Friday, August 30, 2013

Crank up that New and Improved, Old False Flag

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What time is it? No it's not Howdy Doody time, or maybe, actually, it is. That would mean it's two different times at the same time. Yes, it's False Flag time. It's false flag time because of this. It's false flag time because the need for ♫my endless war♫ to the tune of Endless Love. It's false flag time because Israel wants what they want, no matter what the cost is, as long as it costs them nothing. Eventually this will happen and for the good of the human race it can't come too soon. Mr. Apocalypse is definitely on the set. The bloodthirsty fools who are not inclined to change their ways, may or may not be aware of Mr. Apocalypse. Some of them are and some of them are just tools. Meanwhile, very strange things are going on. Consider the case of Ed Miliband, whom David Cameron just referred to as a 'fucking cunt' and a 'copper bottom shit'. Possibly, someone out there, possibly someone from the U.K. would be so kind as to tell me what constitutes a 'copper bottomed shit'. Why not some other metal? Do copper and shit have some sort of history, a working relationship? I am neither a shit, nor a copper tech, however, someone out there is either or both.

Our problem, as a population is easily identified and- it goes without saying- their policy is in the hands of Israel, the world's biggest crime syndicate and- like I said- it's that time again; false flag time and some of the same personnel from the last false flag, will be on hand in various location options. What makes this particular location option attractive, is that that location is under the control of a very highly placed psychopath, named Rahm Emmanuel. We'll just have to file his last name under the heading, 'cosmic irony', given that a more suitable name might be, Rahm AntiChrist or Rahm Murderman, presently serving as mayor of America's most violence prone city. I'm guessing there is a direct connection between Satanic blood sacrifices and the surging violence of that city. We're past the point where there is anything so nasty that we cannot believe men like this are capable of it.

Things are truly out of control on the American mainland. The bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys. The extent of social corruption and vile Satanic industry at the hands of the Gay Talmudian movement is off the charts. It has officially exposed it's deeper intentions in as graphic and dramatic a fashion as possible. If this is what we are seeing (note the responses of those in the audience at that play), what do you think they might be up to behind closed doors?

Here is the basic reality that is brought about when Mr. Apocalypse does his Baron Samedi thing up out of the sleeping chamber where he has been held in state (much like the main character in my new novel) for thousands of years, until the time arrived for his entrance upon the stage of existence, for the purpose of demonstration. The basic reality is that an irresistible and- by degrees -gradual awakening of the public takes place. At the same time, those in the grip of evil become increasingly more evil by the day. They have no choice. Their dark master, who is indirectly employed by the one who directs Mr. Apocalypse, motivates them to these behaviors, for the purpose of evidence gathering to be presented in a higher court and-quite possibly- in temporal courts as well. Mr. Apocalypse does not only reveal that which was formerly hidden. He identifies it as well and he also renders it increasingly powerless and tuns it into an enemy of itself. Mr. Apocalypse is a tool, an ingenious, multitasking cosmic instrument and your role, in all of this, comes down to whether you trust Mr. Apocalypse, or you live in fear of 'the powers that appear to be'. Their power is directly harvested from your fear. If you have no fear, they have no power. If you have no fear, they have no power. If you have no fear, they have no power. Got it? Good. Don't got it? Bad.

As Mr. Visible, a willing agent of Mr. Apocalypse, writes this posting, he is watching “Enemy of the State” (note when they mention the birthdate of John Voight's character. He was born on 9/11 and the film was done before the event) That film, along with “The International” are two of the most powerful and trenchant statements to come out in a long time. Let's face it, there are some very bad things happening. Some of these things may only be the result of ignorant greed. However, with the recent discoveries of so much oil in Venezuela, Brazil and Australia, rivaling and surpassing what was the volume of the previous reserves, even that which looks like ignorant greed, now looks like just another act of global genocide. Make no mistake, multinational corporations are stone cold evil and they haven't gotten less evil since the days when United Fruit and Coca Cola were operating hit squads in Central and South America. This is only one of the films that have come out about murderous firms like Nestles. You would be most surprised at how many other concerns and firms Nestles owns. Someone needs to post these so that none of us buy from any of them. Consonant with this are all sorts of crisis tech that's in production. I am no fan of that particular website. The guy running it is that kind of major self promoting sort and gives off some suspicious vibes as far as I am concerned. I bring it up once and hopefully won't have to again. Keep in mind that the intelligence services have been launching all kinds of web sites to monitor and control what comes to the public attention. I feel the same way about the Raw Story site.

The Synagogue of Satan is not pleased with the incremental revealing of their horrific agendas. Keep in mind that these are early days for them. The whole of the cosmos is against them. They shall not, they will not prevail. Their days and hours are numbered. They feel the heat of the breath of fire upon the napes of their necks. Their future place of residence is calling. Some things are fixed and some things are not. This is fixed.

In between times, they and their little goblins are hard at work. The darkness continues and the dawn is breaking. Nothing can stop this process, anymore than they can stop the sun in it's course, or alter the orbit path of the planets. This is what we must all keep in mind. This is a sure fire palliative for our fear; knowing who and what has our backs. It is a sure fire amplifier for our fear; not knowing what has our backs.

The powers that think they are, are hamstrung. Their Israeli masters are outraged. They are not used to being stymied . They are not used to being unable to get their proxies to kill on command. This is why, that old false flag is on the front burner. It's like an armed time bomb. It is set to go off in various locations at any time. They're choosing the manner and means at the moment. They want maximum effectiveness and they are very worried about how it will play. It's a sure bet that a good number of people will know it is a put up job and it's a sure bet that Mr. Apocalypse is on the job and that “all things work for good for those who etc” On that note, I'll leave you with your thoughts on the matter. One day, between one post and another, the whole world will have changed.

Watch out for Labor Day and also the fifteenth coming up. It goes without saying that 9/11 is between them.

One might want to keep this in mind  and definitely note the name 'Baal' Shem Tov.

Baal? One of them actually got named Baal? apparently Baal is not a negative for these... these... these... words fail me. 

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Darkness at the Break of Noon as the Dawn Breaks and the Dung also Rises..

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(Given the utterly strange atmosphere and pending madness of the moment, a Visible Origami is out of the question and we must move directly to Smoking Mirrors.)

Where to begin? Where to begin? Let's start with the external and then gravitate to the internal. Finally we see it in all its gruesome, deep and toxic purple. Finally we see the extent to which Israel and the central bankers control the push of history and the course of events. Surely this is for the purpose of demonstration and that demonstration is having the impact intended for the purpose of its demonstration. For most of us, the world is not what we thought it was. For some of us, even our own world and our own life is not what we thought it was. It is possible that nothing is what any (but a very few) of us thought it was or is. No longer can we say, “it is what it is” because it is not what it is, no more than it was what it was. We are at that point in the song when the man sings, ♫darkness at the break of news♫, We are not yet at the point though, where he sings, ♫There is no point in trying♫ However, at any point we can say, ♫It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding♫ Except, except... it's not alright.

We now know what a feckless liar John Kerry and Chuck Hagel are. Whatever they have on Kerry must be truly no exit. We can have no doubt how corrupt Bwak! Obama is. There is a huge supporting cast in all of this and we will get to that and it's all connected but... for now, let's focus on the 'dung that also rises'. Let us focus on the shit that floats atop the spoiled milk of a gone dead hierarchy and the lack of leadership that kayaks around it. How desperate they are, goes without saying. The swine who are strategically placed are all doing as they have been told to. The obvious is the super obvious. The ultimate reason, besides ultimate control, is always connected to the money. Follow the money. Yes, it is truly apparent what pressure, of their own making, they are under. It all comes back to the same thing. Like I said, it all comes down to the money. Oh yes, follow the money.

I can hear the Armageddon Train blowing its whistle, as it comes down the grade. I can see the crazed eyes of the engineer and the conductor as they stare through the windshield of this out of control conveyance, making its way down the long incline, into the midst of it all. I can see the crazed and glazed eyes of the manipulators and strategists, in the control centers and switching yards, as they play with the dials and watch the big board of all things, arrange themselves decidedly not in their favor and precipitating the desperate actions of desperate men.

What it all comes down to is; who is really in charge? You can't be in charge, obviously, if you are not in charge and you can't be in charge if things are out of control. Does this make sense? It does to me. So, if they are not in charge, since things are out of control and they are being forced into desperate actions then... who is in charge? It's possible that the force behind all appearances of force and power is in charge and leading the Light (in the ass) Brigade into the Valley of Death. What we don't know is if there are only six hundred of them, or less, or more. What we do know is that the force that is herding and controlling them, ostensibly, or more likely, covertly, works for the one who actually does control everything and this... this, ultimately works out in our favor, should we care to believe and operate according to this possibility. Ultimately we are the beneficiary or victim of what we put our faith in. If what we put our faith in is faithless, well, that leaves us where?

It isn't my job to determine what others believe. My job is to provide options and what follows is the responsibility of where everyone presented with these options takes it. My job is also to choose my own options because that determines my ability and capacity to present options and to argue for or against, or possibly not even argue but simply present and let the recipient make the case, for or against, by observing themselves, others and the world around and... me, insofar as they understand me, or themselves, or others. In the end you are the result of the choices you make, no more or less than me, or others, or the world you see around you; plastic and amendable to the manner in which we perceive this. Take it for what it is worth or not worth to you, based upon the worth you place on yourself, on others and what you see and do not see around you.

It is altogether possible that, by this time next week, at this same time, the world will no longer resemble the world as we knew it, or thought we knew it.

Now on to me. For several years now, I have not understood many of the things that have happened to me. So many things did not make sense. The reason so many things did not make sense was because my perspective did not allow for the one consideration that instantaneously made perfect sense of everything. What will not make sense to many of you is that I cannot talk about any of it. Perhaps at some point in following times I can talk about it but, at the moment, that is impossible and imprudent, although I have written it all down, chapter and verse, with the overwhelming weight of evidence and placed it with a secure source; several secure sources, to be opened in case of 'whatever'.

I now know, to my great relief, that I was not responsible for any of the events of previous years, during my journeys and visitations, except in terms of my not seeing. So I have wandered in angst and confusion about what seemed so inexplicable in the face of my trying so hard. Boy, I tried hard.

What it comes down to is that I just didn't consider myself important enough for the trouble taken with me. I still do not know 'why' this trouble was taken with me. Sure, I can see many variables but... which variable is the correct variable or... are most of them applicable? I do not know, at present, how much of the situations and players are all a part of this. It could run so deep and comprehensive that the truth is staggering. It could go all the way back to before I came to this location. It is truly mind-blowing. It is also 'truly' a great relief. So much is clear to me now and I now know I'm a better man than I thought myself to be. I really am one of the good guys. No matter what follows, this can't be taken away from me, or expunged from my mind. Imagine, just imagine that you suddenly find out that almost nothing is what you thought it was and imagine, just imagine, how you might feel when you place that one missing piece into the puzzle and find that suddenly the whole picture changes in an instant and every other piece of the puzzle now makes a certain sense, in respect of the whole, that it did not make before.

Let me say, while there is time, I love you all very much, even the players as much as the played and... I certainly qualify as the latter. Imagine the impact of such a thing on me; the astonishment and yes, the humor of it all. You may well imagine that it has made me laugh. I would have laughed considerably more, had I not initiated a gallstone in the midst of the mix because I was so taken aback that I neglected to drink the proper amount of fluids. It seems at the moment that this is backing off. I hope so. The pain has been extreme. The good news is that I had some seriously effective pain medication. Even so... it's been noticeable. I can only wonder at what it would have been like, had I not had what I had. It seems to be backing off now. I can only hope. Such things can be serious, in worst case scenario.

I haven't written a posting in days because I have had to assimilate it all. I am still assimilating. I find it hard to look at what little I know so far. Every time I do, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Yes, I said, 'the final piece of the puzzle' but the reality is; as soon as the final piece of the puzzle fell into place, it magically created several more places, where new pieces are now missing because, when the final piece fell into place, the picture immediately expanded into a much greater size, due to the implications of the appearance of the puzzle, after what was not the final piece, in fact, fell into place. I am thinking that for some of you, this is pretty clear, at least in the overall suspicions. Perhaps it even serves to make sense of what you know about me and have heard about me over recent years. For some, this will be quite mystifying but... given the work the subconscious does, it is only a matter of time before your own puzzle gets backlit by the light of revelation. All things in time my friends and... I do believe you are my friends, ultimately, you are all my friends.

To paraphrase the good book, “We war not against clever and doomed fools in high and invisible places but also against ignorant, low brow idiots in low places. These feckless deluded nimrods are no less responsible for our condition than the butt hairs in the ethers. Then you've got the really twisted freaks, present to fascinate the cretins among us. Programmed embarrassments like this, are the logical outcome of the loins of a Billy Ray Cyrus, whose one hit wonder consists of something like “Achy Breaky Heart”. This is why Visible doesn't use Twitter. Sure I would be better known and more pervasive if I did but what would that pervasiveness consist of? Right. Yes, the sort of people who can only manage 144 characters; the Twits from Twitter and my... how many of them there are.

I've leave you with a question; why would someone who advertises building websites use a horrible purple background in which you can't read the links because the color is nearly the same? Obviously it would be someone who didn't want the business.

I'll leave you swimming in mystery as I do the backstroke into whatever future remains.



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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bobbing for Road Apples in the Late Great American States.

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If my name were Al... and it's not, I'd probably be tickled purple, if some cell phone app were named Anaconda Al and that was the name I went by as a, I don't know, Chippendale dancer with aforementioned snake ('private parties and public receptions as you like and tailored to your individual needs'), or the guy who had the line about the Alabama Black Snake in either Platoon or Full Metal Jacket. The thought of being plaster-casted and becoming the subject of a bidding war on EBAY well, that's a career enhancing thing. If you're a musician it puts a whole new light on touring. Ah well, however worthy a candidate I might be, I can't see turning something like this down. I mean, it's not like the “Here's Johnnnnny!” portable toilet thing that Johnny Carson sued over. It's got uh... uh... uh... (pun intended) cachet. However the man himself said, "The name 'Chubby Checker' is... used as a vulgar pun," Alsup wrote. Once again, yet another person who thinks sex is dirty at all points in time. Only if you head happens to be pointed too, at the time.

Let's move along to something uplifting, whaddya say? Given that it is summer and a young man's fancy, or a young ladies, turns to camping out; I guess we could throw in old people in an RV, well, this is the sort of thing that would just put the finishing touch on a fine dinner of those 'other dogs'. It's things like this that tell you there's hope for the human race and that maybe we might dodge a bullet but... not if we live in Rahmsville Chicago (♫a helluva town♫

We’re looking at an uptick of 'push coming to shove'. It's better late than never, hopefully. Obviously, there is something deeply wrong with The Late Great American States. Whether it's political correctness run riot, as seen in the previous link, or one more example of ubiquitous corruption, it's what it is. No! Seriously people, it's what it is. The rot is cultural as well, when it gets into the political 'theater'. It used to be just one of those sub cultures and it was no big deal in most urban landscapes. It's a multi pronged, (pun intended) pincher assault and it's not going to go away until it gets ridden out of town on a rail. Of course, the Tribe owned music biz, shoehorns the soundtrack into where the sun don't shine, so that most people can say, “I give it an 85 because it's got a good beat and you can dance to it.” The monsters even call themselves monsters and looking, for all the world, like Joan Crawford in “Mommie Dearest”. She was definitely made in a lab.

So... they didn't stay down long. I can think of quite a few fitting (or not fitting as the case may be) locations for an ear of some of that hot buttered corn, with a serious cayenne sprinkling. Critical mass is right around the corner. We've been hearing about the off the cliff scene for a very long time and yet, whatever it is now, just seems to be able to hang on by it's fingertips, even though the feet can find no purchase. So it is that eventually it must fall , atrophy into the cliff wall or implode. I'm not an economist and that means I don't have to be confused and bedazzled, by a plethora of figures that shout panic and alarm but don't actually go anywhere. I can look at that long term thing and, as I have exampled, according to the bards affirmation thereof; “all the world's a stage and we are merely players, each having their exits and entrances” God I hope I got that right. Anyway. As the bard (or Francis Bacon or a player to be named later) so aptly puts it, in confirmation of; everything is for the purpose of demonstration. That's the soul of Karma and the motive for life. It's all about what is eternal, being engaged on a long, long journey of self discovery; respond in your own time as counterpointed by your pain threshold and unfulfilled desires, with whatever the ignorance and denial factor might be factored in. Argue for, against, or whatever as you will, that's how it is, or so the principal tells me. ♫ain't no Karma like the one I got♫

All of this, all of these yugas, stage sets of varying degrees of light and shadow, are for the purpose of demonstration. It's hard to get your mind around it. It is especially hard to get your mind around it, if you don't want to get your mind to get around it, heh heh... well, then it just goes on and on and on, until you have no choice but to get your head around it. I don't care what you call it. I don't care what personal diagrams of limitation you have come up with, to contain the uncontainable; to give comprehension to the incomprehensible. I don't care if it has to make scientific sense. I don't care if it has to be by the book, even though the book passed through the hands of those who are working you, a long time ago. I don't care one way, or the other, how people go about it, except when their intransigence and ignorance, make this world far less hospitable and commodious than it might be; rather apportioning it as something intimidating and confining.

They say the world is what we make it but... if we are poor architects maybe that's our real problem and certainly the educational system is manipulated to produce a steady stream of bad and unimaginative architects. Life is magical but there is such an abundance of bad magicians. Bad magic will get you on stage because anything that demeans and dishonors human dignity and honor, is in high demand by those committed to the demeaning and dishonoring. See, if they can get you to hate yourself, that's more than half the battle. This is how they place themselves in the ascendant, while being seething and bubbling fleshbags of corruption, guided by toxic intellects and twisted libidos that get a hard on when they see a steaming pile of shit. It's why their whole dance is a scatological square dance.

This kind of thing doesn't happen overnight and this is why they have taken their time dumping you into that steaming pile of shit. When you do something like this, as part of a vast international conspiracy and you own the means and ways of the media and all of the arts, you can take your time setting the stage for mass murder and mayhem, if that happens to be your burning desire; a sort of foretaste of your guaranteed afterlife to come. What better playing field to demonstrate it on than the looted country of your so called best friend. Who looted that country? ...why you did, among other things, among a great deal of other horrifically tragic things; proving the moral of the tale about the frog and the scorpion. “I couldn't help it, it's my nature.” That pretty much says it all and that's how it is. That's how it is.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Big Squeeze in De De De De Denouement City.

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As many a regular reader who comes here might note, I'm real big on fashion (NOT), even though I am not fashionably big so, with my keen eye for haute couture, it was inevitable that I would come across this gem from this svelte literati. Now, I wouldn't care one way or the other, or call attention to it one way or the other, were it not for tie-ins like this. Once again, it's political correctness run amok; my favorite comment at this blog is from the 'disabled fat Jewish lesbian woman' and there's the heartwarming saga of 'the band' and all that attended it's presence and departure.. The real reason I bring this up is because of this. An editor from the Tribe Owned, Associated Press, freely admitted they don't do this and it is most especially exemplified in horrific cases like this. It isn't being reported on anywhere. This is another Tribe inspired PC blow against human freedom and the right to know. The New Black Panther Party, which I am certain they fund (surreptitiously, like they do most of the groups that demonstrate so called, Anti-Semitic diatribes), put together a demonstration for this misunderstood lady. Collective insanities lead to even greater insanities.

Behind the scenes, some very nasty customers, you know who they are, are working night and day to bring about a race war on the American mainland. Rahm Emmanuel in not mayor of Chicago by accident. You'd be surprised at how quickly a small brush fire can materialize into a massive wildfire and at what speeds it can travel. If conditions are right- actually wrong- social uproars can occur in much the same way. First they have to instigate The Big Squeeze. This they have done by killing the job market and instigating the sea to toxic sea caper of mortgage foreclosures. They are working to get the conditions just right before they toss a match into the gasoline soaked rags. An accelerant is always appreciated.

Of course the laugh out loud absurdity just goes on and on, scaling new and undreamed of heights AND- it goes without saying that Bob Filner is (drum roll) a Tribe member. Does anything venal, genocidal, truly ridiculous, or generally evil go down that they are not a party to anymore? It almost seems as if that is true. Of course, it can't possibly be but... really, who knows? I am truly surprised that those objecting to the use of the word didn't simply come out and say it was anti-Semitic; like the term Neo Con, according to (9/11 conspirator) Paul Wolfowitz.

The general American public might well be the dumbest demographic on the planet but a whole lot of the rest of the world is not so stupid. This same thing was deep in the mix of the momentary uprisings in Turkey. Around the world, people are waking up and the not so elite do not like this one bit. That is why they are ceaselessly proactive in fulfilling the worst paranoid fancies, of those once referred to as the Tin Foil Hat Brigade, who now look more like prophets than anything else. It seems that the U.N. and your local and national governments are out to get you after all.

It's absolute madness on the wing in Zionist Occupied America. They and the Satanists (same thing) are solely behind all of this mischief, under the guise of making sure that equal rights are accorded across the board but it's not about equal rights, it's about more than equal rights; for the purpose of creating dissension, which, observably, it does. This is why crime being visited upon ordinary citizens is not being reported on, if it should happen to (as in the majority of cases it does) involve a victim industry minority. The open borders policy of pretty much inviting illegal immigration and opening the larders of support, on all levels, has also to do with setting the stage for serious mayhem to come. If your eyes are open you can clearly see what's going on. If your sight is clouded by low level desires, or tunnel visioned by fear, or religious mania, you are not seeing what is what. You are seeing what 'they' want you to see.

The twisted and noxious state of political correctness is a terrible thing. The degree of off the wall ludicrous, being employed by compromised psychologists is hard to believe, until you come up close on it and study the language being used. Frolicking through the knee deep shit of this culture, a brief photologue of Miley Cyrus, shows you the morphing that takes place at the hands of the industry. The announced fashion mishap never takes place but you definitely see a train wreck going down. I've no idea who Amanda Bynes is but the Tavistock/MKUtra shape-shifting is alive and well in the entertainment industry.

I apologize for using Smoking Mirrors, to showcase concerns that are more the province of the Petri Dish but... you do what comes to you at the time it arrives, or I do anyway (grin). You do see how very sick and perverted it is all getting? You do see how sinister it is becoming? Sooner or later we get to Denouement City. ♫De De De De Denounement City♫

There are a lot of ways of looking at this whole progression. You can look at it as the natural outcome of a system that was allegedly based of the rights of the individual, inevitably turning into a tyranny of the haves against the have nots. You can look at it as a scripted play. You can look at it as random and a product of chance, or, you can look at it as it is; most likely the party of the first and second part. As one venomous snake recently stated, “Because of the internet it is much harder to govern. That snake was the present Secretary of State, John Kerry. You remember him as George Bush's stalking horse and this is his payoff, Now he gets to travel to all of the countries that despise the Zionist owned United States governments and hear what international lepers the American leaders have become.

The same insidious reptile minds are behind every bit of what has been outlined here today. Who, is no longer in question. It could not be more obvious. I am of the belief that a significant portion of the American public is waking up to this, just as the public in various other countries already have. They know this. They can see the snowball coming down the mountain. They know that Mr. Apocalypse formed that snowball and set it in motion. It's a great big ball of dirty ice headed for a solid brick wall and when it hits, it is going to leave its own kind of calligraphy upon that wall, where it can be read by anyone passing by. It will become a place of pilgrimage. It will contain chapter and verse of all the lies we have been told by Liars Incorporated for so long and financed by the Central Bankers everywhere.

The Central Banks must come down. There is no hope otherwise. Reform is not an option because that word does not exist in their vocabulary. The Central Banks who prosper outside of the law and who are the most extreme and pernicious outlaws on Planet Earth, must be neutralized in every sense of the word and all of the Central Bankers must be put under lock and key, for perpetuity, based on a long litany of crimes against humanity. However, as long as people are so stupid as to fight in their wars and be led around by the nose under the pretense of patriotism, which is nothing more than a indirect fealty to the Central Banks, for just so long this nightmare will continue. Monsanto and Syngenta must be eliminated entirely; I sat in the train station not long ago and suddenly my eyes went up, over the top of the platform shelter for those waiting on trains and what did I see? I saw a big building with Syngenta on it. The E.U. as bone deep corrupt as it is, with the likes of Christine Lagarde has outlawed GMOs. Now the American government is pressuring them to rescind this. You need no further proof that the American government is owned by corporations; from Mr. Heinz 57, who ain't no linebacker to Harry the mobster Reid, they are purely criminal in nearly all of their intentions on both sides of the aisle.

The Central Banks must come down. The Zionist 'influence' must be brought to an abrupt and complete halt without hope of continuance. Hegemony and usury must be made capital crimes. Those who march to their destruction will, as a matter of course, arrive at destruction. What else could one possibly expect? If you buy a plane ticket to L.A. You are not going to wind up in Kansas City, unless you catch another plane or it's on the route. If you play with fire you could get burned. You will not get wet; unless you are a female pyromaniac (couldn't resist). Mr. Visible has never gone to bed with an ugly woman but he has woken up with a few. I hope that is politically incorrect. I really do.

Let me say this. As long as there is breath in my body, I will oppose the agendas of fascists and any other agenda that seeks to oppress humanity. I am not alone. I will work tirelessly, until it is accomplished. As Lao Tzu once said, persevere in this “and one day, in all the world, your way will be the rule”. He also said, “How do I know that this can be? Because it could all begin with me." Guru Bawa once said he was building an army. I understand that better now.

Even a surprising few of us, joined together in common cause, can bring forth serious change upon the face of this beleaguered planet. The benighted public has to awaken or they will learn the meaning of the Burning Bed Syndrome, which follows the Stockholm Syndrome they are presently resident in. Mr Apocalypse is going to see to that. He is going to crank it up and crank it up, until it is a fait accompli. Every one of you who has that certain je ne sais quoi, needs to keep uppermost in your mind that your real job, your real commission, is to carry the light. Don't go hiding it under a bushel basket, or it may also be hidden from you when you go to look for it.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor.

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May your noses always be cold and wet and your noble heart free of all regret. May you walk like the Sun and reflect like the Moon. May the spirit within you carry a tune.

You got to love that Mr. Apocalypse, he kicks ass and takes names. Because he is working beneath the radar of the controlled media; these days, the comments that follow an article are more telling than the article itself. What this should tell you is that there is a large groundswell taking place across the planet. It's intent is to rid us of 'the influence' of a profane and perverted agenda (shades of Ahmadinejad).

While the human race blithefully engages in pouce frottage, with their cellphones and ipads, chowing down on burgers, sausages (you want flies with that?) and whatever's convenient, whatever you can snatch or grab, from the big white box, unless you are walking down the street and eating as you go; that's elegant and radiates gratitude for the gift of sustenance (not). As I was saying, while the human race is in last place, there are some peculiar things going on. Obviously it has to have something to do with air transport because there is no contact between some of these bodies of water and each other. Then again, I don't know, do I? No, I do not.

I see the breaking down of the moral climate and the visible corruption of government agencies, along with the slow, tumbling decline of various religious institutions; now they grope for meaning and their hands find their privates, or someone elses. It makes sense. If you consider religion from the Eastern point of view, it comes down to a worship of the esoteric meaning of one's privates and that's how you get lingams and yoni touchstones (this is a screamingly funny article and we even get an extended alphabet term; LBGTQ. Do you feel me! Yikes!). You might say that the molesting, religious entities are returning to their roots (grin); why the Aussies call it 'rooting'. I'm NOT kidding.

During this period of absolutely necessary transition, we can freely observe the reasons for the necessary transition. They won't stop until the whole world is The Island of Dr. Moreau. There's no way to approach these people and say, “Uh Buddy? You're going the wrong way, that way lies madness.” The reason that won't work is because they have ALREADY gone mad and not in the recommended fashion. This is the same reason you can't tell global energy executives; media and entertainment moguls, captains of industry, religious figureheads or any of the polyglot conductors and orchestras playing “Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor”. This is why things have to play out. Of course, there are many ways for it to play out. It can be egregious, or less than. Whatever the case may be, it will be selective. People are free to quarrel with me on this but I know what I hear from my sources and I trust my sources more than I trust anything else on this Earth, living or dead.

There is a very real war going on that involves ideals, or the lack of them along with words and pictures. There are those who want to Photoshop existence (as at the Boston Marathon bombing), the same way they want to create genetic monsters, the same way they have already Photoshopped history. Even the most respected institutions among the clueless are a part of the effort to misinform. Of course, these institutions have zero respect among those of us who respect ourselves. You can't respect yourself if you are all hyped up on believing what can't be true, cause you want it to be, or if you are manipulating social and scientific data, in order to legitimize something as natural; as perfectly exampled by the lady critiquing whatshername at the yoni touchstone link. You can't respect yourself, if you are canon fodder, for Israeli mercenary actions against those accused of terrorism or connection to terrorist acts when Israel has committed the majority of said terrorist acts. The news is out there. The news is coming out there about every one of their scams; Thank You, Mr. Apocalypse! In time the truth will out that Jesus was not Jewish. He was a Syrian. In time it will come clear that the Bible has been intentionally morphed, to serve the interest of those who hate everything it is supposed to stand for, so far as the New Testament goes.

The power that they have, to engage in their centuries old practice of evil, comes from a specific modality. I'll tell you a little tale. Though it is dramatized to an extent and though certain ancillary facts may be slightly different, the overall truth of the situation is, what it is. A long time ago, in more enlightened times; but not that enlightened, a certain wandering tribe of canny misfits, stole certain valuable occult informations from oh... let's say The Chaldeans, for the sake of argument (that is, if you wish to argue). This system operated for the purpose of communicating with the highest order, resident in The Devic Realm. The group of misfits I am talking about didn't have any interest in going that route but...they had a big interest in communicating with the infernal realms. Some of their high priests already knew about the coming age of darkness and those conditions suited them just fine. They were, 'down with that'. So it was, that they took this system and reversed it, in order to get all touchy feely with Old Scratch (you got an itch?). See, this system works both ways. I guess you would call this 'reverse engineering'. I'm going to hand out a few free tips (as if I haven't already) along the lines of maybe you'd like to consider the implications of Jacob's ladder. Just like the coat of many colors, it means something other than what it seems to mean. Many of the tales in that strange book mean something other than what they say. As has been stated in various wisdom teachings, there is one presentation for the gen pop and one for the initiates. Those who are initiates (and some do come around here) know that a large part of the transmissions are internal.

Anyway, this group of scoundrels has made hay in all the places where the sun don't shine because their methodology comes out of that same location. It accounts for their fecal obsessions, among other things. Most of what puzzles us, has readily available explanations and these can be discovered if... if one is honest with themselves to begin with and... free of the varieties of mundane and transitory fascinations that enslave the majority of the population. Once having achieved these minimum requirements you are good to go because 'the interpreter' steps into the vacancy created by the absence of all those thoughts warring in your mind. That war doesn’t have to be going on. A large part of that war is initiated by those operating the reversed Kabala. It makes it possible for them to work their very profitable industries, at the expense of the rest of the population. I've no problem indicting a whole race if the case be so. As it so happens it is not. One can say there is a higher percentage of miscreants in that demographic than is generally represented, across the board, in other groups ...but that is neither here nor there for the purpose of this posting.

People who come here are free to believe as they wish and to act with autonomy as far as I am concerned, ♫if you love someone, set them free♫ This works in tandem with the maxim (I assume there is one) that you cannot lose what is actually yours. All of our grasping and attachments are pointless but we are manipulated into this endless tug of war, so as to be rendered ineffectual for acting on our own behalf. Just as you need powerful and connected friends on this plane to make things possible for you to accomplish, you need associations in any and every theater of operation to accomplish the same. I'm amazed at the people who go racing off into unknown locations without possessing either a guide or a guidebook. How can you possibly define what you see and encounter? Of course, I originally did the same thing (grin). How would you know if it was friendly or inimical? Camouflage is a big part of this plane of existence. One can correctly assume that it is a big part of other theaters of operation.

As I have already said, in different ways, what is, is concealed within what is not. The propensity of anything to harm you, is directly relative to your fear of it. This is why those who think they are in power, utilize manufactured threats and ratchet up the fear. This negatively impacts on the human mind and emotions. It is as if they have implanted a control module in the human consciousness. This accounts for the epidemic of denial that proliferates ubiquitously but... then there is Mr. Apocalypse and Mr. Apocalypse is pulling the wraps off of the dirty doings and the creatures of darkness know they are under the pressure of a timeline that grows closer every day.

I'm wondering if those prostitutes that troll the perimeters of the cemetery, where the priest was advantaging himself of a little plug and play, pay for play, oral gratification, might not be zombie prostitutes, prostitutes of the undead. It's kind of fitting that it's taking place in a graveyard. The whole of the Earth is a graveyard and it's touch and go how many will have to go, when the worst of what a few are doing and the many are permitting, comes down upon them, as it will, as it will, for the purpose of demonstration. As true as it is that no one knows the hour, no one knows the locations either. One can readily presume that densely packed urban environments are definitely going to be Defcon 1. This is why they are surreptitiously herding people into these locations. They do this by eliminating the job opportunities and by making war on small farmers and small businesses.

The extent to which the corrupted and compromised will go has no real limits as best shown in the works of the redoubtable Dave McGowan. I don't know what's what, big picture wise. I don't know if I'm frozen in place, or the economics will turn right so that I can relocate. I am completely dependent on those mysterious workings. I've had to accept that. It's not always easy to be utterly reliant. It takes practice and a certain amount of eerie and spooky moments along the way. This pretty much comes with the territory to weed out the pretenders, day trippers, weekend warriors and fair weather dilettantes; how it is at the moment... over to you.

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I forgot to mention in yesterday's posting that this weekend's radio show is now up for streaming and download.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hypocrites, Disinfo Agents, Halfwits and the Big One.

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It's a beautiful day outside today; sun shining, birds singing. It's a perfect day to talk about cold blooded evil. Speaking of Irony and Hypocrisy (which we were not), let's bring to the fore this interesting bit about Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post Co. What's most interesting is not Bezos buying the paper and looking, long term to put himself on a par with Rupert 'the red-nosed' (Satanist) Murdoch. What's most interesting, is what one of the members of The Graham Family had to say about the sale and about Bezos, "Jeff Bezos' proven technology and business genius, his long-term approach and his personal decency, make him a uniquely good new owner for the Post." Awh... isn't that special. It is especially special in light of this and this lovely specimen of pure evil. What the heck, just google,'Amazon abuses workers' and here's the page(s) you will get.

When you look under the tarps and various concealments, used to hide evil from those who might notice certain long time connections between those who practice it, you see that it just gets denser, darker and... hotter, as well it should. When studying evil, it is important to keep in mind that evil likes to put on a respectable face. This makes it easier for it to engage in the disinfo and brainwashing that are hallmarks of its forte. We've long known that Alex Jones is a tool of Central Bankers Enterprise so... it should come as no surprise that his biggest apologist and cheerleader, Mike Adams is also an apologist and cheerleader, for issues dear to the heart of the poisonous vermin, assaulting the masses in this day and age. It should also come as no surprise that the two of these scoundrels are flush, seriously flush with greenbacks. Sincerity and penury often go hand in hand. Hypocrisy and high rolling do too.

The connections spark on the wires like a toxic matrix. Using the Six Degrees of Separation formula, you won't need anything near six to be able to link Jones and Adams with things like this. After all, if you're getting money from Rothschild sources and your lawyer is a Rothschild lawyer, how many duck characteristics do you need before you can hear the sound of more than one duck quacking? People are waking up about what's going on here. If you want to wade through it, here's all kinds of information about how to spot the nogoodnicks and no nogoodnick list would be complete without Greg Palast. Yeah, Greg is not one of the good guys. There are some who would say that about the authors of both of those last two links. I don't know about the first one but I am pretty secure in my respect and admiration for the second (grin).

Speaking of people who are cool and doing the hard and difficult work, there's Dave McGowan. His Programmed to Kill is an impressive work. His most recent extravaganza on the totally phoney Boston Marathon bombing is serious entertainment. He nails the perpetrators in photos and attendant commentary to such a degree... to such a degree that no more need be said. This needs to go viral but those who could bring it to wider attention like Alex Jones, Mike Adams, The Intel Hub, David Icke, are busy with their own forms of commerce. Maybe they are talking about it and promoting it? You'll need to direct me to that.

Of course, it all gets crazier and crazier and when you mention crazy, you know that shameless self promoter and megalomaniac, Don Imus has to be somewhere in the neighborhood. Why does someone say something like this? Do they have a point? Yes, the point is controversy. That's the point. Nothing lights up the phone wires like saying Jesus was gay,

Even though this was in yesterday's posting, it really needs to come back again. This is what the Tribe owned music business is generating for your edification and entertainment, along with Kanye West and of course the irrepressible Bloodhound Gang. There doesn't seem to be much question that that group is taking their playing orders from one Alphabet agency or another. The suave, fashion statement, being made by the celestially inspired Soulja, tells you all you need to know about the heights the culture is reaching in these late hours. Let's face it, all of these people are being given major face time and large cash influxes because the Tribe wants to promote the concept that stupid is the new intelligent. It's dumbing down in action and... if you don't like it you are an Anti-PC criminal, you're a hater (what a dumbass term). Playa hata, oh yeah, I see the gates of glory opening just up ahead, Hallelujah!!! Speaking of which, uh huh, it's right there in your face. It's right there.

As I mentioned in a comment recently and which the majority of you might have missed, since the majority of you don't go to the comments section, you got to look a little deeper into everything and anything because, you never know what you will find.

If enough people believe in an Anti-Christ, you will get an anti-Christ. If you're all hung up about the Marduk (Quack! Quack!) you got pages and pages you can read about it. Why not? If enough people want the Dajjal, they will get a Dajjal. If enough people want a Mahdi, they will get a Mahdi or some reasonable facsimile thereof. If enough people want a second coming, they will get one but they might not recognize it, since they didn't see the first coming to begin with.

Everything is mind born; thought born. Everything comes out of consciousness. Mathematicians have already proven what Invictus junkies are arguing about. The main problem with the human mind, besides the fact that it will be seriously limited for so long as it remains human, is what happens to it when the ego gets it's hands on it, as it routinely does. The unevolved ego (most egos) likes to fabricate a personal world view. This it does, regardless of the fact that it doesn't know squat and that most of what it comes up with, is comparable to what it produces when it goes into a squat. It fabricates this world view around the specificness of it's appetites and ambitions and out of this it gets a personalized reality.

There are very few people walking around, whose realities are free of the manipulations of appetite and ambition. Those who are, know that anyone they meet can hurt them and will hurt them, the moment they get between them and their appetites and ambitions. Therefore they have to develop a a sort of 'yes dear' reflex, a 'whatever you say' surface deflection system, to keep the hungry hordes at bay. Anyone who's ever performed on a larger stage, knows that sometimes the crowd looks like something you feel like you should throw raw meat at, instead of music; I'm not kidding.

So, what do you do, when you know it's all a joke and that everything you see, everywhere you've been, or will be on this plane, is passing from your view, even while you look at it, is temporary and terminal and doomed? Everyone you meet is a walking corpse, a short term flower that blooms and fades and then goes to dust. As the Preacher in Ecclesiastes puts it, “Vanity, all is vanity”. This is a hard cold fact. All of these things just mentioned are hard cold facts. You can't argue against them, as they are demonstrably proven, so... what the fuck are you doing? And... why are you doing it? You can do your own Jaywalk about this and get any number of variants on “Whut? Whut”? Speak into the mic.

Is there any question that people are lying to themselves 24/7? Is there any question of an odious and pandering atmosphere to that link posted, concerning Natural News and its host? Cui Bono in all its forms. Who does it benefit and who benefits me as a result? Does he say to himself, “I do all kinds of good work but in order to live my upscale lifestyle I have to cut deals with the moneychangers”? That kind of thing makes me sick. I would rather starve. I would rather pass my days here in relative obscurity and perpetually living on the edge, knowing that I will always be cared for by mysterious means, than to tell myself that it's okay to embrace a certain amount of deceit. You just have to conceal it well. You have to keep it out of sight but... you can't, can you? You can't

You can eat those canapés and tell yourself it's caviar instead of shit. You can acquire a taste for it. You can spend your hours in rooms with people like yourself, all of you sold out and bought off and willing to do whatever you have to do, to keep the gravy train coming by your house. Your masters have promised you that they'll run damage control for you and hey! Most people are so incredibly stupid and most people would do what you are doing anyway so; what's the big deal? What's the big deal? This is how it works. You want The Big One!

You got to have The Big One! Course you do, course you do.

I guess it all depends on whether you can live with yourself; whether you can sleep at night. I guess it comes down to whether you can resolve these conflicts that cannot be resolved. No one writes about that World War Two event like that, unless someone put a bug in their ear. There's no rational reason to use it in the context of an argument about baby killers, unless one of those heavyweights from baby killer nation told you to make the comparison.

I'd like to see an uptick in my fortunes; who wouldn't? But... at what price? Karma will find you one way or another, good karma, bad karma. Karma is definite and absolute and only the miraculous, or powerful grace, can see it bypassed. It could be that virtue is its own reward but surely there is a payoff for everything and one is better served, thinking in terms of service and not in terms of what you can get out of it anyway, by playing at the appearance of it. If you've invested iron pyrite, you will get iron pyrite. If you've invested tungsten bars, you'll get tungsten bars. All of this purpose of demonstration is going to take an unfortunate turn through Wall Street and the government offices of the world shortly. The cosmos has all kinds of time and comes out of the school of giving everyone enough rope and enough time. Tick tock, tick tock.

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The novel is just about ready to go to the editor, only a few more chapters to be read through and fine tuned. Thank god! Sorry about no radio show this week; too busy trying to get it all done and now I got to take off and go look at an environment to see if it's right for me. I'll be back in a couple three days.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lighting up the Bughouse in the Age of Looney Tunes.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Whew! I suspect we are entering the Age of Looney Tunes. Of course, in the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World outside of us, there is ample proof of this. For some period of time, I have been hearing from various readers that they have been seeing all kinds of examples of unstable behavior in their own small demographic. Now I am seeing it, apropos of nothing, cause I haven't done anything, except to stop doing certain things that I used to do. It's almost as if someone threw a switch somewhere and it has had the result of Lighting up the Bughouse in some people's heads. People who, obviously, weren't all that sane to begin with are now, more or less, certifiable. What causes this?

I'm glad you asked. This condition is brought about by a few things in general and- of course- there are some individual exceptions, which we have neither the time nor the interest in cataloging but... as to the general, when one is repressing something about themselves, or in terms of things externalized and mislabeled, ...sooner or later, the truth of the matter will break through at the point of the weakest link in the chain. It is inevitable. Saying 'I don't know' and... being truly certain of that, will protect you, even if things get a little unpredictable or tense on occasion. So long as you don't insist on being right; don't insist on having all the answers, don't live in the high and mighty land of 'my way or the highway', are not drowning in self righteousness... later to be given CPR by someone who doesn't realize that the first definitive evidence of a phony psychic is when they start talking about soul mates... uh, I expect you'll be okay, more or less (grin).

Welcome to the Bughouse. Oddly, it seems the saner I am getting, the crazier other people are behaving. I'm not a big fan of sanity because I see it as a distinct limitation but that's not a really big deal if you've already gone insane beforehand. The times when sanity is the greatest liability, is when you weren't granted an opportunity to step across the threshold of madness first. That's when you wind up what's called 'normal' and there's no vaccine for that that I know of.

All kinds of things happen to people, as a part of the aging process, when they are cemented into fixed perspectives that are so fixed they cannot change them, no matter what. Many physical maladies are expressions of particular mindsets. Arteriosclerosis is one. Strokes and heart attacks we all know about and anyone capable of two plus two equals four should be savvy as to the cause of these things.

Let's say that you have an opinion on a particular lifestyle being practiced by a certain amount of people in this day and age. These people have a big investment in this lifestyle. It is how they identify themselves and give value to themselves. This is why they will use every academic, medical and scientific system to legitimize that lifestyle. It isn't about whether it's true or not. It's about whether they can 'make it true. It's about whether they can make you believe it is true When people apply makeup with a garden trowel, all the while screaming, “this is the real me”! need to be able to do any one of three things; nod your head and say “yes dear, of course”, nod your head and say, “Yes dear, of course”, or turn around and walk out the door. Anything else is going to be problematic.

One of the biggest problems in the world, at this time, is that people cannot tell the difference in value between their skin and their possessions. Along with that, it can be safely assumed that 90% of the people on the planet, at this time, are far more interested in maintaining a false front, than they are in discovering who they really are. You want to test this? Head off down the street with a clipboard and ask a few hundred people, wherever you might find them, which would they rather have; a cold beer, a frosty mixed cocktail, or a hit of pure LSD. Next, you can head over to any particular university campus and ask the first few hundred guys you meet which they would prefer, were it possible; true love, a blow-job from the fantasy chick of their imagination or, a conversation with an enlightened being. Go anywhere and ask any amount of people (don't forget your clipboard) which they would rather be; rich, powerful or wise.

What kind of reading matter do 'most people' read? What television shows do 'most people' watch? What foods do 'most people' eat? What generic, pedestrian goals do most people pursue? Are you 'most people'?

It is as clear as clear can be that most people are not civilized. Most people are no more than a step or two away from being a dangerous beast. All you have to do is push the right buttons. Most people are not very smart. It's not like some number of us don't know this. It's not like we haven't been told by people who were pretty smart. Stupidity, as dumb and clueless as it may be, is actually a science.

Let's give the subject some thought. What could possibly be more stupid than war? It is a known fact that most wars are engineered by bankers for profit. Not wanting to accept this is called 'denial'. Anyone who WANTS TO KNOW, knows that Israel did 9/11. Most people do not want to know. Why? There are two main reasons; they are really fucking stupid or they are chickenshit cowards. They are also self centered,egocentric misanthropes, who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. You might have, very quickly, been able to see that the first two reasons have merit ...but the third may take a little longer. I'll leave it with you as to whether that dawns or not.

I enjoy posting the informational link to Israel being responsible for 9/11, as often as it occurs to me to do so. I enjoy doing it because it annoys those mentioned in the previous paragraph. A fellow who seriously objects to his own misconception of my position on the gay lifestyle, rather than coming at me directly on the matter, decided to chide me about jacking people up about Israel doing 9/11. It's his fantasy that this harms people. He even referred to the event as, 'one of the (snicker) most horrendous events in history'. The fact is that this is only a blind for his deeper resentment over the belief that I look at him as an unnatural life form. I don't think about it, if truth be known. I figure that everyone gets to be gay, a member of every religion, every color, both sexes and probably multiples of these and so much more. I state and explain and repeat myself over and over and the truly stupid among us that accidentally find their way here, are not content with understanding or trying to understand what my motivations are, no... they would rather snatch on to whatever portions of it have the potential to make them feel diminished, in respect of whatever illusions they use to define themselves by way of it. As in so many cases, spoken by me as a ventriloquist; it really is, “all about me”.

I object to political perversity. I object to brainwashing and I especially object to people making excuses for lacking conviction, along with even the minimum amounts of loyalty and integrity. Here's something you might want to keep in mind (I've got a whole lot of these). Next time someone leaves out of a room, to go home, go to the bathroom, go to the kitchen, outside for a breath of fresh air and someone or several someones, immediately starts talking about them, keep in mind that the same thing will happen when you leave the room. These same people will start talking about you.

I hammer on certain things because I see them as hugely important and as things that affect the tone and quality of our existence. 9/11 and the fact that Israel did it, is one of these things. Teaching kids in elementary school that homosexuality is not only normal but desirable is another. Letting corporations run roughshod over every tenet America was supposedly founded on is another. Allowing the poor and middle classes to be crushed under the feet of bankers is another. By now it should be clear what I object to and 'why' I object. There is nothing I object to that is an expression of the greatest good for the greatest number of people. There is nothing I support that is not for the greatest good for the greatest number of people. That's my own personal litmus test.

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