Monday, August 24, 2015

A Strange and Curious Incident.

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Parisi Dog Toon

The more time I spend here, the more funny things happen and I don't mean 'funny hah hah'. Perhaps it is time to visit the most recent event in my travelogue back and forth across this strange planet.

About six weeks ago I was at my home. I had just returned from the market up the road and then I took a visit from a mechanic I know; decent fellow and someone who doesn't feel compelled to gouge the last possible dollar from the exchange which is too often the case around here. The cost of living in the islands is frightful but I get around that by knowing where to go to get what I need and not wanting anything beyond that. In consideration of that I manage. I'd go elsewhere maybe but anywhere other than the US involves all kinds of paperwork and restrictions. Europe is open to me but I don't know where I would stay there if I went. Given my present medical situation that would be the smarter move, since I have full health coverage, which I haven't canceled yet. It doesn't cost much. I'll have to see what the ineffable thinks about all of this. Usually a door will open somewhere or it won't.

I've chosen to talk about this because of an interesting bill that I got in the mail a couple of days ago from the air ambulance company. The bill was for $75,000 dollars for a one way two hundred mile flight. I had figured my bills would be in the tens of thousands. I never imagined that it would actually be in the hundreds of thousands. I haven't gotten any bills from the hospital or doctor on Oahu yet. I can only imagine.

I checked online and it costs only half that to charter a jet from New York to LA and if you want to charter a full sized plane that carries hundreds of people it only cost 25,000 more. Amazing. Maybe the ineffable is going to send me an heiress with a magic wand.

The fellow who came to do a little work on my car was there to change a tire for me. Since I have a Jetta, you need to employ a special wrench attachment in order to remove a lock on the tire. As we were getting ready to do this, for reasons unknown to me, I suddenly said, “Never mind. Let's not worry about that at the moment.” Charlie said, “Okay, the tire you have is still good for the moment, I guess it doesn't matter... yet.” So he left. Very soon after, this fellow Robert and the fellow who has been staying with him, David, dropped in. Robert had been coming by nearly every day until David returned to the island and after that the visits became more infrequent. I'm guessing that Robert found other things to do with a companion at hand. David stays at his house with him.

Robert had been coming around to watch a movie with me each day. As a film buff I have an awareness of films and what is worth watching (in my opinion) and what is not. We would also talk about spiritual matters. He had been a reader at the blogs for awhile. I think another reader who also lives here was responsible for turning him on to my work.

David is a martial arts instructor of kick boxing and Gracie Jujitsu. I guess he has a pretty high ranking, I don't know what that might be as I was never curious enough to inquire. The three of us got on well during the month or two that they visited together and we watched films and we talked.

For reasons not yet clear to me, this fellow David assaulted me. I suppose it was out of the blue. I've no memory of the events that led to whatever caused it but I cannot imagine anything I might have said or done that would have provoked such a violent assault. My landlady says that David was screaming at me from the yard though I haven't been told what he was saying, nor have I asked.

After I got hit I was in a very confused state, concussed no doubt and in a lot of pain. I drank whatever there was on hand but it didn't help. It just kept hurting so I went to my landlady and asked her to call an ambulance. At the time I thought I had hit myself and that is what I was saying. The ambulance driver checked me out and said that there was no way I could have done this kind of damage to myself and he called the police but by the time they arrived I was gone.

The doctor who treated me on Oahu said it was impossible for me to have done this to myself and that it was the worst fracture he had ever seen. After a week in the hospital on Oahu and having had no sleep for six days and not being able to eat because the doctor had said that there was a chance I could catch pneumonia if what I ingested went down the wrong pipe, I had to subsist on liquids. I'd never heard of such a thing before. Anyway, I was discharged suddenly with no warning and how I got back home was a marvel (grin).

Over the course of the few weeks since this has happened I have been in infrequent contact with Robert. When I tried to get some information all he would say is, “It was very strange.” Since then there has been little contact; one email has followed but it was quite obviously intentionally vague about details and I came to realize fairly quickly that this was to keep any evidence of culpability out of print. I have come up with only one answer for what happened. I have thought about it in every way and nothing makes sense except for one thing. He was paid to do this do me. That makes all the sense in the world. There has been no apology or any expression of remorse. I passed them on the road while driving through Pahoa the other day. They were leaning up against the wall of this coffee shop where many of the locals hang out and laughing about something. I just kept going.

Robert said we should meet and that they wanted to talk to me. This was after I mentioned that the police were about to get involved. I see no possible good coming out of my talking to them. I had prayed about the matter and asked what I should do and the next day the police called my landlady and I guess they want to talk to me. We'll see about all of that.

For the moment I am subsisting out of a blender and a food processor while healing takes place and it is taking awhile. Eventually I will have my bottom plate prosthetic refitting and I have located a VERY reasonable dentist who wants to help me but I have to be able to open my mouth wider, which at the moment I have been unable to do. Also, the bottom front portion of my jaw is completely numb. I was told that a nerve might have been severed and this accounts for it. I have a strange memory of the doctor I saw here before being flown to Hilo and he was giving me a shot in the jaw and telling me that as a result, sensation might not return to that area. That makes no sense but I remember it none the less.

My attitude is quite positive. I don't think about anything except being in tune with the ineffable and moving from day to day. As a result of getting hit, certain things that had been troubling me for years, quite simply disappeared and have not returned. This is a very good development. It frees the mind in ways that it had not previously been free and I find that not thinking beyond the moment I am in, allows me to accommodate everything that might happen and will happen into a separate chamber that I spend no time in... heh heh.

Of course, I am mystified at the things that have happened to me over recent time. The attack took place nearly exactly one year to the day from the day I fell and broke my hip. Certainly that is an oddity. There are many odd conditions and events that have come and gone and remain. I do not pretend to understand any of it. I just take each moment, each day, as it comes. I continue to work at what you read here most days and my other projects.

For whatever the reason, I have no anger whatsoever about the events that have befallen me; from terrible treacheries that I experienced in East Germany and in my journey out of there to this most recent occurrence. None of these things make sense in any normal course of operations. Sometimes we just have to pay a price for who we are and what we do and who we are and what we do may not be bad in any respect. It's just what passes for life in difficult times.

Nothing that goes on down here is of any real and lasting consequence when compared to the far more permanent beauty of that bright home we are all heir to, should we care enough to reach out for that possibility. I've grown much closer to the Amitabha in these last weeks and that is all to the good and I hear from those locations that in these past few years has become more and more clear in its communications to me that... all will be well and I must simply be and await the changes that are to come.

Yesterday on my birthday, I was sitting here and I thought to myself, “where will I be a year hence from now?” I could feel images swirling around me but I received no clear idea of anything. I suspect that part of the reason for that is that nothing is set in stone and there are all sorts of allowances that can be made for temperament and intention, not to mention the industry of applied effort. I am left with that thought; 'time will tell and we shall see.'

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John said...

Les- I am very thankful that you survived your unprovoked attack. I hope that your attacked pays the price for what he did. The fact that you harbor no anger says everything about you. God Bless.

Ray B. said...

Vis, sorry to hear about your 'assault'. I hope you are feeling better. All our love.
Vis: "My landlady says that David was screaming at me from the yard though I haven't been told what he was saying, nor have I asked."

In my mind, that is the crux of the 'case'. You should pursue that angle, whether or not you decide to prosecute. If you instigated the 'encounter' by some inflammatory comment, that is one thing. (Violence should still be off-limits.) If the guy 'went off' without inflammatory causation, he is a danger to the community. He should be taken to court and maybe the slammer for that reason alone.
Vis: "David is a martial arts instructor of kick boxing and Gracie Jujitsu. I guess he has a pretty high ranking..."

I don't know how it is with kick boxing and Gracie Jujitsu, but with higher-level karate degrees the laws used to be that your hands could be legally-classified as deadly weapons. David could be in serious trouble...
Vis: "The [air ambulance company] bill was for $75,000 dollars for a one way two hundred mile flight. ... I haven't gotten any bills from the hospital or doctor on Oahu yet. I can only imagine."

In practical terms, if you decide to chalk it up to the ineffable and 'walk away', you are financially-ruined, and the perpetrator gets a 'reinforcement' that violence has no consequences. If you step up to the plate and prosecute, you are affirming that your well-being is worth something, not to mention that you are not assuming a 'victim' state. And, the financial consequences of the violence would be borne by the perpetrator.
Vis: "There has been no apology or any expression of remorse."

In my mind, that clinches it. David (and Robert) had to have heard about the severity of your injury. Not responding with any apology (and more) means "F_ck you." I would not attempt to contact them. This could 'blur' any proceedings. Get a good lawyer, and bless David while teaching him the consequences of violence. Now.

Just my two cents...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

A. Dundee said...

Don't stop scribbling, Vis - and thereby pave a smoother road to Ineffable for others through the right use of His sigils. All else that's "happened", "happens", may "happen" to you may be His testing of your Will and dedication to the work He's entrusted to you - as our inspiration, edification, and dedication become reflected in your own. I think you've recently mentioned the fact that we all need each other; and if I may add, should we all respond to each other and fulfill this dictum in it's highest sense, we shall all become His gift that keeps on giving. God bless you and keep you in His purpose for you.

missing munich said...

first of all - happy belated birthday, and may this next year bring all the happiness and health you wish for. As to your attack, I hope you'll fell better soon and I hope that the attacker will pay the price for doing so.

Much love,

missing munich

Leo said...

To have no real conscience is almost unfathomable for those who do. It's like trying to imagine what it's like to exist as a lizard.

Just that kind of gulf.

(Certainly no offense to lizards, because for one thing they don't engage in treachery, which puts them a notch above some humans.)

Love your interesting inward developments, and your comments thereabout. "Heh heh" indeed. :)

Anonymous said...

pierre said... very sorry to hear that.

May any possible consequent tinnitus be music to your ears or a firewall against outside mind control or pestilent assaults. Who paid for this one wonders and why, one can only suppose or wait for any investigations (and hope they are petty crims as the ptb do not get investigated).I had my suspicions about my house breaking intruder 15 years ago whom I caught red handed.

“where will I be a year hence from now?”
right where you are. (though I knew what you meant).

I watched too many Bruce Lee and Kung Foo shows after mine. (my A-hole preceded the attack by saying I had said something... all rubbish even if I did, it was a Methyed/Grogged crazy thing)

I'd expect a Branson trip to orbit for that $$$, though I wouldn't expect to survive it. I hope you get through all the financial particulars, bankruptcy as an option, compensation with costs as a just result.

yours truly, hermit.

A. Dundee said...

I essentially agree with everything Ray B suggested, but would like to clarify a small detail left somewhat ambiguous by him: "If you instigated the 'encounter' by some inflammatory comment, that is one thing. (Violence should still be off-limits.)". 1) Based upon the currently available facts surrounding the occurrence it is HIGHLY unlikely Vis directed any derogatory comments at either of the two. 2) Violence committed upon a man's body is NEVER a Right in response to spoken words.

Visible said...

I should point out that all of our exchanges over previous visits were very friendly and there was no tension of any kind. On occasion Robert would get into rather fierce arguments with me about his certainty of what was happening with chemtrails and assorted phenomena and I would sometime say, "but you don't really know." and this would upset him because he was certain that he did know but his arguments were not convincing to me. He would occasionally get a little hot under the collar about these things but they were usually defused fairly quickly. Nothing like that happened when David was around though and I remember my mood was good on that day and regardless of if I had said something he didn't like, which I doubt, the response was out of all proportion to anything I could have said and let us remember, with his training he is bound to simply walk away and not simply attack me in such an outrageous fashion. He was looking to kill me from what I can see and had I not been in as good a shape as I am he might have. No... nothing justified this behavior. Either the guy has no self control whatsoever or he was paid to hit me. AND... there was no previous tension concerning any exchanges between us. However the truth of the matter may be, it is a very odd event and there is something more than can be seen going on here. I don't know what to think so I won't. Also, I have no previous examples of driving people to violence against me. I did used to spar with locals a long time ago on Maui but that was a mutual consent thing. What I think is that he ambushed me and precisely because of a concern that I might defend myself.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday belatedly, Visible.

Rock on!

Around 1:20 there is buzz, then the crowd gets a second wind when they see the big screen showing the sky at the end.


old farmer

Kazz said...

I hope you are alright Vis? It sounds like a hit to me, not necessarily to kill you but to put you out of business! Anyone that well trained does not lose their temper.

To pursue legal channels you will need witnesses. It might be wise to get them to write a statement and sign it, in front of a Justice of the Peace. No backing out then! At least that way you will have something to support your claim if you do consider suing for damages in court. Not a path I like going down but you may have no choice if this event has generated huge costs?

Sad to hear of your troubles.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

A. Dundee, August 24, 2015 6:04:00 AM :

"I essentially agree with everything Ray B suggested, but would like to clarify a small detail left somewhat ambiguous by him: "If you instigated the 'encounter' by some inflammatory comment, that is one thing. (Violence should still be off-limits.)". 1) Based upon the currently available facts surrounding the occurrence it is HIGHLY unlikely Vis directed any derogatory comments at either of the two. 2) Violence committed upon a man's body is NEVER a Right in response to spoken words."


For the record, I was not making an accusation against Vis. I was wearing my psychological counselor 'hat'. Anybody and everyone has 'hot button' issues/responses. That is where the intellect goes instantly out the window, and the reaction is out of the emotional body or lower. This response may be physical, emotionally spiteful, or both. It is coming from our brain's limbic region or our reptilian brain-stem. 'Thinking' is gone.

Unless David was a paid 'assassin', his response shows straight 'Fight or Flight' reactions. Something 'triggered' David. It may have been a small thing backed-up by enormous, past held-rage (independent of Vis), or Vis may have inadvertently 'hit home' with something. The landlady might know, based on what David was 'foaming' on about. That was what I was trying to emphasize.

As far as violence, I meant what I said: "Violence should still be off-limits." Pretty non-ambiguous, to me.

In a world with no emotions, it would be as you said, "Violence committed upon a man's body is NEVER a Right in response to spoken words." However, in our world, I have also seen/heard experiences where physical 'disarmament' has been taken advantage of. Someone with a rapier tongue can continue to emotionally wound with 'impunity' under these conditions. I am a psychological counselor. I have seen this in action (including assault with Chi). Nasty.

A physical disarmament should be accompanied by an emotional disarmament. (Non-violence in both the physical and emotional realms.) Otherwise, in the real world, an escalation to 'Fight or Flight' will occur. Guaranteed...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I'm about 99.9999999999999999999999999999999 percent sure I didn't say anything provocative. It's not in my nature in social engagements. Harmony is always my objective and I tend to get along with people. I go out of my way to achieve this. I just don't get into pissing matches. If I see something coming and I almost always do, I sidestep off into another interplay. I don't get into fights or expect them and that has been the way of it as long as I can remember. There is something more going on here and the reticence to communicate with me about what happened or to speak directly to the point is very telling; of what I don't know but the evasiveness is calculated.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I just had a woo-woo-side thought, around "there was no previous tension concerning any exchanges between us."

Most people have no clue as to psychic interference. They think that all their thoughts and emotions are their own. Newbies. What if David had a quick 'dump' of rage dropped upon him, from somebody unseen? If he was unschooled in discernment, it would have been 'his' stuff. Progressing from there...

I am not saying this is so, but just putting it out there for your consideration. Quick healing...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I honestly don't know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Visible,

You are one of the most dangerous people on the planet. Not only do you speak truth to power, you do so with an inspired talent that’s totally unique. If the internet existed for only one website then yours is the one I'd vote for. Google is also a handy sourse of information : )

I love reading your work and more than once I've I've wondered at why you haven't been popped off by those you unmask. Your “paid hit” theory makes a lot of sense.

Even if you'd been exercising your 2nd ammendment rights you would not have been able to avoid the effects of this cowardly viper’s strike from out of the blue. It was meant to either kill you or transform you into a fearful and silent person. It's done neither and that's a real blessing... a brthday gift to us all. Shine on brother!

Respectfully yours


Brian Crossland said...

Sorry to hear about the violence visited on you.
I have no doubt with your unshakable faith it will simply forge your character stronger.
For what it is worth sounds like a hit to me, with a martial arts guy cunning and controlled.
The screaming bit is puzzling though, agree with Ray, be intersting, possibly significant to know what he was shouting. That could have been part of the hit, public display of righteous anger sort of thing for an audience.
Anyway thank god you are still with us.
Maybe the Irony of using the Hawaiian justice system could work in your favour (grin) and you take no further harm.
Blessings for all you do.

nina said...

In David's warped mind, he was jealous. He may have behaved for a while, but something happened at home between him and Robert that made him go after you. Probably a conversation where Robert was praising you and David saw his invisible control slipping away.

Still, regardless of whether anyone agrees with my take, David is still responsible for the charges.

You need a lawyer to send him the ambulance bill, including all other fees involved with the incident and get a restraining order against them both immediately. Please do this Visible, without delay!

Love always and birthday greeetings. nina

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Wow, what an unpleasant case of 'demonstration'. If you do press charges and they stick, shouldn't the medical bills go to your assaulter? That happened once to a cousin of mine who got his nose broken by a martial arts dude. The dude's family had to pay to get cousin's nose fixed, not the doctors did a very good job.

Wish you the best in healing, and future adventures. Ye gods, this was a doozy.

A. Dundee said...

Ray B: "...his [David's]response shows straight 'Fight or Flight' reactions. Something 'triggered' David. It may have been a small thing backed-up by enormous, past held-rage (independent of Vis), or Vis may have inadvertently 'hit home' with something." The 'Fight or Flight' explanation in this instance is inapplicable. As a psychological counselor you know that the Fight or Flight response explains a man's physiological reaction to a perceived immanent and immediate threat to his continued survival in his physical body. Words spoken from the mouth of another man (unless that man possibly be possessed by demonic or "other-worldly" agents)can never invite the Fight or Flee explanation; and invoking it in this instance is not so much contrary to its purpose as it is simply an unwarranted explanation.
Ray B: " our world, I have also seen/heard experiences where physical 'disarmament' has been taken advantage of. Someone with a rapier tongue can continue to emotionally wound with 'impunity' under these conditions." It is regrettable that such incidences occur, and I know they are not few. It is equally regrettable that for many reasons emotionally immature men and women are rampant in "our world", and those who childishly have not done the work necessary to have arrived at and to have attained a level of reasonable degree of control (let alone self-mastery)of their emotions are not immune to consequences, in "our world" or in any other, attendant to their regrettable expressions of their emotions as such men and women exist in that current state; nor can the Fight or Flee response provide an intelligible justification of them. We can attach any marshal metaphor ("rapier tongue", etc.) we like to human speech, but physical force in response to verbal violence is never justified, as it doesn't meet the condition of equivalence. The emotionally mature man or woman would be unaffected by an assault of verbal violence upon them, but should they have the capacity and so choose to exercise it, they would be within their rights to bring the necessary amount of verbal force in response to quell it, or they could just as well reason against doing so, which is the more likely scenario. It is unlikely that a psychological counselor, in the exercise of his employment as such, would have very much interaction, if any at all, with such emotionally MATURE men and women. It is also unlikely that a psychological counselor would have very much interaction, if any at all, with a hardened psychopath, as the counselor's Fight or Flee response mechanism would likely be activated immediately upon identifying a psychopath subsequent to the employment of his professional activities in the service of such a one, and that counselor (if he is sane) would be greatly relieved after bringing all of his skill and ability in dispatching the psychopath from any future professional association with himself.
Long ago I had arrived at the conclusion that Les is most definitely NOT an emotionally immature man; and that his specific uniqueness as expressed through his personal talents are attractive, instructive, and useful to me.
Per Les' description of his interactions with Robert it's certainly not an unreasonable inference that Robert is an emotionally immature man whose continued existence is in grave peril vis-a-vis his association with David. David might be an assassin, and he is likely a psychopath (or both). Would a high level martial artist, whose mastery of emotions, mind, and body would seem to correspondingly accelerate with each level of marshal artistry mastered, typically act in such a manner, were he not either or both?
A belated Happy Birthday, Les; and thanks again for all you do, and all you've done for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les Visible,
I knew something was amiss,But I did not mean that it in a negative way. I felt something else was present and effecting change in writing style, which by the way I don't condemn. Now I know why. I was almost in a panic that some thing had happened to you as there has been so many in the know, disappeared. Oh Vis, how utterly traumatic. Even though you've expressed clarity in reasoning, peace and enlightenment and even forgiveness towards these ignorant attackers, still it is a traumatic event. Violent event's toward non-violent people is always shocking. There's this strange tear in the time-space paradigm where things slow down or we're not present for that split second.
Never will I use "A test from God" as reasoning for these things. Since we established that God is Love and our for Love God,there is no need for this.
I too, in the last two years have experienced some really trying and revealing events. January through March 2014, I experienced betrayal(from whom i thought) were my friends, my employer and a lover I thought was an enlightened being. I fell twice and hit my head very hard in his presence before the betrayal. I didn't listen. Then Aug. 13 2014 I uncovered some really revealing info on a dark event towards a celebrity's death that was touted as suicide and was not. Caught it right away. As soon as I verbally made the proclamation, that same night I was headed down the stairs to my basement and they strangely morphed in my vision. I thought i was on the last one down to the floor (which is concrete) but had two more to actually go. So right leg strait with a three foot gap, foot pointing west, my knee went north and pop went the ACL. Yeowsa what pain. Had to call an ambulance because I couldn't get up. X-ray/MRI showed complete tear away, fractured tibia and fracture on femur. Since then i have had reconstructive surgery. Every things healed now. It was devastating to me because I am an avid cyclist( my form of meditation) and my work is physical.So I thought and reflected on these things and "why?" Messages were coming Before event's but i didn't listen. What i see in all this for me was, that it was ultimately the choices "I" was making. When I look at the people and the situations I can clearly say, part of me knew exactly who i was dealing with. I always think somehow I can make a difference right then but who know's, maybe I do some where down the line. You know that saying, " Cast not you're pearls before swine." My job keeps me isolated a lot, always has, i find that i can get lonely for company and all to eagerly have accepted those I should not have.
All that "Falling down thing,stucked-ness" I've analyzed and now I'am listening. Location has been one of the things I've struggled with as I never wanted to be here this long(15 years) in this oppressed little town.It's not where I'm originally from and was supposed to be temporary but circumstances changed that.And I could never go back to whence I came ( to corrupt). I have blown Gratitude and love towards it's security but House is up for sale and onward towards a new adventure. Think I'll do a little Hippy Van travel before I settle in to the next spot and i have a good idea where(whispering's from the ineffable). Once I made that decision my anxiety went away. Of course, where ever I go I take myself with me but I think the grass can be greener on the other side. Geography is important when it affects the senses and brings new awareness to the mind.
Lord Henry said to Dorian Grey..."We are Happy when we are good But when we are good we are not always Happy." And "Nothing Heals the soul but the senses,And nothing heals the senses but the soul."
Heal well Les Visible.I look forward to more of your observant writings with my morning cup of coffee.
I will pen myself;
The Portrait Painter

Anonymous said...

That actually sounds like a Satanic ... or demonic attack. They want to unleash their fury on all of us soon ... but perhaps your sacrifice will save us all .... Yours and others .....

Unknown said...

People are generally on edge to the extreme lately. Further denial increases the pressure incrementally. It's getting hotter and hotter and we all know the nly thing we can do to personally lower temperatures. 99.99999999% of people totally deny this and subsequently bottle up rage.

Take care and work on it yourself until you learn to to park it for good.


Anonymous said...

If you decide to pursue things, go after them in a civil case, not criminal. As such this is when a money-grubbing, bottom feeding, soul-less lawyer can be of some use.

Recall that OJ Simpson beat the murder rap but lost the civil case against him for wrongful death.

You shouldn't be on the hook for that helicopter ride or the medical bills.


Ray B. said...

PK, well said!

Alan Jong said...

I'm not saying the police are always the answer in domestic conflicts, but I think you should at least do a police report against your attacker, so that there is file or record of his violence, and since you have a witness of what lead to your attack "My landlady says that David was screaming at me from the yard though I haven't been told what he was saying, nor have I asked."...Filing a police report might protect others in the sense that he won't get away with it next time.

I'd like to send you a Kachina doll for your Birthday, I made it back in 2012 for protection. I don't sell certain works of art because I layer spells into them as I'm creating them, the Kachina doll is one of my Magical Talisman. I made it to summon the power and protection of a black hole, and by giving it to you, those protections should extend to you. If you have the chance email me your address earthlyrainbow at gmail dot com, and I'll send it through priority mail asap. Earlier this year wanted to make something for you, the Kachina doll will be in lieu of that. With a Police incident report you can also begin the process of setting the stage to take legal action with a civil lawsuit.

Visible said...

My dear friend; the email is

thank you for thinking of me!!!

My problem is that I am not a snitch and never have been but all your reasons are good and the police are going to be visiting me anyway and I can only tell them what happened so... there it is. We shall see what comes.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

May the gods of light be with you in righting this wrong..

Anonymous said...

IMO, there really is not enough information yet to form an opinion about the cause of Visible's injury one way or another. It would surprise me if any lawyer would take the case as it has been sketched out. A legal team would have to pay upfront costs, while lost opportunity in foregoing other cases would be debit for them. Who among the players in this unfortunate event has deep pockets to compensate Visible for his pain, suffering, and bills? Some sketchy characters hanging around Pahoa?

As locals say, 'waste time'.

Do well meaning people advising Visible to legally pursue his attacker understand lawyers in Hawaii often sue the property owner too?

If Visible's injury had any connection to sparring for sport or pride-all I can say is head shots are unforeseen and bring about amnesia-

If Visible's injury was a hit on political dissidence, do we really believe the legal system, which is nothing more than a pirate ship of the regime, would administer justice? Justice is not how the legal subpoena system worked for Wolfgang Halbig this summer.

If Visible's unfortunate serious injury was a hit on a dissident, then how come 'they' have not gone after Sondra Smallstorm, Ken O'keefe, or these independent journalists-

I know that thugs in the Chicago PD beat up Christopher Bollyn in his front yard, but Bollyn's revelations about the role of Israel in 9/11 were significant, new at the time, and fact based journalism rather than opinion and commentary.

Do any of us still believe Jeff Rense was attacked by a sophisticated secret weapon this year, or is it more plausible Rense fell asleep at the wheel?

The problem would be if Rense crashed due to falling asleep, but remained in denial about his driving, and did it again, that would not be a mind beam problem but internal affairs.

I think Viz gets harassed in comments because of the 'jewish settler mentality' of mind controlled trolls, who work alternative sites for their own insane reasons, no different than how Trooper Vance works the mainstream 'social media'.

I would just delete the trolls if it were my site.

Visible said...

there was no sparring. I don't do that any more.

Visible said...

Geez Portrait Painter; I am hearing story after story after story. Hmmm. thanks for the good words.

Ray B. said...

Vis, as far as Anonymous, August 25, 2015 3:38:00 AM :

Anon: "It would surprise me if any lawyer would take the case as it has been sketched out. A legal team would have to pay upfront costs, while lost opportunity in foregoing other cases would be debit for them."

There are many lawyers who will take cases with no up-front fees, based on their taking a cut of any successful court judgment. There are others who will take cases for free, based on civil liberties or other higher ideals. (You might 'qualify' for the latter, based on your 'record'.)
Anon: "Do well meaning people advising Visible to legally pursue his attacker understand lawyers in Hawaii often sue the property owner too?"

This person seems to be trying to dissuade you from any action. (Somewhat suspicious, as Anon.) I am sure that - as the client - you can direct your lawyers as to whom you want to include in any suit or not. Anon's 'point' is irrelevant...
Anon: "Who among the players in this unfortunate event has deep pockets to compensate Visible for his pain, suffering, and bills? Some sketchy characters hanging around Pahoa?"

Since "David is a martial arts instructor" of "pretty high ranking", chances are he has a Dojo or equivalent, which is an asset. Present and future income can be 'attached' in cases like these. Plus, there may be insurance required for his 'trade' that could be 'vulnerable' here. I am sure your lawyers can do 'due diligence' as to the possibilities...

If Robert was involved - even if only for not-restraining David - he could be part of any case. Since Vis stated Robert has a house (and presumed land), that is a good 'asset'. (If the two of them are a 'couple', it would be interesting to see if Hawaiian law would regard any assets as 'common property'. Worth looking into.)

Vis, heal well and have good dreams.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Terrance said...

Hello Visible. ...chicken shit sunday punch....doom on them!....self defense is relevant in all realms! I recommend a wakizashi. ....

Eudoxia said...

Ray B - I'm confused are you suggesting that the limbic system is part of the reptilian brain because that is not my understanding.

A Dundee - I agree with everything you say but when an early maladaptive schema is triggered in adults it can induce the fight, flight or freeze scenario. I've seen it in action. I elaborate more below.

Portrait Painter - I too have suffered many betrayals in the last year. Friends and family. However, the only people I have trouble with are those from my past, the ones I've not yet cleaned out and moved on from - the emotionally stunted. The time is ripe now and I've done just that.

Viz - what happened to you SUCKS, I copped a similar incident recently with my now former best friend. She just lost her shit totally and attacked me - why because I said what is my gurney doing in the bin? I was able to remain calm and centered during her tirade of abuse followed by her attack. When you remain calm with these people while they're having their meltdowns it makes them worse and makes them feel even more ashamed of themselves and this is when they start projecting onto others. When people "lose it" they are having an over reaction to something not said or done in the moment, but depending on the schema involved (the frog you tread on) is dependent on severity of the attack. The common cluster group of schemas that provoke totally outrageous reactions and violence in the emotionally immature usually come from the disconnection and rejection group and can in a lot of cases go hand in glove with schemas in the over vigilance and inhibition group. There is one really bad one and that's defectiveness/shame it is clustered into the D/R group. People who have this schema have had parent/s who were withholding, punitive, humiliating and abusive. The children were made to feel small, insignificant, bad and simply not worthy. They have a false belief that they are not good enough and will be punished at any minute and this is what they are defending against. This is a particularly hard schema to deal with as any perceived critisism puts them back into shame again and they will generally come out swinging in an effort to ward it off. Even if you know something they don't for example and you might just be sharing information, it makes them feel stupid and they get defensive. Further, even if you do remain calm and centered throughout, they will misperceive your calmness as meanness as that tells them you don't care about them and puts them even deeper into shame. So they are reinforcing their own shame with every action or inaction we use, because their convoluted little chitter filled minds distort everything and turn it into something it isn't. It's a damned if you do damned if you don't scenario. The best way to deal with it is to sever the relationship I'm afraid. Don't try to hold them to account for their own behavior, God forbid they will just go berko. Nothwithstanding any of the above, and on an esoteric level, hyperdimensional attack can't be ruled out either. So either way it sucks. I know 3 people now who have this little baby in operation and it was my former partner who turned into a nightmare, my former friend and my sister and I can tell you they clearly demonstrate those behaviors. I've also found with these people when I'm being accused of something I haven't done I ask for an example of the behavior I'm being accused of and low and behold they come up with ZIP - every time. Because nothing they can draw on resembles reality. See truth can easily be recalled, but delusions can't. to be continued next post

Eudoxia said...

If I was to take one thing worthwhile out of my entire romance with psychology it was early maladaptive childhood schemas which left unchecked and unresolved can lead into personality disorders. It is also unfortunate for those inflicted with defectiveness/shame because they will never go near any self help books or admit they need help as it puts them back into shame, it is a truly self defeating schema. I'm glad I don't have it. It's funny my sister is running that one, and even though we had the same up bringing we have different strategies, I've pegged all of mine and now have them under control which takes brutal self honesty. She hasn't and is a malicious, nasty piece of work. She ended up as a victim and does things behind peoples backs, a scammer and a liar extraordinaire. I became the divergent, rebel.

I honestly really feel that we have crossed the Rubicon here, and those who have not chosen to evolve, seek to understand themselves and at least attempt some form of enlightenment are now caught in the quicksand of their own demise. They can't stand to be around others of a higher order and seek to destroy that which they have or try to bring them down to their level well I say fuck that shit! They can have it and drown in their own self harm and victim hood. For example my friend I've had since high school appears to be pathologically jealous of other friends who I have who are on a similar path to me. I made contact with somebody I lost contact with about 2 years ago, when I told L about this instead of saying hey great it was the cold shoulder total hostility trip. I said I was going to visit her for a few days, then my mobile phone went missing. When she realised the mobile missing wasn't going to stop me from going she got even angrier - like what the fuck????? I am quite convinced she took the phone. When I got back I said I might go to Thailand with Ali, now my passport is also missing. I'm seriously sick to death of this shit and have moved out of the property, I'm selling my share back to her and her husband and they can enjoy their delusional world without me in it. BLAH

So yea it's all happening ay! Raises a toast to my fellow travellers on this path and I salute everybody else going through similar shit. Stay true to yourself and allow the morons and spiritually corrupt to take themselves out because nothing is more certain than evil destroys itself.

Visible said...

Yeah, I noticed that anonymous comment in passing.

Anonymous said...

Les, If you are looking for places that don't cost much and allow time to think / read / write etc, you could try China (I teach there during the year). Not the cleanest of places but VPN's allow internet access without worry and as a foreigner you can say pretty much what you like ( the Chinese citizens themselves are not so lucky however). Just a thought. Thank you for all of your inspiring words through these trying times.

Smyrna said...

I prayed for your assailant, Vis. That's about all I can think to do. I'm not hip to the scene so I can't offer much advice. Obviously you need to speak to some authority regarding the ambulance bill and the circumstances of its requirement. See where that leads you.

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia Jones, August 25, 2015 7:00:00 AM :
"Ray B - I'm confused are you suggesting that the limbic system is part of the reptilian brain because that is not my understanding."

My earlier post: "Anybody and everyone has 'hot button' issues/responses. That is where the intellect goes instantly out the window, and the reaction is out of the emotional body or lower. This response may be physical, emotionally spiteful, or both. It is coming from our brain's limbic region or our reptilian brain-stem. 'Thinking' is gone."

Ah, I was unclear in my phrasing. Sorry. I was basing my overall 'thesis' on the famous triune brain theory developed by Paul MacLean. Here, the brain is subdivided into the neocortex, limbic, and reptilian regions, based on function and behavior. Although PhD's poo-poo it as simplistic, I find it very explanatory.

What I meant to say in my post was that - when the 'thinking' part of the brain was 'disengaged' - the response could fall merely to the limbic region* (in which case, the response would be like an early mammal) or all the way down to the reptilian brain-stem (in which case, the response would be like a reptile: awake or asleep, fight or flight, feeding, mating). Possibly both. I hope that is clearer.

On the 'schema' you mention, yep, those are valid 'compensations' for injuries-sustained growing up in our world. Different 'coping' strategies. So sad...

I have found an inspiring 'antidote' book (non-fiction) for that dis-empowerment: Magical Child: Rediscovering Nature's Plan for Our Children by Joseph Chilton Pearce (orig. pub. 1977). It is valuable for what we are discussing here, because Pearce lays out the 'developmental stages' of what we are meant to be (based on healthy peoples around our world). Then, he shows exactly what traumas knock us off that development at each stage. The book is very cool, because it is half developmental-psychology (written in a lively manner) and half applied-spirituality.

The bottom line is that - if we can ascertain where each of us was knocked off of the developmental track - we have a chance to 'march on'. This is if we have the gumption to face that individual trauma. It is one of the best and most life-changing books I have ever read. But be warned: It will piss you off, royally. Of course, that means it is working (grin)...

You have it pegged: "...those who have not chosen to evolve, seek to understand themselves, and at least attempt some form of enlightenment are now caught in the quicksand of their own demise."

Hang in there. Good to hear from you.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*Often called the neo-mammalian region.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it wasn't something you said. Maybe it was something you wrote. For instance, if Robert and David are gay, maybe David read something you wrote on your blog and took it the wrong way.

The part about David yelling at you as told by your landlord makes me think it is personal, not just a payoff.

Glad you're okay.

Eudoxia said...

Ray B - now your talking brother! Yes I a very familiar with the triune brain theory of McLean, it is clearly the way it is scientifically speaking -grin- Certain mystics such as GI Gurdjieff also use this 3 brain model but don't call it the brain structure, specifically G refers to this as the moving instinct center (reptilian brain), emotional center (paleo mammilian brain), and the thinking center (neocortex). The centers work not in the correct manner when a person has not taken to time to know oneself. The thinking center jumps up in place of the emotional center and vice versa and other odd assortments of workings. He explains this as a house gone wrong, the maid is doing the cooking, the cook is doing the gardening and the limo driver is doing the books. The Master (higher self comprising of higher thinking, higher emotional) is gone and can't return until the house is in order. It is why I give a great deal of credence to the Enneagram of which there are only 9 types operating with different center scramblings. The system is sound, I've proven it to myself and millions of others have done the same. The personality ranging from 1 - 9 develops as a by product of our childhood traumas and world view. All our ego defense mechanisms develop to help us during childhood to protect us from how we view the world and the maladaptive schemas rise in order to support the world view. If we take a good long honest look at ourselves through self observation we see how our schemas have developed as a result of our world view. It's what Gurdjieff calls our cheif feature and what Jung refers to as the guardian of the threshold. All this happens of course on an unconscious level. The enneagram system is rather kewl actually and very simple.

I will sound out the book you recommend when I'm healing from all this shit in my lovely blue house which ironically literally fell into my lap. Something is working for me at any rate. Keep shining you crazy diamond!

Visible said...

They are not gay and there wasn't anything personal all along but I am just going to stay with I don't know until such time as I do and I suspect I will. I am off to see my friend Morpheus... a manana

Anonymous said...

Ray at 6:11
That's what my impression was also of 3:38 anon. Suspicion was aroused. Perhaps he's part of the ensemble cast of actors.


DreAmeoba said...

I'm sorry to hear of your recent difficulties, I'm inclined to agree with the idea that Dave's actions were some kind of 'hit', speaking the truth (especially the impressive way you do,) is always hazardous, & in THESE times....That helicopter bill is ridiculous, I know ambulance rides are expensive, & it stands to reason that a helicopter one, more so, but seventy five grand ? Almost makes me wonder if the hospital &/ or ambulance company has a secret scam going with their collection agency....

Much Love & Quick Healing...

North Cascadian said...

Les, Happy B-day! This attack on you makes me flash to Roy Tov. The ex-israili ex-jew who fled Israhell for safety, ended up in Bolivia, tried to find fellowship in a church there, only to be betrayed. He suffered several attacks and now has vanished. His book "The cross of Bethlehem" spells out his awakening. My only armchair advice is to find people on the Big Island that you can trust and stick with them. Obviously this is easier said than done, people who will turn on others for 30 pieces of silver must be avoided as well as other problematic human types. However, without close allies, an individual is quite vulnerable. Good luck and keep observing, writing and inspiring so many people.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of good advice coming from the readers here. I hope it helps you with your decisions on what to do for the near future and beyond. If it was me, i'd lean toward what Ray, Nina and Mandocello advises. Not implying this should be what you ought to do, but especially now, for many reasons past and present, known and unknown, i find human beings to be easily triggered and unnecessarily difficult and i personally tend to avoid sustained contact with most of them, for my overall health. It takes a lot of guts and strength to overcome this tricky and treacherous existence. Very strange. My thoughts go out to you for a quick recovery from this and the attendant circumstances, plus an appeal for protection by your guides in the future.

–take care of yourself,


Thomas said...

May you have a speedy healing, Dear Visible.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

The Priceless Worth of a Love Centered Heart.

Anonymous said...

It just occurred to me that someone should put together a Go Fund Me account for you. You never know and that could be a big help to you with your medical expenses.


stef64 said...

Hallo Vis. I'm sorry to hear what has happened, I hope you will recovery fast.
Only one thing (take it or leave it): I feel in a strange way that you are not safe in the place you are at the present moment. Probably I'm completely wrong, and I don't know if you can re-locate to another country, but I have to tell you. Please, I don't want something irreparable to happen, because your words have helped me a lot and I respect you as a great human being.
Only this.
Greetings from Stefano

Visible said...

I'm not getting that but you could be right. I'm not set up to go anywhere at the moment. I don't have any acceptable lodging offers out there at the moment. I had thought of returning to Germany to get all of this taken care of because I have full medical there but that hasn't materialized either. I can't stay at Susanne's because of legal complications that might arise and affect the divorce so... I'm waiting on the ineffable as I always do and never more so than now. On the whole this has been a positive because I am much lighter and more free than I have ever been; strange how that works.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

The Divine tells me that to err is human but to forgive Divine.

I can't tell you what to do because I am no lawyer, thank God, but I am a child of God, so I will tell you what I am getting from my Father.

Forgive the man that did this to you and pray for our Father to forgive him also, for he knows not what he does.

This will ensure you are not tied down in a long legal battle that will consume your precious energy. It will also help sever ties with this lost soul, which I feel was caused to weigh you down.

As for the associated costs, force debt forgiveness because there is no such thing as legal tender in circulation currently, all that exists are debt notes/bills and you cannot pay a bill with another bill. With the way things are set up monetarily the more money you have the more debt you have. This should not surprise us considering the current alleged ruling elite are nothing but a bunch of reversal cabalists.

At the end of the day the only thing to tie you to that debt is your legal fiction/name, and one would be unwise to adjoin their self to that name/corporate representative, because as we all know that name is a Cestui Que trust, so naturally we are not going to commit fraud against God, are we? I do not suggest this same course of action for others who are in debt that they signed up for because they got them selves into that situation WILLINGLY.

Some might think this is unGodly behaviour but these reverse cabalists are the one's who have enslaved us, everything in this realm was provided for God's children, the public SERVANTS have hijacked this wealth and tried to steal it. All structures, such as education, hospital, ambulance services, roads etc are paid for from our contribution that we make to humanity, of which yours is great, so you have already paid for all these things through your hard work. All I am suggesting is that you DO NOT COMMIT FRAUD! At the end of the day Vis what vast riches do you have which they can come after :o). Being poor has its own advantages. They cannot throw your body into jail for a debt because that is unlawful, as no debt really exists, it is all an illusion!!!!!!!!!!!! Therefore if you are not silly enough to say that you are your corporate entity, and you are smart enough to stand under God's New Covenant with his children, God is more than happy to protect you from these scavengers.

I do not suggest that you use the mark of the beast, your signature, to discharge this debt because that is what the cabalists want us all to do. The elite have convinced a huge amount of Christians to become a part of this Babylonian system of book keeping, but Christ did not, which is why they had him crucified. A child of God depends upon the Divine to protect them, not the 'state'. It is up to you brother which course you take, I am only conveying that which the Father has conveyed to me :o).

Your free will, your choice, your life, your soul.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

So sorry to read of all this Vis. A messed up situation indeed. I suppose you have to see where it intends taking you and what is to be learnt from it. That might take a while. You don't want to make yourself a door mat for the angry. So all the advice given in the comments to start legal proceedings makes sense.
A lot of craziness going on in the world. It doesn't seem fair that I have never been happier. I had a schizophrenic paranoiac French relative of my wife visit., delusional and all. It made me feel very compassionate for her but still found her so hard to be around. Hears voices, sees faces the whole nine yards.
Good luck with your recovery and congratulations on being so wise about all of this.
Unfathomable is Karma. I hope this is the last of it, and smooth sailing now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

I am not posting this comment for inclusion with the others; I just wanted to convey a personal message to you, without using email--of which, I am, admittedly, wary.

This SM was disturbing to me in ways that I can't quite put into words. I have been an avid reader of your work for many years--and by extension, have followed, too, your personal story: the accident, your recovery, the move back to Hawaii.

I've never been there myself, but it certainly sits somewhere in my imagination as a kind of paradise--especially as I am writing from a very cold (literal and figurative) place on the mainland.

Having read of the assault against you, I have been thinking over the implications of what it really means to live on an island--and I imagine that your new home is not short on characters best to steer clear of. Your recent trauma confirms this.

But there was one part of the story I didn't quite understand: do you think there was some connection between the assault and the guy who came by to change the tire on your VW? And your belief that the martial arts thug was paid to hurt you; do you think it was due to some "local" issue or dispute--or was someone hired to hurt you because of your work?

Suffice it to say, I know I am not the only person who is concerned for your continued safety. I wish you well, Vis. And I hope that justice is served-up BIGTIME to the man who did you harm.

Take care, son.

aka Charlie Brown

Visible said...

Charlie; I had no choice but to post this or I couldn't read it all because you only get shown so much of the comment prior to. The fellow who changed the tire had no connection at all.


Karen; there's no animosity on my part and no anger. I don't know why this is but it is. I haven't felt one iota of negativity toward the fellow and was just going to let it go by but in order to apply for victim's benefits I have to cooperate in a police report, otherwise I wouldn't even do that. I can't see where I gave any indication of a lack of forgiveness but maybe I missed that somehow.

Kazz said...

I wasn't suggesting that you do have any lack of forgiveness VIs! I was just being a conduit, for what I have been getting.

- I don't see any victim because everything is for purpose of demonstration, to teach us something, whatever that is.

- In order to get a benefit you must make a plea to the 'state', which seems to run adverse to turning to the Divine.

- My understanding is that your forgiveness not only wipes out your attackers debt, but also your own!

Isn't that what we are told, forgive and we will be forgiven? How are you going to honourably pay a debt when there is no lawful means to do so (all money is really just an IOU)?

Just a few thoughts that keep jumping right out at me Vis. This world is not how it really appears, you better than any of us know that.

Do what you want. It just occurs to me that trying something different might be a wonderful way to test the water, so to speak. Vis it is your call. I am still trying to remove myself from the this satanic stronghold so whatever you do will not elicit any judgement from me. At the end of the day you are a Divine being so I am sure you will do the correct thing. I just like to think outside of the box, because it seems when you stay within the box you always get screwed.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

I am fine and everything will resolve itself perfectly. This is what I am getting. I am giving nary a thought to any of it except to go through the motions as they present themselves to me. Whatever the intention of this demonstration, I intend to cooperate to the full with the gentle urging of that which resides within. All any of this is about is to bring me closer to the ineffable. The whole matter is out of my hands and out of my mind so I'm basically just enjoying being closer to the goal.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

There is No Way Out, there is Only a Way In.

Ray B. said...

Vis, just a thought on the 'legal' side. A possible 'hmmm':

If you do not take the perpetrators to court and are subsequently forced into bankruptcy, does all your "Les Visible" material (blogs and all) get regarded as an 'asset' and go up for sale to the highest bidder? This would be a convenient way to 'disappear' all your accumulated wisdom.

Not to mention the laughter as the 'highest bidder' hits the Delete button...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

No... I don't think these would be considered assets. I have no paid advertising. Also, the police are following up on all of it so that wouldn't be relevant. If they go so far as to be watching all ports of departure I would think they were serious about the matter.

A. Dundee said...

Les' work's now's wholly Ineffable's. Ineffable's All's. All's ours. They will not win. They. Will. Not. Win.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you

You can come to Lille and stay with me :) I was shown after many months that you were in a much darker level of existence when I met you the second time in Germany. I really dont know whether to feel sorry for you or tell you that you choose your reality by the set of actions you took and words you said for you to end up where you did.(Probability, destiny, freewill)
I think you should take it easy and comeback to Germany, to try to get a clearer picture. I am sorry I turned out bad for you. But I never intentionally wanted to cause you harm. Your persona in the blogs is Super Les, but in real life you are just like anybody else and need good people around you..
I hope and pray every thing works out.

Visible said...

You are not the sort of person I wish to spend any amount of time around at any point in the future. I could only imagine how bad things would go for me if I wound up anywhere near you again. I being kind here by not listing your offenses. Hopefully you will experience some kind of epiphany and stop interpreting your projection of a darker level of my existence with me instead of with yourself.

Unknown said...

Wow dude. Sorry man. That guy David crazy should be prosecuted.
I suppose all his students will chip in to pay your air ambulance bill:'(
My ride from Kula Hos. To Maui Mem was 1234.00.
I finnaly got that hernia fixed whoosh. I had a 6" section of my small
intestine resected.
So you mean this guy did it in front of Robert? He is the witness.

Visible said...

Hi Franklin; Long time no hear or see. As for evidence and witnesses there is plenty when needed. In the meantime I try to stay in the moment. Hopefully we can get together soon, Bud is talking about my coming over the Maui for a bit. I look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Portrait Painter said...
I just had to click on MujedihiDeen's blog. Saw an old you tube video exclaiming "Hang on Les I'm coming for you." Seem's like a young soul. A desire for importance in his world and proclamations of Apocalypses for a mad max world. Heavy petting of the beard and eye's continually averted to the side (and it's his own camera, with cross hairs?) tell's me there is something to hide? Maybe conscious or sub-conscious, don't know. An Epiphany would do well for him. He will see the list of his offences and if not, the celestial life recorder's do. But on the Terra Firma, I believe an example of etiquette and manners in the world are important. It divides a fine line between chaos and order. Respect for an elder used to be the norm. You have walked many miles and that is to be respected no matter what the differences in philosophy. His immaturity makes these claims of some dark level of existence as if enlightenment is some sort of competition. Prematurely eager to share,no that's not the right word, to pass judgement, with what he thinks he knows and especially with one whom has lived faithfully. I know you don't need defending but just had to point it out. Life will temper him like fine wine or disappointments' from an inflated ego, a bitter vinegar. I taught my son to open door's for women. To be conscious and respectful of those older. To say thank you and yes please. The world is witnessing the evidence in this decline of western civilization and it's tentacles. Youth has lost a point of reference and you cover that very well on these blogs. It may just be that same example with this other young assailant. No mystery. Just a man with no compass. The example is how you have chosen to respond to all of this as i see it, with love, patience, understanding and commitment towards your unwavering faith in the Divine. A true warrior.

Visible said...

Portrait Painter; You address something that is very redlined in my awareness and that is the disappearance of manners and class from the landscape of human interaction. I deplore this overall and I believe it has lowered the quality of life significantly across the board. This is something I try to bring to the table in each and every day; manners; deference to the divine feminine in every vehicle used and the sensitivity to know when shop people or people passing in the street are having a less than wonderful time in that moment and then reach out with a smile or some words of comfort. It is amazing the effect it can have. Sometimes it doesn't work as they are that bad off but usually the sun will break through the clouds. We are all ambassadors of something. Here is where we make a real (can make) difference in life; when we are aware of the possibilities for a change of heart in every moment we occupy. These are the most critical of missed opportunities.

As for this fellow, I'm going to hold my tongue, mostly because I don't see any good coming from getting into it. He'll get a clue or he won't. Creating an atmosphere of my expressing a darker side as some kind of a key to our difficulties and lacking any sense of apology or an awareness of personal wrongness says pretty much all that needs being said. I will say this, his impact on everyone else in my environment was similar. For some people, self interest is the primary drive and anything that frustrates that brings out some awful reactions.

Anonymous said...

Where to begin. Hi not really but sometimes I wish I was. Mickey mouse flashbacks oh dear. I have written 4 or 5 songs that are meant for you to record. I hate typing so impersonal. Let me know peace,love,dove.

Anonymous said...

Some songs I have written for you let me know or ignore stupidity. Peace

Anonymous said...

I am doubtful that the attacker was paid to assault Les. His hollering in the yard shows that he was emotionally invested in the attack. If he were hired to do the assault, why would he immediately call attention to himself in a semi-public place by raising an abusive ruckus directed at his victim?

As far as Rense's 'accident' is concerned, all modern vehicles are computer-controlled, and are therefore easily hackable by tech-savvy inimical parties for whatever effect they may desire.



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