Monday, April 30, 2012

Make Your Own Angel, Put Wings on a Whore.

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May your noses Always be downwind from the gates of The Devic Realm and upwind from the cities of the world.

Well, here I am again and... what do you know? Here you are again too. Interesting how that happens, kinda-like Love and Marriage ♫you can't have one, you can't have one, you can’t have one without the other♫ Of course we know that's not true. Sometimes, when I hear someone is getting married, who has lived with another person for more than a certain length of time, I think to myself, “that relationship is in trouble”. Sometimes I make the mistake of mentioning it, heh heh, not any more. I haven’t felt like I've made a lot of progress, compared to what I would like(although I'm told that is on the near horizon now) but one thing I have become much better at is not saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I've also become much better at not being an intrusive or combative conversationalist. I am now much more aware that 'listening is not just waiting for your turn to speak'. I don't argue either. Well, truthfully, I may slip up on rare occasions but I catch myself pretty quick. I'm comfortable just stating what I have to say, take it or leave it. This does not mean I am deaf to the other person's concern. I immediately put on their perspective and take it as gospel for a moment. This allows me to see how they see. Sometimes that has surprising results, be they pleasant or unpleasant.

Last night’s radio show is interesting. It reveals something I think might also resonate with the reader. I've felt off center for a while. This can be scary, since whatever might happen, if you're off balance, it doesn’t improve your expertise. Do you feel like, no matter how hard you try, it doesn't change anything? That's the position I find myself in these days, even though I am told that every event in my life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a treatment by the cosmos in respect of my evolution in consciousness. Never has the idea that it’s all under control and I am OK (regardless of how I feel) been as much comfort as it is now.

I include this link because of a telling comment inside the article. Here’s the comment; “I don’t think that high school is competitive enough. There’s too much emphasis on making people not feel bad,”Birrell said. “If you want people to do well, they have to compete.” There are some other telling comments in the article too. I know what he says is true, I have done this in a few areas, none of them having anything to do with Tetris. Everyone who is successful at something, regardless of whether the world may share that opinion, knows something about life and about themselves.

This fellow might not know why “there is too much emphasis on making people not feel bad (sentence structure?)”. He might not know that that is the result of intentional dumbing down for the purpose of greater social control but he knows enough to know something is wrong and to think for himself. His experiences have taught him this. However you learn certain things, by gaming, by walking in the wild, through other people, going to prison or whatever the means is, it’s worth it. It becomes part of you. You get to take it with you.

There’s this thing about liabilities and assets that it is critical for anyone and everyone to gain a visceral awareness of. Liabilities are things you carry with you, that routinely hamper many things that you do. They can cause you to fail and they can cost you your life. Assets are things that enhance and amplify your capabilities. They can cause you to succeed and they can save your life. Why would anyone want liabilities in place of assets? That is one of life’s essential questions. Liabilities are the fruit of Karma, so are assets. How you think or don't think, is the result of whatever you’ve gotten yourself into, going after things you thought you wanted and now have to defend because of an inability to admit you were misguided or wrong. Denial qualifies in this regard. This is one of the powerful keys of that mantra, “I don't know”. If a person gets that, deep within, fundamentally, amazing things can happen. I know this from direct experience. The act of knowing becomes a kind of interaction between two parts of yourself.

If you forensically investigate the assumptions of psychology, psychiatry and the various, so called sciences, that relate to the operation of the mind and emotions and the interplay between them, you soon come to the conclusion that some number of the basic presumptions are wrong. If you operate outward from false premises, there is no way you are going to arrive at an accurate or correct result, unless you get hit in the head, while you are engaged; metaphorically speaking. The whole world and it's presentations, rules and regulations, institutions and what have you are based on false or manufactured information. That is why things are screwed up. Presently, the culture is oriented to the concept of consumption. The more consumption being employed, the more financially successful the participants are, theoretically. Then what happens is the margin of profit in relation to the bottom line becomes an all-consuming obsession. Health care is killing the profit margin so, make everyone a part time employee. Unions are anathema to the greatest degree of profit so, undermine and do away with unions. Labor costs are too high so, outsource your manufacturing. Pensions are a real drag, unless the company is borrowing against them (grin), so fuck with them by any means possible. A good solution is to create the 401K modality and since you control the stock market, after a fashion, things can be worked out.

Everything that you see that is fucked up, most of it anyway, is intentionally fucked up. Coming down on Preppers and those looking to stock up on necessities, against conditions created by the people coming down on them, is done solely in order to put people's fate in the hands of the government. In recent times an absurd amount of new laws have come into being. This is to feed the profit line of the prison industrial complex. It's even in the contracts that they sign with the government. The minimum demanded occupancy is 90%. The majority of those presently incarcerated are directly, or indirectly connected to the Drug War. Think about all of the industries and agencies that profit from The Drug War.

Rule by corporations is fascism. Rule by corporations, has as its primary goal, the maximization of profit, at the expense of every other consideration. There is no way that a bountiful life can materialize for the general population. Only the rich prosper, at the expense of everyone else. Corporations are not concerned with how they make their money, or any of the steps they take to insure the acquisition of it. As a result, laws are transformed to allow for ruthless behavior of every kind. I do not doubt that Coca Cola and the oil companies, as well as many other corporations, have their own hit squads and assassins. There is no conscience engaged. There is no moral concern. There is only the money and the expedition of amassing it, with the least expense at every level. The first by-law of corporate rule is, 'fuck you'.

We are told that by looking at this list, we will be made aware of the most spiritually influential people on the planet. Dr. Wayne Dyer is number 13 (be sure and get your kits, calendars and mobile apps) and Doreen Virtue is number 14 (angels galore, putting wings on a whore). No more needs to be said about the accuracy of the list. Oprah is number16. Heh heh... words fail me, for the moment. Well, let’s inject a little humor. None of the people just mentioned are very funny, at all. These people and a great many of the people on that list, should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Mr. Apocalypse knows who they are and he'll get around to them, sooner or later. He'll get around to all of us, sooner or later, for the purpose of 'demon'stration. It's up to all of us, individually, what shape that takes.

The 'me first, you later, maybe' mindset, is something that has been engineered by vested interests and indoctrination starts right out of the crib, with the number one babysitter, the broadcasting Eye of Sauron. You have to think of all of these industries as being interconnected. You might imagine that the fast food industry and the medical industry are in bed together. This may not be specifically true but real examples, easily as absurd, are. Use your heads, develop that forensic perspective that I like to mention. These industries will not change to your advantage, ever. They will change to your detriment, regularly. If they are not stopped, you will cease to exist, in any number of unpleasant ways. This might include interim confinement, so that they can get added value out of your departure. Because they must be stopped and will not stop on their own, ever, something has to come about that destroys their capacity to continue. I don't like to be negative or alarming. This is just how it is and there are, more or less, peaceful means that can bring it about. As I have said many times, all it takes is for the majority of us to step away from the machinery and to no longer buy their shit, reducing your consumption addiction to the lowest possible application. Awareness is revolution. An expansion of consciousness within the masses will change the world. Maybe if you get some of Wayne's or Doreen's divinatory cards, you can predict where and how it’s all going to happen.

Things are as they are, as a result of collective acquiescence. Things are how they are, because people go along to get along and because they are compromised by important concerns, that might be threatened by any sign of recalcitrance on their part, in respect of the scheme of-things, as expressed by the schemers of things. Change will come, brutally or less so, but it will come. The key to one's dimension of suffering, in respect of change, is all about adaptation. If you change with the changes, it can be relatively effortless. See to it and... mind how (and where) you go.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Alabaster Dream Castles and Fewmets under Glass.

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May your nose always be cold and wet.

(as I am on the near verge of publishing my new novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine” I am looking for a publisher who will also have an option on the most recent book published. Failing any takers, I will just self publish with Amazon- or someone similar but I throw this out there, in hope of some kind of Kevin Bacon connection where someone knows someone or is someone and wants to get engaged with me in making it happen. Our phone lines are now open, metaphorically speaking- grin-)

We routinely see effects but not the causes. They are often hidden from view, along with motive and background. Satanists, like pedophiles, do not announce themselves as a regular affair and they are often the same. Messing with the young is a major priority with Satanists and they are often high up the ladder in temporal power and rank. This is why you hear about sexual molestation industries and child murder and disappearances, only to have investigations get quashed, wind up in a dead end, or disappear from the news. Important political and financial figures, are either practising Satanists or the tools of Satanists and they control law enforcement and the investigative press, along with the press in general. We know who owns the world press and entertainment business, so it is no stretch to presume that they are Satanists and they certainly are the poster children for, “by their works ye shall know them”.

Over recent years there have been child sex scandals in England; Scotland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, the US and other places. The same group of Satanists that were behind the slave trade a few hundred years ago, are deeply engaged in present day human trafficking. Indeed, one particular country has the highest global incidence of forced sexual slavery within their borders. It's no stretch to presume that they are deep into the child sex industry as well. As time passes, I come to find that all of the historical rumors about certain people turn out to be true and this is why there has been such a relentless push to create laws to protect them, while at the same time, they push for 'more than legitimacy' (actually primacy) of alternative sexual practices. You can argue and demur or hide these things from yourself all you want, they're still true, whether you want to accept it or not.

Some years ago there was a rash of disappearances of young girls in France; hundreds of them. Their faces were on posters all through the land. As is usually the case, it all got covered up and forgotten about. This tells you that powerful agencies and individuals are involved in it. Once again, you can assume, presume, that this involves, Satanic rites, torture and murder of the most hideous sort. The reality of blackmail, intimidation, fear and brutal persuasion taking place, behind the scenes, at higher levels of the social spectrum, is off the charts. It’s ubiquitous and influences political and social policies all over. In England, social services are taking away people’s children by the hundreds, just because they can. It's the same in Kalifornia, where they regularly place the child with the abuser in opposition to all legal and common sense. It should be obvious, Satanism is at the root of the affair. Psychopaths at high levels have been shoehorning lesser creeps into powerful positions, in the judiciary and law enforcement for some time. There is a general, pervasive and comprehensive plan going on.

A lot of the horrors and injustices of modern life are fuelled by corporations. These conditions are the logical result, in times of material darkness and Satanism is the logical religion of those so engaged, like Monsanto (My Satan), who recently bought up the largest bee research firm so that they could control the information and statistics, that would automatically convict them of the crimes they intend to conceal. You are literally, literally dealing with, 'sick fucks from Hell'. The prevailing mindset around the world, by those in the power to work their will upon others, is truly sick.

Behind the scenes, as well as 'in your face', people like Alan Dershowitz, Elie the Weasel, Abe Foxman, the 9/11 crew and names too numerous to mention, are observably behind the twisting of the social and cultural dynamic, into an unrecognizable swamp and concentration camp. The neocons of the last decades and members of PNAC, are all represented by large numbers of the same genre. Because all of these things are so, and much more, there are more and more laws being created to defend the Satanist and their locations from the operation of justice and exposure.

Of course, there are exceptions in every class, race and creed, concerning obvious and irrefutable bad behavior. However, when you consider that 94% of Israelis supported Operation Cast Lead, you can see that the exceptions are anything but the rule. The amount of terrible intention and policy, as indicated in this link, is awesome in scope and application. This blog goes only so far in proliferation. Most of the leading 'alternative' news vehicles on the internet, avoid publicizing this blog, for a specific reason that the author does not need to mention or explore. Does one compromise honesty for publicity and public profile? It depends on who you are. It depends on what you're made of and who you work for and depend on.

For a good many years, certain facts and realities have been concealed and under wraps. Suddenly, in recent times, it is all coming out. If you want to know, you can know and the actions and operations of the enemy of general humanity are being revealed daily. There has to be a reason for this. As has been mentioned here many times, when that great and irresistible force for cosmic change and transformation comes precipitating down the planes, it pushes and sweeps out the dark entities concealed there, into manifestation for a specific purpose. That's where we are and that’s what's going on. You're watching it happen and judgement is the reason. This should fill the hearts of those troubled souls with optimism, who can't make head or tail of what's going on and find themselves slipping into a depressed mindset of 'no exit' and the suffocating darkness of false surroundings.

The biggest problem for many people is their sense of time and history. They're only here for a little while and they only know what they've seen and, in some cases, read ...and those are only words on paper, aren't they? Words on paper don’t usually have the impact of experience and direct observation. Justice may have come and gone many times but not recently. The human mind operates under great limitations and the presumption and arrogance of self important pundits and intellectuals, muddies the water for everyone. The educational system is now a mechanism of forced indoctrination. The press is a regurgitating fiction that vomits its scabrous fluids, all over the perceptual facilities of that large mass of lemmings, who can't pat their stomach and chew gum at the same time. Armies of mouthbreathers surround us, with one hand on their dicks and another on the remote control. Budweiser is their aqua vitae and McDonald's is their prophet. Their attention moves from the exercise of one appetite to the next. Stupid truly is as stupid does and is. No personal impetus will wake them from their squalor and slumber, where they drool on the pillow and fart in their dreams. It is the perfume of their fantasies, reveries and succubi/incubus couplings.

Maybe I'm being hard on the human race; a three-legged, Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head sack race, with no finish line. It's no easy job being me and includes a level of frustration, caused by witnessing time lapse ignorance, unfold like a toxic plant. It’s a poison ivy culture that you can't help but brush up against; lacking a water buffalo to ride out of town on. I don't want to write about this shit but someone has to. I want to write about beautiful supernatural experiences, taking place on surreal landscapes that, unfortunately, for the most part, live only in my imagination. It’s no alabaster dream castle, to live under the unspoken scorn of your, euphemistically named peers, simply because they lack the courage and fortitude to answer the call, or lack the will for discovery, as to who they are in essence, opting instead for fatuous presence.

I'm not cut out for discussing stock options over Bombay Sapphire, gin Martinis at the country club, or how to offshore my conscience, in order engage in incestuous tête-à-têtes with meat puppets. If only they knew how wonderfully indulged we all are, by residence in the Kali Yuga and the slack we are being cut, we would have our shoulder to the wheel in relentless fashion. Never forget that those who love much are forgiven much. Love is a curious thing. It's not entirely a matter of affection and indulgence, or the essential impetus wouldn't amount to much. It’s not exclusively Romeo and Juliet any more than it is taking a bullet for something more important than your addiction to the belief of solitary lifetimes, like that would ever make any kind of sense. One could say that going in circles is no different than surfing a Mobius strip but they would be wrong. Not knowing why they would be wrong is the key ...but where is the keyhole?

Awakening is coming, pleasantly or unpleasantly, it's coming and the determinant of that, is whether one is participating in it or not. Having to recognize unpleasant truths, or being compelled (for some reason) to point them out, is not the same thing as feasting in the high tower, with those who ignore and avoid them, due to self interest and some material bottom line. That should be evident but it's not. I'm supposing the amenities in the high tower are pretty agreeable, for so long as the tower remains standing. Some metaphorical and literal Himalayan recess beckons me but I am as yet without my Frommers or Lonely Planet place-map and particulars. Hopefully language is not a problem, like it is here. One of these days, cry on Zion and Babble-on too. In the Reeperbahn of the moment, the whore of Babylon is the it girl. Cue the soundtrack and mind the bitches and ho's, metrosexually woven together like Popsicle sticks, in all those gender inclusive ways.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

OK2BME, like, Totally, in Sticky Wicket Township.

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May your noses always be free of politically correct rhinoplasty.

We all want a better world, except for those who think this is one, or for those whose version of a better world involves the modern equivalent of foot-binding, under the disclaimer of freedom. A lot of things that are going on purport to seek and provide greater liberty, freedom and joy, by promoting very minor elements of the culture, into the forefront of concern, to the disadvantage of everyone else. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It's understood that some ages are more impressionable and if you want to control a culture, you have to take control of the children, since you already have control of the adults kinda, sorta but not in the same way. A serious researching of that site, noting all of the elements from the texting friendly typeset name, to the broader vision and present state of expression; utilizing a forensic lens, at the hands of an objective and impartial mind, reveals a lot of interesting dynamics.

Communism in all of its horrible works, from The Bolshevik Revolution to Pol Pot, came about through the efforts of the same people, pushing the multicultural, politically correct water buffalo through the China shop of our collective harmony and well-being. This is inarguable. What might be arguable is why and to what end? They say that the normal human IQ is100. That's the 'mean', so to speak. Of course, you have to factor in that normal is no longer normal in an overall sense. It's in transition and it's also in therapy. There's good therapy and bad therapy and in Kali Yuga you get more of the latter than the former. You get more bad leaders, more bad or not fully competent masters.

Those whose IQs and awarenesses are higher than the vin ordinaire will have a field day with this. Some people are useful tools. My personal ambition is to be a useful tool. I would like nothing more than to be used by a wiser mind to a better end. Many would look at such a subjugation with horror, imagining that they were losing their freedom, while giving in to their appetites and desires, as if that were an expression of freedom, rather than an incrementally, binding course; nice shoes! If people understood how they got trapped, they wouldn't get trapped in the first place. Usually it has to do with some kind of quid pro quo, go along to get along, instead of being mindful of the intention of, 'just passing through'.

And why is this site called Smoking Mirrors? Initially, the author could not get the blog 'smoke and mirrors'. So he picked Smoking Mirrors, in an idiot-savant kind of away, it turned out to be something more connected and meaningful anyway; given Tezcatlipoca is also known as smoking mirror. Things like this happen to me often because of the path I chose. I had parents, schools, governments, religions and cultures trying to pound my helix peg into a square hole, just like the unfortunate generation going through the PC foot-binding of the moment. It's 'certainly' likely that cui bono is at the root of the matter and all wiser minds will follow the money. If the person in question disappears then maybe you found someone authentic. Otherwise, you find what you find, with precious few exceptions, outside of alien incursion and divine intervention.

The author has no real position on any sexual matters being engaged in by consenting adults. None of this is about that. The author has no real position on Semitic matters, except when they are not Semitic. The author doesn't care one way or the other about a great many things. He could, but experience has taught him that it isn't any of his business. It only becomes his business when it intrudes on the business and efficacy of his just passing through. By observation, the author notes that it intrudes upon the majority, with relentless consistency, to the degree that it seeks to turn the whole world into Sticky Wicket Township.

Evil and selfish interest likes to conceal itself in the midst and deflect the slings and arrows of undesired misfortune and focused attention by making it appear that an attack upon them, is an attack upon all of them when they are not them. Most of the world of the moment operates off of artifice in order to secure what it is after. The ironic feature is that there is enough for everyone, but not if some select few want far, far more for themselves than they will ever have the opportunity to spend or enjoy.

The whole nature of evil; that which we can mostly all agree upon as evil, is to leverage and shoehorn itself into positions of control where it can force the progress of its intentions. Good things flow naturally with ease because of the oil of good will that collectively lubricates them. Nasty, sausage manufacturers, practicing law, need to be in a position to make what they want happen because, neither the cosmos, nor most of its inhabitants, has any authentic, unforced, interest in these things, at any time, when normal is still more or less functional. So the key is to redefine the meaning of normal.

This is a great big world, while at the same time, being a tiny speck that you can hardly see on a good star map and maybe not at all, depending on the star map. There's room for all kinds of things and I don't doubt that there are actual planets where, if it means that much to you, you can go to and freak freely according to your tastes. It is to be understood that hungry ghosts do not always know that they are hungry ghosts and people in Hell might often not know where they are. It is to be considered rather the rule than the exception. Now, personally, I don't know anything but I do know someone who does and for me that is more important than anything I can imagine. There's an old saw that, “the proof is in the pudding”, also the 'putting', I might add and since I have had occasions too numerous to relate or remember, that applies in my case, as it does in any case where anyone, meets anyone who knows more than they do and I might add that the quality of the knowing is very important; speaking of smoking mirrors

In my novel, The Darkening Splendor, there is made mention of contact between two individuals, during The Renaissance. You do know that 'renaissance' is French but it's used as a word in English.? A magic mirror is used to show that two men knew each other from past lives. Art imitates life, life aspires to excellence and what we get is the evidence for the purpose of demonstration.

It would be a poor world that held no blow jobs, especially of the kind, freely given, for the sake of appreciation for whatever you were appreciating, especially in a 'hold me close and don't let me out' sort of a way; given that the engines that drive the machines are actually going anywhere. Some of them might be. I do take exception to fucking round with people before they are in a position to know what's going on in the first place but... that's been going on for a long time too, courtesy of Kali Yuga.

The world of the moment is all about distortion. It's a living, breathing morphorama of 1984, where war is peace and whatever it takes to convince people that up is down and back is forth, is in progress at the moment, although I wouldn't call it progress. You know this and I know this but a whole lot of people don't know this and they have their reasons. Heh heh, there was just a roll of thunder when I wrote that and there hadn't been any till just now; interesting times.

The fools of the moment, in the world of the moment, couldn't be more confident of what they are about. They have most of the guns and money, what could go wrong? They even make sport by putting a guy named Obama (rhymes with Osama) into the White House, as an 'in your face', you won't see it anyway kind of a thing. The thing I always try to keep in mind, when I am engineering anything is that I am operating under directions, otherwise it’s called manipulation and then, you are the one being manipulated. That’s how it works. That's how quickly you can get switched over from one server to the other, if you don't mind how you go. I had someone accuse me of manipulation while I was in the process of doing them a service and that is another hallmark of Kali Yuga. Twisted shit happens in dark ages. People who think they're tuned in would argue that we live in enlightened times, with all kinds of broad parameters of tolerance that you can embrace willingly, or go to jail for not embracing sooner or later. They'll tell you we got iPods and high wire, allopathic medicine that not only fixes nothing much but delays it too. Well, iPods and computers, like guitars and anything else, are only so useful as the uses they get put to and only as effective as the hands they are in.

Tolerance isn't acceptance and freedom isn’t license, except that maybe they are for the moment. What it really comes down to is... does it work or not? That's the point. Does it work? Does it produce and what does it produce? Is it self-perpetuating? Is it entropy or is it one of those nice infinity sigils? Is it real or is it Memorex and did you have to fuck a Xerox machine to get triplets?

You can let other people figure this out for you and they will, or, you can figure it out for yourself, either way, you're going to need help and help is on the way; that’s the cause of the delay, in all this looming ominousisity. One day follows the next. One moment follows the next. One person follows another. That will do it for the moment.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dyslexic, Prophetic and it's Attendant Diametrics.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(back at Smoking Mirrors to start the rotation again. It's easier this way in my head and we have to consider that (grin)).

Let's stay on that theme about all these predictions and prophecies. This might curtail my heavy hand of late, upon Public Enemy One. Make no mistake, there is a Public Enemy Number One and it's got a posse; a crew, gun molls and the whole nine meters, which turns out to be more than the whole nine yards. The members of the inner posse, the mob captains, control virtual armies. These captains are ignorance; greed, fear, arrogance, denial and assorted. They control the actions and consciousness of the public, which they possess through the agency of what they represent but we're not going to talk about them today. We'll leave them to plot their own destruction through assaulting Iran and unleashing the sleeping bear, the crouching tiger and the Karachi Boys so... moving right along and not talking about them, let's get on to the dyslexic, prophetic and it's attendant diametrics, as everything looks in the mirror and sees itself; just like the animals at the watering hole and determines what God and man is accordingly; the lion sees a lion, the snake sees a snake, the deer sees a deer and no one sees what really is because their mask is looking back at them. Are you with me so far? Can I get a hostess! I just need someone to show me the way to my table at The Algonquin. I used to be a famous writer before they outlawed fame in conjunction with truth. You know, these days, even people who profess to love and admire the truth, get uneasy when the truth comes on too strong. Wait till you run into it with its sunglasses off and no filters. Personal run ins with the truth can be surprising, disarming and scary.

It's best to get to know the truth socially; have a couple/few beers with the truth. A lot of people are ashamed to be seen with the truth. That's never a good idea. Conversely the truth might find itself ashamed to be seen with you and that's never a good idea either. It is especially a bad idea if you are an artist of any kind because there's a little thing called 'inspiration' that can get lost in the translation as you attempt to bend it to the demands of the marketplace. An artist without inspiration is like a Shirley Temple in Rio at carnival time. Think about it, it will come to you.. Well, you wind up impotent in a reverse kind of a way according to what Shakespeare said about alcohol provoking the desire but hampering the performance. We're talking about another kind of drink here and another kind of intoxication. This attends inspiration and communion, depending on what inspires you and who you commune with. Now, if you're communing with the people who run the closed shop that won't let truth behind the velvet ropes, you get what comes with the territory.

A lot of these things don't seem real to people, or they are inconvenient, so the mind, devoid of inspiration, concerning various enduring truths, delivers itself into the hands of its greatest enemy. It sells itself out for a mess of potage but, I guess that's okay cause you get to wear a beret and hang out with the white wine and cheese crowd. You get to hobnob with the kind of people you meet in the hot-tubs at hotels in Hawaii and in the clubhouses at golf courses, yum yum and then some; wife swapping included at no extra charge and a Get Into Hell Free card; kind of makes you wet and willing eh?

Well, we were going to talk about all these prophecies and predictions. I guess I'll get hammered again for my first reference but... as to the matter of Dr. Chiappalone, I'd do a cursory web search. I'm not saying 'yea' or 'nay' about the matter because I don't know but what I do know is my reaction to the predictions of the good doctor. They are the most depressing read I have come across in a long time. According to the good doctor we are all dead and doomed and it won't be long. No one is going to be left on the planet because Gaia is going to scour the Earth and it's to be curtains, period. I don't buy this version. I don't buy any of this total doomsday business. I'm not saying that there may not be half the population gone, or that entire countries may not encounter near total devastation. I don''t know what the outcome will be and no one else does either and you just wind up depressing yourself by contemplation of what ifs.

If we go back to earlier prophets in the revisionist scriptures, Nostrildamus, Mother Shipton, whose elegant verse, adds a compelling dimension to what she has to say; when you go back you hear all kinds of things too. Most of them are heavily allegorical and opaque. You got Ecclesiastes, with his cycles and permanent rotation of the vanity of man, meeting up with cosmic resolution. I buy that as a recurrent model, specifically attuned to Kali Yuga but also relevant in general, whenever and wherever the pomposity and excess of the dark, insipid and superficial mindset of material nature may dwell.

As I've said before, there are those who are prone to see all of this as a mathematical process. Some even see it as random, which I consider mindblowing, considering that hard fact physicists have announced that the universe is thought born and everything is composed of mindstuff. I'll say no more about the endless argument, which really centers around the perversions of religion, as opposed to what may or may not be out there and in there. I believe it is all mathematical as well as conscious. I believe it all makes sense, once you switch off the rational mind. Of course, I have direct contact and a collection of supernatural experiences the size of a James Minchner book, so, that's me.

Let's suppose like most people, you haven't had truth as a house-guest or been round to the local for a few pints with the truth. Most people have to make arrangements to get by here, or think they do. See, there's this gap that exists between your fear and reality. It could be a simple step across, or it could be so wide that it has no other side but it's only as wide as your fear. In order to get a certain process to work, you have to take it on its terms and that means you are going to be subjected to uncertainty. How great a hold uncertainty may take on you is an individual affair. This gets measured against what and who you feel responsible for and what you are afraid to lose. Some of us are lucky enough to lose everything, relatively speaking, more than once, so we're familiar with the territory. Some of us are holding on to things that sink, so tightly that we go down with the ship; be it an actual ship, a ship of state or a ship of goods and treasures trying to get across the Spanish Main.

Some people are overly concerned with so called Nephilim, reptiles, grays and other aliens, Illuminati, Masons and a shitload of groups and types. For those head-deep into this kind of thing, it must be a lot like living in some multicultural urban landscape, where there's another street gang on every following block. Are they all working together? Are they independents? Is the Trilateral Commission worse than The Council on Foreign Relations; The Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Bilderberger etc? Are the feminists in bed with the gay agenda (grin)? After all, they've both got the same type and personality directive behind them. Does the Pope shit in the woods or in one of his funny hats? Are The Jesuits the official bad guys, even though the other bad guys predate them by more than a thousand years? Are The Rockefellers worse than The Rothschilds? Is Rio Tinto more user friendly than Standard Oil? Do they work together, or are they enemies at some level? Who does Little Georgie Sorrows work for, besides the dark lord and his own selfish interests?

There's so much complexity here and I doubt that anyone has gained leverage, as a result of being really well informed about any of it. In the end, it comes down to what you can do about it and whether or not you are right in the first place. They got all that power. It's how it looks. Do you have any power? Some would say yes and some would say no. A lot of people think they got a lot of power because they live in a small pond. People rely on all kinds of things for the maintenance and perpetuation of power and influence and nearly every one of them is temporary, as are they.

As I have painstakingly been at pains to state, I don't know what's going to happen. In some cases I don't know what is happening or what already happened. I know I have questions but not about things I consider important and that's the important thing.

What I do know is that civilization has not measurably improved since the time when there wasn't any. The brutality and indifference factor has pretty much stayed the same and I don't see much difference between the elite in Apocalypto and the ones we have, except that the ones we have now are pissed off about Mel Gibson and Mel might not have been around for the other.

Yeah, I guess some of us won't be getting to The Algonquin this time around. The new doorman was working a security detail in Columbia last week but the same people are still paying his salary now, so it's only about location, location, location. We know that what probably happened was an assassination attempt gone wrong. All of those things are going wrong these days, which is pretty right on. As has been stated here many times, things are going to go seriously south for the bad guys. It's not good for our general health to go mentally south, as a result of their last gasp, death rattle.

Maybe I'm overly optimistic. I know there are monsters, but like “Monsters Inc”, it's your fear that accounts for their 'relative' size and degree of effect on you. Some people have no choice but to believe things that make it possible for them to wind up in Iraq and Afghanistan, or a cubicle in a law office, or anywhere people wind up, where they have justified their reasons for being there. The real danger you face is what you've made real in your head, whatever that may be. Give the truth a call. Invite it out for dinner and drinks. Have it over for the weekend or longer. Make the truth a permanent house guest and the walls of the citadel won't collapse around you.


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Swine Flu Smorgasbord Cuisine of Rot.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I'm skipping Origami today, until tomorrow. That's just how it is sometimes, given that certain things come up that want to be said by someone. I don't know who or why, I just do it (Nike sneaker bounces off the side of the head). Actually, since a lot of it has to do with the polluted soup of an Ebola like culture, it should probably be Petri Dish but, that will do for unsatisfying excuses and explanations- 'grin'.)

Let's start out with vulture capitalist Tribe member Geoffrey Sachs. It doesn't matter what rock you uncover, one of their members will be there sodomizing a Gila Monster, looking for replacement progeny in their assembly line of nepotism. Geoffrey is a money whore, currency tormenter of disadvantaged nations from the IMF. He first surfaced to screw Bolivia, or maybe he was screwing someone else before that; probably. Screwing, killing and destroying entire populations is what The Tribe does. They follow all of these acts with disingenuous apologetics that come nowhere near the truth at any point. This POS was written by a seriously pro Israel blogger, who has the 729 bar-code tattooed on his ass and you can make yourself violently ill by checking out the horrific line of commentary that he posts on his blog. In his disingenuous apologetics, he makes it clear that Christian Zionists are responsible for all of the bad policy, concerning poor little innocent Israel and that Israel has little or nothing to do with any of it. It's sick-making in the extreme. It's disgusting and it's a lie. It's followed up by garbage like this.

The mindset of those behind the rape and plundering, of any nation with anything worth stealing, inevitably leads to lovely events like this. Imagine going to a poor third world country and hiring a prostitute in a nation we already treat like a whore and then refusing to pay the whore. It follows that the whole crew got busted for it. Now, since they will certainly be fired, they can go to work for the company that used to call itself Blackwater, where their particular morality is not only desirable but welcome. Incipient moral corruption, slowly and sometimes not so slowly, takes over the whole organism and invariably leads to things like this. Then natural reactions set in, as Lady Nature provides the feedback that sweeps out of the dissonance, in our collective failure to act like human beings, or to demand such behavior from our leadership that has been turned into 'the town pump' for the usual aggregate of psychopaths and swine. You know who that is, unless, of course, for some mysterious reason, some number of you attribute all of this to mysterious and unnamed sources, who use those we all know about, as poor unwitting pawns who never hurt nobody. Honestly, they wouldn't hurt a fly, anymore than Tony Perkins would in psycho and... it's true. I didn't see him hurt one single fly in the film.

Behind all of this, is the secret symbology and natural digression of the human heart and mind, into the degenerative swamp of 'me first, you later, maybe', the operative motto from the operative dynamic of 'I want it and I want it now, so get the fuck out of my way'. For such times as these, the animal totem is the swine. This is why about 20 year ago, a big PR effort went underway to rehabilitate the image of the pig. People started having them as pets, indoor pets. They raved about how smart and clean they were. They raved about what a bad reputation pigs had picked up over the years. It sort of reminds me of the bad reputation some people picked up over the years. Obviously, that was also undeserved and there's all kinds of PR going on about that too. As the preeminence of the pig reputation, restoration effort went into full bore, for both four and two legged pigs, the mass of the populations began to devolve into other life forms, such as ambulatory fence posts, rock intelligentsia and Zio-zombie robots with parrot implants. The culture went into reverse and genetic trends became de-evolutionary imperatives, at the hands of cynical whip-masters, with the personality and preferences of crocodiles, along with the territorial awarenesses of a hippopotamus, which, ironically is another kind of pig.

It stands to reason that the dietary attractions of the time would reflect the state of being on its way to terminal entropy. Food, of course, needs to be accompanied by drink. Ancient wisdom says that one should not drink for at least 20 minutes before or after a meal, so that proper digestion can take place. This, certainly means, given the state of the times, that one should swill all kinds of things from plastic bottles and Big Gulp containers, right through the alimentary process. The truly inventive among us; the dietary Teslas and Edisons, continue to make their contributions and the whole society pitches in with it's avuncular nods and winks, with a big nod and wink to those fearless and intrepid explorers of haute cuisine in the UK, who certainly rival the Filipinos with their creative insights into what we should put into our bodies. Would I be a tad xenophobic and racially insensitive here? That depends on whether it's true or not but... as we all know by now, the truth is not politically correct and never has been. Pol Pot is alive and well in academia and every hallowed hall, where learning and liberty are buggered, up against a school desk for the entertainment of all.

I pity the faithless, deluded and deceived who look at the spectacle of this dance of the dead, on the edge of a descending nightmare, with no light to be seen. It looks grim. Those already mentioned in this posting, cavort like creatures out of subterranean hells. At the mere approach of criticism they shrink like violets, crying out in their victim-hood as they strike out in all directions. Their toy puppets and their bought and sold stooges, craft pithy little intellectual cowpies for public consumption. All the power of the prostitute press, bought by those who took control of the printing presses... all printing presses, has been turned against humanity. On the back end, they blackmail and murder the few political and social leaders who are not already tools. On the front end, they corral and herd a countless mass of cattle with carrots, sticks, transparent lies and manufactured fears. They're bound to turn the wheels of demonic commerce; to throw their bodies on foreign wires and bleed out their lives on the nameless ground, where so many have died before and many more will die again for the entertainment and profit of bankers. Who founded and owns the central banks? Mere coincidence.

How depraved and corrupt has the world become? One needs only to measure the percentage of those telling you these things, against the numbers of those obfuscating, fabricating and engaging in vomiting apologias for profit, position and opportunity. They're whores. They are mere husks of something that might once have been human. They are craven and miserable excuses for a human being. Mostly they are cowards. Mostly they are cowards. We have to call them on this; these self important swine who write for the New York Swines and The Christian Bad Science Monitor, for false Newsweek and wasted Time for 'it damn well is' Vanity but Fair it is not, Nasty Bogus Compromised News, Faux News, Cretin Broadcasting System News, Anal Barracuda Center News. They own it all because they stole control of the currency, which gave them the right to make war on everyone else, financing both sides for nothing more than financial profit and geographic control and let us not forget the entertainment value. They like it. They are the chosen offspring of the Dark Lord, whom they worship in all ways available to them, with human sacrifice being the centerpiece. Death is not enough and servitude is not enough for them. They are much darker than this. They want torture and torment. They want fear everlasting. They want that naked, hard on inducing terror, that can be generated in children that they also want to fuck and eat. Is this not so? Yes, it is so. Every horrible thing said about them is true and that is why they force laws on the public to prohibit discussion and investigation. There's not need to prohibit inquiry if there is nothing there to find.

Everything you see going down is for the single reason of protecting them and their investments and interests. This is because they know what is coming. They know. They have access to the information. They're going down but the idea is to take everyone else with them. They're going down but they don't think they're going down but they know they're going down but they don't think they're going down. They didn't go down before, in all of the times when they should have and humanity would have been so much better off but that is because “there is a time to every purpose under Heaven”.

I can't presume to know what goes on in the criminal complexity of their avaricious, bloodstained weasel minds. I'm not curious in any case. I know it's all under control and for the purpose of demonstration. I'm just going to pound these things out and hope for sympathetic drums. I'm going to pound it out and hope for the river to rise. I'm going to pound it out and just believe that the cosmos is going to pound them out, in some terrifically just and ironic manner. I'm not going to worry about slanderous names attached to me and what I do. I'm not going to worry about their impotent capacity that relies on a primary fear within me that was evicted and displaced by something else. You should be the same. We should be ignition systems that go off like time bombs and depth charges around the globe. We should be time lapse detonators. We should be viral and infective plagues of caustic and healing truth. We should be what we are and not what we have been deceived and twisted into becoming. It's time to unbecome what we never were and come into being as what we really are.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scum of the Earth, Blood Hungry for the Kill

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I hope this pleases all the people who wanted me to stop writing so often (grin). I'm also hoping that control of my books will happen again soon to please so many of you who keep asking why you can't order them. Worse case scenario I just republish everything and offer them through a new venue; this means simply changing the way you get them. In the meantime. I have the digital versions of both available so, simply contact me by email and I'll get copies out to you at 10 Euro a pop- 30% off previous offerings (such a deal!).)

Now that's what I call sanity; in an age of rapidly vanishing disappearance, it used to be you would only get what you were seeing and now you're only seeing what you're getting; it's that sooner or later effect I was talking about, except I wasn't talking, I was typing. I'm making a kind of pesto from a leafy plant (Ramsons, Allium ursinum — also known as buckrams, wild garlic, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek, and bear's garlic — is a wild relative of chives native to Europe and Asia.

The Latin name is due to the brown bear's taste for the bulbs and its habit of digging up the ground to get at them; they are also a favorite of wild boar) called Baerlauch, that grows in the woods around here; toss in the olive oil, Parmesan, walnuts (cause unless you work on Wall Street you can't afford pine nuts) and secret ingredients and thinking about how I now intend to make my own catchup and mayonnaise, because of all the caustic ingredients in the store model. It's either that or give up the things I put them on, which isn't likely in the short term; thinking handmade French fries here, or pommes frites as you prefer. It's macaroni and cheese today, with the Baerlauch pesto, so it should be a good day (grin), now, ...on with the show.

Israel's first, last and only single nationals, 'the bought, sold and blackmailed' John-John McCain and psychopathic murdering scum of the Earth, Lieberman, are blood hungry for the kill. It's certainly something Lieberman can't 'Passover'. He likes them dead and preferably tormented and tortured first. There are few men on Earth as evil as Lieberman and the rest of them are his compatriots, from the same shitty little weasel world he comes from. Once again, it can't be said too often; ISRAEL DID 9/11!!! ISRAEL DID 9/11 and we have all the proof in the world!!! Do I have to say it again? Israel did 9/11 and they are behind the financial meltdown, with their generations entrenched, banker elite and they are behind the run up and performance of getting all recent wars fought by other countries on their behalf! Period it is and end of story and we do hope this story ends soon, with them no longer being in a position to do anything, ever again, anywhere, period, period.

I'm sick and tired of having to say this over and over. I am more sick and tired of a public so stupid that they can swallow the endless lines of horseshit that fiends like this keep delivering, steaming warm on a garnished plate, served by automatons with garnished salaries. This has already been completely scrubbed from the MSNBC website, where I saw it only half an hour ago. Here we sit folks, surrounded by slick, porcine weasels, with bloodstained mouths, surrounded by dumbass mouthpieces, playing taps for themselves and their associates, out of key and with no mourners, as the curtain begins to come down on their drawn and quarter-fucked destinies and it couldn't happen to a better bunch of scoundrels, scum-slugs and diseased donkey shit on toast, with roasted Tribe sluts alfresco, delicious and delectable, served hot or cold, like revenge upon the latter, with some introductory Borgia soup blessed by The Pope. Let's take a little walk with him, while he goes for a shit in the woods. Meanwhile, one of his associates wants to make sure of what time it is (I'm not into time, dude), while he makes the watch disappear but not the reflection on the table top. This is the kind of thing evil does to itself, with funny hats on its head. It gets worse and worse, for one of the primary sources of evil. They're scrambling, they're ♫jumpin' and jivin' on the floor♫ of... the stock exchange and everywhere else as they try to get out of Dodge, on their way to that mystical and mythical 'home on the range'. The only choice they have is world disorder and wars up the wazoo. They don't count the dead and dying with Satan on their side. Yeah, lots of people don't believe in God but everyone believes in The Devil. In Kali Yuga that's what passes for The Divine.

Heah comes Mr. Apocalypse, with his walking stick, while Ehud Barak has got his hand on Michael Fassbinder's dick. He's got his recreational periods, when he isn't orchestrating things like 9/11 with Dov Zacheim and the rest of the crew. Did I happen to mention that Israel and MI-6, along with the usual clowns, did 9/11? If I happened to overlook this, I apologize. Should I forget to remember that I might have forgotten to have said it, I'll endeavor to remember again, as we go along here. I might have forgotten, you know, given that the general public can neither remember, or even think, in the first place. Talk about thankless jobs, I have one of those but my invisible friends appreciate the effort and the hardened and legible footsteps in the dried mud, on the way to Shambala, are more gratitude than I have any right to expect in the first place... eh? Can I get an Eh-men? Can I get a witness among the witless? Do you think you could hear the music any better with that ipod jammed up your ass? It's a Kim Kardashian world, where one of the most talentless rap artists, in a bankrupt and craven, tits, asses and gun-ho's can fall in lust with her in a gung-ho, hooyah, strictly for publicity way. If it ain't P-Diddy, it's not truly inauthentic and poorly written and performed ...only trying to be.

As we go along, something absolutely sick and sinister is happening in Japan. Why aren't the world's greatest experts on the scene, seeking to contain the damage? This I do not get. I don't get this at all. Is this so relatively unimportant, that it doesn't matter, in terms of being one of our most number one priorities? Why do I continuously keep hearing about one fuckup after another, with no experts from around the world, deeply engaged in fixing the thing? Someone knows things I don't know, which is no great surprise. On and on it goes, with one strange, inexplicable thing after another, with no operating instructions, explanations or disclaimers, attending any of it? WTF is going on? WTF us going on?

I know we've got phony alien invasions coming up, unless they are the real deal ...and that would explain a lot, especially if it has already happened. We know the minds of all the real life villains, in our contemporary horror show, of what passes for reality, have already been possessed by the entrenched, lower astral dark lords, who have guided the twisted agendas of the ones we can see and have been seeing for thousands of years. Now, here comes the Lord of Light with his broom. He's going to clean all those long infested demon rooms, that have been playing on the internal Walkmans, with no shut off, or pause buttons, in the heads of those so co-opted. Don't worry about the outcome, since it's all already sorted on the upper end and only needs to be precipitated down, as we are dwelling in the echo and aftermath but just don't, collectively, know it yet. So it goes hermanos y hermanas it goes.

Shit on a shingle. It's what's for breakfast, with five kinds of fried pork specialties like they put on those full English breakfasts. Yeah, that's that other center of total darkness, that operates as the world financial brain center; The City in the heart of London. This is run and operated by the same vampire siphon, lampreys that run that fictitious, shitty little country in The Middle East. You can read all about it here as a free download and you can get tons more here. If you want to know, you can know, if you don't want to know, well... there the majority of you are already and you will then be brought to the state of knowing the hard way, as 'knowing' is conferred upon you, by the forces of change, which insist, that's right, positively insist that you know, whether you like it or not. That's going on right now. It's going on pretty softly, compared to how it will be going on shortly. It's your call. I know you're not reading this but it is in the air, if you care to listen. You'll hear soon enough it any case, whether you are reading this or not.

Myself, I'm looking at those hard fixed footprints and that's all I need. We've all got our priorities and that happens to be mine. I made my choice and I'm happy with it. I could have gone in a lot of directions from here but this seemed the most advantageous, since I can always come back in, if I want to. One should always go to the opportune in the first place, lest that option be removed in the process of procrastinating, in respect of all of that sublimating in the first place. Did I mention that Israel did 9/11 along with their damned and doomed associates? Well, in case I didn't, let's leave that as our parting shot, in respect of that ain't all I got. Wham, bam, thank you Mam!


End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Halitosis Winds from the Corruption Choir.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There I am, wading through the news today. I go to the Dark Side Media first. There, I get to see the fluff balls, blown around in the Halitosis Winds. It's a dreadful stench that wafts from that toxic dragon's lair. The flesh of his victims rots between his sharp and adamantine teeth. The flames pass through the channels of the teeth and continuously reheat the fetid barbeques of times past. The wind that blows from the dragon's mouth, is the sum total of a choir that is singing the final movements of Hell's Unfinished Symphony. This man is singing second tenor behind the first lack of wisdom tooth on the left side.

In the fetid regions of the lower astral's, largest septic tank, creatures like the aforementioned, are birthed to be Nemesis to the human race. You can hear the sump pump, playing, like a demented didgeridoo, as it processes them into the manifest, where they become ducks in the cosmos's shooting gallery. You may not think so and they may not think so but it is so. You see, well... a lot of you have been wondering for some amount of time; why is everything taking so long? Why do circumstances and events creep along like molasses going uphill in January? Why has the long abortion, of fabricated history, gone on and on, without respite, resolution or anticipated revelation? As to the latter, that's an individual matter. Revelation and degrees of awakening have been going on for a long time. The other two are individual as well but... it's true, things are grinding on and on, like a bad rap version of Alice's Restaurant or Visions of Johanna but... as we all know, sooner or later, later becomes sooner or sooner becomes later. In the meantime, it's going on like this to give people time to wake up and to see what they will do, because it is all for the purpose of demonstration.

A lot is riding on this demonstration. More is riding on this demonstration than most people imagine. This has been coming for 26,000 years and has involved at least three separate periods of historical record, of which, most of us possess some slight knowledge only of the one we are in. Now I know that many people don't believe in this sort of thing and a surprising number don't even care. They want to get laid and have a hog nostril's pizza with extra cheese, along with a six pack of Budweiser afterwards. The whole procedure shouldn't take more than an hour and it only takes that long because you can only drink so many beers in so much time; most people anyway. It might have taken longer, if there was more going on in the sexual dynamic but... it's mostly only about emptying the tank, so that you can become fish food, if that makes any sense. It doesn't make sense, not any part of it. This is the world we have to live in, whether we engage in these things or not. It's easier for the moment, for those with that slice of hog nostril pizza, dripping from their hand. Hmmm, are the hog nostrils running? Did they catch a cold from all those hormones (grin)? It's not so easy for us who are seeking to just pass through and avoid those hog nostril pizzas and the people eating them. We can get pretty intimidated by the sheer weight of the numbers of those, being led around by the nose, by the message of the choir, singing in the dragon's mouth.

The thing to ask yourself, the most important question you can ask yourself is; what am I doing at the moment? How have I been spending my time? How do I intend to spend my time, especially if I've been doing some version of the horizontal hula, followed by artery clogging comestibles of a low order? That's also what this protracted period of time is about; second chances that can result in expedited turn arounds, where you can Fed Ex your Karma in another direction. You've heard the phrase, “as above, so below”, I'm assuming. What that means is... well, let me give you an example. I could give you living, breathing, walking around examples but let's just take a short excursion to the land of analogy.

Let's say you work on Wall Street, for a bank, or for a major corporation. You've gone up the ladder, like some of the living, breathing, walking around examples have gone up another ladder. As you progress, you get more and more pieces of the pie and all of that is based on the results of your efforts, dedicated to the profit of your Wall Street employer, the bank, or the corporation for whom you work. You get a certain level of health care. You get a car. You might get a house. You get paid vacations and perks associated with that vacation. You get membership in certain clubs. You get bonuses and you get promises. You definitely get promises and... given the company you keep, you get a philosophy and an argument for all the things you do and many of them are backed up by more than the status quo. These days they are backed up by laws, brought into action by politicians, bought and paid for, for that very purpose. It sounds like a sweet arrangement. You could see how a lot of people might go for it.

Those of us working for the other side (metaphorically speaking, since there's one force in charge of everything, at some level of the process) often have some difficulty in seeing the perks and the bonuses, if you've only come so far up the ladder. Well, that all has to do with the level of commitment, which is best exemplified in a saloon door, meaning it swings both ways. Things change if we do and they improve accordingly, as we do. If we're not seeing the things we think we ought to be seeing, then there's something wrong with our performance, or the way we see things. We need to up our game and clarify our perceptions. There are all kinds of people working on Wall Street, for the banks and the corporations who are not upwardly mobile (reverse metaphorically speaking) and who are not getting the perks. They're not successfully interpreting the song that the choir is singing, from between the dragon's teeth. That's also happening on both sides of the fence. The first thing anyone should ask themselves when things aren't going the way they want them to, as fast as they want them to, or as dramatically as they want them to is; what am I not doing, or doing wrong?

We project the causes of our misfortune outward from ourselves. We are always seeking the source of our discontent, in the people and activities taking place outside of us. This is the primary weapon of the corruption choir; divide and conquer. They control the revolving, rotating finger that points to the enemy straw man of the moment. They were all those extras acting in “The Man who would Be King”, everyone was always pointing upstream to the next village, which they insisted was pissing in the stream that ran from the mountains down through every village. That's what we have going on these days. The corruption choir is singing about this kind of thing all day long, because they make their money off of the product of collective human belief, in what is not real. Their power comes out of their capacity to convince people that up is down and back is really forth.

The scheme is simple. The dynamics are unchanging but... it's like a three card Monte Game. The game is always rigged and operated by quick handed, legerdemain artists, yet the suckers return over and over again. How is this possible? How is it possible that people are sucked in again and again? Glamor is the culprit. The endless changing fascination, in the same thing, repackaged and made brand new. It's the real thing, only different. It's new and improved. It's sculptured, shrink-wrapped manure, formed and reformed into every possible permutation and all of it, is for the purpose of endless distraction, whose primary purpose is to take your attention off of your most important concern. What might that be? That's what you're here to figure out. It would spoil all the fun of discovery and it might not even take in the first place, if I were to say anything. In many cases, it hasn't so far. That's another mystery and made all the more intriguing by the passage of time, which keeps marking critical points of passage and keeps accounting for personal placement, as time runs out.

These things have been said over and over by any number of people. They've been said in every generation. They've been said better and they've been said simpler and they have definitely been said with less humor and literary embellishments. Neither of these are necessary to the point but individual style is all part of the program (grin). The good news is that this can be heard from other faucets in the cosmic plumbing apparatus and a diligent search will surely provide fruit. On this side of the fence we like to promote the competition because we don't see it as competition. That puts us a step up on the competition. You've already been notified of the names of many of the principals alluded to just now, so we don't feel the need to list them again, especially not here, at the end of whatever this particular entry is supposed to be.

I've been wrong so many times, about the timing of seemingly guaranteed events and I believe I delineated the reasons for that previously but didn't associate them with my own failure at being Nostrildamus. I'm not going to go out on any kind of limb again at the moment, especially since I don't have a saw in my hands. It does feel tense though, depending on what you consider to be safe harbor and whatever distance may exist between you and it, given that you don't carry it around with you.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

What's not on Second.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet and willing.

This has been a period of time, for me that has been pretty out there, or in there actually with 'out there' going along with the program. Much of it is personal, 'eyes only' stuff, like an email I was just writing to a fellow named Steven, where I looked at the clock and it said 10:46 AM, later I noticed it said the same thing. I thought, “Huh? The clock stopped”. I went to the clock location and saw the second hand moving and now it reads 11:02... there were several minutes, I think, where it said 10:56. Just now, when I was making the italics in this post, for some reason, I already knew what was coming, but guessed wrong. Instead of continuing in italics, it went back to straight type (that is not a PC reference). Earlier, I had an experience with one of the dogs that can only be called supernatural. It will take me too long to describe it at the moment but I will at some point; probably in Origami, so I can pass Michael’s filter (grin). I know he'll read that and I hope he grins too.

Ever since I sat down, in this present incarnation, at the keyboard, I've been hyper alert, in a way that has not happened before; also too involved to describe and something that has to play out for anything to be said about it. Either the cosmos is 'on the move', or it has simply intensified its operations. Either is cool with me. Bring it on, in all the good ways. I got a letter from a reader today who outlined a program that is supposed to take place this month (today is April Fools Day but this did not seem like a joke 'to me'). He says that the military and a host of law enforcement, are going to begin massive arrests of the real malefactors and everything will shut down for at least 3 days. He made some good arguments. Then I listened to a radio show sent to me by the host, “Bob in DC”. I have to admit that I don't listen to or watch the majority of what people send me. I don't have the time. For some reason I put his show on and listened to it all. It was about Fukushima. I don't remember the name of his guest, in fact, I don't even remember his name because I came into the show a few minutes late; I put it on and went down to get a cup of tea and came back into it. I can't find it on youtube or with cursory searching so I have put it in the same online folder with the songs I uploaded yesterday; this is a very handy new tool I found and knew nothing about. It came up in an internet search trying to find one I already had but had forgotten the name of (grin), at least temporarily.

This radio show involved a whole lot of informed speculation on Fukushima. As I have stated, to a certain degree of censure and possibly lasting fallout with some people, who weren't paying attention to the exact phrasing, after I phrased it and they read it, I don't know about Fukushima, or Jim Stone ...and which I feel badly about appearing to be adversarial toward and whom I am not adversarial toward; I don't know him that well (grin). What I think I remember saying (grin again) was that I didn't know enough about it to form an informed opinion but that some of what he was saying sounded outer limits. I haven't read all of what he has had to say, so maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. It's not the first time that possibility has presented itself to me. At the same time, I felt like taking sides on a matter and deferred to the one I considered 'best informed'. I would certainly never have mentioned it otherwise. I will admit to a degree of internal speculation about Stuxnet and some tangential connection. This radio show that I linked connection to, in the last paragraph, dives deeply into these waters.

One thing should be patently obvious to anyone who reads here and hopefully, at least, a curiosity to others, is that there is a very serious amount of things going on behind the scenes at the upper levels of assumed temporal control. I imagine it is very tense there and the uncertainty factor very high. If there were any time to be a fly on the wall (remember, you would still be a fly and it's no long jump from there to Meet the Feebles; absolutely outrageous if you can find it. Read the reviews, same page. It was done by Peter Jackson.) that time is now. I don't think most people realize that their situation, quite possibly, mirrors the situation that those of us, especially in the US and UK, regarding loss of homes and jobs. I do believe theirs holds the possibility of loss of life as well and there is, no doubt, some brutal arm-twisting and threats taking place. The radio show gets into this too. Before anyone gets around to it, I'm not defending for or against the contents of this show. I linked it because it presents a whole lot of info, little of which can be proven, but all of which is interesting. Once again, I don't know enough to form an opinion and that is something I try to enforce in myself; not to get too glad-handed with projections about things I don't have adequate exposure to. I don't think the reader would appreciate that in the long run. I don't like lying and there are a lot of ways to accomplish it. I prefer to isolate the practice to something that only occurs between me and myself (grin) but I'm trying to quit. “Suppose you was to backslide on us”?

The genesis and nature of opinions is a deep and provocative thing. For some reason, people shy away from consideration of this. It can be a 'very' illuminating experience. The means and methods by which we form our opinions and the very idea of forming opinions can be a 'very' illuminating subject. 'What' makes, or causes us to think can be as revelatory as, “I think therefore I am”. The 'I think' is self defining according to the 'What'. We are all 'under the influence' of something and it colors our thought and determines our conclusion. One might say it determines our conclusion, just as it determines our highway there. I think this is the key to Ramana Maharshi's mantra, “who am I”? All of us ought to walk around Arunachala in our minds, at least once. This is a subject I would like to devote a lot more time to, because it is at the very foundation of what happens to us and it doesn't matter whether you think there is a divine influence or you don't believe in it at all. It's provably true, just look around you and inside of you too. Everything you are at the moment is affected by this and it has serious future implications as well.

You would think that those presumed to be in control, especially by themselves, of the temporal end of things, would have this sort of thing uppermost in their mind. Maybe they do but it hasn't turned out to be really bad judgment yet, even though it is assuredly pointing in that direction in the moment, for a great many of them. Another great many are filled with excessive confidence. Hell, they've been getting away with literal murder for so long, they truly believe it's an infernal right. It's certainly a rite of passage in many cases. Yes, what is critically important. It may not look like it at the moment but it will definitely come up along the way. They say that we all come to a crossroads at some point; a place where we have to make a choice, decided by the best or worst information, collected to that point. There's all sorts of folklore associated with crossroads.

Yes, the idea that there is not much going on in the upscale temporal ranks, is not one that is widely considered. It would bring a rush of optimism to many minds if they were to consider it. Kings not only fall, they also get beheaded on occasion. It's also far worse to go broke, once you've been rich than to be broke in the first place. I'm broke by any standards, at least it would appear that I am because I don't make anywhere near what the average (according to some statistics I saw recently) American makes. Of course, I'm not the average American but the average American would definitely consider me seriously broke. Ironically, I do not. I consider myself exceedingly rich and I might even find that happening in the 'unreal world'. Once again, it comes back to 'What'. You can, of course, substitute, 'Who', but I'm trying to stay non sectarian. 'What's' not on second.

These schemers, connivers and flat out psychopaths, which include any number of deluded and propped up, turtle's on a fencepost, with The Peter Principle, as a seat cushion, are experiencing recurrent Pepto Bismol moments. A lot of them drink too much because just as this world wide, epidemic tragedy is their perfect tool for instilling Judeo/Christian guilt and Muslim guilt and probably guilt of all kinds of stripes, along with powerful attendant emotions, like fear, it is also an asset/liability to those in high places because it is a font of inspiration for low behavior and works remarkable well with hubris and other attendant emotions on the way to whatever train wreck they have a ticket for. A lot of them are sexually profligate because it is one of the perks of the position, or at least it seemed to be for Strauss-Khan. I'm not going to get on people's cases for hyphenated last names or names that start with a first initial, that's not my job here today and probably won't be next week either. Why do I bring it up, I don't know (grin).

Well, it's time for the saucer pod to head off into the woods, as the temporal clowns under the various big tops, try to ready themselves for the main act, scheduled to begin soon, if it hasn't begun already, since we out here, on the other side of the velvet ropes, only find out about it later on. Yes, I would say the crowns of position, power and influence, presently rest on uneasy heads, or zeppelin heads, who are bouncing off of their respective ceilings, like one of those noxious Mylar balloons, with dumb messages or good messages, reduced to meaninglessness due to the conveyance. Little do they know that the same fate which awaits the balloons awaits them, which is why I seriously recommend they pull over to the curb and let some of the air out of their heads. They say April is the cruelest month. At least T.S. Eliot said so. We'll see about that.

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