Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Land of the Flea and the Home of the Slave

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May your noses always be far from Mitt Romney's diaper ...and may it always be cold and wet.

My favorite news bit this morning, was about the poster boy of the GOP, meaning he fits the image of that group in every sense of the wide angle spectrum of that political affiliation, in terms of its embrace of any form of morality that gets the job done. In that way you could say that the Republican Party is all inclusive. They've got their own big tent and they need a big tent. Good grief! They have to accommodate the elephants to begin with. They're not all inclusive on the hoi poloi, lumpen proletariat level (they wouldn't be Republicans if they were) but they are definitely all inclusive in terms of whatever gets the job done. Anyway, before all the decent Republicans get on my case for being cavalier with their idea of how it really is, as far as I am concerned, both parties are a collection of warmongering, lying sacks of shit, so, I believe I am capable of seeing both sides of the equation.

Anyway, once again, there was Governor Christie, with the word captions coming out of his blowhole and lighting up the ceiling of the convention center. He took the time to talk about his success in the great state of New Jersey, where another great patriot recently left his mark on the state, that being the illustrious John Corzine. So, you know that Governor Christie has a glorious tradition behind him. Anyway, yet again, while talking about himself, my mind asked me a question that still dances around like a sugar plum in my head; isn't Newark and Camden in New Jersey?

A lot of thug work has gone down already at the convention and that was initiated by the people who control the Republican and Democratic parties. As Brudder Amschel put it, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." His wife and their offspring were on the same page and she let the whole world know the truth of that; “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. Where does that leave us, especially those still resident in The Land of the Flea and the Home of the Slave? They are in the hands of the ones who control the nation's money and who are engaged in a policy of perpetual, endless war. I guess we could say that both of those quotes are reflected in the present state of the nation. Now, what I have presented here is something that is known as a Slam Dunk. Is it not? Is it not? As if there weren't ample evidence of all of this, all over the blasted and looted landscape. It's as clear as who did 9/11. This site got knocked down but they got back up again; cue Chumbawamba.

So what is it? You just don't want to hear it? You know it's true but you don't like it? Bats have built a crowded Jonestown community in your belfry? You want flies with that? You know, if you don't meet the truth on its terms, you will eventually meet the truth in some form of The Bad Stranger. The truth is uncompromising, that's why it stands alone. The truth is at right angles to everything else, so you can't actually see it, unless it lives inside of you and then there's not going to be that much of you left anyway. That's all good news, unless, unless you don't much like the truth because it is inconvenient. It is, isn't it? There are several ways to wake up. You can wake up on your own. Someone can wake you up. Or something can wake you up. There is probably more to all of the possible permutations and one could say there are palpable degrees of severity, between the different ways that awakening can take place. It's your call.

I know it gladdens the hearts of the great unwashed that Romney's spouse looks like Madonna's twin sister. You can make the comparison by simply scrolling down the page of the first link. She's looking all kinds of Kabala Water, stupid fresh. Doesn't your chest just swell with pride, when you consider how the leaders of today seem so much like the leaders at the birth of the nation? Jefferson, Adams, Franklin....... Ah, the atmosphere resounds with the resonant vibrations of a million air fresheners, tinkling like wind chimes in the soft, alcoholic American night. I close my eyes and I see the lumbering behemoths of corporate lobbyists, arm in arm with Republican lawmakers, rent boys, immigrant hookers (is this a great country or what?), dancing dominatrixes and all of the dewy-eyed, wonder workers, who add such a prosperous and festive dimension to that grand experiment called The American Dream. It's a beautiful thing and the really beautiful thing about it, is that you are all a part of it... somewhere. In a way it is similar to all of us being a part of the body of God. True, some of us have to be the butt hairs, the toenails and sundry ...but you are all equal, relatively speaking and share in the glory of the composition.

The election is only a couple of months away and that means we're entering a time honored, quadrennial period, where we can look forward to the kind of mischief and mayhem that has become such an intrinsic part of The American Way. It's as American as random violence and corporate theft, both of which also walk arm and arm on their way... somewhere. America has a variety of cash crops and random violence is one of them, so is planned violence, which can sometimes just be spontaneous and creative violence, but no matter which one of the Baskin and Robbins flavors of violence you favor or prefer, it's a smorgasbord of delights for both the connoisseur and the occasional dabbler. C'mon, this is the country of Dalmer, Bundy and Gacy. Sounds like a law firm doesn't it? America is one of those special countries where, not only could that be a law firm but if it were, it wouldn't have anywhere near the body count of the front runners.

It's like the whole idea of serial killers and how they flower like Kudzu out of the fertile earth of The Great Republic. If you put all of the serial killers that ever manifested their performance art in The Great Republic together, the sum total wouldn't come close to the numbers already possessed by The President of the United States. Henry Kissinger has way more bodies. David Rockefeller is only a banker and he's killed way, way more people than that total. Any one of these people have probably killed more people than all the other pedestrian, ordinary killers from the last century, who practiced their arts in the theater macabre of The Great Republic. Of course, a lot of the mass murdering, political high hats in this Grand Guignol (puppets all), committed their killings under the orders of the people who run the currency printing presses. It's no surprise that World War 1 followed right on the heels of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. No group of people on Earth kills more people than bankers and they do it for money. That makes each and every murder a capital crime, as in, “Capital, my good man”!

Now why am I saying what I am saying and which I have said any number of times before, although not in the same way ever, I hope? It is because of a general, world wide, cognitive disconnect. If the effective aspect of propaganda mind control, is the result of relentless repetition, then I am simply following a particular, well trod path, in search of the same efficacy. The simple and irrefutable fact is that the central bankers are the biggest mass murderers the world has ever seen. They have had any number of puppets, who have been given the credit for their work, like Stalin ...and the usual suspects. An argument could definitely be made for religions but they are also banking firms so... there you have it.

The scriptural saw, which states that “the love of money is the root of all evil”, is exactly so. This is because all commerce and most of everything that moves from one place to another, has its gears lubricated by the basic medium of exchange. Some might argue that it is lubricated by blood (mostly), sweat and tears but I was speaking metaphorically anyway.

Once these banking cartels fail, as they will, some portion of the world will be poised for a new destiny. However, these mass murderers, have already migrated a whole new system, into the precipitation zone of the aethers for download. They've got their hands on all sorts of precious items that are on standby for equity. Yeah, I could see where the whole picture might look depressing, if you were left to your own resources, which are presently all in the hands of the bankers. However, what appears to be in the hands of bankers, is part of the fundamental shit wit factor, that is behind the global epidemic of Head in Ass Syndrome. Nothing that goes on out here is what it appears to be and those who know this, are not susceptible to the mumbo jumbo, voodoo that mind controls the rest of the world. Thankfully, Mr. Apocalypse is on the set. He's carrying some heavy lumber (the Eddie Mathews, 35 ounce bat) and he's batting in the clean up spot. He's batting in the clean up spot because there is so very much to clean up.

He works for the big guy and when he shows up, it means a change is going to come; cue Sam Cooke. Well, there are things that I've been told and of course, I could be mislead ...but I can't see how that can be, if I'm going in the opposite direction than the herd. Perhaps the herd is not mislead? Possibly. Perhaps Jell-O is not made from pigskin collagen and George W. Bush is a great human being. Maybe in a parallel universe that might be true and no doubt a lot of people are living there ...but it isn't going to make any difference. Change is the universal constant. There is big change and there is small change and we are in the transition time of big change. How will it all shake out? I don't know but... shake out it will.

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God in Country by Les Visible

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Happy birthday, Michael Rivero!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Musical Chairs in Red Flag County

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's amazing how seriously bad sections of highway can turn into a sweet smoothy surface without warning or advertisement. Ironically, this kind of thing often happens the most when you start going public with it; as if... if you kept your mouth shut, as if... It would have happened at the same time anyway. I've got a sneaking suspicion about this but I'm not going into it. It happens to me a lot.

If you're an early bird here, you should come back for your Hang the Bankers graphic, soon to be located below.

Hang The Bankers

The banker security police are at it again and confirming what it is they were hired to do in the first place. Look at it this way. If there wasn't the constant threat of crime, they wouldn't be necessary in their surface, pretend roles. Firing on innocent bystanders is just good business practice and no one cares anyway, just as long as it's not them. Hey, it's New York City, where they just step over your dead body, after the early worm went through your pockets, but I think that would be most urban locales these days. You got to follow the money and you got to keep in mind that any and every for profit organization has one primary objective and that is to grow. Most of them are not unlike cancer, which is another growth industry. Some industries create the cancers, through tampered food items and shit food items, as well as pollution and various methods. Others treat it, without curing it, using expensive, bankrupting technologies, that are produced by yet another arm of the Globoctopus Vampire Squid consortium. For profit hospitals, give you somewhere to suffer and die, while you wish in one hand and shit in the other, except for those of you using bed pans or colostomy apparatuses that also cost serious bucks.

Here's some information about cancer cures, sent in by a reader at Visible Origami today;

This video overlooks some valuable information, regarding the cancer killing combination of Molasses, baking soda and Yoga, which together can kill all cancers and severe fungal infestations of the digestive tract usually in ~1 week. I can attest to this fact because it worked for myself and many others. Cancer and fungi cannot survive in an oxygenated and alkalized environment. Oral intake of sodium bicarbonate offers an instant and powerful boost of blood pH into the alkaline. One teaspoon can raise the pH to around ~7.4. Maintaining a pH of ~7.4 effectively neutralizes the ability of cancers to grow and reproduce. Molasses acts as a kind of Trojan horse for the baking soda. Candida and cancer infestations will attempt to ingest the sugar rich Molasses as they do any sugar, except the oxygenating and alkalizing qualities of baking soda are taken in with the Molasses, effectively neutralizing the infestation at its very source. This is a natural and completely safe and effective kind of chemotherapy.

Search YouTube for juiced cannabis and also watch the documentary "Run From The Cure." Eating raw marijana bud is one of the best cures for cancer... There is also tried and tested miracle pharmaceutical cure for many kinds of cancers called DCA and it is extremely cheap. Kundalini Yoga can amplify the effects of the bicarbonate soda / Molasses combination exponentially... by helping to oxygenate the body. Do not underestimate the power of Kundalini yoga. Just doing Kundalini yoga every day immediately after taking the baking soda molasses combo can cure most cancers alone. This is the Yoga video I used to cure mine: Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygenated body with a high ph.

If you find out you have cancer, the first thing to do is not to panic. Smile and take it on... cancer is a good motivator to eat well and get more exercise. Cancer is the result of the bodies natural process of defending itself from environmental toxins and stress. You take it seriously that you can cure it on your own, make a few adjustments here and there and you will cure it. If the cancer is life threatening I recommend a combination of all the three above (DCA, Marijuana and Baking soda / Molasses with Yoga) I personally do not recommend trusting anything a physician or a doctor says, they are hired killers as far as I am concerned.

This man cured his stage 4 colon cancer with molasses and baking soda in less than a week.

This is a bloody excellent article, must read on Baking Soda / Molasses...

Yes, Baking soda cures Candida.

You might want to think about 'going alkaline' and also looking up 'oil pulling', as well as the relative benefits of Curcumin and Turmeric. There is so much out there, not to mention in there, though most people find 'out there' to be a lot easier to access than 'in there'; Kali Yuga anyone? Those who can negotiate this area are allowed to drink a particular wine, with body like Hale Berry, coming out of the water in “Die Another Day”. Granted that, you ought to also get a load of the sommelier ...but that's another story and only for members of the book club.

Now let us get to a consideration that is on my mind since I saw the movie “Thrive” yesterday. This is a movie with a lot of buzz and having watched it, I can gather which circles it is buzzing in. I go nearly 100% percent of the time by my intuitive sense. I have found it to be the most accurate in hindsight, which, for most everyone is, 20-20. So that's who is usually watching films, reading books, observing life and contemplating action.

The first part of the movie was truly informative and hitting all the right notes. Then the host Foster Gamble said a couple of things, which telegraphed some other things and I saw classic misdirection at work. It was all about taking the blame that is rising up via The Apocalypse and depersonalizing it as institutions (this included an obvious direct mention), without making the direct connection that men run it and they're not likely to give a flying Fig Newton about any of this but they would be more than delighted to get behind slick controlled opposition. Then Amy Goodman shows up and we enter Red Flag Country. I see Barbara Marx Hubbard (second down the list). Lo and behold Deepak Chopra shows up.

Okay people, it's always kind of painful for me when I get into that territory where I have to mention people in terms of misrepresenting things; not knowing what they are talking about, or being slick and glossy, without useable content; like a new age version of Peephole magazine. It's like with Eckhart Tolle. I recognize in this day and time, most people are more attracted to Cliff Notes spirituality than to something that takes time, effort and sacrifice. I freely admit that I could be wrong and as soon as that is proven to me, in a way that I and the readers here can accept in terms of a precise, concise and logical argument, except where logic doesn't enter into it, because it exists beyond the boundaries of logic and; what are you doing talking about it in any case then? Huh, Mr. Visible, what about you? Read the disclaimers. Anyway, as soon as such cogent and informed argument appears, Mr. Visible adjusts his perspective. That is his modus operandi and his greatest hope that all such relevant arguments will most speedily come to his attention, so that all need to argue will be gone forever.

As soon as the film ended, I went looking into the credits. I could smell Little Georgie Sorrows somewhere in the area, or someone from the same reptile banker world. You saw a lot of a triumvirate of Rothschild, Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. I'm thinking to myself, “Hmmm, didn't Eustace Mullins once say that 'the Rothschilds 'preferred to operate anonymously in the United States behind the facade of J. P. Morgan and Company'”? So, why would Rothschild and J.P. Morgan be presented as separate entities?

I felt a certain confusion toward the end when Mr Wizard was going on about money problems and money solutions and I thought of that old Les Visible quote, “When the tables are turned, the same people are still sitting there”. How come that is? It's because of the Byzantine application of controlled opposition, which is artfully upgraded with each new version. Sometimes there are versions that are intentionally not artful, so that some other version can come around and refute it by telling part of the truth and leaving out the important parts.

Let me say once again, something that will make no difference to the people who never pay any attention to what I am actually saying ...and never read the disclaimers, nor remember the general trend and contents of these sites. I don't know; but I am life and death willing to, insofar as the information is useful and won't get me into trouble through my own mismanagement. I simply tell you how things look to me, at a particular point in time. At the same time, what some of these people do, may not be wrong but it does go against my principles, as they exist at the moment; like Tolle leaving speaking engagements with tens of thousands of dollars. I believe if you are telling the truth, you should accept a nominal fee and if you need more money, find another way to make it. The more you charge for truth, the more it is compromised, even if it is true. Don't ask me why it works this way. It's one of those mysteries but I will tell you it has to do with dilution and a decrease in active virtue. This means you can get your tank filled, think you're all gassed up and then run out of fuel before you even leave town. It's similar to the nutritive impact of junk food, where you are hungry again half an hour later. True food is sustaining and it's value is cumulative. Be well my friends.

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I'll be on Michael Rivero's radio show Tuesday. The time will be announced tomorrow on Petri Dish. I'm on the first hour.

The most recent radio show is now up for streaming and download.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crocodile Swines and Gang Banging End Times

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

That staccato sound you are hearing, is my New Balance sneakers, hitting the pavement in full flight, in tandem with vigorous Kundalini snorting, as I try to force certain terrible images from my mind. Actually, before anyone calls the PC Police, it's the comments that I want you to look at there. The chronic redundancy of ingrained prejudices, is a dark marvel to behold. In the US they've got this conservative vs liberal ground, media and cyber-war. In remote villages, it's the complaint that the people upstream, are pissing in the water supply. If you go upstream to the next village, you hear the same complaint about the village further up.

The origin of these toxic mindsets, might be the product of a combination of things but there can be no doubt in recent memory and present time that the usual, high-end gangsters, are promoting these discords and milking the results for their own posterity. It's part and parcel of their timeless tradition of dividing the little people, into opposing camps of competitive ignorance, for the purpose of shearing slaughter, processing and packaging. To understand these people you first need to understand how they see you. They see you as cyphers and statistics on a balance sheet. They see you as commodities and canon fodder. They see you as useless eaters, much as the people at the top of the pyramid, due to their reversed Kundalini practices, see you as useless breeders.

It's not a coincidence that Eugenics is a primary interest of rich men who own the space, time continuum and the financial masters of the universe. Emotionally retarded psychopaths, inflate their sense of self importance through reducing the value of others. All manner of things would not be going on, if the people at the top, in present time, were not such monsters but, ...they are. It is less than amusing to watch the industry whores, as they seek to batter and compromise the truthful, in their pursuit of justice. To hear these banker fellatio machines tell it, the bankers are good old boys, who pay their debts and make things work for all of us. Good old boys, is an enduring misnomer for glad-handing, backstabbing mutants, with sucker-pods for hands. The stink that attends them can only be accounted for by the certainty that they climbed up inside their own assholes and died; metaphorically speaking. Of course, soul death is very different from ordinary death and occasionally guarantees rebirth as a lump of coal.

Craven excesses at the top ensures corruption all through the descending ranks but this is all for the purpose of display. The face of Janus Napolitano is a black hole of negativity. One wonders what strange things pass through her demented consciousness. Homeland Insecurity has 225,000 employees. They're making America safe for the Velociraptors. Across the pond, history repeats itself because the people who manufacture history, are not big on outsourcing, or any form of entrepreneurial co-opting, or interference. The point of the cycles of financial boom and bust, all of which are totally engineered, is to keep the people both off balanced and indentured. If they somehow wind up with too much equity in their house, the equity gets vigorously reduced. If wages become too high, for the desired profit margins, unemployment is introduced, along with cheap immigrant labor, manufacturing is off-shored and labor unions are then threatened, while being painted in a bad light in the elite media. This is how you get slime-balls like Scott Walker, financed by crocodile swine like the Koch Brothers, with the intent of destroying the unions.

Of course, a country flourishes with a prosperous middle class and labor unions, when they are not crime laundries, are a good thing. Everyone makes out and the people at the top also make a lot of money ...because they make a lot of money anyway but... they don't make an obscene amount of money. The kind of money that can only be made in tandem with the literal destruction of the country in which it is taking place. Now, whether they know this after one fashion or another, whether they think they'll be able to arm their citadel, until the great purge and numbers reduction has taken place; these and many imponderables are whatever they are. The essential qualities of these people are those of a crocodile swine. They have no empathetic nature. They have no conscience. They have no fraternal resonance. This needs to be understood. You need to know what you're dealing with.

I am no advocate of violence, although I recognize the conditions and circumstances that make it a necessity, when peaceful revolution fails, as it often does. My ongoing advised opinion, is that the people should simply step back from the machine, gather in large silent crowds of thunderous protest, refuse to serve in every area of corporate and government activity, or work subversively within the system, gumming up the works. There are all sorts of creative ways to bring the beast to its knees. The cosmos is on the side of the righteous and never more so than in times like these, despite all appearances to the contrary. Never buy into the power of appearances. They are bullshit. They are designed to kill faith and amplify fear. Contrary to what many people may think, basic human psychology has been understood for a long time. Powerful agencies, think tanks and research facilities are at work on methods of manipulation full time. The whole concept of Maya implies deception as the essential nature of it. For reasons that have been gone into at length around here, the universe traps you, in order for there to be something to free you from. Most people aren't happy about this either, like Karma, it seems basically unfair. I'm not immune to some agreement about that. I often don't understand the reason behind why some things happen to me, or why I am reduced to various kinds of extremity and surround sound oppositional force. Sometimes I think, if this is what happens when the infinite loves me, how bad can it be if I was hated (grin)?

So, I understand the fatalism and no exit state of so many people. I once believed that my life would iron out at a certain point and definitely by now, yet the last 3 years have been among the worst I have known and yesterday morning had to qualify as some kind of extreme nadir. I was standing in the kitchen this morning, puzzling it out, reflecting back at the truth of the course and not any romanticized interpretation of it and I was just baffled by my optimistic bent and even more baffled at what it is that keeps me going. It's truly an enigma. That said, ignore what I just said because I don't know anything and probably don't see things as they really are anyway. I also can't see ahead to any great degree. I'm guessing that some particular state of absolute helplessness is necessary for a particular epiphany.

Onward we go with this personal saga of “The Little Engine that Could”. One doesn't want to presume that the course of the track seems to be straight but that there is a gradual curve which returns the engine to it's starting place. The mind refuses to accept the familiarity of certain landscapes, repeating their appearance but... is this a good thing or a bad thing? That's the point. What is the actual value and meaning of anything? I assume that that becomes clear when one obtains the right lens and that lens is in the hands of the unknown stranger; The Mysterious Stranger. Mark Twain had his own ideas about all of these things and it might be understating the case to call him a cynic. I am not a cynic, though by all rights I should be. Something is happening outside of my sight line and perception level that has a very strong impact on me, severely counter to the things I experience. I guess I'll have to go with that for the moment.

Yes, I think one of the main stumbling blocks in all of our hearts and minds, is the general perception of how things are. In the case of the general population, it creates a massive sucking drain on the spirits of those partially awakened. It makes the skies gray. One has to factor all of this in, when considering how one feels in the day to day. Meanwhile, you see the case of people, like mobbed up Jon Corzine (courtesy of the slowest loading site on the internet-grin) and you have to hypothecate things like this as well. Slowly and not too surely, given past track records, things are turning against the bad guys. Eric Holder, whose real job is that of defense attorney for Wall Street ...and it's thug population, has created a situation where people of a certain rank in the scheme of things, are finally forced to take corrective actions. This ground swell will soon become an uproar. The time comes when conditions force the issue and suddenly the tide turns. Everything is on the clock. No hour is the same. The quality and quantity of light and darkness are different. Eventually, you get the right combination of the year, the season, the hour of the day and bingo! The Emperor of Ice Cream, begins to melt in his Armani suit. “I'm melting! I'm melting”!

Another day, another blog posting, as opposed to the normal, 'another day, another dollar'. The world, like Humpty Dumpty, is sitting on a ledge as the kinetic contemplates the potential below. I'm thinking that doesn't make any sense electrically (or does it?) but it needed to get said. Not much of what the world presents of late and even less that the merchants of doom are up to, makes sense, so why should I be required to (grin)? However, it is my considered opinion that everything will make sense when Reality rises up out of the surrounding swamp of illusion. That's what awakening is all about.

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(Thank you one and all for the tremendous outpouring of support yesterday. It was far in excess of any expectations I had and it's doubtful I will get along to thanking you all individually. Suffice to say that it was both humbling and mind-blowing at the same time. Once again, thank you very much.)

There will be a radio show this weekend whenever I can get around to it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bozo the Clown and a Six Pack of High School Girls

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Though this posting more correctly would belong at Reflections in a Petri Dish, we're going to break with tradition- which is something that happens a lot around here anyway- and insert it in Smoking Mirrors. As has been stated here, the cosmos is starting to operate, to some degree on a comedic impulse. Outside of that, it is pure tragedy and looking to escalate, according to the agenda of bankers, presently running the asylum, or so they think. Many of us might like to have our own personal banker and today, Mr. Visible directs you to the acquisition of that item. Once you have your own personal banker you are going to need a power seat, to direct your enterprises from. Many of us are searching for a spiritual epiphany but do not possess the necessary tools. Some of us have had that epiphany and are anxious to share it with others. We're going to go for the record of links inserted in a Visible blog today. We want to expand on the comedic side of life, as it describes itself these days. Comedy is the logical outcome of absurdity and absurdity is the state of the culture. The archetypes are starting to resemble Bozo the Clown, running around with a seltzer bottle. They even elected him president back in the 80s.

Today we're going to have links inside of links but you're not going to be happy with all of them because some of them are disgusting and profane but some of them promise to be (or not to be) the answer to your dreams. Of course, if you follow that dream ♫wherever that dream may lead♫, you are probably going to need this too. It's just a short step from finding true love, to celebrating the progeny of the union and though you don't usually get walking, talking children from this kind of intercourse, you always get offspring of some kind. So, what do you think about the state of health of the culture?

When I want to do a routine checkup of the state of the times, I put on my doctor suit (no pants), which consists of a white lab coat, worn open, a Ramones t-shirt, my stethoscope, a headlamp and some black framed glasses; just the frames. Then I first go to the supermarket and investigate the various sections. When I am in the meat department, I measure the quantity of different meats in relation to each other; how much beef, how much pork, how much lamb, how much chicken? I also check to see if anyone has noticed that I'm not wearing pants. I've got a magic marker, red heart painted on one buttock, so as to be seen as not discriminating and which also allow me to fit right in with the other customers because they have no discrimination whatsoever. Before leaving for the processed foods department, I leave a few business cards on the deli case counter with my name, address and phone number and the statement, “Once you go black you never go back”.

At the processed food section I pull out a Sara Lee cake, a bag of battered Freedom Fries, hog nostril pizzas, TV dinners and whathaveyou. I look on the back to see how many ingredients are defined by words bigger than most of some of the words you can find in the German language. Then I juggle some of the items, until a store employees arrives and makes me stop. Next, I count how many aisles of soft drinks and potato chips they have and I explore the wonderful world of contemporary candy. By this time I know more than I want to, so I head next door to the Chinese restaurant and have 4 or 5 double, Johnny Walker Blacks. This allows me to plug into the ordinary, every day consciousness of the public. My next stop is the closest mammoth arcade, where I count the chicken-hawks (yes, there is more than one kind of chicken hawk but they are very often the same person) and I divide that by the percentage of kids on some kind of illegal drug, or state approved pharmaceutical. In the land of the low rent boy, the one-eyed man is homeless.

My next visit is to some version of Kaiser Permanente, where I pose as a pharmaceutical salesman, with a new product called Vladafine, which is an anti-nausea compound that inhibits the need to hurl. Here, I find out what sort of terms and arrangements are going down in present time. I multiply this by the amount of people being given only prescriptions, as a result of their visit, having already subtracted the amount of people actually given some kind of treatment. Of course, I check to see what the nature of the complaints are and whether heartburn, diabetes, high blood pressure and terminal cholesterol have increased by any significant margin. Then I find the square root of the varieties of Cancer.

My last two stops are a Grade 1 to Grade 12 education complex and any government office building that also contains a courtroom. Here I, once again, check to see if anyone notices that I'm not wearing pants and I also spend some time in various classrooms, checking out the curriculum. I have lunch in the cafeteria. I spend some time in the courtroom, Then I stop back by the school and pick up a six pack of high school girls because it's time to head home now, kick back and think about what I've seen this day. I can tell you that I get a very accurate read on just how things are. I might put the local news on the TV and see a series of reports on things like this. I haven't forgotten the high school girls. They're chillin in the refrigerator. Ah, I should mention that once I am drained and teetering on my feet, with empties on the coffee table, I generally head over to some Tribe authorized art gallery for some wine and toe cheese. Generally, I tend to carry a pocket recorder for the conversations, which also give me a good thermometer read on the temperature of the culture.

I don't want to forget that in these changing times, religions are going through a makeover; kind of a do over and remember that the smart worshiper makes sure to be properly suited up. It's also good to check out the cottage industry realm because, in tough financial times, you can get an accurate count of the pulse of the people, as they respond to the challenges of banker fraud and austerity legislations. This naturally leads to a grief inquiry into social rituals and how folks are handling that. It's always good to check for the polarities between the mutual manipulations of liberals and conservatives and, in the process, drop in on Ted Nugent's girlfriend, for a little R&R. Given that it's been a long day, you want to take the time to engage in bedtime prayers and give them that little extra effort, where you can feel the power of reciprocal engagement. Make no mistake, this kind of thing is as common as breathing and not nearly as rare as objective thinking.

I like to think of myself as a 'hands on' kind of a guy, whether it's long distance faith healing and I take the trouble to include a set of hands in the mail, as a follow up to the rituals of my online ministry, or if I'm simply sitting on a park bench, reaching for something I can't see anywhere around me, unless you count the trees and the squirrels, given that the majority of the squirrels are walking by you on two feet.

Another way that I get a feel for how things are, is to walk along the railroad tracks of various East Coast cities and check out the neighborhoods on either side of the tracks. Abandoned lots can be very informative for the garden variety, cultural anthropologist, but I must admit that I am confused by the term 'abandoned lot'; abandoned by who? Does this mean I can just take possession of it? Is it the same thing as an abandoned car, or an abandoned house? Meanwhile, most of the time they aren't abandoned. There are people there a lot of the time. There even used to be neighborhood gardens, until Monsanto had them outlawed and you can trace the continuity of that operation from the factory farms, to the supermarket I was in earlier. You can trace state authorized (and keep in mind who controls the state) pedophilia, through any number of venues from Calvin Klein advertisements to things like this.Then you do a flashback to JonBenet Ramsey and a multitude of unreported events of like kind. Informed minds will ponder the use of the name Jon and whether that might suggest a client list. And what's with the missing 'h'? Here's the kicker, there's no 'h' in Moon. See, most of you probably didn't pick up on this and that's why you need me. The Beatles song, “I Need You” was written personally for me and years ago I discovered the meaning of the word, 'Beatles”. Look closely and see if you can tell what I am talking about. I'll pause for a few moments to give you an opportunity to cogitate. So, did you see it? Check it out; Beat Les. That's right. The Beatles were a vehicle to frustrate and ruin my mission here. Now there are only two Beatles left and there's still half a dozen of me., given the MPS syndrome.

I'm thinking right about now that you are probably thinking, “Wow, Visible! I never ever before put all of these things together”. Uh huh, that's right, but once you understand about The Moon, you know ...and it all fits into place, like one of those complex jigsaws you see in an old folks home. I'm going to tell you right now that a good place to look for future messages is at estate auctions, flea markets and lawn sales. The key item you will be looking for is old, cross stitched, needle-work samplers. Long ago, members of an ancient race, reincarnated into time-spaces between The Civil War and The Greatest Generation and constructed samplers, whose message activates and resurrects hidden truths in the subconscious. Don't ask me how or why this is but it is. Sadly, many of the latter incarnates were struck down by Tom Brokaw Disease for which there is no known cure.

Now, as we approach the moment of being directly lined up with the center of the galaxy, many things long buried are coming to light. The awakening cannot be stopped but serious efforts are being made to retard it. Madonna Kabala wants the freedom for Pussy to Riot, as Mr. Berg buys up all that Los Angeles real estate, with the extorted donations from blind acolytes, bathing in Kabala water and wearing red strings bought at Target. Soon Scientology and Kinky Kabala, are going to merge and the final assault on human dignity and liberty will be underway. Lady Gag Me will be doing the soundtrack and seeking to turn all of us into Little Monsters. Surely you know this and I'm just more or less soliloquizing; talking to myself in the funhouse mirror. Well, it's not a funhouse yet but it is going to be, count on it.

End Transmission........

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mesmer-Bots in the Department of the Depraved

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are several things that are prime indicators of End Times. End Times are also Beginning Times but the latter is only relevant to those, whose focus is beyond the summation lines, of the age in resolution. In most case, this is a coded DNA but nothing would make much sense, if there were no latitude for transitioning among the somnambulists, which is the essential wind beneath the wings of Mr. Apocalypse, whose walking stick is also a summoning stick, tuned to the vibrations of the new Earth. There is a gap in time and conditions, between the vibration of what is and what is to come. Since there is no Moon, adjustments have to be made, between the movie playing on the Jumbotron and the one playing in your head. The Moon is the transmitter that programs the alterations being acted out on the false Earth and the resonance in the heads of the mentally ill, is caused by the bite of the Lunatick, which waits on the leaves of the high grass and injects nanotech Mesmer-bots, into the blood stream of those whose immune system has not been upgraded to include ignorance and dum-assmentia. I'll say no more on the matter, until it comes up again, like gorge rising, which unlike what is not there, does rise in the yeast and sets in the Jello, translucent to some but opaque to the blue screen heads.

Anyway, as I was saying, before I digressed at right angles to everything else, there are prime indicators of End Times. We have a veritable Whitman's Sampler, of evidence in this regard and the list is long. Meanwhile, Mr. Apocalypse is turning the ancient subterfuge specialists into mouthpieces for the truth, whether they like it or not. Not to be outdone in the Department of the Depraved, the Rottweiler Pope and company are in Foul Hoenig Heaven. Another indicator for End Times is random and callous violence; always an exemplifier of materialism predominating uber alles. One hopes they will be schooled in the same, at their next point of residence. I realize that goes counter to the remonstrations of The Good Book but Karma will have its say, whether you forgive them or not. We're reaching new lows in communication, via the conduit of anonymity and therefore proving the old saw that “Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses”, depending of course on the shape of their asses or the awareness level of the one walking alongside them.

Speaking of asses, this shout out to stupid and dictator indulgence, disappeared a couple of weeks ago but now it's back, because probably everyone forgot in the meantime. Speaking of Depravity and Indulgence, how often are we seeing things like this these days? It's too bad in these times of austerity, where Banker Indulgences rival and surpass anything going on with the organized church, before Martin Luther came along, that we don't have enough lampposts to go around. We need to make the streets and highways of the West, make the roads to Rome, post Spartacus, look like a non event. I know this goes contrary to what the Good Book says but Karma will be served, jot and tittle wise. The offenses of the bankers have gone turbo. There are no regulators and there are no rules. Another sign of End Times, is when the actions of Mr. Apocalypse, begin to match up with the real targets of the mindless and callous violence in search of closure.

I'm laying the sum of this misdirection and atrocious bad aim, at the feet of all those lactose intolerant, Moon Junkies, whose acetic anhydride is not what it used to be. This is what happens when all the good drugs get stepped on by The Bigfoot Police.

Those familiar with the Zen saying, “It's all a joke” should bear in mind that the comedic aspect of the whole enterprise is about to go nova. We can see it moving from the tragic-comic, to the full blown comic, but the progression is generally missed, like most things get missed, because of the preponderance of bad shit and dire necessity, handcuffed together on the Boulevard of Bullshit that has replaced the main thoroughfares of Main Street and Commercial Street, in Urban Nightmareville. We're about to find out the meaning of a New York Minute.

Speaking of Biblical plagues and factoring in wild fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and sundry, we now have widespread drought and that's going to mainline into cost of living, multiplied by food shortage, divided by unemployment and poverty margins, until all Hell breaks loose. Karachi has 20 million people. Mexico City has 20 million people and greater London has the same. There are many locations like this, with large numbers of participants. The intention of the Eugenics Elite, is to herd the populace into these locations around the world, for serious madness in motion. The math doesn't lie and nothing short of cosmic intervention is going to change any of it. Will we get cosmic intervention? I haven't got a clue. Things have progressed and regressed to a point that I have no more capacity to measure or interpret any of it. It's off the hinges. The door to nowhere and anywhere, is off the hinges.

People are water boarding their children. The police are shooting on sight. People are being fined for feeding the underprivileged. Gardens have been outlawed. All good supplements, medicines and recreational mind-stuffs, have been made illegal and the bad shit has been made mandatory. Statistics say you are 16,000 (or was it 60,000?) times more likely to die from corporate pharmaceuticals than from anything that's illegal. It gets more and more batshit insane by the day. It's off the hook.

I want to be optimistic. I want to find new ways to talk about what isn't changing except to get worse. I am running out of descriptors and hyperbole. WTF? WTF? They're drilling into people's safe deposit boxes. They are stealing the money out of their bank accounts, cause there isn't enough coming in the QE slush funds. People can no longer read and write and chew gum at the same time.

Words appear on the virtual paper and look like squiggling worms. We're in a countdown of some sort but you can't hear the numbers. My thinking is that we already passed into minus country some time ago. WTF? WTF?

People look normal where I am, far removed from urban blight and resident in some kind of pastoral time warp. I don't know if they're normal. I've forgotten what that is. That is the nature of incipient insanity. It goes by steps and degrees and it's always going around the corner, so the time comes, over and over, where you can't recall what was normal last month and there's no memory at all of last year. You've got a few childhood memories, maybe, though they might have been implanted and then there's nothing but fog and blur between there and last week. It's like living in Memento and let's hope you know a good tattoo artist.

Humanity just goes right on ♫dancing in the moonlight♫ and what that means is they can't see shit but you sure can smell it. Everyone has a theory about whose behind all of this. For me, as far as America goes, all you have to do it look at who blueprints the game plan for Homeland Security in The House and The Senate. All you have to do is look at the names of the people making the Freak City laws. Most of the time you see Chucky Schumer's name. The support of the militarized US, is directly connected to the following destruction of it, as soon as Ersatz Israel has got its desired boundaries. What really surprises me is that some larger portion of all the world's nations have not gotten together and make arrangements to eliminate The Vampire Barbarians from the face of the Earth. I'm guessing that between the control of the world's finances and currencies and all of the nuclear devices hidden around the globe, they've got the human race, which they are not members of, by the short hairs. Making these statements is considered to be the ultimate in poor taste, where it hasn't already been made illegal and there shouldn't be any surprises about that. This whole circus has been orchestrated from a long time ago and the only saving grace, in my mind, is that I know that the strings of the psychopathic puppet-masters, are being pulled by forces unknown to them. Like that timeless quote maintains, “those whom the God's would destroy they first make mad”. One of the expressions of this particular madness, is an irrepressible urge to come forward and be identified and to brag about their crimes. They are relentlessly convicting themselves in the court of public opinion, as Mr. Apocalypse is raising the awareness of the formerly brain dead witnesses.

People can argue all they want to that the real villains are someone else ...but how to explain the list of names in all of the key positions, or the ownership of all of the mechanisms of deceit and injury? How does one explain that? How does one explain the architects of all those wars brought into being by the Neo Con membership (the word Neo-con is anti-Semitic), where the names are an echo of the other names, working as accessories before, during and after the fact? How does one explain the identities of the Central Banking Families? This is known as denial and the primary drivers of denial are ignorance, fear and the desire for material gain.

You can call them as you see them but it doesn't mean much if you can't see them and the cause of that is the inability to see yourself. So it goes.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Murder Cult of Globoctopus Industries

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

When I was locked up for the longest period of my several interludes as a guest of the state, I was considered more dangerous than the serial killers and other abled psychopaths. I know this because Dr. Kunev told me so and because he released these others into an open ward situation. I was aware of the program to release a selected few into a much less confined environment. Where we were being held was a super-max facility of which, at the time, there were only two in the country. When I broached my being made part of the program, Dr. Kunev said, “Oh no, Mr. Crook, you are much too dangerous”. I was in there for violation of the Marijuana Tax Act. They arranged for this because it carried the most severe sentence, in light of the fact that there was only an ounce of pot involved.

I bring this up only for a seriously vague association; something that was said to me by the man who got me out. During the period under discussion, a Harvard lawyer, recently graduated, came on the ward. He had something to do with an independent study of conditions in the place. I was the first person he met because I was standing near the entrance when he came in. My room/cell was close to the entrance. On reflection, what happened was very surprising, although I didn't think so at the time. Yes, it was surprising then but, studying it now after the passage of years, it seems like a fantastic and most unlikely event, given the way it went down.

He asked me why I was in there and a little about myself and I answered him. He had a pair of the most intelligent eyes I have ever seen. Just like that, after we had spoken for a short time, he said, “You don't belong here. I'm going to get you out of here but you need to help me make it happen. Don't mention Lao Tzu again, or anything connected with Eastern Religion. Just try to speak and act normally. It shouldn't be a problem for you”. Then he said to me something that I have come to see the truth of. He said, “Contrary to your sense of the timeless, life can be very long and you certainly don't want to spend it here”. He was right. Life has turned out to be much longer than I thought it would be, due to the complexity and changes of environments that amounted to all of them being separate lifetimes, or so it seemed.

I had a therapist I saw twice a week. The lawyer got together with him and also made a case to the parole board. Regardless, when we had the decisive meeting, where all of us were gathered along with Dr. Kunev, he fought tooth and nail to keep me in there. “He kept saying, “This is a very sick man. You cannot release him to the streets”. Well, he was outnumbered but the more I think about the whole adventure and the inexplicable appearance of the lawyer and several other things, the more unusual it becomes. Of course, there have been many similar things since, making the whole trip very surreal, unpredictable and, as a result, a bitch to manage, given the amusement park ride dynamic, which has been routine.

Life can be long and that brings me to my subject matter today. Some of you would be familiar with Shakespeare's commentary on the seven ages of man. This applies to most people but not to everyone. That's the thing. There is ordinary destiny and high destiny but either apply to anyone interested in either. These destinies can run parallel to each other and a cross over can be made at any number of points along the way. There are different rules that operate in both of them, just as there are different end results. Ordinary destiny is that mindset which is promoted by The World and which naturally inspires a belief in it. At some point this belief crystallizes and becomes fixed. It takes a supernatural event to change anything about it at that point. A similar thing takes place on the other course where it becomes fixed. That's actually an alchemical state and involves the use of a fixative.

These seven stages that occur in most lives, which manage to endure through the necessary years, each bring with them a different awareness and other attendant accessories, which compose that stage. You find out certain things, things you didn't know before and things also happen to you that didn't happen before. There is a pervasive cognitive dissonance that proliferates in each segment of existence, which inhibits the resident from seeing beyond, into the coming stages. Some of us have gained a degree of freedom about it all, through persistence and determination. Most people only care on occasion and put all of their efforts and attentions into what's going on around them, based on what is going on in their heads and hearts. After a certain amount of time, their investment becomes the predominant concern and closes off access to any number of other influences, while leaving the door open to the prevailing material influence.

There is clear and ample evidence that the culture you are immersed in is trying to kill you. Is it intentional or is it just a byproduct of the rapid decline of the culture? Does it matter? There is clear and ample evidence that an elite minority are engaged in the wholesale killing of many of their fellows upon whom they confer no human status. There is direct evidence of this and it is ongoing. On the other hand we have a wealth of indirect information.

When you are young there is a sense of immortality and invulnerability. This is often attended by a reckless disregard for one's health and safety. In times of a disposable culture, there is an emphasis on death worship, dark icons, random and repetitious casual sex, devoid of intimacy, fragmenting of previously common understandings, which lead to what amounts to armed camps of people in opposition to each other and which are defined by buzzwords created by the puppet-masters, the trivialization of communication ensues and most forms of entertainment become banal and vacuous. This is easily seen but seldom apprehended. It is a giant invisible elephant in the room who is not invisible.

In a junk food culture, junk food becomes the fuel. As stated, when in youth, the impact of bad fuel on the body often goes unnoticed. That reaction is scheduled for a following age. However, the increasing toxicity of the fuel ensures that some amount, even of the youthful, will be experiencing various physical discomforts, as the rise in diabetes exponentially expands, as does the epidemic of heartburn, attended by ridiculously expensive medicines. What do they call that now? Acid reflux? I understand it can be pretty painful and even fatal. It comes about for several reasons, eating the wrong foods and eating too widely of varieties of the same shit in a different package, combined with stress and tension during the time of ingestion.

Along with the destruction of the education system, with a single intention behind it, comes the end of physical education programs for the young. This is accessorized by a wholesale diagnosing of aberrant mental states in children, at the behest of the pharmaceutical, AMA combine. There is so much evidence that they are trying to kill you that I suppose it is true. Are they trying to kill you directly, or, are they killing you indirectly, with all the toxic productions of the culture and are aware of it but don't care, because all of it feeds some arm of Globoctopus Industries.

It is obvious, at this point, that the culture is required to descend into a death spiral because there is no way for the human race to progress, within the dynamic of this open and infected running sore. The sheer weight of the collective consciousness of those immersed, in this suicidal culture, is sucking the very atmosphere down. It is possible that some heretofore, not present, greater awakening, brought about by something or someone could still occur. It is only that, looking at where it has all gone, in respect of ever greater offenses against the public by those, no longer elected but now installed in positions of power, seems to indicate that not a great deal has changed. I can only see what the captive media presents and what shows up here and there in the increasingly rare alternative media. It could be that there is a massive upswelling of revolt and resistance, rising up in the minds of the masses. It could be that it's there to be seen but nothing is being said about it. I'd like to be hopeful in that regard but I've little evidence to go on.

The relentless and seemingly unavoidable assault on Iran, continues onward toward critical mass. This will be a dramatic game-changer on many levels. It is almost certain to occur sometime in the next 3 months. DEBKAfile, the propaganda vehicle of that Middle Eastern Crime Syndicate, has been saying that taking down Iran will pass with little difficulty at all and that none of their missiles can make it through the weapon shields that exist offshore and terrestrially. The whole idea of destabilizing Syria, is to add a greater ease to the multi-pronged attack, which will also hit Lebanon, Gaza and possibly other places as well.

Well, let's put an end to this segment of recurrent redundancy and same old same old. Visible will be entertaining for the next couple of days and also rehearsing for a musical performance. Then he will be gone across the weekend so the postings will be happily sparse, if at all. I'll see you somewhere in the mix or later on next week. Bon chance.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Not Thirsty for Kirsty and other Things

Dog Poet not Trans-Gendering

May your noses always be on your faces.

Every now and again, Mr. Visible has to take a stand on one of the burning issues of the day. As much as he likes to be above the fray (not ...but then again), sometimes he just has to descend into the fecal-laced mosh pit of contemporary culture and, on occasion, that means without protective gear in a kind of 'bareback' intimacy, with something that should only be viewed through a lens in a laboratory.

I am as fond of Kirsten Stewart as I am unfond of Meagan Fox. Meagan Fox looks and acts like a certain type of female, whereas Kirsty, up until a short while ago, did not;, I m not thirsty for Kirsty. Kirsten had an affair with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman. Previous to that she was in a torrid-type of Siamese twins relationship with one Robert Pattison for 3 years. Word had it that they were very much in love. Word has it that she still is ...but the fallout from her momentary indiscretion is considerable.

I am discussing this, only in its relation to Love and ancillary things. If she had been my girlfriend and she went and had an affair, my only concern would be that she had a good time and certainly if she did have a good time, I might recommend that she continue because? Well, because I love her, non? She is not my girlfriend and I do not love her that way; at the moment. I'm just saying if she were, I would love her and that means, without qualification. Otherwise it is not love and ergo, Robert Pattison does not love her. He was in love with the idea of possessing one of the world's most desired arm candies (you heard that term here first. I'm getting tired of coming up with original phrases and not getting the credit- grin).

Pattison has shut her out completely. His considerable ego has been damaged and that was more important than the love he did not have. To the discerning eye of those, like myself, who have some small idea of what love is, an opportunity existed to really be a cool guy and he didn't take it. He should have come right out in public and said, “I just hope she had a good time. That is my only concern. I hope she knows that I support her in everything she does. It wouldn't be love otherwise”. He didn't take that opportunity and it is not likely that he will.

I don't watch the Twilight films. I consider them nothing more than a movie soap opera. Dark Shadows, which was a soap opera, was at least entertaining. Films whose whole purpose is to highlight the physical appearance of shallow performers is not my cup of tea. I like films like “The Guard” with Brendan Gleeson. That was a serious piece of entertainment by someone whose acting chops are not to be questioned. I don't find Pattison to be attractive. I do find Johnny Depp attractive.

Right about now, some readers are thinking, “Ah c'mon visible, I don't want to hear about this shit”. Okay, having picked up on that, let's move on to something else. Here is a delightful bit of news. Sunstein was/is a USDA, Grade A, world class sonofabitch. This is near as satisfying as Wolfowitz being kicked out of The World Bank. Cass Sunstein's SOB credentials are impressive. If you put 'Cass Sunstein is' into Google, the drop down menu will give you a taste of what people ask when they go looking for him. I went there to type in 'Cass Sunstein is evil'. It was already there as #2. #4 would have been appropriate also. It is in events like this that you see the hidden hand of the cosmos, which is also at work in Syria as well. Hopefully that will work out too. Assad is proving to be anything but stupid.

Here is a great opening statement from one of my favorite people and a preview of what is going to be happening with a consistent regularity. The immediate harm that now attends every draconian operation initiated by The Bankers and their stooges is turning out badly for them. Well done! Murder Incorporated is now getting the public attention it deserves and their names are being listed. These are the same dung slugs who orchestrated all of the recent wars and were also neck deep in the commission of 9/11, heralded by PNAC, which many of them were a party to.

The rapid decay of the urban rustbelt is shocking. Most people don't know what's happening in these places. Serial killers are using Detroit as a dumping ground for their victims. The economy is plummeting, as a direct result of banker greed, which keeps transferring an ever greater percentage of the collective wealth into their own coffers. They created the financial crisis for the purpose of greater gain. They create and regulate depressions,the way they create wars and for the same reason. It's what it is. They are what they are. Study the amount of unusual changes going counter to the intents and objectives of the ruling elite at this time.

Here's a statistic for you. The aggregate wealth of the Wal-Mart heirs is equal to 40% of the American public. Wal-Mart isn't a banking firm you say? No, they're a corporation. Corporations, banks, CEO's, Bankers, Politicians; the collective vermin of these desperate hours are as out of control as they are, as indifferent to the consequences of their actions as they are, as unruffled by the public exposure of their actions as they are for one reason; the purpose of demonstration. You might well ask, “Why is any of this necessary? Why can't life just be orderly and fair in the first place? Well... we are left to our own devices to see what we will do and these are the things we did. On the one hand we were horrible villains, on the other hand, we were ignorant and uninformed and did not act upon what was being done to us. So, eventually we came to this place, where it all has to be sorted. Every time period has moments like this, where the world teeters on the edge of terrible possibilities. Sometimes it's extreme and sometimes not so much, depending on the relative percentage of light to darkness.

There is a book that I read some number of times that has various curious tales contained within it. One of these says that a very long time ago, an awful evil took place on this planet. The author doesn't go into the details. He simply says that the planet is permeated with the memory of it and that it is in these times that it is being resolved. This is why so many of us came here. Some of us chose to be here because of the possibilities, which I won't go into but which has been discussed here many times. Some of us had no choice because we are players in the performance. Some of us came here to help. Many of us wish we did not have to be here in these times, regardless of how we came to be here. Many of us have forgotten why we came and this accounts for the regret and apprehension. The unknown stretches out before us and is directly relative to the unknown within us. I want to tell you that it's all going to be okay but... as The Man on the Beach said to me when I queried, “It's all going to work out though, won't it”? “I don't know” is what he said.

We're presently in a space of time, awaiting whatever malefic industry the servants of darkness have in store for us. We are waiting. We go about the ordinary business of the day. Some of us are trying to improve ourselves and some of us are just totally immersed in the dream-scape. The consistency of the dream-scape, is utterly dependent on the components that compose it. It has a color and a tone to it that is the result of the particular filter which affects the quality of the light. It has a tone which is the predominant vibration. There are things that can happen that radically alter the color and tone of the whole stage set. 9/11 was one of those things and every area of our freedom of movement and speech has been affected by this intentional outrage, that was performed on us by the criminal elite, who control the engines of government and commerce.

I've banged on my drum about all of this for a long time now. It's getting redundant and even annoying to me. There's a huge crowd a few blocks up the street from me. I can hear them but I can't get to where they are. All of the access points are blocked by visible and invisible authorities, who work for the Department of Information Manipulation but... something is happening. The readership, listener-ship and watcher-ship is turning their backs on the official disinformation channels of network television and rubber stamp media portals of this dimension. The numbers of their audience are in free-fall. Where are these former regulars going? I've seen the statistics concerning their departure from Zio-Media but I haven't seen any evidence of where they go now. Somebody must know something about it.

There is this sense that the tide is turning in all ways injurious to the schemes and plans of The Vampire Squid Combine. Syria is not going the way Libya went, not for the moment anyhow. They're arresting bankers and putting them in jail. Iceland is hunting their own down around the globe. This can't be what they intended and, at the same time, they're not curtailing their behavior in any way. Saying it's pretty strange doesn't adequately express the situation. There are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes but we aren't privy to what's happening in those privies. We know the kind of things that take place in privies and that's about it. They're having a lot of trouble getting around to what they want to get around to. Desperate measures are called for. Sometime between now and the next rigged election we will see what those desperate measures are. At the moment we are waiting and hopefully it's only Godot that shows up. I apologize for this lame posting. There wasn't anything more available to me today. Maybe the radio show will fare better.

And speaking of book reviews, which I wasn't. Those of you who have read The Darkening Splendor, especially those of you who got it for free, I would appreciate some reviews. You know, a bit of quid pro quo between me and the reader? And of course, for the other book as well. Thank you to those of you who showed up and did so yesterday.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fata Morgana Land and the Department of Fate

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May your noses always be cold and wet

Back in the day, I had it in mind to visit T.S. Eliot and Somerset Maugham, two of my favorite literary figures. I never did. Add Gore Vidal to that list. For several years, I have been of a mind to go and see him in Northern Italy. He died yesterday in the Hollywood Hills. Vidal was alone when he died. Since he passed from complications related to pneumonia, one can presume there was time for people to gather. No one did. I imagine there was some medical personnel there but I don't know.

Gore Vidal was one of the great literary figures of the 20th century. An argument could be made that he was the period's greatest biographer. As impressive as his writing is, that is not what impressed me the most about him. It was his politics and public voicings that accounted for that. I'm not going to say he possessed deep courage, because he sidestepped any number of things he most certainly knew about but, in the context of his craven fellows and contemporaries in the arts, he was exceptional. He was also an accomplished actor (I remember him as Senator Brickley Paiste in “Bob Roberts”) and he will be missed.

As noted in times past, the day would come when the rats would be scurrying down the guy lines and soon after, finger pointing would become epidemic. I don't know what the degrees of difference between a liar and a fucking liar are. Possibly it has to do with malice aforethought, which, certainly in this case would be applicable. One would expect hypocrisy to be at it's zenith. I'm guessing that no one read this in the Crass Media. ♫over, under, sideways, down♫ I had an interesting dream last night that, for some reason, did not involve Ellen Page or Kirsten Stewart. The public finally rose up en masse and went to town on the bad guys. It was highly enjoyable. One hopes it was highly prophetic too.

Speaking of sleazy, which I am just about to, you will note while reading this article that it's all bullshit because TSA is still completely in control but simply moving behind the scenes. Alternative sex dominatrix, Jackass Napolitano (does my butt look big in this serial killer raingear?) reveals her cloistered interests AND has a gay themed party at the Department of Homeland Insecurity. From the looks of the text, it appears that DHS is just another Gay Rights cooperative, which would be par for the course, seeing as the entire movement is controlled by the same people who did 9/11. Once again, for the 6,456th time, this feature of the alt sex, steam engine, is the only feature I take exception to. My personal thoughts about the effect of reversed Kundalini have no real place in the public discourse and all of that is served by reincarnation and I assume everyone goes through it to lesser and greater degrees. This disclaimer will be ignored, just like the preceding 6,455 disclaimers, in favor of shrill backwash, as the intellectual plumbing is subjected to the same unique, routing schematic, as the subject under discussion but that is also par for the course and I do not play golf because, if Jesus, or The Mahdi should return at some point, I would rather they did not find me there. I suppose there are even worse places to be discovered.

In my dream, Abe Foxman was torn apart by an angry mob; indeed, “this is such stuff as dreams are made on” and all these little lives are, most assuredly, “rounded with a sleep”, rounded like an Alabama homemaker, making her elephantine way, through the dreaming aisles of a Wal-Mart. Rats! I stepped on another PC landmine. The good news is that these kinds of mines don't blow your dick off. It just rouses the perceived, victim assistive machinery, inside the heads of those resembling that remark. I'm thinking of Abe Foxman jerky, drying on a wash-line outside the ADL.

Those of you so informed, know that this agency was created, as a response to the lynching of Leo Frank, who raped and murdered a 13 year old girl. I'm assuming the dreadful irony of all this is not lost upon the reader. The operative understanding that anyone with an IQ over 100, which accounts for about 10% of the public by present measurements (but which was significantly higher only a short time ago) is that this organization was created to defend monsters from due process. No other conclusion can be taken from this. You should know what you're dealing with. The absurdity and rank psychopathy of all this is lost on those whose self interest preempts the natural activity of conscience. They walk around massive plinths and columns of darkness that conceal basilisks and other chimerical lifeforms that may have started out human but then took an alternative, devolutionary route. They are going in the opposite direction of the natural, evolutionary incline of the species but... a large portion of humanity is cruising behind in their wake; millions of antiquated Volkswagen bugs, being sucked down the super highway to Hell, in the slipstream of the tractor trailer entities, who do evil for the sheer joy of accomplishing it. So it is in Kali Yuga.

There has been much speculation about how the public could be so easily deceived by utterly transparent lies, which offend reason and all the laws of physics. How could they buy the same tired arguments, from the same corrupt sources, for one vicious war for profit after another? How can they allow their former liberties to be taken from them? How can they submit to ham handed gropings by troglodytes, whenever they seek to travel? How can they tolerate the ongoing abuse and murder of dozens upon dozens of their fellow citizen; women and children included, by police forces sworn to 'protect and serve'? How can they accept completely manipulated elections and the incremental march of greater and greater corporate control over their lives? How can they allow a tiny, thoroughly criminal nation, to create a new Soviet empire, on the ruins of their once great, former republic?

These are good questions and arguments can be made for a serious degree of collective ignorance; fear, denial, blinding self interest, drugs in the water supplies, or some kind of subliminal broadcasting network but my suspicion is that the players are locked in to their roles for the purpose of demonstration. There's latitude there and a degree of range of motion, which can increase significantly from the narrow existing parameters, given some degree of persistence and determination on the part of anyone so engaged. Locked in does not occur without assent and agreement, on the part of anyone so engaged. A corollary biggie, is degree of attachment to the conditions and items of the culture and the times, as well as to atavistic urges from the lower centers most active in these times. A great deal hinges on one's personal identification with the environment and the roles. Most of us are in a movie and are unaware that it is a movie. Some of us are in a movie and know we are in a movie. Both elements are playing their roles. The more major players; the players given the 'seeming blessing' of outrageous wealth and facility for more; positions of power, profitable celebrity, connections to the linchpins of the productions and all the other ways that Kali can set you up, are bound for decapitation and the draining of their blood, into one of her goblets, prior to their skull going on the necklace that is strung around her neck. She's a wild and sometimes mean drunk and there's nothing like goblets of blood to get her going.

The why of all this wherefore, is secondary to the consideration of whether you are personally aware of what's being said here and what hasn't been said but which can be intuited, if you are tuned to the right frequency AND that is not difficult, just time consuming and we all seem to have time for everything else. That is, until we run out of time.

It's an exhausting affair but there are secreted pools of resource for those in Fata Morgana land who have found a real oasis. It amazes me how much time and effort is required to get from the starting gate to the finish line. For some, the 'force; of discipline maintains them, within the lines necessary to get where they are going. For some of the rest of us, it's potluck and serendipity. It depends on the impression that has to be made upon the participant. A lot of the time, the participant doesn't know why he or she is subjected to what looks like whimsey, attended by recurrent and unannounced, fickle bitch slappings by some emissary of The Department of Fate. These things just happen and somewhere, no telling where, it all comes together and you get some idea why you had to march over four thousand miles of bad highway, when there were so many other possible routes. It's all tailored to the personality and the role. Some people need to be tough and some people need to be soft. Some people need to be on rails and some people need to be bounced from pillar to post.

It's past time for everyone to put their endgame face on, given the presence of game players ubiquitous, and so that you can pass for the already taken, during Body Snatcher visitation day. The Olympics continue apace with no false flag occurrence yet. Of course, they're not over yet and they may want to rake in all the revenue before they start blowing shit up. Then again, they have a dozen possible scenarios simmering on the stove. All the hoopla and predictions about anything and everything have not yet come to pass and none of them have come to pass as specified. There's some kind of redundancy in that last sentence but I can't be bothered with it now. Have a nice day.

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