Wednesday, July 27, 2022

"When One is Seriously, in A Determined Fashion, Walking The Path of Love, Angels Become Your Steady Companions."

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It is fascinating to watch The World go through its changes. Of course... you'd have to be around for longer than the span of an ordinary human life to get the real feel of it. Some of us... a very few of us... are around for extended lengths of time. Anyone identified- in a more complete sense- with the source of all life, does expand the range of their existence by becoming more and more unified with The Ageless One. I suspect that dispassion would be one of the enduring characteristics of such an entity.

If you have a deathless consciousness, then... you are able to transit from life to life with no interruption of awareness, AND also appear and disappear AT WILL. I will put the link to Chapter 43 of Yogananda's autobiography in the links below, in case you haven't read it yet or... forgotten that you have.

Such events are far more common than you might imagine. They just aren't done for public viewing. Just because you can do something does not mean you should or... even that you will be allowed to for any length of time. There are invisible cops just as there are visible cops; as above, so below.

Egypt is an occult metaphor for the realm of Magic. You sort of have to go DOWN there for a time, BUT... you are advised not to stay or... allow yourself to be drawn into The Dark Splendor. All these abilities can turn into confinements, and... can result in the loss of all that is precious to you.

There is a reason that members of The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order are noted for only one ability. That is the ability to heal. Most of everything else can get you into trouble. Heck! Healing can get you into trouble... if you wind up going sideways to The Lords of Karma. You must be, more than anything else... Aware of the possible consequences BEFORE you act.

Patanjali, in his aphorisms, explains the siddhis (powers) that come from the practice of SPECIFIC austerities and disciplines. I have read it several times, BUT... it never proved relevant to me. I am not after magical powers and the ones I have... are... for the most part, in a blind trust. I am reminded of something I read somewhere, and have NEVER forgotten;

There are two paths one can walk; The Path of Knowledge, and The Path of Love. Those who walk the path of knowledge, no matter how accomplished they become, MUST return again to walk The Path of Love. Those who walk The Path of Love first, have all that is a part of The Path of Knowledge added automatically to them on the completion of their route.

Kind of sounds like working at The Post Office.

The Path of Love comes with an abundance of powers and magic. One discovers them to be actual associates at a certain point. ALL of the various powers of Light and Love are represented by angels. When one is seriously... and in a determined fashion walking The Path of Love... these angels become your steady companions. They are never far off.

The entirety of the roles played in manifest existence are contained in two separate modalities. One is demonstrated by self-interest. The other is demonstrated in selfless service. Love is given away without thought. This is precisely what The Sun does. It is radiating Love. It does not think about who gets the love. It doesn't withhold it in any case. It just loves through... the... shining... of... love.

That love travels on invisible currents to all living things, even those that reside within The Earth are reached by this love. This love gives... abundant life. Love is the blood that travels through the circulation system, to every area of existence in The Grand Body of the Ineffable.

It sustains all life... even the most wretched life, trapped in the prisons of its own design.

It is a relentless ambition in life to gain power over the lives of others. You see this demonstrated in every field of human endeavor. You see it in sporting contests. You see it in the political arena. You see it in the marketplaces of The World. You see it everywhere, BUT... where it is seldom seen is in the mirror when you look at yourself.

Far too few of us seek the power of Self Control. This confers... absolutely... power over others. Those seeking only power are going in the wrong direction. It has ALWAYS been available, just not in the areas where most people look for it. When your motives are wrong, you are tricked into the wrong directions for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

You are seen coming from a long way off, regardless of the direction you are headed in. You can think of the various realms of existence, both visible and invisible as suburbs of The City of God. Wherever you land, the land is ruled according to the nature of the inhabitants it contains. There are hot and steamy regions. There are cold and forbidding heights. This is true... visibly and invisibly. You gravitate to the land of your appetites. You are d-r-a-w-n there via the electromagnetics that order life according to where you are.

When your nature is carnal you will find yourself in the hot and steamy regions, even... if... it... is... only... in... your... mind. Sooner or later... via the divine principle of Precipitation, The World in your mind WILL form around you... one way or the other. People aspiring to The Heights should consistently remind themselves of the possibility of a great fall. It happens. Many are called, few are chosen. This brings us back to The Dynamics of Power. How many people make the NFL, and even when they do... how long do they remain?

The same can be said for success in politics and the marketplace, and everywhere else. It is a feeding frenzy of ambition and hunger; how bad do you want it? This you WILL find out.

Let me qualify the comment about personal powers and some of them being in a blind trust. ALL of us have many abilities that are unknown to us. We have the fruits of many previous lives, stored away. They are not accessible, USUALLY. You can fish for them in the depths of your submerged being. Will they be a blessing or a curse?

However... as one treads the path of The Spirit, more and more of ourselves is revealed to us, AND... if we are not pushed or do not fall from The Heights, the way comes... more and more... into densities of conscious light. Find a competent teacher. Do not even think of making your way on your own. Without guidance, you WILL get lost.

Neither the beginning nor the end of your journey can be seen from here, BUT... all that needs doing must get done here. Otherwise... you come back. Many are not even trying... and Times of Material Darkness bring grim opportunities to get stuck somewhere at every turn in The Road... and there... tormented... until someone frees you.

Death is most often used in these situations. MANY marvels are concealed beneath and above The Visible Spectrum. Heh heh... sometimes you have to feel your way.

If and when you walk The Path of Love, you will make powerful friends... invisible friends. In times of need, they appear. I can DEFINITELY attest to this. Let us say that one drinks all the time. The companions you have are very likely to do the same. Should you stop drinking, your companions change, and your former companions are often no longer even remembered. What you do defines what you are, AND... all of this is seen by the interested parties in The Invisible Realm.

Once again, let me quote Master Aivanhov; “If you could only see who is having lunch while you are having sex, you would become very careful about your practices.” Materialists scoff at this. People who know it all are filled with scorn because it doesn't meet their criteria for existence. Woe is them, further down the line.

Bad habits are cute when they are small. We feed our bad habits, and indulge the weak sides of our character, AND... what do you know? When you feed something it gets bigger. Eventually, it gets too big for you to control it, and that is when the monkey on your back turns into a gorilla.

Change is often tough; Difficulty at the Beginning is an I-Ching hexagram. It is a real thing in the tossing and turning, up and down conditions of life. It takes a lot of will to accomplish certain changes, AND... to... sustain... them. You have to go to the one who is The Repository of The Cosmic Will and ask for a loan. If you want it for the right reasons, authorization is guaranteed.

Walking The Path of Love may seem to be a diminishment of your personal powers. It can lower your profile when you cease to compete on The Playing Fields of Temporal Power. However... in reality, there is no power greater than love, PERIOD. You give it all away and it is all given back to you, like it or not, so... you give it all away again, and again, and again. Who is able to do this? God does it all the livelong day through The Sun. You could do the same. That is real power.

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Friday, July 22, 2022

"A Child's Mind Does Not Sit and Worry About the Coming Night. The Child Dances in The Sun, Alive... in... That... Moment."

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Yesterday... N.Y. Interim governor Hochul made some comments about her opponent in the upcoming election. She called Zeldin, the Republican candidate, a white supremacist, and a great many other names, also implying that he was working to raise an army against all that is good and decent. I can't remember the exact statements.

Anyway... she told her supporters to head over to Zeldin's campaign stop, and let him and his supporters hear about it from her good and decent supporters; like the morons outside the homes of The Supreme Court Justices. So... some of them went over, and one of them went with a punch knife and tried to attack Zeldin.

Yesterday... I saw in the news, at several locations, about Governor Hochul's call to violence against her political opponent. This morning, I went looking for an article to link to this posting, and... it's all been scrubbed. At least it has from The Crass Media. (I found some and they are below)

Is this not basically what Trump is being accused of in the dog and pony show trial about 1/6? Why... yes it is. There is no evidence of Trump having done any such thing. There is plenty of evidence that Hochul did. I saw the transcript. More and more, it seems, that nothing short of revolution is going to bring any positive change to this country. I didn't say WHAT KIND OF A REVOLUTION. An awakening would be a kind of revolution.

It doesn't give one a positive perspective on the moment... if you are looking through the lens of Material Culture. Let us, instead, search for the tracers of light that are breaking within us and into the darkness of this world. If your attention is focused on, and being shaped by The Lying Media, it is probable by now that you are suffering some form of depression, bordering on despair... or on your way to joining The Lunatic Fringe, which... is no longer only the fringe, but... most certainly still lunatic.

It's not looking good. Every day, I hear from people trying to hold on; trying to hold on to their center, while The World is losing its own. Either your faith is strong or it is not. The degree of your faith determines the level of your well-being. A child's mind does not sit and worry about the coming night. The child dances in The Sun... alive in that moment, and... uplifted by their temporary innocence.

Apparently... you have to lose that innocence in order to realize the value of it. When one reacquires their innocence, by cutting their attachments to Material Culture, it is called Regenerated Innocence, and it is attended by a security detail of Wisdom, Understanding, and their associates. It is the witting and unwitting embrasure of impurity that causes the loss of innocence. It proves a lot harder to get it back than it was to lose it.

I suppose I could sit here and be outraged the whole day. There is more than enough seeming injustice and random violence loose in The World, for me to get caught up by in my head. From one website to the next, my spirits could sink ever lower, and... taking a shower will not wash the images of corruption out of my mind.

The biggest problems come out of the idea that you can do something about it all. Whatever you can do won't be enough. The more of it that you see, the more it will stain your being from the contact with it, BUT... somebody... has... to... do... something!!! Right? Right??? The World... is The World The World. If you can properly understand that statement, it would explain everything. Sometimes... life goes merrily, merrily, and... sometimes it does not. You can't adjust it. You have to adjust yourself.

The World has ALWAYS been corruptible. In Times of Greater Light, this feature is held at bay, BUT... it's still there. That which disintegrates through the agencies of Time and The Elements ALWAYS trends toward corruption... meaning, it... is... not... incorruptible. In Times of Material Darkness (like now) corruption runs deep. This is ALL part of a cosmic play. Kali Yuga is not a one-time affair. It comes round, and round, and round again, and again. You might say, it is in the nature of things.

Knowing this... what can a person do? Outrage gets you nowhere good. Weeping is for losers; go ahead, cry me a river. Laughter is at least cathartic. I trend toward Ho Ti in this regard.

In Athens, once upon a time, the countryside was so rife with varieties of philosophers that... someone said;

“At any time of day, you could come to a bridge over The Ilisos River and hear, on one bank, a man weeping over the fate of Humanity, and... on the other bank... another man laughing about it.”

I forget who said it. I keep thinking it was Heraclitus, but... I don't know. That is how it is. I could go to any city in the country today and find variations of the same and a great deal more.

Personally... I don't laugh about it, and I don't cry over it because... The World, is The World, is The World. I KNOW as I grow ever more devoted to and resonant with The Divine, I will come, more and more... to appear in his world, and become less visible in this world unless... there... is... a... good... reason... to... be... visible.

As you detach from The World, you become less and less a part of it. Some of us are highly visible in the affairs of the day... politicians... the rich and famous... the celebrities that flit like moths around the Klieg lights. This is where the attention of The World is focused. Some of the more prescient, proactive, or paranoid... have relocated to off-grid shelters... gone to Thailand or Costa Rica. The ones with money went to Singapore and Vancouver. Then there is Switzerland... The Caymans... Fiji.

Some of those places are in The Storm Channels. Some are staid and dour locations where they've been at it for a long time. Money insists on being taken seriously, AND... there are mountains of money, so... people talk more in whispers... like they are at a golf tournament or an execution.

Money likes it quiet. It doesn't call attention to itself unless it is Nouveau Riche and... soon to be poor. Money attracts invisible entities. As long as you are comfortable in their company... well... I guess you'll be okay for a while. At least until the meter runs out, AND... if you can continue to top up the meter, well... what me worry?

The World works a certain way... OVERALL... OVER TIME... OVER AND OUT. It can be groovy and it can be Freddie Kruger Time. You're like a piece on a game board. You look different from the other pieces so that you can be identified, and... (you can't tell the players without a scorecard!) Let's call your identity your character, and let's call your character your fate. Certain SPECIFIC things are going to happen to you on The Board, due to your character and fate. Some of you need to get off the board, BUT... you... don't... know... that.

On down the road you go, poor fool. If... you... only... knew what lies ahead.

This whole tragicomedy is God playing with himself, and... the companions he created (out of himself) for that purpose. It's all for his entertainment, so... it is better to be one of his playmates. HOWEVER... if you are a friend of Gods... you cannot be a friend of The World. The company you choose is based on shared values and common objectives. Whose values do you share? It's a crap shoot out there in The World. It goes up and it comes down, sometimes with you, and... sometimes on you.

You got a choice, align with Heaven or... impose your will on life. You'll get opportunity for both and The Purpose of Demonstration WILL inform you of the outcome, in... no... uncertain... terms. If you want to scrimmage in The Mosh Pit, it is around the corner from the strip joints. Everything you can imagine is out there somewhere. What are you hungry for? The cosmic magnetics will take care of your geo-positioning in regard to what your hungers draw you to.

I prefer to be in The Secret Kingdom of The Lord. I prefer to be in The Cloistered Gardens of The Divine Mother. I want to consort with angels and walk the hidden paths of The Himalayas and The Andes. Still... I KNOW that God can be anywhere, so... I don't have to go to any of these places for God to show up. HOWEVER... the cries of agony in the cities of burning desire are distressing to me.

I am not enamored of the sound of cannons. I don't like fireworks except in my mind, and... there are comestibles for that. I don't want to be in the rat warrens and spider-webbed caverns of dark appetites. I... DON'T... WANT... ANY... OF... THESE... THINGS. Whores of any sex do not attract me... they... never... have... Bright lights and big cities can take a hike. Penthouses and estates require guards and alarm systems. Banks are the churches of this world. There is NO joy here, BUT... there... can... certainly... be... joy... within... you.

Why is Ho Ti laughing? Why is The Sun smiling? Why do the birds sing in Nature's Choir? It all happens because of The Awareness of The Presence of God. Celebrate God, and... God... will... celebrate... you. When you come into resonance with God, and in harmony with all creation, your sorrow melts away. OTHERWISE... it is suffering on every side. The job of a servant of God is to carry The Kingdom of God wherever you go. It is what results in God calling you, “Friend.”

"Speak, friend, and enter." Unfortunately... conditions change and The Mines of Moria might not always be a welcome place. Get where you are going on the inside first, and... the outside will form around you.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

"Evil is The Uncertainty of Outcome... in The Camouflage of The Moment. Evil is Raw and Undisciplined Force."

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Observe the blasted landscape of low-rise strip malls, proclaiming a Slam-Bam-Thank-You-Mam, convenience wheel of in-and-out, back-and-forth, quickie-give-and-go of garbage-in-and-garbage-out, on their way to floating upside down like dynamited trout. It's murder-suicide on a grand scale. In other words, someone is trying to kill you, and you are cooperating.

You cooperate by eating bad food... thinking selfish thoughts, and developing multiple addictions so that you will have ghost-dance-partners, and not feel all alone on your way to the Spiffy Jiffy coffin store, between Nails-n-Hair, and Shelley's Bail Bonds, making those necessary proactive decisions on your way to who knows where... cause you don't care.

Seriously... if you gave a shit, would your world be turning to shit all around you? Haven't you heard? “It takes a village.” Here's the thing, the village witch-doctor got together with The Headman (not the same as The Headsman, at least not exactly) and most of the shop owners so that each of them could get more than they already were getting from the people who weren't paying attention.

Over the l-o-n-g course of history, certain truisms have come to be deeply engraved in the once human psyche. One of them is that a person's reach should not exceed their grasp. Another is that you should not excessively squeeze those you depend on to live as you do or... there will be no one left to squeeze.

But... what am I talking about here? Please correct me if I am wrong... it looks as if the biggest die-off of all time is in progress. It REALLY looks like a significant portion of humanity is either too uncaring... too unknowing, mesmerized, asleep, or... every one of these things. It 'looks' like tens of millions... (hundreds of millions?) are marching toward the cliff's edge. Crazy... crazy things are happening... the self-destruction is on autopilot. Is it as it appears? Is... it... as... it... appears?

To resort to an old cliché... 'the tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife'

I have to say for the 9,499th time... I don't know. I can feel the urgency that I... or someone... has to do something, NOW!... Yesterday! Long before yesterday.

An older and wiser voice in my mind, tells me... “Be still and recognize that I am within you.” I have been told repeatedly... “everything is under control.” I have been told hundreds... thousands of times... “rely on me.”

I have invisible friends who speak to me every day. Sometimes it is an associate from The Initiatic Brotherhood. Sometimes it is an entity from The Angelic or Devic Realm, and sometimes it is The One himself communicating through one of these step-down transformers... and time after time, I realize all of them are The One speaking through any and all of these step-down transformers.

As I have mentioned on many occasions, but... it seems appropriate to mention it again. Through my life, I heard infrequently from The Blessed Spheres unless I was in Altered States. There were occasions when I was in danger, and The Voice rang clear in my mind... concerning what I must do, which was ALWAYS some permutation of, “Do nothing- Rely on me. I WILL take care of it.” Through the decades, my own communications were a regular affair... seldom did I hear any response, BUT... in succeeding days, an answer would come through another medium.

Then... about a dozen years ago, I heard; “It's not even Winter and here I am.” From that time I began to receive sporadic replies, sometimes without even soliciting one. As the years have passed, the back and forth has evolved to where it is near constant now, and... generally... immediate. Only a small portion of the PERSONAL communications find their way into these blogs. It is the regular transmissions that find their way into the blogs. The Voice is as clear as if I were speaking with someone sitting next to me on a train. There is no bad advice that I have received in all this time.

In the process of these advanced and improved communications, old patterns have fallen away. Neither The Mind or The Emotions are allowed to operate on their own anymore. An entirely new world has opened within me. MEANWHILE... I am watching The World... once gradually and incrementally going mad, now going mad at an impressive rate of speed.

It feels as if those of us who are still sane should prepare ourselves for world-shaking events to happen this fall. I KNOW a significant portion of The World... those that even have an attention span, are trembling over the possibilities to come. There is widespread fear. Two large blocks of the population are at war. One side wants total license and the other side wants some amount of restraint. One side wants a free for all, and the other side wants a rational theater of enterprise. I DEEPLY suspect they are both going to get what they are after.

I don't know what shape it is going to take. I DEEPLY suspect it will take the shape being molded from the desires that are shaping it. It looks like we are all going to find what we are seeking ON... THE... LEVEL... WE... ARE... SEEKING... IT... ON. It is VERY important to not get sucked into the whirlpools of your fear and apprehension; “sufficient unto the day is The Evil thereof.”

Evil is the uncertainty of outcome in the camouflage of the hour. Evil is raw and undisciplined force. Dealing with it is similar to teaching a bear to dance. It... can... be... done... however. It's the 8th Trump which leads to that expressed in the 9th Trump. It is best comprehended by an understanding of the 7th Trump, which signifies Triumph... in... the... Mind. This happens when The Reactive Mind is stilled and the two sphinxes are brought to rest.

That state leads to the next state, which is control of all subhuman forces (The Bear) within us... via The Subconscious. That leads to Purity and a Fearless Certitude, which... then leads to Mastery (9th Trump)... and by the very definition of it... to a kind of solitude where one is very much NOT alone... while being very much alone. It is like being one of the stars in The Heavens.

Since I don't know what is going to happen, it is very difficult for me to provide a solution. A casual inventory of your present state of being... SHOULD tell you where you are headed. A deeper inventory should make you certain of it. If you don't like what you

The readers who come here are nearly all at some stage of being awakened or they don't stay around for any length of time. I believe it to be very likely that you will get the meaning and implications of what I am about to say.

find... CHANGE IT!This was transmitted to me last evening. It concerns The Greatest Commandment. As we have mentioned a number of times... this commandment is not some onerous and burdensome proclamation from a dictatorial deity. Like most profound statements that have endured for any length of time, it has many possible meanings.

Last night I got one of those other possible meanings.

The reason for the greatest commandment... being to fully and completely love God is... because Love is the medium of communication between you and God. God is loving you all the time but you don't get the lasting and conscious benefit of it unless you love him back. If you want the benefit of a productive and joyful life... you MUST love God.

Do you want it even better than that? Then love God more! IF... you love The Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind, then... then... God will be permitted to return the favor because... he is ALREADY loving you with all his heart, all his spirit, all his strength, and with all his mind (if you permit it). It can also be HER as well. God is a multi-tasking deity. God takes the shape your devotion gives it... him... her; those pesky problems in Pronoun-Land.

Some of us are okay with an impersonal force that changes into one or the other expression as needs be. Most of us prefer the personal aspect. God changes from one back to the other every day... into every night... into every returning day, while... remaining... unchanged... behind... the... appearances, forever and ever amen.

The Sun and Moon have their dance and all creation springs from their interplay. If you do not love God... the sounding board of mutual communication... LOVE... goes silent. In the HEAT of the passionate furies of Material Desire, it can seem as if this is unimportant. Time and circumstance will come to prove that it is THE... ONLY... THING... THAT... IS... IMPORTANT. Trust God to handle everything, because... he does, AND... Love God to ensure the outcome is certain to be in your favor.

End Transmission.......

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Ivana Trump

Where did the term NAZI come from? There is an indication that it was first minted for The Nazarenes who followed Jesus of Nazareth. It later got translated into National Socialism. I just point this out because VERY FEW people know where anything really came from. They cherry-pick the furniture of their world and the furniture in their minds which suits them. They tell themselves that existence is whatever pleases them and then they reinforce it with their chosen facts.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

"A Great Light Shines Through The Veils of The Darkness of This World for Those Who have Opened Their Inner Eye."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Okay... I'll be coming out a lot this year. I'm looking to live my authentic self which is... wait for it; impersonal. What kind of a self is that? You may well ask that question because... impersonal implies the absence of a persona. That's kind of a conundrum, BUT... as many people have gotten rich from... two opposite and conflicting arguments. Apparently, they can... both... be--- right. Politicians demonstrate this ability all day from either side of the perspective. It's called Hypocrisy.

Wait! Either side of a perspective? That sounds like schizophrenia. You see people walking down the street, and talking to themselves in all urban areas these days. If you talk to yourself in the forest you are a mystic. If you talk to yourself in a crowd... you are not corpus mentis; location... location... location.

Getting back to my initial thought, and... to begin with, I identify as a lawyer for international affairs, so let's hear no more about credentials. I IDENTIFY... that is my credentials!! As my first action... inspired by Alejandra Caraballo; tranny-law-professor at Hahvaad... I am filing an international suit against the South African B'nai B'rith, on behalf of the monkeys whose pox has been cross-species-culturally appropriated by trans-kids with Monkeypox.

I intend to trace the genesis of this precious... reversed evolutionary virus to gay sex orgies held at a BDSM club in Johannesburg, where the participants were all members of the local Chabad House. As you know...Chabad Houses have long been sanctuaries for Mossad terrorists who agitate in the communities where they were placed for this purpose. To help bleed the stress out of the trying work they do each day they regularly attend these gay sex sessions at The Green Monkey Lounge.

I was approached by a delegation of green monkeys, who appeared in my head during a psychotropic experience in April of this year, and pleaded with me to defend their interests. They have already been living with a previous stigma for decades. They were originally named green monkeys due to their propensity for getting sucked into situations where they shoulda known better, and... didn't. In other words, they are what a veteran would call, “green.” Monkeys aren't known for their self-restraint.

Now, why... why would I... a person whose entire life (as much as he can remember to make it so) is based on God... be talking in such a provocative way about The World's Greatest Victims? Look at what they are doing! The COVID Scam... The Killer Vaccines... The War in Ukraine... The rising inflation... The pervasive sexual perversity and THE PUSH to indoctrinate children into slaves of Babylon... AND... so much more, is... ALL... due... to... their... efforts, their designs, and intentions. This is VISIBLY TRUE.

So... I thought I'd rock the boat just a tad in honor of The One who is coming to make the oceans tremble and rise... the mountains and shorelines shake... He is coming to awaken the human heart and clarify the human mind. He is come to restore the tenets of Ageless Wisdom, as they are celebrated in the temporary religions that appear here following every visit ♫ rock the boat, don't tip the boat over ♫

Are you curious about where all these crazy people came from? Who are now teaching in schools... working in government and the arts... pretty much anywhere THEY need them to be? It is BECAUSE The Avatar has been coming down from the higher planes, for... some... time... into every level of existence, and sweeping the long resident, twisted entities off their perches, and further down into the captivated human mind, and into unattended human forms, where they now have their residence. The Avatar will ALSO continue down into materialization where he will FINISH... THE... JOB.

So... let not your heart be troubled by what you see in The World, as evidenced in the links below. It is all according to a timeless process. The Avatar is simply cleaning up the messes we left over the centuries. This is a condition that comes about over... and over... and over... and over again. It's the powers and principalities of evil... the rulers of the darkness of this world...and that spiritual wickedness in high places thing.

This IS how it IS, so... let not your heart be troubled. Go in peace and keep your own counsel. The closer you come into resonance with The Divine, the more you are guided... informed... and maintained by The Divine. DO NOT put your trust in Temporal Things. Put your trust in The Shining Invisible that WILL make your spirit soar like it has never... done... before. Those who chase after shining garbage are making their own perdition, and The Purpose of Demonstration is... and will be... immediately informed of it.

The whole of manifest existence trembles on a golden web, every motion alerts The DREAM Weaver. A great light shines through the veils of the darkness of this world for those who have opened their eyes by opening their hearts... which is a reflex action with cosmic implications. Everything you do comes back on you. Why not... then... sow transcendent beauty that your selfless service has transformed into Grace... which flows endlessly from an eternal fountain in the heart, and which waters the gardens of Heaven that you carry within you, everywhere you go? WHY!?! (would anyone do otherwise?) It is a mystery... is it not?

Look at the countless numbers of those trapped on the glueboards of Materialism, when they could be bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. This IS coming, my friends. This is one of The Avatar's gifts to those who... would... avail... themselves... of... it.

Everyone is blaming someone else... for their collective AND individual misfortune. “It was those guys over there. They did it!!!” Someone is AGITATING people. Yes... it is the same collective mentioned earlier. ALL is about to be exposed, AND stranger than fiction is about to be made a reality. God is coming... in human form. God is coming... in human form. He brings the power for the God in you to resonate with the God in him. Some will bolt for the shadows when he comes, BUT ALL... will... be... revealed... exposed... and brought to the courtroom inside their heads where... The Devil is The Prosecuting Attorney.

There are wheels, within wheels, within wheels that are spinning, visibly AND invisibly. They are spinning outside of you, AND they are spinning inside of you. Very odd events are taking place. Why would Trump go after Elon Musk? Why would there be such a public falling out over nothing? Yes... it could be Mr. Apocalypse making a fool of the high and mighty or... and I am getting a feeling that is very hard to shake here, this feud between Elon and Trump is a staged event.

I think something none of us were anticipating is about to occur. I think more than a few events are going to be taking place that no one is expecting. There is no greater magician than God who simultaneously binds, and liberates us... who leads us out of temptation, and also into a desireless state.

He blinds AND he gives sight. He causes hearts to be hardened and softened according to his will. He is a mighty friend, AND... a mighty foe, and... he is responsible for this entire magic show.

In his aspect as The Divine Mother, he frees us from entanglement with Maya. She is that Nature whose dust was borrowed for our appearance here. Some... those she favors, are taught how to turn their body into light. She is the birth channel AND the death channel. You DEFINITELY need a guide.

So... those at the top of the pyramid of temporal power... think they're sitting pretty. They are killing millions, BUT... that is just one of the responsibilities that come with the job they appointed themselves to. They are also enslaving many... many millions. They take what they want, AND... they don't clean up after themselves. Who's going to make them?

God is just as much in their minds as he is in your mind. He can switch it on or off as it pleases him. His powers are limitless, theirs... are... not. He lets long periods of time go by, so that it seems he's not even involved. Plenty of people have convinced themselves of this. “Look what we get away with,” they tell themselves.

It's all a movie and you are in it. Sometimes... you are in a public role, and sometimes you are not. You get to play whoever you want... sooner or later. You just don't get to keep anything from it but the memories, AND... you don't even get those until you are some distance UP the road. Your talents go with you, and your karma arranges the circumstances to come... otherwise... it's a dream.

It is... in fact... a dream that wakes up into a dream, that wakes up into a dream, that wakes up into a dream UNTIL you finally wake up entirely. Be still, and know that I am God.

Now... you can take all or any of this as you please. It don't make no never-mind to me. The Avatar IS coming. He might already be here. There is Heaven to gain, and Hell to pay, coming in either hand. You WILL encounter the persona of God you have been serving. Then you will find there is only ONE and that everyone else WORKS... FOR... HIM... knowingly or unknowingly... willingly or unwillingly. It's something to think about.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

WARNING... WARNING... WARNING... some of these links are disturbing; mostly the Twitter links, and... they are mostly at the end.

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I identify as someone who identifies as everything I identify as, and I want to go to Hahvaad=

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Wait! There's more.
The demonically possessed and mentally ill are being front and centered for role modeling=

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I tend to agree with most of this.
It is similar to the hit I am getting=

Elon Musk

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Thank you, Lord Avatar=

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Like I said, thank you, Lord Avatar=

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Did I mention thank you, Lord Avatar?=

Via Fox News
The crazies are taking it up a notch=

Via TheStreet
The megalomania is legendary in times of material darkness, AND... how could they not have known?=

Christmas is coming-

Via The Political Insider
This is how you act when you have lost all reasoning ability and are running on the fumes of your own celebrity=

Hal Turner Via American USSR
Something to keep in mind, as you search the dangerous shoals and coral reefs of the internet. Old news but still, perhaps... news to you=

Hal Turner

Via Libs of TikTok
Remember Dick and Jane and Spot.
Now, this is what we got=

Gender Queer

Via libsoftiktok@Twitter
Isn't this wonderfully uplifting?=

Via libsoftiktok@Twitter
Absolutely unreal=

Via libsoftiktok@Twitter
What's at the bottom of it?=

Via libsoftiktok@Twitter
Depraved... disgusting...
have you had enough yet? (I have)=

Monday, July 11, 2022

"The Essential Drive of Life is The Urge to Freedom, and Love is The Force that Gives it The Wings of Transport."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... this should have, more accurately, been posted as an Origami, BUT... whaddya gonna do?

I want to talk about the many shades and hues of those emotions confused with Love. When you see someone and you get hit by the lightning bolt, that IS NOT Love. That is fascination and enchantment; Karma magnetics. When you feel stirrings in the nether regions, that is not Love, that is Lust. I need not list the vast array of deceptions that account for the population's maintenance and replacement of their numbers, and all the broken hearts to follow.

Love... is something that g-r-o-w-s; like the tree we mentioned a couple of postings ago. It must be fed and nurtured. As love grows it e-v-o-l-v-e-s. It rises to a high and keening pitch above the winds of suffering and distraction that howl below it. Love... in its finer expressions, is beyond the experience and understanding of most. The Rapture of the Saints cannot be interpreted into common understanding or parlance. In the last age, it expressed as Sacrifice. In this age, it will demonstrate as Brotherhood.

All of the higher expressions of Love are Impersonal. The Personal... limits. The Personal is a thing apart. The Personal still has, even in its highest regions, a sense of separateness, short of union. Of course... you will ALWAYS have a persona because the light needs something to shine through, BUT... it is held in absolute control by The Higher Mind when illumination comes to call. This is in your future. You should cherish it.

Love is NOT attachment, and... the routines of engagement that we use- as our vehicles of affection- run on the invisible rails of Samskara. HOWEVER... it is The Attractive Force and that can, AND DOES (heh heh) cause problems be-cause ♫ breaking up is hard to do ♫ Up we come... in the green sprouts of youth, filled with vigor (or so it was before these times of excess and lassitude.) We feel like we can do anything. Routine sets in. We develop inflexible patterns. The Walking Dead is a truism when we lose our spontaneity; where zombies roam. Where the creative fires have been put out.

Love is that which grants the spontaneity and is what feeds the creative fire. One should have a higher passion. One should strive toward the light. When you turn your love to pedestrian enterprises, it ceases to be love. Love liberates. It does not confine. It does not possess. It is The Possession. I can talk about it all day and never hit it because it is the bouncing ball above the lyrics of The Song of Songs. It is what gives us life, and what makes it meaningful, and worth living.

We disappoint ourselves and each other because the love is not genuine. It comes with strings attached. It does not liberate. It confines. The very nature of life is the urge to freedom. Love is the force that grants it wings of transport. One day you will be ♫ up above The World so high, like a diamond in the sky ♫ That is Impersonal Love. That is the great love that shines in the suns that light the universe. “Let there be light!”

Personal love is hard. It is a difficult place to operate from. It ALWAYS, and INEVITABLY involves the loss of The Beloved in this world of temporary things. Everything is fading before your eyes, including you, BUT... there is another world. It is The Real World. This is a poor reflection of that world, due to the veils and coverings which hide The True Light. Sure... as above so below, BUT... not exactly the way it is commonly understood, given that it IS NOT commonly understood.

We are in a painful period of human history... on the verge of great changes, BUT... at the moment, The Profane is in the ascendant. Perversity is riding roughshod over us in the pursuit of the final outrage of the murder of childhood and the despoliation of all innocence. Those at the head of The Parade through the Gates of Perdition will get their just rewards. EVERYONE is going to get what is coming to them, and those who have profaned existence will find that it is their own existence that they have profaned.

God IS NOT MOCKED! You do it at your peril. It may seem that they are flying free and easy at the moment. As others scramble for food and shelter, they are safe in their locked and gated citadels. This will not continue. How can you shut the invisible out of the visible? How can you deny entrance to what you cannot see? How can you keep the demons out of your head when you behave like one? Why would you behave like one if they were... not... already... in... your... head?

Look at what has happened in Sri Lanka. It is coming to delusional states of theater near you... soon.

This is the sad magic of The Dream World, AND it is how retribution finds us every one. Our payback and comeuppance are already written into the script. The Dream follows the script accordingly. Every impression you make in the fabric of existence IMMEDIATELY sets the reaction in motion. You will find... if you cultivate and employ it that... Impersonal Love will handle EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE!!! So long as you let it do so... so long will it continue.

I am speaking of Ageless Wisdom here. It doesn't matter what religions are extant during any particular age. There is a wisdom that exists beyond them, and it stays present long, l-o-n-g after they are gone, AND before they were. It is ALWAYS present, and you can tune into it. You can catch a ride on the slipstream of Ageless Wisdom to The Blessed Shores. The real Bible is written upon the secret chambers of the heart in flaming letters. Should you go within, you will find... through persistence... that an entire universe awaits you.

The Gods ride upon the magic carpet of this Divine Luminous Wisdom. It holds them up and supports them so long as they are in resonance with it.

A single luminescence shines behind every face of deity. That is the Impersonal Sun which illumines all that is real. It is the light that shines from every star. The Deities are the personalized expressions of The Impersonal One. From what I understand, Ho Ti was one of the incarnations of Maitreya= The Avatar to come. God dances in and out of existence... as a myriad of personalities expressing in the selfless service of their archetypal duties. He dances to end it all too, as Shiva Nataraja.

My experience of Reincarnation is DIRECT. I KNOW it is real. I have had it made clear to me in an indisputable fashion, and many more times than once. Without the fact of reincarnation, life would LITERALLY make no sense. What can you do with The Flat Earth relatives of the Flat Headed Fundies? NOTHING. Nothing is all you can do. These are the people at whose hands tens of millions have died because of their insistence on their interpretation of something somebody wrote in a book. Learn to read The Living Book of Nature. There you will find all you need to know about The World, and about yourself.

You see... there are people who heard about something from someone else, and people who read something in a book. They have heard about Fire through second-hand mediums. Maybe they saw its reflection in a mirror. They have not built this fire that I am speaking of, and they most certainly have not cooked on this fire. You are at an impasse in speaking with these people. It is best (sadly) to let them go their way because they WILL FIND OUT further up or down the road. They WILL find out. Why do people engage in such pointless arguments when they don't know what they are talking about? It gives them something to do? (grin)

It gives meaning to what they can find no meaning in. Thinking you know, and insisting that you know is how people shield themselves from The Truth. It is also called Denial.

I bear no ill will to anyone. I am also not a doormat. It does not matter one wit what others think of me or say about me. It matters ONLY what God thinks about me, and here I will point out an enduring truth... God is in everyone to a specific degree, BUT... as the same essential self. THEREFORE... God controls the impact and outcome of what others think and say about us. It is ALL under control. Let us rest upon and rely on that and let the chips fall where they may. They will prove useful when they try to build that fire.

The first link (after GAB) is a simple rendering of the truth about existence from the perspective of The Buddha. All over The World in many climes and times, a few people find the enduring truth within them. Often they had no contact with other systems. All of these systems seem to agree on basic principles. All of these systems came about through Ageless Wisdom.

I am only aware of Buddhism at a basic level. The minutiae loses me quickly. The Essence I get. The bloatware that follows, steers me away and back to The Essence. ALWAYS, it is The Essence that is important... not the endless commentaries, nor the arguments that reflexively arise as if they had a mind of their own.

Fundies can argue about how ONLY Christianity is true and everything else is false. Fundie Muslims do the same. All Fundies... all letter of the law types do this. Almost everyone thinks that they are right and all others are wrong. If strife is your objective, you will find enough to fill your days here forever; coming and going... coming and going, round and round in circles. If your objective is otherwise, you must travel to the sanctuary of The Indwelling Self, where The Essence abides. It's your call; get caught up in the exterior wrangling or... be stilled and serene in the knowledge... of the presence... of God.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

Via Teachings of The Buddha
About the teachings of The Buddha.
I know this reads like Cliff Notes, BUT simple is always best=

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Irish Savant Via The Truthseeker
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You don't hear much about those things that foster esprit de corps. It used to be patriotism-love of country and whatever else there was. It wasn't enough. So they brought this=

Via ArmyTank Studios @ Youtube
I'm guessing this is next.
It would have seemed absurd once. It was then. Now it seems likely=

Via Breitbart
This is along the same line=

Via Breitbart
This is what happens when you don't have enlightened manhood rites and testosterone junkies have to go looking. (read the caption below the last photograph as per motive). The real significator of manhood is self restraint. We are some distance from that collectively, BUT... individually it is ALWAYS available=

Via The New York Post
When certain sexual practices are taboo in every major religion there is often more than one reason depending on the plane you are referencing it on. There are spiritual reasons not to do these things AND there are physical reasons because the spiritual reasons precipitate down into the physical. Eventually certain lifestyles destroy themselves... the way evil always does=

Via The New York Post
Mr. Apocalypse is the fox among the chickens;
dressed like a rooster and singing the Tranny Land anthem, he rips the covers off the coop and exposes the chickens... also known as twinks, BUT... the reason I post this is due to what is said toward the end about the owner Alan Pikus=

The Q

Via NBC News
Now I know how Robert DeNiro looks with Rasputin's beard=

Via Cynthia Chung @
An overlong article that... nonetheless is interesting, BUT... NOT comprehensive=

Via WholeMarsBlog@Twitter
Technology keeps roaring along, AND...
how is humanities higher moral sense doing?=

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

"The Mid-Terms are Not Just Half Your Grade. It's Pass-Fail... Learning to Carry Starlight in a Bottomless Pail."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It's probably safe to say that billionaires (by their very nature) are materialists. It is also safe to say that controlling The World is the objective of every one of them; within the narrow bandwidth of The Sensory Realm. It is also a good bet that they are mostly Satanists because their fortunes come by arrangement with The Purpose of Demonstration for those in love with matter. They might be conscious Satanists, and... they might be unconscious Satanists. It's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of things.

They say that everything is equal; to what? How could it possibly take so long for people to figure it out? You know that Greatest Commandment? “You shall love The Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind?” It does not exist as the greatest commandment because the deity is a narcissistic psychopath. It exists because of THE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.

You see... it's all done with mirrors. What happens when you look into The Mirror of Self? What happens if you fall in love? What does your reflection tell you happens? Well? I'm waiting (sound of foot-tapping at a great distance... echoing through a vast cathedral-like structure). Oh well. I guess if you don't get it, it can take forever.

What happens when you look into the mirror of The World? Carnal and Spiritual are p-e-r-s-p-e-c-t-i-v-e-s, yes? Do you see what you hunger for... or... do you see what you desire... or... Do you have answers or questions? Do you have answers AND questions? Well... you are here to figure that out and pay the freight for your lessons.

This is why Love is The Skeleton Key to existence. It gets you in everywhere, AND... it gets you out of everywhere, AND... everything. Here's the deal- NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Everything is the acting out of your relationship with God. You have a self and God has a self and they are the same self, except for the magnitude of the one in comparison with the other. Your portion is considerably smaller. That's okay because God does not relate to size. That makes no sense to him, BUT THEN... he doesn't measure himself against everything and everyone else like we do.

He is everything and everyone else. He's simply not recognizing what does not recognize him, though his love is impersonal and eternal toward all. THAT... is why you look into The Mirror of the Self.

No! God is not a demented egotist, BUT... he looks like one to a demented egotist. The animals come to The Watering Hole (another mirror) and they each see themselves in the reflection. A deer sees a deer. A lion sees a lion. A snake sees a snake. A heron sees a heron. Is there some kind of arrangement where the usual predator-prey thing is suspended until both sides are watered? Perhaps. The only one who does not honor it... is the crocodile.

God is not some vainglorious character; some invisible dictator... whom you must appease and cower before. God is your very self, as it knows itself in Truth. We project our interpretations on everything into The World and anthropomorphism comes about. Two of my favorite words are anthropomorphism and ambivalence. Why not combine the two, and... you tell me what we get. Okay?

You remember that line about casting your bread upon The Waters and it returning to you tenfold? Consider this in the light of The Greatest Commandment. Keep on shining, my friends. Do you bring light or darkness... Love or Fear... Comfort or discomfort... as your gift to everyone else? Well... you should know what to expect in your Christmas stocking. Your fate is defined by your actions.

All that has been said here is simple. Borderline intellects can grasp it. God has a predisposition to choosing the simple and the mad as his greatest and most enduring spokesmen. Sometimes you get both. Why is it that you seldom see a realized teacher who talks like a fag? (taken from the courtroom scene in Idiocracy)

The Greatest Commandment is a PRACTICAL guide to a perfected existence. What did Christ say following the Greatest Commandment? “and the second is like unto it; you should love your brother as yourself.” Well... I mean... that's simple, right? Do you get the connection between the two commandments? It seems like he is saying God is in everyone. Well... I should hope that clears it up.

You will see from today's links that they are getting crazier at a higher rate of speed now, AND that most of it has to do with sexual perversities. This is all getting very exciting, isn't it? Of course... it could be scary for some too. It's like a rollercoaster ride where one person is screaming from excitement, and another is screaming from Fear. It's just a perspective, right?

What is making you crazy? Is it Sex or... is it God? Both will drive you mad. With God, it is a requirement. You have to go beyond Reason... sooner or later. Consider The Dervish... The Zen Buddhist... The Aghora Shaivite... The Rasputinarian... The Taoist Master as common laborer. You might want to write some of this down because it's all going to be on the test later. The mid-terms are not just half your grade. It's pass-fail... learning to carry starlight in a bottomless pail.

Either you are not there, and... God is or... you are there and God is not. That is not the complete thought. You are required to complete the thought. It doesn't happen without you. This is when life REALLY starts to take off and become meaningful; when you find out that The Lord of the Universe is in love with you. You are then permitted to dance on the mountaintops of The World in the Morning of creation... so to speak.

So... you see God in everyone, and everything, and... the magic begins. Love starts to flow and Love IS THAT MAGIC. Love is the magic wand of God. Love is the key to the understanding of the magic of light and conversation with angels. You can't really wield it unless you become as a little child. It's all laid out for you in the teachings of the masters. You may not want to DO IT THAT WAY... most people don't. They want to do it their way; ♫ I botched it my way ♫

You can do it your way. You see people doing exactly that all day long, and they can get pretty freakish about it... as is becoming more and more apparent. You can do it your way for as long as you can handle the pain. There is a timeless ringing harmony that coils through the heart of existence. I am more partial to that. Others, of course, are free to do as they like... you see the results of that all around you too. ALL mindless carnal activity inclines to suicide. No one has to die, BUT... we must all be changed. How about mortal sin, eh? I wonder what that's all about?

A large number of us are running about having vaxidents, BUT... that's just one way to top yourself. I'm not that concerned about mortality because I am immortal, and this I happen to KNOW. I can just suit up for any occasion, BUT... I don't find this place to be a whole lot of fun.

Not all of us come here as a consequence of sin. Some few of us come because of the sins of others. There are shepherds here and there. Anyone can be a shepherd but you have to earn The Staff, and... the loyalty of your dogs. That you cannot accomplish acting like a dog. The dogs will just follow suit. You want them sitting and listening to their master's voice, like Nipper.

Look in The Mirror! ♫ do you see what I see? ♫ You become a drag queen when Sex is all you know. They are The Sad Clowns... and... they live tragic lives. Honor your mother and father... your REAL mother and father! What does the rest of it say? “That your days might be long and it may go well for you.”

When you attain. When you are realized, you save your entire lineage of ancestors. This is something to think about, and... as HPB said... “For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity.” Not too shabby.

It's not that hard to understand. It is The Mind that makes it difficult. It must be restrained. It believes itself to be in charge, and... it... is... not. Still the Reactive Mind and Serenity will come.

End Transmission.......

I just heard that one of the Georgia Guidestones has crumbled to ruin away, BUT... I see no news of it anywhere.

Some Links=

Envolve Via The Truthseeker
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I saw where they said he was a Trump supporter. I had not heard this. You have to go to a bonafide truth source to find these things out=

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It's a renaissance!!!=

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