Friday, July 22, 2022

"A Child's Mind Does Not Sit and Worry About the Coming Night. The Child Dances in The Sun, Alive... in... That... Moment."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Yesterday... N.Y. Interim governor Hochul made some comments about her opponent in the upcoming election. She called Zeldin, the Republican candidate, a white supremacist, and a great many other names, also implying that he was working to raise an army against all that is good and decent. I can't remember the exact statements.

Anyway... she told her supporters to head over to Zeldin's campaign stop, and let him and his supporters hear about it from her good and decent supporters; like the morons outside the homes of The Supreme Court Justices. So... some of them went over, and one of them went with a punch knife and tried to attack Zeldin.

Yesterday... I saw in the news, at several locations, about Governor Hochul's call to violence against her political opponent. This morning, I went looking for an article to link to this posting, and... it's all been scrubbed. At least it has from The Crass Media. (I found some and they are below)

Is this not basically what Trump is being accused of in the dog and pony show trial about 1/6? Why... yes it is. There is no evidence of Trump having done any such thing. There is plenty of evidence that Hochul did. I saw the transcript. More and more, it seems, that nothing short of revolution is going to bring any positive change to this country. I didn't say WHAT KIND OF A REVOLUTION. An awakening would be a kind of revolution.

It doesn't give one a positive perspective on the moment... if you are looking through the lens of Material Culture. Let us, instead, search for the tracers of light that are breaking within us and into the darkness of this world. If your attention is focused on, and being shaped by The Lying Media, it is probable by now that you are suffering some form of depression, bordering on despair... or on your way to joining The Lunatic Fringe, which... is no longer only the fringe, but... most certainly still lunatic.

It's not looking good. Every day, I hear from people trying to hold on; trying to hold on to their center, while The World is losing its own. Either your faith is strong or it is not. The degree of your faith determines the level of your well-being. A child's mind does not sit and worry about the coming night. The child dances in The Sun... alive in that moment, and... uplifted by their temporary innocence.

Apparently... you have to lose that innocence in order to realize the value of it. When one reacquires their innocence, by cutting their attachments to Material Culture, it is called Regenerated Innocence, and it is attended by a security detail of Wisdom, Understanding, and their associates. It is the witting and unwitting embrasure of impurity that causes the loss of innocence. It proves a lot harder to get it back than it was to lose it.

I suppose I could sit here and be outraged the whole day. There is more than enough seeming injustice and random violence loose in The World, for me to get caught up by in my head. From one website to the next, my spirits could sink ever lower, and... taking a shower will not wash the images of corruption out of my mind.

The biggest problems come out of the idea that you can do something about it all. Whatever you can do won't be enough. The more of it that you see, the more it will stain your being from the contact with it, BUT... somebody... has... to... do... something!!! Right? Right??? The World... is The World The World. If you can properly understand that statement, it would explain everything. Sometimes... life goes merrily, merrily, and... sometimes it does not. You can't adjust it. You have to adjust yourself.

The World has ALWAYS been corruptible. In Times of Greater Light, this feature is held at bay, BUT... it's still there. That which disintegrates through the agencies of Time and The Elements ALWAYS trends toward corruption... meaning, it... is... not... incorruptible. In Times of Material Darkness (like now) corruption runs deep. This is ALL part of a cosmic play. Kali Yuga is not a one-time affair. It comes round, and round, and round again, and again. You might say, it is in the nature of things.

Knowing this... what can a person do? Outrage gets you nowhere good. Weeping is for losers; go ahead, cry me a river. Laughter is at least cathartic. I trend toward Ho Ti in this regard.

In Athens, once upon a time, the countryside was so rife with varieties of philosophers that... someone said;

“At any time of day, you could come to a bridge over The Ilisos River and hear, on one bank, a man weeping over the fate of Humanity, and... on the other bank... another man laughing about it.”

I forget who said it. I keep thinking it was Heraclitus, but... I don't know. That is how it is. I could go to any city in the country today and find variations of the same and a great deal more.

Personally... I don't laugh about it, and I don't cry over it because... The World, is The World, is The World. I KNOW as I grow ever more devoted to and resonant with The Divine, I will come, more and more... to appear in his world, and become less visible in this world unless... there... is... a... good... reason... to... be... visible.

As you detach from The World, you become less and less a part of it. Some of us are highly visible in the affairs of the day... politicians... the rich and famous... the celebrities that flit like moths around the Klieg lights. This is where the attention of The World is focused. Some of the more prescient, proactive, or paranoid... have relocated to off-grid shelters... gone to Thailand or Costa Rica. The ones with money went to Singapore and Vancouver. Then there is Switzerland... The Caymans... Fiji.

Some of those places are in The Storm Channels. Some are staid and dour locations where they've been at it for a long time. Money insists on being taken seriously, AND... there are mountains of money, so... people talk more in whispers... like they are at a golf tournament or an execution.

Money likes it quiet. It doesn't call attention to itself unless it is Nouveau Riche and... soon to be poor. Money attracts invisible entities. As long as you are comfortable in their company... well... I guess you'll be okay for a while. At least until the meter runs out, AND... if you can continue to top up the meter, well... what me worry?

The World works a certain way... OVERALL... OVER TIME... OVER AND OUT. It can be groovy and it can be Freddie Kruger Time. You're like a piece on a game board. You look different from the other pieces so that you can be identified, and... (you can't tell the players without a scorecard!) Let's call your identity your character, and let's call your character your fate. Certain SPECIFIC things are going to happen to you on The Board, due to your character and fate. Some of you need to get off the board, BUT... you... don't... know... that.

On down the road you go, poor fool. If... you... only... knew what lies ahead.

This whole tragicomedy is God playing with himself, and... the companions he created (out of himself) for that purpose. It's all for his entertainment, so... it is better to be one of his playmates. HOWEVER... if you are a friend of Gods... you cannot be a friend of The World. The company you choose is based on shared values and common objectives. Whose values do you share? It's a crap shoot out there in The World. It goes up and it comes down, sometimes with you, and... sometimes on you.

You got a choice, align with Heaven or... impose your will on life. You'll get opportunity for both and The Purpose of Demonstration WILL inform you of the outcome, in... no... uncertain... terms. If you want to scrimmage in The Mosh Pit, it is around the corner from the strip joints. Everything you can imagine is out there somewhere. What are you hungry for? The cosmic magnetics will take care of your geo-positioning in regard to what your hungers draw you to.

I prefer to be in The Secret Kingdom of The Lord. I prefer to be in The Cloistered Gardens of The Divine Mother. I want to consort with angels and walk the hidden paths of The Himalayas and The Andes. Still... I KNOW that God can be anywhere, so... I don't have to go to any of these places for God to show up. HOWEVER... the cries of agony in the cities of burning desire are distressing to me.

I am not enamored of the sound of cannons. I don't like fireworks except in my mind, and... there are comestibles for that. I don't want to be in the rat warrens and spider-webbed caverns of dark appetites. I... DON'T... WANT... ANY... OF... THESE... THINGS. Whores of any sex do not attract me... they... never... have... Bright lights and big cities can take a hike. Penthouses and estates require guards and alarm systems. Banks are the churches of this world. There is NO joy here, BUT... there... can... certainly... be... joy... within... you.

Why is Ho Ti laughing? Why is The Sun smiling? Why do the birds sing in Nature's Choir? It all happens because of The Awareness of The Presence of God. Celebrate God, and... God... will... celebrate... you. When you come into resonance with God, and in harmony with all creation, your sorrow melts away. OTHERWISE... it is suffering on every side. The job of a servant of God is to carry The Kingdom of God wherever you go. It is what results in God calling you, “Friend.”

"Speak, friend, and enter." Unfortunately... conditions change and The Mines of Moria might not always be a welcome place. Get where you are going on the inside first, and... the outside will form around you.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My 'tude toward it all. I'm dead, waiting for the body to catch up; so the world is not my problem. It's a stupid prison of illusions, limitations, inconveniences, and I have no clue why this sty is so important. I must have known before I got here since I've been here so many times, but I have long ago come to the conclusion this place is a piece of garbage that I am stuck in until the contract I signed before I got here is over and done.

And what's funny is my life is so much better than most. I live as pragmatically as possible these days. Not so much in the distant past, but sometimes you gotta go through stupid before you get to smart. Keep it simple, keep the overhead as low as possible, and be as isolationist as possible. I value time, information, peace, and a whole bunch of other things that are intangible. The sun can go nova tomorrow for all I care. Well, if I got the news it will; I'd celebrate since then I don't have to go to work tomorrow.

Nostrils to the sky!

robert said...

Thank you Visible

The job of a servant of God is to carry The Kingdom of God wherever you go. It is what results in God calling you, “Friend.”

Staying true to our true self IS the fulltime focus
Being still enough, calm enough to stay in tune with divine harmonics takes all of our heart, mind and soul.

One aspect of being responsive to the Great Spirit, being responsible to the One, is our communication, our communing.

This is a two way channel where the feedback from the frontier, what it is like to be here now embodied, is used as a seed and key to unlock divine action.

In order to allow human learning to be creative or co-creative, the creative commands we utter, out loud or silently, must be allowed to manifest unhindered by divine interference.

Hence the mess

However, our groaning under the weight of human miscreation, when addressed to the One through our souls, CAN and WILL be used as an override of the will of all miscreators.

We can call in angelic action.

Best if not limited by our limited perspective, so specifics will be mostly ignored, as over specificity would be as bad as any other top-down, armchair general's orders usually are!

We can say and pray by describing what Armageddon feels like and looks like from the battle field of the mind.

We can open the door for divine action, while not bearing responsibility for any results, because we call for the will fo the One, not our own.

In resonance with unbearable compassion, we can ask for intercession for others.

Let these times be shortened by permission to increase the procession of the passion play drama and allow divine intervention to proceed apace!

The details to relate back must come in response to inner communion with our souls, not from our confused mini-minds

The Knower-Of-All knows what is happening in our being better than we do.

But, we have been given the power to communicate, to ask, to direct the will of the One through us in a tiny but totally significant way

The will to heal, to bring the comforter, to love creation into the perfection of its conception

Not to be vain sorcerer’s apprentices strutting along $#!+-stained highway!

Only to be children asking for parental aid and guidance as beloved

Ask for adultery from the adult mind and something will manifest; to be regretted later

Ask for the true heart's desire for heavenly order to restore and heal and that will manifest in definite ways, though we may not perceive

We mind the garden of our own souls in relation to the One
Any extra space in our lives can be dedicated to imagining more light, to the best of our capability.

Calling for more heaven on earth will give us more space in our lives to call for more heaven on earth

Calling all angels!

Anonymous said...

sort of like this?
Cheerful Love and grizzlybear hug

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Yeah, fokkin lefty loons everywhere you look. Can't believe I used to vote, lol. Thanks for the piece, very inspiring. Ciao, am

Anonymous said...

Bill C. here!
Ray B., Ray B. where art thou Ray B!!! I miss your commentary!!!
Sincerely, Bill C.

lilbear said...

Hi there- Vis your postings have improved consistently over time. Your views on what is going on in the world is super relevant now. You try to convey to your readers how important spirituality is to living a healthy functional life. That resonates with me and probably most of your long term readers no doubt. It's very obvious now that the world is garbage due to lack of believing in God, and know we're seeing the end results. It sure is something to see, cant say we were not warned from ancient texts written by wise ones who knew the dangers of living in a godless, materialist society.

I recently learned that theres a gay manifesto written by some radical degenerate. It was (very quietly) recorded in the congressional house of records back in 1987. I think more people need to be aware that this exists, more importantly it needs to be read so people understand what they up against(the spiritual war).

Ultimately I agree with Visible, this is All for purposes of demonstration of course. The apocalypse aka The Final Exam which all of us here on earth are taking right now. Knowing that something like a gay manifesto exists may help one increase chances of passing The Final Exam

100% we living now are all engaged in a spiritual war. Feels like theres alot on the line, for those not with God anyway. Trans people will be most tragic victims of wokeism imo. Hopefully some can save themselves before its too late. But God has already won, so nothing to worry about, if God is in one's heart that is.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Consider that All of Creation is Vibrating with His Laughter, and The Oceans are Filled with Tears of Joy."



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