Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shit and Shinola on the Banks of the River of Darkness

We are on the verge of serious moments and I feel compelled to go more frequently to the blogs with the highest number of visitors. Please forgive my absence from Origami; I will go there in this next round, which includes Dick Cheney in Profiles in Evil. If you need Origami, there are over four hundred posts there and most of you cannot have read all of them (grin).

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The Israeli press machine is in full slander mode, telling the same lies they told before about the people of Gaza and everyone else that they wish to exterminate and that is exactly what they intend. They’re saying that the Khadaffi loyalists were tying children on to their tanks as a defense. That’s bullshit, just as it has been everywhere else. It is the Israelis who use others as shields because they have no conscience. Furthermore, ZATO will bomb those tanks no matter who is strapped to them, including their own mothers.

I’ve got a burning question; what is all this uproar about ZATO turning the country of Libya over to Al Qaeda? Have we forgotten that top level CIA operatives have admitted that Al Qaeda doesn’t exist, except as a boogeyman to frighten those with the mind of a child? So where does this Al Qaeda come from? Has Israel and The Crown Colonies suited up everyone they could find in an Al Qaeda costume, complete with a operation’s handbook, banners and flags; “We be Al Qaeda”? The alternative press is filled with references to Al Qaeda now. Is there an Al Qaeda or not? Were they forced to invent it? Can I see a picture of Al Qaeda fighters from the combat zones?

Now we are seeing what was expected all along from the murder of Libya by international bankers. The tribal factions are on the verge of turning on each other for their share of the swag. They are uniformly opposed to the civilian Chalabi clones having tea and cakes in some distant Arab resort, far from the conflict, where they are engaged in carving up the country, according to the international banker and corporate template. Everybody wants to be in charge and that means big betrayals are on the horizon and that means more blood soaked sands, courtesy of Murder Incorporated.

Someone wrote me yesterday to tell me that Khadaffi isn’t even a dictator. Here is what he had to say,

“The same ones that produced the holocaust lie have used the same technique to connect the words "Ghaddafi" and "brutal dictator" to be inseparable.

Actually Gaddafi is not even a dictator - he turned power over to the people in 1977 using local committees as described in his Green Book, which blew my mind when I read it. Everyone who has dug deeper into the man seems to be incredulous at the disparity between the popular opinion and actual reality.

He is a great man loved by 90% of Libyans. There was a rally for him in Tripoli on July 1 that China estimated at 1.7 million (95% of the city population) with a flag 6 km long, both world records; and no coverage at all. It boggles the mind.”

If this is true then it is just another indication of how little I know but it does make everything else I said about him at Petri Dish more spot on than I was sure about at the time. It’s just how it felt to me.

Here is something that all of us should read and absorb. These are the foul killers of life and harmony on this planet. All members of the human family should hold these terrible beasts in scorn and contempt. The enemies of humanity should be named and proclaimed from bridges and buildings around the world. Write their names in every public place. Speak of them whenever you speak in any public forum. Let them become known to the wider world as the heinous killers of their fellows for personal profit. I implore the cosmos to set them on fire in their shoes; a spontaneous combustion, in celebration of the coming liberty of a new age, devoid of the soulless, killer reptiles, who now perform their cold blooded psychopathy upon each and every one of us.

Our greatest enemy is our own cowardice, ignorance and greed; too many of us want to sit at the same table with these brigands, too many of us want to frolic in the spotlights like performing seals, too many of us don’t know shit from Shinola and we couldn’t be more proud of the fact, too many of us want to work on the banks of the tributaries of the river of darkness that flows from the dreadful vacancy, where the souls of these misanthropes once resided. Nothing is more dangerous to ourselves and our fellows than the terrible self deceptions we embrace in defense of our survival, when our very lives are no more than timed cassettes in the cosmic tape player. Most of us have had it backwards since we learned to walk. Nearly all of us were telepathically invaded by bad parents and corrupt systems that turned us into drones and canon fodder.

Rebellion is an internal affair. First you must rebel against your own shortcomings that compromise you as a daily affair. First you must conquer yourself. Once that act is accomplished, there is no need to proclaim it, your very example will shine and lead without having to say a thing. We are the primary enemy of ourselves, all other enemies are secondary extensions of this and possess power for only as long as we grant it to them, in our unfortunate obeisance’s, through the medium of our drawbacks. True courage, like true strength is more an act of restraint than anything else.

As the Bhagavad-Gita tells in all of its ancient and enduring clarity, we are at war and always have been but we mistake the nature and composition of our enemies. Our enemies are within. The Bible and all of the other texts that are bent out of shape, at the hands of those seeking to manipulate us, through mindless fundamentalism, are all filled with similar references. The references are deadly accurate; our comprehension of them is not. As I have mentioned at other times, jihad is a spontaneous war against our internal limiters, who are birthed from personal darkness. Once that has been completed the war is won on every other plane.

Job one is our deluded false self. Job two is the automatic submission of all other things false and temporary, in every part of this deceptive world, whose very deception is no more than an extension of the primary deception within. The shadows that we fear are a fantastic enlargement of something much smaller. How many times have we startled at the appearance of a shadow that revealed itself as being cast by a friend? We have no real enemy but ourselves so long as we are susceptible to the tremors of the encircling web. True vision cuts this web like a knife. There is no need for action. The seeing is the ticket.

The plotters and bloodsuckers are marching to the grand dénouement. Like every other final game that has preceded it, the dice are loaded and the result is the same. No one ever takes over the world. The world is a living vessel that retreats at the mere approach of the profane. Lao Tzu said it all, in the simplest way, with all attendant brevity. Civilizations rise and fall; so do politicians, bankers and all of the rest. They blow up like dirigibles in their self importance and are then engulfed in the flames of retribution.

When the greater awakening descends upon the masses, it will be bringing a clarity that will compel the seemingly mighty to tremble wherever they are. Some number will simply kill themselves. It is the nature of the beast. We are going to witness and experience things that might seem fantastic at this juncture and to each, the level of awareness and return will be consonant with their efforts upon their own being, in tandem with whatever other efforts have been made in respect of them. I’m not telling you anything new. It’s all happened before and the record of these events expunged by those who profit from the absence of historical reference. The burning of the library at Alexandria was about this. The falsification of history, by those employed at it, has all been about the control of the masses and the systems that oppress them.

Since there has never been any time but now, now must be the time. Let’s see what sort of effort we are capable of and how much fear and trembling we can take.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mea Culpa, Deus Ex Vomitus.

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Sometimes I wish I were one of my dogs. They have it good. Nothing is required of them and they are as happy as dogs can be, given that they are all damaged subjects because they were picked up from the streets or out of pounds and you can see that now and again. It’s not something that goes away soon. It lingers in the back of their memories of events and certain things will trigger a return to the awful paranoia of being alone on the streets at the mercy of strangers, without a master to love and protect because that is all they want. In Italy, people will bring a dog down on their vacation, for guard duty, or to play with their children and when summer is over they will just put it out of the car on their way back to wherever they live their meaningless, thoughtless lives. Dogs and all other living creatures feel things. They have memories and they live with what they are where they are as best they can. Every single thing we do is recorded, make no mistake about that. If no one else sees, we see and we convict ourselves. That’s how the cosmos works.

I’m damaged, just like my dogs. I’ve been down so many miles of bad highway that I can’t remember the miles. To quote my favorite artist, Lord Buckley, “I didn’t get all these miles on my face in one lifetime”. Neither did I.

Here's a real hero.

People take strong objection to some of the things I say and they are always anonymous. That’s a freedom that the internet has given us and maybe that’s a good thing because so many of us are pissed off and powerless. So we like to trot out our swords, under a cloak of invisibility in order to get it off of our chests. That doesn’t make us any kind of hero because hiding from the reaction to what we say and do brands us as cowards. Every single thing we do is recorded, make no mistake about that.

The events of my life, what parts I have shared here, would seem fantastic and possibly the product of a fevered imagination but unfortunately for the critics and skeptics, there were witnesses nearly all of the time. I’ve danced with powerful demons in the desert and spoken with emissaries of the one and only. I’ve been in prisons where your ass was worth the price of whatever trouble someone wanted to take to get it and I walked through it unscathed. One prison I was in was 90% black. You do the math. I got locked up each and every time because I ran my mouth about the governments and religions and every time they insinuated someone into my circle, so that they could orchestrate the necessary scenario, in order to make me fall under the hooves of their corrupt system. This is all a matter of public record and in the last case I proved it in the courtroom and walked out free. That had never been done there before and hasn’t since. Following that event, every case that came up there tried a version of my defense, some of them had a lot of money but it did no good.

There was a Buddhist Rimpoche. I can’t remember his name now. This was back in the 70’s. He used to do some crazy things. One time he walked into a biker bar and went to shoot pool. He was loud and obnoxious. He tore the felt with his cue stick. He was as provocative as he could be and no one did anything. The people with him were freaking but that’s just fear. I used to go into bars like that, though I never tore the felt. I take pool seriously. My friends would often quickly leave and wait outside because it could get very intense. I used to go into the parks in Hawaii and ask some of the locals to spar with me. I took a few hits here and there but after awhile I was left alone and treated with respect.

Why am I telling you this? For one thing, I didn’t leave the US because I was afraid of anyone or anything. I left because I was no longer in a position to do any good and I would be locked up now if I hadn’t. I’m telling you this because the amount of courage required doing something should be measured against one’s good sense in terms of practicality. I’m also mentioning these things because if I hadn’t been willing to toss it into the wind at every moment it wouldn’t have worked out like it did.

I lost everything I had over and over. I walked away sometimes when success on temporal terms was right there. Sometimes it was taken from me. Sometimes a friend fell ill and I closed down whatever I was doing to be there. I never had a life in the way other people imagine that to be. It’s only in the last ten years that I have had any measure of stability and peace and I earned it. My name is Les Visible and my location is no secret but good luck actually finding me or even setting out looking if you’re not supposed to.

It should be obvious that I do not wish harm to the people of the United States or any other Crown Colony. I do wish them awakening and whatever it takes to effect that I am 100% behind. If they have to be knocked to their knees and rocked with calamity, so be it, if they will only wake up. I have any number of limp wristed, spiritual dilettantes that come around telling me that I should just love all and express compassion and think beautiful thoughts and I could lead you all down the garden path like any number of other clowns dressed up in white and charging 50 bucks at the door for useless information that will only get you killed further down the road.

You know what I see? I see dead people, like the boy in The Sixth Sense. That’s what I see. I look at people and I see them young and old and on their way out. The body is a coffin but it doesn’t have to be and that’s what those of little courage and lacking the necessary sense of drive and sacrifice do not see. Be you in a miserable hovel or a palace grand, death is coming to claim you because in your life you have practiced the rites of death instead of the rites of life. You read the books of dead people and figure that the mystery that you aren’t getting is some kind of a lack of insight on your part. You admire heroes with feet of clay. You accept totally bogus history, fabricated by your actual masters. Those seeking six million are going to get their six million in spades. You put the blame everywhere but on the ones responsible because you don’t want to offend anyone and never realize they set it up that way to begin with. You kill each other in your frustration and rage and never tumble to the thought that if you really have to kill someone you ought to make it count.

Many times here, I have counseled you to step away from the machine. It cannot function without the oil of your blood in the gears. You are walking on the tracks of your tears. All of that is about to change and whether you step up to the plate or prefer to jack yourself off in the batter’s box is inconsequential. It’s going to happen and it is happening now. You’ve only seen the prelude to an irresistible state of change. It’s all for your own good. I’ve got nothing against western culture, or eastern culture or any culture unless that culture is a culture of death.

Look at your leaders. Can anyone imagine a greater collection of psychopathic hypocrites and cowards? They did it for money and position on their way to the grave and worse. I’m a very, very lucky guy because I gave it all and I will never stop doing so. The one thing the cosmos appreciates is usefulness. To be useful is the signal condition in which blessings descend and I know what I am talking about here. You could change your life in a heartbeat today if you would just be useful. There’s a bumper sticker that I love which says, “Commit random acts of kindness”.

I’ve had flying saucers land in front of me. I’ve seen direct presentations of the Hindu gods and Buddha’s appear. I’ve walked into places of darkness and light that defy description and it was only made possible because I had nothing left to lose. Think about that the next time you go shopping without actually having a reason. Fonzie used to be able to hit the jukebox and make it play. I remember Ritchie asking him about how he could get away with things that he could not. How come the bad guys would back off? Fonzie said, “There had to have been a time when you did do it”.

How dark does it have to get before you do the right thing? How fucked up does your situations have to be before you rise to the call and don’t tell me you can’t hear it. You are very, very lucky too. You have the opportunity to change your life and all you have to do is step away from the machine. The machine cannot move unless you power it. CEO’s and major dickheads of every description can manipulate and cogitate and perambulate all over the map but they can’t storm the castle or burn the town unless you are carrying the torches. They cannot kill except with your hands.

Show them your contempt. Show then that you will not work on Maggie’s Farm no more. Show them that you will not be herded or led. Show them the door. They will collapse upon themselves as soon as your faith in them is withdrawn. You are what is keeping the matrix alive. The moment you go away, they start to burn and it is only the tenuous link of your belief in them that keeps them from the fire. Step away from the machine.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Tree of Stupidity and the Fall of Empire.

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The Earth shook the reactor in Virginia, where it had been placed on a fault line. It rolled into Washington D.C. and cracked the top of the Washington Monument and then broke the spires at National Cathedral. It shook The Capital and The Pentagon. It rippled like a creature from Tremors into NYC, where it undulated under the floor of The Stock Exchange and then traveled up the coast to say hello to Bwak! ...Obama at the Howdy Doody complex on Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s bones rattled between the apple tree's roots, something there wondered if the resurrection was at hand.

There’s not one word of portent or meaning in the mix. It’s just business as usual, while the signs and wonders go about their business without any notice because they’re not listed on the Rupert Murdock owned, Dow Jones Index.

Fukushima is a massive disaster area bringing slow death in the millions to the Japanese, as it rides the winds up high that circle the Earth, just as Cliff High’s predictions indicated they would. The Macondo Well is leaking again, as vampire oil lords battle for the resources of Libya. ZATO wants to steal Gaddafi’s gold, while they bomb and destroy the magical waterworks he brought to his country. These are the Gog armies of Satanic, King Rothschild for whom there can be no independent currency. The face of The Beast must officially look out from the money in the hands of the enslaved. The Four Horsemen have left the paddocks.

Meanwhile a hurricane approaches The East Coast. One can only hope that the greatest area of force will be Martha’s Vineyard; that the cosmos will send a message and that Howdy Doody will be picked from a floating piece of timber, sans retainers and flunkies and all that formerly attended him. For as long as all these ‘dead zombies walking’ continue to dance on the banker’s strings, there will be no recognition or epiphany. As soon as Stepin Fetchit is back on dry land, he’ll be dancing once again to the fire fiddles of the damned.

Nothing moves these creatures. They have only maps of destruction and do not know what to measure or restrain. They are blind and brutal and cannot be stopped until the power gets rerouted or goes off.

The Christian fundies dance and sing, while their plaster of Paris Jesus is on the wing. He came off the dashboard of a Caterpillar D-8 that was tearing up the mountains so he’s just a little late. He couldn’t pave over The Lake of Fire because of all the mansions on the shore for when these Christians retire. They’re all going to the party in that make-believe heaven with Edgar Bronfman and Vladimir Lenin. They got orthodox saliva on their faces and clothes. That’s the Levin for the holy bread, they better bring a hose. It’s an endless rave in Rapture Town but God only knows what the band will be playing when the truth takes off her clothes and... so it goes and so it goes.

Nobody seems too surprised about earthquakes where there shouldn’t be earthquakes and high top, sneaker storms that ride up the coast. They just soldier on. They soldier on through the police tazers and the FBI raids. They soldier on through the murders and corporate theft. They soldier on through the empty strip malls, where nothing is left but strip clubs and Seven Elevens with Soylent Green Slurpies and suspicious looking corn dogs, harvested from the mass emasculations of a population, which broke every branch on the way down from their perches in The Tree of Stupidity. They soldier on through the dead manufacturing zones and into the waiting lines at the unemployment agency. They got a pocket full of food stamps and a wrapper of meth, as if they were looking to emulate the Peruvian workers with the cocaine paste. They didn’t get the real thing and there’s no ‘real thing’ in back of their minds. They soldier on, while the bankers and corporations whip their behinds on the hamster wheel to nowhere.

Nobody seems very impressed but maybe it’s the media blackout of all things real and relevant. If it’s not reported then it probably isn’t happening. One thing for sure is that, “it couldn’t happen here”. It’s in the same way that they couldn’t really be targeting independent journalists in Libya could they? They couldn’t really be the terrorists who are hunting for terrorists who didn’t exist, until they rigged up the necessary network of lies to trap whatever poor unfortunate was walking down the street at the time? The republican rank and file and the democratic rank and file couldn’t all be eating the same poisoned cornflakes that make them squawk like demented parrots at each other, in emulation of their glorious leader, the parrot in chief. They couldn’t be buying all the bullshit from the shelves of a culture that got discovered in the covered dish at the back of the icebox. In this nation of people putting food on their families, it seems that nothing is impossible, if it makes no reasonable sense and comes to you in shrink-wrapped plastic.

You can’t have a music video anymore where the performers aren’t dressed in neoprene Nazi sex bikinis. You can’t have an American movie without a baby with projectile diarrhea shooting a shit stream into his daddy’s mouth, as seen in The Change-Up or penguins shitting into the face of a once talented actor, now phoning it in. You’ve got The Hangover series, where the profane is high art and I could give you an exhaustive list but why bother? I’ve no idea what’s on TV but I can imagine. I’ve no idea what’s in the magazines but I can imagine. I’ve no idea what’s posted in the bus kiosks and subway stations but I can imagine. I’ve no idea what’s in your department stores and on your supermarket shelves but the last time I was in one of the big ones, I actually had to hunt for something to eat, among the endless rows of soft drinks, potatoes chips and processed chemistry experiments, where the amount of letters in the names of the ingredients, rivaled anything seen in the German language and I could count up to sixty different additives in some cases.

Most of the people are engaged at some level in the whole superstructure of this socio-political, private prison complex and they direct their anger in an eerie simulation of the Two Minutes’ Hate from 1984. The mainstream media and most of the alternative media are all standing under the same golden shower of global corporate inspiration, as the Earth trembles and the foundations of landmarks shake, in a barely noticed introduction to the shape of things to come.

People rail at the mention of Kim Kardashians, Alex Jones and sundry, all mixing public cocktails at the spigot attached to their cloaca. They have to exist in defense of something. They have to protect their investment in something. They have to wish in one hand and shit in the other that they aren’t too much like what they insist they are so very different than. They have to mainline justifications for everything, so long as the truth can be persuaded not to appear before their eyes and demand that they recognize it. There’s nothing like people with feet of clay, insisting that feet of clay get a pass on the sidewalks of history.

Down it goes, down to the bottom of its possibility to fall. Down it goes into the shared personal darkness of everyone who believes that misery does indeed love company. Yes we’ll all be rewarded, yes we’ll all take a stand, we’ll all be in that number when the shit hits the fan. On and on it limps and lurches from fire pits to entropy. On and on it goes and where it stops nobody wants to know. On and on from the break of dawn until the creatures of the night come calling. There are screams in the park, in that hideous dark but maybe it’s just your neighbor’s television.

So what’s your solution in this talk of all things wrong? Where’s the exit into something better than we have? The answer lies within yourself and the answer is not to lie, or accept a lie, or live in fear of those who use it as a weapon for your control. The power of the human heart and mind is immeasurable and needs to be no more than a hosting ground for what is true. It does not have to speak, when the very presence of what is real, pronounces itself like thunder and lightning and which no dark thing can approach and they know that. They know that but do the rest of you? In the end, it’s your fear and confusion that get you because those are points of entry. One must seal the door where evil dwells and employ the proper wardens. It’s a proven fact of long standing that even wild beasts will not harm someone who has no fear of them. They are nothing more than physical expressions of those things we fear within. Everything in nature is an expression of something within the human dynamic and the first actions of the banker is to screw up the natural system of awareness, within the ones they seek to imprison. Then they can drain away the power of true understanding and replace it with the dysfunctions necessary for them to feed at will. They manage this with their human megaphones that spread fear and support fearmongers and the organs of confusion and disinformation that are the daily broadcast of deception and deceit that holds the public in its thrall.

Step by step, we carve out our passage through the seductions of appetite or the power and focus of aspiration. Step by step we are led by those whose knowledge of the way onward, we have accepted as being correct. It all comes down to who you are listening to. It would serve us all to take a good hard look at that in this very moment of time.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

ZATO and the Wannabe Whores of Babylon

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May your noses always be far from places like this.

In an age of darkness; in an age of dreadful materialism, you find things like this. Not just anyone can be The Whore of Babylon. It requires special characteristics and the absolute lack of various other things. There are so many contenders who have to be measured against the potential of harm committed against the greatest number of persons. Of course, these persons have to be willing to be harmed. They’ve got to let their little light shine out from under a bushel of darkness in search of a more intense darkness. They have to be willing to abandon all sense of self, in search of a more repulsive self that has to be broadcasting on Hell’s most powerful radio station. They have to tune in and they have to tune out.

Kim Kardashian was mentioned some months ago, as having the most friends on Facebook. It was over three million. Now I no longer see any friends listed, only something called, ‘likes’. She’s got over six million of those. At least someone is getting their six million. You have to scroll down the page in growing horror, as you see the nature and motivations of this creature, leading the six million and more into the hot central violence of compressed coal, which is the physical representation of suffocating materialism. She married a basketball player, whose greatest play was to slam dunk his soul down the swirling toilet of evolutionary reversal. Fare the well ye walking zombie dead.

Presently, ZATO is performing mass murder upon the people of Libya, who don’t have the proper banking scheme and whose leader wanted to organize the African nations to protect their resources and reject the debt enslavement, visited upon them by London bankers and assorted true vampires in search of plunder, death and destruction, in any order; it doesn’t matter. ZATO is the Zionist Alliance for Total Occupation. It has been misidentified for a long time as The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Even a casual observation of their activities over recent times will disabuse you of the notion that they work for anyone but the central bankers of London and Tel Aviv. New York City is a secondary location that is controlled by the aforementioned.

ZATO and Kim Kardashian have a great deal in common. They are both killing large numbers of people, though I think Kardashian has killed more people overall so far. There are a lot of ways to kill a person and some of the more pervasive and effective ways of doing so are unknown to the greater mass of the population. Let’s say you’re a 12 or 13 year old girl or boy on the streets of London and you’ve been passed around through a few hands; this is another not so well known reality, even though there have been articles about some significant number of them making sex dates on cellphones for the purpose of material goods from older men. Recently a fellow sought to go to London and give a talk on sex abuse and trafficking of children by the church and state in London and he was arrested and deported because the politicians and police there are deeply into it; it is one of the basic behavioral routines of Satanism. Then you run into a ‘handler’, or you’ve had one from the start and they shoot you up with Heroin so you don’t much care what happens to you. You’ve been killed, even though it might take some agonizing interval of time yet.

If someone leads you down the garden path, while you are in emulation of them and their lifestyle, they have also killed you, on several levels, even though it might take some agonizing interval of time yet. Kim Kardashian does this. You might dispute the reality of it but you can argue with the wind as far as I’m concerned. It’s murder is what it is. She’s not the only one committing murder. The educational system does it. The culture does it. The governments do it and the religions do it. Liars for profit and control do it through every medium in which they operate. The media is an accessory to murder every day. The media is the information arm of ZATO. Kim Kardashian is their product spokeswhore.

ZATO and one of their media constructs, CNN, are shooting at and threatening independent journalists in Libya for reporting actual events, instead of bending over for the official pronouncements of The Powers that Seem. It’s all a matter of degrees of subtlety, in terms of applied murder, whether it’s ZATO or Kardashian. However, dead is dead, today, tomorrow or on any given Sunday.

Everyone comes to some arrangement with the system, depending on what they want out of it, or depending on their need to operate inside it for the purpose of survival in a mug’s game. You’re at the carnival and you believe the games aren’t rigged because that disturbs your sense of possibility. It appears to be better to lie to yourself in the hope of something you won’t get than to face the reality of the situation. If you see someone succeeding at something, you don’t question their methods; you’re looking at their results. They may be the greater evil but those following them are the wider danger; willingly polluted and engaged in sharing and spreading their pollutions upon their children, relatives and friends. It’s what’s know as a clusterfuck.

The Synagogue of Satan is the applied worship of materialism as the object of existence. This means directing the culture through lifestyles, fashion, products, advertising and duplicitous information, designed to convince you that this is what you want; until you get it, or, actually, it gets you. It can still take you awhile to die and you might get some gratuitous enjoyment out of it on the way but you’re DOA from the departure gate. It’s obvious or it’s confusing and if it’s confusing then you only have to consider what’s confusing you because that’s the nature of the game, as a songwriter once said. It’s like the fascination with a meticulously recorded false history and the dream of a physical king, as opposed to a metaphysical regent. It’s all there to be seen but you’ll have noted the danger of representing truth in a world of lies and the majority of you will look for an easier passage. Keep in mind that the passage is easier because of the direction it is headed in.

ZATO is a murder machine based on a web of lies, for the sole purpose of profit at any cost. It is the military arm of ZOG. Kim Kardashian is a murder machine, fueled by the corporations who pimp her as an icon for successful existence. It’s a fitting irony that she has no talent at anything but this and that is enough for most.

Zionism is applied Satanism for social and political gain at the expense of EVERYONE else. The club of anti-Semitism designed by Theodor Hertzl for the purpose of a defense against all criticism and to be used at any time without reason or basis, is the chief weapon of Zionism. As you have heard them say, “it’s a trick, we always use it”. Given what we have seen and are presently being oppressed by, it stands to reason that anti-Semitism is a badge of honor in the awareness of a clear and present danger that has been with us for a long, long time. The Apocalypse is making this more widely known and at some point it will combust, to the enduring dismay of those who thought they could always count on murder and lies to achieve their ends.

What happens abroad and what is being planned for the populations in the home countries, is made possible by the murder of awareness at the hands of the ones who pervert our values and aspirations. This is the purpose of reality TV shows; to murder human dignity and reduce humanities perception of itself to the level of an ignorant beast. This is the purpose of those in the headlines in every area of endeavor. They work for ZATO and ZOG. You can find it hard to believe and you may be unwilling to believe it and you may be outraged that anyone would besmirch your obsession with the thousand forms of shit that you desire more than life itself because...that is the price of the possession of and obsession with them. That is the price.

What is happening in Libya, will be happening somewhere else tomorrow and eventually it will be happening in your neighborhood because you didn’t care when it was happening to someone else and even supported it, if it meant you could have your share and get your fill of as many of the thousand forms of shit that is possible for you. Bon voyage, as you sail away in the burning dumpsters of flaming shit. There are handkerchiefs waving from the shore, as you sail off into the darkness of the sea of ignominy.

End Transmission.......

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'The Sacred and The Profane'

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whores to the Right of Me, Whores to the Left of Me.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

Well, we’re back in the doldrums of the false Sea of Tranquility, near the Whores Latitudes and the boats are being pulled by whores, who spend their time dreaming about less arduous employment in the alleys near the dumpsters, where they used to ply their trade. Occasionally they are roused from their reverie by a cry of, “Put yer backs into it ye scum, or yer’ll feel the lash!” In former times they got paid extra for the lash bit. They’re already familiar with putting their backs and their fronts into it, behind the emotionless and routine thrusts upward, moving in the opposite direction of the heart’s desire and making a mockery of passion due to the lack of it. Sure, some of them like the work but they’re either new or think they’re in love.

You know these whores. They are the ordinary workers in the foundries of Purgatory, who do the bidding of their betters, who are also whores and also feel the lash but mostly they get that super-heated breath on the backs of their necks, which for some reason turns immediately into a cold chill at the nape. ‘Whores to the right of me, whores to the left of me, into the bordellos of Babylon marched the countless and forgotten’.

The stock market went up and down and up and down like the whores and they have led us to another respite of false industrials without industry, save for the manipulated numbers of Goldman Sachs. Engineered riots went off in the UK and then they faded away for another day. Were they manipulated? It’s never all of one or none of the other. It’s complicated; like my supposedly being a member of the illuminati because I’ve got some kind of identifiable symbols on my blogs. I can’t find them but maybe I’m not supposed to see them. I can’t find my decoder ring either and I’m all out of secret handshakes. I know if I were a real mover and shaker, I’d have something to move and shake but all I’ve got is my ass and some natural rhythm. I’ll tell you this, if I’m deep cover then it’s got to be plenty deep, like a certain other substance that I see too much of these days.

Whores are whores because they are wide open to the wounded armies of the world for the coin of the realm, losing the gold within and making counterfeit with everything else. Dumb whores are the ones with all the answers based on zero research and the capacity to swallow anything they are told, which may be how you become a whore in the first place. You can’t reason with the unreasonable and I don’t try. There are some numbers of people who are out to change the world that generally sidestep the absolute necessity of changing themselves first. They know right and wrong when they see it and their next step is always to enforce it. Social reformers are the greatest mass murders on the planet and it’s either gold or some twisted religious perspective that’s behind it; let’s not forget the drive to self importance while we are at it.

Whores generally need as much cosmetics as a Kabuki dancer and that is because the inner beauty took off with the inner gold and now they are bankrupt in every way that counts and pissed off without knowing why and that accounts for all the poisoned fucks they dispense so that old and out of shape white men can get laid too. It’s a cosmic dynamic that when you’ve squandered everything that would have made you attractive at any age to any age that you have to pay for dissatisfying moments of personal embarrassment, just as you have to pay for everything else and that’s why there’s so much focus on money and position. For some reason, the position isn’t all that important because they keep getting nailed for their indiscretions, mostly because they go around trumpeting that kind of thing as an indiscretion, when it’s nothing more than human weakness in search of something lasting that they didn’t have the time or integrity to perpetuate for long enough for it to appear.

You’ve got whores with calculating machines, where the numbers run in the places where their eyes used to be and you’ve got whores with guns who kill for the Hell Bitch of patriotism or under the directive of an old white guy in the sky, with bilious attitude, who is probably sitting on a hemorrhoid pillow and who lets you know in no uncertain words that sex is a sin but that murder is a blessed calling. I don’t know about this particular version of God. He didn’t look like that when I met him and he didn’t act like that either. I suppose there’s a tailor-made god for all of us, who is designed to meet the requirements of our demands upon he, she or it. You’ve got whores with scepters and whores with swagger sticks and they can often be reformed whores who forgot what they used to be and now they’ve raised self righteousness to an art form. There are all kinds of whores but only one kind of client who slips in and out of the bodies of the ones performing.

It must be early morning now and the whores have gone to bed. Hmmm... that doesn’t sound right. It must be earlier morning now and the whores have retired for the night to sleep in their coffins, until that disinfecting sun has gone over the yardarm; “I said, put your backs into it bitches or you’ll wish you had!” So, maybe they are sleeping and maybe they are not. They’re dreaming in any case and so it’s all quiet for a little while again. Maybe it will just go on and on. I’ve been told that I’m dreaming when I say that our tormentors are going to get theirs soon enough. I’m told they’re too powerful and won’t be moved and that it’s just a fantasy. We’ll see.

I’m surrounded by whores in degrees of perversity. Some of them are fine upstanding whores who toe the legal and corporate line. They raise their kids to be virtuous whores, who only engage in the horizontal hula with approved suitors. They want to keep that whore breeding line intact. I’ve been told there’s no way to avoid participation in the world’s oldest profession but that always comes from people who’ve been compromised and can’t stand the idea that someone might get around it and give it away for free.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with being a whore if you’re okay with it. The world is full of powerful and famous whores who live high above the sidewalks where the common whores are employed. They travel anywhere and they are seen everywhere, whoring it up, whoring it up to beat the band and then they do the band too. They got all that jingly whore accoutrements on their wrists and fingers. They got expensive whore suits, so you can tell which whore made it and they got whore unguents and whore perfumes that send out the signals for the pheromone patrol. They got whore handbags, made by foreign whores, so that they can carry around the tools of their trade for when they need them and they’ve got the whores bath for when they’re in a hurry and the next client is waiting. Now they’ve even got tan spray artist whores who can make a whore too busy to get to the beach look like they just came back from one.

People would be a lot better off if they studied whore composition and understood the components of the practice. Closer inquiry would reveal what is present and what is missing and that would clarify the question of value given for value received. It mostly comes down to what you have and don’t have that defines what you are. Not having something says something and having something says something too. In some cases you’re going to have to do without all that exciting whore attention and in the other case you’ll be getting all you can handle, depending on your shelf life and your due date. The reason they call the whores that can’t work anymore, “dried up old whores” is because they burn better at that consistency. I can’t believe I said that but I’m going with the flow.

Of course, someone’s going to come along and tell me I have no right to disparage whores and they’re going to let me know that some random act of fortune put them in Tess of the d'urbervilles-land and that it was probably faithless lovers that made them the character in Of Human Bondage. They’ll tell me that we’re all where we are as a result of cruel and incomprehensive fate but my thinking is that we walked to wherever under our own power and that there’s more to the story than the details of any particular life. Of course, this is something I know and won’t bother to explain because you either know this too or you got some other explanation for it that fits in with how you like to have your version of things operate, up to the point where your version of things encounters reality but obviously we’re not there yet (grin).

If I’ve been too hard on the whores today I could say they probably prefer that to you’re not being capable of performing in the acts you are paying them to do. I’ll add that pimps are simply ‘whores in waiting’, as are the customers they are engaging, lest you think I wasn’t in consideration of the whole area of engagement. They switch off every time they go in and out of the wardrobe department, the same way all those committing any offense against another are already in waiting for a taste of the same when the time comes around for it. The high and mighty are only a few short steps from the low and powerless, though that all has to do with how you measure time. Some of us getting that wider angle lens the further back we step out of the field of play. We remain in these areas of contact and activity for as long as we feel we have good reason to and some of us have been at it for a long, long time.

As I said... things are quiet at the moment and those behind conditions and events and... that which is really behind everything, no matter what the players and performers think, have got their reasons for this. One isn’t aware of the other and the other is aware of everything. I’ll leave it to you to sort out the meaning of this, as it suits what you want to believe. Quiet is a temporary affair and so is most everything else because the only dependable constant is change. Change is upon us and will appear in its own sweet time, once it’s given all the whores, pimps and customers time to conduct their business and take their curtain calls as well, unless that moment turns out to be the curtain call.

End Transmission.......

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

High Thuggery and Criminal Skullduggery.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

As we scan the gutter press of the self styled elite, we see the usual buzzwords of ‘mindless thugs’, ‘criminal elements’, ‘looters’ and what have you. Most of us wouldn’t engage in looting. Some of us have enough that we have no predilection for looting and some of us (myself included) don’t care enough about the items to want them that badly. These ‘mindless thugs’ are painted as career opportunists, who are only looking for a chance to break the law but, that begs the question; why haven’t they been at it full time all along?

Since we’re on the subject of thugs; what about banker thugs? How many banker thugs are in jail for the mindless violence they have caused? Clearly the banker thugs are the primary motivator of the street thugs, because the life necessaries of the street thugs have been systematically removed from the streets, to the degree that crime is the only option, because there are no jobs there and there is no education on offer, because these thugs are not an operative part of the system of the banker thugs. Of course, these individuals from the street could not be part of their system and were never intended to be part of their system because, lacking the programmed, brainwashing education necessary, they are too smart to buy into it in the first place.

How many banker thugs, corporation thugs, Wall Street and The City thugs are moving through the court system, or presently incarcerated for crimes against humanity? How many political thugs are in similar straits? How many members of the military, industrial complex are in the docks? How many of the Zionist, false flag, performance artists
behind 9/11, 7/7 and The Madrid Train Station bombing are facing charges anywhere? How many of those who orchestrated the gratuitous wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya are being held to account for murdering and displacing millions of Muslims to serve the Zionist imperative? The high mucky mucks are engaged in selective thug nforcement.

The reality is that we live in a criminal society. Shit flows downhill. Corruption at the top ensures corruption at the bottom. Why should street thugs not steal and why should they get the bare subsistence jobs that turn into a variation on ‘theft of services’, when the same thing is taking place at a much higher level, in the ranks of those above them, whose operations are creating the conditions that the people in the street are rioting against? You can make all kinds of arguments against the reality of this condition but, slice it anyway you like, it’s the reason for it. We can wring our hands all we like and cry out that honest people don’t do these sorts of things but, honesty is for chumps in this time and place. Honesty is where you pull your pants down to be of assistance to the high born thugs, whose purpose is to sodomize you senseless. The street criminals insist that you pull down their pants by force. This serves the passionate preferences of people like Strauss-Khan, so it’s win-win for the banker, booty bandits either way. You bend over in anticipating acquiescence, with the de rigueur deliquescence, or you fight the ass raping by some means of personal initiative.

Max Keiser offers some very interesting information, with the assistance of his co-host and a very savvy guest and
if you’ve got 25 minutes, it’s compelling. It looks like J.P. Morgan and a host of others are due for a dip in the cosmic hog lagoons. You will remember that J.P. Morgan is a branch of Rothschild Enterprises and has been for a long time, all the way back to when they pulled this crap the last time. There are tributaries of urine running down the Armani pants legs of our betters, or there soon will be.

They think their next, necessarily spectacular, false flag efforts are going to sway or sidetrack the course of justice in its approach. As the onset of The Apocalypse intensifies, it carries with it ever higher risks of misfortune and exposure for the werewolves and vampires, who serve evil for the ‘good’ that it brings them. Whatever they do is going to go belly up and stink in the sun, just like all of their victims in The Gulf of Mexico. How many murderous BP thugs are facing charges or in any danger of them? How many members of General Electric and Japanese traitors are under arrest for their nuclear malfunctions and placement stupidities; not to mention all of the other associated crimes, which are going to result in the deaths of millions or tens of millions? How many corporate, Ted Bundy’s from Monsanto are being charged with poisoning the world?

If there’s no interest or ambition in prosecuting those who have turned the world into a crime theme, amusement park for their own profit and amusement, then there’s no reason to consider those at the bottom of the pecking order, whose crimes are chicken shit, compared to the pterodactyl shit of their self-appointed betters.

When the ordinary channels of social justice are blocked and compromised by weasel lawyers, employed as plumbers by financial cannibals, then mob justice is required. Make no mistake, all of the psychopathic operations already mentioned, intend nothing less than death and servitude for the masses. They are already about it with a vigor, made all the more desperate because of an awakening fear that they race against, because of the certainty that it will unhorse them and leave them trembling in their combustible fortresses. The winds of change are about to turn into tornadoes of retribution.

It looks like death and worse is coming to the landlords and banks that turn the warm heart cold and terrorize the soul. At any point along the way, any of them could do the right thing but it’s not in the nature of most of them and that is how they came to be what they are in the first place. For the rest, it’s the season of the whistleblower. They’ve been able to silence and compromise this feature until now but the desperation of the circumstances now makes such tactics impossible to manage in all the necessary locations.

Woe to you, you enablers and apologists, you who toss around phrases like ‘mindless thugs’, while you serve the mindful thugs, whose crimes are stratospheric by comparison; you worthless whores of journalism and you violent enforcers of bankrupt laws against the peoples of the world. You armed thugs of law enforcement and the despicable officers of compromised court systems are going to find that your power and authority have been rendered into nothing but the crushing weight of your own guilt and the following panic of ‘nowhere to run and nowhere to hide’.

A new day is arriving and no one can say how it will manifest but several things are certain. As the institutions that have oppressed humanity are deprived of their force, those who have served them become vulnerable wherever they are. As the veils are lifted from the suffocating lies that have confused and abused the people, all the arguments in defense of them are made mute. As the will to serve the beast is withdrawn, as if by magic, the hands on the guns and the fountain pens that sign the orders are going to be deprived of their capacity to continue. Then where will you be? Where will you be? You’d better get a clue while there is still time. The hands of the cosmic clock are on the move. Lay down your guns and fountain pens now. Step away from your newsroom desks and computers. Step away from your seats in the assemblies of government. Step away from your centers of spying and lying and perverted groping of the bodies of your fellows. Step away from the fly-blown toilet that gives you your marching orders on the blasted battlefields in the countries of the defenseless. Step away from your places in the banks and brokerages and return what you have stolen to the people you have stolen it from before it is ripped from your possession along with your lives and souls. The hour of your doom approaches.

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Grim Reaper and the Slouching Beast Approach.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet.'

Wow! Where do I start? It’s here folks; meltdown in progress. They’re rioting in London and Germany says they can’t bail out Italy and that means Spain too. Even the Israelis are protesting in the streets. How they can be having problems with all the blackmail and threat money they get is beyond me but it’s a significator of something. Meanwhile, those Navy Seals that got shot down and killed turn out to have contained the members of Navy Seal Team 6 from the long dead Bin Laden zombie kill. What are the odds that The Taliban makes their biggest hit of the decade on a Chinook carrying these people? Given all of what has preceded this, it can be argued that it looks like an inside job to pacify conversation and clear the decks. The Reaper is on the move. I don’t know the real details of what took place in that event but the mind ponders and ruminates.

I could be talking about hemlines and perfect grilled cheese sandwiches but I’m not. Black Monday looms on the horizon and what does that mean? I don’t know. We’ve been aware for some time that the center cannot hold and that the system was approaching an irreversible winding gyre downwards, so I suppose that means the rough slouching beast is on the move too.

One thing is certain, when capitalistic systems fail, war is their only recourse. That means a war on two fronts, both internal and external. Such a war is unwinnable. It should be and it is. It’s a strange irony that the chief protagonist of the past two world wars, which is Germany, has the most robust economy of the moment. They’ve even amortized the cost of reabsorbing the east and that was a couple years ago. It’s amazing that Germany could do this, given the economic pounding that was put on it by Israel. Still, the international language of economics is German so, maybe that’s it.

The Reaper and the slouching beast are not the only things on the move. The public is on the move, as witnessed in Tottenham and other places. The elite, with their private police force, are going to be making shows of strength, which means killing more people than they already routinely do, whether it’s some defenseless, homeless person, or an elderly granny, who appeared to be leering, when she intended to smile but I think that’s the fault of the false teeth. They’re going to be destroying villages to save them and the public is going to react, as it is already doing and the elite and their catamite governments are going to be toast, burned toast.

Welcome to ‘interesting times’. The outrageous arrogance of the ruling class is soon to have an admixture of fear added unto it. Even now, they plot some seriously major event, or series of events, to take the attention off of their bad behavior but the awakening is militating against that. Whatever they do is going to have that instant karma slap back. Mr. Apocalypse is judiciously and scientifically working his stick and we’re all going to have to watch out for the fear factor so that we can garner the good things that are going to come out of this.

I don’t know what to tell you. A hard rain is going to fall but I believe it is selective. I believe that two men will be standing in a field and one will be taken and one will be left and I think it is all under control and right down to the last jot and tittle, I think it’s going to be ingeniously expressive in an absurdist, tragicomic way. These are just impressions that I have based on fairly intense, intuitive transmissions. We all have such leadings and hunches. Even the atheist has this feature, though he may define it differently and there’s no one among us who can claim he hasn’t acted on premonition at some point. Some people have marvelous luck in that regard and I consider myself among them.

For whatever the reason, I feel extremely positive and increasingly more so. I see the fall of all that is wrong in the approach of something great that is to be defined by the human spirit when pushed to extremity. I’ve been watching that fantastic film, “The Mission”, which slipped under most people’s radar, I think, as some films do, like “The Freshman”. Here we see the entrenched order of plunder and slavery, going about its long term and former business, which it now engages in from a economic construct. It’s the same thing, it’s just labeled differently. Now people are enslaved by banks, rather than force of arms, or so it appears. Slavery still continues as it ever did but it presents itself through a different lens. People are enslaved by cheap entertainments and trivial interests. This keeps them on the surface of events, so that they will not look deeper. It’s always some variation of bait and switch and if you’re stupid and don’t have control over your attention and your appetites then you’re what’s for dinner, one way or another.

Those pushing their repressive agendas are definitively mad. They have more than they need and they want more. They are possessed, in a manner of speaking, and only trauma and the face of that which they do not anticipate, rearing up before them, is going to have any impact. It is sad but true. The only thing that will impress them, is going down in flames and they will get that. Most people have never been in an enraged mob, or seen the power and fury of it. When the human mind embraces the mindset of a beast it is indescribable. This comes about when the circumstance they are in has become unendurable, when matched up with the alternative.

The elite deserve it for more reasons than I care to list and the people deserve it for having been so acquiescent to false blandishments, which contain no real enjoyment but proved sufficient for the un-inquisitive and uninformed. Sooner or later life informs you anyway. That’s just how it is and why so much of this is inevitable. It isn’t really inevitable, technically. It all depends on the public’s response to the awakening and the potential for the elite to get a clue. They are so crafty and fox-wise but the snares are inescapable, based on the tendencies of the fox mind. Read your fables.

Nothing had to become the way it is. It did so because appetite and desire overruled reason and prudence. In times of darkness, the mind is darkened and only great perseverance and effort can attain to greater illumination. That is the mercy of The Apocalypse. You get wakened up despite yourself or, even with the force of The Apocalypse, you just can’t manage to rise from your doomed dreams and we don’t know how that’s going to sort out, because we are not in the defining moment but we will be.

I apologize for my occasional bouts of a lack of lucidity and a sometimes rehashing of the same hash, served with different eggs on a different day. You don’t actually pay for this service, if you consider it a service, so there’s that feature, often overlooked. I do the best I can with the tools I have and I’ll keep at it. One thing I don’t doubt is my own intentions in this whole extravaganza of whatever this is. That’s a comfort to me.

End Transmission.......

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The eponymous Les Visible Music Album

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dolphins Sunbathing on The Armageddon Train.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Tell me that you are surprised. Go ahead, it is okay. This congressional bill that they spent so much time wrangling over and twisting their little hands over while their mouths were busy elsewhere working on the bankers accomplished not only no good but attacked the very things they needed to protect for their own physical survival. Forget their spiritual survival, which belongs to the bank. You can finish the joke about the check being in the mail and not have to wonder where that final deposit got made.

One thing I can tell you for sure, if you live in a large city it is time to move to the country and paint your mailbox blue. It used to be you couldn’t get heroin out there all that easy and had to stick with methamphetamine but you probably won’t be able to afford either of those so you will have to go for the alcohol. Later on you can strain Sterno through Wonder Bread under a bridge abutment and hope the bridge falls on you first. I always wonder how the people who expect that the dreaded socialism will get them when they aren’t going to be getting any social security anyway.

You don’t have a president; you have somebody that I can beat at one on one basketball with a rubber stamp for a head. Personally, I don’t worry about social security; I never had any intention of applying for it in the first place and the Moody River keeps on flowing.

What happens when an imperialistic economy comes to the edge of collapse after it has over extended itself with foreign wars? It finds a bigger war. Hello hyper inflation. Wow! I’m actually writing like a mainstream journalist this morning (except for the opening paragraph), I’d better cut that out, someone might think I lost my eleventh marble.

You can stick a fork in the American Empire but I don’t suggest raising it to your mouth afterwards. This link shows how afraid they are. Still, they can’t help keep on keeping on. They are going to hang together and separately and they are inflaming the mob that’s going to carry it out as if they were unaware of this fact. When the Italians start going nuts in the street you will really start to see some action. London Town is going to be falling down and you won’t want to be anywhere near The City when that happens, not that there would be much room.

It’s the fitting epitome of The Boy Stands on the Burning Bridge. Instead of traders waving banknotes out of the windows of the banking houses there will be people waving bankers with banknotes stuffed in their mouths. They’ve got plenty of CCTV cameras to catch the whole thing and it’s going to be ‘buckwheat’s all around; if you’ve seen “Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead”.

You cannot get rid of the middle class. It does not happen, revolt comes first and they are breaking into the armories to get the means, not that they don’t have enough guns to accomplish that already. We’re about to see the Charge of the Light in the Ass Brigade sort of as the bankers swoop in to take what isn’t even there anymore. They’re not sure though, well, of course there’s still something there but all the people working for them who accomplish this result are the same people they are taking it from. It makes no sense and that’s just how it should be. They stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and then they came back with crowbars to pry up the rest and got hit on the head with Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”.

Ive no sympathy for them. I won’t be dancing in the streets as I did on the day that Nelson Rockefeller went to Hell but I will be listening to the soundtrack. No one has EVER taken over the world, just as no one has ever pacified The Graveyard of Empires and if you don’t believe that, I’ve got some Khyber Rifles to sell you. Their only resort is to flee to the far off provinces and pretend to be “The Man who would be King” and darn it, they were both Masons.

I often get the same lunatic coming around and threatening me, in all caps and in the name of Jesus Christ, with being sent to Hell for defending The Masons when all I ever want to transmit is that it isn’t the system of Masonry that is the problem, it’s the people running the thing. All Masonry is, is a geometric system with a lot of math that came from The Egyptians. It’s like the principles of The Kabala, which was not invented by the Jews and neither was their alphabet which they took from The Chaldeans. Once again, I point out how the Hebrew alphabet reads from right to left and that The Crown and its colonies drive on the left hand side of the road.

I could point out a lot of things about language and etymological roots but I’m not a philologist. You’ll have to see Brother Tolkien about that and T.S. Elliot was a banker; “I’ve seen the mermaids singing each to each” until human voices woke me and I drowned. I drowned in a sea of love but I won’t get into that now.

VP Biden is charging rent to the Secret Service to protect his hair implants, while Howdy Doody dances and Kissinger is in Paraguay sticking kittens with a fork. All aboard the Armageddon Train, I can feel the hammer coming khumbamela jambalaya; I hope the vegans don’t take me down, in avocado tofu town where the dolphins are lying naked in the sun. Come on all you religions, acting out your false traditions, come on you politicians; get on board the Armageddon Train and in the main spaces of the market places all the warlocks are waiting for the Armageddon Train and that will be a song soon enough, soon enough.

Yeah, I could say more but you’ve heard it before. In Germany you can buy the most expensive German beer for about sixty five cents a half liter bottle and food doesn’t cost that much because they subsidize it so the poor can eat. Rents aren’t that bad, not that I pay rent. You see people sunbathing naked in the public parks, you can walk right by them and no one says a thing. Imagine that in the US. I’m not promoting it and I don’t do it. I’m just pointing it out along with drugs decriminalized in Portugal reducing the actual usage by a significant percentage. I knew a guy who was in a Danish prison who was growing a pot plant on his window sill there and was in there because of drugs. You see, they know how to get around problems over here (grin) and that’s why it won’t be so bad in some places once they all figure out how to follow Iceland where, strangely enough, any journalist who’s catching shit somewhere else can have sanctuary if they want it.

Once some people find out that all they have to do is pretend that they are a corporation and outsize themselves to Mexico there’s going to be a lot more guacamole and salsa being passed around. The Amerikundalini is rising in the wrong direction which explains all those erections that are stiffening like corpses soon to sundry in the desert of a place that used to be and never was.

I suppose that should cover my end of things for the moment. Keep your powder dry while you’re waiting in line to use the restroom and remember, the Czech’s in the mail.

End Transmission.......

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