Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moonbathing on the Banks of the River Styx.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Today, I did something I rarely do, I canned a post near the completion of it. I never can a post at any point; might have done it once in the whole time I've been doing this. I went off on Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and a few others and of course, The Tribe is still responsible for some amount of evil, above 50% of the total in the whole world and so, they got the usual honorable mention. How can you not mention them, given the object of their daily industry? I'll try again, maybe the same thing will happen. We'll see.)

I talk about people when they annoy me. They have to pretty much really annoy me and consistently at that. I'm willing to take my own licks for that when they come. I'm especially annoyed at gatekeepers and the rash of defectors from our ranks in recent times. They seem to be coming down with Christopher Hitchen's Syndrome; I'm hoping you can figure out what that is. Chris is presently in a holding area, waiting for Richard Dawkins (no relation to Daryl) to show up. They'll be sharing a dingy for that ride across the River Styx. You might not know this but the River Styx is pretty wide and has islands and all sorts of strange geography on the further bank; meaning inlets and lagoons; where it accesses a hidden sea and, this underground river feeds into other underground rivers beneath it, while being also fed by mysterious springs at the source. This and many other unseen phenomena, can be a problem for those operating with mortal eyes, on that half of the Mobius Strip that is presentable to their perceptions but, I digress.

What you are seeing in the United States, is the tip of the iceberg, of an emerging trend, where the country is going to start looking like a Chinese new year of armaments, unburdening themselves of their volatile contents. You need to check with the script girl for time and location in your neck of the woods. I'm not going to talk about the Zimmerman thing. Everyone else is doing that, so why should I?

The incredible, replicating Occupy movement, is plugging in to the amazing, monster paranoid machine, that's hiding in the curtains but no one's really certain, why it doesn't want its amplifier seen. I've heard tales of it being compromised; another Little Georgie Sorrows scam. I can imagine there are outriders, dressed up like ringwraiths on snorting black horses, who ride herd and Grima Wormtongue-like agents who move among them, spreading mischief and communicating with the black bloc members, secreted in the mass. On the one hand, you have this massive and extensive security apparatus, that operates on the behalf of the one percent and on the other hand you have the crazed informants, who want to believe that anyone could be the enemy, or who recreationally hunt down and shoot people, like Zimmerman. It's hard to know what's really going on at any particular point.

There are very strange things going on and figuring out why this is happening, is the job of persons better equipped for the effort than me. Something weird is going on over at Veterans Today. Something weird is going on with longstanding alternative web sites and their level of donations going down but that could just be the economy, or maybe people have woken up to the point that they sense a lack of full disclosure on the part of old familiar sources, where they've been getting their news. Something weird is happening around Fukushima; how could millions be living under the threat of certain death when the blood of all the casualties is on their leaders hands? Does it have something to do with the truth behind Fukushima? I don't know what the truth is and I'm not implying anything. I just wouldn't expect this kind of behavior from the Japanese government. I know how jejune that sounds but it's a sense I get.

A whole lot of governments are acting strange. The obvious answer is that the banker control, in tandem with the world wide Zionist conspiracy, is behind this but it doesn't seem complete. Obviously the Zionist and the Satanists are operating as a tag team, for the destruction of all cultures and systems not their own. They're racing against time, neck and neck with The Apocalypse. The question is, are they trying to do as much harm, right up to the point where they lose the race, or do they somehow think they can win that race? They can't but they could believe it. Many people believe things that are not true. Many people die for those beliefs. It happens every day. Lies are entities of terminal finality. In any case 'they' are going to be the poster orcs, for the proof in the pudding that 'the boy who cried wolf' is not a fable.

In Kali Yuga, irony is one of the tent poles that hold up the cover for the main stage. Kali Yuga is also all about payback. Some of that payback has been coming for a really long time. This is a time of summation and resolution, every bit as much as it is a time of awakening and revelation. Those who have no interest in awakening, have worked on the design of their denial for a long time. Some of us have an inside track. Some of us are not even on the track and there are dark horses and long odds and surprises to come. No one knows the level of their development, until the yeast goes into action.

People believe the truth is dangerous terrain. They think lies keep them safe. That is especially not true in this period of time and that is why so much is coming out, why people are walking away from the mainstream media and why the print media is dying. In many cases, people do not know why they are doing what they are doing. They're just doing it because the off stage voice is sotto voce. Something is hearing but it's in the nether realms. What's being said is rising with the yeast and will make itself heard more distinctly when the times comes. Meanwhile it is provoking inexplicable action on the part of many. Many are experiencing a great deal of fear. They don't know who this person is that is emerging from out of the hidden parts of themselves.

There are a lot of ways to look at it all and still have it make sense. There are all sorts of lenses that people adopt for viewing, because they don't challenge their belief system, or because they support it. All belief systems have precedence and possibly rumor and myth that support their findings. Some assumptions being made are obviously absurd. Jesus is not going to show up with an industrial forklift to assist fundie Christians, in whatever rapture they are expecting, as a result of believing that all you have to do is be saved and you're good to go to everlasting residence in Heaven, regardless of being directly involved in the displacement, torture and murder of millions. Paul Crouch is not going to Heaven. It is as likely that Tammy Faye Baker is in Heaven, as the pet tarantulas on her eyes are there. Benny Hinn is not going to Heaven and neither is his hair. I know I'll hear about this because how could I be in a position to know who's going to Heaven? Because, 'by their works ye shall know them' and because direction is the surest indication of destination.

Well, I'm talking about people again but I guess there's no way around it. I want people to think about certain things. I wonder about certain things. I wonder why, no matter where I go, I almost never find anyone who wants to talk about the things I talk about. I wonder about why, when I observe the lives flowing around me, I never see anyone watching too; watching in a certain way. I wonder about why no one among those truly evil in this world, ever have an epiphany and publicly come forward to tell us how wrong they were and reveal that which they were engaged in. I know there are whistleblowers but I'm talking about the big cheeses; the super-sized Limburger's who walk among us. You don't hear presidents, secretaries of state, financiers, military generals, with the exception of Smedley Butler getting up and saying it. It just doesn't happen. I notice a lot of curious things that you would think would happen now and again but don't. You never see a president come out and say, “I’m being pressured by bankers and AIPAC to kill millions and turn the world into an open air prison camp. Well, sometimes you come across quotes here and there that are buried in the mix. I ought to list some of the things I find to be very odd and maybe I will at some point. There are a lot of things I haven't said so, maybe I'm affected in some way too. Maybe our roles are mostly hardened and on rails. One thing I know is that it is never harder than when you are trying to change.

It looks grim from some angles but I do believe that help is on the way. I believe that these times are far more momentous than we imagine and that certain possibilities and opportunities are too. I believe that locations, spoken of for centuries but never seen, are just as real and probably more real than everything else, because everything else comes and goes. I tell myself that I am headed toward a particular place; when I walk out my door, regardless of whether I am heading to the supermarket or into the woods. I tell myself that I have always been headed there and that intention can harden just like personalities and conditions can. Whatever is actually going on and causing what we see in the news and around us every day, I think that's going to go public too. If one were focused on the progressions in consciousness and events this would seem pretty clear. We'll see.

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I'll be on the radio tomorrow with Robert Phoenix at 10:00 AM Pacific time. This is quite a bit different than the usual fare.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three Blind Men with Mercury in Retrograde.

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We got a radio show tonight at the usual time and place.

The problem with the truth is that it's inconvenient, just like Al Gore. The problem with the truth is that it's impossible to isolate it unto itself without shape, size and coloration, because it can't be seen otherwise. It can only be inferred and every inference, is affected by perspective. Like Lao Tzu said, “The Tao that can be named is not the Tao”.

Recently, against my best efforts, during and after the fact, I ran into a mini shitstorm, concerning the 'gay thing'. I had mentioned that Lindsey Graham was being blackmailed by The Tribe for being a Log Cabin Republican. Can I prove this? No, but some things you can infer with no great degree of difficulty. We also know that many members of Congress are either blackmailed or financially leveraged by the global control, Tribe machine. We know they killed Kennedy for going after the Federal Reserve. We know they were the primary and enduring cause of the Bolshevik Revolution and the perpetrators of the murderous policies that came out of it. This last we can prove. The rest we can infer from 'the duck equation'. There are other, 'monstrous lies', which we can also prove to be lies. We can prove them as comprehensively and easily as the Bolshevik Revolution; just as easily as we can prove who was behind the Afghanistan, Iraqi and Libyan wars and who is pushing to destroy Syria and Iran. We can prove them just as easily as we can prove who did 9/11 and we can infer about 7/7 and The Madrid Train Station bombings, with all sorts of direct and corollary evidence. You might want to look up 'corollary', if you don't know what it means. You might also want to look up 'Mercury in retrograde,', if you're not fully informed about that either. We'll be there till around 4/5 and it explains a lot about the last couple of weeks.

I said, or inferred, that Graham was being blackmail leveraged to be a mass murdering dick because of his sexual orientation. That's all I said. I didn't make any judgments on the lifestyle,. In the aftermath, I made a few observations, easily proven, about the time periods and state of the culture, in which the phenomena proliferates more than usual. We know that The Tribe sits in distinct majority, at the head of every gay, lesbian, transgender and whatever else organizations of like disposition. They have an agenda concerning this and it has to do with morphing the culture and the destruction of the family unit. In England you can see the horrific effect of this, in the actions of the social services organizations that are taking people's children away in the thousands. I'm not directly linking this to the 'gay thing', it's just another example of pernicious industry, directed at the destruction of the family unit, which is the cornerstone and centerpiece of civilization.

Please do not ask me to prove who sits on the boards of directors of all the gay organizations. I'm not your research assistant. Look it up. In some cases they are exclusively the only people on the board. If I have any problem with the 'gay thing', it is this. This is the feature that impacts on me and you and is active with things like this and all the books forced upon children in elementary school, as well as the programming that accompanies them. They are seriously active in the educational system and in high approval of entities like Sandusky, who was allowed to go on and on because of the highly placed satanists, operating behind the scenes throughout the system. These are the same people who were behind The Franklin Sex Scandal. They like to refer to Tel Aviv as the gay capital of the world. That's not me saying it, that's them.

However you may want to parse each individual thing I say, no one can deny that there is plenty of fire to accompany the smoke. I didn't make any assessments about gay whatsoever, when I mentioned Graham. I was responded to as if I did. The Ganymede factor has been around a long time and includes some truly illustrious names. My position on it, insofar as I have defined it, for the benefit of 'my own understanding', is that it is a permutation of the kundalini force, when it is drawn to material culture. It is also a phase through which everyone passes at one time or another, through the recurrent process of reincarnation. Anyone with knowledge of or access to my personal journey through this particular incarnation, knows that I have no binding judgment upon this condition, except for what I have said so far. My association with people of this persuasion and my efforts at different times on their behalf is matter of proven record, in the minds of those familiar with me at different times. Everyone else may not know where I'm coming from but I do and they do.

I have to handle an enormous amount of traffic every day; emails, comments, projects and so on. I can't be expected to be one hundred percent attentive to every single detail. I miss things. Certain things never even occurred to me during this recent series of exchanges. I didn't even know what was going on, primarily because I wasn't doing anything more than making an observation about arm-twisting influence on the part of pernicious interests. I try to stay on top of things, while I'm doing everything for free in the first place, but I miss things that are right in front of me, because so much is in front of me. Then I try to make it right and it becomes very annoying when some people won't even let me do that.

The world, at this time, is a pretty fucked up place, even if it is all perfect in terms of how it resolves. We got things like this swaggering jerk and psychopaths whose hearts attack them. They probably had Ted Bundy's heart on ice for him. We've got ignorant uniformed crap like this. “Heartbreaking destruction” my ass; like we'd learn something from a Civil War battlefield that would be of any use, since we haven't learned anything about war and mass murder since. We do get some amusing things with positive outcomes and we've got all sorts of strange sounds that, so far, no one has been able to explain. We get strange, disingenuous and provably wrong statements like this:

Face it, tens of millions of Americans see Israel and Jews as responsible for the planning of 9/11. Though there is proof of Israeli involvement, that is undeniable, blaming Jews in America is beyond insane..."

...from sources like this, which has lately been the source of all kinds of unusual acts of bizarre reasoning, also easily disproven, with the names, nationality and positions clearly named, in direct refutation of that quote about who is not culpable. That last link is the most comprehensive collection about who was behind 9/11 and, given Mercury in retrograde, this is about Veteran's Today and not the blog that reprinted it. This is a world wide cabal of vicious operatives. It's not just Israel but, the truth is inconvenient and telling it like it is, annoys those, who are in the hip pocket of those they pretend to be in opposition to, while letting those providing them with funds, slip off the hook. We got more gatekeepers than gates at this point. We got people who defend Chomsky, when he has clearly stated where he is at on the most important event of recent times. Yeah, you don't want to get too much into telling the truth, it pisses people off. So, it's a toss up whether you are more comfortable pissing people off or holding yourself in contempt for not doing so.

We all have to answer to ourselves for what we say and do. Our conscience is the ultimate judge and if we don't want to hear about it and ultimately be convicted by it, we have to tell ourselves large and loud lies to drown out its voice. Of course, that doesn't work forever. Sooner or later you come up against the voice behind your conscience.

People can and do disagree with me. That is perfectly okay, but my position is that you disprove what I say; clinically, specifically and comprehensively. It is not an acceptable argument to not want to hear it or to find it inconvenient. That's not acceptable or legitimate. Prove it wrong. Go ahead. I'll be glad to alter my perspective based on the commensurate weight of your rebuttal. I've changed my view and conclusions many times, in this life and other lives, I am perfectly willing to do it again. Furthermore, if you're going to disagree with something I said, let it be something I said, not something you pulled out of thin air, that had no connection to anything I said. Don't come flying in on a tangent, a wing and a prayer, making something up out of whole cloth, as if it were the robe of Jesus, when Jesus never wore that robe or Jacob either. I'm laying all of this at the door of Mercury in retrograde. Might be that puts us both off the hook, unless you really do need to swallow the worm, even if it was never anywhere near a bottle of mescal.

There's a big difference between people's feelings getting hurt, because they have an investment in something and the need to justify the authenticity and value of it, regardless of the cost to what is. Feelings are one thing, facts and figures and the application of dispassionate reason are something else.

Most of us lie or keep silent, as a matter of routine, in order to maintain our positions of employment, our friendships; which means they aren't really friendships, our social status, our engineered reputations, our credibility; Jesus! There's irony for you. Most of us do this because we want to perpetuate our continuance here. We want all the good thing we believe will be denied us, if we go contrary to the prevailing fabrications of our time. We want to snuggle in and get comfy with material nature. That's a fatal proposition. It's terminal AND unpleasant. We want to impress the world with our compliance and conformity, so that we can rise up through the ranks of gifted liars, at the expense of everything meaningful and valuable that are no longer either, cause we threw them away. We sacrificed them on the altar of personal gain. I only want to impress my invisible friends, because that's whose company I intend to be in, when I become less visible. A lot of people believe if you can't see it, it isn't really there. I believe that just because you can see it, that's no guarantee that it is there and sooner or later it won't be. What are you actually seeing after all? Are you one of those 3 blind men exploring an elephant?

Anyway, I've said my piece, probably not as effectively as you or I might wish and certainly not effectively enough for those who simply have to believe whatever it takes to bolster their need to have any and all evidence, real and imaginary, prove them right in all they say and do. As long as we need to make everything adjust to how we want things to seem, truth is no less a drag queen than The Pope in Rome. Once again, this is no judgment on drag queens, all it is is an example of the advertising not matching up with the concealed contents. Do you know the difference? I hope so. “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” are two of my favorite movies. Alright Mercury, let's get back to your normal route; even though this is just another part of it, it is the smaller part and a reversal of your usual ways.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smoking Bad Colombian Shake on Camelback Mountain.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, there is virtuosity and mediocrity and you don't need an example for the latter because there are too many of them to choose from. You got your celebrities, who are all concerned about Sudan; not taking anything away from how they feel, I feel the same way but everything that goes on in The Sudan is connected to what happens and is happening in Syria, with an eye toward Iran and it is all happening courtesy of the bankers they work for and never seem to get around to mention. You might see how this could disturb and puzzle me; once again, not taking anything away from these people but there is the slight tang of hypocrisy burning in the morning. I wish I didn't see these things but I would also hate myself if I did not and the only way I could not see these things and make the connections is if I were bone dead stupid, or compromised. Some of us have equaling talent but we don't get the wider stage because we won't bend over for it on that bridge we think we need to cross, when we get to it.

From candy ass to trailer trash, we got a burning landfill outside of Manilla and ringing around Guatemala City, like leaving a stench in the nostrils; these being always cold and wet. We got cartoons and buffoons, lumbering around like spastic mastodons, going by the name of Gringrich, Romney and Sanitorium, through the eye of a needle, to Tippee Canoe and Tyler too; smoking bad Colombian shake on Camelback Mountain. We got shingles from the mingles, with these cretins of the hour. We don't like what they got and we are going back for seconds. They also serve, who are only seconds, or second the motion. ♫I second that emotion♫ ...while not going through the motions.

There is then and there is now and there is 'where the fuck are we anyhow'? Good question. It adds a new dimension to the 'in your face', well, I can't see it' flu that seems to be going around. You probably catch it from that recycled airplane cabin air; debonaire, cavalier carabinieri, fire when ready. Fire in the hole is part of the problem and fireman with a swollen purple helmet, following after and rearing up like a cobra in the incandescent moist darkness, is the other but that's how we got here anyway, so stop complaining, unless... unless you don't like it here. I don't. Because it always wants me to play fireman too but homie don't smoke that shit, unless it's liquid smoke and that's no less of a problem in the long run. Anyway, I'm just passing through. I'm clear in my mind about that now; no more air kissing promises of back to the past reruns of something I've already had enough of, present company excepted, but you lose everyone and everything anyway, so you might as well go eager and willing as reluctantly. At least someone will take care of the dog. I don't know that they take dogs in Shambala. I can't see that there's an alternative, outside of this open air Walla Walla prison camp, of let's root our noses deeper into the murk, or try to make it better; after all, it's still the world and everything that's in it.

I suppose I'll have to do my Bertrand Russell farewell tour, since I don't look like Kurt Russell used to, not even back then. Those of us that can't get our hair to stay in place, wind up with no hair at all and are committed to the hair of the dog that bit us; thank you very much (grin).

Now where was I? I must have been somewhere, because now I'm here, if you catch my drift on a 'sea of forgotten teardrops'. People who tell me I need to quit Smoking that shit, probably don't realize that I only smoke American Spirit or Crossroads. Once again, we are the people that might have been and we should have gotten in touch with us then but that, like all the rest of the distorted, rewired and rewritten history is a thing of the past. These are all things of the past, or so says Marcel Proust, dipping his madeleine in his tea and it don't 'mean shit to a tree'.

I have learned a few things on my way through. Nothing is worth having, unless it is a part of you. It's all going to transform or go away. If you can get that into your head, you won't be tripping over all the furniture in your mind, when the lights go out on what you think you can see here. It's better to walk out of here conscious. The dream police know that their greatest weapon for keeping you behind the wire, is all the things you dream about. So keep on dreaming, ♫row, row, row your boat, merrily down the stream♫

I'm wondering if the Mayan calendar has it's dates fugazy, like the way 1984 shows up decades late. I wonder about a lot of things, when I'm wishing in one hand and shitting in the other. Makes me feel like behaving like one of those monkeys at the zoo, with all those people watching me. I have behaved in such a fashion, even recently, but I think the thrill is now gone. It wasn't nothing but boredom and bewilderment, copping a feel in the dark, behind the amusement park. Being as life is a drive in theater, I can drive out. Having the good sense to never listen to a thing Rachel Maddow has to say, or any of the rest of them, makes it easy.

I suspect I'll be traveling with Gurdjieff and meeting remarkable men soon. I never was a fan of Gurdjieff, who was way to left brain for me but I don't mind using him as an analogy. There are people I didn't get to meet but there's still time remaining and probably even people who wished, or will wish, that they had met me but, then again, there is no road one can walk, where one cannot follow, because there is no road you can walk, where someone has not gone before, even if you do work on the Starship Enterprise.

This is not some kind of swan song, since I am more resemblant of a stork. This is just looking at what cannot be seen, or articulated directly and therefore alluded to, in a sort of stream of consciousness, half arsed, poetic fashion. I know that if you drink deeply and dream the same; after a fashion, you are more likely to get out of here. This is meant in a Samuel Taylor Coleridge kind of a way. The guy used to stay in his basement apartment for months at a time and have the grocer and whoever come by and slip him his parcels, through the door. That sounds like someone who is serious about whatever he is getting up to, which you really ought to be, especially if you are going down :”caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea”.

Some things I fixed and the rest of them I broke but if they were any good they wouldn't have broken in the first place and in some cases, they were better off broken, like hearts, which don't work properly until you do. It's kind of like expecting to have some kind of ineffable presence, when your door is still on the hinges. Yes, you learn a thing or two, while you are here, or you don't learn very much because you can't afford to, since it gets in the way of having all the treacly, tchotchke kitsch that the joys of Yiddish will bring you. I'm not knocking Yiddish, it is to German what Hebrew is to Chaldean and both of them cheaper than stolen, which I suppose both of them were.

The world belongs to the people who most want to own it and for whom property means the right to put up no trespassing signs. One of the singular joys of living in Woodstock NY for so long was that there were so many trees by the side of any road, paved or not paved, that had them on them. I used to remove them as part of my job description. Then they took to putting up metal ones nailed into the tree, so I took to carrying a crowbar. Finally I just moved on. It reminded me of one of the scenes in The Monkey Wrench Gang (great book, a must read if you haven't), where they were chainsawing down billboards, so the company went and put them up on steel girders.. that would play hell with a chain saw; but, if you were a John Cage fan (I definitely am not), it would probably be music to your ears.

I am glad to see the back end of this post, rearing up in front of me like the hindquarters of W.C. Fields. My bags are packed metaphorically speaking and I am thinking about Mongolian wastes and Himalayan footsteps, traversing between my lips, or fingertips to god's ear.

It's been a fine business doing you and being done, or almost done; probably only the denouement anyway. This is not cryptic. It is just descriptive. It's not a fare thee well, it's more of a how do you do and the cry of a raven at the crack of dawn, which better look out if Tom Waits is around.

You can't make this shit up, except I already did and I didn't have to talk about the scumbags and losers, (except that I did) who are prancing about on the set, giving the grips and the roadies fits and generally boring everyone within hearing and seeing distance. I'm thankful I'm not like them, nor affiliated with MKUltra or Tavistock neither. They missed me for some reason but I don't miss them. Thank you for your patience and attention. I'm headed to the baths for some heat and some steam and some relaxation. See you on the flip side, or was this too flip already?

End Transmission.......

This Sunday's radio show is still up.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kony 2012 Cuts the Chuck E. Cheese.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

As the reader well knows, I've mentioned my invisible friends more than once and more than once, I have mentioned that I was told that 'someone' was going to show up right in the middle of these creeps who are doing all of the nasty shit and expose them and do it in an ingeniously humiliating and convincing manner. Well now, what do we have here? Given this fellows comment about wanting to have nine more children with his wife, maybe we can assume he was doing nothing more than rehearsing for that eventuality. Meanwhile, the truth goes viral, as a counteraction to the bullshit already having gone viral. Can I get an Amen?

As pointed out in the recent Visible Origami, the problem, negatively impacting on all of us is laid out here in terrific cogency with all attendant brevity by the inimitable James Petras. Then we get George Clooney and his dad at the Sudanese embassy and you will note, after his father speaks, that the guy on the right pops in and says, “If the words, 'never again' mean anything...”; uh huh. Who is that guy? I know who he works for, I just don't know who he is. He looks a little shoehorned in to me and the looks on Clooney's and his father's face look a little interesting as well. I don't want to take away from George Clooney's sincerity on the matter but as to who is behind whatever is happening that they wish was not happening, well, I'd ask the shoehorn guy; not that I would expect a truthful answer but... so it goes.

The world has begun to go topsy turvy and this is being exhibited like runaway teenage acne, in various established locations, of formerly sacrosanct heartland enterprises. When squeeze comes to crush, it's no time to have your nose stuck in a bottle of Rush. Anyway, by now we know, all you got to do is follow the money. Consonant with that, backlash is coming to an airport near you soon. You remember those cartoons, with the red eyes staring out of the forest? Well, now we know whose eyes those are. That ought to do it for the links, except for the strange curiosity of things like this. Wouldn't you think there would be some kind of a communication device inside that thing or a handle on the inside; some kind of alarm? I could here list many, many strange events taking place in these times, to add even greater weight to the 'strange days have found us' phenomena but that's for you to peruse at your leisure, on your own time.

All of this tends to clarify the uncertainties and confusions I have been feeling of late. Of course, they don't actually clarify anything. They just confirm that there may be reasons for it all. I've my own theories about the whole affair but we'll probably just have to see what we see, when the time comes to see it.

I'm not amused (well, maybe a little) or entertained by what's been going on but I must say that it is comforting to have so many of the things I have been told, confirmed by conditions and events as they surface and occur. It's something to hang on to in this crazy atmosphere of; 'what could possibly happen next'? That's the thing about being on the receiving end of something you can't see. Rational doesn't always apply. That's a good thing for those of us who live at the corner of Irrational and Inexplicable. Of course we have neighborhood watch but it's probably not what you're used to.

We're talking about total exposure here and Biden is talking about impeachment. He's probably heard all he wants to hear about Johnathan Pollard by now. That bring us to the mind-blowing arrogance of those who are being exposed, who just motor along with 'Segway Naked' tattooed on their chests and rear ends. I can't figure out if they're running scared with Roy Orbison or cool, calculated and indifferent to the consequences, because they don't think there are any. It's got to be some kind of psychedelic Mardi Gras behind the scenes. Any minute now, I expect to see Lloyd Blankfein, coming down Wall Street, on a motorized skateboard, dressed in a pink tutu, with a big sign talking about doing god's work. He mot certainly is but not in any way he ever intended it to be.

The gates of Hell seem to have opened and cartoon devils are tripping all over the landscape looking for banker booty and backdoor, politician romance. They had it all where they wanted it. They have never in the history of the world had such a large body of terminally stupid, deluded and deceived people. They'd already stolen more than they could ever spend. They had the police outfitted with cyborg riot gear. They had the military in place, all over the world and they could have just put the whole thing on cruise control and rolled on into the East Rutherford sunset that they were kind enough to provide us with but, oh no, it wasn't enough and it's never enough. Now, just like that, it's all too much.

It's day to day and week to week and I do believe this is St. Patrick's Day. One more dead drunk, transplanted, alcoholic holiday to fittingly celebrate the end of the world as we know it and, of course, you feel fine. Yeah, that'll do me Koot Hoomi. Here's what you're dealing with. It seems calculated and controlled, beyond rhyme, reason or effective reaction. It's been delineated and illustrated by writers, philosophers and many others for a long time now. You see it in action in the moment and you know it's been a long time coming. It can be very intimidating, when you realize how much thought and effort has been put into getting it where it is. Can it be affected? Can it be altered? Can it be done away with and by whom? These are all good questions. They move through our minds to the soundtrack of soundbites by people like Henry Kissinger (will he never leave?) who continues to croak like a Bufo Toad from that Monsanto engineered lily pod, in the polluted swamp that has bred so many like him from Talleyrand to Metternich, to Disraeli, from Rothschild to Rockefeller, from here to the no there, there, ♫private thighs are crushing you, private thighhhhhhhs, yeah♫

I don't know how this all winds up but I can't see it turning into 1984 at a later date. It can get like that in certain coordinates, where the collective makes the drama possible, in the minds of those open to anything, at the hands of anyone but in other places it will only be a movie, a rumor or an echo from down below. One thing we know but which they ain't saying, is that there is dissension in the ranks. The truly irredeemable and corrupt, are using every means at their disposal, to keep their minions in the ranks but that appears not to be working very well. The heartbreak of psoriasis, is attaining plague status. The commercial is now your regularly scheduled programming.

There's just so much damn information. 90% of it is an outright lie. They're putting on a bold front but like Vincent Price, after things went dreadfully wrong in that fly experiment, if you lean your head down close enough to the underbrush, you can hear a small human voice crying, “help me, help me”. It's probably Hillary Clinton and not Vincent Price but that's as it should be.

Like I said, it's day to day and week to week at this point. The serial killer drop zones in the ice plants will be a theme park soon enough. Obviously they have to keep on pushing. If they stand still they're in deep trouble. I don't know what to tell you. Stay frosty and keep your distance.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ No Tracks ♫
'No Tracks' is track no. 7 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
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God in Country by Les Visible

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Department of Divide and Conquer.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

In recent days we have explored a certain region of America's heart of darkness. One way or another, the dysfunctional side of the culture is in the majority and this accounts for the state of the nation. There are several larger blocks of hive mind that share ghastly similarities though the members of each might not see the connection. On the surface, and there is only the surface, large population segments exist in conditions very similar to those experienced by the animals at large factory farms. In the case of religious fundies, it is the dogma and cant that operate as the Krazy Glue, which holds the subculture together in something resembling those large floating islands of plastic in the Pacific. There's another subculture that is also religion based and involves celebrity worship. At one point, Kim Kardashian had over six million friends on Facebook. Now that seems to have translated over into 'likes'. I've never seen the reality show but I did see a couple of episodes of Paris Hilton's BFF, or whatever its called. That was a horrifying experience. I sense that the popularity of these thing will forever outstrip my own works and just about everyone else who might engage in even rudimentary complexities of thought. There's some kind of hidden law that controls these things, like where the worst poet of all time, Rod McKuen made six million dollars in one year that probably exceeds the collective return of all the great poets in history. Maybe not but close.

Every summer, thousands of Americans set out in Jetstream campers and Winnebagos to visit American malls. That's how they spend their summer vacation. A smaller number take walking tours of serial killers homes and killing fields. Impoverished youth with no way to afford a college education, enter the military for a ritual brutalization of their being, whose object is to make them desensitized. This was one of the reasons for the destruction of the economy; to force young people into a militarized setting. I could go into detail about the implications but the reader is smart and agile enough to intuit the many ramifications.

There is another very large subculture that contains other subcultures and all of them are internet related. Only a very small number of us go to alternative news sites. A far larger collection are religious gamers (yes, that is also a religion), porno addicts and celebrity junkies. There's also a lot of gamblers, scammers and various sport enthusiasts. Once you add together all of these people, as well as groups I haven't mentioned, with their own particular focus, you have a majority of the American people. Most of these collectives may seldom cross each others paths but their hive mind vibrates across the landscape and engages in eerie counterpoints with one another. It creates harmonics that might have been the envy of John Cage, if John Cage had suffered from both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease combined with a liquid diet of Ripple wine; do not cue the Grateful Dead.

These diverse yet connected cultures all contribute to the state of the times. They each possess a type of fanaticism, except in the cases where they are self involved and indifferent. This is the most worrisome thing about the late, great United States. It's the existence of the total of these things that permits all of the unfortunate things that are happening to happen. This is aided and abetted by the pharmaceutically dependent, the alcoholic saturates, the fast food fueled, bad health epidemic, the liberal and conservative warfare of mutual denigration and contempt. These are liberally seasoned with agenda driven, fabricated news and shallow entertainments. The necessity to escape into all of this, is the result of a systematic assault on the economy and individual human rights. The willingness and stupidity of so many, to trust their government and the corporations and bankers who own it, is the cause of the conditions that surround you today.

The cosmos is conscious and because harmony is an imperative and harmony is gone, people are required to wake up. This is why conditions are steadily worsening, eventually extremity will serve as the hand on the shoulder. I realize that many people believe this is all being done by some shadowy group of satanic psychopaths but they are on rails just like everyone else. Everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration. You might well ask then, why I rail at certain elements of society. What purpose does it serve and what difference does it make, if everything is under control anyway? It's my job. I'm not always effective at it and I'm not always right but it's what I do and any number of others are engaged in it too, because all of that is under control as well. Like The Bard said, we're all actors, having our exits and entrances.

This run of history that has brought us to this moment is guided by the theme of the age. It has had an evolution of hierarchies, infrastructures, cultural and technical transitions that were all a part of the stage setting for the actions and events of the age. At the present point everything is rigidifying or becoming a mockery of its former self. When an age departs the last stages are decadence and oppression. This is the reflex action of the movers and shakers to hold on to their power base but that is impossible because the whole dynamic is shape-shifting into something else. The 'manifest' radiance of the archetypes and symbols that have given structure to the environment, have either been perverted beyond recognition, turned into their opposite. or diluted until there is no integrity in it. This is the time when people make fun of everything or lapse into apathy and become indifferent to those around them. It is a time of isolation as well as a congregation of collective madness. in which the participants all share a common insanity. This strength in numbers makes the abnormal normal because of the shared perspective on what is real and what is desirable. Everywhere people are seeking community because community has gone missing. The central family unit is under direct attack from the Department of Divide and Conquer.

This mass insanity is what makes it possible for so many people to integrate into and adjust to something that is anathema to the basic essentials that held it all together. We are in the time of the tyranny of minorities, with the unthinking assent of the majority. The glamor of temporary things, veils the sight and consciousness from the reality of what is actually taking place. Those who serve the darkness, are informed by the darkness and are always two steps or more ahead of all the adjustments that have to be made by those affected by them. To be in control is to be independent from the conditions and confinements of the world you control. Those with the highest degree of self interest and selfishness are the ones with the greatest impetus to be at the levers and reins. This is why, with few exceptions, outright criminals are in charge of all the things that make life easier and not easy at all.

The masses are most effectively controlled by managed distraction and by having their focus and apprehensions manipulated with regular changes that bring new difficulties and new enemies around like clockwork. The public is intentionally split up into opposing groups who are denied access to their commonality of interest. by fabricated outrages from the one side and then the other side. Conservative and liberal are natural inclinations for particular types and viewpoints. The one does not want what the other wants and routine conflicts are set up to highlight the differences. Religions have been transformed into brainwashing centers that amplify the differences between them in order to maintain discord and suspicion. They are also each imbued with their own personal rightness and the wrongness of every other. The resident force that sits at the head of these religions is the ancient enemy, not the eternal friend. This is why there is the emphasis on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and why we have so many blind people gumming each other to death.

Comfort and security, personal power and elevated station. are things to be defended at all costs by the people who possess them. Keeping what they have and endlessly adding more is what they do with their day. When corporations rise to become more powerful than the nations, the governments naturally fall under their control. When that happens, no laws are passed that do not benefit them and more and more laws are passed or done away with. so that they can enjoy ever greater latitude at the expense of their fellows. The possibility for general advancement is shut down. Everything becomes compartmentalized and stratified. Because corporations make enormous profits from war, war becomes an economic necessity. Because corporations make enormous profits from human misery, human misery becomes an economic necessity. Because more and more laws create more and more criminals, housing these perceived malefactors becomes big business. Everything is geared toward the maximum possible profit with the minimum expense. This leads to the destruction of trade unions, the exploitation of illegals, offshoring, reduction in every type and kind of benefits, followed by an increase in the cost of all those things no longer covered by benefits.

Because general society cannot possibly return to any kind of desirable norm while it is being looted and ruined by those in a position to do it, something has to be done about those doing it and... something will be done. It will not be pretty or pleasant. in many cases and it will be generated by the unacceptable conditions that result in push coming to shove. That's how it works and mysterious laws govern the appearance and application of necessary change. What needs to happen will happen when critical mass is achieved.

End Transmission......

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ I Need More Light ♫
'I Need More Light' is track no. 4 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
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God in Country by Les Visible

Lindsey's narration of General Smedley Butler The Protocols link is within the recent Petri Dish and Origami postings.

There will be a radio show this evening.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Succubi and Incubi in the Kingdoms of Desire

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be keyed to the sweet scent of love's potential.

Boy, are there some strange things going on. It looks like the Obama murder machine is at full tilt. Holder announces that they are going to start killing people; like they haven't already been at it. Then they kill Breitbart, I'm pretty sure about that. Then they kill the Obama impersonator. Meanwhile, the atheist crusaders tell outrageous lies about all the important people who are going to show up at their big event and then they work both sides of their propaganda mill. Of course, we know who's pushing this whole thing and it's no surprise that they bring in opposing examples who are nothing more than reverse side shills for the same load of horseshit. I don't want to offend anyone but it's hard for me to play stupid.

I see what's going on. I know if it weren't for my significant protections that I would be in their gun-sights too. I don't care one way or the other. My life isn't in their hands and never will be. I'm not concerned about sharp blows to the sternum in any case. I only want to live long enough to be able to swim in certain waters and melt into them. If one or two things could happen for me, I don't care one way or the other about hanging around. I just want to see the celestial love lights shining back at me from the right set of eyes. Who cares about anything else? The chance to have something happen makes the whole point of living worthwhile and nothing else makes any difference by comparison. Nothing else matters. See, life can be very long when it contains nothing of value or promise. I remember the hours in prison sometimes, that were like waiting at the motor vehicle department, or standing in line at the unemployment office, except way more dangerous (grin). Well, I've been employed by the same firm now for some time and though I don't get a paycheck like most people, my ship is always sailing into the harbor. Of course, ships like this have their own time line. Sometimes you see it on the horizon and you're so sure it will dock anytime but it doesn't work like that. Still, how much better is it to work for a certain company like I do, a company where you're only as sure as your reliance makes possible, instead of working for some firm that doesn't give a damn about the bottom line and you ain't it?

However, when things are going well and you have things to look forward to, time is no longer a chain around your neck. I suppose there are some people who think I'm fairly successful, given that I operate completely outside of the media as we know it and given that there are very few firms that will publish my books, or allow me to disseminate my music in the usual ways and means, since the usual ways and means are controlled by the enemies of humanity and... despite how profane and or saccharine modern music is, you find that you are considered far more profane by the enemies of humanity that see you as an enemy and they might be right about that. I know for sure that my employer doesn't like them one bit. I measure personal success by the probability of sustained esoteric resonance. I know there are other places to be, because I've been there more than once. It used to be I could only get there when I was in a psychedelic condition but that's not the case anymore. I can get there under all kinds of conditions now and I know the reason for that is that trials and circumstances have altered my vibrations, until they are sympathetically harmonious with other planes of being. I suspect, once again, that I am not singular in this experience.

Anyway, I've been dancing on air for a couple of weeks for one reason or another. This is a switch given the darkness of recent times and some of the situations I've found myself in, without knowing how I got there. I was told recently to expect some outrageous opportunities and changes and darned if some of them haven't come up in the windshield lately. Then I hear that that isn't anything compared to what's coming and I have to shake my head in wonder. Of course, I could be bat shit insane but that doesn't affect the reality of what I am encountering. Yeah, that's probably all happening in my head but external evidence indicates otherwise. The reason I bring this up is that I suspect I'm not the only one getting supernatural conditions and communications from somewhere outside of the humdrum and depressing mix-master of the material realm.

The one thing that rings most in my consciousness is something I heard a couple of years ago, “don't concern yourself with good and evil anymore, remove all such limited constructs from your mind. These things only apply to those who need them, to mark the territory and parameters of their imprisonment, in an unreal world that bleeds them and feeds on them for it's own sustenance. Everything you thought you knew about what is real is not. Take that next step and walk out of the controls of the slave-masters. They are impotent and without power”. Strangely enough, I have found this to be true. It's a comfort is what it is.

You look at the list of articles on all of the sites where my work and the work of others is linked and you see a continuous litany of exposures and revelations about dark and ugly doings by those stunted and miss-formed abortions who are the dregs of a vile and progressive karma that has brought them to the top of the shit heap, as if that were some knighted and honored location, worthy of admiration and respect. They primp and pimp about in their expensive attire. They greet each other with their titles and positions of phantom power and they assume the position for the bankers and the criminal nation that seeks to make slaves of everyone. They themselves are slaves but they're deceived by their privileges, with the arrogance of a prison trusty, ready to spy and inform on the inmates who want nothing to do with being the boss man's dog.

Massive solar flares are coming, which should be no surprise, given what the sun symbolizes and if what I take away from that is true then that's not all that's coming. Nature is the active side of a dreaming invisible ocean. The surface is seldom disturbed but now the cries of the tormented and abused are rippling across it, as if it were being raked by countless hands, dragged by the wind toward an unknown destination. The howls of the dead, the dying and those who wished they were dead, echo though the canyons of the burning cities. The drunken sex junkies hump in their painful frustrations, into the unseen succubi and incubi that rules the kingdoms of their desire. They've forgotten all about satisfaction and the arcane techniques of the gifted in love because love has abandoned them. Love has departed from them because they have forsaken Love and Love does not abide where Love is not sought after and longed for more than any other thing. They tremble and they shake with the sorrow and need for what is no longer their primary and most sacred possession. The resonant vibration of deep orgasmic fulfillment has vanished from their lives. They are hollow and empty. Their separated self is a runaway vagrant. It's gone. It's gone and taken all of Love's true union and meaning, into the ravaged and litter strewn lots of the fucked up past with it.

Look, my friends, at the dark and dreadful ruin of these twisted times. The bright and shining zukunft rides the horizon like my ship, coming like that Bedouin rider in Lawrence of Arabia. Today's Bedouins are hunted like beasts by the authors of this. Yes my friends, much good has been done in the false and tardy dawn of the darkness in which we presently languish. The man who took so much trouble to record this is just one more brave and beautiful soldier; one more fine rainbow warrior in our ever growing ranks. You who fancy yourselves among our numbers and who do not speak out, who do not risk censure, approbation and the scorn of your slumbering fellows, are not worthy to march with us or inherit the shimmering heaven of Shiva's drum. You are the coward, Anonymous, whose passion swells only from the safety of your hidey holes. If you can't stand and be counted then you have no number.

Mark my words, it is not so fatal or dismal as it appears. Appearances lie. Armies are nothing but riders in a vanishing mist. Temporal force and the institutions that serve it are only temporary dwellings for hungry ghosts; mean-spirited thugs in suits who can take their weapons, warrants and suffocating laws and stick them up their ass where the judge of all things will no doubt set them on fire when the time is at hand.

All of you bent and evil servants of self interest and venal personal profit can kiss my dust. I will not bow down to you. I will not honor you with my fear. My fear is reserved alone for the apprehension that I might fail in my endurance of and contempt for your miserable presence on this once beautiful Earth; the footstool of something far beyond your imagination and comprehension. Laugh jackals, as you tear at the corpse of every good thing that you have turned into stinking offal. Wallow in your certitude that you are untouchable in your fortresses of straw. Your hour is coming round. Call your lawyers and witnesses for the defense. The laughter you will hear will not be your own.

Take heart my friends. Do not let what seems to be bring your spirit low. Appearances lie and things are not what they seem.

End Transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Big God and Mr. Fate ♫
'Big God and Mr. Fate' is track no. 3 of 12 on Visible and The Critical List's 1992 album
'Not Politically Correct'

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Friday, March 2, 2012

The 'Shit Happens' Department of Cosmic Affairs

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and sweet.

(I have a guest in the house and that makes for less of me operating here, so, that should explain late posting and possibly a little late posting comments but also, there is a fire in the houses I visit so it's not a good time to visit and I probably won't visit again until it stops. Once everyone realizes that all we are sowing is the seeds of dissension. It will go into remission, until then I am in an intermission).

Deals make the world go round with less consistency and order, than if it were just sorting out itself. Our world at present is floundering in the midst of anti-human deals, which breaks up the internal harmony and balance of what would have been far more possible and far more beautiful than it is, because of the deals.

We are beset on all sides by political and economic deals that affect the horizon and the sight line, the way that smog and mercury vapor lamps affect what we can see by night and by day. The artificial superimposition of what has been wrought and which is driven by appetite and desire, obscures what lies behind and beneath and possibly above. It also gives a false impression of what we cannot see (grin). The state of the culture can be measured by the presence and absence of high ideals, not just from the podiums but in action through the land. Barring these virtues as guidelines and subliminal, two by fours in the subconscious, you are guaranteed, a criminal nation and the reverse of whatever was originally intended by the founders. By example, America is now manifested in tyranny and an increasingly difficult environment for travel and freedom of expression. The overriding motivation and direction in the minds of those, seemingly in control of the process, can be dramatically sussed out by observing what has been done to the laws, that formerly protected the citizen from their government. It can be further emphasized by the fact that the government, by force of Israel's insistence, orchestrated an attack on its own country, to justify a series of wars and domestic offenses against the populace; changing the laws and doing away with the laws in order to make possible a police state. They did the very things they claim to be protecting you from. They committed high treason and... they continue.

Deals and more deals. They have destroyed the culture and the economic system that was behind the huge success of the American way. They became the world's reserve currency because of this. In a short time they have made mincemeat of the financial structure, by betting for and against and even (treasonously again) engineering situations that would crush the system from here, or over there; just like Goldman Sachs went into Greece to set up their financial crisis. The countries they operate from and upon are of no importance to them at all. The country might as well be a business being chop-shopped by vulture capitalists. The center cannot hold so, what can an out of work revolutionary do?

In a world where things like this can happen. In a world where the cultures they have impoverished, to where they don't give a shit about the elephant, or rhino, you will no longer see anything but the baboon, the jackal and the hyena. I'm not dissing the scavengers. The vultures have their place in this world- on the bench of the supreme court ...and given the world that is it, I am sure there is at least one person who has a raised a vulture, who got hard fantasizing about the vulture eating him, once his assets were gone.

Well he went this way and he went that way and then he went sideways and hit Cleveland with a fork. He left his stomach in Chicago and ah... why o Ming, you have to get me out of here before I'm an Oregon duck and someone else can lose their lunch on the table. That's right Mabel, the nickels for the beer. There are no chickens left in the foxholes.

Why kill dogs when there are sled dog rescue organizations that will take them? Why bomb far away countries because bankers don't have enough money? Why do this and why do that? Because you can? Because it's cost effective and helps the bottom line? Well, maybe that will be some kind of a cushion when you bottom out.

All this crap is going on because those who stole more than they would ever need and can't stop even now, when they should, are unable to discipline or police themselves. Sooner or later; accent on soon, judgment will come to call. It always does. Push wouldn't come to shove if people would only stop pushing but they cannot. They believe they have the upper hand and that there will never be a better time. They are right about that and this isn't that time either. You can pay now or you can pay later but, given that you are a usurious bunch, you won't be able to walk away from the compound interest, even when it is not in your favor. That's just how you are made. There will be no lemonade from those lemons. You're gonna need to chase it with Stoly or Sterno, meaning now, or later. Fine with me either way. I won't be going till you do and I will be going in the other direction, but not until I see the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

This measured time. This more than reasonable time, whose moments we Occupy, is brought to you by the universe, so that you can pull over to the curb, get out of the car and walk away. This time is given so that you can fasten your seatbelt; so that you can check the oil and not forget your dog's passport, if you are going across borders. This deliciously extensive reach of time, that you are couch kittening in, is brought to you for all those long pauses, recently forgotten afterthoughts and midnight specials at the malls, if that spins your top. No, our boy won't quit now. You see, he's developed a taste for it. He likes it and it gets him high and hard. He feels positively washed in the blood and he literally is. He's the poster boy for that new Chanel scent that tastes like copper on your tongue. It's that blood scent. It can make a dog howl and it can make a psychopath sweat, cause the jollies and their Rodger are going to have a threesome with the Artful Dodger. Tell them visible sent you and you get to take home the DVD with all those bonus clips, make sure you got lots of potato chips, popcorn and poppers; that be amyl nitrate there Jim, “Ye be smart as paint”. Whether ye be on The Walrus or the Hispaniola, there be rotten apples in the barrel.

It's the night of the long knives and the vampire midwives are giving birth to a crucified Timex. You'll be taking a licking but you'll keep on ticking, ♫a ticky, ticky, timing, timing in the sea, timing means a lot to me♫ We been up the roads and we been down the roads and we been sleeping with Goldilocks and the bears are on their way home. Do you give Goldilocks a GHB cocktail, smooth her forehead and walk out the door, or do you wait until you see the bears and then walk around them in the woods? Do you shit in the woods with The Pope? You will remember that if you want to run away from a bear you should go downhill. It works out better for you edgewise, if it works out at all. Que Serah, Serah seraphim? It's time for the devil and the deep blue sea and Gabriel is going to blow that horn; metaphorically speaking, maybe.

They played like it was lights out and the lights did go out, not that they could see where they were going in the first place. We here on the margins are doing our own kind of hedging; not being bankers our style and signature is different. We do what we got to do before someone else does it for us. If there is a someone else, which is always our lasting concern. We do wet work in the Shit Happens Department of Cosmic Affairs. I only work there because I like cosmic affairs. All the rest of them are just so pedestrian. Yes, you too can be an outrageous starlet and cost yourself a life by letting your way too long scarf get caught in the rear wheel of the car. Isadora Duncan to the white courtesy phone. Yes, that happened and it's about to happen again in a more pervasive manner.

You have a ticket to ride so you had better get on the right train, or have the good sense to cross the tracks at the next stop. That is what all this in between time is for. In between is the new 'lean and mean' and I'll be your waiter. Would you like to hear about the daily specials? How about a drink to start off your stay?

We aim to please or apologize, cause apparently you can't have it both ways and you can't have it at all if you don't get it to begin with.

You be careful out there.

End Transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ Underground (We shall all be) ♫
'Underground (We shall all be)' is track no. 11 of 12 on
Visible and The Critical List's 1992 album 'Not Politically Correct'

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

I see no real signs of let up in the internecine warfare going on among people who should know better so, if you don't see me at any sites after this you will know why. I'll still be around of course. It might be time to go over to the right hand menu and become a follower of these blogs.