Thursday, February 23, 2012

In the Times of the First Church of Blind Acquisition.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Disclaimer; it appears that the video with the judge is a clever cut and paste and not part of the judge's program, which did seem a tad unreal to me but I'm too damn hopeful for my own good. It does seem highly improbable that Fox would ever let something like that pass out over their 100% Zio-Ogre controlled networks. So please be informed. I don't feel like reshuffling the whole post. I just don't have the time today anyway, so let this stand as clarification...

This came to me as a Facebook message some days ago. I thought the reader might be interested in speculating on its importance.

World Bank CEO Zoellick resigns
Anz Bank CFO Australia resigns
Nicaragua Central Bank Pres Rosales resigns
Credit Suisse Chief Joseph Tan resigns
GERMAN PRESIDENT Christian Ruff resigns
Royal Bank of Scotland Australian CEO Stephen Williams resigns
Kuwait Central Bank CEO resigns
Slovenia TWO largest Banks CEOs (2) resign
Bank of India CEO Chaturvedi resigns
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank CEO resigns

Arrests in Olympus Scandal Point to Widening Inquiry Into a Cover-Up
Bank feud: Chairman Giles quits VNB with other directors
Arrests made in Italy after discovery of $6 trillion in fake U.S. bonds
Four Priests Charged In Vatican Banking Scandal
Berlusconi could get five years

There are any number of reasons why an attack on Iran might come sooner than later. There is also the compelling evidence of it not having happened so far. Here is what the US and Israel can expect if and when it does happen. I don't want to see violence visited on anyone but... to be honest, these results look good for the rest of the world. If such a thing should happen and good sense among those in a position to stop it, does not prevail then, let us hope the results are at least this dramatic. The world has suffered at the hands of Israel and her submissive bottoms, the US, England and the rest, for far too long. Not only is much of the world suffering, because of the avaricious behavior of Israel's bankers internationally, but the endless violence of this rogue nation, has been a plague for far too many nations and peoples. They are the authors of nearly every war in recent times. The death and destruction is off the charts.

Now we've got the usual anthrax letters coming from the usual sources; one government agency or another.

Here's more on possibilities for Rogue Nation Central. Here's another tactic that is a possibility, or something like it. Here's another look at what's potential in this insane adventure.

I couldn't figure out why 'the judge' got kicked off of Fox; then again, I couldn't figure out what he was doing on there in the first place. Judge Napolitano actually ran a long video presentation of that link I like to post more than any other, “All the proof in the world that Israel did 911”. I couldn't believe it. You see the names and faces of the weasels and rats rolling down the screen. You see the headline stating that Barack and Netanyahoo were the architects of 911! The whole website scrolled down the screen, while some fellow talked about it. That is absolutely amazing!!! Kudos to the judge!!! Heah come de judge and dere go de judge! Some great and powerful force has gone loose in the world and they can't seem to stop it. It shows up on their main disinfo, mass media news site!

Oh yeah. Afghanistan is erupting over the great American military's, Koran cookout. Then there are the usual ironies. The sheer weight of what's in operation at the moment is truly amazing; check your favorite newsgathering sites. And now the 'I won't pay movement' is sweeping Europe. We live in amazing times.

I have no idea where this is going. I don't know what to think. There's so much energy running through the atmosphere. There were times lately when I didn't know if I would be able to process the force of its effect on me much longer. All of a sudden it's manageable but it is strong. Oh my, it is strong. People must be bouncing off the walls all over the place. Those who have no understanding of what is taking place or how to assimilate it are probably going to go nuts. Certainly those who are already mad, in high places, are going to lose it. They have no defense against it, as their horned master abandons them. It's going to be the battle of Dagorlad, on the plains of Mordor redux. They'll be losing their minds in the desolation of Morannon; asking the Earth to swallow and cover them, seeking out stones to pull over them; their ears, assailed by the songs of the high elves, ripping like astral chainsaws into the darkness of their minds. Nothing is more terrible for the agents of darkness than celestial light.

We are surfing the cosmic hyperbole in the transition of the age. Twin realities, both terrible and beautiful, will war for prominence in the human mind. The human mind will no longer be human but more than human, or transited into the full consciousness of a savage beast. There is no beast more terrible that that which arrives, when those among us have abandoned their human consciousness, for that lower realm of dark passion that swallows awareness, into a negatively polarized K-hole. 'Abandon hope all ye who enter here'.

Across lifetimes, the degenerate among us have had free rein with their loathsome cruelties; their auto-da-fe's, their gulags and secret prisons, their financial, religious and military oppressions of those who value survival over freedom and accomplish neither. Their time is ending. It won't be pretty and it's world wide. The saving grace for any and all, is to abandon their self-imposed enslavement to materialism; step away from the malls, department stores and fast food restaurants. Step away from your television. Step away, step away, step away. Do it today! When the heat comes down on the centers of materialism, it's going to burn the towers of the First Church of Blind Acquisition.

It's a given that, 'they know not what they do'. You can see people racing into burning structures to rescue toaster ovens; the same way they trample each other for Big Gulp TV's and discounted laptops. They're angry and on fire with the insane need to have something, anything that will take their minds off the emptiness within. The emptiness is howling with the disembodied voices of their ancestors. The unseen is pressing on the seen. Lightning dances between the horns of the cattle, as the thunder crashes against the Earth and the herd stampedes; to where? There is no there, there. Chickens dance on the griddle. Millions of chickens huddle with no space to move; waiting for the KFC lorries to arrive. Terrible hormones dance in the bloodstreams of our four legged fellows and make their way into the human bloodstream. The horrible fears of the newly dead and devoured, courses along the red river toward an unknown end.

In the midst of this, the portals open into parallel dimensions. Immense highways to anywhere and everywhere, stretch away and can only be seen by the eyes of those destined to travel on them. It's a big deal. It's been 26,000 years in the making. It's a long time coming and a short time going and it's on the doorstep, waiting for the trumpets to sound.

Here in the waning moments of the year of transition, billions await whatever particular destiny, applies to the places where they wait. What shape will it take? I couldn't say, some will remain and some will be swept away. A thousand times the normal radiation, vibrates 400 miles from Japan. Iran bristles in a state of suspension. Israel smoulders with hatred and rage against all other races and creeds. Russia and China, look West, Southwest and East. Pakistan has had it with the drones. Hezbollah and Hamas prepare for the worst. Egypt and Libya are in turmoil. It's a recipe for madness and it will likely get worse. The gates of the moon are opening and here comes the hearse; pulled by eight black stallions with fire in their nostrils and fire in their eyes, coming for the children of the father of lies. And the writer is getting carried away with outrageous prophecy and psychedelic syntax, from the brown acid land. We better rein him in before he gets out of hand (grin); not to say some part and portion of this is not sure to be true but we don't how and we don't know when and neither do you.

It's not all bad news but the airwaves of the good, are confined to few minds in a small neighborhood that's scattered far and wide. We're surrounded by trepanned and unconscious extras; a cast of thousands, moving en masse but the numbers of awakening souls are growing by the day. There are more and more coming. The aethers are humming. The coconut telegraph is burning up the wires. The drums in the jungle and the word on the street has got the same message, as the volumes increase and increase, till everyone can hear it whether they like it or not. Their own worst networks now carry the news. It just can't be hidden anymore and the ones who've been doing all the horrible shit, are soon to be naked and exposed for it. It's inevitable and it's happening in real time now. The hour is upon us. Man! What can I say? What the Judge went and did, just blew me away.

Alright, my friends, be ye ready or not, whatever it is, it's coming. We can only hope and trust, in the benevolence we have yet to see. It's been grim for too long. It's been dark as a tomb, while the bad cats were dancing and stinking up the room. Maybe it all works out better than we expect. I can't shake the feeling, I'm an optimist. Good fortune to the good hearts and the rest to the rest.

End Transmission.......

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Paul Von said...

Hello Viz,

Man, you sure can write. But I'm fairly sure it really comes down to 'Here come the Thug.' Here come the Thug.' Maybe you will enjoy this item. I wrote it just before the 40th invasion of Iraq >

Excerpts 1:06

And the Earth was torn asunder
And smoke and ash came forth
And the sky did sound with laughter
And the ring of chains now breaking

And the elder legions rode
Upon the wind of steeds
And their names were all well known
In the place called Abaddon

And the prayer of fools came answered
Across the echoed histories
Of righteousness grown dim
Beneath the greater mystery

And all the scattered Aethers
Communed beyond the shadows
Gathered up their forces
In the place called Abaddon

And those whose eyes were opened
Did see the greater coming
Did cleanse their place of waiting
And called upon the Old One

Forsaken by their idols
The fools did reach their weapons
And slew themselves in fear
At the gates of Abaddon

Paul Von

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis--THAT was fanTAStic, just what I was needing to hear. Thank you so much. Hugs, kisses, more hugsl. Gonna have a good night's sleep now, no nightmares.

Anonymous said...

since the fall of the two towers such a 'gathering gloom'.

and the spin ... such a spin.

guessin' the upside of seeing the downside (coming), is being able to see it's upside (first).

Anonymous said...

oh yeah. and what if napolitano's resignation speech was really his acceptance speech for the v.p. spot on the r.p. libertarian ticket?

Anonymous said...

"and the rest to the rest."

that's right. we can forgive them when they're gone.

on this site, 'turning the other cheek' takes on new dimensions of meaning.(grin)

Anonymous said...

In the video with judge Napolitano Michael Scheuer points out Israel and Saudi Arabia as beneficiaries of 9/11 but the segment that aired on Fox ends at 03:52 and somebody attached a great but old video that certainly
never aired (yet) on Fox or any other MSM channel.

The video of the judge is hosted by YouTube user peyotecactus, which doesn't sound like the official Faux news channel.
Still I think things like this and much better are going to air everywhere. Just wait and keep on keeping on :)


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Awesomely uplifting post for someone who can't wait for the way of the present to come to an end.

bandar banterer said...

wow, was still reeling from your last three posts and these last 2 iced the cake.I know what i know is what i should know and feel it inside but when you verbalize things so well the fog thins for a moment. just appreciated the starry sky above borneo; am eeling clearer but always looking fro and around the next proverbial corner. Thanks for keepin it on.

kenny said...

Hey Vis, the linked 'turk' report stating that Iran hosts the third largest jewish population is the world is total BS.

The same prick, comedian Jimmy Dore, who said that also said "Have you seen the Israeli coast in the summer, it is well worth a nuclear war, it really is." Was that supposed to be 'comedy?'

Visible said...

I've seen the comment about Iran's Jews many times in other places. I find it hard to understand why it would get said so often when the Zio-Ogres own 96% of the media but if it's not true then that will come out around here and it will turn out to be a good thing that I linked it.

Richie (Dana) said...

Stunning Visible,
I cannot shake the feeling that they have a trump card up their sleeve. This takes nothing away from the spiritual angle and the terminal madness of the end times.

Why are we still using internal combustion vehicles after 100 years? What are the 4000 plus suppressed patents all about?
I believe Tesla was successful in the creation of his flying machine that was subsequently sold to the Germans in the 30’s.
Many here are aware of Operation Paperclip that brought this technology to the US after WWII. How far has that technology advanced in the last 70 plus years?

We truly exist in a false, dark ages world that is probably closer to Star Trek status in reality.


kikz said...

agreed w/anon michael.

the nap vid is a compliation. the audio interview following the nap/scheuer vid - is audio of alan sabrosky....a contributing writer on veteranstoday who has quite the lineage w/the War College.

@ 4:08 there is text attributing the interview to sabrosky, 3/15/10 on 'the ugly truth' w/mark glenn.

the scrolling video seems to be taken from a posting on 'informationunderground'... although i've seen pieces elsewhere on the net. here's the link for the 'israel did 9-11' scroll which does seem to list 'the usual suspects'...

hope this clears that issue up.

p.s. i have heard ron paul mention in response to a question frm an attendee at one of his events.. inre a vp - he did answer napolitano. :) so we'll see.

Visible said...

Well that makes a lot more sense because I xcould not imagine Fox allowing that to go over the air but it's maliciously deceptive on the part of ther cut and pasters who seem to have less and less integrity every time you turn around, most especially those we have lately become all too faliliar with. I'm going go have to take nothing for granted anymore because there's no end to new techniques involving misinfo and the endless varieties of new ripoffs making the scene.

Thomas said...

hahaha, Les, this is golden!

Let the Mad Prophets take to the streets, shaded by the wings of angels! The howling beasts will keep to the shadows, gnawing on each other. Let the gates of heaven open up, and the Light shall reveal everything in clear-cut mirages. The only thing we goan take away from here is the temple (or garbage dump) we have constructed in ourselves... What you said about the buildup in the Scheherazade seems very apt, I have to say... Let the dust be dust, and the Light be Light.

who knows? who knows? Jah knows! As you say, none of us do, haha!

thank you, Beautiful mister Visible
Love and Blessings to All :)

Allison said...

The Fox thing was calculated. From where the masses sit, the temporal powers appear to be monolithic, but they are far from it. They war with one another and jockey for power constantly. The Fox thing was a shot across the bow from one group to another. That is how they communicate. The good news is, that the dissension in the ranks of TPTW is becoming more and more pronounced, and indicates imminent collapse. Many moons ago you mentioned the concept of all revolutions being a struggle of the entrenched versus the emergent elite. This is true. A new elite will replace the entrenched elite at the end of the day and the wheel will continue to turn. The last couple of times this happened globally the newly crowned elite gave a little bit more to the masses than their predecessors and were revered as heroes by many, until they began to ossify in their positions of priveledge and the whole revolution thing started over again. There could not be a better field of experience for the world weary soul who wishes to jettison out of the endless cycle of transmigration. Its all under control and many a cosmic pardon slip is held for prodigal humanity. And echoing the other posts, your talent for writing is prodigious. ;-)

Visible said...

Every couple of days, Zio-blogger shuts down the comments section here. This should be common knowledge by now. Rather than emailing me about it, wouldn't it be more effective to email the comments to me? I realize it's only a few years that I've been saying it, so I realize it might take a little longer to sink in but, since hope springs eternal, I will repeat myself for the 1243rd time (grin).

Visible said...

Right, I forgot to mention that Google shuts down my email service at the same time that they shut down Blogger comments so you should send them to

Anonymous said...

thanks for your works Visible!

seems this is a good place, time to offer the below (?)

"Eric Holder, current attorney general of the United States, managed an FBI operation that provided explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols just prior to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, according to official documents released during the ongoing investigation into government foreknowledge of the supposed terrorist attack (PATCON)."

"(PATCON ("Patriot Conspiracy"), a Clinton-Reno-Holder, FBI and ATF undercover operation. PATCON was designed to infiltrate and incite the milita and evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them.)"

"Ruby Ridge was a PATCON operation. Waco was a PATCON operation. And so, too, I believe was the Oklahoma City Bombing."

The FOIA material was obtained by

"Trial lawyer and former law professor Jesse Trentadue" who has been investigating the death/murder of his brother Kenneth Trentadue at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center ..."

Some of the above named culprits are now implicated in a current ongoing crime - "Fast and Furious" by whistle blowers and official documentation, large-scale, military grade gun running to "Mexican drug lords", drug-smuggling, drug-money laundering, large scale murder with also involving "Mexican drug lords"

many file with official gov documents via this:

strangely, there's not much talk about this - anywhere

Visible said...

Here is another email where I can always be reached, I am going to have my mail forwarded there so this might help with contact. Zio-blogger is getting to be a real pain. I think I need to host my blogs on my website and I'll be getting to that.

Anonymous said...

Light, the Light, de light. Cornucopious concerts of Cosmic consciousness comes in cataracts of clarifying crystalizations.

Those whose souls are sold to the cloying clutter of materialist mantras and rationalist rhetoric and whose spirits have been subsumed to the libelous, litanous liturgy of lies are existentially threatened by this massive infusion of cosmicreativity manifesting as quadzillions of photons transforming everything in this created and creative Cosmoverse.

Hollow men and empty vessels are stranded upon the shoals and shoahs of their own immersion into the meaningless morass of materialist substitution in that all-consuming emptiness which silently screams to the heavens that there is no there there.

The urban and sub-urban wilderness of desolation, that land of Strawberry Fields Forever manifested as row upon row of bricked-in housing estates and mile upon mile of AtomHeartMother automoimbicility on wheels is but the near 'perfection' of anticommunitarian atomized imbicility engaged in nearly fulltime anomie and virtually total abstraction.

Smear and daub artists with their invertovisions of abstract expressionism depict this chiaroscuro of concretized consciousness while Nowhere Man makes all his Nowhere Plans for Nobody in particular and most everyone in general.

There is that hundredth Monkey, however. His shadow is cast today three weeks past Groundhog's Day. The Awakened, the awakening and those beginning to rub the grrut from their eyes become more numerous by the day, by the hour and have come to watering holes of In Light In Meaning to share their thoughts, their intuits and their inspirations in spirit indeed.

Three weeks to the Ides of March. Surrender unto Caesar submits to a See Section.

-stickman 5 Pisces, 33 Anno Eros

Anonymous said...

Great post Les, I laughed my ass off. What more can I say.

Tried to post a couple of days ago and the post disappeared in the transfer. Took me a while to write it.

If you pay attention to the judge video you will see that Nap is talking about fast and furious and the guest is talking about israel. The first time I saw it I said WTF but figured the judge let the guy talk but didn't want to go there.


Anonymous said...

dude, you're loopin'. it's the spin.

bottom line (mundane speak) roll out the stickers ... paul/napolitano.

anything to keep the dialogue running.

(register me with the 'all night party')

Gypsy said...

And the penny drops.

Greece's 111.6 tonnes of gold bullion is about to be taken over by the IMF/ECB.

Remember a few years ago Goldman Sachs was over in Greece arranging dodgy loans that have lately backfired leading to so called 'bail-outs' where the Greeks get nothing but more debt and austerity?

The reason for it all is/was to confiscate the sovereign gold bullion and there make Greece unable to ever have anything but fiat money in the future.

The IMF and Rothschild Co are going to confiscate the gold bullion of each country one by one then issue SDRs or equivalents which THEY print/issue.

Voila! Total economic and thereby political control of the world.

Ben said...

Vis, All, (with a big thank-you to stickman... I recognized your "style" within the first three lines... beautiful).

I don't know much; whatever discernment I have I get from the Bible and that which God grants me. I know a little history and much of that comes from that which is no longer taught (Herodotus, Josephus, Tacitus, Julius Ceasar, et al.).

I believe that which is written in Ecclesiastes is true and has largely to do with the cycles of time; the writer says that all that has been, will be again. Nevertheless, the writer also declares some things that will come about that we haven't seen much of in our recorded history (I've mentioned this before). One thing that jumps out is the writer's statement that "God has made it the business of the evil to acquire wealth so that it may be turned over to those that please God." The writer also declares this to be a vanity, perhaps because he was immeasurably wealthy.

I don't know, but it seems to me that the Old Testament lays out in its accounts a number of events which we'll see paralleled in our times.

One of these was the the fall of the historical kingdom of Babylon; the New Testament of course has its prophecies concerning "Mystery Babylon".

One of the things that was unique regarding the fall of historical Babylon was that it happened without bloodshed. Herodotus (and I believe Josephus) write that the minion priests of Babylon opened the river gates of the diverted Euphrates river so that the Army of the Medes could enter. Balshazzar, the king of Babylon, was having a party with his nobles and was unaware that his kingdom had been taken. So Balshazzar was betrayed by his own servants. Darius of course put Belshazzar and some of his higher nobles to death.

Cyrus the Great then ruled Babylone (as well as a number of other kingdoms); the reason he was called "Great" was because the people prospered under his rule. Isaiah the prophet prophesied of Cyrus about 300 years before the man was born; Isaiah actually identifies Cyrus as God's "anointed" (messiah).

Today we have Mystery Babylon, a system which is primarily economic, but bleeds over into academia, the news and entertainment media, the "culture", certainly medicine and pharmaceuticals, the judiciary and even agriculture. It is a "mystery" because most people are blind to it, having grown up in it and unaware that it doesn't have to be this way.

I remain optimistic; I believe that Mystery Babylon will be betrayed from within as was historical Babylon; it seems as if those that believe they rule today's Babylon are as Balshazzar in that they are oblivious to what is approaching in the dried up flow of the world's currencies.

I am optimistic that while the khazars might attack Iran, we may see the lower level minions (Colonels and Brigadier Generals of the U.S.) refuse their superiors' orders to join the fray.

I am optimistic that we might see the minions in the world of journalism decide to speak the truth rather than the propaganda they've been putting out.

I believe there will be blood shed when Mystery Babylon falls, but I strongly suspect most of this will be khazar blood since they, like Belshazzar, are the primary ringleaders of Mystery Babylon.

KenBrodeur said...

...Good fortune to the good hearts and rest to the rest.

Anonymous said...

if'n you think about it, gold is fiat money too. you cant breathe it, drink it, eat it, or shelter yourself with it.

solo-mon's treasure.

'pretties for you.'

collector's item.

could just as well be seashells.

it's value as illusory as this world.

more baggage. heavy metal, check it at the gate.

in the meantime, might want to consider a seed bank.

Anonymous said...

Attention all planets of the Solar Federation: We have assumed control, we have assumed control, we have assumed control.

Rush-2112 as heard on KIKE FM 66.6

Anonymous said...

After all this time is there really any need to speculate as to why things, whatever they may be, are "happening"? It's "karma" and "reincarnation", isn't it? Therefore all queries, moaning and bitching are now rendered mute. Why did that little thirteen year old girl here in Toronto get cut up into pieces? She obviously had it coming and was merely paying back a debt she can't even remember incurring. That's "divine" justice for ya! Is there really any need to bemoan adherence to Zionism and its apparent superiority in geo-politics? They've obviously earned the privilege, sharpening their skills throughout time as per divine protocol, as well as many months spent in the Pre/Post Life Education and Reassignment Center for a Better Earth.

missingarib said...

vis, Lenord Cohen isn't wrong when he wrote these words
"And everybody knows that you're in trouble
Everybody knows what you've been through
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
To the beach of Malibu
Everybody knows it's coming apart
Take one last look at this Sacred Heart
Before it blows
And everybody knows

is it a song for the victim? , hey everybody knows!

again to your happiness and health

Visible said...

You know something Torus, your bitter and you're unhapppy and you want everyone else to be miserable too. You don't know anything, you just feel like you got a raw deal. You don't give a shit about that little girl; it's all about you. You don't understand the things you oppose the understanding of. All you know is that someone hurt your feeelings and tbings didn't go your way. Well, I tired of kissing your ass anf trying to reach your humanity. You want to be a self indulgent jerk? Have at it. You got all the answers then you fix it Mr. Negative.

lightandlongshadows said...

Lord James of Blackheath is at it again, seriously strange. The $15 TRILLION Money-Laundering Mystery?

Anonymous said...

not so much "geo-political superiority", as a profound absence of moral boundaries and other such (human) hindrance as empathy, compassion, and grace.

Anonymous said...

You wrote: "Is there really any need to bemoan adherence to Zionism and its apparent superiority in geo-politics? They've obviously earned the privilege, sharpening their skills throughout time as per divine protocol,"

Does that Zio-Superiority includes the 30 to 40 million killed in the Soviet Union? Is your heart bleeding for them too? Several million of them were children, at least a million children starved to death (Ukraine 1932-33) Do I have to remind you that the Cheka->NKVD->MGB->MVD->KGB upper echelon was 70% Jewish? Also a large percentage of the remaining 30% had Jewish spouses? This in a country with 4% Jewish population.

Yah, the Zionist "superiority" is exhausted in a hive-like, murderous, immoral, unethical and psychopathic behavior built on a solid bedrock of constant and outrageous lies.

Anonymous said...

Les visibles = Kukkuripa the Dog Lover !!!

Jewish Zionists and their cooperators have inevitably lost their minds.

They want to go and mess with people who are so ready with this last human stand still, they will make sure to go in style!

After all their religious belief is entirely placed in the belief of a savior "Imam Mehdi" who will come to save them at doomsday!

Unlike christians and most jews, they actively incorporated in their shia faith the elements of martyrdom and resignation to suffering and wars.
Jesus camps in Usa is pale in comparison!

Most of their important religious days are far from celebrations!
They sit and slap their breasts, cry and tell stories, always the same on how all descendants of Ali were martyred!You call that master conditioning!

In Pakistan they even use swords attached to chains and slashes their backs until blood pours down and someone, eventually as to stop them.

Mothers are so proud when their sons come back with their shirts cover in blood!

Their Idol is "The fearless warrior, " never defeated in battles: "Ali".
He is for most more powerfull then the Prophet !

I am sure they have been arming themselves to the teeth and are Russia master card!

Someone said in a blog recently:
America created Poker.It is a game of cheat and deceit on the other hand Persia invented chess. It is a game of strategies and intelligence! This is so revealing.

WW3 is on us, is it inevitable? First I must deal with my own demons. Need to eat of my own darkness(dependance on status quo!) and become wholly again! We should all do, only then can we unmask and deal with Dr. Hyde!


gurnygob said...

To Torus.......

Torus it's good that you have it all sussed out, even though you don't, which could explain why you are bitching. You're not the only one in pain. Why don't you leave the anger at the door next time you come around? Just pull up a chair and relax, you never know, you just might remember where you left that heart of yours. Now stop your yapping and get with the program, we don't have all year plus some of us are playing catch up.


gurnygob said...

You know those word verification thingies, well if you just type the first one out and leave the second your comment will still post. Well mind did!


Anonymous said...

Check out CBC Radio's 'As It Happens' program as aired tonight (2-23-12) via their website. They did a special on the battle between the Huichol people of Oaxaca, Mexico va a Canadian mining company outta Vancouver which wants to mine silver from their sacred mountain.

Probably a tribal memory from the last major ecotastrophe, when handfuls of survivors emerged from caves, the sacred mountain of the Huichol is so because that is where, in their historical legends,the place where the sun emerged again.

The Huichol are broadly known in certain esoteric circles for their sacred employment of peyote into their cultural/sacred rituals and how it permeates the basis of their cultural realizations. On a personal basis i have been extremely inspired by their symbolismic alphabet, a deeply transabstract form of communication.

Pray for the Huichol. They also understand that the ways of the waters are also deeply influenced by their mountain and their rituals. This conflict is nearly an archetype of the battle between the creed of greed and a culture of living in spirit. Finally, the Huichol consider that their mountain is of cosmic significance.


Anonymous said...

Les, you know things are going bad for the zio-demon

when we find out that Joe Lieberman has been annoying the patrons down at YMCA by doing cannonballs repeatedly in the swimming pool wearing nothing but a shtreimel.

“It won’t come off! “It won’t come off!"


Anonymous said...

[Note: Islamic banking refers to a system of banking or banking activity that is consistent with the principles of Islamic law (Sharia) and its practical application through the development of Islamic economics. Sharia prohibits the payment or acceptance of interest fees for the lending and accepting of money respectively, (Riba, usury) for specific terms, as well as investing in businesses that provide goods or services considered contrary to its principles (Haraam, forbidden)

Questar1111 said...

Are We...

Slowly dying;

standing amid the slumbering

race about whom we know nothing?

Crying out for life to waken;

for words to be spoken;

for minds to be open?

Entropy in decaying space;

energetic feeding frenzy for a race

with no heart, but expansive taste?

Or something more;

an opening, a conduit, a door;

maybe even creative spore?
...Thank you for being you!

Anonymous said...

How to win friends and influence people:

Just continue to be arrogant and smug when being confronted about genocide and ethnic cleansing!

ChewyBees said...

I awoke at 4 am a couple of days ago with a constant high pitched tone, and an ache in my ear down to my jaw. The next day I was sick, but only for a few hours. The real effect was about 36 hours of feelings of negativity and hopelessness.
This follows an event that happened pre-2000. I woke from falling asleep in my basement, having a pain behind my ear. It wasn't a throb like an ear infection, it was more like a stabbing pain of invasion or poison. At first I cast it off as a spider bite, but after a day of intermittent pain, I wasn't sure. I met up with some buddies for our once a week watering hole visit, and spoke in jest that I had been marked by aliens.
Immediately the bartender, a man I had never seen before, chastised me in an angry tone that I had better quit talking like that or people might put me away for being crazy. I didn't really argue, because quite frankly it sounded crazy. I had never seen this man before, despite frequenting the bar for several years, yet both of my friends acted as if they knew him all along. At the time, I chalked it up as just an anomaly.
I spent an angry day today. I was determined for hours to just abandon all of my beliefs and thoughts, even as far as the ones I loved because it had instantaneously become BS. Once the day ended, and I became immersed with family, all of those bad feelings and evil spells were dispelled so fast that it was as if they never existed.
I don't know what's going on, I can only take what I encounter and plug it in to what I know. What I know more than anything is this: no matter the evil intent of forces outside of myself, I can only counter those forces and empower myself with love. This is the choice I have made. On the flip side is the choice others have made, which is to counter the intent of love with fear, anger, hatred and death. You can live your life between those two extremes, evil (evol) and love, sitting in the bosom of the bell curve, but that makes you nothing more than a passing fancy of the greatest time in all known history.

Visible said...

When I see the same exact comment about someone's dad telling them a story about 'goyische' and goys being cattle for the 4th or fifth time at various blogs over the course of weeks, if not months, I am no longer inclined to post it. It becomes spam.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I still had the fire in my belly as you. Just the same, I am so proud to be flying along with you this evening!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Macaroni and Cheese Wonderland of the Inexplicable.

Zebedee said...

Great post Les, thankyou.

Those Americans are going to be real pissed when they finally except what really happened re.911.
It is the linchpin and more and more are waking up.

There is so much going on at the moment if you have the ear for it. It's all going down. The battle is in full swing.

Bring on Mr Apocalypse, and the Apocalypse, and his walking stick and wipe the slate clean.

The usurious, money changing, fallen angel fucks that have been kicked out of everywhere and, from what I hear, got whipped out of the temple not once, but twice are to be judged. It's end game. No more bankster usury shit.

1000 years of peace to be bestowed is a dream that can be reality.

Awesome! About time it's goin' down!


Anonymous said...

Upon first reading this first list-I just figured 'they're either preparing for their hidey holes or else moving on to bigger and better gravy train mobster heists' but THEN came this posting from this site:

Lord James of Blackheath... hmmm Blackheath now that's a name to be broken out!

Talking about trillions of non existent money materialized out of the 'Federal Reserve' "which isn't Federal-nor a Reserve"....

Anonymous said...


Those which demonize death or pain or sickness are thus less able to deal with the bitter side of nature, with intoxication; and make themselves doubly sick.

The buddha taught that all life is suffering. We might also say that life , being both attractive and constantly dangerous, is intoxicating and ultimately toxic.

All organic life is struck by the arrows of real and psychic poisons.
This is understood by any true, not self-deluding, spiritual path.

Death is not a Punishment!
Death is a Release.


JerseyCynic said...

HELP -- I can't catch up... got sidetracked in one of the comment threads last week. Les, you are truly my main meal and your many insightful readers... simply sublime desserts! somebody in my house restarted the computer yesterday, so I cannot give a proper h/t -- the subject was neptune/chiron effects -- I didn't understand so I searched and found this:
"The wound of too many daydreams. The wound of the desire to be one with everything. The wound of the desire to slide out of your real identity. Crippling sensitivity to the harsh realities of the real world. Pain from realizing that reality will never match your fantasy. An imagination so intense as to make living with the limitations of reality nearly impossible. World of Warcraft enthusiasts, and the game itself. Role playing games. Cosplay. Wizards and warlocks. Wounded fantasy life – when the fantasy life takes over the real life. The healing power of the collective imagination. Mass escape. Wholeness through merging with an entire group of people seeking an outlet for their imagination and fantasies. Role playing and fantasy subcultures of all kinds. Healing through the imagination....."

Read more:

I just thought you would find this interesting.

Thank you for everything

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME -- Cha cha cha!!!

Kevenj said...

All those silly financial gurus are mostly like just on their way to Bohemian Grove for a little wine, music and fried children.

Anonymous said...

I was absolutely turned on with this 'March 2012 astro report for everyone'.

The 'six point star' presents twice with two grand trines overlaid comprising the 'star' formation which the astrologer shows the construction of using his 'free sample' animated astro chart software.

Dates for the 'wealth building + health building' trines are:

March 2 exact star with its starting on March 1 then 36 hours later breaking apart on March 3 and with the SECOND formation exact on March 30th - being a start date of March 29 then with a 30 hour build breaking up on March 30...

I got really inspired thinking what these astro influences could perpetuate in their manifestations.

the gardener

JackieG said...

These bankers have gone completely off their rocker.
Even Buster Par'fe Creme de LaFlambou has joined them.
Warren Buffet is crying uncle on the little guy who put the banker together.
Do you believe this shit??
The trouble with Warren is he is running out of hiding places to stsh his dough.
My heart bleeds purple panther piss for the decrepit old prick.
that's it for now.

Anonymous said...

whoops! forgot to post the LINK to the 'March 2012 forecast for everyone'

the gardener

Ray B. said...

posted by ChewyBees, Saturday, February 25, 2012 7:56:00 AM

"I awoke at 4 am a couple of days ago with a constant high pitched tone, and an ache in my ear down to my jaw. The next day I was sick, but only for a few hours. The real effect was about 36 hours of feelings of negativity and hopelessness.
This follows an event that happened pre-2000. I woke from falling asleep in my basement, having a pain behind my ear. It wasn't a throb like an ear infection, it was more like a stabbing pain of invasion or poison. At first I cast it off as a spider bite, but after a day of intermittent pain, I wasn't sure."


ChewyBees (and all), I want to let you know what your above comments may mean. I have experienced similar things, and my perspective might be useful.

The 'constant high pitched tone' is indicative of one of two things - either your Higher Self (or God, or whatever you want to call he/she/it) is trying to get in touch with you, or you have been 'accessed' by some other entity. Immediately, do whatever you do to get in touch with your Higher Self, and ask it which is the case. If the response is the former, I simply come to as neutral, clear & centered spot as I can, and something usually happens. If you are energy sensitive, you can sometimes 'eavesdrop' on what is going on.

When the response is the latter, it is often the start of some being (human or non-human) getting set to 'dump' on you. I have monitored this for years, and the aches, pains, and emotional negativity definitely come shortly after the 'tone' starts. You can do nothing, and usually the pain, flu-like symptoms, or emotional negativity gradually process through your system. After all, it is not 'yours'.

If you wish not to be passive about this, contact your Higher Self and ask that the contact be terminated, the 'dump' be sent back to the perpetrator or God, and possibly that the sender be 'worked with'. Then, be silent and attentive. If you are energy sensitive, you can 'hear' the tone cut off fairly abruptly, whatever sensations the 'dump' caused starting to leave, and maybe some other entity being 'processed'.

Concerning the 'dumping' entity or entities, they may be what I have termed 'drift' or 'sent'.

"Drift' means that they were simply moving by, on whatever level, and decided spur-of-the-moment to 'dump' on you. You could be anyone, or they might not like your 'light'. If they are 'processed', that is usually the end of it.

'Sent' means that someone has 'targeted' specifically you, and sent someone else to do the dirty work. You can ask Higher Self to check on the depth of this 'line', and 'process' as far up as need be. (Be prepared to be silent and attentive as long as needed.) Otherwise, you are simply 'processing' the serfs and not getting to the nobles, and may be repeatedly 'dumped'.

I hope this can be of use to you, in whatever format you apply it.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Eamon said...

"We are surfing the cosmic hyperbole in the transition of the age. Twin realities, both terrible and beautiful, will war for prominence in the human mind. The human mind will no longer be human but more than human, or transited into the full consciousness of a savage beast."

Chesterton once wrote, "Take away the supernatural, and what remains is the unnatural."

We like to think we could find merely natural happiness in this world by being decent lads and lasses; we don't want to be stretched too much or exert too much effort. That is all well and good, but merely natural happiness is not one of the options. We are called to a great deal more; we answer the call or we do not. If we cooperate with grace, we will be elevated to the supernatural, in which case we will come to resemble God, in as much as we are capable of doing so; if we refuse to cooperate with grace, we will be enslaved by our own disordered passions and come to resemble beasts or, more accurately, demons.

Thank you for another excellent offering, visible. Godspeed to all who read these words.



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