Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Madman Sees a Kindred Spirit

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I would have to say that the whole world has gone through the looking glass and things that just wouldn’t happen on one side of the mirror are pro forma on the other. Here we see a telling example of just that. A few weeks ago, I said that when that Tunisian merchant set himself on fire that that was a major watermark of our procession into a new world and a new concept of reality. The police marching into the Wisconsin state capitol building is another. Something like this is going to reverberate through police stations around the country. It’s going to vibrate like a tuning fork in a newly discovered key all up and down the electronic schematic of the police template that was, transforming it into the police template that is.

I will probably have to go on saying it over and over because it only ‘takes’ after persistent repetition. Change comes from within. This means that visible change has an invisible source. We suppose that things happen in reaction to other things that happened previously and continue through time, into a complexity of back and forth synthesisation of all the elements necessary to exist as what composes ‘the moment’. Most of the time events and actions do follow a cause and effect script. Some results are immediate; wrapping a car around a tree because you were texting your manicurist about possible nail inlays, prior to your arrival and some are deferred, like shooting someone in ambush and hightailing it into the future, unraveling toward whatever that gets summed up as. This and everything like it depends on the cosmic writer and the scenery design team that arranges for your appointment with destiny further down the road at another ambush.

Like I said, some people want to keep asking me where all those changes are that I say are in process or on the way. For some reason, they have gotten the impression that I am referring to various positive outcomes. I have not defined anything as such, because positive for one person is automatically negative for someone else, a lot of the time. I do refer to an overall improvement in the quality of life, sometime ‘after’ the shit hits the fan and secondarily whoever is close enough to the fan for a shared experience. The various reactions to flying shit have to happen first and then the outrage and discussions and investigations concerning who threw it at the fan, while people too important for that to happen to them, had it happen to them and then the shit needs to be cleaned up, sold off in job lots, turned into history and in some cases art and then ...there’s a lot more movable scenery and attitudes that necessarily follow massive changes in existence.

Some people think that because a number of people follow this blog that I must be engaging in some kind of mesmerization actions toward an unknown end. No doubt the result is going to be me sitting on a dais, in flowing white robes, while dispensing intricate ruminations upon the secret operations of the universe. Then I can expect the usual cries of “that’s so gay” and or wide eyed wonder followed by the collection plate. So far as I know, that’s never been my intention but I imagine I can be surprised just like anyone else. The person who offered me their insights, after having just discovered my work and, having added water, becomes an instant expert on my motivations, suggested that it could well be ego that is motivating me in my efforts. Unless you are one of the extremely rare birds among us, some amount of ego is always involved but ego is not, per se a bad thing. Ego is like a bear. It can rampage and it can be taught to dance. Now there are people who don’t like either sort of bear but I’m afraid we’re at the limits of what I’m capable of at the moment.

What you see in the world, in me, in yourself, are all reflections in the glass. Some people have an immediate competitive reaction to any act on the part of another and that usually turns into a war story where they did it better. Some are repulsed or frightened because change may be one of the demands made by any example of speech or action. You’re going to change anyway or, worst case scenario, go on as you have been. It is near impossible for anyone to speak and strike an agreeable chord with every word they offer. The key is to take what is useful and put the rest away for further reflection.

While I was in the hospital I read a book of Rumi’s entitled “Delicious Laughter” Here is a selection that struck me concerning the concerns raised just now;

“When a Madman Smiles at You”

Galen, the great physician, asked one of his assistants to give him a certain medicine.

“Master, that medicine is for crazy people! You’re far from needing that!”

Galen: “Yesterday a madman turned and smiled at me, did his eyebrows up and down and touched my sleeve. He wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t recognized in me someone congenial.

Anyone that feels drawn, for however short a time, to anyone else, those two share a common consciousness. It’s only in the grave that unlike beings associate.

“A wise man once remarked, “I saw a crow and a stock flying together and I couldn’t understand it, until I investigated and found what they shared. They were both lame.

“There’s a reason why the beetle leaves the rose garden. He can’t stand all that loveliness. He want to live in rotten dung, not with nightingales and flowers. Watch who avoids you, that too reveals your inner qualities. The mark of eternity in Adam was not only that angels bowed to him but that Satan wouldn’t.”

Well, the Wisconsin police are seeing themselves in the protestors that they have now joined and that is a madness that will grow by contagion. It is something like what The Oath Keepers profess. I am not suggesting that I support any organizations but I will say that I support members of most organizations because I too sincerely believe in something and our shared sincerity renders us a common ground for communication.

I see something great and unexpected in what has happened here. I don’t know if it is the result of the spoof phone call and Walker inadvertently showing his true colors or whether the awakening, as it grows more and more pervasive, is touching more and more people in every line of endeavor. What I do know is that this creates a serious problem concerning crowd control on the part of TPTW.

A huge upwelling is happening in the heart of humanity and it is an internal thing. It is coming from an unseen place and it can’t be defended against by those seeking to hinder its growth. They can’t touch the sympathetic strings if they can’t even see them. This is why all of the dreams of world rulers and those despicable thugs that do their bidding always fail in the end because when change is meant to sweep the world it comes from a place that can’t be compromised by those whose only power is that of external trappings and temporal authority.

We are awakening and we are seeing that we have a deeply shared common cause. We are seeing that we are the bedrock of being and not the pawns of those who would heard us along behind the Judas Goat. This is a stupendous event that has happened in Wisconsin and you may look for a great deal more of the same. You may look for politicians and leaders of all types having a change of heart, brought about by shame, fear and/or realization. However it comes, it is welcome; welcome indeed.

They have lost. We are living in the echo of their power as it vanishes over the hills and finds a new home in the hearts and minds of those chosen and inspired to lead humanity into a finer state of being. Nothing is going to stop this. No matter how terrible the last gasp efforts may be, they will not be enough. It is destined and will not be compromised or stopped.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Revolution on the Water, Revolution in the Air

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The rumors are flying around and possibly Gaddafi is too, on his way to Brazil or Argentina or so the stories go. His son is threatening to fight to the last bullet but one would hope he saves that for himself. Egypt has turned over and Libya soon will, which means that Algeria can’t have too long to wait, especially given the corruption of a government that has the biggest disparity between what’s available and what reaches the people. It’s a given that Israel is doing everything she can with money stolen from the American taxpayer to see that the revolutions turn out her way. I suspect it’s going to be hard to implement pro-Israel policy with the populations in a state of such volatility. One thing that is certain is that everyone in the region hates Israel and there are more good reasons for that than I have time or virtual paper upon which to record them

There’s a new movie coming to the real life screens of the Middle East. The working title is “Sundown for the Despots”. It’s a kind of “Bingo Long and the Traveling All Stars” meets “The Revenge of the Dancing Chicken”. The latter is not a movie. It’s just the title of a movie; just like The Universe is the name for something we don’t understand and will never chart or measure. The Dancing Chicken is a symbol for all the persecuted and slandered Arab peoples, whose existence has been determined by whatever is good for Israel. What’s good for Israel is not good for anyone else and what’s good for anyone else is not good for Israel.

The days of this made up, impersonation of a country, doing business as global, outlaw bankers, with specialized divisions for terrorism, weapons, drug and organ trade are nearly at an end. “You want Armageddon? We can get it for you wholesale... cheaper than stolen. What you want? How much for the little girl”? and so on and so forth.

It seems like only about a decade ago that behind the scenes instigators working through the Department of Education were promoting ‘pimps and ho’s proms’ and now the pimps and ho’s are in trouble. They’re still at it with feeding depraved reading material into the curriculums and organizing gender neutral proms. Heck, in Germany they’re promoting incest in the school systems as one of the templates for a new humanity (who is behind it? Check out the comments section below the article) but either the whole thing is slowing down or it is really speeding up. I can’t tell anymore but I know they’re losing ground no matter what pace it’s moving at because... it’s end game

What end game means is that it’s time to party ‘down’ or ‘up’, as you prefer. You can snake dance down into the lower astral Hells and suit up for the next round or... you can make a dimensional shift and head for parts unseen but lingering in memory of brighter days.

I hope you don’t think that I like having to go off on Israel every other time I put fingers to keyboard or that I’m being too hard on the psychos that brought that nasty piece of business into existence but either they are responsible for all of the things they are responsible for or they are not; since they are and since they’ve fielded their A Team of lying sacks of shit across the board and hate truth, humanity and all things Christian and Muslim, because of those confining moral clauses, which they are endeavoring to destroy with the help of sold out traitors high and low, well, it’s an unpleasant but necessary job and until the cry is taken up around the globe, we are their chosen victims in the same way that they are the self chosen people of a horned god. You can’t swim across the waters of life and death, with a scorpion on your back, for reasons already given out in timeless allegory from other times.

The world is going into full scale revolution mode because those who already have too much want more and the only place they are going to get it from is you and your offspring. This revolution is coming out of the unseen worlds through the schematic of a new template that is being laid upon the plastic substance of a world responsive to change, which in this instance does not mean, ‘more of the same’.

The food and fuel shortages; the bank foreclosures and bank bailouts, the pharmaceutical/AMA combine, the war and munitions industries, the perversion of the educational system and the destruction of the family unit and all the rest of the engines of oppression and enslavement around the world, are all being operated by the same band of international criminals. They’ve got the governments and religions in their pockets and they have turned the whole world into a crooked roulette wheel, where the house always wins. They want your children as canon fodder and sexual squeeze toys for some kind of New World Disorder that serves the agenda and the appetites of a small and well organized group of satanic psychopaths and every day it’s going to be your turn in the barrel.

You can argue and parse it all you like. You can bend in all directions to be fair. You can calculate, appease and genuflect until you know precisely how many hair-splitting angels are dancing on the head of a pin but it won’t affect these creatures. They want it all, even the parts they don’t want. They want it for themselves and to keep it from you. They want it for the sheer joy of seeing you suffer without it and there are no arrangements or agreements that can be made, which will alter or retard the end product which is... you with nothing, behind concertina wire and strapped to bed springs, with electrodes on your genitals, being hosed down with cold water and videotaped for their amusement forever and ever, Hell on Earth without end.

Maybe they can be quarantined on an island somewhere and maybe they can be reconditioned and sold as used and reformatted hard ass drives. Maybe they can be shot into space or sealed off below the Earth and maybe more extreme measures are called for. That isn’t my department. My job is to call for restraint and mercy, once you’ve located your balls and self respect enough to stop them in their tracks. As vicious and deserving as they are, of any punishments you can imagine, you have to keep one thing in mind; you don’t want to wind up like them. What festers in that wound that once housed their souls, has its origin in a distant and atavistic antiquity, where things went wrong and stayed that way until now.

There’s plenty for everyone here. The technology to transform the world into a garden of delight is here. The wisdom and intelligence to order and maintain harmony and parity for all is here. It’s all here. It’s all within you, dreaming of the opportunity to awaken into reality and replace the sad legacy that has dogged our heels from time out of memory. We don’t need to reconstitute the same old shit into a new version of it. In a time so short that it would take your breath away, we can change this world from pole to pole. It’s already gotten started without most of us.

All we need are ten percent of us awake and willing to engage. There’s never more than that figure, or less, involved in most of anything that ever gets done. Everyone else just follows along and you can count on their self interest to keep them on track ...if you’ve got a better idea.

A peaceful revolution is accomplished with a few adjustments. You don’t go to work. You don’t pay taxes. You don’t go to war. You don’t spend your money on the corporate assembly line of colorful plastic shit. You bring the bankers to their knees and then you destroy their system of control. No peaceful revolution ever gets accomplished peacefully but you can come pretty close. They can’t keep the hallucination machine in operation if you won’t participate. Wiser and more informed minds than my own are required for that end of it. I’m just here to tell you its time. How you know that its time is when you can see the distance between where you are and ‘too late’ and figure that right about now is close enough.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Looking for a Smack-Down on the Road to Damascus.

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Though I can’t remember seeing much of either, I remember two very popular series that were on TV a couple/few decades ago; Dallas and Dynasty. It seems to me that it was a collection of unattractive sociopaths who spent their camera time plotting against each other and the result was supposed to be entertainment. This is the basic drive of most soap operas; a warts and all but mostly warts premise. In today’s world, the players are all countries and they are following the template as has been described.

There’s going to be a “whole lotta shakin’ going on”. It’s coming up from below the ground because apparently there is a ‘fire in the hole’ and it’s got a Watusi/St Vitus Dance feeling to it, as it encircles the globe, everywhere in short order, popping up on the streets of Bahrain; Madison, Wis., Yeahman, looking for some bluez in in the Suez. There are so many possible plots and so many possible players that it is impossible to predict ‘where or when’ but if you hum a few bars we might at least be in the mood... oops, there was an inadvertent second song title all by itself. I’d better rein myself in or I could do this whole post as a catalogue of song hits.

Note this line from the text of this link, “two-thirds of corporations pay no taxes". This has got the feel of Ludlow redux in the on deck circle. Transparently, the reason for America’s bankruptcy can be laid at the feet of the bankers and corporations. You’ll see the evidence there, crumpled together with The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Both of which now look like someone wiped themselves with them.

We’re all wondered why the American people are playing the role of a submissive bottom in an S&M sex fantasy and the answer is right here. I know that TV and music are also playing a role and that they are doing subliminal programming on a regular basis as we are all extras in a real life re-make of “They Live”. Still, the degree of absurdity is off the charts. Read the intent of the pharmaceutical companies in this dreadful affair.

As a writer in the distant future did happen to say, God does have a “deadly sense of irony”. Here you’ll see Smokin’ Ray McGovern looking like George Carlin’s long lost brother. Hilarious Clinton is pontificating about freedom of expression, while two of her goon squad pummels George for mutely turning his back on her. I would have loved to have heard what Hilarious had to say following the event.

Two Iranian warships are looking to go through the Suez Canal, which they have a perfect right to do and Israel is dancing around like a jalapeno Jujubee about it. By now we know that anything which upsets Israel is good for the human race. If Israel doesn’t like it, whatever it is, we are sure to. The state of the entire world will change in the moment that Israel decides to do something stupid (cue Nancy Sinatra).

And in America; the fallout from the recent chemical attack on the Gulf of Mexico keeps on keeping on. It is like something out of a comic book, except it’s not funny unless you’re a fan of S. Clay Wilson. How can something like this be allowed to continue? The English Crown and the Rothschilds, committed an act of aggression against a sovereign power, ostensibly a friend, and ‘there’s nothing to see here, keep moving’. Proceed in an orderly fashion to the chain locked exit doors.

Picture to yourself, for a moment, the image of world leaders around the globe trying to push a genii back into a bottle. Do they hang around and try to manage the emerging chaos, given that there is still revenue flowing into their personal accounts, or... do they book while the booking is good? The hinterlands of Paraguay are set to soon resemble the look of the Costa del Sol in any case. They’ve got a real dilemma. Do they follow the lead of their raging greed and skim what cream remains, or do they slip from sight with the coming of night?

Although I know the people who need to read about and hear about these things are not the people who are reading and hearing about them, I’ll just post it on to the waters of the greater mind, in case there’s some magical route of transfer that has opened in recent days. The cause of your problems is a combination of things. On your part, it is the result of your general ignorance, conjoined with your magnetic attraction for the carrot and the whip, based on the intensity of your appetites. On the other hand, it is the result of bankers, corporations and corrupt politicians and religious leaders who are milking you as if you were dairy cows. These two states of being make for one collectively shared environment. ‘Shared’ is probably a poor choice of word.

There is a mathematical underlay to everything that we see and experience. I’ve mentioned before, the example of the snow on the mountain tops and how when it melts and runs down the water routes, it is transformed into all of the colors, sights and sounds of the valley below. When you combine together the mathematical sum of ‘your’ contribution with that of ‘their’ contribution to the whole, you get what you’ve got. It’s systematic. It’s predictable. It’s unavoidable and it’s untenable which, makes it volatile.

At any point, good sense could enter into the equation. The leadership could wake up and say to themselves. “Gee, we’ve been a bunch of ruthless pricks. We really ought to back off if we want to continue with our heads attached to our bodies.” However, we don’t have much historical precedent for that and... as conditions worsened over time, the very worst of us rose to positions of command. The more corrupt the general atmosphere became, the more corrupt were the leaders who appeared to regulate, administer and ‘by all means’ profit from it.

Like I have said, over and over; you are in a movie. You are in a real life play that could well be defined in the words of The Bard, “All the world’s a stage... etc”. The proper course of action for you is to play the part you wish to be identified with. Do not play a role for which you are not suited and to which you cannot give your whole heart. It won’t be convincing and it won’t be successful. You have to discover who you are and play it to the hilt. You’ve got to offload that Star Wars defense system, because it won’t protect you now. You have to go for authenticity and you will find that something is going to authenticate you. There are a lot of invisible beings running around with metaphorical rubber stamps and they are stamping people, according to the sum total of what they’ve become, in the follow-up to the grand resolution.

Time is running short for epiphanies and smack-downs on the road to Damascus. It is correctly presumable that most people will just go right on as they have, because awakening from the dream was never a part of their program. They’re into the dream fulfillment/dream disappointment spectrum and the idea that there could actually be a reality that supersedes everything they’ve determined is real is... too much to process. It’s acceptable on the movie screen where the most implausible and impossible events are routinely taken as real but it’s not acceptable in real life, when life decides to become real. It’s a conundrum fer sure.

All of our heroes from times past were people who saw to the deeper core of their being and allowed what they actually were to manifest in their lives. They played the game according to archetypal truths and are remembered accordingly. They’ve got spots and blemishes, as few of them were perfect because you can’t see that here. There is something in the eyes of the beholder that will automatically veil perfection, in order to see anything at all. It’s the mechanism that causes us neither to record things as they really were nor to remember them are they truly ‘are’.

We’re in the ‘any minute now’ phase of the operation, so I suspect, as I am fond of saying, there is no better time than now. Now is the only place where anything ever happens, on either ends of it lie only echoes in the one direction and wishful thinking in the other.

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Patrick Willis does another: In Search of Rest.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World

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Don’t ask me why or how, because I don’t know, but I think Pakistan is the powder keg or the goal. Something there is about Pakistan. It’s certainly not about terrorists. It certainly isn’t about intimidation and the killing of innocents, who don’t have two sticks to rub together much of the time. I suppose the argument can be made about threatening Russia and China, failing that, I don’t see what the tactical value is. You can’t hold on to these areas. They can’t hold on to Afghanistan and the parts of Pakistan that they are attacking are even harder to contain and there’s nothing and hardly anyone to contain there. There must be something more going on, only I can’t see it.

Over the years I have read and heard a great deal about the wild places on this planet. There are legends and myths that have to do with The Andes; the Himalayas, Mongolia, The Hindu Kush and sundry. It’s been rumored for a long time that remnants of more ancient civilizations, as well as alien residents, have quartered themselves in remote locales. I’ve heard tales of civilizations inside the Earth and of airships rising from and descending into portholes in the planet. I’ve no way of knowing how true any of this is. I just hear about it.

We know that there hasn’t been a Bin Laden around in a long time. We know that there’s no such thing as Al Qaeda, outside of CIA constructs. We know that terrorism is largely a weapon of established governments, whose main industry is domestic repression and year round Halloween mockups of the invisible straw man, who is looking to come in through the bathroom window.

When you think about how right everything could be, given all of the new technology, you have to wonder about the need to screw everything up beyond recognition. The level of government and corporate insanity is impressive, by any measuring device you want to use. It seems to me that there is another poisonous mist that has taken over the leaders and shakers of the world, the same way that one has taken over the minds of the masses in countries that don’t react like Egypt just did but most certainly should.

That’s all beside the point because revolution is coming everywhere, like it or not. It’s coming externally and internally. It’s going to grind your materialist dreams into dust and it’s going to shake the dreamer from his matrix-pod. It’s going to be hard as nails on those attached to the departing constructs of all the traditions and infrastructures of a time whose term has been reached and it’s going to go gentle on those who are striving in the moment to liberate themselves from these confinements.

I have occasionally used an image that dovetails with this whole engine of irresistible change. It features a prison house where the inmates have been confined for times past remembering. Suddenly there are noises and lights that have not been heard or seen before. There is confusion among the warders and fear of the unknown is palpable throughout. The liberator has arrived and he is going from cell to cell and releasing the prisoners. The prisoners do not want to leave. They wrap their arms into the bars to resist their deliverance. They climb under their bunks. They cry out in terror at the arrival of everything they have dreamed of and then forgotten was ever possible. Now it is there and no one wants any part of it.

Every age is held together by an integrity of being, which exists for the term of its scheduled time. Once that time has come to an end, the integrity melts away and a new schematic comes into play. Ages, cultures and periods of history are all on the clock and they come and go accordingly. Religious traditions extend through the period of an age and sometimes longer, although they are no longer religions at that point; only what’s left of the launch pad for what followed it; dead, empty words and toxic, mind numbing, sleep inducing, rituals. These are all passing away now. It’s all going.

I hear that the last time the magnetic poles switched was around 800,000 years ago. I hear hysteria in descriptions of what is to come. No one knows but that hasn’t stopped all these doomsday oracles from selling their books and theories on the back of it. Fear sells.

The currency of corporate, religious belief is engaging the same devaluation mechanism as the currency of paper. Imaginary foodstuffs are being traded back and forth on the stock exchange for the purpose of raising the costs of basic foodstuffs all over the world. Those who have not been grateful for what they have had are going to learn the real currency value of gratitude. Nothing demonstrates the value of anything as much as the loss of it.

Evil and ignorance exist in as many multiples are there are ways to be misinformed and to get things wrong. Each of these is a religion that exists because of the faith invested in it by the worshipper, even if he/she is all alone in the church of their choice. Evil presupposes that one is not surrounded by abundance and cared for by unseen hands. Evil necessitates the imperative that one must seize what one desires, or plot the means to acquire it. After awhile it becomes the natural and instinctive activity of everyone to have to conspire against the fortunes of their fellows, in order to guarantee their own. This is all passing away. This is all going but it’s not going easy or quiet. If you’ve thrown your lot in with these, then I expect to hear your cries of outrage, when everything you were after, sails away before your eyes.

It is understandable that most people would have little idea of what has come upon them. They’ve been schooled on lies since they learned to walk. They’ve been minded and indoctrinated by the television and given their moves by popular songs. They’ve adopted the outfit of the fool to insure the delivery of the undesirable, which only reveals itself as such in the experiences that follow. Fatigue and disappointment are the dependable gifts of the world in which we live. Do they see this? Do they adjust to something deeper and more enduring? No, they do not. They are certain they got a dud but the next box will contain the real thing. The real thing does not present itself in a perishable item.

This is the unreal world and it hides the real world and that may be its most important purpose. Something immensely powerful is hiding in the wild and difficult to reach places of the world. Now this world is making war on that world and there is something in the wilds of Pakistan that is being warred on and it’s not for resources or geo-political advantage. It’s for the possession of secrets that are hidden in secret places. This is why there is a general hatred being directed at all secret societies without any differences made between them. The rulers and shakers of the unreal world have discovered that there are powerful potencies and possibilities, hidden in places that are hard to reach and they want their hands on them before someone else gets there first. They’ve been playing with the wisdom of the ancients and the promises of things hidden for some time now and they realize that what they want must be contained in what is hidden in the remote locations of the world. Somehow they think the possession of something guarantees an understanding of its use but... nothing could be further from the truth. All they will do is to very quickly destroy themselves, because these powers demand self mastery as the prelude to any positive application of their force.

It is not only the desire to gain these powers that drive them. They are threatened by their very existence. These powers are evidence that they will sooner or later be destroyed, simply because they do not possess them. They can’t win either way but they have managed to deceive themselves that they can. All wars are magical wars directed from invisible planes of existence into the manifest. Balance gone missing has reached critical mass and there is little time to set it right and little inclination to do so. The supreme quick fix is needed and then to the bunkers while turmoil rages without.

It’s not going to go down like this in any way that is reflected, in their painstaking planning and scheming, to survive at the expense of their fellows. They cannot even survive in a room with each other for long. You’re going to see it all but… from what perspective is it going to be revealed? Are you the student profiting from the lesson provided or are you the lesson that others are meant to learn from?

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Patrick Willis narrates:
Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Hidden History and our Invisible Guides.

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At the metaphysical site yesterday, I tried to share certain information that I consider critical to the times that are now fast approaching. I’m a student of occult history. Basically, what that means is the hidden history that is not generally known, as opposed to the commonly accepted lies and exaggerations that make up the history they don’t hide, because they have no shame and because it profits them.

It’s well known, to those who have studied occult history that certain individuals show up at critical times. The Comte de St. Germain and Cagliostro (or someone calling themselves by those names- grin) appeared prior to the French Revolution and directly warned a number of people about what was coming. Few heeded them. It’s said that Marie Antoinette saw St. Germain from the cart carrying her to execution. Cagliostro was supposed to be in The Bastille when they stormed it. He was not present. You hear tales of these men being charlatans, the same way you see Helena Blavatsky routinely slandered by people who never met her.

Hysteria is running manic in the halls of the moment. Hallway monitors are clapping blackboard erasers together and looking for suspicious behavior, or any opportunity to put some polish on their brown noses. Uninformed experts on all secret societies are unrestrained in their caterwauling, about how every member of every society that has ever been are all evil. These are the people who make up the Jacobins in any revolution. Neither side of the equation is ever in the right, because they seek predominance, instead of harmony; that’s why the chief occupation of those who fill the empty suits, is to sell the centrist and moderate candidacies, even though they are anything but what they are painted.

Make no mistake; the world is going to be stood on its head by socio-political upheaval and by Mother Nature. You can include the shifting of the magnetic poles by the latter into the equation. Consonant with this, large portions of the population are going to go demonstrably insane. They are already mad but still operating along predictable routines, which give the impression of sanity but they are not sane, nor willing to become so.

Into this restless uncertainty; this cauldron of confused and ever changing shapes, are appearing light workers who mean to assist those seeking the same. Because I know they are here and continuing to arrive, I feel like I ought to mention it. I usually get three crowds of visitors to my sites; those who begin to read the material and find that it’s not the sort of meat and potatoes- the material world is all there is- people and they soon go away, the people who hear a resonance and continue to return, the people who take my words and replace them with other words so that they can announce themselves as an alternative but don’t actually possess one. Everyone’s welcome and it’s my hope they’ll take anything useful and apply it to their lives.

Fundamentally schooled Christians from that religion, long ago hijacked by the neo-Pharisees, get antsy about malefic spirits and want to do their ‘my way or the highway’, the Holy Spirit is the only spirit thing. Powerful entities for good and ill are here this moment and some of them are operative in the minds of thousands due to sympathetic resonance to whatever they represent. It will become much clearer and a great deal more confusing shortly and each of us will be drawing from the well of our choice. Our well of choice is determined by the values we hold. Every sincere seeker is guided by one force and tested by another. These are both variant applications of a single force, engaged in a process of tempering and refining. All of the social, political and religious traditions that have been established for a length of time are now passing away. They are going to be dramatically transformed, according to the new template that impresses itself upon the world of form, as you read these words.

The degree of personal pain coming can be determined by the degree of attachment held for the things being recycled. Some people are neck deep in dogma and cant and couldn’t bear the thought that their whored out doctrines are going to be replaced with new living creeds and a rearrangement of the archetypes. A lot of people have their own identity knitted up with that of the tradition they worship in. It’s an extension of their ego and a guarantee that they are right and everyone else is wrong. They can’t seem to accept that there’s only one deity and that it is the same one in every religion and that the prophets and saviors were all extensions of the same eternal personality, manifesting in different ways to adjust to the cultures and mores that it appears in.

That personality is afoot again in the heart of humanity, where it is permitted to come, barring that, the antithesis is in residence. This is no time and no place to be stuck in the mire of bankrupt traditions. The living truth is on the doorstep and you will see it in every transformative act that is sweeping away the crystallized evil and deception that has held the world in thrall.

A lot of expensive funerals are on the menu for people like D. Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and assorted. Their hour of departure is drawing nigh and you will see the truth of ‘the bigger the limousine, the bigger the asshole inside’. Israel’s final days are at hand and that is a wonderful prospect to consider. The power is being removed from the applications controlled by the TPTB and they’re not going to handle that very well. All power is on loan from one source. Both the evil and the good exist for demonstration purposes, in this TV show called Life. Just as the poles are shifting, the balance of power is shifting into other hands. It’s all orchestrated and it’s all under control. The same way that they say you can’t tell the players without a program, guidance is at hand for those willing to imbibe it.

The speed of the changes is accelerating, soon that is going to be awesomely apparent. If you’re putting your trust in the powers of the old world to sort it all out, you are backing the wrong horse. You’re going to see some tragic and comic sights. In these times, justice has a sense of humor and there are no real limits to what may or may not happen.

My suggestion for people to look within for guidance is well founded. Generally the world is allowed to operate in a certain manner and exceptional souls always have the opportunity to motor past those captivated by the sights. Ordinary souls ping pong off of each other with their Karma and play role reversal from lifetime to lifetime. Present time is providing an exception to this long prevailing status quo. Anyone can achieve greatness in this hour and chances for that are abundant.

Out in the quiet of the countryside you can hear the whistle of the train from a long way off. Sooner or later the train is going to pull into the station and no one should be surprised when that happens. People frothing at the mouth with scripture would be well advised to consider that scripture has a living source and that words are without power unless there is a connection to the power that makes them ring. Finding the source and seat of that power is the preeminent concern. Anything else is a waste of time and that is going to be proven in spades.

Every one of us has a pending date with destiny and that destiny can be incredible beyond the reach of words to define or it can be a sad and enduring disappointment. Every time this sort of thing comes around the conditions are the same. People are immersed in trivial, material pursuits. Things begin to go very wrong and then more wrong as the opportunity to catch on, presses itself upon the living situations of everyone present. Irrespective of all the warnings, for some reason, the mass of humanity chooses not to see what is happening. They are going to see however, like it or not.

I’ve said pretty much all I have to say more times than I can recall. I suppose I’ll go on saying these things until I’m transferred to another department. It is important to keep in mind that all of these things are closer than they seem. Well, we’ll see.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Holocaust Porn, I Know it When I see It

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Like the judge said, “Pornography may be hard to define but I know it when I see it.” Ordinary pornography is just ordinary and doesn’t concern me. I don’t pay any attention to it anyway. I might admit to an appreciation of certain skills, say, when a woman can shoot ping pong balls into a shot glass from ten feet... but the horizontal hula, trampoline act of people bouncing up and down on each other, as if there were some reason for them to be so excited, escapes me. I’m also something of a critic as far as the art of the procedure goes. There’s an old joke about 3 young French boys watching a couple make love through a window. One boy is 12. One boy is 10 and one boy is 6 years old. The youngest asks, “What are they doing?” The ten year old responds, “They are making love”. “Yes, and badly” adds the 12 year old. So I guess I’m a critic at the way people perform sex. Well, they don’t know who they’re having sex with in the first place and they don’t know who they are, so it boils down to groping in the dark (grin) and caring and focus are at war with the urgency of passion; goats pissing all over themselves prior to coitus.

You see this everywhere all the time. You see it on the highway, in the fashion that people drive. You see it in supermarket lines. More than half the people perpetually look like they have to take a leak. They are in a state of urgency to get somewhere but when they get there, what happens? What happens when they get there? Where is there? They never get ‘there. There is a place that retreats before desire. The heat of desire drives it away so, ‘there; dangles forever out of reach, until urgency has been replaced by control and control comes through Love, which places all of its emphasis on the loss of self in the beloved. Everything is under control of the eternal master of life and that is Love. Before the highest expression of Love everyone automatically bows their head, knowingly or unknowingly because it is the source of life and the ultimate destination.

There’s a tarot card called The Hermit. Each Major Arcana card, of which there are 22, represents a planetary influence, or a sense, or a quality, along with a great many other things. The sense associated with The Hermit is the sense of touch and that is why mystics often talk of their interaction with the divine in erotic terms. Everything is sex, which at its higher arc transforms into Love and at its highest arc is engaged with all life at all times.

Each card is a book and as Eliphas Levi puts it in his book, “The Dogma and Ritual of High Magic”, a prisoner, devoid of books, had he only a Tarot of which he knew how to make use, could in a few years, acquire a universal science and converse with an unequalled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence. Meanwhile, people attempt to read these cards to tell the future, when the means of changing it is in their hands. Priorities? There are so many examples of similar confusions, where the glitter of a semi-precious stone, of dubious value, masks the presence of something priceless. Some things you can’t see for so long as your values are terrestrialized.

I’ve got another Litmus Test and this is the first time I’ve talked about it. It’s the holocaust Litmus Test. I’m bringing it up because all sorts of nasty nonsense is rearing its anti-Gentile head. New heights of ridiculous are being scaled daily. My secret litmus test is called The Holocaust Litmus Test. The truth doesn’t do mercy fucks and when you think that’s what you’re getting, it hurts. Why it hurts I will leave to the imagination of the one experiencing it.

I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle could write tens of thousands of post war memoirs and never mention death camps and crematoriums. I’m waiting for someone to explain how taking over three million from the death count at Auschwitz does not affect the number of six million as the official tally. There are a lot of statistics I would love to have explained to me but no one seems able to. I’m especially interested in how the world population for a certain demographic actually went up during the war years. The census reports a trend that can’t possibly be true has to be. It’s the law.

From the moment I first heard this man speak, I said to myself, he’s off. Something’s not right with this fellow. There are other writers that have been around for awhile who are bigged up about Palestinian rights but who set my teeth on edge. It’s not because their writing lacks any kind of passion or fire, although that is the case. It’s something behind the front agenda that creates a disconnect between what I’m being told and what I’m feeling.

I am mystified as to why there are so few voices- and almost none among those who could actually make a difference- that will stand up and call this masquerade for what it really is. It’s one of the most cynical and manipulative efforts in the whole of history and millions of people are freeloading on it and adding their own fantastic and impossible tales to the mix. They are striving to out do each other in the theater of the ridiculous and they’ve got no shame or hesitation concerning it. Is it some kind of genetic insanity that travels along particular bloodlines or is it the close proximity to so much money, that only requires the use of a slanderous title or the threat of public injury to one’s persona, to have wheelbarrows of cash pull up to the door. Yeah, it’s a money machine and it just keeps expanding like McDonald’s franchises, so that there’s a McHolocaust outlet somewhere near you, in case you’re looking for ideas about how to support your family in these trying times, in large part brought to you courtesy of the same people.

Far be it from me to deny the holocaust because, there very definitely was one and it was performed on the German people as much as anyone of the time. It was performed on them by the Zionist run Soviet army on the one hand and the Zionist controlled U.S. on the other and it was from there that the war was first declared on Germany by the neo-Pharisees. They were all hot and bothered because Hitler was none too pleased about what was happening to the German economy or in the Cabaret Society of Berlin.

This is how the holocaust should be remembered, as something that happened to the German people, as much as to anyone and that the Zionists who refused to let aid packages through to those in the camps, were the same Zionists who wouldn’t let the Red Cross even into the gulags in Russia and that, given the tens of millions they killed in Russia, it makes perfect sense that whatever happened in WW2 was a minor payback for much larger crimes. Of course they threw other members of The Tribe under the bus in order to orchestrate an imprimatur for the Rothschild banking syndicate called Israel. In the words of Ben Gurion and so many others, it didn’t matter how many Jews had to die in the camps as long as they could get their hands on Palestine, which at the time was somebody else’s country. This was a land with people on it, for people who wanted to steal the land and that’s what Zionism and neo- Pharissezium is all about.

The whole story is more pornographic than “The Devil in Mrs. Jones” and could probably be called “The Devil does Palestine.” I know holocaust pornography when I see it. It’s dressed up as a religion and is as firmly based in reality as that thing in Masada. It is meant to make us talk in whispers from Sub Rosa Land, because telling the truth can get you into trouble and ruin your life, which is why people are more comfortable selling themselves into slavery in order to avoid the problems that telling the truth might cause. Try holding people up to this litmus test and see what it gets you.

If denying the holocaust is a crime, don’t deny it. There was a holocaust and the truth was burned alive, along with integrity, honor and a whole lot of their friends, who were staying over at the time. There was a holocaust. Millions of Germans got exterminated and also some Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and political malcontents. The holocaust happened and it was no more or less of a holocaust than any of the rest of the holocausts caused by those claiming exclusive rights to this one.

I can feel my eyes moisten at the mountains of hair that was shaved from heads to make (cushions? Pillows) something or other. Actually, the hair, this holy relic, was shaved to control the spread of lice. Is it against the law to say that?

The holocaust is a religion whose intent is to blackmail the world for as long as it can be maintained. It’s a racket where Paul Bunyan would feel right at home. It’s a French braid of stories, woven from single hairs, that have no problem contradicting each other as long as it’s not you doing the contradicting and the empire of deception that is built on top of it is going to be one of the main casualties of The Apocalypse, along with all the rest of the carrot and stick realities that rule this world. Success in this world may very well be measured to the degree that one trumpets the tales of those who used the money garnered to buy up every vehicle for wider expression and then...and then along came the internet.

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