Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bare-Assed Naked in a Pig Skin Suit.

For quite some time I’ve been saying here and elsewhere that those responsible for the problems of our time are going to be exposed and hung out to dry. It’s a given that most people wouldn’t understand how this could be possible when those responsible control the media that manufactures both the news and the viewpoints which are spoon fed to the public. It seems even more impossible when the foxes run the chicken house as their own poultry farm and when the laws that were designed to protect the public have been suspended or re-engineered to the point where they look like Michael Jackson’s face.

However... it’s happening. It’s happening the way the weather changes when one season moves into another. Increasingly as the days go by it becomes more of what is coming and less of what it was. It’s like ice cracking... here a crack ...there a crack and soon it’s a spider-web of many cracks until one day the ice is gone altogether. Change is a constant.

Let’s not concern ourselves with why people are suddenly being exposed and ‘seen’ for what they are as opposed to what has been the case for so long. For far too long, a criminal mentality has prevailed over the worlds of politics and business and the engines of disinformation have dutifully pumped out their daily doses of Dairy Queen swirly ice cream that has not been ice cream at all but bullshit, flavored according to the tastes of what the public has been accustomed to. It’s still shit and if you were in your right mind it would still taste like shit. The reason it didn’t was because the public was on stage at a hypnotist performance, acting out according to the suggestions of the hypnotist. The spell is being broken. This isn’t the forum where I discuss the invisible causes of visible events. Let’s just assume this is happening because you can see it happening.

John McCain takes credit for a bail-out that then fails. Sarah Palin is by degrees shown to be a clueless twit with a dangerous capacity to believe whatever she is told by people more dangerous than herself and these things are being revealed to the public, in many cases by the same people who were concealing it from the public. The people who were responsible for the de-regulation that caused many of these problems are getting caught in their own webs of denial. The rapacious and greedy machinations of Wall Street are screening in the theaters on Main Street. And this isn’t just happening in America... all across the world in every country, the fortunes of those abroad are being compromised by the Big Tuna whose carcass is rotting in the sun.

This is stage one... or stage two but it’s only one of the preliminary stages. In this stage, the bad actors are now being given the opportunity to posture in even more humiliating performances while they do all the wrong things, instead of the right things but... once again, let’s not concern ourselves with why this is. Now Congress is being given an opportunity to strut their stuff and- true to their rigorous code of self-interest are betraying the businessmen and women who bought them in an earlier stage. Consonant with that, others are supporting the bail-out which will give their opponents the deciding edge in each campaign as they trumpet to their constituents how their competitor for office worked to sell out the American people.

This bail-out... though it is made to look complex, is quite simple. Certain forces from the business and political world want to give the publics money to the very agencies that caused the problem which the bail-out is supposed to fix. What the bailout accomplishes is to give these criminals the wherewithal to prop up their stocks before they dump them. However you may understand this situation, however nuanced your perceptions may be, one thing is clear... you don’t throw money at the people who created the problem in the first place. The real issue here is not what it appears. The real issue is that the Federal Reserve is in trouble and that makes me feel like I just took a good dose of oxycodone.

Let me point a few other things out... 700 billion will not fix this problem. The problem is much greater and you have to look at derivatives to understand why. Actually, the real problem is unbridled greed and shifting paper, inflating values, packaging and repackaging and selling and re-selling debt until nothing is what it seems. Nothing is what it seems.

The Bush legacy is now a dead skunk in the middle of the road. The Republican idea that wealth trickles down is bankrupt and always was a lie. The democrats have shown themselves to just be the other side of the face of a bare-assed naked pig. Ron Paul is totally redeemed. Day by day, the perpetrators of world misfortune are now being given the opportunity to lie and point fingers at each other and plead and beg with outstretched hands for the camera that is recording all of it.

What does this kind of a system do whenever it gets into this kind of a situation? It goes to war.

This is early days and you are getting a real glimpse at the sort of folk that got turned loose on you by the people you elected to protect you. It’s going to get more and more revealing as more and more stupid things get done and said, as the rats begin to desert the ship... as the empire crumbles... as the dollar begins to appear on rolls in the toilet stalls. Something is in the wind and it is opening doors where people are doing things to each other that they made against the law for everyone else.

Here’s an interesting read. I make no claims about it. You’re hearing a lot of things. Some will tell you that all of this has been engineered by a few for the sole purpose of enriching themselves. This could well be true. Some will tell you that there’s nothing we can do because they’ve got control of everything. What you have just seen from the public’s reaction to the bail-out suggests otherwise. Nobody really knows what’s going on but... a whole lot of people and conditions are being exposed and a lot of the criminals are being made to dance like a chicken on a griddle. This will keep happening and they will keep looking for new ways to frighten and confuse you. Meanwhile, something they don’t understand is going on at the same time.

Some of you think there’s going to be an election in November. Some of you think that one of the two choices you can make is going to make a difference. Both of these candidates are whores to the very interests who brought this situation about. I’m not going to talk about solutions now... it probably isn’t my job anyway. But it is interesting that I and others know better what should be done than those entrusted to do it. Of course, we aren’t wearing sexual restraints with gag reflex ping pong balls in our mouths and waiting for a taste of what’s in store in that basement of the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction at the hands of agents from a nasty little abortion in the Middle East.

What I will say is that we are in the denouement of a Shakespearean play that the actors are unaware of. They think all it’s going to take is to throw some victims to the mob and point a few fingers and tell a few lies and then it’s back to business as usual... au contraire. Things are not what they were and this is only the beginning of the ice cracking and the unexpected doing a Jack in the Box in the most unexpected places. Meanwhile, the sleeping classes are waking up. Pardon me a little shadenfreude as the miscreants expose themselves with every effort they make to conceal themselves.

As much as there are going to be some storms and fury, there is going to be positive change. There’s going to be more change than Obama or anyone else intended or expects and it’s going on, right in front of you, right now. The scales are adjusting and nothing anyone does is going to alter that.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Your Mr. Potato Head and the Potato Free Truth

I’ve watched half the debate by now and one thing is very clear, neither candidate seems to have the ability to tell the truth in a direct fashion. Neither candidate is willing to address the actual conditions that have led to the conditions in which America finds itself today. Neither candidate is willing to confront the real enemy of the nation and the world. Neither candidate is doing much more than jockeying for position in order to look like the new and improved potato chips that everybody wants; apparently more than they want to hear the truth. The truth as usual is unpopular. The truth is a genital itch at an awards dinner. The truth lies beaten, bleeding and alone; mugged and gang-raped in an alley and soon to be imprisoned for causing this assault on itself.

Sure... the culture of greed can get mentioned. Sure... various points about culpability can be brought forth and superficially examined like a gonorrhea smear on a glass slide by people who don’t get the implications and think you catch it from a toilet seat. Sure, both candidates can pose like mechanical toys in an arcade gambling game. They can look like what they’re selling but far be it from either of them to be made out of real potatoes when real potatoes don’t have that sweet tongue corruption that we have come to enjoy as so much better than the real thing.

Compare what is patently true to what is presented as true. There is NO Al Qaeda. The only Al Qaeda that there is, is a joint CIA/Mossad construction that is composed of Israeli, American and British operatives dressed up in Arab suits with an armory stocked with radio controlled Manchurian candidates who aren’t that much different than the candidates talking to me right now. The main difference would be that they’re not strapped with explosive vests. They are merely strapped with the ignorance that allows for the continuation of the process by which the vests continue to explode. Here’s the only Al Qaeda cell ever uncovered so far. Neither candidate, so far, has said we need a new investigation into 9/11. Exposing 9/11 would expose everything that has followed but... they don’t want to do that because... the unwelcome truth undermines all of the posturing about excuses and solutions that are nothing but obfuscations of what really happened and what really is.

Yeah... Obama looks Lincolnesque and he’s articulate... but he’s still not made from real potatoes. McCain is a hack with some really nasty things in his closet. He’s a hypocrite and a liar and he’s more of the same sleazy whoring for power, profit and position that you’ve had all along. Obama might well have some integrity lying in an upstairs bedroom where masked men are pressing a pillow down over its face but... he’s bought and paid for and he’s publically and privately sucking up to the very entities and agencies that have brought you to where you are today.

I look at the candidates. I look at Jim Leher. I can’t see the audience but I know what they look like... in the auditorium and in their living rooms. The candidates want to be at the reins of the state. The audience wants their piece of the action and a few people want the truth. Most everyone else wants their hopes realized without having to include the truth into the equation. Most of the people want their crackling sausage but they don’t want to know how it gets made. Most people want that good synthetic potato taste at the expense of the vitamins and nutrition and they don’t want to know what the physical cost may be. They all want comprehensive health care but they don’t want to live and behave in the ways necessary to avoid all of the growing number of health concerns that are caused by avoiding the reality of their avoidance of the truth.

Good luck people. Good luck feeling your way in the darkness because of the inconvenience of what turning on the light will show you. Good luck approaching your problems while refusing to shine a light on them so that you can see what they are. Good luck with having your potato chips and eating them too. And make sure you don’t eat those nasty skins where all the nutrients are. This is why big trouble is coming. When you refuse to face the truth, eventually the truth is going to be in your face.

It reminds me a lot of the way London was a few hundred years ago. People used to dump their body wastes through a hole into the floor into their basements. They used to throw them out of their windows into the street. They used to refuse to bathe and covered up their stench with perfumes. It hasn’t changed. And what was the result of that process of hygiene management?

Until you look at exactly why things are the way they are you can’t fix them. Why do those responsible for these conditions refuse to discuss the actual causes? Why do the people being ruined by these things refuse to see for themselves what is causing them? Because they want their fake potato chips that taste better than the real thing. They want the unreal life that appears more attractive than the real life. The truth is... you can change your diet to anything and in about ten days your taste buds will also change. I’d ask you to think about that but... good luck.

People have an investment in the unreal. People buy billions of lottery tickets for the good life that’s right around the corner. People want to go to Las Vegas where the odds will always be stacked against them but hope springs eternal at the bullshit buffet.

Look in awe my friends at these seemingly intelligent people who think- who believe- who tell you and themselves that by some mysterious and magical process that you can fool the integrity of numbers and come up with a result that the numbers don’t provide; that you can mix the wrong chemicals and get what you desire as opposed to what the chemicals actually do. Look at the people who believe that telling lies will result in the truth. How do you like those potatoes?

Now you’ve got a large army unit deployed on your home soil in defiance of Posse Comitatus which had a bad accident a little while ago. You’ve got all sorts of strange things going on but it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay... just go back to sleep and dream about those potato chips... those barbecued Buffalo Chips...

When a person suppresses things in their sub-conscious... eventually what is being suppressed finds its way to the surface through the weakest link in the chain. Once it finds its way to the surface it acts out in an unpredictable and often dangerous fashion. When you hide the truth from yourself it is, sooner or later, going to rise up in force and slap you silly. It’s going to embarrass you with your lack of control over your own behavior and all because you preferred fake potato chips to the real thing. The irony is that real potatoes really do taste better than fake potatoes. But the fake taste bangs away on the five tastes centers the way caffeine keeps firing the adrenals and you burn out your starter. You wouldn’t need all that expensive health care if you took care of your health in the first place. You wouldn’t be at the mercy of lies if you embraced the truth to begin with.

It’s a powerful illusion isn’t it? How can you help not believing these men who can command such television attention; who have such an appearance of power, who can talk in front of large audiences and play with the economies and militaries of a powerful nation? But the truth is that it’s all bullshit. Kudos to those who can see through this. There’s hope for you. For the rest of you... sooner or later... the truth is going to come to your door. You’re not going to like it when it does. Your potato chips are suddenly going to taste like what they are really made of instead of what they are pretending to be.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It Doesn't Look Good For the Boys in the Back Room.

I’m amused by what my mind can come up with some times. For instance Goldman-Sachs; Is it a veddy British marriage title or is it some gold man’s sacks? ...or sacs? Some sacks of some man’s gold?. When the ugly truth reveals itself it usually slices itself away like milk fed veal to present the chickenshit-white, First Matter of the Alchemist burbling at the center. That’s a heck of way to start off a commentary but what should I say? Come and get it? Or... don’t you get it?

This whole pustulating mess that has been presented as a ‘free will’ experiment. Hey, call it free enterprise if you like. It’s still tomayto or tomahto. We assume we have latitude to act with autonomy... but we don’t know where we got that autonomy from. Confused? Join the circus... audience or participant... your choice. Put on your clown face. Go bait the bears. Why not ride the bulls and turn the circus into a rodeo? Why not hide in the Sunderband from the tigers? It’s all connected and I bet a lot of people wish they were more ‘connected’ but sorry folks... there’s only so much room and only so many chairs. Do I hear music? Uh huh.

There’s a lot of bad entertainment out there but it really is painful watching bad dancers in the spotlight. I guess we can get into it now. I guess we can call it what it is. Is it steaming in the middle of the road after a horse carriage has gone by? Does it smell bad? If you have ever stepped in it you know what I am talking about and I guess I don’t have to tell you what it is cause, you know... uh huh... you know.

George Bush is entirely composed of it, as are his fellows and all the dancers and jugglers and clowns and acrobats. Hey, some of it has covered all the pricey seats in the audience like they were at a Gallagher show. Don’t forget to wear your raincoats.

This is what it got you, people. This is what it got you. Go ahead... take a bow. Do an encore and ask for more. The crowd loves it.

I’ve watched this whole thing unfold and I still can’t get my head around how such a bad performance drew such crowds. Go ahead... work for a lifetime. Believe a lie and then when the liars come on stage, fight your way through the crowd to be the first to throw all of your money at their feet. Offer them your life and your children’s too. They expect no less of you.

There’s panic in the air. DVD’s of wild-eyed Muslim fanatics are appearing in your newspapers as a gift. The bombs are starting to go off; in Yemen, in Pakistan and next stop? Coming to a major population center soon. Funny how all of the high ranking Pakistanis chose not to show up at the last minute for that Marriot buffet... all you can kill for only $9.99. That’s right. You think back to 9/11 and the Pakistani intelligence involvement and you tell me... do you think there is more going on than what meets the eye? Or do you... think? Do you reason? Do you wonder? I do... but that’s me.

Oh this looks like one of those Texas Chili Festivals. I’ve never been and I truly love chili. I make all kinds of good chili and I would really like to see what some of the other chefs have come up with. But I have never been.

Is it chili or is it shit? You tell me. What does it taste like? Do you know the difference? Can you tell the difference between shit and chili? We’ll leave that to the connoisseur.

I think it is about time for the gloves to come off but that’s not for me to say. Maybe it’s not just gloves but clothes or concealment in general. Time to flush a covey of quails?

I guess all I have to say on this matter is that you shouldn’t deceive yourself about who is responsible for the action going on. Bushco and the assorted assortments of the same neo-con ganglion nexus are the shit in the chili. There are other bad guys out there, sure... but as for all this... this... whatever you want to call it... it’s all being done by the same people pretending to be other people. They got a lot of weapons and that makes them dangerous. However... they are about to destroy themselves because that is what they do. It’s too bad they took a lot of you with them.

I know it may seem hard to believe for a lot of you but they are on the run. They may not know that yet but they are.. What you need to do is not get into their action. Whoever you are... wherever you are... just step away. You don’t have to go down with them. You have that choice. What’s in play is in play. You don’t have to play though. Maybe you hear this and maybe you don’t.

I think some people think I’m all about doom and gloom. I am anything but. Just remove your minds and your hearts and your attention from the frantic activity of these vile predators. Their time has come. You don’t have to sail away with them.

What am I saying? Why can’t I be more clear? Some people won’t let you read what I say unless I say it circumspectly. This whole stinking mess of mindless greed and avarice is about to boil over.

If you think the people that created the crisis can fix the crisis you are a fool. They engineered the crisis in order to gain even more control over everything while paying the least amount for it. And they are doing all of this with your money. It’s not just bad business and unmitigated greed. It’s also intentional. But on their way to all those bright dreams and personal glory... on their way to snatching everything for themselves and destroying you in the process they overlooked something and that is that a person’s reach should never exceed their grasp. They just haven’t grasped that.

These sad clowns have brought the whole circus down. They thought that meant they could sell the items back to the people that paid for them in the first place but... but... but.. or can they? Well... that’s up to you isn’t it? Or maybe there’s a joker in the deck and I do suspect there is a joker in the deck and it is going to get wild. Dick Cheney and David Rockefeller, the Rothschild boys and assorted sundry. The Donable Rumsfield’s and Kissinger’s and all the other party boys and girls are going to get a serious spanking. Do you really want to line up next to them? What did they ever do for you? That’s the part that perplexes me. I guess you think they did something for you but if they did it was an accident ...or you are part of the crew?

The game is up. This time the joke is going to be on them and the punch line is not funny. No, hold your calls... operators are not listening. Operators never listen. They just operate. The Calvary actually is coming but it’s not the Calvary that many would expect. What was that famous scene in that spaghetti western? The troops arrive and are covered in dust so that they look like Confederates but the officer starts slapping his hat against his coat and the coat is blue? Oh yeah, welcome to real time TV.

Oh... by the way... you might want to see THIS

I’ll see you in the next installment and leave you with this advice, “Step away from the fan. Don’t run with the scissors in your hand. Keep your head down and don’t volunteer. Cop a squat in the cheap seats... far enough away so that you don’t have to wear a raincoat. And if you want to get close to the action? I suggest you bring your raincoat.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

How Long Before the Dominos Begin to Tumble?

Can anyone doubt that the time is at hand? It’s funny how everything from Biblical prophecy to the Mayan Calendar; everything from sources channeling The Cassiopeans to those channeling The Pleiadians; everything from rational atheists to practicing metaphysicians all say some day is just about now. Economists (who aren’t lying sacks of shit) say so. The same liars go on from one day to the next cosmeticizing this hyena culture while they loot the till.

Who’s to blame? Well... there are several culprits; the deregulation junkies whose sole purpose is to allow corporations to rip off the public under the banner of free enterprise, the ‘greed is good’ crowd- all of the Ayn Rand, “me first, you later... maybe.” contingent- the black wash of materialism across the globe, the ‘gospel of wealth’, religious hypocrites who like to paint sugar water under the eyes of starving black children for their photo-op moments holding these kids on their laps (in their spanking new Banana Republic Safari outfits) in the hope of squeezing money out of the ordinary Nimrods who put their faith in these jerks and who contribute to hunger porn, the generally bone dead stupid- ‘go along to get along’ public and sundry reptiles and certainly the Zionist controlled media and certainly the Zionists themselves who are one of the worst gangs of organized psychopaths that we have ever seen.

Will the solutions offered by Secretary Paulson heal the bleeding? Will Secretary Paulson, who is criminally complicit in the very crimes that brought this about, ride in on his lame horse with his paunchy frame suited up in his Lone Ranger outfit save America from default? No... he won’t.

What are these conscienceless swine also up to? They’re working out the final plans for the next Mossad/C.I.A. false flag attack as they step by step frog march from Yemen to the Islamabad Marriot and on to the big one by stages and degrees. These vampire pigs are tacking into the wind in their last desperate efforts to screw everything up while they lay hold of all the devalued properties and assets that are now in fire sale mode because of conditions they set into play for just that reason. And they are going to get a spanking the like of which has not been seen in a long time but I can’t talk about that here. Just mosey on over to Visible Origami in the next few days for the Central Command posting.

It’s amazing isn’t it? You take off the controls and let a pack of vicious weasels rape and pillage at will, get their asses into trouble and then... then ‘we the people’ bail them out at our expense because it’s for the greater good of all. The public whippings and humiliations so well deserved by these blood-stained clowns is nowhere in evidence. Tune in next week to hear what heroes they all are.

Meanwhile, Senator (I can’t remember my name) McCain is giving one of the best impressions of a Tom Fool idiot that I have ever seen. He thinks nothing of embarrassing himself day after day. Sooner or later the air in his head is just going to give up and it will hang down on his chest like a flaccid prophylactic that got blown up at a neighborhood sex toy party...Tupperware just doesn’t have the same attraction anymore in mainline America.

Obama’s team is playing it cool. All they have to do is just let McCain self-destruct. And very shortly a lot of Palin’s dirty laundry is going to be hanging out on the international clothesline. However, Obama has kneeled before the Zionists and offered them his hindquarters so we’ll have to see it he can snatch himself upright should the reins of power fall to him. One thing America must do is cut Israel loose. It is a menace and an abomination and a lot of America’s present difficulties can be traced there, one way or the other.

Who would have ever thought that Russia would be the good guys? Major, strategic kudos to them for finessing the balance of powers game and embracing everyone who doesn’t like the neo-con, mad dog ballerina act and that’s a whole lot of nations around the world.

You think things are bad now? You have to realize that quite some numbers of the players are clinically insane. They don’t know the meaning of reason or fair play. They want to own the world and enslave the world’s population. That’s a simple conclusion that can be arrived at with little difficulty. It’s a funny thing about the arrogance of power. It robs you of your good sense and leaves you exposed and vulnerable to all sorts of things you didn’t expect.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again; the worst thing about this is the millions of people who bought into the lie and who are going to be sucked down with the ship. Ignorance is bliss only when the consequences have not yet arrived on the scene.

You go right on trusting the fools who got you into this mess. Don’t stand up and call for their heads. That bravery is beyond you and it’s probably because the loss of bravery is directly connected to the loss of integrity. It’s all the little corruptions that make the big corruptions possible. It’s the way the prevailing philosophy trickles down into the lives of the people that accounts for the fatal blindness that you now endure.

It’s probably always been on the way because it is human nature to take the easy road as if there ever were an easy road. This present debacle can be traced back to the reinstitution of the Federal Reserve and the country’s money masters and to the fiat currency game. These snakes have all got their bolt holes. They’ve got their bunkers and the gold and they’re just going to be safe and tidy and warm when the cold wind of destiny sweeps around the world. Not this time though. This time is going to be different I do believe but we shall see.

When you have good laws that serve the public interest you can count on stability and security. When those laws can be altered at the whim of those who can employ profit-junkie lawyers to manipulate the landscape of justice for the benefit of the few then you really don’t have any good laws left.

The highest court of the land is a pack of whores. They ably demonstrated that in 2000 when they changed the definition of justice in a permanent way. When one of the chief justices can freely associate with one of the chief architects of these crimes against the people then you’ve got what you got today. You got nothing. Your pensions are evaporating. Your health care is a joke. Your streets are filled with a generation of vipers so self absorbed that all they can hear any more is coming out of their ipods.

Judgment is coming folks and I don’t think it matters where you think that judgment is coming from; from some divine agency or just the consequence of stupid, self interest where the numbers do what numbers do. No matter what you may believe or not believe you surely know that there is balance in the world and when it goes missing it will adjust itself no matter where you are standing and without a thought for you.

I can’t within the medium of words, adequately convey what I am trying to say but that doesn’t matter either. Nothing I or anyone says is going to have any effect on what is in front of you. You have better wake up.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

One Last Diatribe Before We Get Specific

As I expected, before I wrote the last several pieces, there was some amount of static about perspective and attitude. It was a lot less than I thought it might be and well off-set by the majority of responses. Some of them thought it was my best work ever. I would definitely disagree with that but it just goes to show... you never know what’s going to ring people’s bells and what’s going to piss them off.

One respondent made me laugh. He said I would accomplish a lot more by just telling people on the street that I love them. He also didn’t think much of my attitude toward the sheep and what he inferred was my harsh declarations about what may happen to them. I’m not sure I even used the word sheep, I might have but I don’t use it often. What I immediately wondered was, “What does this guy think happens to sheep anyway?” As for stopping people on the street and telling them I love them well... Now, mind you, I do tell people I love them but I do it sub rosa in their ears while the world sleeps at night and I do it by doing what I do because real love protects; it’s a condom from the invisible. Loving people is not about ceremonial displays of affection. I might as well be air-kissing airheads in L.A. for all the good that does. Saying something is one thing. Doing something is another. The best way to tell people you love them is to tell them the truth.

Some may think that my reading on the world situation -and it’s time slot here in the Kali Yuga- is a tad negative. To those I say, “you haven’t read much history.” History is an endless track of bloody footprints. There are periods of calm. Even when world wars are in action there are places where no evidence of it is found. However... however... you really do have to be a moron or deep in desperate or indifferent denial not to be able to see what is going on here.

I would also like to point out that you are (and will be) dealing with several kinds of bi-pedal forces. One of those is a percentage of psychopaths and they are not going to be affected by your telling them you love them; not now and not ever. Another element is the dark, marauding bands of criminal minds which always get together when bad times come. These are the folk that loot and burn and rape. Then there’s those who are paralyzed by fear who intend to kill everything on sight. Most of us have not seen beneath the veneer of civilization when a mob gets out of control; when the power goes off, when food and other necessities become hard to get. I’ve seen some events and you would be very surprised to see how quickly the beast within swallows the human façade.

I am fond of saying that people have three faces. The first face is the one they want you to see and the first one they present you with. The second face appears over time as you come to know the person (inasmuch as you are able). The third face appears when danger threatens. Regrettably I have had a number of occasions to see that third face.

I like people. However... I can’t say that I generally respect or want to be around them, except in specific cases. They believe things that are not true. They see things that aren’t real. They desire shit, because it’s wrapped in golden foil. Their vanity is out of all proportion to any merit. They think the game they are playing is real and I know that it is not. They think so many things are important but they are not and they will lose every one of those things one day. They will keep none of them. They will leave the way they came.

Things are not going well in the main at the moment. Yes... chariots of great power and majesty may descend from the sky and straighten everything out. I will point out that even if they do, there is no guarantee that you won’t be one of the things that needs to be and gets... straightened out.

There are millions of people who really believe that God is pleased with their bullshit genuflections and groveling annoyances. Whatever name they’ve given this God, they are certain that that is his name. He hates the same people they do and he really doesn’t like sex even though that’s the process by which we all got here. Apparently he only likes the kind of sex that has official papers. In some cases, he doesn’t like sex at all and will send you to Hell just for thinking about it even though there would be no world without sexual activity and no world to save you from without it. Whoever this God is that these people believe in, I am here to tell you that ‘that’ God does not exist and neither does the one the atheists don’t believe in. That God is an anthropomorphic troglodyte just like you. It’s a bigger you with all the nasty little attitudes and habits that you grafted on to him.

You seem to believe that you can shit where you eat and it’s okay. It’s even more okay to ship your shit abroad and bury it in the landscape of the countries whose resources you robbed and left in crushing debt at the same time. It’s a sort of two for one deal. But never mind, everything is going to be just okay as long as we carry out the pretense of some public display of loving each other; even though we don’t know who it is we are loving or who we are either.

Real love tells you your ass is in trouble and tries to get you to see what you refuse to see because you are having too much fun working the system for your own advantage, never suspecting that you are what the system eats and... if you don’t believe me well, look at what’s happened to your retirement capital and you had better... oh definitely, not get sick which... isn’t that easy, given the sort of food you’re sold and the stress you have to live under. The medical industry is a disease factory and if there is some new and useless, but more painful way to treat you, especially if it costs more, you can count on seeing the brochure tomorrow.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this. It would be no trouble for me to sell you a New Age cure all and have you give me your money and whatever else I might want and you’d like that because it doesn’t force you to confront your situation or make the uncomfortable changes necessary to enjoy a better life. I could do it too. I could fill your head with beautiful lies and show you how to do it to others as well but... for some reason; I can’t bring myself to do it. Therefore... you had better wake up and you had better wake up now.

It’s a lie, people. Your government is a liar and a murdering thug and they think you are there to shear at their pleasure. The people who should be in government have too much integrity to go bobbing for apples in an outhouse and the people with no integrity are the flies buzzing around the place that they won’t go. Your religious leaders wouldn’t know God if he groped them personally in an adult theater and brought them to an orgasm that shot them past Shambhala and beyond. Most of your churches are no better than an adult theater and far less entertaining with your droning hymns and sleep inducing gobeldy gook about begats and burning lakes of fire for activities that most of the people in the book were active participants in. Get a clue.

This crap has gone on for too long and it’s past time for it to crash and burn. You race down the highway, leaving principles and manners behind you like road kill, so that you can get wherever you think you’re going so that you can wait... So go ahead, hurry up and wait. The world as we know it is on its way out. You think you can cling to the wreckage then go ahead. It would be like grabbing the walls of your mother’s womb to prevent your birth. It’s not going to happen.

The attack in Yemen by a non-existent Al Qaeda is the opening bell. As we move through the year, you’re going to see that things you won’t look at have you very much in mind and are looking at you. I’d like to hope you’re going to wake up and collectively cry... “hold, enough!” We’ll see.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well Here it Comes, Da dum da dum dum, Here Comes the Night

Yes... here it comes people. It’s a big, awkward, ungainly beast and it is collapsing through the wreckage of a large infrastructure so it may be a little while yet before it hits the ground, pulverizing the infrastructure beneath it. The greed goblins and psychopaths all have (treasure of) Sierra Madre Fever so they are only concerned with grabbing as much loot as possible before the beast crushes everything beneath it. However, like monkeys trying to steal avocados or mangos out of a clay vase, they’re not going to let go of the fruit. They just can’t... even if it means their life. More power to them in that endeavor.

You’ve been warned. You’ve been warned by the real truth sites like The Truthseeker as well as What Really Happened and The Signs of the Times and The People’s Voice has warned you and so have the handful of other truthful sites. I’ve warned you and others have warned you but... you can’t hear and you won’t listen and those who will not listen must feel.

I’ve known these days were coming for years. Ten years ago I left the U.S. because I knew. Why you can’t see it is a mystery to me. The blinders of self-interest are amazing. They filter everything but the sleazy focus of the one obsessed. A few years ago I knew it was getting close so we bought a small house in a very rural farming area, far away in an undisclosed location that does not have Dick Cheney in it. Now you can see it advancing through your windshield and in your rear view mirror you can see the world you knew vanishing in the distance behind.

You are fools. You are petty, corrupt fools. You’re going to get an asswhupping the like of which your limited imagination cannot comprehend. Even now, you could change your ways and admit your ignorance and embrace the truth but you would rather live in a world of crass convenience, bad magic and the carrot and stick illusions that have driven you into the wasteland. You are going to become object lessons on how not to be.

Was it because of the possibility of a piece of the action? Was it because you are amoral? Was it because you are abysmally ignorant and proud of it? Was it because your appetites overwhelmed your higher nature? I imagine some applies here and some applies there and that there are other reasons as well. It doesn’t matter how you came to step into the bear trap ‘after’ you have stepped into the bear trap. Hindsight is of no use in this case... unless you get a second chance. This is your second chance.

Perhaps I am writing this simply because I am compelled to write. I’ve never had much choice about that. Maybe it’s just me playing solitaire with words.

What you are looking at now is not ‘the’ bad shit. This is the movie trailer... or perhaps it’s the early part of the movie. The bad sections are still on the way and you will find yourself surprised beyond reckoning at just how fast it can come upon you. It’s sort of like trying to outrun a tsunami. The best way to outrun a tsunami is to head for the hills as soon as you see the ocean recede.

I’ll admit to a lot of satisfaction at Wall Street’s dilemma. Years ago I and others told you it was going to happen. I’m not in any way an economist but even I knew that the ‘devil may care’ cavalier, sub-prime, home loan scam was a big mistake. But... that’s just a portion of the whole. What you have here is a classic, “knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, thigh bones connected to the hip bone” situation and so on and so forth.

You don’t want to hear it. “It’s just market forces adjusting.” It’s not just market forces, although you could say they were adjusting; the same way that the elements in the toilet bowl adjusts to the force of the water. It’s the naked aggression for gain as well. And make no mistake... the vicious reptiles that have waged these wars in your name are not done yet. They just can’t help themselves and so... there’s going to be a lot more than market forces to worry about; not that worry ever helped anyone.

Everything’s connected. So... when the system in use has become nothing more than a vampire siphon machine for the few in control of it... it’s toast. Others can tell you why this is. I’m not here to analyze the components behind your doom. I’m just here to tell you it’s on the way and that you had better make some adjustments, pronto.

It’s too much to expect that you the people will drag these malefactors from their privileged beds and wreak havoc upon them. For some reason you think it safer to be their canon fodder and blood supply. Far be it from me to make your mind up for you.

Warning signs exist for a reason. They are there to inform you of hazards on the road. Giving me the finger as you drive by does not negate the existence of these hazards. There’s a reason for turn signals and speed limits. There’s a reason for being prudent when necessary. You’ll note how so many have done away with the practice of basic survival skills the way they did away with courtesy and manners. In fact... those who practice prudence and basic survival skills have become an annoyance and an obstacle on the highway to those who don’t.

How bad is it going to get? We’ll see ...won’t we?

Many of you assisted in helping to elect one of the most cowardly and base criminal weasels that have ever come down the pike into the presidency. He didn’t actually win, so blatant voter fraud compensated for the margin of loss. You did this twice while the world turned into a paranoid, flaming dumpster. You tossed your communities existence into the dumpster and then danced around it like it was some kind of bonfire at a Summer Solstice. You’re going to get a collective spanking. Indeed you are, because the poison beneath has found it’s way to the surface skin and is bursting forth like runaway teenage acne only this isn’t acne and there’s no Clearasil for it.

Your Boy Chimp Emperor is coming to the end of his term. Various forces all compelled by the same dark confusions are wrestling in the shadows for possession of the ring. A small violent country from far away is wreaking mayhem with everything it touches. It’s daily, casual murders and outright genocide is nothing to you. With help from their friends on the inside they attacked your largest city and military institution. They’ve got a much bigger surprise in store. Do you really think if they did it once they won’t do it again; given that the truth is surfacing all over the world? You are living proof that those who do not learn from- or even know or care what happened in- the past are doomed to repeat it.

Lately I’ve been saying the same thing in different ways. You might wonder why that is but you won’t have to wonder for too long now. There isn’t anything else to say at the moment. If you think a new president is going to make any difference then you are a fool. Both of the candidates are under the thumb of life’s ancient enemy and any departure from the status quo on their part includes a bullet to the head. If you want to see how promised change comes about, look at what happened after the 2006 elections.

But their hour has come too, just like yours has. The bankers and politicians are also going down, quite some distance further down than you may find yourself. Every now and then it’s time to clean the landscape and freshen the air with an absence of those things which have stunk up the joint for far too long. I can’t say it’s going to give me any real personal pleasure to see it but I will surely be glad to see them gone.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Slowly I Turned and Step by Step, Inch by Inch, America Falls.

There was an old comic routine that the Three Stooges used to do that was called, “Slowly I Turned.” As I look at the world these days that routine comes to mind. A presumably sane person is sent over the edge from hearing a phrase. A ‘presumably’ sane world seems poised for a similar event.

Many people are wondering how it is that the McCain/Palin ticket could be neck and neck with the Obama ticket after eight years of bitter misery and lies at the hands of the worst administration that America has ever known; an administration that wasn’t even legally elected either time. It becomes more absurd when you see that this new ticket agrees the majority of the time with what the former administration did. The former administration is guilty of high crimes and treason. There is more evidence than any court would need to confer the death penalty on these miscreants. Yet... more of the same seems on the way.

It should be no surprise. All the elements of a ‘Perfect Storm’ are at hand. The main culprit for the influence of the mind of the body public is the media which massages the same lying messages into their tiny brains day after day. This media in its entirety is owned by only four corporations. These corporations and their endless money source-cerers control the government and whatever the government ostensibly controls. They control what you see and hear. They are looting the landscape and the economy; enriching the small percentage of the super rich, impoverishing everyone else and systematically curbing individual freedoms to further consolidate their never ending gains and positions of power over the lives ‘beneath’ them.

The tactics and techniques are transparent but few can see them in operation. One of these tactics is to proclaim that the media is liberal and left-wing. That’s a lie. There is no liberal media in the mainstream. Recently Keith Olbermann and ‘some other guy’ who doesn’t really need to be mentioned had their influence publicly downgraded for seemingly showing bias toward some candidate or party. However, Fox News does this 24/7 and nothing is said or done. There is no real difference between Joseph Goebbels and Rupert Murdoch. There’s no real difference between Albert Speer and Karl Rove. There’s no real difference between Bush and any dictator except elements of style or the lack of any.

We were told that Russia attacked Georgia without provocation. That’s a lie and Russia was in the right to act as they did. We are not told that due to America’s secret war on Pakistan that Pakistan has cut off the supply lines to the storm-troopers in Afghanistan. We’re not told that the majority of the ranking politicians in Georgia are Israeli agents or that Georgia is a second home to tens of thousands of Israelis. We are not told about the large presence of Israeli agents in Northern Iraq. We are not told about the circumstances that have occurred since Michael Chertoff and his top lieutenants; almost exclusively dual national Israelis ...and we are not told what they mean. America is an occupied country; occupied by a country with a population smaller than most of its states. It’s a fact amply demonstrated over the years and increasingly more ‘in your face’ obvious.

You cannot tell the truth in America without censure and opprobrium. You cannot protest without fear of physical violence and incarceration. Those who rule your land are sucking the assets of your former wealth away to other lands and creating of you a nation in servitude, all while they have taken an oath to defend your constitution and your rights. They are selling your country out from under you and you are cheering them on. You amaze me. “Can I have another, Sir?” Slowly I turned and step by step, inch by inch, America falls.

All across the planet, saber rattling chicken hawks and their agents, strong arm the world. Their reach exceeds their grasp. Their madness is terrifying and their real intentions unknown even to themselves. They will not succeed. This sort of thing never succeeds. Whatever the mathematical or metaphysical reasons for it... it never succeeds. Not even Alexander could pull it off. The tragedy of these periods’ materialism-maddened psychopaths is the carnage that follows in their wake. The real tragedy is the terrible end of the tens of millions who went down with the ship because they could not think for themselves. This is the primary reason that religion has also transformed into a lock-step ritual to include those who are convinced that God is on their side. God is not on your side.

When the world goes out of balance there is a mysterious force which works to correct that imbalance. I will not name this force but one could well imagine that nature plays some part. To the degree that the imbalance continues and the speed with which it proceeds... at the hands of this force it will be forcibly readjusted when it hits the moment for adjustment. Nothing is going to contravene this. You’ve got an ‘appointment in Samarra’.

How did the desire for a better life bring you to such a pass? You sought your better life off of the backs of your fellows. You enslaved the world with imaginary debt to fuel your cost efficient lifestyles. Nothing is what it was, is it? You’ll get your answers and your motivations for this from the people who put you in the shit. You won’t listen to those who sincerely wish to help. You are beyond hearing. The appearance of rational minds in positions of power could soon clarify and resolve most all of your problems but you will choose the demagogues and the lampreys. You will accept that dinner invitation where the main course on the menu is you. You will applaud the speeches and blow kisses to the cannibals as you are led away into the kitchen.

Your love of things and your pursuit of personal comfort at the expense of your ideals, your morality, your integrity and everything that might have protected you, has brought you to this pass. You can certainly blame the Judas Goats and the one’s who set the stage for your grand dénouement but you must surely blame yourself. ‘We the People’ willingly became, “We the Sheep.” You’ve followed mirages into the desert. You walked into the prison house under your own power. You removed your amulets of protection and took off your clothes in order to give yourself over for punishment and subjugation. You walked into the darkness without a light.

Now is the time for silly hats and party favors. Now is the time to play the fool while your life is on the line. Now you should vie with one another for some place on the stage of the cosmic Jerry Springer show. Be ingenious. Ask yourself, “How can I humiliate myself to a greater degree in front of a larger audience?” Take your cue from those already on stage and imagine what you could do since there is still some light showing under the limbo bar. Don’t be shy. This is your moment. Think of yourself as a hippopotamus in a bikini doing “I Feel Pretty.”, across an endless meadow of astro-turf while the house band beats each other to death with their instruments.

If you’re going to go down then do it in style. Take your family and your friends and your neighbors with you. Embrace the lie and teach your children that it is the truth. Let your eyes glisten with sincerity and love as you send them to their death. Then let the cameras roll in as you tear your clothes and wail at your loss. Give it all you’ve got and you may see yourself on TV. After that you form a charitable organization and go on a speaking tour. Be sure to commit some hate crimes against your property before you go and... hang on to the bikini.

There’s nothing funny about any of this and it’s the truth to a far greater degree than that which fuels your mad, intoxicated state. Now run along and destroy yourself and... on with the show.

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah the Barracuda; Ballerina in the Toilet.

What shall we talk about today? Hurricanes? Ongoing preparations for upcoming voter fraud? Is Bush drinking again? Three and a half million people went to Google to ask about that... but no- let’s talk about Eskimo Cheesecake; Hurricane Sarah... a lot of people want to know about that and a lot of people don’t want to know about that and as you know, I like to please everyone.

In the interest of letting this entry be an opinion post, let’s dispense with the enormous amount of links that I could put into the copy. I’ll send you instead to that great news resource, What Really Happened. Here you can scroll to your hearts content and see some portion of what people are saying about the Barracuda. Let me squelch one rumor right off the bat. Sarah was not the model for the Nicole Kidman film, “To Die For.” The timeline isn’t right and her husband is still alive... for the moment.

I don’t want to parse the details of the tales that are swirling like toilet water headed South. But... to be crude; it’s a certainty that several someone’s took several dumps and then didn’t flush and now they are flushing like mad and we may be looking at a plumbing problem in the near future. It could threaten entire communities if a hurricane were to hit at the same time.

For the moment, ‘The Barracuda” is under a form of house arrest in terms of any and all media contact. This is supposed to last for two weeks but... who knows? What’s taking place during these two weeks is an aggressive Republican neo-con effort to eliminate evidence and intimidate potential witnesses. This is because there is a lot of ‘there’ there.

Let’s face it folks, there’s not just one scandal brewing. There’s a Kansas style tornado farm dancing across the plains like demented ballerinas; enormous dervishes pinging off one another in what may potentially be the biggest shit storm in a long time. And... if those tornadoes get anywhere near those toilets... you’re going to want to be maximizing your rain gear or better just stay inside; sort of like Sarah Palin at the moment.

There’s talk that she slept with a colleague of her husband and... right on time, that colleague is full on trying to get his divorce records sealed. Hmmm...that didn’t work out for him so far. What the heck, let’s throw you at least one link because it’s amusing, brief and informative.

Here in Santa’s dirty clothes bag we have got a whole lot of naughty laundry. We have suspect firings. We have financial excesses and mismanagement at the expense of the taxpayer. We’ve got a whole lot of people who are afraid to talk. We’ve got a suspicious baby of unknown origin and a multi-thousand mile flight after Palin’s water supposedly broke. We’ve got a serendipitous pregnancy of Palin’s daughter following along and we’ve got the family values crowd saying how brave and wonderful this family is in a unique turnabout from their usual position which is hypocrisy at its finest. There’s a lot more, people. There’s a lot more and if you explore the website I gave you at the beginning of this post you can see many things.

We know that the media, which is owned by those who have brought you all of your recent wars... we know they’re not going to tell you anything but... those execrable muckrakers at The National Enquirer are poised to tell you a whole lot of things that are not advantageous to the Palin candidacy... oh no... not at all. It may be time for the usual suspects to break out that Anthrax supply and head on down to the post office.

Apparently Sarah said, “So Sambo beat the bitch.” at an Alaskan restaurant. One of the things that also got said was that it was no surprise because everyone who isn’t a part of the native cultures talks like that in Alaska. Sounds like a fine place. Well, we know that most of America is not racist. Most of America has evolved beyond that. However, at the Republican Party and specifically in the offices and environs of their neo-con masters they most certainly are. They’re the bobbing heads behind the Rockefeller experiments in eugenics and they’re the real white power people.

It’s no surprise that the cameras at the RNC convention kept singling out the one lonely, dancing, black guy. It’s no surprise that the Republicans are most responsible for the free fall of the American economy and the rise of the police state in these last eight torturous years. At the very least... most of their leaders should be sent to jail, although public executions would not be inappropriate in some cases. These are the core racists of the American public. Their leaders are the manipulators of the fears of their extraordinarily willing acolytes who worship personal privilege, money, power, and the suppression of all rights other than their own.

The Democrats are a different kind of scum. Just as the Israelis do not represent the ordinary Jew any more than the Nazi’s represented the German people, the Republican and Democratic leadership do not represent the American people except for that portion that is stupid and venal enough to permit and endorse endless crimes against their own person and everyone else whose differences the leadership trumpets as reason for fear and negative action.

Look, people... there’s just too much swirling around Sarah Palin in that crowded toilet bowl. There’s far, far too much for some portion of it not to be true. My guess is that there’s a lot that going to stick. The good news is that people like this are accustomed to the smell. They find it to be a unique perfume. They’re like dogs that roll in roadside carcasses because they think it enhances their sex appeal. It does enhance their sex appeal when you’re in the business of attracting entities from the demonic realms so... that’s the good news.

The fact is that this randy vampire bat is not fit to be in any presidential administration outside of possibly a few of the former Soviet satellites’. If it weren’t for her companion bimba’s and bimbo’s in the media, juxtaposed with the terrifying ignorance of most of the American public this would be clear enough. It’s truly amazing... one day they’re selling you something they tell you is sweet and advising you against something they define as shit and you buy the one and run from the other. The next day they reverse the products and the claims and by day three you’ve eaten both and pronounced them both... tasty. God help you.

The last eight years stand as overwhelming, irrefutable evidence that no Republican should get anywhere near any position of power for a long, long time. The bad news is that the alternative is controlled by the same cadre of bankers and power brokers that ran the table last time. Still... the lesser of two evils... I think... maybe... hopeful? Man I wish Jessie Ventura was in play.

I predict they’re going to have to scrap Palin the same way Bush had to scrap Miers a few years ago. If they don’t there are two reasons why. One is that the fix is in and they’re this year’s Kerry campaign. The other is that through a combination of media force, voter fraud and public gullibility, along with a variety of strong arming modalities they bent the American people over the rail again. But... it’s early days. You may still get martial law. Or... unsuspected forces may materialize and change everything into something unrecognizable. We shall see.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Dumb, the Stupid, the Clueless and the Uninformed.

I’ve been away for awhile... maybe a month or more... maybe I’ve always been away and just drop in on occasion with a new personality for the next period of engagement. It’s hard to know what’s what. Look at the problem people have with reality. They must have a problem with it because they will accept anything but and they generally prefer to be told what is happening rather than look into the situation themselves. By the title of this piece and by your own observations, I guess you know I’m talking about significantly more than half of the population.

I’ve long been of the opinion that all of the great and transformative acts for good that are practiced on this Earth are accomplished by ten percent of the people. I’ve also felt that the majority of evil is accomplished by another ten percent. The people in the middle are the hamburger meat in the fast food restaurant of the times in which we live. Among this group are thirty six personality types and you meet them all as you go and long before you actually leave. There are a handful of unique characters who exemplify their time and there is a much larger group that plays a tape loop over and over again until it wears out. You could no more talk to these people about what is really going on than you could convince them that they have anything to do with it.

These people can go to college and read Kant and Kafka but only for the purposes of conversation... not for any meaningful insight. These writers and the composers and artists are nothing more than suits that these people dress themselves in, in an effort to be admired or get laid by people whose company they richly deserve. They can attend the opera and the ballet (and they deserve that too). They can ponder modern art and then use that, as they use all art and the like as instruments in the service of their vanity... namedropping... repeating the words in scholarly reviews... preening and posturing as if their invented knowledge and limited understanding of something granted them the same cachet as the creator. In respect of most of what is called art, someone still capable of embarrassment wouldn’t even want it. But you can’t embarrass these people. The best you can hope for is to make them angry or feel discriminated against.

However, if you are evil; which is the prevailing fashion accessory of the time, well then... these people are going to hang on your every word and sometimes hang because of them. The more I live the more I begin to think that people get what they deserve and they’ll kill you if you try to protect them from it.

How stupid or clueless do you have to be to still believe what you hear on TV or is reported in the press in any of the mediums it employs? By now with so many lies and so much corruption exposed and increasing by the day how is it possible to still believe the people who lied to you the day before and the day before that? I find it to be a most uncanny magic act. It’s not even very good magic.

My theory is that they send people out into the world to study the types of stupidity and cluelessness that are practiced by the personality types and then they get prototypes to perform it for them so that they can agree with themselves by proxy on whatever BS they’ve assumed to be the truth. It stands to reason that if you can’t accept the truth about yourself, or are far too uninformed to even imagine that such a thing exists, then you can’t accept the truth in any form ever. You can’t and won’t see that 9/11 was an Inside Job. You’re too vain and self-involved to risk censure from those as stupid as yourself. You laugh about it even though you are the target.

You wave little signs that say, “Service” and “Country First” when the only service you are employed in is self service and the only country you possess is the land of ignorance in which your illusions flourish like kudzu along the highway to nowhere that you are traveling on.

You believe that Russia attacked Georgia and not that the Israelis who control Georgia attacked South Ossetia which provoked a Russian response. You believe that Bin Laden is alive and masterminding world terror from a cave in Pakistan when world terror is being formulated in London, Tel Aviv and Washington D.C. You think it’s disgraceful that Sarah Palin has to endure scrutiny about hiding something from people who didn’t bother to look. You wouldn’t know that she was chosen precisely because of her liability by the people who control both sides because it suits their onward agenda for which the fix is already in.

If you’re in the jungle and everything you know about the jungle is a lie then your chances of survival are not very good. They’re even worse when you refuse to accept that your own experiences show you that what you thought to be true was a lie and you just refuse to alter your perceptions even when they are proven to be patently absurd. You’re a marvel really. I can’t imagine what it is to be like you. For me it would be like sitting at the kitchen table and stabbing myself over and over in the back of the hand with a fork while insisting it wasn’t happening.

It doesn’t occur to you that some impending hurricane wasn’t what it was sold as, or that they knew that all along. It doesn’t occur to you to look around and see what else is happening and which this is a distraction from. You don’t make the leap between the callous indifference to Katrina and the self- serving cries from the people who caused the one and are appealing for help and donations for the other. You don’t think to yourself that if they have done so little since Katrina that they are not likely to do much more about anything else unless they... benefit from it.

You just go along to get along until your number comes up and you get to scream, “Why me?” It doesn’t bother you... the millions of dead and destroyed lives. Even when the press which works for the people who did it admits that it was all a lie which caused it you still don’t get it. You can’t fix something if you don’t know why it is broken. You can’t repair something by replacing the wrong part.

That you have not dragged George W. Bush and Dick Cheney out of the White House and hung them in Lafayette Park years ago tells me that you’d rather have dinner with Sacher-Masoch than De Rouchefoucauld even if they or you could speak the necessary English. Of course with Sacher-Masoch you don’t really have to speak... just scream. Pain like music is a universal language and seems to be something you enjoy.

You’d better get your act together before it’s too late. Bad shit has a way of happening to stupid people with more frequency depending on just how bone dead stupid they are. You’d better stop waving bumper stickers and believing everything you are told and worse... acting on it as if it were true. It isn’t possible that the ones lying to, feeding on and controlling you have your best interests at heart. They want you worse than dead and they are working on it right now.

Of course... you are probably not reading this. Someone with lacquered hair and a mouthful of lies is probably talking to you and you’re dreaming of shopping and sex regardless of how unattractive you are. You’ll wake up when the sirens fill the air and the building is on fire. That’s usually how it goes. You’ll wonder why you didn’t wake up and how it got to be too late without anyone telling you. That’s how it always goes. But people were telling you... life was telling you... circumstances were telling you... your conscience was telling you but you... you weren’t listening. You weren’t listening because you were dumb, stupid, clueless and uniformed.

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'Back in the World' is track no. 3 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Color Ball'

Color Ball by Les Visible

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