Friday, June 30, 2023

"On Multiple Levels... Across Many Platforms... Around The World... Chaos and Confusion Have Come to Call."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Transportation Fairy... whose perception abilities rival those of a myopic deer hunter... is rolling out the 5-G juggernaut on a thoroughly unprepared airline industry on July 1st. He hasn't had a major crisis to screw up in months, and... he's champing at the bit. This should give him everything he dreams of and... more.

Biden's perception and comprehension abilities get worse by the day OR... or... is this a getting-ahead-of-the-legal-system thing for when his house of cards comes down around his ears? Since he can automatically let himself off the hook, I'm guessing it's more of a PR thing, and... a protective coating for all the other low-riders who were in on the fun and games.

The Pope is wandering in a spiritual wasteland... similar to that of Biden... only traversing a different order of landscape... but... with a similar outcome.

Everywhere you look... people are losing their minds, which is a by-product of losing their coordinates, OR... is it the other way around?

On multiple levels... across many platforms... around The World... chaos and confusion have come to call. The air is going bad... invisible rays are tormenting humanity like harpies and furies... poisonous pharmaceuticals are like a bed sheet thrown over a rotting corpse. You're protecting the wrong sense portal!

Beneath the coverslip of fear... the subconscious trembles and hugs its knees in the darkness. There are disturbing noises coming from the lower basement, and... the sound of heavy footsteps on the stairs.

An entire section of life... that section awash in material culture... is lurching like Igor through the burning Castle Franken-stein. The imported villagers are burning Paris while Macron; or is it Maricon... parties like it's 1969 with Dame Elton John.

Ass Burger griddle-girl... Greta Thun-berg is dancing with Zelensky and opening a can of organic whoop-ass on Russia; “Uberdumbfurher Zelensky good... Vladimir Putin baaaaad.” Her full name is Greta Rin-Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, which is a great deal longer than Stupid Fucking Cretin, and... far less precise a definer. She's got heavy demons behind her, just ask Andrew Tate.

Trains are derailing... bridges are crumbling... rip-tides are ripping... The Gates of Hell are opening before those who... have been pounding on the door. The Killer Vaccines are striking everyone who does any serious cardio, and... a big booster is coming when they crank up The 5-G.

Meanwhile... the social order is breaking down. On one side are the people trying to hold it together. On the other side are those trying to tear it down, and... there is a huge compacting of The Clueless... in between... who can no longer spell their own names. It does sound like a recipe for disaster... doesn't it?

These things I have seen along the way... of a simple walk... this morning... through the virtual... reporting on the actual... by lying through their teeth. I left out a great deal more than I left in.

Pride falls off the calendar today, but REAR-ENTRY Admiral Rachel Levine is talking about extending it through the summer as a medical holiday... sponsored by all the firms that cut off the sexual parts of the bodies of those that Materialism has driven mad.

Hollywood is burning money on a time-share pyre... a kind of land-shark... Viking funeral... hosted by Disney and Bud Light.

It doesn't matter where you look... outside the karmically protected containment zones... they are all going mad... at an exponential rate. The Installed Election-Fraud President is wandering around like Uncle June Soprano, and... they are letting him do it.

Is there some kind of race on? Is there some kind of a competition to see if the bad guys can destroy The World before anyone else does anything about it? Will they only destroy themselves? It is a consummation devoutly to be wished. Within the unpredictable nightmare patterns of those tossing and turning... who cannot wake up... I see trends. I see indications that in the midst of everything being out-of-control... everything is under control.

It all just seems to be out-of-control because we can't see the endpoint. In the meantime... other crazy people... are walking up to the wildlife in the national parks. They think they are in a petting zoo. This is a metaphor for the cellphone-generated... mass insanity... that has taken over in Nimrod-Land.

Materialism is a kind of storm field. It looks like fun from the outside... like some club where a party is going on... or a glittering carnival... in the darkness... at the edge of town. Is it a sporting event? Is it a political rally? No! Wait! It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping!

It looks safe enough... until you step inside the weather zone. Then you discover you were looking at an optical illusion. Then it spins you in helpless circles... where there is no purchase to hold... besides the others spinning past you. It's safe to say there will be elements of transitory... meaningless romance... here and there; ♫ strangers in the night...♫

In this tempest... in the wild fury of the magnetic storm of Materialism... there are vicious slipstreams... rip tides... undertows that work on the appetite and desire zones of sleeping humanity. One of the most powerful is Greed. Greed will pull you under in no time, and take you to that place where you run out of time; case in point... Airbnb.

Materialism causes Sierra Madre Flu. The winds come up and blow the gold away.

A lot of people thought it would be a good idea to fatten their portfolios with rental properties. Then... for whatever the reason... the bottom drops out of the market. Now... in various locations... around the country... there are many...many Airbnb properties about to go under... cause they bet against their good sense with high mortgage risk... so... twice (and more than) as many of these properties are headed for fire sale country than there are regular houses for sale.

Migrants have flooded the country. They are now sticking them in college dormitories... looking to house them in people's homes. It's a different kind of Airbnb, and... Greed... like the kind that snuggles up to the tit of the social welfare hog... is going for that too. Maybe that's what's going to become of all the Airbnb properties? I see patterns. I see demographic-shaping... gerrymander games. I see dead people!

Sooner or later, the people trying to grab everything are going to grab on to something that pulls them down into what lies beneath... all that extra weight... well... you do the math.

I don't know where you are living. I don't know what you are chasing. I don't know what is chasing you. I do know that Materialism is a fire... and heat generates wind... just ask The Sun. I know that pressure presses against pressure in the invisible... and weather comes about.

I know that just as there are storms in Nature... there are other storms created by other pressures. War is one of the conditions brought about by certain pressures... acting on those with the money... and the will... to bring war about.

Disease is generated by unsanitary living conditions AND... unsanitary thinking and feeling conditions... so that a process is instituted that moves from the mind by stages to the body, and this happens in a personal sense... and this happens in a wider sense. When people lose their way... all sorts of unintended consequences ensue... these are predictable as well.

Does it matter if it is the crocodile that gets you or the angry bear? Is it better to drown than to burn? If the map in your lap says the road you are on leads to Kansas City; Kansas City here you come.

It is quiet at the storm's center. Conditions are dramatically different if you abide within or... you are compelled or driven to dwell without. It's said that where your heart is... there your treasure is also. It could well be said... too... that when you are at peace with yourself... there your sanctuary is... also.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

"Double-Speak is The New Lingua Franca. Then Esperanto... Then Desperanto... Then... Grunts and Threatening Gestures."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Materialism brings... eventual... destruction of Community. Diversity is the sworn enemy of Unity. Enforced Communism under the control of an elite minority is the result... when Materialism sets everyone against their neighbor in the pursuit of personal gain.

We got too fat and complacent. We became dissolute. We devolved into infantile masturbatory mindsets. Our excesses had no natural enemies to keep us in line. We became the dung beetles at the top of The Shitheap. Our rooting about in matter led to shit tumbling downhill, which led to trickle-down economics everywhere else.

Everyone wanted to be on top. There is not sufficient room on top. Dog eat dog ensued.

The psychopathic termites got into the infrastructure. First... it was sexual excess replacing self-control, and... sex then became the replacement for religion. It was a more immediate gratification... though of lesser duration. Then... Perversity became a right because they only wanted to get married.

What used to be understood as a mental illness became a rite of passage to exclusivity. Then there were no more mental illnesses... other than a vanishing normality. It became hip to be gay, and children were looked at in the coming attractions... as the new after-dinner mints; screw two doctors and call me in the morning!

There were the formerly oppressed classes, who were really oppressed because they oppressed themselves, and... each other, and... had no impulse control; but we were told it was Whitey that was keeping them down. It was the other Whitey who claims not to be Whitey that blew in like locusts... in a plague of lawyers... to make the claim that intelligence and good grammar were tools of the oppressors.

Why then is everyone in The WEF white? Why are the ones who think they're running the place all white, and pointing at the other whites? Why is it that the only place the trouble is going down... happens to be on the street where common folk can't get away from it?

I've been around people of different colors and races all my life. I grew up on army bases and spent some real time in prisons and other holding zones... where it was almost all people of a different color. Most of them belonged there. I was fortunate. My karma and my invisible friends protected me from the worst possibilities of being caged. Even there... I found a great deal of humanity among the tortured souls that surrounded me.

Color and race HAVE NOTHING TO DO with Humanity. Everyone lets you know where they are at, as their works... sooner or later... show you.

I never had any money. I was poorer than the official poor most of my life. I still live on less than the official poverty line. It's not that I couldn't have had money. It just wasn't a priority for me. Yet... I live better than most rich people because I know what is worth having... and what is not worth having. I know what is worth eating and drinking... and not worth eating and drinking. I know what is worth doing... and what is not worth doing. That makes me VERY rich.

My father can definitely beat up your father. It's not even a contest.

I want you to read this article.


Via Taki's Magazine

Read it now if you can because it relates... from a level of serious research... concerning present conditions. Read it later if you don't have the time, BUT... it's a good preface to what follows here.

The main problems in Western Culture are caused by Bad Parenting... AND... psychopathic predators who feed upon what follows Bad Parenting... and the intensifying speed of decay in values... caused by Materialism... which is a form of cancer... that attacks the core of humanity's belief systems.

Fortunately... there is one parent we all share... beyond time... and space... and all mental disconnects to the contrary.

When the idea of God is associated with material form, idolatry ensues. Human sacrifice follows. First... one is sacrificed on the altar of meaningless shit. Then... in the latter stages... by rituals devised for the purpose... when Ignorance is worshiped as God.

When things go bad... and reverse course... predictable conditions follow. When the precepts are Life... Liberty... and The Pursuit of Happiness, you can be certain that Death... Tyranny... and Sorrow will follow once those principles are abandoned. Once people compromise their values. Once it's all lip service... it all becomes lip-syncing, where things are repeated over and over... until all understanding is lost. Then Freedom becomes Slavery... War becomes Peace... and Ignorance becomes Strength.

So... dumbing down is no accident. It's all about destroying common standards so that people with no standards can lead us into their more enlightened lifestyles... under the whip-hand of those other white people who are also a protected class. They brought the slaves here in the first place. Now they figure they can make slaves out of everyone else.

One tried and true method is to suck people into hedonistic pursuits so that they can no longer control their own appetites. Being fat and unhealthy becomes a beauty standard. Dressing in dog masks and getting it doggie-style in public becomes haute couture. Twerking becomes an act of benediction replacing the genuflections of priests... long gone to more material pursuits. It is a form of worship.

Cellphones are the new altars upon which meditation is fixed. The further outside of yourself you are led, the easier it is to control everything you do. Keep in mind... I am not talking about nice people here. They are the sorts to laugh at your torment, which they were glad to lead you into. They are demon-possessed. The good news is that they fear The Light; today... tomorrow... and forever.

They have to lead you willingly into the darkness where what they do to you cannot be seen. They have control of the education system. Anyone who contends with them is censured and maligned... for the moment. They have control of most of the government; certainly (except for some sheriffs) they control the legal and administrative sections... and a lot of the legislative body as well.

Now they are shutting down progress in the name of Natural Climate Change that is NOT under human control. They are legislating morality by doing away with it altogether. Genetics should tell you all you need to know about what color anyone is. Is it not a strange hypocrisy to want to exterminate a race whose blood runs in your own veins? Someone is clouding the issue; aren't they?

Now that I think about it... double-speak is the new lingua franca... isn't it? Esperanto is being replaced by Desperanto... on the way to grunts and threatening gestures. I'm not going that way, but... plenty of people are. It's just a little walk into the darkness where no one can see what happens to you anymore.

You can scream in the rain... at the passing cars... telling them that the bridge is out. You can be surprised at all the people giving you the finger as they drive by. You can well understand that helping people (in this economy???) is a mug's game, but... you can't help yourself... can you? It's the way you're made. I see your problem. I have it too.

Materialism becomes God turned upside down... with the predictable outcome. Some people are determined to throw a spanner into their own workings. It's the lifestyle that comes with self-will run riot... through the halls of painful awakening; could I have been wrong all along?

Few have any idea of what is waiting in the wings; aliens from The Mothership... warrior angels out of Shamballah... elders from Agartha...??? "Oh no! It's The Archons!" "No! Wait... it's The Annunaki!" "No... it's The Four Horsemen!" "It's The Rapture!" It's Porky Pig and... that's all folks! It's inner. It's outer. It isn't real... any of it, and... when it is? I don't think there will be any doubt.

Which road are you on? You should have some idea about that. Where is it supposed to take you? Do you have a travel agent? A native guide? Do you speak the language?

Every time it all falls apart... due to a general departure from The Divine and his tenets for survival... the fan cranks up... and it's not blowing out. It's sucking in. How could IT hit the fan otherwise?

Heaven follows a systematic process. It sends help at regular intervals that... heal AND hinder... the righteous and the reprobates. It sorts the whole matter out... in positive fashion for those in the service of Heaven, AND... it sorts it out for those who are not. We'll see who's left shouting; “Is that all you got!!! Is that all you got???”

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, June 22, 2023

"There's a Frailty of Being on This Plane of Coincidence that is Simply a Catch-All that Lies Beneath What Remains to Be Seen."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As one penetrates deeper into the workings of personal consciousness... as it proves to be no more than a projection out of The Universal Consciousness... strange vistas appear... strange anomalies... coincidences that indicate an underlying connection, as... everything has an underlying connection, and... there are no coincidences.

The reader is aware of the story about an appointment with Death in Samara. In my life, I see all sorts of complexities untangling, like some kind of underwater squid creature with ten thousand tentacles. If you can simply wait... and not engage... not meddle with whatever it is that is undressing itself before your eyes... you come to see what lies beneath.

Perhaps you know that something also lies beneath that... and beneath that... and... perhaps... even beneath that. If you can wait it out... that too will reveal itself. All of the astrological components that were arranged... to make you the singular expression of-the-moment that you are... have everything to do with causing you to see and understand life and its components a certain way.

That is the karmic snapshot in time that is you... but not you... just what is passing over the surface of the real you... and is the weather you manifest. It's the special weather that generates the music for your dance with mortality.

Until that real you comes to the surface, you're just going through the paces you made arrangements for previously. Perhaps that leads to further and deeper entanglements and perhaps it leads out of your entanglements. That will present itself at some point. You might catch on... you might not.

Speaking of coincidences... and the applied ironies that almost always connect such things... here in this place where there are no coincidences... just connections yet to be discovered;

-the guy who owned the company that went down to look at an old wreck with nothing going for it that I can think of... made it a point... I guess because he caught a bad case of Woke Virus... to say that he had no desire to hire some old white guy who drove a submarine in the Navy. He'd rather hire the young and inspired, which these days also means unperspired and unprepared. Another irony is that he happens to be on the sub at this moment where the oxygen is about to... or has run out.

Inspiration... I would guess... I could be wrong, but... I would guess... does not apply to driving a submarine. I think that involves training and experience, but... I could be wrong. No doubt intelligence and self-control might enter in as well.

These are strange times. Anything might happen... to and for... anyone. The white guy that doesn't hire old white guys, and who might not be getting any older himself; his wife is a descendant of someone who died on The Titanic... another coincidence?

There is a frailty of being on this plane of coincidence... where coincidence is simply a catch-all for what remains to be seen. Here's a story that I might have told before but it's been more than ten years, and there are now many readers who weren't here then.

A few decades ago, I was working at Paradise Fruits in Kihei, Maui where I was The Deli Lama. No... that's what I was and what I was referred to as by many. I was responsible for all the deli items that got produced and put in the refrigerated section of the place.

It was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I think this came about because it was open on many sides and couldn't be closed, and also because of all the boat workers who came in for their coffee creations... smoothies... lunch for later... that sort of thing at 5AM. On the other end was the nightlife people who were still lining up there in the wee hours after the clubs closed.

It was a busy and bustling place... and sometimes there was a line out the door and around to the sidewalk. It was a real success story... until drugs and bad bookkeeping; not to mention a criminal bookkeeper... took their toll, but... it was a great ride for about 10-15 years.

One day I was filling the spaces at the deli section when someone came up to me and said, “Aren't you so and so... a friend of so and so?” This person and his connections were all thousands of miles away at a place I once was for only a little while. I am also seldom filling the shelves and mostly back in the kitchen where it is much harder to see me because I don't work the windows unless there is an emergency.

Yes... I was that person, and I thought... thank God that I had not behaved badly at the time he remembered me. It was a strange meeting and set my mind wandering among the implications... had I been another way than what I was.

Around that time there used to be this pain-in-the-ass pretentious new-ager that neither I nor anyone else working there liked very much. He was a real gladhander and often spouted nonsense, especially if there were attractive ladies about.

I used to enjoy shooting holes in his narratives through the screen of the kitchen. It was easy to hear the BS going on out there from the kitchen. The place was a hangout for all sorts and a meeting place for people from all over the island. Occasionally... I wasn't a very nice fellow, I don't think... at the time, but... in my mind, I imagined I was doing a public service.

As it so happened, I left the island and went to Santa Rosa, CA to stop in and see the person that was mentioned by the guy who came up to me while I was stocking those shelves. I was there for a few days before the friend I was visiting had to take off down-state for a previous commitment. He never returned. I only discovered later that they had been in a car wreck and were hospitalized for a time. So... I amused myself in Santa Rosa for a month or so, and I used to go to this restaurant on the main drag. Was it called “Cooks?” It was something like that.

One evening, I was sitting at the counter when the cook got off work and he wound up sitting next to me, having his end-of-shift beer. We started talking and I told him I had come from Maui. He said, “What! Do you know so and so?” As a matter of fact, I did. It was that nonsense-spouting gladhander who hung out at Paradise Fruits.

The cook pulled up his briefcase and pulled out a wanted poster. Apparently, this fellow had been left at the house of some of his friends while they went to Vegas to do something or other. They were marijuana growers and had just finished trimming the buds from their last harvest.

This fellow... that they trusted... ripped them off for many pounds of quality herb. They had employed him as a bud-trimmer. He was supposed to be a friend. They had wanted posters all up and down the state featuring him with his picture.

The cook and I became good friends and had all kinds of adventures in the following days but that is not germane to this tale.

A year or two later I was back at Paradise Fruits... same gig... same deli lama, and... I run into Mr. Pretentious Gladhander again. I confronted him about what I had been told. I was surprised he was still above ground, given what the cook had to say on the matter.

He shucked and jived and said, “Oh... that's all been taken care of. It was just a misunderstanding.” I doubt that. He looked rattled when I told him, but... sooner or later you find yourself somewhere you hadn't imagined being and you run into people you hadn't imagined seeing in a town named Samara.

I don't know what brought this up. I'm always making connections in my head to resolve those things that masquerade as coincidences. I noticed all the strange details about the sub. I noticed how bad they wanted us to pay attention to it, which means something else is going on somewhere else that they don't want us paying attention to.

I have been amazed... time and again... how I was able to elude extremely dangerous possibilities in this life. I now know it was because we had no business with each other, and... I want to keep it that way.

Maybe another reason this all came up is... looking at the Trends and Patterns... weaving their magic before my eyes... it is fair obvious that many who feel themselves untouchable are about to be blown out of the waters of their misapprehensions... their false security... their unwarranted confidence, and... insufferable arrogance that is a red flag for Heaven's watchdogs.

It's been coming down the road for some time, and Heaven's measureless patience is wearing thin. They seek now to do the unthinkable... and they war on Heaven in an effort to bring Hell on Earth. Soon... in a place they hadn't meant to be, they will encounter what they did not expect to see, and the air and the atmosphere on Earth will be a lot lighter... and a lot cleaner.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 19, 2023

"We Must Rise Above The Shuttered Mind and The Carnal Heart... to The Plane of Causes... Where Thoughts are Things. "

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is going to be a strange one, but... every now and then... I suppose... it is called for. I don't like to write too much about myself, BUT... since I am directly connected to everything I write... including the one who makes it possible to do so... often interesting and inexplicable events happen to me, and... sometimes... I am compelled to share them.

Here are only two of many strange and unusual events in recent times.

I feed birds at the house here every day. As is the case everywhere (though I don't know for sure) there are more pigeons than anything else... followed by the quail... and then all the other varieties that I wish there were more of. Last week... every single day... a pigeon began to act in strange fashion... standing transfixed on the water bowl... or the fence... or standing in a corner.

The birds are very flighty (grin) and it is unlike them not to take off... even as soon as I open the sliding door sometimes. These did not. The next day... I found them dead. This was happening every day... and every day there was a dead pigeon the next day. During the time that they were behaving strangely... there were no other pigeons around them. However... once they had passed... there was always another pigeon standing guard; sometimes right on top of the dead pigeon.

This happened six or seven times, day after day. I would relocate the pigeon outside the yard for the attention of vultures or passing coyotes. That is the efficient and natural method I use. That is where I observed the standing guard activity that went on for hours, and sometimes... most of the day. Now... this daily culling seems to have stopped, just... like... that.

On Friday, I went to the gym. In six years there, I have never exchanged a cross word with anyone. I seldom exchange any words. For the last six months, I am wearing headphones so... that works as a further barrier. Some people there are chatty. Many others are not. Mostly retired people are in attendance.

I have a routine I follow from one machine to the next machine, and then on to other areas of exercise. While I was on my first machine, I saw a fellow at the next machine. He was just standing by it. When I finished, I saw he had walked over to another nearby machine, as if that were the next one for him.

I went over and got on my next machine and... I could immediately feel some sort of stress in the atmosphere. It all felt arranged. The fellow walks up next to me and says... “I guess I'm done here.” I turned to him and said, “Are you implying that I took the machine before you were done? You had left, I thought.” Then he pointed to the metal rod that we slip into the specific weight that we wish to work with, as if to indicate that it meant something; like he wasn't done. It does not.

Most of the time those rods are left in the weights. Occasionally... someone will remove it and connect it to the metal side of the machine like a refrigerator magnet... but not usually. I said, “That doesn't indicate anything.” He replied... “well, you don't have to be an asshole about it.” I then let him know that he had engineered the entire exchange. He went on saying something or other and I told him I was not interested in discussing the matter any further.

I have to point out that I was not aggressive at all. Calling me an asshole is begging for an acceleration of the interaction. I didn't.

When I finish with the weight machines, I go to a barre that is in front of a wall-to-wall mirror. It's quite large. There I will attach a rubber strength-band and continue with specific exercises. Before I get there, I look up to see this fellow doing a particular thing that no one there does except me. It was as if he were mocking me. I just looked directly at him for a moment and went to a location further up the barre. He left that location immediately after. I should mention that he's been coming around to the gym for a while.

Then... more weirdness at the dumbbell section. Weights specific to me had been rearranged. What makes this so odd is that nothing like it has ever happened in all the years before in this gym... not once. It's not my nature to be confrontational and I am ALWAYS seeking... as often as I can remember to... to generate a positive vibration to everyone there... silent though it may be.

I don't know the meaning of these odd occurrences. What I do know is that God is in control of everything, no matter what anyone else may think or intend. God is aware... and God works it as he chooses to the completion he seeks.

Now comes the even stranger part. On my way back home I was ruminating about how The Divine seldom engages me on specific matters. It's hard to get direct answers, and I wanted some kind of answers about this event.

For the longest time, I got general commentary that does not address my particular question of the moment. I might have even been a tad complaining... because I wanted an answer about the strange goings-on.

Imagine my surprise when I sat down before The Sun for my evening meditation. I had scarcely been seated before I heard that booming... over-the-top voice of boundless optimism. “So... I hear you had a little dust-up at the gym today.”

Wow! Things have really been changing... just as I had been told they would... over the course of recent weeks. Here I make a plea to Heaven, and boom! All of a sudden... and this is new...right back at me.

He said, “Look! I'll take care of it, that's my job. You just let me handle it. Try to catch these things as soon as you can from your end... and never accelerate or amplify the situation. With nothing to push against, they will be impotent to engage further. However... if you do react then you play right into their hands. Don't do that.

“Remember... I am in everyone's head; not only yours. (grin) I can get to anyone. I'm here... my friend. This is not just another part of your mind talking to you. That is one of the arguments The Mind uses to discourage you and create doubt. You should know by now that this is real. It's all bright and glorious ahead my friend. Let's just proceed with that in mind.”

I was told that strange events would become the order of the day, but... that there would be no reason to fear because The Divine is in absolute control of everything at all times. All it takes is the recognition of this to be liberated of all concern.

I don't know if this is some kind of gaslighting. I remember my assault on Hawaii and other efforts directed at me over the years. Musing on this... I remember Heaven saying; “every event in your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem... is a special exchange between me and your soul.” There is nothing else except me and God. It's The Mind that complicates the arrangement.

The Mind is a curious creature. Paramount for The Mind is... it's own survival. When you come close to victory over The Mind... it will pull all kinds of hocus-pocus to throw you off balance.

Beware, my friends... of the ratcheting upward tensions of the present day. Many people are wound up tight. In most cases, people hate and fear what they do not understand, and we are broadcasting all the time what it is that radiates out from us. When you are broadcasting the usual message that percolates in The Hive Mind... the hive is not disturbed.

When you are broadcasting something else... if it is not understood... it hits the survival locus across the board. There is no real threat, of course, but The Mind is well-disposed to create the appearance of one.

The whole world is receiving a call to awakening. It is the most frightening thing to come out of a dream into the real. Everything cries out for the old familiar that is death repeating... in cycles of suffering... fed by ignorant desire. You accept the call or you resist the call.

There is a matrix, and it is built of ignorance that feeds the lives of those who live in darkness. The way free is ALWAYS present, BUT the dark is comforting and familiar, and the way to freedom goes into the far country of the undiscovered self.

Fear is the barrier that closes the way into the unknown self. Doubt is the force of hesitation that keeps us confined in The Penitentiary of The Mind. The Mind itself... is the confinement... that fights against your immortality for its own survival.

We must rise above The Shuttered Mind and The Carnal Heart to the plane of causes where thoughts are things, and the speed of your travel is the speed of thought. For centuries... for millennia... we slumbered in dreams of desire and appetite that consumed us in mortal lies... again and again... until the day when we awaken.

The Times of Awakening come at very rare intervals and RECOGNITION and Memory are the portals into self-discovery... the end of limits... the end of suffering... for those who release the delusions and attachments that hold them down.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

"The Jot and Tittle... Each Separate Hair on Your Head... is Measured and Known... and... Every Falling Leaf and Sparrow."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Trends and Patterns. I can't help myself. I've got that Sherlock gene and I don't let anything rest until I have gleaned what it is possible for me to know... according to my standards. Lately... I see Amy Schumer everywhere on the news for the most ridiculous and contrived reasons. This happens on a regular schedule with a number of aging used-to-be(s)... and wannabes.

Schumer has about the same currency as an ugly Kardashian. By my standards, there are no beautiful Kardashians because I measure a woman's beauty by the presence of The Qualities of The Divine in her. Schumer's account is way overdrawn. She has zero talent that I have ever seen and looks like Lady Nature got even with her for some previous... egregious... offense, BUT... she insists on The World paying homage to something she doesn't possess.

I swear... somehow life gets even with all of us.

I've looked into the Trump situation... the legal end of it... and there's no way they are even allowed to do what they are doing, and yet... they continue to do it. This is all down to Merrick Garland and the moneymen who are his puppeteers. Anyone who names their kid Merrick is creating an ambulatory bag of resentments with a hard-on for the future where he gets hoisted on his own petard.

I no longer have much sympathy for Trump. Right off, I didn't trust him. Then I thought he was the best fit for the country... and then? He got on The Killer Vaccine slay ride. His vanity seems to override his reason... or else he's the other side of a tandem that plays the people caught in between.

I could be wrong about many things. I'm not wrong about his support for The Killer Vaccines. I still continued to cut him slack... because there was a chance for him to do a turn-around when the truth came out about The Killer Vaccines. He didn't. He didn't do a turn-around.

I am seeing something... a collage of appearances... that have been passing before my eyes for some time, and now... they are speeding up. I've been watching A to B to C... jumping to H... then by passing I to J to K. Then it sweeps around like it wasn't there in the first place and tries to tell us we already knew that and it was our idea. It's sort of like giving people what they don't want before they imagine they asked for it... if you catch the intention of my math... which is everything but linear.

When Schumer pops up... instead of just being grateful that it's not Lena Dunham... I immediately catch a false flag... false flag... false flag... ticker going across my mind screen. I'm starting to see people and environments as tarot cards... an indicator of coming events... defined by which of them... specifically... appear together in the same space of time.

They become indicators... indices of something in the approach. It's similar to the peculiar phenomenon of false flags happening during war game scenarios. Like real soon now... as a matter of fact.

Whenever the faces of Trivial Deception begin to appear in the media, I know something Siegfried and Roy-like is going on off-camera. Also... Pride Month is not going well, and that's making a whole lot of already angry and disturbed characters even more angry and disturbed. The Truth is that 90% of us resent this stuff, only... a disturbing number are afraid to say anything.

That is where Trump proves useful in a rally-round-the-flag-goys kind of way. Did I say, goys? Must have been some kind of passing... Freudian plumbing problem. I might have to bleed the radiators again.

Yeah... some card shark is doing a Vegas routine with The Minor Arcana at the moment. That's the thing with watching Trends and Patterns, and... since history... the seasons... day and night... all repeat themselves... a continuous state of heartburn seems to be a common condition for many in this culture.

It would be maddening if I let it bother me. It's always there in my peripheral vision, and... never there when I turn to look at it. Something is creeping up on a whole bunch of people. The good news is that something is creeping up on what's creeping up. This is the weak spot in all covert acts of aggression. You need to watch your six... not to mention your nine and your three.

This is what many bipedal predators don't get. The intention to cause harm to others... immediately alerts a certain cosmic agency. I'm not kidding about this. I'm not being fanciful or engaging in wishful thinking. I happen to know this is true. It's one thing when it happens in ordinary times. Then... mostly it is a matter of keeping records for future paybacks. In an apocalypse, you have an increasing state of Instant Karma in operation.

The thing is... those who should catch on, do not catch on, because they think it is mere coincidence... just bad luck... could happen to anyone. No... it's surgically precise beyond the capacities of enemy action. It's the force of Nature, acting out a Law of Nature in real-time.

This is why little concerns me... except that I might not be paying the attention I should... but I'm working on that.

Remember when I said that there was going to be another kind of culling going on among those who imagine they are doing the culling? It was implied. I actually said something else. (grin) Well... think of it this way... there is a central core of intelligence. It exists in both The Supernal and The Infernal sectors. It radiates out like spokes from a wheel to specific centers of intelligence that then further radiate outward ad infini-something or other.

The Agents of The Supernal Realm can see everything taking place in The Infernal Realm. The Infernal Realm can see only what The Supernal Realm allows it to see. The Infernal Realm can infer a great deal, but... that's not the same as actually knowing. It is that inferring that came up with WOKE and all the other trappings of illusion that warp and hinder The Objective Mindset in both the personal and the collective sense... in a delusional culture... in a time of change.

In Times of Material Darkness, it is the way of things that more people are guided... possessed or generally deceived by the radiations of The Infernal Realm... because that has to do with The Carnal Plane... on which most life is operational... In Times of Material Darkness. That means NOTHING in terms of where the real power lies, though... it might seem to indicate other than what is actually so. That still means NOTHING unless you buy into it.

You pay to take a certain ride... then you go where that ride takes you... and everything makes sense within the confines of the vehicle you are in... until you get out of it. These are self-contained bubbles of controlled perception.

Now... factor in the continuum of Apocalypse and the atmosphere of Awakening. Those formerly in a state of controlled dreaming are suddenly being agitated into those awakened states that are possible for them, in... each... specific... case.

Keep in mind that those who are operating as agents of The Infernal Realm are actually working for The Supernal Realm (His Will to be done) without being aware of it. They can also be tagged and touched at... any... time... no matter how secure the location. In the certitude of the sense of what goes around coming around... those engaged in the culling processes of the moment are about to have a taste of that Instant Karma that the apocalypse brings in its tailwind.

It hasn't broken widely into the general perception because it hasn't been operational at a wider reach until... right... about... now. You are going to begin to witness curious occurrences as routine... quite soon. People with an aura of command and control... are going to be losing their command and their sense of control. It was only loaned out to them in any case.

It takes longer for what is streetside to percolate back up into the boardrooms, where the general consensus has been that percolation works down. That's not what the coffee maker tells me. A whole bunch of surprises are about to be rolling out of the pop-up outta nowhere cornucopia portal. For some, it will be like Bad Santa Time.

Many good surprises will be coming too. It's all a matter of the jot and tittle and each separate hair on your head... being measured and known... and every falling leaf and sparrow.

Just because God is careful with his appearances and usually operates in an indirect fashion, does not mean he cannot jump out of the cake any time he wants to. We'll see about that.


End Transmission.......

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Friday, June 9, 2023

"When The Conditions of Life Go South, You Get All Kinds of Poseurs Playing God. You Can Expect The Usual Results."

 God Poet Transmitting.......

If you ask your search engine; why does the smoke from Quebec blow South? You find that both the NY and LA Times have a spin on it, AND... so do all kinds of other mass media cloacas. It's called getting ahead of the story... cutting the truth off at the pass... seizing the narrative until it's in George Floyd Country.

The bottom feeders who... ironically... appear to be resident at the top of the food chain... are well aware of the changes in patterns and trends... as the new age comes into its measured sector in the endless cycle of Nature in transformation... responding to the way The Light is precipitated into form through the particular constellation it will be shining through. We can only hope you read that sentence with some degree of patient attentiveness.

So... they have latched on to certain areas of change with the idea that we can... collectively... do something about them; Climate Change, for instance. They want to be out in front of the traffic caused by humanity's latest passage through Time... and Space.

I wonder how many people think about how the story about The Tower of Babel happened to make an appearance? Who was behind all those Greek and Roman myths? How about Noah and The Ark? It's patently absurd on the face of it, but... are there deeper implications concerning God and Nature's reactions to the decay of culture at that time?

Don't you get the feeling... sometimes... that someone... several someones... or something... is behind the curtain that cuts off the view of backstage from the audience in the theater? Is life itself a Punch and Judy Show? I mean... of course... there are those bottom feeders who like to give the impression that they are in charge of conditions and events, and... you could surmise that The Dark Lord is behind them, but... surely... The Dark Lord answers to someone too. Doesn't he?

Is he responsible for turning existence into The Buggerers Banquet? Is it humanity causing it through its collective resistance to The Light, or... are these the things that happen automatically when Materialism reaches a certain level of density and intensity?

Consider The Fetal Position. Please note how... as life advances toward death... how the body seems to curl back into a similar position. I imagine if it kept going... and Nature was accommodating... then Humanity would likely disappear up its own waste canal?

It seems to me that you have either a circular awareness... if you are one who thinks that what you see is all there is... or a spiraling consciousness that... by stages... progresses to states of being beyond the bandwidth of the senses, which... only report what they are able to perceive.

The World... as we think we know it... has a circular message about rise and fall... rise and fall... disappearance and reappearance. So long as your interest and your attention are focused on what happens here, you remain a fixture in what happens here. You rise and fall. You come and go, and... you do it for longer than anyone can remember or imagine.

Who's in charge of all this? Is one entity in charge of all the things you can see, and... another entity in charge of all you can't see? Or... are they both the same entity adapting... in appearance and performance... to the variations in the locations? 

Hermes... The Thrice Greatest said... “that which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing.”

He could have also said, that which is invisible is as that which is visible, and that which is visible is as that which is invisible, for the performance of the miracles of the One Thing.”

That's pretty much the same... right? I just put it differently. Wouldn't that mean that the same rulership existed in both locations? I mean... wouldn't your Reason suggest that to you?

How about this, you've heard me speak of The Dial now and again. I picked it because no one has ever used that image before; no... I didn't pick it... it came to me. Anyway... let's presume... (based on the postulations presented... and by extrapolation...) (grin) that angels are the workers and attendants on The Invisible Plane... and Devils were the workers and attendants on The Visible Plane; keeping in mind that angels can work anywhere they are sent to, BUT... devils cannot; how does that make sense?

If you are looking at a devil, which is only possible through the lens of The Carnal Mind, and someone (No! I don't know who) turns The Dial up, at a certain point... that devil would transform into his counterpart angel. Interestingly... you would think that dialing it up would make it hotter. However, 'as above so below' has variations on the theme of being that make perfect sense in the place where they are present... just like angels being able to go where devils cannot.

At a certain section of The Dial, you have increasing and decreasing gradients of Fear. Then... when you dial it up, that begins to transform into Love. Dial sound up and it turns into light. Dial light down and it turns into sound... and then into material form. When you have command of The Dial, you can transform Lead into Gold. Presently... the mass of humanity has reversed this process. In Times of Material Darkness, Sattva gets turned into Tamas.

Now that I think about it... when you energize Tamas, which is ignorance, darkness, and lethargy, it transforms into Rajas, which is passion, AND... when you raise the focus of Rajas... when you direct your passion into aspiration... your consciousness to Higher Love and mental clarity... it turns into Sattva. You are your own alchemist... under the tutelage of whomever you are permitting to play with the appliances and components.

On The Material Darkness side of the equation, a good example of reverse alchemy would be Ellen Page... changing into Elliot Page... changing into Jussie Smollett; it's MAGA country all... over... again!!!

You can go in either direction. In Times of Material Darkness, which is a place of confining heat and humidity... under pressure... in desperate need of Climate Change or attitude adjustment, (if you prefer) the general tendency is to go in the wrong direction because the state of chaos and confusion screws up your GPS. This is why those who do so... reverse the Kabbalah... totally defeating its original purpose, and... getting a Purpose of Demon-stration as a result.

So... transhumanism can be compared to Sauron changing Elves into Orcs. The body modifiers of the present day are the DIY transhumanists... with varying results, due to their reliance upon the course literature, "Transhumanism for Idiots." I'm not going to link any of the horrifying examples. You can find them on your own. Never forget that Mr. Smiley; Elon Musk... is a big transhumanist entrepreneur. His folksy persona should not disarm your better judgment.

When conditions of life go South, you get all kinds of poseurs playing God. You can expect the usual results. Alas... poor Yorick; it appears he did not know himself well at all.

Okay... yes, I have been simplistic. It is my job to be simple and God's job to take care of The Details because he replaces The Devil in The Details with an angel. I would screw that up on my own because an awareness and consistency... beyond the capacity of anyone but God... is required. Ask all those famous people who failed in the effort.. and now exist as object lessons.

If you want to take care of The Details, God will let you. It's like the willful child that runs from his mother's skirts into the playground of rough and tumble and gets bruised... bloodied... and broken. Of course... if you don't run off in search of experience neither Heavenly Father nor Divine Mother will be impressed. It's part of the never-ending tale for you to go... and return.

We are about to enter a new phase in the collective insanity that passes for life and culture in these times. Well... some of us are. I'm not. I don't follow Judas Goats... or leaders... and I watch my parking meters... due to not needing a weather vane to know which way the wind blows; to paraphrase a later bard. Stupid is as Stupid does, and you most certainly... unavoidably... and without question... do reap what you sow.

End Transmission.......

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Someone recently posted a comment seeking my perspective on the differences between the Naturalist and Materialist. This is not precisely specific to the question but it answers it all the same=

(34) “Pure spiritual life is, therefore, the inverse resolution

of the potencies of Nature, which have emptied themselves of

their value for the Spiritual man; or it is the return of the power

of pure Consciousness to its essential form.

Here we have a splendid generalization, in which our wise

philosopher finally reconciles the naturalists and the idealists,

expressing the crown and end of his teaching, first in the terms

of the naturalist, and then in the terms of the idealist.

The birth and growth of the Spiritual Man, and his entry

into his immortal heritage, may be regarded, says our philosopher,

either as the culmination of the whole process of natural

evolution and involution, where "that which flowed from out

the boundless deep, turns again home"; or it may be looked at,

as the Vedantins look at it, as the restoration of pure spiritual

Consciousness to its pristine and essential form.

There is no discrepancy or conflict between these two views, which are but

two accounts of the same thing. Therefore those who study

the wise philosopher, be they naturalist or idealist, have no

excuse to linger over dialectic subtleties or disputes. These

things are lifted from their path, lest they should be tempted

to delay over them, and they are left facing the path itself,

stretching upward and onward from their feet to the everlasting

hills, radiant with infinite Light.”

You, too, reader, who have followed the thoughts of the

wise philosopher, be persuaded to take to your heart a like

counsel and admonition. The path is for you. The Spiritual

Man waits to be revealed in you, to initiate you into immortality,

setting you amid the Children of Light. Be persuaded,

then, since the truth is before you, the holy message has come

to your ears. Heed the message, know that through it alone

is life, leave the shadows of yourself behind, enter the Light,

and hear the ringing Welcome that awaits you.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

"This is How You Get Cartoons Dressing up Like Mommy and Playing The Femme Fatale. They Got The Fatale Part Right."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Pride is what you feel when you don't want to feel shame (but you should). It is what you feel when you need to justify and celebrate something you do... whether you understand it... or know why you do it at all. Pride is a negative quality, like arrogance... greed... lust... anger. It is lower down on The Dial and it is part of the portfolio of the false self.

This is where living your own truth comes from; instead of living according to a higher truth. This is the mindset of justification for everything you do, no matter what it is.

As The Christian guidelines and rule book are kicked to the curb because people feel too constrained by them... the libertine and sybaritic mindset ascends; “if it feels good, do it!” There are reasons that certain behaviors have been proscribed across the centuries... why they have been forbidden in all stable societies, and... why they appear during the decline of a culture.

There are reasons why things happen, and... if recognizing and accepting these reasons goes contrary to the willful nature... they are ignored by the willful nature. They are inconvenient truths.

We have come to an unfortunate pass. Because of our submission to Materialism, and the force of the appetites and desires of The Carnal Mind, we have permitted the immoral and venal to rule over us because they have the money and power to compel subservience. Now... we are in real trouble.

Men like John Kerry... Klaus Schwab... George Soros... Bill Gates... Zuck the Schmuck and the rest of their ilk have sold us a bill of false goods. They have told us there is something we can do about Climate Change, and... their solutions involve the culling of the vast majority of us. They created the mind impression of a false virus that was grafted over The Flu and Common Cold. Then they created Killer Vaccines that sterilize... disable... and kill millions.

They have introduced something called 5-G that is harmful to all life. They are generating famine by shutting down the farming industries. They are promoting transgenderism by programming the minds of the young through hijacked education systems. This is being done as a segue into transhumanism.

They are promoting the sexually unnatural because it does not generate new life. They are doing it for... our... own... good... though it leads to the extermination of the human race, except for The Overlords and the slave races that will remain to serve them... or so they imagine.

They are Satanists and you see their influence in every area of society. If... like so many of your kind... you are now swept away in Materialism... and have no faith in higher things... no moral rudder... no sense of self... except for a shifting palette of outfits created for the occasion... things are probably looking grim right about now, but... you make do with endless distractions. Every new trend... is a means to that end.

If you are a believer in some long-lasting tradition, likely you feel that The World has gone mad and you are at your wits end... to continue believing... in what seems to have vanished nearly altogether. Look what they are doing to the children!

Now they are teaching anal sex in elementary school when... before... they didn't even teach normal sex. They have no business teaching sex before puberty.

Mothers in a state of material delusion... feminize their sons so that they will be tied to their apron strings for life. This is a widely known condition where mommy acts as The Spider Woman because she has become representative of The Carnal Feminine; the lower end of The Divine Feminine. This is how you get cartoon travesties dressing up like mommy and playing the femme fatale. Well... they got the fatale part right.

The craziness that you see running wild in the streets... and in the media... is all engineered by manipulation of frequencies that short-circuit brain waves. This is further affected by chemicals in the food, and... recreational drugs... alcohol, and the compliant social conditioning that follows. There is a hostile takeover going down; down being the operative term.

It's going to run its course, and... a whole lot of people are not going to be here much longer. They are very serious about turning you into freaks of Nature. They want a worldwide urban franchise of cities fashioned after The Weimar Republic. They want Babylon. They want Sodom and Gomorrah, and... they are going to get that, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I am from The Future in a certain sense. I was hot-housed on a fast track... past the crippling psychosis of the moment. I got a different kind of vaccination so I can see certain things without filters... because the filters have been burned away.

An excess of zeal and aspiration will do this, and it is part of a spiritual course along hidden highways that lead to more enduring and panoramic perspectives. This OTHER conditioning has been going on as long as the bad programming; longer even.

When Materialism becomes your parent, you are headed for the compost pile. You'll still be useful but... perhaps not as you had hoped.

The runaway insanity that increases by the day does not represent the larger part of us. They are a very small minority... writ large by The Media... which relies on sensation to make its daily bread. The attention-seeking shark bait... is swimming in strange waters... toward land masses that do not exist, but... which can precipitate into form if you work at it long and hard enough... just like anything else.

Sticking your organ of regeneration into a waste canal is NOT a sign of health. Licking the devil's access... that is one of the mouths of Hell... is NOT the appropriate altar of devotion. It gives a whole new meaning to kissing the ring, and no doubt there are covens in the church that celebrate it as such. There is nothing to see here, and... there are VERY GOOD REASONS why emergent and sane cultures prohibit certain behaviors.

These forms of existence kill themselves off in a short time. Much like certain bacteria... they need a dark and humid dankness to prosper in. It is the same principle that causes diseases to occur in the body... where swamp-like conditions exist. If you poison your environment... if you shit where you eat... you get plague conditions. The cities are doomed.

It is not that the conditions of rot cannot be dealt with. It is not that what is wrong cannot be fixed. It is that they do not want it fixed. They are convinced that an immoral free-for-all is the high road to a brighter world. Heh heh... well... they will find out, won't they?

They are destroying this country while you watch. They have opened the floodgates to a new voting demographic so that they can stay permanently in control... but there is no permanence in such things. Usually... they happen to teach Humanity a lesson. When you go off the road and into the jungle, you are then forced to operate according to the rules of the jungle.

As previously mentioned... there are avatars and punishers. We are going to get both. Sometimes life becomes a meat tenderizer when you get too thenssitiff for your own good. Cultures spoil just like science projects in the refrigerator... BUT... by The Grace of God... life is always renewed. The seasons teach us... if we choose to learn... what the fate of temporary conditions result in. They continue into new temporary conditions because EVERYTHING down here... is temporary.

There is a council of The 24 Elders who are also The Lords of Karma... just like The Elohim and The Rishis, they have their jobs to do. Powers and Principalities are both ranks of angels. The serpent in The Garden is not who you have been told it is. Do be sure to pray that you are not led into temptation.

There is something called The Kliphoth-Qliphoth. It is the dark side of The Sephiroth. It is the reverse Kabbalah that comes more visibly into play in Times of Material Darkness. It is a bastardized magical system employed by a certain group of predators who serve The Lord of Darkness. What they do not understand is that the same God is behind both light and dark... both good and evil.

The one who advises and facilitates the evil... performed by the predator-degenerates... is the same one who becomes the prosecuting attorney when they have their day in The Heavenly Court... and come before The Lords of Karma.

You don't have to worry about any of this. It's all under control, if... you... are. Swim near the whirlpool and you... will... be... sucked... down. Get too close to the fire and you... will... get... burned. The Lord is a sanctuary for those who serve him and who follow The Greatest Commandment.

Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, June 1, 2023

"It is The Job of The World... to Lure You in Again... Back Into The Flesh... to Aspire to What The Flesh is Not Heir to."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

You can create illusions that cause people to believe what is not true. You cannot force what is not true to be true. The truth will ALWAYS eat through the false structures created to conceal it. Truth is corrosive. It burns the unreal in the same way that the light banishes the dark. It is an automatic thing.

For some time now, The World has been in the simulation of a horrific labor... as if repeatedly giving birth to litters of monsters, and... we have seen the seasonal fruit of this writhing torment, falling to the ground from the poisoned trees of nightmare.

Perhaps it has not been the opening of some long-shuttered birth canal from the lower reaches. Perhaps it has been the opening of a door long sealed, and behind which all the horrors of the human mind had been... for generations... somewhat contained, and... which have now been loosed entire... upon The World.

Since the turning of the century, madness has found its way into every area of life. The unclean and long prohibited have become the daily special. The cities... especially... have become flaming cauldrons of degeneracy. An evil plot was launched on humanity and it seemed that nothing would stem the tide of perversity that threatened to destroy all innocence... make childhood a myth... and force normality to hide its face by day, and transform by lycanthropic ritual at night.

The long-predicted ground-shaking catastrophes... somehow held in abeyance... came instead to the human subconscious... causing massive turmoil on a grand scale. Suddenly... rootless and possessed souls appeared on the sidewalks of every city and town. Profane behavior became commonplace. Routine violence became business as usual. The sensitive nature has been exchanged for a brutish and bestial means of human interplay as some larger portion of humanity regresses into Death by Materialism.

It really looked like the whole of society would collapse and chaos would reign like some regent from The Pit. What sense of God remained was transformed into an embrace of everything, without reserve. Good and Evil lost all meaning. We became prisoners of strange terms, like Diversity... Inclusion... Equity. They mean something different now than what they originally meant.

These are precursors of a global push toward forms of enforced Communism. Communism creates Hell on Earth. In every case where it has, and does exist, this has been the result. Communism CANNOT work on The Material Plane. Communism ONLY works on The Heavenly Plane. Even then... some lights are more powerful. Some lights are brighter.

Communism is a medium by which certain groups of people are able to enslave their fellows and leave them with no recourse for change. Communism is bureaucracy as God despotic... ruling over a zombie population. Communism enforces the stratification of class and all access between them is closed off. Life becomes fractured islands of suffering called gulags. They burn the boat as soon as you land.

I know who has been behind this. You know who has been behind this, BUT... we can't say who it is because you are not allowed to criticize the ones who rule over you, but we know. Yes... we know.

Now... something has happened. There has been a shift in the wind. The tide seems to be turning. Someone threw a switch in the invisible kingdom and The World appears to be changing.

Drag Queen celebrations have been banned on military installations. Transsexuals are being banned from women's sports. They're going after The Dark Lord; that international gangster... wanna-be anti-Christ, Little Georgie Sorrows.

America gay

Via ZeroHedge:

Target and Budweiser are hemorrhaging billions of dollars, AND... Pride month started today. Of course... Pride is needed. Otherwise, Shame would take its place. There is too much clockwork at work here for this to be some accident.

I don't know what it means, but I am watching it happen. I am seeing the Trends and Patterns turn on themselves. Some greater mind is at work here. Well... this has ALWAYS been the case, but the larger intentions have been concealed until now, and they still are, but... conditions are reversing.

I have been watching the free-fall degeneration of the culture. I have observed the annihilation of all inspired music and all inspired art in every form. A continuum of darkness was created and humanity was herded into this virtual torture chamber, where the pressure of an enforced conformity to the unreasonable has caused many to lose their minds.

I observed the making of 911. I observed the same people orchestrate the sex-with-demons revolution. I watched the same people invent a fictitious virus so that they could inflict a Killer Vaccine upon the masses. I watched the same people create a delusion called Climate Change that is nothing more than the natural order of things. I have watched these fiends out themselves without realizing the consequences.

Step by step... The Divine Plan appears, having concealed itself behind ranks of marching deformities. Give 'em a taste of it! We'll see how long that lasts. Meanwhile... the poisonous 5G throttles the imprisoned minds of youth. They struggle for liberty in license and cannot get free of the sucking quagmire that seeks to pull them down into the dissonant darkness of manipulated frequencies.

Is all this appearance of change simply a mirage? Do they toss imaginary bones to the partially awakened before putting them permanently back to sleep? It is the nature of The World to entrance and deceive you. It is meant to frustrate you until you long to be free of it, and... little by little, the spiritual will is added to your tank, and you are able to rise to a higher plane of understanding.

Though the work gets done down here. Your true residence is elsewhere. You cannot lose yourself permanently in these dreams of dancing dust. The World is a cemetery of failed ambitions and temporary fantasies that... like cut flowers... last for only a short time. Everything in form has a shelf life. It is a false... looping eternity of the undisciplined young... staggering into a purgatory of regretful age.

Sisyphus never gets over. It comes with the territory of wanting... and getting... and losing. You know this, but somehow a false hope dawns... again and again... rising like a holographic carrot on the unreachable horizon. Why do you continue to expect more than dreams in The Land of Never Ending Dreams?

ONLY when you turn your attention within does the way out appear. The way out... is the way in. There is no other escape from here, and you will return again, and again, and again... almost forever, as long as you are going the wrong way. It is the job of The World to lure you in again, and again, and again... back upon the treadmill of flesh aspiring to what the flesh is... not... heir... to.

A transformation awaits. It is not something you can accomplish. You can only prepare yourself for the experience, and even that... you cannot succeed at... without help. Look around you! What evidence do you have in all the temporary histories of life? These histories are nothing but repetitions of long-forgotten histories that are also repetitions of yet more forgotten histories?

Again and again... the savior comes to show The Way. It is why The Savior... The Avatar... is also called The Wayshower. He is the ageless hermit on the hill with the lamp extended from beneath his robe. He is the inspired and eternal youth... in martyrdom for the sake of those who do not understand.

He comes in every guise and shape as everyone... in blessed anonymity... as a mirror of light... reflecting into the darkness where your heart and mind contend with one another in the prison house of Time.

Every now and then... some few of us disappear on hidden roads and are soon forgotten. Every now and then... a portal winks open and someone passes through. Then the portal closes and disappears... to reappear somewhere else. All this while... invisible friends await the opportunity to make this happen for you, if... you... will... only... permit... it.

Something large and incomprehensible looms in The Event Horizon. What it is, we do not know. It is a vague shape. Is it friend or foe? The only danger that is before you... is the one you carry with you.

End Transmission.......

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