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In the Morning of the World when the Children of God Sang on the Mountain Tops of Joy

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We always wondered why people who saw, or should have seen, the signs of impending war, mass social hysteria, fabricated criminal insanities, such as is the case in Sweden presently... or any of the life changing phenomena that creeps into view and slowly (sometimes not so slowly) surely becomes panoramic, surround sound and fills the rear view mirror as well; we wonder what it is that keeps people in untenable living conditions. We have been perplexed by this for decades. We have been an avid student of history, both the ridiculous constructs of the infernal architects and the truth of the matter, concealed in occult file cabinets where you have to go and look for it but very few people do.

I have come to a conclusion about that and this conclusion surfaced because it was all that was left, once I had dismissed every other possibility. It's obvious but few are going to want to give it credence because of what it says about them if they do, because of the position it puts them in if they do. It is a basic truth about life that people are fundamentally dishonest. If you refuse to see the truth then you will not see the truth. Whether you see it or not, it's still there regardless. What then happens is; you render the truth into an enemy instead of an ally. If you refuse to see the truth in yourself, you automatically cannot see what is true about the world around you. Here's something that very few people consider, you do not see 'outside' of you. You see 'inside' your head. That is the physical truth and it relates directly to what some might consider metaphorical and which I consider literal.

It turns out that the world you think you know is perceived through the lens of your desires and your fears. You see the world as you want to see it, not the way it is, which... ironically is a mirror reflection of what you have chosen to believe is true about you. The world takes the shape your mind has designed for it. Until you see yourself as you are, you will only see the world as you imagine it, which is the sum total of your desires and your fears. These change based on your investments. What you have invested in defines your values and your values define you. It would be an accurate assumption that the world is a mental institution where the level of sanity or insanity is determined by the degree of materialism present. The more pervasive the reach of materialism, the wider the reach of insanity and because sex is the dynamic of all human interaction, in times of material darkness, the forms of sexual expression become increasingly more perverted, more toxic and more absurd. It accounts for everything you have been seeing until now.

The dreadful irony here is that if you saw yourself as you really are, it would be wonderful beyond the capacity of your imagination in the present. The experience would push the boundaries of your imagination far past what they are at the moment. The same is the shining reality that manifests in the pursuit of a divine being. In this age of ubiquitous ignorance, where ignorance is actually celebrated and where atheism and self interest are considered expressions of courage and clear thinking and... smart? Really... smart. Most of the time when people decide they are an atheist it is because the reality of a divine being and the tenets for right living set down by the emissaries of a divine being, get in the way of their appetites and desires. As far as they are concerned, if anyone is going to be god it will be them. In some cases it is because of the rapacity, venality and cruelty seen in the history of organized religions. Organized religions are a creation of the avaricious priest class, not the divine being. In Heaven where all is in order, it is automatic... there is no one running around composing a never ending litany of rules and regulations. There is no need for this, everyone is already behaving themselves. The residents of Heaven all collectively agree on certain common understandings and that is how you get into Heaven in the first place, otherwise, you don't get in.

Rules and regulations get out of control down here because people don't like having to behave themselves and they can't agree on what proper behavior is and where do we get our basic agreements on right and wrong from? Where do we get those rules and laws that remain unchanged, where other more temporary cautions and restraints come and go? We get them from the Ten Commandments and the only variations on that theme is the severity of the punishment accorded to offenders.

You get into Heaven by particular kinds of behavior by the state and quality of your heart and mind. Heaven can be called, “a state of mind.” it can also be called, “a state of being.” My suggestion is that you find out what that is and act in that manner; provided it is Heaven you wish to arrive at. Not everyone does. Some prefer Hell because that is where the things they like to do are permitted a theater of operations. Some are confused about what Heaven and Hell actually are. One could say that Hell is where you are burning with desire and Heaven is where you are not. That's simplistic but you will find it consistent across the board with, of course, any number of variations but the presence of desire and the absence of desire, the burning and not burning, the freedom from the howling hounds of appetite and the bondage and guilt generated by appetite, these are present, consistently present and absent in each case where that applies.

In the West we brutalize livestock. They live and die in horrendous conditions. Gandhi said, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If you have seen the pens and slaughterhouses of the meat industry, you could not remain unchanged by what you have seen, unless you are a psychopath or abysmally and brutishly ignorant. In our society, very few of us want to see the sequence from the birth of an animal to the moment it is butchered, to where they reach into the cold box and pull out a shrink wrapped package and this comes full circle to whether we are honest with ourselves or not. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Many... many of us are simply unaware of the consequences, just as they cannot see the relationship between sins of commission and sins of omission. You can't tell people. They can't and won't hear you. What you are saying gets in the way of the fulfillment of their appetites and desires. Only TRAUMA or some epiphany of experience will awaken a person; awaken is the operative word. Once again, thank you Mr. Apocalypse for the apocalypse, be it forceful and irresistible or be it... uh... forceful and irresistible. It is only as forceful as we are resistant.
I look back on my life and see the general stream of hardship and pain, the disappointments and loss AND... I thank the ineffable with all my heart because it has been one relentless wake-up. God would not leave me alone. If I have nothing but my love of the ineffable, I am already one of the richest men on Earth.

Discover what it is that you love and DO IT! I give you the examples of James Brown and Tina Turner. Look at their infectious and tireless energy. Look at the 70 and 80 year olds. Look at B.B, King and Little Richard. Look at Tony Benet and any of the number of those who love what they do. The ineffable moves unobstructed through those who permit it to.

If you don't love what you do, you won't be very good at it and you will lack the energy to do it effectively so as to reach others in the commission of it. Life is simple as you make it. Appetites and desires complicate it. Willfulness and driving self interest complicate life. Lying to yourself severely complicates your life and makes it impossible to see what is. You see only what the poison of selfishness projects on your mind screen. This is the nature of samskaras. Love of the ineffable burns away these samskaras. Practice the Greatest Commandment. This is what I said yesterday, today and will say tomorrow. Everything else will come along with that in good time.

Celebrate the birth of the Christ Child in your heart. Let the true feeling of the Christmas spirit move in you and suffuse you with the purity of unselfish love for one another. Everything else is ashes in your mouth. God is as real as you permit God to be and God is also real regardless. The world is as real as you make it.

♫Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

When we've been here, ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun.

We've no less days to sing God's praise than when we first begun♫

Let us return to the morning of the world when all the sons and daughters of God sang on the mountain tops of joy.

Much love to you, one and all.

End Transmission.......


Kazz said...

What a beautiful and accurate post Vis.

I still have far to go on my journey but the light of the divine burns vigorously within. I feel only pity for those who are not One with the Divine. They race around ceaselessly trying to fill the void within them with materialism and sexual escapades, when the only cure for their ill is the light and love of the Divine. I am finding greater peace within these days, more so than ever before. The dramas of the world are fading away to become nothing more than mere distractions to my passion, which is deepening my connection with the Divine.

I have a special place in my heart for animals, one that is driving me closer and closer to being a vegetarian. Old habits die hard, but I am at the stage where I can't look into those big beautiful eyes of the cows we ride past without feeling extreme pangs of guilt. Forcing one's self to make the connections between our actions and the consequences is never easy and never ending. It seems like the moment you conquer one aspect of what separates you from your divinity within another presents front and centre to be addressed. I have been no stranger to suffering Vis, and like you I am grateful for those experiences, because I see that God has tailored my journey specifically to provide me with the best possible outcome. I am so pleased I did not throw in the towel and take the easy way out, as so many do these days. The rewards and blessing for persevering on the journey that the tree of life provided has been immeasurable.

Thank you for providing the space and opportunity here for people to express their self freely and exchange ideas. The Divine has been given a platform of expression here that is sadly lacking elsewhere in this world. The Divine is so kind, loving, compassionate, and funny. I love the Divine so much Vis and I know the Divine loves me. I just wanted to share that and say thank you for making it possible for me to do so.

I give thanks for Christ every day because every day is a gift from God to help us further expand our consciousness on this never ending journey called life.

God bless you Vis
Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Vis, you slipped-in a Visible Origami under the guise of a Smoking Mirrors! Excellent column. Thanks!

In the last year or so, I have noticed a distinct change in me: I grin a lot. To strangers on the street. To people in lines. Wherever. This is not forced grins; it is a bubbling-up of deeper forces. I take it as a positive sign (grin).
Vis: "Here's something that very few people consider, you do not see 'outside' of you. You see 'inside' your head."

As part of that, my 'viewpoint' seems to have shifted to around the Chakra system. When a person is acting benevolently, their crown chakra seems to light up. When a person is acting lovingly, their heart chakra seems to light up. When a person is acting from power interests, their solar plexus chakra seems to light up. Sexual, third-eye, etc. It is very interesting to 'reflect' on those basic impulses, as emitted by the chakras. It is also a good 'warning system'; say when a person is acting benevolently but their power chakra is the dominant chakra emitting...
Vis: "The dreadful irony here is that if you saw yourself as you really are, it would be wonderful beyond the capacity of your imagination in the present."

A minor version of this: Around a week ago, I was watching a late-night TV show. (Yeah, I know...) Onto the stage stepped a youngish female. Instantaneously, every fiber of my being sprang to alert. This was not a human! Immediate questions to High Self. It turned out that this person was brought to Earth at a very young age (maybe even embryonic) and allowed to 'grow-up' in a normal earth-environment. So, her mannerisms and earth-memories are real. But, her cells are not human. Wow. What was interesting was her 'inner light'. Possibly because of her origin or possibly because of her soul, she was not exhibiting normal (sigh) human 'light'. I run-into these people every once in a while, and they are a good 'template' of what we were meant to be...
Vis: "Some are confused about what Heaven and Hell actually are. One could say that Hell is where you are burning with desire and Heaven is where you are not."

In my view of the universe, we came down here because of 'desire'. We were up in angelic-style consciousness states, and had completed all we could at that level. Bored. No physical body. So, we figured-out ways to lower-ourselves enough to throw sticks, make physical love, and build starships. Cool. (Unfortunate, but also-desired events also occurred. Kill and be killed, etc.) Eventually, some of us ran out of physical-level desires to complete. Bored again. No desire. So, we are working-out ways to 'move forward' onto our next grand learning, whatever this new 'desire' may be...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kazz, I went veg in stages. After reading excerpts from a book called 'Slaughterhouse', we got off red meat. Later fish, birds besides chicken, then chicken last. If you can cook and eat the proper protein veggies, it's no problem. I'm mostly a political veg, there are 'accidents' at the restaurant I work at, but I don't freak. I didn't ask or pay for those few grammes of animal flesh they failed to remove from the dish for me, and it would have been thrown out, so. . .

Sex. Been celibate for over a decade, and don't miss it. Hormonal shutdown is nice. Makes life less distracting. And there are those who are never interested in sex for all their lives. What does this make them? (If you say 'asexual', I'm gonna e-mail ya a virtual nose lick, so ifn ya find a 'sluuuuuurp' in your inbox. . . I mean from a spiritual level.)

I now just see this place as the realm of perpetual inconvenience, and I reluctantly wait for parole from the self imposed sentence from life, but am doing what I gotta do to get to where I'm goin' full force. Things are getting better in some ways, but the price is high. Especially when the car breaks down and another flawed part is installed, lengthening the time of inconveniencing others and not sleeping. (Thank gods my mechanic is what he is. A total saint who went way above the call of duty for me.) Gods, my always sleep deprived boss actually followed me home one night to rescue me if I broke down since I don't have a brain fryer. . .I mean cell phone. 28 mile round trip at 1:00 AM. Me and her are chained and bound to each other as much as me and my flat mate. Gods, I even say things she's thinking all the time, and it freaks her out. We manipulate each other up the yin yang for the common good, too. We watch out for each other. Dragon Goddess. We also have a mutual friend who's part of the circle. A nice artificial 'family'.

I can't say I recognise the concept of 'Heave' and 'Hell' anymore. There's different levels of being, and some are pleasant, some are not. I'd say the worst is the realm of the psychopaths. You go to where you belong. Some refer to it as 'vibrational level', though that phrase doesn't sit well with me; however ya know what I mean?

I call myself 'retired from life'. Nothing really left vested in it. I've done all I think I've set out to do for myself, and there's nothing left. Now I'm just following the metaphorical 'road map' I've been given, and do what I gotta do to get to where I'm goin'. And a road map I do have, thank the gods. I am given situations for better or for worse, and if it will make things better; I take that road. And it's ALWAYS a service to others choice, because that ALWAYS ends up benefitting me just as much.

As you say, sometimes the worst things turn into the best results. A stronger alliance with the right side of history is underrated.
Yes, I loved the post. G'night.

Anonymous said...


I got off red meat after a summer job working on the nightshift cleanup crew in a meatpacking plant. Fond memories of climbing into huge vat grinders and scrubbing off the coating of fat grease. And there's nothing quite as appetizing as a floor drain clogged with rotting meat blown out with a high pressure washer hose.


Ray B. said...

Fair warning on the use of bitcoin... (Good comments, too.)

Kazz said...


Sorry if I have been misleading, by 'sexual escapades' I meant that which occurs outside of what God has set aside as 'a sacred union between woman and man'. After all God did tell us to 'go forth and multiply' and you can't do that without sexual union. Far from finding sex limiting to one's soul journey I have found that it opens doorways. I found that the relationship between a woman and a man provided the perfect environment for personal evolution, which is kinda why I think the family unit is the basic building block in all healthy, harmonious communities. God created man and woman with strong sexual urges to promote procreation, Man's excesses and deviancies are what denigrate this holy union. Sex is as essential to a well balanced adult as what food is, but just as we can damage our health and well being through eating excessively or choosing a bad diet, we can damage our self through sexually promiscuous behaviour and bad sexual choices. Every ancient holy text appears to agree with this.

I am not in a hurry to leave existence, because there is much work to be done here drawing down the Holy Spirit to anchor the light and higher energies on this plain. Far too many humans are acting as a conduit for the negative more damaging energies, which is why this planet is experiencing such density. Hopefully this will change as the higher energies continue to flood this plain. Already the elite are finding it hard to contain the light, which is why they are putting so much mercury, lead and aluminium (among other things) into the children's vaccinations, which is why we are seeing so many children die with SIDs and develop autism.

For me Heaven is being able to access one's tiny spark of divinity within, and hell is when we lose sight of who we really are. I see life as being precious, because each moment we are alive we have the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves and the world we find ourselves in, which helps us to better understand the Divine, our path, and what we came here to accomplish. God is a loving God, so it only follows that God wants us to be happy. The best way I know how to do that is to lead a well balanced life of moderation with just enough excitement to keep me feeling alive. I work hard at creating a little piece of Heaven right here and now, because that way I can take it with me where ever I go :o).

I really hope you find a little slice of Heaven because a sweetheart like you deserves it.

Luv Kazz

Anaughty Mouser said...

Les Visible,

You ARE one of the richest men I know. I measure wealth in unconvention means because gold does not follow with us when we die. Happiness, love and a rich soul are the real treasures of this Life. All the temporal is just bling, and as we know that definately will pass away. A kind Word given or taken is true wealth. You are rich Visible and you enrich my life by my knowing you.

Blase the torch good Child Child of God. Celebrate Jesus, flee from satan and all his pussy, Power and gold bling.

May God bless you good Sir.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

fcc gutted obamas net neutrality laws in america.

Reportedly, attorney generals from across the country and consumer advocacy groups are considering suing the FCC in an attempt to reverse Thursday's repeal of net neutrality rules.
To overturn the FCC's order, critics and internet activists are also going to push for Congress to step in and pass a resolution of disapproval using the Congressional Review Act.
"This fight isn't over. With our allies and our users, we will turn to Congress and the courts to fix the broken policies," Mozilla said.

"We're ready to work with members of Congress and others to help make the internet free and open for everyone," Sheryl Sandberg said.

"We will continue our fight to defend the open Internet and reverse this misguided decision," Twitter said.

The FCC's repeal of net neutrality will take effect 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, which doesn't happen immediately and could take six weeks or even more after the FCC vote.

Once it become law, the repeal will return everything to the state it was before 2015.

Anonymous said...

The electronic frontier foundation has done more than any other group in America to ensure neutrality remains;

Anonymous said...

Must see Visible: The FCC Just Crushed Net Neutrality... It's Not Over, But It Looks Really Bad.

Anonymous said...

Love to push those buttons should coin the phrase "The realm of perpetual inconvenience ". I had a good laugh when I read that becasue life feels that way constantly now. Ever try to open a new jar or release an item from shrink wrap? Or knock over a 5lb bag of cat kibble by accident. I marvel sometimes how things are set up here. Truly by the insane and I suppose that would be me ultimately or all of us collectively. Either way. I enjoyed your post as I could have written it myself . Also enjoyed reading Kazz and Ray B. Thanks Vis for making this existence easier by constantly pointing me in the right direction. There is nothing here I want or need anymore , I've outgrown that aspect of this reality but now I need to find an inner happiness and contentment by fulling accepting that and stop feeling as though I'm missing something I no longer want. Oh the irony..
Merry Christmas and love to all

Guy Reid-Brown said...

This came at just the right time and every word of it applies - I simply agree with all the other comments here - and if there is one thing one could remove from this Planet it would be Cruelty to Animals.

Although - and not through any physical reason, but a range of reasons psychological and material and fearful and , I guess, generally Autistic (I was diagnosed very late in the day, and it explains a lot) I have been totally celibate - and that includes Self-Satisfaction - for this entire century - and I have not enjoyed a single minute of it - and I have been through Porn Binges where the spiral is incredibly downward because even my infant sexuality was attracted to Sadism, but ONLY in a sexual sense (I genuinely abhor physical violence) but it then goes on to encompass Sadism. Masochism, Bestiality etc - but not for a while, and simply because I have come to the conclusion that it is imperative to Mental Health that one should not do anything in private that one would not speak about openly in Public (one sound reason for the not-even-self-abuse, but there are a multitude of good reasons for that - )

I have only said all this openly to one person before, and that is like a Soul-Sister on fb - so there you go - no one has heard all of this except for the entire -internet now :)

Having said all which, I agree with every line of this piece, not one of which I could have put together myself, including on Sex and Desire too and despite of all the above , and one knows this piece is ALL from Hard Won Experience (One of the reasons George Orwell is my favourite writer, present company excepted)

I LOVE St, Augustine's famous Prayer though - 'Lord make me celibate, but just not yet' :) I very much suspect God had a Big Smile about that -

Anonymous said...

Dearest Visible,

Your posts just keep giving more and more... the talent and power behind them shines through. I look forward to each new appearance on TruthSeeker like I used to look forward to hearing Santa's reindeer on the roof : )

A propos of your reference to sex; here's the incomparable Joni Mitchell chiming in with her own revealing of the truth:

Joni is so beautiful...


jpow00 said...

A good one sir! Resonates with me particularly well. i once read a book by Robert Heinlein and in it he touched on the idea of self-deception. The main character had a list of "life rules" and i believe first among them was "self-deception is the root of ALL evil". The shrivilised way of life we have today is a direct extension of that. First, deceive yourself and then wallow in every burning desire, material excess and consumer craziness, then you get what passes for living these days.

Sceptic said...

I believe the that atheism is not about belief. Science is not proving (or disproving) anything in this regard - no matter what they say or claim. Ultimately we (they) just don't know.
I think it's about FEAR.
It's the fear of post-life accountability of one's deeds and (mis)behavior during his/her time here. So they "solve" their valueless unethical way of living by claiming that there is nothing after (to be accountable for).

The biggest bloody murderous MONSTERS (past and existing) of humanity are those, who claim that the death of the body is the final, ultimate END. I see a definite correlation...

Anyway that's my two cents musing on the concept of "atheism"...

Ray B. said...

Karen/Kazz: "For me Heaven is being able to access one's tiny spark of divinity within, and hell is when we lose sight of who we really are."

Got it in one, Kazz! True wisdom...

Merry Christ Mass!
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Visible! Your commenters are taking on a new level of understanding, perhaps more loving? Nice to see and even nicer to consider them my friends in many cases. Hmmmm.............maybe it's just me that's changed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

This is the greatest place in internetlandia. Gracias. LTPTB I can't help thinking why the Ram ran over a cliff to his death, sadly. Apparently he missed the ewe turn. That said, does it ever seem like TPTB, (connection to LTPTB, hmmm?) Spend all possible energy creating one s-storm emergency after another to just maintain the overall level of suck? Hey AI, Henry Ford said corral the fifty richest people in the world and all the bull&#@+ will utterly stop. Easy enough. Thanks AI! Thanks author and comment gallery. You too scarecrow...

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'It is a basic truth about life that people are fundamentally dishonest.' - That should be a meme - except I don't want to make one and stick it up on facebook :) It should be though -

Guy Reid-Brown said...

"self-deception is the root of ALL evil". That is brilliant, Jpow00 - I made a meme on my fb timeline that said 'Lying is the root of all Evil - money is merely the currency.' - same thing, I suppose; also 'Sceptic' - Atheism IS Fear, that is very deep - but I looked up your name and you are totally anonymous - you shouldn't be, that's a great comment.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Narayana dasa said...

Namaste Lesji,

I appreciate your musings.
I 'feel' that you have a 'feel' for the expansive horizon of Nama, Guna, Rupa and Lila; that which personalizes the 'ineffable' in the most superlative manner.
'Heaven' awaits the introspective soul, who, having received decent 'binoculars' from a kindly sage, scales the perimeter wall of their comfort zone and absorbs the eternal vista. Well, at least in that direction.
As you'll be aware; at such a juncture, 'tis the utmost folly to look back at the shadow land of exploitation with any degree of favour. That damned land where we require a biological interface through which we duck, dive and generally screw each other.
I look forward to a time and place where you and I can share notes... from atop our comfort zone walls, with Kali Yuga on one side and the inevitable 'ineffable' on the other. I'll go, if you go!

Hari Om and Kind regards,

Narayana dasa. NZ

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'Hey AI, Henry Ford said corral the fifty richest people in the world and all the bull&#@+ will utterly stop. ' - Totally true - I like Aldous Huxley's Brave New World but am not at all sure his motives were good - pretending that the Time Change would be named AF - after Henry Ford - is a ridiculous a ridiculous misdirection -

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Digital Currency is the new Woo-woo WTF! ...and it is Here to Stay.

Visible said...

I don't know how many people may be coming around, or wondering, having questions about the big drop in virtual currency but... I know what is happening and I am going to put it at all the blog comment locations and write about it in a special posting today so that it might reassure those of you who have investments and to hang strong.

Over time, a lot of big players in the fiat currency ghost money- print it out of thin air- deep state, fuck the public tilted game board scam, have been buying up virtual currency with just what is happening in mind.

Make no mistake, the powers that think they are, are in panic mode because of digital currency. They are slowly but surely and not so slowly but just as surely, losing their controlling edge when it comes to manufacturing financial crisis to continue to enslave and trouble us; financially, mentally and spiritually. They lose their clout when people have a fallback, like money somewhere else.

One other thing is the increasing fees for digital transfers but Bit Coin Cash is fixing this. So... what they have done is they are dumping their stocks to try to crash the industry and because all other currencies rely on Bit Coin to buy and sell, all other currencies are falling too. THEY WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL! The good news is that with all of it going to a low and maybe even lower price, it is the best time to buy. Digital currency is here to STAY and will not fall below where it was earlier in the year. People panic. Panic causes a loss in reason and rational action. Don't fall for it. This is just a short heads up.

What is happening is intentional. Digital currency is changing the world and what lies ahead is well past the imagining of most at this time. Look back ten years at what was not here. Look back twenty years. It should astound you. Keep in mind that time is speeding up and so the next ten years will be like a hundred passing.





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