Saturday, June 11, 2016

In the Consideration of Things we Should have Considered.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This is a strange world... if you know what I mean. Sure... it twists and turns but it also can be peeled because like an onion it has a lot of layers. I only provide this link because behind the scenes of all these planetary schemes, there is level upon level, going up and down and in and out and also, in some cases, hyperwarping through dimensions and variations on that time and space thing. If you read the news these days and if you are at all familiar with The Works of Mr. Apocalypse then you are seeing the sort of patterns and events that speak into the work of Mr. Apocalypse.

All kinds of strange events are surfacing. If you don't peel the onion you wouldn't get how this news item ties into this massive push of late to 'gay things up'. At the same time. You might want to see how this is the deathknell for this particular branch. Then again, they killed most of The Seals that were involved in that ridiculous Bin Laden stunt in Pakistan; was it Pakistan? Does it matter? If you make it up, does it matter what the fictitious names are?

Mr. Apocalypse told me that he was going to do things in an ingeniously humorous fashion. I believe him when he talks to me because if he wants my attention, he just takes it; not that that has anything to do with the link, cause it doesn't but... I mean; you know how they say, “You can't make this shit up?” Well, of course you can but... this qualifies as something along those lines. I love how they take these iconic figures, all draped in somber fascia and dripping with gravitas and... make them out to be not only decent but... exceptional beings and they are some of the worst human reptiles on Earth and then? And then? And then along comes Mr. Apocalypse and you get an insect named after an insect. Ah... but what an insect! You should look up the Praying Mantis sometime and see what it does. My appreciation for it was a part of the martial arts disciplines I once followed. However (grin), in this case I am celebrating the insect; not the human evolution of it. There is a reason why there are barriers between species (and hopefully feces as well), they don't act right on the planes above. This is why if you want to see God you have to be God.

Like I said, or implied, Mr. Apocalypse has a sense of humor and it is going to get more outrageous the further we go. I would not be surprised if Trump picked Cait (“call me Cait”) Jenner as his running mate. I'm not saying that in a way to disparage Trump, that's his mission, should he choose to accept it. This is just by way of exampling potential absurdities that have yet to occur; just an example and to paraphrase The Raven, “nothing more.”

What amazes me over and over is how disconnected people are to what is happening around them and at a further reach as well; not only that ...but how easily they are convinced that what they read in the newspapers and online and watch on TV is actually true. As it stands at the moment, via my observations... a lot of people are waking up, I know this from talking to casual encounters as I encounter them... at the same time there are degrees of awareness that are yet to be addressed and they have to do with the responsibility that must be assumed in the face and possession of knowledge. “Many are called but few are chosen!” This is because people turn away from the cost of having to stand up and declare for the truth that is found in there. Never look for what you don't expect to find and always remember that when you find it... you have to deal with it... in fact... like it or not, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. See... you can turn away but... the cost will be greater than all it cost you to find it out. Truth don't love herself a rasher of time wasting dilettantes on the road to self interest, while posing as sincere. Truth is a harsh mistress. You came looking? It's yours now.

We deny so many things in this life; none of us escape this... believe me I have tried. The fact is that we are all susceptible to self deceit. The important thing is, 'do we deceive ourselves when we come upon the truth?' More importantly, do we turn away when it stares us in the face? It's one thing to handle this in a personal way... sure, that can even be easy but... do you deceive yourself when it is in all the world around you and all those other people are part of you and you turn away? I assure you that the cost of not rising to the occasion will haunt you for a long time, here and beyond; cue Bruce Springsteen and The Price you Pay.

I don't know much and I will be the first to admit it but there are a few small things that I do know and you are hearing about them today and probably will continue to for the foreseeable future. I don't know if I learned these things through aspiration (god knows I got a lot of that- grin) or through gruesome and extreme experience. At this point it doesn't matter which; to tell you the truth. If I got it by looking so hard that she came to me... and she did, or, if it was pounded into me or... if it was a combination of both, it doesn't matter now. All I can say is that I found her and now find her in everyone I meet and it is an incomparable place to be. No one even bothers me anymore, no matter how obtuse they may be, cause even if I can't take it anymore, I know how to get away and wish them well on my departure. I wasn't always this nice. It takes a lot of pain and soul searching to get to a place where you can just let this happen but... what a rush when it does. Ha!

You know... I purposely created certain situations to see where people were at. It wasn't smart. I can admit that now. I been running from the masters whips since I got here so; perhaps I should digress for a moment. Certain things happened to me when my Kundalini went active, I got all kinds of talents and a wide field to deliver them in and I saw, real quick, what was happening to everyone who had any success at exercising the same areas of employment and so I started walking, instead of running, away from all that and to this day I am committed to that form of movement. If you are meant to shine on any stage at any place at any time; wait to be invited, don't assume you should be there. Look at what has happened to everyone who does! And just cause you can't see it right now, it's in flow and Mr. Apocalypse is not mocked. Fame and fortune waits for all of us and in the most delightful fashion, if only we will wait to be invited.

We would save ourselves a lot of harm and embarrassment if we would only wait to be invited. Look at what today's performers of ancient arts have accredited to themselves. Oh to reap in folly what you must later by wisdom achieve! Ah... if I could only change the mistakes of my life (sigh) but that is not the point is it? The point is whether or not I can change my mistaken take on it all and forge it into something redemptive. My sins are not that great; frankly... I injured myself more than anyone else and I'm still here so... redemption is in my reach but... that is not why I came here today. I'm close to figuring myself out now... so, I just want to reach out in this moment to all of the rest of you, who... for reasons unknown to me... come around here... darling- hold on, do your best; God is always watching... always. It is the ceaseless meditation of God upon his creation that even keeps this together in the first place... believe me on this. If you never took a single quote away from me or however you may feel, consider, please consider what I just said, ' It is the ceaseless meditation of God upon his/or her creation that even keeps this together in the first place.' It took me longer than it should have to get this but... I did.

Today is like Christmas for me and Christmas has been a long time coming. Let me tell all of you who I never met (yet), I can honestly say I love you one and all and not much matters anymore except showing and expressing this. There ain't nothing better than having the almighty coming through and showing you the source and solution to your pain. The solution is contained, either kinetic or potential in all of us and easily shown or transmitted. The problem is, “will we accept it?” We are surrounded and it isn't by cowboys and Indians.... I might have messed that up by lower casing 'cowboys' and upper casing 'Indians' but I was always on the side of the Indians... heh heh... never mind; it will deepen in the next transmission.

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