Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Blood of the Lamb was the Currency that Paid for the Following Age.

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Given that the ineffable is the single most important feature in life- whether acknowledged or not and... given that the ineffable is most certainly the most important feature in my life; is indeed the centerpiece of my life- whether I live up to my potential in respect of it or not; that subject in every facet of its possibilities of expression, like a single light, shining through each one, as if it were the most complex jewel ever constructed, by the most inspired jeweler who ever existed and each of them is some aspect of its being, individualized for the purpose of transcendental illumination for whomever it applies to- whether it is acknowledged or not. Therefore, these blog renderings will always be about that, even when we take a digression or a segue, as we are going to do today.

Virtual currency is a major player in our present circumstances, whether we are involved in it or not. It may not seem so at the moment but it will shortly. I do not know if the majority of you are aware of it but there are people all over the world who are taking out the biggest loans they are able to get their hands on. They are mortgaging their houses. They are selling off anything that will give them investment capital and they are buying Bit Coin. It is a frenzy in some quarters. This is what happens in times of material darkness.

Now we have a sort of existential crisis, or a Hobson's Choice, or... something. For me it is like Pascal's Wager and I am definitely betting my life that God exists because I do not simply believe that God exists. I KNOW God exists. I absolutely KNOW without a shadow of doubt that God is real. What I do not know is what God is in any comprehensive sense, except that it has a deep and profound association with Love and that anyone who loves the ineffable will reach the ineffable, after whatever is necessary in terms of experience, trial and testing and the requisite amount of attitude and awareness adjustment. Anyone who stays the course WILL arrive at the destination, as it is meant for them, according to the determination of the particular facet, upon the face of that singular jewel, which is specific to them.

This crisis. This choice. This wager has to do with what is true concerning virtual currency. There is a magazine article from 1997 that has to do with the coming of virtual currency and how it is engineered by the Deep State psychopaths for the purpose of one world government with a single currency. A reader at my Facebook site had linked it yesterday but has since removed it. No doubt someone will put is up around here again.

The Euro was an attempt of this sort and, of course, there are any number of efforts afoot that are designed in the hope of accomplishing such a thing. Satanist George Soros, as well as the Rothschild, Sawney Bean, banking family and a plethora of other international bankers and financiers are working full time to bring about Hell on Earth.

I DO NOT know what the core truth is about virtual-digital currency. I do know there are people who are as dead certain as they are uninformed that this currency is a brain fart of the Satanic elite. I am fortunate that I know that I do not know. Others are not so lucky and I have seen them attempt to include everyone you have ever heard of as being involved in some illuminati-Masonic-ZioSatanic scheme to enslave and destroy us all. I've been told that I am a Mason, which comes as a surprise to me. What I am is a vehicle of some sort for a particular message which you see repeated here on most days. I am without a doubt, a fool and have been as reckless as anyone I have ever heard of because of my inability to control the force that moves in me. After such a length of protracted time, I have finally come to an accommodation with this force and an uneasy peace now seems to be the order of the day.

I do not know whether virtual currency is an evil plot or not but here is what I think and... it is an old story. Some people think money is evil. Some have said that money is the root of all evil, when, in fact, the 'love' of money is the root of some amount of evil. They think governments are evil. They think religions are evil and... no doubt, some people think the Sesame Street characters are evil. Money is not evil. None of these things are exclusively and invariably evil. Intention defines them all. Do we even know what evil is, or good? The definition of them varies widely and changes over time. Many things that were once considered evil are now harnessed for good; lightning is a good(?) example. Singing and dancing are considered evil in some religious cultures. Certain behaviors are celebrated in these times and they are most certainly not good. Lies are elevated to the level of accepted truth and truth is demeaned and distorted to venal ends; “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Inasmuch as I understand what qualifies as evil, I would say it is self interest; that which expresses in selfish intent. Good would be the polar opposite of that, according to me ...and we are either as good or evil as we are committed to the pursuit of either and by degrees we can be measured accordingly. And accordingly... we are in some permutation of Heaven or Hell which are both states of mind and from the mind proceeds our experience and interpretation of environment and one another. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

This is why we celebrate Christmas, when we celebrate it in the spirit of its true meaning. We celebrate the birth of the living light, that has gestated in the appointed secret chamber of the heart, awaiting the moment of consecration. There are those among us who have acquired large reservoirs of merit over lifetimes of service and sacrifice. The Amitabha Buddha is such a one. Jesus Christ is another. Over the course of a great expanse of time, the man Jesus, who would have been known by many different names over the course of time, gained an ocean of virtue and assorted spiritual qualities and one day came to the opportunity to perform the greatest act that ever there was. The spirit of God descended into him and thereby GOD himself accomplished the most profound act of sacrifice that has been and... it wasn't the first time. He submitted himself to every ignominy and to death as well, that he might overcome it ON OUR BEHALF. What he achieved we might all of us achieve one day. The blood of the lamb was the currency that paid for the following age and settled up all debts outstanding from previous times.

The only currency that truly interests me is spiritual currency but I do live in this world and I am not RamaKrishna who leaped off of his bed, as if it were on fire, because a devotee put some money under the mattress to see what happened. I will invest some small amount of whatever comes my way in this new medium because there is a chance it might lead to financing an environment where kindred spirits might congregate. That is intention. If it's meant to happen it will, if not, that's fine too. I already have a place where that is possible and where people already come and go. It's win-win (grin).

Is the Deep State behind virtual currency? Did they kill the Easter Bunny and shotgun Santa Claus? I don't know. What I do know is that The Devil works for God; intentionally? Unintentionally? One must first ask themselves who The Devil is in the first place. The Devil is the way the wicked see God. There's only the one force, people. Once again, intention defines you. Your values are a true measure of your character and 'character is fate.' The entirety of everything is as simple as you make it. Love the ineffable and everything else comes into perspective. Otherwise, of course, you can complicate the affair and people do, dancing in the smoke of a thousand desire fueled fires, where afterwards they can reflect upon it in the ashes of perpetual disappointment.

My friends, you can meet it at the marrow now or come to the inevitable certainty of it later, or much later, depending on your pain threshold, counterpointed by the force of your appetites. It is what it is and tomorrow and a million years from now, it will still be what it is. You are what you are, no matter how many masks you may wear or roles you may play. Beneath all the costumes and camouflage resides the shining and immortal self. The eternal flame of the spirit will eventually burn away the dross. It is an unavoidable absolute. We will meet again my friends and bathe in the waters of everlasting life. We will laugh such laughter and tears of joy will stream down our faces. This is also an unavoidable absolute and I absolutely love you one and all. I may not completely realize that yet but I am certain it is true, just as I am certain that it will be revealed to me at some point. I await that wonderful moment, whatever may lie between then and now.

Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke

I got Binky the Bear for Christmas. I saw him and said, "Wow! He seems like he's alive." a voice came into my head and said, "Be surprised at nothing, Visible"

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, December 15, 2017

In the Morning of the World when the Children of God Sang on the Mountain Tops of Joy

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We always wondered why people who saw, or should have seen, the signs of impending war, mass social hysteria, fabricated criminal insanities, such as is the case in Sweden presently... or any of the life changing phenomena that creeps into view and slowly (sometimes not so slowly) surely becomes panoramic, surround sound and fills the rear view mirror as well; we wonder what it is that keeps people in untenable living conditions. We have been perplexed by this for decades. We have been an avid student of history, both the ridiculous constructs of the infernal architects and the truth of the matter, concealed in occult file cabinets where you have to go and look for it but very few people do.

I have come to a conclusion about that and this conclusion surfaced because it was all that was left, once I had dismissed every other possibility. It's obvious but few are going to want to give it credence because of what it says about them if they do, because of the position it puts them in if they do. It is a basic truth about life that people are fundamentally dishonest. If you refuse to see the truth then you will not see the truth. Whether you see it or not, it's still there regardless. What then happens is; you render the truth into an enemy instead of an ally. If you refuse to see the truth in yourself, you automatically cannot see what is true about the world around you. Here's something that very few people consider, you do not see 'outside' of you. You see 'inside' your head. That is the physical truth and it relates directly to what some might consider metaphorical and which I consider literal.

It turns out that the world you think you know is perceived through the lens of your desires and your fears. You see the world as you want to see it, not the way it is, which... ironically is a mirror reflection of what you have chosen to believe is true about you. The world takes the shape your mind has designed for it. Until you see yourself as you are, you will only see the world as you imagine it, which is the sum total of your desires and your fears. These change based on your investments. What you have invested in defines your values and your values define you. It would be an accurate assumption that the world is a mental institution where the level of sanity or insanity is determined by the degree of materialism present. The more pervasive the reach of materialism, the wider the reach of insanity and because sex is the dynamic of all human interaction, in times of material darkness, the forms of sexual expression become increasingly more perverted, more toxic and more absurd. It accounts for everything you have been seeing until now.

The dreadful irony here is that if you saw yourself as you really are, it would be wonderful beyond the capacity of your imagination in the present. The experience would push the boundaries of your imagination far past what they are at the moment. The same is the shining reality that manifests in the pursuit of a divine being. In this age of ubiquitous ignorance, where ignorance is actually celebrated and where atheism and self interest are considered expressions of courage and clear thinking and... smart? Really... smart. Most of the time when people decide they are an atheist it is because the reality of a divine being and the tenets for right living set down by the emissaries of a divine being, get in the way of their appetites and desires. As far as they are concerned, if anyone is going to be god it will be them. In some cases it is because of the rapacity, venality and cruelty seen in the history of organized religions. Organized religions are a creation of the avaricious priest class, not the divine being. In Heaven where all is in order, it is automatic... there is no one running around composing a never ending litany of rules and regulations. There is no need for this, everyone is already behaving themselves. The residents of Heaven all collectively agree on certain common understandings and that is how you get into Heaven in the first place, otherwise, you don't get in.

Rules and regulations get out of control down here because people don't like having to behave themselves and they can't agree on what proper behavior is and where do we get our basic agreements on right and wrong from? Where do we get those rules and laws that remain unchanged, where other more temporary cautions and restraints come and go? We get them from the Ten Commandments and the only variations on that theme is the severity of the punishment accorded to offenders.

You get into Heaven by particular kinds of behavior by the state and quality of your heart and mind. Heaven can be called, “a state of mind.” it can also be called, “a state of being.” My suggestion is that you find out what that is and act in that manner; provided it is Heaven you wish to arrive at. Not everyone does. Some prefer Hell because that is where the things they like to do are permitted a theater of operations. Some are confused about what Heaven and Hell actually are. One could say that Hell is where you are burning with desire and Heaven is where you are not. That's simplistic but you will find it consistent across the board with, of course, any number of variations but the presence of desire and the absence of desire, the burning and not burning, the freedom from the howling hounds of appetite and the bondage and guilt generated by appetite, these are present, consistently present and absent in each case where that applies.

In the West we brutalize livestock. They live and die in horrendous conditions. Gandhi said, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If you have seen the pens and slaughterhouses of the meat industry, you could not remain unchanged by what you have seen, unless you are a psychopath or abysmally and brutishly ignorant. In our society, very few of us want to see the sequence from the birth of an animal to the moment it is butchered, to where they reach into the cold box and pull out a shrink wrapped package and this comes full circle to whether we are honest with ourselves or not. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Many... many of us are simply unaware of the consequences, just as they cannot see the relationship between sins of commission and sins of omission. You can't tell people. They can't and won't hear you. What you are saying gets in the way of the fulfillment of their appetites and desires. Only TRAUMA or some epiphany of experience will awaken a person; awaken is the operative word. Once again, thank you Mr. Apocalypse for the apocalypse, be it forceful and irresistible or be it... uh... forceful and irresistible. It is only as forceful as we are resistant.
I look back on my life and see the general stream of hardship and pain, the disappointments and loss AND... I thank the ineffable with all my heart because it has been one relentless wake-up. God would not leave me alone. If I have nothing but my love of the ineffable, I am already one of the richest men on Earth.

Discover what it is that you love and DO IT! I give you the examples of James Brown and Tina Turner. Look at their infectious and tireless energy. Look at the 70 and 80 year olds. Look at B.B, King and Little Richard. Look at Tony Benet and any of the number of those who love what they do. The ineffable moves unobstructed through those who permit it to.

If you don't love what you do, you won't be very good at it and you will lack the energy to do it effectively so as to reach others in the commission of it. Life is simple as you make it. Appetites and desires complicate it. Willfulness and driving self interest complicate life. Lying to yourself severely complicates your life and makes it impossible to see what is. You see only what the poison of selfishness projects on your mind screen. This is the nature of samskaras. Love of the ineffable burns away these samskaras. Practice the Greatest Commandment. This is what I said yesterday, today and will say tomorrow. Everything else will come along with that in good time.

Celebrate the birth of the Christ Child in your heart. Let the true feeling of the Christmas spirit move in you and suffuse you with the purity of unselfish love for one another. Everything else is ashes in your mouth. God is as real as you permit God to be and God is also real regardless. The world is as real as you make it.

♫Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

When we've been here, ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun.

We've no less days to sing God's praise than when we first begun♫

Let us return to the morning of the world when all the sons and daughters of God sang on the mountain tops of joy.

Much love to you, one and all.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Agony of Fruitless Desire in the Dumpster Fire of the Material Plane.

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The seasons turn as they always do, each year, magnetically attuned to a merged-double and complementary dynamic; the axis of the Spring and Winter solstices. One celebrates the promise of that birth of the ineffable, within and out of the slumbering death of replicating lifetimes, to no point or meaningful purpose other than the exercise of appetites, the satiation of desires (which are never really satisfied because the desire simply turns to another object of desire.) and the pursuit of experience which is essentially about self discovery but which almost always results in a temporary ego dance of the false self seeking recognition and glory, only to drop away into the gutter of unremembered history like falling leaves. The other celebrates the consummation of that promise; regenerated innocence rather than senility. Eternal childhood as opposed to a second childhood.

As ignorant and willful as I have been in this life, I have come to see these two archetypal moments as the most important statements made in Nature by the ineffable. Each year we are reminded of our failures to that point and each year we are shown the eternal promise that exists for our salvation 'out of'' the agony of fruitless desire in this dumpster fire of the material plane. That said. That said!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Let the war on Christmas rage. Let those of us who defy that pernicious effort stand firm. That war was won long ago. Just as there is no confusion concerning the outcome of any Armageddon. Jesus Christ was victorious in that conflict, as was Krishna, whatever that conflict really is, long before the combatants took the field. Christ went to the place of torment to speak to the captive spirits in confinement about the promise for salvation. "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" "I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades" Believe it or not; upon that option lies your destiny and fate. On the one hand, you suffer until you do believe. On the other hand, your suffering is transformed into something other.

You can spend, literally, millions of lives here in some version of the material plane AND you can spend it in countless forms, the like of which are dictated by the appetites engaged in and the desires pursued in previous manifestations. This is also influenced by intention, aspiration and degree of difficulty impacted on by the first two. For this you absolutely need, 'faith, certitude and determination'. Not only is “success speedy for the energetic”, let me add one other Karmic feature and it is a big one. Be careful not to offend or injure a saint, master, holy man, prophet, friend of God, or avatar. One never knows when you are going to catch them at the wrong time (grin). I will add here a particular exception. The divine is known to, sometimes, choose one who loves him to play an antagonistic role. Asian tales have examples of this now and again.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to, 'love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.' This is because, you DO NOT know the details of what happened previously. You DO NOT know the esoteric or metaphysical implications of what you do and do not do, aside from whatever understanding you have of what does and does not offend the divine. You DO NOT know what could be possible for you, if you just apply yourself a little more industriously and one of the reasons that few of us rise to what is possible for us is our Karma. Karma, like Time and Gravity, has weight. If you want to press more weight you begin a course of power lifting; metaphorical, sure but... literal too. Karma once again intrudes upon the likelihood of our level of motivation. Seek after Grace! What is one of the most effective means by which to INVOKE GRACE? “Love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.”

Yes... you can attract Grace, the same way that certain flowers attract bees; the way that certain qualities or forms of behavior, or aspiration, can attract the ineffable. Surely it does and the finest nectar of all is, LOVE. Please... my dear friends, be mindful of these considerations! Do not let this Christmas be a distraction for you, via the force of materialism, familial concerns, shopping and stressing over statements of appreciation for those in your life, when the greatest gift you can confer on them is to love them each and every day. Love them and hold them high in your awareness of them! Christmas should be celebrated every day. We should be reborn in every morning when we awaken from our temporary sleeps; remembering that birth and death and rebirth are only more dramatic examples of this.

At night we should die to the world as we know it and pray to be reborn the next day on the lotus that sits atop it. The world is a stain and it spreads into the consciousness that touches it because the world interprets itself according to the hooks it can put into the minds that associate with it because it FEEDS off of the attention. Anything that is not fed dies. Everything that feeds upon us was once very small and it grew according to the attention we put on it through our interest, our fascination, our desires and the appetites it provides the nourishment for as we eat our way into it and it feeds on us in kind. It is a permutation of the classic snake with its tail in its mouth.

Everything in the world functions as opposite to what exists in the immaterial and is why the material is temporary and the invisible more and more permanent as it moves into more and more rarefied states of being. Not all heavens are everlasting.

In the material realm, the pursuit of self interest results in the greater portion of material success. In the spiritual realm the opposite is true. Heaven is for the most part impersonal and here it is the reverse, with the obsessive promotion of the self; most exemplified through celebrity worship and self worship. It is as if the false light of the world shined through a stained globe hanging from a dead man's hand, nailed to a chop shop door and near obscured by a dense net of moths and mosquitoes, buzzing in desperate need and terrible pain, as they cannot restrain themselves from contact with the hot fixture. A mound of desiccated corpses have crumbled below it like the sand seen in a hourglass and speaking in graphic tongues of irony for all to see and few to understand.

There are several ways that one can become rich in this world and unless Karma strictly forbids it will likely lead to wealth. One of the most represented are those who never spend anything on anyone else and only exhibit token generosity when the result will be an increase in their fortunes; practiced and applied selfishness. Another is to follow the biblical maxim and to share liberally at every opportunity, though this is not guaranteed, especially if that is the motivation to begin with, but... to see yourself as a steward of the wealth of the world is to pretty much assure some amount of it will pass through your hands. Another way is to ask for it and be willing to be whatever example is made out of you. Except where Karma dictates, most any method requires long hours of hard work. The exception is to be in possession of an idea whose time has come, or just looks that way. Two ways to make a fortune with little risk is in direct mail order and junk. These days Ebay and other opportunities are there for the doing. If money is your thing, you've come to the right time zone. Bit Coin is now approaching $15,000.00. That is a far cry from the $3.00 apiece when I first was introduced to it. The ineffable has consistently told me not to be concerned about my finances as he will provide and if he wants me to be flush he will just see it; all it takes.

As we have said before, there are all kinds of money. On the spiritual plane is is written into the fabric of your being. A wide reach of an example is when a woman touched the hem of his garment while he was speaking and he felt virtue leave; “But Jesus knew in himself at once that power had gone out from him and he turned to the crowds and he said, “Who has touched my garment?” That is money and there is a wide distance between those with little and those with much. You earn this currency in the same way you earn the money we use here, you put your time and effort into it. As you sow, so shall you reap. Remember that spiritual currency can be converted into all sorts of power and value in all sorts of ways.

The birth of Jesus, which was the irresistible manifest certainty of the realization of the Christ, exists for everyone who sets their sights upon this outcome. We must never be discouraged by our perceived unworthiness or the number of mistakes we make in the process. It is not the same thing as learning to ride a bike (grin). One must consider the construct logically. How could one come to such an exalted state unless they had first mastered every possible challenge and weakness enroute?

It is 19 days until official Christmas arrives and 15 days until the solstice occurs, which is the ancient moment for the birth of the sun (king). ♫Here comes the sun king... everybody's laughing, everybody's happy... Here comes the sun king♫ You can live in the material with an awareness absorbed in the material, surrounded by the material, as if the material were all there is to life and then share in the fate of the material which is, without exception, composted at some point, or you can live in the awareness of the spiritual, until your focus upon it causes it to become your environment, projected out of your concentration upon it. There are a number of us who dwell in Heaven this very moment, while being present on the manifest plane. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth.

It's time to think about Christmas and Jesus Christ in this period, which honors his emergence ...because every year miracles are looking for opportunity to occur.

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