Saturday, April 25, 2020

"Finding Your Way Out of the Land of Perpetuating Doubt and The Antipode Will of The Enemy."

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A week had passed and I did not leave home. I tend... more and more to reside in Lao Tzu's vision of existence;

“There is no need to run outside for better seeing, nor to peer from a window. Rather abide at the center of your being; for the more you leave it, the less you learn. Search your heart and see if he is wise who takes each turn: THE WAY TO DO IS TO BE.”

More and more I see the truth of this (digressing). As I said; a week had passed and I had not left home so... yesterday I went to Safeway for a few things.

There is STILL no toilet paper or like items. How can the hoarders not have acquired enough toilet paper by now? We haven't bought any in a month at least and still don't need any, having had a larger packet of them from some time ago. I wasn't looking for any. I just noticed it was all gone. Certain items with a longer storage life were also gone or much depleted; canned goods, pasta, and jars of sauce. A couple of weeks ago I wanted some egg noodles. The whole of the stock was gone. All the pasta was gone. For some reason, I was moved to bend over and look deeper into the bottom shelf where the egg noodles were to be found and WHAT DO YOU KNOW? There were two large bags stuck at the very back. This is how my invisible friends take care of me. Events like this occur so often that I have gotten used to it BUT I DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!

Yes... the same items that were missing last time and the time before are STILL MISSING. There were a number of new features however; all employees were wearing black masks. An employee stood at the entrance behind a sign saying, “Only one hundred people are permitted in the store at a time.” I don't think they get a hundred at any time; I've never seen it. There was a blockade between the entrance and the exit. The greeter informed us that there were stickers on the floor indicating what direction to walk in before each aisle. We were treated to a number of people going the wrong way. Interesting. We were told to observe a six-foot spacing, which was virtually impossible at certain points. There was a palpable sinister atmosphere and we live in one of the freer more libertarian states. I can't imagine what it must be like on the East Coast. I don't mention the West Coast because that is loco land. I don't think anyone there knows what the rules are... or cares, for that matter.

Perhaps you are familiar with an area of literature called Sufi tales? There are other collections from different traditions that can also be found if you are looking for them. One story that I have found in many traditions concerns manna from Heaven and God taking care of his own in extremity. Here is some scripture from The Old Testament; "He made him ride on the heights of the land and fed him with the fruit of the fields. He nourished him with honey from the rock, and with oil from the flinty crag,..." Of course there are many anecdotes and narratives about finding water in the desert and being fed in the wilderness.

I can see that there are going to be food shortages and that... like this Coronavirus scam will be a manufactured crisis. I used to recommend a book to the readers by Bradford Angier, “How to Stay Alive in the Woods.” (a good site to join).

I seem to remember him saying at one point that many people have starved to death in the wilderness surrounded by food. Euell Gibbons also wrote some valuable works that I read decades ago. Instead of informing themselves, modern humanity will opt for going batshit. I forget who said it but he had a very well apprised argument supporting it; “turn off the power in a major city and half the residents will be dead in a week.” He had a lot of convincing supportive data. Present-day humanity... humanity over the long reach, has NOT distinguished itself much. There have been exceptions but in the main... tsk tsk.

I am now convinced that the Coronavirus is a coup attempt directed at President Trump and nearly all of the media, including elements of Fox News are in on it. I am also convinced that God is in charge of everything without exception. Where he and his angels are not actively engaged, where certain large blocks of humanity have moved outside the lens of the Supernal Camera Eye... THE LAW is engaged. I note that part of the mind, which is reflexively attracted to the Land of Perpetuating Doubt. As much as it is A GIVEN that The Divine is ceaselessly IN CONTROL, the mind is drawn to doubt. It takes a discipline of relentless affirmation, to counter the atavistic consciousness, that unruly animal that must be programmed OTHERWISE as a counterpoint to APPEARANCES. Appearances are a lie! APPEARANCES ARE A LIE!! APPEARANCES ARE A LIE!!! There is the report of the senses and then there is what is. The Antipode Will of The Enemy wields appearances as a weapon against our peace of mind. The Inverse wars against the Obverse.

It is a sad testimony of the times that there are so few of us with the courage and self-abnegation to see things as they are, rather than as how they appear. Too many of us are living in a state of permanent Halloween, surrounded by fearsome characters of a compromised imagination. If it seems real to you, you have made it so. The mind is a factory of sempiternal image-making, that operates according to blueprints, provided by those who hold humanity in contempt. We ARE NOT BEASTS.

A mere handful of synchronized minds have changed the world on more than one occasion, for good and for ill. Remember the violent breakup of those, gathered with joined hands, encircling The Pentagon, whose intent was to levitate it? What is the real intent of labeling patriots who gather in celebration of liberty as terrorist militias?

Serious efforts are afoot to destroy the integrity of the fabric of this nation. This is all presented with odious guile, as endeavors to equalize humanity. Its real intent is to render us collectively into a serf class of mindless drones. Thank God for this apocalypse and the attendant awakening. Regardless... there is still a pervasive and rigid denial of the obvious in the minds of those governed by fear; the overlords know best. One does not become a slave until they cease to be their own master and the entire dynamic takes place IN THE MIND. There is ONLY the appearance of separated minds BECAUSE... there is ONLY one mind and this is a hurdle that the enemies of humanity will NEVER CLEAR. The ruler of the one mind cannot be effectively opposed by ANY separated cabals of rogue consciousness. The rule of the one mind can inform the mind entire AT ANY POINT IT CHOOSES TO. This is the real power of resonance. It impacts on the sympathetic nature of everyone, either through instinctive compliance or by putting the antithetical to flight.

Music is one of the most powerful mediums for the type and kind of social order that we do or do not experience and it gives proof positive to the real goals of those presently perverting it for malignant purpose. When harmony and finer ideals are removed from music, the results are as you see them. Meanwhile the planets make their own music, creating the interior soundtrack of the times for the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION that is impulse-driven. Once that purpose has been achieved, the music changes.

If you are not in command of your life, someone or something else is, once again, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. You are going to be an example one way or the other, consciously or unconsciously. Go with the flow and BOOM! RIGHT INTO THE ABYSS.

I was talking with my friend after we got home and it dawned on us how very different we are from most everyone else. The Presence of God is celebrated here non stop. Love and caring are the forms of action here. Conversation is generally about The Divine. That is what is real for us and we are set in a groove on that account because every alternative is forbidding and unpleasant. I can see what is up and I want no part of it. Once again... here is what I see and what I expect. We are all going in the direction of our intentions, once again, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. This is a REAL THING. It is observable! Though we are traversing physical lanes of passage, we are also traveling on spiritual lanes of passage at the same time. EVERYONE IS. We are the living expression of our destiny in action. We are what we do in the same way as 'a man thinketh'. We are literally materializing our reality as we go. There are laws and considerations that take place in an apocalypse that are radically different than at other times.

There has not been enough time yet for it to occur to the masses what is happening. There has not been enough time for them to see the new patterns that are developing and especially, 'the implications', because those are not sensory data. One side of things appears to be happening and another side is actually happening. The sad truth is that it takes effort to occupy an objective perspective and when root drives like basic desires and appetites are paramount and when basic emotions of a negative bent are constantly titillated and provoked, the impetus for taking an objective perspective is riding in the back of the bus of our motivations. There's something wrong with that last sentence but I'm in no mood to fix it.

I want to scream, “WAKE UP!” but those people are not reading this; Google and the rest of them see to that. In the meantime and overall for the duration, I KNOW it ALL WORKS OUT in the end and that none of this is an accident and all of it is the fodder and fruit of The PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Whatever is meant to happen is going to happen and for anyone who cares about the OUTCOME, they are usually already paying attention to their place in the scheme of things. We all rely on different or the same sources for the information that guides us and we all find out the accuracy of that, sometimes pleasantly and sometimes painfully. Sometimes we are reassured and sometimes we are disappointed but it is all a learning experience, even though many of us do not seem to be motivated to learn, as it gets in the way of what we want.

You do what you can. You serve as you go along, or you don't. Every journey winds up somewhere and no one should be surprised (even though they often are) when they wind up where they were headed. God be with you.

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

"Prophecy Fulfillment in a Time of Apocalypse and the Company of Angels."

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Courtesy of Chi-Com Industries and their subsidiary, the Bohemian Grove WHO-Owl, I am watching the One World: Together at Home event and it is an eyeopener I must say.

What I have learned so far is that I still feel the same about Lady Gagme and Paul McCartney can't sing anymore. It's really sad. How did he convince himself to do this? This is a seriously cringe-worthy happening. You pretty much have to see this to believe it. I've had my own struggles with vocal ability in recent years but not like that... yet. Now there is some Victoria Secret's model type called Casey Musgrave. I've no idea who that is but it was also pretty bad. You can see how much engineering, plugins and the like have to do with the final musical product. I've known for a long time that muddy incoherent vocals were the industry standard cover for terribly uninspired lyrics. Now I see/hear that that is only a part of the overall illusion of competence but then... our standards are, apparently, not what they once were.

This is supposed to be a feel-good affair. I don't feel good yet. Now there is Elton John. There is a great deal of sincere feeling missing across the board so far. It's all flat (insider music-related double entendre). They're banging on about health care workers but so far no one has mentioned The Sun or made any reference to The Ineffable. Jimmy Fallon is doing his white bread Jamaica thing. Okay... enough of my commentary on this nonstarter.

They're sneaking in The Fabulous Life-Changing Vaccine references. Maybe Bill Gates will show up and do a Porn Hub commercial. Yeah... I said I would stop talking about it. Let me close by saying it is more of the same self-serving, pulling on the tear ducts bullshit that we have all come to know and detest. My friends... what this has been/is all about is A TEST RUN to see how easy it is to herd The Sheeple in and out of the labyrinthine paddocks. It's a trial engagement. It's a run-up to (Drum Roll) The Mark of the Beast.

What is it that you think of when you consider, The Mark of the Beast, The Whore of Babylon, The Anti-Christ and all the similar names and terms that often appear together? If Prophecy was one of the patronymics or agnomens that came to mind then you are on the same page as me. What's the story with Prophecy? Well... if you want to get a feel for how and why it happens, you have only to read that book from the Old Testament; Ecclesiastes. “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Everything is cyclic and whether you got that Oswald Spengler-like, via western empirical models, or whether you got it from Swami Vivekananda, it's the same. The truth of The West and the Truth of the East are the same truth and all of us have been under the influence of both of them at different times and all of us have collectively forgotten what we have been exposed to in previous times BECAUSE we didn't LEARN IT and make it a part of us. We will.

Prophecy comes out of a supersensory, visceral connection to the plane of revelation. It is transmitted on the angelic wavelength and the accuracy and exactitude of prophecy are based on this cyclic wonder of endless reoccurrence. Usually, that which prophecy speaks of, warns against and informs us of, takes place in an apocalypse. Ergo, we are presently present in the times of the fulfillment of Prophecy. Please take note.

Whenever there is a time of radical change, there you will find an abundance of confusion as well. Whenever the world is going through A CYCLE of transformation, the level of collective uncertainty and fear, intensifies. It emerges from an inchoate origin and then, incrementally escalates and one of the forces that makes unbridled fear and uncertainty so pervasive and powerful is CONFUSION. Confusion occurs when you ALLOW yourself to become separated from yourself. Every emotion we experience is a divergent persona. For the period of its experience, it is the shape we take in response to whatever brought it into being and THIS IS WHY... this is why SELF CONTROL is so very important. Self-containment, self-rule, is the necessary state of being in all times of crisis and you initiate Self Control by STANDING GUARD AT THE GATEWAY OF YOUR MIND. Everything we war against and all that we fear, is present in our minds and if it is not present in our minds it IS NOT PRESENT AT ALL!

Everything external to you is a projection of what is internal. The recognition of all name and form occurs as a process in your mind. Those who... for so long, have been under the impression that they manipulate and control us, are getting A WAKEUP CALL, just like we are. Every wakeup call differs in its impact, magnitude and power. Those who... for so long ran their games on us... subjected us to the mesmeric frequencies, of enforced pacification and 'cyclic' pulses of panic, routinely interspersed with pulses of calming frequencies, whose intent is a zombie somnambulism, taut with nightmare. This they did in their regular efforts to enslave and terrorize us. Ah... but no longer. Now they hear the voice of Mr. Apocalypse, speaking out of that flaming grotto which is the portal into their waiting destiny if THEY DON'T FUCKING WAKEUP.

The problem for those who have done such awful harm to humanity is their enduring fealty to The Prince of Darkness. His voice is speaking too, drowning out the offers of mercy and forgiveness that are also present. Yes... I KNOW that this world of appearances, manifesting as a duality of extremes, operating in a seeming antagonism with each other, is an illusion. It's all one and always has been BUT... you HAVE TO BE in that state of awareness that makes it possible for you to see it. Otherwise, it is ONLY WORDS and we have had our fill of posturing new-age charlatans telling us this over and over, without having understood it one wit. All they can hear or understand is the cash register ringing. One particular new age prophet, recently subjected those willing to endure it, to multiple hours long broadcasts in which he told us that all the bad guys were being rounded up and “it could happen” any day but “definitely by Easter.”

Neither he nor any of the rest of us know when IT will occur or what is going to occur. What I SUSPECT is that the awakening will continue and continue and intensify beyond all resistance or reactions except for surrender or madness. Insanity is going to take those malefactors who will not be changed by the awakening. There will literally be NOWHERE TO RUN AND NOWHERE TO HIDE because... because? It is in their minds and this you cannot escape from! Just as The Avatar is going to appear in the human heart and announce the genesis of The Age of Brotherhood, Mr. Apocalypse is going to heighten and exacerbate the force of awakening in the human mind. There will be all sorts of responses initially but as it increases and grows greater, ONLY submission or hysteria and derangement will be the outcomes. That is my take. That is what I see BUT as I have noted, NO ONE KNOWS the how and the when BUT one thing we can all be certain of is... 'IT' IS COMING.

One of the many benefits of self-inquiry is that the more you learn about yourself, the more you learn about others and the more efficient and successful you become in dealing with them. Earlier in my life, certain ignorant behavior by others could enrage me. I had little tolerance for Stupid. Time has passed and I understand more clearly than ever I did before what Christ had to say on the cross; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” People REALLY don't know any better. They will go out of their way to impress you with the paucity of their knowledge, while you... already impressed by the truth of how little you know, due to self-inquiry, are well aware of their limitations because you are well aware of your own and you can't tell them about any of it directly. They will become enraged. This is the point of parables, allegories and fables.

When you begin to behave in a manner that is impressive to angels, angels tend to be attracted into your life. Human beings are their biggest project and they hunger for any example where their efforts can realize a positive effect. It is a great sorrow to them that so few of us are deserving of their attention but they know... because a part of the mind of God is in them; they know that there are times when humanity is in a collective stupor, BUT... they also know that times change and that will not always be the case. So... they are patient. Anyone who is so moved to find the company of angels will find it. Not many are motivated in that way and the changes required to remain in the company of angels is too egregious for most people.

Fickle is a kind of affection that doesn't last very long and one's form of Love can be measured by its reach. Once again, The Sun is a great example. In times of material darkness, the qualities we most need to possess are shortened and the ones we most need to discard are lengthened. I am using terms of distance for a reason.

That self-isolating concert was a cynical pandering to Satanic organizations by Satanic puppets. It was an odious propaganda ploy, so obvious in its intent that even marginal intelligence should be able to see it.

Hang in there my friends and look within.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

"On the Critical Matter of Angels and Becoming Free from Ignorance and Material Bondage."

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The Mass Media has turned into a churning vat of endlessly replicating garbage. It has become time, past time, to draw back into the core of one's being and assume a posture of positive expectation. In various places around the world, very bad things are happening. At the same time very good things are happening but they are not so prominently displayed as are the bad events, because those bringing you the news are not interested in telling you about the good.

What is causing the extreme turbulence of the moment, in human mood swings, is our singular and collective reaction to the force of awakening that is pressing upon the subconscious mind. Those disposed to negative expression are becoming more and more so, as is the case with the positive as well. In ALL CASES, we are being outed for what we are. That is the main theme of The Apocalypse. A time is coming soon when The Awakening is going to appear in every human mind and the consequences of our behavior and state of being are going to be revealed to each of us in a cold and telling light. This will cause some number to repent of it immediately and they will remain changed by the experience for the rest of their lives.

There is a certain amount of us that will be resistant, regardless of the impact of The Awakening; much like the way a traveler will pull his cloak more tightly around him as the force of the wind increases, so will they pull the darkness closer around them. All efforts to effect a change in their consciousness will be to no avail and they will be left with the unrelenting message, “You have been warned.” Some of us, actively seeking The Awakening, will find a new sense of strength and inspiration for coming times. We will be made aware of The Trembling Board which is the reverberation platform in our awareness and which vibrates with messages sent from on high. Those sincere souls to whom this has come will find that they can now get answers to their questions and concerns through this board. These messages are not necessarily verbal. They may come as images. They may come through symbols and signs that appear in the world around them. There can be a sense of what the answer is with no clear defining explanation.

Those who follow what gets said here are aware of my long efforts to gain a deeper level of communication with my guardian angel. This has now happened and every feature of my life has been changed accordingly. It seems that what I first took to be a dreadful accident, was a crucial breaking through of the thin barrier of my remaining ignorance and resistance. Sometimes there is no way around catastrophic events that are required due to the powerful spell of materialism, which has found its way into all of our minds as a blockage of the light. I now better understand all of the physical fender benders that have happened to me in recent years. They were blows directed at my unconscious impedance to the light. We must be fully aware of the possible consequences that can come with our petitioning Heaven for greater awareness and insight. It is likely that Heaven will then hammer on the barriers to the passage inwards of that awareness and insight.

Suddenly now I find myself, without thinking about it, assuming the various postures of The Man on the Beach, which I observed in him during our short time together. This has come attended by a mindset of relentless focus upon every thought, word and deed. As you can imagine this is exhausting and demands frequent periods of rest. It is not always present, as when I first arise in the morning, or during times of distraction, but it is now more extant than not. Previously it was the other way around, no matter what my efforts might have been to make it more consistent. It now seems to be the inescapable truth to me, that no matter how determined we may be about anything at a given point, nothing happens until it is supposed to happen and one had better get to the marrow of that.

There is a book that was written centuries ago called The Pilgrim's Progress. There was a film made of it last year and it was better than one might have expected; at least I thought so. The book itself is difficult to read. It is in archaic English and DENSE, but there are details from it that I have never forgotten. One of them is The Slough of Despond. It is a place where we feel the heaviness of our sins and the guilt which attends it. The slough is also know as The Swamp of Despair. We have to get through that. It is a difficult passage. One of our main obstacles to dealing with this, is underestimating the depth and power of God's Forgiveness. We have to stop seeing God as a bigger version of ourselves. God is far, far beyond the frailty and judgmental tendencies of our human state. We have to 'let it go' and we can do this more easily when we have a greater commitment to EVERY FOLLOWING MOMENT, in our succeeding acts of redemption.

If you are capable, as some of us are, of forgiving others and... thank all the mercies of Heaven, I do have that quality; simply apply the same compassion and clemency to yourself. We tend to imagine our sins as being much more egregious than they actually are. Often enough, a lot of our sins were against ourselves, not against others. I finally got that one. Sometimes, in the pursuit of perfection, we tend to be harder on ourselves than we need to be. We are, each of us, already perfect but it is more a matter of uncovering and remembering it than it is becoming that and purification is the key.

Our prayers reach God through intermediaries and I have discovered that prayer can be much more effective when we pray to the intermediary to begin with, once you discover who that might be. It is not something that is hidden from you but you do have to identify who that is. Certain luminous beings attach themselves to us, when we have accumulated the necessary virtue to make ourselves habitable to them. The SAME IS TRUE of more maleficent entities, who are drawn by our lower passions and weaknesses. This is why PURIFICATION is so important and that is achieved through austerities, abstinence, prayer and most certainly, GRACE. The same way that ants and other insects are attracted to a dirty kitchen, the same thing happens to us internally. “Success is Speedy for the Energetic”.

As you discard the lower attractions that are so common to the human estate, those life forms that previously fed upon us, are no longer attracted to us, because their needed forms of sustenance are no longer present. Conversely, illumined beings begin to be drawn to us and we are improved in remarkable fashion by this proximity. By all means and at all costs, endeavor to express and hold to the higher mind and blessings aplenty will begin to flow to you. I am speaking from personal experience.

Of course, when you no longer have and exhibit certain behavior patterns, your former associates are going to become unhappy with you and at the very least they are going to be off in search of more appreciate and encomiastical companions. Like attracts like and if you are VERY INDUSTRIOUS, you will begin to attract angels and other residents of the realms of light. This is why 'when the pupil is ready, the master is waiting'. In the end, your life is going to be the result of what you invested your time and efforts in. You will become the living evidence of the things you have done and said and the thoughts that were predominant in your mind. Change these and your whole life will change. OF COURSE, those dark entities that have been counting on you for entertainment and sustenance are going to make noise when you become transformative and this accounts for DIFFICULTY IN THE BEGINNING. Just persevere. That is all you have to do and YOU WILL GET HELP.

Just as members of AA get a sponsor to help them past the rough spots toward sobriety, you get sponsors on the spiritual plane who are there to remind and to assist you. Once again, I am speaking from experience. I NEVER say anything that I have not had vetted or had confirmed by those wiser than myself. You are fortunate to be present in these times because Angels have drawn near the Earth for the purpose of guiding and supporting those seeking a way out of the murk and entanglements of this material sphere.

Just because you cannot see your invisible helpers... duh (they are invisible)... does not mean they are not present. EVERYTHING you think and say is noted. Count on that being true.

My dear friends, may you find that divine assistance you seek but do REMEMBER, you HAVE TO ASK FOR IT!

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

"May you Find that Resonating Gospel that is Written on the Walls of the Secret Chambers of the Heart."

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It is an interesting thing that Christmas has so much more social force and fire than does Easter. Easter is my favorite day by far, if I need to choose between the two. It remains a marvel that he was born into this world of darkness but I would have to say that, “Mission Accomplished!” has a greater impact on me.

If you study what our poorly recorded and terribly biased history shows us over the last two thousand years, it's easier to understand what he meant when he said;

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person's enemies will be those of his own household.”

The history of the world o'er these brief centuries has been one of unrelenting bloodshed and much of the time it has been ignited by religion, as much as it has been for economic and geographical reasons, especially earlier on. One of my favorite religiously inspired events was The Children's Crusade. It's origins are murky. Some of it seems to have been of spontaneous ignition. What we know is that none of them seemed to have ever arrived in the Holy Land (if they did they were enslaved) and very, very few of them returned home. We are talking about tens of thousands of children.

A French child named Stephen of Cloyes got around 30,000 children together. He said that Christ appeared to him in a dream. At the same time a German youth, named Nicholas, got around 50,000 children together. Given that this was a long time ago, those numbers were not insignificant.

This happened around the beginning of the 13th Century, which was a pretty lively time, historically speaking; what with the Albigensian Massacre and the unfortunate fate of The Cathars (the Pure Ones) and the Knights Templar. No one seems to know what happened to all those children and some say that a lot of it was just a bunch of made up shit, like most history. Isn't history fun?

There are two kinds of history which you can study. One is comprehensive history that sketches it all in broad strokes and leaves out a whole bunch and then there is the history of different periods. You've heard of periods like the unreasonable Age of Reason. The unenlightened Age of Enlightenment. There was a period called The Renaissance. This is what I mean by Period History. With this sort of inquiry you get into greater detail and since I studied some of these and other times, I can tell you there is a great deal of detail.

People don't care much about History these days, what with Gender Theory and what you can learn on your cellphone, but there was a time when History was more important and some people even learned from it but that's not much in vogue anymore. It is startling how vacuous and uninformed the public is these days. I'm not kidding either. People are REALLY, REALLY uninformed but even if they were informed, most of what they might have learned would have been bullshit anyway. As Henry Ford so succinctly remarked, “History is Bunk.”

I mentioned these few things here because I thought it might provoke some of you to look into what happened on some of these occasions; fascinating stuff. However, today is Easter and I've done all the digressing I intend to do. Don't ask me why I really mentioned any of that. I wouldn't know what to tell you. It kind of just happened.

One thing is for sure... things are not what they seem nor what we think they are. In order to become 'realized', you must go beyond Good and Evil. We got into this way back in The Garden by eating from the Tree of Knowledge (of Good and Evil). This brought us into the field of duality; the playing field of opposites. It is The Tree of Life we must eat from but an angel with a flaming sword is barring the way. You might think this applies to all comers but it does not. You can enter The Garden via The Path of Love. Should your Love intensify and become pure, the angel has been told to let you in. The key is to purify yourself. From The Tree of Life comes the presence of Unity.

Within the ubiquitous atmosphere of duality, we have God and Satan. There is no Satan in reality though. Satan is The Mind. Once you start dividing the world into opposites, courtesy of puberty, you get The Devil and the whole sex and shame thing. This is why it says that you must become as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must acquire REGENERATED INNOCENCE. The power that comes to one who has restored their pure state, while an adult, is called Wisdom and that is The Mother, Sophia. She has been pushed aside for centuries but she is now returning and Hallelujah to that!!! She is the one who helped Solomon build the temple. It is only some of The Eastern Christians who still hold to this.

For the saints and sages and certain mystics, this is made manifest BY SEEING ALL WOMEN AS REPRESENTATIVES OF THE MOTHER. The whole idea of sex is transformed into something else and you will know what that is by discovering it and you discover it by relentlessly pursuing it to the exclusion of all else. It has to be more important than anything else. That is the heart and soul of The Quest. When you have found The Mother in her true form, you become The Child.

The world must go on, of course and that is why people have sex and families and you get civilizations and societies and they go into decline when the sexual force is perverted and we see that in these times. But some of us have walked away from this desire for sexual union, to discover ANOTHER KIND OF UNION. There are never more than a few at any time who achieve this, because the trials are rigorous and the purity demanded is hard to get at. You need help BUT... there are angels for that. You don't get The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel until you have proved sincere and capable. Everything comes with a cost.

I am telling you this because it IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU. That is one of the great spiritual opportunities of this apocalypse. Angels are standing by just like those operators in the infomercials. If you REALLY WANT IT, you can have it. We are in the time of The Grand Summoning. We are in the time of The Harvest and the wheat and the chaff. This goes around and comes around at certain intervals and this is such an interval.

Jesus the Christ understood all of this and that is why there were two gospels. One was for the people living in the family unit and for whom the time had not arrived and one was for The Disciples, or Initiates, for whom the time had arrived. You have access to this if you should chose to go within to where The Living Gospel is inscribed upon the walls in the secret chambers of the heart. You access it through REVELATION. This is one of the reasons that we are admonished by THOSE WHO KNOW, to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. This alone will bring the necessary state of awareness into being. Meanwhile, loving God with 'all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind' WILL PURIFY YOU. Love of the divine WILL PURIFY YOU. It is not the labor of a week or a month. It is the labor of a lifetime but... as Krishna said, “SUCCESS IS SPEEDY FOR THE ENERGETIC.”

You do it more than anything else and you do it with a passion and an intensity that you bring to nothing else and you are GUARANTEED the victory. It really is that simple. It is no more complex than that BUT... you HAVE TO WANT IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. That is the deal-maker and the deal-breaker.

This I leave with you to contemplate on This Easter Day. Perhaps you are thinking, “I do not have the strength, Lord.” or... for whatever the reason, you feel incapable of exercising this process. You are not expected to accomplish this on your own or by your own power. NO ONE DOES THAT. Angels are standing by and when you have convinced the angel of your FAITH, CERTITUDE and DETERMINATION, the angel will step in and do all that remains to be done. One arrives at a point where one is informed that they can proceed no further on their own and then... one must abide in constant awaiting for the opportune moment. These things are timed and all have their own serendipitous portal.

In the interim one continues to serve in whatever small way might (and will) appear. May God grant you the fortitude and zeal that is necessary. What else are you going to do with your time? Think about it. If we would ever take only a few moments and LOOK CLEARLY at the predictable results of all of our efforts otherwise then we would see the futility of every other enterprise.

Let the power of Divine Love rise up in you this Easter and set your heart and your feet on the way to The Tree of Life.

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May the spirit of Easter find its way to Pocketnet.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

"Reincarnation got Left out of The Equation on The Shortbus of Creation Going Nowhere None too Fast."

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As complex as life can appear to be, it is a very simple affair and is rendered complex or simple, based on a single dynamic and that is... (trumpet fanfare, accompanied by a rising chorus of Tympani and Taiko drums) WHETHER YOU HAVE DECIDED TO LIE TO YOURSELF OR NOT.

There could be several reasons why you have decided to lie to yourself. One of the reasons is that there is something, or a number of somethings that you want and you are not convinced that you are permitted to have them/it, or you are not likely to get them/it, unless you strategize to that end. Hence... you get 'justifications' and/or 'rationalizations', accompanied by internal and external arguments, employing the acts of justifying or rationalizing.

Our main problem, which attends justifying and rationalizing, the adversary who stands in our way is (more horns, Tympani's and Taiko's) our Conscience. Mark Twain had a lot to say on the matter of our conscience. I remember a short story by him; at least I think I do, in which he murdered his conscience but I can't locate where it was that I saw it; if it was a short story, or an essay... can't remember.

You EITHER do what you know to be right, or you try to find a way around it, maybe just this once because... the end justifies the means. We've all done this and if your response is, “Well, I've never done that!” You are lying to yourself and... by extension, everyone else as well. The majority of us live in a land of half-truths, or far worse. How I know that everyone has done this and committed many another act as well, is because life is set up this way, in order for you to learn from the consequences of your behavior. There are none that escape this. The Bible tells us this. We all come short of the mark.

So... what we get is a sector of the self-righteous, who can do no wrong and have convinced themselves of this. They have to, it comes with the persona. Then there is a sector of those who know they are short of the mark and seek redemption and the opportunity be on the mark, henceforth. Then there is the larger sector of those who have no idea of who they are but they have cobbled together some version they hope will convince the world as they pass through it. That's most people. Some of them skate because they're a little better at it than whomever they are skating by or over. Some get by a bit more haphazardly. Sometimes they get the bear and sometimes the bear gets them and the rest? They wind up as fish-food.

You don't usually hear about the people who get mulched into fish-food. It's not an interest grabber; the people who fall into the cracks. You do see them sometimes if you are the sort of person who bothers to look. Most people don't bother because seeing this troubles them in the place where their humanity used to live. It scares them too. They don't like the implications it brings to their minds. Where do those implications come from? Yes... it's the conscience, which does not only remind us of what we should and shouldn't be doing. It also alerts us to where we are headed, according to the laws of Karma, if we don't wake up. We ARE our brother's keeper. There are crimes of commission and crimes of omission and it's all observed and noted.

I am SURE that the majority of us do not know that we are on TV all of the time, in front of a large audience, depending. In some cases the audience is carrion feeders and appetite satisfaction agencies who take their nourishment and pleasure from us. It is one of the reasons that 'certain activities' make us so tired. Our audience is also comprised of the dead and various entities in nature, as well as beings from other planets. The appearance of Justice and the quality of the common values present in humanity ARE NOT demonstrated to our advantage. It looks like there is no justice here. It looks like, despite the presence or absence of values that some people do whatever they like and it doesn't matter.

Take Leonard De Caprio as an example. He's an actor and was born to the profession. All the doors opened for him early on. He spends his time banging an endless line of hot chicks. Little does he know how hot they are. Then he also grandstands about social justice and nature causes, while being a big-time offender of the same, like most of his associates in that line of work. He paid for the opportunity to do what he does and the wheels are greased accordingly, so are the chicks, I imagine. He's either paid through the nose ahead of time, or he has agreed to pay later. He was warned beforehand about coloring outside the lines. Everyone is.

This is the world though AND you can do ANYTHING... as long as you are willing to pay the fare. From our vantage point, outside of the perspective of reality, it looks like he's doing okay. Many others would kill or do most anything else to get a shot at what he has BUT appearances are deceiving.

There are people like Ellen Degenerate who are despised behind the scenes and records of their bad behavior are there to be noted. No matter how efficient or powerful your public relations goblins are, word of your doings gets through the filters. She's not unique in this way. People with a sense of entitlement are completely divorced from reality. They tread, on the unsuspecting head, with regularity. The little people just aren't that important.

You ask yourself, “How can they get away with this shit?” Well... they don't. A long time ago, those who were designing the Christian religion, in such a way as to maximize profit and control on their behalf, excised REINCARNATION from the operating model. If something is placed out of sight, that doesn't mean it is gone. It's just out of sight. People who don't get the essential presence of Reincarnation in the scheme of things, will argue night and day about it. These days, the fundies only hear what they want to hear. I've no argument with them because I don't argue. Either I KNOW something to be true or I DON'T KNOW. There's no wiggle room with me. I KNOW Reincarnation is an integral feature of existence. Leaving it out removes all sense from the dynamic. Keeping it in makes sense of it all. Why did they do this? Asked and answered already.

Nobody gets away with anything and those who lie to themselves WILL live in a world of their own creation but... it's like what happens when an architect doesn't know what he's doing. The stability of the building suffers and so do the residents. It makes no difference to me if people agree with me or not. Time will tell and WE SHALL SEE.

Before I forget, let me say, “Fuck Coronavirus and the whores it rode in on!” I apologize for the salty language. That is not how I usually communicate but I couldn't find anything else that accurately summed up my position on the subject. The good news is that no matter what the malefactors and agents of darkness get up to, it will be to no avail. As per The Rules of the Apocalypse (not like the REGULAR RULES), whatever you do that is wrong, WILL work to your disadvantage NOW AND HENCE and WILL be revealed and exposed. That is the nature of an apocalypse and if you can't see evidence of this right off, you aren't looking very hard and IT'S EARLY DAYS. Try to see everything that happens as a set up for something else and ALL OF IT as being managed by The Supreme Being.

This virus seclusion syndrome is a transition period. The world will not be the same at the other end. In keeping with God being the motive force out of the background... you will have noticed that there has been small mention of domestic incidents and very little of people going crazy, which is something you would ordinarily expect under such circumstances. Some mysterious power seems to be keeping the lid on. There has been very little acting out by fringe elements, ♫ ah... and it makes me wonder ♫

We are either, working in sync with the cosmic will, or we are in some degree of opposition to it and finding out how that applies to any of us is easy to do. You can tell by the way you feel. Notice and knowledge of your state is coming up at all times from the subconscious. There is either some percentage of uneasiness, or there is a sense of well being. Life informs us, even when we don't want it to.

Lying to ourselves cripples our understanding. We become spiritually disabled and regular passengers on The Short Bus of Existence. Going through life with self-created blinders is neither sane nor safe. Why do we do this? Asked and answered. God is either working through us or driving us from behind, depending on the cosmic personality we have chosen as our agent for the Purpose of Demonstration. The outcome is heavily dependent upon which persona we give fealty to. It could be so much better than it is and one day, despite all of our collective worst efforts, it will be.

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I saw a man who wasn't there, do something that just didn't happen, in a world of subjectivity, where everything, ironically, was shaped to fit the pattern of a drunken sidewalk slattern, who dreamed she was a princess in a country far away. I saw it cited at Pocketnet just the other day.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Do not Mistake The Essential for the Clutter or the Clutter for The Essential and Stand Guard at the Gateway of the Mind.

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Today... by the grace of my teacher, I am going to point out some VERY IMPORTANT THINGS. They may, at first glance, seem SIMPLE ...and... basic elements of existence, which you might think we should have long ago, taken for granted, as if... “Well, Hell, everybody ought to already know that.” I wrote another Smoking Mirrors previous to this and sat on it for a couple of days, metaphorically speaking. I tossed it. There was too much of my going into what certain other people are saying and doing. For instance, here is an older article about someone I am not fond of and if anything... it is more true now but... if you don't know this does it matter? Anyway, I am tired of pointing out what some people do wrong. That's their business. I felt it necessary to protect others from being deceived. Perhaps I will never shake this motivation but mayhap, I might become more subtle.

We are inundated with false prophets in these times. They have a high profile and make buckets of money. I could not do what they do for Love or Money. In the first instance I would lose the love. In the second instance I would have closed off The Doors of Inspiration. You HAVE TO care more about what you do than what it will get you. The idea of personal profit SHOULD NEVER ENTER YOUR MIND. Now... no matter what you do and no matter how well you do it, there are ALWAYS going to be people who don't like or trust you and that is more often due to their own state of awareness (or lack thereof) than it is to you. Life is a mirror. That is ONE OF THE IMPORTANT THINGS. Consider ALL the implications of a mirror. Also consider what happens if you leave a mirror in an attic, a barn, or against the wall of a building.

Your mirror can get so dust coated that you can't see into it. Sometimes when you can see into it, the image is distorted by the dust or any number of other obstructions, like birdshit. BEFORE you attempt to do anything in the visible or invisible theaters, clean your mirror.

Always speak the truth. Herein lies a problem. Telling the truth is not advisable in every situation. There are any number of creative workarounds one can employ, most especially... saying nothing at all or THE VERY HANDY; 'I don't know'. There is a reason, a VERY GOOD REASON why you should always speak the truth. Think about it. If it doesn't come to you, continue to think about it. Think about it right before you go to sleep.

EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. Repeat this often enough so that it has a subliminal effect like that of the sound of a stream running near your house but which you no longer are consciously aware of at all times, because of ACCOMMODATION. One of the abiding secrets of a successful life is to make Eternal Verities an actual part of you. This you achieve through SUBLIMATION. This is what makes affirmations work. This is the working feature of phrases like, “Everyday in every way, I am getting better and better.”

Sure Visible, I get it, Everything is Under Control BUT... People who know that everything is under control do not say, “BUT”. People with the unshakable conviction that Everything is Under Control see the entirety of life within and without in a remarkably different way than those who are being controlled without being aware of it. You are either DRIVING or... BEING DRIVEN. That is the full import of what we call The Devil and the meaning of his pitchfork. You are either 'driving' or you are 'being driven'.

If you ONLY get the VISCERAL embrasure of this phrase (Everything is Under Control) humming, vibrating and resonating within, on automatic pilot, you will lack for nothing, once you've been Field Tested.

There are ONLY two directions you can go in, other than dog paddling in place. You can say, 'In' or 'Out'. You can say, 'Up' or 'Down'. You are doing one or the other. Nothing stays in place, except the motionless controller of everything. Nature abhors a vacuum. As the song says, ♫ You gotta serve somebody ♫ As for philosophical constructs, there is Advaita and Dvaita. Both are legitimate and ALL other systems convolute and complicate outward from one or the other; or Inward, if you prefer. People are going to want to argue about that. These are people who, GUARANTEED, have missed the point. You CANNOT get the point and then argue. Think about it.

IT IS... WHAT IT IS. You can make it as simple or complicated as you like and profit or suffer accordingly. As for Self Discovery, consider The Labyrinth. I mean labyrinth as a timeless archetype and you are going to want to encounter Ariadne first. She was married to Dionysus, which should tell you something. A lot can be garnered by reading this 'detailed' compilation. Why is Ariadne associated with BOTH Theseus and Perseus? Consider the philosophical representation of the one with The Father Monster and the other with The Mother Monster. If you have bothered to read either of these, or both of these, or more likely, part of each, or neither, you can see how complexity tends to rear its multiplicity of heads. The interesting and relevant thing here is that BOTH OF THEM ARE IN YOUR HEAD and aren't going anywhere until you resolve the matter.

If you are able to say, “I don't know.' over and over long enough, applying it to everything, whether you think you know it or not, you will arrive at the Visceral- I don't know. I did this so... I KNOW it is there. 'Know'... 'Don't Know'; what the Hell is he talking about? The whole of life and its fundamental truths are to be experienced either Viscerally or Intellectually. On the one hand, you get it. On the other hand, you argue.

If you are going UP and IN, you are proceeding to Godhead. If you are going DOWN and OUT (grin) you are proceeding into bondage. In times of Material Darkness, the environmental pressures are slanted toward DOWN and OUT.

If you are WILLING and if you are passionately inspired, there are some SIMPLE procedures that you can employ and SO LONG AS YOU ARE CONSISTENT, you WILL attain. One method is to stand guard at The Gateway of the Mind, that portal through which thoughts enter, and to reject EVERY thought that 'surfaces' or 'enters'. It is VERY IMPORTANT to recognize that some thoughts SURFACE and some thoughts ENTER. Through relentless practice of this, THE ESSENTIAL will reveal itself. The 'clutter' must first be removed, lest one 'mistake' The Essential for the Clutter or the Clutter for The Essential.

Another method is to repeat, “I don't know” as if it were a mantra. Another method is to ask, “Who am I?” There are variants on all of these. The point is to make these like that stream running by your house.

When I was in the years between 8 and 12 years old, there were two books, besides The New Testament that I read repeatedly and which sailed me on Dream Ships to the far ports of call in the mind. One was Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels. The other was Elizabeth Hamilton's Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes. I read these over and over. What worlds of imagination these two put into my hands!

The Tarot is all about programming the subconscious and bringing to the surface mind the vibrating archetypes of eternity; activating the God Qualities so that they may channel through you. This was also the purpose of the Greek and Roman myths, insofar as they familiarized us with the submerged powers resident in us all.

None of these things and pretty much nothing else... works unless you employ them. You have to practice anything to develops skills. Of course, there is always Air Guitar and Lip Syncing, if you are lazy or a poseur; no shortage in that department these days. However, you cannot fire-walk your way to playing lead guitar with Boston if you are not Tom Scholz, who attended MIT (a verifiable genius). You cannot hold forth extemporaneously upon a subject unless you know that subject or are a very skilled bullshit artist. There is no getting around putting in the hours, days, weeks, months and years; not happening.

You have enough procedures and methods here to go where John Lennon said they were going when he was asked, “Where are we going, John?” 'METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING'. The final result of anything ALWAYS comes at a cost. Doesn't it then, make sense, to have the result be something you really, truly, without question want? ? Works for me.

These are NOT systems and procedures that I CAME UP WITH. These are systems and procedures that were gifted to me by one who attained to the penultimate. Here's the deal and let me express that by an example; When I lived on Maui, I had this band; Les Visible and The Critical List and we often rehearsed and recorded at a property owned by Michael Welch, who was a BIG supporter of the band. He had 5 acres at the end of Hogback Rd in Haiku. Michael always wanted to play bass and he would hook up his bass to play along with us whenever we got together. He couldn't play very well (if at all). I said, “Mike, all you have to do is start practicing now and in a few years you could be good.” The bass is not difficult to learn. A few years later, Mike could not play the bass and I said the same thing to him again. A few years after that, Mike still could not play the bass and if I remember correctly, I reminded him yet again. I haven't seen Mike in over 20 years now but I'm pretty sure he still can't play the bass.

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