Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Darkness at the Break of Noon as the Dawn Breaks and the Dung also Rises..

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Given the utterly strange atmosphere and pending madness of the moment, a Visible Origami is out of the question and we must move directly to Smoking Mirrors.)

Where to begin? Where to begin? Let's start with the external and then gravitate to the internal. Finally we see it in all its gruesome, deep and toxic purple. Finally we see the extent to which Israel and the central bankers control the push of history and the course of events. Surely this is for the purpose of demonstration and that demonstration is having the impact intended for the purpose of its demonstration. For most of us, the world is not what we thought it was. For some of us, even our own world and our own life is not what we thought it was. It is possible that nothing is what any (but a very few) of us thought it was or is. No longer can we say, “it is what it is” because it is not what it is, no more than it was what it was. We are at that point in the song when the man sings, ♫darkness at the break of news♫, We are not yet at the point though, where he sings, ♫There is no point in trying♫ However, at any point we can say, ♫It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding♫ Except, except... it's not alright.

We now know what a feckless liar John Kerry and Chuck Hagel are. Whatever they have on Kerry must be truly no exit. We can have no doubt how corrupt Bwak! Obama is. There is a huge supporting cast in all of this and we will get to that and it's all connected but... for now, let's focus on the 'dung that also rises'. Let us focus on the shit that floats atop the spoiled milk of a gone dead hierarchy and the lack of leadership that kayaks around it. How desperate they are, goes without saying. The swine who are strategically placed are all doing as they have been told to. The obvious is the super obvious. The ultimate reason, besides ultimate control, is always connected to the money. Follow the money. Yes, it is truly apparent what pressure, of their own making, they are under. It all comes back to the same thing. Like I said, it all comes down to the money. Oh yes, follow the money.

I can hear the Armageddon Train blowing its whistle, as it comes down the grade. I can see the crazed eyes of the engineer and the conductor as they stare through the windshield of this out of control conveyance, making its way down the long incline, into the midst of it all. I can see the crazed and glazed eyes of the manipulators and strategists, in the control centers and switching yards, as they play with the dials and watch the big board of all things, arrange themselves decidedly not in their favor and precipitating the desperate actions of desperate men.

What it all comes down to is; who is really in charge? You can't be in charge, obviously, if you are not in charge and you can't be in charge if things are out of control. Does this make sense? It does to me. So, if they are not in charge, since things are out of control and they are being forced into desperate actions then... who is in charge? It's possible that the force behind all appearances of force and power is in charge and leading the Light (in the ass) Brigade into the Valley of Death. What we don't know is if there are only six hundred of them, or less, or more. What we do know is that the force that is herding and controlling them, ostensibly, or more likely, covertly, works for the one who actually does control everything and this... this, ultimately works out in our favor, should we care to believe and operate according to this possibility. Ultimately we are the beneficiary or victim of what we put our faith in. If what we put our faith in is faithless, well, that leaves us where?

It isn't my job to determine what others believe. My job is to provide options and what follows is the responsibility of where everyone presented with these options takes it. My job is also to choose my own options because that determines my ability and capacity to present options and to argue for or against, or possibly not even argue but simply present and let the recipient make the case, for or against, by observing themselves, others and the world around and... me, insofar as they understand me, or themselves, or others. In the end you are the result of the choices you make, no more or less than me, or others, or the world you see around you; plastic and amendable to the manner in which we perceive this. Take it for what it is worth or not worth to you, based upon the worth you place on yourself, on others and what you see and do not see around you.

It is altogether possible that, by this time next week, at this same time, the world will no longer resemble the world as we knew it, or thought we knew it.

Now on to me. For several years now, I have not understood many of the things that have happened to me. So many things did not make sense. The reason so many things did not make sense was because my perspective did not allow for the one consideration that instantaneously made perfect sense of everything. What will not make sense to many of you is that I cannot talk about any of it. Perhaps at some point in following times I can talk about it but, at the moment, that is impossible and imprudent, although I have written it all down, chapter and verse, with the overwhelming weight of evidence and placed it with a secure source; several secure sources, to be opened in case of 'whatever'.

I now know, to my great relief, that I was not responsible for any of the events of previous years, during my journeys and visitations, except in terms of my not seeing. So I have wandered in angst and confusion about what seemed so inexplicable in the face of my trying so hard. Boy, I tried hard.

What it comes down to is that I just didn't consider myself important enough for the trouble taken with me. I still do not know 'why' this trouble was taken with me. Sure, I can see many variables but... which variable is the correct variable or... are most of them applicable? I do not know, at present, how much of the situations and players are all a part of this. It could run so deep and comprehensive that the truth is staggering. It could go all the way back to before I came to this location. It is truly mind-blowing. It is also 'truly' a great relief. So much is clear to me now and I now know I'm a better man than I thought myself to be. I really am one of the good guys. No matter what follows, this can't be taken away from me, or expunged from my mind. Imagine, just imagine that you suddenly find out that almost nothing is what you thought it was and imagine, just imagine, how you might feel when you place that one missing piece into the puzzle and find that suddenly the whole picture changes in an instant and every other piece of the puzzle now makes a certain sense, in respect of the whole, that it did not make before.

Let me say, while there is time, I love you all very much, even the players as much as the played and... I certainly qualify as the latter. Imagine the impact of such a thing on me; the astonishment and yes, the humor of it all. You may well imagine that it has made me laugh. I would have laughed considerably more, had I not initiated a gallstone in the midst of the mix because I was so taken aback that I neglected to drink the proper amount of fluids. It seems at the moment that this is backing off. I hope so. The pain has been extreme. The good news is that I had some seriously effective pain medication. Even so... it's been noticeable. I can only wonder at what it would have been like, had I not had what I had. It seems to be backing off now. I can only hope. Such things can be serious, in worst case scenario.

I haven't written a posting in days because I have had to assimilate it all. I am still assimilating. I find it hard to look at what little I know so far. Every time I do, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Yes, I said, 'the final piece of the puzzle' but the reality is; as soon as the final piece of the puzzle fell into place, it magically created several more places, where new pieces are now missing because, when the final piece fell into place, the picture immediately expanded into a much greater size, due to the implications of the appearance of the puzzle, after what was not the final piece, in fact, fell into place. I am thinking that for some of you, this is pretty clear, at least in the overall suspicions. Perhaps it even serves to make sense of what you know about me and have heard about me over recent years. For some, this will be quite mystifying but... given the work the subconscious does, it is only a matter of time before your own puzzle gets backlit by the light of revelation. All things in time my friends and... I do believe you are my friends, ultimately, you are all my friends.

To paraphrase the good book, “We war not against clever and doomed fools in high and invisible places but also against ignorant, low brow idiots in low places. These feckless deluded nimrods are no less responsible for our condition than the butt hairs in the ethers. Then you've got the really twisted freaks, present to fascinate the cretins among us. Programmed embarrassments like this, are the logical outcome of the loins of a Billy Ray Cyrus, whose one hit wonder consists of something like “Achy Breaky Heart”. This is why Visible doesn't use Twitter. Sure I would be better known and more pervasive if I did but what would that pervasiveness consist of? Right. Yes, the sort of people who can only manage 144 characters; the Twits from Twitter and my... how many of them there are.

I've leave you with a question; why would someone who advertises building websites use a horrible purple background in which you can't read the links because the color is nearly the same? Obviously it would be someone who didn't want the business.

I'll leave you swimming in mystery as I do the backstroke into whatever future remains.



End Transmission.......

Sorry about no radio show this past week. There will be one coming, if there is one (grin).


Anonymous said...

So... About a week ago I was having a few beers and it was becoming late. Sitting in my room of refuge, I found myself looking at a small scented candle that I had lit and was watching how the flame darted left and right and it's reflection on the glass behind it did the exact opposite.

Suddenly God said to me, "it's perfect isn't it? Total balance."

I really like it when He strikes up these conversations. We chatted for a while longer and, I don't Remember the exact words, but, He then tells me that the events in my life have all been absolutely perfect.

Of course I say that You've gotta be kidding me! C'mon. I've screwed up In major big ways.

He basically said. "Nope. You didn't do any of it, I did. I made you do all those things that you've regretted all these years. Now that you know this... You don't have to feel any guilt or regret about any of it ever again."

And today Vis, you write this. Wow! Talk about synchronicity. I always think I just imagine these things, but I don't suppose I'll argue that today.

Thanks Brother.


Visible said...

Yeah... how it is too.

the gardener said...

Dude! How presciently insane your post is to me! *grins*

I spent the evening last night perusing Philip K (for Kindred!!!) Dick's bios and read about 20 of the bios of his books. So inspiring writer wise. So juicy and funny in their constructed madness. Surreality.. which is what it is vs 'reality'.

I saw a reference today off a link from rense about the scientists 'putting the pieces of the puzzle on schizophrenia' 'they've got the outside pieces all in place' so a 'puzzle' motif or meme is working itself out in the group consciousness and/or individually...


So between Philip K (for Kindred really!) Dick and the scientists who have gotten some chemical/genetic pieces of puzzles working out for them (lol-scary) and the 'revelations Pope Benedict had from God'... (read comments)


I predict with each passing day more and more will be opened to the 'puzzle pieces leaping into place' 'making sense of the senseless in their lives' and as more and more have 'revelations' that 'awaken' them to what really matters more and more scientists and geneticists and psyche maniacs will be diagnosing 'schizophrenia' and more and more will be moved onto the rolls of the tomb dwellers or roles of 'tomb dwellers' or what it was specifically he called them from a shrink's works he referenced.

LOTS of 'schizophrenia' talk on rense-more than ever.

I've had a lot of interest astrologically in schizophrenia, ever since my first visions as a child told me to do so (joke)... BUT I do know that the so called 'spiritual awakening' 'shredding of the veils' will allow many many to have such outrageous visions and voices directing that a diagnosis and awareness of 'schizophrenia' to be used as an excuse for ROUND UP... will be utilized-set up is underway with such investigations by the scientists. ha!

the gardener
(seeing the impacts of your solar return in these heavily charged times is good)

Visible said...

Oh yea people, because of an extended visit here I was unable to give the final attentions to my novel so I will be about a week late. I am working on it now and you will have it shortly.

Anonymous said...

"...who is really in charge? You can't be in charge, obviously, if you are not in charge and you can't be in charge if things are out of control."
Just brilliant. Effing brilliant.
As you say, they are truly wide-eyed desperate. Eternal life belongs to those who align with the light, and the Kerrys and Kissengers and Hillarys of the world who cling to the dark will be dragged down to hell by demons just like Don Giovanni.

"...In the end you are the result of the choices you make..."
I try to wrap my mind around 'faith'.
Faith is a choice...as far as I can tell.

"...events of previous years, during my journeys and visitations, except in terms of my not seeing....I can see many variables but... which variable is the correct variable..."
And I ask myself, how did I get here?...how do I work this?
It is truly a theatre of all possibilities.

"...I really am one of the good guys. No matter what follows, this can't be taken away from me..."
Yes you are Les, yes you are.
Someone said...And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of those that he has given me...

Be well Les. Thank you for your efforts.

Finally, "...ultimate reason, besides ultimate control, is always connected to the money. Follow the money". I had to laugh.
45 years ago a (then) 75 year old and man told me the same thing about the same parasites. He was a truly good old man, God rest him.

-steve in h-town

dirtykid© said...

There must be something in the air... Just yesterday I was struck right between the eyes by nothing at all... I blinked and for a moment, in the darkness of my eyelids lay the entire universe followed by an overwhelming calm.

This followed up with more of the same for several minutes (or nano-seconds, because I was alone and could not perceive if I even drew an entire breath during this experience) until it struck me that I couldn't feel my body... Not in a numb or not sore and achy kind of way, but almost in a sense that it had never been there to begin with, and that it did not matter.

I find myself here over 12 hours later having an almost 'giddy' energy despite having very little 'asleep time' last night. Few "words" even begin to describe what I am still trying to decode from the experience which I suspect occurred in much less 'actual time' than I had perceived passing... (not that my mind has ever been very good at perceiving time nor sequencing it to it's proper order of events in memory... No remembering I got divorced after I got married and not before required actual effort on my part. I understand I'm not 'drain-bammaged' but that this is a drawback function of my perception and left-right brain interactions).

I hope this makes sense, because it does to me for reasons I can't seem to accurately explain...


Anaughty Mouser said...

Lots of brotherly love coming your way for this post. A beautiful mind.


Anonymous said...

(train) Bound For Hell by Love and Rockets

galen said...

Each a king unto himself, each a queen unto herself. This is what they would not have us know. Some kings and queens think they're special, and some are, because they make themselves special having enormous amounts of love to give, and other tools that offer possible ways out. Sometimes their loneliness propels them to do greater things than they ever imagined they could do. They watch over their kingdoms with great benevolence and gusto; many good things transpire. From time to time the crown is surrendered, even to the dunce-cap. But the real king never sleeps; nor the real queen. Every moment holds the reigns of the next. But oh, look who's riding beside!! All of humanity, the jewels and dregs. And dogs and chickens, and ants and. . . everybody. Sinners and sleepers and spinners of boons. None not a king; none not a queen. Hierarchy is temporary. Leadership shifts and shifts back again and then again. The dregs are teaching the saints. Today in Syria, kings and queens watch. Many will take up their crown and be what they are. All other kings and queens must support them against those who have forgotten their royal roots and in their deep insecurity kill and steal and kill and steal.

"It is altogether possible that, by this time next week, at this same time, the world will no longer resemble the world as we knew it, or thought we knew it."
-- Les Visible

Good Day, Your Majesties, I Bow To Your Capabilities,
The Queen of Sorts

Anonymous said...

ah yes,the puzzle,
of who we really are

we search
the whole world over

to find we needn't
look so far

for in our heart's
we find us

and in every
one that we meet

god split us,
apart at birth

to find, that we
win in defeat

Ray B. said...

Vis: "It is altogether possible that, by this time next week, at this same time, the world will no longer resemble the world as we knew it, or thought we knew it."

From a 'bat-shit insane' point of view, that is indeed possible. What I call the 'Turning' has been trickling in, rather than in one fell swoop. I keep checking in with Higher Self on the matter, and whatever it is has between a third and a half already 'arrived'. Perhaps that is related to your recent self-realization. (Congratulations, by the way... grin) This 'form' of entry is not what I had half-expected, so I am as mystified (grin) as anyone else. Personally, it feels like everything is slightly 'out of phase', with a resulting 'Oh, crap!' and 'Finally!' undertone. We shall see...


Vis: "What it comes down to is that I just didn't consider myself important enough for the trouble taken with me. I still do not know 'why' this trouble was taken with me."

Simple. You were Worth It (grin). That form or amount of 'support' is truly unsettling to our conditioned natures. I had a hard time accepting it, too.

"I really am one of the good guys."



Sorry about your possible gallstone. Good wishes...


dirtykid©, August 27, 2013 4:11:00 PM

Very cool experience! Perhaps the 'influx' is bringing that out...

I had something like that a few days back. I was doing energy work in the morning, and suddenly realized that I had no idea (literally) where 'home' was. I had to kind of 'scrunch down' whatever state I was in, get down (again literally) to Earth, and follow major landmarks and highways to my home. Then, the state 'released' and I knew where I 'was'. Unsettling, but cool...


the gardener, August 27, 2013 3:22:00 PM

When I was doing the psychology (NOT psychiatry) side some decades back, there was a 'war' on. One camp saw 'schizophrenia' in a more holistic way, perhaps a manifestation of conditioning, double-binding, etc., or even with a (gasp) psychic or spiritual component trying to work itself through. The other camp saw it as a 'physical' condition to be hacked at or sawed at or dosed into acceptability. Not much has changed, except that the latter camp has seemingly gained ground in this pill-popping world. Again, we'll see.

Greetings to all, especially John V / brokenbeat...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Hypothesis: Israel is going to attack Iran while US-NATO is doing a limited strike on Syria. The corporate media will say Iran was attacking Israel to defend Syria.

"Steinitz is pushing for war with Iran because it is confident several Western powers including Saudi Arabia would back its attack on the Islamic Republic.
He believes that an Israeli attack on Iran could cripple Iran 'within a few hours.”' The report also said that Israel does not need permission to attack Iran from the U.S.:

Steinitz refused to talk about potential Israeli plans for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, but he did reject reports about Washington vetoing an attack. 'Israel doesn’t need a green light or a red light,' he said, noting that US President Barack Obama has said the Jewish state needs to be able to defend itself by itself. 'Between Israel and the US there is a relationship of mutual respect.'

How could Israel achieve this within a few hours?

By using nuclear bombs as was done on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I hope my intuition is incorrect. But how else is the zionist new world order going to go forward?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I've experienced transcendental moments which preclude good and bad.

THE goal is that much more obvious and desirable.

And I'm one of the bad guys..

David Widner said...

Hi V / All,

Either way the 'Phoenix' is going to rise.

I will be fully meditating on the 'service to others' route.

This kundalini experience has pretty much killed the lower nature, inside, you know, where the kingdom is. Well if the Kingdom is within that's where the battles are also.

I love you Vis!!!

All my love to everyone!

Love, David Paul Widner

missingarib said...

Vis, it gets to where one needs a shot of something to steady the nerves.
The frame of the puzzle is sure. when one start sorting through the hues and colors and shades and shapes of the inner pieces that make up one's life that we recognize that we aren't always clear what circumstances and challenges change us .Where ,how,does the piece fit?
The finally pieces we leave it to others to assemble .( sigh).

Therein is the rub for as William Shakespeare said The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.

live long

Anonymous said...

Since they won't stop until we all go gay, I'm going to suggest some new nicknames for some of the major professional sports teams here in the USA. Let's just get it over with - they won't be happy until we're all dressed in pink and blowing the family dog.

Some NBA team nickname-changes that need to be made immediately -

San Antonio Sperms
Miami Meat
Milwaukee Fucks
Cleveland Cavaqueers
Oklahoma City Plunder
Utah Jizz
Golden State Whorriors
Sacramento Kinks
Memphis Jizzlies

Some NFL team nickname-changes that need to be made immediately -

Green Bay Fudge Packers
Cleveland Brown-Eyes
Tampa Bay Fuckaneers
Oakland Gayders
Dallas Plowboys
San Francisco 69-ers
New England Gaytriots
New Orleans Taints
Cincinnati Bungholes

Some MLB team nickname-changes that need to be made immediately -

New York Spank-Me's
Boston Red Cocks
Toronto Blue Gays
Milwaukee Screwers
St. Louis Hardinals
Pittsburgh Ass Pirates
Minnesota Twinks
Houston Ass Trolls
Baltimore Gloryholes

Whew! I feel better now. Don't you?

Micky said...

Vis for the past two - three weeks on what seems like a daily basis I have found myself reading something and then saying "see what have I being saying for years" It's like an unveiling.I get the impression that you feel like the egg timer for humanity is running out,the signs seem to be there as the demons running the show are getting a massive hard on from the thought of the blood letting they are about start,I shudder to think what's in store, still at least we won't end up pishing ourselves in the nursing home so every cloud(gallic shrug) I hope to read you again soon and if not don't fall out with the fallout it's just the result of greed,corruption and a collective tribal hard on

Anonymous said...

Count me in as a friend on a soul level, dear vis! Every gain in awareness (like realizing your true qualitity as being one of the good) cannot be taken from us - and thats about the comfort that must suffice for the tougher days to come in our all lives.
Self-enhancing puzzle, that's a precise description of a searchers life (smile).
These days truly are eye opening for those who look, something is going on, it feels like to Good Friend behind the scenes is more active at the moment, helping with our growth.
Love, Chaukee

dirtykid© said...

Mouser: sounds ridiculously plausible, especially if the U.S. actually manages not to implode by attempting to attack Syria (probably just wishful thinking on my part)

Oh, and I just re-read everything and realized I never mentioned this last time:

"What it comes down to is that I just didn't consider myself important enough for the trouble taken with me. I still do not know 'why' this trouble was taken with me"

Why is pretty simple. There is a small portion of people who naturally and unconsciously reject the programming inherent to almost every aspect of everything (I affectionately refer to this as 'static' due to the fact that I can't find any better term, or because I've worked in an office full of white noise generators and often felt I was falling over sideways while there... Mindnumbing and almost incapacitating, that place was.)... That alone is not really a cause for alarm, but rather that you employ a certain creativity and complete disregard for whatever the presently self-inflicted taboo of the day happens to be which inspires others to both find their own voice and their own creativity. That you INSPIRE OTHERS, is of great concern to those who operate from the shadows, and likely greater even concerns to those entities and false deities worshiped by those operating from the shadows.

Don't ask me where that came from... I still have this strange energy about me from yesterday


Farmer said...

1 answer leads to 10 questions, and the why is usually more interesting, than the way itself.

Of course, something inside us never allows for the why to be realized, due to the intentional hiding, to gives god something to be surprised about.

Surprises are nice, when the alternative is mediocre matter, and infinite omnipotence.

What fun would God have in such an environment?

That is why a great teacher once hung around the "so called dregs" of society.

More life around, fun, sincerity, and good cheer.

Another great teacher said that he would know that Humanity had progressed, if upon his return, the places of spiritual teaching were empty, and no one needing a doctor.

howisthere42 said...

Dont be sad les
I love you

Old reader said...

Dont know why my comment didnt go thru earlier. Anyway lv, you are forever my favorite,amd always will be one of the good bad and bad good guys on this earth. It has its price. It has its reward. You accept to pay and you pay to accept. And i wouldnt want to see you lose sight of you in the process of this leveling event. Stay locked and loaded, in that order ;)

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz

You paint a vivid and accurate picture of our contemporary landscape.

Lets all go back to a perspective prior to our choosing to come here at this interesting time on earth.
This time was viewed as one of the greatest of all time reincarnation opportunities for each of us and we did back flips to be here and now. All the actors have been assigned and are playing their predetermined roles to perfection.

It would be a loss if any of us missed what was perceived to be of value from a much wider perspective. So that each of us gets it, my advice is that we not get too worked up in the meme noise and keep an eye our personal source connections. Get some quite time in nature and keep away from the drama queens. Top up your prepper stocks, fill the gas and water tanks, keep some cash on hand and enjoy the ride close to your loved ones.



Aunt Franny said...

All right, even though the insane may do something insane, this is not a time to enter the Powerless Zone.

Here's a really great meditation to ponder:

You see the web of threads connecting all the controllers, warmongers, bankers, armaments makers, and all the Shadows lurking behind them. You gather the threads in your spiritual hands, gather them into a bunch, jerk it HARD up into the air, and you shake it REALLY HARD so that all the figures in their expensive suits clank together. And you yell at them: STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!

Aunt Franny

spiller23 said...

The timely relevance of this posting to my personal thoughts and feelings, brought a tear to my eye such was the weight of my emotions.

Why are we all feeling the same, thinking the same, pondering the same, asking the same, at the same times? The answer to that question appears to be truly wondrous.

Love to all you brothers and sisters.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

A-Listing and Immanentizing the Eschaton in Blowjob Heaven.

xtiml said...

oh if you are having gall stones or like pain under lower right rib cage do the cleanse of appe juice for three days then a day of 1 glass lemon juice and olive oil and soem epsom salts , it worked good for me the formua is on line easy to find regards.

Visible said...

Yes, I know that one. thank you! Already planned.

PK said...

Pinpoint to the Pacific...Les, I still know for an absolute fact, that the Urantia Book is not only a masterpiece of cosmic literature(Jimi called it his cosmic candy store), but the master 'piece' to the global and universe jigsaw puzzle. Just sayin', it's wasn't the fruit of an evil tree, like some abc agencies that produced "a course in miracles". Miracles is a tribal trait. The Book gives the goods for those with eyes to see and spiritually saturated inner life.

Anonymous said...

Why eye man vis,
Great to here from you again, likewise...!?!
Congrats on becoming top bloke for 2013 after scooping the same award last year!
If you havn't received last years trophy yet (?) I can reassure you it is on its way via self deprecated sources the last I heard (grin).
This years trophy unfortunately has a short consummation due to an over eagerness on the sponsorship side, however look out for it, its made of glass would make an ideal container for volumes of up to a pint (grin)! So here's a toast of celebration to a top bloke! (Gulp, aahh, slurp).
Cheers vis, your creative inspiration has helped getting those guitar strings purring again! I might even cover a few of yours truly!
Hey, I cant stay, ive got a petri-dish to get to!
Thanks vis, see you in a bit over there then eh, lol...

Anonymous said...

Some of the things you wrote about, such as the "final piece of the puzzle" never seeming to be the final piece, but it just keeps getting bigger - is just what I would have wrote.+JMJ+

Anonymous said...

Les, we had a good time in the '60s and '70's. It was fun to feast on the old structures that were falling apart. All of that was designed.

Now that the structures are gone we are growing frightened. I drive through the inner city and see a new generation there, feral and without reserve. They are being fed and they have the money for their cell phones and cars. This too is by design. They are paid to breed and they don't fear jail. The Tribe determines their culture and maintains it–a culture of banditry and pimping, feeding off the dwindling fisc.

The obese idiots with white skin in the suburbs are repulsive too. There isn't much difference between these two groups.

I see now through the "pro-choice" propaganda, which was designed for middle class white females. That is the Tribe's objective: the dissolution of the white race through race mixing, abortion, culturecide, cynicism, de-industrialization and consumerism. "Desegregation" was designed by Jews to destroy white communities. So is Zangwill's "melting pot" myth.

I see no payoff in race mixing. None.

Good essay, Les. You nail things better than anyone I read.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Climbing Jacob's Ladder in WTF Country.

micky said...

Les you have to watch this a man with integrity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Han5fgzy4KU&feature=youtu.be

Anonymous said...

I know who isn't in charge and it isn't the elite it would seem. They know a whole lot better than to TRY to start a new war on a waning moon. Maybe they want to shed an old country like the US or perhaps a reputation or maybe credibility. Not sure who's captaining that ship but it seems it's headed for an ice berg.

the gardener said...

Being one subjected to delayed reactions for the most part-I was dwelling today on Mrs Heinz 57-Kerry's hospitalization for 'seizure proneness' or some such bs just last month July 7th ish and low and behold Mr Mormon mouthpiece, Glenn Beck, expressed disbelief in her 'critical condition' AND even the hospitalization of her due to Kerry's lies about being in Egypt when he was really on his yacht... games of those bonesman!

They are such stupid meatbags with absolutely no governors holding them back in their most outrageous lies.

here's a link for Beck's dismissal of the liar

Crazy times lead to crazy lies by crazy liars... lol

the gardener

PS-regardless of how obviously connected/related all of the players are-that Kerry carries a "D" next to his name is enough for Beck's fans to revile him! lol!

howisthere42 said...

Thank god we finally have a real voice in parliment.What a champion.Now they might have a bit of a clean out of the dead wood ,put them all in jail and re-educate them in truth and justice if that is at all possible.All I hope is they now start feeding the starving and building shelter for the pore souls that have been persicuted by the jewish porn brokers and there sick and twisted fan club. God will not save us armegedon will not save us we must save ourselves.
Clean them out know before everyone falls asleep again.And when it is done mark the day with a world wide holiday just so everyone remembers what has been done to us all and what we are going to do as a united world to be exactly that.
As for the jews it is clearly written in the bible.Jesus will have his way with them.




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