Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Drowned in the Following Sea

Not long ago I mentioned the eel-like mucus slither of the bush machine as it works its way around every obstacle and exposure. It seemed impossible that he could squirm out of the New Orleans screw-up but already we see how the information is processed and formulated. You’re told that such and such a percentage blames bush but that a larger percentage blames local authorities. Whether it is; or or SludgeReport or fox news it is all the same message. It only varies in the degree of its transparency and obviousness of its partisan thrust. Can we find a common theme among the owners and executives at these news organs?

Today we’ve a headline about Palestinian ‘looters’ stealing equipment from greenhouses donated by so and so for the benefit of the Palestinian people; no mention is made of all the bulldozed houses that were donated to the landfill. What we are being told is that your average Palestinian is an animal; just as the headlines from the earthquake devastated south showed us blacks as animals. I suggest that if we poured as much money into Palestine and the American South as we pour into Israel we wouldn’t see much looting in either location. I also doubt that Washington would have an epidemic of Palestinian or Black spies the way it presently has of Israeli spies.

It does seem that the shaping of the collective mind set of humanity has an agenda. I sometimes wonder if it has something to do with the ideas of Eugenics that have been financed by David Rockefeller and Co. for some decades now. Are we slowly being taught how dangerous and costly and unnecessary a large body of the human population is? As the rich grow increasingly more rich and insulated and the poor grow increasingly more poor and vulnerable, one might wonder if we aren’t being set up to accept the loss of a large number of people sooner rather than later.

When one looks at the genocide in Rwanda and the Congo and other locations in recent years; when one looks at the global indifference while these events were occurring; well, look at the Sudan right now, it can certainly seem as if the elimination of large population bases could be accomplished without too much effective protest.

Maybe we shouldn’t blame bush personally for the criminally slow response to the New Orleans disaster. After all, George W. bush is nearly too stupid to tie his own shoes. His pride in his dumbed down folksy persona is only exceeded by his arrogant fuckwittedness whenever an intelligent response to anything is required. It is hard to blame George W. bush when you can clearly see how truly clueless he is. In order to see who is controlling George W. bush you have only to look at who’s standing around him most of the time. Then if you will follow that out to whom it is these people report to; no, it’s not bush, well then, you’ll be on the right track.

Now we are finding out that bush used FEMA appointments and FEMA money in Florida to ensure his re-election and that he, or whoever makes his decisions for him, also packed the FEMA executive branch with patronage appointments of individuals with zero experience in the business of emergency response. This might be okay for a while at somewhere like The Library of Congress or the National Park Service but it isn’t okay at FEMA. It amounts to murder. If my job is to save you from desperate circumstances or dire straits and I’m not sure if I really want to or if I know how and just let you die, that’s murder. If I let people blow up levees so that the flooding will not threaten the rich areas of town and you die, that’s also murder. We don’t really- really know that this happened yet. We just have a lot of evidence that it probably did.

We don’t know that the dancing Israelis in New York were involved in 9/11. We do know that they were members of Mossad masquerading as furniture movers and that they had box cutters and sundry rape-kit paraphernalia in their vans. We do know that they were arrested and that even Fox News did an extended report on them. We also know that that report vanished from the airwaves and that all these fellows are now in Israel. We know that the FBI won’t comment on it too.

We know that AIPAC spends all of it’s time, when it isn’t engaged in spying on an ally, buying US politicians. What do any and all of these things mean?

Some good news is coming out of the New Orleans disaster. bush’s tax cuts and ending the inheritance tax are dead. It’s not been announced but I am announcing it. I don’t think you’ll see anymore tax cuts or tax tricks while the memory of Americans dying for lack of services remains fresh in the mind.

The disaster of the bush-neo-con agenda is epic in scale. We’ve seen evil men in American politics before; they’re no stranger to that particular landscape. We’ve seen Nixon and Reagan. We’ve seen their blood-soaked legacies. We’ve watched the manipulation of events and the destruction of lives orchestrated by the Rockefellers and their hench-felons… and their protégés; the Kissingers and the L. Paul Bremers. We’ve seen the hidden waves in the following sea come endlessly upon America’s blind-spots and blindside it with rogue waves of treachery and murder; always there are the murders, the quick killings and the slow suffocations.

Nearly all of the world’s present troubles can in one way or another be attributed to the behavior of Israel toward Palestine. The rest of the troubles can be traced to the behavior of international financiers and bankers in their enslavement of Third World countries. Then there is the war of the rich against the disadvantaged and the efforts to keep them in their place as a permanent underclass. It really is time for another French Revolution. It is time to dust off Madame Le Guillotine; of course, it was ‘seemingly’ in reaction to the forces of capitalism that the Czar was murdered and Lenin installed and we know where that led. Apparently you can’t wipe out evil by butchering a few pigs. It may be personally satisfying but it doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.

The only truly effective defense against the recurrent evils, against the following sea that hides in the space between the rear view mirror and the side mirror, is an educated and enlightened population. This is why the fascists are so hard at work dumbing down the populace through the television, the movie theaters, the newspapers, the magazines and the music. Only a really stupid person does not see the degree of stupid output that is vomiting forth 24/7.

Can this world be saved? Is it possible to wrest power from the hands of the criminals and restore balance without becoming a criminal yourself? Should people be allowed to have billions of dollars? Is it okay for the pets of the rich to be fed better than their fellow human beings? Has bush done a single good thing? Has bush ever acted once in respect of the greatest good for the greatest number of people?

There is only one course open to America or it is the pit straight ahead. That course is to impeach and imprison this entire administration. The growing discontent throughout America must grow into a conflagration. The country must rise up and sweep the corridors of power clean of the rats and hyenas and cockroaches that fed there at your expense.

Demons have taken over your house and pitched you into the streets. They drink your wine and spend your capital while you wander the streets in an amnesiatic fog. You must all wake up and you must march on the capital and you must drag these criminals into the streets and toss them into the paddy wagons and wave goodbye as the doors close; or you will drown in the following sea.

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Anonymous said...

You have strung this one together magnificently, again, Visible
It puts all of the disjointed bits in my mind together and makes these hings 'crystal clear'
Bye the bye, I am not one for overly dramatic expletives but intercoursewittedness doesn't have the same ring re bunny bush

Anonymous said...

Very good essay, well put together, everything flows beautifully.

Anonymous said...

It's great to find someplace that deals in pure writing. Myself, I'm drowning in links these days.


Anonymous said...

Brother Malcolm and Che are probably standing alongside millions of discarded beings as the world collapses into chaos, misery, crisis and war of global depopulation led by the forces of global capital. The revolution is coming and when it rears its head, be weary of the speed in which the structure of illusion collapses. Biological warfare agents are flooding the world as the propaganda of "freedom" is unleashed upon the unsuspecting minds of the next generation. May we all work to dismantle and level this totalitarian machine of death. Peace and Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Damn!! You rouse the blood sir. I'll warrant it does no good killing these swine but I would glady give my hand to such an effort

("The tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of tyrants.")

It is time for another French Revolution. If a few innocent rich folk wind up in the mix it's about the same as a few poor people getting the death sentence for something they didn't do. Except that the rich are all just a little bit guilty no matter what and none of them will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Right on!!!

Anonymous said...

Could not have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

terrific article and a terrific song...... good work all round. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Keep your guns cleaned & oiled, and your magazines loaded. Hopefully they will never see action, but Sigmus Paxum Parabellum.

see you all in 2006.

nolocontendere said...

Not only has this thoroughly corrupt machine perpetrated the most heinous crimes in history, they've systematically erased all possibilities to peaceably remove them from power.
Sad to say their agenda is accelerating.
Very, very dark days ahead.

Anonymous said...

How do we rouse the sleeping public? What will it take? They won't listen to reason so what is left? Yes, there are dark days ahead, but there is always hope because whatever transpires, the whole darned thing is in the hands of God.

Anonymous said...

any minute now we should be getting that big terror experience and then we won't have to worry about the peace march on the 24th or all the mean things people are saying about the Chimp in Chief.

Justoffal said...

Explosives on the levees you say???

Hmmm, gotta wonder just how cruel
people will get.

Money, money, money......

I thought it was strange that there were parts of the city that are ready to go back to normal already.

Catnapping said...

Many "american" prophesies, made in the days before euro-infection set in, told us that this world would end/renew in (what has since been determined to be) 2012.

Well, it's time. We are consuming the earth and each other like cannibals.

When I see Americans more concerned with school fashions than they are with the rape and murder of African childen...I find myself welcoming the end of the world.


Anonymous said...

Okay, here's what we can do - but we need to do this very soon before everything is collapsed down on us. It must be done on a massive scale and it must be done for a prolonged period.

Think about what would make the slavemasters sit up and take notice - what would give them a heart attack because it would attack them in their wallets.

This is something all Americans can do because it requires DOING NOTHING!!!

If you have a job - don't go to work.

If you have kids, don't send them to school.

Don't go to the supermarket, don't buy gasoline, don't go to the movies, don't operate your car, don't buy anything, don't sell anything - you get the picture - sit in your homes and DO NOTHING.

The beauty part of this plan is that it is both non-violent and non confrontational.

They are using the system to kill us, enslave us, use us - we flip it and turn the system on them - by not participating IN ANYTHING AT ALL.

Think about it - but not too long -things are rapidly coming to a head - if we must do it violently -then we must - but we could do it this way.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous writing;you, sir, are the best polemicist of our time. Keep it up, I'll keep linking you, and maybe we can educate enough, in time, to do something about the horrors we are seeing.
Anonymous:I LIKE IT! LET'S ROLL!



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