Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Zio-Satanic Consortium on its way out The Door

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

In memoriam; Neil Rogers, a wonderful poet and a beautiful human being, who got called to “that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns”- unchanged. We'll see Neil again, we just don't know when. Godspeed my brother. Someday we will 'dance on the mountain tops in the morning of the world' ...for joy.

By now, anyone who wants to know, knows that Obama is a Banker's Tool. A lot of people don't want to know. That's human nature but... inexplicable to me. The human attention span has been under manipulation for some time. During the same period, objective reasoning and clinical awareness of circumstance have been derailed, or spun through the roundhouse and put on a side-rail. Apropos of that, the American public cannot make the connection as to why 'Argos' won the Academy Awards,the same way that Hurt Locker beat out the much more deserving “Avatar”. Ben Affleck admits to an admiration for the CIA. That makes him a bipedal swine. That's like saying you admire Satan, you like his work and what he does. Ben Affleck needs to be waterboarded. His time will come. It comes for all of us but... in so many different and diverse ways. I would not want to be Ben Affleck, or anyone like him.

To paraphrase a friend recently, “Visible, I can't understand why your songs didn't go large”. Look at the world we live in and who 'appears' to run it, for the moment. There's time for everything and the shows not over yet. There's a good amount of movie yet to run. At the moment, things like this are going on. The guilt of these psychopaths was clear and evident. Then a collective of Satanists and dupes stepped in. For the moment, evil is running rampant and impervious to limits and controls. However, everything is under control, for the purpose of demonstration and we shall see the truth of that as we go, apace. For the moment, the worst among us flourish like kudzu. The extreme degree of separation between the haves and wish they hads is seriously impressive. There are also many strange and beautiful wonders around us that too few of us see or comprehend the origin of. The absurdity goes on and on.

Nero is playing the fiddle. I can hear it loud and clear. For some reason, most of the public has a particular form of wax in their ears. My take is that this is intentional and also set up for the purpose of demonstration. Many people are wondering why nothing we have expected to happen, in different ways, has happened yet; why 2012 didn't set off any kind of cosmic fireworks. I can explain that and it makes perfect sense. The clock is wrong. Over the long course of time the synchronicity went out of sync. Time is not constant. It is not consistent. It fluctuates in the speed of its passage. One might well say at this point, “but I thought time was speeding up”. It certainly seems so but... there is more to the equation than that and I will leave it to the inquisitive mind to consider other possibilities. Regardless of your approach, methodology and conclusions... the cosmic clock is not synchronous with the dates and assumed timelines.

Keeping what just got said in mind, we can presume that the same thing applies to basic presumptions in the human mind, about what is real and what is not. It begs the statements, “things are not what they seem” and “appearances are deceiving”. We have all heard these statements many times before. Some of us are very bright, especially the sort of people who come around here but... there is a critical difference between the intellectual apprehension of something and the visceral apprehension of something. It makes all the difference between getting something and glossing over it, as if you got it, but didn't get it because... if you got it, it would radically alter your life, in all kinds of ways and if it is not doing so, then you haven't gotten it. Upon hearing this, the mind says, “sure, I got it”. That's the mind for you. This is why the mantra, “I don't know” is such an important device.

In times of materialism, a certain thing happens to the collective human sexual force. It is sucked out of people, via various forms of external stimulation. This force is the essential power in all magic; good and bad. This force can move in only two directions, up and in and down and out and you WILL eventually be 'down and out' if you opt for the latter.. This force does not move sideways. Always in times of increasingly materialism, the sexual force goes through more and more intense forms of perversion and the perversions get legitimized ...because those who interpret the meaning of human sexuality are on a payroll, or are themselves already perverted ...and looking to sell their particular brand of strange, in order to increase the numbers and no longer be strange.

Certain groups of demented materialists, are daily engaged in proliferating certain forms of behavior, because they lead to the breakdown of civilization and an orderly and fair society. Fair does not mean that which political correctness intends ...because all of us are not equal in ability, intelligence or a natural disposition for the sort of industry that guarantees success. When I say fair, I mean that the opportunity is there for everyone to achieve that which they are capable of. Political correctness is being pushed by the Zio-Satanic consortium, for the purpose of re-instituting communism ...because it not only negates the spirituality that keeps such excesses in check ...but it reduces the population to the status of worker drones, with an all seeing overlord government ...that is not restrained by any dynamic of checks and balances. As can be seen by what the Zionists did in the Soviet Union, it is possible to murder, imprison and enslave tens of millions of people with impunity. That is the intent of the moment.

One could say that the general population pretty much deserves this. If “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”, then ingrained stupidity and indifference is the highway to tyranny. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. When your appetites grow larger than your reasoning ability and, as a result, swallow all of the greater virtues of the heart, you're in deep shit. People don't usually know they are in deep shit, or headed for deep shit, until it gets up around their necks. This is why people often don't recognize things, until it is too late, or close enough for rock and roll.

Similar things have been said around here for a long time The same people have been coming around here for a long time. Effective limits, for the moment, have been placed upon these blogs. Many people cannot access them from work. In some places you can't access them at all. Often a message will appear, saying these are dangerous sites and may harm your computer. Very often comments don't go through, or it is made very difficult to get past the word verification process. Readers have been told about a zillion times to email me their comments when they have a problem ...but for some reason this does not make it thru to the cognitive area of the mind and there's not much I can do about that, except listen to the same complaints over and over.

I recently found out that the explanation for occasional bizarre behavior on my part was coming about, due to telepathic invasion, that was geared for specific times and events. As often as I have pointed this out to others, I failed to consider that it might be happening to me. I have had to take a long, hard look at my own situation. A great many things are clear to me now that were unknown to me before. I was also told that steps had been taken to keep me from becoming aware of what was happening but... through serendipitous event, I was permitted to discover this. I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my life since I found this out and I have the information and means to protect myself from future occurrences. I feel like standing up and yelling “hallelujah” but I will restrain myself for the moment (grin). As is always the case, my life very often mirrors that of the reader and is also an example of a particular, resonant similarity, which is why things are routinely said that reflect the present mind status of those who come here. We should probably all check ourselves more regularly than we do. I know that will certainly be the case with me from now on.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fire and Ice, Naughty and Nice

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No noses.

I been sitting, or, occasionally laying down, while this enormous funeral procession has been going on; all night last night, They are banging drums. For all I know they are killing elephants too. A friend comes by and tells me this guy was a very bad man- hated and feared in the community- charged outrageous interest and was a loan shark. As I write these words, the drums resound. It is up and down the street and... so loud it sounds like a war. Now I know why I am here; so I can tell you about it.

I am not Hunter Thompson and I don't want to be. He was an atheist. I am not. We both liked football, although, probably, unlike him, I played the game. If no one else on the planet will witness for me, my four brothers, born from the same mother, will attest to my skills in all sports, table games and card games. I know that no one with an ego wants to hear this shit. What do I care? You can't do these things; your problems.

The fireworks continue. It sounds like dynamite going off outside me window. It shocked the shit out of me when it first started happening. It is incredibly loud and I got into trouble for crying out, “Oh my god”? You cannot make sense out of this country.

My friend, my own Gunga Din, is here every night now, so is his guru. You cannot, absolutely cannot make sense of this place. I have never seen anything like this and I have been in just one place. There it goes again. It feels like air bombardments and... all of this for a moneychanger and usurer. Like I have always maintained; the bigger the asshole, the bigger the funeral. I now know the meaning of paid mourners.
I would tell you more about what has been happening to me, I am truthful after all but... there are people who hate me here now and... cool people who love me. I can't tell you certain things because the former would use them against me. I never realized how insular and bat-shit crazy this place was. If you are full of shit... fine, otherwise, watch your ass.

Things happen for a reason. While I was down a few days ago, some people showed up to come at me; people from my fairly recent past... people who know nothing about the conditions on the ground. They came around to taunt, gloat or get self righteous. They even came around after the last Origami. Nothing can separate a fool from their folly. Somehow that is how they are made. It doesn't mean dick to me. I'll be here as long as I am supposed to be and so will they. The only difference is in the final destination.

Sounds pounding in my ears; whole house shaking for the funeral of a bad guy and I got in trouble for crying out in the night? Nothing makes sense. It appears that hypocrisy is a global phenom. I have seen so much that is false and a little that was true. For the second night in a row, Gopal broke down. His conscience is really troubling him,, he's a young man though and he will get over it. It seems that India is and can be a very violent place. I've been in some of the hardest places in the US but this is a bit more primal; like Hawaii.. Objectively it is much larger but I expect it applies across the board.

One of the things that Gopal always says to me is that he is dying; everyone is dying. You can imagine how that translates into the culture here, since that is what everyone thinks. People also very quickly believe what they are told and... like in prosaic, provincial Germany, people are always peering out of their windows.

There is this young Indian woman here who is in love with me. She wants me to come over to her house. Gopal told me, “Don't do that, everyone is watching”. What the hell is wrong with people? Don't tell me Kali Yuga is over'.

There go the explosions and the drums again. The bigger the asshole, the bigger the funeral.

There was this guy here. I thought he was my friend. He wasn't. I could tell he was upset with me. He believed some lies. Okay, I can live with that... but then I heard he was really pissed off cause I took his rickshaw driver and... even more pissed off that 'his' rickshaw driver was staying at my house every night. Then I found out that he was seriously pissed off because I was touching women on the shoulder. I didn't realize that wasn't okay. Why not just tell me? Oh no, that would be logical and intelligent.

Then I hear that my rickshaw driver is getting drunk at my apartment every night; not true. We watch movies and we talk. But you can't tell people anything when their minds are made up; especially when you have helped them and they are holding on to expensive property of yours and like to make a big deal out of things they weren't around for because it is advantageous for them. I'm not stupid. I see what's going on... finally.
Huge explosions just shook the house again. I think I'll go take a nap (grin)

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