Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Extraordinary Inter-Dimensional Ship is Landing.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“May your noses always be at the high end of the descending wind of the tale in your four footed truth’.

I want to get a little off the beaten path today (obscure pun intended) and get a little pre or post Freud as you prefer. Some of you may know that what Freud came up with was not applicable across the board with all of us. I was very young when I read Freud. I read Freud and Nietzsche at around the same age. I won’t say at what age, lest some here might think I’m trying to pull an Orson Welles (grin). This was my entry into Western methodologies, which lasted right up until I took some fantastic Sandoz LSD, or was it the Owsley Green Smear, the first time? I can’t remember now. It took very little time for me to realize that it was mostly bullshit- everything I had learned to that point, but at the same time I realized the world was not real in the sense it had been originally impressed on me so... maybe it’s only bullshit outside the confines of that parameter. It was clear to me that I was going to be living outside that parameter, therefore, it was bullshit. I had turned into a fine pseudo-intellectual on the way however. My own bullshit, or call it illusions if you wish, were also exposed to me.

I saw not only the trap I was in but the trap the world, as it was generally understood, put everyone in. I instantly knew the essence of what was actually important and all of the relevant philosophies arrived on the mind’s doorstep. The purity of the astral and mental planes at the time of my early arrival, in comparison with what others found after, once the human mind of the time had polluted the pond are in striking contrast to each other. Factor in the clarity of the substance as well. It was pure and for some years it could be had. The explosion of consciousness on the part of those original pioneers of the mind’s frontiers, of which I was one, shocked and changed the world... in a very good way. I thought a mystical bridge had been crossed and nothing would ever be the same old same old again. I thought the whole world, or at least those who were traveling with me, were going to walk into a new dimension and never look back. That’s what I thought.

The world was a lot more powerful than I gave it credit for though and the general population was a lot more sucked in and nailed down than I had imagined. There were wide open skies for a period of time and then, via Manson and the CIA, the Church of the Final Process, century’s old satanic pre-dot orgs and all sorts of nasty customers went to work on the landscape of consciousness. It was only a short leap from there to Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama. Adjustments had to be made and some of them were painful. Sure, I could have gone off into the wild. I did go off into the wild. I went off into the ‘it doesn’t get any more wild than this’ Truman Show of my own life but the sucking pull of the world inferno and the tracking ringwraiths had something to do with the whole thing too.

I’ll admit to deep disappointment when the same old same old came back as the new and improved; improved being a blind for much more seriously fucked up; more superficially materialized, trivia became art or art became trivia but that’s mostly irrelevant because it was incomprehensible and it was supposed to be. It was pretending to be enlightening and aware-making, basically playing God but it wasn’t God, it was the ass-end of the end times or... how do I say this? It was what it desperately, atavistic, survival based had to be in order to continue to survive as a soul eating industrial complex. That’s right about where we find ourselves right now. I should mention we don’t all have the same right now. There is a right now but only so many people are in it and that, only by degrees.

I thought in the 60’s that Hallelujah! The Extraordinary Interdimensional Ship had arrived and I was there for it. History was a bloodstained highway of torment, oppression, war and revolution, brief moments of clarity for some, containing the possibility of places to get away to but confining nonetheless. But what did I know? What I thought I knew was that (cue the band) this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius and so on and so forth with a little second coming thrown in, as I understood it. You have to understand, I had just come out of a young life of daily brutality that was epic even in the culture where it thrived; the military. I had been a martial arts dummy for a monster and can you imagine what this kind of freedom looked like to me? Bet you can’t (grin).

My punishments weren’t of the order of some of the violations so common today. My punishments were the result of a left handed free being who had no idea of what was going on, being daily brutalized on all levels by all mediums and double dammed by the inability, not only of not following orders but of even understanding them. I guess you could have called me Wrong Way Visible at that point because I did everything wrong and yeah, it was on a glass slide and it got the corporal applications of, discipline building, future soldier boy world.

I spent that whole time of my life thinking that somebody made a mistake in placement. I wasn’t born to make war or be a soldier. I was in some kind of Richard Lovelace space like,

“When love, with unconfined wings, hovers within my gates
And my divine ALTHEA brings to whisper at my grates
When I lie tangled in her hair and fettered with her eye
Birds that wanton in the air know no such liberty
When flowing cups run swiftly round with no allaying THAMES
Our careless heads with roses crowned, our hearts with royal flames
When first decreeth in wine we steep when healths and rafts run free
Fishes that tipple in the deep know no such liberty
Stone walls do not a prison make not iron bars a gate
Minds innocent and quiet take that as a hermitage
If I have freedom in my love and in my soul am free
Angels alone that soar above enjoy such liberty”

...but I didn’t have the money or the name. I was just Butch, which is what I was called as a kid. Then I got to be Les, which led to less and less. Visible seemed the operative escape hatch but what is it that escapes? What is risked?

Let me tell you something right now that you can take to every bank of every kind of modality; nothing ventured, nothing gained. You want something specific, like I did? You will be tested. You can have the whole enchilada. It awaits you in beckoning repose. However, nobody gets the goods who does not pay the price. You say you want truth, Love and freedom? You will not find them in the marketplace. No Rothschild, no emperor, no Pope, no genius, gets the goods who does not endure what is required. It’s not at Wal-Mart. You can have it but you must risk everything and not just once. I know whereof I speak. The price is you and that is the case across the boards so, if you are confused... think about it. What do you want? I know what I want and I know what I don’t want. That makes me as rich as anyone can be and includes Xanadu too, in case you got confused thinking about real estate, cause, we all get pulled down by our passions and find them empty someday, eventually? The transition is upon us. I’ve no doubt of that now and the last thing I am concerned with is what I’m going to do about it. I’m not going to do anything. I have been doing it all along and so have you. We have been doing what we have been doing and now we are seeing what we are seeing. It’s here people. I know a lot of you feel it so, really, all you have to ask yourself is; what do I want and what have I done?

What do I want and what have I done? “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead”. I don’t see enemies in the moment and I don’t see weasels ripping my flesh. What I see is awakening and it’s coming to a theater; a department store, a metropolis, a war zone, a bank, a super market, a meadow, a body, a tree and a building near you soon. This is just the trailer.

I think you can put aside all of your concerns now and just ask yourself; “who am I and what do I want to be and do be do. Of course, you might want to ask yourself, “Who do I rely on”?

As I said... I was very disappointed for what (to me) was a long time; disappointed in my hopes for the world and disappointed in myself in my inconsistent efforts and serial failures but I’m not disappointed now. At the moment, I feel remarkably good, better than I have in a long, long time. In a relative world that means someone else is going to be feeling bad and that is good because that’s a wakeup too. When the sheets come off on the waterbed of Illusion Central there is infinite possibility. There is freedom at last and there is lasting shame. There is hope and redemption, which, though circuitous and sometimes lengthy; at least it’s out there and even though you’re ten million light years from home, maybe you are now headed in the right direction. There’s a lot more than I can put into words, but you get the picture. Rise to the occasion, whatever that may be.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Terminally Twisted beyond Recovery or Redemption.

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‘A dog rolling in shit is a contagious metaphor of the times’.

You knew they were sick and disgusting, beyond the comprehension of the general mind but I’ll bet you didn’t know they were this sick. They are and they do it with a straight face (is that a pun?). They want to make sure you have all the facts concerning the important things that have happened in the world and this is another one of those. The end is definitely not far off. That children of the age of 12 should be given puberty retardants, so that they can make the decision to change genders is truly mind-numbing. I guess I’m just not in touch with the times because this sounds as wacked out as anything I have seen lately and I’ve seen a great deal that ‘almost’ competes with it.

Here’s what you should say, loud and clear, the next time a TSA agent wants to grope your child at an airport check in line; “See darling, this is the bad stranger we were telling you about. If any grownup tries to touch you like this person is doing, you will know that they are perverted. We can’t do anything because they have guns but you should look at this person and remember what a child molester looks like. This is why we do not want you to talk to strangers or get into a car with someone you don’t know. Remember this person’s face and all the faces of the rest of these people in uniforms here. They are child molesters.”

Another thing you can do is fall to your knees and begin praying, “Oh Lord, please burn these perverts where they stand. Look, look at these criminals running their hands over the private parts of children. Lord, we know that the politicians and the predatory rich do these things in private for their own amusement and in honor of Satan but now they are doing it in public through proxy troglodytes. Lord, smite them dead! Smite them dead Lord.”

These are both first amendment rights of freedom of speech and religion. You’re on safe ground here.

Another thing you can do is to perform a play by play. You hold your hand up to your mouth as if you had a microphone and you talk in a loud whisper as if you were covering a golf tournament; speaking in a phony British accent is good, especially because they are the ones who want kids to get puberty retardants. Then you say:

“It’s an intense moment, he’s running his hands all over the child’s arms and chest areas. Look at his technique. You’re watching a master folks. You can see his focus as he looks for evidence of arousal. He’s got his hands at her tummy now. Oh that’s nice, that’s what you look for. See the subtle tracing of the fingers at the edge of the hara? She’s looking at her mother. She looks like she’s about to cry and now you can see the attendant is getting hard.

“Yes! There’s definite evidence of movement at the TSA officers crotch. The camera man is moving in now and we can see what looks like a electrified Vienna sausage trembling from the current. He’s inserted two fingers into her trouser top and the other hand is moving up the leg and now the child is openly weeping and… wait a minute! Wait a minute! The officer has just cum!!! Oh my God. Oh what a moment sports fans. The child is sobbing. The spectators are cheering and the officer has run for the scanning machine for a little cleanup. Folks that’s incredible. I’ve seen some fantastic things; the Bobby Thompson home run, Pete Rose’s 4,000th hit and even the Paris Hilton tape but this tops them all. Let’s see if we can get the officer out here for an interview”...

Then you can fake an interview.

None of these things are against the law, which doesn’t mean they won’t arrest you but they’re going to arrest you sooner or later anyway, aren’t they? They’re going to arrest you for not being a pervert, for not being a thief and a murderer and any number of other legal forms of behavior that are now against the law.

Max Keiser was at it again, calling for bankers to be hanged:

Max Keiser is an honest man and a hero. He’s a man of courage, conviction and integrity. Just look at the comments from the other members of the panel. Some of the people that should be considered for hanging were right there on the show. Look into their eyes.

If you have read this far and considered what’s been presented here and if you are not completely asleep; you know there’s a good sized mountain of similar events and conditions. You know that what you see happening is happening. You know that the moment of international crisis cannot be far off. It’s already here with The Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima but I’m talking about something larger yet, to be followed by something larger yet.

Some mentally deranged individual is screaming at me, twirling silently like an apple in space (grin) because he’s not getting into the comments area. He’s super pissed at me because, allegedly I said it was all going to get better in April. I certainly never said that. I said it was going to get worse before better shows up. Meanwhile today is April 17th. It’s only a little over halfway through the month; then is occurred to me that this is part of the general harassment inside my computer and through mediums of access. They’re trying to frustrate me. It’s possible. He’s angry, depressed and sounds suicidal and it’s my fault because I said it was going to get better (“did not”, “did”, “did not”, “did”, “did not, nyaah nyaah, I can’t hear you”), which I didn’t say and now it hasn’t gotten better AND… it’s my fault. Someone even put up a new blog at my site and didn’t even mention it to me.

Quite a number of unusual things are happening, in and around me. I can’t pay too much attention to it because then, even functioning would become problematic. I’m mentioning it because it is a sign to me that all kinds of things are about to happen, possibly. I don’t know but that is the sense coming to me through my own secure airways. Although I am not telling you it is getting better, I do want you to watch out and make sure you are somewhere you want to be (inside and outside) and that if it is increasingly on your mind to be somewhere else that you consider it carefully. Of course, there are billions of us here and whatever happens can happen anywhere (not necessarily where you are) and… as we can see from Fukushima and The Gulf, everywhere.

I’m putting out the internal word for a few million bucks, to get something together for those who want to at least try to live in this world but not of it. If it happens it was supposed to. If it doesn’t happen, it’s not necessary and I’m good with it either way. Something of that sort will be happening in my life soon, which doesn’t mean it will be crowded (grin).

Take a moment to reflect on how crazy these people really are. The ones who are eating each other alive in the financial markets and elsewhere, following the competitive lines of the tenor of the times, will be literally eating each other, given the necessity. IN some cases, mere opportunity is enough. Some of us are reverting to atavistic savagery in every sense and some of us are preparing for entry through a portal into a new state of consciousness. It’s not necessary to get all worked up about the ubiquitous insanity, denial and blindness that are everywhere to be seen (another pun?). Your road is stabilized by the posture of your own balance. The solidity of the road is an extension of you.

I’ve made it clear what I believe in and rely on. I don’t need to run through that again at the moment. Everyone has some kind of a belief system that self justifies their words and actions. All of us have come up with some personal system that was generated by what we went through and how we reacted to it. We could all use a little more light on what we are and where we’re headed so, however you acquisition that light, be about it. It seems like light and darkness is a personal thing and also a matter of preference. Some people are much more comfortable doing what they do in the dark.

It’s about as Looney Tunes as I have ever seen it, lately. It’s hard to imagine it could get a good deal worse but it can and it probably will in some places and… an ‘across the board’ general increase also seem likely. Some of you are stressed to the limits of your endurance. Take some time each day to commune with yourself, at the beginning of your day and at the end. If you’ve no time in the morning, get up 15 minutes earlier. With the night end you can do it before you go to bed. Try to catch 15 minutes in the middle of the day. I am telling you this because this is critically important to your well being and state of mind. Do it and you will see just how much help it provides. If you are not doing it and you are having problems, you now have something of great help and value to employ.

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God in Country by Les Visible

There is a radio show tonight at 7:30 Central Time, or download it tomorrow.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

If it isn't Israel then it must be Space Aliens or Monsters.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Well, the signs are fairly overwhelming and, as has been mentioned, whenever Israel has a religious holiday coming up, there’s a good chance a whole lot of people will die, as they have on many an Israeli holiday. As per usual, my mentioning the upcoming Passover, I hope that saying it will keep it from happening.

All the signs are there; Israeli operatives firing bottle rockets into empty lots and occasionally causing an ankle sprain, charley horse or a broken nail, as a definable injury to those living on occupied, stolen land. The broken nail is a serious matter because Israel considers cosmetic injuries to be particularly offensive.

It’s a big manufactured news item today that the Syrians are getting help from Iran to do to their own people- the resistance- what Israel considers her sole province to be doing. This is another no-no. Russia and China are meeting over concerns about the Israeli conflict in Libya. Or did Israel not send in thousands of African mercenaries to prop up Gadhafi, as well as dropping bombs out of unmarked planes upon the Sudanese, which they have since taken credit for?

It looks like Israel is making war on the whole world, which was the purpose of forcing the country into existence in the first place. They are making or plotting war against nearly all of their neighbors; this is not in dispute. They are making economic war against the East and West with their bankers. They are either directly or indirectly connected to the breakdown of the reactors at Fukushima, due to their relationship to the Stuxnet virus. They have roving hit teams, around the world, looking to kill anyone who disagrees with them. They are engineering jail terms in a number of countries for people who doubt their version of history. This version of history, strangely enough, came into being some years after the event and wasn’t even mentioned prior to that, except briefly when they declared war on Germany earlier, before Germany declared war on anyone else and I’m not sure if that mention wasn’t about some missing six million from World War One.

They’re making war on the Western education system with their communist PC activities, which are also preempting the majority, sexual preferences in favor of anything and everything otherwise. They’re making war on human intelligence with a calculated dumbing down of the educational systems in various countries and assisting in that effort through their control of the media and entertainment industries. Is there anything dark, devious and deadly that they are not involved in or behind?

Total media hack and full time disinfo whore, Michael Isikoff has got the major front page story today in the Israeli world press, which is most of the world press. How many times have I, pretty much, said the same things? No one else is causing any real problems, unless you count Zionist controlled USA and Zionist controlled Crown Colonies. While you are checking out this list, look at the list of Federal Reserve heads which is included. If all of these things were personified as dead bodies, the entire Earth would stink like a shallow grave under your windowsill. Perhaps it already does.

One can reach no rational conclusion concerning any of this so we are left with irrational conclusions; the same kind of conclusions I have to come to when my emails don’t reach the people who usually link my work and suddenly I’m behind some kind of unique firewall. It happens. Then it doesn’t happen. Then it happens. Then it doesn’t happen. It couldn’t be that my last article was about The Rothschilds could it? All kinds of funny things are happening on my computer; obviously there’s a government keylogger, so, there’s probably more as well. I don’t care much one way or another. My life is an open book and I make no effort to protect private information. I use passwords but you kind of have to when you’ve got larger productions operating.

Well, if you can’t reach any rational conclusions about how Israel is enabled to torment the entire world, in some kind of psychopathic sex and murder frenzy and you have to go to irrational conclusions, theories, projections then; what would those be? Hmmm. “Birds of a feather flock together”. Bad owners have bad dogs. Child abusers have networks. I think we can assume, if there are bad aliens, they are working in consort with the Israelis. We know that they have reversed the Kabala, which they originally stole from the Chaldeans, along with the attendant flame alphabet. So, they’re using magic; all wars are magical wars, forget whatever else you’ve heard. In dark ages, dark magics prevail.

Dark magics require blood sacrifices, blood has to be spilled on the Earth, in order to effect contact with bad aliens, who may not actually be what you generally think of, when you think of beings from outer space. They can be from ‘inner space.’ They can be interdimensional. They can be residents of other vibrationary planes that we also operate from; emotional and mental planes, which have various levels; consider the level of your own thought and consider the levels that you know are out there, in there. If you’re not clear on this read the crime section of the news.

The reason people don’t get what is happening is because they are expecting a logical explanation. They are expecting rational reasons and the truth is neither logical nor rational. It’s only in recent times that people have been dismissive of supernatural forces; the material world predominating like it does. That’s good for the supernatural forces because that’s just absurd isn’t it? I don’t have to doubt any of this because I’ve seen it. A lot of the veils don’t apply to me and given the right circumstances, I can see all kinds of things (grin) and then some. I’ve seen things that would put most people on a locked mental ward but I consider it entertainment, often enough. I live in Torchwood. I may not have any money or much fame and I’m short on shoulder rubbing with powerfully unpleasant people but I didn’t get shortchanged on the strange phenomena end.

I walk and talk and follow every sane and useful law and rule. I ignore the rest. I can carry on a conversation and I’m mostly hygienically abled. I can pass as normal if I want to. I can do all kinds of things so...I’m not necessarily mentally challenged the way the mentally challenged might think. I know what I see and sense and I also am able and motivated to question it relentlessly. Nothing means anything, unless you can prove it to yourself through careful analysis and continuous testing.

This brings us to; what does it all mean and how is it going to shake out? I’m speaking about Israel and her bitches, as well as whatever alien and cross dimensional and inner plane entities and forces may be operative. It doesn’t look good, seen through the lens of the submissive bottom media and in your general world experience, when you consider catching a plane in the occupied territories of the USA and Crown Colonies, or walking down the street; dealing with the government, trying to hold on to your home, or locate another job because you weren’t servile enough, or in an industry that’s focused on suppressive or offensive products and activities. It doesn’t look good at all.

As I’ve said more times than I care to remember, the whole drama of existence is scripted and in the hands of the cosmic director. We’re players in that and we’ve got a certain amount of latitude when it comes to that elusive commodity called ‘free will’. The high and the mighty are being set up for a grand denouement; a precipitous fall, from a spectacular height. A whole lot of people are going to be swept up in the slipstream because they believe in the authority of criminal psychopaths. They think what they are told and shown is real and they can’t accept what is actually being done to them. They can’t accept that it’s being done to them, by the very people empowered to protect them and provide them with all the things they were put into power to make possible.

We have an event like Fukushima and it’s an eye-opener. A month down the road it’s not such a big deal, unless you’re Japanese, even though milk and cheeses, meats and vegetables are now questionable in many parts of the world. Somehow it doesn’t compute and if it were important they would tell you, wouldn’t they? Well...here comes the follow-ups and new conditions, right off the drawing board from the plane of Briah. Here’s a little background on all that. It’s how the system works; western style. This technology has been stolen and perverted by bad apples, stolen from the Chaldeans and Egyptians who got it from someone else. It’s a dark age. That’s what happens.

Still, the clock is changing now. The age is changing and for the age to change, some things have to go out of being and some things have to come into being and that is going to be happening right in front of your eyes, around the corner and on your doorstep as well as all over the world. What happens depends on what you are, what you have become, and how that factors in to what needs to go out of being and come into being. Hopefully you are adjusting to the new schematic and resonance. Otherwise, good luck.

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The King of Hell and 'points in Hell' for the Damned

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I’ve been hearing about this for a couple of days. It’s more than passing strange that there’s no mention of it in the internationally controlled Zio-Ogre media. If it’s there I haven’t seen it. I guess there’s always a chance I overlooked it at all of the sites. Since another AshkeNazi, false history holiday is coming up, it stands to reason that Israel will launch another Palestinian bloodbath and hope someone else interferes too, because they get points in Hell for body count and ‘points in Hell’, when you are headed there directly, are of great importance. Of course, whoever the King of Hell may be, he’s not going to honor anything, because that’s what Hell is all about but... for those on the blind-believing other end, it’s what they think at the time that counts, in terms of actions taken.

Another day, another delay; meaning we trudge forward, while going backward and looking for all the things predicted to get into full swing. The fallout from Japan is on time release, so that’s further up the road; the vertigo-challenged dollar keeps teetering on the edge, war and revolution are contagiously spreading to more and more new points and revisiting older points like Egypt, the coming flotilla is gearing up but it’s likely another vicious and murderous act of genocide from Israel will happen first. Goldstone has greeenlighted the thing and he’ll be able to repent at his leisure later on. My thinking is that if your old friends don’t want you because of your inconvenient association with the truth, even when you threw mud at both sides of the conflict, where only one side deserved any, then you need new friends. If you insist on keeping company with people who think lies are the bread of life, then there’s something wrong with you and you needed to show it to the world and Goldstone... you have.

At the moment Israel is taking batting practice. This means killing children and anyone who gets into the way, while you test out your new armaments for the coming slaughter. It’s Cast Lead 2, coming to a disinfo center near you soon. This is the thing I’m waiting on, the day the opinion of the whole world shifts and sees Israel for what it is; Murder Incorporated. I don’t know how much time Israel has and since they are already exercising their Samson option at places like Fukushima and everywhere in the world that they can kill, maim, defame and do away with, well, the clock is ticking and the noose is tightening and the truth is revealing and the fools keep grandstanding to an increasingly doubting and suspicious world. Even potatoes can wake up if Lady Nature intends it.

In certain Christian literature they talk about a state called ‘quickening’. This has parallels in all religions because all religions are just variations on a single theme, where the external churches are mass control oriented, hypocritical business operations and the internal realities are timeless verities. Anyway, quickening has to do with ‘realization’. Suddenly the lights go on inside your head and you can see things as they are, not according to the dream dust that is routinely sprinkled- and mainlined- like the chem.-trail planes provide, as their own portion of the war upon humanity.

Last Spring I came into contact with what I can only refer to as ‘bad aliens’. Some of them operated forms of conveyance and some of them were more organic in nature and resembled what you might call ‘mind parasites’, ‘space mold’ and assorted malefics who slipped into planetary nature and seek to enter the minds of living things. These have a lot to do with the lockstep march of much of humanity and explain the lack of awareness to this point. Now I don’t know if what I was going through was real... a future projection or one of those dimensional fugue states that I get into, where it might mean something or it might have been playing out only in that dimension and not relevant to this one. All I know is that it looked pretty real and explains a lot of things that were confusing me before.

When you look at the behavior of world leaders and where they are leading, it becomes evident that they are not operating according to their own best interests, long term. They are busy looking for an entranceway into a vast and bleak desert from which there is no escape. It doesn’t make sense in any terms we are usually familiar with. I recognize that the Zio-virus is responsible for a lot of it, through the power of massive currency thefts and control of economies but... it still doesn’t add up. It doesn’t add up for the Israelis. They’re going to encounter global pest control, sooner or later and sooner seems to be on the table. The table is being set as I write these words.

It could be, as I have often said, that this is because it’s all scripted by the cosmos and we are approaching universal laundry day. The predator factors are not allowed to see the reality of their situation in order for them to arrive at their Gehenna; an object lesson, as I never tire of saying. One thing it isn’t is the result of random circumstances that result in what resembles portents and prophecies, too closely to be accidental. We’ve also got the histories, partial histories and occult histories of civilizations past that all went the same route. It’s obviously cyclic, redundant and predictable. You might not get the dates right but the process is routine.

I think there has to be something to the theory of alien intrusion and inter-dimensional influence because nothing else explains what I see, at least on my terms. Of course, it’s all scripted but there may be any number of other players who aren’t getting the press they deserve, who have a lot to do with present events. It’s hard to understand why certain powerful forces of self interest, would be so industriously employed in their own destruction, while they are busy at destroying everyone else.

I’ve seen alien ships and I have definitely seen inter-dimensional craft, so I know they exist. What I don’t know is who is who and what is what with them. The amount of things I don’t know is incalculable and I’m okay with that. The few things I do know seem valuable enough to me that the extent of my ignorance is not troubling. Anyway, that’s what ‘quickening’ is all about. The awakening feature of The Apocalypse is radiating a vibrational pulse that is acting on the awareness of those so prepared for it. It’s operating according to every faith, dimension and state of mind. It’s intensifying by the day and in some cases it’s having a pronounced, positive effect on the recipients and in other cases, it’s making people go crazy, because their denial is not strong enough to counteract it. If you insist that something is true when it isn’t and the truth has decided to make itself known to you, you aren’t going to be very successful in evading or dismissing it. You’re going to lose that one.

I wish I knew more and I’m glad I don’t. It keeps me focused on the simple acts and intentions I’ve come to recognize as useful and life affirming. I figure when I’m supposed to know more and do more, that’s going to take care of itself, through the feature of quickening. It’s an automatic result of heading in that direction, just as withdrawal and death await the junkie and discovery attends the efforts of explorers. Explorers often discover things they wish they hadn’t but that seems like some kind of personal issue (grin).

Today is another Sunday that begins another week. That is what they say but... in my mind, Monday has always started the week, so I might be a day late but I’m not a day early, which doesn’t sound so good when you think about it. I’d say we’re further down the road than we think we are and you never know when the next, like clockwork, Israeli bloodbath is going to be the one that manifests the chain reaction that’s also on the ‘sooner or later’ list. Obviously, a lot of forces are keying on these psychopaths and, being psychopaths, they’re going to continue to do whatever they please and then leave the media summation to their lie machines. They’re even putting together their own Al Jazzera so that those who want to have vicious lies spun for them will have somewhere to go. What happened to all the outlets they presently employ? I see, they want a localized version that might retard the expected reaction by all the people they haven’t gotten around to murdering yet.

We’re still in that holding pattern, looking for good news but realizing that’s mostly in limbo, until the people making all the bad news have been rendered impotent and hopefully inert. Radiate the love, people and hold on to what is true, so that the inferno of lies do not confine or consume you.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Pending Judgment of the New World Disorder

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The more you watch what is going on in the world, the more you come to one of two main conclusions; this is all happening for a reason or, chaos and darkness are upon our doorstep. I’m in the former group and it’s not something I am merely inclined toward or simply believe in. It’s one of the few things I know. The question is, why?

My feeling about life in general is that it operates according to a plan and is the product of intelligence, not something it results in. We can see that it doesn’t result in that (grin). It also follows sequence, because the whole drama here is that of trial and testing. This planet is a launching pad. Unfortunately for most people, they don’t comprehend the dynamics of proper launching and so they launch themselves right back here.

Life operates according to a seasonal progression. We are in The Fall at present, culturally speaking, and… along with being the season of harvest; it is also a season of judgment. Harvesting and judgment are very similar. In order for circumstances, individuals and groups to be effectively judged, they have to be effectively observed and scrutinized. This is why there is so much bad behavior that gets worse and worse, the higher up in the ranks you go. It has to be clear to the eyes of the world, just who and what is responsible for conditions. That’s why there is so much grotesque acting out at this time. It’s all being accomplished across the most pervasive media system that this ‘present’ period has ever known. This is to make certain that everyone gets a chance to see and hear.

It should be understood that the ruling elite and their predatory engines and operations could never have been so successful, without the help of a large portion of the public and that this large portion of the public would have never allowed so much of what happened to happen, if they had anything approaching a reasonable intelligence. They’ve been dumbed down, duped and deceived, until they believe whatever they are told without even thinking about it. Those who might give it some thought, are provided with other groups who present diametrically opposed stands, so that they can run around and call each other ‘liberals’ or ‘right wingers’ all day.

Religion is a massive propaganda factory; witness the tens of millions of fundamentalist Christians, who mindlessly support the Jewish supremist myth of chosen people status, which leads to, ‘Israel can do no wrong’. This has resulted in the overflowing support that resulted in all of the recent wars in The Middle East, which were engineered by agents of Israel, who are in control of The United States and Crown Colony governments. The policies and behavior of the present day Christian Church are anathema in respect of their founder and the irony touches no one so engaged.

All these things have to be seen. Humanity has to be pressed to the desperate edge of circumstance, or they won’t awaken. The enemies of humanity have to reveal themselves so that things, like motive and means, as well as overall intent, can be revealed to all and sundry.

We’ve all heard that “the love of money is the root of all evil” and, lo and behold, we are daily seeing the bottomless depravity of the bankers, Wall Street and the corporations. We are seeing, ‘blood for oil’ in all of its gruesome detail. We are seeing politicians bent over for the money masters and money changers and we are seeing the meaning of fractal banking and global usury. We’re seeing it all. We’re seeing unctuous sanctimony and hypocrisy writ large. We are hearing the apologists for a New World Disorder …and history is leaking through cracks in the walls of suppression, to show how ancient and far reaching are the lies are upon which we have built our institutions and way of life. We’re seeing it in order to identify it and so that there will be no confusion about what happens to the miscreants; both the instigators and the lumpen meatheads who support them.

Here’s an interesting take on Fukushima and here is what humanity is actually composed of. By degrees we are discovering our humanity on the brink of extremis. We couldn’t get there any other way. It’s a brutal learning curve is what it is. The finer senses of humanities genus ordinarus have been blunted by conspicuous consumption and the driving need for expediency and convenience. The pursuit of comfort is civilization’s reaction to the presence of pain. We insulate ourselves from a natural exposure to the conditions of existence and this makes the experience of pain so much greater when it comes. It’s like stopping the use of morphine, after a protracted period and wondering where your endorphins went.

The lack of a basic integrity, which understands our connection to timeless verities, has resulted in self-interest and the pursuit of banal pleasures and entertainments, as an end in themselves. Well, they definitely are that. This results in one’s direction, manifesting in the end result of being reborn as a dung slug. It may seem a farcical image but it’s no less true for that.

When you consider being in The Fall of any culture, you always get the same examples of various behaviors surfacing. I don’t need to itemize, read your history. Humanity is incapable on its own of dealing with the places that it winds up because of the attractive pull of its appetites and desires. These are effectively manipulated by those who make a large living from them. Humanity operates on a loop. Some things don’t change. The only thing that is effective is a shift in the light or the darkness of the age and that’s something the cosmos sets in motion. Since this is all an experiment, the responsibility for it falls on the cosmos (grin). You can simultaneously be angry about having to be involved in this and grateful that there’s something, however mysterious it may be, that understands the situation and has complete control of it.

I don’t know what day it’s going to arrive on but Fukushima will be taking a back seat soon enough and, of course, there are things like this. The cosmos never does things halfway. When it’s got a point to make, it makes it. It makes that point so that it will endure for at least a few generations, in the minds of those allowed to survive whatever form the point(s) will take.

The most important feature of your being is your mindset and where your heart is at. The effect of conditions is measured against this. One might even say that the target of conditions is determined by this. Just about everything is affected or determined according to your mindset and where your heart is. This controls the directions you take and the reactions you make. It controls the influx of information and the manner in which it is processed. It controls how you see things and defines who you are. In the properly ‘directed’, it is in a state of continuous evolution to a finer state of being. Otherwise, you are looking into the teeth of the harvesting combine. It doesn’t matter what lies you tell yourself. What matters is what is true to begin with. Our lies don’t cushion or protect us. We assume wrong when we tell ourselves, “Well, they got us this far”. Yes, they did and they did for a reason. Life is long and you can do a whole lot of bad shit before it catches up to you. You get to rise to the top of the dung heap for the purpose of providing a spectacular fall. You’re nothing more than a demonstration. You are a teaching lesson. You are an object lesson and final exams are coming up.

I show up here most days and I don’t really know what to tell you. Somehow, any number of things gets said and I hope they’re useful but I wouldn’t know. I do want you to know that existence itself, is here for the purpose of demonstration and that whatever manifested into all these unique and variable extensions of itself, is engaged in collecting them all again, across the span of long periods of time. Some of us are collected sooner rather than later and some of us spend enormous periods of time banging our heads against a wall. That’s what happens, according to what I think I’ve learned.

Anything that presents itself to you is there for a reason. If you can get the right mindset concerning that, you are going to find that most of everything that confuses, frightens and troubles you, begins to disappear and that life becomes a fantastic adventure, not what most people are experiencing at the moment, but something remarkable and fraught with meaning that unveils wonder after wonder after wonder, ad infinitum.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Mad Bulls are Loose in the China Shops.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

In the last book of The Lord of the Rings, there is the point where Aragorn, Gandalf and the rest of the company, along with the Riders of Rohan and the forces of Minas Tirith are massed before The Black Gates of Mordor. There are only some few thousands of them and tens of thousands of The Dark Lord’s hypnotized minions are pouring out from the gate and encircling our heroes. It looks like the end for them. Meanwhile, Frodo and Samwise are scuffling with Gollum at the edge of the crater of MountDoom. Gollum finally bites off Frodo’s finger and goes falling into the molten fires of the volcano. When he hits the fiery mix, the ring hits it and is unmade in the only fires hot enough to accomplish this. All the other rings were made by the power of the one, so... now their time is ending too; onwards to The Gray Havens.

At the moment that this happens, The Dark Lord instantly knows that something is wrong and all of his attention leaves his forces and is directed at Mount Doom. Panic and chaos sweep through the vastly larger forces of The Dark Lord and they run away in all directions in a mad tumult for escape. Soon they are gone and only the good guys remain. The tower of Barad Dur collapses to the Earth and the spirit of Sauron slips away to gnaw on itself for ages to come.

When you try to puzzle out why people are behaving the way they are presently, you should always consider that they are under the sway of a power that is a true replica of the one that dwelt in Mordor, ‘where shadows lie’. They are in an evil dream that is difficult to awaken from because the power in operation has all the assets of materialism to play with; gain and loss, fear and things to be in fear of, want, uncertainly, superstition and confusion.

It’s not just the political, corporate/banking and religious worlds that are on a bent knee before the darkness, many organizations that claim they are in service to the light are behaving like anything but. They have become swept up in the very same competitive illusion of these same puppets from the shadow lands. One thing that is clearly to be seen is the degree of vituperation and megalomaniacal madness that is operating through those who are being defined by this behavior. It is epidemic across the world. The essence of the insanity is, ‘every man for himself’ and that is what we are seeing. We are also seeing those with spiritual pretensions, grasping for greater degrees of material power in order to ensure their survival. If they do survive, it won’t be as they once were because they are that no more, if they ever were.

The key point to keep in mind is that the cosmos dispenses power to the archetypes and institutions that form the landscapes and environments of the ages in which they occur. All the temporal governments and religions are connected to the main power company that turns on the lights on this plane. Because this is a planet of testing, the institutions take one form or another in which to provide the tests that the public are exposed to.

I mentioned earlier last year that Mother Nature had gotten her powers back. She’s in the process of making demonstrations and you’ll be seeing any number of them shortly, as if you hadn’t already seen some. Consonant with that, the power of the temporal world is being switched over from those who presently possess it, to those who are going to possess it. The ones losing power know something is up and they are working over time to position themselves advantageously in case of whatever. They’re being told by the source of power that everything is fine and that the changes taking place can be simply manipulated for their advantage. After all, they have the government, military and international lie machines at their service. They are in for a big surprise. All of the old is coming down and the new is going up. Those dedicated and determined to the preservation of the old, are going to be harrowed under with it. The new builders and administrators are coming to their tasks around the world.

We wouldn’t possess the faith or the authority to do what we are going to do, unless the old world was revealed as the bankrupt swamp of thievery, murder and lies that it is. That is what you are seeing now. You are also seeing madness and insanity at every level of society, as the power to maintain, within the passing illusion, is being removed along with the illusion in which it operated. The simplest way to put it is that the juice is being shut off; re-routed. The force and faith are being removed from the currencies. Those speaking for Empire are being exposed right and left in all their venal glory.

The heads of state are caught up in a whirlwind of hubris and wholesale slaughter. The rule of law is gone. The behavior of those enforcing the rule of law, domestically and abroad, is being revealed as thugs, bullies and opportunistic thieves. TSA is a classic example of insanity on a rampage. It’s all for the purpose of demonstration. The outright war of the rich upon the poor and middle class is palpably evident, from the efforts to destroy the unions, to place all of the world’s riches in the fewest hands and the public pronouncements and behavior of those at the top of the food chain. There is no other explanation for any of this besides insanity. They would not be doing these things unless they had gone bat shit... and they have.

Here is a little explanation for the origin of the madness that is sweeping the globe. People are dependant, for thought, speech and action, on what they believe in. What they believe in is turning to mist and the power to ‘maintain’ isn’t there any more. It’s all chimeras. If you are one of the lucky and steadfast ones, whose foundation is upon eternal verities, you are lucky indeed. The high and mighty are being held in a temporary cocoon of ignorance. They can’t see outside of it. That’s about to be swept away too and the startling nature of what will be before their eyes, requires hyperbole for adequate definition. The stage is coming down and the stage is going up. We’re in the simultaneous construction and dismantling sequence; most people aren’t wearing hard hats, they’re wearing hard heads.

Think of the whole shebang as a complicated series of electrical circuits. Power has been moving through the apparatus. Now the apparatus is being rewired and power is going to be switched off and switched on. Landscapes are going to disappear; sections of the world are going to become uninhabitable and others eminently desirable. The high and mighty are already moving their operations to the emerging theaters; good luck with that. The system is being transformed from top to bottom, as it always is in times like these; the greater the concept of materialism and ‘every man for himself’, the greater the degree of crime and looting to follow. One comes out of the other. It’s not all bad news. Depending on how you see it, it’s good news. Were it to continue the way it was intending to go, you would get Hell on Earth. There’s going to be some degree of that, for the purposes of demonstration.

We are all of us characters, in a long running drama of learning and demonstration. Every now and then we get to a place like this, collectively. We see what’s what and what isn’t. We see what works and what doesn’t. We see what is actually desirable and what is not. You have no more rule of law. You have no more trusted institutions. You’ve got wreckage is what you’ve got.

We’re approaching warp drive now; call it hyper-drive if you like. That is the place where critical mass implodes beneath the weight of the final straw. We have two camps of residents, those who believe it is all scripted and those who don’t; the truth, as it ever does, lies somewhere in the space between them. Doors are closing and doors are opening.

Those who have been curious about some of the things we’ve seen around here lately can lay it all at the feet of emergent insanity, for the purpose of demonstration. Most gratuitous systems, built for the purpose of profit and control, are bullshit and bullshit is endangered feces these days. The truth is that there is a mighty pressure acting upon the human mind from within and upon the environment without. If you are not capable of surrender and graceful change, you will be changed, regardless and without much grace. It looks like we’re still at that railroad crossing so, ‘stop, look and listen’.

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