Tuesday, June 6, 2023

"This is How You Get Cartoons Dressing up Like Mommy and Playing The Femme Fatale. They Got The Fatale Part Right."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Pride is what you feel when you don't want to feel shame (but you should). It is what you feel when you need to justify and celebrate something you do... whether you understand it... or know why you do it at all. Pride is a negative quality, like arrogance... greed... lust... anger. It is lower down on The Dial and it is part of the portfolio of the false self.

This is where living your own truth comes from; instead of living according to a higher truth. This is the mindset of justification for everything you do, no matter what it is.

As The Christian guidelines and rule book are kicked to the curb because people feel too constrained by them... the libertine and sybaritic mindset ascends; “if it feels good, do it!” There are reasons that certain behaviors have been proscribed across the centuries... why they have been forbidden in all stable societies, and... why they appear during the decline of a culture.

There are reasons why things happen, and... if recognizing and accepting these reasons goes contrary to the willful nature... they are ignored by the willful nature. They are inconvenient truths.

We have come to an unfortunate pass. Because of our submission to Materialism, and the force of the appetites and desires of The Carnal Mind, we have permitted the immoral and venal to rule over us because they have the money and power to compel subservience. Now... we are in real trouble.

Men like John Kerry... Klaus Schwab... George Soros... Bill Gates... Zuck the Schmuck and the rest of their ilk have sold us a bill of false goods. They have told us there is something we can do about Climate Change, and... their solutions involve the culling of the vast majority of us. They created the mind impression of a false virus that was grafted over The Flu and Common Cold. Then they created Killer Vaccines that sterilize... disable... and kill millions.

They have introduced something called 5-G that is harmful to all life. They are generating famine by shutting down the farming industries. They are promoting transgenderism by programming the minds of the young through hijacked education systems. This is being done as a segue into transhumanism.

They are promoting the sexually unnatural because it does not generate new life. They are doing it for... our... own... good... though it leads to the extermination of the human race, except for The Overlords and the slave races that will remain to serve them... or so they imagine.

They are Satanists and you see their influence in every area of society. If... like so many of your kind... you are now swept away in Materialism... and have no faith in higher things... no moral rudder... no sense of self... except for a shifting palette of outfits created for the occasion... things are probably looking grim right about now, but... you make do with endless distractions. Every new trend... is a means to that end.

If you are a believer in some long-lasting tradition, likely you feel that The World has gone mad and you are at your wits end... to continue believing... in what seems to have vanished nearly altogether. Look what they are doing to the children!

Now they are teaching anal sex in elementary school when... before... they didn't even teach normal sex. They have no business teaching sex before puberty.

Mothers in a state of material delusion... feminize their sons so that they will be tied to their apron strings for life. This is a widely known condition where mommy acts as The Spider Woman because she has become representative of The Carnal Feminine; the lower end of The Divine Feminine. This is how you get cartoon travesties dressing up like mommy and playing the femme fatale. Well... they got the fatale part right.

The craziness that you see running wild in the streets... and in the media... is all engineered by manipulation of frequencies that short-circuit brain waves. This is further affected by chemicals in the food, and... recreational drugs... alcohol, and the compliant social conditioning that follows. There is a hostile takeover going down; down being the operative term.

It's going to run its course, and... a whole lot of people are not going to be here much longer. They are very serious about turning you into freaks of Nature. They want a worldwide urban franchise of cities fashioned after The Weimar Republic. They want Babylon. They want Sodom and Gomorrah, and... they are going to get that, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I am from The Future in a certain sense. I was hot-housed on a fast track... past the crippling psychosis of the moment. I got a different kind of vaccination so I can see certain things without filters... because the filters have been burned away.

An excess of zeal and aspiration will do this, and it is part of a spiritual course along hidden highways that lead to more enduring and panoramic perspectives. This OTHER conditioning has been going on as long as the bad programming; longer even.

When Materialism becomes your parent, you are headed for the compost pile. You'll still be useful but... perhaps not as you had hoped.

The runaway insanity that increases by the day does not represent the larger part of us. They are a very small minority... writ large by The Media... which relies on sensation to make its daily bread. The attention-seeking shark bait... is swimming in strange waters... toward land masses that do not exist, but... which can precipitate into form if you work at it long and hard enough... just like anything else.

Sticking your organ of regeneration into a waste canal is NOT a sign of health. Licking the devil's access... that is one of the mouths of Hell... is NOT the appropriate altar of devotion. It gives a whole new meaning to kissing the ring, and no doubt there are covens in the church that celebrate it as such. There is nothing to see here, and... there are VERY GOOD REASONS why emergent and sane cultures prohibit certain behaviors.

These forms of existence kill themselves off in a short time. Much like certain bacteria... they need a dark and humid dankness to prosper in. It is the same principle that causes diseases to occur in the body... where swamp-like conditions exist. If you poison your environment... if you shit where you eat... you get plague conditions. The cities are doomed.

It is not that the conditions of rot cannot be dealt with. It is not that what is wrong cannot be fixed. It is that they do not want it fixed. They are convinced that an immoral free-for-all is the high road to a brighter world. Heh heh... well... they will find out, won't they?

They are destroying this country while you watch. They have opened the floodgates to a new voting demographic so that they can stay permanently in control... but there is no permanence in such things. Usually... they happen to teach Humanity a lesson. When you go off the road and into the jungle, you are then forced to operate according to the rules of the jungle.

As previously mentioned... there are avatars and punishers. We are going to get both. Sometimes life becomes a meat tenderizer when you get too thenssitiff for your own good. Cultures spoil just like science projects in the refrigerator... BUT... by The Grace of God... life is always renewed. The seasons teach us... if we choose to learn... what the fate of temporary conditions result in. They continue into new temporary conditions because EVERYTHING down here... is temporary.

There is a council of The 24 Elders who are also The Lords of Karma... just like The Elohim and The Rishis, they have their jobs to do. Powers and Principalities are both ranks of angels. The serpent in The Garden is not who you have been told it is. Do be sure to pray that you are not led into temptation.

There is something called The Kliphoth-Qliphoth. It is the dark side of The Sephiroth. It is the reverse Kabbalah that comes more visibly into play in Times of Material Darkness. It is a bastardized magical system employed by a certain group of predators who serve The Lord of Darkness. What they do not understand is that the same God is behind both light and dark... both good and evil.

The one who advises and facilitates the evil... performed by the predator-degenerates... is the same one who becomes the prosecuting attorney when they have their day in The Heavenly Court... and come before The Lords of Karma.

You don't have to worry about any of this. It's all under control, if... you... are. Swim near the whirlpool and you... will... be... sucked... down. Get too close to the fire and you... will... get... burned. The Lord is a sanctuary for those who serve him and who follow The Greatest Commandment.

Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Second to the last paragraph. I'd rather deal with Anubis. It may be hard if not impossible to find and individual who has a crappier attitude toward this place, not that I act on it, but. . .well, there's my psychic twin. It's the same. Neither one of us can wait until our stupid contracts are over, yet we know we must. The dear desert dwelling nose who leaves me in the dust in so many ways as far as our life resumes go.

At least we get one pleasure out of all this garbage. . .like watching all the idiocy on the planet commit suicide.


0 said...

Its been on my mind since my spine fiasco what the best path forward is, besides objective observation. Sometimes it seems that paying attention is doing nothing.

I'd considered taking action to remove someone in some authority position who is overriding decent americans as some sort of "check" on the rest who might then be more wary about proceeding, but I don't think that will work till the masses get their asses in gear and step towards the same en bulk.

In the now I'm reminded that paying attention is not doing nothing. That which I take in the All has immediate access to along with how I view it from where I sit. It was the same agreement it and I made when I started to learn about Energy systems, I would take in as much of everything as I could and the All would help me make sense of it.

Thanks for the reminder that things are under control for the purpose of demonstration. I hope we're finally at the cusp of the big plays so we can get this Show on the Road and Over with... tho given the 20 year build to this point, its likely an equivalent of time to unwind if we started now, tho maybe longer considering all the diversity hires in places where they have no Merit to be. Its not like they'll admit they're inept and were paid to fuck it all up. And paid well.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Eternity is Your Companion and Love is Your Passport to The Countless Wonders that Stretch Beyond Measurement."

Ixchel 2 said...

They won't escape cause and effect. When you go outside the universe laws you get it. I call this epic fiasco. They're not going to win this. It's inevitable. And who will have to clean up! Divine feminine is on the way back at least.
Law of one high priestess



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