Thursday, September 8, 2005

I Speak on God's behalf to the Zionists

Apparently God struck New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama as payback for the removal of a small pack of snarling land thieves out of Gaza. You can read about it here;

Rapture Me.

The minutiae is pretty impressive.

Then I found this at the Liberty Forum;

“WMR has discovered that the Department of Homeland Security has, in addition to steering millions of dollars of FEMA money to GOP-connected firms, reallocated important disaster recovery funds to Israeli security and information technology contractors. DHS has even sponsored high tech fairs in Jerusalem that have provided a fast track for Israeli firms to grab a large portion of DHS's $47 billion annual budget. DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff's wife Meryl worked for FEMA when the agency was undergoing severe budget cuts during Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge's and Joseph Allbaugh's tenure. In addition, critical DHS funds earmarked for state disaster preparedness were instead re-steered to Israeli firms that landed lucrative contracts with state homeland security offices, especially in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Chertoff's wife Meryl worked for FEMA's Legislative Liaison Office during drastic FEMA budget cuts

What is more interesting is that Meryl Chertoff worked in FEMA's Office of Legislative Affairs from 2002 to 2003 during FEMA's absorption into DHS and the reduction of its budget. Meryl Chertoff also briefed Congress on FEMA's disaster preparedness at the same time Louisiana's congressional delegation was pleading for funds for levee strenghtening and flood control. Meryl Chertoff is an attorney who is currently a consultant. The web site for Nancy H. Becker Associates, a Trenton, NJ public relations and lobbying firm, has on its home page a Homeland Security certificate that clearly shows the name "Meryl Chertoff."

Not so long ago Sharon told Netanyahoo in a public setting not to worry about America because, “We control America, we will tell them what we want.”

It seems also that America is going pay the promised $300,000 plus monies to every settler who was evacuated from the stolen Arab lands. Some of the settlers have insisted on exact reproductions of the settlements they left in the new location. Apparently God is intimately connected in all of these things. Immediately after the settlers were removed expansion began in the West Bank. It is quite clear that this was merely a diversion on land that could not be held to solidify the theft of land that could be held.


Listen up Zionists. I’m going to speak for God for a moment. I can’t completely speak for God but I can speak according to what I have learned. First off, God is not a real estate agent. Got that? Jerusalem is not a holy site, it’s just another piece of ground; all of the Earth is sacred ground. God does not have a chosen people. The devil does, maybe you got the two confused? They are both the same force but those who see God as the devil are the people who have a burning passionate love for the physical plane, are totally motivated by selfish interest and see it as the greatest good. That’s you. You worship property and land. You believe that certain land belongs to you. You believe god has chosen you. These are the sorts of things one would expect to hear from the ‘father of lies’.

You’ve infiltrated the American government at every level and you are working to spill the blood of Americans and Iraqi’s and hopefully, Iranians and Syrians as well so that you can have a wider range of control across the Middle East. You have some connection- we don’t know how deep- to the bombing of the world trade centers and one of your security firms, ICTS was in charge of security at all 9/11 airports, the Madrid train station and the London tubes. Now I can go on listing all sorts of diabolical shit that you, the chosen of God are up to. Of course, my saying this makes me an anti-Semitic, but then your treatment of Arabs makes you one too, so we’re equal. But really, I can’t be anti-Semitic because I don’t hate you for being Jewish. If I did hate it would be because you are fascists. You see, I don’t like fascists and you are fascists. You’ve actually become Nazis. Well, they say turnabout is fair play.

I’m coining a new phrase, its called anti-Gentilism. I’m going to use it every time I hear a Zionist say anything, no matter what it is. Of course, we don’t have the capacity to use it to our advantage like you do your phrase. We haven’t gotten to the point where we can silence all critics, blackmail all nations and make money off the use of it. But you got to start somewhere.

Listen up Zionists. God doesn’t engage in payback, that’s the other guy, your actual God. God isn’t a bloodthirsty demon who sits and sniffs over burning flesh like it was some sort of celestial incense, that’s the other guy. God isn’t involved in tribal squabbles; doesn’t support things like the Lavon affair and the bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty or the thousands of other malicious shit you get up to every day. God doesn’t care about mind-numbing Luddite rituals, long boring screeching assaults to the heavens, stupid outfits or the like. He might care about your having the highest father-daughter incest ratio in the world, maybe. God isn’t about your bloodthirsty land hunger, your murder and ghetto-ization of the Palestinians.

God did not support your assistance to the apartheid South African government or a number of other African affairs. You guys don’t like black people do you? Well, that’s a given.

You are the #1 obstacle to peace on Earth at this time. You are abroad meddling in governments across the globe. Recently you got caught in New Zealand; can’t get more far away than that. You’ve got furniture moving companies all over the planet that keeps showing traces of explosives. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? It does me. You’ve been involved in making all this spy software and it appears you built backdoors into all of them. You are the bad guys. And you have put a real clamp down on the exchange of free information and I’m sure I can kiss whatever career I might have had goodbye just for telling the truth here.

Listen up Zionists; your God is not a God. He works in the other place. Believe me this is true. It’s that old by their works ye shall know them thing. Look at what you’re up to and I rest my case. What’s that motto, “by deception ye shall wage war.”? Is God a deceiver? You know, more and more I get the feeling that you guys are bad people. You don’t care what happens to anyone else. You want what you want and let (God?) take the hindmost…

But you’ll lose, just like Bush will go down, just as truth and freedom and liberty will rise again. For thousands of years vicious tyrants have had their way here and there, but they always go down. Because, there is a God, but it is not the god of tyrants and hegemonists and racists and killers. God is Love and it will overcome all things, you included.

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Anonymous said...

that's it man, no fear.



Anonymous said...

Boy you've really done it this time, I mean talk about speaking the truth. The rest is acceptable but this...this is serious stuff. I have heard that the best way to tell where real power in a society lies is by finding the sacred cows, the one thing that most people are too afraid to criticize. And the Jews in America are as 'sacred' as they come.

You can rant and rave about the politicians, the government, or Christianity (even make fun of Christ), and of course the Muslims and Arabs, but when you talk abut the master 'race' you've got another thing coming. Watch out for the hysterical response.

I just hope more and more Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that they are living in occupied territory and that the occupation doesn't end in Palestine. The next time you hear a talking head supporting Bush, or the neo-cons, or the war in Iraq, or an expert on terrorism telling you to be afraid ...look very carefully at who is talking not just the message.

The sad thing is that most of the Jews, who are undobtedly a talented race, don't realize what they are heading to themselves. The few who do are marginalized like the rest of us.

And always watch out for the old ''bait and switch'', just when you think you've finally won and changed something you realize too late that the ones right at the top never budged. They are moving the cups around, keeping the focus on the little things while the big picture slowly sorts itself out into an earthly representation of hell.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother! Have you got that story right!! I'll support those thoughts and then some because the truth needs to be shouted from the rooftops. They have gotten away with lots of crap for far too long and it time we stop groveling and smearing our faces in it because they are laughing all the way to the West Bank!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Obviously, there's a lot of fresh air between the Sheckowitzes of Krispy Kreme in Scranton and the Rothschilds.

Any Zionists frothing right now, this rant is against the second kind, not all the race/creed/tradition.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Les

Anonymous said...

Visible writes what i have been thinking. As for the rapturists, the hypochristian enablers of zionist terrorism: If you guys want off the planet so bad, I can help you with that. You don't even have to wait for god's rapture to get to heaven. I have 7 tickets to heaven sitting in my 1911A1 on my desk right now, and a magazine with 7 more next to it. Feel welcome to line up for a free ride to heaven, you don't need to destroy God's planet in the process.

Shahid said...

Lucid. Brave. Cogent. Inspiring.

Keep it up sir.

Richard Stendahl said...

Brilliant and informative. I've been sorta following the IEM story, and how FEMA privatized emergency response in Lousianna, giveing IEM half a million dollars...I wonder where all that money went? I tend to do, I've linked to today's entry from Kausville. Les, You ROCK.


Anonymous said...

My compliments! You have the guts to speak the truth! Thank you for that.
Because of the efforts of people like you, others follow in letting their outrage be heard.

fembot said...

Did you see on the news? One of the hurricane victims told vice 'Resident Cheney to "go fuck himself."

I'm sure his dick isn't long enough to reach is own balls, but I'm sure his cellmate will oblige him.

nazo himitsu

Justoffal said...

How can one continue to excel time after time. Expletives become tired old words and compliments can carry monotone, but once again I must offer out from my own simplicity the only thing I have to offer, my admiration in both of those terms. When it comes to pulling the covers off of GOP whores in bed with their Merchants, nobody does it bettr.

Anonymous said...

Israel is a secular state in which many Christians are persecuted: A Christian cannot become a citizen of the state. The debunking of the dogma of Christian Zionism is very necessary. Your article doesn't do that well, but the principles of "what is whong with it" are there, as well as the frustration. Scripture cannot support the dogma. It is a pity that much of mainline Christianity in the US holds to it.

Anonymous said...

luv it!

Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of the world? American citizens get blamed for being blissfully ignorant while the rest of the civilized world bitches and moans about what they all "know" about our cruel and shitty government. MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. Obviously we are a lost collective and do not have it within ourselves to step away from all the blinding addictions that we bury ourselves in. Anything to make it all go away, right? We need help...and we need it before we destroy ourselves along with everything good in the world.

Anonymous said...

The people of North Norway are fighting with you for cosmic counsciouness. The tree of life is growing! Kyrre

the_last_name_left said...

les: Not so long ago Sharon told Netanyahoo in a public setting not to worry about America because, “We control America, we will tell them what we want.”

well, well. there's that quote again les.

How many times have you used it? 3 times so far......I guess that must mean it is true, eh?

Surely your repeating something like that means it must be true, right? Surely you wouldn't repeat a quote as incendiary as that without checking out its veracity first?

You wouldn't do that, would you?

You wouldn't want to join the liars you (rightly) corruscate, would you?



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