Monday, August 22, 2016

The Division of Poetic Discourse for the Almighty God.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings my dear friends! Today is my 70th birthday. I'm guessing that is some kind of mile marker. I don't feel like I am 70. I feel like I am still a young boy but that is probably cause I never grew up. I'm on my way to another location at some point but... from what I understand that might be a while yet. Apparently there is still some work to do. I think of myself as the hardest working man in no business. It's netted me a whole lot of nothing, materially speaking ...but it has won me some friends and enemies. I like the kind of enemies I have. Sometimes your enemies say as much about you as your friends do. When it comes to friends, I have some good ones. Sometime early today, my friend Elle stuck a card in the door with a hundred dollar bill in it. I would have rather seen her but it was a nice surprise nonetheless. My friend Lori is taking me out to dinner somewhere this evening but it's a secret where that might be. Is she flying me to Paris? I don't know yet. I'm here where I live with some other friends but they are watching the Olympics in another part of the house. I'm writing these words to you and that abortion that is the latest Star Trek is playing alongside. It seems like everything is a sitcom these days. Where's a Furry when you need one?

In any case I want to take the opportunity to dispel some myths, slanders, lies and rumors about myself. If people would read more closely and pay attention, then I wouldn't need to do this. Then again, if people weren't negatively imaginative and motivated by bad intention it would be even more unnecessary.

I received a comment this morning by someone who insists that I am an intelligence asset; specifically that I work for the CIA. He claims that the same people posting at Zen Gardner's site also post at mine and that I, personally, am responsible for most of the comments at my sites. This might come as a surprise to those of you who actually comment here. I don't fabricate comments. I don't have to. He says I use a false name just like Zen does. My name, Les Visible, has been my name for about 35 years. It is on my passport and every ID I have. He says he has been watching me for a long time... heh heh. How about that?

Here is the literal truth my friends. I do not work for the CIA or any intelligence agency except for my clerical work in The Division of Poetic Discourse for the Almighty God. This is the only firm I have ever been employed by. If it were not for the kindness of strangers I could well be homeless. I get 350 dollars a month from Social Security. I sell a few books and some music. I have no paid ads on my sites. Many people have visited me and I am sure they could tell you that I am just another guy and that I like to cook and make people laugh. I like to sing and make music. I love God. That pretty much sums me up. Oh yeah... I get high now and again and I can drink a river dry should I choose to but those who have been around on those occasions will tell you it is hard to tell the difference between that and nothing at all.

I left Hawaii and it pissed a few people off but they had every opportunity to help me find a new location and they did nothing. They act like I abandoned them and won't even answer my emails, yet some of them come around and make unfortunate anonymous comments that they think I can't track. You would be surprised at what is possible if you are computer savvy. I had no choice but to leave, most especially after my jaw got broken.

I do not work for any material agency. I do not fabricate comments. I am no friend of Zen Gardner. For years I have been hearing from people that he plagiarizes my work and steals my headlines. Dozens of people have told me this. I have never checked and I don't care. Zen Gardner doesn't even like me. I have no opinion on him whatsoever. I simply do not like judgment being passed with no evidence. Ambulance chaser Katz, who hasn't been around here for awhile (thank god for that) says that I am in approval of pedophilia and all manner of crimes because I support Zen. I do not support him at all. I just don't fancy lynchings without proof. Sure... he was in that organization but what did he do personally? Until I know that I don't know anything at all. I have reasons for what I do and one of them, in this case, is that 'they' are prepared to come after all of us.

I find it very strange that this mysterious backstabber lady went nova on Zen when he shared with her, in confidence, tales of his past. It all looks like a put-up job to me and I know from put-up jobs. I find the whole affair to be very strange and that is why I commented. For all I know, Zen is up to his neck in all kinds of shit but... I don't know. I don't know. I don't know and neither do you. I took this whole thing as an opportunity to talk about certain considerations. It was a chance to speak on a particular matter, nothing more. When I was younger I was very judgmental but I never turned my fine toned intellect upon myself. For that I am very sorry and I try to make up for my passing judgments on others and not passing judgment on myself, I am trying to make up for that. When the Cassiopeia people came after me, for no legitimate reason, I was hurt by it but I suppose I am fair game. When they got in trouble I came to their defense and Jeff Rense and a bunch of other heavy hitters gave me a whole lot of grief for it, citing what they had done to them. I value fair play very highly. Even if someone is my enemy, I will stand for them if I think they are unfairly accused. This is just how I am made. The Cassiopeia people hate me... so what? I have always tried to do the right thing. Arguably, I don't always know what that is but I try...

I can say with absolute authority in the matter that I don't work for anyone but God. I may do a piss poor job of it but that is who I work for. You won't find out anything about me except that I have been erratic on occasion and often more intense than I should have been and I am nothing like that now. If anyone has any facts otherwise, please present them. Don't make outrageous claims about me that have no substance, unless you have substance. My friend Peter Blum, who is a hypnotherapist, once said to me, “Wow! Visible, people either really like you or don't like you at all. There is no middle ground. When I asked the people who didn't like you if they had ever met you, not one of them had. So I asked, 'why don't you like him?' and they said, “It is the things he says.”” I am controversial... true... and I piss people off. My friend, Bud Clifton once said, in reference to my stand up comedy, “Most comedians make people laugh, Visible makes people angry.” Heh heh. I suppose that is true.

Robert Hitt, the astrologer wrote me yesterday to tell me that my birthday really began at 5:07 on the 21st and that I should think about what I wanted at that particular time because it really works to do so. He is very good at what he does so I took him up on it and at that time I said to God, “Please Lord, take away my shortcomings and grant me your qualities and as far as the material plane goes, please give me a nice rustic dwelling, where friends can come and visit and we can share those wonderful moments that are the true signature dish of life.” That sums me up completely. That is in essence what I am and what I want and I don't care one wit about all the accusations and fantasy slander. Prove your case or shut the fuck up.

I'm no different than most of you and I think the quality of the readership speaks to the quality of me. I am a work in progress, struggling the same as all of us who aspire to something greater. I will and do make mistakes and I strive really hard not to repeat them. I have had some success at this and am a far better man than once I was. I feel bad for Zen Gardner. I believe he is trying to redeem himself and I applaud that. Maybe I am wrong about him. Time will tell.

If you don't like what you find here then... please, go somewhere else. Most of the people who come here like what they find and I am grateful every day that you have given me an audience to talk about the great love affair of my life and that is THE INEFFABLE. I have spent a lifetime of arduous struggle and suffering in the pursuit of the author of all things. I love the divine with every breath in my being and I only hope that I can love more. There is nothing secretive or hidden about me. If you can find something then please state it chapter and verse. Sure... I am over the top sometimes and abrasive. I recognize and acknowledge this. I'm working on my delivery (grin) and every day I am a little better at it.

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I love Jesus Christ for all the fantastic and hope filled things he said. His words resonate in my heart. I try to walk in his footsteps and I am a failure at this more often than I wish were so ...but I will NEVER give up and one day I will be worthy as a disciple. That day has not yet come but I do believe it will. May the almighty shine his love and radiance upon you all, be you friend or foe. This is my sincere wish. God bless you my friends. One day you will all be my friends.

End Transmission.......


Quidam said...

Vis, judgment has begun but it begins with the house of God. It's beautiful here, come see me and we talk, talk, talk:)

Kindred Spirit
Love Floyd

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Visible!

Much love


torus said...

Happy Birthday dear Les Visible. Blessing to you and household.

In your honor, I'm listening to Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Meeting of the Spirits" from The Inner Mounting Flame followed by the formidable "Eternity's Breath" from Visions of the Emerald Beyond...

"Oh Lord, Supreme, Supreme...
let me fulfill thy will."

Do check out Eternity's Breath on youtube. Man, what a monster groove!

Visible said...

I once got to hear John play in a living room situation on an acoustic; breathtaking guitar work.

wiggins said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Les. I reached 70 in January this year. Still shaken it boss. ;-)

torus said...

Amazing, Les! I've seen John in numerous manifestations, but never that intimate. Breathtaking? No doubt! He transcended conventional harmonic/modal "cliches" so long ago. I've managed to talk with him twice in Toronto.
Despite a three year interim between conversations, at our second encounter he said, "hey! I remember you are you?"

Anonymous said...

happy bday les!!!
fwiw the truth seems to make MOST people uncomfortable , most claim to want the the truth .... just not THAT truth!
friends are work this, i believe why true friends in our life are few.
a wise man told me ; a poor man is a man with no friends, a pooer man is a man with friends he will not care for, [take care of].
I have discovered - the most important things in this life I have found are Les visible !
Best regards today ,much love to u !!!!!!!!

Visible said...

Thank you one and all and future efforts should there be any more (grin).

I'm still shaking it here too but never in public and always at least a hundred feet from school property.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Happy anniversary regarding your descent into HELL, and may you have as many more as you like.

See ya on the Otherside. ;O) Or if by some weird miracle our lives stabilise, we'll be e-mailin' ya and we'll see ya sooner.

After all, who doth ken? Things change.

Nostrils up, namaste, and may Vasuki lick yer beautiful nose.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vis
The world is full of those who are quick to judge.
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
Plenty of rocks here, care to fling a few my dears? takers??
Thought so!
Keep on truckin..


Hereticdrummer said...

I like your comment about enemies Vis. Three addendums to that. First, recall the quote from the Godfather movie, Don Corleone to his son Michael, "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer." Brilliant strategy there. Second, the maxim (a conclusion of logic), "Only your friends will fuck you because your enemies can't get close enough." These first two seem to be a paradox but are actually congruent. Third, (my personal favorite), a little tale. A young man was trying to influence a very attractive young lady to go out with him and be his girlfriend. Says he, "I'm such a nice, wonderful fellow I've never even had an enemy in my entire life." Asks she incredulously, "You've never had a single enemy in your lifetime?" "No", smiled he, "Not one." Dismissing him with a look of contempt says she, "What a little nothing you must be!" Happy birthday again Vis, keep punching buddy.

Anonymous said...

I´ve never given any comment on anything here, but I´ve been reading your articles a few years already on thetruthseeker. Since I´m not an englishman my language isn´t that good and some years ago it was at first kind of difficult for me to understand everything you wrote. After some time I found greater and greater interest in anything you came up with and I guess I became one of those people who like you :-)
Throughout the years there were many articles that were of great help to me, apllicable on particular situations in my life and I´d like to thank you for that. Keep on doing your work, I believe it has a great value to many people. Happy birthday. Peter

Anonymous said...

Happy 70th birthday, Visible! Keep shakin' it!

❤️ From Oregon

missingarib said...

Dear Vis, have a most wonderful birthday and thank you for what feel like all the delightful, in my mind, conversations I have have had sharing your thoughts .

My wish is that I may stand shoulder to shoulder with you in what the Hopi attest as the rainbow light of life, described as "The rainbow is a sign from Him who is in all things."

May your day manifest many auspicious moments as we"pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues
Talk of court news.”
King Lear

much love,
live long

Anonymous said...

Dear Les
Trust you had a memorable birthday in the best way possible, Paris or elsewhere!
And my very best of wishes for the year ahead.
Many thanks for just being you
Much love
Ian of the Reeve family

Ray B. said...

Vis, this will probably catch you as you are 'flying to Paris', but "Happy Birth Day!"

When I turned sixty, I had this irrational thought/feeling come up. It meant the baddies had not been successful in kicking me off the planet. That age was some kind of a threshold-line for me. No idea where that thought/feeling came from, but it was a powerful 'upsurge'.

Now that you are seventy, I wonder whether you might have a spontaneous 'occurrence' of that nature, yourself... (grin)

Again, Happy Birth Day!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Les Visible!

Wishing you a year ahead filled with health, love, laughter & all that makes your heart happy - always - all ways.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, time & insight tirelessly.


Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

Although we have never met face to face I know you from your words. Your words are the reason I have gravitated to this site. Anyone can check up on me, I have provided enough details over the time I have been posting here for anyone to substantiate that I am real, as real as it gets on this plane! I use my full title, which is not who I AM but merely that which is used to address my living being, because quite frankly I simply do not give a shit. I, like you, have one direction that I am meandering towards, and that direction is home to my Father, God, the one and only authority over creation and me :o). I worship NO THING on the material plane because that which is in creation was created by the Creator, so I do not worship creation or its creatures, I worship the ONE, THE ONLY, THE ALL, which is what Jesus told us to do!

So far my journey has seen the veil dragged from the illusion created by Man, with the help of the Holy Spirit, without which I would never have managed. One of the most important revelations throughout all of this for me has been the necessity to go within and not join up with any of Man's organisations, which I notice you have adhered to as well Vis. I believe this is a huge part of walking with God because you can't flow with God if you are on Man's clock and payroll! Those who cannot see that Man's institutions are one big catchment system for energy are simply not paying attention.

My bullshit detector is pretty well amazing, and I naturally scrutinise every piece of data I come in contact with. I see through the lower energies agenda as one sees through plastic, so I am confident that my opinion of you, which is that you are a servant of the Divine, is correct. If they ever replaced you Vis I am sure I would know within a very short space of time because the spirit which guides me from within cannot be fooled. I have been at the mercy of the magic of Man but the Holy Spirit talked me through it.

It has occurred to me that the real 'Wailing Wall' is actually the internet and I have even ventured down the path of considering that you might be one of God's witnesses. Only time will tell.

I think for myself, which is essential to one's well being on this plane, and something few people do today. You are one such person Vis which is why I love reading your work, much of which is poetry that appears to flow directly from the highest aspects of the Divine.

Keep on keeping on brother and I will continue to read your work.

Happy birthday Vis.

If you wind up in jail after your birthday, here’s how you can tell who your friends are:
Your good friends will visit you.
Your great friends will come up with bail money.
Me? I’ll be in the lower bunk.

Luv Kazz

an old friend said...

happy birthday Les

with love,
an old friend

Anonymous said...

Les Visible and Zen Gardner, Brothers from another Mother?

It is interesting the parallels between you and Zen Gardner though.

Both writers of a "spiritual" flavour.

Small but relatively loyal followings.

Both changed names at some point in time for unknown reasons.

Both have never revealed birth names for unknown reasons.

Both "new age" type, self proclaimed gurus.

Both kicked off Rense for unknown reasons.

Both scrubbed and then ostracized from the alt news community.

Both seek/expect forgiveness no matter what the sin.

I wonder where the parallels end??

Happy Birthday you old dog! May the fleas and ticks ignore you for a day!

Visible said...

You are all fine in my book. Even when people mock me, I don't care. You know why? My love for the almighty is absolutely sincere. There is only one relationship in my life that matters and only one relationship that exists no matter how many people I may know. It is all about the same relationship. If I can maintain that- and I do- nothing else has any force of impact on me. Do what you will however it comes to pass and all things pass. So long as I love God there is nothing else for me to be concerned with.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous guy who says he is the same age as Visible and has been watching him for a long time...

Who will wish you a happy birthday, and how many will shower you with birthday greetings when you turn 70?
What have you done to positively impact people's lives?

- Just Wondering

Dodgy One said...

Let us all raise a glass of good cheers.

We see in the lines a multitude of years.

Be you of a magical age, three score and ten.

In your gathering a multitude with a similar yen.

We would be of the knowing kind with no fear of the truth.

Living in a lie being a brutal form of self abuse.

Together we strive to be fully aware

So that we can show the world a loving creator who cares.

At the mirror be we all

exposing the plots of the gargoyles

to the pits they shall fall

for the relief of one and all.

I'm not a poet and I know it, thanks Bob and Les

There's one kinda favor I would ask of you

On your jaunting about,please don't neglect the mob here abouts :)

Visible said...

Not bad poetry whatsoever. It might help if I knew where hereabouts was.

Boulderdash said...

Happy Birthday, Visible!!!

Looking forward to your visit.

With Love and Respect,


Visible said...

My dear brother, I am so looking forward to seeing you. I plan on spending two days in the neighborhood just to hang out with you.

Boulderdash said...

Wow. That would be incredible. Safe travels to you.

Dodgy One said...

I get the impression you are excited about your jaunt, hope it works out better than my trip around the land down under in a hire van full of bed bugs, ouch.

The mob hereabouts I referred to is this here smoking mirrors etc.

You can be excused when your miles from nowhere, taking your time, I like the Cat.

I'm sure you'll reach there in the end.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my friend.
May your beautiful birthday wish come true.
More power to you.

Much respect and love


Anonymous said...

Dear Vis Tao

it´s been a blessing to have been able to follow you since 2003.
Thanks & all the best !


Unknown said...

I like to judge a being by his action and words in the present moment, regardless of his road to this point of knowledge and that his opinion changes whit knowledge is a good thing. Visible is a good marker in the ocean to learn from.

Ricsi said...

Happy birthday from Southern Hungary :)

Smyrna said...

Happy 70th Vis.

My calculations say that if this were a flat earth the sun would have revolved around you 25,569 times.

I'm hoping you can do some kind of road trip diary/travelogue of your up coming tour.
Some mystical Bill Bryson if you will.

I'm guessing they all hate you because they don't quite comprehend it, Vis. They want to but they don't have the cojones to take the leap through 'madness' to get there. Or a big ego roadblock in the way. Whatever; let fools wallow in their jealousy.

I have been following your blogs for around 7 years now. Almost as long as I have had an internet machine, and there are many great minds and writers out there but only you who gets the totality of it all.

Hoping for another 7 years.


Visible said...

Thank you one and all for your enduring kindnesses to me. I feel unworthy of them but cannot avoid the sheer sincerity of grace that continues to appear.

Smyma; I saved a little money here and there and have managed to buy a hi-powered laptop and two months of unrestricted internet access where the laptop grants me the ability to blog away over the miles. It's camera ready as well. We shall see how that goes. My co-pilot and I will shift off on the wheel time. I expect there will be much reflection, depending on whether I am looking through the windshield or the rear view mirror; 'objects are closer than they appear'

Well, Boulderdash. I haven't been in Boulder in 30 years. Maybe we can take a stroll through that central mall. There used to be a pub there called 'Pearls'. I once spent the evening there with Mose Allison.

If it weren't for the steadfast friends that have come along on this virtual ride there would have been no ride. Martin-the elf has been among the best of all with his selfless dedication to the work at hand; from designing the websites to jumping in at every moment when needed, he has been a jewel of a friend. So many of you have contributed to these efforts and I am severely humbled at the recognition of it all. God bless you one and all.

Sceptic said...

Vis; It's real easy to piss people off.
Just tell the truth - as you know it, and see fit.
That'll do it just fine, you'll have haters in gobs...

Anonymous said...

Never much liked new years day or birthdays, oh well usually hammered. So happy popped out day and a shot of shine to you.
Don't believe you got the e-mail from jj, you still have a invite to south Ky. in the foot hills.
Lake Cumberland 6063409695 tOM

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Les. I understand that you've added Washington state to your itinerary? If you'll be stopping in Spokane, please let me know what I would need to do to meet with you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - I hope you have many, many more, and that each will provide you with increasing happiness and peace.
I don't post much as I rarely have anything to offer, but this is a chance to present my sincere thank you for all the words/work that you so freely share.
For many years, your sites have been calm ports for me on an increasingly stormy and disorienting journey.
Thank you so very much.

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Vis! The delay was caused by me needing time to try and think of something original/amusing/charming etc. to say. But...I'm not you, I don't have the same way with words. So, Happy Birthday it is :-)

And enjoy your travels!

Much love


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, my friend!

You know, it finally occurred to me after the 3rd blog regarding Zen Gardner that "They" could do the same thing to you, and anyone else really, that they want to. And most people just take the knee jerk reaction as truth.

Good on you that you have the judgement to not judge. :)

Hope your birthday was awesome!


Visible said...

With friends like you around, at whatever distance, all my days are good... wonderful actually. And yeah... that was the point of the posting.

Jody Paulson said...

I hope you had a great birthday. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

M. Rocknest said...

Hello Vis. I'm joining the Happy Belated Birthday Bunch. Despite knowing your birthday is the 22nd I spaced it out yesterday ... been worried about a young deer which passes through our yard now and then (right hind quarter injury or tumor, not sure what exactly). Anyway, just want you to know that I've been reading your thought provoking, cleverly crafted and inspiring messages for many years. Also, I genuinely and emphatically really like you. Can't fathom why anyone wouldn't. -- Em

Bill D. said...

Happy Birthday, Vis. Wishing you Peace, Love and Light, and all the very best of what life has top offer on this plane. It will be much better on the other side. If I don't see you here, I know I will in Nirvana.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Happy birthday Les Visible - hope it was great!

Keep up your great writing work.

Peace and love

dirtykid© said...

First: happy birthday!

Second: I also subscribe to Zen's feed, though I admit, I don't read it in the same way I read the Visible blogs. I can see how some think he is trying to be a copy of you... He covers similar topics and does place a bunch of spirituality throughout. I'd never call him a clone, and I don't think there really any concerted effort to be you. That said, some people don't sense the nuances that vary yours and his vocabulary and bingo you must be the same person.

It's unfortunate, but less unfortunate than all those who still think that the television is showing them the real world.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Visible!!! May you find yourself rusticated with friends. Be well and God bless you. Many thanks, Jeff

BCii said...

If "Zen" were the serious warrior for truth and right that he wants to come across to the public as being, then he would have directed his efforts toward exposing and bringing down the Satanic elite pedophile ring that the COG cult was apparently a part of. I guess he would rather just put the PR skills he honed as a leader in that group to use in service to his own career and image. Much easier and safer than taking on the monster.

P.S. His eyes creep me out.

BCii said...

Regarding what I just said... it's easy to say what someone shoulda done. Not so easy to be sure I woulda done better if I was in his shoes. The proof is in the pudding. I believe God's infinite grace and forgiveness extends even to the worst of us... but there is that law of karma in operation, still.

Loving and truthful rebuke is the holy middle ground between enabling evil and vilifying our brother. I think Bernhard Guenther has done an admirable job of walking that line in dealing with the ZG revelation.

J from K said...

Hey there Les,

Happy birthday! :)

Wishing you all the best, lots of love, and health!

Thanks for all the discussions we had and all the info you gave me. It is always nice to read your blogs!

Greetings from your old town of residence in the black forest!


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

At the Oracle of Anti-Delphi, in a French Maids Outfit with Feather Duster.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

happy birthday to visable, les
he's the best, pierre says
blogging away for the benefit of us
telling the truth and aspiring the puss
outing the inners and clearing the way
setting out pavers for the apocalypse day
road to perdition, highways to hell
dont go that way he will often tell
follow him generally in your own particular way
lead or be lead to apocalypse day

Missing Munich said...

Dear Vis,

happy belated birthday. May the coming year be inspiring and your travels be safe.

From backwards Kentucky,

Missing Munich

Saul Mine said...

A belated Happy Birthday to u.
Hope to see you soon.

Scarlett said...

Late to the party, but wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that your birthday wish comes true.

I don't even know who Zen Gardener is, but I'm not into guilt by association, so I'm not ready to tar and feather anyone who merely knows someone engaged in bad behavior. There is a certai knee-jerk reaction when it comes to pedophilia, though, that makes us a little tougher on people accused of that. I was molested as a child, so I have no sympathy for pedophiles at all -- but I do know enough about the world that I understand that this is a very powerful accusation to make to discredit someone, so I'm more wary of automatically believing it when the person accused is an outsider or critic of society and/or the powers running it. And I also know that governments are very keen on providing access to children as a means of blackmailing and controlling, so it is a tad hypocritical of us to get upset over an individual case but fail to express outrage (and usually fail to even acknowledge) those in power who are involved in this stuff every day.

AS for the guilt by association, no one has time or the resources to fully vet everyone with whom they may work or share discussions on a particular issue. As long as you weren't personally involved in any of that stuff and you didn't cover for him or facilitate his actions in anyway ... even if you collaborated on other things, it wouldn't automatically make you guilty of anything. Collective punishment is a fascist idea which is pushed by the media primarily to make us think it is okay when Israel massacres people in Gaza on a regular basis. It has no place in a democratic society.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Limping Along on the Way to Haphazardville.

Ray B. said...

Scarlett, well said!

Anonymous said...

still here sometimes.... a good birthday to you Vis...
I Thank You for Being... A Blessing in so many lives...
A Light...

Doesn't it feel good to Kickass...
and not have to get physical about it...?

Thanks to You and the High Quality Readers and commenters...
You All enrichen Lives...

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Very happy milestone birthday Les! Threescore and ten bejond all odds.

Visible said...

Certainly in my case, beyond all odds.



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