Saturday, June 11, 2016

In the Consideration of Things we Should have Considered.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This is a strange world... if you know what I mean. Sure... it twists and turns but it also can be peeled because like an onion it has a lot of layers. I only provide this link because behind the scenes of all these planetary schemes, there is level upon level, going up and down and in and out and also, in some cases, hyperwarping through dimensions and variations on that time and space thing. If you read the news these days and if you are at all familiar with The Works of Mr. Apocalypse then you are seeing the sort of patterns and events that speak into the work of Mr. Apocalypse.

All kinds of strange events are surfacing. If you don't peel the onion you wouldn't get how this news item ties into this massive push of late to 'gay things up'. At the same time. You might want to see how this is the deathknell for this particular branch. Then again, they killed most of The Seals that were involved in that ridiculous Bin Laden stunt in Pakistan; was it Pakistan? Does it matter? If you make it up, does it matter what the fictitious names are?

Mr. Apocalypse told me that he was going to do things in an ingeniously humorous fashion. I believe him when he talks to me because if he wants my attention, he just takes it; not that that has anything to do with the link, cause it doesn't but... I mean; you know how they say, “You can't make this shit up?” Well, of course you can but... this qualifies as something along those lines. I love how they take these iconic figures, all draped in somber fascia and dripping with gravitas and... make them out to be not only decent but... exceptional beings and they are some of the worst human reptiles on Earth and then? And then? And then along comes Mr. Apocalypse and you get an insect named after an insect. Ah... but what an insect! You should look up the Praying Mantis sometime and see what it does. My appreciation for it was a part of the martial arts disciplines I once followed. However (grin), in this case I am celebrating the insect; not the human evolution of it. There is a reason why there are barriers between species (and hopefully feces as well), they don't act right on the planes above. This is why if you want to see God you have to be God.

Like I said, or implied, Mr. Apocalypse has a sense of humor and it is going to get more outrageous the further we go. I would not be surprised if Trump picked Cait (“call me Cait”) Jenner as his running mate. I'm not saying that in a way to disparage Trump, that's his mission, should he choose to accept it. This is just by way of exampling potential absurdities that have yet to occur; just an example and to paraphrase The Raven, “nothing more.”

What amazes me over and over is how disconnected people are to what is happening around them and at a further reach as well; not only that ...but how easily they are convinced that what they read in the newspapers and online and watch on TV is actually true. As it stands at the moment, via my observations... a lot of people are waking up, I know this from talking to casual encounters as I encounter them... at the same time there are degrees of awareness that are yet to be addressed and they have to do with the responsibility that must be assumed in the face and possession of knowledge. “Many are called but few are chosen!” This is because people turn away from the cost of having to stand up and declare for the truth that is found in there. Never look for what you don't expect to find and always remember that when you find it... you have to deal with it... in fact... like it or not, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. See... you can turn away but... the cost will be greater than all it cost you to find it out. Truth don't love herself a rasher of time wasting dilettantes on the road to self interest, while posing as sincere. Truth is a harsh mistress. You came looking? It's yours now.

We deny so many things in this life; none of us escape this... believe me I have tried. The fact is that we are all susceptible to self deceit. The important thing is, 'do we deceive ourselves when we come upon the truth?' More importantly, do we turn away when it stares us in the face? It's one thing to handle this in a personal way... sure, that can even be easy but... do you deceive yourself when it is in all the world around you and all those other people are part of you and you turn away? I assure you that the cost of not rising to the occasion will haunt you for a long time, here and beyond; cue Bruce Springsteen and The Price you Pay.

I don't know much and I will be the first to admit it but there are a few small things that I do know and you are hearing about them today and probably will continue to for the foreseeable future. I don't know if I learned these things through aspiration (god knows I got a lot of that- grin) or through gruesome and extreme experience. At this point it doesn't matter which; to tell you the truth. If I got it by looking so hard that she came to me... and she did, or, if it was pounded into me or... if it was a combination of both, it doesn't matter now. All I can say is that I found her and now find her in everyone I meet and it is an incomparable place to be. No one even bothers me anymore, no matter how obtuse they may be, cause even if I can't take it anymore, I know how to get away and wish them well on my departure. I wasn't always this nice. It takes a lot of pain and soul searching to get to a place where you can just let this happen but... what a rush when it does. Ha!

You know... I purposely created certain situations to see where people were at. It wasn't smart. I can admit that now. I been running from the masters whips since I got here so; perhaps I should digress for a moment. Certain things happened to me when my Kundalini went active, I got all kinds of talents and a wide field to deliver them in and I saw, real quick, what was happening to everyone who had any success at exercising the same areas of employment and so I started walking, instead of running, away from all that and to this day I am committed to that form of movement. If you are meant to shine on any stage at any place at any time; wait to be invited, don't assume you should be there. Look at what has happened to everyone who does! And just cause you can't see it right now, it's in flow and Mr. Apocalypse is not mocked. Fame and fortune waits for all of us and in the most delightful fashion, if only we will wait to be invited.

We would save ourselves a lot of harm and embarrassment if we would only wait to be invited. Look at what today's performers of ancient arts have accredited to themselves. Oh to reap in folly what you must later by wisdom achieve! Ah... if I could only change the mistakes of my life (sigh) but that is not the point is it? The point is whether or not I can change my mistaken take on it all and forge it into something redemptive. My sins are not that great; frankly... I injured myself more than anyone else and I'm still here so... redemption is in my reach but... that is not why I came here today. I'm close to figuring myself out now... so, I just want to reach out in this moment to all of the rest of you, who... for reasons unknown to me... come around here... darling- hold on, do your best; God is always watching... always. It is the ceaseless meditation of God upon his creation that even keeps this together in the first place... believe me on this. If you never took a single quote away from me or however you may feel, consider, please consider what I just said, ' It is the ceaseless meditation of God upon his/or her creation that even keeps this together in the first place.' It took me longer than it should have to get this but... I did.

Today is like Christmas for me and Christmas has been a long time coming. Let me tell all of you who I never met (yet), I can honestly say I love you one and all and not much matters anymore except showing and expressing this. There ain't nothing better than having the almighty coming through and showing you the source and solution to your pain. The solution is contained, either kinetic or potential in all of us and easily shown or transmitted. The problem is, “will we accept it?” We are surrounded and it isn't by cowboys and Indians.... I might have messed that up by lower casing 'cowboys' and upper casing 'Indians' but I was always on the side of the Indians... heh heh... never mind; it will deepen in the next transmission.

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Anonymous said...

Vis thank you... "you own it" wow that stings,and oh so true. The path once taken shall not be forsaken or so shall you.
tymeflyz from the magic forest.

Anonymous said...

One of your best.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Got the same message of your last two paragraphs in two separate dreams told to me by the same entity with the purtiest ginger mane I ever saw. (No, he wasn't a horse.) Eagerly await the next post.

Ray B. said...

Frodo: "You're late."

Gandalf: "A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to."

Ray B. said...

Just discovered this. If you are a LotR 'geek', there is a lot of wisdom here (and on other pages)...

Visible said...

I have read the trilogy 15 times. I read them 4 times out loud as Christmas presents. The first time I read them I was in maximum security at the John Howard Pavilion and I read the whole thing in 2 days. You can well imagine that I did nothing else. Next time Douglas came to visit, I gave him money to buy copies for a number of friends. As you can imagine I just told him where to get the money. You don't get money in these places. I consider it the best work of fiction of all time... hands down, as far as I am concerned ...and I only have to impress my own taste in that regard, so... it might not be the best work of fiction ever but it is to me.

The next best for me is The Once and Future King by T. H. White. Most people haven't read that one but it is one of the best ever. It's where I got 'fewmits' from (grin).

Anonymous said...

MERRRRY Christmas...

it's the thought tha counts



Anonymous said...

To believe we can change anything in the outer world is delusional, we can only alter ourselves! To know what we must alter we must first know our self, and once we know our self we know God, who can then show us what needs fine tuning.

Ray B. said...

Ripping-off various posters (thanks!) from the pages I mentioned. Quite a bit of wisdom:
(Note the concept of "diminishing" in what follows, with application to Mr. Apocalypse's current endeavours...)

"Morgoth = supreme evil in an age where demi-gods walked Middle-Earth.
Sauron = supreme evil in an age where the power of every being had waned so that mortals would inherit Middle-Earth."
"Morgoth, as Melkor, led the first rebellion prior to the creation of the world, where he and Maiar following his lead disrupted the choir of the Ainur and inserted himself and his ideas into the fabric of the future world. ... Over time, Morgoth's personal power greatly diminished as other commenters explained, but the trade-off was in spreading it: Morgoth could work his will through the substance and peoples of Arda."
"When Morgoth created his armies, the dragons, volcanoes, etc., he had to use power from within rather than the ambient energy from Eru. It seems when a being uses power from within, it is not replaced. Morgoth, who at one time was able to hold off all of the Valar combined, was later captured by Ungoliant (a being likely on the same order as the Maiar, and possibly a corrupted one) and needed aid from the Balrogs. This was after he began feeling the effects of diminishing. Sauron and Saruman used their powers the same way (albeit on a lesser scale) and so diminished."
"[Morgoth] spread his power throughout Arda so that everything contained the capacity for evil (Tolkien said that Sauron was only able to create the One Ring because gold in particular had special properties derived from Morgoth that lent it the capacity for enhancing evil). ... by that point, Morgoth had lost much of his power by spreading it into others and also by taking on physical form for so long, and also because he alone was actually afraid."
"In essence, what Sauron (and Melkor before him, remember the history here - it's basically the same reason Melkor is able to be beaten and captured: because he used so much of his innate power imbuing people, places, and the world itself with evil that he doesn't have enough left in the tank to defend himself) does as a result of this use of his power to spread evil is he becomes a lesser being in a way..."

And something that I did not know:
"...from their first meeting at the Grey Havens [Cirdan] divined in [Gandalf] the greatest spirit and the wisest; and he welcomed him with reverence, and he gave to his keeping the Third Ring, Narya the Red." ("Unfinished Tales," The Istari)
(Elvish Three Rings)

Ray B. said...

Small addition to above (thanks!):

"It could be, perhaps, that Melkor has finished his part. He may be thrust beyond the Walls of Night, but he's really here. All the world is Morgoth's Ring, and Arda Marred retains the spirit of Melkor until Arda is remade. When that will be, we cannot say, but we still struggle with Melkor every single day."
Book battle of Gondor vs Movie battle of Gondor. Good stuff!
And, I thought Vis would like this:

"As Eru told Melkor during the Great Music of the Ainur, ' theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite.'"

torus said...

Youtube: "Epic Rap Battles of History" - J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin.

George R. R. Martin.

"Brace yourselves!
Gather up your trolls and your soldier elves.
And your Ents and your Orcs, and your Wargs and your Stings
Your dwarves and Glamdrings, 'cause there's a new literary Lord in the ring!

My readers fall in love with every character I've written.
Then I kill 'em! And they're like, NO! he didn't!
All your bad guys die and your good guys survive.
We can tell what's gonna' happen by age and page five!
Tell your all-seeing eye to put some sex in your movies.
Ditch the Goonie and cast a couple boobies!
There's edgier plots in that David the Gnome.
Your Hobbit-hole heroes can't handle my throne!!

J. R. R Tolkien

Kings, Queens, Dragons, Dwarves.
Horses, fortresses, magic, and swords.
You hob-bit my whole shit you uninspired hack!!
You want a war George!? Welcome to Shire-raq!
In book sales, you've got nothin' to say.
I'm number 1 and 2, you're under Fifty Shades of Grey.
I got the prose of a pro, your shit's sub par!
You're a pirate! You even stole my R.R.!
We all know the world is full of chance and anarchy.
So, yes, it's true for characters to die randomly.
But news flash!! The genre is called fantasy.
It's meant to be unrealistic, you myopic manatee!!!!

G R. R. M

I conscientiously object to what you're doing on these beats.
I'll cut you like my teeth on Beauty and the Beast.
You went too deep Professor tweed pants.
We don't need the back story on every fucking tree branch!!

J. R. R. T

I cut my teeth in the trenches of the Somme.
You LARPed your Santa Claus ass through Vietnam.
And it's hard for me to take criticism on clothes.
From a dude who sends a raven to say hi to his toes!!

G. R. R. M

Man, your fat jokes are worse than your pipe smoke.
My show's the hottest thing on HBO.
I'm rock n' roll, you're a nerdy little nebbish.
And I may be dirty but you got a hairy foot fetish, dog!
Even the names of your characters suck.
You got Boffers and Bofurs and Brandybucks.
I got a second breakfast for all them goofy fucks.
Lift up my gut and tea-Baggins my nuts!!

J. R. R. T

CS Lewis and I were just discussing
How you and Jon Snow both know nothing.
Because the back story on my box office is billions!
Got my children makin' millions off my Silmarillion's
And I'm more rock n' roll than you've ever been!
Don't believe me? Just ask Led Zeppelin!!!
You can't reach this throne!
Shit, I'm too towering.
Every time I do battle it's RETURN OF THE KING!!!!

Anonymous said...

"It is the ceaseless meditation of God upon his creation that even keeps this together in the first place... believe me on this."

Hello Les, and all,
You're on a roll Dear Les.
Again, serendipity. I just read this re: Bishop Berkeley, who claimed that nothing existed outside of consciousness, that matter depended on spirit.
Of course people laughed, some said a stumped toe on a rock proved matter to be very real...

An English Limerick:

There was a young man who said, God
Must think it exceedingly odd
If he finds that this tree
Continues to be
When there's no one about in the Quad

(then the response from God)

Dear: your astonishment's odd
I am always about in the Quad
And that's why the tree
Will continue to be,
Since observed by
Yours faithfully, God.

Then I read just now what Les wrote..

"It is the ceaseless meditation of God upon his creation that even keeps this together in the first place... believe me on this."

your friend and mine,
- ye olde beggar-man

Ray B. said...

Full quote:

“And thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

zepheri said...

Jingle bells

Ray B. said...

What is Middle-Earth the middle of?

This stuff is addictive! (half-grin)

(BTW, for flat-earthers: "Aman was where the Valar [gods] lived. Originally, the world was flat, but it was turned into a sphere at the time Aman was removed, long before the story of The Hobbit." So, you are thinking of a prior Age...)

torus said...

Eric Dubay is the most prominent "flat-earther". Yet I caught him flat out lying in his video "The Earth Is Not A Planet".
He audaciously asserts that the things "they" call planets look exactly like the things "they" call stars. "They", I assume to mean the voices in Dubay's head, or perhaps NASA. As a teenager, before Dubay was even born, I tracked Jupiter and Saturn via constellation and planetary maps as provided by the Royal Astronomical Society. Planets do not "twinkle", which is most evident when viewing Venus with the naked eye. I've viewed Jupiter and Saturn through a reflecting telescope and they really are round. That may not confirm Earth's spherical status, but it confirms that Dubay is bold faced liar who takes the credulity of his audience for granted. It also successfully discourages any further consideration of what he might have to say regarding the equator, Soltisce's, or the winter that is about to commence in Australia. Good night Eric, twinkle-twinkle shooting star.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... I think winter in Australia (is warm) - is almost over hardly started.

One bold faced truth sayer with credibility, Ive just read his 2nd book on it and am watching the movie tonight.. his experiences with the aliens were only matched by those with many humans afterwards. Much integrity and musing such as at this (Vis's) blog. Cue the son of the man who started the Vietnam War "People are strange" which leads to the alienesque Cheech'N'Chongs "Life is strange". even, as he says, the Aliens and, well, everything, is under God's jurisdiction

"To see God you have to be God " .. good one, Centurion, noted, filed.

torus said...

To friends seen and unseen, I greet you with the Holy breath. In consideration of things...

"First of all, we have to do zazen - sitting meditation on a daily basis. The important thing is not how long we sit - five minutes, ten minutes, fifty minutes, even one minute is okay. The important thing is to let every day start with zazen and end with zazen.
Why do we have to do this? Because Zen IS everyday life - to live day by day. And day by day is today - right now, right here. Right now, right here influences your whole life.
According to the Zen way, you must be master of yourself, whatever the situation you may be in. You have to realize who and what you are. For this, all you have to do is concentrate on your hands, your feet, your eyes, your mind - in this present moment. In other words, when you do Zazen, just sit down and concentrate on the breath - counting the breath or following the breath. When you have breakfast, just have breakfast. When you wash your face, just concentrate on washing your face. When you walk on the street, walk on the street. Zazen is a fundamental practice. It is about taking care of this moment with wholeheartedness. Just do it - right now, right here.
Daily routine is a huge, expansive continuation of routine activities - getting up in the morning, having breakfast, going to work, coming home, going to bed. Daily routine shows us how to live in this huge expanse of time, beyond any idea we may have of time. That is why everyday life - daily routine - is very important for us. It can let us be free of time.
But too easily we become fed up with daily routine. What are we doing, repeating the same things day after day? We don't like this. We fall into the trap of stereotyping human life as monotonous. We become interested in excitement and in breaking away from daily routine. This is very dangerous. We become confused and don't know what to do next. We have to realize the true self that is free from this dangerous condition and return to the true self.
To count the breath in zazen is to let time ripen. It is to be one with concentration, which is, strictly speaking, neither you nor concentration. At that time, you will neither bemoan daily routine nor be tossed away by unexpected occurrences. Thus, we make every effort to do zazen on a daily basis. In return, zazen gives us a great opportunity to return to the true self."
-Dainin Katagiri, You Have to Say Something

WhispersOnTheWind said...

Dear Visible,

I would say that you have reached the artistical master-state now. Some thoughts on that:

It's good that you "went over time" with your satirical video. You are not some side-show freak come here to entertain, but by now one of the greatest artists alive today. So, do take all the time you need to make a product you are comfortable putting out. In that way, it will ring both longer and clearer in the collective unconsciousness. The same is true for your writings. It would be more beautiful if you started putting out ONLY masterpieces like the ones you have been serving up for at least some weeks now, instead of a mixture including rough drafts. Quality over quantity does the trick. As for your poetical fire... It is good that you have it subdued, so that now you can use it as you please. After pensiveness comes action. Please know that all of the arts are connected. You can look at it like you are serving people food. If you want to serve a dish as burning as The Devils Diarrhea, please feel free to do so, but do consider the digestion of your guests. Perhaps a bucket of vanilla ice cream would be a good desert for something like that.

"First, do no harm". In principle I agree, am, after all, raised by two people who swore that oath at the beginning of their professional lives. But the Reality of this plane is that sometimes a thorn must be removed with a thorn. And since we are all connected, sometimes it is best to do it even against the will of the one having the thorn removed, to avoid a greater pain down the road, for that one or others. It can be considered a service to execute a murderer on a rampage, also for the murderers sake, so that he will not amass more negative karma. This is the true meaning of "Ahimsa" - non-violence, also called "Active compassion".

I want to thank you for having been a father figure for me for something like 7 years, and also, for "throwing me out of your house" in the end. I know it must have been a bitch of a job at times, but I can tell you with near certainty that for the service that you have rendered unto me, The Law of Karma will reward you with a kind, wise, lovingly disciplining, quirky and very creative Father in your next life, if there is one. He will send you like a steady rocket on the path towards the Light.

One last thing: Be careful with Mr. A. Different entities come around with His Mask on, using It as camouflage. Just be aware of the energy that comes through the channel, and know that only very, very rarely do Divine Agents consider it wise to subjugate the free will of others. The truth is that Mr. A is a creation of your own majestic imagination, and is infused with the energy that you or others, also invisible, puts into the mental image. Truly, we create the gods, not the other way around. Only The Supreme Creator is above us.

Be well, you dear one. One Love, Jah Bless!

Visible said...

Thanks for the good words and the input. As far as my confusing Mr.A with other entities. You keep bringing up things like this over and over again, as if I am being led astray and what troubles me about that is that you are not in my head and have no verifiable evidence that I am being hijacked by demons. I can understand that you care about me but it is over the top to presume that I am being set up by negative forces. Here is a good example of a conflict that would exist in this way. If I am writing at the level you say I am then how am I able to do that if I am being manipulated by forces for which that kind of writing would be anathema? We've been over this ground over and over again but you seem unable to let it rest. Like clockwork, every so often (pun intended) you bring up how I should apologize to Laura Knight Jadcyk. No matter what evidence you get about the situation and no matter how often this kind of pressure leads to breaks in our communication, you never let it rest. I guess I have to live with this aspect of you. The best thing is always to have enough facts and truths about something before weighing in. To wildly speculate about events that one was not present at is not rationale nor reasonable.

I am fine. I seek to communicate with the ineffable every day and as often as I can remember to. I believe as long as I do this all will be well. More than this I cannot say, nor care to. It has not escaped my attention that both of your parents are psychiatrists. You might want to consider that. I've been bounced through the outrageous possibilities of existence for decades; whether I was behaving like a saint or an outlaw. It hasn't mattered. God is in complete control. I know this and I believe this. I rely on this and will continue to. I recognize that you mean well or want to but we must each work out our own salvation in fear and trembling as someone once said.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Incomprehensibility of the One in the Minds of the Many.

mt said...

Divine Spark and the Divide (Native War Drums and Hippies)

section one:

I was reading your latest essays, one of which referenced the Divine spark which is alight in each uniqueness of soul and which can bring people together... Through those strong in "inner knowing."

this reminded me of something opposite of that, I recently came across... a division of certain groups of this case some Native Americans and "New Age/ hippies" whom one one normally consider carrying the cliche of "peace and understanding."

First of all I may possibly have some Native blood in my background, but I was not born on a reservation, though my Mom and Dad taught at one for a year. I have made no claims and have gone on doing "my own thing." I have studied a little bit of different Native culture.. and know it is quite complex... whether dealing with the Pueblo and Navajo or plains.. Lakota... Or even between the Cherokee in the East and their distanced brothers and sisters in Oklahoma. I have a friend who teaches the language... But since the trail of tears there is a discrepancy in language and attitude between the two groups... Sad really... I even choreographed a dance to Robert Mirabal's ( Taos pueblo)"little indians," but did so with respect and joy. So my point coming from a place of respect.

mt said...

Section 2: Divine SparkNative war drums/hippies

However, apparently there was a big to-do under the radar concerning J.K. Rowling. I had NO IDEA until I looked on her site one time and saw she had written "short histories" for "wizarding cultures" around the world. Her biggest mistake though was INCLUDING the Native Americans. I scanned it briefly.. Did have a bit of an issue with her interpretation of "skin walker," She should have at least read Tony Hillerman once haha.
But she even suggested The Native Wizards did not need wands or some were more advanced than their European counterparts. Well I made the mistake of mentioning it in passing to an acquaintance, a part Native activist. Well no other word for it she jumped all over me... Got all in a passion about it... How it was not cool, that Jk Rowling had done something very wrong ( now it is my understanding Rowling supposedly phoned a friend for her NA knowledge... Also I think a good percentage of Potter fans may have never even looked at those histories on her site except diehards. However the ling and the short of it was Rowling was "messing" with Native history ie fabricating untruths etc and this has infuriated several? native Americans.
Truthfully the complexity of the different tribes would be very hard to present in the Potter format especially for her audience of readers and not all that audience might take an interest in that knowledge. So Rowlings mistake wS to even consider tackling the NA issue... Assuming she was coming from a place of heart and inclusiveness...the Natives do not accept that... And my NA acquaintance is going to boycott Rowling...hmm I thought the fundamentalists were already doing that?

mt said...

Section3: Divine Spark/Divide Native War Drums and Hippies

It occurs to me though I might be wrong... That other cultures/ countries have not made a "complaint" about histories of made up wizards in their midst... Though historically as far as "we" know... there weren't actual wand wavers and polyjuice potions in their lands...I think the difference is in the British Isles and the like.. The early Nature centered spiritualities were quickly assimilated by way of the church through Rome. So it is hard to talk about a continuous indigenous population of Bretons/Gaels living the old ways...except by way of people who have studied and or been inspired to re-create... Their own version of that.
However, it is different with Americas' indigenous populations who even after invasion and marginalization still are living, preserving the "old ways" through generations.
And because they lost so much ... That is why they are holding on so tightly and something seemingly INclusive like this infuriates them... Because of the struggle to regain/keep their history and their culture.. Without any muddled up influence or added elements... Which most others might not take seriously but which a good portion of Natives do....

mt said...

Hippie element and Reclaiming Sacred Land
Part TWO
Section 1

There is also a debate going on about Native Americans ( The Lakotas I believe ) regaining their land or some part of it i A lot of activism around this.... So there was a site set up apparently by some members of the Tribe and also some white people had joined the effort ( ref to some "new age" hippie types) EXCEPT there is a warning circulating about the site raising funds for the cause... That it is not legit and the other members of the tribe do not accept it. The tribe member/?or Natives who are a part of it are considered to be sell-outs basically in it for themselves... Maybe to get their own shot at land/ money... And the white people who have joined forces with them are seen the same way( this I can easily believe) new age guru's making a buck not coming from a sincere heart which is what you said is what really matters no matter who one is....
But the rest of the tribe is also angry at the " new age" influence... They do not want their ways mixed in with all the "new age" stuff... Don't want these new-age hippies using blending messing "stealing" the Native religion.
The Natives seemed quite vitriolic about it!
there are two occurrences which have influenced their attitude... One was some part white woman passing herself off as some Native guru... Making money... Native activists all over her case and falsehoods...
The other was a tragedy... A white man ran a sweat lodge and several participants died because he was not careful... This reflected badly on Native Culture and incensed them...
I do not think all hippie types nor from that generation are out to make a buck... Some live pretty quietly...
But even though it is small... I see a buildup of division... And even the quiet goodhearted flower child might not stand a chance with these Native passions and angers re-kindled.

mt said...

Hippie Element and Reclaiming Sacred Land

Part TWO
section 2

Strangely was just talking to an old hippie and a discussion came up about Native Americans.
I remembered my grandmother had some jewelry and I was naming different tribes but couldn't remember which did which work. And the hippie said he stopped naming tribes long ago... All was ONE....the rest was "division."

It reminds me of a quote which is on Robert Mirabal's Painted Caves show....
"Do you feel that burn of conflict... Do you feel it? I thought you did!"

( though that is relating to living in two worlds... The old world of their language, spirituality, culture, medicine people and living in the Modern world at same time.


The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's latest radio shows are now up....

WhispersOnTheWind said...

My parents are doctors, not psychiatrists :). One is an anesthesiologist, the other is a "medical officer of public health". I have met both good and bad psychiatrists, though, through my strange, terrible, and wonderful experiences with the inside of the wards. The good ones are the ones who are open-minded enough to know that they don't know everything, and the bad ones think that every single quirk in the mind can be solved by putting pills into people :P. Now, that's crazy! It's a shame that the good ones are rare as an honest thief.

Anyways, I am happy that you know I mean well. It's true what you say about me, mostly. Perhaps I am just too over-caring, or too much of a meddler-in-the-business-of-others. In any case, I am happy too that you're around, even if it doesn't always come across like that :P

Be well

stott said...

Orlando massacre was "revenge," not terrorism, says gunman's lover

Bigger than 9/11 coming soon

Anonymous said...


That's the spin the liar-in-chief's administration, along with the complicit MSM, wants everyone to believe. They can't have the American people getting all in a panic about radical Muslim terrorists, when they intend to bring in thousands more migrants from the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth said

"Fight for the sake of the same conflict only without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat" Krishna

If you believe in Jah. You publish this comment. Sorry Les I know Gov are watching everything what happens on the internet. Government of Chaos. I have a lot of learning.
No human knowledge, your knowledge is based on imaginary theories in which they believe. Sacred Knowledge of the works that created Jah. He is the creator of everything, and His works are wonderful. Who does not believe, that got lost. Now is the time for new understanding.
For science I'm Non-violent Extremist. I know this before.
Ecclesiasticus 9:18
18A man of many words is feared in his city.
Jesus Christ would be banned from speaking at universities if he was alive in 2016 along with other 'non-violent extremists', a leading Oxford professor warned yesterday.

My name is Daniel. My soul is with Christ. Our Lord who gives eternal life to those who follow His ways.

Look why. I destroyed many of their theory, now is the time for their humiliation. I got to know and understand of Jah. There are no words to describe Creation of God.
Science Belive in Axial precession. Cycle of approximately 26,000 years. The result of the precession of Earth's celestial equator goes retrograde on the ecliptic at 1 ° to 72 years. This is not a scientific approach. Fantasy you suffered.
Stonehedge shows the summer solstice of 4.500 years always is in the same place. If 1 ° for 72 years. This 4,500 years will be 62.5 °.

Anonymous said...

On the south wall of the pyramid of Cheops indicates the autumn equinox. It was built 4572 years ago. Autumn Equinox was by now 63,5° .
Mayan Chichen Itza.
The biggest development dates back to the X-XI century. Wikipedia says so. This civilization was older. Shows always spring and autumn equinox.
Check it. NASA Spend money to understood Cosmos. When Hi nothing know about Earth.

Next Theory Plate Tectonics

dominant contemporary theory explaining the large-scale movements of the Earth's lithosphere, particularly manifested in the observed phenomenon of continental drift. In schools they learn that the continents move from 1 cm to 10 cm per year. By 4500 years they moved to about from 4,500 cm to 45,000 cm. It is not possible that these structures showed equinox. According to the theory of scientists at the time of the earthquake one plate hiding under a second.
Plates not move. The earth collapses. Law of the land. Destroying the land, she repays us. Speaking of false teachings, we believe in false teachings. The law of God.

Les my understanding tarot cards Wheel of Fortune. This is historic fact.
This card shows the system of Pyramids and the Sphinx. Great watch ticking. Time is very important. Sphinx sitting at the wheel. I mean, sitting Sphinx of Giza. Center of the earth. His eyes are an indication of the clock.
Snake and Hell. They represent the passage of time. Evolution of Satan. From snake from Eden to Satan with our time.
4 characters in the corners of the card is a four constellations in the sky. Pyramid of Cheops joins the axis of the constellation Taurus and Scorpio (before changes astronomers it was an eagle) and the axis of the lion with aquarius (before changes astronomers it was an angel) I do not tell the whole mystery of the pyramids in Egypt and Mayan pyramids.

I got to know and understand the secrets of Nostradamus what He gave me.
"Our future is already written, the way we will follow humanity is appointed, only the free will we have received from God the gift allows us to influence the future it is partially changed. Most of the prophecy will be fulfilled and some are subject to change depending on the actions of people"

There is a chance to save Planete. Just clean up. Just as the cleans up after a party at home, before returning parents.
All this is hidden in the scriptures. God's work there are forever.

If someone in this world claimed to be a Christian is lying. If Trump or Clinton win the elections to the US they will be destroyed by their stupidity.
In two weeks I'll have 33 years old. In July, the truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

Comedy Break
(these guys really do deserve a medal)

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Chinese Acrobats in my Alphabet Soup.

Anonymous said...

Jude 7 not 17 my mistake.



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