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.... No way have people making 250,000 got any breaks coming whatsoever. You have to put the death tax back in action. You have to tell the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine and the insurance industry to “fuck off!” and you have to grant Americans the same universal health coverage that much of the rest of the world has.

Let me point something out to the eternally clueless among you. Everyone has a vote and the income area I am talking about and let me add... those making less than fifty thousand pay almost no taxes at all... Let me point out that that is a big majority and if you are too fucking stupid not to see this then you deserve what you get. In fact, I hope it hurts and gets worse because it that is what it takes to wake your stupid ass up then it’s all good.

All luxury goods should be taxed to the degree that they are unaffordable by the rest. You have an argument against that? Well, fuck you. It is a sad state of affairs when I would make a better president than what you have available. I know what is right. How come they don’t? Uh huh. I’m going to apologize to whores for having compared them to politicians. I didn’t mean any disrespect. I just couldn’t find a common term that was better but I want you to know I think they are far worse than you, although I know that neither of you have a heart of gold.

I can understand why a candidate for the highest orifice would have to dissimulate or dissemble. You have to lie to get into office, that’s a given. However... once you get into office you are either, fearless and true or you are a whore. And if you are fearless and true it will get you shot. That is the Catch 22. Study your history and see if you can connect the dots on who got shot and why.

All this given, I personally wouldn’t care. Shooting me doesn’t change anything. It promotes me to a higher plane and the moment my blood hits the ground YOU are in deep, deep trouble. Given that all life ends in death or ‘change’ I think it comes down to what you think is worth living for. It is the sad testimony of these times that so many of us are cowards and self-serving but it does you no good and that is what confuses me. If you can’t do the right thing then I damn well will or some other of our small number will. The thing is that you don’t elect people like this and that is the other Catch 22. I don’t know if this is connected to the fact that a 22 in the head is the best way to guarantee a death but anything that rattles around or ping pong balls back and forth has got to make an impression on something. We’re just not agreed on what that something is and to make matters worse... we don’t even know who we are.

Tap, tap, tap..... Hmmmm... finger drumming on the table top... restless stretching and reaching... cut.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going Down with the Ship to the Darkening Deep

The Guardian had a fine example of the sort of misdirection disinfo that the press everywhere has dropped to a coarse art; I really didn’t want to say, “raised to a fine art.’ You might think of MI5 as being the British version of the FBI and MI6 as the British version or the CIA, although I understand that England is setting up their own FBI under the head of a former MI5 head... I guess all those acronyms can get confusing and let’s face it... when you need to control the world in a way that most people don’t want you to, you soon find you have more enforcement agencies than the number of casual affairs by politicians and religious leaders.

Of course, when you are bent on world control, amassing more wealth than you will ever need and instituting conditions and laws that the majority of the world’s population objects to, you also need to manufacture terror events that you can use to convince the populations that they need your protection. Then the propaganda wing of the ‘would be’ world controllers, known as the main stream media, gets into the business of reporting conditions and events according to the will and intention of those seeking to control the whole world and who, then do what ever they damn well please whenever they want to.

Consonant with this you have these same nasty reptiles lowering the intelligence and corrupting the morals of the world’s people; immersing them in trivia, celebrity worship and banal sensory pursuits, while... in tandem with that, you have the religious corporations spieling out the control mechanisms of guilt and shame that are applied for just such engagements and perversions of the imagination which yet another agency carefully cultures through alcohol abuse and legal pharmaceuticals as well as all things illegal whose flow is also controlled by the same people. It works in the direction of ‘fat, happy and stupid and stoned.’ ...later on they drop the ‘happy’.

If you read the above mentioned article from this MI5 exec you might get the impression that she’s one of the good guys speaking out. Well, that would be a lie. First of all, wouldn’t you think that someone in her position would know more about what happened than I do? How is it that I and some number of other people know that Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, that there was no Al Qaeda (this according to high-ranking former CIA agents) and that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad and the American CIA with the assistance of British intelligence and other intelligence services here and there? This article is fabricated, confusion making, garbage. Most of everything you see on TV, hear on the radio and read on the internet in the main stream media is an intentional lie that originates from some kind of profit motive.

Furthermore, a great deal of what you see and hear and read, just about anywhere, is a lie as well. Most people who read at this site know this and may be wondering why I’m talking about it. I’m talking about it because the pull of these agencies and instruments is very powerful and it takes a strong mind with a powerful conviction to maintain objectivity when the lie-maestros are hammering it out 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It’s also being aided and abetted by various forms of radiation and broadcasts that you can’t see hear or read but you can certainly feel. As bad as the movie was, “They Live” is eerily dead on the money. It nails where you are headed today.

I’ve used this metaphor before. I’m going to use it again. If you are on a large ocean liner and the ocean liner begins to sink and there are lifeboats around and maybe large floating articles, you may think you’ve been saved; at least given another chance to be rescued or make your way to land. Land may not be that far off and maybe you are a powerful swimmer and you believe that you only have to jump into the water and swim to shore. However, the physics of a large ship going down are an example of unfortunate math. The pull of the ship is so great that the lifeboats and the floating objects, the powerful swimmer and you, unless you have gained enough distance, are going down with that boat due to the enormous draw. You get sucked down.

At this moment you are given the impression that the financial crisis is correcting itself due to the high-powered focus of educated minds upon the problem and the drastic efforts and infusions of capital being called for. That’s not the case at all. The worst of the situation has not even come up over the horizon line yet and the whole thing WAS ENGINEERED to begin with. It was engineered the same way the culture was perverted and the education system was compromised and the terror attacks were performed. All of this has been on purpose.

Whether you go back into the mists of time to study the origin of evil or you go back and look at the Rockefeller eugenics studies or you move forward to PNAC; whether you think there is a spiritual or material cause... whether you follow the works of Spengler or you are hearing the voice of Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park makes no difference. What matters is, is it so? Those variously named as ‘the elite’, ‘the illuminati’, the ‘Masonic Zionist Cabal’, or ‘the alien Grays’ have no good intentions for all of the rest of us. The good news is that they will destroy themselves. The bad news is that they may take you with them.

There’s too many of us and not enough resources according to whoever the vampires really are. Of course, there’s plenty to go around, especially if we were to embrace the visions of those like Jacque Fresco who have solutions in abundance. But there is not enough to go around when the avaricious overlords want more and more of what they will never be able to consume or use. So long as humanity tolerates their behavior, things will go from bad to worse. There are many reasons why humanity does this and even willingly serves these agents of evil but that has been explored at length here already at other times.

For those who are not content to stay on the ship and listen to the sonorous tones of the anonymous announcer... “Remain calm... everything is under control... move along, nothing to see here.” ...there is a mental and a physical detachment that is vital to your survival. You have to take your mind away from reliance on the ship and you have to get away from the ship. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve this right where you are; “terms may vary according to...” Fill in the blanks.

You may have heard that whenever a door closes a window opens. You should know that whenever something goes down, something goes up. Whenever the darkness concentrates, the light concentrates somewhere else. Metaphysically, the darkness is brimming with light but those sensing only darkness cannot see it because of what their attention is focused on. There has to be a reason why there is such a concerted effort to deceive and enslave the world’s population at this time. Something is going on and it could well be something other than what it appears to be. You might well ask yourself; why it is that so much is happening to tear everything apart and spread so much fear and confusion when those milking the herd are in no danger of running out of milk?

My theory (in part) is that this is a part of the process by which evil destroys itself. Evil’s reach always exceeds its grasp (check your history) and it never sees what truly endangers it because it is only fixed on gain and the offensive. It steps right into a trap of its own design. I would argue that there is a mysterious force in the cosmos, some arcane mathematics in nature, which always guarantees that particular behavior will eventually lead to a particular result. Call it karma, destiny or thermodynamic law. Call it what you please.

This is just to say, “Pay attention.” Look at the misdirection in that Guardian article and look at the pervasiveness of the misdirection all around you. One lulled into accepting what they are being told is similar to one putting on a weighted jacket on a sinking ship. Anyone who addressed 9/11 that doesn’t mention Mossad and the CIA as the culprits is a disinfo agent or a coward. You can’t walk away with part of the truth and expect the truth to walk away with all of you.

Does knowing the truth do you any good? Does it change what happened and does the larger part of the world pay attention or even want to know? That’s beside the point. One day you will find yourself in a situation where cutting the corner on what you are willing to sacrifice, in order to know the truth, has made you an enemy of yourself.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

While You Were Sleeping and Dreaming it was Real.

Yesterday I saw an article in Newsweek that said that Christians in India were being abused. It was the sort of dedicated disinfo that gets churned out by lying, agenda driven hacks who write what they get told to write since journalism got buried in an unmarked grave.

I have friends in India who keep me abreast of what’s been going on there and from what I am told, the Christians are rapacious in their efforts to gain political power and access to the ‘goodies locker’ by any means necessary. They’d like nothing better than to eliminate the Hindu traditions and along with Islam they’ve got the Hindus in a pincher grip and the Hindus don’t like it; never mind that the pinchers want to eat each other alive as well. So what we really have is the Hindus reacting to Christian missionary, weasel actions which get reported as “those terrible things that are happening to our beloved Christians as they attempt to subdue one of the oldest cultures on Earth to their goddamned missionary ways.” Of course, they wouldn’t say it that way but I do.

This same garbage is going on in Iraq with the Franklin Graham, God's Fascist’s Brigades. It’s going on around the world where bloodthirsty, fundamentalist Christians and Muslims are dispensing their vicious coercions at point of a sword; the threat of an empty food bowl, the promise of an empty heaven or a burning Hell, anything to swell the numbers of those deceived into thinking God is some kind of vindictive swine just like them.

These things go on while we are sleeping and dreaming that the world is only where we find ourselves and that people who pose as spiritual actually are spiritual. In this dreaming world, that blood-soaked coward, George W. Bush can be a Christian. In this sleeping world everything appears to be something other than what it is and people just eat up the lies because the truth puts them at odds with everyone they know.

In this world you don’t hear that The Rothschild’s own Rio Tinto and you don’t hear that they are doing this to the Papuans. The interconnecting web of vampire bankers, Zionist and Christian psychopaths, as well as the suit and tie legion of foot-spiders with fountain pens, make the bloody web of the sleeping world tremble with the cries of those who have the misfortune of living somewhere that plunder is to be had.

I watched the third debate yesterday and heard McCain and Obama talk about what they were going to do. I heard one of them talk about doing something about diabetes. This diabetes epidemic is the result of corporations flooding the fast food restaurants and supermarkets with soft drinks and sugar saturated crap that sleeping Schmoos pour down their unconscious gullets. How likely is it that either of these men will point out what those who are not asleep know to be true?

I heard them talk about health care. Comprehensive health care is readily available in most ‘civilized’ countries. I pay about one hundred euro a month for mine here in Europe. Amazing isn’t it? I don’t go to doctors but I have it and it’s got features you are paying ten times more for and possibly more than that. Why don’t you have comprehensive health care at an affordable price? You don’t have it because the corporations and consortiums that feed at this overflowing trough want to milk every bloody nickel from the scam. Even worse, they don’t know what they’re doing most of the time and their pharmaceuticals are often more dangerous than the condition they are treating. Even worse... these evil shits know exactly what excesses in the culture cause the maladies that they are incapable of treating and most likely own stock in the corporations that sell the poisons that create the diseases.

Will McCain or Obama be able to do anything about the root causes of the problems that are created by the corporations that own them? Where does that leave you? Do you think it’s some kind of accident that the world is awash in massive, flesh containers who’ve worn a path in their carpet from the ice-box to the TV? “Wide-Load Jeans; when you’re packing a Whole Lotta Love!”

They talked about education. The American education system is where it is on purpose. How are they going to fix something that is intended to be that way by the corporations and consortiums that own them? The whole, fucked up system is designed to be the way it is to reduce the target consumer to a mindless, porcine drone on a treadmill of consumption. It’s the American Way.

Yes, they eliminated the manufacturing industries from the American landscape to maximize profit but they also did it to make the military more attractive. The video game industry is part of the MIC. It’s a cradle to grave continuum. The destruction of the moral compass in the young is precisely for the reason of making moral relativism dovetail into whatever explanation is being presented by whatever corporations are profiting from the confusion. They’ve got whore outfits for pre-teens and they are on their way to the crib and... it’s all cool. It’s the American Way. It’s our freedoms that they hate. What? These freedoms? Freedom isn’t license.

You can’t fix something that is the way it is because of what it is. You can’t head for Kansas City and wind up in Boise if you are coming from Memphis... unless you are really asleep at the wheel. You are where you are because things are what they are and this particular way of doing things eventually consumes everything and creates a Hell on Earth. First it does it in far locations and then it does it where you are. And that is why you’ve got no Posse Comitatus or Habeas Corpus but you do have a brigade of soldiers somewhere, waiting on something. This is why Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were created so that you would have something to be frightened of and need protecting from while your freedoms and rights were removed. But... you’re asleep. You’re dreaming.

In England... where the world banking powers live... over the years... men like McCain and Obama and everyone else who got into the rackets made high sounding speeches while they declared war on China to force the Chinese government to let them addict their people to opium. They went into India and enslaved and murdered and they gave magnificent speeches. They brutalized the Irish across the centuries and brought harm everywhere they went and they dressed nice and they looked sharp and they gave magnificent speeches. Every now and then they would create a new boogeyman and bleed their country white of young men about whom they would give magnificent speeches.

In America they wiped out the Native Americans and bought slaves from the Jewish slave traders who were good enough to keep records so we have their accounts today. They brutalized the Chinese and stuck the Japanese into camps. The Japanese left their lands and possessions with Richard Nixon’s Quakers in trust, to be returned later only they weren’t. Pearl Harbor, like 9/11, was ‘arranged’. It’s about the money and those who control it and you think that Obama or McCain are going to fix something that is the way it is on purpose?

I’m not sure you should wake up. If would be nice if you could just sleep forever and believe the lies. Unfortunately for you, the time has come when not waking up is no longer an option. There are solutions but they require the same hatchet and scalpel that these off-the-Wal-Mart shelves Ken dolls were talking about. These deluded robots are just as fast asleep as you are. Well... you’re not going to be able to go on sleeping much longer. What do you think the learning curve on the landscape will be when you do wake up... partially wake up? It’s hard to think on your feet when you are lying on your back.

Yeah, everybody’s just trying to make a living buddy. There’s gold to be had if you can just do some thing about the Papuans or the Hindus or whoever is, wherever they are ...and ‘in the way’ of progress and the big, bright, beautiful dreams of the American Way that is on it’s way out and soon to be located in some other theater of enterprise where the dream masters and slave masters set up shop.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Pregnant Tick and Tock of The Reality Bomb.

Where I live you can buy fresh broccoli for about .50 cents a pound; eggplants at .45 cents a pound, tomatoes fresh from the garden for .50 cents a pound. You can pay even less if you know where to go. Fruit and vegetables are very inexpensive and my olive and almond trees provide more than I can use which is good for my friends. I live on a dead end road at the end of a maze. You’d think I was way out in the boondocks but two thriving towns are around 4 kilometers away, equidistant in opposite directions. Two large seas are not very far away.

There’s an occasional presence of eastern block criminals who like to gut the homes of wealthy ex-pats but I don’t fit the bill and I’m not on their route, out where the wider roads reveal the targets. My next door neighbor is a city policeman and an outstanding human being. In my quiet corner are some ‘connected’ people whose presence, I would assume, discourages trespass. In three years, I haven’t had a whisper of trouble and I’m only here half the time. My other place of residence is as safe as it gets, meaning... no crimes at all and I have seen a police car in that town no more than a dozen times in eight years. It is also in an agrarian belt; the timeless sort of location where war and social unrest seldom appear. During World War 2, this area in this axis country saw none of it.

I’m not out to save my own ass. If that were the case I would not have been arrested and thrown in prison and other places so many times over the years. Strangely enough, I have no record at all now due to serendipity in respect of pardons and acquittals and things generally working out. I know that the FBI has quite a file on me and a wanted poster that I always wanted to have but for some reason the Freedom of Information Act hasn’t worked for me. Maybe I wasn’t insistent enough. I have heard that it would not be a good idea for me to return to the U.S. while Diet Hitler-Lite is still in power and... the last time I was there I was just able to get out of the country... it almost didn’t happen.

My mother is quite old and really would like to see me and there are others there in Mordor too. A lot of years have come and gone since I had that opportunity. However, I’ve been blessed with a certain detachment about these things. I’ve known for some time that eventually one loses everything they have and everyone they know. Oh... I’ve my own ideas and confirmations about what waits beyond this vale but that is the subject matter of another blog.

I’m not sure that I care if I can go to America again. In some ways I am more curious than anything else. In my mind America seems to be a very strange place and I’ve always been a cultural voyeur. I don’t get homesick, probably because I never really had one. I miss Maui sometimes but, no matter where you are from you probably would miss a place like that. Languages are not easy for me and so I have lived for years around people saying things that I never quite get. Don’t assume everyone in Europe speaks English... they don’t. I’m the Bangladeshi cab driver here and I know as much about getting here and there as he does. These days I have a GPS navigator in my car so that’s a plus. My friend Don told me that just makes it easier for them to drive a missile up my exhaust pipe (grin).

One thing I notice about Europe that is different than America is that it is far less violent. I’m sure some cities have their moments, especially in the U.K. where I have the good sense not to go. The idea of London makes me uneasy and people are quick to mix it up over there. I got in a number of altercations in the U.S. mostly because I don’t like being pushed around. I used to not know enough just to walk away and I despise bullies. These days I never encounter anything like that. Occasionally I get to spar with another martial arts enthusiast but that’s few and far between. I don’t have any close friends or associates over here and most of the time it’s just me and the dogs, my consort and her mother. Some might think that a lonely life but I love being alone and at least once a year I am alone for months. I’d have to say that you are my social life.

What am I talking about? Why am I telling you this? This isn’t the stuff of Smoking Mirrors. Well... every day now when I get up, I wonder... is this the day? I know that the day is coming. The day is coming when the world turns upside down. There will be an event or several and suddenly... suddenly a great many things that might have seemed tangential or unrelated are going to join hands and they won’t be singing Cumbaya. The financial system IS going to fail like nothing before. You aren’t going to be able to get certain things and the utility system... well; you really don’t want to be in a city. Gang action is a certainty in those locations where materialism has brutalized the human spirit and locked a whole lot of people into the ‘me first’ syndrome. I once read a study that said if the power went off and stayed off, half the people in large urban environments would be dead after the first three days. That seemed absurd to me but they had a convincing argument.

I read a story by Tom Wolfe once that was called, “Oh Rotten Gotham, sliding down the Behavioral Sink.” If you can get your hands on it you should read it. It’s about experiments with rats. Rats are a metaphor for a certain mentality.

Where I am people are much less likely to behave the way they are certain to in London and New York and all the places like that. I sense that we would pull together. I know what sort of people they are. Some places are going to be okay. Day by day over the years you have seen what has been happening to people. You see the dumbing down and fascination with trivia, celebrity lives, convenience and comfort, the separation of humanity from nature and the perversions that always attend this separation. If you look at the approaching circumstances and the mind-set of the players it makes for grim reflection.

No one is going to be mailing out flyers saying that ‘too late’ will be happening after 6:00 PM on such and such a date. What can people be thinking as one thing after another pops up like another Jack in the Box warning? Many of you have asked yourself, “Why did they stay? Why couldn’t they see what was happening? I would have seen it.” This is what people think and say to themselves when they consider certain historical events. Everybody has 20-20 hindsight don’t they? Why can’t you see an armed brigade of soldiers stationed in your country and preparing for... what? The innuendo and threat delivered to congress about failing to approve the bailout; the suspension of legal protections against governmental abuse, the mad dog Samson option of Israel which has threatened, strong-armed and blackmailed the United States into pulverizing two countries and now wants more, the fuel and food shortages, the bankrupting of the middle class, the mercenaries and black outfitted Darth Vader police. Somehow a whole lot of people think someone is going to wave a magic wand, even while both presidential candidates are down on their knees for the very people who have been doing all of this.

I want so very badly to be wrong about what I am seeing. It would please me no end to be shown to be a paranoid and delusional fool. I can hear the clock ticking the way you sometimes do when you can’t sleep and every sound is magnified. The clock is connected to a very unusual bomb which goes off in stages that are triggered by pressures in particular atmospheres. I guess you could call it a Reality Bomb. It’s located everywhere. It has a center and a radius that overlaps itself and has degrees of intensity that are determined by certain densities of population in relation to various collective viewpoints.

This is just one aspect of the bomb. I was amused to note a number of similar terms in the article that were the same as I have been using and ‘just used’ in my postings of late. Similar takes abound and you can find the same dreadful perspectives in every theater of possibility whether it concerns armed conflicts, economies or anything else. Sane and well-informed people in every area of inquiry are saying the same things. Then there’s the unified voice of the global lie machine that’s churning out the confusions that are yet another aspect of the bomb. I hope you have thought deeply on these matters and made what preparations you can. One day soon we’ll be talking about what happened when the bomb went off, or maybe not.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can You Say Martial Law? I thought You Could.

Let’s track the timeline. A wanna be Caligula who is also a natural born coward runs for the office of president on the corporate dime and the election is stolen and the highest court in the land is compromised by five vultures sitting on a dead branch of government overlooking a wasteland of material excess.

Dual national neo-cons who forged a manifesto for treason flowed into the critical areas of power and went to work on the centerpiece of their intent, that being the 9/11 attack whose purpose was to turn world opinion against the Muslim world. This tight lock-step of deluded Christians and Zionist Jews, in concert with leaders in the banking, corporate and media worlds laid claim to the souls of nearly every member of the Senate and House of Representatives.

The constant drumbeat of terror over a dead Saudi boogeyman kept the hoi polloi in an endless state of acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. After the second presidential election was stolen, the terror alerts went away. It was on to changes in The Constitution and the Bill of Rights; the removal of Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus. Prior to this Homeland Security snuck into town in the dead of the night and stuck its 700+ pages up the ass of the American people and then set it on fire.

A new fashion house was opened called Vitorrio Blackwaters and soon there were legions of black suited robo-cops with scanner rings and vomit spray along with designer clubs to beat the crowds away. All through the festivities, Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia gave each other reach-arounds in a duck blind during an orgy of celebration for the rising of the Fifth Reich; rat packs of Zio-Nazis wormed into every area of American life and ate the foundations of the culture, the infrastructure and economy.

Slowly they goose-stepped across the years to the tune of ♫ rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let’s go out and burn a native village ♫. They launched wars based on fabricated intel and murdered and destroyed with impunity. On they marched to the last year of the years in which they had set in place all that was necessary to suspend everything that had held the empire in place and then a select group of bankers and their associates in various countries stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and then sent out for crowbars to get the rest. All was in readiness.

The First BCT Army Brigade was relocated to American soil. A presidential election was taking place as the stock market crashed and millions were being evicted from their homes. Everything that looked like what it was when it started turned into exactly what it looked like it was going to be. ♫ And they said it couldn’t happen here. ♫ Who’s your daddy? Ask Ozzy Osborne. He can tell you.

Meanwhile, the American public flocked to the call to arms against each other. The incipient racism and violent nationalism that always percolates beneath the surface broke out in festering boils and the movers and the shakers and the media poured rock salt into the open sores. Non-violent protest groups were legally designated as terrorists because all the laws that would have protected them from this were dressed in orange jumpsuits and imprisoned behind chain link fences woven out of obliging lawyers.

Okay... let’s move along into a little Game-Boy theory. What are the possibilities? Everything that happened was necessary to protect the American people from threats external and internal? I think that’s a big solid, “No!” Everything that happened was just a series of random accidents that seems to happen every now and then and no one knows why and we’ll just have to make the best of it? It’s safe to say that that is another rousing, “No!” This has all happened because Jesus is coming soon and may well be in the duck blind according to Dick and Antonin? I’m going to go with, “No!” one more time. How about... how about... this was all engineered by a group of psychopaths whose intention is to decimate certain portions of the Earth and enslave the remaining survivors? Well... you look at everything that’s been done along the way and where we are now and you tell me. Remember, Bin Laden’s been dead a long time and there never was an Al Qaeda.

It might clear things up a little to look at those firms on Wall Street and those banks around the world that have not been affected by the present crisis. Surely there are those who are weathering the storm and even prospering. Wouldn’t you think it a little strange that we get no mention of them? I haven’t heard the name of David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan yet. Well, that may not mean anything. What about the Rothschild banks? How are they doing? The trick is to look at who’s not in trouble to see who’s causing the trouble.

The economic crisis of today was engineered in this manner. Some number of groups and individuals baited a hook with the promise of a boatload of fish. They threw in their reels with everyone else. They put bunting over the lake and brought in brass bands, teenage hookers; girls for the Democrats and boys for the Republicans and the booze and other comestibles flowed from an endless tap. Then, when everyone they invited to the party was ‘all in’, drunk and hunting through their pockets for more Viagra they... they cashed out. It was a sucker play orchestrated by sucker-fish, by lampreys, by vampires.

Any day now something is going to happen. They’re fine tuning it right now. Will it happen abroad? Will it happen at home? Will it happen in a city? Will it happen in the countryside? It’s safe to say that even if it does happen abroad it will also happen at home as well. It’s safe to say that it’s got to be really big. It’s got to be big enough to get all the Schmoos in agreement that anyone who isn’t in agreement should be hunted down and killed or locked up forever. It’s safe to say that the same people who did 9/11; The CIA and Israeli Mossad, along with sympathetic hands at various levels in various places will be the instigators and that the blame will be directed at whoever they don’t like and that is most likely Iran and indirectly whoever may be supporting Iran.

I wouldn’t know what to tell you, if someone should ask me, “What should we do?” The things you should have done were the requirements of a time now past. Oh... there is definitely a joker in the deck or maybe two so... no one knows how it’s going to play out. I’m just waiting and watching like the small collection of others who don’t have their heads stuck in ‘a place where the sun don’t shine’. "Now... that’s an intoxicating scent. Is that Chanel? I’d swear that was Chanel.”

It’s a possibility that the thing is going to crash down around the ears of the ones who pulled the linchpins out. It’s a possibility that this is all part of the movie that you had better hope WAS NOT made in Hollywood. It’s possible that they go right on to the planned fait accompli and all the good little proles get to drop even further down the ladder of awareness and well-being. I’m confident of the outcome but my interests and expectations are somewhat different than the main.

It may be you get to stick around and watch the season premier of “America’s got Herpes!” It might just limp on the way it has from excess to excess from darkness into darkness. No matter what anyone fears or anticipates it isn’t going to turn out quite the way anyone expects. We’re soon to find out what you value and believe in and to what extent. Armageddon and all of the other nametags for cosmic rock and roll do not actually require religious overtones to occur. Sometimes shit happens because shit happens. So far it hasn’t affected AIG or Barclays bank holidays.

In so many ways it is so classic that you just have to imagine there’s a director involved. It’s so Shakespearean. It’s as if enough people had the script inside their heads that it had to play out the way it does. Whether the truck that hits you is powered by a conscious force or a random series of numbers doesn’t make any difference on impact.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Holocaust Blackmail Game-Boy

The world is a lie because all of the transitory phenomena in the realm of the senses are actually based on things you can’t see. This is scientific fact. Most of what you hear is a lie because it is based on perceptions of reality which are based on things out side of the parameters of those making the statement. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it’s just ignorance. However, nearly every lie, whether based on malicious intent or ignorant assumption is motive driven; what we want to believe, what we want you to believe are driven toward some idea of profit or control and you can catalog the minutiae right down to the mites on your skin but you still won’t know the truth of the matter.

Dictatorial governments and Democratic governments lie as a matter of routine. In the first case it is necessary for the people to believe that things are a certain way so that the ruling authority is not challenged by popular revolt. The truth must remain hidden or be otherwise defined. In the second case, when two seemingly opposing parties contend for control, it is necessary to paint yourself in one light and your opponent in another.

Sometimes a government from either of these choices can be more effective and more aware of the benefits of seeing to the peoples needs. A benevolent dictatorship may be the right method for a particular people who are used to and desirous of a strong and comprehensive government and life can be relatively normal for the majority. The same applies to a democratic system and neither can be said to be ultimately better over all because different systems work better in different places. One of these systems can also change into the other according to mysterious forces that have given us many examples through history. We’ve seen that any system can change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Why have I started this post with the sort of back and forth sinuous winding of serpentine reasoning? This isn’t the best way to perform the sort of thing I do; leaving the reader longing for a commercial break. Well, I wanted to create a headspace.

I watched the Obama/McCain debate the morning after. It was interesting to note that both men wanted the voters to know that Iran is evil; that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations and that Israel is a strong and devoted ally of the United States. Never mind what just got uncovered in Yemen. Never mind Israel’s involvement in the 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid train station attacks. Never mind all of the false flag actions. Never mind the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. Never mind the billions flowing out of the American economy right this minute into Israeli banks. Never mind the wars they orchestrated against Afghanistan and Iraq. Never mind their creation of Homeland Security or the theft of the last two presidential elections. Never mind an endless litany of offenses by Israel against the United States and nations across the world from Lebanon to Georgia and on and on but never mind... Israel is America’s good buddy.

I’m stymied to think of what it is that Israel has done for America which makes it such a good buddy and no one can tell me anything except that they are your friend. When it comes to actual events where Israel did something wonderful for America (over and over as they might say) I can come up with nothing.

How it looks to me is that there is no nation on Earth causing more trouble around the globe than Israel. At the same time, Israel and her Zionist controllers are hard at work taking away everyone’s freedom around the world to speak their mind. People are being thrown into prison for questioning numbers and circumstances about her beloved and sacred cash-cow holocaust for which we now have McHolocaust museums and theme parks world wide that rival any franchise around.

The six million figure of those alleged to have been executed during the Second World War has been proven to be a figure much discussed long before that number had any occasion on which to be proclaimed. The Zionists themselves lowered the number of deaths at Auschwitz from 4.5 million to 1.5 million and yet we still have six million and even though they changed the number you are not allowed to call attention to it. The official Red Cross numbers put the lie to the declared magically adjusting number. So far The Red Cross is not rotting in a German prison.

Meanwhile, the Zionists had as much to do with making whatever actually did happen in the camps as any other force including the Hitler government. They declared war on Germany long before anything took place. Once there were Jews in the camps they used powerful strong arm tactics to keep them there and to deny aid organizations the opportunity to provide aid. They would not let them emigrate and afterwards Ben Gurion and others had much to say about what a great investment that turned out to be. For decades the new Israeli residents in the former Palestine have engaged in systematic efforts to eliminate the Palestinian people and it continues this very moment.

Did anyone hear Obama or McCain mention this when they talked about Darfur, or Rwanda or The Congo? Of course not. I saw Obama pause as he was talking and it almost seemed to me as if this thought passed momentarily through his mind.

I’ve come to believe that the truth is anti-Semitic even though most of the Jews in Israel are not Semitic to begin with ...although the Palestinians are. Here is what the State Department defines as anti-Semitic; 1. Any assertion that the Jewish community controls government, the media, international business and the financial world is anti-Semitic. 2. Any strong anti-Israel sentiment is anti-Semitic. 3. Virulent criticism of Israel’s leaders, past or present, is anti-Semitic. 4. Criticism of the Jewish religion or its religious leaders or literature, especially the Talmud and the Kabala is anti-Semitic. 5. Criticism of the US government and congress for being under the influence of the Jewish/Zionist community, including AIPAC, is anti-Semitic. 6. Criticism of the Jewish/Zionist community for promoting Globalism, [the New World Order] is anti-Semitic. 7. Blaming Jewish leaders and their followers for inciting the Roman crucifixion of Christ is anti-Semitic. 8. Diminishing the 6 million figure of the holocaust victims is anti-Semitic. 9. Calling Israel a racist state is anti-Semitic. 10. Asserting that there exists a Zionist conspiracy is anti-Semitic. 11. Claiming the Jews and their leaders created the Bolshevik revolution in Russia is anti-Semitic. 12. Making derogatory statements about Jewish persons is anti-Semitic.

I’m guessing I’m anti-Semitic. It’s either that or I can be a lying coward and I don’t fancy the latter. Those are the only two options. Either I believe what the evidence tells me or I believe a number of proven lies in order not to be defined by slander or imprisoned for telling the truth. If the truth is anti-Semitic then I guess I’m anti-Semitic according to the uses this label is applied for.

Anyone who cannot see what has been happening here and what seems to be the intention for future actions and conditions is deserving of what they believe. Thus does Cochise make cowboys of us all... a little levity if I may ...with a paraphrasing that will probably leave everyone scratching their head.

I’m going to have to say that Israel is an abomination and an evil empire. Since all of the things stated in the State Department’s lists of what defines an anti-Semite happen to be true, it’s no surprise that Israel and her supporters have the muscle to enforce their fascist will world wide. Israel is a nation of parasites that is bent on world domination. It has to said because it is true and it can’t be refuted because the evidence is right in front of you. It’s in the control exerted over world leaders in what they are compelled to say and do. It’s found underneath many of the many troubles that are blamed on others. The players engaged in the political and financial manipulations are right there to be seen.

Jews are two percent of the American population and a much, much smaller percentage of the world’s population yet... some unfortunate number of them causes- or enable more problems than any other group of people on Earth. They do control the media and exert enormous influence over the financial world and governments around the globe. Lest it be thought that I am opposed to Jews period, I would state that I am a friend of the Neutra Karta, all True Torah Jews and the distressingly small number of Jews who protest the Aska-Nazi actions of their psychopathic fellows.

It seems that the Zionists intended for and assisted in their holocaust for the purpose of blackmailing the world. They’ve realized more profit from this event than the victims of every other holocaust on Earth since presently recorded history began. There now seem to be more holocaust survivors than there were when the war ended. This holocaust is the greatest publicity stunt in the history of the world. They’re gotten their money’s worth and now it’s time for the truth to be told and for these murderous scoundrels to be exposed and rendered powerless by whatever means are necessary. My personal expectation is that something is going to happen in this regard but I’m not going to get into predicting what that is.

Let every Zionist who engages in and supports the lies and murders of this parasite nation be transported to Israel and let that wall they are building be built to encircle the original borders... not to keep their imaginary enemies out but to keep them in for the safety of the world. Since we are the scum beneath their boots let them enjoy their racist superiority among their fellows and leave the rest of us alone.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What to Do about The Troll under The Bridge?

You really don’t have to do much more than go to WRH (the October 6 line-up) to see a vast and comprehensive collection of information and perspectives on how bad it really is. Keep in mind that it’s worse than any of what you are reading because everything is interdependent in the global financial scheme. Keep in mind that the major players are mostly psychopaths who have nothing but self-interest in mind and that nothing is less likely to solve an interdependent crisis than unbridled self-interest.

The interdependent financial crisis is also interdependent with the geo-political situation and every conflict that is occurring at this time. The interdependent financial crisis is also hot-linked to energy, housing and food. All of these things are interdependent. Think of the world of phenomenal reality as being like a spider’s web or a suspension bridge. I’ll leave you to ponder the possibilities.

As the crisis deepens, the people’s assets, borrowing and buying habits are altered; paranoia becomes rampant. Things constrict. Then, that which the banks and corporations rely on in order to conduct their business suddenly go missing or is greatly reduced. You do the math. The stock market is about confidence. Confidence is a funny thing. It can make a lie a valuable commodity and ratchet its value far above what it essentially is and it can maintain that value for... who knows how long? This can be done as long as confidence fuels the faith and imagination of the people. That’s in free fall right now.

What happens when corporations rule government policy? The possibility of false flag terror attacks, sudden critical shortages and war becomes immanent. It is hard to imagine any other alternative. This is how they operate. This is how they have operated for as long as they have operated.

What is the solution? First you have to look at the problem itself and how the problem got to where it is. We’re in a ‘breaking eggs to make omelets’ situation where certain individuals must be apprehended and jailed or eliminated entirely. This is a realpolitick look at things. I’m not advocating anything. I’m talking about what’s there. You can’t solve the problem of the troll under the bridge as long as the troll remains under the bridge. It may be that you can drive the troll away. You can maroon the troll. You can imprison the troll and you can kill the troll. You have to do something about the troll or your problem continues. You cannot go to the troll for the solution to the problem of the troll; as is presently the process being employed.

I’m not going to mince words here. In many cases you need to employ the Ceausescu solution. The reason this is necessary is because the troll will not stop acting like a troll for as long as the troll remains. Trolls do not magically transform into elves. Trolls do not possess a conscience that would allow for rehabilitation. Trolls are trolls. Some people think they are cute. I do not.

Alternatively you can strip the troll of all of his/her assets and imprison or exile them to a place from which they cannot return. You can forbid them the opportunity to operate in their former sphere of activity ever again. Unfortunately... you have a problem. The problem is that the trolls are the ones making the laws that enforce and constrain troll behavior. The trolls are the ones enforcing the law. The trolls are the ones reporting and shaping the news. The only way to deal with trolls is to call in the exterminator the same way you would for any pest infestation. You may want to use a humane trap so that you can ferry them to the shark encircled island. You may want to merely contain them. However you approach it you have to do something that renders the trolls harmless; one way or the other.

Sometimes justice has to be employed in a direct and powerful way. Consider that the trolls never had a moment’s hesitation or doubt about destroying the lives of others; causing wars and want and all of the ills that trolls cause. Trolls are not human. Trolls don’t care. The end justifies the means and only the needs of trolls are ever considered.

The indecently rich must be stripped of all of their assets and put out on the street. The politician trolls must be driven from office. The corporation trolls must be run off. The media trolls must be silenced. Parasite trolls and parasite nations have to be cut off completely from any and all influence in the host country or they will (and are) bleed you white. Parasites do not engage in symbiosis. Parasites are not beneficial to the host body.

This is clear simple fact. Banker trolls must be bankrupted and all trolls must be defined and treated as trolls.

Sooner or later a housecleaning is going to be in order or you lose the house. Sooner or later the trolls will destroy the world in which you live because that is their modus operandi. That is how they do business. Should you allow your own destruction so as not to offend the trolls? That is for you to decide.

Everybody knows who the trolls are. Who are the people who have amassed great wealth at your expense? Who are the people creating the wars for personal profit? Who are the politicians and religious leaders who are servants of these trolls? Who are the media operatives who feed the lies that justify the looting and pillaging? Who are the storm-troopers enforcing the will of the trolls against the well being of the populace? One should take a look at the conditions that existed in France prior to the revolution and what followed after and be mindful that all too often when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there.

Do I think you can pull this off? You can’t pull this off if you don’t deal with your own inner troll first. You can’t solve a problem if you can’t see to what extent you are part of it. And you can’t use kid gloves to solve a troll problem. You can’t reason with trolls and you can’t ever trust a troll to be reasonable and quit their evil ways. Hey, they’re trolls.

Trolls caused these problems and one of the ways they did this was by getting you to accept that troll behavior is acceptable. It’s not. Troll behavior never works out to the advantage of everyone else. A troll infestation can not be eliminated by leaving the solution in the hands of the trolls. They’ll throw a few of their number under the train and go right on with business as usual. Troll behavior has to be looked at as shameful and reprehensible and it must be universally condemned. Trolls have to be named and shamed. Trolls have to be rendered impotent by whatever means necessary or you might as well take your own life because they’re going to do it anyway- or worse and they won’t be so kind in the deed as you would be yourself. A massive awakening must take place and when it does it won’t be hard to see what’s what. Luckily... and I say that with no small amount of irony... a massive awakening is going to take place whether you like it or not. It’s taking place now. It needs to be hard and lasting or nothing is going to change.

You’ve got a front row seat to life in interesting times. Sooner or later you are going to realize that the real power has and always does reside in ‘the people’. Until you stop employing trolls to look after your affairs you are going to be neck deep in troll shit and they are going to serve it to you warm for dinner.

This polemic, like all of my dissertations is only so many words. Circumstances are another thing. When you injure your body you feel it. Unfortunately it is not so when someone else is injured. But we are all interdependent too, whether we see it or not. Everyone’s death and suffering really does diminish and affect you too.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Horizontal Hula, it's the Latest Thing

How did it happen to you? You were just going to Grandma’s house with your picnic basket. You were going over the river and through the trees. You had your little summer frock on. You had your pink socks and Buster Brown shoes. You had a ribbon in your hair. You saw a butterfly and when you chased it you went off the path and ran into The Big Bad Wolf.

How did it happen to you? You were just a young boy on your way back from a baseball game. It was near dark when you stopped in that public restroom by the park. You were standing at the urinal when that man walked in. You never knew anything about that sort of thing did you?

Then you were a young family who moved from the farm into the city because there wasn’t any more money in farming anymore. It was a bad neighborhood. It was a bad neighborhood because you have to put one kind of people one place and one kind in another because you can’t watch them all. You can’t protect them all and there’s no pressing reason to protect the poor from anything. The system doesn’t want that. It’s not cost effective.

It was a good system, as far as systems go. What I mean to say is that it looked like a good system. It was the sort of system where anyone who wanted to work hard could get to live in a neighborhood worth protecting. It was a system that said it wanted to give everyone the same possibilities and opportunities, even if that was impossible, it was an impression that stirred hope and ambition and so... every now and then someone would pull it off... up to a point. Sometimes people won the lottery or wound up on TV or in a sport arena and sometimes they walked around on some rich man’s arm for awhile or became a house pet for a black widow spider.

You expect to lose a few little girls and boys in any kind of system. It’s some kind of donation program for The Dark Side and, let’s face it, there’s a whole economy for that kind of action. Look, we lose just about every little boy and girl on the planet anyway because at some point they have to accept certain things that take away their innocence and childhood forever.

You expect families to have their problems because people want different things and mother’s and father’s all have an opinion of what it’s okay to want and okay to have. They may have learned a thing or two from the time they had to bend over and wait and they want to spare their children the suffering they had. Meanwhile, the system needs these children so they’re going to be hearing something a lot different than what they hear at home but... then again... most of the time the parents work for the system too.

You expect a system to have holes in it. Systems are like cars. They have to go into the shop now and then. The shop is a system too and it needs to have cars with flaws so they can fix them. Things need to break down so that shops can fix them. People need to break down so that doctors can fix them. Laws need to be complicated and full of loopholes so that lawyers can interpret and dance through them. If everything worked more than it didn’t work it would be a whole other thing and you probably wouldn’t be reading this because there wouldn’t be any reason to write it.

Well...all of this... it’s a very limited outline. It’s one of those sketches where you can tell it’s supposed to be a face or a body or a tree but it’s more a suggestion than a complete image. You can’t tell whose face it is. Heck... it could be your face.

Every system and society goes through a series of changes. There’s a time when it’s young and vigorous and all that energy and all those dreams combine to rev the engine of industry and a whole lot of things get done. It’s like Spring. Summer’s a lot like Spring only there aren’t the same requirements of energy and dreams because most of the industry is running along on it’s own. The people are brimming with confidence and there’s a lot of eating and drinking and making merry. Maybe there’s too much eating and drinking and making merry because people are getting fat and looking sleek as seals.

All Summer, people are getting more and more of a good thing and they’re expanding horizontally. Things that were going up are now going sideways. It’s sort of how suburbs appear. Then comes the Fall. There are cracks in the sidewalk and lines on people’s faces and the Age of Cosmetics appears. You can keep up a certain impression for some time beyond what’s real any more through the artful application of makeup and cannily placed lights. Fall is a time of harvest so there’s the impression that it’s never been as good as it is now; whenever that might be in whatever culture is ‘passing through’ it. Because everything looks so good, given all of the state of the art stage effects and nobody is too worried about Winter.

Winter comes and it’s no longer possible to hide the lines and the cracks. A new method of perception is introduced where everyone pretends that there aren’t any cracks and lines and that ‘somebody’ is going to fix all of it anyway. Somewhere along the way, the people who made all the money and got into the position of determining how cracks get fixed and who gets paid for it... these people decided that it made more sense just to break everything down and sell off the parts because it wasn’t cost effective to keep up a false impression. Still... the false impression had to be kept up until everything was sold because most of the people; the people who didn’t have all the money and who didn’t make the decisions... those people were sure to get upset if everything was gone.

So the people who had all the money and made the decisions decided that it was probably better to lock up a certain amount of people who might be more inclined to make trouble than the rest and then to take the rest of the people and put them in different rooms and teach them how to do the Horizontal Hula and that would generate more income for the people with all the money who made all the decisions. Since the people had long ago been convinced to believe that there were no cracks and lines because of the makeup and the artful lighting, it wasn’t hard to convince them that they were in show business instead of prostitution. There’s not that big a difference anyway so...

Really... it’s all a matter of getting used to it. It’s like how some things are an acquired taste. You can tell yourself that it’s yogurt or peanut butter (or both at the same time) or anything you want and Presto! ... So be it.

Sooner or later though... and I’m not sure why this happens but ...sooner or later you wake up in an alley or a pig sty; you might even wake up with hooves and... it’s always Winter when it happens and it’s always cold and, damn! Now you’ve got the shakes too. That would have come in handy when you were doing the Horizontal Hula. Shit... you might still be in business. As much as the customer might appreciate your laying back and taking it, there’s always the implication that if you were more into it they might enjoy it more too. It always seems to come as a surprise to people how they wound up where they did. It never surprises me but I look at things a little different than most people and seldom want the things they want. I’ve always made sure that I was ready and able to sleep most anywhere because I know what kind of discomfort can come when you get too used to comfort and then it gets taken away.

I think the biggest surprise that people experience is finding out that they weren’t in show business after all... that and the fact that they can’t remember what they did the night before or why certain parts of them are sore. For some reason the light has changed too and no amount of makeup seems to do the trick. Maybe some of them are wondering what happened to the people who had all the money and made all the decisions. Well, those people migrated to a new location where Summer is now in full bloom.

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