Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall...............

“And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard and it’s a hard, it’s a hard rain gonna fall.”

Halle-freaking-fallujah! Well, it looks like Mr. (political) Death’s going to be able to tell us how much he likes our blue-eyed boy; Tom-Tom (Drums of Moria) Delay. The Witch-King of Angmar is headed south. Mr. Earle, your friends may not call you ‘Speedo’ but ‘comprehensive’ will do, oh yes indeedy.....oh yes indeedy do.

What did it take friends and neighbor? Oh to have been a fly on the wall. Can you imagine what it took for a D.A. in Texas; in Texas!!! to come through with this? Kudos Mr. Earle!!!

And presently comes the redoubtable Patrick Fitzgerald; careful, cautious, ‘ducks in a row’, relentless, minutiae crunching, soon-to-be man of the hour. Did Hollywood handle this? Who’s scripting the time line to bring all these goodies to the table at the dinner hour, piping hot und mit untrueglichem urteil! Is the Plame Affair a Ludlum redux? And.........

What is this; Bill Frist stutter-stepping round the cowpies stinking on the Capitol steps? Yahooooooooooo! It’s a Newt Gingrich turnaround of the first order!

When you indict a member of Congress you can’t just waltz in with circumstantial. You can’t just have a little proof. You have to have ten times the proof needed for the lumpen proles. And so they must do. And so they must have. Oh, they may not get Frist but, then again, ‘once’ they’ve nailed Delay to the barn door and once they’ve nailed ‘pigboy’ Rove up along side him, the perception of possibility becomes more pronounced and.....sail on you bright beautiful justice system; all but dead in the water after Florida 2000. Am I schadenfreudial here? You bet I am.

The degree of injustice, rank venality and ‘in-your-face’ hubris of this administration is coming home to roost. It’s winking like Las Vegas neon overhead with one of those arrows flashing and flowing downward, pointing at the top of the heads of the stolen nation. Everything is now in alto relievo.

Step by step, inch by inch......oh yeah.....all the lies; all the shared international anguish, all the blasted bodies, bombs bursting in air collected together in a damning collage held together by blood and shit that you don’t see in this quantity outside of a 70’s era bathhouse. Am I hard, hard as the rain? Am I lacking in compassion and understanding of the tough choices of government? Am I missing the beam in my own eye? You’d need an eye the size of Katrina’s to contain the beam in this administration’s sclera.

I feel prophetic in my description of the dike of shit-bricks in my last essay. Who would have thought it? They skated so long, with nary a wrinkle they couldn’t sail around or sail over. Now it seems that it’s coming from all directions; what a fantastic orchestration. What a crowd of dovetails and the housing bubble due to burst any day. I am in awe of this, this divine process. I must call it divine. There is too much serendipity here. Halle-freaking-fallujah!

People, I don’t want to be a raging inferno. I don’t want to be Savonarola with my words and phrases dressed up like the pope at The Hookers Ball. I don’t like flaming across the page, half righteous indignation and half storming the Bastille; like I don’t have a chorus line of skeletons in my own closet. I want to sit by the ocean and watch the timeless process of the waters fluid ease. I want to sun bathe on the rocks of time and skinny-dip in the pools of infinity. I want to dance with the goddess in the empty desert under countless radiant stars. I don’t want to be elbow deep in guts and offal.

Now, as I watch it all come together; minus the "I told you so."; long overdue- darkest before dawn- but coming... I am in wondrous awe at that mysterious justice that grinds so exceedingly small.

Tom Delay is finished, stick a fork in him. There is no President Frist in your future and Karl Rove and the whole Cheney; dirty-tricks, family tree is on its way to the pulp mill. What are these people saying to each other right now? What are they thinking? God this is Shakespearean. Now comes the ugly feasting. Now come the whores who mulched the news and served it up each day. Now we will watch them turn on their masters. You got to watch the bottom line. It’s a safe harbor in the king’s harem when the king is unchallenged; except for the sex of course but these people swallowed their distaste along with all of the rest of it a long time ago.

The most disgusting crack-whores in the whole tawdry affair are the democrats. They will never have my support again...except; damn you Les you beaten dog wagging your tail again. Even now they dance at the edge of the margins; school yard sissies with their nuts retracted into the abdominal cavity. Let’s not forget the democrats when we get to the buffet table. Let us hold them in every bit as much scorn as we do the republicans. Let’s not forget Ms. Fence Straddler Clinton and Mr. No-See-um Kerry. God, doesn’t Al Gore look good now? I ALWAYS liked Al Gore. It’s too damn bad he’s a democrat.

People... all of you, let’s get it together; republicans, democrats, independents. Let’s open our eyes! Let’s find our common brotherhood and ‘seal the door where evil dwells’. I have raged against America. I have scorned this materialistic society of cavalier consumers; you latte drinking. People Magazine reading, Oprah-watching, right wing radio listening pack of callous fools but... I am a beaten dog. I love you and I am chained to my love. I can’t abandon you no matter how hard I try. You are my brothers and sisters. You are my family. Please wake up. Please wake up and put out the fire and rebuild the house.

I weep for you. I stand here shouting and waving and being a general pain-in-the-ass and just wishing you’d let me in. I only want to stand by the door and guard. I don’t want to be paid or admired. I want to admire. I want to be proud in that non-bombastic flag-waving way that is part and portion of the natural appreciation of the angels of our better nature when we honestly strive to make them shine. I just wish you weren’t so goddamn selfish and blind. It’s not too late. We can collectively stand and say we are sorry. We can be better than we are. We can have real heroes, not scumbags. We could....... We could.

I don’t hate these people. I just don’t understand them. I don’t understand hurting other people because I am so fucking selfish that I think it is okay to hog the world’s resources and pollute the landscape and kill without reason or remorse in lands abroad. We talk a lot about our generosity. We presume upon the idea of some imagined greatness. We posture and prance when we should bow our heads for real instead of genuflecting like whitened sepulchers for the poor rewards of an audience who is as fickle as their gratitude from the last kickback. We act, we pretend. We take the Pat Tillman within us and we shame and then murder him.

If we can’t be honest with ourselves we can hardly expect that we will be honest with others; especially when we make a virtue out of thieving and lying. We’re better than this. We are better than the poor examples screaming from the headlines. We are better than the arm-twisting bullies that we have become. Don’t let the hard work of generations be lost in such ignoble behavior. Try harder and offer more. What goes around comes around.

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The Pope of Rock and Roll by Visible and The Critical List

Monday, September 26, 2005

All the King's Whores and all the King's (con) Men.

Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again; It’s ripping across the landscape like a great angry sea. It’s leaking and pouring and rushing through hundreds of holes in a massive dike of ignorance that has been constructed out of block after block of pressed stinking shit around the low valley of confused sheep grazing on lies in the hope of more to follow. It’s the truth finding its way like water through every weak spot. The wall of shit was good enough for a long time. But as the wall of shit came up against more and more truth it got built higher and higher. High on the wall of shit sat the shitmeister; Mr. Turtle on a Fencepost, two-dimensional poster boy for McLuddite’s Narcolepsy Elixir; guaranteed to reinforce the denial immune system and build strong golems 12 different ways. The waters of truth built up against the shit levees and washed Humpty Dumpty off the ledge smashing him down; cut to Bush chugging a shot as word of Katrina reaches him. ‘It’s either me or Jim Beam.” Stepford Wife Laura cries. My advice George, “Take the Jim Beam.”

As carnal and stupid a man as Bushligula may be he still knows a great deal more about some things than any of us. He knows about many of the individual shit bricks in the dike of darkness that he signed off on. He can smell the methane stink as the disinfecting sunlight hits it. He knows about the progress of all those grand jury investigations. He knows about the 9/11 realities and the mountains of shit brick lies built up on top of it. There is probably a lot he doesn’t know because he isn’t being told but he knows enough to get himself a stiff drink. It’s time for that warm glow in the belly. It’s time for evil to destroy itself.

We haven’t seen Humpty McDumpty hit. We don’t know that he went down. We won’t know for awhile but he did. Maybe it’s a flash forward or some form of remote viewing into the future. Maybe it has happened in the ideal world of numbers and forces and is only precipitating downward into the material plane soon. It has happened on some level though and the rest is just follow through.

Housing bubbles are bursting on the frothing chemical water. Dollars are morphing in Euros. Jobs are blowing out the back end of the system like projectile diarrhea. Faith is gone and faith, as the stock market can tell you, is everything. Money is moving, moving like a ship on the horizon.

In the exploding hog lagoons of Halliburton the pigs are restless. No one said too much about the polluted Euphrates water being served to the troops, or the spoiled food. Hell, they even went in and sliced off a monster slab of Katrina pie. But, that’s what pigs do. Back in the back, tireless, march those elements of the justice department that can’t be hindered. Brick by brick, the shit bricks are being analyzed for composition and content. The pigs know. But what can the pigs do? The pigs keep shitting bricks and the bricks keep getting piled on to the leaking levees and the truth makes weather that whirls the atmospheric shit; formulated by the radio waves of low lying media moving into a high pressure front of hot air, television signals warm up over the bottomless pit, the smoke from chemical factories are heated up in the ovens of global warming and one shitstorm after another comes at the levees courtesy of the truth that fires and spins the lies spinning… and it’s all natural and biodegradable in the end; even if no one is left.

Under the heavy rap beat, the musical lubrication of the movement of events, under the walls of the shit levee you can hear Cardinal Woolsey holding forth about young boys swimming on pigs bladders and Lucifer falling.

It is not so much that the always unexpected fall will come to the architects of the shit levees. This is manifest destiny. This is the eternal cycle of the unfailing destiny of shit bricks and shit brick manufacturers. For them it is enough to do evil simply for the joy of doing it. Damnation is a part of their portfolio; always has been. It’s no surprise there. The surprise is in the associated fall of all the dung beetles that live in the walls of the shit bricks; the fall of the stupid and the venal, the fall of the talking heads and the florid cheeked alcoholics that have swelled beyond any capacity for balance as they packed their pockets and their stomachs and their heads with all the variants of shit that glittered like pyrite through the special lens filters they used.

Shit is a major player in the game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ when it is played by the boys in the back and the boys waiting in all the front rooms that lead by invitation and arcane ritual through smaller and smaller corridors to the boys in the back. Near the end of the line only the snakes make it through. The pigs and the hyenas and the jackals are all smeared into and sucked into the walls of shit that line the corridors to the last room in the back. As much as the waters of truth can leak through the walls and the levees of shit, the fire of truth can burn the shit; shit is very flammable. The harder the shit is pressed together the more heat the shit generates all by itself. Shit eventually burns without the need of truth. Evil eventually dies without the necessity of good. Eventually it just gets too tiresome and confining. Paper wraps shit. Scissors get glued by shit. Paper covers shit. Shit happens.

All across the world, shit builders in many lands have seen their shit rise too high. There is so much shit that the value of the shit has dropped to where it isn’t even worth shit. The energy required to move shit and shape shit is greater than the capacity to do it. Lethargy and torpor set in, entropy sets in. Humpty Dumpty raises his glass and sways on the precipice of shit.

The Shakespearean drama of the Odyssey of Shit is one of life’s grand epic tales. It is a tale told over and over in coprophagial voices between bites. It is one of the eternal tales of the human experiment. It operates all around us at all times. Sometimes it is in genesis and sometimes it is in midstream. Sometimes it is crowing and rampant in full blown glory like dump-fires and burning tires. This is such a time as that. For the drama to have the full stinking impact required it is necessary for all of the participants to press far beyond what might have ever been countenanced in earlier, more sane moments. It is necessary for them in riotous drunkenness to dance on the edge of the shit levees as triumphant as Gollum with The Ring. It is necessary for us, for us who must needs view the dance as warning and witness that, there but for fortune go you and I.

Long, long ago each soul made for itself a character and a face for this play upon the stage. Long ago we dreamed about our costumes and our lines. Long ago we made our bargain about what we would do, what we would have, what we would be. We did this knowing of the temporary nature of it. We decided if a lifetime of wallow was worth the price of the concluding scene.

Perhaps those who have wallowed made their choice to save the rest of us by example. Perhaps they are weird, sacrificial avatars who went down so that we might rise. We do owe them a debt of gratitude, even as we calculate the pain and the suffering of their words and actions. Maybe Ann Coulter and Condoleezza Rice are modern day Joan of Arc’s who will burn at the grand auto-da-fe of flaming shit on our behalf. Maybe Dick Cheney crackling like bacon on a shit-fired charcoal grill is the sacrifice of a noble soul for the salvation of the human race. Or maybe they are only shit-golems formed by the fascination of the mind upon a world of colorful shit that glimmers like the rainbows upon an oil slick… who am I to say?

Perhaps it is but a dream of every dreamer taken to the world of their pleasure and that pleasure serving for Heaven or Hell depending on the satisfaction gained and the possibilities of the satisfaction’s increase. For herein lies the value of every dream; whether that dream continues forever on wings of expanded rapture through illuminated rooms or whether it descends into ever darker regions of shit. I am not like some and they are not like me. I do not know the meaning of this, all I know is that I am tired of the shit.

Bushligula falls and with him falls his retinue and his lackeys and all the kingdom’s residents for whom the world of shit woven was an acceptable cloth.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Basra and the Playing fields of Armaggeddon

The raging tempest of fire and blood; the burning heat of bombs and blasted limbs tumbling in the air, yeah, they’re just a bunch of fucking Muslims, not even shit in the eyes of the Christian god. That great Christian God of the red faced pigs in tailored suits with expensive watches, fake hair and slick serpent voices proclaiming the majesty of the one they would bugger and crucify, over and over again given the chance. Each day they crucify anew.

I do not know the truth of it. I do not know whether God is what I imagine God to be or whether I only imagine and hope and wish. I do know that if there is a God, he or she is not the one trumpeted by these dead-eyed murdering lizards.

Basra. Have you heard of Basra? It’s someplace in Iraq. It’s the place where the other day two rat-fuck British soldiers were caught red-handed with a carload of explosives; CAUGHT RED HANDED. They were arrested when they should have been torn apart by the crowd. They didn’t go easy, they killed a few people before they were captured but they were just Iraqi’s. They were arrested by civilized men doing their job in this war torn, paranoid landscape of fear and pain and blood.

And the British; slave masters to the new world, vicious occupiers of Ireland, colonial brutes without conscience or mercy, opium warlords and creators of terrible mischief in countries around the world… the British scum went and raided the police station, killing those in their way and liberated these jackals camouflaged in Arab garb; but no Arabs were they.

Did you hear about Basra? Well, if you read the blogs or go to websites managed by courageous men and women; if you go to or any of the all too few organs of truth in the telling, then you know. But if you get your news from the mainstream media then you don’t know, because nowhere is this mentioned. You pack of rotten scoundrels. You dirty, dirty Godless fucks. You stinking shit-eating weasels. You child-murdering abominations upon the planet.

Goddamn you! Here are your terrorists! Here are your terrorists!!! Tony Blair you slick, pompous, blow-dried freak of nature; you slimy, slithering snake. The New World Order, thank you very much.

I don’t care how you call it, coincidence, bad luck, the judgment of God. Have you seen the badges of the New Orleans police department? Why look at that, a crescent and stars. It does make you wonder. How ever these forces of nature are coming I hope they pound the living shit out of the American landscape. I hope the oil refineries and drilling rigs are destroyed. I hope gas costs you $10.00 a gallon. When this hard winter comes I hope you freeze. I don’t care if you are rich or poor, I hope you freeze. I hope you starve. If a million of you die then that is a good thing, if that is what it takes. If you support these evil, satanic fucking scum, if you tolerate it, if you remain silent, if you are too stupid to catch on I hope you suffer and suffer good. Whatever it takes to wake you the fuck up, so be it.

Rage, rage Hurricane Rita, lovely Rita. Blow down the goddamned house. Bring your friends. Hear me oh nature. Hear me whatever forces of Nature there be, break this countries back. Humble these selfish greedy, indifferent fools; kill their families, destroy their homes, ruin them. The hurricane is pointed right at Crawford but will it get that far? Please, please do it, rip that drunken pimps house in the air and scatter it to the winds. Rip up the White House, tear the Capitol to pieces and lay these demons in human garb low.

Let the lives of Americans become so disordered that they cannot fail to see the connections between their suffering and these men and women whose job it is to protect them. Drive the public into a furious rage so that they storm the government buildings and drag these clowns into the street; so that they strip them naked and tar and feather them and beat them bloody with djamboks all down Pennsylvania Avenue.

George W. Bush, Tony Blair, you sick fucks from Hell, may you go down in agony and cry for mercy and release and may there be NONE.

Yes, I am just one more lonely voice crying in the wind. This is all I can do. I cannot remain silent. I cannot accept what I see. The contempt I feel for the Christian Right and the Zionists is beyond expression. While you are at it Nature, open a hole beneath Jerusalem and sink that twisted piece of shit down into the bottomless pit. Holy land my ass; fuck the holy land. Fuck the holy land with massive throbbing rabid camel’s dicks. Fuck this culture that thought it was okay when they arrived there, courtesy of the rest of the world; who thought it was alright to go around murdering Arab families until they fled for their lives and who then poisoned their wells with cholera and other lovely life forms so that they could not come back.

Oh, yes, these soldiers were undercover. The explosives in the car, the explosives no one will talk about? Why, they were just storing them so that they wouldn’t fall into the hands of terrorists. It is becoming increasingly clear that the point is to beat these people down until all that remains are the silent acquiescent slaves of the New World Order. These are your terrorists. You know what? UP THE IRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May London burn in unquenchable flames, may Washington drown in toxic sewage equal to the sewage these demagogues spew. May senators and congressmen spontaneously burst into flames and run screaming down the streets, may the corporations fall and may the stock market crash and break into a million pieces. Whatever it takes, whatever it takes to bring these hyenas down. May this whole lie of a false and worthless culture perish; if that’s what it takes, if that’s what it takes.

I can hear the music of Revelations playing in the background. I can see that Armageddon rising; that must rise before the real Jerusalem can come. It’s in the air and it is sweet music indeed. This dense, corrupt, materialist society has got to go. This culture that thinks it no big deal to rape another country simply so that they can drive nowhere in massive pig-mobiles- polluting the world with their insane garbage; four percent of the population creating 25% of the pollution… fuck you.
It’s okay with you that there were no weapons of mass destruction. It’s okay with you whatever they say. It’s okay what’s happening to the money in New Orleans. You don’t care how corrupt it all is, you just want your piece of the action.

Well, your boys got caught in Basra the other day and now the Iraqi’s have proof of what they’ve been saying all along. But you didn’t hear about it. It’s not on the news. The roving Israeli hit teams aren’t on the news. The real jobs of all those independent contractors/mercenaries, you don’t know what that is. The oil now pumping from Iraq to Israel, you don’t know about that (note to the freedom fighters- blow that fucking thing up). Why America went to war, you don’t know the reason. None of this is in the news. The photos from Abu Graib; this enormous picture album which makes you wonder how they had time to torture with all the photography they were doing. That’s not on the news either. You have no right to know and that is why it is on the news.

Armageddon’s okay with you too, even though it’s not on the news either. But you won’t need to see that on the news and you won’t need to hear about it. Maybe I can’t do anything about any of this but I can damn well say my piece. I want my words down on paper and virtual paper with my name attached.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

If You Drown in a Sewer... Will You Smell Like a Rose?

R.F.K. Jr. recently received the William O. Douglas award and at his acceptance speech he pointed out some things that are probably unknown to the majority of Americans; sadly, there is also a large portion that would not care even if they did know.

He pointed out that among so many other infamous acts on the part of the worst president in American history, read- George W. Bush, there are some which are the literal equivalent of pissing in your soup. He appointed as the head of The Forest Service a timber industry lobbyist; Steven Griles. Griles is considered one of the worst of the breed. He believes that the idea of public lands is unconstitutional.

To head the Air division of the EPA he installed a utilities lobbyist who represented the worst polluters in the nation. To head the Superfund he installed a woman whose previous job was teaching corporate polluters how to evade the Superfund. Her second in command is a former Monsanto lobbyist; they who would own the rights to the seeds that grow your food and who sue farmers when the winds blow Monsanto made seeds into the farmers fields.

And at “the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Commerce which regulates fisheries, the Department of the Interior, EPA of course, and the relevant divisions of the Justice Department. The same thing, all these agencies and sub secretariats, it is the polluters who are now running these agencies.” You can read the whole, very lengthy, speech Here.

He makes one other point of great interest (to me at any rate) that the result of Reagan’s abolishing the Fairness Doctrine is that “six giant multi-national corporations now control all 14,000 radio stations in our country, almost all 6,000 TV stations and 80 percent of our newspapers, all of our billboards and now most of the Internet information services, so you have six guys who are dictating what Americans have as information and what we see as news.”

I want you to go back over what I just pointed out and then give it a moment to sink in. That’s something isn’t it? You probably hadn’t imagined it was that bad. You knew it was bad but; this bad? This is what happens when corporations make policy. This is what happens when government becomes a front for corporations and this is how you get Fascism. Do you tell yourself that it’s only ‘early fascism’? Do you tell yourself that “If I catch the cancer early my chances of survival are good?” Do you factor in a personal cancer as the price of doing business? Do you include your family’s collateral cancer as a small price for living in the (snicker) greatest democracy in the world?

We’ve all heard some version of the Horatio Alger story. We’ve all heard that all you need is a dream and some honest sweat and you can strike it rich in America. The facts show otherwise and are further compounded by the widening gulf between the rich and the poor. The middle class is not moving up. It is moving down. Sure, there are all sorts of statistics to argue on behalf of anything. I am sure they had a good argument for all those government appointments that I mentioned earlier; maybe something along the lines of “Who better understands the needs of the forests better than the lumber business?” Many absurdities are hidden in that statement but there are logical arguments to follow every one of them up. That’s the thing about arguments and statistics; it all depends on the people making and computing them; Like Stalin’s famous quote about who is counting the votes. And for that you get… election fraud.

Here’s the thing about lies, they grow like weeds among the flowers. After awhile you can’t tell one from the other. It may be that you have to plow the whole thing under to find out. Where does that leave you? For those of us who can still distinguish between the truth and the lies, the lies are not hard to see. The sheer outrageousness of the lies is hard to believe. You would think anyone who wasn’t an actual moron would be able to tell the difference between the lies and the truth that presently confront us.

I used to wonder how situations like Nazi Germany and other tragic conditions came about. I no longer wonder. I am watching it happen. I have a front row seat to the systematic construction of what may prove to be the greatest fascist enterprise of all time. Then again; who knows? I don’t see them backing off and… I don’t see America rising from its material dreams to protest the loss of their freedoms which are being replaced by more colorful, less substantial entertainments; sugar… how about a little more sugar baby?

The fast track to success in this moment is to be a parrot. I see ten thousand Limbaugh’s studying the master. I see the foundries of human reproduction bringing down the flat-headed schematic of the Hannity line. Thousands of pissed off Barbie Ann Coulter replica dolls are coming off the assembly line on their way to the networks. Integrity is a bad career move. They’re all goose-stepping into the glorious future.

I guess I’m a little negative huh? It’s not that bad is it? After all, this is the land of the free. This is the land where they may not agree with what you have to say but they will fight to the death to protect your right to say it. Go back and read about what happened at the death of the Fairness Doctrine. Maybe you want to go and get yourself a picture of Michael Powell and stare into those warm compassionate eyes. Maybe some idea of what the future holds will come to you.

So what’s the deal folks? At some point the corporations are going to have a sit down and decide, “Hey, it’s gotten a little unfair out there, let's open up the process and let in some fresh ideas? So what if it costs a little money?” You can just see that can’t you? How about the president coming out and saying, “Look, things have gotten unfair, too few people have too much money. We realize it always gets like that but we’re going to set the system back a bit and create more opportunities until it gets like this again. We’re going to double the taxes on the rich and remove them altogether off of the poor. How’s that sound?” You expect that?

At what point does it get too bad? At what point will you see what’s happening in the Appalachian Mountains? At what point does the sewage flowing through New Orleans flow down your own street? Oh, New Orleans; that’s just an anomaly right? At what point does the repeal of the Posse Comitatus happen in your town? When does it become too much? When does the smell get too bad? When does the fucking you are giving stop being worth the fucking you are getting? Where is the line? Do you have to see the thing that kills you? Is it never lethal unless you can see it? “Hey, this water tastes fine.”

You’ve got a chance to change this thing now. As I have said in previous essays, all you have to do is just stop shopping, stop watching TV and stop going to work. Someone recently commented this to me as ‘the solution’ and I had to smile as I remembered the series of pieces in which I had said just that.

This September 24th there are some major public actions happening. Why not get yourself up or down to one of them? Critical mass is something we can’t predict. But the levee of disinformation and bullshit and fascist intention won’t be able to stand against a Force 5 human hurricane either. If you die in the sewer you are not going to come out of it smelling like a rose.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Drowned in the Following Sea

Not long ago I mentioned the eel-like mucus slither of the bush machine as it works its way around every obstacle and exposure. It seemed impossible that he could squirm out of the New Orleans screw-up but already we see how the information is processed and formulated. You’re told that such and such a percentage blames bush but that a larger percentage blames local authorities. Whether it is; or or SludgeReport or fox news it is all the same message. It only varies in the degree of its transparency and obviousness of its partisan thrust. Can we find a common theme among the owners and executives at these news organs?

Today we’ve a headline about Palestinian ‘looters’ stealing equipment from greenhouses donated by so and so for the benefit of the Palestinian people; no mention is made of all the bulldozed houses that were donated to the landfill. What we are being told is that your average Palestinian is an animal; just as the headlines from the earthquake devastated south showed us blacks as animals. I suggest that if we poured as much money into Palestine and the American South as we pour into Israel we wouldn’t see much looting in either location. I also doubt that Washington would have an epidemic of Palestinian or Black spies the way it presently has of Israeli spies.

It does seem that the shaping of the collective mind set of humanity has an agenda. I sometimes wonder if it has something to do with the ideas of Eugenics that have been financed by David Rockefeller and Co. for some decades now. Are we slowly being taught how dangerous and costly and unnecessary a large body of the human population is? As the rich grow increasingly more rich and insulated and the poor grow increasingly more poor and vulnerable, one might wonder if we aren’t being set up to accept the loss of a large number of people sooner rather than later.

When one looks at the genocide in Rwanda and the Congo and other locations in recent years; when one looks at the global indifference while these events were occurring; well, look at the Sudan right now, it can certainly seem as if the elimination of large population bases could be accomplished without too much effective protest.

Maybe we shouldn’t blame bush personally for the criminally slow response to the New Orleans disaster. After all, George W. bush is nearly too stupid to tie his own shoes. His pride in his dumbed down folksy persona is only exceeded by his arrogant fuckwittedness whenever an intelligent response to anything is required. It is hard to blame George W. bush when you can clearly see how truly clueless he is. In order to see who is controlling George W. bush you have only to look at who’s standing around him most of the time. Then if you will follow that out to whom it is these people report to; no, it’s not bush, well then, you’ll be on the right track.

Now we are finding out that bush used FEMA appointments and FEMA money in Florida to ensure his re-election and that he, or whoever makes his decisions for him, also packed the FEMA executive branch with patronage appointments of individuals with zero experience in the business of emergency response. This might be okay for a while at somewhere like The Library of Congress or the National Park Service but it isn’t okay at FEMA. It amounts to murder. If my job is to save you from desperate circumstances or dire straits and I’m not sure if I really want to or if I know how and just let you die, that’s murder. If I let people blow up levees so that the flooding will not threaten the rich areas of town and you die, that’s also murder. We don’t really- really know that this happened yet. We just have a lot of evidence that it probably did.

We don’t know that the dancing Israelis in New York were involved in 9/11. We do know that they were members of Mossad masquerading as furniture movers and that they had box cutters and sundry rape-kit paraphernalia in their vans. We do know that they were arrested and that even Fox News did an extended report on them. We also know that that report vanished from the airwaves and that all these fellows are now in Israel. We know that the FBI won’t comment on it too.

We know that AIPAC spends all of it’s time, when it isn’t engaged in spying on an ally, buying US politicians. What do any and all of these things mean?

Some good news is coming out of the New Orleans disaster. bush’s tax cuts and ending the inheritance tax are dead. It’s not been announced but I am announcing it. I don’t think you’ll see anymore tax cuts or tax tricks while the memory of Americans dying for lack of services remains fresh in the mind.

The disaster of the bush-neo-con agenda is epic in scale. We’ve seen evil men in American politics before; they’re no stranger to that particular landscape. We’ve seen Nixon and Reagan. We’ve seen their blood-soaked legacies. We’ve watched the manipulation of events and the destruction of lives orchestrated by the Rockefellers and their hench-felons… and their protégés; the Kissingers and the L. Paul Bremers. We’ve seen the hidden waves in the following sea come endlessly upon America’s blind-spots and blindside it with rogue waves of treachery and murder; always there are the murders, the quick killings and the slow suffocations.

Nearly all of the world’s present troubles can in one way or another be attributed to the behavior of Israel toward Palestine. The rest of the troubles can be traced to the behavior of international financiers and bankers in their enslavement of Third World countries. Then there is the war of the rich against the disadvantaged and the efforts to keep them in their place as a permanent underclass. It really is time for another French Revolution. It is time to dust off Madame Le Guillotine; of course, it was ‘seemingly’ in reaction to the forces of capitalism that the Czar was murdered and Lenin installed and we know where that led. Apparently you can’t wipe out evil by butchering a few pigs. It may be personally satisfying but it doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.

The only truly effective defense against the recurrent evils, against the following sea that hides in the space between the rear view mirror and the side mirror, is an educated and enlightened population. This is why the fascists are so hard at work dumbing down the populace through the television, the movie theaters, the newspapers, the magazines and the music. Only a really stupid person does not see the degree of stupid output that is vomiting forth 24/7.

Can this world be saved? Is it possible to wrest power from the hands of the criminals and restore balance without becoming a criminal yourself? Should people be allowed to have billions of dollars? Is it okay for the pets of the rich to be fed better than their fellow human beings? Has bush done a single good thing? Has bush ever acted once in respect of the greatest good for the greatest number of people?

There is only one course open to America or it is the pit straight ahead. That course is to impeach and imprison this entire administration. The growing discontent throughout America must grow into a conflagration. The country must rise up and sweep the corridors of power clean of the rats and hyenas and cockroaches that fed there at your expense.

Demons have taken over your house and pitched you into the streets. They drink your wine and spend your capital while you wander the streets in an amnesiatic fog. You must all wake up and you must march on the capital and you must drag these criminals into the streets and toss them into the paddy wagons and wave goodbye as the doors close; or you will drown in the following sea.

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

I Speak on God's behalf to the Zionists

Apparently God struck New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama as payback for the removal of a small pack of snarling land thieves out of Gaza. You can read about it here;

Rapture Me.

The minutiae is pretty impressive.

Then I found this at the Liberty Forum;

“WMR has discovered that the Department of Homeland Security has, in addition to steering millions of dollars of FEMA money to GOP-connected firms, reallocated important disaster recovery funds to Israeli security and information technology contractors. DHS has even sponsored high tech fairs in Jerusalem that have provided a fast track for Israeli firms to grab a large portion of DHS's $47 billion annual budget. DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's wife Meryl worked for FEMA when the agency was undergoing severe budget cuts during Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge's and Joseph Allbaugh's tenure. In addition, critical DHS funds earmarked for state disaster preparedness were instead re-steered to Israeli firms that landed lucrative contracts with state homeland security offices, especially in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Chertoff's wife Meryl worked for FEMA's Legislative Liaison Office during drastic FEMA budget cuts

What is more interesting is that Meryl Chertoff worked in FEMA's Office of Legislative Affairs from 2002 to 2003 during FEMA's absorption into DHS and the reduction of its budget. Meryl Chertoff also briefed Congress on FEMA's disaster preparedness at the same time Louisiana's congressional delegation was pleading for funds for levee strenghtening and flood control. Meryl Chertoff is an attorney who is currently a consultant. The web site for Nancy H. Becker Associates, a Trenton, NJ public relations and lobbying firm, has on its home page a Homeland Security certificate that clearly shows the name "Meryl Chertoff."

Not so long ago Sharon told Netanyahoo in a public setting not to worry about America because, “We control America, we will tell them what we want.”

It seems also that America is going pay the promised $300,000 plus monies to every settler who was evacuated from the stolen Arab lands. Some of the settlers have insisted on exact reproductions of the settlements they left in the new location. Apparently God is intimately connected in all of these things. Immediately after the settlers were removed expansion began in the West Bank. It is quite clear that this was merely a diversion on land that could not be held to solidify the theft of land that could be held.


Listen up Zionists. I’m going to speak for God for a moment. I can’t completely speak for God but I can speak according to what I have learned. First off, God is not a real estate agent. Got that? Jerusalem is not a holy site, it’s just another piece of ground; all of the Earth is sacred ground. God does not have a chosen people. The devil does, maybe you got the two confused? They are both the same force but those who see God as the devil are the people who have a burning passionate love for the physical plane, are totally motivated by selfish interest and see it as the greatest good. That’s you. You worship property and land. You believe that certain land belongs to you. You believe god has chosen you. These are the sorts of things one would expect to hear from the ‘father of lies’.

You’ve infiltrated the American government at every level and you are working to spill the blood of Americans and Iraqi’s and hopefully, Iranians and Syrians as well so that you can have a wider range of control across the Middle East. You have some connection- we don’t know how deep- to the bombing of the world trade centers and one of your security firms, ICTS was in charge of security at all 9/11 airports, the Madrid train station and the London tubes. Now I can go on listing all sorts of diabolical shit that you, the chosen of God are up to. Of course, my saying this makes me an anti-Semitic, but then your treatment of Arabs makes you one too, so we’re equal. But really, I can’t be anti-Semitic because I don’t hate you for being Jewish. If I did hate it would be because you are fascists. You see, I don’t like fascists and you are fascists. You’ve actually become Nazis. Well, they say turnabout is fair play.

I’m coining a new phrase, its called anti-Gentilism. I’m going to use it every time I hear a Zionist say anything, no matter what it is. Of course, we don’t have the capacity to use it to our advantage like you do your phrase. We haven’t gotten to the point where we can silence all critics, blackmail all nations and make money off the use of it. But you got to start somewhere.

Listen up Zionists. God doesn’t engage in payback, that’s the other guy, your actual God. God isn’t a bloodthirsty demon who sits and sniffs over burning flesh like it was some sort of celestial incense, that’s the other guy. God isn’t involved in tribal squabbles; doesn’t support things like the Lavon affair and the bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty or the thousands of other malicious shit you get up to every day. God doesn’t care about mind-numbing Luddite rituals, long boring screeching assaults to the heavens, stupid outfits or the like. He might care about your having the highest father-daughter incest ratio in the world, maybe. God isn’t about your bloodthirsty land hunger, your murder and ghetto-ization of the Palestinians.

God did not support your assistance to the apartheid South African government or a number of other African affairs. You guys don’t like black people do you? Well, that’s a given.

You are the #1 obstacle to peace on Earth at this time. You are abroad meddling in governments across the globe. Recently you got caught in New Zealand; can’t get more far away than that. You’ve got furniture moving companies all over the planet that keeps showing traces of explosives. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? It does me. You’ve been involved in making all this spy software and it appears you built backdoors into all of them. You are the bad guys. And you have put a real clamp down on the exchange of free information and I’m sure I can kiss whatever career I might have had goodbye just for telling the truth here.

Listen up Zionists; your God is not a God. He works in the other place. Believe me this is true. It’s that old by their works ye shall know them thing. Look at what you’re up to and I rest my case. What’s that motto, “by deception ye shall wage war.”? Is God a deceiver? You know, more and more I get the feeling that you guys are bad people. You don’t care what happens to anyone else. You want what you want and let (God?) take the hindmost…

But you’ll lose, just like Bush will go down, just as truth and freedom and liberty will rise again. For thousands of years vicious tyrants have had their way here and there, but they always go down. Because, there is a God, but it is not the god of tyrants and hegemonists and racists and killers. God is Love and it will overcome all things, you included.

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

The Boy Emperor's Waterloo at Lake New Orleans

The dark things from sunken regions that are floating to the water's surface, the corpses bobbing in the polluted waters of Lake New Orleans, are not the only things coming to the surface in this appalling tragedy. The bloated corruptions of America’s fascist administration are also coming into view and stinking in the hot sun of the devastated landscape.

Where do I start? How can I list all of the ugly acts of commission and omission? The list is huge. Let me address just one point that seems to have gone missing in the present snowstorm of crack-whore thank-you-for-the-rock, Pimp Daddy love letters from two-legged rat-fuck politicians (scrabbling like crab lice down in the crotch area below the Bible Belt) to the Reptile in Chief . Days before Hurricane Katrina hit it was known that it was a powerful hurricane. It was known that it would get more powerful over the warm Gulf waters. It was known that it was coming into the Louisiana/Mississippi area. Please note this. Please note that it is at this point that planning by FEMA and executive attention by Bush and other agencies entrusted with protection and rescue should have gone into gear.

We are given the impression that it is only AFTER the hurricane hit that operations should go into effect- even though they didn't happen then either. I personally knew that tens of thousands would be unable to get out of New Orleans and surrounding areas. It goes without saying that the vampire clowns of the Bush Administration were well aware of this too. So let’s forget about the indifferent reaction in the aftermath (just for the sake of argument) and focus on the total indifference to begin with.

We’re hearing things like (just shaking my head) the local authorities had to ‘ask’ the federal authorities to act. We’re hearing, ah fuck this- you know what we are hearing. I don’t want to belabor these points. I don’t need to get into the Texas line dancing of Uberstumpfurher Chertoff or Mr., ‘I got fired from my Arabian horse job and went to work at FEMA’ Brown’s “Well, we didn’t know these things were happening.” responses; even though it is HIS JOB TO KNOW. You know these things or you are a brain dead idiot.

Do I have to bring up the stage construction of Bush’s photo-ops where food displays and levee repair efforts were assembled prior to his arrival and dismantled immediately after? No, you should know this or you are a brain dead moron.

What Bush and Stepford wife Laura deserve is a public expression of the Ceausescu treatment. That is what they deserve. Sure they’re going to Hell anyway but some justice is demanded here on this beleaguered sphere. Of course I’m not God Almighty; that’s good news for Bush and Chertoff and Brown. If I were God Almighty you may be sure I would use my considerable imagination to its best advantage.

This is Bush’s Waterloo and it is also an unbelievable opportunity for us to witness, very shortly, how unbelievable it will be if and when he skates by this too. For someone who falls off so many moving vehicles under his control, chokes on pretzels and butchers the language so consistently, it is amazing what a good skater he is.

I don’t have to bring up Kindasleazy Rice’s chortling at a Broadway play and shopping for shoes while people were dying. I will point out that there are more examples of craven disregard in these last few days that I have ever seen in my life anywhere before.

George W. Bush you are one of the ugliest examples of the human specimen that I have ever seen. You are a cold-blooded, psychopathic, motherfucker of mythic proportions. You are a low to the ground shit-eating weasel and you are a base coward. You are a pig-fucker from a family of pig-fuckers and you deserve everything you are going to get and more.

New Orleans pleaded for money to fix their levees and had the money reduced every year. Meanwhile Bush’s pig-fucker buddy in Alaska got 500 million dollars to build a couple of bridges. One of them goes from a village of 14,000 to a community of 17 and cost 250 million dollars. Tom Delay got 2 billion dollars for some research project. New Orleans didn’t ask for anywhere near this kind of money. You are all damned. You will burn in Hell. I can only hope it happens today.

I said that this is Bush’s Waterloo. It should be Bush’s Waterloo. But I have little faith in a large bloc of the American people. I have NO faith in the countries leaders and representatives. And we know what the press is. Greg Palast told me that George Bush played golf on Thursday before he went to New Orleans. Greg’s not known to lie.

I reason things out. I think about things and I turn them over in my mind. Given the survival instincts of these filthy shit eating slugs in power, it stands to reason they knew what the situation was. It stands to reason that they knew what the fallout would be. The fallout is likely to be so great that impeachment proceedings will almost certainly begin; based on a variety of illegal activities over the last several years. But no one seems very troubled really. The only reason this could be is that they are full certain of their control of events.

I expect that any day the next manufactured terror event is going to take place and all of what now stands before our eyes will be swept out of sight. I’ve been at pains to point out the relentless direction of these neo-Nazis. I knew that there were no WMD’s and knew it from the giddy up and said so. I got the usual mocking denigrations but… there were no WMD’s. Pretty much everything else I have pointed out about these demons in human flesh has also been proven true. My job isn’t to prove myself right. My job is to strive to be correct and to correct myself when I am not.

America, you have been in trouble for awhile. As time passes, the trouble you are in increases. All along, except for the usual miscreants who won’t go along with the program, you have bent over and let your leaders push large objects into your ass, video-tape it and play it on Nickelodeon for your children to learn from. It’s not going to get better. It is going to get worse. The objects inserted in your ass are going to get larger and rougher and the film quality is going to improve. Now the trouble is about to go nova; “Yeah, so what?” or is it “No, you’re wrong.” Well, I’m not wrong about any of the things I’ve pointed out so far. Don’t you think you might want to turn the car around ‘before’ it goes off the cliff?

Right now, get together with your neighbors and everyone you know and don’t know and go to your Senators and Representatives and tell them that if they do not immediately call for impeachment that they will never hold office again. This you can do and because these people are almost exclusively whores they will heed your call. The behavior of a rat is predictable. Use what is necessary to make your rat behave.

You’ve been asleep in Vaseline dreams of material excess for some time; slipping and sliding on greased highways and siphoning up the narcotics that get your wide ass high. The Vaseline is going to catch on fire soon so, you wake up now or your wake up the hard way; your choice. I know you can hear me. Climb out of your comfort couch even if it means some flesh, long adhered to the pleather, may get left behind. You’ve seen the survival acts of those desperate souls in Lake New Orleans. It’s your turn next and things can happen very quickly. You would be surprised how quickly.

I don’t know what it is, but these reptile rat-fucks from Planet X have got something planned. Even if that were not the case (and it is), they have no choice now; it's SURVIVAL TIME. You’ve already seen how little they care who gets affected. It’s time to storm the castle and hang some evil motherfuckers upside down from the lamp-posts.

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