Thursday, June 22, 2023

"There's a Frailty of Being on This Plane of Coincidence that is Simply a Catch-All that Lies Beneath What Remains to Be Seen."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As one penetrates deeper into the workings of personal consciousness... as it proves to be no more than a projection out of The Universal Consciousness... strange vistas appear... strange anomalies... coincidences that indicate an underlying connection, as... everything has an underlying connection, and... there are no coincidences.

The reader is aware of the story about an appointment with Death in Samara. In my life, I see all sorts of complexities untangling, like some kind of underwater squid creature with ten thousand tentacles. If you can simply wait... and not engage... not meddle with whatever it is that is undressing itself before your eyes... you come to see what lies beneath.

Perhaps you know that something also lies beneath that... and beneath that... and... perhaps... even beneath that. If you can wait it out... that too will reveal itself. All of the astrological components that were arranged... to make you the singular expression of-the-moment that you are... have everything to do with causing you to see and understand life and its components a certain way.

That is the karmic snapshot in time that is you... but not you... just what is passing over the surface of the real you... and is the weather you manifest. It's the special weather that generates the music for your dance with mortality.

Until that real you comes to the surface, you're just going through the paces you made arrangements for previously. Perhaps that leads to further and deeper entanglements and perhaps it leads out of your entanglements. That will present itself at some point. You might catch on... you might not.

Speaking of coincidences... and the applied ironies that almost always connect such things... here in this place where there are no coincidences... just connections yet to be discovered;

-the guy who owned the company that went down to look at an old wreck with nothing going for it that I can think of... made it a point... I guess because he caught a bad case of Woke Virus... to say that he had no desire to hire some old white guy who drove a submarine in the Navy. He'd rather hire the young and inspired, which these days also means unperspired and unprepared. Another irony is that he happens to be on the sub at this moment where the oxygen is about to... or has run out.

Inspiration... I would guess... I could be wrong, but... I would guess... does not apply to driving a submarine. I think that involves training and experience, but... I could be wrong. No doubt intelligence and self-control might enter in as well.

These are strange times. Anything might happen... to and for... anyone. The white guy that doesn't hire old white guys, and who might not be getting any older himself; his wife is a descendant of someone who died on The Titanic... another coincidence?

There is a frailty of being on this plane of coincidence... where coincidence is simply a catch-all for what remains to be seen. Here's a story that I might have told before but it's been more than ten years, and there are now many readers who weren't here then.

A few decades ago, I was working at Paradise Fruits in Kihei, Maui where I was The Deli Lama. No... that's what I was and what I was referred to as by many. I was responsible for all the deli items that got produced and put in the refrigerated section of the place.

It was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I think this came about because it was open on many sides and couldn't be closed, and also because of all the boat workers who came in for their coffee creations... smoothies... lunch for later... that sort of thing at 5AM. On the other end was the nightlife people who were still lining up there in the wee hours after the clubs closed.

It was a busy and bustling place... and sometimes there was a line out the door and around to the sidewalk. It was a real success story... until drugs and bad bookkeeping; not to mention a criminal bookkeeper... took their toll, but... it was a great ride for about 10-15 years.

One day I was filling the spaces at the deli section when someone came up to me and said, “Aren't you so and so... a friend of so and so?” This person and his connections were all thousands of miles away at a place I once was for only a little while. I am also seldom filling the shelves and mostly back in the kitchen where it is much harder to see me because I don't work the windows unless there is an emergency.

Yes... I was that person, and I thought... thank God that I had not behaved badly at the time he remembered me. It was a strange meeting and set my mind wandering among the implications... had I been another way than what I was.

Around that time there used to be this pain-in-the-ass pretentious new-ager that neither I nor anyone else working there liked very much. He was a real gladhander and often spouted nonsense, especially if there were attractive ladies about.

I used to enjoy shooting holes in his narratives through the screen of the kitchen. It was easy to hear the BS going on out there from the kitchen. The place was a hangout for all sorts and a meeting place for people from all over the island. Occasionally... I wasn't a very nice fellow, I don't think... at the time, but... in my mind, I imagined I was doing a public service.

As it so happened, I left the island and went to Santa Rosa, CA to stop in and see the person that was mentioned by the guy who came up to me while I was stocking those shelves. I was there for a few days before the friend I was visiting had to take off down-state for a previous commitment. He never returned. I only discovered later that they had been in a car wreck and were hospitalized for a time. So... I amused myself in Santa Rosa for a month or so, and I used to go to this restaurant on the main drag. Was it called “Cooks?” It was something like that.

One evening, I was sitting at the counter when the cook got off work and he wound up sitting next to me, having his end-of-shift beer. We started talking and I told him I had come from Maui. He said, “What! Do you know so and so?” As a matter of fact, I did. It was that nonsense-spouting gladhander who hung out at Paradise Fruits.

The cook pulled up his briefcase and pulled out a wanted poster. Apparently, this fellow had been left at the house of some of his friends while they went to Vegas to do something or other. They were marijuana growers and had just finished trimming the buds from their last harvest.

This fellow... that they trusted... ripped them off for many pounds of quality herb. They had employed him as a bud-trimmer. He was supposed to be a friend. They had wanted posters all up and down the state featuring him with his picture.

The cook and I became good friends and had all kinds of adventures in the following days but that is not germane to this tale.

A year or two later I was back at Paradise Fruits... same gig... same deli lama, and... I run into Mr. Pretentious Gladhander again. I confronted him about what I had been told. I was surprised he was still above ground, given what the cook had to say on the matter.

He shucked and jived and said, “Oh... that's all been taken care of. It was just a misunderstanding.” I doubt that. He looked rattled when I told him, but... sooner or later you find yourself somewhere you hadn't imagined being and you run into people you hadn't imagined seeing in a town named Samara.

I don't know what brought this up. I'm always making connections in my head to resolve those things that masquerade as coincidences. I noticed all the strange details about the sub. I noticed how bad they wanted us to pay attention to it, which means something else is going on somewhere else that they don't want us paying attention to.

I have been amazed... time and again... how I was able to elude extremely dangerous possibilities in this life. I now know it was because we had no business with each other, and... I want to keep it that way.

Maybe another reason this all came up is... looking at the Trends and Patterns... weaving their magic before my eyes... it is fair obvious that many who feel themselves untouchable are about to be blown out of the waters of their misapprehensions... their false security... their unwarranted confidence, and... insufferable arrogance that is a red flag for Heaven's watchdogs.

It's been coming down the road for some time, and Heaven's measureless patience is wearing thin. They seek now to do the unthinkable... and they war on Heaven in an effort to bring Hell on Earth. Soon... in a place they hadn't meant to be, they will encounter what they did not expect to see, and the air and the atmosphere on Earth will be a lot lighter... and a lot cleaner.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Cool story, Visible.

The Deli Lama. Funny, I can just imagine. Coincidentally, I did some time in
a few deli's myself and they called me The Deli Queen. I swear to God, I had
a necklace with the words DELI QUEEN in solid gold. I guess it was cool at the
time. That piece of jewelry was melted down long ago.

Thanks for the memories!


(I think I have a solstice hangover (smile))

0 said...

Interesting posting. The sub is weird. Some pics make it look like a Well made ship, other pics make it look like a cement tube with crappy little turbines statically fitted to the outside of it for propulsion.

Its interesting there are two billionaires on board. I wonder what those billionaires support?

To me it reminded me of the whole titanic affair where they got the astors on it and let them sink with the ship. It'd be ironic if the same aim was present here to remove billionaires with means who don't support the current Agendas.

"He died in the sinking of the Titanic during the early hours of April 15, 1912. Astor was the richest passenger aboard the RMS Titanic and was thought to be among the richest people in the world at that time, with a net worth of roughly $87 million (equivalent to $2.64 billion in 2022) when he died."

Hamish Harding:
"Hamish Harding (born 24 June 1964) is a British businessman, pilot, explorer and space tourist based in the United Arab Emirates. He is the founder of Action Group and chairman of Action Aviation, an international aircraft brokerage company with headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.[3][4][5]

On 9–11 July 2019, Harding was mission director and crew pilot for the flight mission One More Orbit, which set a world speed record for the fastest circumnavigation of Earth by aircraft over both geographic poles.[5][6][7]"

I wonder what Action his group and aviation crew performed.

0 said...

part deux.

For the pakistani billionaire, first thing that pops up for him is his WEF profile.

"Shahzada’s Dawood joined the Board of Engro Corporation in 2003 and currently serves as the Vice-Chairman. He has over two decades of experience in corporate governance and the transformation of industries, including growth and innovation opportunities through mergers and acquisitions of diversified public-listed companies across textiles, fertilizers, foods, and energy. Shahzada is a leading voice in the institutionalization of key international networks and contacts. He aspires to a sustainable future and believes in inclusive business models involving low-income communities building value chains along business interests. In line with this, Shahzada serves as Trustee on the Boards of both Engro Foundation and The Dawood Foundation. In addition, he is a member of the Global Advisory Board for Prince Charles’ Charity, Prince’s Trust International. In December 2020, he also joined the Board of Trustees of the SETI Institute. Shahzada serves as Director across Boards of various industries, including investment holdings like Dawood Corporation (Pvt) Ltd, Dawood Hercules Corporation Ltd, and Patek (Pvt) Ltd. Shahzada holds an M.Sc. in Global Textile Marketing from Philadelphia University, USA, and a LLB from Buckingham University, UK."

URL here:

That made me think Hamish was also a WEF'er. Had to do a second search to find this:

"Hamish Harding is an esteemed expert in the field of global development and economic policy. He has been a featured speaker at the World Economic Forum (WEF) for several years, discussing topics such as poverty alleviation, economic growth, and international trade. Harding has been a major contributor to the WEF’s mission of creating a more inclusive and sustainable world economy. His work has been instrumental in helping to shape the global economic landscape, and his expertise has been sought after by governments, businesses, and organizations around the world. Harding’s contributions to the WEF have been invaluable, and his insights and knowledge are invaluable to those looking to make a positive impact on the global economy."

URL here:

After reading those things I figure theres maybe two primary reasons to unload those two, either they are like the scientists paid well to implement some new weapon who then get put down to keep the secrets of it, or they were starting to turn on their pay masters and had to be removed.

Course just looking at the sub, how dumb do you gotta be to pay 250kUSD to get on something that looks like it will be an Anchor. Dunno.

Guess we'll see how it shakes out tho huh. That big excercise in europe ends over the weekend, so maybe they'll go to war.

Curious days. What comes comes. Be Prepared! (sorry, thats my eagle scout talkin.:P)


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, considerin' I'm tryin' to be as useless to 'life as we know it' as I can, I shouldn't have any problem with paragraph two.

I wonder if the billionaire persons on the sub had a contract out on 'em? I dunno. Passin' thought. Well, what ever.


Visible said...

This just in;

Strider Owl said...

LV FAM owned an Irish themed restaurant/pub in the 80's and it lasted until everyone drank with a zero on the tab and employees boosted beer and meat out the back door.
How I loved the menu with steaks, taco salads, sandwiches, especially the pub ruben!
The bartender taught me how to tie a tie for a suit which is something to be thankful for.
I have seen this synchronicity all throughout life travels and love it.
The other day it was wondering about so and so's blog and what happened to him, went to a page and there was one of his memes and found the new spot.
It is one of the real truthers who has trouble with ISP's and keeping a page going.
All kinds of miraculous escapes from danger and this is why Thank You God is in the rotation every day.

0 said...

Now if only more WEF'ers will drop dead. That'd be great!

Evidently the navy heard the implosion within hours after the comms were lost, but they milked the story for days.

Not becoming ones own Authority these days has a real cost associated to it.



Visible said...

I am just posting about that now.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Those Who Will Hear Will Hear, and Those Who Will Not Hear Will be Informed by Other Means. So It has Always Been."

Anonymous said...

Stern terms: Bow down o/a/r sink
Hell, even if yah raise it - eats guano stink
Indeed wheel half 2 wade true heat
Too high heavens above baitman ease that the timebuy

Visible said...

You come through here at odd intervals... doing retarded Dylan Thomas dyslexia skits. This is not a Jabberwocky poetry slam location. It speaks to one of two possibilities... wet brain yammerings or an intention to mess with me. Neither are attractive or desirable. This should be an indication of my future actions.



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