Friday, August 28, 2015

Some are Sicker than Others.

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Materialism is an impressive thing. I know that some of us wonder why we may be having such a difficult time meeting our needs in this time when excess and abundance are readily available to what appears to be the very worst among us; as exampled by that link on the first line of the posting. We might also wonder at the truly ridiculous nature of the whole event. Not only is it an example of conspicuous excess to the nth degree but the little punk also had 14 other luxury cars and got a massive allowance each month; not to mention he had something like 27,000,000 dollars worth of other property. The greatest injustice concerning the whole affair are the sentences levied out against the crime. One might well ponder the enduring travesty of largesse extended to the absolutely most undeserving among us.

Here is a website where the obnoxiously privileged among us post their feats of self indulgence spending complete with the receipts. This article goes into a little more depth about some of these wastrels. There are scads of available links if you have that affliction that I call Voyeurism of the Rich. This is similar to the wide spread fascination of the Kardashians and celebrity worship in general. The general theme is that these people can do no wrong, in fact they set the bar for desirable behavior that so many wish they had the opportunity to indulge in.

Without question, you have to be made a certain way to be in possession of such a powerful disconnect when it comes to a practiced indifference about the fate of those less fortunate and to be inspired to rub everyone elses nose in your privileged state.

When I was quite young I lived in Washington D.C. and my best friend was the offspring of a wealthy family. He was and is a good guy. He no longer has any money either. He went to school with other children of the rich and famous and through him I was able to get an eyeful of the character and personalities of these people. I didn't spend much time there as I was busy tripping most of the time and searching for God but I saw plenty regardless. Then I moved to the Jewish Rockies in Woodstock. This is the colloquial term for The Catskill Mountains and it was there that I got my first taste of real professionals at selfishness and one pointed material focus. Because, at the time, I was a pretty entertaining guy and had a gift for comedy and humor; something you don't see much of from me these days and when you do, most people don't get it (grin)...; because of this they liked to have me around and sometimes I would get their houses and cars when they were off to Jamaica or wherever. I don't know if this was so much due to their generous nature, which is about as common among them as hummingbird shoes but more because they felt like they had someone to watch their place and they trusted me. I got to see what it was like to be able to afford as many expensive drugs as you might want and what kind of women were drawn to the scenarios that played out there.

I look at this as having a particular gene, like the gene some people have where they can play the guitar better at six months than I will ever play it in this life, or the genes that provide any of the exceptional talents and serendipitous or tragic events that befall some but not others. I have certain genes of a certain type and am convinced that all of us do, for better or for worse.

The more I look at all of these things, the more I view Materialism as a fever, a virus or a birth defect. Some people catch it and some don't. Some are born with it and some are not. I was stunned when I learned that there are men and women who can tell, just by looking, who made your shirt and pants; who made your sunglasses and purse, who made your watch, who made your perfume and so on. I can't tell any of these things. Sure, if I see a label, yeah. I'm indifferent to this shit. If somehow I got a Rolex I would sell it. I certainly wouldn't wear it. I would feel like a shameless poseur if I did that.

I lived in New York for awhile and was often around Soho and lived for awhile in the East 60's so I would see the fashion windows of stores. In Soho I used to see jeans that I wouldn't have bought in a thrift store, selling for 800 dollars and up. Sometimes they were ripped and torn. I think they call them, 'distressed'. I saw badly shaped jeans that were cut too short, top and bottom and I even saw people wearing them with their paunches pushed forward in exaggeration due to the cut of the jeans. What is it about people who buy exactly the kind of clothes their bodies are not shaped to take advantage of?

For a long time I have taken it as an obvious fact that I live in a huge mental institution, only I am not a mental patient and I know this precisely because the patients think I am crazy when it is the other way around. I have often considered wearing a white coat and carrying a clip board as a private inside joke. The more sane you get, if you are in pursuit of the ineffable, the more crazy so many other people begin to look to you and after awhile you can tell by the tics and specific forms of behavior just what particular form of mental derangement they suffer from. I am guessing that masters have this facility to a very advanced degree and many times I saw one laughing about this very thing and many times I heard them commenting on this very thing.

When you finally become sane, there isn't much else for you to do except to serve as you go and work the depth charge and timed explosive device circuit. You no longer possess any material ambition. You realize that all that is left is that period of time you must wait before you are released from this zone. Since you no longer have any attachment to any of this junk there is no longer a magnetism to drag you back here and if you have burned it off, or had a burst of grace from the cosmic bank, your Karma has been neutralized. I know that many people believe that Karma is a fixed construct but Karma is a process directly tied in to awareness. Karma is a process directed at awareness and however awareness is reached; that specific necessary awareness, the criteria for karma has been met and Karma is then rendered unnecessary.

I say “I don't know” because I don't know a great deal of the time but this does not mean that I know nothing whatsoever. There are some things that I know. I know that there are visible and invisible planes. I know that there is an interpenetrating consciousness that permeates everyone and everything. I know that we are eternal beings birthed by an eternal process in search of an eternal state we are already in possession of but that most of us are unaware of. I know these and some other things because I have experienced them over and over again. I have the gene for this sort of thing. I used to think that everyone had experiences similar to mine but now I know that they do not.

If we could produce a pie chart with the general interests of each measurable demographic, sectioned by color and a black separating line, one of the tiniest slivers would represent those of us that have spent and are spending our lives in pursuit of the ineffable and who are also more or less sane. When I say sane, what I am referring to is the ability to see things in proportion to what they are and what they are not and to be unmoved by any relative value placed on any of them by the covetous world. In other words, to be able to see real value as opposed to a value generated by scarcity or a collective compulsion to acquire it.

What they don't tell you at the Rich Kids of Instagram, or in the boardrooms or country clubs or any of those other exclusive watering holes is that all of that stuff gets old and if it doesn't get old then there is something really wrong with you. These people have to pretend to an enjoyment they don't possess in order to keep face around people who don't care if they live or die. I remember being in some of those country clubs and marveling at the glad handing and transparent lies. It was like being in a mausoleum with dead people who didn't know they were dead. The chief joy to be extracted from being able to afford expensive things is the knowledge that others are not able to. Only the possession of love and the ability to care makes life worth living.

This is the appropriate moment to link to a Patrick Willis rendition of Bend Over and Wait:

...which says what I think about the whole matter better than just continuing on in this vein for any longer. The last time I looked, which was some time ago there were thousands of visitors, now reduced to a few hundred and I see this every time I revisit one of the Youtube productions of one of my pieces. There's a reason they do it but the only important thing is the amount of people who actually came by and not what the counter says.

Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Strange and Curious Incident.

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Parisi Dog Toon

The more time I spend here, the more funny things happen and I don't mean 'funny hah hah'. Perhaps it is time to visit the most recent event in my travelogue back and forth across this strange planet.

About six weeks ago I was at my home. I had just returned from the market up the road and then I took a visit from a mechanic I know; decent fellow and someone who doesn't feel compelled to gouge the last possible dollar from the exchange which is too often the case around here. The cost of living in the islands is frightful but I get around that by knowing where to go to get what I need and not wanting anything beyond that. In consideration of that I manage. I'd go elsewhere maybe but anywhere other than the US involves all kinds of paperwork and restrictions. Europe is open to me but I don't know where I would stay there if I went. Given my present medical situation that would be the smarter move, since I have full health coverage, which I haven't canceled yet. It doesn't cost much. I'll have to see what the ineffable thinks about all of this. Usually a door will open somewhere or it won't.

I've chosen to talk about this because of an interesting bill that I got in the mail a couple of days ago from the air ambulance company. The bill was for $75,000 dollars for a one way two hundred mile flight. I had figured my bills would be in the tens of thousands. I never imagined that it would actually be in the hundreds of thousands. I haven't gotten any bills from the hospital or doctor on Oahu yet. I can only imagine.

I checked online and it costs only half that to charter a jet from New York to LA and if you want to charter a full sized plane that carries hundreds of people it only cost 25,000 more. Amazing. Maybe the ineffable is going to send me an heiress with a magic wand.

The fellow who came to do a little work on my car was there to change a tire for me. Since I have a Jetta, you need to employ a special wrench attachment in order to remove a lock on the tire. As we were getting ready to do this, for reasons unknown to me, I suddenly said, “Never mind. Let's not worry about that at the moment.” Charlie said, “Okay, the tire you have is still good for the moment, I guess it doesn't matter... yet.” So he left. Very soon after, this fellow Robert and the fellow who has been staying with him, David, dropped in. Robert had been coming by nearly every day until David returned to the island and after that the visits became more infrequent. I'm guessing that Robert found other things to do with a companion at hand. David stays at his house with him.

Robert had been coming around to watch a movie with me each day. As a film buff I have an awareness of films and what is worth watching (in my opinion) and what is not. We would also talk about spiritual matters. He had been a reader at the blogs for awhile. I think another reader who also lives here was responsible for turning him on to my work.

David is a martial arts instructor of kick boxing and Gracie Jujitsu. I guess he has a pretty high ranking, I don't know what that might be as I was never curious enough to inquire. The three of us got on well during the month or two that they visited together and we watched films and we talked.

For reasons not yet clear to me, this fellow David assaulted me. I suppose it was out of the blue. I've no memory of the events that led to whatever caused it but I cannot imagine anything I might have said or done that would have provoked such a violent assault. My landlady says that David was screaming at me from the yard though I haven't been told what he was saying, nor have I asked.

After I got hit I was in a very confused state, concussed no doubt and in a lot of pain. I drank whatever there was on hand but it didn't help. It just kept hurting so I went to my landlady and asked her to call an ambulance. At the time I thought I had hit myself and that is what I was saying. The ambulance driver checked me out and said that there was no way I could have done this kind of damage to myself and he called the police but by the time they arrived I was gone.

The doctor who treated me on Oahu said it was impossible for me to have done this to myself and that it was the worst fracture he had ever seen. After a week in the hospital on Oahu and having had no sleep for six days and not being able to eat because the doctor had said that there was a chance I could catch pneumonia if what I ingested went down the wrong pipe, I had to subsist on liquids. I'd never heard of such a thing before. Anyway, I was discharged suddenly with no warning and how I got back home was a marvel (grin).

Over the course of the few weeks since this has happened I have been in infrequent contact with Robert. When I tried to get some information all he would say is, “It was very strange.” Since then there has been little contact; one email has followed but it was quite obviously intentionally vague about details and I came to realize fairly quickly that this was to keep any evidence of culpability out of print. I have come up with only one answer for what happened. I have thought about it in every way and nothing makes sense except for one thing. He was paid to do this do me. That makes all the sense in the world. There has been no apology or any expression of remorse. I passed them on the road while driving through Pahoa the other day. They were leaning up against the wall of this coffee shop where many of the locals hang out and laughing about something. I just kept going.

Robert said we should meet and that they wanted to talk to me. This was after I mentioned that the police were about to get involved. I see no possible good coming out of my talking to them. I had prayed about the matter and asked what I should do and the next day the police called my landlady and I guess they want to talk to me. We'll see about all of that.

For the moment I am subsisting out of a blender and a food processor while healing takes place and it is taking awhile. Eventually I will have my bottom plate prosthetic refitting and I have located a VERY reasonable dentist who wants to help me but I have to be able to open my mouth wider, which at the moment I have been unable to do. Also, the bottom front portion of my jaw is completely numb. I was told that a nerve might have been severed and this accounts for it. I have a strange memory of the doctor I saw here before being flown to Hilo and he was giving me a shot in the jaw and telling me that as a result, sensation might not return to that area. That makes no sense but I remember it none the less.

My attitude is quite positive. I don't think about anything except being in tune with the ineffable and moving from day to day. As a result of getting hit, certain things that had been troubling me for years, quite simply disappeared and have not returned. This is a very good development. It frees the mind in ways that it had not previously been free and I find that not thinking beyond the moment I am in, allows me to accommodate everything that might happen and will happen into a separate chamber that I spend no time in... heh heh.

Of course, I am mystified at the things that have happened to me over recent time. The attack took place nearly exactly one year to the day from the day I fell and broke my hip. Certainly that is an oddity. There are many odd conditions and events that have come and gone and remain. I do not pretend to understand any of it. I just take each moment, each day, as it comes. I continue to work at what you read here most days and my other projects.

For whatever the reason, I have no anger whatsoever about the events that have befallen me; from terrible treacheries that I experienced in East Germany and in my journey out of there to this most recent occurrence. None of these things make sense in any normal course of operations. Sometimes we just have to pay a price for who we are and what we do and who we are and what we do may not be bad in any respect. It's just what passes for life in difficult times.

Nothing that goes on down here is of any real and lasting consequence when compared to the far more permanent beauty of that bright home we are all heir to, should we care enough to reach out for that possibility. I've grown much closer to the Amitabha in these last weeks and that is all to the good and I hear from those locations that in these past few years has become more and more clear in its communications to me that... all will be well and I must simply be and await the changes that are to come.

Yesterday on my birthday, I was sitting here and I thought to myself, “where will I be a year hence from now?” I could feel images swirling around me but I received no clear idea of anything. I suspect that part of the reason for that is that nothing is set in stone and there are all sorts of allowances that can be made for temperament and intention, not to mention the industry of applied effort. I am left with that thought; 'time will tell and we shall see.'

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Obvious Plots of the Servants of Darkness.

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McCoy Dog Toon

I want to reflect back on the previous reflection in The Petri Dish. I know that not everyone is fond of my occasional commentary on the gender bending trend going on through this bankrupt culture and the thoroughly compromised educational system. Here is one glaring example of what I have been talking about but... more importantly, the area I have been concerned with. As I have been to great and sometimes unrewarding pains to communicate, my concern is not for whom others have sexual congress with in a mutually consenting manner. My concern is the political use to which this whole trend is being put.

When one studies the ends to which gender issues are being directed by the clinically insane among us, we see that there are no limits in sight.

On several occasions we have pointed out that the sexual force is THE FORCE in creation and we have pointed out that it operates at EVERY LEVEL. Here, in the words of Swami Vivekananda, we have an explanation of the meaning of this force, as it translates into angelic language or devolves into the blasphemies of demons.

Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda

There is a great deal of confusion in modern times about sexuality and the serpent. Some say the serpent is good and some say bad. I say the serpent is God at the high end and that being a force it can be applied on many levels and not all of them good by any stretch of definition. Fundies say that God is Jehovah. More intelligent and informed minds consider Jehovah to be a demonic entity and I concur in this. Religion has been hijacked by the dark side in this Kali Yuga and everything we get has been distorted beyond recognition or cleverly redefined as something it is not. There is a reason that certain religions have labeled the serpent as evil and at the level that they exercise it, I have to concur. It is not the case at every level. The snake in the grass can be raised up into the everlasting light.

Lord Buddha Vasuki snake Naga Serpent

There are a lot of perspectives on the Jehovah character.

As for the ones who are the primary agents of the perversion of religion, cultures and economies, all kinds of things have been said and by now- looking at the evidence of these times and who it is that is behind the twisting and morphing of contemporary culture, there can be no doubt that the Zio Con Tribe of bankers and Satanists are the engineers of disorder. When you are either too stupid or too much of a coward to recognize this, you are a worthy inheritor of your fate. Thankfully, awakening is coming. Unfortunately it is not coming to all in equal measure or at the same time.

In the drama of dream life there are those that are saved and those that are lost. One can go mad seeking to understand the subtleties of the why of it all. This is where a faith in the absolute comes in handy because one knows without knowing that all is as it should be, regardless of ones understanding of it. On the other hand, the dark side understands this principle and uses that understanding to its own ends by requiring a blind faith on the parts of those seduced into the religions controlled by them. This faith is in a creator that does not and never did exist.

They pervert the basic truths of existence and make what is evil seem good and what is good seem evil. This is what they have done with the serpent in their religious texts. This serpent is the force that moves in the human form and which in the fortunate and industrious, manifests as Godhead. When you make the serpent evil, you also set the groundwork for making sexual force evil and from this it is not a great difficulty to form a repressive culture and government ruled by edicts, customs and traditions that make it possible for those in charge to engage in all the things they forbid to everyone else. Those so favored by this dynamic are in no mind to oppose what has made them fortunate, so you get a general acquiescence across the board and seldom ever does anyone in a fortunate state speak out against their state and status. We live in a conspiracy of silence because they know what it will cost them if they speak out and they know that evidence of their crimes is in the hands of those they would speak out against them. You see, those running things make sure that they have each other sewn up.

Those running the joint and who are servants of the dark side, have been at their plots for some time. You shouldn't be confused about what these people are up to and why they are up to it. These are the ones from whom all curses flow. What they did in other places and other times, they now seek to do in these places and these times. One of their own, since converted to another understanding, is relentlessly employed at exposing them.

This is why you see me writing about this subject, not because I give a tinker's damn for who anyone sleeps with. It could be that some of these things offend the cosmic view on what is correct and what is not but I am not the one to pass judgment on any of it. Scripture has what it has to say and they are all pretty much in accord but scripture has been twisted out of shape to a degree that it cannot be depended on for everything. Obviously, a lot of scripture is clear, precise and inspired but when dealing with the sort of things that the Apostle Paul gave way too much of his time to, there's a little too much hard and fixed. It seems like whenever religious sorts get into making the rules for right living, they over indulge in restrictions on forces and circumstance and human nature which they do not fully understand. We have no clear evidence of whether anything happened to Paul on the road to Damascus and all the stories to follow are just stories ALTHOUGH they may all be true and I am not saying here that it is more likely true or untrue. I, quite simply, do not know. I am only saying there are a lot of reasons for doubt given that history is mostly lies and that many of the lies, especially the religious ones, were composed by those same people who are so busy seeking to destroy western civilization with the cowed assistance of the inhabitants.

We know who the enemy is to some extent but our primary enemy is within and resonates with the enemy at large. If we cannot free ourselves within we will never be free without. We will never be free unless we are united with the inner light which provides an understanding of all we see and all we are and this is why we strive to be approved and a workman worthy of his hire, which is what that part of scripture that I hold to be true has to say.

These days, any criticism leveled at the way the servants of darkness do business puts one in danger of being labeled an agent of intolerance and discrimination. They have set up a tidy little scam where anyone who tells the truth puts themselves at risk. The truth is Anti-Semitic. Any sane and rational person knows what's going on. Some even have the courage to speak it but... for the many, their fear of loss and censure is greater than their love of truth and so all integrity and honor are bled out of them by increments. The road to dishonor and corruption is build out of small lies and compromises that may not seem like much at all individually but they add up and worse... they lead to ever greater sins.

This is not an easy path that we walk but it is the only path I know of and the end result surely (in my mind) justifies the suffering that attends it.

Amitabha Buddha
Amitabha Buddha

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'Spiritual Survival' by Les Visible
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Nothing in the World is Permanent

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It's said that every master has a secret life of shame. I take a number of thoughts away from this. The obvious one is that when true understanding comes and some level of mastery descends on anyone who has pursued the greater heart and mind of all time, an awareness also descends on the one experiencing it ...and that is a sense of their own insignificance, as I suspect that one's triumphs and failures, scroll across the mind screen in such a way that certain truths become inescapable and one becomes humble as dirt. I think one also gets the unshakable certainty that they accomplished nothing except interference and that finally the greater drive and love of the ineffable won out over all of our own efforts otherwise. I also get the thought that the reason for this 'secret life of shame' is to stand in evidence of the divine's protection from public view of so many of our weaknesses and moments where we were left wanting. The love of the ineffable covers a multitude of ills in our own behavior and I have seen this in the lives of certain yogis who were given a lot of time to repent of and to change their ways and did not do so.

I believe, I do not know ...but I believe profoundly that once we attain certain benchmarks of spiritual progress that any number of our past lives are revealed to us and that can be distressing, I am sure. I believe it is revealed to us just how many catastrophes the ineffable protected us from. I believe we see our pettiness and our cowardice and our intransigence in other times; in times we had no present recollection of and certainly in times more recent. I believe some small portion of the love of the almighty sweeps over us. It seems to be immeasurable and vast but it is probably only a few drops of the eternal elixir. I believe it melts us. I believe it liquefies every hard and knotty portion of our being that was forged in us by extremity or fear. I believe we become like putty in the master's hand and he now shapes us with our full awareness and we are simply overwhelmed.

Along with a great many others, this picture of Babaji is tacked to the wall of my dwelling:


...alongside pictures of Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and Paramahansa Yogananda who are, in that order, all a part of the Kriya Yoga lineage. If you have never read, "Autobiography of a Yogi", you really should. It's one of the truly great books and every earnest seeker has no choice but to believe every word of it. Here are some pictures of the others.

Pictures of various saints and sages circle the walls of my little dwelling here. Among them are Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna, Mikhael Aivanhov, Peter Deunov, the Amitabha Buddha, Lord Surya (Vivasvan), Green Tara and Guru Bawa. Every day I see them and every day they remind me of what I am not and what I could be. They also remind me that they ARE. They are real and luminous and resident in exalted locations from which they resonate inwardly and outwardly to the benefit of every soul who hungers after their grace.

Hunger is a complex and multifarious thing and we are all defined by what we hunger after. Some appetites cannot be stilled. They are temporarily sated and then they return again. Some hungers lead ultimately to the one who is the archetype of that hunger. Some hungers are amplified until the hunger consumes the one experiencing it and this is a good thing when it comes to Love and the spiritual verities. Nothing in this world is permanent and so, nothing in this world has any commensurate value with that which is not of this world. It can take a long time for one to grasp this in a total and visceral way and the result of that is freedom. The result of that is a liberation from entanglements that no language could ever portray in any comprehensive way. What we have experienced a time or two or more, as some measure of exhilarating freedom, is nothing by comparison with Liberation.

Most of the time, although I am talking to you (are you talking to me?) I am also talking to myself and even when I am talking to you, I am talking to myself because in truth we are one and only seem to be separate. Everything out here seems separate because it is a relative environment that could not exist as it does without separation of forms and variations on identity. We are made separate so that we might strive and aspire toward unity.

The avatar is either imminent or here and this presents a problem as far as the intransigent infrastructure is concerned. When Materialism is crystallized, as the seemingly hard wired face of the external world, it impacts on every area of human endeavor and awareness. In religion it expresses itself as fundamentalism; kind of like catching lightning in a jar. Lightning isn't generally native to this kind of an environment and containing it in a jar does nothing in terms of making one capable of identifying what it is. It's not lightning anymore anyway. Now it's a glow stick. Fundamentalism is the celebration of ritual and routine and the means and manner of expression is defined by those who hate the idea of any kind of incomprehensible force running around and being unpredictable. It goes against the necessities of business as usual and everything becomes, 'about the money' and whatever hands the money might be in are not hands, they are claws.

At this time, nearly all of the religions, in a wider sense, have become the antithesis of what they were set up for in the first place. Every religion has some avatar identity that they speak of; the returning Jesus Christ, Moshiach Ben David, the Iman Madhi, Maitreya, Kalki and so on. All of these are the same being and it should go without saying that it is unlikely that this world savior is going to appear as what is expected, simultaneously in every religious camp. Religion is now an 'us or them' thing. From each of these perspectives, everyone else is wrong and crazy things happen because there is nothing normal or sane about any of them. In India yesterday, or whenever, all kinds of people got trampled at a temple where parishioners were lined up in the thousands to pay homage to Shiva at the temple of Durga. Why Shiva would be there instead of at some Shiva temple, I don't know ...but a handful of the impetuous decided to jump the line in their eagerness and chaos ensued. About a dozen died and 50 or so were injured.

By the day, conditions worsen around the globe. They get worse and worse for the general population and better and better for a handful who continue to improve their situation at the direct expense of everyone else. It seems unlikely that positive change will evolve out of a general awareness of this taking place because the mass of humanity is not tuned in to understanding this, even if they are looking right at it. At some point, things start flying in all directions.

Fundamentalism is a program of managed hate and fear. It's dark and rigid and hot and it presses down on the sexual force in the bodies of all those infected by it. Their control of their own sexual force is the result of repression and that means, at some point, the weakest link will break. Violence and repressed sexual force are linked up together along with insanity. That's a bad cocktail and when the general sexual dance in the secular world is licentiousness ...and repression is the dance in the religious dynamic, you get the volcano and earthquake syndrome; push comes to shove. Throw in massive populations crowded into small spaces and presto! You got problems.

Gandalf is not going to pass through the dimensions and appear here, waving his magic wand over the whole business and change all of these pressure cookers into shining cities on the hill. I won't speak for what the avatar might be bringing with him, I don't know but what I do know is that what I am observing in the pressure cookers can only be resolved in a small number of ways and all of them are catastrophic from what I can see and reason out. Of course, I am limited in what I am able to understand so, there's always an outside chance that something outside the sight-line of my windshield is also possible.

I'm guessing that there will be a global spontaneous raising of the collective consciousness and it can't be that far away. I am also guessing that a significant number will not respond beyond a certain level, which will not be enough to take them out of the pull of the sinking ship. Their attachment to this metaphorical ship is greater than their attachment to or relationship to the resonance of the avatar. During fooball preseason, the teams get to keep about 90 players. When the season starts, that number must be reduced to 53, along with a five player practice squad. These numbers will bear no resemblance to what I am talking about but they are an indicator of the fact that not everyone is going to make the cut.

One should consider the benefits of a consistent industry in the effort to attain a communion with their higher self. One should daily inform themselves that everything else is a waste of time, unless it is somehow related to this. One should look at the very powerful form of magnetism that is radiating out and around the material sphere and which is in direct opposition to whatever efforts one is making to rise above this push and pull. Look at the world around you and look at the world within you and ascertain, if you can, what any of this means. The one is always potentially under the control of the other, unless it's not.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Walking Half-Blind through the Minefields of Material Darkness.

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It's a spiral, not a circle, unless you'd prefer some law of return. Nothing beats Suffering for a successful weight loss program. Two for the cost of none.

Never before, except when I was locked up, have I spent so much time thinking about it all. There's always the possibility that there is a reason for that.

Probably the hardest challenge for any of us, walking half blind through the minefields of material darkness, is to be able to successfully train oneself to have a timeless perspective about it all. Nothing here is as important as it seems and hindsight proves this again and again. The extremes to which people will go to get their hands on something they think they want, pushes the envelope of absurdity to ridiculous lengths and the cost... ah, the cost.

The biggest obstacle to timeless thinking has to do with programmed lifestyles, based on time awareness and the compartmentalization of consciousness, into time sectors of managed experience. This all comes about through the impact of culture on mind. Primitive cultures have an entirely different view and are much more in line with the cosmic view; consider Aboriginal Dream Time. Consider some of the Buddhist and Hindu perspectives that come about when the mind is freed from The Cultural Matrix. Failing that, you are Food. You get eaten by what contains you. You are processed like Spam in a can. Sometimes you get long hair and sometimes you get tattoos. The sexual force, which is the primary life impetus, is shaped and managed by a variety of influences ...but one truth is predominant. It either flows outward or inward and the results are diametrically opposite. In times of material darkness the pull outward is very great and the gamut of cultural traditions and collective behavior are arranged around the prevailing mind set.

It stands to reason, on this plane of competing opposites, that there would be cabals devoted to different ends. One of these is obvious to the objective consciousness and that is why objective thought is discouraged. Those promoting it are slandered by the cabals of darkness, even as they are aided by the cabals of light. It is always harder to trust what you cannot see. It is always easier to go along with the program, even if the end result is to cost you your life but that is by no means the greatest expense. You can get life back repeatedly. One of the integral parts of the great and timeless system is that life repeats over and over again but... what shape does it take? What shape does it take? It's not going to have any positive opportunity if you return as a swine, a sewer rat or a nematode. The direction and intention of thought is the determinant of future shape and consciousness. A human birth is far more precious and rare than we might imagine. It's value is incalculable. Can any of the allurements of this plane compare to this? Once again we are returned to the consideration of one who sells their birthright for a mess of pottage.

Think of how hard it is to remain apart in your consciousness from all that is swirling around you. Are they more fortunate; those who can buy their own private island? Are they more fortunate; those who can own homes around the globe and sail on yachts with The Coppertone Crew and their buffed bodies, imprinted with due dates and time signatures that seldom last a decade or two? The laser readers flash over the bar codes.

Are they more fortunate? They say when you are young that summer lasts forever. Summer does not last forever but for many it seems that the cost of the object of desire is not unreasonable. What would you talk about in your conversations with the other people in the limousine? Wouldn't the topics be confined to the areas of shared experience? Wouldn't that get old in a hurry, just like yourself? I've been there in a small way and I have certainly watched it go past. I've been around people who were insulated by wealth from the cradle to the grave. It is both amusing and tragic by turns and they ALWAYS have a cash flow problem. No matter how great the liquidity of their assets might be, for reasons as arcane as the greatest mysteries of the age, they have a cash flow problem. They would love to help you out but money is tight at the moment; possibly even tighter than their asses. We're being metaphorical, because in reality, given some of the lifestyles in action, tight would not apply. In the world of Pret a Porter, the offenses against self and others on a global scale are massive.

I've met and hung out with people worth tens of millions and hundreds of millions and they all have a cash flow problem. As you can imagine, in my younger years I was always looking for investors in projects that I thought would benefit the human race and provide some measure of us with 'right livelihood'. I laugh now, to think of my runaway idealism and Pollyanna perspective. I didn't know any better. I didn't realize that when I was interacting with the very rich I was simply in another kind of Heroin-junkie world. Silas Marner is alive and uh... well?

Some of the greatest crimes against humanity are not considered crimes at all; the crimes of fashion, advertising, journalism, finance and a welter of other areas of endeavor are looked at simply as business as usual. Few consider the effects of collateral damage, or the lasting tragedy of the long term shape shifting consciousness of the human race. There are two primary drives; the drive to beastialize and the drive to humanize and... beyond. Once again we return to the directions taken in the expression of sexual force and which is dependent on what you seek to unite with. It's pretty simple if you think about it. The thing is, not many seek to think about it. Appetite doesn't like for the mind to go in that direction. Hunger and Desire are most definitely opposed. Ambition doesn't want to hear about it. Covetousness and Avarice aren't the slightest bit interested and all of these drives and many others of similar kind, are represented by actual consciousnesses, who operate under the wide umbrella of infernal intelligence. There's a list of these at the bottom of this page. You don't want to do more than just register their job occupations. Most of them are walking around in human form at the moment. Some operate multiple forms through legions of underlings. The same is true of the celestial hierarchy. We are not what we seem and some of us are definitely not what we seem. The best guide is ALWAYS, "by their works, ye shall know them." "BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!"

People are defined by what they say, by what they employ themselves at, by what they put their attention on and in all the continuing days activities, dictated by taste and disposition. Does someone say one thing and do another? Let us not concern ourselves whether anyone occasionally fails at this. We ALL do. A person is the WHOLE of their time and passage, not merely the diversions taken due to weakness and having been deceived and in every case it is a matter of the triumph or failure of conscience and the levels of regret and repentance exercised in the heart. We all fall. We do not all fail. The biographies of those who have redeemed themselves are many, though most haven't read any of them.

The fashion shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York are real eyeopeners, should you ever have occasion to be in the mix for a short time. The Satanic presence is remarkable. Here is a large pictorial collection of ridiculous fashion. Of course, the whole schematic is not just clothes. It's food and entertainment. It's whatever gets photographed and airbrushed and offered for sale, with a half naked bimbo (of either sex) draped across it, eating it, drinking it, wearing it, or whatever one does with it. It is all the things created to get your attention. So long as your attention is compromised by a focus on the transitory, a contemplation of the eternal verities will escape you. Eventually time runs out. Time often runs out long before time runs out, if you catch my drift.

One of the most difficult things is that unless you are born with sufficient money, you have to work at something to be able to afford all of what is necessary to navigate this plane. Taking the whole process as a matter of faith is not an easy route. I do this ...and I can tell you it can be a hard road to hoe. On the other hand, scrabbling against the whimsy of psychopaths, as they continuously manipulate oil prices, food costs, clothing and shelter prices, is its own brand of hard cheese and having a family in the midst of a raging conflagration of runaway greed... whoa!

There are things I just can't consider anymore. I've no choice but to continue as I do and do what I do and at every pass, throw myself upon the mercy of the cosmos. I figure as long as I am not lazy or depraved, as long as I remain faithful and as dedicated as I can manage, I'm going to be okay. You will be too. The testing we face with every new day is a terrible wonder. Some endure no tests at all. What are we to make of that? It's not good, I assure you. If you are not being shaped by the potter's genius of the almighty, then you have been put aside as one not worthy of the investment, as one upon whom such ministrations will come to no positive end. In such cases, one is left to the less tender attentions of the long, slow course of painful evolution. "Success is speedy for the energetic."

Life is long and time is short. Time is long and life is short. All of these are true in a relative sense. You never know what is coming around the corner. For all we know, she'll be coming around the corner with six white horses when she comes.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Standing on the Shoreline of Fathomless Time.

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Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean it is.

Well... it's official, in my mind anyway; the news is a bunch of crap, both Crass Media and alternative media. Neither one of them has any idea what they are talking about. I've been going to these places every day, mostly to get links to reports and stories, as examples of whatever it was I was in the process of writing about. I can't seem to find anything in either place anymore that I care enough about to share with you. There's  no loss in that regard. you can always go there on your own. Of course, every now and then you find something that YOU KNOW the readership will be wanting to see.

This leaves me without a whole lot to say about the world in general, or specific for that matter. It is what it is and we are what we are, except when we are not, which is, as they say in fashion 'all the rage these days'. Quite obviously, the darkness and the agents of the darkness, in passing, are ramped up to accomplish all of the confusion that is possible for them, before they must make their exit, willingly or otherwise. I'm guessing 'otherwise' is the likely vehicle of departure.

In the meantime; accent on 'mean', we have to resolve our primary difficulties. Here's a list of what has come to my attention as representative of these; our presumptions of knowing, when we don't, our attachments to all the things that bring us pain and which we seem unwilling to recognize as doing exactly that, our idea that we have control over our lives, which most of our regular experiences prove is not the case, our inability to love ourselves, our impatience at conditions and circumstances, because our concept of time is different from the one who owns time and space and everything that passes through and between them, our fantasy that we know what god wants of us and everyone else, when we don't even know what we want or who we are to begin with. I'm sure there is more but every one of all of them has something to do with the way we see ourselves.

Much of what contributes to our view of ourselves was formed in us without our permission when we were too young to possess the objective capacity to filter bad impressions of ourself, that were injected into our consciousness through telepathic invasion. It's all the result of bad parenting and those parents were themselves all subjected to similar experiences, as were their parents before them. It's not just our entry point parents, it's also all the various social influences from government, peer pressure and the culture. The latter of these is presently being expressed as a ravenous, mucoid substance, something along the lines of, The Slime that Ate New York.

A great many people are having problems of the moment. We're all engaged at some level in a cosmic Spring cleaning process. Of course, I'm talking about present company because many of us are not engaged in the process and are simply meant to be processed at some point. If you are not consciously engaged, you will be unconsciously rendered through a series of successive events that bring about whatever resolution the variable math of your being adds up to.

For many these days, one of their biggest trials is having to be alone; if what I hear is any indication of trends. Great divisions are occurring like fault lines through the social strata. There aren't that many of us that really enjoy being alone. Personally I can take it or leave it. Being with another person is entirely dependent on the quality of the interplay. If that is not of a sufficiently high order, it is often more trouble than it is worth. Even more important is the level of belief that one's consort has in the other. It is near impossible to succeed if your significant other does not fully believe in you. This is especially so if the other has no frame of reference for the ineffable, or does not believe in the ineffable. There is a current, much like an electric current, that passes between two people and which charges the dynamic between them, in relation to what appears on the manifest realm. Without this in effect, there is no 'juice', no energy. You spend all your time walking uphill and the hill keeps climbing because the doubt keeps piling. In a large percentage of cases, when someone succeeds at what they do it is because of the faith that another has in them.

So... even if you are alone, sometimes this is for the best, especially given that none of us are ever alone, we only think we are. Why would we be put in the company of someone who doesn't believe in us? There are as many reasons for conditions as there are people to hold the opinions on them. Sometimes it is Karma and sometimes it is because nothing of any significance, in a wider sense, was meant to take place in a particular time zone. We can imagine that the ineffable is unconcerned with what we desire or seek after. We might imagine that what we want is at odds with the will of the ineffable, or we might imagine that the ineffable is too busy to put any attention to our insignificant personal pursuits. To the contrary, the ineffable is deeply involved in every aspect of our lives and this is something we need to impress on ourselves viscerally. Just because something doesn't happen the way we want it to or when we want it to does not mean it will not happen at some point, or in a way vastly different than we might have envisioned it.

The reason that the ineffable, or fate, or life; call it what you will, sets such trials before us and often seems to be working overtime to reduce our faith and push us beyond what seems to be the breaking point, time and time again, is to increase our faith- to remove from us every support structure except for a simple and unshakable faith in the ineffable. Scripture is timeless because truth is timeless. It is written into the very integrity of existence. It is the word and the word is the basic building block of life and from its resonance comes everything that is or ever will be.

Sometimes I think, "If God loves me he sure has a funny way of showing it." Still, I can speak from experience and say that my faith in the ineffable and my willingness to rely on the ineffable is stronger than it has ever been, despite everything I have been put through. Even now, when there is so much more to think about than I ever expected to have served on my plate, I'm not thinking about any of it. I'm just thinking the ineffable is going to arrange it to his satisfaction in whatever way that is manifest and I will take it as it is and be glad to have done so.

On the Beach

seeing things as they are
what does that mean?

seeing my mortality in
the context of a dream...

this brief hour of life
the impotent voice of my heart to
all the torments before and beyond
the unknown into which i am gone

over and over again I return
until every role has been
my own

until every triumph and defeat
every honor and ignominy
tasted and digested
mourned and regretted

and the point
what is the point?

reaching desires end
standing on the shoreline
of fathomless time

bearing witness to the limits
no longer applied

here is that boundless moment
without end
and nothing that was will ever
occur again

My dear friends, whatever it may be that you struggle with, it is only a restless dream growing nearer to awakening. When one awakens, the environment of the dream fades, until one cannot even recall what had formerly been present. Now you are in another place and surrounded by the elements of that location ...there is no room for anything else. There is nothing that we need to do to bring any of it about. Our job is not to interfere. Our job is to reach the understanding that it is all vastly beyond us and knows far better than we ever shall, where it is bound and how it will go about arriving and becoming.

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