Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mea Culpa, Deus Ex Vomitus.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

Sometimes I wish I were one of my dogs. They have it good. Nothing is required of them and they are as happy as dogs can be, given that they are all damaged subjects because they were picked up from the streets or out of pounds and you can see that now and again. It’s not something that goes away soon. It lingers in the back of their memories of events and certain things will trigger a return to the awful paranoia of being alone on the streets at the mercy of strangers, without a master to love and protect because that is all they want. In Italy, people will bring a dog down on their vacation, for guard duty, or to play with their children and when summer is over they will just put it out of the car on their way back to wherever they live their meaningless, thoughtless lives. Dogs and all other living creatures feel things. They have memories and they live with what they are where they are as best they can. Every single thing we do is recorded, make no mistake about that. If no one else sees, we see and we convict ourselves. That’s how the cosmos works.

I’m damaged, just like my dogs. I’ve been down so many miles of bad highway that I can’t remember the miles. To quote my favorite artist, Lord Buckley, “I didn’t get all these miles on my face in one lifetime”. Neither did I.

Here's a real hero.

People take strong objection to some of the things I say and they are always anonymous. That’s a freedom that the internet has given us and maybe that’s a good thing because so many of us are pissed off and powerless. So we like to trot out our swords, under a cloak of invisibility in order to get it off of our chests. That doesn’t make us any kind of hero because hiding from the reaction to what we say and do brands us as cowards. Every single thing we do is recorded, make no mistake about that.

The events of my life, what parts I have shared here, would seem fantastic and possibly the product of a fevered imagination but unfortunately for the critics and skeptics, there were witnesses nearly all of the time. I’ve danced with powerful demons in the desert and spoken with emissaries of the one and only. I’ve been in prisons where your ass was worth the price of whatever trouble someone wanted to take to get it and I walked through it unscathed. One prison I was in was 90% black. You do the math. I got locked up each and every time because I ran my mouth about the governments and religions and every time they insinuated someone into my circle, so that they could orchestrate the necessary scenario, in order to make me fall under the hooves of their corrupt system. This is all a matter of public record and in the last case I proved it in the courtroom and walked out free. That had never been done there before and hasn’t since. Following that event, every case that came up there tried a version of my defense, some of them had a lot of money but it did no good.

There was a Buddhist Rimpoche. I can’t remember his name now. This was back in the 70’s. He used to do some crazy things. One time he walked into a biker bar and went to shoot pool. He was loud and obnoxious. He tore the felt with his cue stick. He was as provocative as he could be and no one did anything. The people with him were freaking but that’s just fear. I used to go into bars like that, though I never tore the felt. I take pool seriously. My friends would often quickly leave and wait outside because it could get very intense. I used to go into the parks in Hawaii and ask some of the locals to spar with me. I took a few hits here and there but after awhile I was left alone and treated with respect.

Why am I telling you this? For one thing, I didn’t leave the US because I was afraid of anyone or anything. I left because I was no longer in a position to do any good and I would be locked up now if I hadn’t. I’m telling you this because the amount of courage required doing something should be measured against one’s good sense in terms of practicality. I’m also mentioning these things because if I hadn’t been willing to toss it into the wind at every moment it wouldn’t have worked out like it did.

I lost everything I had over and over. I walked away sometimes when success on temporal terms was right there. Sometimes it was taken from me. Sometimes a friend fell ill and I closed down whatever I was doing to be there. I never had a life in the way other people imagine that to be. It’s only in the last ten years that I have had any measure of stability and peace and I earned it. My name is Les Visible and my location is no secret but good luck actually finding me or even setting out looking if you’re not supposed to.

It should be obvious that I do not wish harm to the people of the United States or any other Crown Colony. I do wish them awakening and whatever it takes to effect that I am 100% behind. If they have to be knocked to their knees and rocked with calamity, so be it, if they will only wake up. I have any number of limp wristed, spiritual dilettantes that come around telling me that I should just love all and express compassion and think beautiful thoughts and I could lead you all down the garden path like any number of other clowns dressed up in white and charging 50 bucks at the door for useless information that will only get you killed further down the road.

You know what I see? I see dead people, like the boy in The Sixth Sense. That’s what I see. I look at people and I see them young and old and on their way out. The body is a coffin but it doesn’t have to be and that’s what those of little courage and lacking the necessary sense of drive and sacrifice do not see. Be you in a miserable hovel or a palace grand, death is coming to claim you because in your life you have practiced the rites of death instead of the rites of life. You read the books of dead people and figure that the mystery that you aren’t getting is some kind of a lack of insight on your part. You admire heroes with feet of clay. You accept totally bogus history, fabricated by your actual masters. Those seeking six million are going to get their six million in spades. You put the blame everywhere but on the ones responsible because you don’t want to offend anyone and never realize they set it up that way to begin with. You kill each other in your frustration and rage and never tumble to the thought that if you really have to kill someone you ought to make it count.

Many times here, I have counseled you to step away from the machine. It cannot function without the oil of your blood in the gears. You are walking on the tracks of your tears. All of that is about to change and whether you step up to the plate or prefer to jack yourself off in the batter’s box is inconsequential. It’s going to happen and it is happening now. You’ve only seen the prelude to an irresistible state of change. It’s all for your own good. I’ve got nothing against western culture, or eastern culture or any culture unless that culture is a culture of death.

Look at your leaders. Can anyone imagine a greater collection of psychopathic hypocrites and cowards? They did it for money and position on their way to the grave and worse. I’m a very, very lucky guy because I gave it all and I will never stop doing so. The one thing the cosmos appreciates is usefulness. To be useful is the signal condition in which blessings descend and I know what I am talking about here. You could change your life in a heartbeat today if you would just be useful. There’s a bumper sticker that I love which says, “Commit random acts of kindness”.

I’ve had flying saucers land in front of me. I’ve seen direct presentations of the Hindu gods and Buddha’s appear. I’ve walked into places of darkness and light that defy description and it was only made possible because I had nothing left to lose. Think about that the next time you go shopping without actually having a reason. Fonzie used to be able to hit the jukebox and make it play. I remember Ritchie asking him about how he could get away with things that he could not. How come the bad guys would back off? Fonzie said, “There had to have been a time when you did do it”.

How dark does it have to get before you do the right thing? How fucked up does your situations have to be before you rise to the call and don’t tell me you can’t hear it. You are very, very lucky too. You have the opportunity to change your life and all you have to do is step away from the machine. The machine cannot move unless you power it. CEO’s and major dickheads of every description can manipulate and cogitate and perambulate all over the map but they can’t storm the castle or burn the town unless you are carrying the torches. They cannot kill except with your hands.

Show them your contempt. Show then that you will not work on Maggie’s Farm no more. Show them that you will not be herded or led. Show them the door. They will collapse upon themselves as soon as your faith in them is withdrawn. You are what is keeping the matrix alive. The moment you go away, they start to burn and it is only the tenuous link of your belief in them that keeps them from the fire. Step away from the machine.

End Transmission.......

Radio show tonight.

No song today, just hum a few bars of whatever you like. Oh, what the heck, my favorite artist of all time, play it loud. And, of course, if I am feeling down, I listen to this.


Robert Bonomo said...

Inspired writing Les...

Visible said...

and when I really want to remind myself about what I really think \i have things like this. I know I say I don't listen to music anymore but that's not true. I do listen sometimes but not often. I prefer the sounds of nature but god has been dragging me back to the human end and so I must subcomb.

Anonymous said...

Yep Les, I see dead people too. I realized that the machine was depending on my dependence a long time ago. I couldn't continue to be another cog knowing the money stolen from my efforts was being used to kill people and make the beast bigger. I live a simple life and grow and can all the chemical free food my family needs and barter or sell the rest. I also grow my own tobacco and found that it was easy and much better than anything I'd had before and though I have many gunny sacks full I smoke less. I've found that the dead that I meet would rather piss and moan about their problems than to make an effort to do anything about them. To any of the living out there your non support of the beast machine will be greatly appreciated.
Peace to all, from Minnesota

Denny said...

Hi Les,

Many years ago I very nastily ill-treated a dog, knowing full well that what I was doing was wrong, and sometime later I went through such a traumatic experience that I still have the mark on my wrist to remind me. I didn't realize the connection at the time but I sure do now. And that's why I don't doubt that everything we do IS recorded.
I'm aware that there is no such thing as a cosmic law of "punishment and reward", but I no longer doubt that whatever we do that brings pain and suffering to others (including animals) sure comes back to us at some point.

So maybe this should be taken as a warning to all those who bring terrible pain and suffering to millions - ie. you will NOT escape the consequences of such deeds no matter how much you try to hide it behind your smug indifference.

Richard said...

Ever since the do gooders suggest that Love is sufficient, the suggestion has been to ask the force known as Archangel Mikael, o Arjuna, if his flaming sword is for show , some Hollywood prop, or something that actually gets used, in defence, but mortal.

The problem is in letting go of the LOve, in the actor defence, and converting into the aggressors nature, subtle but effective.

So next time that a mosquito is biting, connect with the Love , with own Heart, and act in self defence, however the act maybe. Same with the roaches in your home. Rats in the basement. It is your HOME:

More and more Visible, please keep on keeping on, it is always a good laugh, your subtle but effective sense of humour, but the if there is no laughter it is not Tao.

May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in bloom.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation

Anonymous said...


Nothing else to say except thank you.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

My favorite too.

"Just ask the Axis, HE knows everything."

Anonymous said...

Jimi Hendrix- Rainbow Bridge Interview..

Sweet man, humble and honest, devotee.

siamsam said...

My dog came from a dog compound about 500 miles from where i live. Someone I know had rescued her but after a few weeks they decided a dog wasn't that much fun. i took her on a long car journey and she's been here for 3 years. We fixed her physical problems - there were many. But with all the love in the world she still occasionally bows her head when i go to pat her and she never leaves my side ............................

........ There are a lot of bad machines out there so I guess you get some weird and spiteful correspondence from time to time. I suppose it is part and parcel of being truthful. Fuck them all. They are invariably idiots or/and cowards. And i know that to be true.

Anyhow, just though i would way in with a couple of thoughts. I maybe slightly of course as i am just on the mend from a bout of severe renal colic (5 hours extreme)

'Happy days'

Jean ValJean said...

Doctor Visibles,

After reading this posting I can’t help expressing the distinct impression that you are preaching to the choir in this format -- for the most part. As part of my lessons I have been shown repeatedly, or rather, I have repeatedly had my nose rubbed in staggering examples of the efficacy of the blinders which have been stapled across the eyes of the American 'populo gratso.' My brother is one of the most intelligent blokes I have ever met, and yet he suffers from what I deduce is an implanted inability to clearly see the most elementary of the components of this story for what they are. The attitude of the blind is that the burden of proof lies upon we who are trying with all of our might to lead our brethren out of perpetual gloom and at least into the outer bands of the light. I’m not sure this task can be accomplished by mere mortals (speaking only for myself, of course). And again, it isn’t due to any lack of aptitude on their part – most of the blind(ed) have the mechanism required to attain clarity of vision. As you wrote in an earlier post, their fundamental flaw is attributable to ignorance or cowardice, and I would agree, but I see the effects of something else at work here too. It’s as if these misbegotten souls have been infected by a virus which impairs their ability to reason properly, and if that’s the case, then they might have a legitimate claim to some modicum of leniency in the days when the punitive measures are disbursed by the Most High.

Huzzah Hombre.

kapoore said...

Sometimes the roles we end up playing seem menial like just being there for stray dogs, or just keeping track of corrupt leaders; but it does matter because someone has to do those things. I serve in all these community organizations and sometimes I wonder if someone else might have done it better but then no one else was there to fill the slot. So, I too, have some dogs out of the pound, and when a relative needs a place to stay my house is open, or a child loses love and moves home for a while that's OK. I guess they call these random acts but they matter. In terms of the religious experience, jail experience, ex-patriot experience I wouldn't know except from what you say.

Anonymous said...

Les -

Years ago I was serving in the U.S.A.F. as an electronic warfare systems specialist (I repaired the systems which protect our airmen from guided missiles and the like so they can continue their murderous deeds) and I had the bumper sticker which read "Visualize World Peace". I was stationed at Hurlburt Field - a special Ops base in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. A small town not much bigger than the base residing within it.

The number of honks of approval I received when driving around outside of the military base were a constant reminder that my reminder was important in the scheme of things - no matter how much flack I received from my fellow servicemen for having it.

I never once received a honk from someone while driving on the base and this is over the course of about 3 years.

Someone who worked in my department crossed out "World Peace" with a large black marker and wrote "Me Killing You". He was proud of the fact and bragged to me about it. I left it on my car despite the alteration - I felt powerless to remove it.

I never received a honk thereafter - on or off base. It was now a symbol of dis-ease and it made no difference whether people thought I had altered it myself or something else had. The message was clear and it needed to be said.

I have no doubt the force that is in myself exists outside of time, that I chose this existence for myself much like someone chooses to play a virtual world computer game. I've had enough out-of-body experiences to realize that Gandhi was absolutely correct when he said "Whatever you do in life will be insignificant - But it is very important that you do it".

Whether free-will exists in any form or not doesn't matter. You either recognize the signs of the times and react appropriately or you become irrelevant. Peace brother.

Auberon Barnable

Anonymous said...

Good Story Thanks

Visible said...

Auberon; You have an elegant soul. I was going to mention my other favorite bumper sticker which is 'visualize whirled peas'. Another favorite is, 'would you drive better with that cell phone jammed up your ass?'

We'll get through this.

Nayon said...

"No reasons to get excited, said the joker to the thieves"

Who would have thought that Zimmerman would have written a prophecy about Obama and his wall street buddys? It reminds me of a certain poster.

Unfortunatly, your wake up call won't be read by those who should, but the universe is witness to the fact that you stood up and you shouted loud and clear.

The riders are approaching, and the wind begins to howl. Lets not talk falsly now, the hour is getting late.

You are a blessing to us, your readers, a shelter in this darkness of insanity.

Are we ready for Love?

f8te said...

Fine Young Cannibals?

Anonymous said...

Favorite bumper sticker:

Arrive Alive

You'd be surprised (or not) to see how many folks are willing to die just to save a few seconds on a trip to a place they don't even want to be at. I gotta admit Les, that bit about jacking myself off in the batter box was hilarious and a bit too close for comfort, but that's why I love this place - always something to feel on a personal level no matter how universal the sentiment.

Take care all,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les, your unstinting and unselfish efforts help others is greatly appreciated. It's clear that your writing will not earn you a tsunami of kudos in consensus reality land, but I for one can't imagine what it would be like if I couldn't check your blogs out when I need my weekly dose of inspiration and hope.

My parents live in Italy, so if I get to visit them again, I'll take that as a sign that I should try my luck at hunting you down.

Ciao 4 now.

Anonymous said...

OK, Vis—couldn't resist:

"How's my driving? Call 1-800-EAT-SHIT"

My all-time favorite. Not least because the first time I saw it, I was riding with my dad; we both noticed it at the same time, and the memory of the sound of his delighted laughter stays with me still.

Thanks so much for your writing. I'm still here—in the teeth of it, as it were—wishing I could be ANYWHERE else.

That's not gonna happen, so maybe it's past time for me (and others) to GET BUSY.


Anonymous said...

Precisely so. The one thing they can't stand is being ignored. I've been talking to people lately about that. I call it the "Italian Method". Italy had roughly 60 different governments since WWII. Each one comes in, thumps their chest. The people smile at them and say, sure, whatever. Then they go right back to what they were doing before they got there. Anyone who tries to organize against these psychopaths will be destroyed. What's needed is individual rejection. Don't confront them, just ignore them. At every opportunity refuse to cooperate.
Excellent point about being the "hands of evil". Those who participate become the "Body of Evil" vice the "Body of Christ".
When they send the SWAT team to your neighbor's house they should return to find flat tires. People need to learn how to turn their backs when these tools demand respect. Just like the "dead people", we need to make them invisible (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

I did not know you had left.I find it interesting that I read this today because yesterday I was thinking about how cool it would be to randomly run into you and thank you for your insights.
So..thank you!
I remain...and try to wake people everyday.Sadly, the Truth is too simple to grasp in this walk for most...

Anonymous said...

Best bumper sticker.
Seen on an old geezer's beat up Olds 98..

"I should be home dickin' the old lady."

Anonymous said...

trails of dead people
a culture of war
consumed by insanity
clothed in false law
in continual persuence
a blinded conscience
in psychosis of death cult
under false pretense
whos mind bent on plunder
the foulness of greed
sickness and division
starvation disease
dancing with illusion
up old errors way
the death cult is consumed
by the doom with which it play


Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,
As always, your posts are inspiring. I do hope that your wish to be one of your dogs is only a short-lived and fleeting thought. As much as I love dogs I can't imagine how terrible it must be to be one. Even mine, who are spoiled beyond belief, have so many drawbacks to their existence. For example, they only live a very short time, they have so little choice in life, they have to eat whatever is offered, they are constantly wanting more of what they cannot have. I could list more but I'm sure you get the idea. Dogs, just like all beings in the animal realm are subject to conditioned responses and have very little chance to make the appropriate decisions. For instance, they will eat almost anything, even their poop! Let me just add to this by saying that, in spite of all their short-comings, dogs are absolutely my best friends...I just don't want to be one and I do hope you don't either.

est said...

jimi did this one by bob d, also

Oh, help me in my weakness
I heard the drifter say
As they carried him from the courtroom
And were taking him away
"My trip hasn't been a pleasant one
And my time it isn't long
And I still do not know
What it was that I've done wrong.

Well, the judge he cast his robe aside
A tear came to his eye
"You failed to understand", he said
"Why must you even try ?"
Outside the crowd was stirring
You could hear it from the door
Inside the judge was stepping down
While the jury cried for more.

"Oh, stop that cursed jury"
Cried the attendant and the nurse
"The trial was bad enough
But this is ten times worse"
Just then a bolt of lightning
Struck the courthouse out of shape
And while ev'rybody knelt to pray
The drifter did escape.

The Mossad/israel with Nixon/Bush Sr. for the Rothschild consortium/NWO said... said...

Who killed JFK?

"The fact is that winning the election changed Kennedy, and all of a sudden he decided that instead of being just another in a long series of corporate front men in the Oval Officer, he was going to BE a President. And in the process of trying to solve some real problems, he earned the hate of those whose fortunes depended on the perpetuation of problems, such as the CIA, the Mossad, the Texas Oil Billionaires, the mafia, and, of course, Israel. Lyndon Johnson had found out from one of his staffers who roomed with Mary Jo Kopechne that Kennedy planned to replace him as VP in the second term. Richard Nixon hated Kennedy for his defeat in 1960, and with three Kennedy brothers lined up as a dynasty, the GOP was looking at almost a quarter of a century before they stood a chance of retaking the White House. Having so many players in the assassination allowed all to have plausible deniability. As soon as any investigation started to focus in on pone group, evidence would be leaked drawing attention to another party, keeping the investigators running in circles, because they did not see that all the possible suspects were involved!"

Why Gaddaffi must go said...

One seldom mentioned fact by western politicians and media pundits: the Central Bank of Libya is 100% State Owned. Currently, the Libyan government creates its own money, the Libyan Dinar, through the facilities of its own central bank. Few can argue that Libya is a sovereign nation with its own great resources, able to sustain its own economic destiny. One major problem for globalist banking cartels (ZIONIST ROTHSCHILD / NWO) is that in order to do business with Libya, they must go through the Libyan Central Bank and its national currency, a place where they have absolutely zero dominion or power-broking ability. Hence, taking down the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) may not appear in the speeches of Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy but this is certainly at the top of the globalist agenda for absorbing Libya into its hive of compliant nations.

Visible said...

correctamundo, I was distressed to see Crhis Floyds recent article in which he unmasks himself as a shill. Man, they are droppimg like flies. It must be getting close to crunch time.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a pro-Gaddafi article explaining the Zionist takeover of Libya.

Anonymous said...

Against the zionist Rothschild NWO of control, death and detruction:


From the depths of the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the Gnostic gospels, the Torah, the Vedas, from the works and writings of Plato, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Francis Bacon, Thomas Jefferson, from the Zohar to Noetic Science to the Egyptian Mystery Schools to the Shamanic texts to the Pistis Sophia all describe the power that the mind and heart possess and the power of the collective consciousness.

It is time to use that collective consciousness to our collective advantage. To create a world that better represents our true and spiritual nature. A world where Love conquers all. So let us use Love via the collective consciousness to influence positive change and unveil a world that better suits all of Life and all of Earth. We have the power within us to affect this change.

It has been scientifically proven that the power of human thought 'grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought.' In psychology, it is described as 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.' It seems that the time is upon us to join together around the world with a singular healing intent and what better focus for this intent then Love.

This is not a fairytale. It is the truth we are becoming. Let us, as individuals, consciously join together around the world as a collective consciousness and focus our intent to Love for all the world. Let us evoke change with this power. That will be our justice!"

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people read your blog posts, especially this one, and then sit down to write out yet another check to pay for the mortgage on a house that they have been told is worth less than the amount they are paying for it?

I wonder how many then go on to pay those credit card bills, when it long ago became clear that they could not possibly ever pay them off? Ever notice how many more TeeVee commercials there are today for my-free-credit-ree-port-dot-com than there used to be? Why do you think that is? It is because more and more people are not paying their bills anymore, though most often simply because they cannot pay them anymore? Some are not paying though because they have figured out that they don't have to pay. If "they" can just conjure up $$trillions from out of nothing then why do they need your money too?

What happens when millions stop paying their mortgages and then refuse to leave their houses? And what if they held a war and nobody came?

What would happen if everyone refused to be groped, raped and/or irradiated at the airport? What if no one cooperated anymore and refused, en masse? What would happen if when THEY said "Jump!" you said, "Go fuck yourself"?

There are many other examples but you all get the picture.

Anonymous said...

"...everyone had free electricity, free great medical care, interest free loans, govt. paid 50% for purchase of a car, govt gave newly married couples $50,000 to buy a house, the lists goes on and on in how well the Libyan people have/had it. "

Gee, it sounds like Germany under Hitler!

And the lie of the century about the "jew holocaust." A distraction from what REALLY happened: THe Holomodor Genocide in the Ukraine...committed by the Russian jews!

Truth coming out at last, 60+ years, TOO LATE!

Then came the vilification of Gaddahi, with methods already very well, practiced in the previous WWII.

Libya truth said...

Rock and f**king roll!

You's gonna love this 9:23 video about Libya.

No this will be shown on the main stream media when Hades freezes over!

Go Sherrie! Question EVERYTHING!

The truth will set you free said...

This is the most important film I have seen since 9/11 Mysteries in March 2007.

Anaughty Mouser

Anonymous said...

wholesome goodness
long and far
charging vibrance
shooting star
traveling swift
midnights breeze
weaving currents
of universal peace
a rainbows passage
songbirds form
sphere of light
unions born
a warming fire
eternal spring
a dynamic spark
of truth within


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

pierre said..
(happened to me the other day, dog at the waste facility, next to the pound, following me around almost jumped into my car as I left.)

trip to tip.
stray black dog
cold wet nose
friendly sod
needs a friend
a fellow stray
home with me
or go away
right decision
likely best
circumstances considered
another test
say goodbye
say hello
right decision
I don't know

a favorite sticker
"THINK! It's not illegal yet".


wv: mickag name of farm dog that almost was.(ag is short for agriculture)

kikz said...

2 of the best i've ever seen.. on a tiny clown car...

if i want any shit out of you i'll squeeze your head.

if you love something set it free. if it doesn't come back....hunt it down and kill it. >:)


taibbi's been kickin in rollingstone of late :)

steve said...

I saw a pic of Bernanke and some other twits organising the jackson Hole discussions and I had a thought that these people ( ? ) believe they have the power to alter earths destiny, but you know what , they actually have no power really, only the vested beliefs that the masses hold of them keep them where they are.

Anonymous said...

Les is more!

Bumper sticker "Have love will travel"

Most people love others or things and even need to show that love they feel over just lovin their own work. I say no to that silliness. Love your own life and its trappings, love your mind, and love sharing it. If you do that, you will be love and spread it and not force it or demand it.

Its not being useful to others that counts but useful to yourself. You hold up your end and all will work out.

Being brave isnt a group thing like your bar friend showed, it about facing your own fears and thats it. Be brave, read the record that your mind has recorded over your lifetime. Face up to it. Youre soo correct on this Les, its all there to view and learn from. More over if you wish to live that dharmic path you will have to leave your karmic life, break the loop? You need to view and come to terms with all the baggage and work left undone. Its not for the weak minded man. To afraid of himself is he to be critical of his own actions. Its kinda cool being a dog as you said, because they dont have to judge their own actions, but thats also why they are dogs and not people.

We all can see the wrongs that happen to us and even the players that do it, thats too easy. Finding those players and demons within yourself is the trick. Dont blame others for your own struggle within. If YOU change your actions based on self reflection the machine ends. If you react to the machine in any form, it wins. Dont think you will rearrange the status quo or make changes to outerworld, just change your own will?

I see dead people all day long. So what? I see death and I see people killing them self at will. What does that have to do with me? It means I see what I want to see, and if its dead people, well I might want to change up that view.

We light our own way, we create the spark of life, we also let it go too often. The more death you choose to see and let in the more youre supporting it. So walk away.

In the sum of your life, it wont matter that the world is turning cold and dark. It wont matter that bankers have rob the soul and replaced it with a fiat one. It will matter if keep playing that losing game and keep pushing against it. The more you push, the higher you elevate those sick minded people to higher goals of control and success.

Les the more you share about your life and reflect it here on your blog, the faster you move and learn. It might seem like you have great lessons the youre showing as, but really youre just showing those wonderful views to yourself. Thats cool! That brave! Thats love and I thank you.

Love Your Life

dullard said...

You don't have to justify leaving the banana republic with nukes. Most of us would do the same if there was an oppurtunity to do so. Smart people clear out from where they are treated like shit. I dropped out of the rat race back in y2k. Sure I don't have any nice things or a car and use the neighbor's wifi but it is not hurting anyone. The sheeple will never wake up they are too busy serving neo-feudal corporate pimps.

ChewyBees said...

Visible, I know I've been on this path before on your boards, and I want to comment about 'usefulness'. Too often the persons involved in the fictional life can and must validate themselves with whatever means, moment to moment, maybe in the art of hurting other life, to get their fix in absence of an actual heart, mind and soul. Maybe that validation is shielded in a pathetic purpose of power.
Passion. It's the word the echoes in my mind. Where is the passion for the things people stand for, sing for, wave a piece of cloth for or press a button for.
All of these things are as fragile as sugar glass, and give the same effect, and then melt away.

Anonymous said...

Dear God: Protect us from evil leaders WHEREEVER THEY ARE. That is my prayer for the world.

Anonymous said...

Kim's ass has about as much control over me as porrige.

Was that supposed to be ironic?

One should not mistake sexual love for God's love or real compassionate love between family members and friends.

Sexual love is a hedonist, erotic myth the zionist MSM has been foisting upon us since before the days Edward R. Murrow warned us the boob tube had the potential to become an instrument of only propaganda and sensation.

Throw that f**king piece of shit talmud vision apparatus out the window and be done with it.

It WILL rot your mind if you watch it.

Why do you think it is called programming?

Anonymous said...

That was my old car and the geezer was my old lady.

You should've honked!


Aangirfan, bless your hearts said...

Kudos AANGIRFAN! Thank you "C"!

Libyan truth.

The missile video said...

Here it is sportsfans.

A video of the missile hitting the Pentagon on 9/11.


Anonymous said...

Here is the video showing the missile hitting the Pentagon on 9/11.

Kray Z8 said...

A lot of fire behind the Smoking Mirror this week. It was there in the radio show, too. Good medicine.

As always, a lot of excellent posts from the Friends. Anon. 12:22 AM and Richard, well put, both of you. Two sides of the same coin.

Kindness isn't weakness and Love isn't always gentle. Zen and Tao are considered 'gentle' ways, yet each allows the use of force, deadly if necessary, to defend against unjust attack.

Universal Love (not love, luv, lust, affection, or infatuation) demands we respond to any injustice against anyone in our world as if it were against ourself, which utimately, it is. Often times we have to act in spite of our fear and in whatever manner we are capable of. As you point out, Les, we can even 'not act' by stepping away from the machine and still be acting with compassion and respect for our fellow beings and ourselves. A wise woman once told me "They (tptw) need us to be them; we don't need them to be us."

There is no pat formula. Every individual needs to search their own heart to determine what harm their actions may be causing and what they can do to bring about positive change. Of course, it helps to be actively seeking connection with the Creator as well.

As you've stated often, LV, it's all for demonstration; we get the lessons and guidance we need from a firm-but-fair higher power. It's up to us to pay attention and apply the lesson, and it's not always just on the physical plane.

Thanks for your effort and insights, Vis, and thanks for the commentary, Friends.

Peace, Love, Empathy,


Somethings rotten in the state of WRH said...

Well, well, well, well.

WRH first posted and then pulled a post yesterday with an article and link to Sherrie Questions All's video called Libyan Truth.

Why did M.Rivero do that?

Did a Rothschild representative contact Michael and threaten a horse head in his bed?

That video is the very best summary of the present condition of the world under Rothschild.

Why pull the post?

Has Michael Rivero been compromised?

Something is beginning to smell a bit at WRH IMHO.

Ommission is the greatest form of deceit. G.Orwell

Did Rothschild get to Rivero? said...

You know what else is very strange about the pulling of the Libyan Truth post?

It was pulled when M.Rivero and the WRH staff should have been sound asleep in the middle of the Hawiain night (3:00-4:00 am). It was pulled around 9:00 am Central European time which would make it around 11:00 am Tel Aviv time.

The pulling is consistent with someone in London or Tel Aviv literally getting Rivero out of bed in the middle of the Hawiain night to pull the post.


Burn baby, burn! said...

Jeff Rense is carrying the video but Rixon Stuart is not.

Aangirfan's "C" carried the video in a briefly exposed post. Michael Rivero first carried the video then yanked it.

The coverage of this video is revealing alot about what is going on in the "alternative" media.

Following the story of the linking and non-linking of the Libyan Truth video is indicative of who is honestly seeking the truth.

My bad said...

My apologies for besmirching Micheal Rivero and WRH.

Sherrie's post is indeed still at 7:11 yesterday (August 28, 2011) at WRH as correctly pointed out by Kenny's Sideshow.

john said...

"I was distressed to see Crhis Floyds recent article in which he unmasks himself as a shill."

Well, Les, perhaps you would be kind enough to elaborate, if for no other reason because Chris Floyd has a fairly impeccable record as an anti-imperialist and mostly, a great humanitarian.

In fact, if you are truly "distressed", you might even find the moxie to engage him 'face to face', as it were.

Visible said...

Go find the article Lazy Boy John, I am not your research assistant, then explain to me the things he says about Gaddafi and not only that. Why is he on the side of tearing down the government of Libya? And other things. Explain it please. i thought I was reading a main stream media piece. I happen to have enjoyed Floyds work for a long time but when I see shit I call it so that others can look where they step. Go and read the article before you get all accusatory of my perception of what I read and you did not. You haven't even read it, but you feel good defending it without exposure to it. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

What is happening to Libya now will be happening to everyone in the not to distant future.

Take a really good look all you Johns of the world.

Anonymous said...

Believe me link,Iknow where your comming from,and I know where your've been.They the people will not step away,its to late in the game for that.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

thought I'd just pop this
one in here. A take on Fukushima with HAARP, neutron activation of subterranean methane depostits which tunnel up through the bottom of the reactors and so forth. seems over the top at first glance, though more and more, as things get curiouser and curiouser, these sorts of things make sense. be nice if we had a government we could trust to save us all the time and trouble , since that's what they get paid for.


wv distas. arcane disasters

bullSHIT! said...

Faux news broadcasting raw sewage;

Reporter says:"I don't know what it is - but it doesn't taste great."

MSM: The shit, all the shit, all the time.


Anonymous said...


Mea Culpa: Deus Ex Vomitus

translates from Latin roughly as;

"I am guilty: god from the vomit"

Why did you chose this title? Is the translation concordant with your meaning and choice of it as the title of this post?

I notice there is a game titled: Deus Ex Machina (god from the machine) where several users have described the virtual digital game as causing them to vomit - connection to the theme of your post?

Just wondering...

Visible said...

God is in everything and maybe that is what I meant. The title leap out at me, they always do and I never know exactly why I say the things I do, they just come coursing out, like vomit I suppose and certainly according to some.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Getting Rid of Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles.

siamsam said...

Everyone comes out - eventualY:

This guy is well known for being anti everything from the official 911 story to the 'war on terror'.

Michael Scheuer,former head of the CIA ...........

Yet he is now calling for this:

"The rendition programme must come back – the people we have in custody now are pretty long in the tooth, in terms of the information they can provide in interrogations".

Leopard and spots!

john said...

Ah yes, once again (you gave me the same treatment a year or so ago), Les Visible, seeker of truth, hits his little internet kill switch. What a pathetic little man you are, Les. Can't handle honest criticism or dissent? So be it. Once again I bid you adieu. I'll leave you here to pose next to your little donate button. Fleece the flock, bro, fleece the flock.

Visible said...

Lazy Boy John, do you consider that a refutation? Can I assume you don't have one? Why did you go away and then come back? You can't answer because you went and checked and found out I am right. As for fleecing people one has to lead or encourage them into the shearing shed, that is hardly accomplished with a donate button and not once ever an appeal for funds has come from any of these blogs. If looking stupid is your objective, congratulations, you have achieved it.

amarynth said...

This will be in the comments section of all the blogs in the next week.

In terms of the release of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, here are some ideas. 

Would the readers be so kind as to pop over to the forum, to this comment box, and give us a few words as to your preference in terms of formatting the manuscript? :

1.  in a pdf format of course beautifully presented

2.  other ebook formats (which ones?)

3.  in softcover, i.e., physical book

4.  in a monthly subscription model, on the web with its own website - beautifully presented with discussion pages and all of those kinds of bells and whistles (most of the content of the book would elicit discussion in my opinion). 

5.  mp3 voice format using different 'voices' from our community. 

We thank you! 

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Les. Thanks so much for writing from the heart and doing it exceedingly well.

Anon here wrote:

"What is happening to Libya now will be happening to everyone in the not to distant future."

It's a very real possibility. All sovereign nations are in peril. USrael invades/rapes countries at the drop of hat these days.

No more, "Mother, may I?" Now it's "You've got what we want or you've got what we don't want you to have." Bombs away!

Thanks again for your wonderful work, Mr. Visible.




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