Thursday, July 29, 2021

"The Sun Shines. The Moon Reflects, and Between Them, ALL that We See is Brought Forth."

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We are not as faithful to the format these days, abiding by what it says on the masthead, concerning what the particular blog is all about. Now and then it happens (grin). More and more as the days go by, I only want to talk about God, and most of the thinking or writing that I do about any of it here, is to look for trends and patterns in life, and then use them as a launching pad to talk about God. Nothing else that I do talk about is important. It's like adding color and animation to a project. The bells and whistles see to it that the post is not boring (I hope). We'll leave off with all that creating a narrative and go directly to God in this posting.

This is going to be autobiographical and anecdotal. I apologize for that. I don't really like talking about myself but it is unavoidable at times because I was the one who experienced it. Fortunately, MOST OF THE TIME when supernatural events were occurring there was a witness or two. Those incidents took place in the external world. This incident I am going to speak of takes place in the interior.

In very recent years, The Divine Mother has been coming more and more into my thoughts. It was around the same time that I began to particularize The Sun as THE regent in the manifest. I started putting crystals out to absorb Telesma which I would take to bed with me when I slept at night or took a nap.

In recent months I began to go outside into the back yard, prior to retiring, to talk to The Mother. I'm sure it's over half a year now that I do this, and I have never missed a night (I don't think). These moments didn't last very long. I would speak to her briefly and then depart.

She never said anything to me for months but I did not concern myself with it. A few weeks ago I started to get short replies. Then... late last week she came and announced to me that she was The Queen of the Night, just as The Sun was the king of the day and that I would open my life to much greater possibilities if I recognized and observed this. Perhaps, since it was an actual spiritual experience and not something I talked myself into, it has dramatically changed my life. I can clearly feel her presence in the hours of darkness. It is the same with The Sun, whom I have considered a good friend for some time now.

This is especially satisfying to me because it is the resolution of a long-present conundrum. Earlier in my life, she captured most of my attention. She was always there for psychedelic episodes and became a familiar companion of mine. This went on for several decades and then I gravitated to and through Amitabha Buddha, Lord Ganesha, and some few spiritual teachers who captivated me. The Mother was reduced to the periphery. It's kind of magical the way she has come back through rituals that I was engaging in, and never thought would cause anything, but... they did.

When I said that I had a long present conundrum, I meant that I was unable to resolve in my head the male and female aspects that present out of the singularity of THE ONE, who is BOTH. Her telling me about it the other night brought it all into perspective. Of course, The Sun rules the day and The Moon rules the night. The Goddess is the whirling manifest of the dance of matter on the playing field of time. The Sun shines. The Moon reflects, and between them, ALL that we see is brought forth.

It is important to understand the difference between the Supernal and the Infernal realms. Devils are angels at a lower vibration. EVERYTHING exists as a vibrationary construct. If your objectives and appetites are of a lower order, you appeal to the residents of the Infernal Realm.. If your objectives are of a higher order, you come to the attention of the Supernal Realm. These are two worlds with VERY different priorities, and which have different destinies as well. We are watching one of them work its way out right now in the affairs of humanity.

What I am telling you about in this posting has to do with a perspective. Yes... it is subjective to my experience but the law of vicarity makes possible a wider experience. We live for, and against, and within each other. Some of the PROFOUND elements that make the material world possible are not to be found in the public thoroughfares.

Yes... God is indefinable and incomprehensible but (s)he speaks to us through symbols and signs, AND EACH OTHER. The two main players are The Sun and The Moon. Between them is woven ALL of the magic that mesmerizes the senses. Between them lies the understanding that takes one beyond those magics into a world of Light Magic. Magic has some bad connotations over the years, with corrupt secret societies and wielders from The Dark Side. It doesn't matter where you go. There is going to be Magic. You might not see it. Most people don't.

I am amazed at the transition taking place in my mind, as my understanding of ALL that takes place in this world is either of The Sun or The Moon. Yes... there are the planets and the influences from distant stars and systems, but ALL of it is filtered through the dance of these two. I can see and feel the palpable differences in mood that the night brings, and what the day contains. A great deal is falling into place in my mind that I had not been able to suitably arrange by myself.

In this world, corruptions of the magic of Sun and Moon are widespread and even accepted as standards in business, and in the streets. Most everyone is influenced by it to some degree, and your ONLY protection or escape exists in moving your thoughts and emotions to a higher playing field where corruption DARE NOT approach. Perhaps you cannot drive the moneychangers from the temple just yet, but you can drive them from your person, from your own temple, from your Adytum.

Yes, bad things are happening in the world and those causing them are promising even more. The new mask mandate, sweeping here and there, is evidence enough. Oh... there is ever so much more, BUT... “I say, I say.” is it happening to YOU? Is it, or do you find yourself nicely detached from it all? Probably you are in that central zone of sometimes this and sometimes that?

There is VALUABLE and PRACTICAL Wisdom and Understanding to be had through a greater Spiritual Intimacy with The Sun and The Moon. Witches and others find The Moon an exclusive province and there are sun worshipers too. However, the deeper you go with both of them, the deeper you can explore your own nature because ALL of it is contained in The Sun and Moon. You can do this safely because you are seeking The Higher End. Consider the difference between a crime-ridden avenue and the pool at an all-inclusive resort. There are Hells and Heavens in the relative. Your INTERESTS and ATTRACTIONS WILL TAKE YOU to the zone where they are to be found!

I can't tell you what a joy it is now to experience the presence of The Mother at night. Then I wake up in the Kingdom of the Lord of The Day! I am ONLY interested in heavenly traveling companions but I understand the critical importance of Publicans and Sinners. They are the raw material we work with.

Here is The Mother by Sri Aurobindo.

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It is a short pamphlet and easily read over the course of an afternoon or an evening. A few decades ago, I was at one of my lowest points on Maui. I was struggling to get by and tormented internally. I was at my ex-girlfriend's condo while she was at work. I can't remember what I was doing there. I found The Mother on a bedside table and started reading it. I did not put it down until I was done. While I was reading it, this deep and wonderful flow of love began in my heart and it magically enchanted me for some time after.

The odd thing is that my ex-girlfriend was an atheist. I would NEVER have expected to find that little book there at her residence. Maybe someone gave it to her, I don't know, or I don't remember. I might have asked but it's not on instant recall.

It is a fascinating experience to have God the Mother at night, and God the Father in the day. Eastern Traditions embrace this fully. We in The West have misrepresented her to ourselves and each other, so we wind up with the darker side of her. I've seen both, in technicolor, and I prefer her in radiant and inspiring beauty. She will inspire you if you ask until she does (grin).

I don't know why this is what got talked about today, but I thought it might ring with some of the readers. May you reap the highest benefits in this time of transition!

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Monday, July 26, 2021

"The Armageddon Train is Huffing and Puffing its Way to The Killing Fields."

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The Armageddon Train is huffing and puffing its way to The Killing Fields. It's also huffing and puffing and threatening to burn your house down. Life already does that as your resistance to Heaven is measured against the aging process. It's a deep subject and you will need a ladder to get in and out. You don't just climb in and then climb out. It's not that simple. Every step you descend adds another layer of opacity upon your sight and Reason. Though millions of stars twinkle in the measureless heavens, the darkness is still pervasive and apparent.

There are areas of comprehensive darkness that one can enter. Some things are easier accomplished in places like that. There are also areas of concentrated light. It's a personal matter which of them appeals to you more.

The Vaccination Nazis are on their way to becoming the new stormtroopers for Homeland Security. What I find amusing is that all the activities they want to curtail for the unvaccinated are things I don't engage in anyway. I wouldn't notice the crackdown. They ARE SERIOUS. There are a number of features to the vaccine that are ancillary to the main intent. Some believe they want to kill off a significant amount of the population. Yes... that is so. HOWEVER... there is a deal more to it all. The main intent is CONTROL. It's tied into 5G. They want a zombie public and DNA CAN BE manipulated to that end. Think about the magnetized objects that stick to the skin surface of SOME of the vaccinated. That is a control field. We'll have a lot of links; ♫ Got a whole lotta links. Got a whole lotta links ♫ For those who are interested, that is.

If the present state of civilization were a movie, you would already know what kind of a movie it was. Some REALLY unfortunate events are going to be taking place shortly, most especially in the urban locations. War... which is one of the main contributions from Democratic administrations, is on the horizon. Saber rattling is the order of the day. You might not hear it all that well because there is a lot of other noise clamoring for your attention.

They are going full bore with changing society into an open-air sex mall. A lot of the players look like they might have been in those Star War films. You remember the nightclub scenes, right? I wasn't a Star Wars fan but I had to see the movie(s) to find that out, right?

I am routinely astounded by the capacity of people to believe their own bullshit. They can, AND DO, talk themselves into almost anything. Don't believe me? Look a little deeper into the subcultures vying to become mainstream. It's only been about 5 years since Bwak! signed the Gay Marriage Act, or whatever it is called. Already, bestiality, pedophilia, transsexual exclusivity, necrophilia, are ALL on their way to heading the menu. “What's your daily special?”

It is fascinating, in an almost scientific way, to see the emerging rituals of madness that wrong routing the sexual force will lead to. It is like watching black widows and Praying Mantises mate. It reminds me of a horror film where the soon-to-be-filleted Nimrod goes down into the basement, even though everyone in the theater is screaming, “don't go down in the basement!” You can look at human behavior from MANY perspectives and reason out, or intuit, what the outcome will be.

I see the large lines of autos going through the fast-food drive-ins. I have a cursory awareness of what they watch on TV. I can imagine the sort of music that is playing. I am knowledgeable about the health issues that are GUARANTEED to come about in due time. I watch the human mind in its atavistic enthusiasms for certain rituals. It is ONLY a matter of time before the culture goes the way of all the previous cultures, on their way to becoming relic stations in national parks. No doubt whatever passes for the Smithsonian of the future will have teaching dioramas of our times.

Now SURELY there are locations already chosen for survival. I once heard that there are seven locations that will be mostly untouched by THE MADNESS. There's your real pandemic; insanity. Two of them are in Mexico if I remember aright. I am CERTAIN that when the time comes, those of us that have sought the Hand of Heaven in our lives will be guided where we need to go. I can't get roused up about stocking foodstuffs and emergency items. I know well what happens to “the best laid plans of mice and men.” You are ENTIRELY in the hands of the ineffable, OR... you insist on handling it yourself a little or a lot. It's not a good idea. Don't become an object lesson for The Purpose of Demonstration.

During the times of The French Revolution, according to occult history, there were people who were swept up from one location and deposited in another by mysterious forces. St. Germain attests to this in written commentaries I have discovered in my studies. Certain people were NOT to be found where they were expected to be. I have PERSONALLY experienced this. I remember being in plain sight, walking in town every day, while the FBI and others were searching for me. This went on for a ridiculous period of time. I, myself, did not wave a magic wand to make this happen. I only heard about it later. They were right there and they didn't see me.

When the Bastille was liberated, there was a famous resident, the Count Cagliostro. Opinions on the man vary. Some say he was a charlatan and a mountebank. Some say otherwise. What we do know is that he accurately predicted what would happen to a number of people in the short term, and all of it happened as he said. Whatever he was, he wasn't in the Bastille that day. His cell was empty. Hmm... There are other tales about early Christians walking right out of jails.

There are the stories of Apollonius of Tyana, Mehemet Karagoz, the Count De St. Germain, and others who did similar and even more amazing things, with an abundance of witnesses. Now... smoke and mirrors were not unknown back then, except by the people they were used on, BUT... there are MANY, MANY tales about supernatural events. I know about them because I took the trouble to research them. We are, in the majority, very unaware of what is and is not possible and we know less about ourselves than we do what's in our breakfast cereal (if you should eat that sort of thing). We can be certain that you have read the back of the box a few times. It's human nature. As for yourself, that is a mystery to you.

A day or so ago I was reading about Nicholas Roerich and Shambhala. I should preface this with a brief mention of The Amitabha Buddha and his Western Pure Land Heaven. The only requirement for passing there, when you pass from here, is to have Amitabha at the forefront of your mind, in your heart, and on your lips. Those fortunate enough to accomplish this are then permitted to take all of their remaining incarnations there. This, I find to be a remarkable aspect of the affair.

It so happens that when I was reading the article (or whatever it is), Roerich mentioned The Pure Land in association with Shambhala. Then I remembered that BOTH of these places are said to be in the upper planes near Mongolia and the Altai Mountains. It flashed into my head that they are the SAME PLACE. You don't get to Shambhala by making a safari overland. It's not that kind of a place, though I am SURE it has portals, and one of them is interior to you.

I guess I am saying that, yet again, everything is connected. Then there are the degrees of separation by which The Informed can get to anyone... theoretically. I guess what I am saying is that I know of a finer, cleaner land that is far more engrossing than the chaos and confusion of these times. Honestly, I don't pay any attention to COVID, or the newly emergent racists with their 1619 and Critical Race Theory. I don't ponder Antifa or the wily Chinese (is that racist? I never know anymore). I don't concern myself with transgender sideshow freaks, pregnant men, men who think they are women but who are still men. Really... if you want to be a woman, or a man, or a dog for that matter, just give it time. All you have to do is VISUALIZE it and become it in the next go-round.

ANYTHING you might want to possess, to become, or whathaveyou, is only a matter of focus and patience. You WILL get to do or be that. There is no certainty that you will enjoy it, however. All but one road leads to loss and disappointment. The point of the disappointment is to inspire you to take the high road. Most don't. They are not only gluttons of many a stripe. They are also gluttons for punishment as well. It's not that difficult to understand... you ONLY have to know the difference between temporary and eternal to get out of jail free. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

"Tom Brady Just Committed Character Suicide in a Very Public Way and Character is Fate.

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I had a moment, yesterday, that was both profoundly disappointing AND deeply illuminating. Regular readers here know that I HAVE BEEN a long time fan of the quarterback Tom Brady. I have admired and do admire a collection of people; the sort of people that would be on my own Sgt. Pepper album cover in my mind. Of course, the characters are different. Alistair Crowley would be missing and maybe all of the others. I never paid a great deal of attention to who is on the Sgt. Pepper cover. I was going to list some of my admired souls but I am sure to forget several.

Yesterday, Tom Brady appeared at the White House and he cut his FORMER friend Donald Trump to doll's rags in a VERY mean and deliberate way. He did it publicly and he did it with the intention to wound. At least this is how it appears to me.

I discovered Tom Brady by accident at the very beginning of his career. I was following another quarterback on a team I had begun to like, as neither the Chicago Bears nor The Eagles were worth watching anymore. I was watching a game and the starting quarterback went down, and in came this Tom Brady. As I watched him something clicked in my head. The other quarterback became history, and I think it was the very next year that Tom led The Patriots to the Super Bowl. I was impressed with his quarterbacking skills but that would not have kept me fast for the long run. It was the way he carried himself that I liked. I liked that he seldom did commercials. He didn't act like a jerk like so many other sports figures do.

Fast forward 20 years or so and Brady is in the closing reel of his career. Last year he took a new team to a low-ranked position in the playoffs and then they beat everyone. It was a remarkable feat and not the first time he had done such a thing. This will likely be his last year. After what he just did, I am fairly certain this is his last year.

Due to my former interest in this man, I took a greater interest in the affair and I looked more deeply. I have certain abilities that came to me with the awakened Kundalini. I don't talk about them. However, when I said; “I looked more deeply” that is what I mean. I also carefully read the article, and with the assistance of The Intuition, I believe I know what happened. Of course, I do not know ALL that happened, but I 'think' I have a good idea about it.

You will note in The Article that the closing words of it are; “The quarterback announced in March 2020 that he would launch a global multi-platform content creation company for Hollywood.” He had not appeared at the Obama White House when invited, and he had not appeared at the Trump White House. Now he appears at the White House of this cosmic mockery of an administration and IT IS NO ACCIDENT.

I don't know who approached him, but someone did. He knows he is leaving the playing field and he has designs on a new playing field where he hopes to also be the G.O.A.T so... he's making his move.

Where I come from, you don't shit on your friends. Where I come from you don't shit on anyone. You certainly do not go to the widest public forum you can find and stab a man you have been friendly with in the back. Forget that it is about Trump. I did not come here to talk about Trump. I did not even come here to talk about Tom Brady. I came to talk about Treachery and Betrayal and Mr. Apocalypse.

Here's what is REALLY going on. The ones who conspired to steal the recent election now KNOW that it is about to be proven as election theft. This is a certainty, and why a false flag is likely imminent. All sorts of ugly things are going to be frozen in the headlights of The Apocalypsemobile. They are in panic mode. What is not apparent in a public way is just how terrified they are. None of their plans are working as they were meant to. Tom Brady HAD. Let me say that again, Tom Brady HAD millions of fans. Football is one of those mostly Right Wing venues. The Dark Side made Tom an offer he couldn't refuse, and for a Mess of Pottage, he sold his soul. I am somewhat familiar with the man's life and his PREVIOUS public persona. He even schooled himself so well that he didn't say bad things about other players. He REALLY played his cards close to his chest. He WAS The Golden Boy.

I suspect he had no idea of the fallout this is going to bring him. Keep in mind that he plays for a team from the state Trump lives in. Already, the public comments are excoriating. He has killed his reputation and his legacy with a single stupid move. If this is not Mr, Apocalypse at work then I don't know Mr. Apocalypse. This is what Trump said when Brady was in trouble and catching a lot of heat.

God does Irony like no one else. This stunt is REALLY going to backfire on Brady and his handlers. Here is a new twist on something I had previously heard about why Trump supported the vaccines.

Either he was made clueless suddenly, or he was told what might NOT happen if he didn't do it, or SOMETHING... Whatever it was, this comes as an enormous surprise to me. I have a real problem with Treachery and Betrayal, given that Friendship is something I value as some value their lives. What Tom Brady did is commit career suicide. This will follow him everywhere. In one stroke he wiped out millions of fans from a specific demographic. I know how football, and these days, FORMER football fans think.

Now... before certain junkyard dogs go after me for watching a pedestrian sporting event, let me say that I watched for one reason and that was to watch Tom Brady play. It was the same with Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. Once they were no longer active, I stopped watching in their area of performance. I appreciate EXCELLENCE. They were REALLY good at what they do/did AND... their humanity sometimes bled through the performance. Jordan was flawed in the ways that many of us are. I do not look for my icons to be saints. I narrow my focus to ONLY a specific area of interest and understand that they are human, just as I would hope they would understand about me.

Tom Brady just did himself in. I feel terrible for him. Things WILL NOT go right for him now. Somehow they got to him. He does not... DID not... behave like this previously, quite the opposite. He had been a diplomat. This is a telling example of the uncertainty of these times. By now... NOTHING would surprise me. There must be some very intense pressure going on below decks.

It is a sad thing when you see someone foul their nest before flying away. I am routinely astonished by what people do. Is honor and integrity of so little account now? Is this why they are so seldom seen? That line from George Orwell OFTEN comes to mind; “In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

I just don't get the attraction of fame and wealth. On the one hand, you are accompanied by a hairnet of deer flies and mosquitoes wherever you go. On the other hand, you DON'T know who your friends are. Human values go bottom-up in Times of Material Darkness. I see people hustling in public view for whatever it may profit them. I see them, LITERALLY, whoring themselves out, in a public way, for MONEY! That astounds me. I don't get the point. It has to be some kind of a fever. I call it The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu. You catch sicknesses of the mind and emotions just the same as you catch physical maladies. They discombobulate you. You are not yourself for a time.

I can only imagine what certain people will say or do next. The ruthless ambition and reckless disregard for consequences... what are they thinking? Tom Brady committed Character Suicide in a very public way, and Character is Fate.

As I surf the internet, I see the ever-increasing invective, streaming from the Talking Heads of Medea. They are like hydras of smoke going in and out of form. The poisonous vaccine message and Communist ideological press has POSSESSED them by the will of their overlords. As the emergent light of The Avatar brightens, and the false light dims, people are losing their minds in large numbers. The scope of what I am seeing defies my ability to accurately express it. It is like a huge building. whose parameters cannot be seen, and whose towers are hidden in the clouds, and it is trembling, and cracking, and beginning to come down.

The course of existence can go in a lot of different directions from here. I SUSPECT that it WILL go in a lot of different directions, depending on the directions taken by some and sundry. It is CRITICAL at this time to be mindful of your inner state, as this DIRECTLY affects your outer state. You should know by now how to play this. Hold to your center and let GOD take care of THE DETAILS. A better understanding of the real meaning of Being and Non-Being might come in handy. It is the same with Action and In-Action. Who is it that does anything? Where does the power to live and act come from? If God is the source of all force, it makes perfect sense to let God act through you and to NOT resist the flow of his will within. God IS the source of all force, and EVERYTHING you see around you is how we handle that, whether it is known to us or not.

Imagine yourself as a stained glass vessel through which the light of Heaven shines. If you are at all in doubt about how to handle anything, I suggest you read this.

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Friday, July 16, 2021

"They are Circus Animals. They are Prostie's on The Strut and There to Entice The Rut."

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I was reflecting on the previous evening, about tales which come my way, about those fighting the good fight, wherever they may be. I am seeing that there are many good people out there, and all of them marginalized, terrorized, and shut out, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, some of whom are readers here, for doing the right thing in difficult times. It's one thing to do it in times that are not difficult and a whole other thing when adversity is a constant presence.

Sometime in the next few weeks, the Arizona forensic recount details are going to be released. From rumblings I hear it will prove voter fraud, and in a convincing fashion. When this happens it will be the falling of the first domino. This will be followed by similar results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other states. When the states withdraw their certification (and I think provable fraud allows this), the previous election will be annulled. Then it is likely to go to The Supremes.

It is not just the election that will be affected but all sorts of criminal charges will come after. Those who went to such trouble to steal the election(s) in the first place are not likely to just go away. They are already fomenting civil war for a distraction and consolidation of power. This brings us to the coming false flag, which appears to be imminent. They have to head off their destiny at The Pass. Understanding destiny in my limited way, it seems they know not what Destiny implies and what Destiny is.

I foresee Tragi-Comedy on an epic scale. That is what an apocalypse is all about anyway. Is it not? Once again we need to look at what the definition of Apocalypse is; a time of revealing and uncovering IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. Uncovering can be a delight or a disaster. We shall see both. We are already seeing both, but only in a preliminary fashion.

The news on the vaccines gets grimmer by the day, as the links here and below illustrate. World uproar is intensifying in volume, AND there are no Isolated Events. Everything is connected. What happens in South Africa affects Zimbabwe. Then... everyone who has any dealings with either of them is also affected. World markets are affected and OFTEN... such events are set into motion TO AFFECT world markets. It seems to be a cluster fuck of Ring around the Rosy.

Who would do such a thing as to fabricate a virus threat based on something to be found in most people, so that their tests prove its presence, which is whatever they say it is? Then they create a vaccine for something that is 99% treatable and survivable, and it HAS SUCH STUFF OF NIGHTMARE IN IT. Who would do such a thing, and the medical community on the wider scale is zombie marching humanity into cruel and unusual punishments. One thing you CANNOT intelligently argue against is that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are MORE EFFECTIVE than ANY of the toxic vaccines. We already had the answer, but the talking heads, that inform the world said otherwise.

At the same time, and for some time, entertainment becomes more and more propaganda and more and more vile at the same time. Take a day, one of these days, and check into who owns all the big media outlets, and the news media, and the networks, and the internet, and the entertainment organizations, and the art galleries, and everything to do with Culcha and the theater, and the music business which controls the KINDS of music they pump into our ears, which is also vile and becoming increasingly more so. Entertainers are now nearly all whores on parade. They are circus animals. They are prostie's on the strut and there to entice The Rut.

It doesn't suddenly IMPROVE from where it is at. Cheese does not stop molding. Organic matter continues to rot as the life force has moved on. The basic underpinnings of society are under attack, as you see in the war against the family unit, in neighborhoods of choice, in The War against Christianity by the Semitic Pretenders, the war against all morality; the object of which is a free-for-all Babylon. All of this is happening at this moment. It doesn't suddenly get better. Something has to happen to stop it and something ALWAYS DOES!

Sometimes the ruin of civilization is brought about by human error. Sometimes it is brought about by cataclysm. So far it has ALWAYS been brought about by something because none of the previous efforts remain, except for some hieroglyphs and cave paintings, and some broken crockery. Atlantis sits now beneath the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean, and before that? Before that? Before that? We make too big a deal of ourselves. We are not that important in our temporary selves, coming and going from life to life, from role to role, from the fruit of ignorant desire to the greater bondage it creates.

There is chaos and killing in Cuba, which the American Left says is about COVID and not Communism because Communism is Good. In that case, so is strychnine and it is quicker and much less painful. They are rioting and looting in South Africa; but also they are destroying the cell phone towers, and other communication centers, as well as destroying the fabric of their own existence. Something more than what we are being told is at work there. As we have said here, all along, Insanity is the real pandemic. People are losing their minds, and they are getting help on the way there.

The Klaus Schwab's and The Frankfurt School of human disablement, as well as the international bankers, and other criminal enterprises, are actively at work to the disadvantage of the human race. They are behind a majority of the discontent on this plane. They are assisted by invisible entities. They ALSO do the bidding of invisible agencies and entities. This is a long, drawn-out affair. It has been going on for generations after generations. The faces change but the intentions do not. Fortunately, there is a higher court that handles all matters, whether good or bad. On the higher planes, the battle has long been won. It is the lower you go that the lower influences increase in strength. This is aided by the level of materialism that is present. Materialism and Satanism are indistinguishable in operation and intention.

What most people don't get, is that powerful forces roam and reside in this world AND within us. They figure if you can't see them, they're not there. They are, IN FACT, there. Herein... is the inherent blindness of the materialist and the cause of their certain doom. Their refusal to acknowledge what they cannot see does not affect whether it is there or not. There are many ways to describe Possession from Psychiatry to Shamanism. One can look at it externally or interiorly. Perspective changes the impact and the outcome but it does not change the presence of whatever we are talking about. That is STILL present.

You can think of Cuba or South Africa, or any other place, as a kind of dance that invisible musicians are making the music for. This music affects people differently but it seriously impacts on the basic human emotions and most of us have little control over them. You are EITHER on your way to Self-Mastery, or Slavery. It is your choice. What can free you is singular. What can bind you is legion. If you could see those who are resident on the invisible planes, and on location at the riots and reactions in Cuba, or South Africa, or anywhere else, a great deal would be made clear. These entities are like Weather Systems and they travel on their own Gulf Streams and trade winds. They are ALSO attracted to certain things, just as carrion feeders are drawn to corpses and vampires and ghouls to battlefields. WHAT do you wish to attract?

Angelic presences are ALSO attracted to certain things, the way hummingbirds are drawn to blossoms, or unicorns to virtue. This explains why unicorn sightings are few and far between among most rational people. It's a product of the times. Heh heh... I can just hear the outrage from certain quarters already, as they cherry-pick from my statements to bolster their... their... hmm? Heh heh... ah well. The way I see it, and the way I hear it, is that those on the higher planes are not in disagreement with me, and THAT is ALL that matters to me. I've performed in front of crowds before. I know what crowds are like, both in sports and entertainment venues. We are not trying to reach everybody. Better that we don't (grin). Is we a pronoun?

{I RAN into this the other day and I have RUN into similar many times recently. What the Hell is this? "You could see this operation is ran by people who have ran operations before." This kind of thing REALLY makes me wonder. I see it in news articles.}

Anyway, my friends, I just thought I would mention the coming riot that is going to be initiated by the Arizona recount, and the LIKELY false flag(s) to come. You've already seen how serious they are with this vaccine nonsense. Let not your heart be troubled. It is in times of adversity and looming adversity that one discovers their mettle. No one who loves God will come to harm, and if something with the appearance of harm were to present itself? This would be only to provoke a greater love of God; not this God or that God, but the indefinable and incomprehensible God, who is the author of every lasting faith. The instruments and traditions of Faith DO CHANGE, and they are right at that point NOW. It happens in EVERY AGE. Don't be concerned about that, but do keep your hearts and minds AND EYES open.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

"The Future is Leaving the Building, Like the Jordanaires in the Slipstream of Elvis."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I thought it more than a little odd that the Crass Media, as much as they are devoted to showing discord, conflict, and perversity, OVERLOOKED the uproar moving through the urban zones of South Africa at the moment. The surface argument is that it has been caused by the imprisonment of the former president for about a year, due to contempt. I may not have all the relative facts represented here, but I'm sure the real reasons are otherwise anyway.

From the videos I have seen it's a big deal. I think there are a couple in the links below. Why is mention of it nowhere to be found in the usual septic tanks? World wide disorder, it seems, is in the Event Horizon continuum, or somewhere just short of full visibility, but coming into view.

Even worse things are taking place closer to home. This is not my home but... for the sake of the conversation let's say it is. This comes from our neighbor to the North and right off, I should tell you it is vile and horrific in ways you might not have yet imagined, so... some of you might want to give it a pass. It is about two transsexuals having a child.

They are seeking Spiritual Babylon at this time. Powerful forces out of The Infernal Realm are gathered for The War, The War for the Human Soul. Their presence seems to be near everywhere. There was a time that there were countries one could go to to get away from it. This is not the case any longer, and in places of relative sanity they are not letting people stay, and those places may not be sane either.

A couple of nights ago, I watched a movie called, “The Tomorrow War”... It's about an alien invasion in the future. They call the aliens, Spikes. Does that ring a Spike Protein Bell? The film was filled with over the top bravado and terrible dialogue, including some of the weirdest father-daughter babble that I have ever heard. The women are being made more masculine and the men more indecisive and easily led. If you ignore whatever they are saying and just enjoy the special effects, which are the best I have ever seen, you might enjoy it, but it is preposterous in so many ways.

Hollywood is shooting for an all-black, all lesbian storm-trooper model for the future, which is now going around the corner and running for its life. The Future is leaving the building, like the Jordanaires in the slipstream of Elvis. They are like water skiers across the surface of the waste treatment plant. It's not going to be pretty.

WHO makes the films we watch? More often now you see race-mixing relationships IN EVERY FILM, and all manner of other SEXUAL IDENTITIES represented as well. The people who make the movies are ALSO the people who own The Media, and who manufacture the news you get each day. I am sure there are those who say they have higher social ideals and want us to all be in a similar zombie mediocrity. The only exceptions are the ones who feed off of us. They live and move at a different level. They also control Big Tech.

They control the pornography industry, and all of those organizations like the SPLC that tells us who to hate and who to love. They owned the slave ships that brought the slaves to America and NOW they are whipping up the descendants of those slaves to go to war against white people.

Few of us know what color or what sex we were in our last life. Few of us know that all the things we get obsessed about fixing are the things we broke the last time we were here. Few know that all the maladies we get in each life are the payback for previous excesses. Most everyone is In the Dream, whirling through time and space, like figurines in an amusement park themselves to be, and all the people they imagine are around them.

The conflicts we have in life, are externalizations of internal arguments, in search of a combatant. We see certain obvious examples of people talking to themselves in the streets, but this is ALWAYS going on at some level. We are constantly urged to do and to not do certain things, and different sides win out, depending on who it is happening to. You can set off up or down a road and soon forget you are on it. There goes another life in search of the one searching for it. Sooner or later you have to wake up. It could be tomorrow, or it could be millions of years later.

What happens when you wake up? All that once troubled you disappears as if it never was because it never was. It is ALL taking place in your mind and then it shows up in front of you. We are ALL scripting the story of our lives. There is NO ONE ELSE to blame. Yes, you could say that bad influences brought you down, but personal weaknesses made you vulnerable to those bad influences. It still comes back to you.

It is not possible to describe it. If it were it would have been long ago described. It is like trying to explain swimming to someone who has never seen water, much less swimmers. It is something that is resolved internally, AND USUALLY by someone sent to facilitate it, whether you know this or not. The Truth is that we REFUSE to let go of our problems. They define us to ourselves. We would not know what to do without them. I should add that you don't have to know what to do if you let go of them. The necessary awareness will come to you. It is a little like facing your fears. They turn out not to be the monsters you made them into but just something you didn't understand; and now you do.

From what I can see on the surface of things, they may likely get considerably worse, since there is no budge in any of the players, and given that their objective has nothing to do with freedom, or safety, or fairness. Instead, it is all about Personal Gain. The scene is going to get VERY grim in certain places. In other places, you could hardly know anything was going on. Armed gangs have taken over many of the cities because the police, who formerly kept them in check, are no longer permitted to because of ragingly insane Marxist lunatics setting policy and making the laws. These same psychopaths are funneling in tattooed armies of killers across the border. This is beyond dispute. This is well beyond dispute. I might add that child trafficking is also out of control.

Marxism, (as History will tell you), does not care how many people die or how bad their conditions might be on the way to death. Who is responsible for this? The Usual Suspects are. How do you get in control of material appearances and appurtenances? You get control of THE MONEY. You get control of the printing presses. You get control of ALL of the printing presses. Then you start wars so that you can make more and more money. It is going on this very minute and you can even see it if you can see INTO it. Marxism is Satanism POLITICIZED. Marxism claims to fix all of our social problems. It accomplishes the opposite. Read up on it.

I could see the horror that can creep into the mind if it were not for God Being REAL. God doesn't just improve things but also keeps Perfection perfect and waiting up ahead. God ALSO UNDERMINES the criminal mind. God sets evil against evil and Evil destroys itself EVERY TIME. It is a great misfortune that people seem to learn no other way. They have to be brought to see it for what it is, something that SIMPLY is not understood. What it is, is a gold mine of energy for change; Positive change.

Life has only a few simple purposes. It is all about Self-Discovery. It is all about God enjoying himself with his playmates. Sometimes humanity dances on the mountaintops of Joy in celebration of The Creator and sometimes humanity wanders in darkness in search of what is missing. It is not to be found in The Darkness, as everyone looking there will find out.

Ultimately, what we are dealing with is Within. It is within that we have to resolve the chaos of the unknown into a woven Harmony of Serendipitous Return. All you ever need to know about God= The Supreme Enjoyer is that he/she/it is LOVE. Love lubricates the wheels of time and makes existence run efficiently. Without Love, you ARE IN HELL. Hell is separation from God. Hell is the absence of God and the absence of Love.

You must stoke the fires of your love, AND... your love needs to be properly focused. This is what inspires it and causes it to flame up and intensify. Love fixes everything that needs fixing and it doesn't need your interference to accomplish it. ALL you have to do is to step aside and let God move unhindered and through you. Your one job is to keep your attention on The Divine. He will take care of everything else.

“Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious
striving to be that which you are now, always
were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and

Why not then let go completely and
let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway
in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein
you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.
Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My
Word abide in you, everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass, in blessed richness and

Nothing more really needs to be said.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

"On a Clipper Ship Filled with Hungry Ghosts on a Dreaming Sea... in Search of a Material Shore."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I prayed this morning for a Post-it Note Angel. The request came out of nowhere. I was musing on The Divine in meditation, and I was thinking how I never wanted to stray outside The Presence of God, and I thought it would be great to have an angel who set off an alarm; like when a truck is backing up and it makes that beeping sound. It would be like Invisible Fencing for Dog Poets. THEN... I was REMINDED that I ALREADY have a Post-It Angel... because how otherwise could I possibly have made it this far?

The rising hysteria of The Insane is getting more strident by the day. The American flag is Racist! I saw where a couple of executives at a law college came out and said they were racist and apologized for their privilege. There is a new breed of sexual masochist being bred in The System. They would have been great at the Chi-Com shame fests. Perhaps you have heard of The Struggle Sessions? ALL of this is Karma. It is Karma that gets you into those roles and Karma which determines the length and intensity of the process.

It is Karma that shapes your personality to fit the devices formed to liberate you from it, but not without a degree of suffering and other costs, which is kind of like the price of doing business.

Most of the time the devices designed to liberate you from Karma are not that effective since you keep digging like The Woman in the Dunes. You could say that we are in a maze, with endless turnings and double-backs, which is made more interesting by the fact that Jack Torrance is coming up behind you, sort of like The Minotaur.

People really should read more old myths because they effectively explain the workings of the human mind in a way that is understandable in human terms.

This maze, this labyrinth... is near escape proof because you have convinced yourself of its existence and carry with you the instruments of obfuscation and denial, which assist in your bewilderment and confinement. On we go, these endless ships, passing in the night, with lights winking in the distance, going their way to Samarkand or Timbuktu, a thousand years too late, on a clipper ship filled with hungry ghosts, in search of a material shore, and rolling on a sea of dreams. Up and down, back and forth, ebb and flow, the biorhythm is a soothing cradle, until the storm comes...

Is my mind getting sharper? Am I having flashbacks? These sad people now look to me like cartoons of spoiled children looking to kill their parents. You see those young people, more and more these days with this petulant scowl on their faces. You get this sense that NOTHING will satisfy them. They are in a state of perpetual disappointment. How come The World is not treating me like my helicopter parents?

Why does no one seem to get how special I am? There is a simmering rage, bordering on the incandescent, that is caused by the joining of Hypocrisy, Selfishness, and Fear. Ah... sweet polyandry! These are not happy bed-partners. They make angry children if they can even be bothered to pay attention to the opposite sex anymore.

I regret to have to tell you that only bad things can come out of the minds created by the conditions humanity now finds itself in. The arguments of The Seducers and Predators are ridiculous. They are like cheesecloth water bags. For reasons that escape me, an alarming amount of people are buying into their nonsense, and it is a vicious nonsense. Thank God, there is a growing number of us that simply can't be pushed any further.

Can they destroy, or at least cripple this country before the next election? They are going to need a big-time False Flag. They jury-rigged this COVID absurdity, where they turned the common flu into something much more menacing than it was to begin with. It is like putting a tiger's head on a house cat.

The vaccine delirium over The Delta Force mutation of the original hoax virus is spiraling out of control; vaccine passports, denial of travel rights and job opportunities, forced vaccinations for public workers, vaccination of children who are in no danger from the virus, but who are in SERIOUS danger from the vaccine. It won't be long before we hear that the unvaccinated are White Supremacists, whose White Privilege is their immune system. Remember that your racism is SYSTEMIC and written into your DNA! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Except it is not funny.

I recognize the Inquisitors from The Spanish Inquisition. I see the Jacobin army of black-clad obesities massing. I see the burners of witches. I see the emergent Stasi. I see them all in their loose affiliations with one another. They will turn on each other, as they struggle for their own version of Supremacy. This is what routinely happens; the hangman gets hanged, and those who have pushed to the front are at the head of the line for the next thirteen steps.

If you look deeply. If you use your reason, it is easy to see that nearly all of these movements for social justice are actually vehicles for self-advancement in the pursuit of gain, power, and placement. They can see that those who make the loudest noises wind up on youtube and become Influencers. They learned it from The Usual Suspects.

I am astounded at the credulity and venal grasping that is so self-evident. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” As Lao Tzu said, “Those who miss after almost winning should have known the end from the beginning.” It is clear as crystal to me what is taking place. “those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”

You now see people in prestigious positions, who are speaking to millions about complete fabrications and absurdities, and they do it for MONEY and FAME. I'm guessing they didn't anticipate The Awakening that is taking place. Their audience is dwindling by the day and Mr. Apocalypse is fixing it for them to get caught with hot mics, with their pants down, and fooling with themselves on camera. Astounding! Somehow they thought that WOKE would be the answer and it is now a parody of itself.

This is a Ross Perot flashback and forward moment. Holy Toledo, Gracie! Toss another Simp on the barbie! If you look closely then you can see that Self-Interest and Self-Will run riot are the guidons of the Mad Cow Brigade. Will they last long enough to bring the temples down upon their heads, or will they perish in the effort? Hmm... it does seem that they perish regardless, doesn't it? “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

You can get fairly apprehensive worrying about the possible actions of people who have certifiably lost their minds. You need to KEEP IN MIND that what they are doing is fleshing out the cosmic absurdity of their misinterpretation of The Obvious. Instead of going up with it, they go down. Instead of embracing The Divine Feminine as the expression of their higher sensibilities, they drag her down and make her perform like a bitch in heat. No... I am not mincing words. It is what it is. When you pervert the power and properties of an archetype and begin to hammer square pegs into round holes, you wind up living in the perversity.

SHE... is the dynamic activating force that accounts for ALL that we perceive through the senses. The male counterpart is still and motionless, and she is the whirling frenzy and symmetry of creation, unfolding in a ceaseless demonstration. If you run afoul of her. If you distort her image in the mirror of yourself, you wind up in a Creep Show variation upon a Heavenly theme. You are then in a world of trouble, as can be seen in NEARLY every direction now.

When we build these cities and press people up against each other in confined spaces, it is not long before certain forms of behavior proliferate. You get sexual perversities. You get bad food to feed your poor health. You get fear and paranoia from those less tightly wrapped. You get all the maladies of a dying civilization on its way to destruction. Nature in the raw is one thing, and we draw from her all of the components needed to create ARTIFICE. I am not saying that houses and neighborhoods are not good ideas. I like having a living space and the means to prepare food. I could manage at Cold Mountain just as well AND have done so.

It is a natural thing. Can I call it natural? Let us say that it is a predictable condition when you arrange people in situations that exclude Nature... you get the unnatural. One way or another you get Nature, be it harmonious, or inharmonious. You get the Queen of Heaven, or you get The Bitch Slattern. The Hindu system explains it better and in more detail than most. So you get the sweetness of Lakshmi or the awesome dread of Smashin Tara. As a celebrant of Green Tara, and being a psychedelic voyager, I have seen her in many different forms. They say that the unprepared who encounter Smashin Tara go irretrievably mad. Fortunately, I already was.

Aghora practitioners go into the graveyards and meditate on her. I am not an Aghora but my psychedelic adventures put me in many different frames of mind at different times. I used to take LSD and go into the graveyards at night to commune with what gives life and takes it. I try to be VERY practical in my understanding of what I have witnessed and experienced. I understand about Nature being red in tooth and claw.

Twas not always so, but we BROKE OUR CONTRACT with the animal kingdom, and now they fear us. Many of us smell bad because of their flesh speaking through our pores. I don't tell others how to live or what to eat. I recognize that this is the tail end of the Kali Yuga, awaiting only the arrival of The Avatar for the Advent of The Golden Age, coming to those who have become golden within. If you have not been preparing yourself then you have been remiss in your obligations to yourself and to others.

We have perverted both our external and internal Nature, in the pursuit of Comfort and Convenience. Civilization is humanity's reaction to PAIN. It is no wonder that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most powerful on Earth. It is even more profitable than the illegal pharmaceutical industry. It is also no wonder that the Military-Industrial Complex is as powerful as it is. If you have all those weapons, you have to use them right? You at least need to test them, so you find a place where those you intend to destroy are in no effective position to complain.

Israel does this in a regular fashion in The Occupied Territories.

Disappearing Palestine

They have arranged a dynamic, where there is an endless supply of victims, who are of NO consequence to them. I realize this can be viewed as Antisemitic, however, The Truth is Antisemitic and I can't do without The Truth. My existence has no meaning absent The Truth.

We can't always articulate what we desire to say here, but we can ASSUREDLY FEEL it, and ALL of us feel it to some degree or another, or not at all; as is the reality in certain venues. Ergo... we can resonate what we feel, AND ALL OF US DO, whether it is enjoyable for others or not. STILL... if God is not enjoying it, you will, eventually... hear about it. I have come to terms with a great portion of humanity being INSANE. I feel like I should be wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope around my neck (and maybe some pince-nez glasses?). Then I can gaze at others with a faraway distant look of wisdom in my eyes. Yeah... right.

Hold to your center! Pay no attention to the rampaging mob, and the victims ALREADY lining up for their attention. This is no business of yours. IF you are walking with God then God will speak for you, and act for you, and most certainly live in you. THIS... this is the place we ALL want to arrive at. Imagine it! The Living God is living in YOU!!! Summon him with LOVE!!!

End Transmission.......

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Monday, July 5, 2021

"May I Recommend Shadow-Boxing with The Wind and Moon-Walking on Water?"

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Someone, I don't recall who said that “We often meet our destiny on the road we took to avoid it.” The Appointment in Samara illustrated this mysterious feature of life nicely, and it comes to mind now and then. I am less concerned about my fate since I have turned it over to those more capable of handling it than am I. It's working out quite well.

A reader asked me about my statement, 'sometimes God gets lonely' from some time back. Yeah... it doesn't make sense if you consider that God is all-powerful, and does not have to experience anything he doesn't want to. HOWEVER... God chooses to feel what we feel. He created us in the first place to be playmates. If, increasingly, more and more of us choose not to be his playmate; would not the human aspect of him feel lonely? God in the flesh feels what humans feel but he does not react as humans do. He can, of course, for his own reasons, act in any way he feels like. We do ourselves such a disservice by creating a separated God at a distance from ourselves. With a personal indwelling God, all you have to do is to come into resonance. He may govern with laws, but he rules with love.

Our personality lives it up in splendor, as our true self is relegated to a dungeon room, and fed on crusts. This is what we have done to ourselves. We have imprisoned what sets us free and given ourselves in subjugation to cruel masters.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are those who have cut off the connection of the soul to their heart and their spirit to their mind. We all have the influence of Heaven upon us. Some of us are shut out automatically because the intention is anathema to Heaven. They effectively disable their conscience so that there is no interior conflict over what they get up to. You can't cut yourself off from God, but what you can convince yourself of is a whole other thing.

THEY get crazier by the day and they are not shy about letting you know about it.

It is happening incrementally, so it's one of those things that can sneak up on you like a frog in a pot of incrementally heated water. (Yeah, sorry about that). Why is this happening? Why are people losing it all over? Think of humanity as being fish in a different kind of ocean and someone from higher up sticks a gigantic cattle prod into the water and fires it up. The charge, the electricity, is of a different order than what we find down here, but which comes from Up There anyway in the first place.

Okay... with me so far? This powerful charge from the Supernal cattle prod affects each fish according to its level of awareness, and the focus of its desires. In some people, Fear plays a significant role in all they think and do. In others, the Fear is much less influential so... the effect can be very different in each case. God has come to lift people out of their material fevers. It will outplay in many ways. It will be no respecter of person unless it is a respecter of that person (grin) who is respectful of it. Materialism generates INSANITY. Depending on the KIND of Materialism, and how deeply immersed one is, the degree of trauma to come will reflect that.

If God has come to free us and we are cooperative in that, our trauma will be much reduced. It may well be a healing instead of a trauma. If we are fighting tooth and nail, that is another matter. In order to prepare for your coming title bout, may I recommend shadow-boxing with The Wind? Moon-walking on water also helps to build your wind and endurance. God governs by laws but he rules with Love. God is waiting with open arms. If he had to track you down cause you are the one missing out of 99 well... he can't help you till he gets there if you went off his television screen.

They're burning down Canadian churches in an organized and seemingly unhindered fashion. They found a lot of corpses in the ground. I'm told that one of the locations was a graveyard already and when you look deeper into this Communist-driven agenda you can't find all the hoopla There-There. We've known for some time that there are atrocities in abundance to be found. The biggest extravaganza-spectacular bonanza of all time never even happened in the first place. Anyone who has looked to any depth into the matter KNOWS this. What is the ACTUAL truth?

People in America should look more closely at the (former?) Crown Colonies to see what they intend for here. They are just in a more advanced stage of it than we are. They had the disadvantage of being CONTROLLED much earlier than did we, who have not yet arrived at a greater subjugation.

Everywhere you go on The Media you hear no mention of George Soros, and anytime you do hear about him he is mentioned as a philanthropist. It is a proven fact that he finances both BLM and Antifa, as do other corporate types. We KNOW he is financing the migrant surges here as he did in Europe, yet no one says anything. No one sources the food and amenity trucks that follow the caravans. Occasionally you will see a large crowd of people marching on the highway and they all have The T-Shirt! Hardly anyone says anything.

We know he is hand in glove with a number of other Fallen, who are seeking to make the French Revolution look like Tea with The Queen. They have something more along the lines of The Bolshevik Revolution or The Cultural Revolution on PCP in mind. I observe driven souls, scurrying here and there, turning over rocks, seeing what isn't there, creating a false narrative out of moonbeams, even looking deeply where THEY don't want you to look, BUT... it's REALLY on the QT about certain people. It seems that I can now smell the smoke of Future False Flags, precipitating in ADVANCE of The Events. There is an uneasy rumble in the nether regions of The Dark Mind, as it seeks for the needed clamps and restraints to put humanity into a deeper bondage.

You've got your Smoke n' Mirrors Virus and The Death Star Vaccines. You've got a Migrant Army Invasion. You've got defunded police. You've got burning cities. You've got organized gangs shooting up the neighborhoods, and homeless crazies attacking people in broad daylight, AND... you have Crazy Leaders. I could go on and on about what you've got, and Fear is riding at the head of The Mind-Invasion of the various sums of all fears, which are added up in the human heart where the vacancy sign appears... and Love has gone wanting.

There is a general perspective available that Doom and Gloom are on the march. These are not your grandmother's locusts. Everything is being shaken AND stirred. Your Spike Protein cocktail is chillin' on the napkin. You don't want to look up and catch anyone's eyes, not in this bar, not since Normal left town. You keep your head down. Maybe no one will see you. Don't call attention to yourself.

Don't buy into ANY of this! ♫ a change gonna come ♫ Is that Cultural Appropriation? Do I care? My friends, they will push and push and push, until they GENERATE the necessary push back. It happens. You can count on it.

I want to mention something and I see I've been skirting it through the whole posting. It's got to be said. VERY LIKELY you are going to see and hear about people convulsing, catching chronic maladies, and dropping dead. This can shake you up. The first person who got the vaccine in the UK just died, and the first person in Canada also just died, (or so I am told) healthy athletes are dropping, pilots are dying because flying at those altitudes triggers a systemic reaction. The crazy-in-the-streets thing hasn't really started yet but when people start dropping you can look for an association between them. This can happen VERY suddenly, like a change of weather in the tropics. One of my failsafe memos is that one should prepare BEFORE one has to prepare. One should ALREADY be prepared; SPIRITUALLY PREPARED.

So... such occurrences... when the full Halloween armada appears on the wings of imagination, I suggest you do not let your fantasy take flight. God is FIRMLY in control of EVERYTHING at ALL TIMES. You MUST BE convinced of this. You must take your intellectual certitude and make it a visceral certitude. We've been talking about all this coming for some time, and one can see the road ahead clearly if one removes the blinders and covering over the eyes. Love WILL burn through Samsara. Love is the one thing that you have that will meet EVERY exigency. You make your love stronger by exercising it. We have to learn the difference between what we can, and cannot do and shine through our limitations with THE ONE THING that flows right past them, and melts them as it passes by; Love.

Love is the answer to EVERYTHING. It is God's Skeleton Key. It is the lock-pick to every puzzling mystery. Love IS the Open Door. If you lack anything in the area of spiritual qualities, Love will top you up. Love is instantly transformed into any needed quality or strength and it has the BACKING of Heaven in whatever it does. Do not focus on the madness. It can very well suck you in. Focus on the source of ALL LIGHT and ALL LOVE. It pours from the Heavens in the rays of The Sun. It animates and nourishes every living thing, whether this is known or not, whether it is appreciated or not.

God is your sanctuary and he knows right where you are at all times. Let him run the show.

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We've got all kinds of links today on many subjects. Our Health-Correspondent sent us most of the vaccine links and the rest I found in my coming and going. Some of these are both funny and sad in equal measures. Enjoy=

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