Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Somewhere Beyond the Touch of the King of Pain.

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It's an interesting curiosity; the many differences between the East and the West. In the West, the cow is seen as the source of dairy products, steaks and burgers. There is nothing divine about the cow in the West. It is just a commodity and an ill treated one at that. Whatever happens to a cow is for the profit of those employed at bringing the product and parts of the cow to market. The conditions in which a cow is forced to live and the treatment of them is nothing short of reprehensible. The slaughterhouse abattoirs are something out of a nightmare. Beef is big business and the men at the top have big influence in government so that now when someone tries to expose what goes on behind closed doors, it is a felony to attempt to secretly record these things. These things have been going on for a long time. Upton Sinclair wrote a powerful book about all of these doings called. “The Jungle.” That was awhile ago. It's not just the cows. It's bad for all livestock in the corporate zone. This is not about the other animals at the moment. It's about the cows. If it weren't for government supports, a hamburger would cost well over a hundred dollars.

In the East, in India, there is a whole other attitude and to the culturally conditioned westerner some of the practices and beliefs of the Indians are considered bizarre, if not insane. Western medicine kills more people than it cures. That is an established if unpublicized and much denied reality. In India they have an ancient system of healing called Ayur Veda. It is pretty impressive in its way and addresses causal concerns rather than symptomatic issues. Of course they have symptom cures as well ...but that is not the essence of the science. Western allopathic medicine is largely symptomatic and very much a captive of the massively profitable AMA-Pharmaceutical Complex, where the West is being poisoned and its youths' brains turned to mush. What will be the result of this? It is hard to say. The destiny of a given time is one thing and the inspired efforts of a handful quite another. The most important feature is the degree of power expressed through that handful who have found it possible to get out of the way. The world has always been positively transformed by a minority of souls, working for the spiritual education and edification of the majority. Lately what we see the most of is that minority that is working to the detriment of all. There are reasons for the appearance of this.

Unknown to most, their souls struggle in an agony of darkness in hope of light. They lumber and list and shift from side to side in this carnival of errors. It is a nightmare of illusion but the pain is real. It hurts. Few know why it hurts and the pain is truly multifarious. It seems to be attached to nearly every event and condition in life. Sometimes the pain is immediate and sometimes it is a cumulative result of bad habits, perpetuated to that end. Irrespective of manner and means, it arrives. Essentially all pain is the fruit of attachment. Attain true detachment and you are free of it. I don't know why it works like this. I only know that it does.

It seems to me that one either comes to recognize the futility of their own efforts and failed awareness of their state or... they learn to, or comprehend the need to, give up their fealty to the one who has usurped the place of the true indwelling divine. We host The King of Pain in the obvious spaces within and have marooned our real self in the trackless wastes somewhere behind. We have made ourselves into a habitation of demons. We don't recognize how many of them there are. Whenever I sneeze, I always say, “Go to Hell! Bless me Lord.” This shocks some and amuses others but I believe this is one of the mechanisms by which we cast them out. We acquire them through the blandishments and performances of our appetites. They come into residence and they are the ones who eat our food and spill our wine. We acquire them through our desires and it is the quality of our desires that determines whether we host the demonic or are attended by angels. It is as if there is some endless ladder that has its roots in an opaque murk and whose upward swing curls into light and whose end cannot be seen. There is a demarcation point; a line of sorts, where below it, one is in descent and above it one is in ascent.

There is another feature to all of this, where the strength of the draw is amplified in one direction or another, due to the times in which one finds themselves. If you are in a time of material excess, the effort upward that is required can be exceptional but everyone has access to power to achieve, through the grace of those who have stored up such grace for this very purpose.

Perhaps I am weak and so I have needed the assistance of those. Perhaps we are all weak and have come short of the glory of god. I am past debating whether I could have met the demands of the course on my own, or not. In my experience I have not been able to and so I have had to cry for help and help has come and I have surrendered my needs and aspirations into the hands of those who wait in the invisible for anyone and everyone who is brought to the places I have been brought to. It is no easy thing, even with help. It takes all you have and if you are selfish or unwilling, you will fail.

I just heard about someone I know who allegedly got around 200,000 pounds through donations that he had requested and someone was excoriating him for this, saying he was very vague about his reasons for getting them. He had said some things. I haven't inquired beyond what I read; yet. I read the article but I'm not going to link it. My reasons are that the article seems very haphazard and accusatory without there being any real information; yet. I don't care for accusations, unless there is a body or a smoking gun and the accusations seem premature to me. I also know the guy, have met him and at one time I thought of us as friends but he's not a really easy person to be friends with. That's okay. I don't expect everyone to be my friend and I would prefer that most people were not, because our values are so contradictory. I prefer to just get along with people as much as I can and then leave before it gets to that stage of intimacy and acknowledgment that is more than most can handle.

I explain it like this, “With some people you can say Hello and that is it. With some people you can talk about the weather or ask them how their kids are and that is it. With some people you can have dinner and actually want to see them again. All the while you are watching them to see where their buttons and beliefs are. You learn not to probe too much because everything reveals itself in regular time. Somehow, out of the mix, you might find a friend but it is necessary to be cautious because you can hurt people's feelings without meaning to. A lot of people talk the talk and don't walk the walk. You have to know how far to go and how much to expect from anyone and the best thing is not to expect anything at all. Most importantly is to have a light touch, to understand the metaphysical nature of 'catch and release'. You do the best you can, You do not go beyond that. All things in time.”

I realize from this incident and from information that has come my way about Zen Gardner and some number of people who work in the general area that I work in that I am without a doubt the poorest individual working in this sphere. I've wondered about that. Is it because on occasion I have given the appearance of being insane? That's possible. I have certainly alienated potential patrons during my residence here in the virtual world but it can't be that because I am certainly less crazy that any of the rest of these people and no one can provide evidence of corruption or venality on my part. It just doesn't exist; temporary behavior outside the usual spectrum of human engagement, sure ...and it's been intentional and I make no apologies for it but... that aspect has been at an end now for some time. What I believe is that we have exactly what we need and that has been the case with me. Mr. Apocalypse can be very stern and that means with seeming good guys and seeming bad guys both. He plays no favorites. In the end it is better to be free of the profits of self interest, or the scandals that can destroy a hard earned legacy. We will be paid in the currency we seek and in my mind there is no question about the currency I seek. I make it through every day. I have shelter. I have food. I have the tools of my trade. I have clothes and I don't have 200,000 pounds (grin).

Nothing said here is a judgment on anyone. This is a polemic with the intention of making certain points for us all. One should never value their efforts based on the amount of money that is realized out of them; look at the Kardashians and so many examples that can be given and are already known. Money is not the arbiter of value. Value is what endures and the longer it endures the more valuable it is. There are levels of value. Some are only relevant to the moment and some exist through time immemorial. It is up to us what we consider worth pursuing and worth having. I will leave that in the hands of all.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Division of Poetic Discourse for the Almighty God.

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Greetings my dear friends! Today is my 70th birthday. I'm guessing that is some kind of mile marker. I don't feel like I am 70. I feel like I am still a young boy but that is probably cause I never grew up. I'm on my way to another location at some point but... from what I understand that might be a while yet. Apparently there is still some work to do. I think of myself as the hardest working man in no business. It's netted me a whole lot of nothing, materially speaking ...but it has won me some friends and enemies. I like the kind of enemies I have. Sometimes your enemies say as much about you as your friends do. When it comes to friends, I have some good ones. Sometime early today, my friend Elle stuck a card in the door with a hundred dollar bill in it. I would have rather seen her but it was a nice surprise nonetheless. My friend Lori is taking me out to dinner somewhere this evening but it's a secret where that might be. Is she flying me to Paris? I don't know yet. I'm here where I live with some other friends but they are watching the Olympics in another part of the house. I'm writing these words to you and that abortion that is the latest Star Trek is playing alongside. It seems like everything is a sitcom these days. Where's a Furry when you need one?

In any case I want to take the opportunity to dispel some myths, slanders, lies and rumors about myself. If people would read more closely and pay attention, then I wouldn't need to do this. Then again, if people weren't negatively imaginative and motivated by bad intention it would be even more unnecessary.

I received a comment this morning by someone who insists that I am an intelligence asset; specifically that I work for the CIA. He claims that the same people posting at Zen Gardner's site also post at mine and that I, personally, am responsible for most of the comments at my sites. This might come as a surprise to those of you who actually comment here. I don't fabricate comments. I don't have to. He says I use a false name just like Zen does. My name, Les Visible, has been my name for about 35 years. It is on my passport and every ID I have. He says he has been watching me for a long time... heh heh. How about that?

Here is the literal truth my friends. I do not work for the CIA or any intelligence agency except for my clerical work in The Division of Poetic Discourse for the Almighty God. This is the only firm I have ever been employed by. If it were not for the kindness of strangers I could well be homeless. I get 350 dollars a month from Social Security. I sell a few books and some music. I have no paid ads on my sites. Many people have visited me and I am sure they could tell you that I am just another guy and that I like to cook and make people laugh. I like to sing and make music. I love God. That pretty much sums me up. Oh yeah... I get high now and again and I can drink a river dry should I choose to but those who have been around on those occasions will tell you it is hard to tell the difference between that and nothing at all.

I left Hawaii and it pissed a few people off but they had every opportunity to help me find a new location and they did nothing. They act like I abandoned them and won't even answer my emails, yet some of them come around and make unfortunate anonymous comments that they think I can't track. You would be surprised at what is possible if you are computer savvy. I had no choice but to leave, most especially after my jaw got broken.

I do not work for any material agency. I do not fabricate comments. I am no friend of Zen Gardner. For years I have been hearing from people that he plagiarizes my work and steals my headlines. Dozens of people have told me this. I have never checked and I don't care. Zen Gardner doesn't even like me. I have no opinion on him whatsoever. I simply do not like judgment being passed with no evidence. Ambulance chaser Katz, who hasn't been around here for awhile (thank god for that) says that I am in approval of pedophilia and all manner of crimes because I support Zen. I do not support him at all. I just don't fancy lynchings without proof. Sure... he was in that organization but what did he do personally? Until I know that I don't know anything at all. I have reasons for what I do and one of them, in this case, is that 'they' are prepared to come after all of us.

I find it very strange that this mysterious backstabber lady went nova on Zen when he shared with her, in confidence, tales of his past. It all looks like a put-up job to me and I know from put-up jobs. I find the whole affair to be very strange and that is why I commented. For all I know, Zen is up to his neck in all kinds of shit but... I don't know. I don't know. I don't know and neither do you. I took this whole thing as an opportunity to talk about certain considerations. It was a chance to speak on a particular matter, nothing more. When I was younger I was very judgmental but I never turned my fine toned intellect upon myself. For that I am very sorry and I try to make up for my passing judgments on others and not passing judgment on myself, I am trying to make up for that. When the Cassiopeia people came after me, for no legitimate reason, I was hurt by it but I suppose I am fair game. When they got in trouble I came to their defense and Jeff Rense and a bunch of other heavy hitters gave me a whole lot of grief for it, citing what they had done to them. I value fair play very highly. Even if someone is my enemy, I will stand for them if I think they are unfairly accused. This is just how I am made. The Cassiopeia people hate me... so what? I have always tried to do the right thing. Arguably, I don't always know what that is but I try...

I can say with absolute authority in the matter that I don't work for anyone but God. I may do a piss poor job of it but that is who I work for. You won't find out anything about me except that I have been erratic on occasion and often more intense than I should have been and I am nothing like that now. If anyone has any facts otherwise, please present them. Don't make outrageous claims about me that have no substance, unless you have substance. My friend Peter Blum, who is a hypnotherapist, once said to me, “Wow! Visible, people either really like you or don't like you at all. There is no middle ground. When I asked the people who didn't like you if they had ever met you, not one of them had. So I asked, 'why don't you like him?' and they said, “It is the things he says.”” I am controversial... true... and I piss people off. My friend, Bud Clifton once said, in reference to my stand up comedy, “Most comedians make people laugh, Visible makes people angry.” Heh heh. I suppose that is true.

Robert Hitt, the astrologer wrote me yesterday to tell me that my birthday really began at 5:07 on the 21st and that I should think about what I wanted at that particular time because it really works to do so. He is very good at what he does so I took him up on it and at that time I said to God, “Please Lord, take away my shortcomings and grant me your qualities and as far as the material plane goes, please give me a nice rustic dwelling, where friends can come and visit and we can share those wonderful moments that are the true signature dish of life.” That sums me up completely. That is in essence what I am and what I want and I don't care one wit about all the accusations and fantasy slander. Prove your case or shut the fuck up.

I'm no different than most of you and I think the quality of the readership speaks to the quality of me. I am a work in progress, struggling the same as all of us who aspire to something greater. I will and do make mistakes and I strive really hard not to repeat them. I have had some success at this and am a far better man than once I was. I feel bad for Zen Gardner. I believe he is trying to redeem himself and I applaud that. Maybe I am wrong about him. Time will tell.

If you don't like what you find here then... please, go somewhere else. Most of the people who come here like what they find and I am grateful every day that you have given me an audience to talk about the great love affair of my life and that is THE INEFFABLE. I have spent a lifetime of arduous struggle and suffering in the pursuit of the author of all things. I love the divine with every breath in my being and I only hope that I can love more. There is nothing secretive or hidden about me. If you can find something then please state it chapter and verse. Sure... I am over the top sometimes and abrasive. I recognize and acknowledge this. I'm working on my delivery (grin) and every day I am a little better at it.

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I love Jesus Christ for all the fantastic and hope filled things he said. His words resonate in my heart. I try to walk in his footsteps and I am a failure at this more often than I wish were so ...but I will NEVER give up and one day I will be worthy as a disciple. That day has not yet come but I do believe it will. May the almighty shine his love and radiance upon you all, be you friend or foe. This is my sincere wish. God bless you my friends. One day you will all be my friends.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Evil May be Banal but The Good in Us is Extraordinary.

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Greetings my dear friends on this auspicious day. All days are auspicious when the ineffable is the centerpiece of your existence. I woke up to a strange new world today. Something is very different but I do not know exactly what that is. It has a lot to do with the way I am experiencing it. The day might be the same as any other but the way I am perceiving it has changed. The ineffable is much closer than before. I have come to believe that if you have spent the larger part of your life in pursuit of and admiration for the ineffable, as an adjunct to the false appearances of the aging process, the ineffable begins to burn away every veil and extraneous distraction. The time will come when your sincerity has been proven because you are still at it and the ineffable knows that you will continue to be at it and that you have come too far to go back. At this point the ineffable becomes more and more pervasive and starts to take over every aspect of your existence. This is a certainty and all you have to do is to persist in your end of the equation. That is all that is required of you and it is vastly accelerated, if you comprehend the meaning of the greatest commandment and employ the greatest commandment as comprehensively as you are able. This tandem, while employing relentless focus and industry, puts the whole process in Turbo mode. This is what you want.

In honor of this being a special day of transition we are going to do a temporary reversal of the usual template and start out with the spiritual and then move to the material, instead of the other way around as is the norm round here. Of course, in my mind it is all spiritual and only appears as the two because we have divided the world in our minds. We want to unify ourselves, not divide ourselves. The agents of darkness have the division agenda as their primary concern. Most of us believe that we have an independent mind; that all of us have an independent mind and after a fashion this is so ...but in truth, in the comprehensive sense, there is only one mind and we individualize it. It is as if there is a vast ocean and our individual consciousness is an inlet out of the greater sea. Realized masters exist in the ocean itself as their persona and this is how they come to resonate with one and all.

So, we will go from the seeming spiritual to the seeming material and then loop back again. First up is this lovely example of zombie think. You cannot be unaware of the zombie trend in movies and other media; certainly there is an army of zombies in the contemporary music business. There is nothing accidental about this. As you will note in the article, this kind of thing has happened before. There are a number of designer drugs going around at the moment that are geared in this direction. Most people don't know that Little Georgie Sorrows owns Tavistock. Yes... Rothschild poster boy front man owns Tavistock and Tavistock... MKUltra and the CIA umbrella are behind the chemical composition of a lot of these designer drugs. Back in the 80's I had the pleasure of taking REAL MMDA. It was utterly remarkable. Please forgive me for talking about drugs in this brief moment but I am trying to make a point where drugs are only an analogy. MMDA/Ecstasy was made illegal at a certain point around that time. I believe this first happened in Texas and one must understand the power of the California Board of Regents. They were that organization where research into the benefits of X/MMDA was going on. They made sure that they were allowed to keep on keeping on. I won't get into all the legal speak about it but I followed it. Shortly after this, the Israelis took over the Ecstasy market. This you can prove out should that be important to you. Take my word on it. From that point on, you couldn't get the real deal anymore and I have never seen it again.

They get you engaged in certain substances and then they alter the chemistry of it and it becomes something far different than it once was. It is at Tavistock and these other Satanic think tanks where they experiment on people to see the results of their perversion of the original chemistry and how it matches up with what they are after.

Today... being not like any other day, I am doing something I have never done before; instead of watching a movie or one of the NFL pre-season games, I am watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “I am Cait.” Wow! I knew it would be demonic and lame at the same point. It is meeting my expectations. What fascinates me is not the main players but all those sidemen that are on the sidelines, jockeying for face time because it is as important as the candle flame and the light fixtures are to moths, with, I think, the same result. I have never seen any of these programs before. Truly, “evil is banal.” I think it was Hannah Arendt who said that. I seem to remember it had something to do with Eichman. Of course, she was/is a Tribe apologist and reality shisk-kabob chef. That is irrelevant. Even a busted clock keeps time twice a day and out of the mouths of demons can come angelic commentary; not for long but it can happen.

We live in an odd world, in an odd time and odd things happen. It is almost as if the truth and reality are an inadvertent result that inexplicably comes out of every effort set against their appearance. This is the wonder and beauty of Mr. Apocalypse. No matter what you do, or how much money you have, or how skillfully you orchestrate the lies that are created to make you rich and powerful, the truth leaks in. Mr. Apocalypse is unstoppable. Mr. Apocalypse is 'the bomb', literally. Here is what I advise anyone who might have an interest to study and then accept with a whole heart; appearances tell us one thing and for the same reason over and over again. So it seems that the forces of darkness are far more powerful than they actually are. At NO TIME has the almighty not been in charge of everything. When the almighty decides that the time has arrived for anything that the almighty wants to have manifest, it is a done deal, period. All the almighty has to do is think something and it is a reality, period. When the divine decided to manifest as Mr. Apocalypse, that was/is that. Nothing is going to stop Mr. Apocalypse and everything attempted or done by any or all of the agents of the infernal realm will turn to the fulfillment of the will of the almighty. No matter how duplicitous, or Byzantine, no matter how labyrinthine or complex might be the plots of the fallen, they all work to the completion of the cosmic will. The cosmic will is behind everything that has ever been. By this I mean it precedes it. The Cosmic will is at the furthest edge of the future, looking back on the moment, far in advance of anything that transpires on the way to that point and whenever the planetary destiny comes to that point, the cosmic mind and will are once again at the furthest possible point beyond looking back AND at all times the cosmic mind and will are immersed in the present, in fact IS the present, is the environment, the performers and that objective witness apart, simultaneously and forever, within the moment deepening beyond the reach of any mind but the cosmic mind.

God is the be all and end all of everything. If it takes you ten million years or a moment so quick it cannot be measured, you will find this to be true. There is no escaping that the divine is all things all the time. As is said about Jesus Christ, and I am paraphrasing; 'same today same tomorrow, same forever'. That is the gist of it. Some see this as a dictatorial posture, something unbearably inescapable; What about what I want?!! What you want is what god wants. Desire is the agent of God's will. In the totality of it, the love of and surrender to the almighty is the ultimate freedom. It appears as a contradiction so long as the false self holds sway. Once the true self has come into residence, you realize that you are that. It is what you are. God is the perfect expression of your own true self. There is no other and it is the same true self that exists in everyone but which is expressed through that unique and particular stained glass window of the personality, which is that common and all pervasive light, refracted through the individual expression of it. It's not that difficult. I was extremely fortunate. It happened to me with such force that I had no defense against it and in an instant, I agreed and complied for all time. Certainly there has been suffering in the process of a surrender into the unavoidable assimilation ...but that only brings tears of joy so sweet that only the experience of it can define it. There is no other vehicle in words, or music or gestures or thought that can come close to the unspeakable experience of it. You are changed forever.

Let us close by updating the journey to come. Because of the response, the state of Washington is now on the map and in the next few days I will list the states we will pass through. Keep sending in your contact info and location so that it can all be added into the mix. This should be fun.

Much love to you all!

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Radio broadcast still resident in the ethers.

Friday, August 12, 2016

In the Age of Head up the Ass and the Avuncular Sweet Uncles of Prosperity.

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Hmmm... Jim Sinegal is at it again, trying to improve the world. The guy is in his 80's but he is tireless. What he has done with Costco over the last couple of decades is impressive. I'm not all that much into material things but I appreciate excellence and every effort that has the good of the human race at the core of it.

Then there are the usual suspects, getting away with it at the moment. I've been thinking about the Avatar meme, which is supposed to be prominent in these times. More and more it seems to me that the avatar is the sum of its parts and not some individual force as has been the case in earlier times. Way back, civilization was confined to a few locales and all of them interplayed with each other, as was the case when the teachings of The Christ made their way to Rome, or the teachings of the Buddha migrating to China. Then there is the curious projection about Pontius Pilate being born in Scotland and you can find theories that Christ came out of the UK and had some connection to the Arthurian legend. I used to have a TV show in New York and these two fellows would appear on it now and again and with charts and graphs and what all, they would argue about how the whole Christian tradition came out of the UK. They were pretty well armed with all sorts of theories. I used to roll my eyes on occasion. I wasn't very polite (grin).

In any case, like we just said; 'the sum of its parts' and that is why I have always speculated that LSD was one of the attributes of the avatar; an item held in one of the avatars four hands. It certainly changed the face of modern cultures, influencing the arts and nature of the communications of the time. The other main feature of recent times and generations is, Mr. Apocalypse. He is to be seen ripping the camouflage and coverings off of all that has been concealed for so long. Long standing trends of applied confusion, the shenanigans of the high and mighty; lies, lies and more lies, being torn out into the antiseptic daylight of a world in transition.

We have mentioned what we have today to point out that no one knows exactly what happened at any particular time in history. When we look at the blatant lies that are the main product of the media these days, how can we have any certitude about what happened a hundred years ago, or a thousand years ago? Not all lies are constructions of malice or dedicated self interest. Sometimes it is the result of a faulty imagination or a poorly functioning intellect. We are not so luminous as once we were in former yugas. We are in the Age of Head up the Ass. These days when some important toadstool shakes some nickels out of their millionaire and billionaire pockets it is all about; “Look what I did for you!”

There was a time when Bill Gates was handing out 5000 dollar checks for playgrounds and whatever the Hell his wealth apology was and the press finally decided to go after him for being a cheap sonofabitch. Following this bout of bad publicity, The Gatester decided to give all his wealth away but only after he is dead. Of course, he has been dead for some time, so I don't know just how the math works out in this regard. Fast and furious followed on the heels of this as Warren Buffet and all the rest of the avuncular, sweet uncles of prosperity followed suit. Any fool would know that this is all some kind of tax dodge and by the time they get around to it; who knows what the final result might be.

Hypocrisy seems to be one of the more bountiful fruits being reaped these days. A good example is Prince Charles with his World Wildlife Protection scam. They just shoot and kill and drink and bugger but since it is the public on the receiving end and they are senseless, I guess it's okay. I think it was that great humanitarian bulldog, Winston Churchill who said that the British Navy was founded on buggery and the lash; no telling which one came first. If you are a student of history, you know how truly cruel the English have been; to the Irish, during the Opium Wars, in the time of Dickens and certainly of late in the gratuitous murders of hundreds of thousands abroad, at the behest of London bankers. I try to grasp the import of these things and so many another horrific slaughter from Rwanda, Indonesia to Leopold of Belgium. East Timor, The Sudan, Idi Amin, Pol Pot... the list is much larger over the last handful of decades. Here's a list. God help us.

The sheer scope of the misery is beyond the imagination of most all of us. Then there are the plagues and terrible political escapades of Mugabe and so many other world assassins. There is the Mossad, at work in countries around the world, who are engaged in the sport murders of so many and always... there are the lies and justifications that do that Lady Macbeth hand washing thing with all those, “perfumes of Arabia.”

I try to see beyond it all to that glimmer of the hope of light approaching. Only the ineffable can bring about the necessary changes in consciousness. It is beyond the scope of any soul here, save for the invisible rishis, who are always at work in the backdrop behind the veils of appearances. We are seldom aware of all the selfless and compassionate souls who labor in unified harness for the salvation of this tormented world. The hands of the cosmic clock go round and round, while the painted harlots go up and down (with apologies to Joni Mitchell).

These days, the worst of us are worse than we might ever have imagined they could be and the better representatives are either afraid or distracted. There is no measure of right and wrong anymore, unless you are not 'connected'. Then we have some variation on 'too bad for you.' The bad guys, well... they got the wind of vultures beneath their wings. They have a carrion scented deodorant. It is as if something really did crawl up and die there. One reaches out and one reaches in but there is no sustainable purchase in either place. One's hands come away and stink of putrification is on them. It is like trying to hold on to a zombie well past their sell by date. You have to move silent and in solitary directions, hoping that either night, or the darkness of collective ignorance will conceal your flight.

I wonder sometimes what I am doing, calling attention to all of those things that few want to hear about. I should be traveling with the circus I think, or operating as an usher in a revival tent. I'd like to preach the message of Jesus Christ but I see what it got him and I see what happens when you are not after the money. Seriously, I don't know what happened to Jesus Christ. I've heard a lot of theories and I don't trust the historical record. If all they have done is lie, regardless of whether it is William Shirer or Bertrand Russell... I'm trying to recall someone who did tell the truth. I'm guessing Martin Luther would qualify and Solzhenitsyn. You really have to use a trained discrimination to come to any objective awareness anymore. The truth is a troublesome conveyance. Whatever fear attends your piggy back ride avocation, you're going to find yourself at a disadvantage.

My friends, I will cut it a paragraph or two short today. I've got something on my mind but I won't know what it is until I step away from this. I might not know then either but at least I'll have the advantage of less interference. May you find shelter from the storm in these times of trial. Surely the light will break at some point.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Love is the Skeleton Key of Existence, don't put Horns on the Almighty.

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The wind is howling across the tundra and though that is par for the course out on the tundra, we are not on the tundra and it is not winter but yet I can see the timber wolves slinking through the pines. I take from this that we are living in a metaphor, meaning we are moving from similitude to plain speech and this is interesting since there has been very little plain speech and likely to be less of it shortly as the liars move to spin ever more terrifying, vertigo inducing, stomach churning, cliff edge dancing verbal diarrhea that makes Angel Falls look like sidewalk runoff.

Here's the latest from Sack O Shit Central. They don't like Trump and this creates a strange dichotomy because I surely don't like 'them' but trying to like Trump is no easier. What kind of a moron wants to deny Muslims entrance to the country; given how many are already here? I can understood enforced border controls but since the oligarchs are behind most of the immigration to begin with, it gets harder and harder to understand what is going on. When I say the oligarchs are behind it, I mean they are either creating the need to immigrate, or forcing the issue for the purposes of mongrelization and economic chaos. Please do not misread my use of the word, 'mongrelization' (if there is such a word), I am not a xenophobe, a misanthrope or a racist. I'm using the word on behalf of the stated intentions of those seeking after the destruction of certain cultures and we know who that is by now.

You can say that Trump has a point, essentially, about the immigration problem and other things but... you will note in every case that it is clear he is pandering to the fears of a certain American demographic. Now... what is the term for someone who works the fear angle with the population? The term is, 'demagogue' and that is what Trump comes across as to me. Perhaps the end result is worth the route taken, perhaps not. It might seem that Trump is coming in contrast to a particular most dangerous snake or... it could be, 'both ends against the middle', or it could be that two evils do not result in a common good; something to that effect. I don't know. What I do know is that there are events in the wind that have yet to appear that are going to have a more profound effect on the game than anything so far seen. We are at a critical nexus where certain Satanic elements are in their end game phase.

I find it hard to get into the pro and con, as well as the analysis of circumstance and motive. These things are relative to a material mindset and I don't have one but... I have to talk about something as I look for a portal to segue into a discussion of the only subject that really interests me and which is responsible for my being blackballed from all the big atheist news-gathering sites. I'm a little annoyed at myself that I didn't take a hike from all of that in the first place. My overall numbers are down only by half from those halcyon days of wider recognition. What this means is that the people who want to find you will find you and the rest only come across you in passing anyway, often enough saying something like, “oh... it's that guy again. I'm not interested in all that metaphysical horseshit. I want a plate of meat and potatoes and a fat sturdy mare to ride.” off into the sunset, except the sun never sets. The sun might be a metaphor too, as far as I know.

I'm guessing that is going to work for a segue. Looking back on my own existence, it becomes ever more clear to me that I never loved anyone or anything the way I love the ineffable. I may not have done a very good job of it but the reality of it is undeniable. Sometimes we need to grasp the truth of something more than we need for others to understand us. Whether other people understand us or not is secondary. The primary concern is that we understand ourselves. We can achieve this in a critical inquiry into the steps we took to get to the place we are at. We are not all headed in the same direction. We might all, eventually wind up in the same place; given the authoritative teachings of legitimate and enduring scripture. Not all faiths teach this but... in their inception it is possible they did, before they got folded, spindled and mutilated by those who turned these religions into ATMs. or... turned these spiritual teachings into religions.

Religion is necessary within cultures, during those times when the general consciousness is incapable of being aware of the instinctive truth of being. One need only read Lao Tzu to see how it can be in times before the general human interplay, sank into the morass that we see today. In times of material darkness, sometimes you need certain glues to hold the whole thing together, even if the best thing is for it to fall apart. It's one thing to say something should change period and it is another thing to be in the middle of it when it changes. I am no revolutionary in that regard. My only revolutionary impetus is a revolution in consciousness and once that is effected the world is of no concern whatsoever. The world as we think we know it is a projection of our minds. Change the way your mind sees and identifies and you change the world; at least that portion of it that you inhabit.

There is a song that runs through my head now and again...

Most people probably think of it as a romantic tune. For me it is the embodiment of my love affair with the ineffable and one can get the sense of this in the first two lines of the song. It doesn't get mentioned again but it sets the tone for my own understanding of it and which leads to “make me do for love what I would not do.”

What most people who claim or feign a love for the almighty seem to have a disconnect about is that the almighty is concealed in every form and can be released as the divine, if love is applied. Love is the skeleton key of existence. When I say love, I mean, Love. Our idea of love and our capacity for it is defined by the quality of our understanding of it. Those who know that the greatest expression is to give yourself away will always find themselves given back. “For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.” “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

I think of the protections of the almighty as being akin to the love of the mother for her children/offspring. If you have ever come across beasts in the wild with their cubs then you know what I mean. I have had the good fortune to see the situation before I got into range. God manifests in a variety of personalities and is adaptable to your preference. Those beloved by the mother are watched out for and Heaven help the one who seeks to injure them. There are karmic costs for every single act that can be performed or imagined. It is no different than a massive department store where every item has a sticker price. The world, after all, is a department store. Most of us simply wander through it. Some of us have credentials to get back into the offices and up in the hanging rafters of the drop ceilings; mind you don't put your foot through the acoustic tiles!

No one can touch you without permission but... who controls the permissions that have to do with you? Into whose hands have you given over the power? This is what the powers of the transitory are most employed at; making you think your livelihood and survival depend on them. It does not, unless you think it does; thinking makes it so. Everything that manifests in your life experiences, comes out of your mind and whosoever is in command of your mind, commands your circumstances, or... appears to. Stand guard at the gateway of your mind! The twin poles of relative identification of the nature of the indwelling are chosen and employed by the mind which creates the image. Fear puts horns on the almighty. Love displaces that. No force in the universe is greater than Love and the quality of one's love determines the nature of experience. I've learned these things through bitter experience. “I came back to let you know, I got a thing for you and I can't let go.”

Put yourself under the sheltering wings of the omnipresent spirit, which is also the indwelling spirit. The ineffable is ALWAYS present but we are not always PRESENT. This is why we are told by so many of the more profound teachers that there is no past and no future. There is only now and there will only ever be now and anything that happens will happen NOW. Of course you have heard that time is a river. Life is metaphor. Life is also a dream, until you wake up but... who is it that wakes up? What are you upon awakening? Are you what and who you were when you were dreaming and even when you think you have awakened, might you not still be asleep? We've all had those dreams where we thought we woke up, only to find out we were still dreaming.

There is no wonder that is like the wonder of the divine. Having had even a taste of it is enough to ruin your taste for everything else. We will leave you with these thoughts for the moment and the moment only occurs now.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

War and Peace meets James Michener at a Meth Tasting Cocktail Party in a Double Wide...

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Ah... Yes... as we wait for the world to change- which is foolish because the world is always changing from what it looked like previously, into what it will later look like previously, while remaining the same, except for appearing to be different- we note the drop off curve, where stupidity and superficial obsessions, prove that there is no more of an actual limit to dumb and dumber than there is to wise and wiser; not everyone is taken in however.

That said ...and regardless of appearances of an even deeper collective sleep, Mr. Apocalypse is taking no prisoners and is going chapter and verse in a War and Peace meets James Michener at a meth tasting cocktail party in a doublewide... somewhere in the hills outside of Riverside. When reality encounters any version of bullshit, whether it is in exceptional and professional packaging, or comes with no packaging at all, except the palm of your hand, where it steams in a redolent and unmistakable certitude of itself, reality wins. Reality is a kind of fire and bullshit is flammable so... you can imagine what the result might be when they come into contact. It would be different than burning those pine branches that you trimmed the other day. Lies can be equated with bullshit and depending on the force and intent of the lies, on that depends what the intensity of the aroma and atmosphere will be. In the case of some lies, the noxious smell reaches to the gates of Heaven and offends all life, present and absent. When Heaven moves, nothing can stand against the force of it. As Lao Tzu said, “Heaven prefers no man but... the wise man prefers Heaven.”

One might equate the meaning of that quote with the image of reeds bending in the wind; cities rising and falling in sequences of time lapse photography, or any example of irresistible change that history has demonstrated over and over again to be a fact of manifest life. We live and breathe in the wreckage of relics that are merely ghost echoes now and overlaid with the pending relics of the present moment. Shelley put it well with, “Ozymandias.”

“I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shatter'd visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp'd on these lifeless things,
The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

This is not to be confused with Ozzy Osborne, I don't think. Then again... If he or she or it is here, it is arguably true that none of them will be at some point. This is one of those peculiar mysteries that is always with us. We move up and down the sidewalks of temporary cities in temporary life, chattering about all the objects and events that are disappearing as they are mentioned and seldom if ever give a moments thought to that ineluctable destiny that awaits in every direction, regardless of whatever direction we take. Samarra awaits. Samarra awaits. Whatever the truth of it may be, it sure is interesting how many coincidences there are. Some maintain that there are no coincidences, simply examples of momentary pattern recognition. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don't. When we do, we think it is coincidental. It's a bit like miracles. Sometimes we see them and sometimes we don't but they are happening all the time. We have come to the place where we identify the miraculous as pedestrian events. Children see the miraculous every day, which is the point of becoming like a little child. Then puberty turns the world into a dance of opposites and all the rest of the time of our passing residence, we are enroute to senility or regenerated innocence. In times of material darkness, the former is pro forma. It takes an exceptional person to persist unto the latter. It's all about degree of difficulty but persistence furthers.

There is childlike and there is childish and childish can be awesomely destructive when performed by an adult. One has to use the word, 'adult' with caution. Just as Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time, the like applies to childish and adult.

In a world of appearances and fun house mirrors it can be very difficult to tell the difference between what is and what is not. Even when it is there, it is not there in its true form. The form has been bent out of shape by the twisted perceptions of a diseased mind. When these perceptions are shared by a crowd they become a plague and can spread like an epidemic. It's like the Black Plague, where the opacity implies the darkness of ignorance. It's a cloud. It's an unholy mist. It's what it's not.

There's a game that people play sometimes in their parlors when they've had a few. It is often played by children as a tool of learning, though it is doubtful whether the point gets made or not. Everyone sits in a circle and whispers something in the ear of the person next to them. As the phrase is passed from ear to ear it finally comes full circle and the last person to hear it is asked what they heard and most of the time, what they say bears little resemblance to the phrase when it was first spoken. The world operates like this. Another example is when one hears a story and then later tells that story to another. For some reason they fell compelled to embellish the tale. Maybe it wasn't exciting or lurid enough in the original. So the tale passes from narrator to narrator. Sometimes the tale is completely manufactured and the events and exchanges spoken of never even took place. Sometimes identities are created to tell tales of conditions or events that never existed or never even happened, such as we heard, ad nauseum during the run up to the Iraq War.

One learns at some point that telling the truth is not a profitable enterprise. Lies are the negotiable currency of the world at this time. Those who were inclined to tell the truth are purged from the ranks of those waiting on their opportunity to lie. Thank god for Mr. Apocalypse. There was a film with Jim Carrey in it called “Liar Liar”, where a lawyer was forced to tell the truth for 24 hours due to his son's birthday wish. This is the nature of these times, in which Mr. Apocalypse holds all the cards and where he also happens to be the joker in the deck. Behind the Byzantine complexity of all of our personalities making a fool of us, individually and collectively, there resides the one personality that has command over each and every one of the surface personalities that we interact with and act out of every day. Usually this personality acts (doesn't act?) as the silent witness and recording angel. In times of apocalypse, this personality takes a more active role and begins to usurp the power of the vehicles it lives in for the purpose of demonstration. We are in the time of demonstration. That is observably true, regardless of the fact that we are 'always' in a time of demonstration. It shouldn't be hard to realize this; predicting the eventual outcome is significantly harder but what is the point of being able to tell the future when you are in a position to change it?

We pray that fortune in its finest fashion comes upon you one and all, in the manner most suitable to you. That said... carry on.

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