Tuesday, October 31, 2023

"There is The Dawning Understanding... The Truth Heard Round The World Before The Lies can Even Get Their Pants On."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Boy! They are going full-tilt... throwback-victim-mode... wearing designer yellow stars at The UN. I soon expect pictures of Israeli soldiers holding up dead babies by one leg and screaming... It bit me!!! The pain! Oh, Baal! The Pain!!! I stuck my hand into the rubble and It bit me! (accent on It)

Monty Python could do a fine routine on this. They could reverse-Borat it.

The wildest reality here... the near-unbelievable imagery that is coming out of the whole affair is the picture of a savage and psychopathic group of people... knit together by poisoned genetics... killing everything in sight... an Amalric selfie frozen in time. (You'll see some of it in the links at GAB). And then? You see The World recoiling at this ugly picture... while all the entitled and powerful members of The World close their lying eyes.

Then there is the dawning understanding... The Truth heard round The World... before the lies can even get their pants on... that this has been going on for decades!!! Wait until The World finds out that Satanyahu planned the whole Hamas deception just to get himself out of hot water with the rest of the country. And... of course... to kill a whole lot of Palestinians because that's the honey and milk in Satan's tea.

If it were not a false flag... and certain USUALLY reliable people are saying it was not, then... why did he tell the military to stand down? (just like Cheney). Well... there are pages and pages of these.

It is a fact that he did this, so... explain that to me cause I'm a little slow I guess.

Meanwhile... the rulers of The World stand silent. Everything is on pause. The Media and every aspect of The Press are demonstrating who owns them, and... everyone is seeing this. It's bleeding into the hearts and minds of the citizenry everywhere... through Telegram and other mediums that THEY just can't seem to stop.

It's ALL coming out... and The World as we knew it is crumbling. Racing alongside this horrific spectacle is Bill Gates... Klaus Schwab... George Soros... Hillary Clinton and The Gang that couldn't kill quietly; Blackrock... Lloyd Blankfein... The grandson of Rockefeller over at Meta... I can't list even a small amount of them! They are running as fast as they can... trying to kill The World before The World turns on them. How... do... you... think... that's... going... to... turn... out?

For years now... we have been talking here about Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. These are not cartoon characters! These are embodied and living expressions of specific features of The Divine, who come around here from time to time... but at such a reach of time between their visits... no one remembers them.

You can see the reality of their presence in The World's reaction to Gazacide. Israel has been doing exactly this for over 80 years... before they even were ...what they were masquerading as; what they present themselves to be now, and which they are not, BUT... no one said much. They would mow the lawn and cull a few thousand here and there like a pest extermination visit. This is exactly how they see it. The Palestinians are pests who came with the land that Israel stole.

For decades now, they have been assuming the identity of The Palestinians. The people who ACTUALLY have a matching DNA for the land. As far as they are concerned... all their lies are now The Truth OR... you are Antisemitic. However... as we have also been saying over and over again here... since we got here... The Truth is Antisemitic.

No amount of PR can undo what has happened, BUT... have they stepped back to consider what they are doing??? Have they seen (they're really smart. They will be glad to tell you that) the effect they are having? No! Why is that? It is because they are blinded by The Architect of All Things for The Purpose of Demonstration. The World is not going to unsee this!!!

This is an awful horror... as many a video will show, but the real horror is that it has been going on for so long, and no one said much... except those of us who are powerless influence-wise. Yet... steadily it has grown... like a wave that started in the middle of the ocean... at the parting of a fault in the ground. It has risen... and risen... and now it is moving at 600 hundred miles an hour, and it is transforming into a metaphorical wave of understanding... in the mind of everyone... everywhere... all at the same time.

The Spin Mill is going to break and shatter apart. The vast industries that serve The Beast are riddled with people who no longer believe what they have been told. From every place... everywhere... they are spilling into the streets and the streets cannot contain them. There are not enough police and soon the police will join them, and The Middle Class that these vipers have been at such pains to destroy? They are coming too.

It is a huge engine that has been set in motion by The Controllers of What You See. It was not their intention that it should go South. Oh no!!! East...West... North even... but not South.

Why are they now so busy to pacify Australia and genocide the people living there as well? They think the South is going to be safe... given what they think is coming for the rest of us. Australia is a proving ground bolt-hole for The Elite... so is New Zealand... so is Patagonia. Take a look at what's going on!!!

They KNOW something is coming, BUT... what do they know? Who is telling them what they think is coming? Is it not The Father of Lies of whom they are the offspring? Is this not so? Yes! It is so. They have been misled and misleading from the beginning, and soon they are going to find themselves in the very place they have most feared for the longest time, where all their veils of deception are shredded, where all their arrangements with The Dark Side have been rendered void, and... null.

Their power is becoming less and less accessible. Someone has cut their power, just like they have been cutting the power of others. Just as they have been blinding others... now they are blind. They are in darkness, but they have been in darkness for a long time with the illusion of sight. Now that illusion is being taken too.

Instead of admitting they have been wrong, and seeking redemption and mercy. They have become even more self-righteous and insufferably arrogant. IN NO WAY can their plans be set awry. This is a temporary hurdle that they will soon find their way around... not over... no, that is what others do. They will try to go around or under, BUT... You shall not pass. The Way is closed! Oh! My friends... it is going to be so damned poetic!

It is a sad testimony to life on this plane, and in this place... that so few are honest with themselves, and when they do get a clue they come so late to the party that it has nearly finished, but it has always been the way of such... to jump on the bandwagon, and then wag their fingers at those who have been there all along, and excoriate them for being tardy.

Oh! The Truth is coming out everywhere. They are scurrying like the demonically possessed... which they happen to be... to try to plug the holes... bar the doors... blame those they have thrown under the bus... provide misdirection... light up anywhere in the room except where they are standing. No matter... this is a different light. It is not under their control.

Onward they go with their tanks and phosphorus. Their cannons blast the limbs of children hither and yon. They pay no mind to the outrage of The World. They have not a care. They are the rulers of all they survey. They stole and swindled every bit of it like it was theirs all along. Collateral damage? Collateral damage is just the way they do business in the first place. No one of any importance ever complains... not so long as the gravy train is running, and the blackmail is in the vault.

Oh! A fine time... that was not a good time... was had by those who have plundered The World... who orchestrated their final Gazacide... on their way to what the fuck are you going to do about it? Yes... soon now... The Light is going to go on in their heads... because they are the last to know, and this light is going to show them where they are actually standing... where they walked... and by whatever means... got there under their own stolen power.

Gazacide is their dying swan song. It is themselves that they murdered... as they went on their despicable way. They will look into that mirror they have never seen before, that shows them stabbing themselves in the heart, over and over... and over and over again... and they will feel every blow. Those who could never feel anything at all before... will feel every blow, and it will not end well, and it will not end soon.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, October 26, 2023

"Somewhere, They Melt Them Down for Candle Wax... for Votive Lights... Along The Highway to The Festivals of Hell."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I remember once someone asked Guru Bawa a question; along the lines of why does he do what he does. He said, “I am building an army.”

Guru Bawa

This was made even more absurd seeming, given his glowing angelic visage, and the higher octave qualities that radiated from him at all time... combined with him being well over a hundred years old... 4'10”... and around 80 pounds.

He came out of The Sufi Teachings, which is the mystical branch of Islam and the only part of the tradition that I can tolerate. All fundamentalist perspectives of religion leave me cold, no matter what religion that might be. As soon as I see anyone wielding holy books as clubs, I know I am in a bad neighborhood.

Here we are... nearly 40 years after he passed, and I see that army coming into formidable aspect, and with powerful friends to boot... all of them aligned against the same enemy of Satanic... Materialistic... Atheists whose God is Gold, and the power which comes from having it... and denying it to others.

Now... those worshiping Gold, and... practicing the blood rites of murdered children... slain on dark altars to Moloch... Baal... and other hideous demons... who grant them certain limited powers... over limited time frames... find that they are going broke. Their power is turning into smoke... Cinderella's Pumpkin... something that might have been once, but is no longer.

They need a war. Oh! They desperately need a war, to give them a cover of time for reconstruction. They have a most powerful ally that they abused again and again in disgraceful fashion. They destroyed this friend from within by flooding his country with migrants that they ferried from places round The World. They ruined generations of their friend's children through sexual programming.

They did many bad things... of which the proof is self-evident, and then... they convinced this friend to inoculate all of its citizens with a Killer Vaccine. They browbeat this friend into financing a war in Ukraine... because they wanted a new homeland there. They convinced all the friends of this friend to kick in too, while also flooding their countries with migrants.

That did not go well. They have lost that war and a good piece of the homeland they intended for themselves, even though they did kill off many of the former residents... just as they are doing in the present homeland... that they hijacked from the people who lived there, and which has become too hot for them to remain in... because of all the horrible things they have done, AND... they are running out of water.

Someone once said; you don't miss your water till your well runs dry. I expect that is true.

So... the big cheese in this little country found himself on the brink of civil war, and he arranged for a militia... created by one of his predecessors... to attack his country... perhaps to give him breathing room, and a distraction from his internal problems.

He told the military to stand down so that this false flag escapade could go down, and his country could return to their main recreation, which is killing Palestinians... and pretending to be victims while they do it.

It doesn't matter if they are men... women... children. They kill them the way the British Royalty hunts foxes... the way Amalric handled Beziers... oh... there are so many examples of killing fields in these latter days at the ending of The Kali Yuga. Lots of notes coming due. A whole bunch of tit-for-tat... right down to the last jot and tittle.

Anyway... there are these merciless merchants of death... who have been at it for a very long time. Their priapism over blood and carnage is well known. They're in bed with The Vatican and other cabals of evil. They have their own agenda, but they share a common goal of absolute control over all life. They'll decide who gets to sit at the head of the table... once the bodies are stacked.

In the meantime... they want you to know how frail and defenseless they are, as The Walrus and The Carpenter walk on the endless beach.

How many disappear to be never seen again? They must have some fancy digs somewhere, where they melt them down for candle wax... for votive lights along the highway to the festivals of Hell.

They are fashioning... they are shaping... their vision of The World. It's a very empty place. Most all of us are gone, save for them and their permanent servant class... who are all that remain... once their world has come to be. They will build this world. I do not doubt... that it will come about. In their efforts to make Hell on Earth, they will surely find their way to a Hell of their own making... that exists across an impassible gulf that cannot be traversed until the last debt is paid.

There is a sweet and exacting Justice that pervades the whole of existence. It is resolved in the simple process of action and reaction... as ye sow, so shall ye reap. This is a fixed dynamic that only God can set aside, and we wonder why he might since he is the one who set it in play to begin with. I NEVER discount Grace.

As The Master told me this morning; “I have far more Grace in reserve than I have ever expended. It is not that I am cheap. Those who serve me know the truth of that. It is just that I pick my spots. I have been doing this for infinitudes of time. Life comes and goes here in less than the blink of an eye. Perspective is what is wanted... and perspective is exactly what is lacking. Open your eyes.”


So... I know... because I have been told many... many... many times; “Visible, I am going to show up right in the midst of them and pull their pants down in front of The World. I am going to strip them naked, and... in ingenious fashion, I will bring them to an epiphany they will not recover from. They are going to wander naked... alone... and afraid... much as their victims have, and... they will know why.

“I love the endless tales of humanity. I delight in wandering anonymously among them. I am often reminding them of treating with angels unaware. The reason one must revere my presence in all life is because... indeed... I am there. You can invoke me if it pleases you to OR... you can call up something else.”

I am not concerned about digital currencies... Killer Vaccines... poisoned foods... angry mobs... feckless leaders... horsemen thundering out the skies... or any specter of threat there has been... or that hasn't been seen yet. I rely on The Architect of Life. None can assail him. His word is LAW! For those who believe in the sum of their fears... mayhap they will materialize them with their reverse-engineered faith. I do not believe in such things.

Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN. It might be a positive faith. It might be a negative faith, but it will have results according to the investments made. You tell yourself the truth, and the truth will materialize over the course of time, as much as it can in a world of lies. You lie to yourself, and you will see those lies materialize as well. It all comes about through the simple process of thought.

That is where The Divine made Gods of us all. He gave us the power to create, and what have we created? I imagine each of us can ask ourselves that question and come up with a different answer. We can also start this very moment... creating a better world. We can ask The Divine for the power to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

If one is persistent. One WILL see this come to pass, and there is no finer prayer, nor is Heaven more impressed by any other petition than the desire to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. That tops them all. If you want your mind to be in alignment with The Mind of Heaven, that is how you getter done.

I think that will do it for today.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 23, 2023

"Whenever God Wants to Change Things on Earth, He Sends in The People to Do It, and The People to Support Those People."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Change... long spoken of here... is upon us. To that end, I include a graphic for your attention.

As we have stated here... again and again... we are especially attentive to Trends and Patterns.

With that in mind, I proffer a new song along the lines of Rich Men North of Richmond.

It's a gripping tune that says a lot more than it says. For decades now, The System has banned all inspired music from the airwaves. Then... in those times... few were born with the courage and proximity to angels that is necessary to pen anything worthy of listening to.

Sweeping change has come to The World and maybe... likely... we will see a renaissance of gifted art... brought down from The Higher Planes to this den of iniquity... in desperate need of cleansing and purification. Whenever God wants to change things on Earth, he sends in the people to do it, and the people to support the people who do it. He sends in new generations to take up the torch.

That song is worth several periods of attentiveness. Meanwhile.... all around The World, those who have simply had enough of Israel running an open-air concentration camp and shooting range have taken to the streets. To counter this we have the usual bobble-headed flamingos on drinking glasses... jabbering... under extreme pressure to say what they are told to say.

The elite have risen to the occasion... like farts finding their way out of the darkness of The Earth; like germinating plants... from asses long buried and feeding on awful things; if the smells are any indication. What this has shown is that the oppressors of Gaza are in a tiny minority against the far greater masses awakened to react to them.

In all cases... those masses... were transported into the cities of The West by those very folk who are the oppressors of Gaza. Did they think they were clearing out The Middle East, and that those they had transplanted... would instead inflict their injuries on the residents of The Greater Gaza... that is the concentration camps of The World, ruled over by those who own everything they thought was worth having or... useful to their ends?

Either dreadful irony is at work here... because the people who know not what they do... did not know what they were doing OR... The Hand of God is sorting the pieces on The Gameboard for the denouement to come. I'm leaning in the direction of the latter, while also allowing that the former is true as well.

The Usual Suspects had gotten so over-confident about their long-range scheme that they thought it was now perfectly fine, and okay... to do evil while the cameras were running. There were no cameras other than the human eye, and the recording angel... when they started their long-term mischief. Maybe they didn't actually keep up with their own delusions that told them they were simply that far ahead of everyone else.

Sometimes when people do bad shit, and... for a while... no one stops them because they are very rich... or powerful... or connected, they begin to believe that no one can stop them, and they get more and more insufferably arrogant about the matter, and intensify the harm they are doing to everyone in the crosshairs, or... in reach.

From the moment they decided to ride roughshod over creation, they set The Great Wheel of Justice into motion. It is a very large and impressive affair. It stands to reason that some time is probably required for it to begin to turn with any speed, but... once set in motion... it cannot be stopped. Once it is set in motion... that is when one begins to hear the far-off howl of The Hound of Heaven.

There are changes in the wind. The sound of Harpies... Furies... and other instruments of God's retribution are heard... far off... as if it were a trick of Nature played upon the ear. A curiosity comes into operation, as one seeks to track the source of an echo that people often forget they are the author of.

An echo is one thing... a deed is another. In neither case can one see what has been generated to cause the return on the investment, and EVERY thought... word... and deed is an investment in Time. I say Time because... outside of Time... no such things occur.

I know The Mind is troubled when good souls see the evil done on this earth by a small number of the grossly self-deceived. They wonder about deaf Heaven. They cry out for Justice but all that returns to them is the echo of their own voice OR... so they might think because God works from eternity and we reside in Time.

Let me clarify what actually takes place any time anyone does anything at all. It leaves a mark. That mark contains a resonance in it that calls out... like a homing beacon... for whatever it may be that returns upon it. That homing beacon is remarkably specific. There are no accidents in Nature or in ourselves. From this process comes Good returning upon Good, and Evil returning on Evil.

For most people, it is a mixed bag. They did some things in righteous fashion and they did some things otherwise, and the return on their investment is the teaching moment... in the looping arrival of the effect upon the cause.

Some get in the habit of only doing good, and by that means they become more and more transparent until they cannot be seen here. They instead appear to the vision of the residents of a finer world, and there are many of these... that rise in increasing degrees of beauty and splendor.

Conversely, there are those who get into the habit of doing only evil, and by that means... they become more and more visible to the residents of hellish worlds. Do not speak to me of missing and tardy Justice. Justice is ALWAYS done. The deeds of everyone speak to every moment that occurs in their lives and lead to the precise destiny that is accorded to these deeds.

Actions oft repeated lead to habit. Habit long continued in becomes character, and... character is Fate. (drum-roll)

The World is waking up; a little here, a lot there, and all the relentless efforts of the dream-weavers and mystifiers of humanity are to no avail. They have lost control of their own machinery, and... everyone is not in lockstep. They really thought everyone would be in lockstep, and now... no matter what they do, it doesn't work anymore, OR... it works for only a little while.

No one believes them anymore. It doesn't matter what sort of rationales and excuses they give. Nothing works. The World is waking up, and... chapter and verse of what is true have been maintained within the very engines of revision that they were using to distort and rewrite history. Wikipedia did not work out as they hoped. All those movies about imaginary sufferings that were created to cover over their crimes, have... not... worked. The World is waking up.

And now? They are broke and can't find a war. Oh... probably they will, and if they do... they will lose; talk about a rock and a hard place. Their methods are no longer working and they simply can't understand how this could be. After all... they are smarter than everyone else. The big problem for Materialists... Satanists... Atheists... is that there really is a God, and all they have accomplished is to be a punch line in The Purpose of Demonstration.

They are the moral of a story they thought they were writing.

The leaders of the morally bankrupt nations of The World, all fly to commiserate with The Butchers of Gaza over the failure of their staged performance... seeking sympathy for The Devil... while... The World watches... while The World watches.

Can you believe that this was screened on MSNBC???

In the blink of an eye, my friends... it all changes. They must be in deep shit to air something like this. Something VERY BIG is going on behind the scenes. The Change is upon us.

Mind how you go...

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

"It Marches with Ceaseless Tread. IT... WILL... NOT... BE... DENIED! You Broke It... You Bought It with Your Gazacide."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The simpering... bumbling... child sniffing toad... has arrived in Rothschilandia... where Moloch sits in human form... on a throne of small bones that resemble the dumpster in the back of a Buffalo Wings... the day after Super Bowl.

The Pentagon said that Rothschilandia and The Kingdom of Moloch had nothing to do with bombing Gaza Hospital... with a bomb that only they possessed, and which was given them by the dysfunctional simp-cucks that run America... in these times of Material Darkness, JDAMs I think they're called.

Saturn is The Star of Moloch, and it rules on Saturday... when the priests of Moloch hold their ceremonies... each week before the specter of The Golden Calf... who turns on a rotisserie spit with all the missing children... they harvested from the murder sites... during the seasonal Gazacide... that follows on the holy days when nothing is sacred.

It is a bumper crop... this harvest sabbath... where the blood is pressed through All Hallows Sieve, and it runs and runs into the goblets of priests, and The Star of Remphan shines on the table... where Chiun feasts.

Satanyahu howls at The Moon and blood runs from his eyes. No one is talking about the 500 dead children and the mothers who search... in The Land of The Shades... for the offspring of Gazacide.

They did not purchase and create all The World's press without reason. They did not take control of the entertainment industry by accident. They did not buy the governments and bore their way into the religions by happenstance. It was for moments of Gazacide that they did this.

It was to profile and centerfold... the mind-controlled... who wail about fantasy holocausts so that The World might forget what they did in the days of The Bolshevik Horrors... in the times of The Armenian massacre... in the times of Murano inquisitors in Spain... on 9/11, and in the one hundred and twenty times they were cast out of nations for dark doings that history has not concealed.

I see the dancing skeletons... turning like figurines on music boxes... animating the hieroglyphs on the blood-soaked Talmud that cries for Christian blood... because they have no God but Caesar... who is the blurred face on an old coin... that is the material currency of the only thing they worship... because it gives them power over material life... that plane of being they are trapped within forever... like a fly in amber... like dust in the wind... forming in lamentations again and again.

Two triangles are intertwined... to symbolize The Hell they live in, and The Heaven they will never reach. They are weighted down by the crystallized blood of their victims... by the unfinished tasks of their ever-mounting debts... by the darkness they serve on their long ride to Tartarus... by way of Gazacide... by way of Gazacide... by way of Gazacide.

For 8 decades now they have maintained a personal hunting range called Gaza. It is a place where they kill with impunity... where a stupid... genuflecting... world cries with them when they break a nail and nods with righteous indignation when some fool gets in their way, and... of necessity must pay... because... somehow... they found their way to Gaza.

Some years ago... during another fabricated assault... of fireworks landing in empty lots in Sderot... the self-chosen gathered with cocktails on a hill overlooking the carnage, and they cheered as buildings fell and people died, and they laughed... so hard... they cried.

Not everyone who visits here is human... in human form. The beast in all does still reside... scratch the surface and watch it rise. In some... old monsters have their lair. In some... there... is... no... someone... there. It's only a vacancy that waits... for certain turnings of The Moon... when bad things creep upon The Earth.

No word of truth is to be found in any media at all. The Gazans did it to themselves, it's what you hear... it's what you see... they shape the message as they please... and every coward buys it... and every whore is paid, and every whoremaster takes a piece, and every politician takes a knee... before the ring. They know The Riddle of The Sphincter, and they kiss it with delight... soon they'll have a boy or girl... soon it will be night.

The money goes to pay The Man for temporary things; a trip to Vegas and The Sphere... a house inside The Zone... a setting at the table where the big dogs smoke the crack... that they make from murdered innocents... transfusions twice a year; the power's in the blood they say. I suppose it must be true, but that is just the least of all the bad things that they do.

An ugly shameful silence reigns above the carnage there below, and they are flushed with impunity... no one can stop them now. They'll pause for just that stretch of time they need to shift the blame, and then they'll come in with the tanks... the phosphorus... and bombs, they'll wipe the fucking landscape clean, they'll picnic in the smoking ruins... of Gazacide... in the stinking smells... of roasting flesh... that is Gazacide.

Their apologists are everywhere. They're paid to sell their souls. I am amazed... indeed I am... that so many fools came along for the ride to Gazacide... to Gazacide... to Gazacide. It's a video game. It's a TV show. It's something you watch. It's apart from you. It's faces from the window of a passing train. It means nothing. It was nothing... what shall we watch next?

I am not like you. I don't know who you are. I can't imagine they had such ease of passage into your hearts and minds... to make you root for the monsters who will next turn their eyes to you, and you NEVER learn. You... NEVER... FUCKING... LEARN!!! Is the truth that hard? Is it so difficult to see? How did you go so very wrong? You haven't got a clue. You're all a part of Gazacide, every one of you.

Your vanity and self-regard are the most terrible of all. You posture in your mirrors while the armies form in space. The time will come when you will run with nowhere left to hide. The Earth will scream out where you are. All of Nature will turn on you... you vicious... callous killers... who know not what you do.

You sealed your fate the other day when you bombed that hospital. Now while the shocked silence holds and your people spin their lies. The World itself has witnessed it. The Logos saw your crimes. The angels watch as the eyes of God and not a thing is missed.

All those years of poisoned wells... of burned orchards... of human sacrifice... under the mindset of sport... on the lands you stole from The People of the Book... you have woven a prophecy of retribution. You have invested in a future... as everyone does... and you need not search it out because the future will come to you.

The future is Destiny already formed in the aethers all around you. It marches with ceaseless tread. It is inexorable. IT WILL NOT BE DENIED. You broke it... you bought it with your Gazacide. You've had a good run. The full litany of your crimes would take pages and pages to simply itemize... never mind the color commentary. The list itself is long indeed... and now? Your banks are failing and panic is your bedfellow. The voice of the invisible is whispering in the ears of The World. It is telling every living thing; your time has come. Your time has come.

Hear me Satanyahu! I know that Hamas works for you. I know you arranged the attack... such as it was... to distract the crowds that were gathered to see you gone. You've murdered countless people in terrible ways with not a drop of conscience to be seen. You have no regrets... not yet you don't, but you will. Monsters are now coming for the monsters. The monsters you have created and fed with victims slaughtered in unholy rites... over years and years.

The Earth itself will open before your feet for you and your... twisted... demonic... kinfolk. All together... you will be marched into perdition. I would ask God to have mercy on your soul, but you do not possess one.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 13, 2023

"There's Nothing to Worry About Unless You Have Skin in The Game. Where Your Heart is There Your Risk and Treasure Is."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Everything moves at its own speed; photons move at one speed and neutrinos move at another, but... the uncertainty principle is ALWAYS hovering in the background. No one really knows. They have only convinced themselves that they do.

Here's an interesting item.

It has sexual connotations. Everything does in The Manifest, and... the bandwidth of The Manifest is a lot wider than most people think it is; thoughts and feelings are things in their own areas of interaction.

You could say that the degree of the integrity... of what is real... is determined by who sees more of it than anyone else, but... none of it is real, so... what are you really seeing more of?

This game that is based on the levels of exposure; what gets shown and what gets hidden, which gets legitimized by the quality of passion that... for reasons which escapes me... is supposed to validate what people do... is a game you are going to lose the moment you start playing. The moment you are invested in the outcome... sooner or later... the outcome is going to turn against you. It's cosmic law. It's an unavoidable result.

A certain group of people created a killing field in their backyard. They are a very wealthy nation. They are a banker nation. They are a criminal organization, whose crimes are protected under the imprimatur of nationhood. The only way you can effect change against this nation is through war, and... war is coming for them. It is inevitable.

Everything moves at its own speed; rocks... plants... insects... animals... people... geographical formations, they all have a rate of coming and going. They all have a season. Existence is a gigantic clock, with gears too big and too small to see.

In every area besides the human playing field, some variant on the law of the jungle applies. Human civilizations conceal this law of the jungle for periods of time... until the system backs up on itself, and the jungle overruns everything again.

It's always there... concealed in the underbrush and the waving foliage... in the hot-blooded rut of The Marketplace, and all those wars... in the service of the ambitions... of the ones who run the markets; who plow everyone else under, who get the sense that they can't be touched because they are touching everyone else, and no one does anything about it, so... they must be good to go, and keep on going... like some kind of weaponized timepiece or Energizer Bunny.

They're going to conquer The World, just like the guys before them, and the guys before that, only none of them did, cause Death is concealed in the underbrush and the waving foliage too. Death is watching and waiting, picking them off on either side... individually... and collectively. Death is about to have his hands full soon. It looks like a bumper crop this year.

This country with the recreational killing field in their back yard is so confident of its right to do any fucking thing it wants to that... it brags about it all day long, when it isn't whining about how everyone is picking on it, and making up tall tales about shit that never happened, and pounding it into everyone's head... until all the meaning is lost... even though it never had any to begin with.

The best way to cover for the killings of tens of millions is to create a paper trail of smoke and mirrors in which hallucinations dance and cavort about... a Punch and Judy opera... a farce... where the same thing happens to you, only it is much more important than what you did to all the others, with The Bolshevik murder machine... and in The Holomodor... and in Armenia with The Young Turks... and in both of those world wars that your bankers orchestrated, cause.......

....... if my sons didn't want war there would be no war. Isn't that how you put it?

The best way to get away with absolutely evil behavior is to create a smoke screen of unverifiable rumors about it happening to you first. It's like the way you cry out in pain when you strike someone else.

Now you've got this full-on Satanic Disneyland of a killing field, which is all that remains of the landscape that used to belong to the people who once lived there... the ones you hunt... through the rubble you created... are all that's left of the people that used to live in the spaces you now occupy; the spaces you never came from in the first place because the DNA says so... or maybe the DNA is lying cause it's soon to be the target of that trick you always use.

You've said it over and over... about why it's perfectly okay to kill anyone who happens to be occupying anywhere you want to be, OR... in possession of anything you want to have. You say; “nits make lice.” You talk about mowing the lawn; how you have to mow the lawn until you are able to create machines that turn people into Astroturf. You're about to mow the lawn again... aren't you?

You arranged a false flag so badly constructed that even a retard can see that The Emperor is wearing women's underwear. You have videos of events you claim were happening and all I see are cut-and-paste cars with no damage, and people walking away from something that was going on and looks like it's over now. You'd better do something before the hot air balloons show up.

There are all those beheaded babies that no one can verify, except for Biden who says he saw them, but that was probably some kind of flashback. It's odd how so many of the terrorists were speaking Hebrew. Isn't that strange?

Nobody except The Stupid and The Compromised believe you anymore. You are, as someone once said, “like your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

I understand how it can happen when you don't believe in God, except for Mammon because you live exclusively in The World of The Senses. If there was a God, wouldn't he have stopped you by now? Isn't that how you see it? Still... there is the matter of what happens when you leave here, and where you wind up when you come back here. Oh yes... there is that.

Justice happens here all the time but half of The Helix is hidden so... it's hard to connect the dots, isn't it? The very force you do not believe in is what is presently powering you toward your unavoidable destiny, which... in ordinary times... takes place in a further location BEFORE it continues on again here, BUT... not where it left off from here. Rather it continues from where it left off in that place you just came from.

However... these are not ordinary times. In extraordinary times Justice is meted out for The Purpose of Demonstration... as it is soon going to do. You're being allowed to REALLY expose yourselves while the whole world is watching. There isn't going to be any doubt about who did what.

I know a lot of people are on edge right now. They also don't believe in The Divine or they wouldn't be on edge. They don't believe in any kind of a living force. They believe in something that got written down somewhere many centuries ago, and they've got about the same chances as a politician waving a cross at a vampire. Things ONLY have the power that your faith provides them. It has to be a living faith.

Faith in dead things isn't going to bring them back to life. God never died.

Everything moves at its own speed, and... regardless of how long it takes... it eventually gets where its nature takes it. Everything happens according to the nature of the thing it happens to. The destiny of the tree is present in the seed. That is also why corruption sows corruption and you are doomed unless you are born again in The Spirit. You've got to want something more if you expect something more.

Boy! If people could only see what is all around them. If they could only see what is possible for them, conditions here would not be what they presently are, BUT... Evil moves inexorably toward Evil. That is its nature. Good move toward Good. That is its nature. What could be simpler? Why are so many people so perplexed?

There's nothing to worry about unless you have skin in the game. Where your heart is... there your risk and treasure is.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

"Now You Get to See The Level of Control They Have Over Perception by The Hive Mind. You Do Not See What God is Up To."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was warned while this false flag was taking place. I was warned to stay away from The Media. Mostly I have, but... I noticed in going to Breitbart... Revolver... Gateway Pundit, and others... that I either regularly visit or which appear before me... that there is no truth in The Media. They are all liars. They are all under The Thumb.

I do not especially like any of them. I have seen the hand of The Slaver of Minds upon all media for some time. The only place I find any element of Truth now is at Truthseeker and certain bloggers, all the rest are fecal nuggets in a steaming bag of shit.

Not a word did I see in the last couple of days about Israel's terrible evils visited upon the native residents of Palestine in any media.. mainstream or alternative. King Leopold had nothing on the Israelis. Once again, because it is so comprehensive, I again insert Kevin Barrett's article from Truthseeker.

Please note the graphic with the caption; “one shot two kills," with cross-hairs over the target of a pregnant woman. This vastly predates the set-up engagement of a couple of days ago.

The targeting of Palestinians by The IDF... the vicious and routine cruelties of The Settlers. The list is long indeed, any effort to itemize would diminish the scale of the atrocities. They are in the millions now. The Vietnam Wall is said to be impressive because of its size... indicating the level of loss. This would be more like The Great Wall of China.

It is difficult for me to write about any of this because it's just part of a cosmic cycle of endless victims killing each other in different bodies. You get born where you are... as you are... for reasons. Nothing happens by accident. Nonetheless, when I saw a stray dog wandering in Italy, I did not think to myself that that must have been some evil person from former times getting their due. I saw an unfortunate dog in need of love and sustenance. I carried both always with me.

I want to say that The Israelis are the most evil collection of people on Earth at the moment, but... what good would that do? Not that many people care what I think, and that's fine with me. I do not much care what the rest of The World thinks and haven't for a very long time. To me... the vast majority of The World is composed of clueless dupes who not only do not know what is going on but don't even care. They do what they do for Fear or Hunger.

Of course, they set this up for their benefit so that they can wipe the Palestinians out, AND... other reasons. Maybe one of Satanyahu's buddies is a land developer and he owes him. Actually... it's more than that. All of their neighbors hate them for good reason. Those who go along with them do it out of fear of consequences otherwise; that's the case around The World, ever since they set up the place as an international criminal enterprise... with sovereign implications.

(I do not intend to include all the members of a particular demographic as also culpable in these matters. There are righteous people in every demographic. I don't pretend to know what everyone gets up to. God made sure that I would meet good people from every group of people before I got handed this assignment.)

Yes... all of their neighbors hate them and their neighbors are getting stronger. Due to The Apocalypse and The Awakening, more and more people are waking up to what's going on. They need to get things settled before The Truth really starts to leak... about that little event during World War 2... that they tried to pull off earlier in World War 1, and that they've been blackmailing Europe over for decades now.

Yes... it's the poor put-upon Tribe that never did nothing wrong; the Charlie Brown of Alwaysville... “Whyz everybody always picking on me?” If you don't agree, you get that trick that they always use.

You can LITERALLY see America being inundated by migrants imported by George Soros and his friends from parts of The World everywhere... for the purpose of destroying the country. He literally has SEVERAL NGOs that he finances to that end.

There is little need for me to further argue these matters. I've said all I need to say for 20 years now about the whole of it and fact checkers don't come around here because WE DON'T LIE!!!

It's a number's game anyway. You've got 2 billion Muslims... 3 billion Christians... and 16 million Jews.

It's moot at this point. The time has come and ain't nobody going to stop it. As your everyday urban cowpoke might tell you; “shitz about to get real.” This is a time of summing up, and it is coming up. Nothing anyone does is going to change a thing, and Israel is doing everything it can to make matters worse RIGHT... THIS... MINUTE!

They could do the right thing all of a sudden, but... that's not how they operate. That wouldn't even cross their mind. They say; “use force! And if that doesn't work, use more force.”

Yeah... they got a problem and only a few ways to go. They are surrounded by enemies who grow stronger by the day. They need to trick America into attacking Iran, but... that could go wrong all kinds of different ways. They can't get Ukraine arranged now... as the next homeland to run The World from. They are up against a wall of insurmountable difficulty. As Lucifer said to Gabriel in the film Constantine; “hmm... looks like somebody no longer has your back.”

Well... we know who has had their back all this time, and it's not The Lord God, but... The World operates pretty much in a... mostly... hands-off way for The Purpose of Demonstration. You see, they had the keys to the candy store because of where their fealty lies with The Left Hand of God.

There's this thing called Tikkun Olam... which has metamorphosed into ticklish Onan where... by arrangement... prior to reentry... they are given the opportunity to repair The World. It could well be they are the reason it needs the repair, but I'm not going into that end of it today. Anyway, they are given the tools, and... there were moments... in former times... when they answered The Call in a righteous manner.

The World...meanwhile... moved ever more and more into The Province of Mammon, and the lures and attractions got greater... and greater... and greater. They're an inventive and opportunistic race. They took what The Chaldeans and Egyptians had, and... reworked it for their purposes as The Kabbalah.

Many illuminated characters emerged from that study for a time, but then... they reversed it. They took the language of the angels and turned it toward commanding demons, which is what you have today. The Sacred Magic of Abramelin went South. They infiltrated Masonry and every other thing... and when Buddhism moved West they took over here.

They got right up in the face of Bhaktivedanta's ministry at the inception. They created Wikipedia to control the perception of history. I could go on and on about all this; Google... Facebook, but... no need. The one thing that no one seems to take into account, especially the ones who don't believe he exists... is that God is in ABSOLUTE control of everything at all times.

Where people get messed up, and routed the wrong way about God... is that they expect him to interfere in his own laws of balance and adjustment. God intrudes invisibly, now and again, and often without being noticed, but the effect is noticed every time something doesn't go according to plan, and some people blame it on The Devil and some people blame it on God, but people... mostly... do not blame it on themselves.

God is God ineffable and The Devil works for him, but their areas of operation are different. The Devil is the face God shows to The Carnal Mind and Heart. One or the other predominates in various theaters of operation. It's God that gets you out of The Shit, and it's The Devil that gets you into The Shit.

It's why Lord Ganesha is shown with a net and an ax. God plays catch-and-release. He both snares and liberates you and trying to explain something like that here... or anywhere... is probably not happening.

Now you get to see the level of control they have over perception by The Hive Mind. You do not see what God is up to. The reason that Pride goes before a fall is that God is standing right there... with his foot out... but you don't see him. People don't believe what is certainly true because they don't understand, and the reason they don't understand is because their vision is clouded by the smoke of impure desire.

Until you turn down the one flame and turn up the other, you're not going to know much. Let the love of God flame in your heart and see what happens. I'm not writing this for today. I'm writing this for later on when people need to make sense out of what happened... and why it happened, and... I'm not writing it in the first place. I'm just taking it down, and... if there happen to be errors in what I say, it was I who didn't hear properly... who didn't listen attentively. That's on me.

Well... what can I say? It's going to get very... very bad, and very... very good. May God's peace be upon you. May God's love flame in your heart.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, October 5, 2023

"The Mind,The Heart, and The Body... Singing its Siren Song, and Dashed Upon The Rocks of its Own Contrary Nature."

God Poet Transmitting.......




That could be the whole post, with a few other odds and ends; interjections... exclamations. Friends of a murdered Brooklyn activist say that he would feel sorry for the man who killed him. An Oakland baker got murdered by another insane orc and her friends say there should be, “restorative justice.”


I'm not saying you shouldn't forgive offenders, especially when you brought them calling... due to a previous karmic arrangement, BUT... I know what the fall of a civilization looks like. I'm looking at it.

There are more than the two mentioned in recent times; leftist progressives, running afoul of those with the mucking rage of beast consciousness. It is The Theater of The Absurd.

I imagine some troglodytes are racist. Most people are not. In some countries, like Sicily, people are very suspicious of strangers. Poland does not want to let a bunch of military-age immigrants into the country, based on what they have seen happening everywhere else; like Sweden. Like London. Like Ireland. Like America.

Recidivism is a big word. It is more than appropriate to consider it in bail and incarceration guidelines. Ben Franklin... who was the father of the American prison system.. said the object of imprisonment was rehabilitation and that every man should be given a Bible to help work out their own moral dilemma. That's a paraphrasing. He said something like that and I've seen it several times. I can't be bothered to go looking for it.

Here's what Common Sense says; if a man with a hammer beats a total stranger to death, you don't let them right back out on the street. If a man is a serial rapist or child molester... with a track record... you don't let him back out on the street.

There is a group of powerful men who have a pathological obsession with destroying The United States of America. George Soros is one, and his puppet master... The Rothschilds... along with other devoted Satanists... Klaus Schwab... Larry Fink... Bill Gates... and sundry, are responsible for the rise of Marxism in The United States. In order to cripple and take control of the nation, they must create a great disorder everywhere. To that end, they are also funneling criminal gangs from Central and South America into The U.S.

They are behind the ever-more-depraved LGBT... ad infinitum. They are behind the sexual mutilation of children. They are behind the brainwashing in the education system. They are behind the COVID hysteria AND The Killer Vaccines. They are behind the war in Ukraine. They are behind the Climate Change scam. They are behind the relentless tearing at the infrastructure of this country wherever it is happening.

I KNOW this. Any fool could know it if, they... did... the... research. What I say is true and... is not difficult to prove. They have control of the money supply. Amstel Rothschild said; "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws." Now they are trying to change that in the search engines; which they also control... along with all aspects of media.

Take control of The Information Highway and I do not care who writes the news. Yeah... I think that's a nice parallel. So... for stating the obvious, I am marginalized and slandered. The Truth is a harsh taskmistress. I don't... usually... even bother to mention this. It comes with the territory and I knew where it was taking me. It's worth every lick of the lash.

People get all invested down here, where moth and rust do corrupt. It is an enduring agony to separate oneself from these attachments of the carnal mind and heart, as well as the body singing its Siren song, and dashed upon the rocks of its own contrary nature. People grab corruption and hold it tightly to their breast, where it smolders until the pressure of I... and Me... and Mine eventually creates a spontaneous combustion; all... those... filthy... rags; was that you, Isaiah?

Intense heat and fire are always associated with Hell. This is because Desire is at the heart of all sin. However, Saturn is cold so... what does that tell us? It tells us that Hell is a land of extremes, and Harmony is the rule of presence in The Heavenly Spheres.

I don't have much trouble figuring things out... as soon as you are no longer influenced by the desire to possess and to force things to be what you wish them to be, the answers are everywhere, and... in a certain sense... there is only one answer to every question. Love beyond the desire for separation. Love and Unity are very much alike.

Those demons in human form, some of the names of which we have already given, are in a state of constant suffering, and the apprehension of Doom attends them at all times. As the term of their contract reaches the endpoint, they are well aware of what awaits. They may not know The Details, but... they know it's not good.


I am not laughing at them or their fate. I am laughing at the absurdity of the never-ending ambitions of their material dreams;

'I met a traveler from an antique land
Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert . . . Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed:
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

So it has always been. People are given the canvas to write out their desires in blood and fury OR... else... like a simple and immortal weaver... sitting at a loom, they make a consistency... a kinship... an amity and accord with all things. Having stepped back, out of the range of those who desire one thing and hate another... there is no one to see him. He is hidden from their eyes. He lives in a rapt awe as wonder upon wonder unfolds before him.

You could be a headless statue somewhere, your life and works already long forgotten, OR... you can move from everlasting to everlasting, making a Divine Harmony of all things. This is the choice that is possible for us all. For reasons I find clinically insane, most people opt for the grasping nastiness of dogs in heat, and... who's your daddy?

I'm not criticizing canines. It's their nature, but... when humans do it. IT WILL NOT END WELL.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 2, 2023

"It's a Never-Ending Cycle and an Everlasting Spiral that Reflects The Light of God into The Darkness of The World."

God Poet Transmitting.......

When you are not capable of independent... analytical... and/or... critical thought; when you are not seeking only the truth of the matter, but instead... you are seeking a confirmation of what you desire to be so; regardless of whether it is or not, i.e., living your own truth, then someone else will do your thinking for you. This is the cause of the virulent... angry... and hateful beyond all reason... hysterical-progressive-outrage in these times of confusion.

There are cabals and mystic orders... collectives of individuals who know how to influence entire demographics through telepathic invasion and subliminal programming. All the witless hedonists... agenda-driven nut-jobs... sexually twisted, and... indulged offspring of helicopter parents... who enable every insanity their spoiled progeny imagine for themselves... are mind-controlled by these groups.

Mind control comes through a variety of mediums. It comes through the force of environment... through peer pressure... and cultural pressure, which vary in respect of specific environments; be quiet in church... in the library... during a funeral at graveside... in a library, OR... watch what you say in certain situations around certain people. Don't spit on the sidewalk in Singapore. Don't wear a hat here. Do wear a hat there.

Now we have language police. We have places where the culture of aberrant sexuality is forced upon everyone else. Compliance of one kind is now demanded in university settings. Compliance that is forced on you in The Pacific Northwest has little effect in the true West... unless you are in urban settings, where these cancer cultures breed and replicate in the diseased Petri dishes of compacted neighborhoods of group-think.

Certain diseases of The Mind do not fix themselves. They precipitate into the body where they either kill it or become chronic and disabling. Bad things and Good things can happen all at once OR... they can be part of a longer pattern over greater lengths of time. One day, you suddenly awake to yourself in wonder or panic as to how you got there. You got there through a progression of repeated behaviors.

Everywhere you go... sooner or later... you hear people bemoaning their state OR... the state of life around them. Well... sometimes... stepping to the side for perspective OR... looking at how certain things work OR... fix themselves... can help you better understand your situation and... fix it. It can't hurt to visit this site for a little peek behind a particular curtain because...

...you have access to the same kinds of technology, in... your... mind.

I use the internet to learn. That is my chief form of entertainment. Everything else seems like an auto-erotic... self-pleasuring onanistic waste of self. You have a powerful engine in you. It is much more powerful than you may think. It is your sexual force... which is one of the main keys to your vitality. Unless you are old and spent, you've got some left. You can also be old, but not old... and not completely spent.

The Material World... through the force of Materialism... personalized through the entity known as Mammon, and who has other names in other places, LITERALLY sucks the life force out of you through the vehicles of The Senses. If you are a continuous and unconscious participant in The World external to you, it... WILL... consume... you! If you are a conscious resident of The World within, it WILL sustain you.

It will also lead you to The Gates of Immortality, if... you... have... a... guide. It will repair and refurbish your physical body. What might well be called miracles are accessible from within. You just need a guide. The good news is that you have a guide.

If you do not know how to technically process the sexual fluid into Ojas (spiritual force) that is perfectly fine. You don't need to know how to get your heart to beat, do you? If you wish to channel the sexual force to the higher dimensions of being and thought, you need only practice Aspiration. Focus on The Sun. He teaches a clinic on this every single day.

If you can gain something more than an elementary understanding of The Sun and Moon and what passes between them, you will know all you need to know. Even very simple people can find The Light of God through Aspiration and using The Creative Imagination. The Empress of your Creative Imagination is eternally pregnant with possibilities. The Emperor of your divine, God-given Reason is present to rule over the whole of your creation... or you've blindfolded him for whatever the reason.

Yesterday, I read this short treatise on and by Hermes Trismegistus.

Even reading carefully, and thoughtfully... it should not take much more than half an hour to read it. It is also one of those things... like the Charles Johnston translation of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali... that need to be read again and again... many times.

There are particular truths in this work that are revealed more clearly... and in a shorter time... than anything I can immediately call to mind.

He indicates that Thoth is really the power of thought. He talks about The Divine Mind and The Word, and this far predates Christianity. I've read many alchemical texts, and... other than The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus you never see me recommend any of them. This is because they are truly opaque to minds not trained in the meanings of the symbols. forces, AND PROCEDURES being discussed.

What I am trying to get around to saying is that you possess The Power of God within you. God invested this in you in the beginning... long ago... in a time out of memory. This power is demonstrated through a process that has to do with a four-stage application that moves from The Idea... to The Blueprint... through the formative effort, and thence to the thing itself.

You have the thought... the word... the deed... and the result. Maybe you will get a lot from the treatise and maybe you won't. Most people won't even read it all the way through. It's really all a matter of caring. Anyone who cares enough can realize the goal of Godhead... anyone who aspires, and... with a singular focus... desires it, WILL acquire it, AND... you don't need to read this treatise to do it. All you need is Faith... Certitude... and Determination.

Klaus Schwab runs a not-insignificant... cottage industry... that is also a despotic empire. No one gets to the control panel of The WEF but him. Bill Gates runs another one. George Soros runs another one. Big Kahuna... many tentacled, vampire squid Rothschild runs another, and gets fealty from all the others. Larry Fink runs another. The black hole of Google is another. I could go on here... parsing and itemizing... I can't drum up the enthusiasm needed to do so.

These are all frontmen in The Circus of Human Bondage and Degeneracy. They are all servants of The Dark Side and they are headed to their future appointments this very minute. The Dark Side AND The Kingdom of Light both serve the author of them all. The thing is... you can't play Cops and Robbers without cops and robbers. You can't have a functioning gameboard without dueling opposites of Good and Bad Fortune, coming from good and bad intentions.

Life lacks all excitement when there is nothing to strive for or against. You need protagonists! You need The Bad Guys. They provide the rocket fuel that allows you to rise above them. They are the bullies on the playground. Find another playground or learn how to finesse or... kick a bully's ass.

You can't change The World directly. It's supposed to be the way that it is. You can have a great deal of say... concerning the part you play, and the end result thereof. Many good things exist in this world because dedicated souls left good footprints. Many bad things exist because conscienceless reprobates also left a trail.

Right now... some people are trying to follow Jesus Christ. Some of those are actually doing so. Some people are trying to follow Buddha... Krishna... and others, AND... some of them are actually doing so too. Somewhere up ahead... there will be people... following those people... who were following Christ... Krishna... Buddha and others. It's a never-ending cycle of an everlasting spiral that reflects The Living Light of God into the darkness of The World.

It seems like the key is to find something that works for you, personally, AND... that is something you will find... if you have the necessary dedication to that end. Otherwise... you will just bumble and stumble around... for whatever exhausting length of time you need to... before you wake the fuck up. For reasons mysterious to me, it takes some people millions of lives; not years... lives.

I don't get the upside to the objects of desire that seem to be the terminal focus of most people. I understand the force of appetite. I do not understand the cost. I'm a different kind of an accountant... who balances a different set of books... that most people can't be bothered to even read. Different strokes for different folks... I guess.

I do this over and over each weekday in the hope that someone might be triggered somewhere... sometime. I don't really have a choice in the matter so... blaming or praising me is of no meaning to me. A long time ago, I asked God how best I could serve him and this is what he came up with. Every single one of you has a destiny of this kind to replace whatever it is you have gotten up to in the meantime.

The rough-shaping, and refining, can be a painful labor... as it does involve a second birth, but one forgets all about the travails in the aftermath. Otherwise, there is only the pointless repetitions of nonsense heading nowhere. As long as that serves... I suppose... it will continue.

End Transmission.......

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