Friday, March 2, 2012

The 'Shit Happens' Department of Cosmic Affairs

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May your noses always be cold and sweet.

(I have a guest in the house and that makes for less of me operating here, so, that should explain late posting and possibly a little late posting comments but also, there is a fire in the houses I visit so it's not a good time to visit and I probably won't visit again until it stops. Once everyone realizes that all we are sowing is the seeds of dissension. It will go into remission, until then I am in an intermission).

Deals make the world go round with less consistency and order, than if it were just sorting out itself. Our world at present is floundering in the midst of anti-human deals, which breaks up the internal harmony and balance of what would have been far more possible and far more beautiful than it is, because of the deals.

We are beset on all sides by political and economic deals that affect the horizon and the sight line, the way that smog and mercury vapor lamps affect what we can see by night and by day. The artificial superimposition of what has been wrought and which is driven by appetite and desire, obscures what lies behind and beneath and possibly above. It also gives a false impression of what we cannot see (grin). The state of the culture can be measured by the presence and absence of high ideals, not just from the podiums but in action through the land. Barring these virtues as guidelines and subliminal, two by fours in the subconscious, you are guaranteed, a criminal nation and the reverse of whatever was originally intended by the founders. By example, America is now manifested in tyranny and an increasingly difficult environment for travel and freedom of expression. The overriding motivation and direction in the minds of those, seemingly in control of the process, can be dramatically sussed out by observing what has been done to the laws, that formerly protected the citizen from their government. It can be further emphasized by the fact that the government, by force of Israel's insistence, orchestrated an attack on its own country, to justify a series of wars and domestic offenses against the populace; changing the laws and doing away with the laws in order to make possible a police state. They did the very things they claim to be protecting you from. They committed high treason and... they continue.

Deals and more deals. They have destroyed the culture and the economic system that was behind the huge success of the American way. They became the world's reserve currency because of this. In a short time they have made mincemeat of the financial structure, by betting for and against and even (treasonously again) engineering situations that would crush the system from here, or over there; just like Goldman Sachs went into Greece to set up their financial crisis. The countries they operate from and upon are of no importance to them at all. The country might as well be a business being chop-shopped by vulture capitalists. The center cannot hold so, what can an out of work revolutionary do?

In a world where things like this can happen. In a world where the cultures they have impoverished, to where they don't give a shit about the elephant, or rhino, you will no longer see anything but the baboon, the jackal and the hyena. I'm not dissing the scavengers. The vultures have their place in this world- on the bench of the supreme court ...and given the world that is it, I am sure there is at least one person who has a raised a vulture, who got hard fantasizing about the vulture eating him, once his assets were gone.

Well he went this way and he went that way and then he went sideways and hit Cleveland with a fork. He left his stomach in Chicago and ah... why o Ming, you have to get me out of here before I'm an Oregon duck and someone else can lose their lunch on the table. That's right Mabel, the nickels for the beer. There are no chickens left in the foxholes.

Why kill dogs when there are sled dog rescue organizations that will take them? Why bomb far away countries because bankers don't have enough money? Why do this and why do that? Because you can? Because it's cost effective and helps the bottom line? Well, maybe that will be some kind of a cushion when you bottom out.

All this crap is going on because those who stole more than they would ever need and can't stop even now, when they should, are unable to discipline or police themselves. Sooner or later; accent on soon, judgment will come to call. It always does. Push wouldn't come to shove if people would only stop pushing but they cannot. They believe they have the upper hand and that there will never be a better time. They are right about that and this isn't that time either. You can pay now or you can pay later but, given that you are a usurious bunch, you won't be able to walk away from the compound interest, even when it is not in your favor. That's just how you are made. There will be no lemonade from those lemons. You're gonna need to chase it with Stoly or Sterno, meaning now, or later. Fine with me either way. I won't be going till you do and I will be going in the other direction, but not until I see the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

This measured time. This more than reasonable time, whose moments we Occupy, is brought to you by the universe, so that you can pull over to the curb, get out of the car and walk away. This time is given so that you can fasten your seatbelt; so that you can check the oil and not forget your dog's passport, if you are going across borders. This deliciously extensive reach of time, that you are couch kittening in, is brought to you for all those long pauses, recently forgotten afterthoughts and midnight specials at the malls, if that spins your top. No, our boy won't quit now. You see, he's developed a taste for it. He likes it and it gets him high and hard. He feels positively washed in the blood and he literally is. He's the poster boy for that new Chanel scent that tastes like copper on your tongue. It's that blood scent. It can make a dog howl and it can make a psychopath sweat, cause the jollies and their Rodger are going to have a threesome with the Artful Dodger. Tell them visible sent you and you get to take home the DVD with all those bonus clips, make sure you got lots of potato chips, popcorn and poppers; that be amyl nitrate there Jim, “Ye be smart as paint”. Whether ye be on The Walrus or the Hispaniola, there be rotten apples in the barrel.

It's the night of the long knives and the vampire midwives are giving birth to a crucified Timex. You'll be taking a licking but you'll keep on ticking, ♫a ticky, ticky, timing, timing in the sea, timing means a lot to me♫ We been up the roads and we been down the roads and we been sleeping with Goldilocks and the bears are on their way home. Do you give Goldilocks a GHB cocktail, smooth her forehead and walk out the door, or do you wait until you see the bears and then walk around them in the woods? Do you shit in the woods with The Pope? You will remember that if you want to run away from a bear you should go downhill. It works out better for you edgewise, if it works out at all. Que Serah, Serah seraphim? It's time for the devil and the deep blue sea and Gabriel is going to blow that horn; metaphorically speaking, maybe.

They played like it was lights out and the lights did go out, not that they could see where they were going in the first place. We here on the margins are doing our own kind of hedging; not being bankers our style and signature is different. We do what we got to do before someone else does it for us. If there is a someone else, which is always our lasting concern. We do wet work in the Shit Happens Department of Cosmic Affairs. I only work there because I like cosmic affairs. All the rest of them are just so pedestrian. Yes, you too can be an outrageous starlet and cost yourself a life by letting your way too long scarf get caught in the rear wheel of the car. Isadora Duncan to the white courtesy phone. Yes, that happened and it's about to happen again in a more pervasive manner.

You have a ticket to ride so you had better get on the right train, or have the good sense to cross the tracks at the next stop. That is what all this in between time is for. In between is the new 'lean and mean' and I'll be your waiter. Would you like to hear about the daily specials? How about a drink to start off your stay?

We aim to please or apologize, cause apparently you can't have it both ways and you can't have it at all if you don't get it to begin with.

You be careful out there.

End Transmission.......

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I see no real signs of let up in the internecine warfare going on among people who should know better so, if you don't see me at any sites after this you will know why. I'll still be around of course. It might be time to go over to the right hand menu and become a follower of these blogs.


Hans Peter said...

Too bad to the divine 1000years is a day because I want to see these globalist, transhumanist, greedy control freak scum get their comeuppance. I have been simplifying material crap by selling it off and getting canned goods, water, and withstand the fall of time gear. Possessions only possess and who needs that. P.S. be careful yourself Lo-Viz Das Heimat Schütze has hired a company to scour the internet for criticisms and key words. The words number in the hundreds so I won't paste them here. Use your imagination and I'm sure you can figure out the keywords. P.S.S. The Andrew Breitbart thing seems fishy as he was supposed to release some bombshell videos of comrade sobama on March 1st. Later in the day Rusty "Pills" Limberger had a bomb threat over a package delivered to his palatial estate. It is getting interesing and the divine and mother nature are keeping score and know who is who. Carry on Lo-Viz, Huuuuhhhrahh!

Anonymous said...


There was a article on Rense yesterday on the weaponization of remote viewing. It was blocked yesterday and today it's gone.

Has it become more than just a surveilance /intelligence technique now?

Can someone be heart-attacked or stroked remotely? One wonders.

Did they signal their intent viv-a-vis Breitbart?


Anonymous said...

I know the news seems bad all around, what with Israhelli psychopaths hellbent on driving us all over a cliff. Cliff High from Half Past Human is telling us that we should all get ready for that pie in the sky when we die between March 2 and 9th.

The Monsanto corporation is steam rolling over the world, sowing seeds of depopulation with the totally corrupt collusion of the so-called
judicial system.

As bad as it all looks, I am heartened by evolutionary biologists study of 'psychopathy'.
There is now technology available to study the abnormalities of high functioning psychopaths! The brains of psychopaths show distinct abnormalities when compared to the functional MRI scans of a non-psychopath. Psychopaths are not capable of feeling empathy, compassion or pangs of conscience when they see someone suffering. Not suprisingly, only 1 percent of the population can be identified as psychopaths.

On a better note, I am thrilled to hear about the former British politician, Jenny Tonge, and her brave comments about that shitty little country:

Why I am not shocked that some snitch ass bitches in the audience actually reported the speakers to the police, simply for sayig what many of us say right here in these comments?

Jenny Tonge, you are a brave, brave woman. You have earned the respect of many for speaking truth to power and willingly sacrificing your job to do so.

Anonymous said...

You have an entertaining way with words. Good luck to you Viz!

I think I feel it, too.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

It behooves us to always test our assumptions in life.

Let me throw this curve ball thought out there and let it rattle around a bit. One of the oft repeated themes of the Apocalypse scenario is your delighting in what you believe to be the inevitable karmic retribution coming for these evil bastards causing so much pain and suffering in our world today.

I ask what evidence you have for such a position? Don’t get word slippery on me about what the Vedic’s say on the matter. What empirical evidence do you have?


There is much more evidence for the reality of having two distinct “being types” presently on the earthly planet in 3-D space.

A lizard soul type, and your regular dumb ass empathetic “wishing and hoping for love” type. One soul type seeks its transcendence through control domination, as a pain and suffering perp and the other supposedly through a love empathetic approach, but in actuality, a perennial Christ victim path.

Consider that both paths lead to the same transcendence place and one soul type group needs the other just as much as the other. Recent advances in math and physics are making it plain that life is just a ying yang game; that both dynamic drivers are needed for the cosmic game of life to work. Would an electric motor work with only the positive side of the current? No.

Every game has its own set of rules, with something supposedly at stake in the game and with a winner and loser. Its the very definition of a game and without it, there would be no game. And when we tire of the game, we can choose to quit at anytime, but being a good sport we don’t quit just because the game has turned in the other’s favour. Remember, that he was a good sport and did not quit when it was in our favour.

Yes, the latter “being” has to contend with karmic retribution aspect, but the other “being” apparently gets a free karmic ride. As for what he is doing day in and day out, is in fact his ordained and sanctioned 9 to 5 cosmic job.

Wishing and hoping he will suffer a similar fate for your interpretation of his transgressions are maybe only you being the dumbass looking for love in all the wrong places.

No reply is necessary. I am just putting another crazy thought out there to further confuse or clarify the space, your choice.

Keep up your great prolific outputs.



Visible said...

Soverenity, not only do you exagerate but you presume. I do not take delight in such things and if you need empirical evidence go and find it. You are not the sort to accept anyone else's anyway (grin)

missingarib said...

vis,the pressure is it feels like things are beginning to freeze pixel feels like shimmering panic .
Everywhere I try to surf on the net I get unavailable even your blog is wonky today -"it's life and life only"

stay well -pray for us as we pray

Thomas said...

hehe... Thank you, Les

Why are those on the "cutting edge of grasping reality" bickering like little children, digging up pretty insignificant dirt on each others? Utterly crazy, in my eyes. Makes me think of soldiers in the trenches, arguing about who´s got the best singing voice while bombs are dropping around them. Well, bless them all.

Imma just so happy that the Divine is Here/There/Everywhere... But this time for changing you talk about... Not much left of that, methinks. I had one encounter some days ago where I thought about telling someone a few words of wisdom, and instantly something came and said "yeah, good, so they wake up in the 11th hour, turning on a dime and all will be pink and happy. Maybe, but probably no..." - something along those lines, and they even seemed like they were not so lost.

like a gust of cool wind on a dusty and dirty day, I hope they take your words to heart and join ranks. Jah knows.

With Love, and best wishes to All

Anonymous said...

Crunch Time? Jim Kirwan's knickers are knotted into a scrum, opining that we are now in THE WEEK, citing Nettie Yahoo dropping in on the obamanation, while Congresscritters don their little green beanies doing humble obeisance to the Ape Pack as the two days of Purim insist on blood sacrifice beyond the bond of previous slaughterhouse abominations, topped by a mega-dose of millions of computers due to be shut down due to viral allegations by parasitical agencies of convulsive compunction and convoluted compulsion.

So what's for lunch, boys and girls? Funny i should bring that up after citing Kirwan's nightmares and the somewhat Visible allegations regarding fratricide amongst the federated freedom fighters. Is all this merely for de Monsteration porpoises? Or are there some deeper meanings akin to Walter Reuther's handy plane crash after he had just committed his United Auto Workers Union to the anti-war cause when students were burning campus buildings in the Spring of '70 following Nixon's bombardment of Cambodia, widening the Vietnam holocaust.

Revelation is a bit self explanatory, dontcha know?
That which has been occulted becomes revealed and maybe even self-evident and possibly even obvious even unto the Sheeple who have steadfastly paid their dues and done their due diligence to the mechanisms of mental maintenance, only to discover that it's all one big Ponzi scheme and that they've been sucker-punched, dream-whipped and double-dipped while their slurp their fluoride-based and aspartame- laced Soma segueing into radiated images from their flattened screams as they glom onto Jolie's gams and Bieber's lips.

Esau selling his birthright for a mess of pottage had nothing on these babies who don't even get a good, nourishing meal in the deal, just a hairy shirt of mangled metaphors and misplaced mythologies replacing the Celtic, Nordic, Latin, Greek and Slavic ecocosmic understandings with sludge and slurry dredged outta Middle Eastern meldings and moldings ~ all by way of the Constantinian conquest and the great hysterical double-cross of original sin where the ancient Hebrew concept of enslavement to a hateful tribal god of blood sacrifice was welded to the Roman Imperium of the individual as slave to the state and community subsumed to its hierarchy. You can see it all revealed on the backside of the $1 Federal Reservation note.

The Dragonhead walking staff is calling to Mr. Apocalyse, itching for an outing, while diminishing dribbles of snowflakes March on to the offerings of John Phillip Sousa. Will revelry ensue upon the revelations? Only your hairdresser knows for sure. And his voice is the merest of whispers.

Fear not, for Love is the answer. The Light expands and exposes. That which is concealed by the blight is revealed in the light.

-stickman 13 Pisces, 33 Anno Eros

bholanath said...

sorry, the hot link doesn't want to open here. not sure why.

gurnygob said...

What Sovereignty said...

Sovereignty maybe there are two distinct “being types” presently on the earth, a lizard soul type, as you suggest; and your regular dumb ass empathetic “wishing and hoping for love” type.

Now I could be wrong, but it seems you are suggesting that these two soul types live separately, one in one body and the other in another body.

Since you are in the mood for throwing curve balls and letting them bounce here and there for a bit how about this one.

Consider, if you will, this possibility. What if both these soul types actually have residence in the same body at the same time? Is it not possible that some demonic spirit has taken up residence through the manipulation of our DNA or simply by procreating with the daughters of men as we can read in the bible when the sons of god (fallen angels) took wives and give birth to the men of renown (the nephilim) if such a thing did take place then it could explain what has happened to the race of man and why we have this game, this constant inward struggle, to contend with. Some people are more easily lead by this evil lizard influence over them and as a result we have groups of people that embrace greed as opposed to love or those who choose evil over good. Love of God and his ways as in “thou shall not kill and thou shall not steal “and so on is what keeps most people on earth grounded in love of neighbour, or at very least, stops them from going overboard when love thou neighbour becomes difficult dew to their murdering greedy ways. Now there are people whose version of god may differ from the orthodox and of course there are people who rely on self and natural goodness and so on. I suppose it comes down to whatever works for you. There are also people who for reasons of greed and power manipulate the orthodox masses into warring factions called religions and of course “god” whoever he may be, in each case, gets the blame. This keeps the lizard soul-sucking types in charge of everything and so long as people remain blind to their dual condition and their need of a redeemer with the power to reconcile the two the longer this conflict will go on. This is just a theory by the way. I could have described it in more Christian terms but it’s not my intention to slap everyone with hellfire and brimstone. Perhaps Christ is the one for me and Mohammad is for another and Krishna for yet another. Christ said, in my Father’s house there are many rooms or words to that effect. Whoever the redeemer, one thing is sure, man is beset by an evil that he, in his earthly condition, seems powerless to overcome and perhaps this is what Christ was referring to when he said “you must be born again” However, he may also have been the answer to the end of this rebirth cycle by becoming the one who could reconcile by means of his pure blood the contaminated blood of man. Did he not say “what is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the spirit is spirit” pointing to himself as the answer to all our woes. Of course we know how his teaching were boxed and packaged into a political iron rod to beat the people with but his teaching still stand on their own merit as anyone with even the least amount of love and compassion can tell. Right, I think this ball is still bouncing so let’s see where it stops.


Teresa said...

Pure, innocent strength in the face of evil:!

Joseph Campbell would have had a blast with this (Dave Talbott and the folk):


Smyrna said...

Sovereignty's post reminds of some Looney Tunes cartoons where a sheepdog and a coyote both arrive at work in the morning, exchange pleasantries, "morning Ralph, how's things?" etc, and clock on.

The sheepdog then takes up his position on the hill watching the sheep, while the coyote goes down the hill to try and steal the sheep.

There is definitely something to that. The Debil works for God in the grand scheme. The is no 'game', (for the purposes of demonstration) with only one team.

Anonymous said...

gurney bob and stickman--interesting and thoughtful comments.


Kevenj said...

Yes, it should be a hell of a month. Stay well and above all have a happy Purim!

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


I appreciate you earnestly engaging the post on the two soul types. Its one thing to swerve a little over the center line and be a bad ass from time to time, but we are seeing something beyond that at play today in the world.

I’m not talking about your garden variety screw your neighbour in a business deal, pray together in church and all the while fucking his wife behind his back level of sickness. At that level we are only souls disconnected from source energy and temporality lost, not of an evil genesis.

Would your baddest ass self inflict widespread pain only for pure enjoyment? Would you start wars that kill and maim millions because it’s your brand of pipe pounder that gets you off? Would you systemically wipe out 90% of the world’s population for strictly selfish reasons? Would you poison the public water supply and taint the food supply for profit?
Gurnygob, we each have opinions based on experiential data sets and my data set tells me at a gut level that this purity level of evil, can only be of another soul species. I’ve encountered the species in business and finance and to tolerate or engage them is only at your own peril. There is no reasonable accommodation conversation with this group… they are highly inteligent but cannot create and feed on the light of those that can. You either deal with them from a place of domination or avoid them completely. I prefer the latter.



Visible said...


I didn't meam to come off as a dick by the way. Sometimes my tone is not specific to my intent, which was that you got me wrong, insofar as I understand what you were saying (grin).

Eamon said...

gurnygob: "Christ said, in my Father’s house there are many rooms or words to that effect."

He did; here are His words:

"In my Father's house there are many mansions. If not, I would have told you: because I go to prepare a place for you."

FWIW, this was followed immediately by these words:

"And if I shall go, and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and will take you to myself; that where I am, you also may be. And whither I go you know, and the way you know. Thomas said to him: Lord, we know not whither you are going; and how can we know the way?

"Jesus said to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father, but by me. If you had known me, you would without doubt have known my Father also: and from henceforth you shall know him, and you have seen him. Philip said to him: Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us. Jesus said to him: Have I been so long a time with you; and have you not known me? Philip, he that sees me sees the Father also. How say you, show us the Father? Do you not believe, that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? The words that I speak to you, I speak not of myself. But the Father who abides in me, he does the works."

He also said this:

"He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathers not with me, scatters."

I leave it to others to ponder and discuss the correct understanding of these words.

I know most people don't like such an "exclusive" message, but light excludes darkness, truth excludes error, etc. We all know this deep down, for why else would we be so justifiably disgusted with the shenanigans of the Money Master Mafia? Their actions are utterly repugnant to all who have any sense of goodness, justice, etc. If we were thinking clearly and possessed sufficient power, we would exclude them from playing any kind of influential role within society; this is exactly what has happened to their kind over and over and over throughout history. IOW, every single one of us understands that all which is true and good and beautiful must be carefully cultivated; however, it must also be protected from all that would tarnish or destroy it.

Godspeed to you and yours, today and always.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

I did not take it that you were being a dick... and yes I also got it that I had attributed to you what you were not. Specifically about taking delight in their karmic retribution. More accurate on my part is that you put it out there and others take up the delight part of it (grin)



Rob in WI said...

Your mention of Cambodia, and the Christmas bombing, made me cry, which only happens occasionally. I was out of the conscript force by then, but heard about it from friends. Nixon, (and I voted for him), promised to get out of VN. The military high command then proceeded on a bombing campaign that exceeded the WWII levels. Sorry, the innocents being killed by the ZATO war machine are no different. My crying is becoming more frequent. Aw, what the f--k?

Rob in WI said...

Have you considered that there might be more than two soul types? At the middle of the spectrum are wonderful folks to live with, which don't fit your "wishing for love", fawning persona, but are against the lizard soul you suggest? I know both the soul types you describe, but most of us are nicer than either of your extremes, IMHO. Of course, as you've stated before, you have no opinion, only certainty. Be well, Rob

geobro said...

when shit happens deal with it simples

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"They became the world's reserve currency because of this."
Iran presses ahead with dollar attack
"Last week, the Tehran Times noted that the Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than the dollar from March 20. This long-planned move is part of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s vision of economic war with the west."

The dollar is the weapon of mass destruction.

JLOC said...

Search youtube for interviews with a women named Arizona Wilder. She claims to have been a C I A psychic assassin. She also talks about some mindblowing stuff.

Eamon said...

"Gurnygob, we each have opinions based on experiential data sets and my data set tells me at a gut level that this purity level of evil, can only be of another soul species."

Unfortunately, your comment means nothing where any of the physical sciences or metaphysics are concerned. Another "soul species"? Horse feathers...

Eamon said...

BTW, did anyone else notice Clif High's very specific prediction about March 2 was a total dud?

Towards the end of his ill-conceived post wherein he unwittingly goes out of his way to set himself up for failure, he wrote: "You taught us to fear you. Now the fear is gone, only hate remains."

What kind of message is that?

FWIW, if some Christian cult-like leader said what CH did, and was as absolutely wrong as CH is/was, he would now be getting deservedly hammered mercilessly as a complete fraud.

Smyrna said...

I will back Sovereignty (David Icke too, grin) and vouch for 'another soul species'. That is my experience and 'truth'.

GurnyGob; check the Gospel of Thomas.
"When you make the two one. The male the female, the inner the outer" and what not. 'Do not lie, or do what you dislike' is another golden saying.

Anonymous said...

shYou all need a new "Religion"!

Here is mine.

i want my enemies close to me.
i want them to live a very long time. I WILL HELP THEIR BODIES TO DO SO!
and i will make their lives pure hell EVERY FUCKING DAY THEY ARE IN HELL WITH ME!

Anonymous said...

Any of us can be a monster.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Rob in WI:

From 1969 to 1993, the US government was the chief ally and material supporter of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. That includes the period of the killing Fields. The US support for the Khmer Rouge is one of the most obvious examples of direct US support for cruelty and genocide, and it fully exposes the lie of US chivalry. There have been many other episodes of mass murder that were engineered by the USA and its allies, but the Western media and education system try very hard to hide that history.

The USA has earned the distinction of being one of the most ruthlessly murderous nations of the modern world, in terms of both viciousness and numbers.


A belief in two types of Souls -- one evil and one good? That's a form of Dualism, which allows one Soul to demonize another Soul.

If a Soul is inherently either evil or good, the capacity of free will and the process of redemption are mooted.

Doc Boughton said...

Good to see you were not physically ill. I like your mind to word, riddles and truthisms, wake-up calls and lullabyes. Still we all know deep inside there is one source that keeps track of it all and who allows true justice to play out. When all the evidence has been played and laid then we'll see or not. R1919

Visible said...

Any of us can be anything but all of us are not. Proclamations from ivory towers have no context below, nor are reflective in the behavior of those who leave them. We always have a different perpective of ourselves, others, circumstances and situations while at a distance from them.

Visible said...

Any of us can be anything but all of us are not. Proclamations from ivory towers have no context below, nor are reflective in the behavior of those who leave them. We always have a different perpective of ourselves, others, circumstances and situations while at a distance from them.

Mouser said...

What if the coming Iran war is calculated by Rothschild zionists and the plan is for USA and israel to be expunged from the face of the earth in order to usher in the new zionist world order and SDRs?

Yes, what if israel and USA are naively egging each other on to throw the first punch in the Syria/Iran theater of war yet the real plan is for both israel and USA to be wiped off the map during the resulting WWIII?

There is no honour amongst thieves and US secret services and Mossad have both proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are dishonourable (9/11).

It's going to be one of those 'kill them all and let God figure it out' moments orchestrated by the zionist Rothschild international killing machine.

Visible said...

I'd appreciate that so long as the comments system works that you don't send them into me email wise cause I oten forget to credit them when they're not signed and it looks weird.

As for your question, Bruce, I'm doing better at the moment than I have been in a long time. There's magic in the wind.

Ray B. said...

Sovereignty / Martin :

I enjoyed your posts. I take heart that this level of discussion occurs more often over at Visible Origami (grin). I thought that I’d throw out a few more curve balls...


On a ‘in the swamp’ level, I think of an old (original) “Star Trek” episode. Kirk was split into two beings in a transporter malfunction. One was ‘evil’, and one was ‘good’. The heart of the story was that neither could effectively command a starship: The ‘baddy’ was too ego-self-involved and had no empathy, and the ‘goody’ could not make leadership decisions and order people to their deaths if need be, because he had too much empathy. Both sides of our nature were needed to command (or operate, ‘in the swamp’).


In one way, my own experiences gave me another viewpoint. As I worked my way up and down various consciousness levels, I noticed great differences among how beings on different levels viewed ‘Reality’. Toward the lowest, there was the experience of ‘individuality’, and the posture toward others that might be called ‘ego centered’.

Higher up, other beings ‘pierced the veil' and noticed that, somehow, ‘We are One’.

Higher still, there emerged the ‘knowing’ of anything ‘below you’ as illusion.

Finally (and paradoxically, immanently), beings approached the level where all literally is One.

Now, the crux of the matter (in my current estimation) lies between the last two levels. Yes, all is indeed illusion, below wherever one is ‘residing’. However, there are two possible viewpoints here:

First is that - since it is illusion - you should not be bothered about anything below yourself, and simply have a good time doing whatever you do on that level (including ‘messing’ with the lower levels, since they are only illusions).

Second is that - yes, it is indeed an illusion below you - but (since the illusion was ultimately manifested from All-God) it must have some form of ‘validity’, and should be ‘cherished’ or ‘worked with’ in some manner.

I am toying with the possibility - in your post-language - that the former may be a kind of ‘origin’ of what you call lizard-soul beings (i.e., “a pain and suffering perp”), while the latter may be the ‘origin’ of what might be called ‘true’ love-soul beings.

(For clarity, the latter would not be the “dumb ass empathetic ‘wishing and hoping for love’ type”, who is operating “supposedly through a love empathetic approach, but in actuality, a perennial Christ victim path.” Those poor folk either never [consciously] reached the higher understanding, or are a remnant of having reached that state once and subsequently been nearly destroyed by the current system.)

In addition, I suspect that the ‘intellectual’ knowing of the need to ‘cherish’ or ‘work with’ the lower illusory levels only works part-way. A being will operate successfully part of the time, but at a ‘distance’. Knowing how to fully operate on a given illusory level probably involves ‘going to sleep’ to that level, having all kinds of experiences to develop ‘in your face’ knowledge of that level (thus: empathy), and reawakening to the higher level. Hence, reincarnation, unless you are good enough to do it ‘all’ in one lifetime. (Or maybe, ‘soul sharing’ for a time, but you better know what you're doing...)

Ray B.

Kirwan said...

"US State Department Policy under the murderess tutelage of Hillary Clinton the figurehead who took over from Janet Reno (A.G. at the time) in the events that were later referred to as the Siege of Waco or The Murder of the Branch Davidians. It was Hillary that ordered the ATF and the FBI to open fire and create the circumstances that led to using US flame-throwing tanks to burn the place to the ground. Most of the Branch Davidians were killed, burning alive women and children needlessly, just to make the same kinds of points that were attempted to be made in Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, and now potentially in Syria and Iran."

Paul Von said...

What with all the destructive winds going on in the world, I thought this little ditty might be somewhat appropriate. >

And Dorothy Wished for Home

I am sure my heart is somewhere
Said the lion to the screen
And it would be good of you to have one
If you have one, please

And the screen puffed away
As the wizard teased the lever
Storm and smoke and steam
For he was awfully clever
And the ground shook

And the scarecrow shuddered
For he had no courage there
And the tin-man stuttered
For he had no brain to bear
And the wizard teased
For he was awfully cleaver

Poor lion wept and muttered
And Dorothy wished for home

There are allot of ways to cripple the ‘evil’ powers many here elude to:

1.) Turn off all the electronic and digital gibberish, which is being used to destroy your physical and mental well-being. There is plenty of evidence, that pulsed digital broadcast is being used for mind control projects, all over the world. You are being electronically programmed. Clear enough concept for you?
2.) Take a large hammer to your iPods, Gameboys, High definition TV's, cell phones, “wireless” whatever, and any other digital garbage you happen to own. It's all crap, and the 'wizard' knows it's VERY profitable crap. You don’t need this junk. It’s dangerous JUNK, and you are addicted to it.
3.) Refuse to enter into, or even acknowledge- any or all discussions regarding political or religious topics. This will totally cripple the system, which is intentionally fucking you around. If these sick religious and political glory hounds had no audience, they'd soon tire of their own rhetoric. Plus, they'd soon go very broke, as the Chinese would quit profiting from the sale of the electronic crack you’re currently enjoying.
Yes, the economic system would crash. It’s going to crash anyway.

We are not in Kansas any more folks. And it's your purchasing power and addiction to electronic stimulation, which is fucking up your "reality", and quite literally destroying this planet.

Have a quiet day. Maybe you’ll live somewhat longer, or perhaps better…

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Ray B

Thank you for providing some very fine points to the two soul type discussion thread.

Yes I fully agree that we experience these existences in a co-created illusion, signal generated from the collective consciousness field and this powered from superlight emanating from local black holes in triangulation beam interference frequency reduction, driving elemental manifestation.

In our alchemy lab work our critics are saying that we are using so little energy that it would be impossible to create precious elements at these low energy levels, but what the fools don’t realize is how much energy is inherent in the space, and the only energy we are using, is to set up the superlight precipitation trap, not actually driving the manifesting process, the black holes are doing that.

Appreciate that regular light travels at 186 K/ sec and superlight travels at 34.6 billion miles/sec at a much higher frequency. The brick wall we hit in a car accident feels like a real brick wall to the driver only because he and his car are at differential vibratory levels. Raise your physical vibration and your body literally becomes translucent or frequency specific and you could drive right through the brick wall.

At the Ramtha mystery school there many photographs of students doing field work at high vibrational frequencies and you can see the fence rails and background scenery right through their bodies. Judge Viz’s little friends would show up as Orbs in digital cameras forced flashed without UV or Infrared lens filtering.
But I digress and am getting a little too deep and technical for this discussion.

If you seriously want to learn more about this shit and will do the friggin work, go to



Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

‘wishing and hoping for love’ type”, who is operating “supposedly through a love empathetic approach, but in actuality, a perennial Christ victim path.”

That characterization came across more disparaging that it should have…. I need to get over the fact that while this group has creative capacities that the dark evil’s do not, generally speaking at our sleeping disconnected levels, we are dumber than a sack of hammer handles until we pick up some courage, bandwidth and sovereignty. Where the dark MF’s enjoy tremendous intellect with seemingly little effort on their part able to manipulate the sheeple at will.



Rob in WI said...

Gregory Fegel,
My recollection of the history is a bit different. Prince Sihanouk, who was, like Qaddafi, loved by most of the population, was opposed by usa, which worked to drive him into exile in Peking. Lon Nol was installed as the familiar puppet in '70. He was so hated by the people, that they allowed Pol Pot's forces to take the country in '76, after the us defeat. The killing fields followed, until Viet Nam defeated Pot's govt. around '80. The us atrocity took place while their puppet Lon Nol was in charge.
I fully agree with you about the ruthlessness international policy of usa, but the Viet Nam debacle is of personal interest. Be well, Rob

Rob in WI said...

Ray B.,
Thanks for your comment. You expressed it very clearly, considering the nature of the subject. The "illusionary level" concept is intriguing. Be well, Rob

Visible said...

I went for a hike today to the top of a moutain that had ancient ruins from who knows where. It was a steep affair. It put me in mind of the hike across the Napili coast, though it didn't resemble it in danger or length. Anyway, I thought I would share with you the most dangerous hike in the world. At the bottom of the article is a series of pages listed, just hit the first one for a Flickr tour of Huashan Mountain; just the thing for you vertigo types. How did they get those buildings up there?

Anonymous said...

Did not Lao Tzu say that, "Reason has a thousand applications but reason itself is empty." I think that means that reason is not motivation (or incentive) for survival. Motivation for survival comes from fear and anger and joy, too, I think. Fear and anger are healthy to a point. But if one were to add confusion into the mix then destruction is the probable outcome.

Sure, anyone can be anything, but it is very likely that desparation has the power to turn any of us into monsters. And it happens often.

People are talking about good souls and bad souls. (I suppose a soul is that which animates our flesh and gives us a sense of self.) I don't buy it. I think all anyone does is try to get by the best they can with what they have to work with.

I refuse to judge anybody who has commited a heinous act. If you haven't been inside their skin you can't know what they went through to bring them to that point.

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Anonymous said...

pierre sang...

♫I don't care what they say I won't live in a world without love♫

Visible said...

Judging things is one thing and a personal affair. Lao Tzu and many others have judged things. It depends on where you are coming from and the quality of the judgment. If you don't have good judgment then bad things will follow.

One is free to form their opinions and make their high minded proclamations; keeping in mind not to judge people who judge according to the dimensions of their understanding, proclaiming oneself free of judgment, while juding other people's judgment and their right to it, seems to me little uh, well, uh... I'm sure there's a word for it.

Peaches said...

Visible, I actually have a framed photo of that place which you mentioned in your link, in this room here where I write. I was so delighted to see this. I wasn't familiar with the temple building at the top of the mountain. Mind is boggled. If I had a smart phone I would post photo. But alas, phone is dumb hehe. I believe they've replaced part of the wooden walkway with glass if I'm not mistaken.

How blessed you are to live in a place with mountains and ruins.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz said:

"Judging things is one thing and a personal affair."

Damned tricky business this judgment stuff and a masterful option might be to dispassionately observe that which is without any judgment at all.



gurnygob said...

what Paul Von said...

Paul that's all very well but it's a little bit harder to turn off whats inside of you. It's not what goes into a man that kills him but what comes out of him. Clean the inside of the cup first;and all that.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A perspective for consideration.

There's no such thing as a dead man or woman, though there are those who, as Les Visible prabhu with perfect humor once remarked ... wish they were.

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 2.20


For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.


1) jiva-atma - the individual soul, known as the living entity
2) param-atma - the Supersoul, known as the Supreme Lord, who resides in the hearts of all living entities as the witness.

Both the Supreme Lord and the living entity are known as atma. The Supreme Lord is called Paramatma, and the living entity is called the atma, the brahma or the jiva.

Both the Paramatma and the jivatma, being transcendental to the material energy, are called atma. Generally people have many wrong conceptions about both of them. The wrong conception of the jivatma is to identify the material body with the pure soul, and the wrong conception of Paramatma is to think Him on an equal level with the living entity.

Paul Von said...

Hello Vis,

Err... I've found that non-judgmental people- are often lacking in judgment. I don't know what the hell to call that either...


Thomas said...

Martin, there is only one type of soul. Wether it has dust coverings and glittering facets, wings or gills or tooth and claw, leaves or flowers hands or feet or what ever we do not see. I suppose you might say there is BUT One Soul, and that is that of the Divine Oneness (which happens to be the Source of all Consciousness too, and It is a thing far far far beyond our understanding and perception). All comes from It and All shall return to it. There is not a single entity that this does not include, even the worst. They are, eventually, our Brothers and Sisters, actually what our very aether consists of.
There are, however, two paths, which you correctly point out. By the way, I know nada. I like how you express yourself, though, I must say. Cheers, and be well.

praise the Divine Creator!

Les, that comment with the ivory tower is a brilliant wisdom, thanks

Best wishes for everyone

Aunt Franny said...

Why does anyone pay any attention to anything Clif High says? He "inputs" into the information he supposedly measures. He can actually "direct" his so-called predictions.

Here's how it works, and why what he does is false:

He says he independently samples what people are talking about on the web at a particular point in time, and then he puts out some prediction based on what they were talking about.

Then people read his prediction (Clif High says...) and respond to it by talking about what Clif High said.

Then his next sample of what people are talking about INCLUDES the talking which has happened in response to his prediction... which can actually artificially escalate the number of people talking about that particular subject. Why?

People seem to believe that his predictions are "valid" because he says they're based on some kind of natural and spontaneous talking on the web. But it is not natural and spontaneous; the sample is skewed by his input into it; it has been directed. He can get you talking about anything he wants to. It's a never-ending LOOP that he constantly feeds into then measures and pretends like he didn't have anything to do with it.

I don't know who he works for or why this computer-based hi-tech mindgame is accepted as valid by ANYONE. Every time I hear "Clif High says..." it puts my teeth on edge.

If this is a game of vibrations, then peace, please. Let's see him measure that! Let's see some prediction of world peace, if so many of us billions want peace. Okay, Clif?

Ray B. said...

Sovereignty / Martin :

My previous Ramtha musings brought up a few more details around the ‘month of meditation coincidence’, which I thought some might like to hear.

When I talked to my brother after the event, he said that he didn’t remember anything between being pressed hard into his console in the back of the aircraft until he regained consciousness on a survival liferaft just before being rescued by a local fishing boat that had seen the plane crash. (Run-on sentence...) He had a busted collarbone and a banged-up knee, consistent with his story. Incidentally, later, he was interested in my version, but basically rejected it.

Also, over the month-long period of meditating, I had had some fears come up for my mother, who had had her husband die a couple of years earlier and basically never really recovered. She was barely ‘there’. About halfway through the month, I went to another Ramtha meeting, where I related this to him. He replied, “Don’t worry; we’ll give her something to think about.”

After the crash and recovery, my mother volunteered to me that the incident had caused her to review how brief life could be, and that she was ready to move on (which she did, becoming a talented painter). Ramtha nodded to me when I held this montage in my mind at the next meeting.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

MachtNichts said...

Why are you muddying the waters, Vis (grriinnss - german version of grin)? According to my understanding it is called boolsheet. Since they are tracking a vast number of key words it 'behooves' us to create new ones.

Which, of course, has nothing to do with soul types. Personally, i refuse to be called any type, labelled and put in a drawer. I am that i am. Nevertheless, for de monsteration of porpoises (thank you, stickman), someone can throw a curve ball and at the same time ackwnowledge a certain 'type' has creative capacity. Thank you, Martin. How is your ocean taming coming along? I really am curious.

How about a fun game where someone doesn't mind loosing and just enjoys the company? Love and Peace to everyone, Silvia

Tannon said...

"Unfortunately, your comment means nothing where any of the physical sciences or metaphysics are concerned. Another "soul species"? Horse feathers..." -Eamon

I think YOUR comment is horse feathers. Just because gurnygob's imagination goes beyond your scientific boundaries doesn't mean it's wrong. This is uncharted territory and I've noticed you keep trying to fence people in and it bothers me.
And yes, (going back a week or so when you were picking at Rob in WI), it IS possible that the supreme creator being is feminine.
Just stop acting like you know what ppl should believe. Maybe you've been wrong about everything. Maybe you should quit trying to correct everybody else and just listen.

drowning in lies said...

Hilary Lucifer Clinton

- a profile in evil extraordinaire

A BCB (bad christian bitch) with her own reality show reaping shabbats goy skicksa death on innocent men, women and children anywhere oil or gas pipelines need to be built.

Shape shifting reptile if there ever was one. Recently offered Nitwityahoo to show him what her husband had learned from his intern.

From the pedophile party table at NWO buffets she usually prefers very young female treats.


Anonymous said...

mountain blossom
pearly stars
wavy streams
light afar
spiral fountains
summer glows
tips of spring
harmony blows
lion tails
midnight songs
heavenly birds
a way beyond
rising upwards
forming through
a heart in peace
one with truth


Anonymous said...

spreader of poison
collector of dust
instiller of pain
destroyer of trust
breeder of war
taker of life
bringer of falsehood
error and strife
founder of victim
maker of slave
killer of conscious
honestys chains
the cluster of lies
in service to hell
the cloud of a storm
broken dispelled


Anonymous said...

reading your last comment their lord visibles,,,i think we must judge,,how can we not judge,,,its natural to judge,we cant help it,if we see something that is severely wrong,ie child being beaten,animal abuse,societal abuse,people starting wars with lies, it would be wrong not to judge,...all these ptw and minions i suppose bottom line,, have really just been messing up the place where we judge from,,,that natural tip of ourselves that would be the organic light our divinity,or what ever word people care to use,,,i suppose its part of the natural dynamics in this materium ......

lao tzu the old master could conquer any army anywhere without conquering anyone or anything
just with a feather and a grain of dust,

anyway respects and gratitudes...neil

Punchy the Clown said...

Lovey I'm worried about my nose, it looks like a number 6. OMG I think I might be jewish! I noticed it the other day after my sixth supper and a good jerk off session. Could you remote view my anus and let me know if everything is ok? Note to Paul Von could you turn off your evil mind control computer, unplug the modem, ethernet cable or other connecting device and repost your comment. Ahahaha! Carry on.

Paul Von said...

Gurnygob said...

Paul that's all very well but it's a little bit harder to turn off what’s inside of you. "It's not what goes into a man that kills him but what comes out of him." Clean the inside of the cup first; and all that.

Dear Mr. Gurnygob, and all readers of such frivolous commentary:
It is well that you seem well versed in mythology and spirituality, as these are interesting mental constructs for those who are seeking such esoteric trivia... However there are substantial and undeniable physical realities, which are affecting ALL life forms on this planet, at a molecular and gene based level.

You blithely state: "It's not what goes into a man that kills him but what comes out of him." Please. I was alluding to actual- credible evidences, that electronic EMF is damaging our DNA, and negatively affecting our executive functions as a species. That is: We are collectively creating a spiritual and intellectual holocaust with electronic chaos, and in fact, are addicted to the various chemicals being released in our neurological systems. This insane practice is neither 'good' nor 'evil'. It is what it is. Quit looking for boogiemen. WE are the boogieman.

If anyone here is concerned about FACTS (rather than pap) there is overwhelming evidence regarding the damaging effects of EMF. The electronic technologies we are bestowing on one another, are altering the composition of our DNA, and affecting behavioral changes in our children. In addition: The manufacture and disposal of the myriad tons of toxic and unstable chemicals- related to this industry, is destroying the ecosystems we are reliant upon for our survival. You can scrub your inner cup all you wish, but this is reality, and it is a VERY dangerous reality.

On a 'spiritual' level, I see numerous blogs on the web, regarding the apparent increase of 'hostile' spirit energies. These (evil) complexes are now coming forth to visit upon people who consider themselves as 'protected', 'cleansed', and all the rest of the antiquated foolish "protections" we have constructed.

Try this hat on: Maybe these "energies" have been here billions of years longer than man, and they're pissed about us mucking up their ethers with our insane exterminations. Maybe they’re trying to break the news to us, that we don't need electronic junk, in order to feed and house our children. Hello?

These links are not to pretty you-tube video gibberish. They are links, which require actual reading and comprehension skills. PLEASE read the information. Your world is dying...

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

MachtNichts asked

"How is your ocean taming coming along? I really am curious."

Management was able to get exclusive project rights to developments in the Orkney barriers and the company basically has a shovel ready project ready for finance.

I've just provided an extension to the company's technology license agreement. My view on the company as its major and founding shareholder is that I'll let them continue to thrash around in the shallow water but at some point I'm comming with metal, and lots of it to get the work done with a major IPO to go with it.



Anonymous said...

Dear Les, my learned and talented acquaintance.

I don't believe I am judging others. I am only making observations and perhaps judging ideas; throwing in my 2 cents, giving my opinion which might not even be worth that much.

It's not that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. It is that evil triumphs when good men help evil to promote it's agenda; which is destruction and despair, I think.

People who seek justice are the most dangerous people. ( Am I judging or just observing? I think the latter.) They will destroy anything no matter how precious in order to achieve their ends.

Hope all is well where you are.

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Rob in WI:

The US support for the Khmer Rouge is a highly controversial topic. The US bombing, from 1969 to 1973, destabilized Cambodia. During the reign of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, from 1975 to 1979, the US supported the Khmer Rouge, using China and Thailand as proxies. The post-1979 US support for the Khmer Rouge is obvious; the US backed the Khmer Rouge at the UN and facilitated the Khmer Rouge retrenchment in Thailand until the early 1990s.

"You should also tell the Cambodians that we will be friends with them. They are murderous thugs, but we won't let that stand in our way. We are prepared to improve relations with them." - Henry Kissinger to Thai government officials in November, 1975.

“I encouraged the Chinese to support Pol Pot. Pol Pot was an abomination. We could never support him, but China could.” According to Brzezinski, the USA “winked, semi-publicly” at Chinese and Thai aid to the Khmer Rouge. - Zbigniew Brzezinski, Pres. Carter's national security adviser, in 1979.

The above quotes are from Yale University's Cambodian Genocide Project website. (

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To discuss "judgement" without misunderstanding each other, we need to define what we mean by "judgement". Is there any difference between an "impression", a "concept", a "thought", a "reaction", a "response", an "interpretation", and a "judgement"?

Sovereignty wrote: "Damned tricky business this judgment stuff and a masterful option might be to dispassionately observe that which is without any judgment at all."

A distinction between a "dispassionate observation" and a "judgement" depends on how we define "judgement". When your dog sees you and wags his tail, is that a "judgement", or what?

Is it possible to be simultaneously conscious and thoughtless (without any internal dialogue), and still be actively functional in the material world? Does the use of memory involve thought or judgement? I'm just asking.

Aunt Franny said...

Yes, Paul Von, you are correct. This planet it dying but most people cannot see beyond their cellphone. There is a total mind-barrier that pops up around these issues that the "brainwashed" cannot think beyond. That wall is itself an indicator of the brainwashing. If you can think beyond that wall, you're out of the box and do not buy into the glitz and glitter they sell you without telling you the FACTS, or let's say, the TRUTH about what modern industrialization and technology has cost the planet and us, by the way. We've brainlessly sold out our natural birthright - our health.

In the wonderful Disney versions of the Future, Tomorrowland, nobody ever pointed out the fine print at the bottom: "You can have all these gadgets and toys, but the price is that you will poison your planet." It's what they meant by "globalization" - spread the poison everywhere.

The antidote: Take back control of the marketplaces; don't buy their stuff; don't buy anything made of plastic; stop helping them "westernize" everybody; help them get Free Energy to the public NOW.

Aunt Franny said...

Dear Paul Von,

Would you be interested in joining me in writing a book about the poisoning of the planet? I've got years of research, as it seems you do, too, and we seem to be on the same page. Is there any way Vis can put us in contact with each other? -- if you're interested, that is.

If you can indicate interest by replying here, I'll email Vis at with the heading: "Please Forward to Paul Von." If you do that also with a request to Forward to Aunt Franny, maybe he'll forward them and we can discuss this.

Thanks - I'm really serious about this. I've had a book percolating for about 7 years but the subject is so huge it's daunting to even think about writing it.

~ Aunt Franny

Visible said...

McCob, i can see by the occasional appearance of passion and intensity where some might think I was seeking justice or that I have some kind of latent Savonarola/Robespierre, Danton kind of a thing going on. Honestly I am not seeking any kind of justice. That's not my department.

I know it looks like when I am raging against the death of the light and pointing out in unequivocal and no uncerain terms what is coming for certain people that I've got my eye on the headsmans axe.

Truthfully, I'm not like that. My nature is forgiveness to a fault and I like to exhort and I like to warn because you never know who's listening and... as I have found out over time, some very interesting people read here, or so I have been told in some cases and so I have heard directly in others.

My heroes are spiritual masters. I yearn and long to be like them. I castigate myself daily for perceived misteps. I pray through the day to be relieved of my shortcomings. the truth is that I do not know the particular circumstances that made particular people the way they are so I am in no position to judge them but I do judge the acts themselves; hate the sin not the sinner.

Now I know this can seem to be only words and I could seem to be engaging in self justification but, as far as I know, this is the gospel truth about me.

I write with passion because I hope it will wake some people up. Their destiny is not in my hands so I can hardly place myself in a position to pass sentence and I really don't want to have to. I hope this is helpful. I know what your intent was and I applaud it but, I'm really not like that. I have other flaws, which I'd be glad to detail if you need to hear about them.

Ray B. said...

My posting of Sunday, March 04, 2012 6:12:00 AM was supposed to be the follow-on to a much longer post of an hour earlier. That has never shown up, despite the confirmation response after posting. Here it is again:

Sovereignty / Martin :

(Part 1)
Thanks for the response. The first half of your posting was interesting, but I have no personal experience of this 'data' so cannot comment on it. (We do share some similarities - you are/were a civil engineer; I am/was an aerospace engineer.) I did briefly visit your site, and happened upon your Ramtha page.

In my questing, I also had some interesting experiences with the channeled entity called Ramtha (about 1980-87). First, he was someone with whom I ‘knew’ I had past experience. I had a great heart reaction. Second, he gave incontrovertible proof of telepathy. One defining instance was when the audience had outgrown a house and had just switched to a small auditorium with slightly-raised stage. Helpers brought out a big, stuffed chair and put it to the front of the stage. I thought to myself, “That looks too much like a throne. If he sits on it, I will not be coming back.” When Ramtha came out, he pointedly ignored the chair and conducted the whole channeling session sitting on the stage edge. This was the only time – before or after – that he did not sit in the proffered chair.

Ramtha was also the source of another amazing ‘coincidence’ that deeply impressed me. On an early visit, he volunteered to me, “If you meditate an hour before sunset for thirty days, I will bring a miracle into your life.” I agreed to his terms. Subsequently, several times came up where it was difficult to manage it, but I persevered. Just after thirty days was when my middle brother’s EC-130 went into the Pacific at night. He was the only survivor. After the ‘miracle’, I just looked Ramtha in the eye at the next meeting. Without a word between us, he said, “You see; we keep our word.”

I started with the Ramtha group when it was still meeting (at least weekly) out of people's living rooms between Seattle and Tacoma. JZ was still married to Mark, the dentist. The lectures were fabulous, and each person got one-on-one question time. (And the fees were quite reasonable...) I attended as the group slowly grow to auditorium size, and attended the various ‘outings’ to the MentalPhysics Institute (near Joshua Tree), etc. I bought the original huge paperback book of teachings, and later the condensed hardback “White Book”. But, I had already been in many of the original lectures. About this time, I had to go off and make money, so I missed a year or so. We did attend Estes Park, though, and ‘kept up’ with VCR tapes. After JZ divorced Mark, married Jeff, and moved to her ranch in Yelm, we rented a farmhouse there. By then, though, her prices were so steep that we could only attend a few lectures. Around that time, the teaching - while grand - seemed to becoming repetitive. So, I went off in other directions. When I next took a lecture at her ranch, the Mystery School was up and running. (By the way, I was in the corral with the fences you mentioned, during that course.)

Best wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Sovereignty / Martin :

(Part 2)
My quest has led to some interesting twistings of ‘Reality’. Two examples:

While making money (in Part 1), I also attended week-long classes at The Monroe Institute. They worked a lot at accessing different consciousness levels, and using what is available at those levels to accomplish ‘impossible’ things (much like at Ramtha's Mystery School). Highly recommended, at least as it existed in the mid 80's. One informal ‘class’ that was done close to TMI at a local resident’s house was on spoon-bending. I put my engineer’s eye on it, and determined to find out what was actually happening. So, I picked out one heavy spoon, and tested it for yield strength. Then, I put a slight tension on the lip of the spoon, relaxed my body, and moved to the Focus (their term) where this was said to happen (eyes wide open). Nothing changed at first. And then, a sense of ‘shifting’ occurred. Upon this shift happening, the spoon’s handle became like thick taffy, and I spun it easily in several very tight loops. Then, I lost the Focus, and the spoon immediately reverted to stiffness. It had a couple of loops in the area below the bowl, but had reverted to the earlier yield strength. (For the engineers/physicists: It was very hot in the loop area...) With the same spoon, I repeated the above sequence a few times. More loops. In the end, I definitely proved to myself that this was a real phenomenon. Others in the room did, too. I still have the spoon, and additional ones from other folks, lying around somewhere. Physics laws can be ‘bent’. [Or, from the most important lines in the Matrix movies, “Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth ... There is no spoon ... Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”]

Around 2002, Liz and I made a two-and-a-half hour drive to the Oregon coast. I had driven directly through, so my butt was ready to be out of the car. We turned out onto a favorite beach location. The parking area was just a single, short lane, T-ing into a row of slots facing the beach. All the slots immediately ahead were full, so I sighed and swept my eyes left and then right along the beachline slots. Between the time that I started sweeping and returned my eyes to center (about 4-5 seconds), a hole had appeared in the car line directly in front of us. However, no car had pulled out or was passing us. My jaw dropped, which was also echoed by Liz. We confirmed with each other exactly what had just happened. (Two witnesses; cool!) Then, we just shrugged our shoulders and drove forward into the slot (with thanks). I’ve had a bunch of small things like this happen before (a desired grocery item, book, etc.), but this was positively outrageous!

Ray B.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Ray B

Glad to hear your brother made it out of that EC 130. The pacific is a big piece of water in the daytime and even bigger at night. Ramtha Yelm events are now typically 1200 to 1500 students, many students commonly card read the whole deck blind.

I had a spoon start to soften at a Greg Braden event and felt the metal heating but not to where it looped. (I spent the last half hour listing the extraordinary metaphysical experiences in my life and just now deleted the list, F*ck it!).

The point is not about me but about what we are all capable of. The years leading up to 2012 and the next 5 or 6 years will be a window of soul opportunity that has not been available on earth for some 12,000 years. Take full advantage of the amplified energy window and make the best of it. Limits to what we can be are only those we self impose on ourselves. Kick it!

Just really think about it folks…. Watching TV vs discovering your subtle but powerful divine nature through your own pituitary gland? What’s your pleasure?



Ray B. said...

Peter of Lone Tree, Saturday, March 03, 2012 3:13:00 AM
“Last week, the Tehran Times noted that the Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than the dollar from March 20.”

I actually see this as much more fundamental to whether the 'bad guys' start a war near Purim (victory over Persia) dates than stopping the bomb. If you read back through history, the one thing that the 'bad guys' will absolutely not stand for is messing with their rule over money flow. We'll see...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

Gregory Fegel,
Thanks for your reply. Historians are worthwhile, but they often promote disinfo. Do you believe that just because a study is conducted by an ivy league school, a funded "think tank", or a "blue ribbon" gov't commitee, that those presentations are WRH? I'm working from memory, and the us puppet Lon Nol was the cause of Cambodia's problem.
Of course, the cia screwed all the SE Asian countries, Laos, Burma, Thailand, etc., so an honest history will never be known. O'well, be well, Rob

Visible said...

I expect the attack on Iran to happen this week. if it doesn't I will be delighted and surprised and it's not because I like pistachio nuts so much.

That oil bourse thing has been just about to go into action or did go into action with all of the other banker's will, mass murder episodes. In Libya it was about currency but basically the same thing. In Afghanistan it was the opium but basically the same thing.

Sovereignty; you are amusing. You just have to have your own math don't you and now it's the pituitary and not the pineal gland? I'm glad you're not working with fulminate of Mercury (grin).

neal said...

You end up with buildings, and such, in those high places when you scratch the bellies of dire woves, and those big cats, those lifelines are very acoustic, and rocks seem to like it, too. Of course, they are just courtesy phones in Their own right, they also screen calls, mostly outgoing, mostly.

She's always on the line, best to maybe be on your knees if you choose to answer, that is a party line. Worlds are made of such things, everything gets to throw in.

Just lay your head on your pet, watch the dust organize, and see that it is a matter of connection, and amplification, and turning past 11.

Visible said...

So, you sell Marshall amps (grin)?

I guess we could say you're halfway between Camus and Rousseau right about now, despite neither of them knowning what a Stratocaster is.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

Working with fulminates of Mercury is as tricky and just as dangerous as judgments (grin) and taking math lessons from you is too hilarious.

The pineal is for the cosmic joy riders unless you drive that juice from the pituitary gland. Operate the equipment in accordance with its design.



Paul Von said...

Hello Aunt Franny,
I appreciate your interest in the toxic human and environmental situation we are faced with.
Your offer is rather straight forward, so let's dance. I have no idea where this bus might be headed, but it might ride better on the road. Email is:
No junk mail please.
Thank you,
Paul Von

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Rob in WI:

When I was reading about Cambodia, I found the Kissinger and Brzezinski quotes on several websites, but I chose to reference the Yale site because I thought it might be less likely to be inaccurate than some of the other sites. Academics, for all their faults, usually try to present the quotes that they use in formal reports accurately. When I quote somebody, I usually provide a source, so people can verify it.

Regarding your memory of the news in the 1970s, I don't see why the disinfo that was presented as news in the 1970s is any more reliable than the disinfo that is presented as history today. Like the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Our debating of whether Lon Nol's misbehavior, versus the US bombing, was the cause of the Khmer Rouge takeover, might be like debating whether the horse's front legs, or his back legs, pull the wagon.

I find the following series of events interesting: Nixon wanted to make friends with China even before he became President, the Russians and Chinese had a border clash in 1969, Nixon's friendly visit to China in 1972, the subsequent US/Chinese cooperation in supporting the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnamese invasion and occupation of Cambodia in 1978, and the retaliatory Chinese invasion of Vietnam in 1979.

The US courtship of China and the abusive, genocidal US treatment of Cambodia are both examples of the perennial US foreign policy of Divide and Rule. And the big fish agree to share a meal of the little fish.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, If 2 people always agree that means one of them isn't necessary. I have no problem with you. To me you are like Mark Twain with a little Herman Hesse mixed in. Like practically everyone else who reads your blogs I am fascinated by your writing skills. You are a talented man whatever anyone else might say about you.

My comments were specific to the notion that there are different species of souls. Maybe there are but I don't believe it to be that way. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. It's not so much that I take exception to putting down others as much as I don't believe it is a good thing for one to find reasons so as to think they are superior to others. Some of us are born and never get a break. Some of us are conditioned from birth to be alienated and vicious. Some of us are just plain desperate. Under these conditions any soul can turn viscious and anti social.

My comments about judgement did come from an emotional place. I watched the news the other night. On it there was a mother who had just lost her child in the recent Ohio school shooting. Her boy went to school and was killed by a disturbed, angry boy for no reason I can fathom. When asked what she would say to the shooter she replied that she would forgive him. (I fight back tears as I write this.) She is the kind of person I want to be.

I admire your passion. I wouldn't change a thing about you if I could. I love honest debate and esoteric discussion and when I comment it is as much to your readers (including me) as to you.

Just trying to sort things out for my own edification.

As me and my stoner friends used to say back in the early 70's,
"Keep on Truckin'".

Your Ardent Fan, McCob

Ray B. said...

Visible, Monday, March 05, 2012 12:41:00 AM

"I expect the attack on Iran to happen this week. if it doesn't I will be delighted and surprised..."

I was thinking about this last night, and realized another 'constraint' on the event date. You provided these links in an earlier posting, and I condensed out the pertinent portions. I don't know the current position of USS Enterprise (CVN-65), but I suspect it won't begin until she's 'on station'.



"Also, the USS Enterprise carrier group (not the Star Trek one) is on its way and due to arrive in the Gulf in March which is an interesting choice considering it's the oldest nuke carrier in the US fleet ... and due to be decommissioned later this year."

from AnonymousJan 27, 2012 08:23 AM

"Call me crazy, but the deployment of the soon-to-be-decommissioned USS Enterprise seems to me like the US is just saying 'Go on, take a free swing, I dare you.' It's absolutely a dick waving/saber rattling action, on one hand. But with the flotilla that's there and the 'Lincoln' carrier as a backup, something about it seems like the Enterprise is being put out there as a sacrificial lamb to justify some action.

The Enterprise will probably cost loads of money to decommission - are they going to provoke Iran into doing the dirty work to get the war they want and dispose of an old carrier? Or am I just being crazy?"

Ray B.


Ray B. said...



"In my analysis of this situation ... it has become clear to me that the West wants to attack Iran but will not do so without having some justification which would not be politically and diplomatically unpopular.

This justification could be real, or could very well be contrived through the use of a false flag attack in the blueprint of the now infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident which brought the United States into Vietnam.

Indeed I believe that the chances of a false flag attack are growing with the presence of the USS Enterprise in the region.

The USS Enterprise would be the perfect target for a false flag attack, because like the World Trade Centers which were plagued by asbestos, the Enterprise would cost a great deal to decommission.

The USS Enterprise, or CVN-65, was launched all the way back in 1960 and originally ordered in 1957 and is scheduled to be decommissioned next year.

The Enterprise has actually been in operation since 1962 and boasts a whopping 8 Westinghouse A2W nuclear reactors, meaning that all of this would have to be disposed of in the costly manner in which nuclear waste is supposed to be dealt with.

The Enterprise, or “Big E,” is an incredibly symbolic vessel due to the fact that she is the longest naval vessel on the planet, and is the second oldest commissioned vessel in the US Navy.

The Big E has also been in operation for the longest of any aircraft carrier at 51 consecutive years.

Originally, she was slated to be decommissioned in 2014 or 2015, but the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 changed this to 2013.

If a false flag attack was carried out on the USS Enterprise and then blamed on Iran to justify an attack, it would be hitting two birds with one stone.

Firstly, it would save the military a great deal of money dealing with the process of decommissioning the vessel and handling the eight nuclear reactors.

Secondly, it would give the West the justification they have sought to attack Iran while keeping the international community on their side.

It would also make it harder for Russia and China to come to Iran’s aid in a politically popular manner as it would just appear that they are helping the aggressor.

The sad fact is that we know our military and intelligence establishment is capable of such an operation as evidenced by the Gulf of Tonkin incident and other false flag attack plans like Operation Northwoods.

Hopefully our so-called leaders are not psychopathic enough to carry out such an operation but given the historical precedent and the current situation in the region, it is hardly possible to rule it out entirely."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

By the way, I suspect the 'bad guys' also want to plant a negative association (i.e., painful) to the name [or spirit of] 'Enterprise'. (They wouldn't even refit the test shuttle "Enterprise" to be a true orbiter, citing excess costs.)

The 'bad guys' like to poison positive symbols (including numbers as symbols). In the US, what telephone number do you call for aid? Anything else associated with [poisoning] that positive symbol? Uh-huh. How about receiving help, or aid, itself? Anything else associated with [poisoning] that positive symbol? Try a major modern 'disease'. Uh-huh. If you think back a little further, there is a very ancient symbol originating in the sweep of the stars around the Pole Star. It was associated in the original early religions with both immortality and good fortune. Boy, has that been poisoned. I'm sure you can think of many others.

I really hope I'm wrong...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Aunt Franny said...

Thank you, Paul Von. Email on its way.

And thank you Les, too. Except I wish you guys wouldn't encourage the idea of attack and war. Not that you're speaking in favor of it, just that you're envisioning it. Stop that!

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

The sacrifice Enterprise false flag talk rings flat for me in spite of the rationales being presented for it. My intuitive sense tells me they would not risk another bald faced Tonkin type event for fear of being called out on it.

They have many more tricks up their sleeve, as is now becoming evident with beam weapon technology evidenced in the WTC 911 false flag. See Judy Wood.

The Russians have recently admitted (boasted) to having similar Tesla Scalar weapon developments. Cutting edge new energy researcher and personal friend of mine John Hutchison demonstrates these weird scalar effects dissolving and pretzelizing heavy solid metal in his lab (on youtube) with only junk yard electronic components and at low power levels.

Even the US Navy is not stupid enough to put their deep sea armada into the shallow bath tub and narrow confines of the Strait of Hormuz beneath rock embedded mountain ground to sea Russian made missile battery positions.

Yes the air is thick enough to cut with a knife and the stench is getting very rank. The PTB will indeed get their full blown shooting war going, that is pretty much a given, however it may even be started in Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela or Taiwan, As for accurately predicting this event with the flawed web bots, when these have been wrong 95% of the time, that’s bit of a stretch.



Visible said...

Aunt Franny, I suspect you haven't been reading as closely as you might or you would have seen where I said that I mention times and related things, simply because I believe it might have an affect on things NOT HAPPENING. I believe I said I would be delighted if nothing happened. I do not want war or even one person to die for the sexual entertainment of bankers. You may be certain of that.

I've written, I don't know, approaching 1500 of these entries, no doubt I miss things, misstate things and also say things that reflect my being a work in progress and so, past presentations may have some amount of sophomoric ingenue content. Hopefully my evolution will start picking up speed. I hear that it will ("Visible, you have absolutely no idea".) but so far it's been the occasional cigarette boat ride and then a slow boat to China. ♫I'd like to get you, on a slow boat to China, all to myself alone♫ heh heh, ever the romantic.

Visible said...

Sovereignty... particle beams?

If that was so, what was Mossad doing camping out for weeks in the towers and why was the security being shut down and so many other things? I'm not going to address the two main towers but there is no way on Earth that building 7 was not controlled demolition. I've seen plenty of them and they all look like that. Now if particle beams create the exact same scenario, okay. The truth is, I don't know but I lean in different directions.

Aunt Franny said...

Sorry, Les, I didn't mean just you, many here are talking about war.

But you did say:

"I expect the attack on Iran to happen this week." - which rather surprised me to hear that from you and struck me as a particularly awful expectation to be holding.

And then you said: "If it doesn't I will be delighted and surprised..."

I'm coming from the point of view that the mind and the vision-making mental equipment does not recognize the word "not." There is not an elephant in the room actually conjures up the vision of an elephant.

I don't know if your second statement neutralizes your first statement. I'm not quite sure how these things work, metaphysically. I'm not sure if you say "Scratch that! I didn't mean that. No, no war," that that erases the first statement.

But I do believe we feed energy into thought-forms which can manifest, so I just try to be careful what thought-forms I'm creating. I don't want to create "no war." I want to create peace, which is a different thing entirely.

Sorry I riled you. I really love what you do here.

:-) Aunt Franny

Ray B. said...

Aunt Franny, Monday, March 05, 2012 8:08:00 PM

"Except I wish you guys wouldn't encourage the idea of attack and war. Not that you're speaking in favor of it, just that you're envisioning it. Stop that!"

Aunt Franny, I was well-schooled by Ramtha and many other teachers about manifesting from (a) holding a vision and (b) applying as much emotion to it as possible. I am well aware of the danger of negative envisioning.

I am making my remarks with the intent of "we know exactly what you are up to." Surely, you don't think that this blog is read even in the majority by 'good guys'? I wrote a review of James Bamford's latest spying book a few years ago (at and quoted extensively on the then-newly-revealed tapping of all the major internet trunk lines, with copies being sent to the top alphabet agency (etc.). I figure Les Visible's blogs are churned directly onto at least some mid-level U.S. caseworkers' desks (and certainly overseas). I am counting on a combination of the dawning horror concerning which 'side' he/she is on, combined with all the spiritual and esoteric vibes, may awaken and/or 'turn' those not too asleep or dark side.

Also, perhaps you are not familiar with the fact that books, blogs, etc., are direct energy 'pipelines' between the writer and the reader? Interesting things can be 'accomplished', if one is of an active persuasion rather than a passive one. (And that includes 'higher level beings' making use of the connection established.)

I do appreciate your warning, and it is truly noted. Thanks.

Ray B.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge said:

“Sovereignty... particle beams?”

This is a heads up smell some coffee Judge.

As a civil engineer in a past life I can say emphatically that Judy Wood is a great civil engineer, she sticks to the facts with a professional discipline and does not speculate beyond the data set or the facts.

Yes the WTC 7 tower was clearly a classic blow out the underpinning columns demolition operation just as Larry lizard said, “pull it” confirmed by demo expert suicided Danny Jowenko.

WTC 1 & 2 building and the completely ignored WTC 6 were infact Beam Scalar disintegrations with other conventionals (possibly mini nuke) super nano thermite and other peculiar aspects that cannot be easily swept under the carpet. Melted cast iron engine car blocks, car door handles melted while office paper and terrorist passports were not even singed in the so called jet fuelled heat conflagration.

The famous standing column spire left standing just after the so called colapse, disintegrates into dust. There was no calapse… it was something totally new…. “dustication of steel and concrete”. Not even a mangled filing cabinet or letter opener?

The dustification of 500,000 tons of steel and concrete is no small feat and is only explainable by the Hutchison Effect. This brings into question the much liked Steven Jones from BYU who should be open minded and professional enough to stay with the data facts, but for some reason resorts to unfortunate character assassination of Judy Woods for her courage to stay with the facts.

Mark my words Judge, Judy is the real 911 hero here.



Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge said:

If that was so, what was Mossad doing camping out for weeks in the towers and why was the security being shut down and so many other things?

Totally with you on that point.

That was some real edgy body language today with nitwityahoo and obama at the white house press conference today!

Squirm as you lie through your teeth you bitches.



Visible said...

Peace is not a possibility in a world where the physical forms of the inhabitants are composed of elements at war with each other. Peace is possible as an internal affair for those who can bring those elements in harmonious balance. I suspect this is the reason behind the first scene in the Bhagavad Gita.

What I mentioned but which did not come up in the response is that I mention dates and times because I am of the opinion that mentioning them can have an adverse affect on their occurance and I have mentioned this before at other times in the past. I'm certainly not going to get into walking on eggs with every comment I make. I'd turn into a neurotic teenage girl (grin).

I'm doing my best so far as what I am capable of at the moment. As time passes and I become more capable, my best will become better.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz said:

"I'm doing my best so far as what I am capable of at the moment. As time passes and I become more capable, my best will become better."

And that is why we are all here in your space and love you.



Aunt Franny said...

Ray B and Viz,

AH. Okay. Thank you both. Keep up the good work!

I hope my elements are not at war with themselves, and I think on the whole they are not. I talk to them about remaining calm. It seems to work.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The video of some stripped beams collapsing at the North Tower, which some people describe as "vaporization" or "dustification" of the beams, does not look like that to me. What I see is the beams falling down, and shaking off some dust as they descend.

Judy Wood's photos of burned cars lack documentation as to when and where the photos were taken. Had the cars been moved from another location before the photos were taken? I've seen a photo of a burned car that was photographed in situ in the basement parking garage at the WTC; it looked just like the burned cars in Judy Wood's photos. William Rodriguez reported seeing firey explosions in the basement of the North Tower.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


“What I see is the beams falling down, and shaking off some dust as they descend”

Greg there are times when I see you as one of the critical thinkers on this blog. This is not one of them. It was after the action was over when we see the spire standing, show me a vertical element that collects dust…. GMAFB!

In any demolition project of 500,000 tons you use cranes, backhoes and forklifts to remove the material. In this case the firemen used shovels and five gallon plastic pails, saying there was not even a telephone key pad intact, no filing cabinets, office chairs, nothing. If cars exploded in the basement, how did they explode? If those cars with the very unusual burns were from the basement they would only have got to them months later. The photographs of the cars were hours or days after the event.



Visible said...

A New Visible Origami si up-

Mr Apolcalypse is Banging on the Judgment Drum.

Anonymous said...

Something extrordinary happened with the twin towers and my mind is boggled. To me the spires in question looked like they dissolved. Metal poles should topple and not just crumble and fall straight down. To me they looked like they dissolved right in mid air. (Any one have any idea how much force it would take to break one of those posts in 2?)

I am not advocating any particular theory. I simply don't have the slightest idea of what brought those towers down. Everything seems far fetchd to me.


Ray B. said...

Sovereignty / Gregory :

I am a bit like McCob; I don't know for certain the actual mechanism(s) of the ‘fall’ of the towers. I approach it the other way: Why did it fall at all? As an aerospace engineer in a past life, I was familiar with metals and how heat affects them, and the burning of jet fuel (in engines). The impressive, billowing fireball that had been the aircraft's fuel would have been very hot, but lasting at most a minute. The heat transfer to the steel (even if stripped of its fireproof cladding by ‘shrapnel’, which is dodgy) would have been minimal.

[When picked up immediately after fall, 5-inch diameter, say, meteorites are not even warm after decelerating from 12,000 mph because the huge heating impulse was so short in time. Indeed, they may even form frost on the surface because the interior mass is still at space temperature.]

After the fireball, fuel would be thinly scattered everywhere and be no more ‘hot’ than the burning paper, desks, rugs, etc. Every steel-framed skyscraper in history has withstood the heat-soak from these materials.

So, to me, the important question is: Why did it fall at all?

I have neither the time nor patience to spend running every detail our sleuths have found to ground. There are many inconsistencies, if you read around. For me, two items have the greatest ‘smell’:

When the 747 went down off of Long Island, the FAA spent hundreds of millions of dollars pulling fragments out of the sea and reassembling them, so the truth of the breakup could be known. This wreckage is still assembled in a warehouse as an aid to future investigators. Contrast this with the steel from the towers. After a few chosen experts were allowed to rummage around the in-place rubble, ALL the steel was quickly gathered up and sent to the smelters. Do you sense any differences yet?

Secondly, in viewing movies of the delayed WTC Building 7 collapse, note how perfectly ‘even’ the fall occurred. You could almost lay a gigantic ruler across the roof as it fell, and not have it move. What makes it interesting (aside from it being offices of the various secret services) is that this building had a huge arched ‘void’ inside it. The ordained reason for its collapse was structural damage from debris from the two towers. However, a collapse of a building with a void built-in would be anything but ‘even’. Personally, from an engineering standpoint, I do not see any way to have a ‘perfect’ collapse without ‘pulling it down’.

(Don't even get me started on the odds of all [18?] the security cameras in the Pentagon parking lot being ‘down’ when the building was struck...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Tom Lowe said...

Sovereignty, you will one day learn what cause and effect is. But for now, you are just a wee tiny child among human giants.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Sovereignty:

If you watch videos of conventional controlled demolitions, you will see that they often generate large dust clouds, including the type of pyroclastic dust cloud that we saw at the Twin Towers. The degree of pulverization (dustification) of the concrete, office furniture, and other elements within the building can be increased to near-totality simply by increasing the amount of conventional explosives that are used to take down the building. Cutter charges are used to sever beams, and pressure charges are used to strip the concrete from the beams -- pulverizing, or dustifying, the concrete in the process. Conventional explosives were quite capable of producing the damage and the minimal debris we saw at the Twin Towers. Sufficient pressure charges were used to guarantee a minimum of debris -- such as intact concrete, furniture, and human remains -- thus leaving a minimum of evidence.

Regarding the spire in question, the concrete dust would have settled on every horizontal surface, and whatever force caused that final spire to collapse could have shaken loose the concrete dust that had settled on its horizontal surfaces. The disturbance of that dust then obscured the spire as it continued to fall.

The famous photograph from the WTC site of a steel beam that was cut at an angle possibly displays the characteristic result of a cutting charge. (It's not likely that a clean-up crewman would waste time cutting a beam at an angle, when a purpendicular cut can be done faster.) The debris pile at the WTC consisted of broken steel beams, pulverized concrete, fragments of furniture, human remains, and miscellaneous contents -- which is what we should expect to see after a controlled demolition using cutting charges and massive pressure charges. Cutting charges may have been used to sever the core coulmns, which were not sealed in concrete, and pressure charges were used to pulverize the concrete, furniture, and eveything else -- except the steel beams, which formed the predominant part of the intact debris.

Many photos show cranes and other heavy equipment removing debris at the WTC site. Here's one:

Judy Wood's photos of burned cars lack documentation of location and timing, which makes her assertion that the cars were burned by a particle beam weapon less tenable.
That the cars are mostly scorched on top doesn't prove that they were attacked from the top, because heat rises, and if you start a fire inside a car, the top of the car will usually get more scorched than the bottom. Judy Wood needs to establish the provenance of her photos of the burned cars.

Many people make claims for exotic weaponry with inadequate evidence. A recent article by Jim Kirwan states that "mininukes" were used against the escaping Iraqis on Highway of Death during the Kuwait War in 1991. Perhaps Jim is unfamiliar with the massive firepower carried by an A-20 or an assault helicopter. Modern ground-assault aircraft are designed to be formidable tank-killers, and the Iraqi vehicles on the Highway of Death -- most of which were unarmored -- were highly vulnerable "sitting ducks" for them. Armor-piercing DU munitions were certainly used at the Highway of Death, but there is no evidence of mininukes. For one thing, the ground was not scorched between the destroyed vehicles.

Regards, GF.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Ray B:

If kerosene, or paper, or furniture, or plastic, could burn hot enough to soften or melt steel, no one would be able to use their wood stove more than once.

Every time I wanted to accelerate the fire in my woodstove, whose steel was maybe 1/4 inch thick, I left the air intake and damper wide open, causing a raging inferno inside the stove. In cold weather, I often kept a raging fire going in the stove all day and most of the night. After thousands of such fires during seventeen years of heavy use, the stove showed no sign of fatigue or wear.

Did a kerosene, furniture, paper, or plastic fire that lasted for about an hour in each of the Twin Towers soften heavy steel girders? No f--king way!

Hundreds of millions of people in Asia cook their food and boil their tea on kerosene stoves, and their pots and pans never soften from the heat. Not even their thin aluminum, brass, or copper pots and pans -- metals whose melting points are much lower than iron or steel.

Regards, GF.

est said...

g f @ 8:39 pm
strictly speaking
heat conducts

from warm
to cold

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Sovereignty, P.S.:

Mark, Douglas, and Stacey Loizeaux's Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland, is the most experienced, state of the art, and US government-connected demolition company in the world. CDI got the contracts for removing the debris from both the Murrah building in Oklahoma City and the WTC in New York. In both cases, most of the debris was quickly buried or recycled. CDI's role in what happened at the Murrah Building in 1995, and at the WTC on 9/11/2001, is highly suspect.

"So CDI is, without a doubt, the go-to company when the military, the FBI, or other branches of Government need demolition done quickly and cleanly." - Meet Trojan's demolition crew
by Barbara LaBoe (2006)

See: "Building a Case Against Controlled Demolition, Inc."

Regards, GF.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

est wrote: "strictly speaking
heat conducts from warm to cold"

True, but hot gases, such as air and CO2, flames, and smoke, generally rise from a source of combustion.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

ok, so maybe conventional explosives (includding thermite/thermate) can dustify everything into a cool dust, but what I cannot get my head around is how this can be done without forcing at least a lot of solid undustified objects flying at high speed out of the footprint. in other words, how so perfectly done. millions of charges perfectly timed or what?
it's like youd need the exterior of the building lined with millions of explosives that all and only push inwards. my understanding was that conventional controlled demolitions leave a pile around 20% of the height of the building. naturally dustification is not what is wanted when you take down a building, so I am open minded to the possibility that you can "dustify" conventionally, I just cannot accept the more or less perfect effectiveness and symetry that pulverised these buildings.
theres more to it as unjudge Judy shows, like the huge holes in buildings that have no substantial detritus in them that would have caused these holes.


Anonymous said...

Why I Find The NIST Collapse Analysis Hard To Believe

Properties of Steel Shafts

Metal is resilient. A steel shaft can be bent to a point but it will still return to it's original shape. This is an easy phenomenon to observe in metal springs. A steel shaft has to bend so far before it will be distorted past a point of no return. It is an easy observation to confirm that metal shafts can withstand great forces with respect to their size.

Consider a #16 common framing nail: Generally, a 24 ounce hammer is used to drive a #16 nail into dimentional framing lumber. A #16 weighs about .3 ounces therefore the hammer weighs about 80 times more than the nail. According to the building codes where I come from a #16 is required to withstand 50 lbs of force in order to get it to begin to move once set into framing lumber. Therefore it must take more than 50 lbs of force to drive it into the lumber and set it in the first place.

So, I have shown that a steel shaft can withstand forces from very much larger transiting masses at high velocity and maintain dimentional integrety; they will still hold there shape and compressive strength.

It's fairly easy to bend the nail with a crooked hit. But if the hammer were smaller it would become more difficult not only to drive the nail but also to bend it. A 10 ounce cabinet hammer is 33 times heavier than the #16 nail but it's very hard to drive the nail with such a light hammer. It is also a lot harder to bend the nail with a crooked hit. Imagine using a hammer which weighs 2ounces. Although the hammer is better than 6 times heavier than the nail I doubt anyone could drive the nail or bend it with a strike.

Basic Iron Frame Construction

The frame of a skyscraper is steel, which is predominately iron, like a nail. The weight is supported by load bearing vertical steel shafts. The shafts are held plum (90 degree angle from ground) by steel cross members and lots of them.

Progressive Collapse Scenario

Vertical support becomes weak due to fire and collision damage so the weight above the damaged support comes down. It gains momentum as it falls breaking loose more of the structure which begins to fall, also, adding to the momentum. This process continues until there is no frame visible and the whole structure, over 400 meters high, is in a heap no higher than 25 meters. (25 meter figure from Bazant/Zhou; Why Did The Towers Fall. It has been contested.)

So, the top of the building became like a hammer and struck with destructive force the lower part of the building.

Consider the south tower. According to the NIST it broke off at around 2/3 up the length of the building. So the “hammerhead”weighed less than 1/2 the “nail” below.

Imagine striking a #16 common with a hammer that weighed
.15 ounces! Would you expect to bend or break the nail with such a small hammer?

note,consider: a blacksmith needs forced oxygen to soften an iron shoe to where he can work with it even with efficient fuels like propane or anthracite coal.


Ray B. said...

McCob, Wednesday, March 07, 2012 12:42:00 AM

“Vertical support becomes weak due to fire and collision damage...”

McCob, I do hear your questioning as to impact forces. However, the above statement itself is what I was trying to address in my earlier column. I do NOT believe the vertical support became weak, at least not enough to collapse.

Metal does lose a portion of its strength if sufficiently heated. For instance, aluminum is unsafe to use as a structural material way below where it noticeably softens due to heating. What I was trying to address above is that I can find no source of continuous heat that is high enough to reach that ‘unsafe’ level.

(In addition, if it were true about the steel partially losing its strength and failing, I would expect the random areas having highest heat load to fail first - causing an asymmetrical toppling of the upper stories.)

As far as collision damage, I used to design aircraft. Transport aircraft are only designed to pull 2.5G's, which makes them efficient but incredibly fragile compared to large steel beams and steel-reinforced concrete. Those aircraft would have been shredded to tinfoil, long before they got to any central structure - and the structure itself would only have been dented. Only the engine cores and the landing gear would have been dangerous, and they have a very small cross-sectional area.

(In addition, as shown in the movies of the strikes, the aircraft hit at an angle to the central structural component. I would be surprised if any of the truly dangerous debris went through the small structural core. Also, if the strike did sever important beams, they would be concentrated on the side the plane hit - again causing an asymmetrical toppling of the upper stories.)

To me, the fact that the upper floors did not sway, twist, or tilt in any manner within minutes of the hit means that there was sufficient structural strength left to last ‘forever’.

Gotta stop, now; I'm getting angry.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

neal said...

OK. Towers collapsing, if you had seen many things turn to dust, over what you call time, you could see a certsin resonance cycling, that would be what you call time, and when other parts of that meet the rest, there is a merging of timelines, not really lines, but that kind of collapse is ongoing. Those temporal harmonics are spelled out in very solid metaphors, and that is music that invites maybe picking up most anything to be involved. Jericho kisses the same situation, more resonance for this course. I wish this was just tubes, and wires, or microtubules,and neural pathways. It is what happens to towers, and walls, that is of some concern, and that has always is this department. We call this War from the first lines, not to feed, but to howl with those that resonate when busy pretending .

Anonymous said...

Ray B---

My learned acquaintance:

I am with everything you have stated. I am so perplexed by the whole thing. I have noted how the fusalage of the airplane is mostly aluminum framing and aluminum sheeting. Pretty much a hollow tube. Yet, it punctured through a steal wall as if it were a punch. It also had to necessarily hit 2 floors which were steel pans filled with aproximately 3 inches of reinforced concrete slabs.

Also, I have trouble with the idea that a jumbo jet can fly at that altitude at 500mph. The turbulence would have shook those planes so hard it is hard to imagine any pilot would be able to keep them straight.

I find your comments most cogent and it is good to see an engineer questioning the official word.

I know it is hard not to get angry when there is so much bullshit. Sometimes I feel the need to put on Chuck Berry records and dance like a drunk at a wedding reception.

Good Luck, McCob

Paul Von said...

In regards to the 9/11 events: It is a done deal. I've done some basic snooping around over the years, as it was obvious from 30 minutes into the event, the whole scenario was a US government operation, covert driven, and well executed.
Thermite product was attached or painted onto many of the interior beams and support surfaces over several years, using a paint, which was heavily compounded with polystyrene. The amount of polystyrene residue found in residual dusts of insurance samples, was beyond any levels, which would normally be found at such an office facility. Polystyrene has very stable electro conductive properties. Fill in the blanks.
Frankly, it is quite pointless to speculate any further regarding the incident, as all parties who may have been intimately involved, were beyond the reach of justice right from day one, and shall remain so.

It is now 2012, and your planet is a polluted pigpen. Who's to blame for that? Who’s going to clean up the stinking filth? When?

Anonymous said...

Paul--Certainly we can foul our own well but man is too puny to pollute the whole planet.

The truth is like the wind and the ocean and a lie is like the rock of gibralter. Eventually the wind and the ocean will wear that rock down so I can't agree with you on the hopelessness of the situation. As far as the perps being out of reach of justice, well, maybe you know this to be true, but I don't know this to be true and I would need more than someones word in order to believe it.

Just curious: If you had the choice to be one of those NWO/illuminati types would you do it? And if not then why?


lightandlongshadows said...

Hello Paul Von, you said:

"It is now 2012, and your planet is a polluted pigpen. Who's to blame for that? Who’s going to clean up the stinking filth? When?"

Interesting that you say "your planet", are you not inhabiting planet Earth as well?

"Who's to blame for that?" Will blame help? Seriously, give it a think.

"Who’s going to clean up the stinking filth?" That's a more interesting question. As someone who's who's railed against our lifestyle and what we're doing to the planet for 25 years (at least) the conclusion I eventually arrived at (kicking and screaming)is to clean up the stinking filth of my own being. What dark lense of your being are you projecting through Paul?

What we're doing to the planet is what we're doing to ourself, eachother, and nature. One reflects the other, reflects the other, etc. I dare you to try to separate these into self-contained issues. You want to heal the planet? Heal thyself. Collectively we're obviously in some bad shape, diseased. This economic model has to go but then so do our irrational demands. The planet will survive us regardless, it's really us that's in trouble.

"When?" I've already started Paul, I have my transformer up and working (again). I live relatively modestly, I've never had a crdit card in my life (I'm 40). Most importantly I appreciate each moment as best I can. I have a great big shit-eating grin going on inside most of the time these days, a simple joy of being. I've given up on any self-important notions that I have to save anyone other than myself. How about you Paul? When are you going to start?

Visible said...

No one is beyond justice. Even the gods are subject to karma, except for the supreme. There are inexorable laws, immutable and inflexible that hold the cosmos and it's conditions together in cyclic outplay. Never assume or be influenced based on apperanaces. they are temporary and misleading.

Paul Von said...

Dear Mr. McCob,

Man may be a puny creature, but man's industrial nightmare is hardly a puny animal, and has a serious case of irritable bowel syndrome. The oceans you speak of are swirling with enormous islands of floating plastics materials and industrial wastes. The wind you speak of is laced with Barium Nitrate, Aluminum Sulfates, radioactive fallout such as Cesium, and a list of industrial byproducts, which is unprecedented.
The Earth may possibly recover, but not until it snuffs our offence from the record.

I can hardly imagine myself being as demented and mentally impaired as some illuminati type. Your question is foolish in the extreme. No one wins or loses in an infinite field of possibilities, unless they are idiot enough to think they are even measurable in such a case.

Best regards,
Paul Von

Paul Von said...

Dear lightandlongshadows,

I inhabit this planet as lightly as possible. I’ve never set foot on a commercial airliner or passenger train, and have consistently refused to purchase any unnecessary products, since very early in my life. The majority of the industrial pollutions plaguing mankind, are the result of behaviors and choices which are infantile at best. It would seem that man has decided place his destiny on a carnival ride, rather than lend his gardening skills to the following generations…

“What dark lens of your being are you projecting through Paul?”

I’ve heard this silly bullshit reply from many quarters, and the question is usually just a five-cent response. A not-so-clever deception, meant to deflect any comprehension or responsibility to a proposed ideation. As if the party who has made the above query, is somehow magically “cleansed” and thus distant or superior to the offence of some objective assertion- not their own.

Would you like to play with words now? The mess is still out there. I've done my best to keep my turf clean, and perhaps you have too.

Paul Von

lightandlongshadows said...

Hey Paul,

"As if the party who has made the above query, is somehow magically “cleansed” and thus distant or superior to the offence of some objective assertion- not their own."

Here's the thing Paul, there have been many times in my life where I have tried to distance myself and felt superior while arrogantly hurling subjective assertions at whole groups of people blindly. They would come out sounding something like this:
"It is now 2012, and your planet is a polluted pigpen. Who's to blame for that? Who’s going to clean up the stinking filth? When?"

Invariably I had something else bothering me that I was ineffectually dealing with but that's just me.

If you find that being demanding, looking to blame others and generally throwing tantrums works for you...carry on I guess. It never worked out too well for me, to each their own though.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

Paul Von, the thermite paint idea appeals to me, but how was it triggered?
If it was somehow done in a domino fashion, with one setting off the other (millions, billions) that would make more sense than a complex choreography and extremely complex and not so clandestine hard wiring (or risk of interference and complexity with wireless). (noting that as Woods points out, presenting one thing doesnt exclude others, like cutter charges on supports).
and if so, the thermite paint idea, you wouldnt want a premature detonation like a hammer blow setting it off whilst the chosen people on those special floors were there. how about an directed energy beam providing the resonance to trigger the thermite paint stuff? that would give us the novelty of the timing (a strange spectacle to behold) and something not too far out in the explosives department.
just wondering, the important thing of course is the BIG LIE the precludes the coming out of the truth in the temporal arena.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To McCob:

There are several reasons why the US government's "pancake theory" of the WTC collapse is false. One reason is that the 47 core columns that formed the inner frame of each Tower were very solid and rigid; if the floors had collapsed one on top of another, instead of a stack of pancakes, it would have been more like a stack of phonograph records falling down around a spindle, with the spindle (the core columns) remaining intact and upright.

Regarding Judy Wood's round holes in the WTC buildings -- just as a conventional explosion typically makes a round crater in the earth, it can also make a round hole in a building. I think that the perps of 9/11 wanted all of the WTC buildings to be damaged, so they could justify replacing all of them. But they didn't want to level all of the smaller buildings -- the way that they leveled WTC 1, 2, and 7 -- because that might look suspicious. So they just blew some holes in the smaller buildings to justify their post-9/11 demolition.

Controlled Demolition Inc of Maryland proudly advertises its patented remote-controlled explosive technique. Cell phones were not working in NY on the morning of 9/11, and the NYFD were having poor reception on their radios. I wonder if the perps interrupted or disrupted cell phone and radio communications to keep the bandwidth clear for their radio-controlled explosive charges.

I encourage those who are interested in perusing well-catalogued and well-documented information about 9/11 to visit the Killtown website at

Anonymous said...

Paul, How big are the plastic islands compared to the rest of the ocean? What percentage would you say? And about the air pollutants, what percentage of the air are the pollutants you mentioned? Do you have any accurate numbers? I think you exagerate our industrial footprint.

I read a statistic a while back which stated that the human race lives off of only 10% of the land mass. Think of how big Canada and Russia are as well as the mountain ranges and the deserts where there are no people. And 70% of the earths surface is ocean. Compared to the world man and all of his constructs are puny.

I thought my question was valid. Your answer seems to indicate that the NWO - or whatever - are no one to envy and I agree. They are truly pathetic. Maybe they are already suffering because of what they are and justice as we might understand it is not necessary.

I wish you well. Don't let the fuckers wear you down!

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Ray B. said...

McCob, Wednesday, March 07, 2012 2:28:00 PM

"Also, I have trouble with the idea that a jumbo jet can fly at that altitude at 500mph. The turbulence would have shook those planes so hard it is hard to imagine any pilot would be able to keep them straight."

True; the B-1 has an automatic system to fly ground-hugging missions, because pilots cannot react in time at high speeds. Also, the wind shear off the many high-rises would be rough even for experienced pilots.

I have not researched the speed at which the collision took place, but I would be surprised if it was much above 250 mph, simply because of reaction time. If so, the kinetic energy of the hit was 1/4 of that at 500 mph - important detail for the scenario of punching through steel columns.

You mentioned the cookie-cutter punch hole. That is because all of the aircraft's fuselage contributed, much like a shaped-charge effect. The cockpit section probably barely busted the building wall before it's momentum was neutralized by the wall. (Remember, the walls were structured to take major hurricane force winds, plus a margin.) First class probably barely made it into the building before it's momentum was neutralized by the next wall. Etc. Since the wings have no 'backup' mass, I don't believe they made it much past the first walls before their momentum was neutralized. (Except for the engine cores, which would be the equivalent of spears.) Note how movies of the impact show little to no high-velocity aircraft parts exiting the far side of the building.

I appreciate your comments; they show critical thinking.


Paul Von, Wednesday, March 07, 2012 3:43:00 PM

"Frankly, it is quite pointless to speculate any further regarding the incident..."

I spent the time detailing events both for the reasons I gave in the 'Aunt Franny' post-reply way above, and the fact that youngsters who were, say, 5-10 years old at the time are now just entering the critical questioning age. If one ends up here, I want to do my best to provide them with competent rebuttal to mainstream propaganda.


Gregory, Tuesday, March 06, 2012 10:32:00 PM

Thank you for the details on Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI). I will be interested in how many of the cleanup crew have (or had) fatal 'accidents', 'suicides', etc., in the years post-cleanup, compared to others in the field. That, in itself, would constitute some form of a 'cleanup' (sick grin).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Mr Fegel...I am with you on your points. I am a fan of Killtown, also. He is one hell of a debater and a fearless individual I think. I have had some discussions with him at other forums.

Ray B. I love it that you are a serious professional engineer. Thank you for reading and responding to my humble commentary. Being as New York and it is on a coastline there would also be serious updrafts due to the heat exchange from the ocean/land temperature differentials.

Paul, here is a little homily that I think has wisdom:

An old Indian told his grandson, “My son, there's a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.” The boy thought about it and asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” The old Cherokee quietly replied, “The one you feed.”

I think you have a good mind and I wish you well.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Ray B:

CDI invented many of the techniques of modern explosive demolitions, and CDI does 70% of all explosive building demolitions worldwide. CDI states that they only have about 15 employees. CDI also does deep-water salvage (a sideline of their bridge and oil platform demolitions), the labor for which they must contract out. CDI claims that its demolition crew of about a dozen people can prepare the charges to take down a 1,000 foot tall building in a couple of weeks. I've read that the cleanup and rebuilding price for the WTC was estimated at $39 billion. I've also read that CDI was paid $3 billion for the cleanup at the WTC. Surely the CDI crew would be very well paid for their work -- and for their loyalty.

If we assume that WTC 1,2, and 7 were brought down by controlled demolitions, we should ask, who has the experience and skill to accomplish such a complex demolition? CDI has far more experience at controlled demolitions than anyone else -- including the US military, or any other organization or entity, including the Israelis. CDI has performed many demolotions for the US government, and CDI did the Murrah OK City cleanup and the WTC 9/11 cleanup.

It may be confidently stated that CDI is the only organization or entity that was capable of performing the controlled demolition of the WTC on 9/11. The Israelis don't have that level of expertise, and a Russian or Chinese team would not have been allowed access to the site.

Paul Von said...

To Mr. McCob,

Sorry, but I simply don't have enough time or physical energy to duplicate or include the amount of research I've done on some of these posted subjects. It would be hundreds (perhaps thousands) of pages of study, and would only be redundant or useless to most readers here.
Generally, I would say it is time for us (as a specie) to move on from endless speculations regarding the 9/11 incidents, as further study only serves to draw our energies and attentions; away from more current or impending issues. It is important to recognize this factor, and accept that history is moving quickly onward.

As man has moved more and more into the use of computer assisted statistical analyses, one of the more dangerous processes we have inadvertently trapped ourselves with, is the endless and looping process of conflicted scientific opinion. Often studies may have been poorly modeled, or there is some split hair in the way the peer review is presented for "legislative" scrutiny. Debates often rage on and on, as if black birds falling dead from our skies, is a totally normal and acceptable situation. > Well, at least up to some stupendous or inconvenient number, which will be determined at some much later date in the future.
So in the meantime, let’s do nothing about our air pollution from jet aircraft, the use of HAARP systems, our proliferation of “smart meter” technology, cell systems, wi-fi, on-and-on, until ALL the birds are dead. I submit: This is not the most constructive of human/environmental processes, eh?

In short: The "collective" (which was still you and I last time I checked) must STOP allowing the use of unneeded and dangerous technology, across the board. Worldwide. Otherwise: No birds. No fish. No oceans. No Justice. Zip.

Best regards.
Paul Von

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Paul Von:

I disagree with you regarding 9/11, which was a wakeup-call for most of us, and remains the most potent "smoking gun" incident for exposing the machinations of our elitist rulers. The issues that you mentioned are concerning, but they all lack the potential for toppling the elitist rulers that the 9/11 event has. The proliferation of smart meter technology, cell systems, and wi-fi might be seen as technological boo-boos, as an honest mistake, or as nobody's fault -- whereas 9/11 was definitely somebody's fault.

Forty or fifty years from now, when most of the 9/11 ringleaders are dead and gone, 9/11 might be considered a dead issue. However, we now have momentum in exposing9/11, and it would be foolish for us to abandon that momentum when it is cresting. The other issues that you mentioned don't have that kind of momentum, and some of them don't even have the same potential for exposing and toppling the elitist rulers, the way that 9/11 does.

Someone in my local 9/11 Truth group is a jet engine mechanic with lots of both military and commercial experience. In our discussion of chemtrails, we have agreed that it's unlikely that the pea soup of heavy metals and chemicals found in chemtrails would be added to jet fuel, because it would clog up or wear out the jet engines. Anyway, my jet mechanic friend -- who believes in chemtrails -- says that he hasn't seen any evidence that caustic additives in jet fuel have been causing increased wear on the jet engines. Nor has he seen any equipment on jet planes that might serve as a chemtrail delivery system. Considering his line of work, his experience, and his lack of success in seeing any evidence on the jet engines or the aircraft, it's remerkable that he still believes in chemtrails.

The pea-soup of toxic chemicals found in chemtrails is also found in fly-ash from coal-burning power plants and industry, which gets spread all over the world. No one can tell if the toxic residue is from coal burning, or from chemtrails. There is no "smoking gun" evidence for chemtrails comparable to the "smoking gun" evidence for 9/11 being an inside job that was perpetrated by the US government.

Our best chance for exposing the criminality of our elitist leaders lies in exposing 9/11 Truth. As a narrative of deceit, betrayal, and murder by the US government, 9/11 has no parallel, and the evidence is massive and solid.

Many people fail to distinguish between evidence-based theories and speculative theories. The former is the path of science, and the latter is the path of science fiction.

Aunt Franny said...

Dear Mr. McCob,

You said: "Certainly we can foul our own well but man is too puny to pollute the whole planet."

How much of it do you think it is okay to pollute?

In addition to the many varieties of new EMF pollution, "pollution" includes both particulate matter and chemicals. Particulate matter can be anything from natural soil dust to radioactive dust. Think Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan. The USofA exploded depleted uranium projectiles there. These are manufactured from our nuclear waste (what demented idiot thought of that?), but this uranium is not depleted in a radioactive sense, it's just not usable in our power plants anymore. These shells have great utility, they're very convenient to use, as they burn very hot and have great penetrating power. I believe they are also banned under the Geneva Convention, classed as weapons of mass destruction, but hey, we don't have to show good sense or follow the rules, right? Who's going to stop us anyhow? Oh, and by the way, when are the taxpayers going to revolt to stop the production of this stuff? We paid for this with our taxes and they made these things without our consent. I do not consent!

So we explode these shells and it produces radioactive dust which people breathe in or it gets on your skin, or it disappears into the water and you can't see it. Both "us" and "them" - women, children - get a dose of this - it's not selective. That's particulate matter, and it's also poison.

How far does this dust travel? England, Russia. What percentage makes it to these places? How big a percentage do you need? How much radiation does it take to start disassembling your DNA, causing cancers, birth defects?

If I recall correctly, after the first Gulf War, Desert Storm, TOPSOIL from Kuwait was removed at US taxpayers' expense, and transported to some place in Idaho - bringing our poisons back home. How considerate, for the Kuwaities.

A certain portion of the human population, whose salaries we pay, is clearly insane. So why do we pay them to do these things? God help us, please let Ron Paul get elected.

For other kinds of poisoning ("pollution"), read the Body Burden studies. You'll learn that the planet is now polluted to the point that every single one of us has between 100 and 200 unnatural manmade chemicals in our blood - coming from many different sources - a large percentage tracing back to petroleum and petroleum products. Those things act as poisons and system disrupters in the bodies of living things, including the human body. How healthy are you these days?

We humans are no different than a hedgehog and it is both uninformed and foolish to think otherwise. We all exist within the environment of this planet and DEPEND upon the environment of this planet for our very lives and health. The casual poisoning of our environment has come back around to kick us in the butt, but what other outcome could there possibly be if we stupidly do these things?

Ray B. said...

Gregory F. Fegel, Thursday, March 08, 2012 5:26:00 PM

Thank you for all the info on CDI. I had not researched that angle. One wonders if research up their chain of ownership might be fruitful. Of course, if CDI is privately owned, that would be tough.

It is true; if they were well-paid enough and needed enough (emphasis on the second part), they would be left alone.

Again, thanks for the lengthy reply.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Paul Von said...

Hello Gregory F. Fegel,

You stated: "The pea-soup of toxic chemicals found in chemtrails is also found in fly-ash from coal-burning power plants and industry, which gets spread all over the world. No one can tell if the toxic residue is from coal burning, or from chemtrails. There is no "smoking gun" evidence for chemtrails comparable to the "smoking gun" evidence for 9/11 being an inside job that was perpetrated by the US government."

Erm... I disagree that there is no smoking gun evidence for Chemtrial poisoning.
Here are two links (of hundreds), which may be of interest.

The ongoing release of these dangerous products represents a direct criminal attack against ALL life forms on this planet. These covert operations are massively expensive and well funded. Reports of Chemtrail operations are occurring throughout the world, (including where I happen to live) and the technology is lethal.

I have read many of your posts, and you seem a quite sober and well-educated individual. The ‘smoking guns’ of 9/11- even if fully prosecuted, will do nothing toward resolving the carnage as pictured in the second link. Keep in mind, that Chemtrail warfare is only one issue out of many. These aircraft operations need to be stopped. We are under attack…

Best regards,
Paul Von



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