Friday, August 25, 2017

Existence is a Nightmare or a Wonder Formed from the Daydreams of God.

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The number one problem that everyone who is not a spiritual master or a saint has to deal with, is whatever world it is that they create through their naming of things and their mental projection of what they term to be reality, based on what manifests through the filter of their desire. It is through the quality and content of our desires that we create the world we inhabit. It is through the mysterious facility of magnetism that we attract both the people and circumstances that appear in our lives. I call it mysterious because there is a great deal more to it than exists in the general understanding of it. One thing that we must make clear here is that what we experience through the power of magnetism is directly and comprehensively affected by the quality of our desires.

This world can appear as hopelessly complex to those who do not understand themselves to begin with. Our understanding of the world is directly related to the degree that we understand ourselves. If we do not know ourselves we cannot know the world. The world is a rumor formed from the daydreams of God. We are here to perfect ourselves with the help of the angels of our better nature. If that is not the case, then we are here to experience the perversities that will eventually drive us in the pursuit of escape from them. Initially the perversities promise us escape and then provide us with bondage. If we did not experience the bondage, then true freedom would not have the value that it does. Until one has had their fill of the noxious confinements and suffocation of the material realm, one will not be as motivated as they need to be to break free of it; when the pupil is ready, the master is waiting.'

Many have told themselves that they possess the power necessary to attain freedom on their own. This has NEVER been true. There is more than one reason for this but I will provide one that will cover it. Every realm is governed by an entity; every realm. Each of these entities has attendants that see to the operations of that realm within the parameters of what experiences are possible. The infernal realm has a ruling entity. For the sake of brevity we will call him, Satan. He has legions of lesser beings that serve him in all capacities. In the supernal realm there dwells an entity that I call 'the ineffable'. Names have been given to this entity but very few are those who know his real name. He has legions of angels of different orders that serve him in all capacities. Between these regions there exists a middle ground whose playing field is called Earth. The influences of the supernal and infernal realms act upon the residents of this middle ground, where the inhabitants come and go over and over. This is the simple interpretations that will serve the purpose of this posting.

You cannot prosper in any realm without the permission of the ruling entity. You cannot move from one level of awareness to another without the permission of the ruling entity. All ruling entities serve at the pleasure of the overall ruling entity. Nothing moves or stands still without permission. A very few of us are free and those who are, are permitted to be. Everyone else is in some stage of bondage. Nearly all forms of bondage are the fruit of ignorance. Ignorance is the cause of selfishness. If the overall ruling entity expresses itself by giving itself away and making all of what it possesses available for the use of all, then it is a fool who does not emulate this.

This middle ground is a battleground. It is here that we war upon ourselves and war upon each other. Sometimes our wars upon each other are very subtle and sometimes they involve direct physical conflict. Why this is, is less important than what we can do about it. One reason that relentless conflict exists is that our bodies are composed of warring elements; fire, air, water and earth. Until we have brought these elements into harmony within, we will will exist in conflict with the world without.

At present, our material world is in a state of revolution and dramatic change. This is due to our collective passage from one age into the next. The previous age has ended and the new one is emergent. What once existed as tradition and infrastructure are being transformed into new models. The faces of the invisible archetypes are in transition. These archetypes endure through all of the ages but their appearances change. Some are eager for the changes coming and some are resisting the changes with all their power, especially those who are in positions of power and do not want to lose the level of influence which they have had. Lose it they will, however.

I want to make a very important point that is accompanied by evidence it would behoove one and all to pay attention to. About 225 years ago the French Revolution occurred. There was an eclipse that took place then and the planets were in a certain order. Whether one believes in Astrology or not is immaterial to us. The problem is not with Astrology. The problem is with the astrologers who do not rightfully understand the science they seek to employ. There are a great many doctors who know just enough about medicine to do their patients very little good and often a great deal of harm. This is not to say that people are not healed by the proper application of treatment. It's the uninformed medical practitioners that are responsible, not the science itself.

We just had another eclipse where seven of the planets were in the same position they were in at the time of the French Revolution. One need not be an astrologer to see the implications of this and certainly the present state of the world should tell us a great deal.

Here is an interesting feature of revolution that escapes most people. Once a revolution takes place, those most fiercely engaged in seeming to bring it about are dispensed with. Robespierre and Danton were two of the main players during the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution. Following this they were both executed and this is not uncommon. Those fomenting revolution would be well served to keep this in mind.

At this time we are being assailed with all kinds of radical ideologies involving sexual identity and sexual practices that are very different than what has passed for normal for a very long time. We are experiencing a blizzard of new terminologies such as trans-sexuality, gender fluidity, bizarre pronouns that some wish to enforce the use of through legal means. The practice of pedophilia is in the process of being legitimized and it is being indulged in by the rich and powerful around the world. Depravity has gone mainstream. You will be given all kinds of reasons for the rightness of these forms of sexual expression but there is a reason it is happening and it is not for the callow and superficial reasons being given by those promoting them.

As previously mentioned, the archetypes are taking new forms. Long standing traditions are being reshaped into new traditions that are experiencing a rapid evolution. The divine feminine is being established in her correct place. Stellar influences are being expressed through new filters upon the material plane. A certain kind of feminine force is pouring down on the planet and causing many people to behave differently than we are used to. Because of the force of materialism at this time, people are acting out sexually. Many men and women are incapable of processing these stellar influences. Instead of gaining an increased intuitive ability and a deeper compassion, they are overcome with sexual confusion and libertine behavior is rampant. The result of this is that their hunger for sexual contact is being progressively amplified by the lack of satisfaction in the experiences. Subsequently it is continuing to intensify by the day. The hunger becomes greater and greater and cannot be satiated in the mediums in which it is being sought. These people are literally consuming themselves. In the process they are becoming more and more frustrated and as a result of that... more and more angry. You see this in the crowds of protesters confronting each other in the streets. They have no real idea why they are there. They think they do but they do not. Their aggressions toward one another are being promoted and financed by psychopaths whose primary motive in existence is the promotion of dissension and disorder. This is the hallmark of the Satanist and the power of the Satanist grows according to the level of materialism present on the planet. Existence is mathematically precise to the minds of those capable of objective perception.

You have no defense against the forces acting upon you if you are unaware of them. You are completely safe if you are reliant upon the one who is the origin of all force. We have said these same things over and over again in different ways. Put yourself under the protection of the all high, or take your chances on your own. On the one hand, the matter is, wonderfully, out of your hands. Otherwise, sooner or later you will be taught the foolishness of relying on your own devices.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We Have Established that you are a Whore. The Question Now is, how much do You Cost

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You can feel it and you can see it, as the 'more love, no hate' Khmer Rouge robots rise out of the Soros funded swamp of programmed, propaganda logged and saturated ambulatory cornflakes. The problem that arises with all this uninformed outrage is that these people have no idea why the civil war was fought. As is the case when certain people want the truth to be other than what it was, you will find a plethora (Jesus, Visible, who says, 'plethora?) of arguments to the contrary, just as the holocaust fantasists like to come up with specious fabrications to support their position. It's the same people making both claims. Generally, most wars are fought for economic or territorial gain and the second motive is the same as the first. Let's just stay with General Lee however, the man whose statue was just toppled. You will find once again that the historical revisionists (same people again) have been busy bees of late, defaming and demeaning the man. He was, as all of us are, flawed to some degree but a better man than most. Once again we have to look at the same people who, out of all proportion to their numbers, were deep into the slavery business. Once again, if you go to the Tribe owned search engines you will find a plethora (hee hee) of refutation of what happened. Let's just say that no matter how they try to scrub history, by their works they are known and we have certainly seen their works, -thank you Mr Apocalypse-, in recent times from Palestine to 9/11.

The mind of the general population is mired in particular pursuits. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Materialism and the generation of insatiable sexual hunger that creates more and more hunger is what's up these days.

It's clear what is taking place and the media, which is in the hands of the same people, is being used to promote an image of those pushing back against the tyranny of the ignorant and perverse as being Nazis and similar. They are not but... this is why you take control of the media in the first place. When it comes to Nazis we only have to look at the photo-ops of famous senators and other politicians standing next to real Nazis in the Ukraine and all over the Mid-East.

What's going on should be apparent but people see what they are told they should see because they don't realize the media is bought and paid for and all those cable guys like John Oliver and Bill Maher work for the people who own the means of expression and the same guys work for the mainstream news networks and report in the New York Times and write for The Atlantic and are the same people who get paid for editorials and opinion pieces. It's the same breed of perversity junkies who teach in the universities. Let's just say they got all the bases covered and if it weren't for the internet, most of us wouldn't know anything real whatsoever. The thing is, if they don't write and report what they are told, they don't get paid. It isn't whether they are whores or not, it's the level of whoredom they operate at. A rent boy on the sidewalk and a high end escort are only different in terms of what they get paid. A whore in the alley and a corporate call girl are the same, so are news reporters that are all competing for the opportunity to lie in front of a bigger audience and to bend over whenever they are told to by their paymasters.

If you are determined to tell the truth you must be prepared to forget about the money. They are not going to pay you to expose them. They are serious about what they are up to and what they are up to is to is to enslave you and then destroy you. This is their objective and in the present they are fomenting a civil war between two different sides with chaos as their objective. One side wants to protect their traditions and their security and the other side wants to tear down the traditions and destroy their security and most of them are completely unaware of who is arranging the scenarios.

Once again, the key player in all of this is the ineffable. If it weren't for the ineffable we wouldn't have a prayer. Hmmm... there's something like a double entendre happening in that last sentence. Here is what it comes down to my friends. We are in the midst of a spiritual war, at the crisis point of the dawning of a new age. Thanks to the mysterious workings of the ineffable, more and more of us are finding out every day what is taking place. More and more of us are waking up. It is only a matter of time and no matter what the pretend stage managers might think, the real stage manager and the director of the entire movie is invisibly on site; unseen in essence but visible in presence as expressed through everyone who allows that force to move through them and here is the irony; the will of the ineffable is expressed through everyone, whether they are willing or unwilling participants. A companion quote that is somewhat relevant is, “all things work together for good to those who love God.”

A prophet once said, “Is it not from the mouth of the Most High That both good and ill go forth?” He also said, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” So, what are you concerned about? You know what is going to come out of your life? Exactly what you put into it. You are on a road that is headed in a particular direction and you will get there so long as you remain on that road. What are the hallmarks and signposts of your road? That should tell you a great deal, if you still have enough OBJECTIVE AWARENESS left.

Who controls the media? The truth is there in black and white. However, if you go to the search engines, you will see how busy the whores have been about this hard, cold, crystalline fact. This is happening everywhere at the moment so as to obscure what is what and turn it into what is not. It is a short step from knowing this, to becoming aware of the agendas that are at work. On any given day you can tune into the jabber of the mouthpieces who have been bought by the syndicate to serve the real slave-masters who know that the way to take control of anyone is to take command of their mind. This is where a person becomes enslaved. Don't let them use on you the two forces they employ to this end; Fear and Desire. Although there is a great number from a particular demographic that is directly employed in the cause of suffering for humanity, they are joined in tandem with people of all colors and creeds, conscious and unconscious, to the fulfillment of the Satanic Objective.

What is happening is not about the 'tools' who are doing the bidding of The Devil, who is God the way the Wicked see Him. It is about the present day pressure from invisible places of unholy habitation where the residents have been ensconced for a long time. They are agitated and restless because the Avatar is coming and one of the first efforts of The Avatar, when he comes, is to sweep clean with a new broom all of those aforementioned habitations in the astral plane and other locations where generators of negativity have been secreting themselves. They know their time is short and so they are busy trying to outdo one another in their efforts to destroy humanity, hoping this will result in their favorable placement in future times.

Remember those cartoons of some guy with a beard in a robe standing on some sidewalk with a sign? A sign that says something to the effect of, “Repent, the End time are Here” or “Repent, the Kingdom of God is at Hand.” That's a realistic approximation of exactly how it is. It's in times like this that you want to remember that 'the kingdom of God is within you.' The actual quote used to be, “Neither shall they say, Lo here' or Lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” These days, due to the much larger amount of Bibles that are around that quote might be expressed in all kinds of ways. Of course, the original quote will surely differ even from that found in Bibles that are hundreds of years old. Regardless, the kingdom of God is within you and that is where you have to make contact.

Every now and again, someone comes around here to remind me that Jesus Christ is god too, or present some reference to their perception that I don't give Jesus Christ credit when I write. It often puzzles me how anyone could come to that idea when Jesus and his followers get quoted here more than everyone else put together. Still... when anyone wants to be divisive they will find a way and we also have to find a way not to be divisive ourselves because usually that is the very result that is being sought. It's difficult to stay out of conflict, especially in times like this but we have to do our best and pray that we can be equal to the task. There seems to be some mysterious power that throws us off center, despite our best efforts to avoid that happening. We have to be on the lookout for this.

What has happened so far is a prologue to what is coming. Trump needs to exert maximum care in times to come because 'they' are surely out to get him, any way they can. He needs to do something about the media as well. I don't know how to take the man. I've never been fond of him but I'm never actively disliked him either. He's always been another one of those massively successful individuals who want to live like Louis the 14th without finding himself in similar straits to Louis the 16th. I always reserve certain judgments when it comes to the unexpected being placed in positions of authority. You never know when the times will make the man. They can just as well unmake him too. We have to wait and see but unless he does something about the media they will succeed in tearing him to pieces.

It doesn't look good... what I've seen so far ...but I can only see the part of the story that is shown and the parts I accurately intuit. There is a large area of the truly real that is hidden from me. Time will tell and we shall see but it would be of the greatest profit to us to look deeply within and see ourselves. At some point the ineffable will be looking back at us.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ernst Zundel, a Man of Truth, Conviction and Courage.

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I can't let pass an important passing of a truly great man; Ernst Zundel who was a tireless fighter for truth and responsible for a large amount of fantasy refutation, like the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz that never existed.

During his bullshit show trial in Germany I was in the country and followed the charade closely. I communicated with his wife, Ingrid, who sent me a video of his life and work. The Sleaze Patrol in Germany was so powerful that they even gave Zundel's lawyer five years in prison too, for defending him. I don't think that was the charge but they came up with something.

As time marches on and the apocalypse accelerates, the truth is being exposed in greater and greater detail. It is astounding that this robust and pernicious lie about the murder of 6 million Jews is allowed to continue and even more amazing that the vast army of cinder-block heads, dunderheads and Nimrods continue to be programmed to believe this fantasy construct. Their own almanac shows an increase in their population over the war years. Given this, how can their claims be at all credible? Of course, they are not. Halfway down this following page is a list of the same hoaxing effort before and during the first World War that is entitled; “read every word and prepare to be mesmerized.”

The thing is... if you are ignorant, or a coward, it is easy to be convinced of anything. It is something else to be so indifferent and obsessed with personal pursuits that the truth is unimportant and only useful when it serves your ends. If you are an honest person and not a coward and you know how the power of lies can pervert the minds of the populations that you have to move among, then... then you probably know about this monstrous lie and those who suffered because of it and you're not shy about saying so... Still, in time to come, this lie is going to be exposed for the lie that it is and oh my... that is going to be something.

In any case, I wanted to call attention to that fine and noble soul, Ernst Zundel, who had the courage of his certitude and convictions to bear all the censure, injury, harassment and confinement that they brought into his life. Speaking truth to power never comes at a small cost and that is why there is such a small number of us who are capable of it. Ernst Zundel was such a man.

Here is the truth about the so called Holocaust; it is a lie fabricated to cover a far more monstrous Holocaust, performed by these same self proclaimed victims. (who assert that they have been so egregiously injured in an extended event that never happened). I speak of the Russian Holocaust, where tens of millions were tortured and executed by these so called victims. These are the same people who today, torment the Palestinians and seek to replace them in the annals of history, because the Palestinians are the true residents of the so-called Holy Land. Their DNA convincingly proves this. On the other hand, the interloper Ashkenazi Jew has no ancestral claim on this region whatsoever. This is hard, cold and clinical scientific fact.

Lies, enormous lies, lacking in even the most basic substance of validity, are made possible by the control of nearly every large media organ in operation. This is further bolstered by the control of most of the publishing houses, as well as the distribution agencies and social media constructs from Amazon to Facebook. It is further assured by the control of the international banking system. The culture is malformed and misshapen into monstrous abortions of twisted and demented expression by the control of the art galleries, which control the character of modern art. This is even further enhanced by control of the entertainment industries. Here is a classic example of the latter as it relates to the Satanic medium of Rap and Hip Hop. They are like some invasive species that has burrowed into every area of human expression, in order to assist in the downward spiral of devolution, presently in operation. Typhon is one of the mega devils who are operational in the psyche of this tiny demon-graphic, along with Mammon, Baal and a host of others.

When you study the landscape of contemporary existence and omit the invisible presence and influence of the ineffable, it can be crushing and disheartening and certain of dovetailing one's spirits into the pit of despair. This is the manifest power of shadows and appearances, which cause us to be unaware of the brilliant light of the all pervasive and eternal author of existence, which is the divine. The divine shines forever behind every mask of darkness and is in absolute control of the destiny of all things, be they of the supernal or infernal realms. The supernal realm exists for the housing of every being of light, which serves the ineffable without question or argument at all times and the infernal exists for those who war against the natural harmonies of life ...and for the souls of those convinced into the service of infernal designs and agendas.

Those of us that aspire to the light and who, in our own, often less than capable ways, seek to serve the light, can take comfort from the FACT that the ineffable is always in control of everything, no matter what appearances might say. Do not despair, ever! Let your light shine; ♫this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine♫ Do not hide it under a bushel. 'Put on the whole armor of God'. Let us think that the greatest expression of the ineffable is Love and the highest expression of Love is Sacrifice. Let us imagine Love being the white light that is shot through a prism and which creates all the other qualities of God, which constitute the armor of God. Let Love suffuse, enthuse and maintain you at all times and in all places. Let it grow. Love is like a plant; water it with the attention of your focus upon it and it will grow. However fragile it may appear at its inception, it will become a Sequoia redwood if you cultivate and express it. Love increases with every effort of expression.

You can mull about and agonize over appearances. You can be startled by shadows that bear no resemblance in size to the image casting them. Shadows are without substance. Our fear crystallizes them into manifestation but they are not real. For once in this life, cast all fear aside. Fear can only exist in the absence of Love and cannot exist where Love is resident. They displace one another and those who prey upon our fear require our participation in the charades that they create in order for Fear to have any power at all.

I receive so many emails from people who tell me about what they struggle with and ask what it is that they can do. It could be troubling if I took it seriously; neither should you. {I am much gladdened by those who are perfectly content to receive daily postings from this source and who are dismayed when they stop appearing but you must understand that if I don't hear from you in the comments section I have no way of knowing that you are appreciating them as you say you do. My sites are presently in transition and a state of turmoil. I have no counter on my pages anymore. I don't know who's coming around. The search engine function is gone. We're working on it but it is slow going.} For myself, the level of pedestrian frustrations is at an all time high. I could take these seriously. I do not. The waters will clear. I do not know when but they will. Remember what has often been said here, “the degree of difficulty accounts for the greater possibilities that are before us. Rise to the occasion!

Ernst Zundel was a great man. He still is a great man. A few will mention this. A few will speak to the accomplishments he was the author of. Mostly there will be silence if not outright opprobrium. He was slandered in life. He will surely be slandered in transition. I celebrate his fearless efforts on behalf of the German people and all right thinking members of the human race. He was a guidon in the march toward liberty in the heart and in the mind. He spoke the truth and he lived it at great personal cost. God bless him!

Much love to you, one and all, in your struggles here in this veil of tears. It shall not always be so that such travail and darkness shall assail us. It shall not always be so that we are burdened as we are. Hold fast to the Love and Truth that dwells within and the day will come when those who trouble us are no more. They will be exposed for what they are and there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. They believe they are impervious and completely in command of events and appearances but they are not. They have revealed themselves because in their hubris they believe that no one and nothing can touch them. They are wrong and walking toward perdition, one step after another. Their time will come and so will ours. Let us hope that when that time comes we are found in a state of being that is pleasing to the author of us all.

Rest in Peace, Ernst Zundel.

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