Sunday, January 16, 2011

Empty Suits and the Darkness that Moves Them

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I’ve used the phrase ‘empty suit’ on occasion but I wouldn’t want the reader to think that I meant the suit was actually empty. In fact, the suit is filled with something other than what it presents itself as. Obama and Biden are empty suits, filled with the presence and intention of evil. Maybe they believe they are working for the common good (doubtful) but if so, they are so deluded that they should not be holding office. On the other hand, they are conscious ministers of the enemy of humanity. Most of these types are.

If Mother Teresa was what they said she was, she wouldn’t have been going around doing photo-ops with most of the dictators on the planet. She wouldn’t have been punishing those she was supposedly helping. She wouldn’t have forced them to exist under Draconian regime and we would know where all that money went, but we don’t. People like this should not be made into saints.

Billy Graham presents himself as a ‘man of God’. I can’t see where a man of God would brag about what a good friend he was of The Bush Family and speak of them in flattering terms as if they were agents of good. This smacks of ‘serving two masters’, which is a direct antithesis of what one would expect from a genuine article, public figure- committed to serving humanity. Such people should not be accorded the respect conferred on them by the world (the world?).

9/11 is a litmus test and anyone who diminishes or denies that it was a staged event, not done by Arabs, is either too deluded to pay attention to or working for the forces that made it happen. Julian Assange does this and that makes him an empty suit and also another litmus test. Anyone defending Julian Assange should also be suspect. Here’s an article sent to me by a truth outing site. You’ll note that nearly everyone quoted in the article is a ‘member of The Tribe’. You get the feeling that The Tribe makes up a population factor equal to the Chinese or the citizens of India. They don’t. World wide, their entirety makes up a little more than the population of the state of Illinois. This truth outing site sends me a lot of unsolicited news links that add up to a party line. The same applies to most alternative sites. They are intentional servants of the enemy of humanity.

Maybe some of you want to play nice because that means you’ll be hassled less or get a better job working for the very people who don’t play nice. I could care less if The Tribe ran everything that they run, if the world were a better place for it. The world is not a better place for it. Take a look around you and watch the news they manufacture. I could care less about manufactured banking empires, disguised as countries, if that country were not genociding the original inhabitants AND trying to enslave the rest of the world.

If someone presenting themselves as a defender of the rights of oppressed people is defending Julian Assange, then something is wrong with their picture. Something is so or it’s not. There are no shades of gray about it. A lot of people opt out for a certain level of deception, as if it were some kind of comfort zone, whose maintenance was guaranteed by embracing a certain amount of darkness and confusion in order to not make waves. You can’t make deals with deception. It won’t stay where you put it and it won’t remain at a controllable level. It will turn on you and drop your ass into a deeper well of deception. Of course, history may remember you as a great defender of the people (or it might have in the past) but you won’t have been. You will have been an empty suit, just like all those people who promote victim’s needs at disaster sites, where the money goes into escrow accounts for bankers, who use charities as a part of their investment portfolios.

It’s like a lot of these new age gurus and convention speakers who produce all these books and DVDs and create seminars and whole philosophies out of the cobbled together teachings of the genuine article from times past. This is what they’ve been doing for awhile. They cull all these teachings and perspectives and turn them into a kind of junk bond spirituality and they figure all they need is a white outfit and a cosmetic makeover and they become the genuine article. Presto! Just add water and you’re an instant messiah.

The fact is that presenting yourself as something is not the same as actually being it. In order to be this thing you pretend to be, you have to walk a certain road that involves a great deal of sacrifice and hard work; not to mention a few lifetimes of it. You can be a spiritual empty suit but it won’t be what you think it is that fills you. You won’t have the authority to speak and actually change lives in a dramatic way. All you will accomplish is to make people think they’ve been changed, like those healers that can raise someone out of a wheelchair for a few minutes (who often never had a problem walking) for effect. Later they get wheeled out the way they came in.

People tell me I shouldn’t be so hard on people working at jobs they do to support their families, yadda yadda. I’m not that hard on them and I’ve never singled them out. I will say this, your job is to protect your family and if you are living a lie while you are doing it, then you are also opening the gates for them to be exposed to all sorts of dangers that you cannot protect them from because you aren’t doing it. Doing it would require your being truthful with them and you can’t do that if you sell your ass to maintain a status and state in which you sell off the most important part of yourself.

I imagine that some people think that because I don’t have a ‘real job’ and whatever else it is that people unfamiliar with my life think, that somehow I have no perspective on what it takes to get through this world. I’ve had and done most of the things people have done to maintain and until a few years ago I was never more than a paycheck from the street and had very little of anything. I don’t have much now. Somehow I manage to do things for free because I don’t want much and that is the key. Many people arguing about having to support their families have the idea that they are doing it to give their family the good life.

They want their children to attend these false information mills called colleges so that they can get a job working for the forces that manipulate them from cradle to grave just so all of you can get together on the holidays and celebrate something you don’t have and then degenerate into a drunken screaming match. Now, mind, I know some people do possess the real thing. The point is, don’t tell me you can’t live outside all of this and survive because I’ve done it and so have a lot of other people. You want your integrity or you want some illusion in its place? You want your family to realize their potential or do you just want them to fit in and function at some level as cogs in a matrix?

A lot of people are concerned about the ‘guaranteed’ coming political and social upheavals, not to mention soaring food and fuel prices, as well as crashing currencies. These are things to be mindful of but I would be more mindful of Mother Nature if I were you. That’s where the most intense drama is going to come from. Why is this going to happen? Because people have gotten further and further away from their essential core and further and further away from the balance and harmony needed to maintain a collective existence here. The situation has gone beyond self correction, because the mass of you let the psychopathic few take over and they are not likely to make the needed adjustments. They are going to accelerate the problems. Look at the ongoing behavior of the financial institutions in the face of what has been exposed about them, with their mortgage fraud mills, their massive bonuses and their endless excesses and aggressive contempt for the rest of us.

The food and fuel shortages and many of the dire social conditions are being manipulated by them simply for greater profit. This is how business is done in that arena. It’s Mother Nature who has to step in and kick some collective ass in the hope it leads to collective awakening. When I say Mother Nature, I mean just that but I also mean other invisible agencies in concert with visible engines of change.

Take the time to tell people, who present themselves as respected members of ‘the truth movement’ what you think of their weaseling about over what is obvious to most of us. Take the time to check yourself, as I try to do every day, and see if there aren’t some changes you can make. You benefit the whole world when you do this because we are all connected. Every transformative and self corrective act changes the whole world. Every unselfish act and effort at self scrutiny sends ripples across the face of all the oceans on the planet. Each of us possesses the power of the sun so... shine. Don’t darken your countenance just to make it through something you are perpetually free of, so long as you do shine.

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Nunya Bizness said...

Assange is a tool of the Zionist political establishment, and a gatekeeper rather than a whistleblower.

Smoking Mirrors IS the real media. Keep up the fine work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les:

It's like Deep Throat said in the early 1970's: "If you want the truth then follow the money."

What happened to all of the bearer bonds that were stored at Cantor, Fitzgerald?

What happened at WTC 7, the home of the US Secret Service NYC office? Lots of treasury paper stored there?

What's with upping the insurance polices just days before the act. About the only thing that I've learned in life is that there are no coincidenes.



PS: Thank you for enlightening me. I think I can now distinguish shit from Shinola.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Ouch, that hurts.

I hear you, but illusions hurt when they are ripped away.

I know, you just tell it like it is, and sometimes I represent your remarks.

Looking at the shit on my plate here in the alley,

Anonymous said...

differentiated disconnected
terminal procrastination
emotionaly destabilising
disfunctional continuation
perpetuating insignificant
confusion inner multiplied
resonating chaos sponsored
world induced self suicide
abusive values inconfusion
systematic in debased
governmental devolution
desecrated societal face
wasted living unresponsive
artificially in confide
humanitys dislocated
in the house of false advice.


Milena said...

"Obama and Biden are empty suits, filled with the presence and intention of evil."

Someone owns them. Someone KNOWS who they really are. And yeah, they got the GOODS on them, so most of these suits tapdance as hard as they can to avoid being outed.

In fact, it's my belief that the only way a man can [i}become[/i] POTUS is because he is blackmailable (is that a word?). They've GOT the goods on them, they have ALL been compromised, and they WILL obey.

I read some things and watched several videos years ago which confirmed exactly what I already knew about "our politicians" and "our esteemed judges", etc.

Truth be told (and I will tell it): I have known these truths about our judges and politicians since I was 15 years old and bumped into the Chief of Police at my place of business. Numerous respected judges and politicians hung out there too...

He was a very important and powerful man in my one horse town, this Chief of Police, and so my father had done everything possible to ingratiate himself with this scumbag over the years, so I was already VERY familiar with this man...

The little town I'd been an "incorrigible" runaway in was not that far in my past when I bumped into this powerful and respectable man, far far away away from where I'd run from.

You see, when all was said and done? I was "hiding" from those entities who sought to restore me to my loving parents (!) in plain site of "the authorities". But was [i]my[/i] goose cooked when "they" found me?

Ha ha ha! I was 15 years old... I really THOUGHT so at the time!! But I know better now. "Don't ask, don't tell". Yeah, that policy works for everyone concerned, wouldn't you agree?

If you want to understand even more of what's happening in the REAL WORLD, and discover who and what those "empty suits" really are? If you want to understand EVIL? Then you have to talk to people like:

Noreen Gosch

Paul Bonacci, Alicia Owen and John deCamp

You have to talk to (Rev) Kevin Annett and ask what HE knows about all the children and young women who have disappeared in Vancouver over the years, and exactly [i]who[/i] was COMPLICIT in their disappearance.

It'll be hard to track him down though, because he recently fled Canada... after the last beating he took for daring to TRY to expose "them"...:

And talk to some of the MKUltra victims. Those who lived to REMEMBER and [i]tell[/i], that is...

And then there's Nick Bryant, a writer who will give you a really good chomp on some of the people I mentioned above and much much more:

"The FRANKLIN SCANDAL will be the first commercially-published book to tell the tale of a power elite pedophile ring in the U.S. and also of the cover-up of its heinous crimes. Various news organizations have attempted to break aspects of this story, but the reports have either been ignored or mysteriously shelved. Major news agencies, including ABC, have backed away from pursuing this story; conversely, CBS abetted its cover-up. It’s obvious that very powerful people have a vested interest in safeguarding this secret."

People have tried for years to get that story out, and Nick is trying again. Some really powerful people are uncomfortable about that.

Anyway, I've yakked enough now. Get to work.

thelevelshift said...


Does the 'system' create the unthinking awful people who do awful things or do the awful people justify the need of the 'system'?

I know I posted this link on 'origami'. I hope you don't mind me doing it here.

Please listen

Pearl of Great Price


Anonymous said...

Interesting event in Queensland, Australia over past couple weeks.

Due to massive flooding of a major capital city the supermarket shelves were quickly emptied of essentials such as bottled drinking water, fresh foods, etc, and no guarantee of resupply. Result? Panic stations, of course.

Frayed tempers, nasty words (no bullets though, as they arranged the disarming of Australia quite a few years ago now). In the event the shelves were eventually restocked, but the pointer to the future is there, for those willing to see it.

Not reported on too much by the MSM, but I imagine it gives an indication of just how quickly the cities will deteriorate into cut-throat jungles if(when) the planet decides it is time for a major correction of our thoughtless, greedy and selfish ways.

Anonymous said...

Your last word is "shine" but I think you'll agree Joni Mitchell can say it even sweeter:

Thanks for what you do ... shine on!


Anonymous said...

What you write here is really important. We are all connected to each other through the divine universal mind--which is all knowing and all powerful. The kingdom of heaven is inside all of us but we are taught (brainwashed) into looking outside ourselves to be saved/helped/redeemed. Our thoughts are energies that we send out into the world and the world gives us back what we think. We are all so much more powerful than we have been taught and we need to start remember all that we have forgotten.

We must seek the truth in all things, even if the truth is ugly. We must be brave in the face of terrifying truths and trust that we will be protected. Faith means nothing if you do not REALLY believe in the ultimate goodness of humanity (which I unwaveringly do).

We have to unclog the channels that connect us to the divine universal mind which will provide us with everything we need if we simply have faith that we will be provided for. The Jews who have wrecked havoc on humanity now this. They have had goals in mind for hundreds of years and they have remained faithful to their corrupt and inhuman agenda always (all the while poisoning the minds and bodies of the rest of us) and so their evil agenda is flourishing. Imagine the power the rest of us must possess! There is endless hope that we can turn all the evil around. We must believe we are capable of slaying this beast and will we will assisted by the laws of nature. Never give up.


Anonymous said...

This is off topic - but i feel those that follow this blog may have valuable insights.

My 'Dream Time is completly of the charts and has been for some time,
Vivid often lucid dreams All night long - this is starting to seriously impact my waking life - ie exhaustion ect. I bear it stoically and my gut tells me it may be transformative but it is very warying.

Comments appreciated.

DaveS said...

"Not reported on too much by the MSM, but I imagine it gives an indication of just how quickly the cities will deteriorate into cut-throat jungles if(when) the planet decides it is time for a major correction of our thoughtless, greedy and selfish ways." Anoy@4:39

Any time the system burps and food, fuel, ect, don't get to the masses, TSHTF.

Happens in big cities all the time, and each time it's treated like an anomaly, yet is it?

I don't know how people can have witnessed the government's response to any recent disaster (Katrina comes to mind), and yet they still don't see any irony in the statement, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

Yeah, right.

If you believe that statement then you probably believe all the other crap you're being fed too. Like the 9/11 lies... otherwise smart people, who themselves call out a lot of corruption they see in the government, won't admit they've been lied to about that day. I guess those people aren't that smart after all...

If you can't see how many times we've been lied to, and collectively cheated by the elites, then I guess you're the sort to plunge headlong into a losing battle with others who are equally dumb, or even worse for you, they're desperate and defending what little they do have...

I rant all over someone else's rant... sorry Les.

Check out Half Past Human for some updates.


Scarlett said...

Hookers and drug dealers are just doing what they need to make a living, too ... Funny that people who use the "gotta feed my family" excuse would never accept that from people like "that". Hmmm ....

I've got more respect for the hookers and drug dealers, though, because for the most part, they are open about who they are and what they do. I can tolerate a lot of things that I don't personally agree with -- except hypocrisy. Either have the guts to be who you claim to be or have the guts to claim who you really are.

Visible said...

Well said Scarlett! My feelings exactly.

Anonymous said...

People are just scared sh*tless.

When you have freedom to grow/hunt your own food, a way to make fire ,a place to make shelter and something to defend yourself with you don't fear life. You seize it.

If you're missing any of those ingredients you depend on others and that ultimately leads to fear.
And fear leads to cowardice. This includes the millionaires club.

All governments enforce their BS at the end of a gun barrel. All freemen value freedom more than life and see their importance in this world assigned by the creator, not by man.

When's the last time anyone did anything other than talk, myself included ?

Hard to imagine the American revolution today .. sigh.

I mean, would you wear your seat belt on the way to the revolution ? Safety 1st you know. Don't forget your vitamins.

If you're not willing to give this physical life for a greater guiding principal then you can be assured a life lived in fear and mediocrity ... period.

I now contemplate my own BS.

Thanks for the Blog Les.
You have courage.


Anonymous said...

Watching how our gov't treated the people of New Orleans for 4 days after Katrina, shook me to my core. Seeing the city I live in take in 10s of thousands of people from New Orleans gave me hope, and a belief in humanity. I have seen my community, more than once, come together after a hurricane to help one another, and kick FEMA out of town at the same time. I believe we will be there for one another if/when the time comes where we will be called upon to rise to the occasion. The length of time it will take to meet less than one's basic needs might be our undoing. However, I believe, deep in my bones, that human beings all over the world will be there for one another in the beginning and in the middle. It will take extra strength to stand together in the end, but I believe we will do it.

Thanks for the post today, Les. It's good to be reminded that every action we take, every thing we do, impacts the world we live in today, and tomorrow.


Erik said...

Yeah Neko,

The moment I read Les' comment about family, I thought "OMG, Neko has already asked for guidance"

Yep, we're all connected ...

Anonymous said...

Les --

Several years ago you wrote about seeing certain times when you looked at a clock, in my case I was seeing 1:11 all the time... I was also obsessed with watches... Eventually the syncronicities stopped...

Last night I had a very vivid dream where an expensive watch I was wearintg (in reality I don't have one) fell to the ground and when it hit it literally exploded apart -- I then spent the rest of the dream picking up all the pieces and putting them in a plastic bag... There were hundreds of high tech gears and pieces -- the last pieces being these little ball bearings, the last of which was silver.

When I had collected all the pieces I looked at the bag and realized that it would cost more to put the watch back together than the watch was worth. The instant I had that revelation the watch disappeared.

I'm just saying...


bholanath said...

Lesji -
If I was hangin with you over there in Italy (which would be lovely), I would just respond with an "aaah, exactly, man!" to this whole post. The last paragraph is priceless, especially about "benefiting the whole world..." - touching the essence of the matter once again.
Many can attest to the fact that none of us have to serve the death-cult if we are just willing to take that leap into the unknown. The life-shakeup doesn't last forever, and the resulting rewards are things of real value - like dignity, self-respect, awareness of grace, children's respect.
Scarlett's comment - another heart-piercing truth.
A wondrous place this is. And every day more places appear. Is something happening? (grin)

Milena said...

Les, I believe you and your readers may appreciate what Cathy O'Brian had to say at a recent conference on Mind Control in LA.

I don't know if you're familiar with this woman, but she was an MKUltra victim who was saved from early extinction as she was about to be put aboard "The Freedom Train". ( another euphamism for terminated with extreme prejudice...)

She went public after working very hard to recall the memories of what happened to her. (she suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is a fascinating subject.)

Cathy has now been speaking to groups for over 20 years about her experiences, and she reveals many truths.

I think you would especially appreciate what she says about nine one one and Mind Control, which she broaches at the end of Part 1 and the beginning of part 2 of this talk.

This chick passes the litmus test with flying colors:

Cathy O'Brien speaks on mind control


Pt. 2

Visible said...

about Cathy O'Brien;

I've read that tale and my jury is out on it because some of the details are more than difficult to accept, however willing one might be and it's one of the areas where I get a little concerned about David Icke.

He's a solid researcher but some of his excursions are into the fantastic. The fantastic to me is a pretty normal place but there is supernatural fantastic and real life fantastic and the latter has to meet a stricter criteria, especially when silencing people like this is a piece of cake when you are 'in the grasp' and even more especially as it involves Bush Sr.

Milena said...

WARNING: if you suffer from DID (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) watching these videos may be "triggers".

But if you don't? While you're at it...

Roseanne Barr is a woman who just isn't as appreciated as she oughta be lately. Why? Because she's become hooked on the truth, and that can piss a lot of people off...

(Boy, can I relate.)

She was at the same conference I was telling you about earlier, and really, I am a reader of her blog and I assure you, the woman tells it like it is.

(Don't know if you're familiar with Roseanne's back story, but she is also a "multiple"):

And if you want to hear a few truths that will blow your mind? Listen to Dr. Colin Ross (from the same conference...)

Dr. Colin Ross MD speaks about CIA Mind Control 2009

OK then, have fun!

Anonymous said...

"... I don’t want much and that is the key."

Exactly! And not wanting much is what actually keeps my life from being empty and gives me freedom (and not just from debt). If it labels me as being unambitious then so be it -- labels, shmabels. My mother used to say it doesn't matter how little you have as long as you take good care of the things you do have. I get a great deal more satisfaction when I can mend something than I do going out to buy a replacement which is guaranteed to break down even sooner than the previous item. Planned obsolescence is a curse.

Sorry to glom onto one point in what is an excellent piece filled with profound thoughts but it's just that you seldom hear these days someone saying that less is more. And Les is More too, as everyone reading this site knows by now.

M. Rocknest (Em)

Erik said...

Reflecting back upon my life ...

There were a hell of a lot of blinking neon-signs with 'Truth here' that I missed.

If you do that often enough, you are in for a 'two by four awakening'

Looking back now at the messages in the lyrics of songs I listened to in my twenties... "How in God's name did I miss that!"

Oh well... "When the student is ready, the teacher appears"

nina said...

My motto and that of many others, everywhere, is live and let live. It is extremely unfortunate that motto is also the perfect tool for abuse. Its as if those who think that motto sucks see it as the folly of fools. Worse, that 'tude is never directly transmitted because somewhere in the deep dark recesses of the mind, to say it outright as the fool freely states, and lives, brings up fear of rejection from those whom they do not credit for having a mind at all.
Thus the price for inner peace we pay and pay again. But its no matter, its just another litmus test.

Visible, you are a saint and bring out the sainthood of all who love you. Deny it as you will, but in doing so you pass the litmus test with flying colors, heh, rainbows!

Anonymous said...

'9/11 is a litmus test and anyone who diminishes or denies that it was a staged event, not done by Arabs, is either too deluded to pay attention to or working for the forces that made it happen.'

Agreed, 100%! As soon as I hear or read 'hijackers' or Al-Quaeda I know it's disinfo.
Or anyone who insists that planes hit the twin towers because they 'saw it on TV' If we can end the British monarchy and Rothschilds central banks (911 perps), we will have peace in the valley. Withdraw today, avoid the run.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Yeah, Eric.

I saw that bit, why do you think I said "Ouch?"

The elder (I'm not to refer to her by the nickname anymore) is still trying to finish at the diploma mill, she doesn't show up for class and wonders why she doesn't get the grade. (There is more, but not now.)
The kitten keeps gettting me in trouble, because I point out the errors in her textbooks and she tells everybody! (Of couse, just ask her about TV or who's responsible for the misery in this world. She passes your litmis tests already.)

still in the alley,

wv: caterpa - Too many things to count...

Layth Shusha said...

What do you think of my findings on prince william? He was 5555 days old on his mothers funeral and was born on a summer solstice with an eclipse that day..

Anonymous said...

It just come to me that: around the world, those people with minds and souls work together to expose and debunk 'THE EVIL!' as fast as they can make it. Their most cunning, elaborate, and well-thought plans of evil, are usually debunked within twenty-four hours; the matrix of free thinking people is now that powerful. Yet, inside of 'THE GOOD!' there is no centralized command, no conspiracy, no paychecks, and no crowns. Success is measured in thank you and admiration from your peers. Les did not lie or murder his way into a position of respect; it was what he deserved.

From this I now see: We don't NEED OUR GOVERNMENTS AT ALL! We don't need every priesthood, every guild, every temple of self-elevated experts decided how to govern this world.

The collective reasoning of the free world is ready to govern this world all by itself. What merely began: as a collective will and mind that casually sees through the illusions of THE EVIL! like they are idiot children. They can't lie to me anymore. They don't measure up. Their greatest minds are but moronic jokes compared to 'The Force' of the free aligned good people. Let us not stop by debunking them. Let us not stop with hanging them.

This IS the NEW WORLD ORDER: logic, wisdom, and moral compass of the freely associated evolved minds of the world. Their evil behaviors is manufacturing not only their own nemesis, but the model of sane and efficient leadership for the species.

The same intelligence that can destroy them, can rule in their place with actual ability to get it done right.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was - Fastillion (If need someone to blame)

Anonymous said...

I don't meet, see, read or hear of many folks who know that all is star stuff. I'm happy to meet you. Some genuine earth scientists know, but they can only hint quietly at it because they are star stuff that is afraid of losing cushy positions within all this star stuff. Mine is the cushiest position of all, though, because I know what I know and it doesn't matter who, what, where, when, why or how "otherness" than I knows, or even if I were the only one who knows. I am only amazed that star stuff can be so stupid and yet so smart at the same time. It seems like it should be only one of these or neither, because the dichotomy is a genuine mind-blower with which I can't wrestle, as it just overwhelms me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:36 am-- I am with you. Once you know that you are free of them--that you hold inside your head the tools to be free, then they have no power over you. This is why they are always trying to kill/numb/destroy our minds--our minds hold all our power. They do not have mine.


Sui Juris 249 said...

Jesus said, "A person cannot mount two horses or bend two bows. And a slave cannot serve two masters, otherwise that slave will honor the one and offend the other.

I think that about covers the powers that be. They claim to be working for good but always are serving evil.

Publius said...

That old slave owner Thomas Jefferson once wrote-"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be."
The basic problem is that we are raised in a system of total lies from birth, and live under it's dominance until death. Very few people are able to shake off these chains of lies. Gazing into history we see in the East a few accomplished spiritual practicioners shook off the chains but masses of people never. In the West, we see in pagan antiquity a few philosophers broke the fetters and in the Christian era a few mystics. Again, the masses never. I do not think it is different today. Ignorance and freedom are mutally exclusive.

Terrance said...

Hello Les, As you have said earlier, only ten percent of humanity ever step up to make changes in any event. Most people will follow....Where are the strong leaders with moral integrity and a decent vision for humanity....No one gives me any confidence for our future....I think you are correct that the planetary spirit is going to have the last word! Carry on my clear thinking friend......

woodenavaklu said...

I visited some relatives in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea a few months ago. They live in the squatter's camps so have a very good handle on the grassroots population thoughts and feelings.

One of the things they were telling me was that an increasing number of people are choosing to abandon their paychecks and head back home to their villages to live a subsistence life. They obviously felt that they were better off living without money than struggling to earn a quid in town.

siamsam said...

I found myself ticking a few boxes whilst reading this post. 1) Opted out of work a few years ago and get by simply by letting other people take responsibility for what I thought I owned (rent and spend :). 2) My youngest is home schooled - his only outside teachers are piano and violin (4 hrs per day taken up by music study). 3) I know the evil that covers itself in suits due to personal experience (incarceration at an early age).

So I guess in many ways I actually walk the walk.

Enough about me :) As this site is called 'Smoking Mirrors’ I would like to pose the following question (to all) about Mirrors.

How is it when we look in the mirror our image actually turns us inside out? Most people think of our image being reversed. Like if I were to stand facing you and we touched hands then my left would touch your right - and right your left. Not so: in a mirror if you touch the hand facing your right hand you will see that your right hand has become your left hand.

Confused - so am I! Ok, think of it this way: imagine you are wearing a wet suit with a zipper from groin to neck. Now imagen taking it off by stepping out and turning it inside out and then re-zipping the front. Now your right arm has become your left arm - this is what a mirror actually seems to do. There is more. But I will leave it at that for now for those who may care to ponder.

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands :)

Kindest to all

Anonymous said...

Yes, Less, nine-eleven is the ultimate test
It couldn't be done by the Muslims at best
Why would the Arabs jeopardize their nest?
A thought it behooves us to weigh and digest

What have you done to the people of West?
Why do those nations take you for a pest?
Zion, oh Zion, would you please just desist
Why can't you live without abusing the host?

Muslims plus Whites spells death to the Jew
This might be the strategy we need to review
The Jews get it, and we, Muslims, get it too
The question for Whitey: What should you do?

siamsam said...

Anon at 9.11...........

(Synchronicity there brother considering your post is re. 911)

Anyhow, if it is on TV then it is real - FULL STOP!

Oh, by the way did you see the latest movie staring Jeff Bridges? Jeff plays two parts: one in which he is 30 years old and the other as he is today.

Now how on earth did they make him appear exactly as he was at 30? Not just a few shots - for half the movie. Must be real - I guess!

Tron is the Movie

Anonymous said...

ritual chaos
war monger strife
intelligence services
falling from heights
demons starved
banksters duped
suppremacists savaged
elitest cofute
for system corruption
the furnace enflamed
devilry burning
system in slain
heart of the people
energising empowered
in paradise on the moment
charge through each hour


Anonymous said...

Best yet! Thanks!

Erik said...

Hi Les,

"Greetings and cell-mutations"

Anyway, great radioshow! Thanks

WV:preadmil "threadmill for PTB"

Erik said...

HTML 'ate' part of my previous comment ;)

- coffee spray on monitor -

Note to all:

Better not use "<" and ">" (without quotes) to 'pimp up' a message, Dufus me did that

Note to Self:

(that's HTML code dummy, you should have known that, you sold bloody HTML software)

Anonymous said...

It's sad, because it's true Mr Visible.

Turning the mill stones that grind ever slowly. Enslaved by the cult of the depraved and unholy. No time to spend on the common sense of nonsense in your mind. It's your life, it's your love, it's your future they grind. They sit in their trenches and invent words like "Humane". The concept of this word is really quite insane. Yet we all go through life with this facade that we try to maintain, and our watercolor paint keeps dripping in the rain. After the storm when the canvas washed clean, the Pig with no lipstick is clearly seen.

Anonymous said...

The only thing shills can do these days is to make shitty talk shows trying to spread confusion and distraction.

Anyone 2010 that comes out with new info about 9/11 and don't talk about the FAKE footage the first thing they do, has to be treated as a person that is up to no good.


Every time you hear Military,Government, Researchers, News Media, and the rest of the big shots say the words:

Plane, Camera, Footage, what we saw in the videos, Al CIAda, you should understand that they know what is going on and they know there is no Plane, Camera,Real Footage, what we saw in the videos, Al CIAda.

So you should ask yourselves the question:

Why don't they scream out loud and say, THE FOOTAGE IS FAKE


Anonymous said...

This comment is so profound- I cut and paste it to draw attention:

Muslims plus Whites spells death to the Jew
This might be the strategy we need to review
The Jews get it, and we, Muslims, get it too
The question for Whitey: What should you do?
9:02 AM

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thanks for continuing to point out what should be an obvious truth.

I like to call them 'stuffed suits' but empty or stuffed the meaning is the same. It's not a human being that fills it. It's a waste of skin.

To thine own self be true.


Anonymous said...

siamsam, 8:33 AM

When I was a youngster, my mum had a dresser that consisted of a main mirror with wings.
I would turn the wings to be at right angles to the main mirror, facing each other and look down into the mirror wings to an ever diminishing image of what was reflected in the wings. The reflection of two infinities on one dresser.
It never ceased to amaze and entrance me.

(Simple) Tony

Anonymous said...

Reflecting on the reflection's reflections, Saimsam......buzzsaw

Ghana said...

Write on brother! The ticking view counter speaks volumes to the wave you are creating. As waves crash on a shore and change it's features and consistency with love most days and storms on others you do too. We are your shore and you are our sea. Keep rubbing and more and more human nuggets will rise to the surface of the beach and shine. We can't have a New Shangri La without a beach can we?


Visible said...

There is a new Petri Dish up-

Strange Days and Strange Dreams on the Frontier.

Anonymous said...

America's got lazy and fat with the help of Zion's kin
It was them who made your dollar the tool for looting
We'll dump the dollar and you'll dump the jew
That'll make us less mean and you - healthy and lean

Milena said...

Les, you wrote "Empty Suits and the Darkness that Moves Them".

Fitting title for these times, and it can also be applied to the strange case of Cathy O'Brien & her husband Mark Phillips.

Their book "Trance Formation of America" was self-published in 1995, long before the now infamous American False Flag event was planned and performed.

These people have been out there for over 21 years, living from hand to mouth, tirelessly attempting to awaken the sleeping american sheeple. They connect many of the dots.

Rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater and dismiss Cathy based on your brief comment and opinion regarding what did or didn't happen to her and her child and who dunnit, I certainly hope your readers decide to form their own opinion.

It's a very compelling narrative.

A lot of people prefer to take short-cuts, or are forced to. I have the time and inclination to do my own research on truth, and I do this on a daily basis. I use my brain and my life experience and my good instincts when evaluating data and material.

I believe some of "our peeps" have become a little too dependant on information obtained from Icke and Rense and Jones and many other gurus on the internet. That's dangerous...

I don't follow any gurus. I take nothing at face value. I judge data for myself.

I do this only after exhaustive research and analysis of as much information as I can gather from as many sources as I can discover.

"Just the facts ma'am." No matter how ugly or incredible.

The followers of your blog may wish to read "Trance Formation of America" for themselves before judging what is and isn't the truth in this case.

This free e-book book might shed a bit more light on some truly evil "Empty Suits and the Darkness that Moves Them".

Someone obviously typed this .pdf file without using spellcheck, but it's all here.

Visible said...

you know, I suppose it's okay to be a little relentless but everyone I know who has read the accounts of this woman at David Icke's website finds the whole story sensational beyond science fiction. I gave it a lot of attention and it's fine with me as far as whatever conclusions people want to come to. I'm not going to debate the issue or get into it. My feelings about recovered memory are already deeply mixed because half of it is fraud and has also led to a lot of innocent people going to jail and then being released a good time later.

I was very even handed in what I said. I didn't put it down and I didn't discourage people from checking it out. I was only responding with honesty to what you put on offer.

I haven't got the time anyway to read anything anyone posts as far as links go. I check them out only to see what the general climate is and that they aren't spam. In the short run, none of this is going to be important.

Anonymous said...


Great stuff as usual. On Mother Theresa, "charity" is almost a greater evil than indifference, since it's used to cover up the source of the problem. Ron Paul wants the law of the jungle and the benevolence of the rich. FDR proposed a second bill of rights that centered on the right to be paid fairly for your work and be protected from exploitation and usury. Who's the patriot – Mr. "Charity" or Mr. "Socialist"?

On empty suits, I recently read Machiavelli's "The Prince," and do think some allowance needs to be made for the practical fact that, because of the presence of assassins, and the eternal stupidity of crowds, nothing good or bad gets done without lying. You just never know about a guy like Biden.

Visible said...

There's a lot more than this that throws the whole subject into question.

but I suppose I should say that this particular area of interest is not one of mine and I bear no judgment on it. Unfortunately for me there is no way that I will be able to satisfy everyone from my position because no one can do this.

I try to be equanimitous and open minded. I realize people have their own concerns and interests. At the same time, I weigh in briefly on things so as not to appear to be promoting anything I'm not promoting. I'm only into self realization, global awakening and human liberty on a wide scale. Everything else is someone else's job

Anonymous said...

I try to not be enthralled by anyone or anything. I heard my ex-governor Jesse saying Asssange is a hero. They both fail the test. We hunt, grow and preserve our own food and are passing the knowledge down to our offspring. What the hell, be your own hero.

From MN

Milena said...

Yeah, I get it Les.

I think I know where you're coming from by now, after reading your blogs and listening to your "broadcasts" the last little while. I'll quit bothering you and your readership after this. Promise.

Unfortunately, my country and your country and your newly adopted country are all run by the very "empty suited men" named by Brice Talor and Cathy O'Brien... (different suits, different names, same men. All on the same payroll, controlled by grey men with one agenda.)

That fact won't go away. And these sick CRIMINAL truths should be widely disseminated.

These men should all be in PRISON FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES for what they've done, not at the top of the food chain!!

The 76 year old perverted little clown Berlusconi (you've no doubt heard about his latest sex harem scandal) and his cabal of twisted old farts have Italy in the grip of their gnarled fists and it's sinking fast... many of its talented educated unemployed or underemployed frustrated young people who can immigrate are either already gone or making plans to flee... or living at home with mamma and pappa at age 40.

You know who Obama is, you know who Bush and Harper are, and Mulroney and Trudeau. You understand who the British Royals are, etc etc, yet you have no interest in (or nay, you mistrust) these women's stories ( and anyone else who has a sickening tale to tell about the most powerful and dangerous people on the planet?)

Then link your readers to a story vilifying Mark Phillips...

You have adoring fans hanging on your every word and delightful turn of phrase. If YOU say it or print it or sing it? They're ALL down with it.

That's power! (How does it feel?)

Mark Phillips is neither Brice Taylor nor Cathy O'Brien or one of the thousands of MULTIGENERATIONAL CHILDREN specifically and systematically groomed, via horrific sexual and physical torture by an insidious black faction of the CIA in order to be used, sold and resold into sexual slavery for "life".

Until the programming no longer works. Then they meet with a tragic accident or are "suicided" or end up in prison...

Then there's the CIA "SUPERSOLDIER" program, but I won't open up that nasty can of worms, because you don't believe any of that "preposterous" stuff either...

Phillips might well be Cathy's last "CIA handler" as your provided link and others claim, but if that's the case: what does this actually suggest about who Cathy and Brice really are?

Just trying to connect the dots. It's what I do.

Listening to this broadcast was also helpful to me, for instance. It revealed a lot about you. As did reading your old South African blog.

Visible said...

You know, there's no need to get mean or nasty just because I'm not controllable. You should be glad about that. I thought it was the controlling that you were upset about?

You miss the point entirely. I'm not available for other people's agendas. I am treating with these things on my terms and in my way. I don't bend to the pressures of others, nor allow myself or my workplace to be hijacked for someone's pet cause. Do you know how many causes are out there?

I'm not going to try to be rational or over extend myself trying to explain something I already did in a simpler way and which should have been understood were it not for the fact that I wasn't bending to someone's personal will. It's not going to happen. I already am under another will and no other will need apply.

Here's what I've seen so far. You show up out of nowhere and set up a blog in my name which very quickly gets all of my Facebook friends spammed. Of course, very few of these people are friends of mine or they would have known I had nothing to do with it.

Then you post a whole heck of a lot of information because you can disseminate it pretty widely here. I don't mind that to a degree and I didn't say anything about it. So you were fine and good to go until others complain and I generally leave it at that.

Next, because I gave a neutral sort of 'the jury is out' response to your campaign about O'Brien, you got annoyed and decided to defend against something that wasn't even an attack. I just didn't offer the level of positive response you wanted.

I posted some direct experiential evidence about this woman and there's a lot more of that too and now I get this veiled but mostly transparent response. I told you already where I'm at but that doesn't take. I think this whole drama is part of something that isn't clear yet.

I've got nothing to do with Berlusconi. I don't know the man. All the rest of that is a sort of serpentine associative process that implies what there are no connections to.

What is annoying is my having to take the time to explain this when it won't make any difference but that's how it goes.

You're welcome to comment and interact here. That's fine. However, there are certain lines you are approaching now that you don't want to cross. This is just friendly advice.

You need to learn to allow people to have their own thoughts and not be such an aggressive armtwister. This is a large world, despite how small it looks next to the stars in the sky. There are millions of opinions. There are millions of perspectives. I looked into this matter as I have looked into a lot things and it's just not my area of interest.

I hope this is enough, by way of explanation because it's all I have to say.

I don't have a South African blog and I have never been to South Africa. This is the sort of haphazard fact gathering based on assumption and hysteria that causes me to have the position I do.

No, I don't believe in a lot of those things; not that I don't think they happen, sure they do, and worse but the presentations of these things via those who get their information from cloudy and suspect sources is often coming from the same place as the things being reported.

I prefer to hear from direct experience and I require more than yellow sheet conspiracy dirigibles because they injure the affair in such a way as to discredit what is really going on.

Visible said...

This South African blog thing is probably Patrick Willis who is doing readings of my work. He does have a blog and he is from South Africa. Try to be a little more comprehensive and precise. You've already got me misrepresented in your head. See what I mean?

Visible said...

I'm going to point out that I'm in Europe and I usually go to bed somewhere around this time so when your comments don't go up for a few hours, this is the reason. I'll put this at all the blogs because I am going to retire to another dimension now, I hope. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Truth is a funny ol' thing: once it's out, it's matter how raw or 'unpleasant' it may be. Kudos, LV, for thou dost speak it, methinks.


Delete 'elites' and insert 'fallen' - the higher the 'elite' you can be sure the greater s/he has 'fallen'

As for the 'gurus' who 'reveal' all wonders and mysteries, including 'End Times + other Secret Information and/or Ancient Wisdom' - some of whom sound delightfully credible, my litmus test is this: if they're offering a DVD set + their latest book(s) + blah blah blah - and all for only USDn for the whole set - 'nuff said.

As for people: I believe most people at the lower end of the totem pole are for the most part 'good, decent and genuine'...however, that belief evaporates in direct proportion to any creature's ascent up the totem pole.

Finally: 'the gates of hell shall not prevail...' - that's what He said, and I, for one, believe Him.

Pax and God bless, y'all.

pax verbum

amarynth said...

Aargh Milena, there is too much of this type of quasi-feminist rhetoric around. Can't women get 'goddess' for real? It simply means God/Creator showing a different aspect of trillions of aspects. We, on this rock, see only a few of those. It does not mean strident screaming. We all know what you are talking about but if you're trying to connect the dots, you're really getting the lines wrong in the microcosm.

There has been a few South Africans around. I recognized their chat 'cause I am one of those - I know the language. I'm totally sure that Les is not one of them, 'cause I know his language too. I know your language too. Your causes are noble, now, go do something real about it. Go do Goddess stuff already, OK. Aargh!

Milena said...

Oooh goodie!

Someone got your goat Les!!

Must have, if you bothered to splutter back at me...

Rather than waste your valuable time defending your enlightened and kundalini awakened self and slagging me, why not just delete it and move on rather than posting it, I wondered to myself? You have all the control here...

Ahhh, but that move would not generate comments and even more positive feedback to uplift Les Visible, "Dog Poet", would it?

I've read more utter nonsense written by more goofs and downright kukubirds in your blog comments than in the UK Daily Mail.

You never reply to them. (No one does...) You just post them. So, should I feel terribly chastised or be terribly impressed?

As always, shine on you crazy diamond. Or whatever gets you through the night...

Over and out Les.

PS: Regarding my reference to your South African blog, which you now claim was not yours?

When I got to the "Cock History" and "Body Mutilatation" pieces, I exited without finishing, so, defintely might have got the South African bit wrong at the time. Silly me... I thought I was rather good at gleaning information and retaining it.

Please forgive me Les, for misinterpreting that you penned that whole blog. I guess I'm just a dumb cockhole.

No wait, actually! Don't forgive me. I didn't get it wrong. I'm not a cockhole after all!

Les. you posted this link on Petri in the comments section of "The Endless Tragedy of the Clueless and Manipulated":

"Visible said...
I find this unbelievable. and had to keep going and checking to see if I actually said any of it.

I suppose my faith in God is real."

I went to the hyperlink you provided:

And as you can plainly see, as could I: there your name!

And it WAS "Dog Poet transmitting" these pieces... says so right on the page...

... and you DID reference South Africa, over and over again, writing in a "Ja Ja Jan Boer" redneck asshole Africaner type persona...

"Ja, I remember tits."

"I was immediately routed back through Joburg, through which I ran to catch a plane into Cape Town and arrived a mere 17 hours late. Naturally, no drunk worth his swagger would recollect my non-arrival, so I promptly headed to my part-time girlfriend’s house where I was showered with gifts of clothing, cards, and cocaine."

"I’m coming back to that shithole Durban airport next month, fuckers, and if that bitch Manager at the Airport Bar knows what’s good for her, she’ll call in sick. I got a score to settle with you, cockhole."

"If there have been any lessons hard learned in this time of ANC dominance..."

"(I never know whether to say arse or ass in SA)"

Maybe THAT Les Visible Dog Poet was one of your old alters that you have no current knowledge of?

Doubt it, because 'twas YOU Les Visible who got me over there...

hmmm... wonder if he'll post this one? (grin)

Anonymous said...

les, I think I posted this into an older Smoking Mirrors, pls delete that and put this one in (unless its too much rubbish). pierre

there's the rub for me, i wouldnt mind a new world order thing if the mob doing it were not so damn destructive and disingenuous. we need arms control (and will need a hell of a lot more of it as technology gives 'WMD' style power to the people). we need to coordinate our effect on the environment, no man is an island. we cherish the diversity and comparisons with other cultures and seek the best from each (dont want grey sludge ubiquity though - melting pot myth) . and it could be a paradise on earth (or the next best thing to it, at least not hellon').
reminds me of the scene in futuristic movie Rollerball (1975).. corporate empty suite dude telling the sports hero to play the rigged game and drop the ball. outlines how the world (corporately governed) is a better place, peace , plenty, entertainment. ultimate question is whether to lie.
to me that depends on the extent of the lie, the further lies that such a mindset inevitably bring, and the collective costs of not conforming.
I'd almost go for the good cop NWO scenario, but now I know how these things are going and roughly who is doing it, and Id rather go back to the horse and buggy. sorry I am not sharing your optimism (and I hear you on that score), goods news on earth (spiritual dimensions notwithstanding) would be some trigger point, "enoughs enough" even from the masses, the internet assisting with truth and shaming and naming and educating generally, Mother Nature kicking ass and restoring balance, and the X factor (divine intervention, laws of nature, limits of disbelief). rambling on, I shall stay tuned, and seek to tune in. interesting times.

if I may, a plug for Logorama
Ronald Macdonald evil character is classic, or will be. must be a rothschild.


Terrance said...

Hello Les, This is a story of the strange times we live in...I work with two young ladies, who know a young man, who just got shot dead by two L.A. police officers. He was a local high school football hero. He posted his you tube message the day before. He had supposedly been up for ten days? He was naked while he fought with the two police officers. They said he went for their gun. He's gone... I don't get it?

GTRman said...

I read that "Tranceformation" book some years ago -I was devouring all the ' conspiracy' stuff I could lay my hands on. Interestingly , Icke cites it as one of the first instances he read about reptilian / shapeshifter stuff.
So , Brice Taylors book comes out in 1999, same as Ickes ' Biggest Secret '.
I see it as all very garish gobbledegook , to muddy the waters , discredit people and to deflect attention from the you-know-whos. Lots of talk of the " Rosy Cross" in that book though. Its conspiracy porn , in a way , and quite hard-core at times.

David Kelley and many more have been blatantly killed , before our eyes ,yet a

GTRman said...

woman who has personally witnessed Bush Sr and Bill Clinton murder people, Reagan sexually abuse children, Hilary getting a licking ,been choked with Kris Kristoffersons midnight special ,AND had her "Cheney" carved into a
goats head...........gets to live , write books , get on the lecture circuit..I even read that "toy soldier" stuff on Ickes old site, fantastical read but a bit like peeking at a schizophrenics diary..

Ive no doubt that unspeakable people do unforgivable things to children ,and theres a nugget of truth to all of this , but..
its not for me.
Remember 'Arizona Wilder' and her "Dr Mengele " tales?

Be wiser than serpents , folks.

Anonymous said...

Les speaks to Truth, he gets it, he hits the soul, a home run. That's what we, his readers, high five to. Much different than "hanging on every word he says." Too bad you don't get it, whoever you really are.

wv: skstr - sort of like a gangster, only with a skirt

Visible said...


"I find this unbelievable. and had to keep going and checking to see if I actually said any of it."

That was in reference to his recording of my written work. I was impressed by it because it made what I write sound better to me than it did in my head. The picture of Dog Poet Transmitting is something he put up there. Why he did this I have no idea but if you put Dog Poet into a search engine you will see that it's all over the place; bands, societies, whatever...

Here's the guy behind the voice. I used this site because it's not active. You'll have to track him down on your own.

Listening to my radio show or songs should be very convincing in terms of showing that I'm not the same guy, unless I'm Kevin Spacey too.

Anyway, none of this matters. I didn't pillory you in public. I just stated what's been going on. You began it in public. I operate in public and private theaters according to which one things appear in. I don't usually answer comments unless specifically asked to do so. Most people here know that if you want a response from me you email me.

I didn't post some of your other comments because they would have been embarrassing to you and also sound like somebody losing it in a way they might later regret but I'm not a censor until I have no choice.

In all my time here I have banned only 3 people; The Apollonian for his ethnic hate rants, The Circassian because of epidemic ad hominem and threats and Lukiftian for being a sociopath but he's only on time delay monitor. I'll cut you off for a bit to see if that works for you.

I actually don't have the time to be a psychotherapist along with my other work and this sort of thing is time consuming and draining.

Regrettably this sort of thing happens from time to time. In some ways it's a good thing because it it revealing. I had a visit from someone some months ago where, had I paid attention to certain flags, I wouldn't have permitted it. I see all of this as a positive sign that the cosmos is employing certain devices to bypass what used to be commonplace.

Anyway, I wish you well and you're welcome back here as long as you don't look at pissing in the pool as a career option. We've got more serious business to discuss than to degenerate into what so many other sites seem to consider entertainment.

The Banks said...

We are the Banks. Lower your shields and surrender your souls. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.

Resistance is Gentile.

Erik said...


Sorry to have to say this to you, but you have got 'Your knickers a bit in a twist', my dear ...

The South African Blog is most probably Patrick Willis's. This is a man with a beautiful voice, who takes Les' work and does a 'voice-over' on video.

I can very well imagine that Les, when listening to the amazing end-result, exclaims "did I say (write) That?"
(there can be other reasons as well, but let's not go there ...for now;)

The link where this collaboration was first to be found (in draft) was under 'Patrick''s blog. I too have read part of 'his' posts there and thought to myself "Hmmm, he has a beautiful voice, but also kind of a 'dirty mind';)"

Les, I agree that Milena can be a 'bit Gung Ho' sometimes, but I would like to believe the Facebook affair was an honest mistake.

Who would have thought that openly posting a facebook login and password!... would turn to 'mayhem' this quickly.

...Just my 2ct's though.

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Can't resist ;)

There seems to be a pattern in the nicks of the banned people ...

Warning all, with nicks ending ...ian your chance of banning is higher ;)even more so if you preface it with The ...

Hey, ...ena doesn't fit that pattern ...Hmmmm

WV:powhe "Powhe to the People"

Visible said...

Erik; You're absolutely right and I don't blame her for that at all. I could care less and didn't even pay any attention to it. As you will note, I never said anything about it at the time, even though some people gave me shit because they thought I was responsible.

I was doing a chronology of her movements to the moment I was responding in, painting a picture of the road that led to the things being said.

As far as I'm concerned, the whole matter is forgotten and I will certainly act that way. I am in an unenviable position of having to state my views on occasion.

I meant her no harm but the Cathy O'Brien and Arizona Wilder scenarios are something I've looked into and all I wanted say was the jury was still out according to my take. I didn't even say a single thing about them being frauds or whatever, just that I wasn't sure. She took exception to that and forced the issue and at that point I felt I should at least point people in a certain direction. Then she got abusive-

and last night she got full on abusive calling me all kinds of names and telling me how bad my music sucked and what fools and general scum the readers are and more and more and more.

A lot it was because she thought I was Patrick and she was gleeful about catching me out at something that wasn't true and on and on and it takes up my time and I have to become brief at some point. As you can see, it's still taking up my time (grin).

I know my music sucks. I'm not a musician. I'm a singer and a songwriter. I'm also not a recording engineer. I don't know anything about that stuff. In that sense I did a pretty good job(grin).

I had to do all the instruments myself and yadda yadda. People don't realize that on the rare occasions they show up to give me shit using nearly the same abusive commentary, hoping to hurt my feelings that... I agree with them. I also know that they can't do as well either (grin).

It's always the same insults, calling me this and that and it's the same thing they call everyone else. It's like some kind of redundant script that gets handed around no matter who is getting talked about.

Anyway, I live with the idea of my need for constant improvement so I'm not affected by what people say. People say all these nice things to me and I don't respond. But if I did there would so many comments by me that it would look ridiculous. The compliments aren't for me anyway. I'm just a horse.

I can't see any other way to handle it. At least I've stopped intentionally making myself look bad so that I can keep things at a certain way. I realize that's been a mistake too heh heh. You can't win... but... you can surrender.

GTRman said...

I used to read a lot of Bukowski , so I really enjoyed those dark forays on Patrick Willis's blog -very funny .

And ,yes ,what an amazing voice.

When you said " I had to go back and check I'd written those words " I knew what you meant - Ive heard live recordings of some fantastic guitar playing , turned out it was me !!!

When you play or write ,or whatever, the whole ' subjective ' / 'objective' thing is a factor.

Those " did I do that ? " moments are great !

Meet America’s 25 Richest Politicians

9 Out Of 10 Are "rosicrusians" !

Erik said...

A more mundane example of weird synchronicities ...

Something strange happened yesterday, not as 'wild' as Les' and other examples, but still ...

The 'gadget' I use for e-banking broke down, So I got a lift from the old farmer into the village to the bank, to get a replacement. There I could check my account ...WTF Social Security check not yet in. So I decided to pay a visit to the Office to get a form,they did not send me yet ...

When a told my name to the clerc, all hell seem to break loose; they have been trying to track me down for some time... Turns out they have been sending mail about it to the wrong adress!

Anyways, I was just in time to learn that I have an appointment tomorrow, to renew my application.

Maybe silly compared to decending 'Shambala's" and maybe I get it wrong, but i've got a feeling from this 'Don't worry Erik, I told you I have got your back, see ..."

GTRman said...

And your music far from sucks.

Lovely seasoned voice , good lyrics and nice tunes. Youve done your job , the rest is for a producer/engineer ,and they are ten-a-penny these days ,like
"DJ"s were not so long ago.

Thats my tuppence. Thanks

Pstonie said...

I think I know which parts of Les' music people find to sound "not enough like Britney" and that would come from not having a band. I can only imagine how hard it must be to locate band members for this kind of work. Personally I'd put his song writing abilities up there with Bob Dylan (or slightly higher) and that makes it an even bigger shame that the words and the melodies can't find the manifestation they deserve.

Of course, in our world the people who deserve resources don't have them and the ones who don't deserve them have all of it and keep themselves busy making sure no one can accomplish anything with even the little they have.

I haven't heard all the songs, but so far I Need More Light is my favourite.

Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn family said...

Excellent piece. How can the people be made aware of this tribe when they are not even sure if 2 + 2 is 4. Of course they will not admit it and that is one of the problems.
To defeat the Tribe one must become sovereign. Its the only way. And this means no more begging the Tribe. And this is another problem. The goyim are like dependent children with a violent streak against the truth. Because it is unfathomable to them that they would have to take care of themselves. They think they do now when quite the opposite is true. wow Are they is for a surprise.

Anonymous said...

I hope to Christ all that headzspace stuff isn't your work.

Anonymous said...

I resemble that remark!

Greg Bacon said...

Have you seen this putrid slop?

I imagine 'Captain Israel' and his glitzy costume would be REAL popular on San Francisco's CASTRO Street and parts of Key West:)

Gilad Atzmon: Captain Israel- A Sickening Hasbara Magazine For Jewish Diaspora Youngsters

Look at this new Jewish -cartoon magazine. PDF version

It has become pretty obvious that that Israelis and Zionists do not try to disguise their morbidity anymore. Zionism is clearly a threat to humanity and humanism.

Airplanes and tanks, decorated with Jewish symbols, are consigned to spread death and carnage in the name of the Jewish people.
Captain Israel, a kosher superman, is holding a Menorah torch. He is there to set the entire region on fire.

Set the entire region on fire? With the help of its colony, the USSA, I'd say Captain Israel is doing what his Zionist masters sent him out to do in a spectacular manner.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya man, after going to the parent link you provided, you know, the
Headzpace one, I was really blown away, and not in a good way. This is my last correspondence with you Les Visible. It seems you've let your cat out of the bag, at least with me. I can only draw the conclusion, that your drug induced "divine" may not be the true divine that I thought it was. Don't get me wrong, I've done plenty of LSD, mushrooms and all that, but you're way out there man. I really think you're a sick man. That is if you wrote that crap, I'm not too clear on that. Good luck with your mushroom God, you're certainly gonna need him sir, as for your commune to be, oh I think you all better reconsider that one, seriously...........Adios,.........Buzzsaw

Visible said...

Buzzsaw... do you have a comprehension problem? That's not my site. Repeat after me... "That's not his site." That is someone else's site doing a voice work on my work. Capisce. Haven't you been following anything here? You can come or go, that's fine with me, you already left once but you should at least have your head in the right compartment. I'm done explaining this to people who won't take the trouble to follow what gets said here. That was precisely your problem the last time. Pay Attention!

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Funny (not realy) how for some readers years of your good work suddenly becomes 'worthless', because people 'don't read and jump to conclusions'

(could be a sign for the times ahead though;sigh)

Might I suggest a different location for the CD's?

Visible said...

I'm not going to jump through hoops just to accommodate certain people. If they are that quick to jump on me then how could I possibly want to rely on them should closer proximity occur? This is all about checking where people are at. A lot of things are happening automatically right now for a reason. Everything is happening for a reason. I went to Patrick's blog when people complained to me and I saw what they were concerned about and it just looked like Naked Lunch to me. It's not my thing or my style but I don't tell other people that they have to conform to my standards and the thing with high horse sanctimonious types is that they are concealing something worse than they are complaining about. It's an inflexible condition of the type.

Anyone who jumps ship and even says they aren't sure if I wrote it or not is just using for an excuse. Anyone who doesn't have a good idea of where I am coming from by now, never will.

john said...

Oh, plasma shamans and age of aquarius rednecks unite...

You have nothing to lose but your rough-hewn aspirations.

Ghana said...


You are right my dear brother; one planet and 6.7 billion human(?) worlds now, I believe? That is a receipe for a Mulligan stew of neurosis spiced up with kosher salt by some shitty chefs. For dessert they plan to serve the world a big shiit caki... my e quit working for a moment; sheet cake. To wash it all down they continue to pour a swig of dead pregnant Palestinian mother's breast milk. Les helps clear the debris so we can see who clearly owns the trash trucks.

A douche bag is a douche bag whether we see the suit as empty or full Milena. Those of us lurking about with our stupid-fucking-moronic comments and discourse understand that the original Anti-Christs have people running about lookig for their own asses when they(you)couldn't reach around and find it with both hands.
You had some entertainment value at first and now you're just... just.

buzzsaw; Dude!? WTF? Has Les left any fucking doubt who he IS in this moment? Beaches have jelly fish that wash up too; no offense to the jelly fish!


DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Regarding Cathy O'Brien, I tend to agree with what GTRman said about her which was that here is this woman who has personally witnessed Bush Sr and Bill Clinton murder people, Reagan sexually abuse children, Hilary getting a licking, been choked with Kris Kristoffersons midnight special, AND had her "Cheney" carved into a goats head... gets to live , write books , get on the lecture circuit...

What first struck me when I read it is the 'gets to live' ingredient. If she and Mark Phillips were really causing any problems for TPTB they would've been gotten rid of a long time ago. It could be that they've been propped up to distract people away from some things of more importance by throwing up this horror story type issue in front of a small segment of the public who already know about most of it. In other words, they're propped up to go around telling all these so-called 'insider secrets' (which those who are interested in already know about) in order to make themselves come across as legitimate whistle blowers and to keep those interested focused on all that stuff instead of on whatever else it is TPTB don't want them thinking about.

Another thing that might be worth keeping in mind is that TPTB are always throwing out feelers in order to get ideas about the public mood (and about what the difficult-to-control intelligentsia are thinking about) so as to be able to tweak the disinformation just so in order to try to keep thinking people chasing their proverbial tails. Hannah Arendt made the statement that propaganda is the lifeblood of totalitarianism and the lifeblood of propaganda is public opinion polling.
If you get right down to it, blogging sites like Smoking Mirrors that have comments sections can function as a pretty good litmus test for them to tell how affective their disinfo campaign is.

DumbGoyNot said...

Another thought I had was that Mark Phillips supposedly being a 'former' CIA agent makes it difficult for me to bring myself to put any credence in anything he says or does. I suppose in all fairness the same could be said of Dr. Sue Arrigo. The difference between Sue Arrigo and Mark Phillips as I see it is that she says she has to remain in hiding using aliases (and has been for years) whereas he goes around doing lectures and making TV and radio appearances. Plus her writings have a different ring to them than his do; her writings seem to communicate some of the pain she feels for the mind slave program victims whereas his persona coming through is writings and videos comes across to me as flamboyant (in a vulgar sort of way) and his writings and videos come across as contrived, rehearsed, orchestrated, etc. In view of all the horrendous shit he goes on about he has a bit too much of a 'no sweat' attitude to be convincing (to me at least).

In the YouTube videos Cathy O'Brien comes across as a lot more convincing than he does which may not mean anything because if her daughter really is being held as a prisoner in some government loony bin she'd say or do anything to keep her daughter from being tortured or killed. She'd even marry a guy like Mark Phillips. Another thing that throws up a red flag in my mind regarding Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien is that they have a loyal following of people who are ready to defend them at the first sign of disagreement with them. That to me smacks of a cult spirit, which would make sense if they're being propped up by the CIA seeing as how the CIA is itself a cult, and a very powerful one at that.

Visible said...


What disappoints me is that I tried to be way more fair than I might have been if it were a subject I was addressing and that still wasn't enough.

When you study this whole bacteria farm on a glass slide you find that it looks like showbiz done by TV producers/seducers to distract the attention from what they are really up to. It's a kind of real life X files made fantastic so that people won't see the parts that actually are true.

The claims are impossible and no one would be allowed to escape and survive if these things were true. It goes against reason, ergo, most of them are not true or these people would be dead long before they attained celebrity.

It's just like the people running around and doing the same thing in the 9/11 truth world. It's a concerted many pronged effort to compromise and diminish genuine effort. I was a little disappointed in Icke for publicizing this whole thing.

Ghana; people come in here with nicknames. We don't know who they are. They come and go at the opportune moments but lay low for their finale.

This buzzsaw event was calculated for effect. It won't have any but that is beside the point. There are others lurking about too. Some come around and build an identity with some portion of credibility to it in order to go off at the right moment.

I have not said much about what I have to put up with behind the scenes. It would just be a kind of jerking off anyway. I just want to state my thoughts and leave them for the rejection or the taking.

I state, I don't debate. What is there to argue about? Arguing means someone missed the point, possibly me and possibly the other guy. People should take what is useful and use it and reject the rest and that's all there is to say about it (grin).

Ghana said...

Point well spoken Les and well taken. Although we are provided unlimited energy how we utilize it dictates our feedback from the loop. It's like gold panning here brother. I sift through the gravel in my mind and every once in awhile Source through you and others helps me to gleem some sunshine in a rainy time. Peace to you all; especially Milena and Buzzsaw.

Anonymous said...

I had never delved into Cathy O'Brien that deeply, I just assumed she was telling the truth as we know that type thing goes on. I did not know Mark Phillips was even a CIA agent. That article on Educate Yourself was an eye opener for me.

I know there are stories pro and con concerning Ted Gunderson out there also. I really don't know one way or another. I did read he has recently come out saying somebody needs to find a way to stop chemtrail dumping. I think we can all go along with that.

All in all the "transformation" is going to come through the earth herself.

Anonymous said...

The zio-boys may be the worst of them, and yes there are certainly innocent ones, but it is a dismally small percentage.

The Jews are the problem and have always been the problem.

PLEASE read Eustice Mullins definitive work, "The Biological Jew" for the most eye opening anaysis of this age old problem.


Visible said...

Yes, D.M.

That is what I think too.

Anonymous said...


just thought you might like this

yes many things have been done in His name in vain

can't jude him for that can e

now really

do you want real up close and personal

no les



in visible




Anonymous said...

Hi Les, Patrick Willis here. I just saw the ruckus above.
Firstly, I had no idea you were going to put that link up live. If I had known, I would have put it up in my public HTML server. I put the Shakespeare cd's up there in my private bin because it is lightning fast and the public is real slow.

To the few who want to know; I used to write a column for the local university. It was called Bog Poet Blurting. As in toilet poet. It was very popular and I did over 300 pieces for it. I saved these for certain people who wanted them saved, on my server.

My original dog looked a bit sad so I used Les's dog instead. About two years ago I sent Les the page with his dog and sig, alongside my page with my dog and sig, for a laugh, and to say how close we were in page appearance. I got no reply and thought no more of it. I never took his sig off.
It did not matter. Only about 3 people still come back to the site who know that it exists. It is supposed to be private.

So, Buzzsaw and the Cockhole, try and see through the lines rather than over them. If you knew anything about Les you would know that his writing bears no resemblance to mine.
I loved writing those pieces and would do them some more if I could just remember those days a little more clearly. This is no apology, it's an explanation. Happy camping.

anonymouser said...

Right on the money about Assange and company.


sage691 said...

Hi Les,

Julian Assange started stinking up the place from the first minute his moniker popped out of the shit-hole media, in my opinion anyway. Doesn't pass the litmus test, as you say. I've been using it as my personal litmus test and there are a couple of links to other sites on your blog that have furthered the stinker-as-messiah issue - people whose work I used to appreciate as real. The folk at Half-Past Human and Jeff Rense and Max Keiser (I'd say that Max was the big surprise for me!) speak highly of Julian Assange and Wikileaks as saviors of truth. That's the way I see it anyway....

fiona said...

Late to this post...the line 'the suit is filled with something other than what it presents itself as' connected with something I have always felt about a high profile well loved spiritual leader which I can't explain yet. It is from an energtic level the feeling comes, sense comes that something is 'not quite right' about the Dalai Lama - either him or the energy of the people around him, I don't know yet. This level of knowing has never been wrong for me, I might not like it but its truth is always eventually revealed. Its like benjamin creme who i waited for years to hear speak years ago because everyone said he was 'the man'! The instant he came into the room as he walked past me, I left the room as energetically I could feel there was no truth here. Another time I saw Deepak Chopra speak in St James Church on Piccadilly and for 2 hours this man shone non-stop to a 'to the brim crowd' before he was wellknown in england. I saw him briefly when he had become 'the man' for many, and that sun had set. Any Sense?

Susan said...

I've just read "Chosen People Syndrome" and (as usual), it is a brilliant treatise, and I agree with everything.
I am quite prepared for you to tell me (again) that I am naive about Assange, but I still don't feel that he was a disinfo agent -- but I am still maintaining an open mind. In fact, the more he gets hounded and vilified, the less I feel there is anything untoward about this man (other than possibly a somewhat dislikable, arrogant, and antisocial man, Asperger's?). Anyway, only time will tell who is right.
Regardless of this difference of opinion, and also my continued belief (sorry, Vis!) that Obama is just a powerless pawn (the necessary scapegoat for the ziofascist state), I am an unconditional fan of your brilliant writing.
Love, Susan

Terence Stone said...

I notice you have advertising on your page. It's an illusion, or delusion, that doesn't support the cause for change if anyone believes they don't have at least one foot in the system.

Clarity said...

Terence, if you genuinely have any concerns, maybe this will put your mind at ease.

I once sent Vis a link to something I thought he might find interesting. He looked around, liked what he saw, and sent an email to the owner of the website offering to let him put a link back to his site on Vis' blogs. In his email, which he cc'd to me, he made it very clear that he did not want anything in return, and that his only motivation in making the offer was that he wanted to promote something he felt was positive and had value, and he also wanted to provide sources to his readers for things they might find useful.

If you are concerned that Visible receives compensation for displaying links on his pages then maybe this will be food for thought (for you or for anyone else who has a problem with it).

What difference would it make if he did? This is his site, and he can run it as he pleases. He is still providing his readers with links to sites he feels have something good to offer. Going a step further, I think Vis should consider including links that might offer him a small percentage of any purchases made by clicking through his site. Have you ever considered how Vis' sites are available at no cost to you? Did you ever think about how much time Vis spends working here? Between writing new blogs - often daily (that includes drafting, editing, revising, finding articles that enhance his message, adding in links to those articles, putting up his finished work, and adding messages to current blogs announcing that a new blog is up), preparing and recording radio shows, reading and approving comments, and responding to comments as well... I haven't even mentioned emails yet, and if you think he only receive a handful of emails each day, you couldn't be more wrong. To keep this from getting too long, I'll just briefly mention that he posts links to new pieces on Facebook, and reads and comments there as well. And then, there is the behind-the-scenes work. I don't know what it is, but I know it exists.

I don't know about you, but when I do the math, that adds up to, minimally, a full-time job. This is a job for which he receives no compensation. Yes, there is a donate button. Have you seen it? I wonder how many notice it's even there? Or how many use it. I can tell you that I visit many different sites with donate buttons, and if I'm even aware of them, my tendency is to look right over them without a second thought.

Visible does all of this for you and for me, and for anyone who wants to take advantage of all he has to offer. He asks for nothing in return. Because of the time commitment, that doesn't allow him to work at a "regular" job.

The bottom line is that Vis gives up any chance to earn a living for himself so that he can give us something of value - for free. So how, then, does he support himself? I don't have an answer to that question.


Steve said...

And here's the kicker. Terrance has adds on his site!!! Fuck me dead?

Clarity said...

Great catch, Cap'n!!

(Interests - playing with children ???)




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